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Tattoo - Episode 1 "Old Friends - Pilot"
by /u/SnitchesGetBlintzes (message on reddit)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

PILOT EPISODE. SHEA DEATHLY, an unexperienced contract killer is visited by a group of old foes. After an attempt on his life he is sent on a mission to find and punish the culprit, although fate may have other plans. ALSO: Two long time partners face the possibility of separation in a tale of greed, drugs, and murder! (First TV script, let me know what you think!)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author. WCA REGISTRATION C102130


We hear a symphony of gunshots, explosions and screams.
                                         FADE IN:
Shea sits on a dirty couch, mesmerized by the war movie on
his television. The apartment is cramped, filthy and
decorated with empty booze bottles and pizza boxes.

SHEA REAGAN (13), is an intelligent, lonely and small boy.
Physically he would be considered a "late bloomer". He's
wearing a heavy metal bands t-shirt.

The sounds from the television grow louder, Shea leans in
closer to the screen.

It cuts to nothing. Shea gets up and fiddles with the
television, no luck.

Shea EXITS down the hall.
Shea ENTERS his mother's room.

We see a bed with tangled sheets. Shelves on the wall
littered with half used candles. A shoddy dresser with its
cracked mirror and overflowing ashtray face the bed.
Shea notices the dirty bed and straightens the sheets.

Shea heads over to the dresser, opens the top drawer and
rifles through his mothers socks. He finds a wad of cash,
twenties, fifties and hundreds.

Shea pockets a couple of the bills and returns the cash. A
silver flash catches his eye, he reaches in and pulls out an
old six shooter.

Shea attempts to twirl the pistol on his finger. He aims at
imaginary targets in the room and pretends to fire.

Shea opens the barrel, it's loaded, he shuts it.

Shea jumps on the bed, laying on his stomach and pretends to


shoot some more enemies. He pauses.

He gets off the bed and looks out the window.
Shea walks alone drinking a soda, away from the highway and

Eventually out of sight, he finds a large rock and sets his
empty can on top. Shea takes a few steps away from the rock,
turns around and aims.

He fires, misses.

Shea takes a big breath, aims and fires. He hits.
                                         CUT TO:
Shea is following the edge of the highway back into town. He
stops and walks inside the nearest convenience store.


Stray Dog ENTERS.

Stray dog is sniffing around the outside of the store for
scraps of food.


We see Shea with a new can of soda and a bag of chips. He
notices the stray dog and offers a few chips. The dog licks
his fingers for more. Shea gives him the rest of the bag.

Shea opens the soda and begins to head back down the
highway. Stray Dog follows him.
                                         CUT TO:
Shea and Stray Dog are a little further off the highway. A
bunny catches both of their eyes.

Shea raises the pistol and aims, but Stray Dog takes off
after it.

Stray Dog and the bunny disappear behind a small sand dune.
Hey boy, come back!


Shea waits a few moments but eventually decides to move on.

We hear tires screech and a thud. Shea looks up and sees a
car stopped in the middle of the highway.

Shea watches the car as it sits there for a few seconds,
reverses and drives off. Shea picks up his pace and heads
for the highway.
                                         CUT TO:
We can see the Stray Dog laying in the middle of the road,
breathing heavily. Shea approaches cautiously and runs as he
draws nearer.

Shea sheds a few tears as the dog struggles to breathe. Shea

He aims his pistol.
Sorry boy.
Shea fires.
SUPERIMPOSE - "Years Later"

A shirtless Shea (24), is sitting in a tattoo chair with his
back to us, his arm is being worked on.

LENNOX (33), is a quiet, African American man, wearing a
white wife beater. Despite his profession, he does not have
any visible tattoos.

We finally see what Lennox is working on, he's erasing
what's left of a "Mom" tattoo.
Stings worse then when I got the
Removal isn't usually my thing.
A friend of mine recommended you.
Recommended me?


For removal?
Yeah, did I stutter?
Lennox smiles to himself, finishes removing the rest of the
tattoo. He rubs Shea's arm down with a towel.
You're lucky. Most guys have whole
sleeves and pieces they gotta give
up. Takes weeks.
Give up? I just thought that thing
was lame.
Let me guess, Lou was the one that
recommend me.
Yeah, Lou. How do you know him? He
aint got no tattoos.
Shea gets up and pulls some cash out of his pocket.
On the house my man. Besides a
friend of Lou is a friend of mine.
Funny, most people charge me
double when they know I run with
He can be a pain in the ass. But
if Lou sends you to me, then you
must be worth it. You come back if
you ever want more work done.
Shea puts his sunglasses on, smiles and EXITS the shop.


Shea pulls out a cigarette and lights up. He walks over and
ENTERS his 1960's Ford Mustang.

Shea sticks the keys in the ignition and turns, the
cigarette falling from his hands onto the car floor. He
bends over to pick it up.

We hear screeching tires as a vehicle pulls up. GUNSHOTS
erupt and the windshield SHATTERS, raining glass down on
Shea and the passenger seat.

Still bent below the console, Shea struggles to open the
glove box and pulls out his 9mm. The shooting stops.

Two men yell to each other in thick Russian accents, slam
their car doors and speed off.

Shea EXITS the car and surveys the damage.
Shea tries to run after the car, unloading a few bullets but
only hitting their bumper once.

Shea returns back to his vehicle.
Oh for the love of god! I just got
the thing replaced!
He checks around the vehicle for further damage, finding
Shea gets into his car and turns the ignition on.

He flips the radio on, it works at first but then we hear a
loud BANG as the signal fizzles out.
You've got to be kidding me.
Shea quickly pulls out of the parking lot and speeds off.

