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by al hamilton (troyjef@bigstring.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review: ****

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Jessie you look beautiful!
      (throws her
Taylor walks to JT and Jessie as they are getting into the
limo;stopping JT.
So your a married man now. Do you
feel marreid yet?
No I'm sure that will come with
the fighting (laughs)
Alright, well get to enjoying your
new wife. I've got to run to the
office and finish up the network
tie in to the new system and
finish the download. We go live
today at four o'clock.
Dude you can't miss the trip.
I know I'm the king of
procrastination I said I was going
to finish it this week but between
the bachelor party and wedding
practice it was overload but its
mostly done it will take 20 min
Alright buddy.
      (they hug/shake


                       JT (cont'd)
Drive safe! See you at the
I grabbed the laptop and pillow
from the sofa.
Taylor grabbed the laptop and pillow from the sofa sitting
next to the fire escape. He hides in the corner of the
balcony looking for a way out as a MAN comes through the
door.He looks to the right toward the man. He looks left a
three story jump to land the top of the car. He again looks
right sees shadow of a gun.
      (to himself)
I think I have my answer.
The phone RINGS. The caller ID reads JT. Taylor trying to
quickly turn off the phone,turns on the speaker.
Taylor, Taylor are you there?
Taylor runs towards the balcony. Hearing the phone the Man
approahes the balcony. Seeing the shadow of body climbing
the rail, runs over. Taylor sees him coming and he jumps off
balcony. SHOTS ring out four from the balcony and one from
down on the ground.
Taylor jumps in his car and speeds away.
As I frantically searched for the
phone, I couldn't help but wonder
what the hell happened. I am not
some melodramtic metro trying to
solve some life riddle. But what
the hell happened? How could my
life go from almost perfect, to
almost hell? My father always
said, you control who you are...
if you're prejudice, its because


                       TAYLOR (cont'd)
its you choice to be prejudice. IF
you kill someone while driving
DUI, you chose to drink, you chose
to drive, so ultimately you chose
to kill. I understand all that; at
least I thought I did. But I
didn't choose any of this shit!
Last I knew, my best friend, JT
and I were having the best year of
our lifes. Our financial problems
finally eased up and we were able
to pay our tuition, thanks to our
online poker game. JT had finally
worked through his depression
stage. It was hard for him to lose
both parents and have to be a
father figure for his younger
brother, trying to pay for school.
But he made it through the best
way we knew how... WE DRANK!
probably not the smartest way, but
it was the only way I knew how to
help. And we got through it. Now,
both of us are getting married. We
graduate in a year. How could
things going so good define whats
happening now? We were both
looking forward to careers and
family life as adults.

The year started out great, we
were able to go home for Christmas
break thanks to our new found cash
flow. So I could spend time with
Trudy my fiance' who I hadn't seen
in almost a year and it had been
so long since we were home
everyone was genuinely excited to
see us.
Taylor and JT sitting living room playing online poker.
Frankie walks carrying Christmas presents.
Hey JT! Santa Frankie is here!
Have you been naughty or nice?
      (to Frankie)
Hey Uncle Frankie! Or Santa Fankie


                       JT (cont'd)
that is. What did you get me? I've
been extra nice ask Jessie.
So what are you two up to?
Playing in a online poker game.
This doesnt look like any poker
game I've played. What's all these
extra hands in the corner of your
screens? When did poker start
giving you a choice of four hands
to choose from. Is this some
newaged poker?
No Unc' we kinda got the cards
stacked in our favor.
How are you doing that?
We are basically stacking the room
with two other friends, So we
control 3/4 of the cards. And
using this software Taylor
developed which allows us to see
each others cards on each of our
screens, and allows us to
determine which hand has the best
chance of winning against the two
other players.
So this software is helping you
Well the odds are the odds... But
if we can control 4 of the 6
hands, we win 80% of the time. It
allows us to maximize our winning
hands and not bet on our losing
hand. If outta the 4 hands none
are projected winning hand...we
fold.(pause)The hard part is the
software. That I'm working on it
will do it all: occupy an
unlimited amount of seats in ANY


                       TAYLOR (cont'd)
online poker room, using a
database of IP addresses this will
allow the software to get pass
security and firewalls. It's self
sustainable without human
Well, other than the ON/OFF
button... Uncle Frankie its like
no hassle financial aid.
Yea financial aid with a 80%
approval rate.
You gotta like that.So how much
hard cash are you boys making?
Depends... some weeks around 10
other weeks around 15,,, but we
only been doing it for 2 months.
We think, we could make more.
10 -15 hundred JT is not bad
pocket change maybe your uncle
will play a game with you while
you're in town I could use some
extra Christmas money Santa
Frankie is a little low.
Sure Unc' we play every day at 2
and 7 and by the way it's 10-15
thousand a week.
Wow, JT that's a lot of pasta for
two college students to be making
off a poker game a couple hours a
day. You sure your numbers are
Yeah, it's a ROYAL FLUSH! the
perfect game, undetectable access
to unlimited funds. There are so
many players and sites. It's mind


                       TAYLOR (cont'd)
blowing we could make even more if
we wanted to.
      (face brightens)
So how many employees and rooms
you boys working weekly?
Just four. Taylor, Myself our two
friends Chad and the Terrance! of
us is two rooms and we switch up
every other day.
But when I finish the software we
will be able to control those same
two rooms simultaneously, 24 hours
a day 7 days a week.
What you think Unc' making money
while we're in class, sleeping and
even screwin' not bad huh?
What if I tell you boys you can
increase it by a hundred
rooms-hell, a thousand rooms! Even
while you're still working on the
software and once you finish that,
we can do an unlimited amount of
rooms and I'll do all the dirty
GRAMMA TESSA() enters.
                       GRAMMA TESSA
What dirty work ? No more dirty in
this house Frankie.
Oh Mama, you know that I wouldn.t
bring anything bad. We were
talking about Johnny maybe helping
cleaning out those old factories.
                       GRAMMA TESSA
You mean Johnny working in those
sweat shops Frankie? I don't want
him involved in any family
business Frankie.


Tessa the factories are closed!
You know I know. its just some
extra school money for the
boys-cleaning up some old
factories to help them with
                       GRAMMA TESSA
Alright then...Who's ready for
JT and Taylor, I will take you to
see the factories later...
      (hugging Tessa)
Momma Tessa, lets eat! Whats for
                       GRAMMA TESSA
Pasta Fagli JT's favorite, ziti
and meatballs, cinnamon canolis a
little this a little that enough
talk. Lets eat.
I will be in a bit. I'm gonna shut
down the computer Gramma.
Frankie, Gramma Tessa, Taylor and Lil' Johnny() sit around
the table.
Anti pasta, fageloi cannolis every
thing looks wonderful as usual Ma.
Yea everthing looks great much
better than the Roman noddles I
usually have for lunch.
                       LIL' DONNIE
Ahhhh no pizza.
                       GRAMMA TESSA
You can't eat pizza pie everyday
Donnie maybe tommorrow. For now no
more talk let's eat.


                       GRAMMA TESSA
Lil' Donnie go tell JT computers
later eat now okay?
Lil' Donnie gets up and walks into...
                       LIL' DONNIE
JT, Gramma Tessa says computer
later eat now.
Aigght, aigght so what's for
JT grabbs Lil' Donnie by the head as they walk into
                       LIL' DONNIE
A bunch of food no pizza though.
Can't have pizza everyday lil
brother hey gremlin did you wash
your hands?
Both stop at sink washes hands
      (sits at table)
Ooohhh pass the ziti and
                       GRAMMA TESSA
      (passing the food
Here you go JT. Lil' Donnie I have
treat for you. I baked some of the
ziti and meatballs with cheese so
you don't miss pizza so much.
                       LIL' DONNIE
      (grabs th baked
ooohh thanks gramma
Everyone is eating, passing food dishes around some
conversation, mostly eating.


So JT and Taylor how's school
Good can't wait until it's over
but, no complaints.
Ditto extra ditto on the can't
wait 'till it's over part.
                       GRAMMA TESSA
      (touches JT's face)
My JT is becoming a man just like
his father. So handsome he will
soon be married with his own
family and babinos.
                       LIL' DONNIE
Grande babinos for you Gramma
                       GRAMMA TESSA
      (smiling, slightly
       claps her hands)
Yes grande bambino for me una
lotto grande bambinos.
Hold on, not so fast with all the
bambinos. Bambinos are not cheap
but the food is as good as usual
Frankie wraps a cannoli in a napkin and puts another in his
Yea Mama the food is great I'm
going to take my cannoli with me.
JT and Taylor,you about ready to
take a ride down to the district?
JT, Taylor and Frankie leave the table.JT kisses Tessa and
rubs Lil' Donnie's hair.
                       LIL' DONNIE
Hey Uncle Frankie, can I go too?
                       GRAMMA TESSA
No, Lil' Donnie this is big boy


                       GRAMMA TESSA (cont'd)
      (whispers in JTs
Momma knows meatballs, don't do
nothing studip-huh!
I won't Gramma Tessa.
MUSIC plays as they all get into the car and drive to
sweatshop in garment district.They arrive at the
We're not really gonna clean this
rat trap are we?
Naw just to finish our talk. So JT
did you have a chance to think
about what I was proposing? This
shop is one of ten in the city,
that's been closed for labor and
sweatshop violations. Romaldo the
new coalition boss has been
looking for a use for 'em and this
idea is perfect. We can run
sweatshops for poker rooms.
A factory of lil' poker room
collusion workers.
10 factories! and you will be
getting a percentage of each one.
      (looks at JT)
JT this will also be my big break!
I will could finally reach the
top of the organization. And the
dreams JT of my father Papa Jhonny
and JT senior will be realized.
Finally our family will have it's
place in mob history...you know
your pops died tryin' to make
that happen. We can't let his
family dream die in for nothing


But I promised Dad and Gramma
Tessa that I would stay clean of
any coalition business.
JT i will keep your hands clean-no
dirty work. and once the software
update is completed by taylor you
wont have to be involve at all.
trust your uncle frankie. it will
be good for you and your family.
your father and my fathers
dreams... and my dreams JT
Ok Unc, but it's Taylor's decision
too! Taylor what do you think?
Keep in mind Taylor before you
answer the thousands now will be
millions later, with no
Thats all I needed to hear. Count
me in.
Hey JT and Taylor leave your day
free I'm going to try and set up a
meeting with Rome sometime
tommorrow until then remember
don't tell Mama Tess.
JT gets out of the car and closes the door.
Alright Unc' we'll wait for your
Taylor you want me to drop you off
at your house?


      (gets out closes
Naw thanks Frankie but I've got my
car here. See ya.
Alright see ya boys. Talk to you
as soon as I get a time.
Frankie drives off.
Rome is dinning with his wife Franchesca()the phone RINGS.
Frankie is driving.
      (into the phone)
Hi, Boss this is Frankie
Cristanos. I was hoping I could
meet with you I have this idea
that will make the coalition a lot
of money.
      (into the phone)
A lot of money really okay Frankie
I'll give you fiftheen minutes
tommorrow at twelve o'clock meet
me at Crawford Farms.
      (into phone)
Four o'clock it is.
Four o'clock sharp Frankie.
Rome hangs up.


