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by Christopher M. Clark (BCconsultant@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

In 1980's San Francisco, ex-car thief Donny Briggs learns about the score of a lifetime while in prison. Back on the outside he reunites with his group of friends (Knuckles) to help in stealing 20 million dollars from a nightclub operated by a volatile crime boss. While planning the perfect heist, Donny struggles with keeping the ambitious cop who originally put him behind bars him off his trail, rekindling a relationship with the love he left behind, and the fear of disappointing his loving family again. After a seemingly successful heist, the crew realizes that along with their new found wealth they have acquired an unexpected surprise. Now the pressure is on the crime boss and his team of ruthless bodyguards to reclaim their stolen property. This sets the stage for a climatic showdown between the Bay Area's criminal underworld and the police force with the Knuckles stuck in the middle of it all!

The screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author. This screenplay is registered with the WGA.




knuckle (nuk'el) n.1a) a joint of the finger; esp., the
joint connecting a finger to the rest of the hand

knuckle-head (-hed') n. a stupid person; fool
Patron laughter, conversation, clitter-clatter of plates,
cups, and cutlery.
                                         ZOOM IN ON MAIN
DONNY, KIP, SAL, MIKEY, & JASON all in their mid twenties
dressed in casual slacks and sports coats without ties. They
are seated at a table eating and drinking coffee while
engaging in conversation.
That's not a funny joke.
You just didn't get it. If you
did, it'd be funny.
I got it, and it ain't funny.
      (points his finger
       at Sal)
Thank you!
Both of you can blow me. What'd
you think Donny?
      (sipping coffee)
Gee, I dunno Mikey. Guess, I dunno
what to think seeing as how we're
about to walk into a bar.
Everyone at the table laughs except Mikey. He flips everyone
at the table "the bird." Jason returns to the table after
using a payphone.


      (to Jason)
So whats the final word, J?
Shits perfect Donny. According to
her Turk's been below the club all
night. She said he's been real
edgy all week. I bet that means
he's sittin on some serious dough
down there.
I'd take that bet. This is
This is it huh? Moment-of-truth?
Looks that way. No turning back
Naw fuck that! No turning back.
It's payday. We've come this far,
let's get paid.
Waitress #1 walks to the table and hands Jason the check.
                       COFFEE SHOP WAITRESS # 1
You gentlemen have a lovely
      (stares at her
       walk away)
You see the way she looked at
me..........twenty bucks says I
could nail her.
      (to Jason)
Do you eat with your dick too?
God made me beautiful, and with
that comes confidence homeboy.
Do you honestly believe the shit
that spews outta your mouth?


The group laughs. Donny finishes his coffee and interrupts
the various conversations within the group.
Alright fellas let's make it
happen. Knuckle up.
"Out of Touch" by Hall & Oats" is starting to play quietly
in the background. The group gets up and exits the coffee
shop. Donny begins to narrate.
                       DONNY (V.O.)
We were always a tight knit group.
I guess that's why people called
us the knuckles, cause' we were
always together.
                                         OPENING CREDITS
                                         FADE TO:
                                         CLOSE TO:
Hard slam of prison cell door. Loud inmate conversation. Two
prison correctional officers escorting a bearded Donny
holding his belongings down the corridor.

Donny is shown leaving the prison through a large gate and a
taxi cab is shown waiting for him with the engine idling.
The tax cab pulls up to a suburban home and Donny exits

Donny approaches the house and rings the doorbell as
neighborhood children play in the front yards of surrounding

An attractive middle aged woman opens the front door.
                       MRS. BRIGGS
May I help you?


Yes, can you tell the woman of the
house her tired, handsome, and
very hungry son is here.
                       MRS. BRIGGS
Sure, just one moment please.
The woman turns around back to face Donny.
                       MRS. BRIGGS
I'm sorry, did you say...handsome?
Donny stands silent; smiling
                       MRS. BRIGGS
Get over here and give your mom a
Donny and his mother hug each other.
Hey mom.
They enter the house and walk down the hallway.
                       MRS. BRIGGS
Donahue Douglas, why did you tell
us you were coming home tomorrow?
Wanted to surprise you, and you
know how I feel about having you
two go there. Where's dad?
                       MRS. BRIGGS
Where else?
Donny exits the house to the backyard where his father is
swinging a golf club with his back to Donny.
You still driving them into the
Johnson's front window?
MR. BRIGGS turns around startled, and advances quickly
toward Donny to hug him.
                       MR. BRIGGS
Donny! Why didn't you call us?


Wanted to surprise you, how you
doin dad?
                       MR. BRIGGS
I'm great, now that I know my
boy's home for good.
                       MR. BRIGGS
For good!,..right Don?
I've lost a lot of time with
everyone. I'm never going back
                       MR. BRIGGS
That's my man,.. so what's your
first order of business?
Well, probably go in there,
pretend to like whatever it is mom
is cooking, then go see the guys.
You think I could borrow your car?
                       MR. BRIGGS
Sure, but you have your own
vehicle son.
You told me you sold it!?
                       MR. BRIGGS
Eh, I might have been a little
upset that first day we came to
see you. You know I love that
thing almost as much as you do.
Mr. Briggs wraps his arm around Donny's shoulder as they
enter the house.
Donny drives into the parking lot of a physical fitness
facility in a 1966 Fastback Mustang, reminiscent to the
vehicle driven by Steve McQueen in "Bullitt".


Sounds of workout equipment, voices of trainers, customers
and daily activity surround the facility as Donny approaches
the front desk.
                       WORLD GYM EMPLOYEE
Welcome to World Gym, are you
interested in becoming a trial
member sir?
Uh, no thanks. I'm actually
looking for a friend of mine. I'm
pretty sure he still works out
here, Kip Palmer?
Loud grunting from an intense workout fills the air.

The World Gym employee points to the grunting and hands
Donny a visitor's badge.
Awesome, thanks.
As Donny walks into the facility the grunting grows louder.
Donny stands directly behind the machine Kip is using. He
looks at Kip and his own reflection in the mirror.
Jesus, Kip! When'd you get so big?
      (breathing heavily)
At birth lil
guy.............when'd they let
you out?
They didn't, I escaped.
Shit, a scruffy white boy like
you............stick out too much.
Kip stands up and faces Donny. He then bear hugs him.
Good to see you man, easy on the
Italian leather though huh.


Ha, Italian pleather more like it.
Finish your workout cause I gotta
run and get some new digs man,
this stuff I'm wearing is a little
outdated. Think you can round up
all the guys by tonight?
You know it, wait til I tell'em
you're home. Where do you wanna
Hey, it's your call. Remember
though, the last chick I've
touched was six foot-two,
two-fifty with handcuffs and a
You wanna see some skin then I
take it. Alright I got it, this
new joint....... "Club Xplosion".
That's actually perfect, a little
ironic but perfect.
Whats that smile about?
Nothing at all, I'll see you guys
Kip enters Record City to see Jason flirting with a
attractive young female patron.
Please don't believe a word he
says, everything he's told you is
prolly from a Prince record.
The girl glances at Kip, then immediately back to Jason. She
then walks away laughing.


So yeah, I'll call you.
      (shakes his head)
Give it up homeboy.
Kip that ain't funny man. She's a
freshman at USF, sorority,
cheerleader... all that.
Are you kidding me, that girl
ain't in college. She's got
jailbait written all over her.
Whatever, did you just come here
to mess up my flow or what?
Kip glances around the store and leans in to speak.
Get this, guess who's out?
Out. Out the closet?
Man fool, I swear sometimes I
dunno how you graduated.
Just spit it out "Incredible
Out, as in out of the pen.
Oh shit! For real? When'd they cut
him loose?
Today I guess. I can't believe
it's already been two years, but
check it, he wants everybody to
meet up tonight, when are you
outta here?


I can close up early, Mr. Asshole
is being nice for some reason.
Think he's buttering me up for
Alright cool, go home and put on
somethin nice. I'mma give Sal and
Mikey a call.
Donny is at a retail clothing store browsing through
                       STORE MANAGER (O.S.)
Lainey, how many times must I tell
you. Blue denim does not belong
with black denim. Please just go
get the rest of the new orders
from the back.
LAINEY abruptly turns around and collides with Donny. They
both recognize each other instantly.
Donny,..oh my god.
Hey Lainey.
Both Donny & Lainey kneel down to pick up dropped clothing.
                       STORE MANAGER
Lainey! Today would be nice.
Look, I'm working but I go on
lunch in about ten minutes.
Cafe' Solotro...middle of the


I'll be there.
Donny & Lainey in the cafe line order their lunch.
So you're out?
I'm out.
Lainey grabs a wrapped deli sandwich and places it on
Donny's tray.
This place has the best egg salad.
Oh I forgot,.. you hate egg salad,
Donny & Lainey are finishing their lunch.
Donny...I wrote you over and over,
you never wrote back. I came to
visit.....you wouldn't see me.
Lainey, I didn't want you to see
me like that. Locked up like some
animal, with the only form of
communication through a letter or
three inches of glass.
Jesus Donny, you just shut me out.
How'd you think I would feel?
You think it was easy for me to
shut you out? It was the only way
I could deal with not being with
you Lainey. Hell who knows, maybe
it was for the best. To give you a
clean break in finding someone who
wouldn't hurt you.


I think that was "my" decision to
      (consults watch)
Damn it I'm late, my boss is gonna
kill me. Look, I'm glad you're
home now and it really was great
seeing you Donny. See ya around,
Lainey stands up from the table.
Donny, I have to get back.
Can I see you?
Yeah everyday.....come to the
store you can't beat our sales.
Donny watches Lainey walk away. Lainey fights back tears.
Donny narrates as a scene of him directing incoming stolen
cars into a storage warehouse. This scene introduces DET.
WINTERS. Donny is arrested trying to flee the warehouse and
shown being sentenced in court then sent to San Quentin
                       DONNY (V.O.)
So I was outta prison, reformed
and rehabilitated. Ya right, I was
about as reformed as the Pope was
Muslim. I knew how to do one
thing. Guess you could say I stole
for kicks, hell you can say
whatever you want but boosting
came easy to me. Getting pinched
was just part of the territory,
hell my exploits made national
news so every cop in San Fran was
working my case in one way or
another. Some people might have
learned their lesson after doing
two to five in San Quentin.


The flashback ends and present time picks up with Donny
entering the parking lot of Club Xplosion and finding a
empty spot to park.
                       MIKEY (O.S.)
Would ya look at that, San
Quentin's lettin anybody out these
Donny turns around to see MIKEY & SAL SPINELLI.
Look at this fuckin guy. Two years
in the joint and still pretty as
How you doin Sal,..Mikey.
The Spinelli's exchange handshakes and friendly hugs with
Donny and begin to walk toward club entrance.
Same shit Don Juan, good to see ya
Eighties techno music is playing loudly over speaker system.

New wave decor is the theme and go-go dancers keep pace with
the uptempo music and filled dance floor.

The crowd is mixed with San Francisco's elite. Rich yuppies,
high powered executives and other in crowd wannabe's.
Jesus, this place has really
Shit ya Don, new owner is some
hotshot from New York. Hey, Donny
check it out. Pick a girl, any
girl you want, odds are I nailed
Shut the fuck up you virgin and
look for Tay and Jason will ya.


