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The Murder Of A Monk (Short)
by Inky Bloc (theinkiestofblocs@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A short film about Grigory Rasputin's assassination.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Rasputin sits at desk. An old lady is speaking earnestly
with him.
I understand. Please, wait here
for just a moment.
He takes a scrap of paper and a pen and begins to write.
      (Handing paper to
Here you are.
                       OLD LADY
      (Taking the paper
       and clutching it
       to her breast)
Oh, thank you! Thank you! With
what shall I repay you?
      (Waving his hand)
Think nothing of it. Go, and may
God's light shine upon you.
Old Lady bows, thanks him again, then exits.
Ah, that's the last of the
He gets out of his chair and kneels in front of a crucifix
that hangs on the wall, praying in a whisper. After a few
seconds, there is a knock on the door.
      (Looking up)
Felix Yusupov, disguised as a young woman, enters, and sits
upon Rasputin's desk as Rasputin rises and sits in the


Hello, sir. I've heard of your
status in the land, as, indeed,
who hasn't?
I'm afraid you've come a bit too
late, tonight. I've finished
receiving anyone.
      (Leaning forward)
Well, I haven't come to petition.
      (Leaning closer
       still to
       Rasputin's face)
Although... perhaps you'd like to
hear my proposal?
Rasputin rises suddenly with a furious look upon his face.
Yusupov leans back, startled.
      (Red-faced and
Do you think me a fool? I am not
blind to disguises! Those that
practice the sin of homosexuality
will never survive the Day of
Judgment, and G-d will see to it
that you will burn in Hell!
Yusupov quickly retreats back to the door.
I am sorry to bother you.
He bolts out of the apartment. Rasputin slowly sinks back
into his seat. He then pulls out more paper and begins to
                       RASPUTIN (VO)
I write and leave behind me this
letter at St. Petersburg. I feel
that I shall leave life before
January 1st. I wish to make known
to the Russian people, to Papa, to
the Russian Mother and to the
children, to the land of Russia,
what they must understand. If I am
killed by common assassins, and


                       RASPUTIN (cont'd)
especially by my brothers the
Russian peasants, you, Tsar of
Russia, have nothing to fear,
remain on your throne and govern,
and you, Russian Tsar, will have
nothing to fear for your children,
they will reign for hundreds of
years in Russia. But if I am
murdered by boyars, nobles, and if
they shed my blood, their hands
will remain soiled with my blood,
for twenty-five years they will
not wash their hands from my
blood. They will leave Russia.
Brothers will kill brothers, and
they will kill each other and hate
each other, and for twenty-five
years there will be no nobles in
the country. Tsar of the land of
Russia, if you hear the sound of
the bell which will tell you that
Grigory has been killed, you must
know this: if it was your
relations who have wrought my
death then no one of your family,
that is to say, none of your
children or relations will remain
alive for more than two years.
They will be killed by the Russian
people...I shall be killed. I am
no longer among the living. Pray,
pray, be strong, think of your
blessed family.
Purishkevich is sitting at his desk. Yusupov and Lazavert
enter and shut the door behind them.
Welcome, friends.
      (Gestures towards
       empty chairs)
Do, have a seat.
Yusupov and Lazavert sit.
We have secured the final two
people to come along with us for


                       YUSUPOV (cont'd)
this deed. It shall be Grand Duke
Dmitry Pavlovich and Lieutenant
Very good. And the plan shall be
the same as we agreed upon?
Yes. I do not believe Rasputin
recognized me when I went to his
apartment last, so I doubt that he
will be adverse to coming to the
party we've set up for him,
especially once we offer the
tempting morsel that is Irena.
Your wife, or your daughter?
Why not both? That will surely be
enough to tempt the lion out of
its den.
Shall it be tomorrow, or shall it
be Friday?
Make it tomorrow. Friday nights,
he is never at home. He will be
out cavorting, as usual. We would
have to visit all the bars in
Tsarkoe Selo in order to find him,
and he will not be of the best
character that we need of him.
Very well. I shall acquire the
cyanide. Good day, gentlemen.
Lazavert exits. Yusupov rises as well.
I shall leave you alone, as well.
Make sure everyone - besides the
dear doctor - is at my house by


