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The Big Question
by Ty Gallagher (themadhattr696@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review: **
Aiden Carter is a normal 17 year old high school student just trying to find his place in world while dealing with all the normal problems of a teenagers life (mainly girls and figuring out the secret to trying to get a date). But just when Aiden thinks life couldn't get any more complicated, life decides to throw him a curve ball in the form of the new girl named Brooke. When Brooke and Aiden meet, much to Aidens surprise and confusion, they become great friends. Brooke takes it appone herself to help Aiden out with his problems in life (mainly trying to teach him the inner working of woman and how to get them). But after all that happens (Aiden gaining a record lable in L.A, becoming rich, and nearly dying....Twice) Aiden will realize that the thing he had been looking for his whole life was right in front of him, and he had to decide if he had what it takes to keep the one thing that means most to him.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The scene opens up in a teenage boys bedroom. It is a
typical teenagers bedroom, posters of movies and girls
covering the walls and cloths on the floor which are
unknowingly clean or dirty. Against the far wall of the room
is a bed which contains a sleeping wrapped up in his
blankets. Against the wall in front of the bed is Aidens TV
and DVD collection. Against the wall opposite Aidens bed is
his computer desk with his Laptop resting on top, the light
pulsing on and off at a slow but steady pace. As we enter
the room Aidens voice sounds over the scene narrating.
From the moment in which mankind
could process thought and idea
they have been struggling to find
the answer to the biggest question
of all, the meaning of life.
Through the centuries the human
race has searched for this
preverbal Pandora's box in their
quest to put meaning in their own
lives. I too have pushed the big
question around in my head many
times but came up with nothing.
At that moment the alarm clock that sits on the bedside
table next to Aidens bed goes off with a loud buzz. Aiden
lazily rolls over and hits the off button and then slowly
sits up in his bed.
Of course being a seventeen year
old hormone enraged eventeen year
old high School student doesn't
exactly help.
Aiden gets out of bed and walks out of his room and down the
hall into the bathroom. He undresses, pulls open the shower
certain, gets into the shower and turns on the water. A
burst of freezing cold water shoots out of the showerhead
and slammes into Aiden.


      (In a loud and
       shocked voice)
When Aiden is finished with his shower he turns off the
water and reaches out of the shower and grabs his towel off
the towel rack that is on the wall next to the shower. He
dries off and puts the towel around his and proceeds to get
out of the shower. As he walks out of the bathroom across
the wet and slick tile floor he passes be the mirror.
      (Passing by the
       mirror and
       pointing to his
Hello you handsome mother fucker
At that moment Aiden slipps on the floor and falls onto his
back landing with a thud. He lays there for a moment
groaning painfully.
Oh yeah, being a teenager is
sweet. Yeah about as sweet as
having your penis chopped off and
thrown out of a moving car.
Aiden casually stroles into the kitchen. His mom is fixing
breakfest and his dad is at the table readin the paper. His
little brother is sitting at the table eating his breakfest.
Aiden walks by and pats his brother on the head.
Hey little bro
                       AIDENS BROTHER
      (Without looking
       at Aiden)
Fuck off Aiden
Aiden looks around with a surprsied expression to see if his
parents heard that remark.
      (Looking from his
       mom to his dad)


                       AIDEN (cont'd)
Are you going to let him talk like
that to me?
                       AIDENS DAD
      (Without looking
       up from his paper)
Talk like what?
Didnt you hear he said to me?
                       AIDENS DAD
      (Still not looking
       up from the paper)
No, I didnt Aiden
Aiden looks back at his brother
      (Pointing at his
       brother angrly)
You wont get away with this you
little shit, its war.
                       AIDENS BROTHER
      (Looking up at
Bring it on fuckhead
Aiden turns back to his father.
      (pointing at his
       brother and
       looking at his
Please tell me you heard that?
                       AIDENS DAD
      (Shuffling the
       paper and
Sorry Aiden must have missed it
Aiden stars back with an appalled expression and then slowly
slips into a chair at the table and grabs a piece of toast.
At that moment there is a honk from outside.