There...... over in the booth.
The trio heads toward the booth where Kip and Jason are
sitting. RICO, the head of club security collides with
Whoa!..Can't you say excuse me?
Is there a problem here gentlemen?
Ya, you bumped into my man here
and you haven't apologized yet.
Whoa, whoa, everyone just calm
down. I'm sure it was just an
Donny turns back around to face Rico and adjusts his sport
coat lapel.
No harm done, right? Have a nice
evening boys.
Donny, Sal & Mikey walk past security and head toward the
Yo, Donny my man!
Mr. Smooth himself, whats shakin
Hey you know Donny, just a
squirrel tryin to get a nut. Its
good as hell to see you bro.
Likewise man, I'm glad you guys
dind't forget about me.
      (to Sal & Mikey)
What the hell was all that about
up front?


You know how muscle heads get, too
much steroid injections or
somethin. No offense Kip.
None taken, you know lifting a
weight or two wouldn't hurt you.
Mikey pats his ample midsection.
What and ruin this figure, no
thank you.
I hate these security fucks.
A waitress brings over a round of shots and drinks.
Hey forget that shit, Donny's home
and we're all back together. So
lets celebrate.
Three wise men, J?
Four horsemen...had to step it up
a notch.
They raise their glasses to toast.
Allow me fellas. To Donny being
home and looking sharp I might
add. To the knuckles being
together again, and running things
in San Fran like the good ole'
days. Oh and to Mikey finding the
drunkest girl in here to take
They share a laugh then down the shots.
So Donny, how was it in there bro?
Eh, three hots, a cot, occasional
shanking, rec time. Coulda been
worse ya know?


Ya well you're outta that shit
hole for good my man. We all
missed you Don.
The group sits in a moment of silence looking around the
club. They then finish their drinks.
I gotta tell ya though, it is
weird seeing how much the city's
It's gone high tech Don, gotta
keep par with LA.
      (to Donny)
You see Lainey yet? You know she
works at Silvio's in the mall.
Ya, we kinda bumped into each
other already.
Whatcha think?
About what?
You gonna try to get back together
or what?
Tell you the truth, its the last
thing on my mind.
You kiddin me, Don? I mean you
gotta be thinking about gettin
some for crissakes. Only so much
shower jerkin a guy can do ya
Sal slaps Mikey on the back of his head.
What! I mean Donny's fulla shit if
he's says he's not thinkin about
Lainey. J am I right or what?


What did Pop say about watching
what you say before you just spit
it out?
It doesn't happen often, but I
gotta agree with Mikey on this
Will you guys quit bustin my balls
already. So Don, have you thought
about whats next? You could come
work at the shop, Pop's looking
for a new gunsmith.
Tell him I appreciate that, but
that's actually why I wanted us
all to get together tonight. Hold
on a sec.
An attractive waitress approaches.
                       XPLOSION WAITRESS #1
Ready for another round gentlemen?
Same all the way around, sugar.
Waitress walks away.
So check this out. I knew this guy
on the inside, fat fuck...from
Jersey or somethin, anyways this
guy would talk and talk. He never
shut up to tell ya the truth. This
guy kept yard time interesting
with his "I'm in the mob stories",
but we weren't goin anywhere so we
all listened. One day this guy
starts going on and on about how
he's got a cousin who bought some
club in San Fran, so this got my
attention ya know.
Waitress approaches again with drinks.
                       XPLOSION WAITRESS #1
You gentlemen enjoy.


Waitress walks away again.
Where was I?
The fat fuck's telling you about
the new club in the Bay.
Oh right. Okay so, like I said
this guy gets my attention but
everybody else is fed up with his
bullshit so they all scatter.
Again he's goin on and on about
how the family is sending his
cousin out west to open up a few
So the cousin, he made?
No, but he's got heavy connections
with some big family back east.
So he's rich or somethin, his
family has money I mean?
      (to Jason)
When he says family, he means "La
Famiglia", you know.
      (to Jason)
Ya you know, La Cosa Nostra, the
mafia, Marlon Brando.
Ya, I got it Mikey.
So yeah, once I saw how much this
place has changed I figured what
the guy told me about his cousin
and this club was more than likely
not total bullshit.
So Donny, what's it like, you
wanna go into the club business. I
mean that's cool and all but like


                       SAL (cont'd)
you said this place already has an
Not exactly in the club business,
Well, what exactly fool?
I'm going to, no, no lemme
rephrase this. I want us..to rob
this club.
Everyone again is silent with mild looks of disbelief with
the exception of Donny.
Oh!, this fuckin guy. First day
out the joint, and he's already
planning his next racket. Perfect
product of the California Penal
System lemme tell ya!
Ya, good one Don. Seriously give
Pop's offer some thought.
Donny is silent with a concentrated look on his face.
I don't think he's messing around
Donny...you're an ex-con, first
day out the clinker. We're sittin
here trying to enjoy a few drinks
with you, unwind and all that
after you been away two years and
you drop somethin like this. What
is it you're saying anyway? You
wanna rob some supposed wannabe
mobster's nightclub?
And with us no less.


Look fellas,..I've known you guys
my whole life, you're my family.
In all the jobs I've ever pulled,
how many times did I ask you to
come in with me? This is a sure
thing, what con's like me call the
score of a lifetime. I won't do it
without you guys, hell I can't do
it without you guys.
      (to Donny)
Say we even considered this for a
second. This is a nightclub. How
in the hell are we supposed to
believe whatever we nab outta here
would be worth the risk? I mean on
a good night we're walkin out with
what, twenty, thirty g's? That
ain't peanuts but it ain't worth
five to ten in San Quentin either.
It's enough to set us up for life.
What Don, they gotta savings &
loan in here somewheres?
You could say that. Listen, the
guy who owns this club is into
some heavy shit. I'm not gonna get
into here and now but believe me,
its a huge payday.
The group sits in another moment of silence while each
directs their view on various locations within the club to
collect their thoughts about their decision.
You say its a sure thing huh?
Donny nods his head.
I'm in, just don't get me killed.
Sal, Mikey.


We're in.
Don't fuckin do that.
I'm in Don.
Whats it gonna be J?
Jason looks at the group.
Saved the best for last
huh?.............. Lets do it.
Gentlemen, this calls for a toast.
The group raise their glasses to toast.
Donny wakes up, heads downstairs and begins to eat a bowl of
cereal. His father later joins him.
                       MR. BRIGGS
Morning Don.
                       MR. BRIGGS
You're up early son. I thought you
might wanna sleep in today.
Nah, I've had plenty of rest the
past few years.
                       MR. BRIGGS
Rested enough to come work with
your old man?
You serious? Dad that would be
great but I don't want you putting
your reputation on the line with


                       DONNY (cont'd)
                       MR. BRIGGS
My reputation would mean nothing
if I couldn't help my own son.
I appreciate that a lot dad, but
I've found something I may be
interested in.
                       MR. BRIGGS
So tell me, what have you decided
to get into?
The office phone in club Xplosion is heard ringing. Rico
answers the call.
Hello..........Just one moment
Camera follows behind Rico as he walks through club hallways
to find PAUL TURK eating breakfast in the club VIP section.
Telephone call for you Mr. Turk.
                       MR. TURK
Well who in the fuck is it, Rico
I'm having my breakfast.
Victor Salazar, sir.
Turk gives a concerned look to Harold.
                       MR. TURK
Well put him on for crissakes.
Rico hands Turk a telephone.
                       MR. TURK (on phone)
This is Turk........Yes. Well I
can assure you Mr. Salazar the
recommendations are not


                       MR. TURK (cont'd)
we handle shipments in paper form
if you will. No, no, that
shouldn't be a problem. I'll have
someone contact you about further
arrangements. Goodday to you sir.
Turk hands the phone back to Rico. Stands up and flips the
table over in disgust, then sits back down. He then regains
his composure as if nothing had bothered him.
                       MR. TURK
Harold, cancel next Friday's Miami
shipment. We'll be handling a
special arrival of Victor
Salazar's. Oh and Harold, a Sly
Reed has apparently taken it upon
himself to authorize this shipment
for us. I'd like you to find him
soon as possible so I can thank
him personally.
                       HAROLD (O.S.)
Yes sir.
Turk lights a cigar with a cold, emotionless look on his
Donny and his father begin to unload cased pistols,
shotguns, and revolvers from the trunk of Mr. Briggs' car.
They haul them to a desolate outdoor shooting range. Donny
begins to clean and load several of the pistols.
                       MR. BRIGGS
Still know how to use one of those
      (points to the
       barrel of pistol)
This is the dangerous end.
Donny gently takes the pistol away from his father and takes
aim at target posted fifty feet away.
This end?
Donny empties the clip of eight rounds into the target
hitting the bulls-eye on all eight rounds.


                       JAKE (O.S.)
Haven't lost your touch, I see.
JAKE walks toward Donny carrying a pump action shotgun.
One of the few things I could do
better than you.
Hows it goin little brother?
It's goin.
Donny and Jake exchange handshakes and a awkward hug.
I see you're still a crackerjack
with a gun, but how are you with
one of these?
Jake hold up a throwing knife. Donny grabs it and hurls it
end over end with it connecting with the bulls eye as well.
How's that?
Not bad kid.
Donny and his father arrive back home to see a packed
suitcase on the front steps.
                       MR. BRIGGS
Looks like your sister's home from
camp. You should see her Don. The
brat that use to tattle on you and
Jake for everything, she's
Man, I'll bet. Whats it like
having a teenage daughter?
                       MR. BRIGGS
Stressful, I'm dreading the day
some little shit comes over a to
take Lisa out.


They share a laugh and exit the car. Jake begins to help
them unload the the weapons when LISA BRIGGS bursts out of
the front door to jump on Donny's back.
Excuse me, but do I know you? Oh
I'm sorry, you must be the high
school friend of my kid sister
Lisa my parents told me about.
You're such a nerd Donny, but I'm
so glad you're home from, whats
the name of the place you were
Russia, you know the funny lookin
Oh yaaa, the guy with the spot on
his head!
You know when I left you weren't
even up to here on me. Now yo...
Now she's taller and ever more of
a pain.
Lisa playfully punches Jake.
Hey Donny, wanna go to the mall
God I'd love to Leese, but um,
uh,. Hey tell ya what I'll
definetly take a raincheck on
Lisa turns and jumps on Jake's back for a "piggyback ride."
Jake, Jakey, Jakeypooh!!!


Can't hear you, my ears are
allergic to you.
Jake and Lisa walk toward and enter the house. Donny and his
father continue to unload the weapons from the trunk.
She looks so different. You were
right dad.
                       DET. WINTERS (O.S.)
Father's usually are.
Now this is a surprise. To what do
I owe this honor?
                       DET. WINTERS
Hi ya doin Don. Mr. Briggs good
afternoon to you sir.
                       MR. BRIGGS
Detective Winters.
Making housecalls now?
                       DET. WINTERS
You know its funny, heard you were
out, figured it being such a nice
day n' all, why not come by and
formally welcome you home.
Uh-huh, or in other words see if
I'm up to old tricks.
                       DET. WINTERS
Now Don, what would make you think
something like that. You're
rehabilitated right? I know that.
                       MR. BRIGGS
My son has been through a lot
detective. He's done his time, all
of that is in his past.


