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by Merlin Chappuis (merlinswand100@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***
A script for a Short movie my friend and I want to make for fun. First script I wrote.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The intro screens, (not going to script) explain the
situation that is unfolding.
                                         FADE IN
Varus and his three Legions march through the woods. The
Roman are tired of chasing a hidden enemy.
View of the Germans, bows ready, hundreds of thousands of
Germans. They pull back their arrows, and fire a volly into
the roman ranks.
Romans scream , and fall. The Germans rush in blazing
swords, and cut romans to pieces.
Varus tries to wheel his horse around in the mayhem, but it
is shot out from under him.
Varus falls to the ground, and loses his breath. He regains
himself to see a german charging him. He unseathes his sword
and stabs the german in the stomach.
The Landscape is cold, and calm. Nothing Stirs. The Roman
Legion stands alone on a small hill.
The Rest of the Roman legions slaughtered, these Romans
prepare to make a last stand.
Arminius' second comes out of the woods carrying Varus' head
                       ARMINIUS'S 2ND
      (yelling at Romans)
Tod nach Rom!
Thousands of Germans come out of woods behind him.
                       ARMINIUS'S 2ND
      (as the Germans
       come from behind)
Tod zu den heathens


The Romans become worried, and murmer amongs themselves, and
Marcus steps forward...
walking infront of Romans
                       GAIUS MARCUS
      (To Romans,
My Fellow Romans, Why do you
cower? The Enemy is many, the
chance of Survival slim!...
Romans look a bit better, and look around at eachother.
                       GAIUS MARCUS
My fellow Romans, the day looks
clearly like a grim day, but it is
not! The Germans come here,
sneaking and cowardly attacking
from the woods, now we can show
them the TRUE strength of Roman
Romans Cheer!
                       GAIUS MARCUS
      (With more vigor!)
Romans, I have fought with you,
bled with you, and not once
doubted your courage! I say now,
that I still do not doubt it! I
will see you all again! Death is
but part of the Journey! We will
all see each other again in The
Elysian fields! And Remember one
thing, The Roman Gods are watcing,
let them not be ashamed!
Romans Cheer, as Germans Roar, (They didn't hear the speech
though) and hoot! and basically trying to intimidate.
Marcus begins walking forward, showing the charge with his
sword. The Roman Legionaries follow him eagerly
Germans begin charging the Romans, as the romans equal the
German's pace.


Romans (while jeering) charge down the hill at the Germans
who (also jeering) charge up it. They clash together, Marcus
smacking aside a German sword and slashing the german.
Battle insues, Germans flipping over romans, Romans doing
their Gut Thrusts. Basic chaos.
Marcus slashes a German and looks up to a hill. Arminius'
2nd stands there.
Marcus and A2 (Arminius' 2nd) charge eachother.Marcus down
his hill, A2 down his. They come crashing down in the
center, and the fight begins. The Romans in the background
are losing the battle.
Marcus pulls out a small dagger and stabs A2 with it. A2
lets out a scream of pain and punches Marcus in the face.
Bloddy, Marcus smackes the dagger farther in. Then he takes
A2, and himself over a cliff. They go carining over towards
the river below. Marcus (while falling) pulls out a second
dagger, and (from behind A2, holding him) slashes A2's
throat, before pushing himself away and into the water.
(both A2 and Marcus fall)
                                         FLASH OUT.


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From Sven Date 6/4/2008 ***
This was a good idea. I think that if you just added a bit of story and drama to it. It would be a great script.

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