Lennox ENTERS to inspect the commotion and his bullet ridden
Shea is on his cell phone.


Yeah, give me Lou. Yeah, Lou? It's
Shea, listen we gotta talk. Martin
Hall in fifteen?
We see a LIBRARIAN with a few books, walking towards the
back of the building.

She turns a corner and we see an African American gentleman
reading alone at a table.

BERTRAM (40), is a relentless psychopath who only truly
finds love in death or books, or books about death. He
enjoys wearing t-shirts with witty sayings, todays reads
"smart" with the outline of donkey next to the lettering.

The librarian approaches Bertram and sets the books in her
hand down with the dozen or so others on the table.
I'm sorry, I could only find three
of the four you were looking for.
Well then I guess you're going to
have to look harder.
The Librarian looks at Bertram, slightly uncomfortable.

Bertram busts out with an awkward laugh and grabs her hand.
The Librarian tries to move away but he's too fast. He stops
Leave the books. Too-ta-loo now.
Bertram releases his grip and Librarian EXITS.

He returns to his book.
Lou sits patiently at a patio table at an upscale steak

LOU RUGGERIO (56), is slightly racist man in a tacky brown
sports jacket. His hair barely covers his head revealing
his greasy bald spot. A seedy individual.


Shea takes a seat.
Shea baby, over here!
Lou! How you been?
Same ole' partner, same ole'. Same
shit, new day and different
asshole. But! The only question
that matters to me, is how are you
Lou takes a bite of his steak sandwich.
      (mouth full)
And considering you called me,
then most likely you're not doing
too good. How bad is it Shea?
I've had better days. I just
wanted you to keep your ears open.
For what?
I had an incident. At that parlor
you told me about.
Incident? Don't be vague, it makes
my job difficult.
Seems some old friends from Russia
are back in town. You know
If I knew anything you'd be the
first person I informed.
Especially after the Pittsburgh
So The Firm hasn't said anything?


Not a word.
Keep listening, I need a kick in
the right direction.
I'll keep my ears open for you.
What exactly is the problem? Do I
need to be worried about me?
When are you not worried about
you? Besides, it's nothing I can't
So interrupting my lunch was just
for fun then?
Stop, I could smell your
loneliness when I parked.
You're a funny guy, you know that?
How's Lennox? He treat you right?
Dude's a professional. How do you
know him anyway? You aint got no
None that you can see at least.
Oh god, can't stop the mind from
You would ya' sick pup. I know
Lennox from my pre-Firm days. He's
a good contact to make, especially
in our line of work.
Who needs new friends? I got all I
need between you and The Firm.


You gotta really start branching
out Shea. I can't help you once
you walk away.
Shea leans back in his chair, chewing on what was just said.
What are you talking about?
Keep pretending like I don't see
everything kid. Now get the hell
out of here before my spumoni
comes, I'm not in a sharing mood.
Shea stands up, pats Lou on the back and takes the last
breath mint off of Lou's tab.

VIKTOR (34), sits on top of a desk dialing a number into his
phone. GRIGORIY (37) sits across from him.

Both are Russian males with thick accents in thug attire.
      (into phone)
Hello boss, it's Viktor. No sir
we did not. No sir. Okay sir.
Goodbye sir.
Grigoriy pulls out a bag of cocaine and begins to sort lines
on the desk.
Not on his desk! What are you
thinking? He's already pissed
Relax, what else did Ruslan say?
Anything significant?
Nothing more then an ass chewing,
he's upset with us Grisha. It's
urgent that we take care of our


                       VIKTOR (cont'd)
Grigoriy snorts a few lines and falls back into his chair.
His face wrinkles as his hands rub under his eyes.
Ruslan will get his wishes, the
American will die. But for now we
relax and unwind, no killing
The drugs make you lazy. We should
finish business tonight, party
No Viktor. The drugs do not make
me lazy, they make me horny!
Grigoriy gets up and walks towards the other side of the
desk. He opens a drawer and pulls out a pistol.
What do you need that for?
We can't go to the club
unprotected Viktor.
We're not going to the club
Grigoriy pockets the gun in his waist band and EXITS.
                       GRIGORIY (O.S.)
Come! We leave now.
Lou's asleep on his couch, almost naked except for his ratty
boxers. The television illuminates his trash laden room.
His snores are interrupted by the phone RINGING.

Lou answers.


Who is this? What? Do you know
what time it is?
Lou gets up from the couch and grabs an old beer from his
coffee table. He takes a sip.
What is it that you want anyways?
How much?
Lou spits out the beer, his face disgusted.
Yeah, I'll be there.
He gives a quizzical stare at the bottle, then reluctantly
takes another swig.
A luxury sports car pulls into a parking space, just in
front of the club.

Lou EXITS the vehicle.

Lou is clean shaven, gelled hair and is donning a nicer

He opens his trunk, we see a large duffel bag. Lou stares at
the bag before shutting the trunk and ENTERING the club.
Lou struggles to push his way through the mob of dancing
people. The flashing lights and blaring music making it hard
for him to communicate.

Eventually, he makes it to the bar and flags down the
Jack and coke.
Bartender nods and EXITS.

Lou turns to get a good look of the crowd.

The bartender returns and sets the drink behind Lou's back.
We see a RANDOM HAND grab Lou's drink without him noticing.


Lou pulls his phone out and we see a message -

Sender - BLOCKED
Message - Upstairs, VIP. You're with me.

Lou pockets his phone and looks around for his drink.
Incompetent moron, one drink!