                       DET. WINTERS
I'm sure thats the case Mr.
Briggs. Like I said this was just
a friendly drop-in to see how
everything was getting along.
Winters turns to walk back to his car.
Should I expect more friendly
As he's entering his car.
                       DET. WINTERS
      (knuckle-rolling a
That depends on you Don. I guess
you can expect to see me from time
to time. You take care now....
Mister Briggs.
Donny and his father watch Winters drive away. Donny's
father puts his arm around him and gestures toward the
                       MR. BRIGGS
Lets eat son.
Paul Turk's bodyguards are parked in front of Sly Reed's
apartment waiting to chauffeur him to Club Xplosion.
Evening Mr. Reed.
Hey Hiya doin champ. Now this is
what I call style.
Rico opens the door to the limo for SLY REED and he enters.
Inside the limo are Harold, and two other Turk bodyguards.
Rico enters the front passenger door.
Hows it goin fellas.
Mr. Turk appreciates you meeting
him on such short notice. He's
anxious to show his gratitude for
your handling of the Salazar deal


                       HAROLD (cont'd)
on his behalf.
Hey it was no sweat. I look out
for friends in this business ya
know. I dunno about you boys but
I'm ready to do some serious
drinkin. Whata we got here?
Sly begins to pour himself a drink while the limo takes off.
Donny waits outside of the department store Lainey works at.
He watches Lainey exit the store and get into her car. He
then follows to her apartment.

He then waits a short time after she has entered the
apartment then walks to the door and rings the doorbell.
                       LAINEY (O.S.)
One minute!
Lainey opens the door with a confused look on her face.
Donny gives Lainey a smirk.
I guess we can add stalking to
your rapsheet.
What can I say, I'm a boyscout.
Did you really follow me here?
Something like that. Well Lainey,
you gonna invite me in or leave me
standing on your doorstep like a
Lainey reluctantly gestures Donny inside.
Nice place, cute in a Lainey of
type way.


Thanks for your approval. Now what
is it I can do for you?
Well I asked if I could see you.
And I told you where you could see
me. This definitely wasn't the
place I meant.
You look really nice, do you have
a date or something?
I'm meeting someone for dinner.
Anyone I know?
Highly doubt it, just a guy I met
at the store.
Mixing business with pleasure are
we, tisk tisk.
Look whose talking, anyways you
can make yourself at home while I
finish getting ready. So if you'll
excuse me.
Lainey walks into her bedroom.
You wanna know what my biggest
fear was while I was locked up?
That you'd be married when I got
out, maybe even have a kid or two.
                       LAINEY (O.S.)
Well lets just say I had a intense
hatred toward men for awhile, but
I got over it. You know, really I
should thank you. Our situation
made me a different person, I
don't rely so heavily on men


Lainey comes back into the living room.
Well the surprise visit was.....
Lainey looks surprised as Donny is pouring champagne into
You took make yourself at home a
bit too literal didn't you. Donny
what are you doin?
One drink, for the road.
Donny, I'm late as it is and I
really shouldn't anyway.
Cmon, one drink is not gonna hurt
you. We haven't seen each other in
two years.
Whose fault is that?
It's mine, and I'm trying to make
Donny hands Lainey a glass of champagne.
One drink and then I'm outta here.
Of course. One drink.
Sly Reed is drinking champagne and rambling about his
business deals to Turk's bodyguards. They remain silent as
he looks out of the window and notices they are in a
industrial area of San Francisco.


Hey, where the hell we goin? I
thought I was meeting Turk at the
Relax MR. Reed, Mr. Turk had to
take care of something. We're en
route now to pick him up.
Well where the hell are we? I hate
this part of town, lil too "dark"
if ya know what I mean.
      (notices Rico
       giving him a hard
Uh, no offense or anything bro.
The limo pulls into what appears to be an abandoned factory.
The bodyguards and Sly exit the limo.
Right this way Mr. Reed.
Jesus fuckin Christ, this is a
real shit heap. You sure Turk's
Mr. Turk is involved in a
renovation project with the city
commission. They are focusing on
turning this site into
condominiums. Right through here
Harold ushers Sly Reed through a small door with dim
lighting in the next room.
Sly?, what happened to the Mr.
Reed business. Hey, how come its
so dark in here, where are the
goddamn lights in this place.
Paul!, you in here!...Paul!
Sly Reed is noticeably frightened.

He hears quick footsteps moving toward him.

A second later Sly is knocked unconcious


Sly Reed awakes from being rendered unconcious.

The room is dim lit but he can see a temporary medical
station set-up equipped with scalpels, IV's, medical
bandages and rubber tubings.

Turk's bodyguards surround the room.
Wha...what is going on? Where am
I? I don...I don't understand.
                       MR. TURK (O.S.)
Sly. Look at the predicament
you've got yourself into.
Turk emerges from the darkness.
Turk, why do yo....you have me
here? I ca..
                       MR. TURK
Shhh, try and save your strength.
I can only imagine how frightened
you must be right now, but try and
remain as calm as possible. I'm
going to be asking you a few
questions. Answering them
truthfully and correctly is very
important. Now, are you ready to
Paul I...
Harold viciously strikes Sly to the face!
      (to Sly)
Address him as Mr. Turk please.
Mr. Turk, I..I don't understand.
What's goin on, I feel so, so
                       MR. TURK
Well you see, there are these
nasty little toxins floating
throughout your bloodstream. Not


                       MR. TURK (cont'd)
knowing your prior medical history
I'm willing to bet that is what
you feel.
What, what the fuck have you done
to me!
                       MR. TURK
All this will be explained in due
time. It's time for my questions
Sly. Now I suppose the most
obvious question would be, do you
work for me?
No, Mr. Turk.
                       MR. TURK
Uh-huh. Well then what gave a two
bit, street dealing maggot such as
yourself the idea to broker a deal
with Victor Salazar on my behalf?
Mr. Turk, please I,I
Harold grabs Sly by his hair and jerks his head backwards.
Sly screams in agony.
Answer the questions Mr. Turk asks
The word had been spread around
about one of Salazar's people
being in town. They were looking
for a clean house to protect their
product until it was ready to be
shipped back to Columbia Mr. Turk.
I thought you'd be happy.
                       MR. TURK
Your thinking seems to be your
bugaboo Sly. I do however
appreciate your honesty through
all of this. Rico, please tell Mr.
Caninak we're ready for him.
Rico leaves momentarily and returns with a man whose face
looks aged from war. He is wearing medical type attire.


Who is this guy, please Mr. Turk I
am so sorry, I had no idea.
                       MR. TURK
Enough, save some dignity Sly. I'd
like to introduce you to Orslav
Caninak. He specializes in
bio-chemical weapons. I would give
you a more detailed biography of
Mr. Caninak but that's not really
important. However, what is of
most importance, is that you
listen carefully to what he has
Please don't Mr. Turk, keep him
away. It'll never happen again I
swear to Christ!
                       MR. TURK
Sly, I know it will never happen
again but please don't interrupt.
Now as I was saying Mr. Caninak
here will be offering you valuable
information in regards to what has
happened to you. My only advice is
that you pay careful attention.
What have you done to me, why do I
feel so weak?
                       MR. TURK
Well I'll let Orslav take over
from here.
Mr. Turk, please. I just thought
that maybe....
                       MR. TURK
There you are again Sly, thinking.
Let me guess,.. you thought that
maybe you and your family would be
still be alive by nightfall
Turk's bodyguards push in Sly Reed's wife and young son who
are bound at the mouth and hands.


Oh my god, no, don't do this
                       MR. CANINAK
      (Eastern European
Mr. Turk I am ready to begin now.
                       MR. TURK
Ah, well that's my cue Sly. Enjoy
the afterlife.
Turk, Harold, and two other bodyguards make a quick exit.
                       MR. CANINAK
The substance I have injected into
you is something of a new
experiment of mine. Mr. Turk has
given you the option of choosing
      (holds up syringe)
or a bullet for your family. May I
suggest you go with the bullet sir
because your death is going to be
most unpleasant.
      (to Caninak)
I don't know Doc, my suggestion
would be the syringe. It'll give
us all a chance to nail his wife.
Sly's wife and son weep and grimace in fear. Sly's face is
full of terror and despair.
                       MR. CANINAK
      (to Rico)
You may want to stand back.
Sly's body goes into extreme convulsions. Blood starts to
drain from his eye's. It's a horrific sight.

Caninak flashes a look of geunine pleasure.


Lainey & Donny are sitting on opposite ends of her couch.
They have visibly gone through the bottle of champagne and
are working on a second bottle.
Well, you were a little
apprehensive. I gave you a
friendly nudge in the right
Is that what you call it? I think
I'd call it a push.
Oh stop your crying, it wasn't
that far up.
No, no you're right. Eighty feet
off a cliff is no big deal.
I forgot how much you made me
Was that a snort?
      (playfully punches
       Donny on the arm)
Shut up! It was not a snort,....
it was a hiccup.
Sure thing, Ms. Piggy.
They both stare at each other wanting to kiss but Lainey
turns away.
Whoa. I think I may have had a
little too much champagne.
Nonsense, this is only our what,
second bottle? Pricey stuff,
where'd you get this from anyway?


From Richard.
Richard, you know the guy who I'm
meeting for dinner, Richard the
guy who is gonna kill me! Oh my
God Donny I am so late! You did
this on purpose didn't you?
Did what?
Got me drunk.
You're drunk? You don't look it.
Whatever. Look, you should go, or
I should go, one of us should go.
Get real, there is no way I'm
letting you drive in your
condition. I'll go.
Wait, don't leave.
You're beautiful, you know that?
Donny & Lainey passionately kiss.
No, no, I,.. we shouldn't be doing
this. This can't lead anywhere.
They passionately kiss again. Lainey aggressively starts to
undress Donny.
Hold on.
Donny grabs a pistol that was tucked into his pants and sets
it on the coffee table.


Donny, why do you have that thing?
      (attempts to kiss
The gun, why do you have it?
Oh that, it's my dads. I'm taking
it to Sal & Mikey's shop to have
it customized for him.
      (grabs the gun)
It's so big.
This Richard, does he have a gun?
Not like this.
I remember you like big guns. He
ever let you fire his?
      (drops the gun)
Yeah, but he only shoots blanks.
They begin passionately kissing again.

Donny scoops Lainey up and carries her to the bedroom.

They make love with Richard Marx's "I Just Died in Your Arms
Tonight" playing on the radio.
The sun is shining through on Donny's eyes to awaken him.
Donny then snuggles against Lainey. She turns to her side
and kisses him passionately.
Well good morning to you too.
You want some breakfast?