Frankie drinking scotch out of his flask already half drunk
talking to his father's and brother's head stone.They talk
back Frankie slightly scitzo.
      (to fathers head
Hey, Pops I have some good news.
Takes a drink from his flask.
                       JHONNY (VO)
Hitting the bottle a little early.
                       JT SENIOR (VO)
Hey, Frankie what's the good news?
Hey JT, I came to tell Pops I'm
finally getting my shot after my
meeting tommrrow with Rome I'll be
the next lieutnant wth my own
division and everthing.
                       JT SENIOR (VO)
Wow Frankie get out. That's
increadible congratulations! I'm
proud of you.
Yea, JT you never even made it to
lieutenant I'll be the first in
the family to get our family made.
                       JHONNY (VO)
      (cuts frankie off)
Your brother died, you moron, how
can you talk about him like that?
Show some respect. He died trying
to honor this family.
                       JT SENIOR
No Pops that's okay. Frankie
congartulations. I always knew you
had it in you. So what's the big
      (to Jhonny)
Well what do you think I'm trying
to do I'm trying to honor the


                       FRANKIE (cont'd)
family. But you don't see that do
you old man? Only if your precious
fucking JT does it. It's like I
don't even exist. Well I don't
fucking need you to see it anymore
Frankie gets mad throws the flask at his fasther's headstone
spits on his brother's storms off.
                       JT SENIOR (VO)
See what you did Pops? Don't mind
him Frankie we are proud of you.
So what's the big idea?(no answer)
Oh well good luck anyway.
                       JHONNY (VO)
Yeah big idea there's not enough
luck in the world good luck
alright you're going to need it.
Frankie gets into car speeds off recklessly goes to
nieghborhood bar Dominques.
What's up Frankie? The usaul?
Yea the usual. Naw make it a
double coke back.
Taking it straight up rough day.
      (walking to the
       end of the bar)
Yea rough day and this asshole is
making it worse. Hey asshole your
in my seat.
      (handing Frankie
       his drink)
Hey Frankie he didint know but
there's a seat right next to him.
Why don't you sit there until he


                       BAR PATRON
Yea pal, I didnt know sit there.
I'll be leaving soon.
      (upset he grabbs
       the guy)
you'll be leaving now asshole you
didnt hear me im a fucking
lietanat do you know who your
fucking with or am i going to have
to teach you a lesson you son a
Frankie gulps the drink, then grabs the Barpatron.
The Barpatron hits Frankie in the stomach with his elbow,
Then cracks his bear bottle on the bar ready to cut Frankie.
RAY()sitting in the back with JIMMY()and the crew sees the
problem with Frankie. Ray gets up and the Barpatron's hand
with the beer bottle.
You don't want to do that.
The Bartpatron reaches for his gun with the other one.
Damn it. I told you, you didn't
want to do that. So what makes you
think that would be good?
Ray takes his head holds the broken bottle against the bar
and slams his head against it, blood pours out.
Next time you won't walk out take
my word for it, duschbag.
Ray throws the Barpatron out the door.
      (bent over stands
I don't need any help. Don't you
know I'm a lietanat if I need your
help I'll ask for it.
Hey man I really don't give a shit
who you are. If we weren't in the


                       RAY (cont'd)
same family I would've let you get
smoked, no skin off my ass.
Thats it you're dead. I'm going to
have you killed. You just wait.
      (grabs Frankie)
Alright Frankie that's it. It's
time to go home I've called
Shirley; she's on her way to get
you. Until then let's come back
here and have some coffee and try
to sober up.
Ray and Jimmy walk Frankie to the back.Ray pushes to chairs
together. Jimmy helps Frankie lay down.
No Jimmy. No one understands I'm a
lietanant now I deserve respect.
You're drunk Frankie and right now
that's the only thing that
matters. So when Shirley gets here
she'll take you home to sleep it
Shirley ()enters.
Hey, Jimmy. So, where is Rocky
Laying on the back two chairs. He
just needs to sleep it off. We'll
load him up for you.
Thanks Jimmy I don't know what
gets into him sometimes.
Probably a little too much Jack.
Alright Frankie up we go; time to
go bye-bye.
Ray and Jimmy help load Frankie up in Shirley's car he is
somewhat coherent. Shirley gets in the car.


      (getting in car)
Thanks guys I'll see ya later.
      (leans in her car
Drive safe Shirley good luck. If
you need help call me.
Frankie is half-awake Shirley is driving.
What's gotten into you? Starting
fights, your sloppy drunk Frankie
and its barely eight o'clock.
I'm a lietanant I deserve respect.
My family deserves respect and I'm
going to get it Shirely, better
not stand in my way that goes for
anyone you too Shirley.
Yeah right Frankie I'm really
scared. What's with all this
repect nonsense you're respected
      (half drunk)
No I'm not. Everyone thinks I'm
the usless brother. That I
could'nt come up with a big idea
only JT has big ideas not Frankie.
Everyone who? Frankie is this
about your father. I told you I
don't want you visiting the
cemetary alone.
I wanted to tell pops that my shot
is finally here.
Did you hear the voices again?


No I didnt hear any voices. I just
wanted to tell Pops about the
family's big break.
Well I'm sure he is proud of you
Frankie and he'd love to be here
to see it for himself.
      (frowns falls
Yea he's proud alright.(doses off)
After Taylor, JT and Uncle Frankie wait for the room to be
"Sweeped" everyone is searched from head to toe undressed
and then they enter.
So Frankie what's your big idea? I
forgot you were even working with
us Frankie. Since you let all our
garmet factories close because of
your incompetance... So what's
next frankie? You tryna end our
prostitution and drug rings too?
It's our last hoorahs you sure
you not tryin to end the mob
Frankie? You haven't turned have
you Frankie?
No Rome, I'm making good for that
fuck-up with the factories. I
brought the family an idea using
online poker bigger than
everything we EVER did put
together. Potential billion
      (rants and raves
       directing his
       action towards
       frankie to
       humiliate him)
A billion kat! Frankie has a
billion dollar idea using online
poker. Hell the coalition family


                       ROME (cont'd)
owns 80% of the online casinos and
our take is far less than a
billion dollars. So how can you
Frankie have an idea that's a
billion dollars that sounds hard
to believe.Alright Frankie you've
got fifteen minutes if you waste
our time it may be your last.
As Frankie explains "royal flush" pan to KAT().
                       FRANKIE (os)
big idea
LEE()speaking in Korean, no subtitles, to his daughter
KAT(5) as she builds a sand caslte. He moves his hands
around his head as he speaks.
Think to the sky big.
Lee speaking to KAT(13)as she works on her science project.
Think big Kat you must try harder,
think big.
Lee is speaking to BRANCHETTI(), the italin family boss,
KAT(15) his office, his hand in same position over head. He
speaks in Italian.
No Branchetti, the time is now we
must think big and move forward
with the coalition. We must think
big or we will die. I understand
your concerns please reconsider we
would like you with us.
Lee speaking to KAT() in english he holds her cheeks in his


Remember my daughter you have a
very hard task a head of you
change will come easier with a big
idea. Think big Kat and you will
show scene palced in thier home city of pyongyang where
they're family ruthlessly controlled all affairs of the city
the most powerful family in N korea
Frankie, Taylor and JT explain the plan, pan the boardroom.
But I didn't realize we own most
of the sites already that would be
like stealing from ourselves huh
      (looking at at Kat)
Not so fast Frankie you may be
alright with this one.
Rome and Kat shake their heads.
      (To Rome)
You thinking the same thing we get
our cut right off the top. If
anything it'll generate more
activity it's ingenious.
That it is. That's a big idea
Frankie! JT your Johnny's kid
He was a good man one of our
brightest rising stars before his
untimely death. So which one of
you geniuses are gonna show me how
this thing works?


JT opens a high end laptop and they play for 30 minutes.
Rome watches as they win 100% and is very impressed.
How many peole in total are there
working with you and what do they
know about this software?
Just Terrance, Chad and Taylor is
the only one who really deals with
the software.
So what deal have you cut with our
them Frankie?
We really haven't dealt with hard
numbers Boss.
I'm willing to offer you 10%.
Kat what do you think?
Well I would've done 5% no more
than 7%.
We better take 10% before it goes
any lower.
you.re a smart man just like your
father JT
      (shakes hands)
      (to Kat)
Who can we send to update Chad and
Terrance with the new changes.
I have the perfect two our most
trusted employees in North Korea.


Lee honoring loyal guards speraking in Korean.
This is for 20 years of loyal
service performing difficult
missions. We honor you.
Chung and Lui you have been our
family's most trusted employees.
We have a new assignment for you.
We need your services with the new
coalition please prepare to report
in two weeeks.
They bow in acceptance.
Chad goes to neighborhood bar.
Name your poison..
I'll have margarita rocks with
Lui signals for two shot and passes one to Chad.
I pegged you for something harder.
      (drinks the shot)
That's later tongiht how about a


      (walking onto the
I'd love to dance go easy on me I
shouldn't get to revved up I can
become a tiger.
      (dancing with Chad)
I have a penthouse suite stocked
with some of the purest cocaine
and ecstasy in the city, along
with a fully stocked bar.
They have a few drinks, dance, lots of sexual contact during
the dancing. They leave to go to
Stripping off their clothes and kissing as they enter.
Let's get high before we start.
She grabs his wrist, ties his arm injects him while she
injects a placebo passionate sex ensues. In the middle of
sex she suggests another injection of herion. This time she
injects 5Xs the normal dose. While shes on top he starts to
shake and foam at the mouth he passes out
she gets up bags up all towels sheets etc and leaves.
South Beach. Affuent parents just left for dinner/evening
out. Terrance()is out swiming, relaxing by the pool
andsipping a cocktail; smoking pot.Phone RINGS.
      (into phone)
Hey what's up you going out
                       PHONE FRIEND
I'm thinking about it. I'm
thinking about where the hell to
go. Shit what's hot tonight?
      (into phone)
Let's just hit the strip and see
what happens.


                       PHONE FRIEND
I'm down with that any night.
      (into phone)
Meet me at the house. I'm at the
pool. We can smoke a lil and then
head out.
                       PHONE FRIEND
That's a bet. I will see you in 30
      (into phone)
Cool. I will leave the front door
Chung and Lui dressed in black, stealth scuba gear without
fins, spying on Terrance from the back of the house using
Looks like he's sleep. Let's go
through the trees and over the
Coming that way if he wakes up we
will have a struggle. I'd rather
have the element of surprise.
Enter from the back, the house
Let's find a way inside the house.
How about the front door?
Chung starts walking toward front door. Lui veers off into
the right window.
Yeah right front door is gonna be
They walk through very confidently through fron pass living
room, go through the kitchen. Lui grabs an apple and takes a


Haven't you heard that you get
cramps when you eat right before
you go into the water?
Lui stuffs the remaining apple in her right pocket as Chung
starts to unroll the canvas. They walk towards the pool
through the french doors. Each takes an end of the canvas.
tighten the strings around their own wrists. They are now 5
steps away from Terrance lying in the pool. 4 3 2 1...they
jump in and blanket Terrance with the canvas and submerge
him under water. He struggles briefly before drowning. They
gather their things and leave quickly. Leaving his lifeless
body floating as if he had drown in his sleep.
Family matriarchs have started entering the room. Chavez and
Shenekki families are all none too happy.
      (speaking in
Hey Branchetti nice to see you...
      (rises to shake
       his friends hand
       kisses his cheek)
Sit my friend, good to see you.
Amigos buenos dias.
Gentleman I am concerned, we
established our world wide
coalition because it was supposed
to be the dawning of a new day in
organied crime. under the
direction of harvard and standford
hotshots, everything was supposed
to be coming up roses, but our
revenues are declining-it smells
like a bucket of rotten fish to
me. We need new direction that
will focus less on chasing new far
fetched revenue lines and more
focused on our tried and true
gigs. The ones that have paid the
bills for years-gentelmen... like
Vargas, We need to exploit your


                       BIANCHETTI (cont'd)
cocoa lines more and use our
underground connections to smuggle
more through...and our counterfeit
rings in Korea and Ivanov the
diamonds in the delta that your
people are working...
The conference room is wired Rome and Kat are listening to
everything that was being said as they walk to the room.On
his phone he presses a button to activate the speaker
system. Then he talks into his headpiece.
      (0ver the speaker)
The only problem with that
Bianchetti is the risk in trying
to smuggle more than our present
levels of cooca is not a sound
bet, we are already losing 30-40%
of our loads to drug raids
squeezing our profit margains.the
new trade agreements North Korea
and China have signed with the US
makes them not so willing to
partner with us and our
counterfeit rings. The present
levels can not go any higher. The
diamond mission in the delta was
such a smashing success wasn't it
Ivanov? We lost how many of your
About 50% to the freedom fighters.
50% lose in manpower in my day was
acceptable-we'e not mercenaries.
Well biachetti, with all due
respect to your day, i wouldn.t
give a Italian rats ass if he lost
99% of his men, as long as the 1%
with the diamonds made it
through...but that wasn't the case
was it Ivanov?


