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by Aileen Santangelo (aileensantangelo@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Lady Elizabeth will not live by sixteenth century customs. Lady Elizabeth will leave her nobility, and live a life of servitude.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Figures emerge out of the morning fog walking among a
sixteenth-century marketplace.
LADY ELIZABETH SCOTT, 27, with a contagious smile, and a
glow to her beautiful face. You can not help but notice the
intelligence in her eyes, and her pleasant disposition
admiring the flowers. She BRUSHES her long hair out of her
eyes and holds her cloak closed. She REACHES for the
MELANA, a young woman in her teens, notices Elizabeth from
the next vendor.
Lady Elizabeth Scott...
Elizabeth TURNS her head to the mention of her name.
Melana... dear...
Elizabeth and Melana embrace.
... Your back...
... Yes... we got back two weeks
Melana STEPS BACK from Elizabeth and LAUGHS.
You lived in England far too
... Why do you say that?
Your accent is English.
Elizabeth LAUGHS.

Elizabeth WALKS over to the roses. She bends down to smell
the roses.


It is from being in school... not
to worry... I'll get my brogue
Oh... I see...
                       ELIZABETH (VO)
Do not ask about the marriage...
just do not ask.
How are your parents?
They are very good.
Melana WRAPS her arm around Elizabeth.
... So did you marry...
Elizabeth PLACES some shillings in the venders hand. She
smells the lavender.
... No... and I will not be
A WIND blows strongly. Elizabeth holds her cloak. Elizabeth
... But... I thought...
Elizabeth steps back. Elizabeth PLACES gloves on her hands.
... Melana... I must be going...
it's getting cold...
Elizabeth WALKS fast down the lane. Melana RUNS to catch
Elizabeth... wait a moment...
                       ELIZABETH (VO)
It is so lovely to be back home in
Scotland... I missed being home...


                       ELIZABETH (cont'd)
I just can not seem to relax... I
dread any conversations with my
Elizabeth approaches the front door.

Elizabeth inhales deeply before OPENING the door.
Be brave... you must discuss it
with them as soon as possible.
JANE, a meek and peaceful young woman, OPENS the front door.

Elizabeth stops and smiles at the young woman.
Lady Elizabeth... your parents
want to speak with you... they are
in the study.
Elizabeth gives Jane the lavender. Elizabeth takes her
Jane... my dear... I believe fall
has arrived...
... Miss... Please...
... Alright... I'm going.
LORD ANDREW SCOTT, 55, a hard and confident look in his
eyes. Reminds one of how kindly to treat this man. He
PACES the floor as he straightens his plaid.
LADY KATHERINE SCOTT, 58, a kind but hot tempered red head,
PACES the floor.
Elizabeth ENTERS.
Lord Andrew LOOKS at the door.
                       LORD ANDREW
Well... it's about time...
Elizabeth KISSES her father on the cheek.


... Sorry... I was buying some
lavender... then I saw Melana...
Katherine LOOKS away from the window and to her daughter.
                       LADY KATHERINE
... Elizabeth... we must speak to
Andrew points to the sofa. Elizabeth sits down.
                       LORD ANDREW
... Well... here it is... Henry
will be here in just a few days
Elizabeth JUMPS from the sofa.
... No...
      (looks at her
... for this is the reason I did
not want to return...
Katherine WALKS across the room to her daughter.
                       LADY KATHERINE
... Henry has waited long
enough... Elizabeth, he has been
more than patient with you.
Elizabeth is in a rage.
... I would rather die... I will
not marry him!
Elizabeth WALKS to the door. Andrew blocks her way.
                       LORD ANDREW
Yes, you will...
... Henry is a mean, violent...
conceited man... I don't love him
and never will.
Katherine GRABS her daughter by the shoulders.


                       LADY KATHERINE
He is not those things you say...
you will grow to love him... just
as I did with your...
... No I will not... Father it is
1593... things need to change in
                       LORD ANDREW
Elizabeth, you are a lady. This
marriage must be made to bring our
families together.
Elizabeth STEPS back from her mother.
No, father. You mean to say this
business transaction. I will not
be told to whom I shall marry.
                       LADY KATHERINE
... Elizabeth! You will not speak
to your father in this manner.
Andrew WIPES at his brow with a handkerchief.
I am sorry. But I will not...
                       LORD ANDREW
... Elizabeth... I have let you do
schooling... I have let you
travel... this is enough... you
will marry Henry in a couple of
Elizabeth CHUCKLES.
                       LADY KATHERINE
Your father made a promise... and
the lady that you are you are
Elizabeth WALKS to the door.
So my wishes are no concern to
you. I am just to obey. I am old
enough too...


                       LORD ANDREW
I dismissed the clan to your
uncle... so we could go to
England. I have listened to your
concerns long enough. Now you
will listen to mine.
Mother... of all people I thought
you had listened to me. You said
you would not let...
                       LADY KATHERINE
... Well... you have no choice...
he will be here in a couple of
                       LORD ANDREW
...to marry you.
Elizabeth EXITS.
Lady Katherine and Lord Andrew SHAKE their heads.
Elizabeth RUNS through the hallway.


Lady Katherine watches Elizabeth cross the yard. LORD
HENRY, a handsome but stern looking young man WALKS beside
                       LADY KATHERINE
You two have a nice walk together.
Henry takes Elizabeth's hand.
It's a lovely day.
Henry WALKS Elizabeth to a group of trees by the lake.

Henry SLAMS Elizabeth up against a tree.
                       LORD HENRY
I don't know what you are trying
to pull...
... Henry... your hurting my...


                       LORD HENRY
... I should have married you
years ago... you must have your
father wrapped around your little
Henry grabs her hand and pulls her finger.
Henry... stop it...
                       LORD HENRY
So do you think going to London,
is going to keep me from marrying
... I just want to...
Henry places his hand on Elizabeth's mouth.
                       LORD HENRY
... Enough... you just wait till
we marry.
Henry lets go of Elizabeth. Elizabeth rubs her arm.
Henry... I don't understand... I
thought you...
                       LORD HENRY
... Elizabeth... my wife will obey
me... so start now... Shut up!
Marriage should not be...
                       LORD HENRY
... Shut up!!
I don't think I like how you...
Henry raises his hand to Elizabeth. Elizabeth grabs Henry's
                       LORD HENRY
How dare...
Don't you dare ever do that
again... or I'll kill you!


Henry LAUGHS. Elizabeth lets go of Henry's hand. Elizabeth
WALKS away from Henry.
                       LORD HENRY
We'll see about that!
Elizabeth WALKS back to the house.
                       LADY KATHERINE
Elizabeth... where is Henry?
I could care less... by the way...
I will not be marrying him.
Lady Katherine watches Elizabeth WALK into their home.

Jane is POURING water from a bucket into a water bowl.
Elizabeth ENTERS very angry.
Oh... I have a choice...
... Elizabeth...
Elizabeth's demeanour changes, she relaxes immediately to
Jane's voice.
... Jane... I will be leaving
tonight... my plan is in motion...
Jane places the bucket on the floor. Jane WALKS to
... Elizabeth... it's getting
Jane... I leave tonight.
I understand... I will get what
you will be needing.
Elizabeth EXITS.


MELINDA BUTLER, 51, a petite frame with kind eyes, and a
hospitable heart. Her patient disposition implies the
respect she has for her employer.
LORD PHILIP THOMSON, 36, standing tall with a week's growth
on his face, and his dark hair slicked back. Everything
about him, from his plaid and saffron shirt to his concern
stare suggests he is a caring individual. In fact, Philip
would pass for a young man if it weren't for the specks of
grey in his temples.
                       LORD PHILIP
So... when do you expect this
young woman?
I am hoping very soon...
                       LORD PHILIP
... Very well... inform me when
she arrives.
I will indeed, sir.
Melinda turns to leave. Philip SITS at his desk.

Philip picks up a piece of paper.
                       LORD PHILIP
Melinda... I will be gone for a
fore night...
... Yes, sir... Will young Charles
be going with you?
                       LORD PHILIP
      (looking at papers)
No... I will be visiting Lady
Doltrap... by myself.
Melinda SMILES warmly to Lord Philip. Lord Philip's FROWN
melts into a SMILE.
Have a safe journey... my lord.
Philip nods his head. Melinda EXITS.


Elizabeth bends over her water bowl, too see the lavender
floating. She picks up her glass and starts filling a glass
bottle with her lavender water.

Elizabeth LOOKS up from her water bowl.
Here is the servant dress...
Jane holds up the dress.
... Superb!
Lady Scott... must you go?
Elizabeth calmly POURS the water into the bottle.
Jane... I will not marry that
man... I don't love him, I hate
him... I will give up nobility to
flee from him... I will not have
father tell me to whom I shall
marry... especially not to that
man... never.
I can not believe you will give
this all up... and become a
I want to make my own destiny. Why
should I marry someone I don't
like needless to say love? I will
only marry for love and that's
But how will you hide your


Easy... I will use a different
last name... I will not refer to
family... maybe society can change
with my influence.
Elizabeth puts the bottle down after it is full.
... I understand... but you will
be traveling by yourself...
... Jane... I will have my bow and
arrows. You know I shoot to aim.
Jane SITS on Elizabeth's bed.
But I shall miss you.
Elizabeth WALKS to the bed and SITS down next to Jane.
As I will miss you. Jane... only
contact me if mother or father
become gravely ill...
      (stands up)
... you contact your sister,
Susan. She helped me receive the
position I'm going to fill. She
will let you know where to find
Your parents love you. They want
you to fulfill your duty as a
This is one duty that I will not
be fulfilling. Jane... I thought
you understood...
... I do... I want you to be
happy... I just know your parents
love you very much and...


... Jane... I love my parents...
but I have made the choice to
leave all of this behind. My life
will now become my own to live.
Elizabeth WALKS to her water bowl. Jane blinks back tears.
Elizabeth is COMBING her horse, FIRESTORM. Firestorm is
snorting in pleasure.
I am sorry you didn't get your
bath today...
      (brushing him)
... but we are poor now... I hope
you are ready for our journey.

Elizabeth... dinner is ready.
Elizabeth kisses Firestorm. Elizabeth and Jane EXIT.
Andrew and Katherine are EATING and watching Elizabeth.
Elizabeth is picking at her food.
                       LADY KATHERINE
Not hungry... Elizabeth?
I don't have much of an appetite.
Andrew LOOKS at Elizabeth, then at his dish.
                       LORD ANDREW
I'm sorry you feel this way... but
you will be marrying Henry.
Elizabeth PLACES her fork on the table.
I'm not feeling well... may I be


Katherine NODS yes. Elizabeth kisses her mother on the
cheek. She WALKS to her father and kisses him on the cheek.
                       LORD ANDREW
Good night my dear.
Good night.
Elizabeth WALKS to the door and TURNS back to her parents.
They have resumed eating. She smiles sadly and EXITS.
A full moon shines brightly in the sky.
Elizabeth stands in front of Jane. Jane places Elizabeth's
purse on her shoulder.
Even in servants clothes with your
hair up... you are still quite
Oh... please...
      (places water
       bottle in purse)
... well... I shall be going...
Elizabeth... what if they don't
like the fact that you sound
English. Many of the Scots do not
like the English.
Elizabeth HUGS Jane.
Jane... do not worry... I am
always going to be Scottish... and
that will never change... the
English will go away in time...
      (walking to the
... I must be going... no more
Jane HUGS Elizabeth and holds onto her. Elizabeth WRAPS her
arms around Jane's shoulders.
Elizabeth and Jane EXIT.


