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Different Brothers from the same Mother
by Jeffrey A. Caldwell (JCaldwo3@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This is a film about four brothers who lose their parents in a car crash as kids. The oldest puts his dreams on hold to raise his brothers. Through the years he abuses drugs and alcohol to deal with his regret of not following his dreams. He takes his frustration out on his brothers and they grow to resent him.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The opening credits run with the camera flashing scenes of
the brothers. The sound of a phone is ringing. The scenes
are of the brothers individually as the story is being
narrated by Eric, and music is playing in the background.
                       JOHN (narrator)
This is the story about four
brothers. Four Chapman brothers
with four totally different
lifestyles and personalities. My
brothers are my life. Though our
personalities tend to clash. Some
walk on egg shells and others let
it all out. I don't know what I
would do without my brothers. The
problem is we just don't know what
we'd do without each other. My
oldest brother Teddy, who in his
younger days took to drugs and
alcohol real heavy after our
parents died almost divided the
family. He's doing nothing with
his life. I'm the second oldest,
Eric. I'm not doing what I want in
my life even though I'm living
well. The third oldest John, is a
successful attorney and thinks
he's smarter than everyone else,
and blames Teddy for his bad
childhood. The forth Juan, is well
on his way to becoming an NBA
superstar. We thought we knew each
other well. This year we learned
that we didn't know each other at
all. This is our story.
The camera flashes to Teddy at his home with a girl.
Girl come on up to my room. You
already know I got that good.
The camera then flashes to Eric on the set filming a movie.


Alright everybody on the set
that's a wrap.
The camera then flashes to John in a courtroom presenting
his case.
Your honor I have sworn affidavits
here proving that the contract
between the defendant and my
client is valid.
The camera now flashes to Juan playing a college basketball
game going for the lay-up.
My girl look good. Damn I'm horny,
which quarter are we in again?
The credits end, and the camera split a three-way screen
with Teddy, Eric, and John talking in three-way conversation
on the phone. The camera shows Teddy at his home, and Eric
at his home, and John on a plane coming from his home in New
York to where Teddy and Eric live in Chicago.
Which one of you bums are picking
me up from the airport?
Teddy man he would be talking to
you because you know I got that
meeting at noon about my next
Man when you gonna put me in one
of your movies. I taught you
everything you know so you know I
I can put it down on camera and
get rich.
Man damn all that right now. My
flight arrives in an hour so I
need you to pick me up man.
Whatever man I'll pick your monkey
ass up. I'm not y'all personal
assistant, "Mr. Big time film
director" and "Mr. Fake ass Johnny


                       TEDDY (cont'd)
Cockran", attorney.
Man why you gotta put me in it I
didn't say anything. It don't even
matter when is Juan getting here?.
He said he'd be here around four.
I'm guessing he'll be leaving at
about 1 because he's only two and
a half hours away.
That's like five hours from now
look fellas I gotta go. I'll catch
y'all later at my house at six
right, I'm out.
Teddy man you picking me up in an
hour right?
Yeah muthafucka damn.
Teddy hangs up the phone and goes back to sleep.
Teddy, Teddy! Crack head ass
                                         CUT TO:
The camera shows Teddy asleep as his son walks into the
house with two girls. His son Chris is 17, He's 6'2 and
athletically built. He plays sports.
Hey pops, man come downstairs. I
got somebody I want you to meet.
Teddy wakes up in a daze to hear his son calling his name.
He gets up and puts his bath robe on and goes downstairs.
Chris, man what are you doing out
of school?


Pops, didn't I tell you this
morning it's a half a day?
I guess I forgot. When is the next
game man, you know I got talent
reps coming over and-----
Next week pops, forget about all
that man. You've been stressed out
about that and I've been stressed.
I thought I'd bring a couple of
stress relievers. Pops this is
Tina, and her stepdaughter Jaime.
Chris is standing in the middle of the ladies with his arms
around both the ladies. With his eye going back and forth
between the ladies cleavage, as if watching a tennis match.
Well pops, me and Jaime are going
to my room to study.
Study huh, hell school has come up
over the years.
Teddy can't take his eyes off Tina's cleavage.
                                         CUT TO:
Eric meets with his therapist Bob, (40's), African-American,
grey frame glasses, very bookish look.

Eric is somewhere between relieved and racked with guilt
over his secret meetings with his therapist. To his family
he's the picture of stability, to his therapist he's a wreck
waiting to happen......
My brothers are finally getting
together for the first time in two
years. I mean we talk and
everything, but we don't all come
together like we should.


Eric, does your brothers know
about your lifestyle?
Bob is handing Eric back his screenplay.
They don't know everything. I got
into some stuff when I was
younger. My oldest brother blew
all of our money away on drugs and
liquor, so I knew there was no
money for me to go to college. I
did what I had to do to support
the family. I was able to give my
brothers a roof over their heads,
clothes on their backs, and food
on the table. Holidays...we didn't
miss a beat. I was able to pay the
house off and put my brother John
through college. When the college
I wanted withdrew their offer
because of my lifestyle, I knew it
was over for me.
How did that make you feel?
It crushed my dreams. I thought I
was doing something good to pay my
way through college. Once I got
that first rejection I felt that
the rest of the schools were gonna
be like that.
Would you go back and change
anything you've done?
Actually I wouldn't. I like what
my lifestyle has afforded me
though I don't like the lifestyle
I lead. It helped my family out a
great deal.
Eric, I know that your brothers
see you as a pillar of strength,
but it's false.