Aiden walks out the door and closes it behind it. He
causally walks across his front lawn towards a car that is
parked in his driveway still running. Aiden gives him a
slight wave while he walks and when he gets to the car he
throws open the door and gets into the car.
Hey tony whats up
      (throwing the car
       into reverse and
       backing out of
       the driveway)
You know same old same old
Hows your sister?
      (Gives Aiden a
Good, and still comepletely off
limits to you not to mention way
out of your league.
      (Aiden Shrugs)
Oh well, just gonna have to try
again tomorrow
Tony doesn't say a word to Aidens comment, just throws his
car hastily into drive and slams his foot down on the gas
peddle causing the tires to spin wildly over the asphalt
into they finally catch and send the car flying forward.
Tony and Aiden drive around the city for a couple minutes
before actually getting on the road to school. When they
finally get to the school Tony parks and they get out.
Aiden and Tony get out of the car.
      (With a simple


                       AIDEN (cont'd)
See you later dudE, and tell your
sister I said hi
You know with one phone call I
could have you killed, and no one
would ever know. Think about that.
You know you need some
professional help, I mean serious
you do because having people
killed is not nice and it looses
friends. Yeah, people dont want to
be friends with a guy who keeps
having people killed.
Tony walks away without another look back at Aiden. Aiden
just sighs and turns back to look at the high school
parking-lot. Cars are parked all the way down the
parking-lot, all different makes, models and values. Kids
are scattered all over the parking-lot. Some are standing
around next to their cars taking to one another. Others are
walking from one side of the parking-lot to the other trying
to either get to class or get to friends. Some people are in
groups talking about teenage things, others are by
themselves or with one or two other people.
Aiden scans the lot for a firmilar face and spots Michael at
the other end talking to his friend Rebecca. Without another
thought Aiden briskly walks over to join Michael.
      (when he is just a
       couple feet away
       from michael)
Hey dude whats up?
Everything but your penis and your
love life
      (In a confused
Remind me why I keep letting you
hang out with me?
because you are a little bitch


Im not even going to dignify that
with a response.
Whatever, little bitch
Aiden turns and looks at Rebecca with a careful squinted
look of displeasure and dislike.
      (In a very formal
      (In an equally
       formal tone with
       a sound of spite)
Still a bitter bitch I see
Still and outrageous egomaniacal
      (Pointing at
       Michael then
       pointing at
No, he is the egomaniacle
dick-head. I am the cock sucking,
bastared, asshole. I think that
was what you said but correct me
if I am wrong.
      (giving him a cold
       hard look)
Nope that about covers it, and I
see nothing has changed
      (With a cocky
Well if you are still the man
hating hanious bitch that you were
in the past I guess not


Rebecca is silent for a moment just giving Aiden a cold
venomous stare.
      (In an angry tone)
Fuck this Im out of here
Rebecca turns and walks off without another word. Aiden and
Michael watch her in silence for a moment until she is out
of sight and then she begin their conversation.
You know for a complete bitch she
has a sweet ass
      (Slight sigh)
That she does my friend, that she
      (looking at
So whats up dude. Or more
importantly whats up with that
little asian hottie you have been
Who, you mean Ashia?
      (Laughing a little)
Yeah, thats the one. What is going
on with her?
      (Suddenly going
       silently serious)
Oh, yeah she died
      (In a shocked tone)
What wait? Are you serious? When
did this happen?
      (In a casual tone)
Ummm like a week ago I think.
Damn, how did it happen?


      (Casual tone)
Car accident, cancer, hang gliding
accident, something like that.
Anyway it doesnt really matter.
How is life with you
      (with a little
Not be bad I guess, not a whole
lot to complain about.
So how is your situation going?
      (In an annoyed
What situation? I don't have a
I was talking about Carla, the
crazy stalker you had on your ass.
      (With a shrug
       trying to play it
Dude I told you its over, she's
gone, end of story. And besides i
don't know why you act like she
was such a wackjob. She wasn't
that bad.
      (In an firm tone)
Dude, she hit you with her fucking
      (with a slight
yeah, but that was different. I
wasnt trying to kill you, only
hurt you, thats all. Anyway its in
the past.
Aiden doesnt answer, just takes a look around at his
surroundings and watches the people that pass him and
michael by. At that moment a car pulles up a halfway across