Elizabeth sits on top of Firestorm. Jane gives her the
reins. Elizabeth smiles at Jane.
Elizabeth TAPS the sides of Firestorm. Firestorm begins to
WALK. Elizabeth looks behind her and smiles at her home.
She WAVES good bye to Jane.
Elizabeth slides off of Firestorm. She WALKS Firestorm to a
brook, where he begins to lap up the water.
Elizabeth SPLASHES the grime and dirt from her face. She
then draws water in her hands and drinks it herself.
Elizabeth stands up and stretches.
Elizabeth sees a rider coming from the direction she is
heading too.
Elizabeth HURRIEDLY opens her purse. She sighs with relief.

The bottles of lavender are secure.
LORD CALVIN THOMSON, 42, handsome and with a determined walk
with a slight limp, you perceive cockiness, until his
brilliant smile gives away his friendly demeanor.
Elizabeth smiles and nods to the gentleman.
                       LORD CALVIN
Miss... by God... what are you
doing out here by yourself.
Elizabeth pets Firestorm as she WALKS to the gentleman.
Calvin bends down at the water and DRINKS from his hand.
I'm traveling to Windehaven
Castle, sir. This is Edynburgh is
it not?
Calvin stops drinking, and stands up curiously looking at
                       LORD CALVIN
Yes it is. What business do you
have their?


I have employment there, sir.
                       LORD CALVIN
You do... how long has it taken
you to get here?
Elizabeth shrugs her shoulders.
What day is it, sir?
                       LORD CALVIN
It is Wednesday.
My journey began on Sunday
                       LORD CALVIN
You have been riding for some
time... no need to worry.
Windehaven is over the next crest.
Elizabeth stands on a rock, and delicately seats herself
onto Firestorm.
Oh... what good news. Thank you,
Calvin WALKS over to Firestorm.
                       LORD CALVIN
You must tell my brother... hello
for me.
Oh... Lord Thomson... I am so very
                       LORD CALVIN
Don't be. The name is Calvin...
or as my wife calls me Cal.
Calvin holds his hand out to shake Elizabeth's. Elizabeth
extends her hand out. Calvin flips her hand over and KISSES
the top of her hand, as he looks at her nails.
It's nice to meet you...
      (pointing to


                       ELIZABETH (cont'd)
... Elizabeth... DeHaven.
                       LORD CALVIN
Your not from England are you?
No, sir. I am Scottish. I only
lived in England for a short time.
                       LORD CALVIN
Beware of others... because of the
For I am warned. Well I shall be
                       LORD CALVIN
Good day, Miss Elizabeth... we
shall see you soon.
Elizabeth smiles and TAPS Firestorm's sides. Elizabeth
WAVES to Calvin.
                       LORD CALVIN
Well... Lady Elizabeth... what are
we running from?
ALFRED, 60, a balding man with a rigid look in his eyes.
Alfred looks sternly in the direction of a young man coming
on horseback.
Lord Henry, with an unfriendly look, RIDES his horse up to
the door. Henry slides off his horse. Henry approaches
                       LORD HENRY
Is Lord and Lady Scott here...
Lord Andrew and Lady Katherine come out the front door.

Andrew and Katherine RUN to Lord Henry.
                       LORD HENRY
Good day!
Katherine's eyes are red brimmed. She wipes at her eyes and
nose with a handkerchief. Lord Andrew approaches Henry.


                       LORD ANDREW
Henry... my son.
Henry rudely WALKS by Lord Andrew and Lady Katherine.
                       LORD HENRY
... I'm here for Elizabeth... is
she ready?
                       LORD ANDREW
She is gone, Henry. We can not
find her.
Henry turns his body around to face Lord Andrew.
                       LORD HENRY
Then I shall find her... she will
be my wife.
We have tried, Lord Henry. We
have searched...
Henry stares at Alfred.
                       LORD HENRY
... I shall find her.
Henry jumps onto his horse, and kicks the sides of the
horse. The horse jumps into a full gallop.
I hope for Lady Elizabeth's
sake... he does not find her.
Lord Andrew and Lady Katherine glance at Alfred and WALK to
their front door.
Elizabeth WALKS Firestorm very slowly.
Elizabeth reaches the top of the hill. She STOPS.

Elizabeth GASPS. She wipes her eyes.
Elizabeth observes a most dazzling castle sitting among a
spectacular forest. The castle has beautiful brick work and
a tower to the one side.
Elizabeth smiles and picks up her shoulders.. She begins to
WALK faster.


Firestorm... we are here.
... KNOCK... KNOCK...
JAMES BUTLER, 50, an intimidating man in nature, looks out
the window in the foyer. He OPENS the door with a smile.
Miss... can I help you?
My name is Elizabeth.
I am James...
James happily WAVES her inside.

Elizabeth hesitates for just a moment.
Elizabeth STEPS into the


where she sighs in relief.
Nice to meet you.
Melinda... has been expecting
you... I will go get her.
James EXITS. Elizabeth looks at all the elegant fixtures on
the wall and portraits. She sees the massive staircase in
front of her.
CHARLES THOMSON, 9, a very friendly, happy and excited red
headed boy approaches Elizabeth.
Hello... my name is Charles.
Elizabeth CURTSIES.
Nice to meet you. My name is



LIGHT FOOTSTEPS come from down the hallway. Melinda WALKS
up to Elizabeth.
Elizabeth... it is so nice to see
you. I'm Melinda.
Melinda embraces Elizabeth. Elizabeth is startled.
Nice to meet you.
I am so glad you finally made it
here. You have already met my
husband James... and this is
Yes... we have already met... and
James was very kind to me.
Charles... your father is looking
for you.
Charles becomes very excited.
Father, is home...
Charles RUNS down the hallway.
Come with me, Elizabeth.
Melinda smiles and takes Elizabeth by the hand up the
staircase. Elizabeth STOPS.
... It's alright... James is
taking him to the stable.
Melinda and Elizabeth continue WALKING up the staircase.
Elizabeth looks at the tall walls with portraits on them.


This is a spectacular home.
Melinda LAUGHS quietly.
It is a large home. Lord Philip
is our employer... it is just him
and his son...
      (coughs quietly)
... excuse me, dear. I am just
getting over a slight sickness.
There is no Lady Thomson?
Lady Thomson died two years ago.
I am sorry.
Elizabeth and Melinda reach the top of the stairs.
Thank you. Anyway... we have
quite a few servants on hand. For
we never know when to expect
Melinda... just too let you know.
I am Scottish... I was in England
for a short time. I lost my
Melinda and Elizabeth are WALKING down a long hallway.
It is alright... just let Lord
Philip know and he will be fine
with it...
      (pointing to doors)
... these are bedrooms for my Lord
and Charles. These are also guest
Melinda escorts Elizabeth up another set of stairs at the
end of the hallway.


Will I meet Lord Philip?
Perhaps later this evening. He is
a very kind man and wonderful
employer. He has put me in charge
of his home.
Melinda STOPS at a door. CLICK. She WAVES Elizabeth into

Elizabeth shivers as she WALKS the room.
It is cold.
Melinda WALKS to the fireplace.
I will have someone come up and
start a fire.
Thank you.
Melinda OPENS an armoire.

Melinda points to dresses.
There are a couple of dresses for
you in here... you will receive
five shillings a day... you will
receive your pay at the end of
each week.
That is fine.
Melinda WALKS to Elizabeth's door.
If you can change... then come to
the kitchen... you shall start to
work right away.
Yes, maam.


Melinda smiles and OPENS the door. Melinda EXITS.

Elizabeth looks at her bed. Her eyes roam to the water bowl
on top of the table. Then her eyes roam to the armoire with
the servants dresses inside. Elizabeth SIGHS.
Elizabeth takes the purse off of her shoulder and lays it
down. She WALKS to the bed and sits down. She looks at the
ceiling and then the floor, and shakes her head in
                       YOUNG MAN (OS)
Miss... I'm too start a fire.
Elizabeth WALKS to the door and OPENS the door.
Be my guest.
The YOUNG MAN WALKS over to the fireplace.

Lady Katherine watches the rain hit the window.

Lord Andrew stares at the page in a book.

Lord Henry ENTERS. He RIPS off his gloves.
                       LADY KATHERINE
So... any trace of her.
                       LORD HENRY
None. I went to all her friends
homes... they have not heard from
her at all.
                       LORD ANDREW
Perhaps you need to travel north?
                       LORD HENRY
Nonsense. She would not go as far
as Edynburgh. She wouldn't be
that foolish.
Lady Katherine WALKS to the window.
                       LADY KATHERINE
You must find her.


                       LORD HENRY
I will be going east toward
Sotray. Good day!
                       LORD ANDREW
Be safe, Henry!
Lord Henry EXITS.

Lord Andrew stands up and WALKS to Lady Katherine.

Lady Katherine embraces Lord Andrew.

Lady Katherine WEEPS on Lord Andrew's sleeve.
SERENA, 18, a merry and silly young woman of average height
is peeling potatoes.
Melinda is RINSING vegetables under the water.
Elizabeth ENTERS.
Melinda and Serena both LOOK to see Elizabeth. Serena's
mouth drops open looking at Elizabeth.
You are beautiful.
Well, thank you.
Every day at this time...
... three o'clock on the dot...
... We start dinner preparations.
What would you like me to do?
Well you can finish with these
vegetables. The cooks will let
you know each day what needs to be


Serena wipes her hands on her apron. Serena WALKS up to
I'm Serena... are you English?
I'm Elizabeth... no I'm not
English. I was in England for two
years... I had to leave... to come
home again.
Serena nods her head in understanding.
Well I'm glad you're here... your
someone I can talk to.
I will be back in a few minutes.
Melinda EXITS out the door that leads outside.
Charles comes RUNNING into the kitchen from outside.
Charles halts when he sees Elizabeth.
Hi Elizabeth...
Elizabeth turns her attention to Charles. Elizabeth bends
down to Charles level.
... Hello Charles.
Would you like to come and see my
Elizabeth points to the sink.
I'm working right now... but
Alright... you'll find me under...
      (pointing out the
... that big oak tree.


Charles RUNS back outside.

Elizabeth watches Charles run and she smiles.
He fancies you. He is such a
sweet boy. All he wants is
Elizabeth watches Charles RUN through the meadow.
Well, then he will receive
attention from me.
Charles sits under a big oak tree. He stares at the
rippling water in the lake.
Elizabeth WALKS down the hill to the oak tree.
Charles, dinner is ready.
Elizabeth... you came.
I told you I would... but dinner
is ready.
Charles stands up and WALKS to Elizabeth. He grabs her
You see... my lake.
It is beautiful.
Elizabeth WALKS up the hill with Charles.
Elizabeth, where did you live in
Elizabeth STOPS and bends down.


Were you listening back in the
Elizabeth stands up. Elizabeth and Charles WALK toward the
I lived in London.
Wow... that is so exciting.
Not when you are working.
Silence between Charles and Elizabeth.
You know my mom died two years
ago. We would always come to the
lake together.
Do you miss your mother?
I did... but I'm alright now...
you are here for me.
Elizabeth smiles and LAUGHS.

Charles lets go of her hand, and RUNS the rest of the way to
the castle.
Elizabeth ENTERS the kitchen.
Elizabeth WASHES the dishes. Serena DRIES the dishes.
So... where in London did you


Melinda ENTERS.