I don't understand Bob.
All of you had a rough childhood.
Even Teddy. You seem to be the
only one trying to forget. You'll
have a breakdown if you don't let
it out Eric.
Bob, I'm cool. I've let everything
in my life go. I don't even think
I need therapy anymore.
      (Extends his hand)
Our time's up anyway. Call me
whenever you want to talk. Eric,
do yourself a favor and talk to
your brothers. Let it all out
before it take a toll on your
I gotta go Bob.
Eric leaves Bob's office.
                                         CUT TO:
John arrives in a rental. Teddy's car is still in the
That stupid bastard had me waiting
at the airport for two hours and
his car is still here. I can't
wait to go in there and cuss him
Chris is smoking a blunt while having sex.
Girl say my name. Oh yeah what's
my name. I know you ain't never
got it put on you this good girl
have you. damn girl you got some


                       CHRIS (cont'd)
John knocks on the door, and realizes no ones answering. He
hears loud music. He enters the house.
John heads up the stairs.
Turn that loud ass music off.
John hears the music coming from Chris's room and he walks
to his room.
Oh yeah girl what's my name.
What's my mutha--
Chris is interrupted by John walking in on him and Candy
What the hell!
Oh shit uncle John!
Boy get your ass up and put some
clothes on, and you get your fast
ass up and put some clothes on and
go home. I would like to know what
your parents think about this.
Chris puts on some shorts and sandals. John storms toward
Teddy's room.
Uncle John wait up man!
John walks into Teddy's room and finds a woman on top of
I'll be damned, Like father, like
John storms downstairs toward the door.
Oh shit. Baby get up for a minute.


Teddy puts on some clothes on and runs out to catch John.
Chris meets Teddy in the hallway.
Pops what's up with uncle John
Don't worry about it man I got
this. Go on back into your room.
John man come on.
Teddy runs down the stairs, out the door and catches John
before he gets in his car.
Hold on man what the fuck?
What the hell you doing to momma
and daddy's house man? Are you
running a brothel?
Brothel? What the hell is that?
A whorehouse Teddy shit.
Teddy puts his arm around John's shoulder.
Man it ain't even like that.
Man get your nasty ass arm off of
me. I don't know where that's
Man we family gotdamnit. Don't get
mad at me because you walked in on
my son and saw something you
didn't like. As for me shit you
know how I get down.
You need to teach your nasty ass
son some manners. All hell you
just as nasty as your trifling


Man don't talk about my son like
that alright. Learn how to knock
next time, and you won't have to
worry about seeing private shit.
Didn't Tracey send him out here to
live you so you could teach him
how to be a man? Looks to me like
she might have a better chance
than you.
Look man what we arguing for? We
got the whole day planned for the
Chapman brothers. We don't need
all of this, we family.
Family don't leave family stranded
at the airport for two hours,
forcing them to get a rental car
and come over and cuss your ass
Come on man, we haven't seen each
other in a long time, Our baby
brother is doing the damn thing
next week so let's go over Eric's
so we can get this party started.
Alright man it's almost four so
hurry up, I don't have all night.
Alright man, just let me take a
quick shower, send these chicken
heads home and I'll be ready. Bye
the way man can you drive. Gas is
like 4 dollars a gallon I got to
save mine til payday.
Man hurry your broke ass up.
Teddy runs into the house to get ready.
                                         CUT TO:


John and Teddy arrive at Eric's house.

Eric has a modern style three bedroom house that he lives at
Eric opens the door and greet both his brothers with a smile
and a hug.
What's up Teddy? What's up John?
Boy it's been a long time.
Teddy looks at Eric like he's crazy.
Shit me and you both live in the
same City, you damn right it's
been a long time.
I apologize Teddy man you know I
be busy all the time.
In your line of work you must be
very busy scrambling for original
Come on John lets not go there
No, man I'm saying---
John man shut the hell up man, we
ain't here for that.
Whatever man you can't even
remember to pick people up from
the damn airport so that doesn't
give you room to talk about what
we're here for.
Ay Eric, man where is the drinks
man. I need a drink if I'm gonna
deal with his nagging ass man you


                       TEDDY (cont'd)
worst than a bitch. I think that's
why my marriage didn't last.
Yeah man the alcohol is over
Your marriage didn't last because
you were a strung out alcoholic
crackhead bum.
Teddy turns around and goes after John. John gets in his
fighting stance as Eric jumps in the middle.
Who you think you talking to bitch
I'll beat yo ass.
We ain't kids no more Teddy. You
don't know me like that.
      (Trying to break
       them up.)
Chill out yall man. We brothers
man we ain't suppose to be doing
Naw Eric man fuck that punk ass
bitch. Always wanna throw the past
in peoples face I'm tired of that
That's because you feel guilty
about being a bum all your life.
Man come on shit stop all this
bullshit we all grown men let's
act like it.
As the brothers are still arguing Juan walks in.
What's up dawgs?
The brothers turn around and go up to hug Juan


That's the man of the hour. The
one we're here to clebrate.
                                         CUT TO:
John is helping Eric in the kitchen preparing the food, as
Teddy and Jaun are talking in the living room.
Eric man you be cooking your ass
off. Man why don't you go to
culinary art school or something?
Man that's not where my heart is,
you know that. The only reason I
learned how to cook is because
momma taught me. She said "Don't
expect a woman to always cook for
you". So I paid attention.
Momma was a great cook.
Yes she was. I couldn't teach
Teddy to cook and I had to teach
somebody so I taught you. I wanted
to pass it on.
Teddy don't want to learn shit.
Be easy John. We don't see each
other as it is now. The last thing
we need is to argue. This is
Juan's moment, we can't ruin this.
Eric, you know damn well why we
don't see each other. If it wasn't
for Juan I wouldn't be here now.
I don't understand why we as grown
men can't get along.


I can't understand why you act
like we didn't all grow up under
the same roof. You know what Teddy
was back then yet you seem to be
complacent with how things were.
John, we're not kids anymore okay.
I let go of all that man. I just
want to live life and have fun.
Yeah and the lifestyle you lead
must coincide with that idea
really nice.
John, can we enjoy each others
company this time. This is what
split us up last time. All of the
arguing. Let's not do this.
Typical Eric. I see your position
stands on the matter huh.
What is that supposed to mean?
Nothing, let's just get these two
weeks over with so I can get back
to my work. This reunion is taking
a lot of my time from a
multimillion dollar case I'm
working on.
John and Eric walk in the room as Jaun is talking about his
So Juan tell us about your
Hold that thought Eric. Now that
we're all here and giving the
occassion I think that this is the
best time to honor the tradition.