the parkin lot from him. The door opens and a girl gets out.
Aiden stares at the girl with dreamy eyes as she walks
across the parking-lot. The girl is dressed in a white
skirt, a tan blouse and white heels. Aiden watches as the
girl crosses the parking-lot until she dissappeared out of
his vision. Michael is looking back and forth from the girl
to Aiden.
So umm, when are you actually
going to grow some balls and ask
her out?
      (turning back and
       looking at
I have balls. I'm just waiting for
the right time.
You have been in love with Angela
Lockheart since like fucking ninth
grade. If you wait any longer she
is probably going to date herself,
as hot as that would be.
      (Staring off into
       space with a
       zoned expression)
Yeah, that would be pretty hot.
Just then the bell lets out a loud ring to signal the time
to start going to class.
      (With a sigh)
Shit dude I have to get to class.
      (Giving him a high
No problem. I will catch you
micheal turns and walks away. Aiden watches him for a
moment, then turns around and walks across the parking lot
and into the first hallway on the left.


Aiden opens the door and walks halfway down the hallway and
stopps at the fifth classroom on the right.
Aiden walks into the room. Its a standard high school class
room. On one side there is desk in rows of five and columns
of six. On the other side of the room there is a large
wooden desk for where the teacher sits. Behind the big
wooden desk is a whiteboard that the teacher uses to write
notes on for the class. There is four people in the class
not including Aiden, none of which are any of the people
Aiden knows. Aiden walks over and takes a seat in the fourth
seat of the third column of desks in the class. Aiden sits
and stares off into space until a girl enters the room.
      (With a wave and a
       slight smile)
hey Aiden
      (Snapping back to
       reality and
       looking up at Ash)
hey Ash
      (Sitting down and
       letting out a
       heavy sigh)
Oh god, I am so fucking beat. Last
night Randy came over and jesus
that guy screws like a fucking
wild stallion. My hips are still


      (sitting up
       straight and
       leaning slightly
       closer to ashley)
You know ash, as umm, as awesome
as that sounds in your head, do
you honestly think that other
people want to hear about shit
like that. I mean honestly, do you
wake up in the morning and think
about all the perverse stories you
are going to tell me today in
Ashley laughs and slapps Aiden on the shoulder
      (with a smile)
No silly. I just need someone to
talk to about my sex life and you
happen to be the first person I
see that I can talk to about it.
      (In an annoyed
But that doesn't mean I want to
hear about it. Do you even
understand what I am saying here.
I mean does any of this get
through to you, any of it at all?
      (with a smile)
of course I do honey, I hear you
loud and clear. So man this one
time I got horrible rug burn on my
back from this guy because we had
sex on my carpet.
      (As Ashleys voice
       trails off into
       the background
       Aiden puts his
       hand on his head
       and sighs)
God I wish I could just put a
pillow over her head and wait till
she stopped moving.


At that moment the teacher comes into the class and walks
over and stands in front of his desk.
                       AIDENS TEACHER
      (Sets his brief
       case down on the
       table and clears
       his throught to
       get their
Hello class.
The class yells hello back
                       AIDENS TEACHER
      (Turns and starts
       writing on the
Today, we are going to be covering
chapter 12 and 13. Please take out
your books and begin page 243
through 244.
The sound of bags opening and books dropping down onto the
desks with a thud fills the classroom. The room goes quiet
with only the sound of the buzzing of the halogen lights
that hang overhead and the sound of pencils scrapping across
paper as the students work. Aiden sighs and reaches into his
backpack and pulls out his math book and some paper, opens
his book and begins working. At that moment the door opens
and a girl walks in. She takes a nervous lok around and then
walks over to the teacher and hands him a note. The teacher
reads it over and then looks back at the girl.
                       AIDENS TEACHER
      (looking down at
Go ahead and find a seat wherever
Without a word the girl turns around and looks for a seat.
Her eyes settle on the seat next to Aiden and she walks over
and sits down. The entire time Aiden watches her with
shocked eyes as she sits down.
Wow, thats a new one. And who was
this girl? I had never seen her
around, course I couldn't see
everyone in the entire school. But
I have a feeling I would have
noticed a girl like this. But then
again it wasn't going to matter