RACHEL MCKRAY, 22, a quiet and humble red head walks in
behind Melinda.
Elizabeth... I would like you to
meet Rachel McKray... she is
Charles' governess.
Elizabeth hands a dish to Serena. She WALKS over to Rachel
and shakes her hand.
Nice to meet you.
It is nice to meet you, Rachel.
Serena... can you finish... Lord
Thomson wants to meet Elizabeth.
Beware Elizabeth... he is very
Serena... Lord Philip is a kind,
intelligent man...
... and don't forget handsome...
... yes very handsome.
Melinda shakes her head and finger to Serena.
Come with me, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth and Melinda stand before a very massive door.

                       LORD PHILIP (OS)
Come in...


Melinda OPENS the door and ENTERS the


to see a fire burning in the fireplace.
Elizabeth WALKS in behind Melinda. Elizabeth sees two huge
elegant chairs in front of the fireplace. Her eyes roam to
the intricate detail of the fireplace.
Lord Philip... Elizabeth DeHaven
is here.
A hand rises from behind a chair.
                       LORD PHILIP
Thank you, Melinda... you may go.
Melinda smiles and squeezes Elizabeth's hand for

Melinda EXITS.
Elizabeth looks at the tall walls of books. She smiles. Her
eyes roam to a portrait of a beautiful woman over the

Elizabeth CATCHES her breath.

Philip brushes his dark hair out of his eyes. He has
stubble on his face.
Elizabeth CURTSIES.
Good evening... Lord Thomson.
                       LORD PHILIP
Please... just call me Philip.
Only when we have guests am I Lord
Elizabeth smiles shyly.

Philip WALKS toward Elizabeth.
Yes, sir... May I ask where is
your clan?


                       LORD PHILIP
You get right to it don't you...
My brother Calvin has them at his
home... when I married Mary she
did not want a following...
      (pointing to
... she just wanted a handful of
servants... I still wear the
family plaid...
... there is no need for you to
explain... I am sorry for being
Elizabeth WALKS to the fireplace and stares at the portrait.

Lord Philip watches Elizabeth at the fireplace.
                       LORD PHILIP
... Don't apologize... I don't
mind the questions... I have one
for you now... Where have you
traveled from to get here?
From the south... but I do not
wish to say which city.
Philip SMILES. Elizabeth relaxes.
                       LORD PHILIP
Now my son has informed me that
you lived in England.
I am Scottish, sir. I lived in
England for a short period of
time. I lost my brogue... but I
will get it back...
      (stares into the
... I missed Scotland. So I came
                       LORD PHILIP
Very well...
Elizabeth WALKS to the walls of books, and touches the


                       LORD PHILIP
Do you read?
Yes, I do. I love to read. You
have so many too choose from.
Philip WALKS over to Elizabeth's side. He looks at the
spines of the books.
                       LORD PHILIP
You may pick any of these books to
Oh... thank you... Lord... I mean
Philip... what to choose...
      (pulls out a book)
... This one appears interesting.
                       LORD PHILIP
May I...
      (looks at books
... Galilee... you enjoy
science... do you?
Very much... it is all very
fascinating to me...
      (walks to the
... to look at the stars at night
and just wonder.
                       LORD PHILIP
The only condition though... is
after reading my books... we must
discuss them...
      (walking to
... is that alright with you?
      (smiling and
That would be splendid... you
would want to discuss them with a
Philip STOPS and sincerely looks at Elizabeth.


                       LORD PHILIP
It will be our secret...
      (with a quizzical
... you look so familiar.
No, sir... we have never met.
Philip WALKS back to his large chair by the fireplace.
Philip sits down and WAVES Elizabeth to sit in the other
                       LORD PHILIP
You must just remind me of
someone. Elizabeth do you...
Elizabeth points to the portrait.
Lady Thomson was a beautiful
                       LORD PHILIP
      (frowns slightly)
Yes... she was...
... Elizabeth... Charles needs
stability. He enjoys your
company, you do plan on staying
here at Windehaven?
I am not going anywhere.
                       LORD PHILIP
Splendid... thank you for speaking
with me... that will be all for
Elizabeth stands up and WALKS to the door.
Thank you again for the book.
Elizabeth EXITS.

Philip stares at the fireplace.


                       LORD PHILIP
I will enjoy our discussions very
Serena places a bowl in the cupboard. Melinda CLOSES the
back door.
Rachel sits at the table, with an oil lamp shining over her
Elizabeth ENTERS. Serena turns around quickly. Rachel
looks up from her papers.
So... how was your conversation?
He was very kind and nice to me.
Yes he is... and...
Elizabeth holds up a book.
... and... he is letting me read
one of his books.
Okay, girls... we are done for the
evening. Let's head to bed.
Serena sits down at the table next to Rachel.
I'm going to give Serena a lesson
Okay... try not to be too late.
Elizabeth and Melinda WALK to the door. Elizabeth STOPS.
Oh... by the way. He is very
Rachel and Serena LAUGH.

Elizabeth smiles while EXITING and Melinda smirks.


Elizabeth throws a log in her fireplace.
I thought Thomson sounded
Elizabeth WALKS to the window. She looks at the half moon.
                       ELIZABETH (VO)
But I was much younger. I must
have been Serena's age.
Elizabeth WALKS to her bed. She lays down looking at the
Lord Philip Thomson, you were just
as handsome then, as you are now.
Elizabeth WALKS Firestorm, and picks up an apple from the

Lord Calvin RIDES on horseback toward Elizabeth.

Elizabeth picks up another apple, and places them in her

Lord Calvin JUMPS down from his horse.
Good day, Lord Calvin. It is such
a beautiful autumn day, is it not?
                       LORD CALVIN
Elizabeth... what are you trying
to hide from?
I do not know what you mean.
Elizabeth looks at the apples on the ground.
                       LORD CALVIN
You are not a servant.
Yes I am and...


Lord Calvin raises his hands.
                       LORD CALVIN
... Elizabeth... stop lying to
me... you are not a servant...what
are you trying to...
Elizabeth DROPS the apples from the apron.
... It's not what you think... How
did you know?
                       LORD CALVIN
At the brook... your hands are not
the hands of a servant...
Promise me... you must not say a
                       LORD CALVIN
Elizabeth pets Firestorm.
I left a life of nobility. I am
not going to have my father tell
me... to whom I shall marry. You
might call me defiant... but I
will not change my ways for
                       LORD CALVIN
But to live in fear... that is not
much of a life to lead.
I do not live in fear. You don't
understand... and I don't wish to
                       LORD CALVIN
Well... maybe one day you will
trust me enough to tell me.
Perhaps. But not today.
                       LORD CALVIN
I can not help you if you don't...


I just don't want anyone to find
out. I will not have anyone tell
me who I am to marry.
                       LORD CALVIN
If you would just tell Philip. He
would help you.
Lord Philip RIDES horseback toward Elizabeth and Lord
Calvin. His shirt hangs loosely from his neck.
You must not mention a word of
                       LORD CALVIN
Yes, my lady.
Lord Philip STOPS his horse just inches from Lord Calvin.
                       LORD PHILIP
What are you conversing about?
Elizabeth holds her breath, and stares at Lord Calvin.
                       LORD CALVIN
We are just admiring the colors in
the trees.
Yes, they are brilliant.
                       LORD PHILIP
Calvin, I need to speak to you.
                       LORD CALVIN
Lord Philip points to the stable.

Lord Calvin jumps up on his horse.

Lord Calvin and Lord Philip RIDE to the stable, side by

Elizabeth raises her eyebrow to Lord Calvin's disappearing


You better keep your word!
Elizabeth chases Charles down the hill to the lake.

Charles LAUGHS uncontrollably.

Lord Philip WALKS from the stable and STOPS.
Lord Calvin WALKS up behind Lord Philip.

Lord Calvin's eyes follow Lord Philip's stare.
                       LORD CALVIN
It is wonderful so see him
                       LORD PHILIP
It truly is good too see him
                       LORD CALVIN
He must truly enjoy Elizabeth's
Lord Philip looks at Lord Calvin with a smile on his face.
                       LORD PHILIP
She is a spirited young woman... I
have never come across another
servant... with such charisma.
Lord Philip WALKS to the castle.

Lord Calvin stares at Elizabeth and Charles. He smiles and
follows Lord Philip.
Elizabeth sits on the floor. Lord Philip stands by the

Elizabeth gestures to Lord Philip, who looks very serious.

Elizabeth stands up and MARCHES in place.

Lord Philip LAUGHS. Elizabeth LAUGHS and sits on the chair.
Why do you suppose he wrote that?


                       LORD PHILIP
Perhaps... he wanted to add humor
to his novel.
Lord Philip WALKS to the wall of books. He pulls out a book
and hands it to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth smiles.
Shakespeare... Henry the Eighth.
                       LORD PHILIP
I will be gone for some time... so
you will have plenty of time to
... Where shall you be?
                       LORD PHILIP
I will be away on some business...
but when I get back... we will
continue our discussions.
Elizabeth stands up and stretches. Lord Philip WALKS to his
I must go now... good evening...
                       LORD PHILIP
Good evening... Elizabeth.
Elizabeth EXITS. Lord Philip looks at the door and smiles.

Lord Philip sits down at his desk. He WRITES information on
some paper.
Elizabeth dusts off some shelves. Her fingers trace the
delicate wood work on the shelves.


                       ELIZABETH (VO)
It is hard to believe that weeks
have passed by. My discussions
with Lord Philip have been very
... He has been away to see
Katrina Doltrap... again...
Elizabeth peers at a book that caught her eye.
                       LORD PHILIP
Your becoming a book worm.
Elizabeth DROPS the book.
Oh... you scared me. It's nice to
have you home.
Philip stands in front of Elizabeth with a loose fitting
shirt and kilt. Philip is clean shaven.
                       LORD PHILIP
Thank you. It is nice to be
      (walks to his desk)
... so how are you enjoying the
cold of October?
Elizabeth dusts shelves above her head.
It has been pleasant...
      (walks to door)
...I shall be going.
Father... you are home.
Charles RUNS into the library. Charles jumps into Philip's

Elizabeth smiles.
                       LORD PHILIP
Well, now... How have you been?
We have had so many adventures...
we went to the lake and...
Philip hugs Charles tightly. Philip watches Elizabeth EXIT.


Elizabeth holds Charles hand while he JUMPS from rock to
I like our afternoon adventures.
I enjoy them myself.
Charles JUMPS off a rock and Elizabeth catches him.
I'm so glad father is home. I
have missed him.
I know you must miss your father
when he leaves.
Charles RUNS to the oak tree.
Yes. I know he must travel, but I
get scared that he might not come
home. That he might leave me like
mother did.
Charles picks up some sticks.
Oh... Charles. You mustn't think
that way. Your mother was sick.
Your father is fine. He might
bring you...
... I have schooling. Plus, I
don't like the Doltrap's. I don't
think Katrina likes children.
Charles hands Elizabeth a stick.
Well, then she has the misfortune
of not knowing such a dear child.
Charles raises his stick to Elizabeth.


Elizabeth... on guard.
Elizabeth raises her stick to block Charles stick.
Elizabeth... I need your help.
Elizabeth looks to Serena at the top of the hill.

Charles playfully stabs Elizabeth's side.
You got me. I must go for now,
Charles. I shall see you later.
Elizabeth RUNS up the hill to Serena.
Philip and Charles are eating dinner silently.

Charles stares at the doorway into the kitchen.