Oh no Teddy, not Ju---
What tradition Teddy?
Bruh, this is a Chapman family
tradition started by Teddy for the
men. See in order to join this
group you have to be ingaged.
Whoever the ingaged brother is the
other married/divorced brothers
smoke a blunt with him.
And since you're the last one to
get married that fulfills the
Chapman brother tradition. We can
continue this one every year.
I can't do it. You know I'm an
attorney now, and Jaun is going to
the NBA, he can't do that.
Teddy is passing the blunt to John.
Man will you get the stick out
your ass. Nothing will happen.
I'll give Jaun some pills aftwards
that will flush his system in 24
Do you want to smoke Jaun?
We made a bond Eric.
motioning for the blunt.
It's cool ya'll it ain't the worst
thing I've ever done.
Juan passes to John.
Well then let's get this party.
John I knew you was a hipocrite.
Smokin weed and suppose to be the


                       TEDDY (cont'd)
You can kiss my ass Teddy with
that bullshit..naw fuck that shit,
I'm just upholding a tradition.
Even as criminal you have to sound
like a lawyer. Juan tell us about
this girl of yours.
All Trina. Man she's cool. She was
with me since I started college. I
never mentioned her to you guys
because I wanted to make sure
things were serious.
Taking a hit.
Juan man I know that everythings
going good for you. Things are
probably moving so fast you can't
see straight. You are a young man.
It's gonna be all kinds of girls
coming your way, and you need to
protect yourself incase you get
caught up. Protect your money,
have that girl sign one of them
agreement papers.
I don't know Teddy.
As much as I hate to admit it
Teddy's right. I mean how much do
you really know about Trina. A
prenuptial agreement is not a bad
thing. It's giving you security
that you can keep your assets if
the marriage doesn't work out.
I know enough to know I love her,
and that's all there is. I mean
what do you think Eric?


It's not about what we think. What
do you think you should do?
Fuck that man. You're talking to
three men who has been down that
road. Don't get played.
Look Juan what Teddy is trying to
say, and first of all I'm happily
married thank you. What Teddy is
trying to say is that you don't
know how things are gonna turn
out. Don't put yourself in a
position where you're giving up
half of what you've earned.
Excuse me fellas I'm going to
clean up these dishes.
John and Teddy start trying to out talk each other. Eric
walks out the room.
                                         CUT TO:
John is at Teddy's house sitting on the couch in the dark
talking to his wife Sharon. Sharon is also John's legal
secretary. Their going through a separation.
Hello Sharon are you up?
      (tired voice)
I'm up now John what is it?
I just wanted to talk to you. I
don't like the way things are
between us.
You probably should've thought
about that before you kiss that


See baby that's the thing though I
just kissed her.
That's bad enough John. You
thought you were gonna have her
and then come back to me. You
must've thought I was stupid or
It's not like that Sharon. I can't
see why we can't work this out.
That's funny you can't see why we
can't work this out. Let the
situation been reversed and you
would've had me feeling so guilty
I would've had to move out.
How are my kids can I at least
speak to them?
Listen John this is the not the
right time to talk about this. You
have a very difficult case to work
on and right now that's what we
need to be focused on if you want
to make partner. Let's keep it
professional right now okay.
Do you want a divorce?
Good night John.
Listen Sharon, if there's a chance
for us to work this out. I would
really like that chance. I love
John, I don't feel like talking
about this right now. Goodnight.
                                         CUT TO:


Phase two of the Chapman Family tradition. It is noon and
they are having brunch at Eric's house discussing plans for
their lives for the ending year, going into the next year.
Their sitting at the counter having champange and oj.Eric
has cooked waffles and fried chicken with fried potatoes,
buscuits and apple butter.
Alright fellas, phase two of the
Chapman Family Tradition. Who
wants to start?
Eric why don't you start if off.
You always bring energy to this
phase. Teddy always bring the mood
to the first phase.
Thanks little brotha.
Oh you're welcomed.
Whatever ya'll taking, give me
some. I have something plan that's
going to blow your minds. I don't
want to give it away, so I'll move
to you John.
Well as you all know I'm trying to
make partner this year. I have a
very difficult malpractice case
I'm working on. I'm suing a
private hospital and it's medical
staff back for paralyzing my
client. Once I get all the
evidence to prove negligence on
the hospital and the Doctor I'll
win this case. It's going to make
me a shew-in for partner.
Congratulations brotha. Now it's
your turn Jaun.
Eric just gets a phone call.


Hold on for a minute Jaun. Yes
this is Eric Chapman.
Hi, my name is Ronald Dobson. I'm
with Directfilms in Los Angeles. I
read a copy of your script and I
loved it. I want to schedule a
meeting with you sometime next
week to discuss your future.
That's great Ron, uh I have your
number in my cell phone so let me
just save it and call you back in
an hour to schedule the meeting.
Good deal, talk to you then.
Eric goes back to the table smiling.
Who was that?
Oh that was nobody, Juan I'm sorry
man what were you saying?
Oh yeah, so I just purchased a
house here for me and my fiancee.
I want to be closer to my family.
I'm new to all of this family
stuff and I need you guys to be
there for me.
All no doubt man we always got
your back, you're our baby
brother. You know what I think now
that we're getting up in age we
should all move closer to each
other. It's been a minute since
we've all come together like this.
I'm not coming back. I'm fine
where I'm at.


No John, Eric is right. We should
consider moving closer. We need to
get right as brothers and kill all
this animosity we have with each
Juan, how is everything going with
your wedding? Is there anything
you want us to do?
Actually Trina and her mother
planned the whole wedding. The
graduation ceremony is next
Wednesday night at six. Please be
on time fellas. The wedding is
that Saturday at noon. The draft
pick is that Sunday afternoon. I
just need a bachelor party.
All don't even worry about that.
When it comes to those things
that's my area.
Yeah Eric I know you can find the
strippers with no problem.
John that wasn't even neccessary
alright. Juan for next wednesday
John and I will cook the dinner. I
talked to everyone and they'll be
there including Tracey.
Okay so we have all of that
together. My news. Talent scouts
are coming out to see Chris next
Really, Chris didn't tell me that
and he tells me everything.
Yeah it's true. I told Chris to
get into those books and bring
some good grades home.