                       AIDEN (cont'd)
anyway. She probably had a
boyfriend, which sucks because she
was really hot. So I am just going
to go back to work and forget
about this girl ever talking to me
throughout the rest of this year.
There is no way a girl like this
would give a damn about a guy like
Aiden sighs and goes back to work.
      (Unser his breath)
No way in hell
At that moment the girl reaches over and taps Aiden on his
shoulder. Aiden looks around for a moment confused and then
looks over at Brooke.
      (In a confused
Hi. Umm, what exactly are we doing
right now?
Oh, we are doing what's on the
      (Looking at the
       board and then
       back at Aiden)
Oh, thanks a lot.
Brooke sticks out her hand.
My name is Brooke by the way.
      (reaching out and
       shaking Brookes
Nice to meet you. My name is Aiden
      (with a smile)
Nice to meet you Aiden


So are you new here because I
think I have ever seen you here
      (Shaking her head)
Oh no, I just moved here from New
York with my mom. Today is my
first day
      (with a smile)
Oh, the new girl. How is it so
      (With a little
Well this is my first day so I
haven't really been here long
enough to really know what its
like around here. But this city is
pretty cool I guess although I
haven't had much time to really
see much of it because of the fact
that I have been unpacking
      (With a slight
Yeah, I always hated the packing
and unpacking that was required
for the whole thing.
I know and it sucks. You always
have to reset up your room and
figure out where everything new
goes. Its such a pain in the ass.
Yeah, and the whole part about
leaving all you know to a
completely different place and
having to start completely over.
Tell me about it. But I am just
keeping my head up and trying to
look on the bright side of things.


So how are you holding up with the
whole thing?
      (with a shrug)
I dunno, but nothing bad has
happened yet so I guess its going
pretty well right now. But I do
hate the whole starting over thing
like making friends and trying to
fit in. Granted I never really
cared about all that crap but its
just such a pain in the ass.
yeah I could see how that could
suck pretty bad. But I am sure you
will be fine.
Brooke doesn't respond, just smiles at Aiden.
      (Desiding to
       change the
So tell me about yourself. Who
exactly is Brooke (slight pause
while spinning the hands trying to
say Brooke last name), actually
what is your last name?
Oh sorry I must have forgot to
tell you. Its Peterson, Brooke
Awesome. Well my name is Aiden
Carter so now you know.
      (In a prompt voice)
Alright Aiden Carter, tell me
about yourself.


      (In an unsure
I umm, I don't really know what to
say. I mean I was born and raised
here. Im seventeen years old and,
well I don't really know what else
to say.
      (Laughing slightly)
You really shouldn't write your
autobiography anytime soon.
Yeah, I have been stuck on chapter
one for the last couple years now
and I just don't know what else to
say in it.
Please, you can do it, your just
not thinking hard enough. You got
a whole life you can talk about so
just do it. Tell me your hobbies,
your interests, your likes and
dislikes, the whole package.
      (Looking at Brooke
       with a semi
       surprised look)
Seriously, you want to know all
that shit about me? Well I don't
to sell out all the mystery that
makes up me. But in a nutshell
Aiden is a regular guy who likes
regular things, parties, movies,
hanging out with friends, things
like that. But on the all and all
Aiden is just an everyday guy who
is slightly off sometimes, funny
as shit as some say, but other
then that a normal guy. So now its
your turn. Who exactly is Brooke
Peterson, the girl behind the
Brooke's smile fades a little and she gets a modest look on
her face.


      (In a modest tone)
Brooke's nothing completely
important, just a girl trying to
rebuild what she used to have. She
is pretty cool once you get to
know her though, a good friend if
she could say so herself. She just
wants everyone to be happy even if
it means putting the world in
front of herself.
There is a slight pause and then Aiden speaks again.
      (With a slight
       questioning shrug)
Do you have any hobbies or
anything you like to do above all
Actually yes there is. Other then
going to parties, hanging out with
friends and the usual things a
teenager likes to do, my two
favorite things in the world are
swimming and watching movies.
      (With a shocked
       tone and shocked
       look on his face)
No shit, Really? You love swimming
and movies two, get the fuck out
of town. Actually I really mean it
get the fuck out. We don't take
kindly to strangers in these parts
(pointing to the door).
Brooke starts laughing which lasts about twenty to thirty
seconds. When she is done she speaks to Aiden although she
is still slightly chuckling.
      (Still slightly
Damn you weren't lying when you
said you were funny.
      (With a kind of
       cocky bashful


