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Attack of the Zombies!
by Ryan Reed (gosurfryan@charter.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: **1/2
Zombies are taking over the world. Four boy's meet together and survive all odd's and live in a world ruled by zombies.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


      (Shouting up the
Steven, honey i have to go to work
now. I have to work the night
shift at the hospital because I
switched shifts so I can have
tommorow off with you. Your
brother will be home in an hour.
      (Yelling back)
Ok bye mom see ya tommorow.
Steven then turns his music on and continues to do homework.
Jim walks into the door and throws his coat on the nearest
      (Yelling up the
Hey Steven im home. Mom told you
she's working the night shift
Camera turns to Steven who turns off his music and walks
down the stairs
Yeah she told me. (Turns on the
Tv, its the news)


Earlier today there was a grizzly
murder. Something, it looks like a
man, broke into a families house
and attacked them like a rabid
animal. The thing ate, (turns to
side) Are you sure this is
correct? (A yes is heard yelled)
This man seems to have eaten the
people inside the house. The man
is still on the loose.
(Changes the channel) Hey come on
lets watch something good and not
depressing. What movies we got?
They both walk over to the tv where a few movies are sitting
How about kung pow?
Yeah that sounds awesome right
now, put it in.
Jim walks over to the DVD player and puts in the movie. The
scene ends with the camera zooming out from looking at Jim
and Steven.
Both Jim and Steven are laughing while the movie is going in
the backround. There is banging on the front door heard. Jim
goes to the door and opens it. An older guy runs in covered
in blood.
Oh my god are you ok!Come in quick
We need to get you to the
hospital. Where are you hurt?
The guy lunges at Jim trying to bite him, but he holds him
and doesnt let the guy bite him. The man is almost as strong
as he is and doesnt seem to notice when he is hit a few
What are you doing!


Jim throws the guy out the door and quickly locks it. He
goes to the tv and turns it on. While he is flipping the
channels looking for the news, Steven begins talking.
Jim! There are more of those
things out there! It looks like
there eating people to! And the
people they are eating are getting
back up, but they are turned crazy
from it!
Jim looks out the window then goes and turns on the news
We are on a special broadcast on
regard to these things that are
roaming the streets. It seems the
dead are rising and attacking the
people that surround them. Those
that are re-animated seem to feed
on warm flesh and can only be
killed when the brains are
destroyed. I repeat they can only
be killed when the brains are
deystroyed. It seems that the
people they bite, turn infected
and upon dying, turn into those
things. The police are being
over-run by them and the national
guard is being shipped in. Please
remain- Oh my god! There here,
Barricade the door now! Get the
Crash of door is heard. Gun fire is heard as well as the
sound of falling bodies. The camera shows the people in the
room run from the things, and then ends with a close up of
one of the men being eaten, then get up and walk around
again. Camera turns back to Jim and Steven.
More banging on the door,the hinges are zoomed in on and are
beginning to break down.
We have to get out of here now!
Get all the food you can carry and
put it in your backpack and then
come upstairs. Try to find
something like a crowbar or
hammer. Also get that little tent
dad uses when he goes backpacking.


Ok, ill meet you in the dining
room in five minutes. You should
put some more furniture to block
that door.
Steven runs into the kitchen, grabs some food and then goes
into the garage. The camera turns to Jim and he is calling
his mom's cell phone and she doesnt pick up. He then goes
into a different room and comes back with a shotgun and a
backpack full of ammo. Steven returns with a hammer and runs
Ok i got everything, whats the
Ok well i think we should go out
the back door, run out the fence
and go into the woods where there
will be not to many people
The camera shows Jim and Steven running out the back and
then shows the door break open and several Zombies rush in.
The camera turns back to Jim and Steven as they run out the
gate and run down the street towards the woods.
Ok I think we went far enough, and
were up on this little mountain. I
dont think anyone else will be up
here. We should just relax now
that we have set up camp and all.
After he says this his the camera begins to rotate
slowly,showing the entire camp. There is a tent, a small
fire and a small ditch en-circling the camp. Jim is carrying
the hunting rifle and Steven is carrying the beretta and the
hammer on his belt.
Watch out!!! look behind you.
Steven turns around and a guy zombie around the same age as
him is a few feet away from him. He raises his beretta and
fires one bullet into the zombies brain. The then lowers his
weapon and begins to cry.


