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Land Of The Apes- Episode 1/2- Pilot(1)(2)
by Josh (www.freewebs.com/themoviestudio)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: *1/2
Summary: A group of astronouts crash on a mysterious place. As they try to figure out how to contact NASA and get home they must survive the dangers of where they are. But they soon come to realize this place is not ordinary and has many mysteries that they must solve. DESCRITION: This is the first draft of this screenplay. I desperatly need help to complete this series. If anyone would like to help me make this series please go to www.freewebs.com/themoviestudio and post your email in the chatbox. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the screenplay.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



SUPER IMPOSE: Year 2063.
You are in a huge doom room with american flags and NASA
signs along the walls. A huge american flag is set as the
background behind a huge stage.
The entire room is filled with people dressed very proper in
suits and dresses. They are all sitting down quietly.
Ontop of the stage, at the front of it, a podeum stands with
MAX, a larger man in his early-forties with short brown
hair, is speaking out of the microphone to the audience.
Behind MAX a line of 9 men and woman stand in NASA uniforms
all seem very gitty with excitement. The screen pans across
each of there faces.
FRANK, a basic man in his mid-thirties with short brown
VINCE, a strong man also in his mid-thirties with short
black hair, and pointed raised eyebrows.
SAM, a scronny young man in his early thirties with short
brown hair.
Kyle, a taller young man in his early twenties with short
brown hair.
CARL, a somewhat nerdy looking young man in his early
thirties with short blonde hair.
GREG, a black man in his early forties with short hair.
LAURA, a pretty looking girl in her mid-thirties with long
dirsty blonde hair.
DR.JASPER, a strong-willed old man in his late fifties with
greying hair. He has walking stick but doesn't appear to
really need it.
BILLY, a shorter nerdy boy in his mid, maybe late- twenties
with short blonde hair.


You then get a shot of a very pretty girl JANE, in her
mid-thirties with long brown hair, sitting down quietly with
her legs crossed.
                       MAX (CONT'D)
Well, we finally did it at last
ladies and gentlemen. We have
devoloped the most powerful rocket
in the entire world, ever!
      (Crowd clapps)
And we have everysingle one of
these men and woman up here to
thank for that. They have all been
working non-stop the last 3 years
to help devolop this techknowledgy
and now it's all paid off.
Tomorrow, these 9 astronounts you
see before you today will be
launching that spaceship and
taking it straight to aseroid
feild that is passing the entrance
      (Crowd claps)
This will also be the farthest
space journey by NASA since the
-attempt. So in conclusion.
      (Turns to
Members of Expedition 147, we
congradulate you and wish you good
The crowd roars in cheering and clapping. People whistle in
You see JANE get up with the crowd and clap with joy. She is
                                         CUT TO:
All the astronounts are sitting at desks with paper and
pencil listening to a general looking man explain necasary
safety procations.
The astronounts are paying attention as you get shots of
them jotting notes.


We can't fully here the general speaking but he explains and
points out with diagrams and drawings the escape pods and
the EAS (Emergency Air Switch) device and how they are only
to be used in emergencies.
You see the astronounts file out of the classroom and into a
hallway where the enter a gigantic indoor docking bay with
the whole north wall a huge window gerage door allowing you
to see the absolutely huge futuristic space shuttle being
prepared for the launch.
You see the faces of all the astronounts (except VINCE)
face's turn to astonishment as they get their first look at
the shuttle.
MAX cuts infront of the group of astronounts.
      (Puts his hands
       together)      (Seems rushed)
Ook, look I know she's pretty but
you guys will get plenty of her
once your in there. So lets get
      (Group starts to
       go)      (Max stops them
Woo, we're missing a somebody.
      (Short pause)
Where's VINCE?
                                         CUT TO:
VINCE is in a small hallway with the walls covered with big
pictures of astronounts.
FRANK enters the room, and VINCE looks over to him and then
turns back to the pictures.
      (Pointing to
That them?
      (Pauses)      (Sadly)


You see three pictures of men in astronount suits.
DRAKE, a man in his mid-thirties with short brown hair.
LUKE, a man in his mid-thirties with short brown hair.
BEN, a man in his mid-thirties with short dirty blonde hair.
                       FRANK (CONT'D)
Well, atleast they died, doing
what they loved right?
They died, doing exactly what
we're about to go do.
Well, not exactly what we're
      (A little mad)
So they didn't go into an asteroid
feild. They were still going to
That was a long time ago VINCE.
We're better, more improved from
last time, we're prepared.
VINCE is cut off from what he is about to say when the
INTERCOM turns on.
Will all Expedition 147
astronounts please report to the
launch pad at this time. Repeat
that's all Expedition 147
astronounts to launch pad.
Thats us.
MAX then bursts into the hallway.


      (Very rushed)
Where the hell have you two been.
We've been looking all over for
you two knuckle-heads. Lets get
                                         CUT TO:
There is gravity on the SHUTTLE.
The group is getting ready for their lift-off scarmbling
into their positions.
SAM, gets into his chair.
      (Pushing buttons)
Let's go get rich.
FRANK, turns and sees VINCE. FRANK gives him a nod.
      (Male- Voice)
Astronounts prepare for lift-off.
Here, we go.
      (To COMPUTER)
Expedition 147 prepared for lift
Copy that.
      (Pushing buttons)
Initiating launch sequence...NOW.
The SPACE SHUTTLE outside begins to explode at the bottom,
pushing the SHUTTLE up into the air.
FRANK'S face gets very nervous and he closes his eyes and


You see FRANK'S hand grab GREG'S relaxed hand, hard and he
squeezes. GREG lets out a quiet sound of pain.
You see the SHUTTLE rise into the air and go higher and
The SHUTTLE finaly goes into a much darker sky.
They made it.
The entire DOCKING BAY crew clap and congradulate everyone
with joy.
      (Male- Voice)
You've reached the EXOSHERE.
FRANK, relaxes as everyone else yells out in joy.
Where's the bathroom in this
CARL, begins to unbuckle himself from his chair.
      (To CARL)
Sit down. No one can go anywhere
till we've reached MARS.
Just hold it.
                                         CUT TO:
FRANK, is floating around in the SHUTTLE looking through
some supplies.
Why do we have hand guns in here?
Those are mine. Put them away
before you kill somebody.


