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Knee Deep
by rare54 (retrotylenol@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
Four different people struggle with their own personal demons while trying to work out their relationships.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A pretty young woman is walking through a park and headed
towards the bright lights of the mall. Her hair is long and
a shining black. It's cold outside so she's wearing a black
parka, but the hood isn't on. This is DANIELLE, 24 years of
She walks through a park and passes by different families
and mothers pushing strollers. She walks for awhile and
comes to a crosswalk. She waits there for a while until she
can go.
Eventually Danielle crosses the street. She continues to go
towards the mall entrance. When she gets there she stands
outside and looks around. A man approaches her and hugs her.
They embrace in a kiss. The man pushes back his hair. He's
tall and thin. His name is ROLAND, 25.
I missed you.
Missed you too.
      (looks around)
Let's go.
Roland has black hair that Danielle touches the back of
while they're walking down the road. He's wearing a big
black jacket, and he wraps his arms around Danielle's waist.
They walk down the street and Danielle looks up at him and
You look sexy today. Do you have a
      (reaches into
One cigarette, for you.
Anna lights her cigarette.


Why aren't you having a smoke?
I'm quitting.
I'm serious. I've got will power.
I can do this.
Okay. I guess we'll just have to
see about that.
All right then. Just watch me.
Just watch...What movie are we
gonna see?
I'm not sure. I don't know what's
Roland leans against a wall that's near the entrance to the
mens bathroom. He looks out of place standing there as
crowds of people rush past him in all directions.
Danielle is sitting on her bed in her dimly lit apartment.
MUSIC is playing loud as she forms lines of cocaine on a
white dinner tray. The phone rings and she snorts a line.
She gets up to pick up the phone and hits over a glass of
      (into the phone)
Danielle walks in with the phone.


Who is this?... I can't hear you
right now. Can you phone back
Pause. She listens. The music is still playing in the
What was that? Who are you?
...Why are you phoning me?
Danielle puts the sleeves of her blue sweater up to her
mouth and chews on it.
I told you I don't want to talk to
you. I'm busy...why the fuck are
you phoning me?
Danielle hangs up the phone and walks over to sit beside the
dinner tray. Outside we can hear the sound of the rain
beating against the window in contrast with the music.
...Fucking bitch...
She picks up a straw, leans toward the dinner tray, and
snorts a rail on coke.
Danielle is wearing a long black coat and rushing down the
sidewalk without and umbrella as it rains. Her cellphone
rings five times and she picks it up.
Yeah. You don't know who this
is?...But you phoned me. Didn't I
tell you not to do this?...Not to
phone me?...I'vo got plans...NO
going to meet someone. Fuck off.
Danielle hangs up and starts walking faster.
                                         FADE TO:


We are in what appears to be a circus. We're under a red and
white striped tarp. BARRY stands with a microphone at the
side of the stage. He wears a black shirt tucked into his
trousers. He has a thick black mustache. In front of him is
a fairly large sized crowd of about 30 kids with a few
parents standing behind them. There are kids setting up
their play on the stage.
Okay, I'm ready when you're ready,
      (looks at parents
       and smiles)
The kids stumble around the stage.
                       KID #1
Two kids stand on one side of the stage. KID #3 stand at the
other side beside Barry. KID #3 Walk over to the other kids.
He pretends to knock on the door. KID #1 pretends to open
the door.
                       KID #3
Would you like to buy some cookies
      (glances at Barry)
Proceeds go towards the Children
of Africa fund.
                       KID #1
Yes. Would you please come inside?
                       KID #3
      (glances at Barry)
He pretends to step inside. Barry steps towards the middle
of the stage.
Okay. When something like this
happens, all you do is stand
there. Remember not to go any
further then the customer allows
you to. It's very frustrating when
someone you don't know walks
around your house.


Barry goes back to where he was. He give the kids a sign to
continue their play. KID #2 steps forward with a book.
                       KID #2
Here you go.
      (under his breath)
Thank you.
                       KID #3
Thank you.
Barry walks forward to instruct the kids.
Okay, okay everybody. The point of
this was-
      (looks at kids)
You can sit down now. Thank you.
Very good job kids.
                       KID #2
I didn't get to sing my song.
                       KID #2
My song. Can I sing it?
Oh, right, your song. Later, okay?
The kids get off the stage and join the rest of the
All right everybody. The point of
that play was...what? Any ideas?
                       KID #1
Mmmmm, that could be it, yeah. Any
other ideas? Parents?
                       KID #3
Don't barge into another persons
Pause. Barry looks as if he's considered the answer.


Yes. Yes. That is right, Tommy.
The point is that we shouldn't
interfere with other peoples
lives. All we have to do to live
in complete harmony- complete and
utter harmony- is to raise
awareness of the idea of it.
The kids and the parents at the back look interested and
Okay. What I mean is- what the
point was- is that if everyone was
on the same level of thinking, we
could have an understanding that
would be completely mutual. An
understanding about how to keep
out of other peoples business.
That is what I dream of. That's
what I think everyone dreams of.
                                         CUT TO:
Roland is sitting in the drivers seat of his car. Beside him
is Anna, a girl of his age. Her hair is light brown and she
is wearing a t-shirt with a logo on it.
If the world wasn't so bad, people
might not try to be someone who
they arn't. You know, it's like,
everyone's so critical, that,
you're just forced into wearing
these masks for our whole lives.
Even when we're alone, we're still
makeing unconscience decisions to
be a certain way. Everyone.
And the reason people fight is
because they are, ummm, being
restricted in their effort to be a
certain way, yeah. Like if someone
is with their boyfriend or
girlfriend, and they want to look
tough in front of the other people
there, they're going to try to
push someone into doing something
they dont want to. And of course


                       ROLAND (cont'd)
no one likes that.
So you know what I'm saying,
Anna lights a cigarette and hand one to Roland and lights
Yeah...I heard something
somewhere, it might have been on
TV or in some movie, but this guy
he said the only time that there
will ever be world peace is when
all the races mix, and we're all
one race, then there will finally
be peace on earth. Doesn't that
make so much sense?
Yeah, it guess, but why can't we
make peace another way? That
shouldn't be the only way.
Then I guess love is territorial.
Roland turns the car key and starts the engine. Anna takes a
Joint out of purse and puts it in her mouth.
Oh, I think I'm gonna smoke
another one.
I don't want any more. I'm done.
      (lighting joint)
Up to you. I'm not gonna be a
Roland pulls his car out of it's parking space and drives
onto the main road. Anna blows smoke out of the passanger
I'm suprised Danielle wanted you
to pick me up.


Usually she is so afraid of you
being with another girl- socially,
you know.
      (takes hit)
But we're friends. Good friends.
Anna offers Roland some of the Joint, but Roland declines
with a nod.
My car's gonna be fixed real soon
I see why you can't just walk to
They sit in silence, comfortabley, for a few moments. The
car stops at a red light.
I'm tempted to quit my job and
start dealing full-time.
Really? Well, it's up to you.
I just need more customers. It's
hard to get the word out when I'm
so busy with my job.
Danielle and Roland are sitting in a dimly lit restaurant.
An older gentleman comes and picks up their plates.
And will there be any desert
No thank you. I'll just have a


The waiter leaves. Danielle digs into her purse and pulls
out her cell phone. She looks at it, then puts it away.
Waiting for a call?
No, not really.
They sit contently, and we can hear the sound of chatter in
the background.
So, Brad some guy he works with is
having a party soon. Very soon, I
mean. Maybe tonight.
Like when?
I can't remember, but do you even
want to go? I could phone him and
Well, I don't know if I really
wanna go anyways. I just don't
really feel like doing anything
today...It's just, today hasn't
been a great day.
I had a feeling something was
wrong. You don't seem, happy right
now. Am I right?
Yeah, kind of...My sister phoned
me today...Hmmm...I just don't
really wanna talk to her, but I
do. I mean I hate her, or I just
wanna hate her. I'm just confused.
The waiter comes back and puts a cup of tea in front of
Can I pay right now, or should I
pay at the desk?
You can pay now.


Roland takes out his wallet and hands a card over to the
waiter. The waiter walks off.
So, does your sister want
something? Was she asking for
No, I didn't really get a chance
to talk to her. I told her I don't
want to talk to her...I don't have
a reason to talk to her.
The waiter comes back a gives Roland back his card. Roland
signs his names on a recepit.
We'll just be a few minutes, if
you don't mind.
No, not at all. Ain't exactly the
busiest night of the week.
The waiter leaves. Roland and Danielle sit looking at each
other. Danielle looks as if she's deep in thought.
Do you ever feel like there's
something that needs to be done,
but you try to avoid doing it,
even though you know sooner or
later you're gonna end up doing
Yeah, I think probably everyone
feels that sometime in their life.
I know...but...when have you felt
do you mind telling me?
I guess it's something that would
happen in high school. Like a time
when I would skip so I wouldn't
have to do a test, knowing I would
end up doing it later, still not
ready for it, knowing I'd fail,
but still putting it off and not


                       ROLAND (cont'd)
Yeah, but right now I feel like
I'm gonna do something I really
don't want to, something I can't
identify, but I don't know when,
or even how.
Just stop thinking about whatever
it is, you know.
Danielle pushes back her hair, showing signs of a smile.
Let's just go, back to my place.
                                         FADE TO:
Roland and Danielle hop into the back of a taxi. It's dark,
but the sky coming through the back window is a creamy
red-purple mixture. We can hear the sound of the motor in
the background.
Danielle has her arms crossed, pouting, looking at nothing
in particular. Roland gazes out the window. The sky outside
is passing them by. It feels dreamy.
Roland looks at her then looks away.
Why is it hard for you to look me
in the eye?
I look you in the eye.
I mean people. You don't look at
people in the eye.
What are you talking about? I look
at the eye all the time.