                       YUSUPOV (cont'd)
5:30, so we can have adequate time
to adjust plans, if adjusted they
need to be.
Yusupov exits as Purishkevich nods.
                                         YUSUPOV'S PALACE
Yusupov enters and removes his coat, smoothing down his
wind-ruffled hair.
Finally, I will have my revenge on
He crosses over to a desk, on which sits a tray holding a
pitcher of mulled wine and glasses. He pours himself a
glass, quickly draining it.
No one should be able to resist my
charms. I've perfected my
disguise. No man should be able to
see through it. How is it that
that man did?
      (With a thoughtful
Perhaps it's true what people say,
that he is actually clairvoyant. I
doubt that anything else would be
able to descry my true gender. I
felt his hypnotic powers, when he
first came to Tsarkoe Selo...
He trails off, reflecting. After a few seconds, he laughs.
You just couldn't resist, could
you, Yusupov, you dog? Such a
powerful figure, and a name to add
to my sexual conquests.
But I was spurned! Spurned, as
never has happened before!
He throws the empty glass across the room. It smashes on the
opposite wall, and the sound of falling glass fills the
silent apartment.
But now I will have revenge.


                       YUSUPOV (cont'd)
Revenge on this mad monk.
      (In a normal voice)
Dmitry and the rest want to
preserve the monarchy, which is a
noble enough goal, though I'm
skeptical that murdering Rasputin
will accomplish this. We shall
Whatever conspires afterwards,
Rasputin won't live to see the
sunrise of the day after tomorrow.
Rasputin is kneeling and praying silently to the crucifix.
After a few seconds, there is a knock on the door.
Come in!
Dr. Lazavert enters and clears his throat.
Ahem. Prince Felix Yusupov wishes
to invite you to spend a relaxing
evening at his palace, in company
of the Prince himself, as well as
his wife and daughter.
Lazavert hands Rasputin a sealed letter, which Rasputin
takes and reads.
Very well.
      (Looking up at
       Lazavert and
I shall be quite pleased to
There is a car waiting outside...
I shall be just a moment, then.


Lazavert exits. Maria Rasputin, who has been listening from
a nearby doorway, rushes to her father.
      (With an
       expression of
       fear and
Father, please! Do not respond to
this invitation! I fear for you
every night that you go out, but
tonight especially!
Oh, Maria, Maria. What could
possibly happen to me that G-d
won't already have foretold? If it
is indeed my day to die, I look
forward to it with something akin
to excitement, as when death
finally manages to catch me, I
will be sent to the arms of the
Lord in Heaven.
      (Beginning to cry)
Why must you risk your life so?
Don't you remember that woman who
almost murdered you at Povroskoe?
                                         FLASHBACK TO A
Rasputin exits a building. As he passes an alley, a woman
brandishing a knife jumps out in front of him. Rasputin's
eyes go wide, and he turns, running. The woman runs after.
She is also upon him when he turns. She stabs him in the
stomach, and he collapses, holding his abdomen to try to
keep his innards in.
       maniacally and
       waving the knife
       in the air)
I have killed the Antichrist!
Police soon arrive and take the woman away. Hospital workers
and men from town rush to Rasputin.
                                         FLASHBACK ENDS


You do make a good point, my dear.
But I predict my time is to come
before the new year, and if it
won't be this night, it will be
the next, or the one after that.
Why pass up the opportunity to
enjoy myself for fear of the
Maria begins to protest weakly, but gives up, knowing she
won't be able to persuade her stubborn father. She tries to
catch his arm, but he pulls away from her, and exits.
                                         A SITTING ROOM IN
Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich, Vladimir Purishkevich, and
Lieutenant Sukhoten sit in chairs roughly facing the door
and each other. Yusupov, full of excitement for the night's
events, and dressed in his best suit, stands fidgeting by
the door.
It's all planned out, then. After
the cyanide kills him, we will
dump the body in the Malaya Nevka.
I wish we could just shoot him and
be over with it. I loathe the idea
of entertaining him while he eats
the cakes and wine.
      (Shaking his head)
We cannot do that. The police
station right next door is the
liability to that cause. Besides,
I spoke with Lazavert. He has
baked enough cyanide within those
cakes to kill ten men before the
wine is even started upon.
You're right, of course.
      (Glancing at the
I shall get ready to meet him.
Stay here, in case the unthinkable


