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Me Vs. Boredom (Short)
by Deannah Robinson (deannahm03@optonline.net)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review: ***

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


DeDe is sitting at the computer, contemplating on her future
as a possible slacker. She's jobless, broke, and feels
lonely at the moment, being that most of her friends have
lives. And jobs. She soon realizes that she's accompanied by
Boredom, who seems to be her closest friend at this point.
What are you doing?
I'm chillin', playing around on
the computer. I have nothing else
to do.
Get a job.
You do know that it's late, right?
I mean, it's almost 1:00 in the
morning. Which reminds me; The
Daily Show is coming on soon.
As DeDe begins to walk out of the room to her bedroom,
Boredom runs and stands directly in front of her, stopping
her in her tracks.
What are you doing?
I'm stopping you from dragging
precious time by watching some
silly show. Besides, there's
always repeats.
What?! I can't believe you're
doing this to me, ruining my spare


Spare time you could be using to
do what you've always
      (walking into her
I'm sorry, but I've given up on
'writing' as a profession a long
time ago.
Boredom again runs and stops directly before DeDe and gives
her a long stare.
You do realize that you're giving
up on living, too. Life,
love--what about all of that, huh?
What about your family--
Ok--what makes my family so
important? I don't seem to be
important to them, so why should I
care about 'family', huh?
A single tear begins to slighly glide down DeDe's cheek. She
tries to hold back, but then breaks down and begin to sob.
As her body slowly drops to the floor, Boredom takes her in
his arms and embraces her gently.
More important than anything else,
what about Matt?
      (softly, crying)
What ABOUT Matt?


I agree with Ash. I think that he
cares for you the same way you
care about him. Of course he
doesn't know you like that, but I
do believe that he has at least
some feeling for you. May not be
strong, 'I love you' feelings, but
somewhere, in his heart, is a
place for you.
I don't know. I think he deserves
a whole lot better than me. A
whole lot better than some crazy
Emo chick who's fat,
disproportioned, and...-- I know
for a fact that I'm not his type.
Do you not pay attention to his
demeanor around you?! You to might
as well be twins! You pretty much
act the same way, have many of the
same interests--
But there is something that we
don't have in common.
What's that?
Laziness. Now--
Look at me. I see a potential in
you that not even your mother or
you yourself see. You've got it in
you; you just have to quit being
scared all the time.
Scared?! Scared of what?
The outcome. The result of
something. It's understandable if
you're scared of failure, or
rejection, but there are time
where you're not gonna succeed in


                       BOREDOM (cont'd)
everything and not everyone's
willing to take a chance on you.
But I do know for a fact that you
can definitely succeed in
anything, writing being one of
those things--
DeDe quietly laughs, a smile shines through the veil of
tears streaming down her soft face..
--and that there's someone out
there who's willing to let you put
one foot in the door. You just
gotta be willing to fight, because
they don't come to you; you go to
them. Let them know what they
could be missing out on.
      (with lump in
I think you're right. For once, I
think you're right.
As Boredom and DeDe sit against the wall across from her
room and continue to chat, the phone in the bedroom rings.
DeDe and Boredom look at each other with a look of surprise
on their faces, aa they both walk into the room to answer
the call.


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From zudayyah alamin Date 6/8/2010 ***1/2
Interesting! You should show us more at the end. What was the phone call about. You left me hanging.

From Michael Cosgrove Date 10/24/2008 ***
Is boredom some sort of ghost or is this all goning on in her head? Boredom should not be so constructive.

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