                       AIDEN (cont'd)
Well I try, all you can do
sometimes. (straight face again)
But seriously thats insane you
love swimming and movies because I
fucking love both of those things
      (With a smile)
No way, thats awesome.
Yeah, I mean granted I haven't
swam in a while do the to the fact
that I don't have a pool nor do
many of my friends, so I don't get
to swim much.
Well I have a pool, so you will
have to come over sometime and
take a dip with me. Are you any
      (Shaking his head
No, not really. I mean I can swim
and all but thats about as far as
it goes. I have never really been
the athletic aquatic type. What
about you? Are you any good?
      (With a modest
I mean I was captain of my old
swim team in my old High School
and shattered every record we had.
But I guess you could say I am
pretty good.
      (Pointing at
You know I have the perfect person
for you to meet. Her name is
Angela and she is pretty much the
best swimmer in this school, broke
just about every record we have
here. I bet you would love her.


Brooke smiles bashfully and looks down at her hands and then
back up at Aiden.
Thats, thats really awesome of you
to do something like that,
especially since you just met me
and have no idea who or what kind
of person I am.
Aiden shakes his hands in defense.
Don't make me out to be a savior.
I just know what its like to be
the new kid and I know how shitty
it can be, so I figure if I help
out at least one person in my life
I can die a happy man.
      (Brooke smiles a
We need more people like you in
the world.
Brooke and Aiden continue talking as time passes. Thirty
minutes go by and the bell goes off with a loud ring. All of
the students begin to putting all of their papers and books
back into their bags and then get to their feet and head for
the door. Brooke and Aiden begin grabbing all of their
papers and putting into their bags.
      (Putting his Book
       into his bag)
So you survived your first class.
How do you feel?
      (Slinging her bag
       over her shoulder)
Well I met you so I would say it
was a damn good class.
Just glad I could help.
At that point Aiden stands around and looks around awkwardly
as though he doesn't really know what else to say. He looks
at the door and then back at Brooke.


Well, I guess this is it. See you
next week.
Aiden turns around and starts walking to the door. Brooke
looks after him longingly while biting her lip nervously.
After Aiden has take a couple steps Brooke calls out his
Aiden turns around and looks back at Brooke.
I umm, I was just thinking, you
know, since you are pretty much
the only person I know, if you
wanted to hang out or something
during the break?
Aiden looks at her with a confused look.
      (In a confused
Umm, yeah sure. We can hang out.
Aiden and Brooke both walk out of the classroom together.
Brooke and Aiden walk through the hallway towards the double
set of doors.
This is the hallway. Its nice,
pretty quiet now but in rush hour
if you are not careful you could
be crushed and probably killed.
Just keep moving and you should be


Brooke laughs as they exit through the double doors.
Brooke and Aiden walk out into the sunshine filled day.
People are all over the place. A couple people pass by as
they walk to their destinations. Others are walking from
their destinations to others. A couple of groups of hippies
are sitting on or laying on the grass staring up at the sky
with happy dazed expression. Some people people stood around
in groups talking about this and that. One guy sat on the
bench by himself watching people walking around. A group of
people stood playing hackie sack with one another. A group
of hippsters stood around with a boom box either dancing or
bobbing their heads. A group of jocks sat around on a bench
eating and talking about past games.
      (Looking at Brooke)
So what was your old school like?
      (Pushing the hair
       out of her face)
Pretty much like any other school
except amplified about a hundred
times. We had all of the typical
cliques and whatnot that any
school has, but the only
difference was that our cliques
were really intense. The popular
kids were the kids who had the
money and the looks. Most of the
girls looked like fucking barbie
in carnate and the guys were a bad
knock off of a mixture between
Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp with an
addition of asshole and dushbag in
them. The Goths were darker and
more insane. the drama kids were
all kids of former or current
movie and TV stars so naturally
they figured they knew everything
about acting. There werent many
hippys I guess, but we had our
fair share of stoners and a huge
population of people who did other
drugs. I mean it was socially
exceptable and the thing to do.
The whole atmopshere was just
really really intense. People are
always judging you and watching


                       BROOKE (cont'd)
your every move. It kind of felt
like going to school with the
      (With a impressed
Wow, you knew High School in New
York could be so crazy. I thought
we had it hard enough here with
all of our bull but compared to
what you should told me I feel
like I got off lucky.
      (Looking at Aiden)
Believe me you did. But it wasnt
completely horrible. In a lot of
ways it was just like any school
and I got through it so thats all
that matters.
Guess your right.
Aiden and Brooke turn around a corner and walk down the walk
to another part of the school. They turn another corner and
run into a group of Aiden's friends. Jeff Steel is the first
to catch sight of Aiden.
      (With a little
Sup Aiden
Aiden and Brooke walk up and join the group although Brooke
hangs back slightly.
Sup Dude?
Not much dude, not much at all.
Right on.
Aiden looks over and spots Willy.
Sup Willy you psychotic bastard