                       YUSUPOV (cont'd)
should happen, and anything would
go wrong.
The other conspirators all nod, and Yusupov exits, making
his way to the main foyer. His timing is impeccable: As he
reaches the front door, there is a knock upon it. Yusupov
opens the door, revealing Rasputin. Yusupov affixes a smile
upon his face.
Ah, Grigory! How nice to see you!
I'm glad you could come.
Rasputin merely nods. A servant enters to take his coat and
gloves, then exits again.
      (Still smiling)
Please, follow me. The fare is
already set out, and my wife is
surely simply dying with the
anticipation of meeting you.
To her the same, I'm sure.
He follows Yusupov down a corridor, then down a set of
stairs, into a basement dining room. A table is laid with
sweet cakes and wine, and an acoustic guitar leans up
against one of the chairs.
My wife is just getting ready,
putting the finishing touches on.
Here, have a seat, eat a little
while we wait.
He pulls out Rasputin's seat. Rasputin sits, and Yusupov
takes the seat across from him, picking up the guitar.
      (Strumming a chord)
Have you heard much American
      (With a cake in
I don't listen to much music.


Of course not, a man kept as busy
as you are surely doesn't have the
time for such luxuries.
He smiles inwardly as Rasputin takes a bite of one of the
cakes. Yusupov pours out a glass of wine for each of them.
I know a few American folk songs,
if you would like to hear some.
Rasputin nods as he takes a sip of wine.
      (Smiling even
Very well.
Yusupov begins to strum and sing in broken English. Rasputin
continues to eat and drink, but there is no negative effect
evident. After he has exhausted his knowledge of songs,
Yusupov is worried, although he tries his hardest to keep
the emotion from his face. The cyanide seems to be having no
effect on Rasputin.
      (Putting down the
Excuse me for just one moment. I
must see what my wife is up to.
Rasputin nods, and Yusupov hurriedly exits, going back
upstairs to the sitting room with the other conspirators,
now including Lazavert.
      (Rising in alarm)
What are you doing back here? Has
something gone amiss?
Horribly amiss! The poison is not
affecting him at all!
      (Indignant and
Impossible! There was enough there
to kill more than five men, and I
doubt that he would have stopped
with just one glass of wine!


      (Shaking his head)
He's eaten and drunk more than we
had even expected, yet nothing is
Go back to him. Wait for a while
longer, and see if he's still
Yusupov nods anxiously, and exits the room, heading back
down to the dining room.
I'm afraid that my wife has gotten
a bit of a cold, and will be
unable to attend tonight. However,
He stops as he sees Rasputin hunched over in his seat,
clutching his stomach.
Are you feeling alright? What is
the matter?
Rasputin only moans, then, a second later, seems to be in
perfect health.
      (Straightening and
Just a bit of indigestion giving
me a stomachache, but it's passed.
He takes another bite of a cake, and washes it down with
wine. Yusupov catches himself staring at the man, then
quickly composes himself.
Excuse me once more, if you would.
Without waiting for Rasputin's response, he exits again,
going back to the conspirators.
He won't die!
Calm down, Felix! Calm down!


      (Offering Yusupov
       a shot of whiskey)
Here. This will calm your nerves.
Yusupov drains the whiskey in one gulp.
I will shoot him. That will end
this for sure. Not even Rasputin
will be able to survive a gunshot.
What of the police?
I will deal with them. Here, have
my gun.
      (Taking Sukhotin's
Yes. Yes. When I see you next, he
will be dead.
Yusupov goes down to the dining room with the gun concealed.
Rasputin is looking upon the Crucifix hanging on the wall.
As Yusupov enters, Rasputin turns to his host.
      (Brandishing the
       gun and pointing
       it steadily at
Grigory Rasputin, you would do
better to look at the Crucifix and
pray to it.
Rasputin's eyes widen, and Yusupov fires, hitting Rasputin
below the chest. Rasputin collapses. Yusupov moves over to
him, checking his pulse and his breathing. His face lights
up triumphantly as he realizes that he has killed Rasputin.
He goes back to the conspirators' room.
I killed him! I killed him!