Whatever, yeah, all right.
I wish I was a bird. I don't know
what type. Any type. I just wish I
was a bird. That would be swell.
Pause. Danielle starts cracking up in laughter.
Nothing...nothing at all.
I'm, I'm serious. Wouldn't that be
cool. To be a bird. You could,
like, fly wherever you want. Do
whatever you want. Go to space. Or
You couldn't go to space.
Oh. Now how's that?
Yeah right.
I know what you're trying to do.
No. I'm serious.
You'd burn up in the atmosphere.


Really? No. Shit. I thought I'd be
able to just fly myself out of
Earth. You know, go explore. Stuff
like that.
Danielle grins and shakes her head. She gazes out the
The sound of the motor slowly FADES OUT. They sit in utter
Roland moves closer to Danielle and takes her hand in his.
He puts his head up to her ear and whispers something into
it. She tries to hide her smile.
                       DANIELLE (MOS)
                       ROLAND (MOS)
Let's go. I want that and I want
you there.
                       DANIELLE (MOS)
Okay then.
They sit there with their hands locked. Danielle rests her
head on Roland's shoulder.
                                         FADE TO:
Roland holds Danielle's hand as he leads her down the
street. They're arms are stretched out and we can see a
butterfly on Danielle's wrist as her sleeve slides up her
                       ROLAND (MOS)
Come on!
                       DANIELLE (MOS)
We're gonna get there.
                       ROLAND (MOS)
But it takes a long time. Come on.
They rush down the street.
                                         FADE TO BLACK:


                                         FADE INTO:
Roland and Danielle are half naked and making out on her
bed. They both have their shirts off, but Danielle still has
her bra on. Roland slides his hand up her chest, gently.
Danielle and Roland are lying in bed with each other. Their
heads are under the blanket. There is a mellow ringing noise
coming from outside the window that's above them.
Do you hear that? That ringing
They listen to the sound. Danielle closes her eyes.
Do you think other people can hear
it? Maybe we're the only ones
listening to it.
We're just imagining it.
Maybe it means something. Like
it's trying to say something to
us. It's alive. It's living and
breathing and wants to communicate
with us.
Seriously. I can see where it's
coming from, in my head. A green
monster, crying for help. Hiding,
in an abandoned warehouse, waiting
for someone to hear his signal.
The ringing noise he makes with
his mouth. Really gets into your


That's so ridiculous...How did it
get there? The green monster.
I don't know that. The green
monster is just there. Don't know
why. It's lonely, sad, crying for
someone, anyone to come and save
him. And everyone can hear that
noise, you know. It's in everyones
brain right now. But only we know
where it's coming from.
The blue shades are pulled over the window and the sun is
shining through. Danielle is lying in her bed beside Roland
as someone knocks on her door. When she wakes up she throws
off her blanket and sits up. In her underwear she runs to
the door on it's twentieth knock. Danielle stands there in
shock, then:
What are you doing here?
JANICE stands in the doorway. She's a woman who has dirty
blond hair that goes over her shoulders. She looks a little
older then Danielle, and she's dressed in a leather coat and
a red mini skirt.
I just came to talk.
About what?
Just to talk, you know. We havn't
talked in a long time.
Two years.
Really? I thought maybe like three
or four.
Whose counting.


Well, do you have time right
now...to talk
You're still so cute, Danielle.
Janice follows Danielle to the kitchen table. It's covered
in glamour magazimes and a newspaper sits neatly to the
side. Janice sits down while Danielle pours a cup of coffee.
Danielle looks worn out and timid in her bathrobe.
Do you want some coffee?
No thanks, I'm fine thank you.
Danielle sits down opposite Janice. She holds her cup in
both hand and sips from it. She stares at Janice with wide
eyes as if she's studying her.
So do you have a boyfriend?
Danielle looks down as if she's embarassed.
Well, neither do I, in case you're
You look like you're still fucking
No, no...I'm done with all that
bad shit.
You sure?
Yes I'm sure. No more drugs, no
more sex...for drugs.


And it wouldn't hurt to tell dad
that either.
There's a pause. In the background we can tell that there is
someone getting out of bed and going to the washroom.
Whose that, Dani?
Oh, but he's not you're boyfriend?
I don't know. It doesn't really
      (she takes a sip
       of coffee)
What exactly did you come to talk
about Janice?
To say sorry? That you're sorry
for leaving me all alone when mom
I am sorry. I want you to forgive
me so we can just move on and be
Danielle puts her coffee cup on the table and stands up.
Actually Janice, I changed my
mind. I don't want to talk right
now. I have some things to do.
Like what?
      (standing up)
Can we talk later?


Yeah, sure. You can phone me. It's
just, right now, I have to do
something. So, please, can you go?
Janice walks towards the door. Danielle is putting her cup
in the sink.
I'll phone you later then, okay
Dani? Maybe you'll change you're
mind and we can go get something
to eat.
Roland is sitting with Robert. Robert is tall and has a
shaved head. He has a large gold chain that hangs over his
undershirt as he puts a new cd into the stereo system. He's
a twitchy person who puts lots of emphasis into his words.
AMBIENT MUSIC starts to play. Roland hands a pipe to Robert
and takes a hit.
This is in memory of my good
friend Jason. If there's life
after death
      (takes hit)
may he come back and tell us. If
not, fuckin' anarchy man. All
fuckin' hell shall break loose.
Because it means all that shit we
learned in school, about God and
salvation, is bullshit. Fucking
goddamn bullshit.
      (takes another hit)
Robert hands the pipe over to Roland. Roland puts the pipe
on the coffee table.
No man, I'm not doing this
anymore. No more man. Don't offer
this shit to me.
Roland gets up and walks into his bedroom. As he walks we
can see Robert standing up and dancing.


Roland sits at the end of the bed. We can still hear the
sound of the music, but coming through the walls. Roland
takes out his cell phone. He dials a number and waits until
a girl picks up.
Danielle?... What are you
doing?...Is something wrong?...
      (into cell phone)
I'd perfer to talk in person right
now...because, I, I'm really,
really lost right now.
She leans over her coffee table with her rolled up paper and
snorts a long line of cocaine.
Ahhhh, mmmmm, I want to be alone.
I'm sorry, I can't handle a
boyfriend right now.
Tears come to Danielle's eyes. She doesn't bother wiping
them, they just roll down her face.
No, I'm okay
I gotta go, okay?...are you
mad?...phone me sometime...Bye.
A pause.
Phone me sometime.
Roland closes his cell phone and puts it away. He sits at
the edge of his bed and stares out at the nothingness
outside his window. He sits there for awhile, and the music
                                         FADE TO:


Anna sits in her apartment by herself watching TV. She hears
three knocks at her door and goes and opens it. Roland
stands there in a big winter coat.
I, uh, came by to buy some shit.
If you don't mind selling to me.
No, no. Come in.
Anna leads Roland over to her couch.
You can sit. Just move the
Anna goes to her bedroom and comes back with a big ziploc
bag full of tiny ziploc bags.
I'll give you some free stuff.
You should stay. We can talk. You
look really depressed.
No, I just...
Tell me whats wrong. I know you're
going through a hard time. We all
are. Everyone who knew Jason has
to deal with what happened.
Yeah, and Danielle told me she
doesn't want a boyfriend.


They sit for a minute and don't say anything as Anna fiddles
with the ziploc bag.
Her sister showed up at her place
the other day. She acts pretty
sour towards her sister.
Anna pours a pile of white powder onto a tray. She carefully
starts to make lines with a card. Roland stands up.
You know, I don't need this shit.
I'm just gonna go back home.
No no, don't leave. I wont to any
if you don't want me to. Let's
just talk...please sit down?
Roland looks at her then sits down on the couch opposite her
chair. Anna goes and sits beside him. She sits faceing him
and looks directly at him. Roland can't seem to look her in
the eyes.
I know you loved her. You did
everything with her. It hurts,
what happened, doesn't it?
Things are obviously fucked up in
her life. She knew Jason too. And
her sister, her drugged out
sister, that's what's making her
seem more fucked. She'll get back
with you soon. I bet she'll phone
you tomorrow morning saying she's
sorry and stuff.
I...I really don't know about
Yes she will.
Anna puts her arm around the couch and sits higher up.