Jim I just killed someone, that
was a kid my age just think about
that, he was so young. That could
so easily be me. (Yelling now) Oh
my god Jim, moms dead, all my
friends are dead, all of your
friends are dead, everyone is
dead. How can this happen!
      (Slaps Steven)
Yeah I know, but get a hold of
yourself we need to be strong if
we can-
There are gun shots from a distance and then shouts as well
as moans from what seems like 30 zombies. Two men in swat
team uniforms run up shooting behind them followed by at
least twenty zombies. Jim and Steven join in on the shooting
and the zombies are all succesfully killed.
Howdy ya'll, what you doing out
Hi, Im Jim and this is my brother
Steven, were out here cause our
house was overrun with those
things and we figured there would
be less of those things out here.
Oh well im glad we found you. I am
Greg and this is my friend Eric.
Our dad's were part of a swat team
that was supposed to help put down
the zombies. We got word that they
were killed in action and decided
to go avenge there deaths. I
called him, and we both grabbed
there spare weapons and armor, and
went out to kill some zombies.
Unfortunatly we are not the best
shots and ended up having to run.
That's how we got here.
Greg and Eric begin unpacking there gear and sit down by the


Ok so we have fifty shots for your
beretta, forty-five shots for my
pistol, thirty shots for Greg's
pistol, sixty shots for that
hunting rifle, and sixty shots for
me and Greg's rifles.
Well that will last awhile at
least, but we dont have very much
food, maybe sometime soon we
should go on the outskirts of town
and raid some of the houses. Im
sure we could find some food and
maybe even some guns and ammo.
Well why not today? We have
nothing else to do and also we
might as well while we have the
daylight. That sound good?
      (All Together)
Everybody goes to get fully dressed and get there guns. The
last shot is of the four of them walking off into the sun,
and the camera fades out.
The four are seen sneaking through bushes, then the camera
turns to a house near them. Greg motions to the other three
to follow him, and he crouches down behind some bushes
looking at the house. There is blood on the ground and
It looks like there could be
supplies in there, but there also
could be zombies. We have to all
go in that back door (pointing)
and then search the place room by


Ok lets go, Steve follow me, and
make sure to be quiet.
They creep into the house being almost silent, and then see
two people on the ground dead, with shots in there heads.
It looks like someone has been
here recently, or is still here we
should probably look for
Freeze! Are you some of them?!
The camera turns to a nerdy looking guy wearing glasses and
holding a gun to the four.
Do not shoot! We were just looking
for survivors, or food, please we
mean no harm we can leave if you
want we arent those things!!
Ok i see, please come with me, I
would like to show you what I am
here for, and what i have been
working on.
Trevor leaves and goes into anoter room, the four follow
him. The room is all dark except for a computer. The room is
a giant mess.
This is where I am studying the
zombies from. I am trying to
figure out what causes this and
how the effects may be reversed. I
am so close to finding the answer
to end all of this. It seems that
those things do not need any food,
or any nutrition, to survive!
There is a banging on the door, the four raise there guns
and point towards the door, and trevor continues to work on
the computer.
(Throwing a backpack to Jim) Jim,
Steven you guys go get all the
food you can in there. (Turns to


                       ERIC (cont'd)
trevor) Do you have any more ammo
or guns with you?
Yes, I.. I.. (stuttering) I have
one gun here with me and not that
much ammo, but I have another gun
with a lot of ammo in the garage,
which is outside.
Ok, we can get the ammo, Trevor it
aint safe here, we gotta get out
But.. But...but my computer and
all my work! (Jim and Steven
return with a backpack full of
We have to get out of here now!!
The door is heard crash open, and a lot of zombies rush in
the room, the four open fire and begin to retreat. Trevor is
seen fumbling a gun in his hands, and is eaten by zombies.
His hand falls on the delete button of his keyboard. The
last thing of the scene is his writing being deleted.
The scene starts, the four of them are hiding behind some
bushes, the houses is in the distance
We got enough food, but we need
that ammo bad! How many you think
there are?
There were probably 10 to 15 of
them. That guy had a machete on
his table so i grabbed that.
Doesnt take ammo and still kills
Ok, we should have two people,
probably me and Greg, go in there
and get the ammo and then you two
stay here and cover us. Jim you