Aww, that's sweet but I actually
have to run.
You don't wanna lay in bed a
little longer?
Trust me, there is nothing more
I'd rather do than lay in bed with
you all day. Unfortunately I made
plans with the guys today.
Oh of course. I'm already taking a
backseat to the guy's again.
Shh, stop. It's nothing like that.
I just haven't seen them since
I've been home. We're gonna shoot
some shit up, you know guy stuff.
Sure, sure. It's okay go play with
your dirty little friends.
Meet me for lunch later?
Donny gets out of the bed and begins to get dressed.
I can probably do that.
Cool what sounds good?
Anywhere just as long as it's your
I'll call you and yes my treat.
Donny leans down and kisses Lainey then walks out of the


Sal is driving with Donny on the passenger side. Kip, Jason
and Mikey are in the backseat.
This is just great. I get to be
lucky Pierre in my own brother's
Well, there it goes.
Where what goes?
We wondered how long it would be
before you started whining about
Fuck you, I'm merely pointing out
a fucked up situation on my behalf
is all.
Jesus, enough you two. This car
is too cramped as it is to deal
with your bullshit.
So what exactly are we looking
You day dreamin up there?
Sorry, I'm just trying to spot the
perfect place.
Yeah, that's my question. Place
for what exactly?
Operations, need somewhere to
plan, and make our safe house


Oh, right.
What kinda place you got in mind,
like a old warehouse or something?
Yeah, pretty much. Somewhere
isolated from eyes but close
enough to the mark.
      (pointing to a
What about this one?
Not bad. Sal pull over and lets
check this out.
They all exit the car and walk up to an empty warehouse.
Donny begins looking through a small window in the front
Everybody give Sal a hand. He just
found our new office.
      (takes a bow)
It was nothin really.
You serious Donny, this place is a
I'm sure, we're not gonna be
living here. D, how far would say
the club is from here, time wise?
Five, ten minutes tops. Depending
on traffic.
Shouldn't we get as far away from
the club as possible?
I'd love to yeah, but you gotta
remember what we'll be carrying.
The faster we get off the street


                       DONNY (cont'd)
and out of sight the better. No,
this is perfect.
I'm ready to go if you ask me,
when we doin this?
I second that, this is all I've
thought about the past couple
Patience guys. We have a lot of
planning to do before we're ready
to pull this off. Do any of you
know someone on the inside at
Not me, can't stand all the girly
men in that place to be honest.
J, you use to nail that one broad,
tall, brunette, great tits.
Been so many my friend, be more
You said she use to cheer lead for
the Niner's or some shit.
Oh yeah, Rachel. How could I
The other night we were there, I
saw her. Runnin' drinks back and
forth from the back or somethin.
I forgot she worked there, good
Man, I'll never forget those tits.
How were they by the way, real?


They taste real,.... good.
Okay, if that is the same girl
then she'll be our inside person.
J, think you'll be able to squeeze
a little info outta her?
Mikey & Jason share a brief laugh together.
She's a talker from what I
remember, so I'll see if I can
work some magic.
Good deal, everyone else cool with
ten o'clock?
The each nod their heads in agreement.
Alright lets get outta here.
Donny & Lainey are finishing their lunch.
How was it?
Surprisingly good.
Why are you surprised?
It's just that I'd forgotten how
much you enjoy these little dive
I take it Theodore doesn't like
mom and pop shops right?


It's Richard, and no as you could
see from the champagne. He does
have a taste for life's finer
What about you?
What about me?
You know, a taste for the finer
Right now, I have a taste for this
chop suey. It's great you really
should try some.
      (consults his
Is it possible for you to take the
rest of the day off work?
Anything's possible, but what for?
I just wanna go somewhere with
you, no big deal.
      (stares at Donny)
Let me run to the restroom then
make a phone call. Excuse me a
Lainey walks to the women's restroom.
                       DET. WINTERS (O.S.)
Mind if I join you?
Uh, I'm having lunch with a
Winters sits in Lainey's chair.


                       DET. WINTERS
Yeah I know, cute girl.
      (grabs a menu)
Hows the food here anyway?
You follow me here to ask about
the food detective?
                       DET. WINTERS
Well no. Actually, I wanted to see
how the job prospects are coming
I appreciate your concern. Things
are goin' just fine.
                       DET. WINTERS
That's great to hear. We just
don't want you reverting back to
old habits.
It's like you said, I'm
rehabilitated, I don't steal cars
                       DET. WINTERS
      (knuckle-rolling a
San Fran's a big town Don, lots of
other things to steal.
You know this is beginning to feel
alot like harassment.
                       DET. WINTERS
See that hurts. Here I am trying
to see how an old friend is
getting along and....
      (slams the table
       with his fist)
Friend!?, I fail to recall when
exactly we became friends. Must
have been before you sent me away
for two years.


                       DET. WINTERS
      (looks at
Calm down Don, we're in public.
The Judge sent you away Don. I
just arranged the meeting.
I bet you got a big kick out of it
too right?
                       DET. WINTERS
You were breaking the law Don,
just don't do it again. If you do,
I'll be right there to slap the
cuffs on like last time.
Lemme ask you somethin.
      (nods his head at
       the coin)
Whats with you and that thing?
                       DET. WINTERS
      (pinches the
       silver dollar
       between his
What this? It's my lucky silver
dollar. You have a good luck,
charm don'tcha Don?
Never much believed in it.
                       DET. WINTERS
Is that a fact? Enjoy the rest of
your lunch sir.
Winters walks away.
                       DONNY (V.O.)
No one can make sir sound
insulting the way a cop can.
Lainey rejoins Donny at the table.
Who was that?
Uh, Jehovah's Witness.


Are you alright?
Yeah I'm fine, why?
Well I remember the look in your
eyes when you would get upset. You
have that look right now.
Yeah, I just hate being bothered
when I'm eating. Anyways, what did
your boss say?
Pretty much what I thought he
would. Goddamn it, shit, not this
again, followed by, fine do
What does that mean?
It means I have the rest of the
day off. Where are we going?
I thought we could take a drive
out to Pacific Beach.
Didn't we swear to never go back
Lainey that was a long time ago.
We were just kids.
      (glances at her
You're right, we were just kids.
Anyway, are we going?
Sure, let's go.


After leaving the restaurant Donny & Lainey are walking to
their cars.
You wanna ride with me?
No thanks, I'll follow you.
This isn't what you were driving
the other night is it?
No, I had Richard's car. This is
my baby.
Well just try to keep up ok.
And whats that supposed to mean?
Nothing, its just that this is a
66' fastback, and that's, well
it's a Chevy.
Okay smart ass. How about we see
who gets to Pacific first.
Are you kidding me?
Lainey peels away.
Bye Donny!
      (puts on his
Guess not.
Donny jumps in his Mustang and catches up to Lainey.

They engage in a friendly race on the highway jostling for
front position to the beach.


"Valerie" by Steve Winwood is the music score for this
Donny & Lainey are walking along the shore, the sun is
beginning to set.
So what did you end up telling
Richard about last night?
I told him the truth. That my
ex-con former boyfriend and I
drank the champagne he gave me,
completely forgot about our date,
then concluded the evening by
having passionate sex.
I imagine he took that well.
      (stops walking to
       face Donny)
Look, Donny. This is happening so
fast. I don't want to get hurt
again. Can you promise me that?
Lainey, the last thing I wanna do
is hurt you again.
Donny puts his arm around Lainey as they continue walking
down the shore.
Donny & Jason are shown sitting at the bar drinking and
engaging in conversation.
So tonight I'm gonna be keeping a
low profile, just simply observing
the layout of the club. Meanwhile
you'll be doing your thing.


What kinda information am I
supposed to be asking about?
I'm gonna explain the job in more
detail to everyone tonight, you
need to find out if she knows
about their security. How many are
staffed, if she knows about
camera's, any habits they have we
might be able to use. Remember,
you have to be discreet as
      (to bartender)
Excuse me gorgeous, there a girl
name Rachel workin tonight?
                       XPLOSION BARTENDER
Tall brunette?
You got it.
                       XPLOSION BARTENDER
She's working VIP tonight. Can I
get you guys anything else?
No thanks.
      (to Jason)
I'm gonna go have a look around.
You're on.
Donny walks toward the restrooms looking around at different
areas of the club.

He locates the security office and continues walking toward
the restroom.

As Donny nears the men's restroom he looks down the other
end of the corridor and notices a club security guard
standing outside an elevator.

He starts walking toward the elevator impersonating an
intoxicated patron.


      (staggering &
Goddamn, she can't tell me what
to, heeeeeey, how ya doin there!
                       XPLOSION SECURITY # 1
      (British accent)
Whoa, easy Chum. Where do you
think you're going?
Isn't this the pisser, outta my
way. I gotta a hot young lady
waiting for me.
                       XPLOSION SECURITY # 1
This isn't the head. You already
passed it you drunk bastard.
The waitress Jason knows walks past Donny as the security
guard is holding him back and enters the elevator. Donny
gets his first look into the inside of the elevator.
Hey, this isn't the pisser. It's
down the hall. You, you're doin a
fine job here.
Donny walks toward the restroom keeping up the act then
regains his compusre and heads back toward the bar.
Where the hell you been?
Sight seeing. How'd it go with
I damn near had to wear a condom
just to talk to her. We're in
Excellent. Alright lets blow this
popsickle stand.
      (to bartender)
Thanks babe.


Kip, Sal & Mikey are sitting inside the warehouse when Donny
& Jason walk through the front entrance.
How'd you guys get in here?
      (holds up a
We had a key.
And they call me a criminal.
We need more lights in this fuckin
joint! I tried taking a piss in
the bathroom but I could barely
see my own dick.
You sure that's because of the
lights Mikey?
      (gestures to his
Has to be, somethin this big ain't
easily lost ya know what I mean.
Everyone shares a laugh. Kip finds a breaker panel and
switches on more lights.
Thats better.
Good call Kip, alright boys time
to get down to business. First
things first, I assume everyone is
still in on this one hundred
You know it, Don. We're all in.
Of course, yeah.


Just double checking. Now, here's
the story. Like I said, this guy
isn't a made man exactly but he's
heavily connected.
Another wanna-be wiseguy, fuckin
Begin Montage (rapid, quick - cut images)

Donny explains the process during the montage.

1. CLUB XPLOSION (NIGHT - MONTAGE) Shipments being brought
into Club Xplosion. Paul Turk's body guards unloading
trucks filled with cases containing large amounts of cash.
                       DONNY (V.O.)
Like I was saying, he's a
mid-level guy, but he has his own
operations. South American drug
cartel's have have their money
laundered, counted, then shipped
to legit businesses around the
country. These businesses act as
midway storage points for the cash
until the heat from DEA or the
Fed's die down. Once the coast is
clear, the money is shipped out
back across the border clean as
can be. It works so well because
the business fronts are
successful, highly recognized
establishments, so the money can
all be accounted for.
And our little club, its one of
these places?
Yes sir, Club Xplosion just so
happens to be one of America's
finest drug money fronts.
And we're gonna steal it?
I've always been partial to the
term rob personally, but rob,
steal, whichever you prefer.