John chuckles sarcastically.
What the fuck is so funny man?
Come on now we're having a good
Naw Eric man fuck that. Since you
get a kick out of what I just said
John what's so funny?
It's funny to me that you're
telling your son to hit the books
when all he's been doing lately is
hitting the hoes. Don't you check
his work?
What the fuck you mean check his
work. Chris is 17 going on 18 what
the fuck I got to check his work
so you don't look like a damn fool
when those money hungry talent
scouts come over and see that your
son's G.P.A is below average.
You trying to say my son is
Come on fellas let's change the
Naw Eric, the hell with that since
we're on the subject Let's get
real with the shit. How are you
going to teach your son to do
something that you yourself can't
even do. Your son is doing the
same shit you're doing. Smoking
weed and throwing his life away.
You can't tell your son to live
his life right and you're fucking
up right in his face.


Let me get out of here before I
beat your ass.
We're grown ass men okay. I'm not
gonna listen to that shit too many
more times before I call your
Teddy raises up.
What you wanna do bitch? I'll beat
your ass like I use to when you
were a kid.
John raises up.
That's the thing about it. I'm not
a kid anymore, and if you call me
a bitch one more time I'm gonna
knock the dope out your ass.
Man this is getting ridiculous.
Why can't we never have a good
time when we come together?
Ask your brother. He thinks he's
better than everybody else, always
got something negative to say
about people and shit.
First of all, I don't think I'm
better than everybody else. I
think I'm better than you. All my
life I watched you fuck up. I
worked my ass off to make sure
Juan and I didn't go down the same
road. I can't do nothing about
Chris because he's your son. What
I'm saying is get your son in
check before it's too late and he
ends up like you.


That's some fucked up shit to say.
You better than me. You think I'm
ruining my son's chances for a
good future.
Listen Teddy, I'm not trying to
get into your business, but
colleges are strict on G.P.A.s and
grades. Don't let some school pass
Chris on just to see him play
ball. Make sure he understands
what he's learning, I think he can
be a better ballplayer than me,
but he's gonna need something to
fall back on if that doesn't work
Ya'll think I'm stupid or
something? I know what the fuck
colleges look at. My son is having
fun. He's a teenager that's what
he's supposed to do. I raised all
of ya'll so don't tell me how to
raise my muthafuckin kids. Stay
the fuck out of my business.
Everyone stares at each other as Teddy walks out of the
                                         CUT TO:
Teddy visits his Doctor about a pain in his chest. The
Doctor ia a 50's average built caucasian male with a nervous
Doctor Jackson do you have my
results back.
                       DR. JACKSON
Yeah I have them. Mr. Chapman I'm
looking at your x-rays and from
this spec near your chest it looks
like a small tumor.
What the fuck?


                       DR. JACKSON
Don't get excited Mr. Chapman. I'm
not 100% sure about this. I want
to send these lab reports over to
a friend of mine who is a
specialist. His name is Dr. Travis
Nathan. He will take a look at
these for a second opinion. I'll
give you a call in about two
Alright Doc is that all?
                       DR. JACKSON
Mr. Chapman. Don't let this get to
you. Wait until we get the results
and then we can better plan this.
That's easy for you to say. I have
a son who needs me I can't go out
like this.
Teddy walks out the Dr. Jacksons office.
                                         CUT TO:
Same hospital, John is getting his annual check-up when an
old friend walks by and sees him.
John, is that you?
Jackie, get the hell out of here.
How have you been?
I'm doing alright. Bye the way
it's Dr. Richardson now.
You became a Doctor. I'm glad you
fulfilled your dream. You wanna go
get some coffee?
Sure, my treat.
John and Jackie walk toward cafeteria.
                                         CUT TO:


John and Jackie are sitting in the cafeteria.
So you're here getting a check-up
Yeah, I get one every six months.
I wish more black men would get
Amen to that brotha. You're
preaching to the choir.
Yeah, it's just a lot of us are
scared to go to the hospital
because of what we might find. We
don't realize that if we catch
things early we can be treated.
You're right John. I wish my
husband would've had people like
you to tell him that, because he
sure wouldn't listen to me.
Oh, you're married?
Yes, I was. I lost my husband two
years ago. His appendix burst
while he was at home and he didn't
make it.
Jackie, I am so sorry to hear
I had a tough time dealing with
it. It's still tough but It gets a
little easier each day.
I bet it is.
Enough about me what about you.
Are you married..kids?


Yes and yes. I'm going through a
difficult time with my wife right
now. We might be getting a
What happened?
It's such a long story. You know
let's have dinner. Thursday night.
We can talk about it then.
Okay, I got to get back to my
floor anyway, where are staying at
your parents old house?
Yeah let's say around 7 p.m.
That'll work.
Jackie, it was nice seeing you
Same here John. I never got to say
how sorry I am about your parents.
I wasn't ready to here it then. I
can't believe it's been almost
twenty years since the accident.
It seems like just yesterday
The two embrace each other and then go their separate ways.
                                         CUT TO:
Eric has invited Jennifer over to tell her his good news.
Their sitting on the couch in Eric's living room.


Eric, what is going on, that I had
to rush from my date to come over
Date, girl please. Look I had a
meeting with execs from
Directfilms in Los Angeles and
they want to make me an offer.
Okay, and what does that have to
do with me?
Are you listening to me. They read
my script and want to make a film
out of it.
Does this mean you're giving up
your lifestyle that I hate som
Yes, I'm out. I don't want my
daughter growing up with a father
like this.
Eric you've always been a great
father. Your way of life was the
only problem I had with you. I
couldn't have a husband that makes
his living that way.
I know, but don't worry about it.
It's all over. Just think--
Jen interupts Eric by giving him a kiss.
You think we should be doing this?
Are you okay with this?
      (nervous voice)
Yeah, girl I'm solid.