We see that it was Grigoriy's hand that had snatched the
drink. Grigoriy and Viktor turn around from the bar and face
the crowd.
We don't need to cause a scene.
GRIGORIY takes a sip of the drink.
No harm. Can't you ever have fun?
I told you, I'm tense when there's
work to do.
How long do you plan on staying?
One dance, then maybe we call it a
You better stay sober tomorrow, no
more failure Grisha!
You were the one that missed,
you're a lousy shot Viktor.
It was your shitty driving you
drunk! If boss says you stay
sober, you stay sober. You don't
Don't worry brother, i'll stay
sober. For you and Ruslan!


Grigoriy holds up his drink as if to toast, then chugs it.
He turns to the bartender and signals for another.
Lou is sitting with a young Hispanic woman, Franchesca, at a
dimly lit table. The table is secluded and the music is
much more quieter.

FRANCHESCA (30), is dressed in a sleek black dress. She's a
smart, sophisticated, self made woman.
Lou you greasy pervert. I'm not
playing games with you.
Nice mouth for a lady, lemme give
you something to wash it out with.
Where the hell is my product Lou?
Lou sips his drink to bide time.
In my trunk, I didn't want to risk
bringing it in.
Lou, spooked? No way.
No, you disrespectful bean bag. I
just thought a middle aged man,
carrying an over sized bag into a
club, would look a wee bit
suspicious. Look at me, I
definitely do not belong here!
I need the product in my hands
Lou. If you want to get paid.
You still got that same p.o.s.?


Keep your trunk un-locked, I'll
drop it off on the way out. Now
where's my money? Can't stand this
club crap.
Lucky for your fat ass it's in the
trunk, goodbye Lou.
Lou flashes a fake smile at Franchesca and EXITS.

He reaches the stairs and ENTER the main dance floor again.

As he heads for the front door, Lou spots Viktor and
Grigoriy near the dance floor.

We see Grigoriy dancing with a Blonde Girl.

Lou sneaks out of their vision and EXITS.
We see Grigoriy making out with the Blonde Girl while Viktor
drinks alone at the bar.

BLONDE GIRL (21), is a free spirited and extremely
intoxicated club girl, who's outfit doesn't leave much to
the imagination.

Grigoriy pulls out a small vial and dumps some cocaine in
between his thumb and hand.

Blonde Girl notices the empty vial and smiles. She grabs
Grigoriy by the hand and leads him off the dance floor.

We see the two ENTER the kitchen and head towards the
employee bathroom.
Grigoriy and the Blonde Girl bust through the bathroom door,
locking it behind them. The two continue the make out
session before Blonde Girl pulls out a large baggie
containing a white substance.

She pulls Girgoriy into an empty stall and begins sorting
lines on the toilet box.

As she snorts, Grigoriy sneaks a peak into her purse and
notices a large wad of cash and another baggie containing


the same substance.

Grigoriy bends down and takes a few snorts before violently
jerking his head back.
You whore! Your poison! What is
this shit?
Blonde Girl begins to laugh as Grigoriy slowly drifts in and
out of consciousness.
                       BLONDE GIRL
What's a matter, never had Sour
Powder before? Ha ha ha!
You bitch!
Grigoriy grabs her by the arm and gives her a backhand slap,
cutting her lip.

She falls on the floor and Grigoriy tears through her purse,
pocketing the money and drugs.

The music from the club grows louder as the bass hits.
Grigoriy reaches into his waist band and pulls out the gun.
                       BLONDE GIRL
Please, god no!
Grigoriy shoots Blonde Girl in the chest three times, calmly
pockets the gun and EXITS.

We see the rest of patrons, unaware of the gunshots, dancing
the night away.
Light pours into the low budget motel room as Viktor pulls
the shades open. Grigoriy is still an unconscious tangled
mess of sheets, snoring loudly in his bed.

Viktor turns the t.v. on and begins surfing channels before
stopping at the news.
                       NEWS CASTER (V.O.)
An extremely dangerous designer
drug has made its way into
Phillips. What is it? Where did it
come from? And most importantly,


                       NEWS CASTER (cont'd)
are your kids addicted? For more
on the latest epidemic we turn to
There is a KNOCK at the motel door.

Viktor gets up, checks on his brother and walks over to the

He opens it to find today's newspaper at his feet. Viktor
picks the paper up, shuts the door and returns to his
previous seat.

Viktor glances at the front page with a massive headline -

"Murder at the Berry!"

Below the headline we see an old mugshot of the Blonde Girl.

Viktor turns the t.v. off and ENTERS the bathroom, turning
the shower on.

He notices Grigoriy's clothing from the night before and
begins going through them.

Viktor finds the wad of cash and drugs, but no gun. Viktor
places everything back the way he found it.

We see Girgoriy, eyes open, spying on his brother from the
mirror's reflection of the bathroom.
Viktor turns the t.v. off and ENTERS the bathroom, turning
the shower on. He notices Grigoriy's clothing from the night
before and begins going through them.

Viktor finds the wad of cash and drugs, but no gun. Viktor
places everything back the way he found it.

We see Girgoriy, eyes open, spying on his brother from the
mirror's reflection of the bathroom.
Bertram is leaning up against a fence. His nose buried in a
book as he tosses bread crumbs to a squirrel at a nearby

A pigeon lands and waddles over to an abdandoned breadcrumb
just a few feet away from Bertram.


Vermin, you better not. I dare
The pigeon grabs the crumb and tries to fly away.

Bertram reaches back and chucks his book as hard as he can
at the bird, missing.
Son of a bitch. Warn your friends
demon of disease!
Bertram turns back towards the squirrel by the tree.
Come on Emerald, a little help
would be nice. At least act like
you want this.
Bertram turns back to fetch his book. He bends over and
picks it up. His attention focusing on a young couple
kissing on a bench, just a few yards away.

