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by Dan Crosfield (dancrosfield@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ****
Short script! An Adaption of Peter Pan i been working on for college! More parts to come...

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The camera pans through the dark, dreary cell. Focusing on
moving shadows before finally revealing a young asian woman
sitting in the corner clutching her legs to her chest.
The young woman looks around her empty cell, worried and
curious of where the sound came from.
Psssst, Oi missus!
The woman still can't pick out where the sounds coming from.
A faint argumentive conversation can be heard in the
      (Tough whisper)
Ooooh let me, your useless... Oi
wonder-nut...up here...
She is still uncertain of where the sounds coming from.
She finally picks up the voices are coming from outside her
small cell window, and cowers away.
Yeah bout time... not exactly like
theres many places it could be
coming from....daft bint
Oh leave it out plenty...
Pushing plenty to the side, proud turns his attention to the


We're here to help ya outta here
gal, don't worry
The woman looks timid and uncertain whether to move any
Miss lily right?, your father sent
She beckons her head to the side obviously not understanding
what they are saying.
You...Tiger lily... We...here to
help you. Your father sent us, we
lost boys. You Understand?
On hearing 'lost boys' the woman stands up and edges towards
the window.
She understands dip-shit... move
to the side, time for the muscle
Plenty pulls up a saw, and holds it to the bars in the
Step aside lady...lost boy at
He begins sawing into the bars as camera pans up.
The opening sequence plays out, dark and cloudy images
whilst the main cast and crew are named over the top.
                                         FADE OUT
The camera pans down a reasonably lit room with an alarm
sound in the background. As the alarm comes into shot, a
hand reaches over to turn it off. The camera swerves to
reveal the tired face of a young woman as she steadily gets
herself up.


She streches and eases herself out of bed, pulling herself
towards the curtains and opening them. The open window
reveals a long line of rooftops atop a busy city, with a
thick dark cloudy atmosphere.
hmmm, no place like home
She hesitates as she turns around and approaches her
cupboard. As she opens it, a series of cut-shots show her
getting ready, having breakfast and checking in on her
brothers room. The brothers are fast asleep, half in and out
there bed, she smiles and closes the door before leaving the
appartment. Another series of cut-shots show her rushing
through the busy town on her way to work.
Wendy arrives at the police station where she works, she
signs in at the reception smiling and greeting other
policeman. Cut shots show her getting into police gear, and
entering the locker room. As she sorts stuff out in her
locker she is approached by a young, handsome (yet slightly
slimy) male.
Hello darling
Wendy turn's her head towards him, as he greets her with a
smug smile. She sighs and continues shuffling through her
What is it starkey?
Oh... so i can't just say hey to
Not without wanting something


Who's to say i wan't something...
Do ya really think i that self
centred Wendy?
Well...yes.... What is it ya
want.... another loan?
Not at all...You really think i'd
ask for that....again?!
So what?... ya want me to cover
your shift?...
NO?! What is this, can't a guy
just say hi to the loverly
She shakes her head...
A date then?..
He nods his head to the side, and grins...
Well...If your asking?
She roll's her eyes and turns her back to him, he begins
calling after her but is interupted...
The two's eyes widen in fear...
Oh bugger.....what now?
The two look at eachother worried, before heading off
camera, the camera cuts to inside Hooks office.


The camera pans around a small but well tidied room, Wendy
and Starkey enter through the door looking rather awkward
and nervous. A man sits on the other side of the desk, at
this point all seen is the back of his head.
Is everyt...
Starkey quickly reaches to the door, shutting it before
returning to the desk.
The two sit feeling quite worried.
Whats the problem chief?
Theres a long pause, as the camera pan's around the man. We
catch glimpses of his right hand cradling a silvery object
in his left hand. We see decent shot's around his face but
nothing too clear.
...The Lily girl
Miss Tiger Lily?... The foreign
girl we brought in yesterday?, she
was mute...Probably couldn't
understand us...yeh, we kept her
in over night at your request,
seemed a little drastic for...
Yes Yes, I'm aware of who she
is... thankyou mr. Starkey...
Well what's the pr...
The man hesitates, and lets out an agressive sigh.


She's gone...
Dissapeared, AWOL, Without a
trace...Whatever you want to call
it?!, She's just not here...
But... How?
The bars have been sawed
through... and thanks to her slim
nature and our lack of ANY good
guard, she is back out there!!
But there were guards!
Yes...Apparently they slept
through it...But no matter,
they're dissposed off now.
You fired them?
In a matter of speakin...
The room fall's silent, as an awkward tension fill's the
So do you think this has something
to do with those Lost Boy's?
The shot shifts to a close up of Hook's eyes, his eyebrow's
closing in, and a steady frown appearing over his face.


