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The Girl Who Can't Open Doors
by Kimbery Louise Dixon (littlelkim@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Mockumentary   User Review: ***
SHORT mocumentary abut a girl with an unusual phobia and the exploitive documentary crew who set out to doument her life.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Hi. My Name is Dora Elizabeth
Close, but every one just calls
Elizabeth. I'm 19 years old and i
live in the North East of England.
Dora walking along the street home. She walks up the path to
her front door where a friend is waiting for her, she speaks
to him for a moment, and then he opens the door for her and
they enter the house.
Elizabeth enters and hangs up her coat and bag in the
hallway. She walks into the Kitchen and starts to make a cup
of tea and sort through the post. Everyday normal things.
                       INTERVIEWER (vo)
Elizabeth looks like and acts like
any other average teenager. She
goes to college, holds down a part
time job and even socialise with
her friends. However she has to
deal with a terrible condition,
which affects her daily life.
Elizabeth suffers from a server
psychological phobia, which
prevents her from opening doors.
A continuation of the earlier interview of Elizabeth
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
Why did you feel that now way the
time for you to try and live on
your own?
I had to really. Itís a big step
to take, but I think the more you
put it off, and the longer you


                       ELIZABETH (cont'd)
wait, then the harder it gets. The
choice was about to get taken out
of my hands soon anywaysÖ

                       INTERVIEWER (os)
What were you biggest fears?
That Iíd end up in some run down
council flat, the though of all
those doors. But I was given extra
help because of my (pause)
disability and luckily enough Iíd
been left some money by my parents
so I could afford this place. Itís
perfect really.
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
How do you cope on a day to day
As soon as I moved her I had some
adjustments made to the house. To
begin with all the doors between
rooms were removed. This means
that I can walk freely between
each of them. Thereís still a
front door though not really much
I can do about that, so I still
spent a lot of time at home for
the first few weeks
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
that must have been difficult
It was it was very hard to begin
with, but then I got my computer
delivered. When I was in care Iíd
go on the Internet some times and
it was there that I discovered
that there was other people out
there with completely, unique,
problems who no body else could
understand, like me. So I created
a support group and a forum
on-line. That way we can all be
there for each other. Even though
we donít have the some problems as


                       ELIZABETH (cont'd)
each other, we can identify with
each other in the sense of what
itís like to be so (pause) to
differ so much from the norm. It
was there that I got in contact
with Andy and George, they joined
the forum, and I found that he
actually just lives a few doors
from here. He lets me in and out
whenever I need.
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
      (off Andy)
Is this Andy or George?
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
      (to crew)
What is he, skitzo or something?
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
      (mockingly, to
SoÖ Andy and George, what brought
you to join the forum.
You see people tend to have a
problem with my twin.
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
And where is he today?
Andy looks at her in disgust
my conjoined twin!
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
Right, sorry I thought you meant
another, my mist...
      (Takes a deep
moving on


Across the road from the college a bus pulls up at the stop.
Elizabeth gets off the bus and then walks across the road
and into the main exit.
                       INTERVIEWER (vo)
As well as adjusting to living
alone, Elizabeth has also begun to
attend college.
Elizabeth is standing to the side of the corridor beside a
door. she is being interviewed again.
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
How do you find college?
It's great. Really great
Some one walks past where the interview is taking place and
opens the door. Elizabeth notices them. Her eyes follow them
as they pass.
It's just getting around
Elizabeth sees the opportunity to get through the door and
to her lesson. The runs through the door to her side dodging
it as it begins to close. She hurries to the next one along
the corridor eager to get there before it to is closed to
her. she is very careful not to touch the door at all. She
approaches their final door.
                       CAMERAMAN (os)
Elizabeth turns her head but continues running towards the
door. She has timed her approach wrong as she turns to face
where she is going once more she runs smack bang into the
closed door and falls into a heap on the floor.
Elizabeth is standing in the Kitchen of her house. She is
giving a little guided tour.