Bertram quietly stands up and just stares. Eventually, The
Man, takes notice to the voyeur.
                       THE MAN
Hey buddy, how about some privacy?
Privacy? Really, privacy? Take a
look around you my friend!
Bertram points back to the wall he was just resting against.
A security camera rests on top, watching over the park.
                       BERTRAM (cont'd)
Big brother is watching you.
                       THE MAN
Get out of here psycho.
The Man gets up and takes a defensive stance.
Read a book you ignorant knave,
the future is now!
Bertram takes a step towards the man. His cell phone starts

We hear the theme song of "Sanford and Sons" as the



Bertram holds up an index finger to The Man. The Man just
shakes his head, grabs his girl by the hand and they EXIT.

Bertram answers the phone.
Thank you for calling Bertram &
Bertram. How may I direct your
call? One second please.
Bertram covers the receiver of the phone with his hand for a
few seconds, then puts it back up to his ear.
                       BERTRAM (cont'd)
This is Mr. Bertram. Ah yes!
Ruslan! My old friend, it's so
good to here your voice again.
Shea ENTERS the tattoo parlor. Lennox is reading the paper.
The next time you and your friends
come around, make sure they don't
leave their bullets in my walls.
Old friends and actually the
reason I stopped in. Mind if I
Lennox nods.

Shea pulls out a hand rolled cigarette and lights up.
Not a great first impression on my
pat. Can I pay for the repairs?
We cool man, just some holes.
I ran into Lou the other day.
Lennox takes a sniff of the air.


Hey man! That ain't no cigarette,
put that shit out.
No ones here, take a hit, chill
You think it's smart inhaling
reefer while you got some killa's
on your tail?
I can handle my self. What about
you? Every great artist worked
stoned. You don't think Da Vinci
or Warhol lit up before they
You're not an educated one, are
Just another fine product of
Phillips public school system.
Look if you're so worried about
other customers then go lock the
door. I'll pay for the day.
You'll pay for the day, if I take
a puff of your Buddha? Shake on
it brother, I don't believe you.
Shea extends his hand and Lennox shakes.

Lennox opens his hands and sees a fat stack of cash.
                       LENNOX (cont'd)
Boy you are something strange, Ill
tell you that. What is it, crazy,
lonely, stupid?
The reason why you're so slippery
with your cash man!


Ha, oh I got ya. Can I say all of
the above?
They share a light hearted chuckle.

Lennox gets up, locks the door and returns to Shea.
Take a hit, you promised.
Lennox grabs the joint and takes a big hit like a champ.
So both you and Lou refuse to tell
me how you guys met.
That's cause it doesn't concern
Well I know he didn't send me here
just for ink. Lou loves ulterior
motives, friggin' puppet master.
Yes he does. How bout your friends
from yesterday.
What about em'?
Well you must of done something to
incite them, I'm curious.
We were business partners. We had
a mutual separation, looks like
they changed their minds.
Do all of your old business
partners end up trying to kill
Yeah, I seem to have a habit of
Shea and Lennox keep passing the joint around.


You seem proud of it.
Shit, in this line of work. If
someone aint trying to kill you,
then you're doing something wrong.
Interesting. What is it that you
Pick one. I'm a jack of all trades
you could say.
A man like that can be very useful
and very rich. Especially if he
knows the right people. Lou told
me a lot about you.
Man does talk a lot. All good
things I hope. He hasn't said dick
about you though.
Boy, there's only one thing you
need to know.
That would be?
I'm the right people.
Lennox cracks a wide smile.
Francesca is sitting at her desk, Felix Freed, is sitting on
the other side.

FELIX FREED (40), is a dedicated police offer, extremely by
the book and proud of it. Although not in the best physical
shape, he is a very successful cop.


Thank you, once again Ms. Gomez,
I'm positive we won't be bothering
you anymore. Now that we have the
security footage.
I hope you catch the sick bastard.
Just can't believed this happened
in my club.
Felix gets up from the desk.
I assure you Ms. Gomez, we will
catch the guilty party. Thank you
again for your time.
Here I'll have Hector show you the
No need, I remember.
Felix EXITS and Hector ENTERS.

HECTOR (28), is a quiet yet confident and competent gang
banger. He never leaves the house without a hat or bandana.

Franchesca buries her head into some paperwork. Hector just
stands to the side, waiting to be acknowledged.
Can I help you?
Just curious, got nervous with the
No need for nerves Hector.
Does he know...about the girl at
Please Hector, that's not of your
concern. As long as you do as I
say, we are fine. Understood?


Yes ma'm.
Very well. What's the verdict on
Lou's product? Can we work with
It's good, all of it. Purest sour
we've seen actually.
Sweet, sweet Lou. He's disgusting,
but he'll make us rich. Bag up
half of it, get it ready for
And the other half?
Shea opens the front door to his apartment. We see high end
furnishings with a nice view of the city. The apartment is
dull and lacks personalization.

Shea walks in, sets his keys down and sniffs the air.
I know that smell. Mitchell?
We see Mitchell Laurenzi sitting in the dark on Shea's

MITCHELL LAURENZI (45), is a well dressed man with long
slick backed hair. He's a man with a refined taste in life
and a short temper.
I do miss your wit.
Saw your car in the parking lot.
Looks like secrecy isn't a major
issue at the firm anymore.
It still is, but not necessary for


You got some balls Mitch, coming
up here. I know you sent the
Russians. I thought we were even.
We did not send the brothers on
you Shea. We ceased contract work
with them after Pittsburgh.
Whoever they are working for it
isn't any of our contacts.
Then what the hell are you here
Coincidentally, the Russians.
Shit, your daughter. I'm sorry
Laurenzi, I just heard.
Sympathy wont bring her back,
nothing will. I've come to terms
with that, but thank you.
Do they have anything to go off
of? Any prints? Witnesses?
It's down town Phillips, you'll
find a heater dumped in most
What do you need from me?
Fortunately a mutual friend was at
the club last night and spotted
Viktor and Grigoriy before he
Lou? What the shit is he doing at
a club?