We're gonna rob some South
American drug lord's money?
No, we're gonna rob the nightclub.
Then we're gonna steal the drug
lord's money.
I know what you're thinkin, but
once we make off with the cash.
We're gone, a memory. The money
may be accounted for, but the last
thing this guy will want to do is
have a full blown investigation on
his hands.
Well what about the drug lord guy?
They're prepared to take losses,
there's no insurance in their line
of work. Besides, who do you think
he'll be after. The guy who lost
his money or six ghosts.
So how much we talkin here?
The guy's cousin said when they
first started out anywhere from
five to ten million could be
housed there. The way cocaine is
being pushed out of South America
these days, I'd estimate ten,
fifteen million easy.
Whats fifteen mil split five ways?
More than Record City is paying
you thats for sure.
Yeah, its a lot. But the split is
gonna be six ways, not five.


What the hell you talking about
Don? You keep saying six, but I
count five of us.
We're gonna need help on this one
fellas. Some technical expertise
if you will. Trust me, I've known
this guy my whole life. Now lets
get outta here. Tomorrow Jason is
gonna get more info about the
inside, and I'll introduce
everyone to the other guy.
You know Don, a hand only has five
Donny pats Mikey on the back and everyone starts to exit the
Donny is lying on his back in bed. His eyes are open as he
begins more inner monologue.
                       DONNY (V.O.)
After about an hour of tossing and
turning I gave up the idea of
sleep. My mind was all over the
place. Mom, dad, Lisa, Lainey I
had disappointed them all before,
and now I was planning a
milti-million dollar robbery. I
keep telling myself to walk away,
you haven't done it yet, just walk
away. But who was I kidding, if
there is someone in this world
that can reason with Donny Briggs
it sure isn't me. Mikey's right,
we've never included anyone else
before, but this guy is the
perfect shill. And he is also my
Donny closes his eyes.


Donny enters D & D, and is greeted by a young female
                       D&D RECEPTIONIST (On phone)
       between phone
Thank you for calling D & D, will
you hold please? Thank you for
calling D & D can you hold please?
      (to Donny)
How may I help you sir?
Hi, I'm here to see Jake Briggs.
                       D&D RECEPTIONIST
Do you have an appointment with
Mr. Briggs?
No, I was just dropping by. I'm
his brother.
                       D&D RECEPTIONIST
Mr. Briggs is in a meeting right
now. If you'd like to have a seat,
his meeting should be over
                       D&D RECEPTIONIST (O.S.)
Thank you for holding, how may I
direct your call?
Donny begins reading a newspaper. On the front page the
headline reads "Husband & Wife Slain; child left left at
Jake enters the front lobby escorting business clients out.
I want to thank you again for
coming, and we should have those
installed by Monday. Have a safe
      (notices Donny)
This is a surprise.


                       D&D RECEPTIONIST
Mr. Briggs, National First Bank
has called several times, and this
gentlemen has been waiting for
Thanks Mel.
      (to Donny)
Donny, can I get you some coffee
or anything?
No I'm good, you got a minute?
Seems like that's all I ever have.
Come on back.
They walk to Jake's office. Donny glances around at the
state of the art infrastructure.
You've done well for yourself big
      (in reaction to
       Jake's office
       size & contents)
Very well!
Hey thanks, but don't be fooled.
I'm really a nobody around here.
Have a seat.
Jake takes out a cigarette and offers one to Donny.
No thanks.
How's everything going for you so
Not too bad, you'll never guess
who I bumped into a couple of days
Mark McGuire.


Lainey, smartass.
You mean you cut her off too?
Yeah, something like that. The
same went for her as with you
guys, just wanted the good part of
my life to have nothing to do with
the bad, you know?
I can't even begin to imagine what
it was like for you Donny. I'm
just glad you're out and safe. I'm
glad you came by to talk.
Well actually, I have a favor to
ask of you.
Anything, what is it?
I need your help on a job.
I thought dad had something lined
up for you?
Yeah he does, but I need your help
on a job not getting one.
Jake sits silent for a moment staring intently into Donny's
eyes. The moment of silence is interrupted by Jake's
secretary on the intercom.
                       D&D RECEPTIONIST (from intercom)
Mr. Briggs National First again on
line two.
                       JAKE (on intercom)
      (to receptionist)
Tell them I'll have to call them
back Mel.
      (to Donny)
Just what the in hell are you
talking about?


You supply and install
surveillance cameras to all the
major businesses in the area
right? You happen to be in a
position to help us become
overnight millionaires. And all
you have to do is your job.
You gotta be kidding right? Don, I
have deadlines up the ass so if
this is some kind of joke, I
really haven't got the time right
Is it safe to talk in here?
Safe from what? If this is going
where I think it is I don't know
if I even wanna hear anymore of
Jake, I'm not asking you to help
me stick up a bank. All you'd have
to do is tinker with a few
cameras. No dirty work, we're
talking millions Jake.
      (regains composure)
Have you lost your fucking mind?
Whats it gonna take for you to
grow up? Your bed in prison is
still warm for crissakes and
you're trying to bring me in on a
robbery scheme. I can't fucking
believe you.
Jake, just settle the hell down
alright and listen...
No you listen, "little brother."
When you got locked up, it crushed
mom and dad. Crushed them. Do you
ever think of anyone but yourself?
We had to lie to Lisa about where
you were Donny. Your kid sister


                       JAKE (cont'd)
thinks you're some sort of war
hero. Lets just hope she doesn't
ask to see any of your medals,
You through? Now, before you go
off on another wild tangent let me
tell you this. Yes, I know how mom
and dad felt, yes I feel like shit
for it. And yes I feel like less
than shit for having to lie to
Leese. Believe it or not I even
feel sorry for the embarrassment I
must have caused you. This is it
for me Jake, one last score.
I've heard it before Donny,
there's always one last score
after the last score.
After this I'm out of it for good,
but this is staring me in the face
and I'm gonna take it. I came to
you because you're my brother
Jake, and you can help me.
So....help me.
Not that I'm even considering
this. But I assume you've already
discussed this with those
boneheads you call friends?
Of course, they're all a go. I've
told them we needed one more guy,
an expert.
      (points at Jake)
Oh I'm flattered.
You should be, I don't throw out
the word expert often. The payday
on this one is once in a lifetime
Jake, we're talking a cut of seven
zero's a piece.


Like I said, I'm not even remotely
considering this. But humor me,
what kinda plan do you have?
Well, it's like this......
Donny & Jake enter the warehouse as Kip, Jason, Mikey, and
Sal are playing a game of cards. Everyone at the table gives
puzzled looks as to why Jake is with Donny.
Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce
you to the newest member of the
Very funny, Don. Whats goin on
You sure it was a good idea
bringing him here Don?
Guys I said we needed a sixth,
Jake is gonna be working with us.
Are you serious? Jake no offense
or anything but have you ever
stole anything in your life?
Don't worry about me, I'll be just
fine. And as far as I know, my job
won't be stealing anything.
So whats this expertise we're
gonna get to see include?
Ask Donny, I still don't know too
much about all this.
Jake takes a seat in between Sal & Dontay.


Jake's gonna be handling the
cameras. It gets serious at this
point boys.
Mr. Clean is finally getting his
hands dirty, how about that.
Alright fellas listen up. We know
where our mark is, we know what
our goal is. Now we get to work on
how this is going down. Jason, any
luck from our inside source?
Oh we're in business. She made it
easy on me I got to admit. Once
the booze started flowing she told
all and then some.
Excellent, whatcha got?
Okay, the owner's name is Turk or
      (grabs a notepad)
Paul Turk. yadda, yadda, okay
where's the important stuff. Here
we go, there is a vault in the
bottom of the club. She brings him
tea and cigar's every night on a
elevator from the main floor to
the lower level. She's never
actually seen whats in the vault,
but she did say only Turk himself
knows the access code to it.
Security on a average night is
anywhere from ten to fifteen. Turk
is usually below the club most of
the night, letting his bodyguards
handle most of the operations up
top. Oh, she did say this week
he's seemed more edgy than normal.
She overheard him talking about
some important shipment coming in.
Important shipment aka millions of


Could be. Anything else J?
She's a nympho.
You gotta gimme that broads number
Donny, are you absolutely positive
about this? I mean what if the
clown who told you all this was
full of shit?
I thought about that, but
everything is checking out. He's
got something in that vault
beneath the club. Whatever it is
has our name on it.
I like the sound of that.
We're gonna need some steel for
this one.
Got it covered Don. Eight semi
autos, two pumps, and vests to go
I'll pass on the vest, I'm
impermeable to bulletts.
How are you gonna explain that
much lost inventory?
Its all taken care of. We'll just
bust a back window, mess up the
place a little bit. Say it was a
robbery, ironically enough. Pop's
been looking to replace the back
windows anyhow.


The guns are for intimidation only
guys. We can't go in there
blasting away like Josey Wale's.
      (to Sal & Mikey)
You know he means you two
Are you kidding, Mikey hasn't shot
a gun his whole life.
Thats not true, remember the time
Pop took us hunting in Sacramento?
What do you call that?
Dipshit, that was a beebee gun.
Keyword, "gun".
Everyone shares a small laugh.
Something else, absolutely under
no circumstances do we use names
when we go in.
Just thinking out loud here but
how are we suppose to waltz into
this place with shotguns?
We're not. They'll already be
inside for us.
They will?
Yeah, Jake's gonna take them
inside for us.
I will?


It's simple, you'll have them when
you rewire the security cams. Now
what we need is a vehicle big
enough to carry us and the cash.
Any suggestions?
We could rent a moving truck. It
won't look suspicious.
Atta boy Jakey, this criminal
mastermind shit must run in the
Yeah kind of like stupidity runs
in yours.
What was that!?
Sal stands up in anger.
Yo Don, you better tell Jake to
lighten up a bit.
Gentlemen, please don't make me
babysit. Let's learn to play nice
shall we?
Go ahead Don.
Right. Tomorrow it starts guys.
We're goin in.
Donny drives through downtown San Francisco.
                       DONNY (V.O.)
I was beginning to second guess
this whole deal. Turk could have
the place guarded like a fortress.
The planning on this is has to be
precise without anything being
left to chance. The guys have
never pulled a job like this


                       DONNY (cont'd)
before, hell neither had I. And
then there's Winters. There is no
way in hell we can move forward
until I get him off my back.
Donny pulls out of the garage in his father's car. Detective
Winters along with his partner are staking out the Briggs
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
Here we go Jack. Got some
                       DET. WINTERS
      (open eyes)
Huh, oh ya right. Forget about it.
Not him, thats the father's car.Forget about it. Not him, thats
the father's car.
The sunlight flashes hard in their eyes. This makes it
difficult for them to positively identify who the driver is.
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
Damn, you're right. You know we
really should get overtime for
                       DET. WINTERS
What are you kidding? We're not
even suppose to be here kid.
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
What do you mean? I thought the
"Lew" gave us the green light for
                       DET. WINTERS
Well not exactly. I told him we
were tailing a known fugitive
believed to be planning something
big. I left out the part we have
no hard leads on it.
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
If we have no leads then why again
are we tailing this guy?