      (playful voice)
I just bet you are.
I didn't mean like tha--
Jen kisses him again as they move into the bedroom.
                                         CUT TO:
It's 9 p.m. We see Teddy walking up the stairs to his house
as Chris is coming out of the bathroom with a towel on and
blunt in his hand.
What up pops?
Nothing son, you got company?
Yeah pop, this girl name Danielle.
Danielle, what happened to what's
her name Jaime?
Man that nasty bitch burnt me.
Chris, don't cuss in front of me.
I didn't do that with my father,
and I don't want you doing that
with me.
My bad, pop. I got another blunt
with your name on it.
I'm good man. You got some
medication for your problem.
Yeah, the Doctor took care of
that. Well I'm about to go in here
and break this bitch, I'm sorry I
mean this chick off something.


Alright man, well be careful with
these girls and try to keep it
I'll do my best pop but you know
The Chapmans got them skills.
Yeah, uh let me know when your
game starts.
Don't worry about it Pop, I'll let
you know when the next game is.
I'm about to go in here and handle
my business, I'll rap to you later
                                         CUT TO:
We transition back to Eric's house. It's now 10 p.m. and
Eric and Jen is in bed talking.
Danm Eric you still got it. Seem
like you've gotten better. Has it
been that long.
So you got jokes huh, I see how
you are.
Jen is rubbing Eric's chest.
No, I'm just joking. I really
needed this though
You did huh. What about your date.
I guess you forgot about him after
you realized how good I do.
Okay, you Chapman men kill me with
all of your bullshit. You don't
have to brag on your shit. It's
all good brotha.


I'm just playing, but on a serious
note. Where does this leave us?
I don't know you tell me?
I think we should try to work
things out.
Eric, I don't think sex is the way
to rebuilding a relationship. I
couldn't deal with your lifestyle
you know that.
I told you it's a wrap for that.
I know what you told me Eric.
Don't forget I use to be married
to you okay.
I'm serious Jennifer. I'm 30 years
old. I'm tired of all of this
bullshit. I'm ready to settle down
with you and Erica.
Now is this you talking before you
think. I don't want this to be
because we have a child together
Eric we've been there, done that.
Jennifer, I didn't know you at
first. Over the years we've become
best friends. I love you.
Jennifer looks at him with amazement. Then they proceed to
kiss. There is a knock on the door.
Who is that?
I don't know. I'll be right back
don't change that position.


Boy you silly.
Eric gets up and puts some pants on . He then goes to the
door. He opens it.
Hey Jaun man what's going on?
Nothing, man are you busy?
Not really I got Jen here though.
Oh, my bad man I'll come back.
Naw man. You wait right here, let
me go get my jacket.
Jaun steps in as Eric goes and gets his shirt and jacket.
Jen my brother needs to talk to
That's cool, I gotta pick Erica up
from mom's house.
Give her a kiss for me alright.
Eric watches as Jen gets up and puts on her clothes.
Danm you thick girl.
Boy shut up. Go on and talk to
your brother.
Call me tomorrow.
Eric walks back into the living room and jesters for Jaun to
walk outside with him. They go onto the porch and Eric
lights up a cigarette.


What's up bra?
Man, I was about to tell Trina
about the prenup like Teddy and
John told me to. She was looking
so good in her lingerie and I
couldn't resist, we did our thing.
I can't do Eric, tell me what to
do man.
Jaun, I'm always here if you need
somebody to talk to. I will always
listen, but when it comes to
matters of the heart man I don't
get involved. I don't give good
Eric, I can't talk to Teddy or
John about this. I already know
what their gonna say. You always
been the neutral guy of the family
that did your thing and didn't
care about what people think.
Really, thanks man I never knew
you thought of me like that. From
what you're saying to me it sounds
like you don't agree with Teddy
and John.
I understand what their saying,
but this is my life. I don't want
to live my life for them.
Then why are you talking to me.
Seems to me like your mind is all
made up.
I just don't know what to do Eric.
Part of me feel their right. Part
of me feel I'm wrong for even
wanting to aproach her like that.


Just sit on it man, and let it
come to you.
Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do.
Thanks for listening Eric.
Always man, look we're your
brothers. We'll always have your
best interest at heart.
Eric's phone ring, and he motions to pick it up.
Ay, Eric man I need you man, these
little week ass niggas trying to
jump me.
Where the fuck you at man?
Jaun looks at Eric trying to find out what's going on.
Man, I'm at the strip joint you
know where it's at.
I'm on my way man.
Eric and Jaun get in the car.
                                         CUT TO:
It is 11 p.m. and John is walking in Teddy's house to hear
loud music. He knows what's going on so he sets the alarm
off and Chris comes running downstairs with a baseball bat
Uncle John man what's up with that
      (Turns off the
Don't speak to me with that kind
of lanquage boy I'm not your


                       JOHN (cont'd)
You're right you're not my father.
What you say?
Nothing uncle John.
Is everything okay Chris?
Chris, send you're company home,
God don't you have anything else
to do, or is this all you do?
Uncle John, I'm just having fun,
man why you always on me?
I'm on you because everytime I
look at you I see your father.
You're doing the same stupid shit
he does. The difference is you
have time to get it together.
Uncle John, I don't appreciate you
talking about my father like that.
Man that's my gotdamn brother. I
grew up with him you don't know
him. Look send you're damn company
home it's too late for her to be
here. Don't let me catch you doing
this shit again, you hear me.
Yeah uncle John, I'll send her
home now.
Chris goes to send his company home as John's cell phone


Hey John, man we need you Teddy's
getting jumped.
What! Where is Teddy?
He's at the strip club, man you
know the one he always goes to.
Say no more, that's not too far
from here. I'm on my way.
John grabs his keys and runs out of the house.
                                         CUT TO:
Eric and Jaun pull up in the strip club parking lot. They
see a hugh fight, but no signs of Teddy at first. They get
out of the car and head towards the fight.
You see him Jaun.
      (Noticing that
       Teddy's getting
All shit! Teddy!
Jaun runs over to pull the dudes off Teddy, as one of the
dudes hit Jaun and Eric knocks the dude out. Their all
fighting . Taking punches, and giving more.
      (Throwing a guy
       through the
John finally pulls up and spot his brothers fighting. He
runs up to help them.
Juan get out of here the police is


