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While in line at the Vaccination Center...
by Josh Pearson (DaleTheMovie@Yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

A short film about Dale who lives in a dystopian society. He arrives at a vaccination center to receive his scheduled dose. The story ensues from there. Read it, it's short. It'll all be over before your ADD kicks in.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Dale walks into a enclosed lobby into a fairly large mini
mall like structure. It looks as if it may have been used
at one point as an actual mall. There are empty store front
like rooms, dark and silent from years of being forgotten.
In the middle of this lobby sits a large fountain, the water
has since left the structure leaving an eery towering-like
Dale looks to his left and see a sign. Itís one of those
old signs with a black felt covering that you could place
tiny letters on, sort of like the signs youíd see in church
with the days sermon written on it. The sign reads:


with an arrow pointing into a room. The room looks like it
may have been a bank at one point. Thereís a large lobby in
which about 100 people are crowded. At the back of the room
sits 8 teller windows, each one manned by a silent, ghost of
a woman taking information from citizens fed to them by a
large line. To the right of the teller windows, there
appears to be a interim medical area. Two nurses stand,
dressed in white, inoculating men and women, periodically
standing to call names into a microphone. This all looks
out to the front, where a glass wall separates the room from
the lobby. Dale looks in and then proceeds to enter.
Dressed in a pale outfit, Daleís fashion sense seems to be
the norm. Most women look as if they belong in a convent.
People donít wear colorful outfits, they dress in pale
grays, black, brown, and white. Normal, eye catching
fashion has been replaced by practical, dreary clothing.
Dale reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his wallet.
From his wallet, he pulls out his identification card and
places it back in his pocket. He looks down at his ID. Itís
slightly digital, with a small solar panel to produce
energy. It has a picture of his face and a thumb print.
Thereís a magnetic strip on that back which can be swiped
and then also a small port where it could be plugged into a
computer. He puts it into his pocket and steps into line.
As he waits, he looks up at a TV screen thatís glaring out
the state-ran news channel. A reporter comes on the screen
with a special report.


      (from TV screen)
This just in, USBC is has gotten
initial reports of an explosion
occurring at a vaccination
laboratory in downtown district of
Detroit this morning. Early
reports are unclear but itís
suspected that the terrorist
organization, PAAF, will claim
responsibility. Detroit has been
the target of some larger
terrorist attacks as of recent,
since the governmentís decision to
move central security and medical
supply production to the poverty
stricken region.
An old lady a few spots ahead in line speaks up.
                       OLD LADY
Goddamn terrorist. A bunch of
naÔve, young fools who donít
respect the things given to them.
She looks up at the man standing behind her and two people
in front of Dale
                       OLD LADY
Iíll tell you one thing, you take
away their electricity, you take
away their water, then youíll see
Ďem shut up real quick. The brats
complain and complain about the
government but they fail to see
all the good things provided for
                       MAN BEHIND OLD LADY
Reminds me of my son. Heís 16,
all he does is bitch and moan
about how I donít let him stay out
late enough, how I donít let him
have girls over, how heís going to
leave and Iíll be sorry. HA! All
this while eating a dinner I
provided for him at a table I
purchased in the house that I
built! When heís gets older,
heíll understand. Heíll see that
you have to respect the authority
that provides for you. What
doesnít seem obvious to him now,


                       MAN BEHIND OLD LADY (cont'd)
eventually will.
                       OLD LADY
Did you hear? The little bastards
bombed an Electrical Generator
last night. It knocked the power
out in BaltimoreÖ the whole city!
                       MAN BEHIND OLD LADY
Yeah, I heard about that, I was
watching it on the news before I
came here. Talk about biting the
hand that feeds them
Daleís been silent about this whole time, listening
casually. The man in front of Dale has been listening too
and canít keep quiet. This is Tyler.
I think thatís the point, sir. Iím
sorry; I couldnít help but listen
to your conversation.
The man behind the old lady nods.
                       MAN BEHIND OLD LADY
Go on. Whatís your point?
My point is that whatís beautiful
about some aspects of the
resistance movement is they donít
see things the way older, more,
how do would sayÖ I donít know,
conditioned people do? Maybe they
think that the things provided for
them arenít necessarily things
that have to be provided but are
more being used as systems of
                       MAN BEHIND OLD LADY
What are you, a goddamn terrorist?
A camera up in the corner of the room, beside the TV, starts
to zoom in. A monitor showing the conversation appears with
the speech being played audibly through speakers. As heís
speaking, the camera analyzes their faces and begins running
their profile against a database of photos.