Why do you have guns on a SPACE
SHUTTLE flight?
Look it's personal. Just put them
away, I don't want to talk about
Too late SPOCK, come on we're one
big happy-
Hey, both of you shut up, we're
entering the feild.
FRANK pulls himself back into his position and the GROUP
begins to push buttons and contact NASA.
This is Expedition 147 of NASA.
We're entering the asteroid feild.
      (Male- Voice)
Copy that. Proceed with caution.
Don't need to tell me twice.
Activate output sheild.
You see a light blue mist like circle surround the SHUTTLE
The SHUTTLE suddenly shakes. LAURA'S face gets a scared
What was that?
I doubt turbulance occurs in


The SHUTTLE shakes again, worse this time.
FRANK turns his chair around to talk to the rest of the
You see LAURA'S face get extremely scared as her mouth
                       FRANK (CONT'D)
Ok, so we're experiencing a little
bumpyness. Nothing to worry about.
      (Sees LAURA)
      (Under her breath)
Oh my god
FRANK turns around his chair and sees a huge asteroid about
twice the size of the SHUTTLE, floating toward them.
CARL'S eyes widen and he looks terrified. You here a tiny
trickle of water and you see CARL'S pants get daker around
the crouch area.
FRANK emediatly grabs a steering wheel type device and
begins yelling out orders and pushing buttons.
                       FRANK (CONT'D)
Everyone to emergency positions
NOW!! LAURA get NASA on the com!
VINCE get those damn sheilds up!
The rest of the group quickly begin to push buttons aswell
and calling out what they just did.
You see LAURA trying to contact NASA.
      (VERY afraid)
Somebody help us!
Please somebody come in.
VINCE is pushing a big yellow pad/button.
You see the SHUTTLE getting nearer to the asteroid and the
sheild still slowly covering it.


      (Angry- Afriad)      (Slamming the pad)
Come on god damn it!
You see GREG radidly pulling out space suits from a
                       GREG (CONT"D)
      (VERY nervous)
We're not gunna die, we're not
gunna die.
You see KYLE, not really doing anything just jaw dropped
looking out the front left side of the SHUTTLE window.
      (To Kyle)      (Yelling)
KYLE!! What the hell are you
      (Looks left window)      (Sees the asteroid)
You see the smaller (but still big) asteroid hit the part of
the sheild thats working. The sheild emediatly disapears and
the asteroid softly bounces away from the SHUTTLE.
Back in the SHUTTLE, the group members are thrown around the
SHUTTLE from the bump of the asteroid.
FRANK, is jerked up but remains in his seet due to the seat
belts but groans in pain.
You see CARL begin forced to trot quickly backward and hit
his back into a chair, electric sparks are flying around all
the equiptment.
You see KYLE sliding across the floor and hit the wall.
Through groaning he sees a sign for the escape pod.
You see GREG and the space suits go flying high up onto the
wall and fall back to the floor hard.
You see the computer that LAURA is trying to get working
flicker and begin to blow up. LARUA screams.
You see FRANK, dripping in sweat turn back to the huge
asteroid still headed for them.


      (Looking striaght)
You see a much smaller about the size of a wing of the
SHUTTLE come flying toward the SHUTTLE.
The asteroid slams into the exact area where CARL is leaning
on the wall keeping his balance and forces him to the other
side of the SHUTTLE where he hits his head and becoms
      (Looking striaght)
Shit. BILLY!!
BILLY wobbles toward FRANK at the front of the SHUTTLE.
      (Still driving)
I need you to drive us out of
range of this thing!!
FRANK, gets out of the chair and hurries to the back of the
                       BILLY (CONT'D)
Wait!! Where are you going!!
BILLY, hurries and sits down in the chair and begins to try
and pull the steering wheel down to avoid the collision. He
begins to sweat.
FRANK, is running over to another control box, you see a big
centered red button with a title above it titled EMS.
You see KYLE run over to the escape pod entrance. FRANK,
then sees him.
What are doing!?!?
You see the entrance to the pod open and KYLE shake is head
"no" and enter the pod.
FRANK, runs over to the pod but the door closes on him. The
POD door has a small square window.


      (Slams POD door)      (Yelling)
You through the small square window the POD get hit by an
asteroid and it jerkly gets pushed around.
You see BILLY'S face covered in sweat and he seems to be
struggling harshly to control the SHUTTLE.
LAURA is looking out the front window at the huge asteroid.
      (Screaming)      (Sees asteroid)
FRANK, turns to the asteroid just as it hits the SHUTTLE.
FRANK, gets sent striaght to the ceiling.
The majority of the front part of the SHUTTLE (Driver part)
gets smushed down by the asteroid. It breaks part of the
front glass window cuasing a sort of powerful vacuum to
occur. LAURA is being sucked toward the outside and is
hanging for her life on part of the control station.
BILLY, hangs onto the chair becuase he did not have his
seatbelt on and the chair's small support begins to crack
and break toward the outside.
You see GREG hiding behind a chair holding onto CARL, as the
space suits and other material fly toward the glass.
FRANK, is holding onto a tv on the ceiling.
                       GREG (CONT'D)
FRANK! It's aborbing all the
You see a fire extinguisher fly past GREG toward the remains
of the front window. You see a slowmotion veiw of it heading
toward the window.
The extinguisher busts through the glass creating a huge
BILLY'S chair goes up much closer to the outside, and LAURA
is sent to hang onto the ceiling. LAURA starts screaming


LAURA! Don't scream! You waste-
      (Coughs badly)
Then everything slows down, all the air is gone so the
astronouts and everything else are just floating holding in
their last breaths.
You see that FRANK has seen the EAS. He uses his legs to
push himself over to the switch. You see the rest of the
GROUP struggling to hold their breath any longer.
FRANK, pushes the switch, the light does not turn on, FRANK
begins to have a paniced look on his face and he switches
the switch back and forth but nothing happens.
You see the GROUP members just float in the remains of the
SHUTTLE. You see motionless faces of the astronounts. The
SHUTTLE then appears to gain speed and head downward.
This downward speed causes some astronounts to bump
lifelessly around a bit.
Then the scene appears to get brighter, the SHUTTLE moves
faster and continues to head down.
Then everyone falls to the floor, gravity seems to be
working. And everyone gasps for air.
They are all still having to hang onto something due to the
downward force.
Then the SHUTTLE slams hard into something and everyone is
sent up and then falls back down hard. The shuttle continues
to bump hard into things that we cannot see.
You see LAURA hit her head hard on a control station.
FRANK, is swirled around from a bump and hits the wall.
The floor below DR.JASPER is bent upward suddenly and
DR.JASPER is sent soaring to the ceiling.
Everyone begins to scream and yell as the SHUTTLE continues
to constantly bump into things hard.
The GROUP members are thrown around the SHUTTLE bouncing off
walls like a ping pong ball.
Then suddenly the SHUTTLE makes a very violent sudden stop
and everyone is thrown forward to the front of the SHUTTLE.