No, I lost 50% of my men to the
diamonds and the freedom fighters
in Sierra Leona.
Right! So the family invested
hundreds of thousands of dollars
into that trip all for nothing?
Not even one stinking diamond.
It's becoming way too difficult to
get diamonds out of the Sierra
Leone. The rebel fighters are
making sure of that.
Rome and Kat walk into the
Since you boys have started what
won't and doesn't work... lets
discuss what does!
      (lights go down)
Gentlemen, let me introduce the
coalitions newest venture...and
soon our hightest revenue
Slide Show starts with numbers.
Online poker rooms account for 5
billion in revenue movement
annually. We have started a test
poker sweatshop, using our own
proprietary software which allows
us to skim profits off that
Slides shows online poker room and how it works.
Initially we estimated about 10 or
15%. Well no need to estimate.
anymore lets look at our actual
numbers in the 3 months of
operation...We generated
$22,874,000.00, an average of
555,000 a day per room on those
numbers and our immediate capacity


                       KAT (cont'd)
to expand, We can capture 35-50%
of this revenue within 30 days-any
      (lights come on)
      (looking irritated)
What if this is traced back to us?
and we own the damn sites why
would we steel from ourselves?
Impossible, we just generated
25million in less than 60 days
without raising an eyebrow and as
far as stealing from ourselves.I
don't know what math your using
but how can our software beating
the players hurt the casinos
revenue the exact opposite occurs
our rake went up because betting
increased. So actually our numbers
across the board went up any more
Good. We will be fully operational
in 30 days.
Silence a few flutters of applause, gradually building to
louder claps...evolves into thunderous cheers!
So whos up for a celebration?
Let's go look at one of the
facilities and the we celebrate on
the "Nina" sail down the
Rome calls Frankie.
      (into phone)
Frankie I'm arriving with the rest
of the coalition is everything
ready to go? We will be docking in
about 20 minutes.
Frankie is making out with Shirley in the office.


I think so Boss.
Hey Frankie, less thinking and
more knowing...
We will be ready boss.
Frankie hangs up and pushes Shirley off, calling JT.
I've gotta make sure we're ready
hey JT, do you and Taylor have
everything ready to go?
JT left, he had an appointment
with Jessie and the wedding
so-so are we ready? Taylor, Rome
and the coalition will be there
any minute...
No worries, everything is up and
running smothly for eight hours
Great job thanks Taylor.
Hangs up with Taylor and calls Rome.
Boss we are ready to go.
Good Frankie, We will be there
A limo pulls up in front of the factory.


Hey Gentlemen kick the tires look
around this is the newest of our
factory's these seats and laptops
have only been in operation for
less than a day and we've already
generated half a million. Check
out the operations it's a "royal
flush" if I ever seen one.
They enter the
Rome and Ivanov are standing by a computer operator.
So they sit here use the software
and we make millions it's that
      (walking along
       with them)
Not much more to it Ivanof it's
simple clean and alows us to
minimize the risk of being caught
unlike our more complex ventures.
It is sure a lot easier than
trying to return with diamonds
from the waters of Sierra Leone
and the 100,000 rebel fighters
patroling the area raedy to take
your head off.
      (pats rome on the
       back rubs warmly)
It sure beats trying to quietly
drop a half million pounds of
cocaine out of a plane or off of a
ship Rome you've got my vote.
      (continuing to
       walk with his
Exactly gentlemen there is a lot
of opportunity out there for us to
expolit that offers less of a risk
than our normal ventures with more


                       ROME (cont'd)
upside potential its that little
thing we call a win-win.
I must admit Rome things seem to
be going good. I hope the bottom
doesnt fall out of this trapped
door scheme you have us tied to
      (walking the
       contingency out
       the front door)
I would expect nothing less from
you Banchetti always focusing on
the negative. I say enough with
trying to make up negatives when
theres so much positive to look
forward to who's up for a
celebration? How about one of
Cuba's finest and 100 year old
bourbon. How about it Branchetti?
Your a master at words harvard
taught you well it's hard to turn
that invitation down Rome I'm in.
      (standing in front
       of the limo)
Well then we finally agree lets
head back to the nina and let the
celebration begin.
The Coalition sets off for a sail on Rome's yachet servants
immiately offer a glass of bourbon and another servant
offers the cuban cigars both servants offer thier item on a
silver platter with gold platinum lighters. They walk around
talking to each other stately luxurious setting everyone is
mingling and drinking in a small ballroom setting.
      (walks towards Kat)
You and Rome outdid yourselves I'm
looking forward to the poosiblites
this will open up for the


      (drinks with
There's so much more to do schnek
but its the direction The
Coalition must take to survive.
So, what other opportunities are
you working on.
There are several ideas were
pursuing but, this is priority
number one. We must establish new
revenue bases one at a time.
      (toasts Rome)
Cheers to the man of the hour.
Soon to be the man of the
millennium if you are able to pull
this off well done Rome.
      (cheers back)
Cheers to you your to kind your
right but to kind.
Enjoy my friend success like this
comes rarely but understand
everyone may not be as happy as
you are.
I'm quite aware of the animosity
or haters as we call them now but
this is business and business is
good because of my team and the
diection were taking The Coaltion.
I agree but befor your latest
success he was threatening to call
for a vote for new leadership.
Bianchetti is part of the stoneage


                       ROME (cont'd)
he believes in the old antiquated
ways of making money risky costly
ways of doing business.
      (smoking -drinking)
Yes, true Rome but, we must keep
I hope the Italian families are
smart enough to realize his
icompetance and replace him The
Coalition is bigger than any one
family and if they don't I'll do
it for them.
I agree we must protect The
Coalition first at the same time
we must stay unified, division
could have devastating
consequences for The Coalition.
      (walks over closer
       the group)
Rome I'm trying to get Kat to
commit to some first year revenue
numbers for the poker project but
she's being coy.
Not at all Bianchetti I dont like
to quote estimates I'll have the
numbers sent to your office by
nine am tommorrw.
Rome walks everyone to the deck makes toast, smokes cigar.
Servants serve fresh drinks.
Bianchetti you can rest assured
she will have you the numbers by
nine am they'll be better than the
golden years of prohibition but my
friends enough business. Tommorrow
business tonight we sail, we drink
we enjoy good company and a
beutiful view, cheers to the
rebirth of organized crime.


Rome makes a toast points to the view while they sail,
standing on the deck wind blowing as they sail smoking
Marthas Vineyard style country estate. Jessie and Gramma
Tessa sit with the WEDDING PLANNER(). Jessie talks on the
Hey baby, I'm on my way.
      (into the phone)
How late JT? please Honey no more
than 30 minutes.
I'll do even better, I'll make it
5 minutes-im sorry but, I'm
      (into phone)
Alright, baby drive safe don't
kill yourself.
                       WEDDING PLANNER
Was that your fiance?
What do you think he would like as
a back-drop the house or the lake?
                       GRAMMA TESSA
I think he would like the lake
Me too... he will look so handsome
standing there...his black hair
reflecting off the lake...its
gotta be the lake...I'm sure.
      (walks behind
       Jessie and planks
       kiss on her neck)
You are are you? What are you so
sure of?


                       GRAMMA TESSA
      (kisses JT)
That was fast??
I was turning into the driveway
Gramma' when I called.
The lake as a back-drop for our
wedding, Honey?
      (kisses her and
       caresses her
Sounds beautiful baby.
                       WEDDING PLANNER
Ok, now lets talk cake flowers and
Whatever she wants, she gets it
No baby you gotta help decide
too...its about the both of us.
Okay, lets
see...flowers...roses...how about
roses? all colors...red,pink
yellow, purple.
Like exotic ones everywhere.
He looks at her out the side of his eye, she nods her head
in agreement looking at him with a curious half smile.
Exactly and your favorite color is
red and mine is black so black and
red are the colors and the cake.
                       WEDDING PLANNER
Well we have another sample of
cake for you to taste.


                       GRAMMA TESSA
I'll get something to drink to go
with it.
I'll help you Grandma Tessa.
      (grabs her face
                       GRAMMA TESSA
No,don't be silly! Stay and plan
your wedding with JT.
Gramma Tessa walks into the
Little Donnie enters from school.
                       GRAMMA TESSA
Lil' Donnie how was school?
                       LIL' DONNIE
It was ok nothing special. a lot
of talking...a lot of listening
and a lot of sleeping.
                       GRAMMA TESSA
Donnie save your smarts for doing
good, not for being a smart aleck.
                       LIL' DONNIE
Just joking Gramma, sometimes it
feels like a factory though.
                       GRAMMA TESSA
Donnie your already smart.
      (in unison)
but,without the books your dumb.
                       LIL' DONNIE
      (in unison)
I know grandma without the books
I'm dumb.Iwon't be dumb, Gramma.
                       GRAMMA TESSA
I hope not Donnie, come have some
cake with your JT and Jessie.
                       LIL' DONNIE
      (extremely excited)
JT's here? Where is he?


                       GRAMMA TESSA
Well take this tray to the family
room for Grandma...and you'll see.
Lil' Donnie carries the tray into the FAMILY ROOM.
                       LIL' DONNIE
Hey, JT!
What's up lil' brother?
Lil' Donnie sets down the tray. As Lil' Donnie goes to hug
JT, he trips over the Wedding Planner's foot.
                       WEDDING PLANNER
Oh, I take it this is Lil Donnie?
Yeah this is my little brother,
excuse him for being rude.
                       LIL' DONNIE
I'm not rude I'm smooth.
Recognize. Hi Jessie!
He hugs Jessie.
Hi, Lil Donnie, How was school?
                       LIL' DONNIE
Alot of talking alot of
listening...alot of sle...
Tessa walks in with teapots and plates behind him.
                       GRAMMA TESSA
      (cutting off)
Now Donnie.
                       LIL' DONNIE
It was cool, I read a lot of
                       GRAMMA TESSA
      (pushing his head
Here's the coffee and the plates.


                       WEDDING PLANNER
      (cuting up the
       cake and handing
       the first piece
       to Jessie)
So, let's eat some cake and see
what you think?
      (feeding some cake
       to JT)
I might as well practice this
part, too.
In feeding him some cake sticks to the side of his face she
wipes it with her pinky he eats it off and kisses her
      (JT feeding cake
       to her)
So, what do you think?
      (feeding some cake
       to JT)
It's incredible!
      (feeds her some
                       WEDDING PLANNER
It's all the flavors you
wanted...raspberry, creme, mocha!
                       GRAMMA TESSA
It is excellent cake! Lil' Donnie
you like it?
                       LIL' DONNIE
Yeah I like it a lot, do you have
any more?
Yeah it is excellent cake! then
the cake is solved, I guess were
                       WEDDING PLANNER
No we still got to come up with a
time line. But, you can e-mail me
the time you want to start and
end... and I will come with the


                       WEDDING PLANNER (cont'd)
layout that you can look at and
      (gathering her
Where whould you like to meet to
finalize the details? Here or the
How about your office?
      (to JT)
Is that oaky, Baby?
They walk the Wedding Planer OUTSIDE.
      (they all walk
       Wedding Planner
That's fine her office it is...it
was nice to see you again. Take
                       LIL' DONNIE
      (to JT)
Let's go for a swim.
Wedding Planner gets in the car.
You want to?(pause) Oh, no. Jessie
and I are going out to eat and
talk about the last details for
the wedding...sorry Lil' D.
      (to Wedding
All the wedding plans sound great.
                       WEDDING PLANNER
Well we promise...promise to make
things perfect for your special
Mama tessa thanks for your
                       GRAMMA TESSA
You take care of my family..Mama
take of you.
She hugs the Wedding Planner.


Jessie enters where JT and Lil Donnie are playing...
Hey Jessie you know we just ate
cake right before dinner? Have you
decided where we're going?
      (whispersing in
       JT's ear
I thought I could grill some
steaks ...a little salad here on
the patio, have some wine, see the
sunset(seductively) and then
skinny dip like the first
Oooh you nasty...you
freaky...that's my girl
I remember when were 16,.. I
thinks it was my baby's first
He holds her.
It was your first time too-you
just trying to be a playboy.
Maybe it was.
      (he kisses her)
I'm not telling.
I'ma get started with dinner.
Well iight, im going swimming with
Lil Donnie , unless you need some
No I got it. Go spend some time
with Lil Donnie he misses you.


Hey little Dee guess what?! We're
going swimming.
                       LIL' DONNIE
What ya not going?
Yeah I put my foot down told her I
was staying here to swim with my
little bro so, I can humiliate him
                       LIL' DONNIE
She changed her mind huh?
Yea but the humilating you part is
true. That's after you help me
light the grill.
As JT and Lil' Donnie go to light the grille.Jessie stares
off in thought,happy but scared of the new life that they
are embarking on...she smiles, looks and watching the
two.Tessa observes and understanding she walks over.
                       GRAMMA TESSA
You have love.
      (Jessie nods)
GOD will do the rest.
      (They both smile)
let me help you finish dinner, and
will both watch them race. and
then I'll take Donnie so you and
JT can be alone...
Jessie and Gramma Tessa prepares the meal in silence for a
minute or two setting the table as they watch them race they
finish cooking and go to the Lake the last lap.
Go Lil' Donnie!
                       GRAMMA TESSA
Go Lil' Donnie!
Lil' Donnie barely wins and jumps out of the lake.