A wierd silence once again fill's the room, as the shot
pan's out revealing a more focused shot of Hook. His eyes
widen and his frown gets worse. The pause is suddenly broken
by Hook swinging his left arm onto the table, his left hand
revealed to be missing and instead being that of a sharp
silver hook. As it slam's down he steadily scrapes it
accross the desk, whilst grasping it with his other hand.
Wendy and Starkey jump back in shock.
That's why i sent for you...
Hook steadily starts to rise from his seat and leans over
his desk.
YOU...I want You two to find her,
and get her back to where she
belongs...I want YOU to make sure
that if Pan and those BLOODY
ORPHANS have ANYTHING to do with
it, You make sure they pay for
it...and i want YOU to report to
me when done....And DON'T Make it
bad news.
Wendy and Starkey look at eachother, as Hook releases his
hook from the desk.
But how do y..
I don't care HOW Wendy, Just do
Wendy and Starkey look worried and puzzled as a silence once
again fill's the room. Hook look's up from his desk.
The two jump from their seats and head for the door, as they
leave they bump into an ederly man and stumble past him. As
they leave, he enter's and shut's the door behind him. He
steadily walk's over to Hook's desk, as hook bow's his head
into his hand.


You...You okay sir?
Hook looks up, taking notice of smee he frowns slightly.
Do I look okay Smee?
Well, quite frankly sir...no, ya
don't.....Is everything okay?!
NO Smee....Everything is not
okay!, Everything's going bloody
wrong!....We lost her smee...We
needed her!
Miss Lily?
I hope ya don't mind me asking
sir...But what's so important bout
this girl?...
Hook begins to arise from his desk, keeping a firm eye on
She was vital smee...vital in my
Smee edges closer to the door, sensing hooks anger.
Wha..what plan would that be sir?
Hook moves himself around his desk whilst keeping his eyes
on smee.
Corruption Smee...Revenge...


He steadily walks closer to smee.
Revenge...as best served, least it
would be if that girl was HERE!!
...Miss lily?
Yes Miss Bloody Lily! Without her,
theres no point to any of this!?
So...she wasn't arrested for
Hook swings around, pushing next to smee and holding his
hook at smee's head in a threatening way.
WRONG, as far as everyone else is
concerned that is exactly the
case. What you have heard in here
stays in here, alright?
Smee nods quickly...
I know your a good guy smee, don't
let me down!
He brings his hook near to smee's neck, Smee shaking in fear
as Hook whips it away and turns his back to him. After a
slight pause, Smee catches his breath and looks up.
Revenge against who sir...For
Hook look's back frowning, bringing his hook up to smee's
For this Smee, Against the person
who did THIS to me.


Cut shots of Smee are shown before a flashback sequence from
Hook's past. The Scene (set in a abandoned warehouse) shows
Hook gagged and strapped to a chair as a man dressed in a
long coat approaches him. Hook looks on in terror, moaning
through the cloth strapped through his mouth. We see from
behind the stranger bring something from inside his coat. A
chainsaw is revealed as Hook attempts to scream. Th chainsaw
is started up, as cut shots show terrified expressions on
Hooks face, and heartless expressions on the strangers. the
sequence fades back to hooks office. Hook looks on at smee,
his eye's watering with anger.
and for the little bastard who
wanted this to happen...
Smee's eyes widen as he realises who his boss is talking
Who watched and smiled, as that
lunatic saw off my hand and gave
me THIS hook to match my name!
Another flashback scene shows from Hooks point of view as
the stranger (now seen from front) starts up the chainsaw.
Hook looks beyond him terrified, as the camera zooms in on a
teenage boy, grimacing at the sight.
He MADE it happen...Peter
Pertrelli Pan!
Hook whips away his hook from smees face, grazing him
slightly. Smee cowers to the side as Hook throws all the
stuff on his desk to the floor in a rage. He powers towards
the door slamming it open. Wendy and starkey are revealed in
the background.
They pace forward to Hook.
Yes chief?


If you find pan or any of those
dreaded little shits...You Make
sure you bring them to me!...Pan's
mine to deal with!
Yes sir!
They stand unsure of what to do, Hook slams his hand against
the door.
Any time now...
Hooks slams the door as the other two rush off. he stands at
the door and glares at smee.
Pan will pay for what he did to
me...and i expect you to help make
sure he does...
A scared Smee nod's quickly...
Good...Now get out of my office.
Y...yes sir...
Smee leaved the room, as hook sits back down in his chair,
frowning as the camera pans in on his face.
Wendy and Starkey collect their things together as they
prepare to go on duty, the camera follow's them as they work
around it.
Okay....so was he slightly more
stressed than usual?...
Not the time Starks


Whenever is it the time with you?
Wendy eyes up starkey, as they leave the locker room. The
camer following them to the exit.
Hmm yeah, maybe take that as a
hin't...Beside's when my job's on
the line, there's nothing much
more too think about.
There's more to life than your job
Not when ya have two brother to
care for, My life...my life is
this job...Its what keep's them
having a life!
Wendy sigh's and begin's walkin out the exit.
C'mon idiot, we got work to do.
Starkey look's on as Wendy head's out the door. He begin's
following her.
It's gonna be a looong day...


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From Clavette and Purvis Date 12/15/2009 ****
I Like it, It has That Alice, Tin man (mini series) feel to it. I could really see it as a mini series. Very good. Can't wait to read more.

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