You have really nice lips. I bet
Danielle said that a lot.
Roland looks at Anna.
They sit and stare at each other. Rolands eyes shifts
towards her lips, then back to her eyes. Danielle's head
moves closer to Roland's, and they kiss. They continue to
kiss as they wrap their arms around each other.
I wanna say something to you.
Say it.
It's a poem I wrote.
Anna grabs a book from the coffee table and opens it up. She
sits propped up against the arm of the couch.
I wrote it one night after I broke
up with my boyfriend. I'm not sure
what it means exactly, but it
feels like it means a lot.
Read it.
Roland watches intently as she reads the words.
'Lying there
Overwhelming sorrow in the

A sigh brushes up against a wave
An uninteresting event passes

Dive into the pool of danger
Kiss away everything once known

Fall into space
Fall into the ocean'
                                         CUT TO:


On the TV is a news broadcast. Roland lying on his couch.
His face is unshaven and sweaty.
                                         CUT TO:
Roland stands at the mirror, shirtless, and looks at
himself. He takes a cloth and wipes his face.
                                         CUT TO:
Roland is waiting at an intersection and lights a cigarette.
He pulls into a parking lot and smokes his cigarette. He
sits there with music playing. When he's done he turns off
the car and gets out.
                                         CUT TO:
Roland is wearing stone washed jeans, a big black jacket and
a toque. He has on a name tag that says ROLAND. Him and some
coworkers are unloading boxes and crates from a truck.
JEFF is a buff looking guy with tattoos on his arms. He's
also unloading the truck and putting the boxes in the
I told her to come over anyways. I
said fuck your parents, don't you
care about me? You know?
I know she's a lot younger then
me, sure, but if she actually
likes me then there's nothing
wrong about it.
Roland puts down a box and goes through a door and into the


In walks CANDICE. She is a short girl with black hair that's
streaked blue. Candice has a piercing on her lip. She heads
towards the frozen foods section of the store.
Another one of those girls. You
know what I'm talkin' about.
But this ones not that bad.
Candice glances towards them then continues scanning the
shelves. Roland walks towards her.
Do you need help finding
Roland walks past the aisle. Candice has a shy grin on her
face. She looks at Roland then looks back at the shelves,
slowly moving towards him.
Um...no, I'm just looking around.
I'm waiting for a friend.
Okay, well, if you need anything,
just ask.
Sure. Okay.
Roland walks down another aisle. After a while, she leaves
the store without buying anything and goes out into the busy
                                         CUT TO:
Roland is walking down the sidewalk just outside the mall.
He sees Candice standing by a wall smoking a cigarette.
Roland walks towards her.
Hey, do you have a smoke I could


Oh, yeah.
      (pulls out a
      (lights cigarette)
I guess you owed me this for
helping you in the store.
What...oh yeah.
An OLD COUPLE walk by, and the older man coughs.
I wonder if he was trying to say
something. You know, like he's
some ex-smoker.
Hmmm, maybe.
A pause. Roland leans against the wall.
I'm just waiting for my friend to
pick me up. My car's getting
Oh. Yeah, I was supposed to meet
my friend here, but she just
called me and said her parents
just showed up at her place. Now
they're going for dinner.
Candice adjusts her black leather purse on her shoulder.
That sucks.
There's a pause as they smoke their cigarettes. The sky is
getting darker, but from where Roland and Candice are
standing we can still see crowds entering and leaving the
mall. A few other people stand smoking cigarettes or talking
on their phones.
How are you getting home?


I actually live close to here.
I'll just walk home. But I like to
stand watching the people go by.
Roland puts his cigarette butt into an ashtray.
Yeah, there are some interesting
people around here.
Candice throws away her cigarette.
So you're probably gonna go get
drunk now, with you're buddies.
Actually, I'll tell you the truth.
I'm not waiting for a friend. I
was just gonna take the bus home.
Candice steps forward from the wall and turns more towards
Roland, wearing a grin on her face.
But you thought you could bum a
smoke off of me, right? And make a
little small talk? Yeah, I see, I
Well, after a hard days work, you
know how it is.
They start walking slowly towards the large cement platform
of the bus stop in the distance. Candice walks slightly
slouched forward, looking nervous.
So, um, do you smoke a lot?
Yeah, sometimes. It makes me relax
you know? It started out as a
social thing, to be cool. But
after highschool I kept on
Did you like the one you just had?
Because those are the only type I
seem to smoke.


Yeah, it's hard to tell how good a
cigarette is- for me at least- but
yeah, it was good.
Because I have practicly a whole
crate of those at my place. You
can buy some if you want. I'll
give you some for free, if you
Yeah, that would be cool. They
were pretty good.
Okay, my place is just a few
blocks away.
We hear the sound of the door being unlocked from the inside
of the apartment. Roland and Candice enter the apartment.
Candice flicks a switch and the apartment is lit up. There
is a small TV in the corner of the room and a brown couch
facing it. Candice puts her purse on a wooden table.
You can sit down. I'll go get the
Candice goes into another room. Roland goes and sits down on
the couch. He looks uncomfortable as we hear RUSTLING coming
from Candice in the other room. After a 30 seconds or so she
comes back with 3 packs of smokes in her hand.
This should do you for a while.
Thank. I'll give you, how much?
      (looks around)
Nothing, well, five bucks maybe.
Ten dollars.
Are you sure. Three packs?


Yeah. I got them for cheap.
Roland gets out a ten dollar bill and hands it to her.
Candice puts it on the table and sits down on the couch
beside Roland. She lights up a cigarette.
Light one up. I don't care. I
smoke here all the time.
Roland takes out a cigarette and lights it. They sit in
silence, puffing away.
So, what do you do besides
Not much, you know. Not much
lately, at least.
Why not lately?
Uh, it's, it's been different
lately. My friend died, He got
shot, and I saw it. I saw him die.
You saw him die? Where?
On the corner of some street. I
don't know the name of the street,
but was a pretty shitty looking
You must be really sad. You look
sad talking about it.
Well...I guess, yeah. We were good
There's silence as they continue to smoke. Candice puts out
her cigarette and pushes closer to Roland on the couch.
Can I tell you something?


I think you're really hot.
Roland looks a Candice, then looks forward. Candice starts
blushing and turns away, then turns back and looks at him.
I was so happy when you asked me
for a smoke. That's why we're
here, obviously.
That's why I'm here. I think
you're really good looking.
Yeah. You're hair makes you looks
even hotter, to be honest.
Candice sit up on the couch and looks at Roland. Roland puts
out his cigarette.
Do you-
      (standing up)
I, uh, actually have to go.
There's something I have to do
that I forgot about.
Yeah. But we should do something
sometime. Like tomorrow, how
Tomorrow, okay. But I wanted to do
something tonight.
Me too, seriously. But I have to
go. I'll give you my number. Or
you give me yours.


But I wanted to fuck- tonight.
Me too, but I can't, sorry.
Roland writes his number down on a ripped piece of paper and
puts it on the table.
What's you're number?
I'll phone you...bye.
Roland walks towards the door.
I'll miss you.
Roland closes the door behind him.
The supermarket is almost empty, except for a few lone
shoppers roaming around. Janice is at the pharmacy waiting
for her perscription. She walks back and forth through the
aisles pretending to look around. The pharmacist walks out
of the back room and appears to be looking for something.
Danielle walks up the the pharmacist.
Excuse me, um, is my prescription
ready yet?
No, sorry, but it's only been a
few minutes. You should come back
in another twenty or so.
Roland enters the supermarket. He grabs a basket and walks
into the frozen food section. He starts opening freezers and
putting frozen meals into his basket. Janice walks into the
aisle, looking anxious, and walks past Roland, barely
glancing at him. She walks down to the end of the aisle,
turns around, and walks back the oppisite way towards
Do you happen to know the time?


No, sorry.
It's probably around eight or so.
Roland closes the freezer door and heads to the cashier with
his basket of frozen meals. Janice goes back to the pharmacy
and stands in front of the desk.
Like I said, you should come back
in another fifteen or twenty
Yeah, I know that. But I'm just
want to stay around here for a
The pharmacist, in his long white coat and nealty parted
hair, continues to work at his desk. Janice taps her fingers
on the desk.
So, are do you enjoy what you do?
Making medicine?
Yeah, I do. I like helping people.
So you consider yourself a helpful
person? I bet telling people that
gets you laid a lot.
The pharmacist still sits with his back turned to her,
appearing to be working hard.
No not really.
      (turns head)
Actually miss, I have a lot of
work to do. Could you please let
me get this finished.


I was actually just gonna tell you
if you want to help people, then
you could help me a lot right now.
How so?
By giving me some freebies. You
know, a couple for the road.
Miss, no. Now please, I'll have
your prescription ready very soon.
Janice groans and puts her head on the desk.
Roland pulls his car into an almost empty parking lot. He
sits there, puts his head back on his seat and closes his
                                         CUT TO:
Roland digs into his jacket pocket and pulls out a long
                                         CUT TO:
He lays a bag on his dashboard and loads up his pipe.
                                         CUT TO:
He has the pipe up to his mouth and lights it. He inhales
and holds for a few seconds. He exhales the smoke.
                                         CUT TO:
Roland rests his head on the back of his seat. His eyes look
drowsy and bloodshot. He is deep in thought as he sits
                                         CUT TO:
An older man with gray hair is knocking on the window of his
car. Roland puts his pipe into his jacket pocket. His eyes
are red and his face is sweaty. He rolls down the window.