                       ERIC (cont'd)
take the MP5 and ill take the
shotgun cause its a closer range
Ok good deal we'll cover you from
here. Gimme that gun.
Jim and Eric trade the guns. Eric and Greg walk towards the
garage and then gunshots are heard. After around five
minutes, Greg and Eric walk out of the garage and Greg has
what looks like a very heavy bag.
Ahh so you got the ammo, god now
Eric turns around just in time to have a zombie bite down on
his arm.
Greg pulls out a machete and runs at the zombie, then
smashing its head to pieces. Greg pulls Eric to where Jim
and Steven are hiding, more zombies moans are heard in the
Shoot him in the head!!! NOW We
have to get out of here.
No we cant, he cant, this isnt
happening, there has to be a
No there isnt act rational! We
have to kill him before he turns!!
Jim pulls a gun out and aims it at Eric. Greg jumps on Jim
wrestling the gun from his hands. A shot is heard and the
camera turns to Eric with a gunshot through his head. The
camera turns to Steven and he has a smoking gun in his
hands, his hands are shaking like crazy.
No!!! Why did you do that (Crying
like crazy)


He had to. We have to get out of
here come on!!
But. but... but NO he cant be
dead. (He is crying over the body)
      (Grabbing Greg and
       pulling him back)
Come on get a grip. We have to get
out of here.
Steven and Jim drag Greg out away to some bushes far away.
Greg finally gets up on his own and they run away.
Jim, Steven and Greg walk back into the camp and lay down
there weapons and go to sleep. Steven is left to guard the
camp. Steven is looking around obviously nervous because it
is his first day on guard duty. He begins to hear weird
noises, that scare him even more even though they are
nothing. He is shining a flashlight around the outside of
the camp. He see's nothing and then all of a sudden turns
around and flashes the light at a sound and there is at
least twenty zombies.
JIM, GREG!!!! Get up there are a
lot of them. Get up now!!!!
Jim and Greg rush out of the tent with there guns up. They
all open fire on the zombies.
There are to many of them! We have
to get out of here and hide until
tommorow then they might leave and
we can come back to camp!!
Ok everyone seperate. Well maybe
you two should go together and ill
seperate to break them apart.


Ok Steven you come with me we'll
go right, Greg you go left and we
will meet up at the camp again
tommorow. Ok go!
Steven runs to the right and Greg runs to the left. Jim
stays behind shooting until the zombies are within five feet
of him. Then he runs after Steven.
Ok I think we're far enough away.
Jim I have a question. What are we
gonna do when we get back there?
Just sit around camp until we run
out of food? And what if we run
out of ammo? I dont know if i can
handle just sitting there for a
month, or a year or however long
it takes.
As soon as we can we will move
into a house i promise. Then just
baricade the doors and if any come
in just fight them or escape back
to our camp depending on the
numbers. As for food, breaking
into camps, and we are near the
ocean so we can go fishing to. If
we run out of ammo we can always
use hand weapons or find other
guns. It'll all be ok dont worry.
Ok thank you. (They hug briefly)
Lets just hope that Greg is ok.
The camera turns to Greg. He is running and shooting behind
him. There are at least five zombie behind him. The camera
looks a little infront of him, and then goes to a side view.
Gregs leg goes into a pot hole and he falls.


Oh my god help me!! Why the hell
does this happen to me. WHY THE
HELL!!! (tries to get up) AGHH I
think i broke my ankle. Just
There are zombies moans heard. Five zombies are seen closing
in on Greg. He pulls out his MP5 and pulls the trigger. All
that is heard is a click. Suddenly shots are heard from a
distance. One by one the zombies fall near Greg.
      (Doesnt show him,
       just hears voice
       in the dark)
Howdy partner. Saw you were in a
spot of trouble and figured I
would help ya. My names Mike.
Thank god for you. What are you
doing out here?
Mike steps out of the dark. He is a big man wearing all
black and a mask on his face. He takes off the mask and
begins talking.
Well my house was over there was
overrun and I figured up here was
a good spot to wait it out. I saw
you running awhile back and
figured I would watch you until
you needed help or something.
Well good thing you did. We have a
camp a little back there. Do you
think you could help me there? I
think i broke my ankle.
Alright take my arm.
Mike pulls Greg up and Greg uses Mike as a crutch. The end
of the scene shows Greg and Mike walking back towards the