Don't know, none the less I am
thankful. I need you to take care
of this for me Shea.
Last time we spoke it wasn't on
good terms, you shot me.
Convince me you didn't deserve it!
Shea I'm asking for a favor do
this for Joy. Not me.
Did she...did she mention my name?
No, but she knows I'm here. I will
pay you as well.
I'll bite, how much?
Standard rate, I'll have all the
information you will need
tomorrow. Thank you Shea.
Mitchell stands up and heads for the door.
I'm still leaving the Firm
Mitchell, this doesn't change
You and I both know that's not up
to us.
Mitchell EXITS.
Grigoriy and Viktor's car pulls up to an abandoned dock.
Grigoriy is in the drivers seat. As the car parks, Viktor
turns to him.
We wait here for call.


Grigoriy steps out of the vehicle and heads to the rail of
the dock. He turns his back to Viktor and pulls out a baggie
of the powder he stole from Blonde Girl, snorting a bit.

Viktor's cell phone rings.

Grigoriy stashes the bag back into his jacket and turns
around to hear the conversation.
      (into phone)
Yes. Hello boss. Yes boss. Where
exactly can we find him? Yes sir,
Viktor lowers his voice and mumbles something inaudible
while glancing back and forth between nothing and Grigoriy.

Viktor ends the conversation, EXITS the vehicle and joins
Grigoriy's side.
Grigoriy, my brother. I have to
ask, where's the gun from last
What is this?
A girls dead and the boss doesn't
need to be involved. He asked me
to check for the pistol, he knows
And how would he know that Viktor?
Can I no longer trust my own
Just show me the gun Grisha.
Grigoriy stares at Viktor blankly before lifting up the
front of his shirt, brandishing the pistol.
Simple as that Grisha, simple.
The two stare in silence at the water.


You know, I remember a time when
we could work in cohesion. A time
when mistakes were minimal.
I think we have grown apart
Viktor, we no longer mesh.
Ay Grisha, we are on two different
paths, no fault to that. After
this, I believe it is best if we
go our separate ways.
Viktor looks at Grigoriy but gets no response, he turns to
walk back to the car.
No Viktor, we will not wait.
Grigoriy pulls the pistol from his belt and fires two shots
into Viktor's back. Viktor falls a few feet behind the car.
Grigoriy gets into the car, revving the engine several
times. We hear him turn the radio up and see his grinning

The car backs up over Viktor, then proceeds to peel of,
running him over again.

Grigoriy stops the car and checks his rear view mirror,
Viktor's bloodied corpse still.

He speeds off, kicking gravel everywhere.
Francesca and Hector stand at the glass wall, looking down
on the packed club below them. The music muffled, almost
Twenty four hours ago a girl was
murdered not less than twenty
yards from where they dance.
Priorities, people.


No offense ma'm, but we don't
profit of priorities.
Francesca smiles, still staring down at her patrons.

Hector EXITS.
Hector ENTERS the dance floor and makes eye contact with
Drug Dealer from across the room.

DRUG DEALER, is dressed like a regular club patron.

Hector gives Drug Dealer a slight nod. Drug Dealer nods back
and starts walking the room and approaches a couple heavy
petting in a corner.
                       DRUG DEALER
Yo, you guys looking for fun?
Drug Dealer pulls out a small baggie of sour powder and
slides it to the couple. The couple pause their intimacy and
quickly slip Drug Dealer some cash.

The baggie has a cartoonish face of a baby puckering it's
lips, like it just ate something sour.
Lou is sitting at a bar watching t.v. with a chicken wing in
one hand and a pint of beer in the other.

Shea ENTERS and takes a seat next to him.
I feel like every time we meet,
it's at a restaurant.
Is that a fat joke?
Just an observation Lou.
Keep it to yourself. These wings
are amazing, best in town. Get a


It's not even eleven.
Like that matters. Don't judge me
if you're not drinking than, my
games on.
Shea looks up at the television and smirks.
Women's basketball?
Bite your tongue, those girls can
You never cease to amaze me Lou.
Lucky for me, I didn't invite ya
for your company. I got a bead on
Rocky and Bullwinkle.
Just point, I'll click.
We'll you only have to click once.
Viktor's body was found at the
docks yesterday.
Third party?
Na, talked to some contacts in the
force. Brother turned on brother,
shot him in the back. Whole things
on security cams. We got a plate.
Yeah. You, me and Phillip's P.D.
Think of it as a Russian treasure
hunt, winner gets a bottle of
vodka. You know he has one on him.
Lou pulls a piece of paper from his jacket and slides it to


License plate, car make and model
and last hotel they checked in
How'd you get their hotel?
Viktor used his phone right before
he died. I called some people at
the firm and traced it. I'm
assuming Mitchells spoken with you
by now?
Bastard was in my house.
Sorry about that. You know If I
knew he was coming in town I would
of warned you.
Yeah I know. Look, I'm going to go
take care of our dilemma. I do
this and I don't hear the name
Laurenzi again.
Dont fool yourself kid, it's not
the last name that scares you.
That family will be the death of
You can change that you know. Did
you talk to Lennox?
Yeah I did. What the hell is going
on with you two. You're not going
gay on me are you Lou? Weak way to
come out if so.
Smart ass kid. You better not be
talking to him like that.