Philip glances at his son between bites.
                       LORD PHILIP
What are you staring at?
Nothing... I'm just thinking.
Elizabeth ENTERS with a tray of bread.
                       LORD PHILIP
Thank you, Elizabeth. You can put
that right here.
Father... Elizabeth and I had a
sword fight this afternoon... I
Elizabeth smiles and EXITS. Charles smiles and stares at
his father.
Father... I enjoy Elizabeth's
company very much.


                       LORD PHILIP
I know you do son.
Philip passes a slice of bread to Charles. Charles looks
very serious.
I want Elizabeth to be my new
mother. I don't like Katrina and
I don't want her as a mother.
Philip drops his slice of bread, and looks exasperated.
                       LORD PHILIP
Charles Thomson, you will hold
your tongue.
Charles lowers his head and is very sad.
I am sorry.
                       LORD PHILIP
Finish your dinner.
Charles picks up his fork and eats. Philip frowns at

Lord Philip stares at the kitchen door.
Elizabeth places a dish back in the cupboard. She wipes her
hands on her apron.

Elizabeth brushes her hair out of her eyes.
Oh... How disgusting.
Melinda ENTERS with an empty tray in her hands.
Elizabeth... your work is done for
this evening.
Splendid... I know what I am going
to do.
Your going to rinse your hair


Elizabeth stands on a rock over the water. She places the
bottle of lavender water down next to her.

Elizabeth sees her reflection in the water.
Oh... if mother and father could
see me now.
Elizabeth bends down over the rock and places her hair in
the water. She GASPS at the coldness of the water. She
POURS the lavender water onto her hair. She rubs the
lavender throughout her hair.

Philip is WALKING to the rocks.
Elizabeth DIPS her hair in the water.
                       LORD PHILIP
SCREAM. Elizabeth jumps up and whips her head around.
Philip's face is sprayed with water.
Philip scowls as he wipes his face off.
I'm so sorry... you startled me.
                       LORD PHILIP
What are you doing?
Washing my hair with some lavender
water. A trick I learned from an
old employee.
Elizabeth wrings out the water in her hair.

Philip's is agitated.
                       LORD PHILIP
Elizabeth... I do not want you to
talk to my son, anymore.
Elizabeth WHIPS her head toward Lord Philip. Her hair
sprays him in the face.


What? I can not stop talking to
Lord Philip wipes his face in anger.
                       LORD PHILIP
... Oh... you will. For some
strange reason, he wants you to be
his mother. He should not receive
such attention...
      (walks up to
... from you.
He needs attention. He thrives on
attention. He does not receive it
from you. So we talk about...
                       LORD PHILIP
You will not speak to me this
way... you are a servant... you
will not speak to me about my own
Elizabeth brushes by Philip and WALKS up the hill.

Philip follows behind Elizabeth.
You my sir, are a hypocrite. You
tell me I can not talk to your
son. But I can have discussions
with you about books I have read.
                       LORD PHILIP
You dare... speak to me in this
manner... you are defiant... I
could have you dismissed. Stop
walking this instant, Elizabeth!
Elizabeth STOPS and turns around. Philip STOPS and stares
at Elizabeth.


You sir, don't want change. You
think just because you are kind to
your employees, that you know
... you do not know one of them,
and most of all your own son.
Philip becomes enraged. Elizabeth stubbornly looks Philip
up and down and turns away.
                       LORD PHILIP
You have crossed the line. I did
not say you could walk away... and
I know all I need to know about my
      (stops walking)
... Really... did you know that
Melinda and James have been
married twenty years... did you
know that Serena is learning how
to read...
      (turns around)
... did you know that your son has
a secret hole in that oak tree?
Elizabeth gathers up her dress.

Philip wipes his brow and in a calmer voice.
                       LORD PHILIP
You will not reprimand me with
your words. You are a young girl
with to many ideas floating in
that head of yours.
I am not a girl. I am twenty
seven years old... and maybe those
ideas shall change society one
                       LORD PHILIP
Are you daft? I am still older
than you, and who do you think you
are to speak to me this way.


Elizabeth WALKS slowly toward Lord Philip, with anger in her
I thought I was a friend. But I
can see that I have been
mistaken... all I am is a servant
to you...
      (catching her
... Lord Philip... if I should not
talk to your son anymore... we
shall not have our discussions
anymore. May I be dismissed?
Philip turns abruptly and WALKS down the hill to the lake.

Elizabeth RUNS across the meadow and into the

Elizabeth WALKS to the stall that Firestorm is in. Elizabeth
lays her face into Firestorm's mane.
      (tears in her eyes)
What have I done?
Elizabeth is sleeping beside Firestorm in the stall.
Firestorm SNORTS AND NEIGHS. Elizabeth wakes up.
Firestorm... are you okay?
Philip stands in the doorway of the stall.
                       LORD PHILIP
I startled him...
Elizabeth SITS UP straight and WIPES her eyes.
Lord Philip... I am truly sorry
for what I said earlier. I will
be able to leave in the morning.
Philip WALKS into the stall.


                       LORD PHILIP
You will not have to leave. I
thought about what you said and
you made a good point.
I should not have spoken to you so
freely. My tongue gets me in
trouble, sir. I am sorry.
Elizabeth stands up, Philip extends his arm to help her up.
                       LORD PHILIP
You are right, you should have
held your tongue. But I forgive
you. You do have passion,
Elizabeth BRUSHES the hay off of her dress. Philip pulls
some hay out of her hair.
I shall hold my tongue, next time.
                       LORD PHILIP
Nonsense. I haven't argued with
such a spirited young woman...
      (Elizabeth slips
       by him)
... I would miss our
      (turns her head)
I would have also, sir...
      (pets Firestorm)
... I must go now.
Elizabeth WALKS out the stall.

Philip CLEARS his throat. Elizabeth turns to face Philip.
                       LORD PHILIP
Elizabeth... I want you to
continue the friendship you have
with my son. So then tomorrow, I
look forward to our discussion.
Yes, sir. Thank you... and I look
forward to it also... good night.


Elizabeth EXITS.

Philip RUBS Firestorm's mane. Philip smiles brightly.
Elizabeth sits in the glow of the fireplace.

Lord Philip sits to the side of Elizabeth. Lord Philip
forms a fist and shakes it.

Elizabeth nods her head no.
                       LORD PHILIP
Why not?
That would not be realistic.
Lord Philip frowns, and gestures stabbing himself with a

Elizabeth smiles and LAUGHS. She holds her stomach.

Lord Philip smiles.
                       LORD PHILIP
Well... that is the best that I
can think of to imitate.
Then try not to imitate anymore.
Elizabeth wipes at her eyes. Lord Philip WALKS to the wall
of books. He pulls out a book, and hands it to Elizabeth.
                       LORD PHILIP
Let us look at this book of poetry
next time.
That would be splendid... you have
a good evening... Lord Philip... I
mean Philip.
Elizabeth sits on a bench clutching her night robe closed.
She stares at the stars in the sky.
Are you planning to stay out here
all night?


No... I just could not sleep.
Melinda WALKS out of the shadows.
Much on your mind...
Where do I begin...
There is no need to explain...
      (sits down on
... did you know James and I spend
much time here on this bench?
How romantic... you two make such
a handsome couple. Melinda... why
are you out here tonight?
I can not sleep when James is
away. He went somewhere for Lord
Philip... I miss him when he is
Elizabeth holds Melinda's hand.
It is glorious too see such love
between the two of you.
Melinda WRAPS her arms around Elizabeth.
Dear Elizabeth... someday you will
find your prince... how was your
discussion with Lord Philip this
Elizabeth looks at Melinda in shock.
How did you know?
I know everything... I know you
meet him in the library after
everyone has gone to bed.


I can see I have not been
No one else knows... I can keep a
We have the most delightful
conversations... I often forget I
am not of his station.
Elizabeth... I have not seen
Philip this happy in a long
time... you have a presence about
you... I can not explain it...
Elizabeth stares at the stars in the sky.
... Thank you.
In such a short time... I have
grown very fond of you. I was
never able to have a daughter...
Elizabeth HUGS Melinda.
Thank you. That means the world
too me...
I know what else would mean the
world to you?
To sleep for eight hours.
Elizabeth LAUGHS. Melinda smirks.
No... you would like Lord Philip
too look at you and adore you.
Elizabeth GASPS. Melinda LAUGHS.
I could not even dream of that.


Hush... you look at him with such
love in your eyes...
I really must learn to be more
Elizabeth and Melinda STAND up.
He must be blind as a bat.
It's just as well. I am a
servant... it just could not
Nonesense... we shall...
... I shall stay for a year...
then I shall continue north.
Enough of this talk. It is far
too cold to be out here... let us
go in and to bed.
Elizabeth clutches her robe. Melinda WRAPS her arms around
I needed the fresh night air...
thank you for sitting with me.
Melinda smiles. Elizabeth and Melinda WALK through the
garden and ENTER the castle.

Lord Philip WALKS around a stone pillar in the garden.
                       LORD PHILIP
Dear Elizabeth... I am your
Lord Philip smiles and WALKS SLOWLY to the door of the
Melinda CUTS a potato very meticulously.


Elizabeth WASHES a bowl in the sink and leaves it in the
sink to dry.

Serena RUNS into Elizabeth.
What are you so excited about?
Lord Philip... he spoke to me. He
offered me a book to help me in my
That is wonderful.
Lord Philip has certainly been
different lately... he gave James
and I a night off.
Melinda smiles and nods to Elizabeth.
That is splendid!
Elizabeth turns her head, and winks at the camera.

Serena SKIPS to the table and picks up a potato. Serena
very happily peels the potato.
Lord Andrew is PACING the floor impatiently. Lady Katherine
is needleworking on the coach, she is nervously TAPPING her
Alfred ENTERS.
Lord Henry, is here my lord.
                       LORD ANDREW
Send him in, Alfred.
Katherine lays her needlework down on the couch.

                       LADY KATHERINE
So any word?


                       LORD HENRY
Nothing... it has been months... I
can not find her.
Katherine stands up and WALKS to the window.
                       LADY KATHERINE
What if she is...
Andrew WALKS to Katherine and HOLDS her.
                       LORD ANDREW
Don't speak such things. My heart
tells me, she is fine.
                       LORD HENRY
I will be going on a hunting
expedition for a month.
                       LADY KATHERINE
Henry, you must continue looking
for Elizabeth. She must come home
to us.
Henry STOMPS his foot and makes a FIST with his hand.
                       LORD HENRY
I've wasted enough time. I should
never have allowed her to get
schooling. I should have married
her years ago.
Andrew's face becomes red with RAGE.
                       LORD ANDREW
My daughter is not a waste of
                       LADY KATHERINE
I think you should go Henry.
Lord Henry WALKS heavily to the door and then turns
                       LORD HENRY
If my father were still alive...
he would have your throat.
                       LADY KATHERINE


                       LORD HENRY
Let it be known... there shall be
Lord Henry OPENS the door and EXITS.

                       LADY KATHERINE
Those words that come out of his
Andrew raises his hand to his forehead.
                       LORD ANDREW
Elizabeth was right about him...
what have I done?
Elizabeth is standing on a chair dusting a chandelier.
                       ELIZABETH (VO)
Some weeks have passed by... my
conversations with Lord Philip
have been enjoyable... young
Charles and I have moved our...
      (steps down from
...adventures to inside the
house... for it is far to cold
Elizabeth WALKS to the table, and looks down at the
silverware to be polished. She picks up a spoon, and begins
to polish the spoon.
                       ELIZABETH (VO)
There is to be a party here at
Windehaven... the house is full of
excitement. Lord Philip has been
extra ordinarily happy...
      (frowning slightly)
... perhaps because Lady Katrina
shall be arriving shortly.
Serena comes RUNNING into the ballroom.
      (out of breath)
Elizabeth... people are arriving.
I'm so excited. Do you need help?