You see FRANK violently fall ontop of the control station.
You see his eyes open and hear natural jungle noises. FRANK
sees a trpoical ground just feet below him.
FRANK, gets out of the SHUTTLE and looks around amazed at
the perfect landscape, he turns back around to the SHUTTLE
to see a very big scrape/trail mark that the SHUTTLE left
from falling down a mountain.
The other GROUP members wobble out of the SHUTTLE as well.
Where the hell are we?
                       GREG (O.S)
You see GREG holding, a very bloody, CARL.
CARLs dieing.
You see a back view of MAX as he enters his OFFICE in a
hurry. Inside the room, a man in a buissness suit is
standing there waiting for him.
      (Face veiw)      (very concerned)
What happened?
      (Nervously)      (Takes deep breath)
Two hours ago we lost contact with
EXPEDITION 147, they had just
entered the feild.
      (Short Pause)
We don't know where they are.
MAX, leaves the room still in a hurry and is going down the
hallway. You see the SECRETARY hurry to catch up with MAX.
Where are going sir?


I'm going to get my friends back.
                                         CUT TO:
Max is in a simular space suit to the ones the GROUP had on
and is hurring to a small but still large SPACE SHIP. The
SECRETARY is still trying to convince him to not do leave.
Sir, I know your concerned and
all, but this really isn't the
right way to take control of the
      (Stops walking)      (Almost mad)
And how is the right way to take
control of the situation?
The SECRETARY is about to say something when you see a shot
of JANE rushing into the DOCKING BAY wearing a space suit.
She runs up to MAX where the SECRETARY stops his sentence.
I'm going with you. My dad's out
there and there's nothing you can
do, to stop me from going unless
you'd like to have your own
emergency to take care of.
Welcome aboard.
MAX and JANE head for the SPACE SHIP, the SECRETARY hurries
to once again try and stop the trip.
MAX and JANE are entering the SPACE SHIP and the ceiling is
closing so they can lif-off.
                       SECRETARY (CONT'D)
Sir, you going was one thing, but
someone else AND you just isn't
possible, I mean how will you have
enough food for how ever long


The ceiling/door closes and you can only see the SECRETARY
talking and the engines fire up.
                       SECRETARY (M.O.S)
going to be gone, which leads us
to the another pro-
The SPACE SHIP blasts from it's resting position and into
the sky. You see a small birds-eye veiw of the SECRETARY.
Somebody find DR.JASPER!
You see FRANK, see that CARL is still unconcious, not moving
and with blood just about everywhere. His head, his leg, his
fingers/arms, and his ribs are covered in blood.
DR.JASPER then hurries over to CARL, GREG, and FRANK.
                       DR. JASPER
      (Very concerned)
My god, what happened?
DR.JASPER begins to inspect further, CARL'S wounds.
                       GREG (CONT'D)
      (Almost crying)
I, I don't know, he got knocked
out and then he, he, got hit with
some stuff and. Is he gunna die?
                       DR. JASPER
He could, yes. I need the med-kit
if we want any chance of that
though. Last I checked there was
one in the glove compartment near
the front of the SHUTTLE.
      (Getting up)      (Going to SHUTTLE)
I'll go get it.
As FRANK jogs to the totaled SHUTTLE, SAM rushes over and
approaches him, FRANK keeps jogging so SAM also jogs with
him. SAM has a small grey zip bag around his shoulder.


                       SAM (CONT'D)
Hey. Everyones been accounted for
except KYLE. Do you know where he
      (Rushes to SHUTTLE)
He left with the POD. Look SAM,
this really isn't a good time
right now.
FRANK hops into the upside down verticaly placed SHUTTLE and
begins to rumage through the objects in the compartments.
                       SAM (CONT'D)
Yea I can tell. Hey while your
doing whatever in there, try to
find the GPS.
      (Smashes burnt kit)
      (To SAM)
Do we have another med-kit?
Huh yea, I'm pretty sure there was
in the medical compartment.
Where's that?
SAM, hops into the SHUTTLE near FRANK.
      (Pointing to top
       of SHUTTLE)
Up there.
FRANK, then begins to try and climb the the SHUTTLE.
                       SAM (CONT'D)
Whoa, whoa. What are you doing?
      (Still climbing)
I'm getting that med-kit.
FRANK, then jumps diagnaly to the back side of the pilots
chair where his fingers slip and he almost falls but is


still hanging on. He finally pulls himself up ontop of the
back end of the chair so that he is now standing on the
FRANK, then jumps from the back of the pilots chair and
hangs onto the second rows right side center leg. Which
emediatly snaps and FRANK is left hanging onto a very small
portion of the leg with his left hand as the chair falls to
the ground about 20ft beneath him.
You then see a back view of VINCE, who is walking fast over
to where SAM seems to be directing FRANK on what to do from
the bottom of the SHUTTLE.
What's going on here?
      (Turns to VINCE)
Oh, FRANK justs going to climb to
the top of the SHUTTLE and snag
that med-kit.
      (Gets in SHUTTLE)
      (Sees FRANK)
Oh, geeze. FRANK! What are you
Thats what I said but he just
      (Pushes SAM away)
SAM, just go, find us a big vine
or something, go.
SAM, heads to the jungle alone. He has the bag still around
FRANK, you've really got to get
down from there. this entire SHIP
could tip at anytime.
FRANK, swings himself over to the end of another small
control station where he hangs onto the edge.
                       FRANK (CONT'D)
      (Climbs ontop the
Not until I get that kit.


FRANK, then neals ontop of a special chair for older people
and pushes the button to make the chair follow the pathway
over to the other side of the SHUTTLE.
The chair breaks off from the pathway and you see a ground
veiw of it falling. Screen goes BLACK and cuts to a ground
veiw of SAM hopping from a small ledge in the jungle.
SAM, stops from traveling and neels down to drink. He then
sees out of the corner of his eye a strong looking female
APE. SAM emeidiatly gets up and backs away a bit.
SAM, begins to turn around but then he takes a double take
and sees a small baby APE about 5 yards away from the
grazing mother.
      (Very quiet)      (Looking at baby)
SAM the millionare.
SAM, begins to crouch toward the baby when he breaks a twig.
The mother APE stops grazing and gets up and looks like she
is suddenly mad.
The mother ape then leaves her baby and runs away.
SAM, relaxes and hurries to the baby.
      (Picks up baby)      (Fatherly voice)
Hey, we're just going to take you
back home with us ok?
The baby ape begins to wale and cry.
      (Looks around
Oh, no, no no, don't cry.
      (Picks up stick)
You like sticks, huh?
      (Gives stick to
       baby)      (Baby bites on it)
Good baby.
      (Puts baby in bag)             (MORE)


                       SAM (cont'd)
      (Begins to zip up)
Ok, now don't get too noisy in
there ok?
SAM, turns around to go back to CAMP, but he turns right
into the angry face of the mother APE. The APE growls and
then roars and goes after SAM.
SAM, begins to run away and yell.
FRANK is now as high as he can possibly go in the SHUTTLE
and is trying to reach his hand two capartments away from
VINCE, is still at the bottom of the SHUTTLE.
      (To FRANK)
FRANK, reaches his farthest to get the handle but fails.
      (To VINCE)
I can't get it!
SAM, then bursts through the jungle yelling.
Other members of the GROUP scream and yell. VINCE, turns to
see whats going on with him. He sees the APE chasing after
SAM. VINCE'S eyes widen and he turns back up to FRANK.
FRANK! Open the first compartment!
But the kit is in!-
Just do it!
FRANK opens the first compartment door and a medium sized
black bag falls toward VINCE.
The APE is gaining on SAM and then leaps to get him.
VINCE opens the bag, pulls out a gun, and turns. We get a
face veiw of VINCE shooting the gun.