The camp is shown with a few dead zombies laying around.
Mike is putting them in a pile while Greg is laying on the
ground with his leg resting on a box. Steven and Jim return.
Hey were back. So ya made it i
see. Whos this and what happened
to ya Greg?
This is Mike. He saved my life
yesterday. I was running away from
five or so of em and i tripped on
a pot hole which broke my ankle.
He showed up and killed all of the
So your injured? Thats not good. I
was thinking today we could try to
move into a house and use this
place as a fallback. Then we could
live in more comfort and just use
fishing from the ocean as food.
Does that sound good to you?
I could do that, maybe we could
find a wheelchair cause i dont
think i can walk around like this
for awhile.
Oh! We have that wheel chair in
our house for when grandpa used to
visit. You can use that.
Ok lets go then. When we get to
the end of the woods, lets wait
till the night to go. I dont know
if they depend on sight, but lets
not give them any advantages.
The four of them walk off towards the houses.


The camera looks around, then turns to the four of them, who
are all hiding behind some bushes, one of them with
binoculars looking at the surrounding area.
Ok it looks like there arent any
of them. Lets go now quick. Come
The four of them run out of the bushes and towards all of
the houses.
Theres a few of em behind us. Get
There are moans of zombies and the footsteps can be heard.
The four of them start running faster, and occasionally
turning back and shooting.
Cmon go this way, we can lose em
through here, theres a gate.
They run through a gate and close it. They start walking
away. A few seconds later banging on the gate is heard.
Keep running there still might be
more in here. Steven you lead
cause i dont know where your house
Ok turn right up here- AHHHH
Steven runs around a corner straight into a zombie. He kicks
it in the stomach, pulls out his pistol and shoots it in the
Woooo that was close, Steven be
more careful come on. You scared
the crap outta me.
Sorry Jim will be more next time.
Ok this is it right here. (He
points to the house.)


Ok heres the plan. The front door
is knocked open, so we will
barricade ourselves in the back
half of the house, but make it so
we can escape if needed.
They rush into the house and luckly there are no zombies
there. They all go into the back part of the house and
baricade the entrance to that part. They put glass lamps and
vases on the other side of the baricade so if zombies came
in they would knock over the glass which would let the
people know of there presence.
Ok it seems like were barricaded
in here well, and we have enough
food for awhile, and if we run out
of ammo we got these weapons
(Camera turns to a bundle of
weapons such as machetes and
Alright Steven its your time on
watch again. You mostly just have
to watch the windows.
Steven sits around for awhile playing with the gun. After
awhile he gets up and goes into his old room. He finds his
ipod and begins to listen to it. He sits around a little
more and then begins hearing scratching sounds outside. He
begins to worry to himself.
      (Talking quietly
       to himself)
Whats going on outside. Jim told
me not to open the blinds, but
there could be zombies out there
and they could see me. On the
other hand somebody could be out
there trying not to make noise. I
dont know what to do. I wonder if
there is still power.
Steven goes and turns on the lights. They still work.
      (Talking quietly
       to himself)
I think i better open up the
blinds, just for a second maybe.


Steven opens the blinds and see's at least ten zombies.
Unfortunatly the zombies saw him as well.
Ahh god dangit! Greg, Jim we have
a problem here. Come on get up.
      (He says groggily)
Whats wrong? Come on whats-(Steven
lifts up the blinds) Oh god how
many are there! Greg, Mike get
over here now.
Ahh damnit Steven come on. How are
we gonna deal with this?
Heres what we gotta do. The front
enterance would be perfect to
channel them in a few at a time.
Mike open the door and yell out,
they'll come to us and we can just
shoot em all.
Ok (Mike goes to the door) One,
Two, Three. (He opens the door)
Come on over here you zombie shits
come on, are you afraid you little
pussies come on.
Come on you crazies, come here to
meet your maker! Ill kill all of
you. (He is going full auto or the
few zombies left, ripping them all
to pieces)
Greg get ahold of yourself its
over now. (Greg keeps
shooting)(Jim yelling now) Greg
get a hold of yourself come on
your waisting ammo!
Mike and Jim drag Greg back behind the barracade. He has
stopped shooting.
Im.. Im sorry I dont know what
happened, I just started thinking