I'm not leaving ya'll man.
      (Tosses Jaun his
       car keys)
It's cool man. Get out of here.
The shit is going to turn up on
the news and that won't look good
for ball career.
      (Kicking a dude on
       the ground)
Yeah... I guess you're right. I'll
get ya'll bailed out.
Go man!
They continue to fight, as the police arrive moments later.
                                         CUT TO:
The boys are lined up in hand cuffs on the police car
looking roughed up, but nothing in comparison to how the
other guys look.
                       OFFICER WALLACE
Okay, can someone explain to me
what this is all about.
Officer, our brother Teddy call us
      (interupting Eric)
Officer, my name is John Chapman
and I'm an attorney. What we have
here is a clear case of self
The brothers look at John.
                       OFFICER WALLACE
Continue please.
Well, the guy right there was
being attacked by those four guys,
and myself and this gentlemen
standing next to me tried to


                       JOHN (cont'd)
protect that man.
                       OFFICER WALLACE
Is that so?
Look man, I was minding my own
muthafuckin business when them
punks jumped me. My brothers right
here came down here and we laid
these muthafucka's out.
All shit, we going to jail.
                       OFFICER WALLACE
You got that right everybody let's
They all enter the pattywagon.
Damnit Teddy why can't you keep
your mouth shut sometimes.
                                         CUT TO:
The guys are in a holding cell with a lot of inmates.
Damn man, I can't believe I'm in
Yeah, looking at me it's clear I
don't belong in here.
And we do, oh stuck up ass snob.
You better not ever end up in here
again without us, boy you would
get your ass tossed around.
Shut up Teddy, shit it's because
of you we're in here. I had us out
of all of this, and you had to go
running opening up your drunk ass


      (Mocking John in a
       proper voice)
Man please, " Hello Officer, I'm
john Chapman, and I'm an
attorney". Get the fuck out of
here with that shit. That officer
knew your fake ass was lying.
Come on now. Let's concentrate on
getting out of here. We don't have
time to be fighting.
A guard calls the Chapmans out of the holding cell, because
they've just made bail. They walk out of the cell towards
the front. Tracey and Jaun come walking toward them.
Tracey, what are you doing here?
      (looks Teddy up
       and down)
What the hell you think I'm doing
here fool. Bailing ya'll stupid
asses out.
      (getting annoyed)
Look Tracey, we don't have time
for all of this, just let's go.
You just be lucky I didn't call
Sharon John, with your ungrateful
ass. You've been that way since
you were a kid.
Nobody asked you to bail us out.
I didn't have the money John to
bail you fellas out. Chris already
called Tracey because he thought
something was wrong with Teddy
when you were on the phone with
Eric. She called me and here we


And I must say Eric, I expect this
kind of behavior from Teddy, not
some much from John with his
stuffy ass, but you I can't
believe that.
No matter what kind of a person
you think I am Tracey, when my
brothers are in trouble, I doing
what I gotta do.
Yeah, and by the way Tracey. Kiss
my stuffy ass.
Everybody walks out of the jail.
                                         CUT TO:
Setting: The scene is in Chris's high school where he is
shooting jump shots and his coach stops to talk to him.
Chris Chapman let me get a word
with you in my office please.
Alright Coach.
Chris steps into his office.
Have a seat Chris
What's going on Coach, big game
coming up next week. I can't wait
to tell my pops. He's got talent
scouts coming out.
      (Handing Chris his
       progress report)
Explain this please.
What are you doing with this


Apparently you cut class a lot.
Don't show up and when you do, you
sleep through the lectures. Your
grades are slipping and you have
the audasity to be in my gym.
Coach...I..I, can--
      (In a pissed off
I told you I was kicking you off
the team if you didn't bring your
g.p.a up didn't I.
But Coach, the game is next week.
My pops got talent scouts coming
to see me, and I can't tell him
off was kicked off the team.
Maybe you would've thought about
that before you showed me that you
didn't give a damn about school.
Education is something to fall
back on son. Everybody doesn't
make it to the NBA.
Well my Uncle Juan is gonna make
More power to the brother, but you
know what else he did. He went to
a good college and finished his
education first. You're not going
to get into any good college with
bad grades, and I'm sorry but
you're off the team.
      (getting irate)
Why the fuck you gotta hate on me
man? I'm the best thing on this
weak ass team and if I'm not
playing ya'll are gonna lose.


I know you didn't just raise your
voice and cuss me. Get the hell
out of my office.
Fuck that, I ain't going nowhere.
Put me out.
The coach reaches for the phone as Chris snatches the phone
and starts tearing up things. The security guards come and
escort Chris out.
                                         CUT TO:
Setting: The scene cuts to John at Teddy's house. No ones
there except John. He is making a call to his law firm.
John Chapman's phone.
Hey Sharon how is it going?
John, where the hell have you
been. I've been trying to call you
for two days.
What's going on Sharon, are the
kids alright?
John, all hell is breaking lose
with this malpractice suit.
What do you mean, the case was
handled before I left. Any day now
a settlement is supposed to
approach our office.
Look, everyone is in a meeting
right now discussing this case.
John it's a multimillion dollar
I know that Sharon. This is the
case that's going to make me


John, this case could also cost
you your job if you don't get it
together. I'm putting you on
conference call right now.
She transfer John to conference call.
Who's on the line with us?
John Chapman sir.
John, just the man we were talking
about. How is that malpractice
case going?
Everything is just find Mr.
Wilson. I have the depositions
from the witnesses being
messengered to me as we speak.
I just got off the phone with the
law offices of Daniels & Lee and
it appears you don't have any
Bob, I don't follow?
Bob takes him off conference call to private call.
I'm taking you off conference call
before you make a fool of
That's impossible. Before I left
we were waiting on an offer.
Well you better get your ass back
here and turn this thing around,
this is a multimillion dollar


Bob, I'm trying to make partner
don't you think I have this thing
under control.
Fuck making partner, you better be
more concerned about your future
here at Wilson & Associates,
because if you lose this
case....let's just say you're
making a career decision here.
Bob hangs up on John.
                                         CUT TO:
Setting: The scene cuts to John in a meeting with his film
industry company.
Eric man what's with you wanting
to be let out of your contract?
I'm tired of making porno films. I
want to make real films.
Why do you want to do that man?
You know how competitive the
industry is. What if you don't
make it.
It's a risk I gotta take.
Look Eric, I can't let you out of
your contract. You still owe me a
couple of films.
Look man, I can't do this anymore,
how much does it cost to let me
out of my contract.
It's not that simple E. If I tell
your friend about your endeavors
in the porn industry, he's not
going to want to do any films with
you. It would ruin his career.