      (viewed through
       security monitor)
No sir, Iím not a terrorist, I
just donít believe everything
thatís fed to me through this...
He points up at the TV screen.
Ö cathode wet dream!
The old lady gasps at the Ďwet dreamí comment.
Sorry, maíam, I get a little
worked up sometimes over these
Dale listens intently to Tyler. The old lady has hit the
front of the line and is quickly called by an open teller.
Dale looks around him, the line has moved fast. He didnít
notice the cute girl that was standing behind him. Sheís
fumbling through her bag, looking for her wallet. She
senses his glance and looks up. She smiles hesitantly.
Awkwardly, Dale looks away. The man in front of him, Tyler,
turns around and sees Dale. Tyler points with his thumb
over his shoulder.
Old people, theyíre whatís keeping
this country from going through
any real change.
Dale puts a small smile on his face to show his slight
Hm, yeah, we could definitely use
some of that.
Some of what?
      (viewed from
       security monitor)
The security monitor shows two snap shots of Daleís and the
man in front of him faces with their first initial and last
names displayed underneath their faces.


The old lady is now being interrogated by a teller.
Marital status?
                       OLD LADY
widowed... my husband died last
year ofÖ
Any allergies?
The old lady looks up at her, hurt by the tellers
indifference. The teller is just staring back at her with a
blank smile on her face.
                       OLD LADY
No... no allergies
Thank you, Ms. Edshaw. Hereís
your identification back. If you
can wait over there, it will be
about 20 minutes, theyíll call
your name.
                       OLD LADY
Thank you
Tyler is next and moves to the empty space left by the old
Tyler gives his ID to the teller. The teller takes it and
plugs it into the computer in front of her. A screen with
the manís photo and all his personal information appears. An
indicator on the screen begins to blink red.
CU of screen. The indicator reads ĎCandidate for Serum
Slightly put off by the message, the tellerís face turns to
a grimace. Quickly, she recovers and snaps a smile back
onto it.


Mr. Brigadell...
Back in line, the girl behind Dale, her name being Natalie,
has really caught his attention, thereís something about her
eyes. Dale pretends not to look at her all the while
stealing glances. She notices this and speaks up.
You know, I don't know what's
worse about this place, the
needle's prick or the awkward
glances from the prick in line.
Daleís a little put off but he recovers quickly.
Oh, Iím sorry, I didnít mean toÖ
itís just that you look familiar,
I feel like Iíve seen you
somewhere before.
Really, out of all the nuns in
this place, you pick me out as
A teller has just cleared up and is waiting for Dale.
I don't know, it's something...
the eye's maybe?
Hey, that's very poetic, Lord
Byron, but, you know, it's your
turn, so let's go, don't piss 'em
Dale didnít realize he was next. Quickly, he moves to the
open teller, this one different than the teller before.
Hello, ID please?
Forgetting to have it ready, Dale fumbles around in his
pocket for his ID. He produces it and hands it over to the
teller. She plugs it into her monitor. The same ĎCandidate
for Serum 9.34-6í message appears as it did for the other
man. This teller doesnít react to the message.


165, 170Ö
Mr. Tinsle, when was the last time
you received an inoculation?
Um, I donít know, I think Iíve
missed about two of them.
Have you had any sexual relations
since then, Mr. Tinsle.
Um, thatís kind of personal. I
donít remember anyone asking me
that last time.
Mr. Tinsle, as you should already
know, weíve developed a new
vaccine for certain types of
sexually transmitted diseases
since the last time youíve been
inoculated. And please remember,
your answers are confidential and
will help us decide the proper
dose for you today.
Daleís a little taken back, but he hesitantly answers.
No, no, I havenít been with anyone
in 2 yearsÖ not since...
Can I take it then that you are of
a single, divorced or widowed
Yes, singleÖ


She types something into the computer, removes the ID still
plugged in and hands it back to Dale.
Mr. Tinsle, if you could have a
seat over there, someone will be
with you momentarily
She motions over to a crammed seating area. Dale leaves the
window and finds a seat. He glances up at the TV and sees a
policeman beating a protestor with a baton. He stares until
his concentration is broken by a loud yelling. The girl
behind him in line is making a scene at a teller booth.
Itís not confidential if I tell
      (in a hushed tone)
Maíam, please quiet down or Iíll
be forced to call security.
With that threat, Natalie quiets down.
Alright, alright, alrightÖ yes,
Iíve had sex in the past 6 months.
With how many partners?
Ms. Colt...
Listen, I'm a big girl. I go out,
have a good time. I don't keep
track of everything I do in
She slaps the side of the teller's computer monitor. This
startles the teller.
...database, like you guys do.