I got manners Lou, relax. I'm
going back in a few days. Said he
wanted to talk to me about
something. You know what's up?
I can't speak for the man. Go
back, find out. Want me to wipe
your ass for you too?
Shea gets up, smiles at Lou and pockets the paper.


Lou focusses his attention back to the basketball game.
Dunk the ball bitch!
Shea approaches a hotel door and pulls out a black card and
sticks it in the key slot. Three red lights illuminate on
the card and change to green one at a time.

The door unlocks and Shea ENTERS. We see Viktor and
Grigoriy's hotel room, untouched by room service.

Shea quietly enters with a silenced pistol drawn, but the
room is empty. He begins picking up random items, searching
for anything.

Shea finds a pile of dirty clothes and goes trough them,
Grigoriy's stolen bag of sour powder falls out and Shea
picks it up.

Shea pockets the bag.

We hear a noise at the door, someone's trying to enter. Shea
runs and hides between the wall and the door itself.

The door opens, we see Shea with his gun drawn in between
the crevice of the door and the wall.

We hear footsteps, Shea quietly tries to close the door
behind the intruder.

The door is almost shut completely, Shea steps out and we
see HOTEL MAID. Shea quickly pockets his gun.


                       HOTEL MAID
Lo siento Senior!
It's okay, it's okay. Shhh, please
just be quiet.
Grigoriy ENTERS and steps halfway inside.

Grigoriy and Shea's eyes meet for a split second before
Grigoriy takes off down the hall.

Shea bolts after him.
Grigoriy is running down the hall with Shea in pursuit.

Grigoriy dodges a maids cleaning cart in the hallway, turns
around and knocks it over and keeps running.

Shea tries to jump over the obstacle but the top of his foot
clips it, sending him sprawling on the floor.

Girogriy EXITS the corridor.
Griogiry comes running out of the hotel and proceeds to the
two story parking garage across the street.

A few moments pass and we see Shea EXIT the hotel, staring
at the parking garage in front of him.

We hear squealing tires as a car speeds around inside the

Shea casually pulls out a cigarette and lights it.

Shea pulls out the clip of his silenced pistol, checks it
and reloads.

We hear the squealing tires grow louder as they approach.

Shea takes a few steps closer to the parking garage's exit
and entrance.

We see a car speeding out of the exit, Grigoriy the driver.


He spins away from Shea (about 20 yards behind Grigoriy) as
the car slides across the street, rubber burning.

Shea raises his pistol, aims and waits for the car to hit
the apex of its slide.
Slow down race fan.
Shea draws his pistol back and holsters it.

Grigoriy loses control of the car and spins out, crashing
into the median.

Shea chuckles to himself and takes another puff of his
cigarette as he calmly approaches the wreck.
Shea approaches the car and opens the driver door.

Grigoriy slowly turns his head to face Shea.

Grigoriy is a bit dazed with a large gash on his forehead,
a gift from the steering wheel.
Ay Grisha, old buddy.
Shea reaches into the car and pats Grigoriy down, grabbing
his pistol and pocketing it. Shea sticks his silenced pistol
right between Grigoriy's eyes.
Shhh. Save me some time. Why did
you come back?
Grigoriy turns his head away from Shea.
Come on guy.
Shea uses the tip of his pistol to turn Grigoriy's head back
towards him. He forces his lips to part and sticks his gun
in Grigoriy's mouth.


Grigoriy grabs the steering wheel, anticipating death.

We see a CIVILIAN approaching the crash scene on the
opposite direction of the drivers side.

Shea looks up, notices the approaching witness and sticks
the gun down Girgoriy's throat further to silence him. The
car shielding any view to the Civilian.
Everything alright?
Yeah, bastards lucky to be alive.
Shea makes a drinking motion with his hands.
                       SHEA (cont'd)
How about you go get some help.
I'll make sure he doesn't try to
take off.
Civilian takes a second to consider and complies.

Civilian EXITS.

Shea turns his attention back to Grigoriy.
Shea returns his pistol back between Grigoriy's eyes and
pushes his head back into the seat rest.
Shea pauses just before reaching the wound.
Old friend, from home.
What's he got against Shea?
Not Shea...Lou.
We hear police sirens in the distance.


                       GRIGORIY (cont'd)
I'm...I'm tired.
Shea cocks his pistol.
                       GRIGORIY (cont'd)
Ruslan wants the bald man.
I got that, why?
He took something from Ruslan,
stole it. Ruslan wants his head.
That sounds like Lou. Let me
guess, this got something to do
with it?
Shea pulls out a bag of the sour powder and holds it in
front of Grigoriy's face.

Grigoriy smiles.

The sirens are louder.
What about the Laurenzi girl,
why'd you kill her?
Grigoriy keeps smiling.

Shea pistol whips his face, another gash opens on Grigoriy's

Shea holds the bag of powder back up.
What the hell is this stuff? I
know it aint coke.
Talk to Lou.
Screw this.
Shea puts his pistol up to Grigoriy's face again.

Bertram ENTERS from the same direction as the Civilian.


Oh my god! Do you guys need any
Bertram runs over to the scene. Shea quickly pockets his gun
and takes a step back.
Hey, every things under control.
You should go call for help, leave
me here with him.
No problem, I have my cell phone
right here.
      (to himself)
Bertram pulls out his cell phone and begins to dial 911.

Shea and Grigoriy share a death stare as Bertram moves in to
inspect Grigoriy's wounds.
Sir are you okay? Can you hear me?
The police are just seconds away. Shea looks at his target
and back at the direction of the sirens.