      (raises up)
Let me get out of here man before
this conversation goes some place
it don't need to.
                                         CUT TO:
Setting: The scene cuts to Teddy at the Doctor's office.
                       DR. NATHAN
Now Mr. Chapman just give me a
week and I'll have the test
Doc, from what you can see does it
look bad?
                       DR. NATHAN
Well let me just say I'm glad you
came. It's always good to get a
second opinion. Dr. Jackson is a
good Doctor, but anything could
happen. If it turns out that this
is a tumor I want to admit you
right away so we can take care of
I hope everything turns out okay.
I want to be their for my kids.
                       DR. NATHAN
Let's just hope for the best Mr.
Chapman. In the mean time try not
to worry about it.
That's easy for you to say.
                       DR. NATHAN
I know, but understand that it's
important for you to enjoy your
family. Let them know what's going
on Mr. Chapman because if this is
a tumor you're gonna need their
I don't know about that Doctor.
I'm not good with emotions. When
my parents died years ago I
couldn't express how I felt


                       TEDDY (cont'd)
because I had my little brothers
to take care of. It's been like
that eversince.
                       DR. NATHAN
Mr. Chapman, now it's time for
your brothers to take care of you.
Sooner or later their going to
find out anyway.
Thanks Doctor, I'll be waiting for
your call.
                       DR. NATHAN
One week Mr. Chapman.
Teddy leaves the Doctor's office.
                                         CUT TO:
Setting: The scene cuts to Jaun's house. Him and Trina are
unpacking and getting settled in.
      (smiling at Jaun)
Jaun, I am loving this new place
of ours.
Yeah, but do you think we need
three bedrooms?
Eventually, we will have a family.
Trina, we haven't even graduated
yet, and you got us having a
family. Our careers are gonna keep
us busy don't you think.
Juan, I didn't mean it like that.
I'm just saying that eventually
we're gonna have a family, and I
don't want to have to move to a
different home.
Don't you feel like everything's
moving too fast with the
graduation, the NBA, and the


                       JUAN (cont'd)
What, you don't want to get
That's not what I'm saying at all
Jaun moves closer to kiss Trina.
                       JUAN (cont)
I just don't want to feel like
things are moving too fast.
Things are going to be just fine
Jaun. I forgot to tell you that
your brother had something
messengered to you.
      (answering his
Hold that thought baby. Hello.
John.....I can't wait to meet your
family. I bet you and your
brothers are so close.
      (Jaun's phone ring)
Which brother?
Chris is on the phone.
Hey Jaun man I need you.
What's going on Chris?
Jaun, I need you to come and get
me from detention.
Detention, Chris what the hell did
you do now, and why don't you call
your father.


I can't man I need you. Please
come, I'll explain things to you
when you get here.
Alright, man I'll be there.
Jaun hangs up and goes to get his coat.
What's going on baby, where are
you going?
It's my nephew Chris, I'll be
I'll go with you baby.
No baby just stay here, I'll be
Jaun walks out the door.
                                         CUT TO:
Setting: The scene cuts back to Teddy's house and John is on
the phone with the law offices of Daniels & Lee.
Mr. Chapman, Mr Lloyd is not here,
would you like to leave a message?
This is my fifth time calling
today, or have you forgot. I've
already left two messages.
I'm sorry Mr Chapman, but Mr.
Lloyd is very busy with meetings,
are you sure you don't want to
leave a message.
      (Angry and
Yes, you tell him that this is
John Chapman with Wilson &
Associates and it would be in his


                       JOHN (cont'd)
best interest to call me asap.
John hangs up before the secretary can say anything.
Suddenly there is a knock at the door. John goes to answer
Jackie, what are you doing here?
I gues you forgot about today.
      (questioning kind
       of voice)
Today......Oh I forgot come in.
I can't believe you forgot.
Jackie smiles as she takes off her coat.
It's cool I can whip up something
really quick.
                                         CUT TO:
Setting: The scene cuts to Chris and Jaun on the basketball
court playing a game of 21
       the ball)
What's that 17 to 20?
Yeah you getting old Jaun.
man please I'm whuppin yo ass.
Chris shoots the ball and miss. Jaun gets the rebound, takes
it back then goes for the dunk and win.
Good game man you got me.
      (handing Chris a
       bottle water)
You played good to man. That's wy


                       JUAN (cont'd)
I can't understand why you fuckin
up man.
      (They sit down on
       the grass.)
Not you man. I didn't think you
were gonna give me shit.
Why Chris. I want to see you do
better. I don't want to see you
waste your life away. If you feel
that way why did you call me?
Jaun man, pops would be shitty if
he found out I was kicked off the
team and suspended. Uncle Eric is
always busy and I didn't think he
would come, and Uncle
John......Man he hates me...He
hates me and pops. Me and you are
more like brothers. I knew I could
count on you.
Just because we're like brothers
don't mean I'm gonna let you play
me. You might as well tell your
Father that you were kicked off
the team. He's going to find out
about it in a couple of days
Yeah man, but it's Senior year.
What am I gonna do? I fucked up
Look Chris, maybe I could talk to
your coach. See what we can do
about this.
Would you man. That's cool.
Chris goes to hug Jaun and Jaun playfully pushes him back.