                       OLD MAN
Hey, do you know where I can find
the post office?
A little late for the post office,
don't you think?
                       OLD MAN
Yeah, I guess. But I need to go,
to the post office I mean.
                       OLD MAN
So can you help me out?
      (pointing around)
It's down the street. Then the
other street. I'm not really sure,
                       OLD MAN
Oh. Okay.
Yeah, okay, sorry man.
Roland starts rolling up the window. The old man steps away,
then steps back towards the car looking nervous. Then he
walks away.
                                         CUT TO:
Roland gets out of his car. His pipe falls to the ground and
He closes the door to his car. He crouches down on the
ground and tries to pick up the little pieces but gives up.
The apartment is very dark, and the blue shades on the
window give off a mellow feeling. Danielle is sitting on
the couch. She's watching TV and drinking out of a glass
filled with orange juice. We hear a noise getting lounder.


It sounds like wind blowing strongly, but coming from
Danielle gets up from where she's sitting. She starts
walking down the hallway towards her bedroom door. She looks
into the bathroom but all that's there are blue curtains
hanging still. The sound of the wind gets lounder the closer
she is to her room. When she opens the door to her room she
doesn't step inside, only looks at what's in the room.
We look at Danielle standing in the door frame. We PAN OUT
from Danielle and see that she's standing at a cliff, above
a rough looking ocean. The waves are blowing strong and
crashing against giant rocks. The sound of the ocean is very
loud and overwhelming. The ocean appears to go on forever,
and it's impossible to tell whether it's night or day.
Danielle stares in awe through her doorframe.
Roland stands in his living room smoking a cigarette while
watching the news on TV. The room is dark and we hear the
wind outside.
                       NEWS ANCHOR (on TV)
...Strong winds blowing
south...gaining strength...it
looks like it could last the rest
of the week...
The phone rings. Roland walks over to pick it up, cigarette
in hand.
The line is quiet for a few seconds, then:
                       ANNA (on phone)
Here's another poem I wrote. It
can be about whatever you want it
to be. Do you want to hear it?
Yeah, okay.
There's static on the phone, but clears up.
'Empty heart
flushing through and past
wanting a reason-


Danielle stands at the edge of the cliff, under her
doorframe, staring out at the waves crashing and blowing in
the misty horizon.
                       ANNA (vo)
...one simple reason
just to clear her of her sorrow
and help her transcend-
Danielle stands under her doorframe. She spreads her arms
out and closes her eyes. Her black hair blows in the wind.
...to transcend all that is
and drift past the pain
into the morning of rebirth
needing a hand to hold-
Danielle falls forward. She falls an incredible distance but
doesn't actually hit the water.
...She falls into space, helpless
She's knee deep in sorrow'
Danielle finally hits the water, and disappears into the
rush of the ocean.
Roland is driving down an empty highway. The radio is
playing in the background. Outside we see empty land and
forest flying by. Roland is wearing a black toque on his
                       DANIELLE (vo)
Let's light a fire, Roland.
                       ROLAND (vo)
We don't want to set the place on
fire. Or do we?
                       DANIELLE (vo)
We have a trash can, silly.
Roland stands in the center of a large, dark room with
Danielle. Danielle stands with a package of matches, lights


the whole thing and throws them into a garbage can placed in
the center on the abandoned room. We can see the flames
building inside of the can.
Jason comes out of another abandoned room followed by
another girl. Jason looks as if he hasn't shaved in a few
days. He wears a blue baseball cap and a long brown coat.
The girl (AMBER) with him has blonde/brown hair and has on
her jeans and a t-shirt. They all sit down on the floor
around the trash can, and Jason wraps his arms around the
Roland walks around the outside of the worn out lakehouse.
He picks up a rock and throws it through an already broken
All four of them sit around the burning garbage can talking.
The room they're in is dark except for the fire.
Tell us a story, Jason.
Yeah. Spread some of that creative
energy you have so much of.
They laugh together.
Okay, I have a story.
You do?
Yes. And this is true. I'm
serious. Dead serious.
Then tell it.
Okay. Sure. Okay. Here it is.
There was this old guy who lived
across the street when I was a
kid. Never saw this guy. Always
inside. I'd seen him a few times
actually, but not much.


Then how do you know his story?
Shut up. I just do, okay? Well, he
had a wife you see. They loved
each other a lot. They were madly
in love for over twenty or so
years. Whether or not they had a
sex life is still up for grabs.
Everyone laughs.
Well, as we all know, nothing
lasts forever. So, when his wife
died, he was all alone. Don't know
how he passed the time, and I'm
not sure I want to know. But this
guy, he's all alone now...Oh fuck,
he's so alone I actually feel like
crying thinking about it.
Where's this going Jason?
Shut the fuck up man. I'm telling
you, shut you're fucking trap
right now.
Yeah, shut up Roland.
Roland looks at Danielle and she hugs him.
Well, when his wife died, this guy
didn't tell anyone. Instead, he
froze her body in his basement
freezer. Didn't see anything wrong
with it I'm sure. Guess that comes
with senility. Anyways, he knew
what he was gonna do. Either he
read it does something, or he was
just fucked in the head. So he
takes this frozen body-
practically glass from the way it
was frozen- and crushes it into
little pieces.
      (looks around)
This is his wife's body, just
remember. He crushes it with


                       JASON (cont'd)
something, I don't know what, into
tiny little pieces, bloody little
pieces. He stores them in the
freezer. Guess what he does then?
He smokes the pieces.
I don't believe it. As if you
would know.
It's what they say. That's all it
is. It's just one of those things
we were supposed to believe. It
was a neighborhood myth...So he
smoked his own wife. Literally.
The shards were bright, neon red.
He placed the frozen shards into
his pipe and smoked it every day.
Went down cool and smoothly.
Everyone looks in interest at Jason. He smiles and shrugs.
Amber grabs him and pulls him towards her. They embrace in a
long kiss.
Roland sits outside of the lakehouse on a rock looking out
at the ocean. The sun is setting, and Roland lights a
Danielle snorts a line a coke from a white tube on her
living room couch.
Danielle stands outside of Roland's apartment. She keeps
knocking, but no one opens the door. She puts her head
against the door and starts crying. She drops her purse to
the ground and rests her forehead on her arms against the
door. A tall man with grey hair approaches her.
Excuse me, are you okay?
Danielle turns her head to look at him, then picks up her
purse. Tears still cover her red face.


No...go away.
Do you need help, miss?
No, I'm waiting...for Roland.
Well, I hope he comes back soon.
The tall man turns and walks away. When he reaches the end
of the hallway, we can still hear Danielle crying, so he
turns around and goes back to her.
I'm sorry, but I can't stand to
see a person like this...is there
anything I can do for you that
will stop you from crying?
Yeah, shut the fuck up!
Pause as the man stands and looks at her. Danielle still
presses her head agains the door.
Sorry. Just calm down, please.
People live in this place.
Well obviously.
The tall man goes up to her and tries to look at her face.
Danielle turns and looks at him. The tall man just looks at
her as if he wants her to stop crying. Danielle grabs the
tall mans arm and hugs him. He looks confused, but he still
hugs her back.
It's just...I miss him so
much...he was all I had.
It's okay, he'll be back.


No he wont. He's not here...he's
always here.
Yes he will. He's coming home.
Go. Go home and come back later.
Put yourself together for him.
He'll appreciate it.
Danielle raises her head and looks into the tall mans eyes.
Danielle's face is red, and her eyes and wet with tears. She
manages to make a little smile for him.
Roland is driving down the highway. His cell phone rings and
he picks it up.
Hello?...Candice, hey...no, I'm
not doing anything...a show? What
kind of show?...yeah, okay.
Candice stands outside of the auditorium. She's standing
beside a line of people waiting to buy their tickets.
Candice has two tickets in her hand. Roland walks past her
on the sidewalk.
      (waving hand)
Roland turns around and Candice approaches him. They hug
each other.
Hey. What kind of show is this?
It's my friend Janice, she gave me
the tickets. She's one of those
one man performance artists. It's


                       CANDICE (cont'd)
kind of weird stuff. You might
like it. Who knows.
They walk into the building.
Roland a Candice find seats near the back of the audience.
The seats are half empty, and it doesn't look like more
people are coming.
      (standing up)
You know, I'm just gonna go to the
I'll be back quick.
Roland sits by himself for a while as he waits for the show
to begin. Two men sit in the row directly behind him. One
man is young and has a beard. The other man looks older,
bigger, and has salt and pepper hair.
                       LOUD MAN #1
I hope this Janice girl puts on a
good show. I've got a feeling I'm
wasting my fuckin' time sitting
                       LOUD MAN #2
Well, if it does suck, I'll walk
right the fuck out of here right
away. I've seen too many shitty
shows lately. Too many stupid
bitches, thinking they have
something to say. Not just stupid
girls. There have been a lot of
stupid bastards here too,
spreading their liberal propoganda
through their one man metaphors
and shit.
                       LOUD MAN #1
Asshole fucks. That Jeffry guy,
remember him? I honestly just
wanted to get a baseball bat and
beat his fucking skull in.