                       LIL' DONNIE
I got you! I got you, JT!
I demand a rematch!
      (kinda pissed off)
I demand a rematch... I tipped ova
ablock of some vine or limb..I
DEMAND a rematch.
                       GRAMMA TESSA
Come Little Donnie, they need to
be alone...Let's go catch up on
your homework.
                       LIL' DONNIE
Ok..See you loser.
Lil' Donnie snaps a towels at JT.
                       LIL' DONNIE
I've been wating 10 years to do
Oh Baby..I'll let you win
You've been training the enemy
your a traitor.
Baby, I promise to let you win.
No you've alreay been tried and
hung in my mind.
But I was going to let you
      (she whispers in
       his ear)
Alright I'll give you a pardon
this one time,
Mmmmm,mmmm thought so.


They sit at the tree and reminisce about how they
met.Touching where they carved they're name into a tree,
they embrace, they begin to kiss while they are laying down,
start disrobbing each other after 5 minutes of kissing down
to underwear, kisses, touching embracing, She stops.
      (running toward
You can take the rest off in the
lake, but you gotta catch me...
He catches her about chest height water grabs her passionate
kissing finishing taking off underwear he brings her back
closer to land and begin to make passionate love. In
silhouette is shown of thier love making and fades out
slowly thirty seconds of hot silhouette sex...
Rome walks in SUSAN()meets him at the front of the office.
Hello,Rome it is nice to see you.
      (pat-rubs her on
       her shoulder)
Hey Susan good to see you. How is
everything going?
Our numbers are up 120% over last
week volume is up across the board
at all three centers.
I know they're fantastic I'm so
proud of you guys especially the
hard work and long hours you have
put in don't think it goes
unnoticed. How's the staff?
They loved the bonus last month
and no one can quit talking about
the 6 month anniversary trip
coming up. Pople are saying how
they work for 20 years at a job
and didnt get anything close to


                       SUSAN (cont'd)
what were getting in six months.
They all say it's the best job
they've ever had.
I'm glad to see everyone is happy
with thier jobs that means a lot
to me.
Well they're right its the best
job I've had to and what makes it
crazy just when I land the best
job ever they promote Dan my
husband and were getting
transfered to Michigan in two
Oh no Susan you can't leave us
your doing a great job I can't let
you go.Whatever we have to do more
money whatever his raise well
double it.
Wow thanks Rome I really
appreciate that Sir I will talk to
my husband and let Shirley know
      (walks in front of
       office door)
Great we want to keep you with
us.(knocks on door and opens it)
Rome walks in to find Shirley and Frankie making out in the
Hey, Rome how is every thing I was
just showing Frankie some numbers.


      (walks toward the
Shirley how about you get me a
printout of hourly margins for the
three centers and let me talk to
      (fixes her clothes
       moves quickly)
Okay, I'll get them for you now.
      (stands up)
Hey boss I was juss...
Yea I can see what your doing. I
got fuckin eyes Frankie. What I
want to know is how's everything
going with the other six
factories. Are they operational
yet? If not why?
The last I spoke to taylor and JT
they figured they would have them
set up next Friday.
      (pulls Frankie
       into him)
Don't fuck this up frankie when I
meet with The Coalition every
fucking factory needs to be up and
runing you understand? So instead
of making out like a 15 year old
wetbak from Long Island it may be
smart for your sake to make sure
it happens there, are no second
chances here, lives are on the
line including yours Frankie you
Ok I'll make it happen Boss.


I need an update by Friday also
did you know Susan was leaving we
need to keep her see what you can
do. Raise what ever it takes.
I'll talk to her. But at least
numbers are good right boss?
      (turns by end of
Yea numbers are actually about 50%
higher than what weve planned. Did
you know that Frankie?
No but I knew they were pretty
      (grabs cubans out
       of his jacket
You knew they were pretty good.
(smirks) Well I quess celebration
is in order huh? (shakes his
head)Well here is two cubans don't
fuck up the celebration Frankie.
I got things under control I wont
let you down.
Rome says nothing and just shakes his head with a smirk on
his face.As he walks out.He nods good bye as he leaves the
factory while on phone with Kat confirming meeting at
four.He gets into his Mercedes convertible drives.
Rome walks into production of the videos, cameras go in but
only a brief shot with the camera angle on him watching the
shoot and he talks to CAMERAMAN().
Okay, I'll retake that shot.
Kat, the first one looks good.I
told them to redo the second.


      (walking up to
We were both torn on how much
coverage. I've set us up in
conferance room.
I think 100% coverage is best in
I've set us up in conferance room
B. I'll meet you there I have to
stop by the lavotory.
Kat walks into the CONFERENCE ROOM, Rome sitting looking
deep in thought.
Kat I'm concerned with our ground
operations which makes it ever
more important we are airtight
with all of our plans at this
level. Let's finalize and file it
tonight. My father always said if
you don't tie up your loose ends
in your plan you will get hung by
those same loose ends.(he twists
his finger and fist by his neck)
We dont want to get hung here Kat
we have a chance to change the
direction of the Mafia and
immortalize our leadership no
loose ends.
      (sits down with
Our ends look pretty good the
details for the trip has been
confirmed. Taylor has finished the
writing of the program for the
software and it's now in test and
everything is running as expected.
So, we have a September target
date we'll do the downlaod and
operations transition at the same


Very nice Kat very nice what are
we doing to cover now that we dont
have iceman.
      (opening lap top
       while talking to
I feel its best to keep Chung and
Lui, the two I brought from North
Korea. They were my familys
personal guards. They are loyal,
efficient and should work out
fine. I'll doc the plans royal
flush and send it to you. Now
remember to acess you'll have to
decode it royal flush.
Kat the only possible glitch I see
so far I think September is JT
junior's wedding day.
Well the final set up is formality
now that the software is complete
we could finish the job ourselves
if nescessary but he should have
more than enough time finish
before the trip.
Well, it's good to see you have
the plans tied up at our level
Frankie is proving he can't handle
any responsibility. Our ground
operations is not solid as it
should be fuckin' loose ends are
flying around all over the place.
Rome I think as long as I continue
to follow up on this end we will
be fine. I've sent Jimmy to follow
up on the contractors for the
other factories all the remodeling
will be completed by Friday, we
won't miss a beat.
      (stands up looking
       at kat)


                       ROME (cont'd)
Kat I don't know what I'd do
without you. Your family should be
so proud of you. We are so close
to immortalizing our families
forever in the history of
organized crime. The time is now
Kat you and I will bring the Mafia
into the 21st century.
Scene with Kat with her father being hard to please in North
Mr lee is commending his top two generals for a excellent
service sitting next to him is the ever Kat she watches as
her father bestows the medal on each of thier necks. Chung
accepts his honor then bows in front of kat, his medal falls
off his neck but befor it can fall to the ground kat catches
it her father looks in amazement astonished over her skill.
Kat hands the medal to Chung. (All spoken in N-Korean
entire scene with captions)
      (Looks at kat
How did you do that.
Wow that was fast your a natural
she has hands of a tiger sir.
Yes very fast maadaam kat thank
Your welcome Chung
      (He bows they bow
       back and leave)
Thank you both for your service.
Chung and Lui train in the outside area Kat joins them for
what her father does not know has been regular training
sessions for 2 years now.


I'm ready hi Chung and Lui.
Madaam we may have to stop for a
while Mr lee may start to suspect
We can't stop now Chung you
She is right Chung we must ensure
Kat can protect herself and she is
a natural born fighter it would be
a shme for those talents to go to
Okay but Kat you must remember you
can not use your skills unless it
is life or death. Your father must
never know.
      (They start to
Well lets get started.
(Five years later) A power struggle between the two families
has gone on for the last two years and it is about to come
to a head. Chung and Lui have both recommended that Mr lee
strike first and take out the head of the Wong clan but Mr
lee has insisted on a peaceful end. The violence has made it
to dangerous for his family to stay in N-Korea so he is
sending them to China with relatives until the threat is
Kat are you ready. We must be
      (walks downstairs)
Well if I must go but I would
rather not go father.


It's for the best kat> Chung and
Lee will be here shortly to take
you and your mother to the
As they walk to the car waiting for Chung and Lui to arrive
three masked fighters appear they attack the parents
knocking mr lee down and cutting his wife she falls to the
ground also as one of the masked men grabs Kat.
      (As he try's to
       get up and check
       on his wife.)
Dont you hurt my daughter.
                       MASKED FIGHTER
You can save your whole family or
what is left by leaving town and
were here to help you do that dead
or alive.
Sir you may have to rethink your
                       MASKED FIGHTER
      (Bends over
       loooking at her
Really why is that little girl.
After saying that Kat turns to her shoulder and grabs soom
bobby-pin looking needles sticking out of her shirt poket,
they are really poison pins. She shots it into the fighter's
eyes front of her, then she stomps her right foot at the
same time and the cover on the wheels on her shoe skates
fall off to expose two sharp small blades she shoves into
the groinfo the fighter to her left using her left hand to
pull him in closer her right hand she swings it hits the
fighter to her right with a backhand grabs his hair and
start a tiger spin move using her body wieght to spin flip
and break his neck.
      (She attacks.)
Well because we like it here and
we have no plans on leaving soon.


Oh my god you've been attacked is
everyone okay.
Lui attends to Mr. Lee's wife calls for help from
housekeeper and then checks the house for other intruders
Yes they tried to kill our whole
family, we must retaliate now
chung they're whole family must
die befor they can attack again!
Kat is right we must kill them now
it's the only way to end the
We will plan the mission, I
promise you it will be done
Thank you Chung please escort kat
to safety while I see to her
No father I'm staying In order to
think big as you always say i must
be around big momentsw besides the
family needs me I'm not a little
your little girl anymore I can
      (Nods head)
Your right you should stay you've
done well my daughter but learn
wisely I dont want to lose you.
Growing up in Pyongyang I learned
my family doesn't accept failure
for an excuse. So, I qucikly took
it out of my vocabulary it's not
an option.


      (walks towards kat
       places hand on
       top of hers)
They taught you well the plans are
impeccable and you deserve the
credit. Your father should be
proud. I'll tell him myself.
      (stands up)
It was a team without your help I
could not have put it together and
we still have to execute the plans
      (standing in front
       of her hand on
Well after talking with you I'm
confident it is going to happpen.
I feel it in my bones (he shakes
beng sarcatingly-sexy)
They look at each other uncomfortably for a few seconds
sexaual tension in the air.
You should have that file the
decode password is the name of the
project royal flush.
Thanks(pause) Well I'm going home
to fullfill mariatal duties
and have dinner with my wife. See
you tommorrow.
Romes arrives home his daughter,PRINCESS()runs to the front
Hey sunshine? How's Daddy's
Hey, Daddy.


She runs to Rome, he picks her up and swings her around they
So, how's my little Princes doing.
Good, Daddy can I go to work with
you tommorrow?
Of course Princess. Daddy has some
people he needs you to fire can
you handle that for Daddy.
How's this Daddy(pause) Your fired
wait, no how about (pause) Your
Princess lifts hand mimicking Donald Trump.
(laughs) That's perfect, sweety,
just perfect.
Franchesca comes into the foyer.
      (comes up and
       kisses rome on
       the cheek)
How was your day?
Taxing, stressfull and long.
      (takes princess)
I'm sorry dinner will be ready
shortly. I'll have the nanny wash
up Princess your bath is drawn.
Would you like a wine or scotch?
Rome walks passed Franchesca into the BATHROOM.
Today defianitly is a scotch day.
Rome sits in jacuzzi with flat screen monitor on the wall
voice activation goes over file Kat sent.


I'm okay Franchesca I have a file
I need to review can you keep
everyone away for twenty min.
Okay, I'll have dinner served at
eight is that enough time?
Thank you.(pause) start up
coalition operations decoded file
royal flush make notes 1) 2)
3) 4)
Rome sits in the jacuzzi going over the plans that Kat sent
for project royal flush as usual everything is order.He lays
back in the jacuzzi and doses off.
Kat and Rome stare at each other uncomfortably. Kat begins
to remove Romes shirt rubbing his shoulders.
Franchesca enters watching Rome relaxing in the tub. She
rubs his shoulders.
Hey Rome baby it's been twenty
mins you still need more time? I
see you still have your work up
royal flush. (pause ) Well royal
flush youll have to wait(monitor
off) baby your so tense.
      (she kisses him)
What happen to the boy I knew from
Columbia?(kissing him) Baby.
Rome reacts to Franchesca kissing his ear.
                                         CUT TO:
Rome kissing Kat on the ear.