You see SAM on the ground yelling and curled up as the APE
begins to leap ontop of him. Just as it gets close to SAM,
the APE'S head goes back a little and then the APE just
falls on SAM, dead.
GREG and LAURA both help push the dead ape off of SAM. Vince
hurries to him.
Where's the vine?
SAM, looks at VINCE likes he's stupid. VINCE'S facial
expression doesn't change he just waits for an answer.
                       FRANK (O.S)
VINCE hurries back to the SHUTTLE.
      (Looks at FRANK)
      (Drops med-kit)
You see VINCE running to DR.JASPER and CARL, he hands the
kit to DR.JASPER.
                       DR. JASPER
Ah, thank you.
Will he be ok?
                       DR. JASPER
He should be fine after we give
him some morphine.
SAM, walks weakly into the scene.
I call next with that med-kit.
                       FRANK (O.S)
      (Concered- Angry)
What the hell were you doing out


      (Gets in FRANK'S
       face)      (Sarcastic- mad)
Just following orders cheif.
From who?
                       VINCE (O.S)
From me FRANK.
FRANK, turns to VINCE walking toward him.
      (Turns back to SAM)
Well next time at least bring
someone along with you.
      (Sees DR.JASPER)      (Points at him)
Oh, yea. I'm sure YODA here
would've been a big help
You see a front veiw of SAM walking away.
You then hear a loud roar somewhere deep in the jungle,
birds are seen flying away. SAM stops walking away and looks
terrified in the jungle.
Then you hear many other loud but smaller roars coming from
the jungle. You get quick shots of terrified faces of FRANK,
      (Terrified- quiet)
What was that?
You see SAM turn away from the GROUP and open his bag. You
see the small baby APE still chewing on the stick. SAM
quickly zips it up.
      (To DR.JASPER)
How long till CARLs better?
                       DR. JASPER
About 3-4 hours maybe. Why?


Becuase we need to get moving.
      (Begins walking-
       packing up)
Find a beach or a more clear area
out of this jungle, where we can
call for help and get clear of the
We're going to wait here for 4
more hours!
                       DR. JASPER
LAURA is right. We should try to
get moving now, CARL should be ok
as long as we're not interupted.
you see VINCE walk over to his gun bag and pick it up. You
get a shot of his face.
Then lets get going.
You see DR.JASPER nod his head in agreement and him and GREG
begin to pick CARL up and carry him. You see FRANK walk
cautiously infront of them and VINCE in the back with LAURA.
The GROUP break through the jungle and find themselves on a
beautiful futuristic type beach.
Out on the ocean, storm clouds seem to be coming and all you
can see a water.
You see FRANK'S face give a happy sign of releif as he
relaxes his walk onto the beach followed by other happy
faces of the GROUP.
FRANK, turns to the GROUP.
Alright. This is going to be our
little campsite till NASA finally
finds us. In the meantime, lets
start building some tents,


                       FRANK (cont'd)
gathering food, all that great
                       DR. JASPER
      (Placing CARL down)
How will NASA know where we are?
We lost contact with them in the
crash, and we don't even know
where we are.
He's right. This place is like no
planet I've ever even heard of.
I don't know. I don't know where
we are, or how NASA is going to
find us. but I do know we've got
to get this campsite going or it's
going to be one harsh wait.
You see a much closer veiw of the storm clouds heading for
the land. You hear some thunder as the clouds move.
It's later in the day. You see BILLY and DR.JASPER making a
tent, and SAM seems to be bring back some of the lugage and
equiptment back from the SHUTTLE.
      (To VINCE)
Give everyone who wants one, a
And why would I do that?
      (Turns to VINCE)
Because one, I don't trust you
with all of them. And two, we have
absolutely no idea where in the
universe we are.
Unless, ofcourse you'd like to
tell me why you did bring guns
onto our SHUTTLE, then maybe I'll
just let you give me one.
VINCE, lets out a small chuckle and begins to walk away from


                       VINCE (CONT'D)
      (Drops a gun to
Not a chance.
VINCE, walks over to SAM who is taking materials out of bags
of equiptment.
You see SAM look at a KELLY CLARKSTON CD, mouth the title of
the CD to himself and toss the CD to the side.
      (Picks up the CD)
Wo, hey, what do you think your
Doing what I'm suppose to, which
is clean out all the lugage and
equiptment. What do you think your
I'm doing what I'm suppose to,
which is stopping you from messing
with my stuff.
      (Waves the CD)
VINCE, walks away from SAM and puts the CD in his bag as he
walks. SAM turns back toward him.
      (Yells over to him)
Why, you got some secrets HAN
      (Still walking)      (Turns to SAM)
None that interest CHEWBACCA!
SAM lets out a very small chuckle and turns back to his
FRANK goes over to LAURA who is making an S.O.S sign on the
beach using rocks, lugage, broken equiptment, and parts of
      (To LAURA)


Oh hey, FRANK. What's up?
Nothing. Just checking up on
evreyone, seeing how they're
doing. How bout this climate huh?
It's night one minute and morning
the next.
Yea, it's really weird isn't it.
Hey, can you help finish this up
while I go get the extra fire
Oh yea, sure. No problem.
      (Stars leaving)
You see GREG sitting down on the beach looking out into the
ocean bored and a little sad. Next to him CARL'S unconcious
body lies.
You see CARL begin to wake up and begin to grown. GREG looks
over and is very happy to see CARL wake up.
      (Grogaly)      (Holding his head)
Where am I?
      (Very happy-
HEY! real glad your ok, everyone
thought you were gunna die. Oh,
yea and we don't know. The SHUTTLE
got hit with some asteroids from
the feild and you got knocked out.
We're making camp until NASA finds
      (Sits up)
Everyone thought I wa going to die
huh? Did we crash back to Earth?