                       DET. WINTERS
Because I know this kid. He's up
to something, I know it. He may
preach that rehab crap but I know
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
You busted him before right?
                       DET. WINTERS
Sure did.
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
Yeah I heard about it in the
academy. Car ring wasn't it?
                       DET. WINTERS
Yeah, this character ran quite an
impressive car ring. I got a tip
from a stoolie that owed me a
favor, and so on. Lead me right to
      (stares at the
Hey, here we go. What kinda car is
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
Looks like the Mustang.
                       DET. WINTERS
Thats him, let's hit it.
They follow Donny's Mustang through the city nearly losing
him several times.
                       DET. WINTERS
You're losing him!
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
Relax I got him. He's right there.
                       DET. WINTERS
Please don't lose this guy Luke.
This could be the bust that gets
me famous.
      (glances at
I mean us famous.
They follow the Mustang into a parking garage and are lead
all the way to the top level.


                       DET. WINTERS
Where the hell is this kid going?
They park a few rows from the parked Mustang awaiting
Donny's exit from the car.
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
That him?
                       DET. WINTERS
      (realizing the
       driver is Donny's
What the fu..he just sent us on a
wild goose chase.
Winter's & Bartuziak both exit the car.
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
What now?
                       DET. WINTERS
       the coin)
Don't make any weekend plans, kid.
We're going to full surveillance.
Authorized or not.
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
Pretty slick trick he pulled.
      (to self)
What are you up to Don?
Jake & Donny drive up to the club's front entrance in a D &
D security van. They are wearing company installation
technician uniforms .
You nervous?
Little bit, yeah.
Alright look. I'll do most of the
talking. You just handle the
cameras and I'll do the rest.


Jake is breathing heavily and rapidly.
Are you having an anxiety attack
or something?
You remember how I get when I'm
nervous, just give me a minute
would ya?
Turk, and his top bodyguard HAROLD oversee the unloading of
Victor Salazar's shipment. Turk's bodyguards are unloading
large cases off of a truck.
                       MR. TURK
Harold if you could be so kind as
to have this sped up a bit. Having
to explain this to the authorities
isn't something I've put much
thought into as of late.
      (to bodyguards)
Men, this wasn't supposed to take
all day. Double time it!
                       SALAZAR COURIER
      (Spanish accent)
Senor Turk, Senor Salazar would
like to extend his gratitude on
your handling of this on such
short notice. He wishes you would
join him in Columbia next month
for his birthday celebration. Si'?
                       MR. TURK
Of course. Tell Senor Salazar his
warm invitation is most gracious
and is humblely accepted.
They exchange handshakes and the courier exits in the drop
off truck.
Donny & Jake are stopped at the front entrance by a DOORMAN.


                       XPLOSION DOORMAN
Excuse me, is there something we
can do for you boys?
      (fake southern
Yeah bub, we're here to do a
system upgrade on your sec cam's.
      (hands over a fake
       work order slip)
Damn things have got more bugs
in'em than a five dollar whore.
Harold scans the work order.
                       XPLOSION DOORMAN
I don't know what this shit means.
Hold on a second. I have to
confirm this.
      (to Harold on
Sir, there are two guys here
saying they have to upgrade the
security cameras.
                       HAROLD (from radio)
Our system is fine, an upgrade on
Hey pal, it may be fine now but
unless you want it crashing on
your busiest nights we gotta
upgrade those son's-a-bitches.
                       XPLOSION DOORMAN (on radio)
They claim the system has bugs and
is due to crash unless they
upgrade it today sir.
                       HAROLD (from radio)
Then we had best let them upgrade
it then shouldn't we? Have Rico
escort them to the control room.
                       XPLOSION DOORMAN (on radio)
Got it.
      (to bartender)
Get Rico up here.
      (to Jake & Donny)
Whats in the bags? I have to


Oh nothing too exciting, couple of
AK's, semi-automatics, pipe bombs.
The doorman opens the bags to reveal tools and camera
equipment. Rico appears next to the bodyguard.
      (to doorman)
What is it?
                       XPLOSION DOORMAN
Harold wants you to see these guys
to the control room. They're
repairing the cameras.
What the hell? Ain't nothing wrong
with the cameras.
                       XPLOSION DOORMAN
Well these two say there is, and
Harold wants you to personally
escort them to each one.
Something wrong with your legs,
that the reason you couldn't walk
them to the control room?
                       XPLOSION DOORMAN
Look don't be an asshole. Harold
said for you to personally see
these guys around so I told you.
You gotta problem with it. Take it
up with him alright!
Eat me, don't forget whose your
boss around here alright?
      (to Jake & Donny)
Come on you two.
They follow Rico to the security control room.
The room overlooks the entire main floor of the club and
houses a monitor for each security camera throughout the


Whoo-weee! You guys the C.I.A or
Well this is it, so do what you
Jake kneels down in front of the monitor console and begins
to unpack electronic gadgets from his bag.
Man I tell ya, I'd love to come to
a place like this everyday for
work. Saw that lil number behind
the bar. You get to see that
everyday here, eh chief? You lucky
dog you.
Rico becomes increasingly annoyed by Donny rambling on. He
switches his attention from Jake back to his wristwatch.
Say, I got it. How about you give
me and my buddy here a couple of
those "very important persons
cards" we see in the movies. I
could bring a couple of lookers in
here with me. Liven this place
right up I bet'cha!
      (scours over Donny
       with his eyes)
You gotta be kidding, right?
      (to Jake)
Hey pal, how much longer is this
gonna take? I got money on the
Giant's, Dodgers' game!
I just have to do a reboot here
from the main console. Then we
have to check each cam to make
sure they're configured.
For Pete's sake boy why don't you
go watch your game! We'll be
alright here by ourselves. We
promise not to touch nothin.


That's not a bad idea Billy-Bob.
You two stay put, do not leave
this room until I come back!
      (saluting Rico)
Clear as Technicolor chief!
Rico exits the control room.
Fuckin jerkoff.
      (to Jake)
How we coming Jake?
I'm pretty much done here. Jesus
Christ I'm about to shit my pants.
These guys scare the shit out of
Hang in there, you're doin great.
Okay, I'm gonna plant the
Be careful Donny.
Donny opens the door slightly and peers out. He then exits
the control room and enters the men's restroom.
Donny opens each stall door checking to see if the room is

He locates the security camera and props himself on a urinal
for elevation. He pushes up the ceiling panel, then hops

He opens up the bag and removes several pieces of security
equipment to reveal a hidden cache of weapons.

Donny takes out several handguns and elevates himself up
again to hide the weapons.


Jake is finishing up the re-wiring of the control panel when
Rico enters the room.
Hey, where's the other guy, the
Said he had to take a leak. He
should be back here any minute.
Goddamn it! You! Stay here!
Rico storms out of the control room.
Shit, Donny.
Donny is hoisting a shotgun into the ceiling. Rico is
walking down the corridor to the men's restroom. Just as he
pushes through the door Donny refocuses his attention on the
security camera next to his hidden cache of weapons.
Hey shit kicker, didn't you
understand me when I said don't
leave that room without me!
What's the problem chief? I just
came in here to take a whiz.
Figured I might as well knock out
two birds with one stone ya know?
No I don't know. My boss doesn't
like anyone walking around
unattended. It could mean my ass,
and if that's the case, its your
ass! You got that. Chief!


Yeah I understand dickhead bosses
alright. Didn't mean to get your
panties all in a bunch friend.
Look, just forget about it. You
all done in here or what?
Done as Sunday dinner.
Good, let's go get your friend so
you guys can finish up.
Rico turns and exits the room. Donny partially exits then
looks up at the area where he stored the weapons, then
follows Rico.

1. Kip changes the license plate on the rental truck.
2. Mikey & Jason spray paint the rental truck a different
3. Donny points to a blueprint layout of the club.

End of montage.
Once you pull the switch, how long
will we have Jake?
Thirty minutes is the safest
window. I turn the camera's off,
you guys go, then I flip them back
on after thirty. In my opinion
anything longer than that could
bring added security to the lower
That's cutting it kinda close
isn't it?
I don't know, how long does it
generally take to rob a nightclub?


Half an hour is plenty of time. It
doesn't leave any time for screw
ups but it will force us to get in
and out clean.
We'll just have to bust our asses
is all.
There is still something I don't
understand about the money.
Whats that?
If the money is clean as a whistle
and fake receipts are kept for it.
Whats to stop him from say,
calling the cops when we're out of
Yeah, I've been meaning to ask
that one myself Don.
The money is clean, and yeah he
can account for all of it. But you
have to remember this guy is
involved with more shady deals
than a car salesman. He doesn't
want the police snooping around
asking questions anymore than we
do. I'm not worried about the
Is there anything you are worried
No, nothing. Now boy's I suggest
you start thinking about what
relative you're gonna tell the
bank teller died. We're all gonna
be making large deposits in a few


      (to Sal)
Hey, don't we have a rich uncle or
He died before we were born.
Even better.
I can't believe we're gonna be
Millionaire. I sure do like the
sound of that.
I'm beat. Anything else we have to
go over?
No, we've been through it enough.
Tomorrow it's on.
Donny is sitting on the sofa in Lainey's living room
watching t.v.

He lifts his right pant leg up at the ankle to reveal a
concealed blade and unhooks the holster and sets it on the
coffee table.

He flips through channels until he stops at a local news
reporter commenting on two murders. FROM TELEVISION: "The
male suspect has been identified as 38 year old Sylvester
Reed along with his wife 34 year old Cherie Reed. Police
have yet to identify a motive for the vicious slayings but
do not rule out a retaliation from a business deal gone

Donny shuts off the t.v. and slouches back into the sofa. He
then turns off the lamp.
*This is the beginning of the opening scene.*


The Knuckles enter the busy coffee shop and sit in a booth
near the front window.

They each scroll the menu's as an attractive waitress
                       COFFEE SHOP WAITRESS # 1
Evening gentlemen. Can I interest
anyone in coffee?
Not me, hun.
Sure yeah, I think everyone but
                       COFFEE SHOP WAITRESS # 1
I'll give you all a chance to look
over the menu. Let me know if
there is something else I can get
for you.
The waitress smiles intently at Jason then walks behind the
service counter.
Paul Turk arrives at the club in his limo.

He enters the club and heads toward the elevator. Turk,
Harold and Rico all descend to the lower level of the club.
                       MR. TURK
What was this business about
security cameras?
All taken care of sir. Just a
small upgrade to the system is
                       MR. TURK
Has Salazar called to say when his
monkey will be taking this shit
out of my club?
No word yet sir.


                       MR. TURK
I want this shit out of here.
Rico, I need a martini.
*First part of the opening scene.*

The Knuckle's are eating and drinking coffee. Everyone at
the table is silent.

Donny is switching his attention from his cup of coffee, his
wristwatch, and to staring out of the window.
Damn, its way too quiet for me.
Everyone is just trying to stay
Focused is one thing, but it feels
like someone's mother just died. I
gotta joke that'll loosen you
tightasses up.
Uh-oh. On that note, I think its
time for that phone call.
Jason stands up from the table and walks to a payphone.
Anyways you guys wanna hear the
joke or not?
Just tell the fuckin thing
Okay. Whats the difference between
a proctologist and a bartender?
Anybody? Sal you should know this
      (chuckles about
       the answer)
Anybody?................ Sal you
should know this one.