I see... Well, here's a form. If
you can remember any details, such
as the number of times and names,
please fill it out on this form
and mail it in to us. OK?
Natalie reluctantly takes the form.
Thank you. Now, if you could,
please have a seat over there and
wait. Your name will be called
The girl takes the sheet of paper and walks over towards the
waiting area. Looking around, she sees only one open seat,
next to Dale.
Oh, great.
Dale sees her approach and moves over to the side to make
room for her. She sits down and tries to move as far away
as possible. She looks away from Dale, as Dale eagerly
looks at her. She notices him again and as he starts to
stutter out his first words.
H-h-hey, sorry about that beforeÖ
you know, in line.
The girl seems to warm up to him, very slightly.
Hey, itís alright. Iíve had a
tough day.
Yeah, it looks like you and that
teller were having a go at it.
Yeah, that stupid bitÖ you know
she had the audacity to ask me if
Iíve had sex within the past 6
months? You believe that?
Yeah, they asked me the same


I mean, the nerve! Where do they
get off? I donít even wanna know
about half the people, much less
tell these jerks. Next thing you
know, theyíll be asking me about
my menstrual cycle.
Dale sits there awkwardly, not knowing how to follow that
So um, you come here often?
Natalie looks amazed that she was just asked that question.
Only when they tell me. Listen,
cut the one-liners ok? If Iím
going to be sitting here for
hours, I donít need you flirting
with me the whole time.
Iím sorry, Iím sorry, no harm
intended. Itís just that I wasnít
kidding when I said you looked
familiar. Maybe it's in the
Really, huh? Well, thatís
impossible, I just moved here 2
months ago.
I donít know. Maybe Iíve seen you
on TV or something...
The girl seems to have lost her attention. Sheís chewing at
her nails. Dale notices her indifference to the
conversation and leaves her alone. They donít speak for a
couple seconds until the girl breaks the silence.
Look at them. Like cattle.
Dale looks over at her and sees her pointing to the line
that they were once in.
You know, in slaughter houses,
they make these long, slender
corrals able to fit a cow facing


                       NATALIE (cont'd)
in one direction only so that it
canít turn around and escape on
their way to the kill. Not only
that, but they make them curvy,
too, so the cows canít see whatís
Hm, are you a vegetarian?
Me? Hell no! My boyfriend used
to work in for the OFS processing
division. He worked in the actual
slaughter houses, managing the
process flow.
Oh, is that why youíre here? Did
he get a job at the Petersen
Plant, downtown?
No, he died a year and a half ago.
Iím just here visiting my
Oh, sorry, I uhÖ
Shut up, you donít care. Youíre
happy Iím single.
Daleís dumbfounded. The girl is too forthright to talk to.
The girl notices this and eases up.
Hey, if you want to make a good
first impression, do me a favor.
What's that?
Give me a piece of that gum you
got right there?
Natalie points to Daleís shirt pocket. Dale reaches in and
pulls out a piece and hands it to the girl.


      (with a smile)
Thanks, I quit smoking.
So, youíre parents live around
here? Did you go to school around
Natalie looks cautiously at Dale for a second then decides
heís not so much a threat to her sanity.
Nah, this dump? Thereís no action
here at all. Nah, my parents
moved up to the Assisted Living
Dale nods. Natalie's fidgeting with the gum wrapper.
What about you? You from these
Me? Nah, I just follow the work.
Company tells me to come here, I
donít argue. Plus, itís nice here
during the summer. The sun thins
out the air, gets rid of the all
the crap, you know, so you can
breathe for a few months.
Breathe, huh? Thatíd be nice, I
guess something to look forward
Dale and the girl share a moment of silence.
I remember being a little girl, at
my parentís summer home up on Lake
George. Iíd walk through the tall
grass in my summer dress. I
remember the long blades; they
would tickle the backs of my
knees. My uncle and my father
would go out fishing for the
afternoon while my brother and I
played on the dock.
She shakes her head.


Those memories; theyíre just
fading likeÖ like streaks on a
mirror. I went up there last
June, the government had long
since bought the property from my
father and converted it to someÖ
processing plant. The place
smelled of rot. It was
unrecognizable as the place in my
The girl stares blankly forward for a second then quickly
snaps out of it.
But, hey, what are you going to
I mean, I see your point and I
donít want to sound, you know,
cold, but you can see the benefits
of the processing plant, right?
Sure, your memories of childhood
will be different than for those
who are growing up today, but
canít you see the benefits that 20
or whatever years of progress have
Sure, buddy, indoor water parks
and freeze-dried hotdogs.
A voice comes over the loudspeaker. It's one of the nurses
by the medical area.
      (over loudspeaker)
Tyler Brigadel
Tyler, who's been sitting away from Dale and Natalie, stands
up. Dale see this and turns to Natalie.
Hey, look, thatís the guy who was
standing in front of me in line.
Maybe we wonít be here for so long
after all.