      (With a smile)
Psychotic and ready to bash some
skulls you mean. Im doing right
man, how about yourself?
Doing pretty good man.
Aiden looks over at Brooke and motions for her to come in
closer. Brooke moves in closer although a little relunktent
at first. Willy looks over and see's Brooke and looks at
And who is this?
      (Pointing at
       Brooke amd
       looking at Willy)
This is Brooke. She just moved
here from New York so I figured I
would show her around, maybe
introduce her to a few people.
At the mention of New York just about every girl in the
group turned around and smiled with an intense stare at
      (Looking at Brooke
       with a semi
       surprised look)
Well here they are, my friends and
fellow people. I am just going to
let them introduce themselves
because there is just way to many
fucking people around here for me
to do it. So let the intros begin.
At this Point Aiden steps back and lets the hail of people
talk to Brooke. He walks over and takes a seat on the bench
and watches all the people.
It was at that point I wondered I
felt that warm fuzzy feeling you
get when you do a good deed. But
at the same time I couldn't help
but wonder if this would be the
last time I would really see


                       AIDEN (cont'd)
Brooke. I mean granted we would
see each other in class and maybe
talk outside of class, see each
other at games and whatnot and
probably parties. But in a way I
was a little disappointed. Brooke
had been one of the few girls in
my life who initiated the
conversation, a rare thing in my
life. But I guess it was nothing
in the end. I am gonna miss this
one though.
At that moment Angela shows up behind Aiden.
Hey whatís up?
      (Hold his chest
       breathing hard)
Holy shit you scared me.
Sorry, didnít mean to scare you.
Just wanted to say hi.
At that point Angela turns and looks at the crowd, then
looks back at Aiden.
So what the hell is going on
Everyone is talking to the new
The new girl?
Her name is Brooke.
      (Looking from
       Aiden to the
       group of people)
Oh, I didnít know we had a new
girl. I should go say hello


      (Oh, I didnít know
       we had a new
       girl. I should go
       say hello)
When you do talk to her about
swimming, I think she might want
to join the team.
      (Looking at Aiden)
All right, thanks for the tip.

Angela turns and walks over to the group of people. Aiden
just sits on the bench and watches. A few minutes later the
bell rings for the start of class. Aiden lets out a sigh and
slowly gets off the bench and grabs his bag and turns to
head for class.
Hey Aiden?
Aiden turns around and looks at Brooke with a confused
Yeah, whatís up?
I was just wondering if umm, if
you wanted to go to lunch with me?
Aiden stares at Broke with a look of confusion.
      (with a strange
Didnít anyone you just met invite
you to lunch?
      (With a taken
       aback look)
Yeah, but it doesnít matter
because I want to go to lunch with
you. So what do you say?
Umm, yeah, we can have lunch. Do
you have a car?


Yeah, its parked out in the
student parking lot. Do you want
to meet there?

Yeah, that would be great.
      (With a smile)
All right then, see you at lunch.
Brooke turns and walks away to her next class. Aiden watches
for a second and then walks to a door and enters the school.
He walks through the hall and up the stairs and enters the
second classroom on the right.
This classroom is set up pretty much the same way as the
last class was. Aiden walks in and sits down in a desk in
the second to last row. Moments later other people start to
fill into the classroom and take their seats. No one speaks
to Aiden. Eventually the teacher comes in and writes
something on the board. At this point Aiden slips out of it
until the bell ring. Aiden grabs his bag and heads out of
the class.
Aiden walks through the hallway, waving at a few unseen
people along the way. He reaches the double door to the
parking lot.
Aiden walks out of the hallway and into the student parking
lot and stops after a few feet. He turning around in circles
slowly, scanning the parking lot for Brooke. But after a
couple scans he sighs and stops.
      (talking to
Where the hell is she?