Sssssoohhhbaby let me taste your
      (whispering he
       turns and kisses
       her several times
Aah Baby you make me want to
      (ripping off Kat's
Oooohhhh, I waited to hold you
like this.
They kiss. He bends Kat across the conference table.
                                         CUT TO:
He bends Francesca over the jacuzzi.
Chica you got me so caliente.
Ohhh, baby I want you to be on
fire and it is good but try not to
get my hair wet right before
Kat kisses him back passionately as he turns her around
bends her over she looks back with desire and rips off her
skirt and takes off her panties.
Oooohhh Rome I cant wait ahhh
ooohhhh oohhh yea yeeeaaa ohhh
baby it feels so good oooohhhh.
Rome, engrossed in his dream, dips Franchesca's hair into
the water.
Ohhh hell yes like that baby
ssssss yea shit chica work that
espaldas hell yea espaldas sucuda
                                         CUT TO:
Kat laid out across desk throwing back widely.


Rroommmeeyeeess yesss just like
that Rome.
                                         CUT TO:
Franchesca enjoyong the sex but geting upset because rome is
getting her hair wet THIS is when Rome clearly realize who
he is fucking he starts to come to.
Ooohh shit Rome it's good buttttt
bbbabbby your getting my hair wet.
                                         CUT TO:
Kat climaxing stretched out across the conferance table
totaly spent sexually.
Ooooohhhh baby oooohhhrome
oooohhhshit oohhshityeaaaa, yeaaa
oooh rome I knew I knew it would
feel like this.
      (climaxing with
oooohhhhhh my god
ohhhhhhhoohhhhhyea shit oohhh shit
sodid I shit so did I.
Oooh Rome ooooohhhhh my Rome you
haven't made love to me like that
in years. I've been waitin for the
day to be in love again. Awwww
shit Rome look what you've done my
hair is soaking wet.
Rome climaxing with Franchesca,more of a second climax
So, have I so have I.
      (running in)
Mommy, Daddy I want to play in the


      (getting out of
No honey Mommy and Daddy must get
dressed so we can have dinner
doesn't that sound good.
Ummmhmmm(laughs) Daddy? Mommy's
clothes are all wet.
Rome grabs Princess with one hand and sprinkles her with a
little water with the other.
Daddy played a little trick on
      (laughing running
       from his
       sprinkles of
Oh, Daddy will you play a trick on
      (gets out of
       Jacuzzi putting
       on a robe)
No sweetie it's dinner time but
I'll let you get in the jacuzzi
tommorrow deal?
Okay, deal Daddy.(laughs)
Rome, after drying off, picks her up and swings her around.
NANNY walks in.
      (to nanny)
Where were you? Why was Princess
left alone?
      (grabs princess)
Sorry, Mamam I was cleaning her


Princess, Daddy's right it's time
for dinner. We will swim
      (jumps up yells
       and leaves with
       the nanny)
Yeaaaa were going swimming nana
I know Princess let's go down
stairs and get ready for dinner.
Nanny closes the door.
Why is my two year old daughter
running around this house
unsupervised? What if we weren't
in here God forbid she could fall
in the jacuzzi Fran or what if she
walk in on us having sex even.
I can't be everywhere and do
      (getting dressed)
Right you dont! I spend a lot of
money for a lot of help and my
daughter's well being is why. So
her running into her demise
unsupervised is unacceptable are
we clear?
      (getting dressed,
It was just a mistake Rome you
always blow everything into
      (walking to the
       door out the room)
It's those somethings that put me
and my family where it is and the
same reason why your family is


                       ROMEALDO (cont'd)
not. Is that what you want
Franchesca that life back (pause)
hhhhmmm (pause)I'll see you at
Rome stops at the door and pauses and she starts to cry
sittng at her make up table as he walks out.
Rome and franchesca laying in the bed opposite sides turned
away from each other. Rome turns off his light.
Franchesca my family is a proud
tough but fair family we had to
claw and fight our way even our
own family to get where we are and
there is only one way to do things
you knew that coming in to this
family you would be better off to
except this fact and make it
easier on the both of us.
Fade in Rome's father and uncle are meeting to discuss a
lingering problem with missing revenue and the divide that
tiny has created in the family. The two sides are at a
stalemate over about twenty five million dollars and the
added one thousand acres Tony has added to his drug trade
without clearing it with the family.
                       MR SANTOSSA
      (Sitting in the
Lets try to have a reasonable
conversation boys.
Well pops if Tony would tell us
what happened to the money and
stop ignoring the question then
this would be a lot easier.
Rome your ignoring me I told you
there is no missing money are you
hard of hearing.


Look Tony I'm not stupid what did
twenty five million just walk
away? or did it walk it's way into
your pocket.
      (He raises up)
You calling me a thief rome!
Tony's two associates reach for thier guns.
                       MR SANTOSSA
Easy boys if you pull those out it
may be your last time. Now lets
talk like family.
      (Slams evidence on
       the table)
Yes your a thief and here's the
proof not only did you steel the
cash your trying to cheat the
family out of our share of the
coco trade, by increasing your
your market without telling us.
                       MR SANTOSSA
Hold up now we can settle this
befor it goes to far.
      (Starts to leave)
To late pops Rome has insulted my
honor for the last time
      (Stands up)
Let him leave Pops we have no room
for a liar and a thief.
Tony grabs his gun shoots Rome in the shoulder he falls to
the floor.His associates pull thier guns out and aim at
Fuck you Rome.I told you that was
the last time now shut your
fucking mouth.I run this family
now not you got it brother or not
one more word and I'll blow the
rest of your head off.


                       MR SANTOSSA
      (Goes over to
       comfort Rome.)
Are you fucking crazy you just
shot your brother.
He asked for it pops.
                       MR SANTOSSA
He's your brother Tony and you two
idiots put your guns up this is my
home have some fucking respect.
The two look at Tony he nods yes to do as his father says
and put thier guns away. Rome who here the fighting and
hears the shots, grabs his father a semi-barreta fromhis
father's gun collection and runs downstairs fearing the
worst knowing that his father has been shot.
You shot my dad blat blat
blat.blat blat blat.
Rome jr reaches the front of the door and sees the two with
thier guns out and his father and grandfather on the floor
he starts to shoot. Rome jr continues to shoot as walks up
on the point blank range and continues to shoot all three
until his grandfather grabs him. all the while Rome
continues to say you shot my dad.
                       MR SANTOSSA
      (Grabs Rome jr)
It's okay it's okay Romy he's
going to be okay everything is
going to be okay.
Trudy walks in and sees Taylor sitting in the host area. She
walks up to the host.
May I help you Mamam.
Yes I'm waiting for this
incredible guy the best software
progammer in the world with the


                       TRUDY (cont'd)
cutest little smile and curly hair
to die for...
      (gets up from
       couch and walks
       towards the host
Wow, who's that guy I may get him
to date my sister.
Hey baby (kiss) it's you you know
your wonderful.
Would you like a booth or a window
Booth would be great.
      (walks them to
Okay right this way.
      (sitting at table)
I was talking to JT he wanted to
know if we wanted to use his
wedding planner for our wedding.
I'm not sure susan and I were
going to plan it ourselves do like
a country type setting her mom
caters and has a farm house. They
use for large events I prefer to
go that route if i can.
Hello, welcome to Bistro's. Can I
get you a cocktail or wine from
the bar?
Yes, I'll take a Sam Adams and
she'll take a Bay Breeze. (to
Trudy) you want a appetizer?


Yea, let's get a order of wings
and blackened chicken quesadilla.
Wings and quesadilla, Sam Adams
and a Bay Breeze. I'll be back
shortly. Our specials by the way
are Pan Seared Salmon, Shrimp
cakes with garlic herb mash
potatoes and a 16oz Cowboy Ribeye
with parmesaen fries.
So, you want me to tell JT you
don't need to his wedding planner?
Well I don't know yet I haven't
been able to reach Susan since she
moved. I've tried to get
information from the corporate
office but everyone says they have
no forwarding address. I dont know
what else to do.
Wow did you try calling the
personel department?
Here are your drinks, your
appetizers will be up shorlty are
you ready to order your dinner or
do you need more time?
Are you ready? I didn't even look
at the menu.
Me either give us ten minutes and
we will be ready.
Yea I spoke to the two old bags in
charge of payroll. They have no
idea more than me not much help
there. When you're in the office
can you look for any employee
files are, any tax information
that may have something. I can go


It's kinda weird she hasn't tried
getting in touch with you. She may
be busy getting settled in to her
new city.
yea maybe but its not like her and
our wedding is coming up soon so i
really need to talk to her.
Okay I'll find something on her
for you if your nice to me
Trudy looks at him seductively, rubs his leg with her foot
and the waiter arrives.
Here is your appetizers,
quesadilla and wings and some
shareing plates. Are you ready to
order or do you need more time?
I still haven't looked but, I'm
ready. I'll have the cowboy steak
medium rare.(to Trudy) Baby, what
do you want?
Same for me rare.
Two cowboy steaks rare and medieum
rare any wine with your steaks?
Not for me I'll take another Bay
Same for me too.
Another round Sam Adams and a Bay


      (walks in)
What you know good other than me
gorgeous is the Boss in?
      (siting at her
Hi, Jimmy he's in. What time is he
expecting you?
      (leaning on her
Twelve thirty or so. Hey when are
you going to give a guy a shot?
Maybe a little dinner and dancing
I'm free tonight.
      (picks up the
I'm not. Maybe some other time;
I'll buzz Rome for you.
Hey, Kelly what's up?
      (into phone)
Jimmy is here to see you.
Hey, not so fast. when will you
be free?
Thanks, Kelly send him in.
Not now he's waiting for you.
      (as he walks in
       the door he says)


He turns up his mouth, shakes head. Kelly mouths "no"
softly, shaking her head.
Hey, Jimmy come on in and have a
seat. How have you been? How's the
Hey, Boss thanks the family is
good. Little Jimmy's little league
team is going to the state finals.
That's right Sharon was in here
the other day bringing tickets,
hats and tshirts for everyone. Hey
well good luck tell Little Jimmy
we'll be rooting for him.(pause)
The reason I brought you in Jimmy
I want you to keep an eye on
Frankie and Taylor.
You want me to follow them?
Yea kind of I want you go to the
office on September 1st. I'll set
you up in Kat's office and watch
over the install without them
knowing you are there as an added
insurance nothing goes wrong.
Gotcha, what do I do after the
install is complete?
Just make sure they get to the
airport. We all fly off together
for our company trip.
You're demoting me to Chauffer
duties now boss?
Not at all Jimmy you have been one
of my most competant liuetenants.


                       ROME (cont'd)
It's very important that the
install is completed and
everything goes as planned the
future of our coalition depends on
Don't worry Rome I won't let you
I am counting on you. There is no
let down we have to be sucessful.
I'll update you on the half and
hour starting at 2:00.
      (walking him to
       the door)
That will work every 30 min. Also
call as soon as the install is
complete. Kat will have you
plugged into her computer to track
the progress.
Should I take a crew are go solo?
That may not be a bad idea but,
keep them out of sight at
Dominique's, down the street
unless you need them.
                                         FADE IN
Food is being brought to table.
In case anything happens as always
lets go over duties and
Man if these shit heads don't have
it by now they never will.


Look who's talking. You dirty
condom. I should blow your fucking
head off just for the hell of it.
      (pats him on the
       face two times)
That would be your only chance of
survival. Without that gun(pause)
chances not so good.
      (reaches in his
Niether is yours if you put your
hand on me one --
Have you two lost your mind? We
don't have time for that crap
right now. This is the most
important mission we have ever had
quit fucking around! I need
everybody's attention did everyone
come battle ready?
Ray and Billy nod "yes".
      (going over some
Billy what level of firepower did
you bring -bar fight -cops and
robbers- shock and awe.
I'm always packin' Scarface but,
where are we going Iraq? I thought
this was just making sure some
work got done.
Yea it is but a job this
We need to be battle ready just in
case everyone needs to be


                       JIMMY (cont'd)
prepared. This job can make us all
look good.
We do have family to feed. How
about we listen and just do what
Jimmy wants.
Thanks, Razor I can always count
on you to act like you have some
sense. I'll call your phone. Keep
everyone together here, alright?
      (throws napkin at
Suck up.
Razor picks up his switch blade and cuts the napkin up into
shreds in mid air matrix style and blows it back at Ray.
Hey, Ray look, listen to Razor I'm
going to communicate with him. No
playing around right? Now keep it
serious were on a job.
Alrigght, alrigght I heard you
Edward Scissorhands is in charge.
Frankie is sitting outside of the corporate office.
      (shows frankie her
       bathing suit)
So, Frankie in less than five
hours you'll be seeing me in this
on the beach. So, what do you
      (pushing her away)
I think you better put that up
before you get me distracted. I
need to focus right now Shirley.