A general hum of "I don't know."

A proctologist only looks at
asshole's one at a time!
Jake pulls in front of the coffee shop in the rental truck.
The truck has been spray painted again to resemble a beer
delivery vehicle. Jake & Donny make eye contact.
      (to group)
Alright fellas lets make it
happen. Knuckle up
The Knuckles exit the coffee shop and walk past the rental

Club Xplosion is across the street and the lights from the
club glisten in the street. Sports cars, luxury sedans, and
limosuines fill the parking lot as the crew make their way
to the front entrance.

The rental truck drives down the street and turns into a
back alley behind the club.
The club is filled to capacity with 1980's dance music
blaring from the speakers.

The Knuckles make their way to a booth inside the club. They
order a round of drinks and sit in silence.
Jake parks the rental truck behind the club. A small drive
that leads to a dock closed off by locked gate. Jake
impatiently glances at his wristwatch.


      (to himself)
Donny, if you make it out of this
alive I'm gonna kill you!
Donny looks at his watch, then nods his head to Jason and
they both get up and head toward the restroom.

A moment later Sal & Mikey do the same. Kip finishes his
drink then heads toward the restroom as well.
Jake is holding a electronic device. He continues to glance
at his wristwatch.
Donny, Jason and Sal are inside bathroom stalls, while Kip
and Mikey are using the urinals.

Donny comes out and a timer on his watch starts to beep.
Jake's watch is also beeping. He punches a code in the
The closed circuit monitors in the control room go
completely black. The bodyguard in the control room has his
back to the monitors while on the telephone.
Sal is standing guard at the restroom door. Donny is
distributing the pistols and shotguns from the cache in the

Just as he hops down from the urinal a young man tries to


enter the restroom. Sal intercepts him and quiclky ushers
him out of the restroom.
Hey pal, I wouldn't go in there if
I were you. Goddamn toilets over
flowing like a volcano. Shit
Sal re-enters the restroom.

They each take out a black ski masks from their coat pockets
and slip them on.

Donny peers out of the door and they all slide past patrons
inside the club not paying attention.

The guard at the elevator is distracted by the waitress
getting into the elevator.

Kip presses the barrel of his pistol on the guards head.
Let's go for a ride.
                       XPLOSION SECURITY # 1
      (British accent)
What the fu...
How many on the lower level?
      (pulls back the
       hammer of his
Well spit it out.
                       XPLOSION SECURITY # 1
                       XPLOSION SECURITY # 1
They're each carrying a shooter..
Good boy. Now just sit tight, and
don't try anything stupid.
The elevator descends to the lower level.


The guard in the control room ends his phone call and
observes the monitors being off.
                       XPLOSION BODYGUARD # 2
What the hell?
      (on radio to
Sir, we seem to have a problem
with the security cameras.
                                         CUT TO:
Two Xplosion bodyguards are stationed by the vault.

Turk is sitting at his desk in the middle of the room.

Harold is beside him as he receives the call on the radio.
What do you mean a problem?
                       XPLOSION BODYGUARD # 2 (on radio)
They seem to be out sir.
They seem to be or they are out?
Which is it?
                       XPLOSION BODYGUARD # 2 (on radio)
They are out sir. I'm getting no
feed in from the cameras.
I'm coming up.
                       MR. TURK
What is it Harold?
Seems we have a small problem with
the sec cam's sir. I'm going to
check it out.
                       MR. TURK
So much for an upgrade.


      (walks toward the
I'm sure its nothing sir.
Harold walks toward the elevator. Upon entering he stops
suddenly as Donny points his pistol toward him and motions
him to back up.

The two bodyguards see this unfold while Turk has himself
buried in paper work. Silently Donny motions the two
bodyguards to come toward him.

Turk still unaware, glances at his side to see the
bodyguards with their arms up. It is now he realizes the
                       MR. TURK
What the fuck is this!?
This is you being the victim of a
robbery. Now, stand up. Slowly.
Twenty minutes!
Okay. My associate here will be
collecting your weapons. Let this
happen without resistance please.
Mikey pats down Harold, Turk & the two bodyguards and
collects their weapons He stuffs two pistols in his belt
then stuffs two in Sal's pant line.
                       MR. TURK
Son, do you have any idea who I am
or what you're doing? I suggest
that you think this through for a
minute, and take your associates
here and leave before you do
something you'll regret.
I appreciate your concern, but the
only thing I'd regret is leaving
here without whats.........
      (points to vault)
in there.
                       MR. TURK
Look, son...


I'm not your fucking son. If I was
my knuckles would be dragging the
floor. Now if you would be so kind
as to open that vault up.
                       MR. TURK
And what happens if I refuse? What
Then we make you swiss cheese,
right here, right now. After that
I doubt you'll care what happens
next. Am I right?
Turk turns and walks to the vault. He enters the access code
and the vault door unlatches. Inside are cases stacked on
top of each other.
      (to Harold)
You. Open the bay door. You have a
key for the gate in back?
I do.
Well lets go tough guy.
Harold waits for Turk's command. Turk nods his head in

Harold opens the bay door. Kip follows Harold outside to
open the gate where Jake is waiting.

Mikey & Sal remain inside with their shotguns aimed at Turk,
Rico and the other two body guards.

Jason stands guard by the elevator. Donny motions Turk
inside the vault.
Listen, I understand your
position, but don't make me ask
you something twice.
                       MR. TURK
If you take this, it will be too
late. You'll have gone too far.


You're in no situation to be
dishing out threats. Ever hear the
old saying, "don't bring a knife
to a gunfight?"
                       MR. TURK
Have you ever heard the one "if
you play with fire, you could get
The rental truck docks into the bay. Kip ushers Harold back
inside the lower level.
Fifteen minutes!
You big strong lads, start loading
up the truck. Hustle!
Harold, Rico & the two bodyguards load the cases onto the
      (to Turk?)
Aren't you going to help them?
Turk gives Donny a cold glance.
Five minutes, lets hit it!
Okay gentlemen, into the vault.
You gotta be fucking kidding.
Theres no air in that thing!
You'll be fine. Someone will come
along eventually. In you go.
                       MR. TURK
Consider this from my position. If
you were me what would you do?
Commit suicide


      (pumps the action
       on his shotgun)
Get the fuck in!
                       MR. TURK
      (to Donny)
You're burying yourself!
Bye bye, asshole.
Turk, Harold, Rico, & the two bodyguards start to enter the

The last bodyguard walks into the vault. In a split second
he slides a small handgun from the arm of his jacket and
turns around.

Kip & Mikey have already entered the rental truck, but Jason
and Donny remain by the vault.
Donny, lookout!
Donny instinctively turns and and fires three shots into his

The bodyguard is blasted back into the vault.

Donny & Jason quickly close the vault door then jump into
the back of the rental van.

Jake peels off from the dock bay into the back alley. He is
driving at a high speed from the adrenaline rush.
Mikey has opened the bay door for the truck to back into.
Kip, Sal, & Jason exit from the rear of the truck. Jake
exits from the drivers side.
Jake, your days of getaway driving
are over!
Lets get these unloaded and


The crew begins to unload the cases from the rental truck.
      (unloads a case)
Holy Mother & Mary these things
are heavy as shit!
      (unloads a case)
I told you to start working out.
Hey, open one up. I gotta see!
Kip sets a case down then cracks it open. The money is
neatly stacked in hundred & fifty dollar bills. They all
stare marveled at the sight.
      (thumbs a stack of
This is the prettiest thing I have
ever seen in my entire life.
      (to Don)
How much you think we got?
Dunno. Let's find out.
They begin to pull out more stacks of bills until a bagged
white substance is exposed at the bottom of the case.
What the fuck is that?
      (holds up bag of
       the substance)
Sure isn't money.
Well what the fuck is it?
It's cocaine genius.
What the fuck is cocaine doing
mixed in with our money?


They must have been storing it for
What the hell are we gonna do with
this shit?
I can't believe this. We stole
some drug kingpin's money "and"
drugs! And I wanna know right now,
why were there gunshots!
Your little brother clipped a guy.
Three shots, boom, boom, boom
straight through the heart.

This just keeps getting better and
better. So you killed someone?
Now's not the time. We have to get
this money counted, and the "coke"
is just a new wrinkle we'll deal
Jake walks over to Donny, grabs him by the coat and pushes
him against a wall. Sal, Mikey & Jason stand by watching as
Kip rushes over to break them apart.
No Donny, now is the time we're
gonna talk about this!
      (waves Kip back)
Fine Jake. Whats on your mind?
This isn't how it was supposed to
go Donny. You never mentioned
drugs, and you fucking shooting
some guy, Jesus Christ!


This shit being cased in with the
money is a just as much as a
surprise to me as it is to
everyone else. We took this from a
guy who does business with drug
dealer's Jake. And the other
thing, yeah I shot the guy. He
went for a gun and I reacted.
Would you rather it have been one
us lying dead back there?
He had no choice Jake, he did the
right thing.
      (eases grip on
I need to get out of here, I just
need to go home.
Thats a good idea Jake, go home
get some rest. We'll count the
money and I'll give you a call
tomorrow alright.
Fine, I'm outta here.
Donny walks Jake to the door and watches him leave.. The
crew continues to count the money and sort the cocaine. Kip
walks and stands close to Donny.
He's really freakin' out.
Yeah. How are you holding up?
Hey I'm great. I can get use to
this smash and grab stuff.
They walk back toward the crew.
      (puts Dontay in a
       playful headlock)
Listen to you! Hey guys, everyone
did great in there. We followed


                       DONNY (cont'd)
the plan, and no one was hurt.
      (to Donny)
It was your plan, cabella. And a
damn good one too!
      (counting last
       case of money)
don't fuckin believe this!
What is it?
Twenty million dollars. We got
twenty fuckin million dollars!
Nah uh, you sure its twenty mil?
You kiddin me. Counting is one
thing I know how to do. I'm sure
of it.
Not bad for an ex-con and a bunch
of newbies, eh Don? Don? Where the
hell did he go?
Donny enters the warehouse holding a bottle of Lainey's
Congratulations Knuckles! In one
night you became professional
thieves and nabbed the score of a
lifetime! Salude!
Donny takes a long drink from the bottle, then passes it
around the group. They each take long drinks as well.
I don't mean to be a drag and all
but we took twenty million from
this guy, And we killed one of his


Whats your point?
My point is, whats to stop him
from calling the cops. If they
they aren't crawling all over that
place already?
Somehow I doubt the cops are there
or ever will be.
What makes you so sure?
The lower level is soundproof
remember. And even if he wanted to
involve the police, whats he gonna
put on the report. Some guys stole
my dirty money and fifty kilo's of
Good point, I guess you're right.
If there's one thing I know, its
the criminal mind. Now lets get
this stuff sorted and get outta
What about the "coke"?
We'll keep it with the cash for
now, never know what might come
In the wake of the robbery Turk, Harold, Rico and other club
bodyguards have gathered in the club's lower level. Turk's
bodyguards feel his wrath as a result of the incident.
                       MR. TURK
      (stares into vault)
Someone please remove this corpse
from my vault. Why are there so
many of you incompetent fucks just
standing around doing absolutely


                       MR. TURK (cont'd)
                       XPLOSION SECURITY # 1
Mr. Turk, the cameras. Somehow
they must have shut off the
surveillance cameras. I just don't
know how?
                       MR. TURK
Of course you don't, you're a
fucking idiot. Now get out of my
sight, you're making me nauseous.
      (to bodyguard # 1)
Go back up top and bring a car
                       MR. TURK
Harold, I trust you understand
what needs to be done. The money
we've lost is second priority to
finding Salazar's shipment.
We will find who did this sir.
                       MR. TURK
First I want you to call that
worthless security company and
find out why this fifty-thousand
dollar surveillance system doesn't
Donny is wrapped in a body towel still wet from a shower. He
wipes the mist from bathroom mirror and stares at his
reflection for a moment.
      (to himself;
You did it. You're out, last one.
Lainey appears in the bathroom doorway wearing a sexy
Are you talking to yourself in


Yeah I guess I am.
They embrace and kiss passionately.
I missed you tonight, where were
Out causing trouble with the guys.
Oh great. I should probably get
use to not waiting up again,
No need. There won't be anymore
nights like this one.
And give me one good reason why I
should believe that.
How about twenty million.
Lainey stares into Donny eyes for a moment. They kiss
passionately again.