We don't think so. It's to
tropical for about any part of
Earth. And I don't think the
asteroids could've pushed us back
all the way to Earth.
To two chuckle and then it begin to rain, harder, and
harder. CARL lies down stretched out enjoying the fact that
he is alive.
You see the rain hit the surface of the ocean.

You see a creature swim out of a hole in an underwater

We do not see what this creature is though.
You see the rain hit the surface again.

And then you see another small glimpe of the creature
swimming through other underwater boulder holes. But we
still do not really know what they creature looks like.

The rain hit's the surface of the ocean another time.
The camera seems to be acting as a fish, swimming fast
through the futuristic ocean. You can see the surface of the
water about 10 yards up with the rain drolets hitting the
surface.You see glared images of GREG and CARL on the beach
FRANK, is fiddling with a small yellow radio like device
with an entena.
                       VINCE (O.S)
What's that?
      (Turns to VINCE)
Oh, hey. Ahh, it's not really
anything. A transmitter. Trying to
send some waves out to NASA.
Give'm a place to start, you know?
The camera swims much closer to GREG and CARL, like a shark.


      (Looks at ocean)      (Questioning)
What's that?
CARL gets up and looks at the ocean. Then a SEA MONKEY, a
very vicous creature with its lower body a scaley sharks
tail with a pair of legs aswell, and it's upper body a
scaley monkeys body, jumps out of the water at GREG.
                       CARL (O.S)
      (Turning to noise)
We see a front veiw of FRANK and VINCE'S faces become scared
as their eyes get big.
The SEA MONKEY leaps at GREG, but GREG falls down and kicks
the SEA MONKEY over him.
CARL, get's his first glimpse of this creature for the first
time and his eyes get big as the SEA MONKEY hisses as it
gets up from GREG'S kick.
CARL, turns to run away and then runs into another SEA
MONKEY that hisses evily at him.
You see the ocean water begin to have a few bumps at it's
surface. You see these bumps get closer the beach fast.
You see FRANK face as he sees these bumps.
      (Amazed- Afraid)
Oh my, God.
You see the bumps hit the beach and you see that they are
SEA MONKEYS, they hiss and begin to chase after the GROUP.
You see LAURA, run out of the jungle swating at bugs holding
some fire wood in one of her hands.


UGHHH, I hate bugs.
      (Sees SEA MONKEYS)      (Screams loudly)
You see the SEA MONKEYS turn to the screaming noise of
LAURA, and so now they see the entire GROUP.

LAURA still screaming drops the fire wood and runs back into
the jungle.
Everybody, run!
The GROUP members run into the jungle.

You see GREG grab CARLS shirt and pull through the two SEA
MONKEYS and into the jungle.
The SEA MONKEYS hiss loudly and then run after the GROUP
members in the JUNGLE.

You see the storm clouds bleeding rain.
You see the members of the GROUP running for their lives
away from the SEA MONKEYS.

You see the SEA MONKEYS chasing them. They run like lions,
on four legs, arms and legs, hissing as they hunt the GROUP.
You see FRANK running still holding the TRANSMITTER in his
hand. He falls over a log he didn't see and drops the

He begins to quickly crawl toward the TRANSMITTER, when you
hear a hissing noise. FRANK turns around to see a SEA MONKEY
leaping over the log at him.

Before it reaches FRANK, VINCE comes and does a dive kick at
it, knocking it out temporarly.

FRANK, then trys to get the TRANSMITTER again but VINCE
pulls him away so they can escape.

You see SAM running from the SEA MONKEYS, looking back a
little too much than he should be the front, does not see
the small little ledge infront of him.


SAM falls down the ledge and rolls into an APE grazing with
a group of APES.

SAM'S eyes get big as the APE roars and the other APES see

Just has the APE is about to smash SAM, a SEA MONKEY dives
off the ledge and attacks the APE.

The rest of the APES see this and attack the SEA MONKEY as
other SEA MONKEYS jump over the ledge and attack the APES.

SAM crawls/crouches quickly away from the battle and sees
the rest of the GROUP running toward the ledge, running away
from the SEA MONKEYS.

SAM signals them to stop running but it doesn't work and
they just keep coming.

Then from just about everywhere, every angle. Wooden, sharp,
spears fly out of the jungle killing everything it hits.

As BILLY is running a spear almost nails his face and lands
in a tree trunk instead.

The GROUP stop running and start dodging finding any cover
they can from the spears devouring the APES and SEA MONKEYS.

The APES and SEA MONKEYS run away in different directions
away from the attacking spears.
      (Singaling to get
       going)      (Dodging spears)
Let's get out of here!
You see the GROUP begin to run away/dodge from the spears in
a different direction than the APES and SEA MONKEYS.

You see an APE see the TRANSMITTER, and pick it up.

You see GREG and CARL running away behind the GROUP.
      (Stops running)      (GREG sees APE)
CARL runs off quickly before GREG can stop him, and then
GREG runs after CARL.


You see VINCE running up to GREG and holding him back from
chasing CARL. GREG is fighting feircefully to get to CARL.

CARL jumps up to leap onto the APE, but two other APES
attack from different sides and grab him, and run away with

The APE with the TRANSMITTER runs along with the other APES

VINCE, is still tugging GREG with him, running away from the
diming danger of the spears.
An APE is on a tiny hill about 20 yards away from where the
GROUP is running away. It's head followes their movement.

You see other APES come from the other side of the hill, it
appears that the APES are going to follow the GROUP.
The GROUP stop and are breathing very hard. Hands on their
knees and sweating.
What, the hell, was that?
      (Scared- Panting)
Shouldn't we keep moving? What if
they come back?
They already are.
The entire GROUP looks up at him.
There's a group of about ten APES
hiding in the brush 30 yards away.
I'm no expert in Zoology, but
since when have APES stalked their
A better question would be, why
are they stalking us?
LAURA is sitting down listening to the conversation. You see
that she is looking at SAM'S bag. It's moving.


                       GREG (O.S)
No, a better question would be why
arn't we going after CARL?
LAURA sees the top lid of SAM'S bag lift open a big and she
sees a very chewed stick fall out of the bag. She still
can't see what's in the bag though.
                       GREG (O.S)
They took him!
And it's all my fault. And whether
you guys help me or not I vow-
I WILL rescue him.
GREG begins to walk away from the GROUP.
                       LAURA (O.S)
      (Freaked out)
Ok, SAM, there is something in
your bag.
GREG stops walking away and turns to SAM'S bag as does the
rest of the GROUP. They see the bag moving.
FRANK walks straight up to the bag.
Ok, listen before you go off
saying how imatu-
FRANK lifts the top of the bag to see the baby APE. It looks
at FRANK and begins to cry. FRANK'S eyes get wide.
Now it all makes sense.
      (Getting very mad)
Your the reason CARL was taken!
      (Backing up from
Ok, now liste-
NO, we're not going to listen any


                       FRANK (cont'd)
more SAM. You've put us in danger
too many times and this time
you've REALLY crossed the line.
Look, we were gunna make a for-
      (Very serious)
You can't stay with us any more.
      (Amazed- Nervous)
Wha, What?
Leave. Now.
SAM looks at the angry and amazed faces of the GROUP. You
see the SAM'S face is truly amazed at what's going on.
FRANK then moves quickly up to SAM grabs the baby APE by
it's neck and shoves SAM away from the GROUP.
SAM shakes his head in amazement and runs away.