Oh, Frankie quit being so uptight.
You never complained before plus
our vacation starts today, relax a
little. Your shoulders are all
tight. Aren't they Frankie.
shirley inches over seductively rubs his shoulders gets next
to him starts to make out
      (starts to get
       into it)
      (kissing him)
See, Frankie I told you.
Taylor is finishing up the network wiring and programing
work.Once the transition is complete after finishing the
download and isolation. Taylor walks in to
Jimmy walks in sees Taylor in Rome's office, he ducks out of
Taylor's eyesight.
      (at Rome's desk)
Great I'm almost done if I play my
cards right we'll have time to
stop at the house before we head
to the airport. Oooohhh I forgot
Trudy wanted me to find that
information. Ughhh, noooo I could
always lie and say I did it
(sighs) but, then I'll have to
feel guilty all vacation not cool
shit! The things you do for a
little play. Aiight let me go back
in it want take long ill just scan
for all employye relevant info and
transfer the file to this and read
it on the plane.
What the hell is this? Why does it


                       TAYLOR (cont'd)
keep shutting down on me? Let's
try this again employee
filefolder>23 /c:program enter
file doesn't exist is not
accesssible. Okay which is it?
This is going to be tougher than I
thought. Okay work with me baby
what do you want? You give me what
I want I'll be good to you code
word code word poker not accepted.
How about cash poker alright this
will take forever. I'm going to
have to use a relevant phrase
runner to locate the the passcode
or this will take all day (pause)
run now come on baby Daddy's got a
plane to catch and some beer to
drink. Bingo royal flush accepted
hell yea!
Jimmy watches Taylor, tracking the progress of the download
sees it has a download complete message and watches Taylor
activate the wall of flat screens with the poker rooms
1,0000 screens it was aawesome sight to see Taylor continue
to work on the computer.
      (into phone)
Boss all signs are that it's
complete but he is still working.
Rome is sitting with Kat in the confernce room on the "Nina"
with all the TVs on the download they are seeing the same
thing Jimmy saw with the pokescreens activated.
      (puts it on
       speaker phone)
That's stranage Jimmmy we got
confirmation on this end at 1:53.
Kat see if you can acess the
computer and see if he's still in
the hard drive.
It pops up on the page he is reading he has accessed the
royal flush file they both look at each other.


Kat, call Frankie. Jimmy we will
call you back.
      (into phone)
Frankie we need eta on Taylor's
progress he should've been
completed, need an update on what
he's working on and I need that
information yesterday.
Frankie sitting in car with Shirley making out.
I'll find out Kat and call you
right back.
Frankie hangs up and calls Taylor.
      (into phone)
Hey, Taylor, Romealdo wants to
know how much lomnger you have
says you should be done by now.
I still need 10 more min.
      (into phone)
I'll see what I can do but hurry
the hell up. Rome is getting
really pissed.
Aiight, aiight.
They hang up.
      (into phone)
Hey, Boss Taylor says he still
need 10 mins longer.
Ten min for what Frankie? You have


                       ROME (cont'd)
failed miserably. The job has been
completed 20 min ago. Where are
you making ouT with Shirley in
your car? do you even have a
fucking clue? taylor is now
stealing information he's tapped
into private coalition files, he
must be workiing for the Feds.
Hell all I know you're working for
the Feds too.
This can't be real this gotta be a
practical joke(reading more)
everyone dies plan royal flush who
the fuck jokes like this? kill
everyone why?(read more) this
can't be happening oh shit this is
no joke the planes meet a watery
demise. What the hell all
employees must board All employees
are now disposable except for one
Taylor Feldman but, once he is
finish the install he to becomes
diposable. He can be terminated at
the office are on the plane along
with the others keep a man on him
throught the final instal process
holy shit! Time to go.
He looks around sees what looks like a shadow and here a
noise from the other office he downloads the file on the
disc closes the laptop. Then runs by couch grabs pillow not
really sure why looks at it like why not runs on the fire
escape, calls JT. He looks down three stories. His car is
sitting under looks to the right.
I wonder if I was just hearing
things. I bet this is just a
misunderstanding. I probably could
walk out the front myabe if I
crawled no one would see me (looks
over ledge again)I guess I could
always land on the car. I'll have
to deal with that later I have to
warn JT.


Well how does it feel to be Mrs.
Like heaven I hope everyday feels
like this.
Hold up way to much pressure
already.(phone RINGS) It's taylor
They toast wrapping thier hands togehter and kiss.
      (into phone)
Hey, Taylor where are you? Trudy
called twice did you make the
      (softly filtered)
No, look and niether can you. It's
all true the joke that Trudy made
the other day about people coming
up missing it's true.
      (into phone)
What joke people missing what are
you talking about?
The other night we were at dinner.
Look JT I don't have time to
explain but it's true.
Taylor sees someone coming in from the other office hangs up
the phone puts it by his side.
      (yelling, filtered)
Frankie for 20 years I've watch
you fail. I've seen your family
Bosses listen to your execuses and


                       ROME (cont'd)
give you chance after chance. But
with me you won't be so lucky.
I'll kill you myself as a traitor
      (ervous, getting
       out of car)
Traitor Boss I'm no traitor.
      (riled up)
Traitor who's a traitor ? Frankie
who's a traitor?
Shirley shut up no one's a
Everyone's good, everyone's fine
No everyone is not good. That's
the problem Frankie you overly
beleive in people because you have
no faith in yourself. Even your
father knew you were useless. Why
the hell you think he died after
JT's death? He had notjing left to
live for his only hope just died
and here you are with your chance
to prove him wrong and you're
fucking it up. Have some balls
kill that fucking traitor!
      (standing outside
Boss why don't I go up and get
Taylor it just must be a mistake.
Sitting at table Rome hangs up on Frankie and Kat is talking
on another line.
      (into phone)
Jimmy kill him don't allow him to
leave with anything.


Taylor is standing on the firescape try to shut off the
phone. The shadow coming from the other office.
Taylor, taylor can you hear me?
What's going on? Hey, Taylor can
you hear me?
Instead of hitting the power button, he hits speaker. That
shadow person is now a intimidating male figure at the front
of the door with a gun.Taylor jumps off the firescape, Jimmy
runs over firing the first two shots miss, standing over
fire escape he shots two more hits the pillow and laptop.
Yhe mistake is you, damn it
Frankie. There is no mistake! I'm
odering you to kill him now or
I'll kill you.
      (into phone)
I'm just sayin' Boss.
      (pulls out gun)
I'm just sayin' Boss.
Kill him you whimp ass! Just
fucking kill him already!
Shots fire, sound of someone falling from window. Frankie
more so startled by the shots and the fall shoot more out of
reaction ends up actually hitting Taylor. Frankie has struck
him in the side.Taylor rolls off the side of his car crawls
in and manages to find the keys and start the car.Frankie is
sill sort of in shock.
      (into phone)
I need the car here now meet me in
the front.


                                         CUT TO:
Oh, shit I shot him.
Finally, something good is he
dead? (silence) Frankie is he
dead?(silence) Do you fuckin hear
      (into phone)
No, I dont think so. He is driving
Driving away? Don't let him drive
      (into phone)
It's to late he's gone.
Shirley is screaming and Frnakie starts to panic.
But, I don't understand why would
Taylor want to take information
from the company? It doesnt make
any sense.
You let me worry about that now
Frankie. You did what you can do.
I'll handle it from here you may
still have a shot after all. Don't
breathe a word of this to no one
just head to the airport and make
sure the trip is a succes. Can you
do that?
Yeea yea yeea I can handle that


Handle what Frankie? What's going
Tell Shirley to keep quiet. She's
part of your problem Frankie. Be a
man and control the situation
there may be hope for you yet,
call me when you get to the
                                         CUT TO:
      (into phone)
Do you have any track on Taylor's
                                         CUT TO:
      (into phone)
No, he got a couple minutes head
His crew arrives in the car; Jimmy jumps in the passanger
                                         CUT TO:
      (into phone)
Well let's follow Frankie to the
airport; that's probably where he
is heading. So for now we'll hedge
bets there. Tell the office
security to report it as a break
in and armed robbery.
                                         CUT TO:
It's taylor he's stolen some stuff
from the office.
Why would taylor steal? It doesnt
make sense.


Look Shirley it is Taylor, he
stole from the company now shut up
and calm down maybe some music
well help but I need you to be
quiet everyone needs to be quiet
so I can drive to the airport. I
promised Rome the trip will be a
success if you want me to drop you
off at home I will.
      (laying back with
       towel on head)
And cheat me out of my trip? Fine
Frankie I'll be quiet.
What's going on with taylor? Did
he miss the plane?
I think so he kept saying that
it's true, it's all true and that
we shouldnt be on the plane. Then
there were shots, glass breaking,
more shots, screaming and then
nothing; it sounded like a war
                       FLIGHT ATTND
Buckle up and prepare for take
      (to Flight
We may have to stop this flight.
My friend called saying there my
be something wrong.
                       FLIGHT ATTND
That will be almost impossible to
do Sir. We have already been given
our taxi and departure clearance
and time. You will have to call
your friend when we land.


It sounded like it was a life or
death emergency. I'm trying to
reach him to find out exactly
what's going on. Is there a way we
can delay the departure just 5
                       FLIGHT ATTND
I'll talk to the pilot and let you
Filght Attendant walks from first class to the phone outside
the cabin calls the pilot.
I've traced the address I'm going
to send a car he'll probably be
gone but just maybe we'll get
Taylor at pay phone a little eratic call 911.
      (into phone)
My name is Taylor Feldman I work
for Cash Concepts...I know this is
going to sound crazy but, Ive just
uncovered a plot to kill all the
employees in the company and
they're now tryin to kill me!
                       911 OPER.
So, where are you now sir? and are
you a minor?
No i"m twenty three and im at a
pay phone
                       911 OPER.
Is the pay phone at 1253 Salem
Road in Manchester sir?


Yes Mamam, but there are two
planes taking off at LaGuardia
that are slated to fly into the
                       911 OPER.
So, this is a terroist plot sir?
its crazy, its a terrorist act by
the company to its employees
                       911 OPER.
okay sir there is car on its way
don.t move
                       911 OPER.
Okay, Sir there is car on its way
don't move.
                       FLIGHT ATTND
      (hanging up the
       phone from
       talking to pilot)
Sorry, the pilot says we are under
strict orders to leave on
schedule. Did you reach your
freind to find out whats wrong?
      (going to mix the
       liquid vantra)
Hi, I just have to use the
restroom real fast I can't hold
                       FLIGHT ATTND
      (To JT and Jessie)
Hurry we are about to start our
I'll hurry.
He goes into the restroom and mixes water with powder fills
vile to shot.


      (to JT)
Our friend has called us about a
life or death emergency but, we
don't know what it is we can't
reach him.
Trudy you guys are in danger.
We're all in danger I decoded this
file that explains how we all die
and if the planes take off there's
no way you guys will make it.
      (into phone)
Taylor slow down...Are you saying
what I think you're saying?
They both wait anxiously and scarred the other Flight
Attendant joins them so does Lui returning from the
Right it's all true.You can't go
on the plane. They're going to
crash into the ocean both of them.
We have to warn JT and the other
plane. We dont have long you gotta
call him now.
      (into phone)
Ok, ok im dialing,dailing but
we're on the planes already
Taylor. We're about to taxi to the
runway. It's ringing...
I don't know how but, we have to
stop the planes from taking off.