      (Taking charge)
Lazavert, get the car ready.
Sukhotin, wait at the door in case
the police have heard. Felix,
bring the body up. Purishkevich
and I will get the canvas and
The conspirators agree and set to their separate tasks.
Felix goes down and crosses the room to Rasputin's body,
kneeling down beside it.
Still warm?
He shakes Rasputin, but there is no reaction. He gets up,
and starts to turn to find a stretcher, until he sees that
Rasputin's left eye flutters. He peers curiously at
Rasputin's face. Rasputin's eyes suddenly spring wide open.
He's still alive!
Rasputin leaps to his feet with an expression of rage and
rushes at Yusupov, grabbing him about the neck and beginning
to strangle him. After a minute of struggle, Yusupov breaks
free, and Rasputin runs up the stairs. In the foyer, he
meets the unarmed Sukhotin, who rises to confront him, but
Rasputin has the element of surprise, and drops Sukhotin
with a blow to the nose and the chest. Rasputin charges out
of the palace and into the courtyard.
      (Yelling while
Felix! Felix! I'll tell everything
to the Tsarina!
Purishkevich rushes down the stairs, a revolver in hand, and
out the door into the courtyard, chasing Rasputin. He aims
the revolver and fires twice, missing both times. He fires
again, hitting Rasputin in the back. Rasputin stops running,
and Purishkevich fires again, hitting Rasputin in the side
of the head. Rasputin falls, and Purishkevich kicks him in
the head.


      (Rushing up to
       Purishkevich and
What happened? He was still alive?
Yes. Help me bring him back
The two men pick up Rasputin's limp figure and carry him
back into the palace. Lieutenant Sukhoten has revived, and
just in time, too, since there is a knock on the door.
Pavlovich and Purishkevich quickly move Rasputin's body
further back to avoid it being seen. Sukhoten opens the door
to reveal two police officers.
Good evening. We heard gunshots.
What's going on?
A feral dog got into the courtyard
somehow. Prince Yusupov -- quite
influenced by the drink, although
he's asleep in his bed now -- shot
                                         IN THE GARAGE
Rasputin's body lies on the floor of the garage. Lazavert's
car is running, the conspirators are just waiting for
Sukhoten to finish. They're looking at Rasputin's face when
suddenly Yusupov snaps. He begins to rage, and takes a
two-pound barbell and begins to beat Rasputin fiercely with
it. The other three stare in stock for a second before they
grab a hold of Yusupov and pull him back.
What are you doing!
Get a hold of yourself, Felix!
Yusupov slumps and drops the barbell.
Let's get him out of here.
Sukhoten can take care of himself,
we don't need five people to throw
a body into the river.


The others nod their agreement, and they tie chains to
Rasputin in order to make the body sink, then wrap the body
in canvas and throw it in the back of the car. The
conspirators get into the car, and drive away from the
palace. After the drive to the river, they hoist the body
over the railing and through a hole in the ice.
So ends the Rule of Rasputin.
There is a large crowd gathered around a newspaper stand,
pushing in to try and get the coveted issue.
                       RUSSIAN 1
      (To an older
What's going on? What's the
excitement all about?
                       RUSSIAN 2
You haven't heard?
The first man shakes his head.
                       RUSSIAN 2
Rasputin's dead. He was murdered.
Not only that, but he was murdered
several times!
                       RUSSIAN 1
What do you mean?
                       RUSSIAN 2
He was poisoned, shot three times,
once in the head, beaten, and
thrown into the river Malaya
      (He looks around
       and lowers his
       voice as the
       other man leans
       in to hear)
And the autopsy revealed even more
than that! He had water in his
lungs when they found him, and he
was reaching to the surface, to


                       RUSSIAN 2 (cont'd)
the ice, to try and escape. Even
after it all, he was still alive!
                       RUSSIAN 1
Yeah, right! That's the kind of
rumors that always tag along with
the deaths of the known. I say,
it's a good thing Rasputin's gone!
                       RUSSIAN 3
Here, here! That's the truth and
no lie! He was a curse upon the
whole government!
                       RUSSIAN 1
Exactly! With Rasputin gone,
there's nothing ahead but clear
sailing for Russia! The bane of
Her existence has been murdered!
                       RUSSIAN 2
      (Shaking his head
He has weakened the government too
much with his meddling. It won't
recover now. Drastic changes are
coming, mark me!
Nobody listens to him, and the old man slinks away.


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