Aiden scans once more as he looks for Brooke. At that moment
Brooke comes up behind him and tickles him causing Aiden to
jump a little and turn around.
      (A little annoyed)
Damn, what is with everyone
sneaking up on me today?
      (Laughing slightly)
Sorry but I couldn't help it. You
were just standing there all
dumbfounded and I just had to take
advantage of it.
I wasn't just standing there, I
was looking for you. Where is your
car at anyway.
      (Pointing to a
       black sports car
Right there.
Aiden turns and looks at the car. His eyes widen and he
slowly walks over and stars at the car with aww and want.
Brooke slowly follows Aiden from behind, watching him with a
You like it?
Hell yes. Is it yours?
Sure is. Had it for about a year a
little more about now.
      (Looking back at
Really? But it looks brand new.
You must take damn good care of


      (nodding a little)
You could say that. Now, how about
getting some food?
Brooke walks over and unlocks her door and gets into the
car. She unlocks the door for Aiden and Aiden gets into the
car as well.
      (Looking at Aiden)
Buckle up.
Aiden grabs his seat belt and puts it on. Brooke does the
same thing. Brooke puts the key in the ignition and starts
the car. She puts the car into drive and drives out of the
parking lot into the street. She looks both ways and then
takes a left down the street.
      (Without taking
       her eyes off the
So is there anywhere in perticular
you want to eat.
      (With a slight
Your the new girl, I think its
only fair that you pick.
Brooke takes her eyes off the road for a second and gives
Aiden a smile, then turns back to the road.
      (with a semi smile)
Your a sweet guy, but the problem
with that idea is that I am new
here and have really no clue what
there is to eat around here so its
pretty much up to you.
      (with a semi smile)
Your a sweet guy, but the problem
with that idea is that I am new
here and have really no clue what
there is to eat around here so its
pretty much up to you.


Well there's always Henries
Sandwich Palace, the best
sandwiches in a hundred miles.
No, not really. Actually I have no
idea where the best sandwiches
are, I just like the ones they
have. Sound good you?
Yeah, it does. So where do I go?
      (Pointing left.)
Hang a left at the next light.
Aiden sits back and Brooke drives to the sandwich shop.
Brooke finds a parking place and parks. Aiden and Brooke get
out and walk inside.
Aiden and Brooke walk inside the restaurant. Directly in
front of them is the counter where they order sandwiches.
Behind the counter on the wall is the daily specials and
soups of the day. All around them are circular tables which
four chairs around each. There are five people in the
restaurant including Aiden and Brooke. There is an old man
sitting at a table sipping a bowl of soup. There is a middle
aged couple eating sandwiches and talking quietly to each
other. Brooke and Aiden walk up to the counter to order.
                       SANDWHICH LADY
Hello? What can I do for you
Brooke steps up to the counter and looks at the menu.
      (Looking form the
       menu to the lady)
Could I please get a sticky steak


                       BROOKE (cont'd)
melt on white with a Dr. Pepper
The lady takes a moment to write down the order and then
looks up at Aiden with a smile.
                       SANDWHICH LADY
      (With a smile)
And what can I get for you?
                       SANDWHICH LADY
      (With a smile)
And what can I get for you?
      (Looking form the
       menu to the lady)
Can I get the Monster Meat
Sandwich on white with a coke
The lady takes another moment to write down Aidens order and
then looks back up at Brooke and Aiden.
                       SANDWHICH LADY
That will be $12.37 please.
Aiden reaches into his pockets for some money but when he
looks up Brooke already has money out and his handing it to
the lady. The Lady takes the money and rings it up and give
Brooke back the change. She turns back to Aiden.
Lets go find a seat.
Brooke walks over and sits down at a nearby table. Aiden
follows her and takes a seat across from her.
You didnít have to pay for me. I
had money to pay.
      (with a shrug)
I know, but I felt like I had to
repay you for being so nice to me
today. I mean you donít even know
me and yet you act like you have
known for me a while. Besides I am
used to paying for stuff when I am
out with friends so donít take it
to heart or anything.


Oh, well thanks then I guess.
Donít have many people pay for my
      (With a smile)
Guess this is your lucky day then.
An unsettling silence spreads over Brooke and Aidens table
as they sit there looking around nervously. At that moment
Brooke fix her eyes on Aiden
      (out of nowhere)
Can I ask you a question?
Umm, sure, ask away.
When I asked you to lunch, why did
you seem so surprised? The look on
your face when I asked you, you
would think I just asked you if
you wanted to have my child or
      (Looking a little
Oh, I didnít mean
      (cutting Adien off)
No I know you didnít mean to. I
was just wondering why you acted
like that, out of curiosity.
      (A little
       embarrest and
I donít know, I guess not a lot of
girls like you ask me to lunch
thatís all.
Oh come on, I bet girls ask you
out all the time.