Taylor, hey man I've been trying
to reach you. Why do we have to
stop the planes? What's going on?
      (into phone)
My phone is lost but, listen man
the planes JT it's all true of all
the people Chad, Terrance and his
family Susan it's no coincidences
the plan is to kill everyone leave
no witnesses and Frankie's part of
it he shot me. The planes will
never make it to St. Thomas the
pilots are hired terroist pilots.
Why don't we call the police?
      (into phone)
I just did. They're sending a car
but, we may not have much time to
wait. We have to figure a way
ourselves just in case....
What do we do? We're not police
are the pilots armed? How do we
stop an armed pilot?
                       FLIGHT ATTND
We should try talking to the pilot
maybe this is a mistake or we got
it wrong.. Why don't I at least
try and make some contact with
While she does that Jessie go talk
to other passengers for help I'll
wait on the phone with Taylor and
Rudy for the police to contact us.
Try to keep people somewhat calm.


                       FFLIGHT ATTENDANT 2
I don't know if that is a good
idea. What if we have a riot
complete mayham. we couldnt
control the plane.
Hey man if we don't do something
soon that will be the last of our
worries. Then pick people
selectively choose the recruits
but, we need help.
Come on well make it happen. We
have no choice.
Jessie and Flight Attendant goes off into the main cabin to
recruit and quietly inform passegers about whats going on.
                       911 OPER.
We just got a call at 1235 salem
rd. He's claiming a terrorist act
is about to happen at LaGuardia
with two planes...
                       DISPATCH OFFICIER
Okay I'll get somenone on the way
did he offer any proof to his
teroroist claims?
                       911 OPER.
None offered he did give the
address of where this incident
originated 423 Madison Ave NE. He
claims it was there he was
                       DISPATCH OFFICIER
This is the same address we
recieved on a break-in and robbery
this may be related. You wouldn't
happen to have a description do
                       911 OPER.
No, all i got was his age he's 22.


                       DISPATCH OFFICIER
That's around the age the police
report estimates the suspect is.
I'll call and try to detain him
while I get a car to respond
thanks for your help.
                       911 OPER.
Okay, Sarge good luck.
                       PATROL CAR
      (car 57 driving
       near by)
Car 22and all cars in a 5 mile
radius 'copy' I need you to
respond to 1235 Salem Rd. I think
we have our guy from the Madison
robbery he's armed and dangerous
and maybe a little delusional.
      (interupts taylors
You have an emergency interuption
call from the Madison police
department will you accept if so
please hang up to accept this
                       DISPATCH OFFICIER
      (calls the pay
       phone back...ring)
Hello, Sir this is Madison Police
we're enroute to your location,
but we have a burgulary and
sooting from that same address you
gave the 911 operator were you
involved in that robbery?
No, I was assaulted im an
emlployee and I found information
they didn't want me to find.
                       DISPATCH OFFICIER
We have a somewhat different story
from the securtiy there.Do you
mind giving me a description of
yourself and driver license


I'm 5'11 about 170 look security
is lying. I'm not the problem you
need to worry about getting help
to the airport before major
catastrophe happens I have all the
proof I need and you will too if
you don't hurry . Nnnoooooo
(pause) shit! why is this
Taylor grabs the laptop sees it's badly damaged and even
worss the CD falls apart when he takes it out of the
cd-drive he realizes that they're not going to believe him.
                       DISPATCH OFFICIER
Right well take care of the
terrosit later after you show us
this proof well be there soon just
hold tight for me.
Are you listening to me? You must
go there now. We don't have much
time hundreds of people will die!
What's the fucking point even
talking to you?
Taylor leaves heads for the airport.The patrol car arrives
at the pay phone.
                       PATROL CAR
He left Sarge probably has a 5-7
min head start.(pause) not really
sure which direction he's headed
                       DISPATCH OFFICIER
Alright, head to Laguardia and
I'll send a couple cars to meet
you and alert airport police.
                       PATROL CAR
Did he say which airline?
                       DISPATCH OFFICIER
No. but we do have a license plate
number to go with the description
it's: alpha wd 867. Keep an eye
out and touch base with airport


Taylor is in his car he rolls down the window and speaks to
LISA( )standing at the airport entrance.
Excuse me I hate to bother you
but, I have a emergency my
Grandmother is lost. I think she
is waiting at the wrong exit.
She's 95 and gets confused easily.
I can't leave my vehicle do you
mind if I use you phone for a
minute please?
Sure, no problem.
She hands him the phone and he rolls up the window.
      (into the phone)
Rome! What are you doing?! Do you
actually think you will get away
with killing 200 people? Tell me
this is a mistake, I have it all
Taylor, I'm not sure of what
you're talking about I am however
aware of terrrorist pilots that
are in control of our two planes
at Lagaurdia we're doing all we
can to you work with authorities
to have them release the
      (into phone)
You know damn well, Rome, that
it's no terrorist act you're the
terrrorist! You could call off
your paid killers right now and it
would all end.
But you're not well don't think
200 people are just going to sit
around and wait for you to kill


I'm not a cop or lawyer but I'd
assume you would need someone
living to back that story up,.
Good luck with that.
Rome looks to Kat.
I wouldn't bet against my hand
kid. I got the nuts, a Royal
Flush, can you top that?
She nods that the call has been traced to the exact address.
Fuck you and your nuts asshole.
Taylor hangs up and calls Trudy.
      (into the phone)
Trudy I don't have long to talk
but, you guys have to stop the
planes from leaving you'll never
make it. They're suicide pilots,
So, what?! We go in and ask for
the keys? Let's call the cops.
      (into phone)
I've tried they're not so
convinced that I'm not the
criminal and they know about the
planes but they think it's a
terrorist act. If you guys wait
for them you'll be dead before
they get their heads out of their


Taylor let me call and talk to
them it's worth trying again.
They're the police they have to
believe us.
A police car approaches while Taylor is talking. They park
three cars behind.
                       POLICEMAN 1
Het, Jack isn't that the car
disbatch just sent bulletin out on
parked by the Delta entrance?
                       POLICEMAN 2
Good eye kid? Looks like it
doesn't it? Let's park a few cars
behind him and check the tag
They run the number.
                       POLICEMAN 2
It's a match let's bag him.
Taylor watches the cops approach as the Lisa knocks on the
      (into phone)
Get all the help you can find on
the plane. Anyone who will believe
you, fight don't give up.I can't
lose you, hear me? Look I got to
go the cops are about to harass
me. (pause) Fight, you hear me?
Let's at least try and talk to
them. Taylor it's worth a shot.
We're the good guys, they can't be
that stupid.
Taylor rolls down the window.


      (into phone)
I hope they believe me. Something
good has got to happening please
God, help me help us.
      (to the officer)
Hello, officer let me explain.
      (walks to the
       drivers side)
May I have my phone please?
The police officers move up directly behind Taylor turn on
lights and they get out of thier patrol car and walk to
Taylor's car.Taylor hands them the phone as Lisa tries to
reach for it.
                       POLICEMAN 1
I'll talk to your Mommy later.
Please hang up the phone, Sir.
                       POLICEMAN 2
      (fliting with Lisa)
That depends if you two are
together hopefully not. But for
now I'm a need you to step back
for a second.
      (loudly, erratic)
Officer if you would just listen
Policeman 2 walks over and closes the phone taking it from
                       POLICEMAN 2
Hang up the phone now, Sir(pause)
      (to Lisa)
does this phone nelong to you?
Sir(pause)here's your phone mamam.
Policeman takes phone closes it gives it to Lisa with a
flirting look and a smile. Taylor lowers his head shakes it.
      (to the cops)
No, I just let him use my phone.
      (taking the phone)
      (to Taylor)
Good luck.


Policeman 2 looks in the car and sees blood.
                       POLICEMAN 2
Let's take one thing at a time
license registration please. Hey,
what's up with all the blood?
That's what I've been trying to
tell you. I've been shot and soon
you will have a lot more dead and
injured people if you dont do
something right now!
Policeman 2 hand cuffs him to the steering wheel.
                       POLICEMAN 2
I can see that tell you what let's
secure you until we can check
things out do you have any weapons
guns, knifes in the car or on your
You don't understnad I'm not the
bad guy. The mob is ready to kill
250 people in less than ... it's
not the Mob anymore it's called
the coalition but it's linked
worldwide now but it's the same
                       POLICEMAN 2
      (seaching the car)
So, you're not concerned with what
seems to a fair amount of blood
coming from your stomach, you're
more concerned about the Mob. Do I
have that right?
I'll be alright we have to save my
friends the coalition has hired
terrorist pilots from the Middle
East and they are going to fly the
planes into the Atlantic.
                       POLICEMAN 1
You're a little late with that one
junior. It's all over the news but
you got wrong it's Al-Quada not
the Mafia.


Policeman 1 pulls out Taylor and cuffs him tightly. Taylor
winces from the pain.
Yes, maybe so but it's not a
Al-Qudeda it's Rome, Romelado an
American and the coalition.
                       POLICEMAN 1
Really? The Mob huh? This new
slicker better worldwide upgraded
                       POLICEMAN 2
      (seeing the laptop)
Yea, Jack the new corporate Mob
that's ran by Harvard Graduates.
Did they steal this laptop too?
Ironic It's on my list of stolen
items. Same make, same model I
wonder who's fingerprints we would
find on it yours or the mob?
Hey, look Axel Foley and Columbo
if you just take me to the planes
you'll see what I'm talking about.
                       POLICEMAN 1
Look the terrorist or maybe the
Sopranos. I really don't give a
crap. This is reported stolen it's
in ypur possession and you're
going to jail for it.
                       DISPATCH OFFICIER
All cars report to hangar ten
there have been reports of gunfire
and a possible hostage situation
with the terrorist FBI has a car
on the scene waiting for a hostage
negotiator who speaks Abrabic,
need all cars on the scence until
further notice.
                       POLICEMAN 2
Looks like you get your wish
Asshole. You'll have to wait for
the paramedics and transport from
hangar ten chump lets go.


                       DISPATCH OFFICIER
We'll check out the hangars. I'll
send two cars to help and notify
airport police.
      (in arabic,into
This mission is a go.
                       PILOT 1
We've been given a 5:05 and 5:10
take off time.
      (into phone)
Mission must take off with or
without clearance at those times
no later.
Pilot 1 and Kat say a religious creed or testament in union.
Chung walks into the COCKPIT and over hears.
      (in korean/into
       the phone)
Kat, is this true. This is a
kamakasi mission?
Kat watches the airport situation on monitors.
      (into phone)
For the sake of the coalition it
has to be done.
She plays smartly, coyly with a nice looking black pen
holding it in as she brings up the screens on her computer
showing the plans.
      (into phone)
I had no chioce. Die with courage
and honor your family.


I won't I served your family
honorably I deserve better. I will
not allow this mission to go
There's not much you can do.
Chung hangs up cell and speaks to the Lui.
They both set us up. This is a
kamakazi mission. We all die.
No we must stop this shit. Meet me
in front of the plane.
So, we're going to cause some kind
of distraction?
Yeah we're going to distract him
by killing him.
      (urgently to
       Flight Attendant)
Weapons, knifes. Do you have
anything we can use? Gather up any
and everything, make up mirrors we
can crack, lighters as many as you
can find.
                       FLIGHT ATTND
Maybe some forks, butter knives,
nothing real sharp.
We have four syringes with liquid
anthrax that might help.
We don't have any of those where
did you get those?
Long story you'll have to do
without sorry.


We got about the same half dozen
forks and dozen butter knives.
                       PASSENGER 2
We have about 10 lighters what do
we do with them?
Take an'empty spray bottle pop off
the top of your lighters and pour
the fliud into your bottle and use
it as a fire spray. Spray first
throw the fire towards the spray
also gather up at least 5 of the
biggest men you can find and some
strong rope or canvas material
about 5 feet to make a
strangulation device. Cut or twist
the cloth tightly until it's
rope-like.Then tie each end into a
double knot.
We're also going to need a piece
solid thin material miniature bat,
golf club would do something to
pop the lock. Once we get in we
got to move quick. we first try
knocking with an emergency and see
if he will open the door, but if
that doesn't work, we wait 30
seconds then pop the rope around
the neck within 45-60 seconds. You
have your fire spray bottle but,
you don't want to use it here
because if he's on fire it will be
hard to get close enough to get
the rope around his neck. The
intial shock of the attack will
wear off by then start with the
rope the tighter you get the noose
around the neck the easier it will
be to attack his other vitals.
Almost simultaneously right after
the throwing the rope around the
neck go for the vitals with the
forks and knives eyes and neck
with as much forces as possible.
We don't have a lot of time. Maybe
2-5 min. max. So, it has to happen


                       CHUNG (cont'd)
now plane two get your people
ready Trudy and let's do it in
sync. So, no pilot can warm the
other so count down 60 sec.
                       FLIGHT ATTND
Captan, we have a problem with a
loud hissing sound coming from the
right side of the rear exit door.
We need your assistance.
                       PILOT 1
I can't help we will deal with it
when we land.
The attack begins in 30 seconds.
Lui storms in catching the Pilot off gaurd unable to react
quick enough takes ropes secures the neck squeezes tightens
the rope turns it around fists and elbow. Pilot 1 struggles
to breath gasps for air then grabs for the rope around neck
gasps, slashes his throat with a piece of broken mirror.
Chung hands her the syringe, she shoots it in the neck of
the Pilot,he dies.
He's dead I hope.
He's definatly dead.
Phone RINGS.
      (looking for phone)
We have to call Trudy. Jes, do you
have your call phone.
                       FLIGHT ATTND
Captain we have a fire in the back
of the plane. We need the fire
extinguisher from the cabin.
Pilot grabs extingusher opens door and the Filght Attendant
slams the door into him, knocking the Pilot against the
                       FLIGHT ATTND
Dammit I can't get the rope around
his neck stand still fucker.