Elizabeth LAUGHS as she continues to polish the silverware.
No, I'm fine. Why don't you go
help Melinda.
Serena RUNS to the kitchen door.
Lady Katrina and Lord Byron are
here... but she is not as pretty
as you are, Elizabeth.
Okay, Serena. Be off.
Serena EXITS.

Elizabeth puts the silverware down and frowns.
Elizabeth WALKS to the door that enters the hallway. She
CRACKS the door open.

Elizabeth stares at LADY KATRINA DOLTRAP, rosy cheeked, from
the top of her head to her boots, was an exquisite and
polished young woman.
LORD BYRON DOLTRAP, an arrogant and homely young man. He is
showing Lord Philip his little black knife. Lord Byron
places the knife back in his boot for all too see.
                       LADY KATRINA
Oh, Philip... Do you know how much
I have missed you?
Lord Philip goes to Katrina's side and KISSES her cheek.
                       LORD PHILIP
It is so good to see you, my dear.
Elizabeth CLOSES the door. She lays her head against the
Serena ENTERS.
Elizabeth, are you done?


Elizabeth JUMPS and HITS her head hard on the door.

Lord Philip looks at the ballroom door and WALKS to the

                       ELIZABETH (OS)
Ow... yes, Serena... why?
Philip OPENS the door to the ballroom.
                       LORD PHILIP
What was that thump, I heard?
      (rubbing forehead)
That was my head hitting the door.
Philip WALKS to Elizabeth. He removes her hand and examines
her forehead.
                       LORD PHILIP
I just see a little bruising. I
think you will be fine.
Oh... I am fine.
Philip smiles and WALKS to the door.
                       LORD PHILIP
Next time, shall you not have
your head so close to the door to
spy on us.
Lord Philip EXITS. Elizabeth LAUGHS touching her forehead.
Serena WALKS to Elizabeth's side.
I need your help to mop this
Elizabeth places her arm around Serena.
Let's get started.
I knew you would take a look.


Elizabeth carries a bucket of dirty water.

Serena watches Elizabeth from the doorway.
Elizabeth... I'll need the bucket
after you use it.
You can have it in just a moment.
Lord Philip and Lord Byron are WALKING behind Lady Katrina
and another YOUNG WOMAN.
Elizabeth STOPS and raises the bucket. Melinda STEPS out of
the doorway.
What are you doing?
I thought I would throw the water
out onto the grass.
Lady Katrina and the young woman are APPROACHING where
Elizabeth is standing. Elizabeth's back is to them.
                       LADY KATRINA
I am so warm... and my room is
Elizabeth SWINGS the bucket and


Lady Katrina and the young woman SCREAM in ANGER.
Lord Philip and Lord Byron RUN to the young ladies sides.
I am so sorry!
                       LADY KATRINA
      (wiping at her
You stupid girl... don't you look.


Philip looks at Elizabeth. Elizabeth drops her eyes to the
                       LORD PHILIP
Let us go inside. It is too cold
for you to be outside, soaking
                       LADY KATRINA
Look at me. I am going to have to
do my hair...
Serena RUNS outside covering her mouth.

Lord Philip GUIDES Lady Katrina to the door.

Lord Byron and the young woman follow them. Lord Byron
stares at Elizabeth in distaste.
Elizabeth SWINGS the bucket.
What? I did not know she was
there, till it was too late. I
had heard her say she was warm...
so this helped cool her down.
Serena LAUGHS HEARTILY. Elizabeth and Melinda smile and
ENTER the kitchen. Elizabeth touches her bruised forehead.
Melinda wraps her arms around Elizabeth's shoulders.
Elizabeth is WALKING to the servants staircase.

Calvin taps her shoulder.

Elizabeth turns around.
Lord Calvin...
Elizabeth EMBRACES Lord Calvin.
                       LORD CALVIN
Elizabeth! How are you?
I am fine. How is Madeline and
Calvin points to a door.


                       LORD CALVIN
Madeline is fine. Her pregnancy
is making her very tired.
Augustine is playing with Charles.
Calvin ESCORTS Elizabeth upstairs.
Well, it has been some time since
we have seen you here at
Windehaven, Lord Calvin.
Elizabeth OPENS her door and WAVES Lord Calvin into the


Calvin WALKS to the fireplace. Elizabeth keeps the door
OPEN. Elizabeth WALKS to the window.
                       LORD CALVIN
I was hoping when I came, that
things would be different here at
      (shaking her head)
No, nothing has changed. I am
sorry to disappoint you.
                       LORD CALVIN
Charles says that you have gotten
extremely close.
He is wonderful. I enjoy his
company very much.
Calvin THROWS a log on the fire.

Calvin peers at Elizabeth.
                       LORD CALVIN
You should tell Philip who you
are. So then he can feel free to
show you his affections.
Lord Calvin, I do not know what
you are talking about.


                       LORD CALVIN
Rubbish!! The way he looks at
you, and you can not deny your
feelings for him.
LADY MADELINE THOMSON, glowing, pretty and seven months
pregnant stands in the doorway.
                       LADY MADELINE
Why don't you tell him? Before he
makes a big mistake in marrying
Katrina. He should have never
promised her father...
Calvin WALKS to Madeline's side to ESCORT her to the chair.

Elizabeth stares in panic at Lady Madeline.
... You mean to tell me, she is
promised to Philip. Oh... how I
do hate arranged marriages! But
Philip was married before...
                       LORD CALVIN
Yes... but when Mary died, Philip
had promised her that he would
remarry for the sake of Charles.
Mary had thought well of Katrina
when she was younger...
                       LADY MADELINE
... But as you can see, she did
not turn out to be such a lady.
She might have the title, but that
is where it stops.
Elizabeth SITS on her bed looking defeated.
I came here to Windehaven to
escape Henry... Lord Philip is my
employer and that is all.
                       LADY MADELINE
Philip, would help you.
No, I can not involve him. The
situation will remain the same.


                       LORD CALVIN
Then you will be making a big
mistake. A mistake that might
cost you happiness.
Calvin helps Madeline to stand up. Calvin and Madeline WALK
to the doorway.
                       LADY MADELINE
Just think about what we have told
      (nods her head)
I will, Lady Madeline.
Calvin and Madeline EXIT.

Elizabeth lays on her back and stares at the ceiling.
Elizabeth ROLLS onto her side and tears fall from her eyes.
Lady Katherine and Lord Andrew are EATING.

Alfred and Jane ENTER.
Lady Katherine we have just
received word that...
Lord Andrew and Lady Katherine DROP their forks.
It is Henry, my lord, he was
killed in an accident.
Lord Andrew stands up. Lady Katherine CATCHES her breath.
                       LORD ANDREW
What happened?
All we know is that he was killed
while hunting.
                       LADY KATHERINE
Oh... dear God.


Alfred EXITS. Jane WALKS to the door and STOPS. She looks
to Lord Andrew and Lady Katherine.
                       LORD ANDREW
Is that all, Jane?
Jane hesitates for a moment.
... Yes... sir.
Jane EXITS. Andrew SITS down and SIPS at his wine.
                       LORD ANDREW
We don't even know where to find
her... to let her know that it is
safe to come home.
Lady Katherine picks up her napkin and WEEPS. Lord Andrew
massages his temples.
                       LADY KATHERINE
Oh... Andrew... will we ever see
her again?

Lord Philip and Lady Katrina are DANCING the waltz. Several
couples are DANCING along with them.

There are FOUR SERVANTS carrying trays to the tables.

Several couples are still seated eating cake.
AUGUSTINE, 8, a silly, sociable red head RUNS under a table.

Charles RUNS underneath and catches him.
Lord Calvin and Lady Madeline are LAUGHING while watching
Augustine and Charles.
Elizabeth ENTERS from the kitchen door, carrying a tray of
wine glasses.

She smiles as she watches the couples dance. But the smile
disappears when she sees Lord Philip with Katrina.
Philip sees Elizabeth's smile disappear. He raises his
Serena ENTERS. Serena WALKS to Elizabeth's side.


Doesn't everyone look beautiful?
Elizabeth looks around the ballroom. She watches Augustine
and Charles and LAUGHS.
Yes. I must get back to the
Elizabeth WALKS back into the


Melinda gives her another tray of glasses.
How is your head?
      (touches the
It is sore. I just look forward
to crawling into my bed later.
It has been very enjoyable... this
ballroom has not seen this many
people in a long time.
Elizabeth smiles and backs out the door into the


Philip SIDE STEPS out of Elizabeth's path.
                       LORD PHILIP
How are you this evening,
Fine, my lord.
Lady Katrina WALKS up to Philip. She glances at Elizabeth
and turns her nose. Katrina never makes eye contact with
                       LADY KATRINA
You should be thankful, miss, that
Lord Philip was here to calm me...
from my misfortune this afternoon.


Elizabeth smiles and WALKS to the buffet table. Serena is
standing next to the buffet table. Serena helps Elizabeth
remove the glasses off of the tray.
Do you suppose... Lord Philip and
Lady Katrina will marry?
I hope not.
What did you say, Elizabeth?
Nothing... help me in the kitchen,
Elizabeth is WASHING dishes. Serena puts a bowl away.

Elizabeth looks out the window.
It's snowing.
Serena wipes her brow with her sleeve, and RUNS to the
doorway outside.
I love snow.
Well, right now, we must love
cleaning up.
Melinda ENTERS.

Melinda WALKS up to Elizabeth.
Will you please help me in the
Certainly, maam.
Elizabeth wipes her hands on her apron. Serena WALKS to
Melinda's side.


May I come?
Melinda nods her head. Elizabeth and Serena follow Melinda
into the


All couples are gone. SERVANTS are cleaning off the tables.

FIVE MUSICIANS are STRETCHING. Serena smiles brightly.
This life must be wonderful.
It most certainly appears that
Elizabeth WALKS over to a table and starts PICKING UP
Come on Elizabeth... let us dance.
Several musicians smile and begin to PLAY


Serena twirls toward Elizabeth.
Oh... Serena... we have work to
Just for a few minutes.
Melinda smiles and nods approval to Elizabeth.
Alright... but only for a few
Elizabeth puts the plates down. Serena and Elizabeth WALTZ
to the music.

Calvin ENTERS. Calvin WALKS up to Serena and taps her on
the shoulder.
                       LORD CALVIN
May I cut in?


Serena lets go of Elizabeth. Calvin CLASPS his hand onto
Serena's hand.
Is Lady Madeline okay?
                       LORD CALVIN
She is just fine. She is putting
Augistine to bed.
Elizabeth WALKS over to the table. She PICKS UP the dishes
she has stacked.

Lord Philip ENTERS and pauses at the doorway.
                       LORD PHILIP
I thouhgt I heard music.
Elizabeth DROPS the dishes onto the table. FOOTSTEPS come
closer behind her.

Melinda smiles and EXITS.

Elizabeth can here BREATHING behind her, she closes her
                       LORD CALVIN
She needs a partner, brother.
Elizabeth turns around, and is surprised at how close he is
to her.