                       LOUD MAN #1 (cont'd)
Annoying piece of shit.
                       LOUD MAN #2
Yeah, he was pretty bad.
Candice comes back and sits down.
Did you miss me?
Yeah, actually I did.
Its should start soon.
Candice sits up and looks around the auditorium. The lights
dim and the show is about to begin.
                                         CUT TO:
The white silhouette of a human crouched into a ball is
backlit on a stage. The figure is JANICE crouched on the
floor of the stage that is empty except for a few trees off
to the side. The figure appears to be a woman because of the
long hair going over her face. The auditorium is silent as
the crowd waits for the figure to do something.
I seek a new horizon, but end up
wanting to go back.
Janice doesn't use a microphone as she speaks.
Dancing on dark waves, being
pushed through time. When I
awaken, all is gone. What remains
is hollow.
The silhouette of Janice starts to vibrate.
I will rise from my disaster- the
disaster I created- and seek


She stops vibrating, but is still crouched over. The sounds
of trees shaking fills the auditorium, until finally it
returns to silence.
My sorrow and I, together make
sorrowful me.
Janice rises from her crouching position and reveals a mask
on her face. Her face is covered with black make-up, making
her unidentifiable. AMBIENT MUSIC rises out of the silence
as Janice stands sideways to the crowd. The trees move
closer to her and make her disappear from us. One blue light
shines above the stage.
In the moonlight I ponder
Am I eternity? I ask myself...
I am eternity...
The universe and I, we will go on
Within myself- withing my physical
prescence- I am time itself. Space
has no boundries, nor do I.
Trees cover the stage now. We only have a light to see the
silhouette of Janice creeping around the forest. VOICES
start to play in the background with the MUSIC. They're
coversations between different people.
These voices...
Janice creeps around the forest, hiding behind trees and
behind bushes.
Stop talking...STOP IT!...
So pointless. Such pointless
conversations. Listen to him,
rambling on about nothing.
Janice runs to the the opposite side of the forest. The
voices disappear, but the music remains, now more subtle.
A burning house...filling up the
darkness...must stay away from it.
Janice starts to move as if she's being blown by WIND.


It is where bad things come
from...We think it gives off
light, but it gives us
darkness...to stay in the darkness
is to stay in the light.
Danielle sits in a coffee shop with Robert. Robert's tall
figure sits back in the booth. He smiles when Danielle looks
up from her coffee at him. Danielle looks uncomfortable and
sweaty and keeps looking out the window that's beside them.
Maybe I should go. Maybe you
should leave too, and phone your
No. I want to sit here.
Do you want me to go?
No. Stay.
They sit and Danielle looks outside the window.
Do you have a wife...?
Do you have a wife Robert?
Yes. Her name's Clarice. We've
been married for about-
ten years.
Danielle takes a sip of her coffee.
I have to leave in about twenty
minutes. She'll get mad if she
doesn't hear from me soon. Sorry.


Robert looks a his watch.
Do you want to meet again,
Yeah. Have coffee sometime. Sure,
we should do that.
Okay. I'll give you my number. We
can exchange.
Danielle, do you listen to the
radio much?
Sometimes, yeah. Why?
I have a radio show.
Yeah. Head radio. 104.9
A talk show?
What do you talk about? When's it
At 8 o'clock. Every day of the
What do you talk about? Oh my God,
you're a celebrity arn't you?
No, I'm not a celebrity. You might
recognize my name, but no one ever
says to me on the street 'Oh my
God, it's Robert Hannigan, that


                       ROBERT (cont'd)
ignorant man from the radio!"
Robert Hannigan? Robert Hannigan.
Sorry, but I really don't
recognize your name.
Huh, it's okay. I like it this
Oh, I bet you're gonna talk about
me on you're next show, right?
No, no. Listen to my next show and
see if you still want to meet me.
You might get tired of hearing my
Okay. 8 o'clock. 8 o'clock. 8
o'clock. I'll rememember.
Do so, please.
Robert starts to get up. Danielle grabs his arm.
I really gotta get going.
But I need your phone number.
Oh sure, yeah.
Robert pulls out a pen and writes his number onto a napkin.
He smiles and Danielle smiles back.
I'll phone you soon.
Robert nods and slowly walks off. Danielle watches as he
pays and leaves the store. She rubs her nose and looks down
at the napkin.


Danielle stands in her bathroom looking at her face in the
mirror. She puts two yellow pills in her mouth and washes
them down with a glass of water. She goes over to the window
and closes the blinds. She walks over to the TV and turns it
off, then goes over to her stereo system and turns it on.
After fiddling around with different CDs she puts one into
the disk tray. She goes and lies on her bed and closes her
eyes. PIANO MUSIC starts playing and Danielle drifts off...
There's someone tossing about in the waves. Danielle
struggles to stay above the water and swim towards the
figure in the water. She reaches her arm out and grabs the
persons hand. We can't see who the other person is.
                                         CUT TO:
Roland and Candice walk down the sidewalk side by side. It's
night outside and Candice wraps herself in a black jacket
that wears like a blanket around her shoulders.
      (turning towards
Janice was always a little weird.
They both laugh.
A little. But I liked it because
it's different.
Sure is.
They turn a corner and continue to walk down the sidewalk.
Candice lights a cigarette.
Do you want a smoke?
No, it's okay. Do you need a drive


My place is right up here, don't
you remember?
Oh yeah, totally forgot.
They stand outside Candice's apartment building. The bright
lights from the lobby light up the entrance for them.
So, I guess I'll see you later
I guess.
I've gotta go now. I was supposed
to phone a friend earlier, but-
Do you want to come upstairs with
Roland grins and Candice looks up at him with wide eyes.
Candice leans closer to him.
I don't want to go home alone.
It'll make me feel lonely, and
Yeah, I'll come upstairs.
You will?
Candice spreads her arms and hugs Roland. She looks into his
eyes and smiles. Roland kisses her on the lips and she
kisses him back.


Danielle lies in her bed as the phone RINGS. She tosses
around in her bed until finally she picks it up.
Hello?...Oh hey Anna...You have a
boyfriend?...uhhh, yeah I'll do I
guess, just let me get ready and
pick you up...What?...Okay, hold
Danielle gets out of her bed wearing her underwear. She goes
over to a chair and gets her ragged robe. She puts it on and
walks into the next room and opens the front door.
Anna walks into the room. She wears a black hoodie and
Arn't you dressed yet?
Danielle gives her and exaggerated smile and turns and walks
towards her room.
I didn't know you had a boyfriend,
      (rustling in her
Whats his name?
Barry. We met last week.
Are you joking?
Nope. We just got along so great
from the moment we met.
And that's enough to move in with
Yep. We love each other. We've
practically been living with each
other since last week.


And you love each other. Tell me
Anna, what does it feel like?
Being in love, describe the
texture of it. How does it feel
when you brush it up against your
Danielle walks into the room, still zippering up her pants.
She goes to a mirror and brushes her hair.
What does it look like? Does it
have a shape, or a smell? A sound?
Anna laughs.
You know I can't answer that. Love
is self explanitory. You can't see
it or feel it with your hands. You
just know it's there when you come
across it.
There's gotta be a real answer.
No there doesn't have to be. Not
Everything has an answer.
      (looking Anna in
       the eyes)
Tell me Anna. If you can feel it
you can describe it.
Fine Dani. It's long a hard. When
you touch it, you'll make it even
harder. When it fucks you you'll
Danielle picks up a pack of cigarettes and puts it in her
leather purse.
No answer?
No, not for that, because it's
true: love always fucks you.


A car pulls into a lot and drives down the driveway. We
can't see the house but it's there. From the car we can see
the ocean and the green grass leading up to it.
This is it. My new home. Isn't it
What the fuck...?
Anna gets out of the car and grabs her backpack. She walks
towards her house. The house is small and white and the roof
is on FIRE. Smoke fills the air and Anna walks towards it.
She turns around.
Come on Danielle!
Danielle turns off her car and gets out. A middle-aged,
broad shouldered man with dark hair (BARRY) opens up the
front door and walks out to hug Anna. They embrace in a long
kiss. Danielle walks up and stands beside them.
Hello. You must be...?
This is Danielle.
      (to Barry)
Hi. And you must be Barry, right?
Yeah. So you've heard.
Barry offers his hand, and Danielle shakes it.
Yeah, I've heard. You're the new
boyfriend. You guys seem real
serious. Must be the real thing,


      (hugs Barry)
Let's go inside. You have to see
my room. We've got a huge bed.
They all laugh. Barry pulls Anna closer to him.
Actually, I wish I could, but I
really should go. I wasn't
planning on staying that long and
it took a pretty long time to
drive out here.
Oh yeah, okay.
      (walking back to
       her car)
Yeah, so.
Yeah, well, I hope I'll see you
Yeah, you too. Bye.
                                         CUT TO:
Roland and Candice lie in a bed together naked under the
blankets. They both lie on their sides and Roland is holding
Candice. Roland's eyes are closed and so are Anna's. They're
listening to the RADIO.
      (on radio)
The idea of a cosmic consciousness
has always fascinated me. There
are many religious and
non-religious concepts of
existence that accept the idea
that the universe is a living
organism like us.