                       GREG (cont'd)
bout Eric and wanted to kill them
all. They all need to die!
(Slapping Greg across the face)
Get ahold of yourself man! We all
lost people, we all have lost
people and we get over it. Come on
Alright everybody just go to sleep
now! Ill be on watch this time. Go
to bed NOW!
Everybody goes over to where they sleep and lays down. The
scene ends showing Jim standing tall with a rifle in his
The camera shows one by one everybody getting up. Light is
flooding in from the skylight. Mike grabs his rifle and
begins talking to Greg.
Hey did you see that playground up
there with the slide?
Yeah whats so great bout that?
Well I was thinking maybe me and
you could go up on top of that
baby with my rifle and let you
practice with it ya know just in
case anything happens to me. Itll
be fun ill spot for you and you
shoot em.
Alright sure why not. Hey Jim me
and mike are gunna go practice our
shooting. Were running a bit low
on food, maybe you and Steven
could go get some?
Aight that sounds good. We can go
down and fish at the ocean. We got
some poles up in the garage. Where


                       JIM (cont'd)
you going to practice your
We were just gonna go up to the
park right there and let Greg here
OK that sounds alright, but hey
wait till night time beacuase
thats when the fish are out for
us. And itll be better for him to
learn in the dark.
Ok cool. Just chill until then.
Hey Mike whats your story. You
never told us how you got here and
where your from and all that good
Ok well I am 23 years old. I have
been shooting guns since i was
like ten. Well I decided I should
join security at the power plant
near here. When this all happened
we were forced to stay there and
guard. I had to leave my wife
behind. The zombies finally
overrun the plant and thats when i
escaped to up here. I figured I
would be safer here then anywhere
Ahh man that sucks. Well you'll be
safe here dontcha worry bout that.
Greg, Jim, and Steven go around fixing the barracade. The
last shot is of Mike with a blank stare looking up at the
sun in the skylight
Alright its dark enough. Come on
Mike lets go shoot some of them
crazies. Jim, Steven good luck
getting us some food.


Alright don't get yourself killed
now. Have a good time. We'll get
some big fish just for you
All four of them begin to walk out the door. Gun shots are
heard and Steven is almost shot.
Shit man were human we arent
zombies. Do you need Help?
      (Shouts back)
Give us all of your food and ammo
Your gonna have to kill us to get
that. (Shots are heard almost
hitting him.) Steven and Jim go to
the windows in the bedroom. Me and
Greg will stay here and fight em.
(Shouts to thieves) Come on lets
see what your made of!
Steven and Jim run to the rooms, Mike and Jim stay and fire
out the door. There is a lot of shooting going on and it is
hard to see the thieves. Greg see's one and shoots him.
There is a scream from the bedrooms. Steven runs in the
Jim got shot in the shoulder, what
do i do? Theres so much blood.
Get the Bedsheet, cut a little off
and wrap it around the shot. After
we get these guys ill tend to it.
Alright ill do that.
The shooting continues. In the other room Steven is heard
shouting "I got one!" There is less fire from the thieves.
Two of them run into the path way and are shot down by Greg
and Mike. The firing siezes. Mike runs into the other room,
leaving Greg to guard the door.


Ok that looks like it needs some
stitches. Get me thread and a
Steven runs to the other room and returns with some thread
and a needle.
Alright Jim this is gonna hurt a
bit just dont worry though itll be
fine. This isnt fatal. I think we
got all of the thieves at least.
Why dont me and Greg go out and
check how many there were and make
sure there arent any more.
Ok be safe though. Dont do
anything stupid
Alright sounds good. (He runs to
the other room)
Hey Greg, Greg were supposed to go
out and see if there are any of
those thieves left, and how many
there were.
Steven runs outside followed by Greg. The ground is littered
with corpses, some zombie, some of the thieves.
Steven, Shhh get behind the car.
Theres one of them out there
still. Quiet now, ill get him.
Greg raises his gun, aims and fires two shots. The
sillouhete of the man drops to the ground.
Yeah i got him. Awesome! Only two
shots woo!
Mike comes out he has blood all over his clothes.