Once FRANK can't see SAM any more he tosses the squeeling
baby APE, pulls out his gun, turns toward where the APES are
stalking, and shoots his gun.



                       PILOT 2

FRANK, fires his gun at the brush where the APES are
stalking the GROUP.

The APES begin to roar and charge at the GROUP. FRANK keeps
shooting at them.

An APE leaps ontop of VINCE and VINCE is forced to wrestle
feircly with it but is being beaten fast.

GREG pulls out his gun and turns around to see an APE leap
ontop of him as GREG misses his shot.
An APE is rushing toward DR.JASPER when FRANK shoots it.
DR.JASPER looks terrified.
LAURA is running away crying while begin chased by an APE.
She looks forward to see BILLY standing their with a gun
pointed at her.

BILLY'S gun is shaking. And he is sweating.
      (Nervous- Brave)
LAURA! Duck!
LAURA falls to the floor. You see BILLYsquinting his eyes in
nervousness as his shaking hand pulls the drigger of the gun
and shoots the APE.
You see VINCE about to get killed by the APE who has easily
pinned him. You then see the face of the APE turn to a
shocked sad face. You see that DR.JASPER has taken a used
spear and stabbed the APE in the side.

VINCE, looks releived and then sees an charging at


VINCE, reaches for his gun, just barely manages to grab it,
points it at the APE and shoots it.

You see FRANK shoot the APE killing GREG, FRANK has a very
anger determined look on his face.

FRANK sees the remaining APES running away and FRANK
continues to shoot at them, VINCE rushes over and stops him.
      (Yelling in
       FRANK'S face)
      (Throws FRANKS gun)
You see the GROUP members exhausted, sweating, and bleeding.

You see FRANK come over his determination and just begin to
look as exhausted as everyone else.
                       BILLY (O.S)
      (Calling over!)
The GROUP members run over to where BILLY and LAURA are.
They are standing near a temple entrance in the side of a
      (Pointing to
Looks like an egyptian prymaid.
      (Pauses inbetween
Except, it's not, pointed.
                       DR. JASPER
This is not Egyptian.
      (Walking into the
Only one way find out.
The GROUP follows FRANK into the TEMPLE entrance.


Soon in the TEMPLE you see the GROUP pass by a bloody APE

The TEMPLE walls are covered with small hyroglyphic type
looking symbols. There are small square holes along the brim
of the ceiling letting light in.

The GROUP follow FRANK through the aceint TEMPLE.

You see FRANK'S mouth drop and he signals the rest of the
GROUP to stop walking.

You then see SAM looking angerly at FRANK. He has a gun in
one hand pointed at the TRANSMITTER in his other hand.

The TRANSMITTER seems to be on and working.
Shut up.
      (Walking forward)
SAM, that's the TRANSMITTER you-
SAM quickly points his gun at GREG and shoots, it hits GREG
in the forearm and GREG yelps in pain.

LAURA kneels down to help him.
      (To LAURA)      (Gun pointed at
Get away from him!
SAM, wha-
      (Points gun at
Do as I say, or I, WILL, shoot the
      (Backing up)      (Softly)


Your going to go out there, in
that JUNGLE, and find me the
"WHITE APE." Once you've found it,
your going to bring it back here
to me. Got it?
      (Gets frustraded)
SAM, how the hel-
      (Quickly to SAM)
Ok, we'll do it.
I'm going to give you about, lets
give it, 2 hours. If you don't do
as I say, I'm leaving without any
of you on the rescue SHUTTLE.
      (Smiles at SAM)
Alright, great.
You see that the GROUP members are gone and SAM has the
TRANSMITTER in his hand.
      (JANE- Muffled)
                                         CUT TO:
The GROUP members are walking through the jungle.
      (To VINCE)
Why the hell did you say that!?
If your refring to what I said
while SAM had a GUN pointed to our
only means of rescue then I said
that, because, oh, I don't know. I
He wasn't really going to shoot
the TRANSMITTER, he needed it too!


He most likely had already
radioded for help and already
known where he is.
All of you just shut up. The
sooner we find this "WHITE APE"
for SAM, the sooner we can go out
and find CARL.
I've never even heard of a "WHITE
APE". How are we suppose to know
what it looks like or where it is?
The GROUP walk into a small plain, a clearing from the
JUNGLE, and you can see a MOUNTAIN in the distance. The
GROUP just keeping walking through.

You see GREG glaring questionaly at the mountain. He stops
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Well, we know it's white, and it's
an APE. So my gu-
                       GREG (O.S)
      (Excited)      (Looks at MOUNTAIN)
I can see CARL!
The whole GROUP turns to what GREG is staring at and see the
MOUNTAIN miles away.
      (A little rude)
Ok, where?
      (Points to
Over there, at the MOUNTAIN, can't
you see him!
VINCE, gives FRANK a worried look.
      (Tugging at GREG)      (Feeling sorry)
Come on GREG, lets get going.


      (Breaking away
       from BILLY)      (Angrly)
NO! No, I CAN see CARL!! And if
you won't go help me.
So be it.
GREG runs into the JUNGLE, alone, FRANK attempts to go after
him, but VINCE stops him.
                       FRANK (CONT'D)
Let him go, FRANK.
GREG runs into the JUNGLE and makes a final turn to his
friends. He then turns back and leaves.
He'll die out there.
Right now, that's not our biggest
concern. We NEED to find this
WHITE APE or we're all going to
die. And we need to do this in
less than an hour and half.
      (Peeks through
We're not going to die.
      (Turns to GROUP)
I think I found our WHITE APE.


The GROUP members go over join BILLY, peeking through the
trees to see another very small opening in the JUNGLE.

A WHITE APE is sitting down and grazing, it looks like any
other APE it's just white.

You then see the APE sit up and look around urgently.

The camera suspensefully pans around the clearing where the
APE is.

A SEA MONKEY then suddenly bursts through the JUNGLE and
attacks the APE followed by two more SEA MONKEYS.

The WHITE APE is struggling to fend off the SEA MONKEYS.
      (Very angry)      (Storming toward
       the SEA MONKEYS)
Oh no, not my rescue!
Vince reaches out to stop him but can't.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
FRANK, no!
FRANK, then begins to shoot the SEA MONKEYS. The remaing SEA
MONKEY gets off the WHITE APE and runs toward FRANK who
easily shoots it.