These concepts and religions
believe that animals and humans,
alike, interact and interconnect
the universe, which forms a
'collective consciousness' which
spans all of the cosmos.
The time on the radio changes to 1:00 am.
Imagine. Just imagine. That adds
so much meaning to the universe;
to our lives here on this planet.
Why would you need something to
make you feel good if this was the
truth. This idea is all you need
to feel that heavenly bliss
everyone seeks.
                                         CUT TO:
Candice is in the bathroom. She pulls a NEEDLE from a
drawer, cooks up her heroin, and injects it into her arm.
She leans against the wall and closes her eyes. She starts
breathing deeper.
                                         CUT TO:
We float around an open field. We see Danielle sitting in
her car looking at the burning house. We go towards the
burning house and watch it burn for a few moments. It starts
falling apart and eventually the fire burns out.
                                         CUT TO:
The door to the bathroom bursts opens, and Roland runs in to
find Candice lying on the ground unconscience with saliva
running down her mouth. We see Candice's face, then move
down to her feet.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
We're inside Barry's house FOCUSED on the front door. Barry
walks in, hangs up his coat, and goes to the kitchen. He
goes to the cupboards and takes out some headaches pills. He
pops them into his mouth, opens the fridge and drinks out of
the milk carton. He walks into the next room.


Anna is lying on the couch reading a magazine. She looks
tired and isn't paying attention to the TV that's on. Barry
comes in and makes room for himself beside her.
We need to talk.
No answer.
Anna, we really need to talk.
Are you sure about that?
Yeah I am.
      (magazine still
       covering her face)
Okay then: speak to me, brotha.
Barry sits forward in his seat and fiddles with a book on
the table.
Anna, I want you to stop doing
drugs. I know you're doing drugs,
first of all, and now I want you
to know that I want you to stop.
Anna lowers the magazine and crouches up on the couch.
No I'm not.
Yes you are.


Why would you think that?
Because I can just tell. You know
how I used to be.
Of course I know. But don't worry
about me. I'm doin' all right.
Anna goes back to her magazine. Barry puts his hand on
Anna's knee.
      (rubs her leg)
I care about you. Please, Anna,
tell me the truth. I know the
signs, I can tell that you do
drugs, and I want to help you.
Anna puts down her magazine. She reaches for the table and
grabs a cigarette. She lights it and stares at Barry.
What do you know, Barry? You
really think that I'm a drug
addict, don't you?
Yes I do.
But I still love you.
Anna takes a hit of her cigarette.
Then don't tell me what to do,
I never told you what to do.
I know, but I want you to know:
don't tell me what to do.


I'm telling you that I don't want
you to be an addict anymore. It
will fuck you up; take over your
So you think I'm fucked up?
It's okay Barry. I am fucked up.
But I deal with it.
D-Do you want to know something?
Is it about you being a drug
addict? Because I've heard that
story a million times. Tell me
something new, Barry. Surprise me
with this one.
Barry takes his cell phone out of his pocket and puts it on
the table.
      (takes a deep
I have a son. His name's Roland,
and he's addicted to cocaine
because of me.
Pause. Anna just looks at Barry as he looks nervously back
at her.
Th-thats why I want you to stop.
Everyone just...I don't know.
That's a good reason for you to
want me to stop. But I'm my own
person, Barry. I'm independent,
and I'm most definitely not your


You don't have a job, and you're
doing drugs all day. It can only
get worse if you don't stop. I've
seen it happen so many times. I
know what'll happen if you keep
going like this.
I'm getting a job. You know that.
Pause. Anna can see that Barry is worried about her. She
moves over to Barry and hugs him.
Don't worry about me. I don't care
if you have a junkie son. But I
can stop for you.
Will you?
Yes. I will because I love you.
Then throw away your stash.
Yeah, throw away your stash. Right
now. If you're serious then you'll
do it.
I don't even have a stash right
now...but you know if I did I'd
throw it away. For you.
Barry looks disappointed. He gets up and and leaves the
Barry goes to the dresser. He opens it and starts rummaging
around it. Anna walk into the room.


What are you doing?
I'm just...ummm...
What the fuck are you doing Barry?
She walks over to him and closes the drawer.
I told you I don't have anything!
Don't look through my stuff for
god sakes!
Barry goes to another drawer and looks through it. Socks and
underwear fly all over the place. Anna slams the drawer.
Where the FUCK is it!?!
You're crack! Your stash! Where is
Goddammit Barry! I don't have
Yes you do! Now where the fuck is
They look intensely into each others eyes.
Fuck you, Barry. I'm leaving.
Go then. Come back when you want
to tell me the truth.
Tell you what truth? I already
admitted that I'm addicted.


Well I want you to do something
about it. Show me that you care;
that you wont disappoint me.
Barry, you're acting like my mom.
She used to look through my stuff.
And you know what I did? I ran
      (grabs her purse)
And I never went back.
      (touches her arm)
I just care about you. I've seen
this happen too many times. Too
many people that I've loved have
destroyed themselves with this
stuff. Too many people, Anna, too
Anna looks mad, then she puts a half smile on her face. They
stand there looking at each other for a while. Anna steps
towards Barry and they hold each other.
I'm sorry. I want to stop. Please,
help me stop. I don't want to be
another one of those people.
Anna buries her face in Barry's chest. Barry holds her.
Show me that you love me.
      (looking up at
You know I love you...Love isn't
an object. This is love.
Throwing away your drugs will be
the closest thing love will get to
being a material object.
We HOLD as Barry and Anna hold each other.


Danielle stands outside of Roland's apartment. She fixes her
hair with her hands as she waits for the door to open.
Roland opens the door, dressed in a worn out t-shirt and
They stand and look at each other for a moment.
What are you doing here?
I just wanted to talk, because-
You miss me?
Yeah, I miss you.
      (looks at the
Do you want to go somewhere? To
      (looks behind him)
Yeah, okay. I'll be right back.
Roland closes the door for a few seconds and comes back with
a coat on. He turns around and locks the door.
Let's take a walk.
They walk down the hallway towards the elevator.
                                         CUT TO:
Roland and Danielle walk side by side down the street. It's
sunny outside as the cars drive by.


Roland, I need someone to talk to.
Lot's of things are going on right
now that I don't really
understand. I mean, I'm just sort
of confused and don't know what to
What things are you talking about?
Just lots of things in my life. I
shouldn't have said that stuff to
you. I was stupid. I wasn't
But you did break up with me,
Danielle. You did. I've moved on.
You've moved on. What do you mean?
You're fucking someone else, are
A car up ahead drives into a puddle and makes a loud noise.
Roland is startled for a second, and they continue walking.
I have lots of things going on
too. The last few days have seemed
like forever; life just feels like
it's in slow motion. It's like...I
don't know...
They're silent as they walk down the street. Danielle keeps
looking at Roland with wide eyes. She hugs him and pushes
him towards a wall.
I love you, Roland. I miss you so
much and I need you.
Roland has his hands on Danielle's waist.
No you don't. It's not like that.
No one needs anyone. You can't
rely on another person, because


                       ROLAND (cont'd)
you'll only be left disappointed.
Don't say that. I really do love
It's probably just the drugs. They
do that.
Don't say that either. I haven't
done anything for a long time.
Then that's why you're so
Yes. I know what it's like. You've
gotta stop doing that shit. It
fucks you up- a lot.
Now you're telling me what to do
on my own time?
They stare at each other.
I knew you still cared about me.
Of course. I don't want you to
fucking kill yourself.
Danielle laughs and pulls Roland in closer to her. She tries
to kiss him on the lips, but Roland pulls his head away.
I can't do this, Danielle. I gotta


Because I don't want to be around
Even me? Why? Tell me why.
Danielle, still with her arms wrapped around Roland, stares
at Roland as he looks uncomfortable and looks around.
It's me right. You don't want to
be around me. You don't like me
Roland responds with a look into her eyes. Danielle stares
back at him, then places her head against his chest.
Thats not it...but that's sort of
how I feel. I feel I shouldn't be
around you because...
      (steps back)
Because you're fucking some other
whore, right?
No! I already told you I'm not!
Then why don't you want to see me
Because you'll do it again. You're
unpredictable. Everyone's
unpredictable, and I'm fuckin'
sick of dealing with shit like
      (steps back)
I just want you to go away.