Hey Steven he's fine. He wants to
talk to you though. So Greg you
still wanna go practice shooting?
Aight lets get a move on, i'm
getting kinda tired.
They jog up to the park and get ontop of the structure. Mike
sits next to Greg with binoculars and points out zombies for
him to shoot. They shoot a few zombies and then Mike looks
back. A zombie bites down on his hand right when he turns
Oh god! Oh god (He shoots the
zombie in the head) This cant
happen NOOOO!!!
Mike runs to the house screaming, followed by Greg. The
camera cuts to inside the house as Mike runs around the
corner, screaming, and clutching his bloodied hand.
Mike what happened? What happened?
One of em came out of no where and
got me in the hand. Please dont
kill me, im fine really, he barely
got me. (His hand is wrapped in
his shirt, and his shirt is all
bloody.) Its ok you dont have to
get me.
Ahh dang Mike i dont have any
other choice. Sorry Man.
Jim raises his gun and shoots mike in the head.
The scene starts looking around the area. It first shows
Greg back on the playground shooting off random zombies.
Steven is spotting for him and when he sees a zombie that
looks good to kill, he points him out and Greg shoots him.
The camera turns to Jim. He is tanning in the backyard.
Lotion in one hand, gun in the other. Greg and Steven walk
back to Jim.


Hey Jim, me and Greg here were
thinking bout doing a little
football training. Hows that
Alright whatcha have in mind?
Ok so this may so alittle stupid
to you, but its awesome. So we get
a few of the zombies and get them
out there with us. This is the
genius part. We use them as the
defense. We can practice catching
around them, juking them out, and
all that good stuff.
Wow you two are such dumbasses.
What happens if they surround us?
Well we have the rifles right near
us, and incase one of us gets
tackled (laughs) we all carry
pistols on us.
Wow I cant believe i'm saying
this. Alright lets do it.
Steven goes and grabs a football. Then the three of them
walk out to a little grass area by the park. There are
around five zombies there.
Oh there arent to many i'm sure we
can take em. (laughing) Jim go
Steven throws the ball right behind a zombie. Jim runs for
it, knocking the zombie over and catches the ball.
Woooo what a catch. Greg catch
this one.
Jim throws it near Greg. He dives and misses the ball. He
gets up and shoots a zombie near him.


Ahh Greg don't be such a bad
sport. Come on just because your
crappy at this game doesn't mean
you have to shoot the opposing
Greg throws the ball at Stephen and he catches it. Stephen
begins to run around the zombies, sometimes getting very
close and then spinning around them or faking them out. They
continue playing for a bit longer. Jim looks around and
see's quiet a few zombies have come to watch the game.
Hey guys there are quiet a few of
em around us. I think its time for
us to pack it up and go back home.
Its getting dark anyways.
Ahh alright, Greg sucks at the
game anyways.
Shut up. (He throws the ball at
Stephen, but misses by a few feet)
Hey maybe we should take out the
bulk of these guys before we go
back home so they dont follow us.
Ya know they might want my
autograph or something.
Alright, but save your ammo this
time. We dont wanna run out.
The three of them begin shooting the zombies that have come
to watch the football. When they are done they walk home.
Hey its getting kinda late, we
should go to sleep. Greg its your
watch tonight.
Alright then. Good night, dont let
the zombies bight.
The scene begins with Greg and Steven moving food and water


from the kitchen behind the blockade. Jim is assembling
three backpacks full of supplies incase they have to leave
in a hurry.
Hey its better to be prepared and
not need it, then to be
un-prepared and need it. Might as
well do this ya know.
Yeah ok good plan. Looks like we
only have enough food for about a
week. What do you say we go to get
some more in a little while? We
can go to the camp and then walk
to some houses I saw were nearby.
Ok, well lets get going then.
Bring those bags cause when we get
there we should fill em up. Maybe
we should drop one of the bags off
at the camp and bring the other
here if we fill em all up.
Alright good deal. How far are
these houses from the camp?
I donno around two miles maybe.
Dont worry it wont take long.
Alright lets go. Lets see if its 2
right now, we can get to the
hideout by 3 and that means we
wont get to the houses till around
5. I think that we should stay the
night at either the house or at
our camp. Which one?
We should go to the house, and see
if the house is a good enough spot
to stay for just the night. If it
is we stay there, if not we go
there, get the stuff and go to the
camp at night.
Ok sounds like a good enough plan.
Lets get going. Steven you and I