The WHITE APE, free from the SEA MONKEYS, begins to run in
the opposite direction of FRANK.

VINCE, then tackles the WHITE APE into a tree, where it hits
it's head very hard on a tree trunk and gets knocked out.

FRANK comes over to the scene.
      (Looks at the APE)      (To VINCE)
Where do you learn this stuff?
VINCE grabs the unconcious body of the WHITE APE and begins
to drag it past FRANK and the rest of the shocked GROUP
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
We got what SAM wanted, now let's
go home.
                                         CUT TO:


You see the WHITE APE'S body fall down infront of SAM. SAM
looks up to an angry GROUP and lets out a small smile.
      (Looks around)      (Uncareanly)
Where's GREG?
You see no faceal expression change from anyone and SAM
chuckles a bit.

SAM then drags the WHITE APE over to a stone platform on the
floor at the end of the TEMPLE.
SAM steps back from the APE as it begins glow a bright

The light gets brighter and brighter and you see the eye of
the APE open suddenly and the APE gets up and roars.

As it roars, you see that the APE is changing. It's teeth
get bigger and more "tuskier", it's roar gets more sounding
like a FRANKENSTEIN type roar. And the APE'S back gtes

The WHITE APE becomes quiet and stops glowing.

You get a look at what the APE fully looks like.

The WHITE APE then suddenly roars and goes crazy with anger.
The WHITE APE begins to run around and attack people.

It runs toward the GROUP which frantically backs up. You see
VINCE pulls out his gun.

The WHITE APE then turns around and glares angrly at SAM. It
charges at him while roaring and SAM trys to avoid the
collision, but the WHITE APE shoulders SAM, VERY HARD into
the stone wall.

Dust falls from the ceiling from the impact and you see SAM
fall to the bleeding.


The WHITE APE turns around to the noise. He begins to run
toward LAURA now.

You see the TRANSMITTER, still on, in the pathway of the
charging WHITE APE.
                       FRANK (CONT'D)
You see the WHITE APE trample over the TRANSMITTER, it
breaks into peices.

VINCE tuggs at FRANK to get moving out of the TEMPLE. the
two men follow the rest of GROUP out of the TEMPLE while
being chases by the very angry WHITE APE.
You see an airal veiw of BILLY and LAURA each holding a rock
in their hands and FRANK and VINCE rush out of the TEMPLE.

The APE quickly follows and comes out of the TEMPLE.
BILLY and LAURA each throw their rock at the WHITE APE and
hit it in the head.

The WHITE APE turns to BILLY and LAURA.

It roars and is about ot charge at them when you see a
DR.JASPER'S walking stick smack the WHITE APE in the head
causing the WHITE APE to fall to the ground unconcious.

You see everyone stare at DR.JASPER.
                       DR. JASPER
I thought I'd help a bit.
                                         CUT TO:
SUPER IMPOSE: 1 hour ago.
MAX and JANE are on their small SPACE SHIP headed toward the
asteroid feild to find the Expedition 147 members.


We're closing in on the feild.
Just sit tight JANE.
You see JANE sit down quickly in the second piloting chair,
buckle up and begin to pilot the SHIP. MAX just looks at her
and smiles.
Suddenly a quiet alarm goes off in the SHIP and a little
orange button begins to blink.
      (Pushes button)
Just a warning alarm, we're fine.
The alarm goes off again.
      (Pushes button)
What's wrong with this thing.
MAX, continues to push the button but nothing happens. Then
another alarm goes off. Red lights flash in the SHIP and
another button in red begins to blink.

MAX, is frantically looking around the SHIP. He looks at
JANE who is just crying and looking out the front window.
JANE, what's wro-
      (Looks out window)      (Under his breath)
Lord be merciful.
You that MAX and JANE are looking at a HUGE BLACK HOLE
infront of the SPACE SHIP sucking asteroids into it.

The SHIP suddenly shakes violently and MAX and JANE snap out
fo their trance.
      (Trying to drive
JANE, radio help!
You see JANE wobble over to a computer thats flashing, the
COMPUTER reads "Searching" on it. JANE pushes buttons but
nothing happens, the COMPUTER doesn't change. JANE hits the
side of the COMPUTER.

You see the BLACK HOLE getting bigger gradually and its


sucking everything into it.

You see elecrical equiptment begin to break and let out

You see the SHIP'S ceiling suddenly have a slight dent
You see MAX sweating trying to pilot the SHIP away from the
BLACK HOLE but it doesn't appear to be working.

You see more and more dents appear in the SHIP and it seems
that the SHIP is begining to get squished.

The front window glass begin to be bent under all the

You see JANE huddled in a corner with a radio in her hand.
                                         CUT TO:
      (JANE- Muffled)
somebody help us!!
                                         CUT TO:
      (Yelling to JANE)
JANE!! Grab a suit!!


A big blast from some electrical equiptment appears causing
MAX to fall down.

You see the SHIP getting bigger dents.

You see the BLACK HOLE suddenly get a glimpse of a small
white light that appears to be coming from the inside.

The SHIP then completly bends in the back almost squishing

The dents become a series of dents flowing up from the back
of the SHIP to the front completly destroying everything in
the way.

MAX and JANE run toward the front of the SHIP and you see
them leap for their lives as a white light fills the screen.
                                         FADE OUT:
The GROUP is walking throught the JUNGLE: FRANK, VINCE,
So where are we going?
I can't believe I'm saying this
      (Short pause)
I think we should head back to the
But SAM could still be alive, he
could be hurt, we shou-
      (Pointing over a
You see the GROUP look over the cliff at what VINCE is
pointing at.

You see the MONSTER WHITE APE and an APE together grazing.


A baby MONSTER WHITE APE comes bouding around the place from
behind the adult MONSTER WHITE APE.

The adult MONSTER WHITE APE touches the baby MONSTER WHITE
APE and the baby glows, it glows and grows to the size of
the adult APES.

Then the glowing stops and you see that the baby has
transformed into an adult MONSTER WHITE APE.
You see the GROUP nervously watch this happen.
      (A little scared)
Where are we?
You hear a booming sound and the GROUP look up to see
something wobbly falling out of the sky far away.
You see the GROUP just stare dumbly at the falling object.
You see VINCE walk and then run toward the direction where
the object is falling.
      (Running after him)
Hey, wait up!
                                         CUT TO:
You see VINCE burst out of the JUNGLE just as the object
falls hard into the ocean.