Shea takes a few steps back and EXITS into the night.

We see Bertram shining his cell phone light at Grigoriy's
wounds. Grigoriy puts his hands up in protest.
Enough, get out of here.
Bertram pockets his cell phone and looks behind to make sure
they are alone. He pulls out his gun and keeps it aimed at
the ground. Girgiroy pauses.
Ruslan sent me, get in the
passenger seat.
I'm fine, I drive.
Bertram cocks his gun with his thumb. Grigoriy looks up,
sighs and gets out of the car. Bertram gets in the driver
and they drive off.


Two cop cruisers pull up to an empty scene of skid marks and
a damaged median.
Bertram and Grigoriy pull up to the gated entrance of AAA
Storage Sheds.

Bertram unrolls his window and enters in the passcode, the
gate slowly slides open.
What is this place?
We need to get some supplies
before our next move. Where's your
I can call him when we stop. He
left the hotel without me.
Bertram studies Grigoriy's face.

He quietly turns back to driving and pulls up to his storage
Here we are. Step out, I need an
extra hand.
Both EXIT the car.

Grigoriy walks up to the door and bends down to grab the
handle, assuming Bertram has the other side.

Bertram walks up from behind Grigoriy and kicks in his
extend arm, breaking it.

Grigoriy rolls over on his back, clutching out his injury,
writhing in agony.

Bertram steps up over him and looks down, he reaches into
his coat.
Bertram puts a finger up to his lips and pulls a syringe out
with his other hand. He places it up against Grigoriy's neck


and pushes the plunger down.

Grigoriy's eyes flutter as he drifts off.
Shea ENTERS his apartment and sets his keys on the nearest

He pulls out his phone and begins to text.

Recipient - Lou
Message - Need you to check hospitals & local PD for our
friend, no luck tonight

Shea tosses his phone on the same table and reaches for his

The silhouette of a female ENTERS behind him.

Shea spins around and aims his silenced pistol at his
intruders face.
Did you kill him?
Joy steps into what little light there is. Shea keeps his
pistol aimed at her.

JOY LAURENZI (28), is the blonde haired daughter of Mitchell
Laurenzi. An extremely intelligent but lost woman who
continues to enroll in college classes without any certain

Her drab and dark wardrobe match her mourning mood.
Jesus, does the whole firm have a
key to this place?
Joy takes a few steps closer to Shea and slowly raises her
hand, lowering his gun for him.
He took my sister Shea. Did you
kill him?
No, he got --
Joy slaps Shea.


You need to find him and kill him
Shea. You owe us that much.

Shea rubs his face, cherishing her touch.
We see Grigoriy tied from his next to the wall by a thick

His broken arm clings to his chest, his face being slapped
by Bertram.
      (in a soothing
Hey there little buddy, that's it,
open your eyes. Just a lil bit
Bertram is helping Grigoriy keep his balance as he drifts in
and out of consciousness.

Bertram tries a punch to the gut.
I said rise and shine!
Grigoriy wakes up, stumbles a bit and uses his healthy hand
to grab at the chain and metal neck brace.
Where am I? What is this?
Bertram steps back and smiles at his captive.

He is wearing rubber pants with a new t-shirt. This one
reads "Fat kids are harder to kidnap".
Congratulations, you're my new
You said Ruslan sent you?


I did, he did! Isn't this
wonderful? We're going to become
good friends you and I!
Why am I tied up, like animal? I'm
so cold!
Ruslan grows impatient. When
Ruslan gets impatient, he gives me
a call.
What do you want from me?
Absolutely nothing! I'm a simple
Grigoriy tries to lunge at Bertram but the chain snaps him

We hear a RATTLING of metal and Grigoriy looks down to see
he his standing in a large metal bucket.

He looks up at Bertram horrified.
What are you going to do to me?
Bertram smiles and walks over to the side wall where a metal
shelf hangs. He grabs an unmarked gallon, unscrews the top
and begins pouring the contents into the metal pan.

Grigoriy tries to jump out of the bucket but the chains
slack is to short.
Enough! This isn't necessary, call
Ruslan. Please!
Don't be a baby, this stuff is
What...what is it?
Good question!


God please, help me.
Transylvania is in Europe, right?
You ever been there Van Helsing?
Please, please just let me go.
Bertram finishes pouring the liquid and throws the empty
bucket to the side. Grigoriy's feet are submerged up to the
I read that they have lots of
goats in Transylvania. Did you
know that?
Please --
Please, please, please! Could you
please just play along with me?
I don't know about any goats, call
Ruslan. This is mistake.
Well that's interesting, cause I
know a shit ton about goats! You
see goats, they got this real
thick and coarse tongue. You feel
me? Like sandpaper.
Bertram flicks his tongue up and down.
My arm...
Seriously bro, least of your
worries. Now the villagers would
take thieves and strap them into a
chair, I dont got a chair.
Bertram yanks on the back of Grigoriy's chain, slamming his
head back against the wall.


Most theives would fold within a
few minutes, the laughter was
unbearable. A true tickle torture.
Scary shit huh?
I had fat Aunt, she always
I bet she looked like a goat too!
But you see there were some bad
asses that could actually with
stand the horror.
Bertram reaches into his rubber pants, around his crotch,
and pulls out a vial containing a blue liquid.
                       BERTRAM (cont'd)
So you know what they did?
What is that?
Pay attention, this is the best
part. Eventually those that held
out had their feet go numb. So the
villagers just slapped some more
salt on the soles, let the goats
loose and called it a night!
Bertram un-corks the vial and begins pouring into the metal
Those horned little pricks had all
night to just lick, lick, lick
away! And you know them suckers
eat anything. Come morning time
all the thieves had left were some
bloody stumps to stand on!
Bertram covers his nose and takes a step back, his laughter
echoing throughout the room.