Philip takes her hand.
                       LORD PHILIP
Then we shall dance.
Elizabeth looks down. Lord Philip places her hand on his
shoulder and places his hand on her waist. Then encloses
her other hand in his.
But, my lord...
                       LORD PHILIP
... Sshhhhh!
Elizabeth smiles shyly. Philip GLIDES across the floor.
Elizabeth looks at his eyes. Philip glances at her.
Elizabeth diverts her eyes away from Philip.


                       LORD PHILIP
Elizabeth, you look simply
beautiful tonight.
Thank you...
MUSIC STOPS. Lord Philip holds onto Elizabeth for a few
more moments.

Elizabeth looks up into Lord Philip's face.
... Thank you.
                       LORD PHILIP
The pleasure was all mine... I
won't expect you tonight for our
      (whispers in her
... but we shall resume tomorrow
Serena SQUEALS in delight. Elizabeth jumps out of Lord
Philip's hands.
Thank you so much, Lord Calvin.
                       LORD CALVIN
You have a nice evening, young
Lord Philip WALKS to Lord Calvin.
Calvin and Philip EXIT. Musicians smile and place their
instruments on the chairs.
That was divine.
Serena, let's finish. I'm tired.
Elizabeth sleeps soundly.



Elizabeth moves.


Elizabeth SITS UP quickly.
Yes... what is it?
DOOR OPENS. The fire illuminates a figure WALKING to her
bed, holding an oil lamp.

Lord Philip holds the oil lamp to his face.
                       LORD PHILIP
You must come now...
Elizabeth pushes the covers down and grabs her robe.
What is wrong?
Elizabeth stands up.
                       LORD PHILIP
It is Charles. He is ill. He
keeps calling for you.
Elizabeth GASPS for air. She RUNS to the door and down the


Lord Philip RUNS behind her.
How long has he been ill?
                       LORD PHILIP
He has been sick on his stomach
for an hour.


Elizabeth RUNS down the


Elizabeth holds her robe closed as she is RUNNING.

Elizabeth OPENS the door and ENTERS


Melinda is holding Charles on the side of the bed.
Charles is CRYING. He looks up too see Elizabeth.

Charles reaches for Elizabeth.
Elizabeth bends down and holds Charles.
Melinda, can you get some cool
water and a cloth?
Yes, certainly. I shall be right
Philip PACES the floor impatiently.

Charles head is hanging over Elizabeth's back... VOMIT...
Elizabeth WINCES... wetness clings to her back.
Oh... I'm sorry Elizabeth.
It is alright, Charles.
Philip picks up Charles and LAYS him on the bed.

Elizabeth takes off her robe. Philip takes the robe from
Elizabeth. Elizabeth's eyes ROAM from Philip's disheveled
hair, to his shirt opened and seeing his bare chest.
                       LORD PHILIP
I'll have Melinda clean this for
Thank you...


Elizabeth... my stomach hurts...
it really hurts.
I know... let me try this.
Elizabeth SITS next to Charles on the bed. She rubs Charles
stomach very softly.

Charles leans forward. Elizabeth GRABS the bucket.

Melinda ENTERS. She places the water in the water bowl.
Lord Philip, take that cloth and
wet it. We will place it on
Charles forehead. It will help
reduce his fever.
Elizabeth holds Charles as he leans into the bucket.
Elizabeth... make it stop.
                       LORD PHILIP
Charles lean back... this will
help cool you down. Come on, son.
Philip helplessly attends to his son. Elizabeth holds
Charles as they LEAN back on the bed. Charles CURLS up next
to Elizabeth.
That's it... just relax.
Elizabeth RUBS Charles arm as he closes his eyes.

Lord Philip holds the cloth to Charles forehead.
Philip looks out the window. He squints looking at the

Philip turns to look at Elizabeth and Charles sleeping.

Philip WALKS to the side of Elizabeth. He BRUSHES a strand
of hair off of her eye. He EXHALES SLOWLY.

Elizabeth MOVES. Her eyes open.


                       LORD PHILIP
Just stay and rest.
Elizabeth smiles, and lays her head against Charles head.
Lord Philip FENCES Lord Byron.


Several MEN are standing by the fireplace TALKING.

Lord Philip moves around Lord Byron that he KNOCKS Byron
down... CLING... CLANG... CLING.

Lord Byron DROPS his sword.
                       LORD BYRON
      (out of breath)
You are very good, Lord Philip.
                       LORD PHILIP
Thank you kind sir. Here... let
me help.
Lord Philip helps Lord Byron to stand up. Lord Byron
straightens his clothing. Lord Philip brushes the sweat off
of his brow with his hand.

Elizabeth ENTERS.

Elizabeth is very pale. Her eyes have dark circles under
them and are red. She PLACES a tray of wine glasses on Lord
Philip's desk.
                       LORD BYRON
You know Philip, you should come
back with us. We would love to
take you hunting.
                       LORD PHILIP
I would hate to leave Charles
Elizabeth smiles and WALKS to the fireplace.

Lord Philip glances at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth THROWS a log on the fire.


                       LORD BYRON
Bring him along. Mother and
father would love to have you
                       LORD PHILIP
Well, maybe then I shall consider
Lord Byron raises his sword, pointing to the men in the
                       LORD BYRON
Who is next?
A SHORT MAN, WALKS over to Lord Byron. Lord Philip WALKS up
to Elizabeth at the fireplace. Elizabeth's frown
                       LORD PHILIP
How is Charles?
He is resting. Rachel is with
Elizabeth WALKS to the door.
                       OLDER MAN
Miss, could I have some water?
Certainly. I'll be right back
with that water.
Elizabeth EXITS.

Lord Byron WALKS swiftly to Lord Philip. Lord Philip RUBS
his eyes.
                       LORD BYRON
You know Philip... you allow your
servants to much freedom.
                       LORD PHILIP
Excuse me, Byron, but I believe I
know how to run my own household.
Lord Byron WALKS to Philip's desk, and picks up a glass of

Lord Byron SIPS at the glass of wine. He places the glass
back down.


                       LORD BYRON
You allow your servants to think
and speak.
Elizabeth ENTERS.
                       LORD PHILIP
Why shouldn't I? My staff is very
intelligent. They run my home
with every care...
                       LORD BYRON
... because they might forget...
they are not of the same class as
we are.
Elizabeth's face changes from PLEASANTNESS to ANGER.

Elizabeth puts the water down on the desk.
Oh, believe me, sir. We don't
forget... because people like you
remind us all the time.
                       LORD BYRON
See... to much freedom.
Elizabeth is fuming. Lord Philip WALKS to Lord Byron at the
desk. Lord Philip points a finger at Lord Byron.

Lord Calvin ENTERS. Lord Calvin looks from Lord Philip and
Byron to Elizabeth.
                       LORD CALVIN
My brother disagrees with you on
this matter... that will be all
that is said about this matter.
Lord Byron EXHALES deeply. Elizabeth smiles and EXITS.

Lord Philip EXITS into the


Elizabeth WALKS swiftly to the foyer, looking very pale and


                       LORD PHILIP
Elizabeth... don't listen to
anything that man says...
... Elizabeth, are you feeling
Yes, I am fine...Lord Philip...
when that man speaks, he speaks
                       LORD PHILIP
      (pats her hand)
Good... because I enjoy your
company very much... and...
Lord Philip smiles.

Lady Katrina is WALKING down the staircase.
                       LADY KATRINA
Oh... Philip... did you come
looking for me? I have missed
Elizabeth cringes at the sound of Lady Katrina's voice. Lord
Philip RUNS up the stairs to Lady Katrina.
                       LORD PHILIP
I have missed you... Katrina...
      (escorts her)
... how was your evening?
                       LADY KATRINA
Just fine. So, did Byron talk to
you about coming home with us?
Lord Philip and Lady Katrina WALK down the hallway.

Elizabeth WALKS down the staircase to listen to their
                       LORD PHILIP
Yes, he did. Charles and I would
love to go.
Elizabeth is shocked. Lord Philip turns his head and sees
Elizabeth watching him.

Elizabeth WALKS to the staircase. Lord Philip turns his
attention to Lady Katrina and smiles.


All TWENTY SERVANTS of Windehaven are gathered in silence as
Lord Philip speaks to them.

Elizabeth is very pale, leaning on a staircase post.
                       LORD PHILIP
We shall only be gone for a
      (putting on coat)
... The rest of the guests shall
be leaving this afternoon.
Charles WALKS down the staircase by Lady Katrina.

Charles RUNS to Elizabeth. Elizabeth bends down to his
      (whispers in her
I don't want to go...
      (looking at her
... I will miss you terribly.
      (hugging Charles)
I shall miss you... but it will
only be a week.
                       LADY KATRINA
Come on Charles. We must be
      (putting gloves on)
... far too much attachment to
hired help.
Elizabeth's smile disappears.

Charles RUNS to Lord Philip's side. Lord Philip looks
helplessly to Charles and then to Elizabeth.
                       LORD PHILIP
Let us be going.
James wearing his coat OPENS the door. WOOSH... WOOSH...

Elizabeth SHIVERS.

Lord Philip and Charles WAVE good-bye.


Charles and Lady Katrina EXIT. Lord Philip turns and smiles
to all his servants, his eyes linger on Elizabeth. Elizabeth
turns her head and WALKS up the staircase. Elizabeth holds
onto the banister as she WALKS.
I shall miss you James. Keep warm
my dear.
I will. I shall send word if we
are delayed.
James KISSES Melinda. Melinda CRIES softly.

James and Lord Philip EXIT.

Serena holds onto Melinda. Melinda stops crying.
Everyone get back to work. We
still have guests to take care of.
All twenty servants scatter to their positions. Serena
WALKS up the staircase.

Serena WALKS up to Elizabeth. Elizabeth STOPS and looks out
the window. Elizabeth is sweating heavily.
Charles will be fine.
I just don't think he should have
brought him. Charles does not
like Katrina... plus he has just
gotten over being sick.
I suppose... well, what if Lord
Philip wants Charles there...
well, when he proposes to Lady
Elizabeth WALKS from the window to a doorway into a bedroom.

Serena watches Elizabeth lean into the doorway. Elizabeth
FALLS to her knees. Serena RUNS to Elizabeth's side.
Elizabeth... what is wrong?


Elizabeth DROPS onto the floor. Serena SHAKES Elizabeth.
Elizabeth does not move.
Melinda... Melinda...
Melinda is applying a cold damp cloth to Elizabeth's

Serena THROWS a log on the fire.

Elizabeth tries to sit up. Melinda PUSHES her back down.
What happened?
You fainted. Your in your bed
now... you are extremely warm...
      (dipping cloth in
       the water)
... it is no wonder... you
probably caught what Charles had.
I must get up and help you. You
need help to see Lord Calvin and
Lady Madeline get safely...
Elizabeth... we will be fine. You
just rest and get better.
Elizabeth smiles and closes her eyes. Melinda SITS down in
the chair by Elizabeth's bed.

Serena WALKS to the door and ENTERS the


Serena WALKS down the staircase and onto the next landing.

Lord Calvin OPENS his door and STEPS into Serena's path.

Serena STOPS abruptly.
                       LORD CALVIN
Serena, what is wrong with


She is ill.
                       LORD CALVIN
I hope that she shall be okay...
      (pointing to room)
... please tell her we said
good-bye. But we must be going.
Alright, my lord. I will see
about getting your carriage.
Elizabeth WALKS from the fireplace to the window.
                       ELIZABETH (VO)
It took me a week before I was
feeling like myself again... I am
still weak at times... I was
hoping to see Charles and Philip
... but the weather has gotten
worse. The lake has frozen
over... far too much snow. I miss
them dearly.
Elizabeth WIPES the window clean. Her eyes fill with tears.
Serena and Melinda are PEELING potatoes.