If only. Actually I have never
been the kind of guy girls throw
themselves at as hard as that is
to believe.
When was your last girlfriend, I
mean if you don't mind me asking?
Technically it was four months ago
but it only lasted for about a
month and like a week, so not the
most successful relationship of
the times.
What was her name?
Rachael Tellsmen
      (leening a little
What happened?
      (with a small
I donít really know. She just kind
of ended it one night, said it was
a long time coming. She said she
didnít feel like she belonged in
the relationship, said she felt
out of place. So we said our
goodbyes and that was that. I
figured she must have met someone
else but just didnít want to tell
me, not that it really mattered
because she was gone and there was
nothing I could do. But at the
same time I guess it took that to
make me realize the whole thing
had sucked from the beginning, so
all and all it was a good thing it
happened I guess.
      (With a
       sympathetic look)
Wow, thatís pretty shitty. But


                       BROOKE (cont'd)
hey, least you werenít stuck in a
relationship you didnít want to be
in. Sometimes that can be a fate
worse then death.
Aiden gives Brooke a concerned look and opens his mouth to
say something but at that moment the Sandwich lady calls out
to them
                       SANDWHICH LADY
Number five, youíre order is up.
Brooke pushes her chair back and gets to her feet.
Donít move, I will be right back.
Brooke turns and walks up to the counter to pick up the
food. Aiden watches her as she walks. Brooke walks up to the
counter and picks up the Tray with the sandwiches and the
sodas and walks back to the table. She sets them down and
takes her seat.
Your really independent arenít
      (with a smile and
       a slight shrug)
I try.
Brooke grabs her sandwich and sets it in front of her. Aideb
grabs his sandwich and sets it in front of himself. Aiden
grabs his sandwich and takes a bite of it and sets it down.
Any good?
      (sollows his bite)
Amazing as always. How is yours?
Brooke takes a bit of her sandwich and chews it with a
peculiar look on her face as thought she was thinking really
hard about the question. Then she swallows her bite and
looks up at Aiden with an expression of amazement.
Wow, that is one damn good
sandwich. I have had a lot of


                       BROOKE (cont'd)
sandwiches in my life but this
definitely tops the chart.
      (with a cocky
I told you so.
Brooke and Aiden continue eating their sandwichs in silence.
Sudden Aiden looks at Brooke who is staring at the old
couple eating. Aiden looks back at them for a moment, then
looks at Brooke.
Why are you staring? You never
seen old people before or
      (looking at Aiden
       with a mushy look)
Look at them, they are just so
cute. Tow people who are so old
and yet still together and in
love. Really helps you appreciate
      (looking down at
       his sandwich)
Just because they are together
doesn't mean they are still in
love, they are just too old to
leave each other. Shit like that
doesn't last forever.
Brooke stares at Aiden with a studying look, but she doesnt
get angry or defensive. Instead, she gets concerned look on
her face.
      (In a soft voice)
Why would you say that?
      (looking up at
Because, in my life I have learned
that love barely exists, and it
sure as hell doesn't last forever.
A very small percentage of people
even get to glimps a tiny spec of
what they think love is while the


                       AIDEN (cont'd)
rest of humanity sits by wishing
they could have that too, where in
fact its all bull shit anyway. So
Im sorry if i don't have same idea
of love then everyone else, but I
have the world to blame for that.
Brooke stares at Aiden with a perplexed yet concerned look
on her face, but doesn't say a word, just goes back to
eating her sandwich. Aiden goes back to eating his sandwich.
They finish their meal in silence.
Brooke and Aiden drive back to school in silence for most of
the way. Aiden just stares out the window and Brooke
concentrates on driving
      (Finally breaking
       the silence)
So what class do you have next?


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From Adam Towne Date 5/24/2007 **
It is not that well written, and although you have the makings of an interesting plot, it seems like you did American Pie 2 (when Michelle helps Jim in the same way, and then he almost choses Nadia over her but changes his mind). I don't think that becoming rich and famous is the way to go either.

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