Passenger 2 steps to the side and stabs Pilot 1 in the eye
with a knife. Pilot 2 grabs a gun off of the controls.
                       PILOT 2
What the hell you Bitches!
He shoots the Flight Attendant and the rest retreat.He yells
in Arabic.
                       PILOT 2
Allah, will bring death to you
all.I will shoot each one of you
get back.
He slams the door and locks and call Kat. Pilot 1 pulls out
knife calls other Pilot someone else answers his phone.
                       PILOT 2
      (into phone)
Big problem they've attacked me
and Jaied does not answer his
phone. I think the passengers know
and have taken control of his
      (in arabic)
I don't work for you anymore this
is now Allah's mission. I depart
Trudy's phone rings and she answers it distressed.
We need help. He had a gun, one
attendant is shot and he is
beginning to taxi to the runway.
Is it an automatic or manual?
I don't know.
                       PASSENGER 2
Manuel. It's barretta of some type
maybe a stampede model.
Ok, that's 6 bullets if you guys
want ot live you'll put seven deep
charge the door and scrafice 6 for
the rest of the 100 or so becuase
if he takes off you're all dead.


                       PASSENGER 3
He's right if I'm dying it's on my
                       PASSENGER 4
It's our best chance we can't let
him get this plane in the air.
                       FLIGHT ATTND
Yeah, I'll go I'm already shot.
What the hell.
No, you've given enough.
                       PASSENGER 6
Yeah, we got this y'all. Me go
first let's pop the door and keep
going forward until we gain
control of the cockpit. On the
count of 10.
They attack, they pop the lock Pilot has the gun near.The
fight ensues for five min. trying to get the gun all while
the plane was starting it's taxie down the runway at about
30 miles per hour and continues to move around 15-20 a hour
Pilot 2 fires the gun during the struggle a passenger falls
off but Trudy takes the fire bottle and sets Pilot on fire,
the plane crashes into barrier at the end of the runway,
light damage.
Jimmy passes Taylor have been detained by airport security.
      (into phone)
Rome,I'm at hagar 0 I passed
Taylor he was being detained by
the air port police.
well, let that play out. The main
priortiy is to get control of the
planes. I need you to enter and
regain control of one or both
planes any ideas?
      (Into phone)
We can enter through the baggage


                       TAYLOR (cont'd)
area climb through the vents into
main cabin.
I'll send Frankie there to help
secure the plane. Kill anyone you
to, call me when you secure the
cockpit. I'll have Kat email you a
diagram of the plane highlighting
the vent system.
      (Into phone)
Frankie, Frankie how far are you
from Hangar 10A?
Rome and Kat watch the terrorist story on all the news
channels and major channels on TVs on the wall.
Shirley is laying back towel on head in shock still
melodramtic Jewish lady.
      (Into phone)
30 seconds Boss.
Meet Jimmy at Hangar 10 I need you
two to secure the plane.
      (Into phone)
Is something wrong?
Look Frankie as I told you befor I
need you to make sure this trip
goes off without a hitch. Jimmy
will be there to make sure that
happens follow his lead.
But Boss..


       Interupts frankie)
Look Frankie I'm not negotiating
here. Jimmy's got the lead on
Jimmy is standing at the side of the plane, Frankie pulls
Hey, Frankie. Look we're going to
head to the base of the plane
crawl through the baggage area and
gain acess that way.
Why can't we just go through the
front door?
Because Frankie we think someone's
tryin' to take control of the
plane. We have to saurprize them.
Shouldn't we get the cops.
Hey, maybe you forgot what we do
for a living. We police ourselves.
Anyway, Rome said clearly he
wanted us to take care of this
Frankie look enough with the
Okay, Okay. i'm just saying some
help would be nice.
      (turning to the
Shirley, you should really wait
Look Frankie, I've already told
you you're not cheating me out of
a trip.


Anyway, she goes, Rome, says once
we enter get control of the and if
the pilot fine we fly right then
so lets go.
Jimmy, Razor, Ray, Frankie and Shirley enter through the
luggage area in the belly of the plane and they work their
way through the vent system. Ray starts to decend through
the vent. Chung notices some movement in the cieling tile as
he tries to release the manual starwell but it doesn't work.
He signals the Flight Attendant back then grabs the fire
bottle on her hip. Hides the spray mist in the air at
ceiling tile, Ray drops down he sprays again directing the
spray at the tile and Ray lights on fire. He stumbles
against the sink and counter as Chung continues to douse
him, flaring up the flames, the spray starts to run out. Ray
flailing grabs water spray gun turns on the water and puts
out the fire. A small flame is left, he pats it out while he
runs towards Chung.
Fuck they're spraying fire. Oh
shit I'm on fire you'll pay
      (in korean)
We have now. It's your turn.
Ray drops down yelling.
Everyone take cover and get ready
to attack.
Chung grabs a alcohol bottle fills his mouth and before he
can spit it into Rays face. Jimmys sees what has happened to
Spread out drop through other
vents they're atacking Ray is on
Ray catches Chung and hits him twice in stomach, he almost
swallows the alcohol, he grabs the bathroom door in the
hallway to shield him, ray's fist cracks through, he grabs


Ray's arm and pulls spraying the alcohol in his face. He
SCREAMS. Chung slams the door in his face and hits him twice
in the throat, martial arts style, then grabs his head and
knees him. Dragging him by the hair, he lifts the syringe to
inject the poison.
I have nine lives. How many do you
      (looking down)
Oooh, I bet that burns.
      (looking at his
Yea, but I think this may burn
Grabs him and wrestles him to the ground.
Who wants sushi?
He grabs the syringe.
Oooh how thoughtful
He takes spiked brass knuckles out of his pocket, slaming
Chung down hard and takes his eyes out with the brass
knuckles with the other hand he injects Chung with the
poison. JT grabs a fire extinguisher and hits Ray in the
Hey we can't just sit around and
let them win. We've come too far
we have to attack.
                       PASSENGER 4
      (kicking Ray)
Everyone help fight.
Four more passengers also start to beat Ray.
                       PASSENGER 6
I have a wife and kids.


      (holding Shirley)
It's going to be okay Shirley it's
going to be okay....
      (yelling at
Frankie shut her the hell up.
Shirley screams, Frankie goes into shock repeating over and
She's gonna be okay, she's gonna
be okay.
      (grabbing Frankie)
She will be Frankie when I put a
bullet in her head if she don't
shut up.
Frankie looks at Jimmy with fear and shock, covering
Shirley's mouth with his hand. They climb down the vents.
Let me drop first to spray around
and clear the plane.
What about Ray? He may still be
alive? What if you hit him?
He always said he could dodge
bullets. He's gonna get his chance
'cause we can't worry 'bout that
right now.
      (to Billy)
We all care for Ray but, you have
to do what you have to do. Drop
now. Go!
      (jumps in)
I'll do my best to miss. I'll
spray the back first.
Billy drops in with a semi-automatic bushmaster and kills


eight people still standing up their bodies slam against the
sides of the plane he then start moving down the isle with
his semi blazing not allowing time any reaction from anyone.

Lui hiding under a seat waits for him to pass and jams his
ankle with a butter knife and Billy bends to his ankle
reaching for the knife, dropping the gun. Lui grabs the
barrel of the gun Billy sees her reaching for it, grabs his
revolver and shoots.The automatic blows to pieces letting
off more rounds hitting Billy in the shoulder.
You won't be shooting me with my
own bullest, son that ain't
Lui sees Billy has been shot and rolls out from under the
seat and pulls his neck back snaps it.
I don't need your bullets.
      (dropping down
       Billy/hitting Lui)
First mistake.
Jimmy walks through the plane shooting people as he walks,
people try to hide. Razor falls through the same time as
Jimmy drops, he drops through wheeling a large septor knife
and immediately slices the guys neck. He then cuts two more
people one in the stomach from the navel up to the chest or
throat people, he YELLS.
      (looking at the
Who else wants some? You want
some? How about you Mamam?
The scarred passengers shake thier heads"no". Razor bends
down to Ray and sees it's too late, he's dead. Passenger 2
jumps out of the side seat grabs the knife and fork and
stabs Jimmy in the shoulder as he passes. Another passenger
hits him in the face with a lap top.
                       PASSENGER 2
We're not going down with out a


                       PASSENGER 3
      (yelling stomping
Get his gun! Get his gun!The other
one's coming quick.
Jimmy falls across the seat five to six passengers start to
beat kick and stomp Jimmy. He still has his gun but he can't
use it unable to pass the body's on top of him. Razor is
making his way through the crowd the rest of the passengers
on that end are afraid to approah him. There is astruggle
going on for the gun, the guy on top is truggling to work
the gun out of his hand while other passengers is stomping
on his hand. Jimmy head butts the guy laying on top of him
then bites him on the nose. He starts SCREAMING and let's go
of the gun.Razor is right by the brawl, stabs the first
person in the back the neck, kicks to the side slashes the
next ones neck. Jimmy regains the control of the trigger but
still can't lift the gun above the person on top of him. So,
he moves the nozzle into his flesh and shoots twice people
start to get away climbing over seats,he spits out the guy's
nose and blood.
      (standing by Jimmy)
You alright?
      (holding gun)
Yea, I'm okay I think we lost
      (pointing gun)
Listen up everyone if you move I'm
a fucking kill you. If you breathe
loud I'm gonna kill you. If you do
one thing I don't like I will have
Razor cut off your body parts one
at atime starting with your eyes.
Razor here's my gun I have to call
Rome keep the, from the cockpit.
      (standing by door)
They will have to kill to get by.
Jimmy goes into the cockpit and closes the door. The dead
Pilot sits in the other seat. He takes out a phone.
      (to himself)
That's what I'm a afraid of.


Boss everything has fallen apart.
we just had an' all out war. I
only have two men left and about
50 dead passengers. I hear police
sirens in the background and the
other plane has ran into the
protective barrier at the end of
the runway and fallen to it's
side. I don't know what to do.
Reports of terrorist attacks playing in the background. Rome
looks to Kat.
I thought we had all the bases
covered. How could we be so wrong?
       with pen)
You're not and we do. I was hoping
that we could be a little more
Policemen ride to the hangar.
                       POLICEMAN 1
I say we send all these Middle
Eastern crazy mother fuckers back
to where they came.
Kat shrugs and presses the top botton on the pen. On the
TV's both planes simultaneously explode. Rome looks shocked.
                       POLICEMAN 2
Yes, I know right? You can't trust
any of them. Shit exploding at a
moments notice we don't do stuff
liek that where I'm from. Mexicans
are good people you know?


                       POLICEMAN 1
Asian people don't even like bombs
and we have our reasons.
They drive onto the hangar and as he says his last word both
planes blow up loud explosion, they are shocked.
Taylor, Gramma Tessa, Lil' Donnie and family watch as JT and
Frankie are lowered. Rome behind them in the back. Taylor
turns around and they connect eye to eye. Kat is standing be
side Rome. Rome half smiles at Taylor and Kat stares
blankly, calulating.


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From tipper Date 5/31/2007 ****
Great job you story line for was one of the best mafia storyline's I've read in a long time I could'nt stop reading. I'm a intern at a well known film production studio and I know our studio as well as others are looking for new creative mafia movies, by the way what a killer ending never would have figured that one out. Please email me I would like to talk to you. Terry

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