Elizabeth FILLS a bucket of beans with water.
I can not believe that it has been
a month.
The weather has been dreadful.
James sent word, that the snow has
kept them from returning.
It has just been far too quite.
Elizabeth looks at the beans floating in the water.


I do miss Charles.
Rachel ENTERS and picks up a potato.
I have done everything I possibly
could do. I shall help with
Elizabeth... I know you must also
miss Lord Philip.
Elizabeth DROPS her bucket of beans in the sink. Elizabeth
turns her attention to Serena.

Melinda and Rachel DROP their potatoes.
What? Lord Philip and Elizabeth
converse all the time.
So, we converse with one another.
There is no crime in that.
He does not converse with me. He
is always talking with you
Serena DROPS her potato. She then WALKS over to Elizabeth.
Elizabeth... he doesn't pay
attention to any of us. But you
are different.
That's not true. He gave you that
book to read. He also speaks to
Melinda all the time. He let
Melinda and James have that day
off together.


Elizabeth WALKS to the doorway outside holding her stomach.

Elizabeth EXHALES softly.
But that was only after you two
had that huge fight...
      (looking outside)
... I saw you both that night. He
speaks to Melinda because he has
too. He speaks to you because he
wants too.
Elizabeth looks at Serena. Melinda picks her potato back
Okay... let us get back to work.
Elizabeth, I believe he does like
Oh... the two of you stop. I am
just a servant. There is nothing
there between Lord Philip and
      (picks up bucket)
... plus he is too marry Lady
Katrina, or did you forget?
Serena WALKS to the table. She picks up her potato and
peels it with a smile on her face. Serena rolls her eyes.
She is a stupid girl. If he was
smart he would choose you.
Elizabeth smiles. Melinda nudges Serena. Rachel looks at
Melinda and smiles.
Let's finish this, okay.
Melinda checks the front door. She WALKS up the staircase.


Melinda STOPS and turns around.



Melinda RUNS down the staircase, and into his arms.
James... your home.
Lord Philip and Charles ENTER wearing their coats and
We couldn't wait to get home.
Charles RIPS off his coat and gloves. He THROWS them to his
Where is Elizabeth?
Melinda points to the library door.

Charles RUNS down the hallway. Lord Philip watches his son
and smiles.
You and Charles have been missed
very much.
Elizabeth lays on the floor SLEEPING by the fireplace.

A book is sprawled out on the floor next to her.

Charles ENTERS excited.
Elizabeth sits up. Charles RUNS to her.
... Charles...
      (brushing his hair
... let me look at you. I think
you have grown a bit.
Lord Philip ENTERS taking off his gloves.

Elizabeth stands up. Charles does not let go of her.


I missed you so much. I must tell
you about my adventures.
I missed you also...
      (kisses Charles
... I can not wait to hear of your
Father is not going...
                       LORD PHILIP
Charles... go and change. Rachel
will be glad to see you.
Alright, father. I'll be back
Charles RUNS out of the library.

Elizabeth WALKS to her book on the floor.

Philip lays his gloves on his desk.
                       LORD PHILIP
So, Melinda, tells me you fell ill
just after we left.
Yes, sir. I am doing well. Every
so often I feel weak. But then I
just rest.
                       LORD PHILIP
I am glad to hear that.
Elizabeth WALKS to the door and then STOPS.

Philip watches her from behind his desk.
I am glad that you are both home
again, sir.
                       LORD PHILIP
Elizabeth... were we missed?


      (faces Philip)
Very much. You have all loyal
servants who missed you very much.
                       LORD PHILIP
      (comes around desk)
But did you miss us, Elizabeth?
Elizabeth SWALLOWS hard, and blushes.
Yes, sir. I missed Charles and I
missed our conversations.
Lord Philip WALKS to Elizabeth. Elizabeth turns to leave.
Lord Philip grabs her hand.
                       LORD PHILIP
Well... then may I have a hug...
Elizabeth happily turns into Lord Philip's arms. Elizabeth
EMBRACES Lord Philip. Philip lays his hand on the small of
her back, and holds her securely.
Lord Philip SNIFFS her hair.
                       LORD PHILIP
You washed your hair.
                       MELINDA (OS)
Elizabeth... I need you.
Elizabeth STEPS back out of Philip's arms.

Philip drops his arms from around Elizabeth.
I must go.
Elizabeth WALKS to the door.
                       LORD PHILIP
I need to discuss something with
you later.


Elizabeth EXITS.

Lord Philip WALKS to his desk, and SITS down smiling.
The sun is just at the horizon. There is a cold wind

Elizabeth holds her cloak closed. Elizabeth SHIVERS walking
through the snow.

Charles RUNS through the snow. He holds onto his hat.
Charles, it is too cold. We must
go back inside.
I just want to see the lake
frozen. I've never seen it frozen.
Charles STOPS at the edge of the lake.

Elizabeth WALKS up behind Charles. Elizabeth places her
hand on his shoulder.
Okay. You see, now let us go.

Charles hat comes off his head and lands on the frozen lake.

Lord Philip is STANDING at the top of the hill. He is
watching Elizabeth and Charles and smiles.

Charles WALKS toward his hat.

Elizabeth grabs him.
I need my hat.
I'll get it!!
Elizabeth WALKS slowly across the lake.

Lord Philip RUNS.


                       LORD PHILIP
Elizabeth... no...

Elizabeth WALKS quickly.

Lord Philip RUNS down the hill.


Elizabeth is under the water.

Charles panics.

Lord Philip CRAWLS out onto the lake. Elizabeth POPS out.

Lord Philip grabs her cloak, and pulls Elizabeth out.

Elizabeth is SHIVERING. Lord Philip pulls her off the ice.
Charles is CRYING. Lord Philip pulls off Elizabeth's cloak.
                       LORD PHILIP
Charles... go tell Melinda what
has happened... tell her to warm
my room... go... now.
Charles RUNS up the hill.

Elizabeth's lips are blue. Elizabeth SHIVERS.
I can not feel... how stupid of
Elizabeth closes her eyes.

Lord Philip WRAPS his coat around Elizabeth. Lord Philip
picks her up and carries her up the hill.
                       LORD PHILIP
Elizabeth... You need to stay
Elizabeth GROANS. Lord Philip ENTERS the castle.
Lord Philip carries Elizabeth to the bed, and lays her down.


Melinda and Serena start pulling off her shoes. Lord Philip
pulls his coat off of her. Elizabeth looks pale and blue
and her hair is frozen.

Lord Philip frantically tugs at Elizabeth's dress.
                       LORD PHILIP
      (grabbing at
We must get these wet clothes off
of her.
Lord Philip... Serena and I will
do that. You go fetch the doctor.
                       LORD PHILIP
Yes... I will go see to the
Lord Philip stands paralyzed. Melinda PUSHES Lord Philip to
the door.
Lord Philip... now.
Lord Philip EXITS.

Elizabeth MUMBLES under her breath.

Melinda and Serena pull her clothes off.
Philip... are you there?
Elizabeth he is gone.
Elizabeth SHIVERS and tosses her head back and forth.

Serena CRIES and wipes at her eyes.
Lord Philip and Charles are PACING in front of Philip's bed

The DOCTOR, an older graying man, OPENS the door and ENTERS
the hallway. The Doctor shakes his head.
It is too soon to tell. The next
couple of hours she must be
watched... She might not survive


                       DOCTOR (cont'd)
      (puts his coat on)
... being ill so recently. She
might not have the stamina...
Charles CRIES into Lord Philip's leg.

Lord Philip holds onto Charles.
                       LORD PHILIP
You don't know Elizabeth, doctor.
She is a strong independent woman.
She will not let this beat her.
Lord Philip, keep an eye on her. I
don't like the look of some of her
toes... we might have to...

Charles RUNS to the bedroom door.
I am going in father.
I will be back in the morning.
The Doctor WALKS down the hallway.

Charles OPENS the door and ENTERS the


Lord Philip WALKS in behind Charles.

Serena is WALKING to the water bowl.

Elizabeth is LAYING on a small couch, in front of the

Charles RUNS to Elizabeth's side.
Elizabeth... you must get better.
Elizabeth's appearance is very pale, her eyes are dark and
sunken in. Their is sweat brimming her brow.

Charles CRIES on her shoulder.


Lord Philip LIFTS the cover from off her feet. Two of
Elizabeth's toes are black. Lord Philip GASPS.

Elizabeth MOVES her head side to side.
Charles... my little prince.
Charles raises his head and looks at Elizabeth's face.

Elizabeth opens her eyes.

Lord Philip bends down next to Elizabeth.
I'm here, Elizabeth. I'm here.
Let me sleep... please.
Serena lays a wet cloth to her forehead.

Elizabeth pushes Serena's arm away.
Elizabeth... I need to do this to
make you better.
No... I just want to sleep.
                       LORD PHILIP
Elizabeth, you must get better...
you must.
Elizabeth raises her head, and then drops back down on the
Alright... you must both go... I
need to tend to Elizabeth.
Lord Philip and Charles stand up, and WALK to the door.
Elizabeth... get better... please.
Lady Katherine is laying under covers. Her eyes are dark
and sunken in, and she is very pale.


Jane is raising her head to help her DRINK.

Lord Andrew ENTERS.

Lord Andrew SITS next to Lady Katherine on the bed.
                       LORD ANDREW
My dear... the doctor is coming
back. No need to worry.
Lady Katherine nods her head. Lord Andrew holds Katherine's

Lord Andrew I must tell you
something... very important.
Lord Philip rubs at his eyes. Lord Philip WALKS to the wall
of books. In anger he DROPS books onto the floor.

Lord Philip PACES in front of the fireplace.

His hair is uncombed. His shirt is untucked. He TOPPLES a
chair over in anger.

Lord Philip FALLS to the floor and stares into the
                       LORD PHILIP
I could not endure her death. For
Charles sake and mine, please. I
can not go through this again.
Lord Philip's anguished face has tears gliding down his

Lord Philip buries his face in his hands.


Doctor examines Elizabeth's right foot. He touches the two
smallest toes that are black. The doctor shakes his head

Lord Philip GROANS. Melinda and Serena wipe away tears on
their faces. Charles RUNS to the window.
I must remove them. To keep the
poison from spreading even more.
Can we not wait just a little
No. It has been long enough.
Philip I'll need you to hold her
down... Serena, boil me some
The doctor pulls out his instruments from his bag.

Charles looks at the instruments and RUNS to the


Charles CLOSES the door and SITS against the door.
Charles lays his head in his hands.
                       ELIZABETH (OS)
Charles head pops up, and he stands up and OPENS the door
and RUNS into the


Lord Philip is holding Elizabeth's shoulders down. Melinda
is wiping Elizabeth's brow. Serena is handing some cloth to
the doctor.

Elizabeth CRIES. Lord Philip lets go of Elizabeth and WALKS
to the balcony.

Charles follows Lord Philip out on the balcony.


Elizabeth, it is all right. You
will be okay.
Elizabeth falls asleep. The doctor wraps her foot with the
She should be feeling better, very
soon. I will be back to visit
The doctor places his instruments back in his bag. Serena
gathers all the dirty, bloody cloths, and WALKS to the door.

Melinda SITS down beside Elizabeth and rubs her arm.