                       GREG (cont'd)
can take the two bags to carry
food in. Jim you carry the third
bag, which can hold our rifles and
any ammo that we find at the house
we're going to.
Ok lets go!
Jim is handed the rifles and Greg and Stephen get the bags.
They all walk out the door into the burning sun.
The camera shows the three of them from a far distance
walking to the camp. The camp is quiet a ways away. It zooms
up on them. They are visibly tired and very scared. There
are a lot of noises around them because of the grass.
Hey you guys wanna run? This is
kinda freaking me out right now.
Alright lets go. This place is
kinda scaring me to. We also gotta
get to the camp quick so we can
get going to the houses.
They begin running, but after a little bit, Steven begins to
fall behind. The three of them stop and let him catch his
(Looking back) Oh shit guys theres
quiet a few of em back there. We
gotta start running again.
The sounds of zombies moans and footsteps are heard behind.
The three quicken there pace turning and shooting everyonce
in awhile.
Look out there coming out from the
sides of the path. (Shoots one in
the head) Keep an eye out for the
ones that come out of the sides.
They continue running, occasionally shooting one of the
zombies off the side of the road.


Steven watch out!! Right behind
Steven turns around just in time to see a zombie get shot
through the eye.
Ahh thanks man.
Yeah any time. Now come on now
lets go. Steven you go in the
middle so you wont drop behind.
Steven moves to the middle. They reach the camp and set up
defensive postitions around it.
Ok we gotta move again if we wanna
get there with light still.
The three of them get up and begin walking the other
The scene begins with the three people walking out of a
wooded path into a area right next to the street. The camera
turns from them to a house across the street and then back
to them.
Ok thats where we gotta go. It
seems perfect. Its on a hill, and
will be easy to escape if needed.
Lets get going.
The three of them run the rest of the way to the house.
There they wait outside and look through the windows, which
have some blood on them.
Ok it looks like there are one or
two of them in there. Ill go in
and move to the right and check it
out. You two can go to the left
and check that part out.


The camera follows Greg who goes into the kitchen and finds
no zombies, he then goes into the next room and begins
looking around. He walks by a couch, and a zombie jumps on
Oh Man!!!
Greg kicks the zombie in the stomach and it falls back. He
pulls out his pistol and just as the zombie is getting up,
he shoots it in the head. The camera turns to him as he
begins to look around. Two more shots are heard and then Jim
and Steven return.
We found two of em and put them
down, is that the only one you
Yeah the one and only. The
kitchens this way. (Walks into the
kitchen) They got plenty of food
lets fill it up.
Steven and Greg go through the food and fill up the two bags
with the food that is still good.
I'm gonna go look for some ammo
i'll be right back.
(Jim walks away) So Steven how you
holding up with all this killing
thats going on?
      (Very quietly)
I'm trying not to think about it
at all, and your not helping that.
Alright sorry man, my bad.
Jim Returns with some stuff in his hands.
Well I found some more ammo for
the guns, I also found these two
babys. (Holds up two hatchets.)
Now we all got hand to hand
weapons. Greg you got that


                       JIM (cont'd)
machete, and me and Steven have
these hatchets.
Alright we filled up these two
bags with food. I say we crash
tonight in one of the peoples
rooms. Who's on watch tonight?
I think i'm on the watch tonight,
there are some bedrooms down the
hall here. We all better stay in
one room, its safer.
Alright this one works (stops at
the door of a room) Its got a
higher window and its good sized.
Hey look he played guitar. (Picks
up the guitar and starts playing)
Ok well I think its the time to go
to sleep, we got some more
traveling tommorrow.
The last shot is of Jim sitting in a chair with his rifle in
his hands and the other two asleep.
Alright up and at em. We got to
get back to camp now. Come on we
got quiet a ways to walk now. Lets
get an early start.
Aghhh what time is it!
Its seven. Come on get up or ill
drag you out there and leave you
to the zombies.
Ughhh fine. Wheres Greg?
He's already up and getting
everything ready to go. Come on!