VINCE hurries and runs toward the ocean while taking off his

FRANK comes out of the JUNGLE and sees VINCE dive into the
You see a front veiw of VINCE swimming deep out into the
ocean, behind him the GROUP members stay on the beach
watching him.
      (Yelling to VINCE)      (On BEACH)
VINCE! Where are you going!!
You see VINCE swim over to a person floating ontop of the
water, we do not see his face.

VINCE then begins to swim back to the shore.


You see GREG running through the JUNGLE.
GREG is jumping over logs and bushes sweating like a pig.

GREG then turns a corner and runs right into something.

They both fall down and then get a look at each other.

GREG is ontop of a half-monkey/chimpanzee, half human. It is
a grey fured monkey body but it runs on two legs and can do
everything a human can.

Both the MONKEY and GREG scream and jump up and run behind
the nearest tree.

GREG is hiding behind a tree very nervous and scared. He
finally decides to go see what the creature was he turns to
go around the tree and bumps into the MONKEY who had already
come to see what GREG was.
                       WESRI (WES-RY)
Oh, dear. Terribly sorry to
startle you like that, it's jus-
You can talk?
                       WESRI (WES-RY)
Hm? Oh, yes, ofcourse. Hmph,
apparently you can too, that's
great. Now-
Are you an APE, or, a, one of
those, other things?
                       WESRI (WES-RY)
You mean a Lemur?
They didn't, look, like, lemurs.
      (A little quiet)
Right, ofcourse. they've been
extinct for years.
      (Normal volume)
You must mean a SEA MONKEY. No,
no, I'm not a SEA MONKEY, nor an


                       WESRI (cont'd)
      (Pauses)      (Scratches head)
I can't remember.
What do you mean you can't
remember. Did something, happen,
to you?
I, I don't know.
Do you know where the APES live?
They've taken a friend of mine.
There are more of your kind?
      (Desperate)      (Talking faster)
Yes, they were 9 of us and the
APES have taken my friend CARL.
Can you help me rescue him?
WESRI looks like he is concentrating, finally he turns back
toward GREG.
Ofcourse I'll help you.
      (Begins to walk)
They've proboly taken your friend
CARL to their TEMPLE up on the
MOUNTAIN, we should hurry. CARL is
in grave danger.
      (Running past
My name is GREG.
As GREG passes WESRI. WESRI lets out an evil smile behind
his back.
                                         CUT TO:


The camera blinks like an eye slowly.

You see FRANK'S fist come slowly toward the camera and you
hear in slow motion noise FRANK groaning when he throws his

You then see a no slow motion side veiw of FRANK punching
MAX in the face.
MAX, is tied up against a tree and is looking very drowsing
from just recovering from his unconcisnous.
      (To MAX)
It's time you answered some
questions MAX.
FRANK'S face gets close to MAX'S.
Let's start with.
      (More agressively)
Where the hell are we!?
You, tell me.
VINCE gives FRANK a nod and FRANK punches MAX again.
Thats not good enough MAX.
I swear. I'm telling you the
truth. me and JANE took off on a-
                       DR. JASPER
JANE? JANEs here? Where!? Where is
Well, I, don't, know. We were on a
private rescue flight to find you
guys when-
A black, a black hole appeared and
we were evacuating while the SHIP
got destroyed. I swear that's the


BILLY begins to laugh. The GROUP members turn to him.
      (To BILLY)
Something funny, BILLY?
Yea. There is absolutely no way
you could've survived a BLACK
HOLE. It sucks in everything and
then crushes it into oblivion.
AND, there was no BLACK HOLE when
we took off, so there's no way one
just, appeared out of no where.
Yea I know, you think they can't
just appear, but you have to
beleive me, when you crashed into
the asteroid and we lost your
signal today, we-
Wo, Wo, Wo. You think we crashed
today? No. it's been a good 2 days
since we got here.
No, trust me on this one, if you
trust me on anything. You crashed
today. You've only been here maybe
a few hours at the least.
You see FRANK and VINCE look at each other very confused.
                                         CUT TO:
A GROUP of APES are walking up a rocky pathway up a
MOUNTAIN, one APE has CARL, who is almost unconcious, on
it's back.
The APES reach the highest part of the MOUTAIN the path
leads to. They are on a small plain overlooking the JUNGLE
miles up.

You then see a HUGE TEMPLE entrance embeded into the side of


The APES walk into it and drop CARL down where he wakes up
from his slight unconciousness.

You hear loud snorting and breathing and you see CARL'S hair
moving as he gets up slowly looking terrified.

You see KONG looking angrly at CARL. KONG is a huge APE
about 20 yards tall and about 10 yards wide.
KONG picks up CARL and brings him close to KONG'S MOUTH.

Just as KONG is about to bite whole CARL, another APE rushes
into the TEMPLE.

It yells at KONG and you see other APES getting nervous and
making commotion.

KONG drops CARL free and begins to roar out orders for

You then see all the APES militarly lined up at the TEMPLE
entrance overlooking the JUNGLE. KONG, in front, roars very
                                         CUT TO:
The GROUP hearing this noise look in the JUNGLE nervously.
What was that!?
The GROUP is looking out into the JUNGLE nervously.
                       LAURA (O.S)
You see FRANK and the rest of the GROUP turn around and you
see their faces becomes just as scared as LAURA'S.

You see a HURRICANE headed for the BEACH. In the forming
waves, you see SEA MONKEYS hissing for their food.

You see the GROUP gathering supplies and BILLY untieing MAX.

The GROUP rushes into the JUNGLE.
                                         CUT TO:


You hear a falling water type noise as WESRI and GREG are
walking through the JUNGLE.
WESRI and GREG hear the noise and stop walking.
      (Turns around)
What is that?
You see a wave of water flowing through the JUNGLE. GREG'S
eyes get big and WESRI tuggs at GREG to run away with him.
                                         CUT TO:
You see CARL quietly sneaking away from all the accupied
APES, down the MOUNTAIN.

CARL drops down onto another small ledge when he seems the
HURRICANE heading for the TEMPLE.

CARL looks terrified.
Oh my God.
You see a high arial view of a big chunk of the land mass.
From the TEMPLE to the BEACH.

You see water covering a big chunk of this.


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From Aaron G. White Date 4/14/2008 1/2
I've gotta agree with Glenn. There is nothing new about your title or story, that would lead anyone to believe that it is anything other than an attempt to retell "The Planet of the Apes".

From Glenn Date 6/25/2007 1/2
There is already a movie series called Planet of the apes, plus a succesful tv series of the same name. How is this really going to be different

From Thomas Date 5/30/2007 ***
Well, I liked the concept a lot. I liked how you introduced the charector's I have a pretty good feeling of who these charectors are, what they're good at, ect. However, i didn't really like how Greg introduced himself to WesrI, it sounded cheesy to me. But I do like this screenplay and I hope you continue to work on the series becuase I am interested to see where they are:)

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