Lord Philip carries Charles to Elizabeth.
Elizabeth, get better.
Lord Philip carries Charles to the door.

Serena OPENS the door and they all EXIT. The doctor tips
his hat to Melinda, and Melinda smiles. The doctor EXITS.

Melinda CRIES into Elizabeth's hair.
Lord Philip looks out the window.

Melinda ENTERS. Melinda WALKS to the window.
My lord... Elizabeth is waking...
                       LORD PHILIP
Thank you, Melinda.
Lord Philip RUNS to the door.

Melinda smiles with tears in her eyes.
Elizabeth LIMPS to the door of the balcony.

Elizabeth OPENS the door. She INHALES. Elizabeth smiles.

Lord Philip ENTERS and WALKS up behind Elizabeth.


                       LORD PHILIP
Well... it is good to see you up
and walking. You had us nervous,
Elizabeth turns around to face Lord Philip.
I am feeling much better. This
limping will take some time...
Elizabeth looks at her wrapped foot. Lord Philip WALKS to
her side.
                       LORD PHILIP
You know the doctor had no
choice... he did not want you to
lose a foot or a leg.
      (losing her
I understand that. It is still
hard to believe...
      (Philip catches
... thank you. I hate to be such
a burden to you.
Lord Philip carries Elizabeth to the bed. He lays her down.

Elizabeth closes her eyes and CURLS onto her side.
                       LORD PHILIP
You need to rest. You are still
very weak.
Please, tell Charles to come and
visit me, I want to see him.
                       LORD PHILIP
Certainly. You need to rest for
right now.
Lord Philip covers Elizabeth with a light blanket. He WALKS
to the door. Lord Philip STOPS and looks back at Elizabeth
and smiles. Lord Philip EXITS.

Elizabeth opens her eyes and smiles. Elizabeth closes her
eyes, but the smile does not go away.


Maybe... just maybe.
Elizabeth dusts off some portraits.
                       ELIZABETH (VO)
It took me several weeks to get
back to work... but Lord Philip
would read to me in the evening...
that was my favorite part of the
      (limps to banister)
... it did not take long to get
use to the limping. I just can't
run after Charles like I use too.
Lord Philip ENTERS from the front door.

Elizabeth turns her attention to the front door.
                       LORD PHILIP
Elizabeth... do you still have any
of that lavender?
Yes, sir. I still have some.
                       LORD PHILIP
Do you think I might try some
Of course. I shall bring some...
                       LORD PHILIP
No, see... I need your help...
      (hold his hand up)
... I jammed my hand in the stall
while checking on my horse.
      (winces in pain)
That is awful... Yes... I will
bring it this evening.
                       LORD PHILIP
Thank you!!
Lord Philip EXITS down the hallway.

Elizabeth LIMPS up the staircase.


Lord Philip POURS water into his water bowl. He examines
his hand and the swelling is gone.
                       LORD PHILIP
Well, well... look at that.
Are you there my lord?
                       LORD PHILIP
DOOR OPENS. Elizabeth holds up the lavender bottle.
Good evening, my lord.
                       LORD PHILIP
I have the water bowl full.
Then... let us get started.
Elizabeth WALKS to the water bowl.

Lord Philip removes his shirt. Elizabeth CATCHES her
                       LORD PHILIP
I will use it to dry my hair.
Lord Philip smiles as he bends his head over the bowl.

Elizabeth POURS some water on his head. Lord Philip jumps.

Elizabeth POURS water.
I am sorry that it is so cold.
                       LORD PHILIP
Tis not that bad.
Elizabeth POURS some lavender on his hair. She RUBS it
throughout his hair.
So any word from Katrina or her


                       LORD PHILIP
What do you think of Katrina?
She is a lovely woman... as long
as she cares for Charles.
Elizabeth RINSES cold water on Lord Philip's hair. Philip
jumps. Elizabeth RINSES and


Elizabeth's dress is wet. Elizabeth and Lord Philip LAUGH.
Lord Philip grabs his shirt.
                       LORD PHILIP
So it does not matter if I am
taken care of.
No. Men rarely marry out of
love... it is usually, because of
an arranged marriage... which I
don't agree with at all...
      (closes her
... or out of convenience.
Lord Philip dries his hair with his shirt.
                       LORD PHILIP
In most cases you are correct.
Lady Katrina is a lovely woman...
she would care for Charles... and
for me. But conversations would
be very dull.
Well... in time your love for her
will grow and you will not mind.
Elizabeth WALKS by Lord Philip's arm. Lord Philip lays his
shirt down.
                       LORD PHILIP
      (grabs her hand)
But my dear, when you have already
fallen in love with another...
Elizabeth turns around and looks at Lord Philip in the eyes.

Elizabeth pulls at her hand. Lord Philip does not let go.


You do not know what you are
Lord Philip pulls Elizabeth closer. Elizabeth tries to pull
away. Lord Philip gathers her into his arms.
                       LORD PHILIP
I know that I love you. I have
loved you for a long time,
Elizabeth... the way you took to
my son... the passion you have
when we discuss matters... tell me
you do not love me and I shall let
you go.
Philip... I do love you.
Lord Philip CLOSES the gap with a PASSIONATE KISS. Lord
Philip becomes more earnest.

Elizabeth succombs to his MOUTH. Elizabeth's hands GLIDE up
his bare chest... then they GLIDE to the back of his head...
they GLIDE into his wet hair.

Lord Philip KISSES her cheek... he CARESSES the nape of her
neck... he KISSES down the side of her neck. Elizabeth
MOANS lightly... he KISSES her collar bone... he KISSES up
her neck... to her chin... then KISSES PASSIONATELY on the
mouth again.


Lord Philip stops kissing. He looks into Elizabeth's eyes
and smiles while CARESSING her neck. Elizabeth kisses his
                       LORD PHILIP
What is needed?
                       JAMES (OS)
Lord Philip... I need your
attention to a matter right away.
                       LORD PHILIP
I shall be right there.
Elizabeth STEPS back. Lord Philip puts his shirt on.

Lord Philip KISSES her lightly on the lips.


Philip... I need to tell you
                       LORD PHILIP
... Tomorrow... we have much to
Lord Philip EXITS.

Elizabeth holds her stomach and EXHALES.
I hope that you can forgive me.
Elizabeth and Serena are MOPPING the floor. Melinda is
POLISHING the posts on the staircase.


Lord Philip ENTERS, wearing a kilt and tight fitting shirt.
He smiles at Elizabeth. James ENTERS.

Elizabeth WALKS to Lord Philip's side.
I must speak with you, now.

James OPENS the door.

Charles RUNS into the foyer and SLIDES on the wet floor.
Lord Philip catches him.
Yes, sir... come in...
Rachel WALKS down the staircase.

Alfred ENTERS. Alfred stares at Elizabeth and clears his

Elizabeth DROPS her mop. Everyone looks at Elizabeth.
Lady Elizabeth... you must come
home... your mother is very ill.
Elizabeth CATCHES her breath.


                       LORD PHILIP
Lady Elizabeth... what...
I'm sorry. This is what I was
going to talk to you about.
Charles pulls at Elizabeth's dress.
Lady Elizabeth... now you can
marry father.
Elizabeth smiles at Charles. Lord Philip looks infuriated.
Melinda WALKS down the stairwell.
Elizabeth... you had us to
believe, that you were a servant.
I know... and there is a reason...
please just let me...
                       LORD PHILIP
Elizabeth... leave and never
Alfred CLEARS his throat.
Miss... we really need to be
Philip WALKS to the library


Elizabeth WINCES. Elizabeth WALKS to Alfred.
Give me just a moment, Alfred.
Yes, my lady. I will be waiting


Alfred nods his head in agreement. Alfred EXITS.

Elizabeth WALKS to the library door.
Lord Philip PACES the floor.

Elizabeth ENTERS.
                       LORD PHILIP
How dare you!!
Philip... please, listen to me...
                       LORD PHILIP
... You come here to Windehaven...
to deceive me and all of my
Elizabeth WALKS to Lord Philip.
... I had to flee from an arranged
marriage. He was someone I could
not marry. My life was in
                       LORD PHILIP
      (anger blazing)
Did you think I would not help
I could not risk it. Lord Calvin
had told me to tell you.
                       LORD PHILIP
So my own brother knew about all
He only knew once I was here. He
figured it out. But I did not
mean for this to happen like...
Lord Philip WALKS to the fireplace, and points to Mary's


                       LORD PHILIP
Mary would never have deceived me.
Her life was not in jeopardy...
                       LORD PHILIP
... I don't care... I do not
tolerate deception...you are of
noble birth... what is your true
Lady Elizabeth Scott...
                       LORD PHILIP
So... you are Andrew's daughter. I
knew I had recognized you. You my
dear have not lived up to being a
... I am truly sorry... please
forgive me... for I was to tell
you all about this, today.
Philip WALKS full of rage toward Elizabeth.
                       LORD PHILIP
You must think me a complete
fool... forgive you... I think
not. I show you love last night,
and the whole time...
      (walks to the door)
... your not a servant. You are
of noble birth. Well my dear, as
far as I am concerned, if I never
see you again it will not be soon
Lord Philip EXITS


Elizabeth holds her composure.

Elizabeth OPENS the door and WALKS into the



Everyone stares at Elizabeth.

Charles RUNS to Elizabeth CRYING.

Serena PLACES Elizabeth's cloak on.
You must not go!
Elizabeth bends down to Charles level.
My mother is very ill. Look after
Firestorm for me, I will be back
to retrieve him.
Elizabeth stands up and lets go of Charles.

Melinda and James smile.
Have a safe journey... Lady
Elizabeth HUGS Melinda and James.
It is just Elizabeth. This will
not change matters between us. I
chose this course... and I want to
keep your friendships.
Elizabeth HUGS Serena. Serena hands Elizabeth her gloves.
I will miss you. You have become
like a sister too me.
I will miss you also.
I always thought you were too
smart for this occupation.
Serena, you are just as smart as I
      (kissing her cheek)
... and you will go farther in
life than you'll ever know.


Elizabeth WALKS to the door. She WAVES and STEPS outside
into the


Alfred ASSISTS Elizabeth up the steps of the carriage.
Elizabeth looks at Windehaven Castle.
Elizabeth looks up to the balcony.

Lord Philip stares at Elizabeth and WALKS away.

Elizabeth SITS down in the carriage.

Elizabeth CRIES in her lap.
Elizabeth takes off her cloak and gloves.

Lord Andrew ENTERS.

Elizabeth HUGS her father tightly.
                       LORD ANDREW
I love you... I am so sorry that I
did not listen to you... I should
... Father... never mind... I am
home now... I love you also.

Elizabeth EMBRACES Jane.
Oh... Lady Elizabeth... it is so
good to see you.
It is good to see you, Jane. How
is mother?
Jane shakes her head.

Lord Andrew's face becomes dismal.


                       LORD ANDREW
Not well... she can not seem to
get better.
Now, that your home... she shall
get better.
Elizabeth smiles sadly. Elizabeth WALKS to the staircase.
                       LORD ANDREW
Elizabeth... about Henry...
... Alfred, informed me about
Elizabeth WALKS up the staircase.

Lord Andrew WALKS to the staircase, and SITS down on the
step and CRIES.
Lady Katherine sleeps, propped around pillows in her bed.

Elizabeth ENTERS. Elizabeth quietly WALKS to her mother's

Elizabeth touches her mother's hair.
Mother... it is Elizabeth.