Alright, alright im up!
Steven goes out the door and grabs his bag of food. Jim
grabs his ammo bag, and Greg grabs his food bag as well.
Oh so I see sleeping beauty woke
up? How nice of him.
Ahh shut up man. Lets get going if
your in such a hurry.
The three of them go out the door. The camera follows them,
playing music, until they reach the path on the other side
of the street and then it fades out.
Come on were almost there. Lets
run. Last one theres a rotten age
Ahh come on Jim can't we rest for
just a minute, im so tired. We've
been going for like two miles.
Ahh come on stop being such a
crybaby. Grow up sometime!
Ugh fine! We'll keep goi- AHHH
A zombie jumps out of the bushes and tackles Steven. Steven
holds the zombies head far enough away from his to let Greg
shoot it through the head.
Dang dude you keep scaring me like
that. Be careful next time. You
always have to be watching for
Are you kidding it jumped out of
the bushes. Come on that aint my
fault is it?


Hey I didnt ask for any excuses
now did I? I have a killer
headache lets just walk in silence
The Three walk into camp. Steven and Greg put down there
food bags in the tent. Jim distributes the guns.
Ok well I think we should just
rest here for the rest of the day.
Then go back to the camp tommorrow
with the food.
Alright that sounds good, I need
some sleep. How bout we each take
four hour shifts. Who goes first?
Ill go first. Then you can go
Greg, then finally Steven.
Alright that works with me.
Steven and Greg go to sleep. Jim sits on the ground and
starts a little fire. He begins to hear moans around the
camp and stands up, flashing a light around the camp. He
see's a zombie or two, and then sees tons more coming to the
camp. He begins shooting.
GUYS!!!! Guys get up NOW!!! Guys
there are so many of them!!! GET
up NOW!!!
Steven and Greg run out of the tent and immediatly begin
shooting. Steven turns to find Jim and see's him being
mauled by five zombies.
      (Right before he
Steven get out of here! Save
yourself. LEAVE!!


Steven begins to go fully automatic on the zombies. He is
about to rush at them when Greg grabs him and pulls him out
of there.
Steven! Get ahold of yourself. We
have to get out of here, its what
Jim wanted!
Steven fires a few shots at the zombies, then turns and runs
with Greg. The camera follows them running until they stop.
Greg I cant keep doing this.
Breaking into places to find food,
and running away at the first
sight of those things. We have to
fight back. Eventually we're gonna
die, we might as well take as many
of them with us. Let's go and get
em hard!!!
Your right for once. We have to
fight them once and for all.
Reload all your weapons this is
gonna be a big fight.
Alright im full. Lets get going.
They can't be far.
Steven and Greg run for about 30 seconds. They see the horde
of zombies about 200 yards away.
Alright there pretty close. Looks
like at least seventy five of
them. When your run out of ammo
for your rifle, pull out your
pistol and when your out of ammo
for that, get out your hand to
hand weapon and we'll get the rest
of them.
They both open fire on the group. They run out with the
rifles, and there are still probably thirty zombies or more
at around 100 yards away. They finish off there pistols and
there are around twenty left.


(Both pulling out hand to hand
weapons) Ok this is it. Are you
Yeah lets do this! Give em hell!
Steven and Greg run at the zombies. The camera shows them
killing a lot of the zombies. It then shows more zombies
coming in from the sides. Finally it shows Steven and Greg
overrun by the zombies. The last scene shows the swarm of
zombies and Greg and Steven as they finally go out of view
under the zombies.


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From Nathan Date 12/9/2009 ****

From Sonya Date 5/31/2007 1/2
It was an interesting attempt but I agree with Aaron... Rework the dialog, spend some time listening to strangers having conversation and then give it another go. Listen to the ten o clock news too, the dialog from the newsman was painful. Don't get me wrong though, I love I'm not the only one doing a zombie flick. Good luck!

From Pablo Date 5/17/2007 ****
This was an instant classic, but not for the reasons you probably wanted.

From Aaron Date 5/16/2007 *
I needs A LOT of word. It's way too rushed, and most of the thing the news anchor says is from "Shaun of the Dead". It's very formulamatic, the characters aren't deveolpted, and the story just isn't that great; your typical zombie story.

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