Lainey breaks free of Donny's embrace then back pedals
slowly into the bedroom. She then begins to slowly untie the
front of her nightgown.
Come to bed.
Donny turns back to face the mirror and his reflection. A
wide smile comes across his face as he flips the light
switch off.
Are you sure you have nothing on
file? Two of your guys were at the
club a few days ago.
                       D&D RECEPTIONIST
I'm sorry sir. We keep every
service call in our database.


One of the techs mentioned
something our system shutting down
without this upgrade. Our system
did shut down recently.
                       D&D RECEPTIONIST
I've checked sir. Your system was
and still is not in need of an
upgrade. Are you sure the
technicians were from this
Yeah doll, I'm sure. My boss isn't
very happy with your company's
                       D&D RECEPTIONIST
I'm very sorry sir. I can give you
Mr. Briggs business card and you
can get in touch with him at your
convenience. He is head of our
installation department.
Fine. Sure.
Rico takes the business card from the receptionist.

He attempts to stuff the card inside his suit coat pocket
but the card falls to the floor.

Rico bends down to pick up the card as Jake walks past him
to the front desk.
Morning Mel.
                       D&D RECEPTIONIST
Good morning Mr. Briggs. My
goodness sir, you look like you
didn't get much sleep last night.
Yeah, long night.
Jake walks into a nearby coffee room.
Rico having just missed seeing Jake turns back to walk
toward the front desk.


Hey hot stuff, you gotta bathroom
in this joint?
Jake walks out of the coffee room with his attention focused
directly at the receptionist. Rico instantly remembers
Jake's face. This triggers Rico memory from Jake disguised
as a service technician.
                       D&D RECEPTIONIST
Rico focuses back on receptionist.
                       D&D RECEPTIONIST
The restrooms are to your left,
down and turn right.
Huh? Oh yeah right, thanks baby.
Rico heads toward the restroom.
                       D&D RECEPTIONIST
Rico stops; watches Jake walk back to his office. He then
turns back and exits D&D.
Det. Bartuziak walks toward Det. Winters desk.
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
We got something.
      (hands him a slip
       of paper)
On Briggs.
                       DET. WINTERS
What do we have here?
      (scans the slip of
A rental truck receipt is
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
Check out the name of the rentee.
Look familiar?


                       DET. WINTERS
Uh-huh. And?
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
Uh-huh, so how come dispatch has
gotten in reports of a rental
truck being parked at an abandoned
warehouse the last few days?
                       DET. WINTERS
You got an address for this
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
Somewhere in this pile.
      (thumbs through a
       stack of papers)
Here we go, five eighty three
Bennett Drive. We going for a
                       DET. WINTERS
We're going for a drive.
Winters & Bartuziak peer through a window of the warehouse
the "Knuckles" used as their base of operations. The
warehouse is empty with no signs of activity.
                       DET. WINTERS
Can you see anything?
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
Nothing. A few rats scurrying
around, thats about it.
                       DET. WINTERS
You sure this is the right place?
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
It's the address reported through
dispatch. I don't get it. You said
this guy boosts cars right. But
this shit hole could hold what,
maybe two cars at most.
                       DET. WINTERS
Maybe it's not cars anymore. He
could be into something entirely


                       DET. BARTUZIAK
Well if he was here, he's covered
his ass.
                       DET. WINTERS
Better have a black & white patrol
here around the clock.
                       DET. BARTUZIAK
What do you think he's planning?
                       DET. WINTERS
On not seeing me.
Paul Turk is in motion to swing his putter when his mobile
telephone rings. Turk's bodyguard hands him the telephone.
                       MR. TURK
      (hurls golf club)
Goddamn it!
      (answers phone)
                       RICO (from phone)
It's Rico sir, we have great news.
                       MR. TURK (on phone)
Oh? It damn well better be since
you interrupted my short game.
                       RICO (from phone)
According to the company's
database our system was never due
to shutdown. No upgrades were
needed, nothing sir.
                       MR. TURK (on phone)
So what you're telling me is that,
someone managed to infiltrate my
impenetrable club, fool my
security personnel, then hack and
reprogram our state of the art
surveillance system?
                       RICO (from phone)
Yes sir, thats what we believe.
                       MR. TURK (on phone)
No Rico, that's what I know. Now
this is the moment you tell me
you've located who accomplished


                       MR. TURK (cont'd)
these magical feats.
                       RICO (from phone)
Sir, you'll be happy to know we
have. The technicians were frauds.
We've got a lock on one right now
Mr. Turk.
                       MR. TURK (on phone)
Excuse me if I save the
jubilation. Put Harold on.
                       HAROLD (from phone)
Yes sir?
                       MR. TURK (on phone)
I don't want to hear from anyone
but you Harold. That imbecile is
going to force me to have a
coronary. I'm counting on you
Harold. Find out what he knows,
and make it clear that I want back
what they took.
Turk ends the call. He then turns to face the accompanying
                       MR. TURK
Instead of standing there with
complete mindless looks on your
faces, do something useful.
Harold, Rico & two bodyguards sit in a black sedan across
the street from D&D security & surveillance. Rico twists on
a silencer to a pistol.
There won't be a need for that.
We're simply delivering a message.
Nothing more.
I'm just making sure it's ready,
you know just in case.
As long as you all know. This one
stays alive for now. He'll either
lead us to the others or get the


                       HAROLD (cont'd)
word to them.
Hey,there he is!
They watch as Jake walks to his car and drives away.

They follow behind keeping a safe distance to remain
unnoticed. Jake pulls into his driveway and enters his home.

They park a few houses down from Jake's home but continue
watching his movements through a window.
That's him alright, he was the
quiet one. The other guy, the loud
mouth, I can't wait to get my
hands on that fuck!
You'll have your chance. We'll
wait until dark. Right now I think
Mr. Turk should be brought up to
The sedan drives off.
Jake is brushing his teeth in an upstairs bathroom. He heads
downstairs to the kitchen.

He leans into the open refrigerator to scan it's contents.
As he stands up and closes the door one of Turk's bodyguards
strikes him with a vicious blow. Jake retracts awkwardly
into a counter from the blow.

Before he can register who his attacker is he is struck
again by an equally vicious blow from behind. Jake falls
hard to the floor but remains conscious.

He is lifted to his feet by two Turk bodyguards. They have
him subdued by his arms.

Rico stands in front of Jake, close enough for their noses
to almost touch.
You remember me?
      (strikes Jake with
       two hard punches)
No, no sweetheart, stay with me.


                       RICO (cont'd)
We haven't even started to have
fun yet.
      (strikes again
       with a hard punch)
Hurts doesn't it?
That's enough for now. We need him
conscious, remember?
Jake is losing his battle with consciousness. Rico mockingly
laughs at Jake in the background. The bodyguard's keep their
hold on Jake, they are cold, emotionless enforcers.
I'm going to assume you know who
we are and why we're here. So I'll
get right to the point. You have
something that belongs to the
person I work for. He wants it
I...I don't know, I...
You see that man over there.
      (points to Rico)
He's a very violent man and he
doesn't seem to like you very
much. If you waste our time here
I'm going to request he start
cutting off your various limbs.
Now, are you ready to disclose
something useful?
Jake glances at Rico then back to Harold.
We, we........have it, we
have..... everything.
Donny is at Jake's front door.

He rings the doorbell; no answer. He waits a moment then
rings it a few more times with no reply.

Donny then walks around to the back of the house and spots
Jake's car in the driveway. As he attempts to ring the


backdoor doorbell he notices the door is slightly ajar. The
hinges nearly ripped off.

Donny kneels down and unsheathes a throwing blade from an
ankle holster.

After pushing the door open and entering, a trail of blood
is the first thing to catch his eye.

He slowly walks into the front room to see Jake sprawled out
on the floor. Donny sprints over to bend down beside Jake.
Jesus, Jake!
Donny, Mr. Briggs, Mrs. Briggs, & Lisa are at the hospital
in the waiting room. They sit in silence with worried looks
across their faces.

Donny walks down the hallway to a vending machine. Heading
back toward his family Donny stops after spotting Det.
Winters talking to his parents.

Winters & Donny exchange glances and Winters walks toward
                       DET. WINTERS
Got a minute?
      (takes a drink of
I'm really not in the mood
                       DET. WINTERS
Look, I'm sorry about your
brother. I spoke to your parents
and they mentioned the doctor's
are optimistic.
Winters why are you here? Huh? I
told you I'm in no mood to get
sweated by you right now.


                       DET. WINTERS
I understand you're upset. That's
not why I'm here. The patrolman
tells me it was a botched break
Yep, thats what they say.
                       DET. WINTERS
Well what do you think?
They said it was a break in, so
thats what it was, right?
                       DET. WINTERS
Guess so. You know its funny,
there were no signs of anything
being taken. Nothing out of place
in your brother's house.
What's that add up to? I haven't
been keeping up on my cop lingo
                       DET. WINTERS
I'm glad you've kept a sense of
humor despite all of this. But to
me this looks professional.
Someone possibly trying to deliver
a message.
Way off Winters. My brother isn't
involved with people who deliver
messages by sending you to the
                       DET. WINTERS
      (hands Donny a
       slip of paper)
Maybe they delivered it to the
wrong brother.
Winters walks away. Donny looks at the slip of paper. It is
a copy of his rental truck receipt.


Donny is looking out of a window in Jake's room.

Lisa is reclined in a chair with her eyes closed listening
to a portable walk man.

Mrs. Briggs is seated beside Jake's bed holding Jake's hand

Mr. Briggs is standing up next to her resting his hand on
her shoulder.

Jake slowly opens his eyes and begins to speak softly.
Ugh, my head.
                       MRS. BRIGGS
Jake honey, lie still.
                       MR. BRIGGS
I'll get the doctor.