This is my little house. This is
the kitchen
      (pointing to the
       next room)
This is the dining room
      (walks through
       motions upstairs)
my rooms upstairs
      (moves through
       open doorway)
and this is the living room. As
you can see
      (she gestures to
       the bare door
no doors!
Elizabeth looks around as if to see if there is anything
that she has missed.
I need to be getting to work now.
Elizabeth motions to George who walks to the back door and
opens it
i just need to check on the rabbit
Elizabeth walks out of the back door.
She enters the shed in the garden. It is small and looks
like a Wendy house. the door is propped open by a large
rock. There is a noise of a stone being slid across concreat
and the door creaks as it swings closed.
Oh god what happened
it was propped open
Se sticks her head out of the shed window.


I need to get out. I'm going to be
Andrew. George
The sound of some one running and then being hit over the
head with a large heavy metal object before falling to the
ground can be heard off camera.
sorry Elizabeth we are just here
to record and observe
Elizabeth sighs and retreats her head back inside of the
shed. She sticks her head out of the window, followed by her
torso and then her head before finally stepping through the
window. She sets off running out off the garden in a
desperate attempt to make it to work.
      (shouted as she
lock up
Elizabeth is walking along the pier deep in thought.
                       INTERVIEWER (vo)
Elizabeth is having problems
adjusting to an independent life.
After a week full of problems
accumulating in the loss of her
job in the box factory and an
unfortunate burglary, she is
taking some time out.
Elizabeth is sitting on the railing with her back to the
ocean as she is interviewed.
Why did you come here?


the beach?
it's so calm and peaceful here it
kind of helps me to gain some
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
what did you thing of that answer?
A whisper can be heard off screen
      (louder whisper)
Yeah. Yeah, i know what you mean.
A pencil writing can be heard. A piece of paper is then
thrown to Elizabeth.
Do you think that there could be
any deeper psychological reasons
as to why out of everywhere in the
world you choose here?
Oh I know there is. It didnít even
take years of therapy to work that
one out.
I love the ocean; have done ever
since I was little. I used to swim
all the time. It was my dream one
day to swim the channel, with my
dad in a boat beside me, feeding
me lemonade and sandwiches, and
not one, along the whole of that
journey, would there be a door.
Not one.
Thatís what it represents to me.
Complete freedom. Doors are a
metaphor in my life,
you never know whatís through
them. Itís the unknown. And
thereís something in my mind that
just prevents me from opening that
door and stepping through it. Out
into the unknown and really
enjoying life. I think it all
really began whenÖ


The interviewer and cameraman talk over Elizabeth. They
start whispering but the volume continues to ascend as they
continue. Neither pays attention to Elizabeth.
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
That's good
                       CAMERAMAN (os)
The Answer?
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
      (in conformation)
Did you just write it off the top
of your head?
                       CAMERAMAN (os)
What she's saying or what's on the
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
What do you mean? What she's
                       CAMERAMAN (os)
That's not what i wrote!
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
That's not what you wrote?
                       CAMERAMAN (os)
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
Then where'd she get it from?
                       CAMERAMAN (os)
      (about Elizabeth)
She's good. It's better that what
i wrote
What did you write?


                       CAMERAMAN (os)
some stuff about doors being dry
and not wet.
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
sounds good!
                       CAMERAMAN (os)
it was gold. Emmy worthy!
Elizabeth becomes increasinly aware of the crew talking over
her. When she stops tlking she sits watching them bemused.
They fail to notice.
This is ridiculous.
Elizabeth stands and walks off. None of the crew notice
                       CAMERAMAN (os)
       Elizabeth is gone)
Where's she going?
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
ignore her. It's all just gone o
her head and she's having a little
premaddonna tantrum. Switch it off
The screeen goes black as the camera is switched off
                       CAMERAMAN (os)
What is she doing?
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
I'm not sure...
                       CAMERAMAN (os)
She's going towards the water
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
Switch the damn camera back on if
she's going to try top herself
this could be ground breaking
The camera is switched back on and the crew run with the
camera down to where Elizabeth is, standing at the waters