      (tears come to her
Don't do this, Roland. I'm sorry,
okay? Just don't do this to me,
please, not right now.
      (walking away)
I have to.
Fuck. No. Don't fucking do this to
me. Don't fucking leave me.
I'll see you around, Dani.
Danielle stands on the sidewalk as Roland walks away. She's
crying and can't stop looking at Roland walking down the
Fuck. You fuck. I can't believe
this is happening...fuck...
                                         CUT TO:
Roland walks down the street as the image of Danielle
disappears in the background. He walks down the street
looking around at his surroundings. He walks down a street
and sees two kids painting the ground with colorful CHALK.
It's an extremely well-drawn PICTURE of the EARTH being hit
with a TIDAL WAVE.
On the side-walk reading the newspaper is what appears to be
the two kids' MOTHER. She is sitting in a DECK CHAIR with
BLACK SUNGLASSES on reading the newspaper. She's an
attractive woman of 30, with long BROWN HAIR. and wearing a
red 2 piece bathing suit..
Roland stands and watches the 2 kids painting the enormous
picture. The LITTLE BOY runs to his mother and says
something. The mother (JANICE) takes a red piece of chalk
from a container beside her and gives it to the kid. The kid
runs back and starts drawing in a corner of the picture. The
mother looks up and sees Roland standing there in awe.
Good, isn't it?


Yeah...really good.
The LITTLE GIRL with CURLY HAIR looks up and sees Roland.
                       LITTLE GIRL
You really like it, sir?
Yeah, it's really...amazing. How
old are you, little girl?
The little girl holds up her whole opened up hand: 5 years
      (looks at Janice)
Where'd they learn to draw like
      (looking at the
Not from me, that's for sure.
Roland starts to walk away, then:
                       LITTLE GIRL
                       LITTLE GIRL
Don't you want to know what it's
Is it about, uh, waves crashing
against the earth?
                       LITTLE GIRL
No! Think.
      (looking up from
Don't even bother. I can't even
get it. She wont say. I don't
think there's even an answer.


                       LITTLE GIRL
No there's not. Maybe it's too
complex for even them to know what
they're drawing.
Yeah. It's possible. It happens.
                       LITTLE GIRL
Just keep drawing, Laura. The man
can believe the picture means
whatever he wants it to mean.
      (looks at Roland)
He can come back after he thinks
about it for a while, right?
Yeah, sure.
The girl goes back to drawing on her hands and knees as
Roland starts to walk away, then:
                       LITTLE GIRL
Will you come back?
Yeah, okay, I'll be back some
time. Watch out for me.
The little kids continue to draw, and Janice still reads her
Danielle walks across the street.
                                         CUT TO:
Danielle sits on a closed toilet seat with a hard, black
case on her knees. Her face is SWEATY and she looks tired.
She takes a little container from her purse and pours out
some COKE. She puts little effort into making it a straight
line. She picks up as straw, closes one nostril, and snorts
a line.
                                         CUT TO:


We're looking at Roland as he stares down in the sink. He
leaves, and don't see him anymore. He comes back and lifts
up a piece of tin foil. He puts a lighter under it and
Someone is outside of Rolands apartment, knocking on the
door. After a few knocks, Roland goes to the door and opens
it a crack with the lock still on. Two people stand at the
entrance: Candice's MOM and DAD. They both look around 50
years old. The DAD stands tall beside the MOM with his salt
and pepper, slightly comb over hair. The MOM wears her wavy
hair over her shoulders.
Are you Roland Mackey?
Both parents glance at each other.
We're here about Candice.
Yeah, I know Candice. I mean, I
knew Candice...sorry.
We'd like to talk about her.
Are you busy? Because we'd like to
talk right now.


No, sure, I'm not busy. Come in,
The parents step into the apartment. The MOM looks around at
the messy room, with it's clothes and cushions covering the
floor and sofa.
Take a seat
      (looks around)
at the table.
The parents find seats at the table to sit down on. Dad
looks around while Mom places her purse on the ground beside
Listen, I know what happened to
Candice was really tragic. But I
didn't have anything to do with
it. I had no idea she even went
into the bathroom
Yes, well, we know it's really
tragic. We've had lots of time to
think about what happened. The
situation has changed our lives,
      (looks at DAD)
The thing is, we had no idea she
was into drugs. Never suspected
her at all.
As a kid, there was beer of
course. That was nothing; no
problem there at all
No, not at all.
I think heroin use goes much
deeper then teenage drinking, in
my opinion sir. Any drug
addiction, really, is a dark place
to be.


Of course. But...
We can't help but wonder where she
got it or how it started. We don't
know how long she was using or why
she was using. There was a few
incidents when she was younger,
but it was no big deal.
Incidents with drugs?
With weed.
      (looks at MOM)
A little grass; wasn't a big
problem. I never saw weed as a big
deal. It's nothing really. Never
led me to the harder stuff.
Dad puts his arm around Mom, who looks like she's about to
cry, still looking at Roland.
We always knew she was getting
high outside the house, but we
learned to not care about it. It's
just not a big deal, and we don't
blame this on ourselves. She's
been on her own for years. We had
nothing to do with this.
Well Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy, I can
honestly tell you that I am not a
drug user. I don't do drugs and I
don't have any plans for the
future. If you think I introduced
her to heroin, you're dead wrong.
Yeah, I smoke pot every once in a
while. But that's not really a
drug, is it.


I just find it kind of strange how
you were right there when it
happened, but had nothing to do
with it.
Just tell us, did you have
anything to do with it? You were
sleeping with her, HOW COULD YOU
I just didn't. I had no fucking
idea. Honestly. She was in the
bathroom shooting up her drugs and
I was asleep, pretty much.
After a while I wondered where she
was, right. So I get out of bed
and try to open the bathroom. But
it's locked. I knock and asked
what she was doing. So when she
didn't answer I had to practically
break down the door to get in.
Okay then. We'll have to take your
word for it.
Mom and Dad stand up and head towards the door. Mom puts on
her coat.
Mr. McCarthy, marijuana is a
gateway drug.
      (anger rising)
That's what they say, yeah.
Notice how I emphasized
gateway...perhaps you should
reconsider the situation.


You're saying our parenting caused
her to become a junkie rather then
some kid offering her a hit?
I think that could be possible,
but not for sure. Marijuana's
illegal for a reason, sir.
How could you say that!?! We
watched her like a hawk. Like a
fucking hawk, do you know what
that means?
Yes, I have parents too. But the
fact is that Candice was a heroin
addict, and you allowed her drugs
when she was a kid. I don't see
how someone could be so blind too
not even consider that, too just
assume it was all someone else's
Mom storms out the door.
I don't believe it.
Me neither.
Dad steps towards Roland. Roland pushes his hair back.
Kid, if you gave her drugs, I'll
find out eventually. This country
has the best judicial system that
there is. When I find out that you
did this to her, I'm gonna help
them throw your crackhead ass into
I'm just telling you to think
farther into the past. We all make
mistakes that we didn't even know


                       ROLAND (cont'd)
were mistakes, until we're forced
to live through the horrible
Dad pushes Roland and Roland falls back into a chair.
If you ever talk like that again
I'll slit your fuckin' throat, you
little rat!
Pause. Roland looks pissed off and glances at the kitchen
knives. He gives up on the idea.
MY DAUGHTER'S DEAD! My beautiful
daughter. My beautiful princess.
      (disgust and
And you have the balls to blame
this on me. I spent my life
working towards her having a good
life of her own. And then some
fucking kid comes and fucks it
up...fucks her then lets her go
and kill herself.
Dad goes to the door and opens it.
YOU FUCK! I hope you get what you
deserve, you fuckin' piece of
Dad leaves the room. Roland falls back onto the sofa,
rubbing his face.
Danielle is walking down the street. She looks sad and
I just wish he understood. I just
want things to go back to normal.
Fuck...fuck. Sometime things like
this just happen, you know. He
needs to understand. It's me;
obviously me. Or it's him. Or it's


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
both of us for fuck sakes.
She walks past a coffee shop and stops to look inside it.
She continues to walk.
He's probably gonna die soon
anyways. They all die. All guys
die because they do something
stupid. Fucking HIV AIDS.
Something like that, right?
Danielle stops and turns around. She starts walking back to
where she was walking away from.
Teeth are numb. Nostrils in pain
but too numb to feel it...feel
jealous of them...fucking sorry
for myself and I wanna cry about
it. Goddammit.
                                         CUT TO:
We look at a bottle of medicine on a table. We PAN AROUND it
and come to Danielle lying in her bed wrapped up in her
blanket. She lies there with one eye peeking out at the
bottle. She blinks. She stares at it. Finally, she reaches
her arm out and grabs the bottle. Still lying on her side
obscured by the blanket, she reads the side of the bottle.
She opens a dresser door beside her bed and puts the bottle
inside of it. She pulls the blanket over her head.
Barry is sitting on the couch in his apartment watching TV.
We can see Anna behind him in the kitchen. She walks away to
another room. Barry looks behind him, then looks back at the
                                         CUT TO:
We HOLD on Danielle as she walks into the room and gently
closes the door behind her. She walks past us and we can no
longer see her. We hear her opening up drawers.
Barry barges into the room. He has a pissed off look on his


What are you doing? Huh?
Nothing. I was just-
She fumbles and looks flustered.
Nothing? You were just, what?
Anna looks at him, then looks forward at nothing.
What? What the fuck are you doing?
Don't fucking lie to me!
Nothing! I wasn't doing anything.
Huh. What are you just sitting
there for then?
I was getting a cigarette! Jesus.
Right, right.
Barry rushes towards her and grabs her arm.
You fucking lied to me! You're
still doing crack, aren't you?
Just tell me the truth Anna!
They both go silent. Then:
Yeah, I'm still doing crack Barry!
So what?