Grigoriy's face looks down at his feet as the liquid slowly
starts to bubble and smoke.
Please, no! I'll do anything, tell
you anything!


I told you, I don't need anything
from you.
But, Ruslan!
Ruslan doesn't need loose ends. So
I tie them up.
The liquid's bubbling intensifies and the small shed is
slowly being filled with the smoke of burning flesh.

Grigoriy tries to jump out of the pan but continuously
fails. He begins to scream as the pain intensifies.
Oh god the burning, please make it
Make it stop? It's supposed to do
that silly!
Bertram reaches over to the metal shelf, this time grabbing
a roll of duck tape. He unrolls a piece and strap it to
Grigoriy's mouth.

He takes a step back to admire his victim struggle in agony.
Mrmph! Helrmph!
Don't worry you'll probably pass
out from the fumes before you die
of blood loss. If you're lucky, I
might see you in the morning. Good
night Grigoriy!
Bertram turns around and bends over to open the sheds door.

He takes on more look back at Grigoriy. The smoke almost
completely filling the shed.
I gotta get me some goats. Yeah,
Bertram raises the door and EXITS.


Hector and Franchesca stand behind a luxury S.U.V. in the
empty, dimly lit parking lot.

Lou pulls up behind them in his car and turns the ignition
Hector slams two hands on the hood of Lou's car.

Lou looks up and flips him off, Hector points to his watch.

Lou EXITS the car.
You get an ounce of taco grease on
my baby and I'm gonna wring your
Oh really ese?
Hector raises the front of his shirt revealing a plethora of
gang tattoo's and a gun tucked into his belt.
That's cute, mines bigger.
Lou opens his jacket, a sawed off shotgun secured tightly to
the inside.
Shit Lou, is that necessary?
Baby girl? Never leave home
without her.
Alright, enough cock flaunting.
Lets get this over with. I got a
club to run.
Lou walks to the back of his trunk opens it and pulls out a
large black duffel bag.

Hector does the same to his S.U.V., they both exchange the
bags and replace them in their trunks.
Not so difficult?


He started it.
Hector just shakes his head and walks away.
So is this the last of it?
For now at least.
How long Lou? We got a good thing
going here.
Yeah, besides the dead girl.
Collateral dammage. What's it
What's it matter? Do you know the
kind of attention you brought on
yourself? Us?
Just another dead club kid Lou.
Didn't think you had such a soft
She's not just a club kid.
Laurenzi's a very powerful name
around here.
I didn't know she was a Laurenzi,
the kid gave us fake name.
Then how'd you get her peddlin'
powder in your club?
Hector brought her to me.
Hector? Look I aint telling you
how to run your business, but you
need to be careful with who you


That isn't of your concern Lou.
It sure the hell is if you want to
keep our transactions going.
Lou walks back to his car and opens the driver door.
So is that it? Just gonna piss
away a steady paycheck?
I'll let you know when I can
acquire more. Until then, be smart
Lou gets into the car and drives off.

Francesca opens the back of the S.U.V. and then the duffel
bag. We see it filled to the seams with large bags of Sour
A man casually rests against his car. He's across the street
from parking lot where Lou & Francesca met. Tucked far away
enough to not be noticed.

We see Lou get into his car and drive off in the opposite

The man spits his gum out and turns around to ENTER his car.

The man is Officer Felix Freed, undercover.

Felix opens the driver door and sits down, a small digital
camera in his hand. He hits the "play" button and the
camera's screen turns on.

Felix begins flipping through dozens of pictures of Hector,
Lou and Francesca talking.

He pauses at a picture of Lou and Hector switching the
duffel bags and smiles.
Shea ENTERS the shop to find it unnatended.


Yo! Lennox?
Shea walks up to the counter and rings the bell, no answer.

Shea decides to take a look around the shop, rifling through
random items.

A large poster hangs on the far wall, catching Shea's eye.
It's a black and white outline of a hawk mid-flight, with a
small rodent in its talons.

Shea walks to the middle of the shop to get a better look of
the poster.

He pauses as his foot catches a floor board that is sticking
up, he looks down. A small ray of light shines through the

Shea reaches down and slides the floor board to the side,
revealing a set of stairs that leads to a basement.

Shea walks down the stairs and stops at a large metal door.
He puts his ear up against it.

We hear loud rap music and some muffled screams.

Shea pulls out his pistol and takes a step back before
kicking the door open and bursting through, gun drawn.
Jesus kid.
Shea looks around, somewhat confused. He lowers his pistol.

Half of the basement is loaded from floor to ceiling with
bags of Sour Powder. The other half hosting a small arsenal
of weapons and a row of computers.

Lennox is sitting on a couch in the middle of the room,
watching television.
The hell is this place?
Home base.
Hector ENTERS from behind a pile of Sour Powder with baggies
in hand.


Yo homey, I don't think we got
enough baggies.
      (notices Shea)
This the gringo you been talking
It is.
Lou told me you we're on the
market for a new job.
I'm not a drug dealer.
I'm not asking you to be. Hector
has that under control.
What are you asking?
The powder is to help us get
started, positive cash flow.
However, the people we acquired it
from aren't too happy. That's
where you would come in.
A hired gun?
More or less.
Ruslan, the Russians. That's where
the powder came from?
Lennox nods.
There's tons of guys who can pull
a trigger. Why me?


Lou ENTERS with a sub sandwich in hand.

He extends it to Shea.
Hey kid, hungry?


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