                       INTERVIEWER (os)
Elizabeth can you tell me how you
I'm feeling, like i'd be very
happy if i never saw you again.
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
So you feel that you have nothing
left to live for?
Elizabeth stares at her as if she is insane.
OS The camera man steps forward and his her behind the knees
wit a large stick, knocking her off balence. She desperately
tries to steady herself but it is to no avail and she falls
backwards into the water.
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
Elizabeth don't do anything
Elizabeth eventually manages to get back up onto her feet.
She is soaking wet. She dusts herself off and storms back up
the beach to the shore.
Elizabeth is being interviewed in a plain bare room.
You know what. I'm sick of this;
I've had enough. You laugh at me,
you manipulate me, you imprison
me, and you humiliate me. You lost
me my job. What else do you want
from me
i don't have to take this
she stand and looks away from the camera, clearly agitated.
I'm leaving now. This is over.
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
You are free to leave when ever
you like D...Elizabeth
Elizabeth walks towards the exit. The door is closed.


Will you open the door
                       CAMERAMAN (os)
which door?
      (gesturing to the
       door she is
This one!
No one says anything or moves for a while. There is complete
silence while Elizabeth stares at the camera in disbelief.
please will you just open the
Elizabeth paces next to the door she is close to tears.
i just want to go
she gets increasingly distressed.
Why are you doing this to me?
      (looking straight
       into the camera)
let me out
No one says anything or moves to help her out. Elizabeth
continues to look straight into the camera.
      (close to tears)
Is this what you want?
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
      (whispered to
This is the part where she breaks
Elizabeth stares defiantly at the handle of the door. she is
determined not to give the documentary crew what they want.
Slowly she reaches towards the door, her hand shaking.


      (muttered to self)
I can do this
Snorts of stifled laughter can be heard from the crew. This
spurs Elizabeth on ans she pushes through the door and slams
it behind her.

The crew are silent as no one moves or says anything for a

Elizabeth bursts back through the same door she just exited.
Breathing a sigh.
Store cupboard
The crew bursts into hysterical laughter. The music
continues as Elizabeth walks across the room through the
right exit this time.
congratufukkenlations. You cured !
As she walks down the corridor he proceeds to open every
single door that she passes. Andrew is in the corridor
outside waiting for her. He is wearing a large bandage on
his forehead like he has been hit over the head.
Elizabeth stands at the door reaching towards the handle to
open it.
      (shaking head)
I can't do it
                       CAMERAMAN (os)
The cameraman walks out from behind the camera and into

He walks over the the door and opens it for Elizabeth. She
watches him a she steps through.

Once Elizabeth is through the door he quickly slams it shut
and removes the piece of paper which is stuck to the door.

I sign is revealed saying 'store cupboard'. The camera man
laughs as he walks back behind the camera.


The camera is left pointed at the closed door. Muffled
banging and shouts can be heard coming from Elizabeth.
                       INTERVIEWER (os)
fancy going for a drink
                       CAMERAMAN (os)
Don't mind if I do
The crew can be heard exiting while the camera is left
rolling pointed at the door.
      (through door)
The camera zooms out and we can see that the action is now
being watched on an Editing screen by the interviewer and
cameraman. They both have a look of shock on there face.
      (turning to
I think we forgot something!
The both pause for a moment staring at one another before
they both jump up and run for the door. Scrambling to get
out quickly.
The Cameraman and interviewer rush into the room and pause
in front of the door.
Open it
but it's been a week
The camera man tentatively reaches for the handle of the
door. His actions match those of Elizabeth earlier.

As he opens the door unconscious Elizabeth slumps out.

The interviewer starts pacing looking increasingly nervous
as the camera reaches down to check for a pulse in her neck.


The cameraman shakes his head sombrely.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
The cameraman and interviewer walk through the forest both
struggling to lug along a something large that is wrapped in
carpet and concealed in some bin liners. They walk to a
thicket of trees. Each takes a side of the object they swing
is three times before trowing it into the bushes. It lands
with a large thud.
      (in the bag)


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From ihap900 Date 8/29/2009 ***
Hi you need to check your spelling is correct because sometimes I couldn't understand it. Good job

From Jenny Date 6/26/2007 ***
This is an interesting mockumentary that I found to be amusing at times. I enjoyed the fact that Elizabeth seemed to crack on to what was going on. I liked the alternative ending where Elizabeth is chucked in the bag and she says owwww inside. There was a good sense of protagonism and antagonism in something where usually that isn't always distinguished.

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