So what? So what? It's gonna kill
you! You're gonna end up in a
fucking ditch because of it.
I like it. It makes me feel good.
So what? I wanna feel good. You're
not the one doing it. Why the fuck
do you care so much? Jesus Christ.
Barry shakes her roughly.
Get your hands off me asshole!
You care when I play rough, but
not when you're customer do, is
that how it is now?
What's the fuck's that supposed to
mean Barry? Fuck you. I'm not a
fucking whore.
      (lights cigarette)
Barry stands there and looks at her. Anna's still sitting on
the bed and smokes her cigarette.
Anna, I want you to leave.
I-I want you to get out of my
Oh come on...come on.
I'm serious.


No, I-I want you to leave.
Why? Because you think I'm a
junkie? You don't know anything,
Barry. I told you I quit, so I
quit. Fucking take my word for
once. Jesus fucking Christ.
You know, you're a real piece of
Fuck you.
      (stands up)
I don't need this shit right now.
I don't either.
      (walking out)
You're not serious.
I am. Take all your clothes and go
back to your parents house.
Oh, come on! You need me. You know
it, and so do I.
Now why would I need you? To lie
around my house, eat my food, and
do nothing all day?
To fuck. Aren't you gonna miss my
young little pussy every night?
Just get out of my house.
You know I'm the best you'll ever
get. You're over the hill; too
old. Face it Barry. A square like
you has to win the lottery to get


                       ANNA (cont'd)
a sweet thang like me.
I don't need you. So get out of my
You're a motherfucker. Fucking
divorced, widowed piece of shit.
Just leave. Don't even take
anything with you. Go live on the
fucking street if you want. I
don't care.
Anna leans forward towards Barry.
You're just gonna come crawling
back. Don't embarrass yourself
anymore then you already have.
Barry raises his fist as if he's going to punch her.
Right. Yeah. I'm leaving.
She leaves the room and we see Barry standing there.
                       ANNA (OS)
Fuck you Barry! Go cry about it!
HOLD on Barry as he stands in silence. After a few moments
he starts walking towards his bedroom, when Anna storms back
in through the front door.
Okay. Okay. I don't have anywhere
else to go to Barry.
Will you let me stay here? Just,
like, for the night or something?


I want you to promise me
Yeah, okay, I won't do it anymore.
Pause as Anna stares at Barry with her large, sad eyes.
Barry steps towards Anna and touches her arm.
Why do you do it Anna? Let's talk
about it. Come on.
I don't know.
Sure you do.
I don't want to depress you with
my miserable thoughts.
Just...leave it be.
      (walks past Barry)
I'm tired. I'm just gonna go to
sleep for a while, okay?
Wait. What are you doing? I'm
letting you stay here, and you
won't even talk to me.
You don't need to know these
things, Barry. I'm sure you
already know what goes through my
head anyways.
Not much.
Jesus. I just want you to give me
one reason why you need to smoke
crack. Then I'll...let you be.
Huh. You really want me to answer


Okay, well, life is hard, you
know. Sometimes you need a little
extra, ummm, push, you know, to
get you through the day.
Don't you think that's kind of
fucked up? How you need to use
something like that in order to
live your life?
I guess.
Then stop. Please. For yourself.
      (getting angry)
Barry...ahhh...I need to use this
stuff. Fuck. I can't handle this
What shit?
Life. I can't fucking take all
this shit. Can't deal with it.
It's too much to take. It's like
this giant, fucking, burden over
everything I do, and I just can't
handle it.
Anna storms off and into the bedroom.
Janice is in a dimly lit hallway as she closes the door to
the bathroom she just came out of. She walks through the
hallway and goes through the door she came in.
She steps into a hall just like the one she came from. She
walks farther and goes through another door.
Janice steps into a big empty area that's dimly lit. In the
middle of the place is a giant butterfly. Janice walks
towards it and it flies into the air. It keeps going up and


disappears. Where the butterfly was is now a rope. Janice
goes over to it and touches it.
                                         CUT TO:
Janice has tied the rope around her neck and has hung
herself. She hangs there in dead silence.
Roland is inside his apartment. He's sitting on the couch.
He is staring at a pipe lying on top of the table in front
of him. Beside the pipe are bright little red rocks.
      (under his breath)
And he smoked them why?...
He starts loading the rocks into the pipe.
To have it in him forever. I have
to find out what it is by trying
it. Just once.
He puts the pipe up to his lips, lights it, and inhales. He
holds it in for a few second, then exhales. White smoke
flows out of his mouth. He sits there and nothing happens.
      (shakes head)
He places the pipe onto the table. He walks around the room
and goes over to the window. He looks out the window and
looks out it for awhile. He puts the pipe to his lips again
and takes another hit. He opens the window and- instead of
smoke- blows butterflies out of his mouth into the outside
world. Roland stands there by the window and looks out at
the butterflies.
                                         CUT TO:
We look at the shallow water rushing over the rocks. Look up
to see that we're surrounded by trees and no civilization.
PAN AROUND and see Roland walking along the side of the
river in his bare feet.


                       ROLAND (vo)
The water crashes against the
rocks like it has somewhere to be.
Like it's rushing towards it's
destiny- what it wants it's
destiny to be.
                       DANIELLE (vo)
It's running away from
something...Running away from it's
never ending misery; it's never
ending circle of thought.
                       ROLAND (vo)
The circle of thought that makes
up existence.
                                         CUT TO:
Roland reaches out for Danielle's hand. They're walking
along the river, bare-footed. She looks back, smiles, and
let's go of him. She walks ahead of him. Roland speeds up
and hugs her from behind.
                                         CUT TO:
They're up against a tree. It's darker here, but we can
still see and hear the river. They rub against each other.
I once forgot that I existed. I
was in harmony with the universe.
Roland looks at her and smiles.
                                         CUT TO:
They walk along the river holding hands. It's darker now,
but still early evening. A butterfly flies past them. Roland
reaches out and tries to grab it but misses.
Oh, don't do that.
Why not?
Because I'd push you into the


Really. No, I'd push you into the
water, silly. That's what I'm
gonna do.
Danielle looks up at Roland.
Right now. Into the lake. Right
They continue walking along the riverside.
                       ROLAND (VO)
Is this the memory of a dream? Is
this the memory or the dream?
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE INTO:
Traffic is heavy and the sky is beginning to darken. Barry
stands at a newsstand and looks at the magazines. He walks
away, pulls out a flask, and takes a swig. He puts it back
into his jacket pocket and walks down the sidewalk.
He walks and walks and walks down the sidewalk. Finally he
comes to the entrance of Roland's apartment building. He
just stands there and looks up at all the windows. He
notices a place where he can buy a newspaper, so he goes
over to it and buys one. He stands there reading it, every
once in while looking over at the building entrance.
Two little kids walk past Barry. They're Janice's son and
daughter. They appear as if they're looking for someone or
something. The little boy is crying. They walk up to Barry.
                       LITTLE GIRL
Have you seen my mommy?
Uh, what does she look like?
                       LITTLE GIRL
She's the most beautiful mommy in
the world. Have you seen her?
No, sorry.


Barry looks back at his newspaper. The girl stands there for
a few seconds looking at him. Barry turns to look at her,
but the little girl grabs her brother and walks away.
HOLD as Barry reads the newspaper. We hear a door open and
Barry looks over at the entrance. An elderly couple come
out, followed by Roland. Roland walks down the steps and
turns the opposite direction of where Barry is. Barry lowers
the newspaper and just stares at Roland as he walks farther
and farther away from him.
From Danielle's apartment one can see the there someone
outside the door. A note slides in from underneath it and
the shadow outside leaves.
HOLD on the note.
                                         CUT TO:
We can hear the cool sounds of the water. Roland is sitting
at the river bank and Danielle comes and sits beside him.
Hey. It's nice that you invited
Roland looks at her and grins. They sit in silence.
I'm- I'm sorry Dani.
Yeah, me too.
I- I shouldn't have said those
things to you. I was wrong. I want
you to forget about what I said. I
want you to erase those things
from your memory. Can you do that
for me?


I'll try.
I want us to rely on each other.
And I'll try my best- I want us to
try our best to not disappoint
each other.
I want that too.
Everyone's unpredictable. You
can't predict what someone's gonna
do because there are too many
things that go through a persons
head. We need to accept that and
be open, totally open with each
other. I- I want us to be like
that. We need to find it in
ourselves to be like that. Be open
with each other.
The wind blows gently against their bodies as the water
rushes past them, endlessly. Birds from far away chirp along
with the slowly swaying trees.
We need to harmonize out lives.
Roland and Danielle sit by the riverside, enjoying the
company of each other.


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From George Date 8/16/2007 ****
Wow, walk about realistic. Yet it's also very surreal.

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