Tyler walks over the medical area. A seat awaits him with a
small arm rest. He starts to roll up his sleeve and looks
up at the nurse.
Hello, have a seat for us. Do you
have your ID card?
Tyler pulls his wallet out and hands his ID to the nurse.
She plugs it into the screen. A message ďCorrective Dose:
Serum 9.34-6í and itís blinking red. This puts the nurse
off a little bit. Tyler remains unsuspecting, though, of
the flashing message. The nurse stands up and walks over to
a cabinet and unlocks it. She pulls a small bottle out from
inside the cabinet. Using a hypodermic needle, she extracts
the liquid from inside the small glass container. She walks
over to the trash can and drops the used glass container
into the trash. It falls on top of a large pile of other
empty containers. All of the other containers, though,


While Tylerís reads:


The nurse sits down next to Tyler who already has his sleeve
pulled up to his bicep. She begins to prepare his arm for
the injection.
Have you had a long wait, Mr.
Actually, no, it was surprisingly
quick. I thought I had at least
an hourís time to kill.
Well, thatís good. It will all be
over soon enough.
She smiles at him and injects the liquid into his veins.
Pushing the plunger all the way down, the nurse retracts the
needle and looks up at Tyler.


All done, let me just give you a
band-aid and weíll send you on
your way
Both Tyler and the gentleman the other nurse was working
with stand up at the same time. Both men walk away as the
nurse heads to the loudspeaker microphone
      (into the
Dale Tinsle, Natalie Colt. Dale
Tinelse, Natalie Colt.
The girl stands up, as does Dale
Natalie, huh?
Guess the catís out...Dale.
They walk over to the medical area. As they head in that
direction, they pass both the old lady and the man who was
standing behind her in line. Both of them sitting, watch in
wonderment as Dale and Natalie pass them and get attention
before they do. Dale and Natalie don't notice this and sit
down at the now vacant seats. They each roll up their
sleeves, robotically preparing themselves for their
injections. The nurse takes Daleís ID card and swipes it at
her computer. The message ĎCorrective Dose: Serum 9.34-6í
appears on the monitor. The nurse then swipes Natalieís
card. The same message appears. Walking over to the
counter, she pulls out two more small containers of Serum
9.34-6 and fills two needles with the contents. She sets
one needle down next to Dale and next to Natalie. The
nurses begin preparing their patients arms for injection. As
they do this, gunfire is heard from outside the clinic, in
the lobby. A group of masked, armed men storm the clinic.
Two armed security guards enter through a door by the TV
mounted on the wall. They are quickly gunned down and
killed. With the gunfire, everyone drops to the ground. One
of the men pulls out a small fire arm, pulls it up, points
it in Daleís direction and starts walking towards him.
Both nurses are looking up in surprise at the attack. As
the man approaches, he fires off a quick round, piercing the
skull of the nurse attending Natalie. Blood splatters
against the small empty glass containers that used to hold
Serum 9.34-6. Other men grab the nurse who was working on
Dale and escort her away.


The man turns to Natalie who runs to his arms and then
proceeds to slap him.
Christ, how long was it going to
take you? How many signals do you
The masked man pulls the bandana away from his face.
                       MASKED MAN
What are you talking about? I
gave the raid orders as soon as we
got the signal, just as we
She stomps her left foot on the ground a couple of times.
Goddamn ghetto switchesÖ
She stomps her foot a few more times while awkwardly looking
up at Dale.
She pulls out a cigarette from Ďmaskedí manís pocket. The
man gives Natalie a big kiss on the cheek and walks away to
go help the other men destroy the medical supplies. The
other civilians inside the center are starting to get up off
of their knees. Daleís just looking in amazement. He
points down to the dead nurse on the ground.
He..he killed her! What did that
poor lady do?
      (lighting her
Hey, in order to make an omeletÖ
And you? Where the hell did you
come from?
Natalieís loading a pistol, smoking a cigarette. This
mercenary-like person has completely surprised Dale.
Do yourself a favor; get out of
here before they send more
security officers.


You lied to me?
Yeah, sorry about that, I didnít
really quit smoking
I mean all that stuff about your
summer home? your uncle fishing?
your dead boyfriend, for Christ
sakes?Ö what were you, just
killing time?
No... all that really happened.
Hey, donít look at me that way.
Donít doubt my sincerity, I had
other things on the mind, you
Dale just stares at her in disbelief.
Don't take this the wrong way, you
didn't have a chance with me to
begin with. You're a cute kid,
just too, I don't knowÖ asleep for
She tosses him the gum wrapper she was playing with, itís
been twisted into the shape of a rose. He looks up at her
as she joins the rest of her group. As sheís leaving, she
passes a poster on the wall. It has a picture of a girl
with a bandana over her face showing just her eyes. The
eyes look strikingly similar to Natalieís. It reads:



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