Man get off of me. I'm not making
any promises, and if this works
man stay out of trouble.
      (They hit fist)
Cool man.
                                         CUT TO:
Setting: The scene cuts back to Teddy's house with John and
Jackie eating.
This is good John.
thanks.....Jackie, why haven't you
been dating if you don't mind my
I just been taking some time to
myself, you know getting myself
together......How long have you
been married?
I've been married for eight years.
We have three children.
So what happened John. You know to
make the two of you separate?
I don't know. I felt like
everything was going wrong. I lose
my last two cases. I haven't been
feeling like I wanted to be a
lawyer for a long time. I felt
like Sharon was more concerned
with just the kids and not so much
her husband. My assosciate Dana
was conforting me. She was
massaging my back making me
believe that everything would be
alright. We kissed. I realize that
I couldn't take it further giving
my situation.


So do you want to be a lawyer
John, because if you don't you
need to past your cases off. I
heard about that malpractice suit.
I don't want to talk about this
case. I didn't realize that this
case was spreading so fast, it's
only a multimillion dollar case,
the case that could make or break
my career.
One of Jackie and John's favorite songs comes on.
John, let's dance so I can take
your mind off all of this stuff.
Chris walks in and goes upstairs.
Don't worry about me Uncle John
I'm going to my room.
He's in a hurry huh.
I guess, this use to be our song
you remember.
Yes it did.
Their eyes meet as the mood is just right. John leans in to
kiss Jackie as she stops him.
No, John.......You know what. I've
waited a long time for this
moment, but I don't want it like
Jackie goes to get her coat.
                       JACKIE (cont)
      (Motioning for the
If you love your wife like it
seems you do....You wouldn't make
the same mistake twice.


      (staring at John)
It's alright.......goodnight John.
She walks out the door as Danielle walks in.
Mr. Chapman I really need to talk
to Chris it's an emergency.
John just stares at Danielle as the scene fades.
                                         CUT TO:
Setting: The scene cuts to Eric's house. Eric and Jen are
lying in bed after having sex. Jen notices that Eric has
been unresponsive.
      (rubbing Eric's
Eric are you okay? You seem like
you have something on your mind.
Naw, I'm good baby. Are you going
to stay over tonight?
No, I'm gonna get Erica up and
we're going home.
Erica's already sleep, and we're
in here. You might as well just
stay here tonight.
Eric, I can't stay here. It's
clear you have a lot on your mind.
I can't work things out with you
if you're already shutting me out.
Jen don't get mad.....I can't get
out of my contract.


      (Jennifer gets up
       and gets dress)
Hell no, I knew you were full of
shit eric you always have been.
      (Eric gets up to
       go to Jen)
Baby what you want me to do. I
tried I cant' get out of it.
      (Eric grabs at Jen)
Don't touch me. I knew this shit
was going to happen. I can't
believe I was willing to give you
another chance. I'm done man I'll
just get my daughter and go.
So that's it. You just walking out
on me... You're not gonna listen
to what I have to say.
I don't want to hear shit you got
to say Eric...You know how I was
raised. I'm not going to be in a
relationship where I have to
explain to my daughter why her
Father is a damn porno star.
Baby, I'm gonna fix this. It's not
my fault, but I will fix this.
You better Eric, because until you
do fix things, don't call me
unless you want to see your
daughter. I will be here for
Juan's dinner, but that's it.
Jennifer walks out the room as Eric falls back on the bed
                                         CUT TO:


Setting: John is in New York on a Friday afternoon. He is
walking into the offices of Daniels & Lee.
Yes, sir can I help you?
I'm John Chapman, here to see Kyle
Mr. Chapman, is Mr. Kyle expecting
you? He didn't mention any
appointments today.
I don't think so, you see I don't
have time for games so I'm just
going to walk into Kyle's office
thank you.
You can't do that Mr.Chanpman. Sir
you can't go that.
The secretary calls for security as John enters Kyle's
office. Kyle is on the phone.
      (On the phone with
       his wife)
Yeah, lamb chops are good honey.
Okay...hey get some wine too.
      (he looks at John
       giving a victory
       kind of smile)
It's a special occaision. Okay bye
honey....Mr. Chapman what brings
you here unannouced.
      (sitting down)
You know I've been calling your
office Kyle.
Yes, Mr. Chapman I've gotten your
messages. I was planning to return
your call.


Let's cut the formalities Kyle, I
don't have that kind of time.
Let's get to the reason why we're
Okay, this is why we're here John.
You are arguing a frivalous case
with no evidence, and no
witnesses, meanwhile costing your
firm a ton of money, not to
mention your client a lot of
grief. You have nothing and you're
wasting your clients time, your
firms and mine as well. You have
nothing to present that supports
your malpractice theory.
Theory? You see Kyle I have
witnesses, and sworn affidavits
being messengered as we speak.
Your client paralyzed my client
following incompetent medical
practices. This is not theory it's
John, we went to law school
together okay. You can't beat me.
I should have your office at
Wilson & Associates. You can't
bluff me with that nonsense. This
is a difficult case for you, and
as you know I'm trying to make
partner and I---
      (interupting Kyle)
That makes two of us.
So we're still in competition with
each other. Unfortuanately for you
that time will never happen. Once
the judge throws out this case I
will make partner and you'll be
looking for another job. Look John
I would love to shoot the breeze
with you but, I'm done playing
your bullshit games so get the
fuck out of my office.


I beg your pardon.
                       SECURITY OFFICER
      (walking in)
Is everything okay Mr. Lloyd?
Yes it is. Mr. Chapman was just
leaving. Can you please escort him
      (raising up)
Don't touch me. Kyle sooner or
later the truth will come out.
Oh I think it already has. You are
not as good a lawyer as you
thought you were. Hey quit while
you're ahead. You can to save
yourself further embarassment.
Johns walks out of out Kyle's office as the scene fades out.
                                         CUT TO:
Setting: The scene cuts to Jaun and Chris eating lunch at
Jaun's house.
Man your house is cool man.
Thanks man.....Look Chris I know
we grew up more like brothers, but
I hate lying to my brother about
you being suspended.
Pops haven't been home a whole lot
lately. I don't know if he even
I still don't like lying. I did
however talk to Coach Robinson. He
reluctanly agreed to let you back
on the team.


What! Are you lying man?
No man. Here are the terms though.
You must go to every class from
here on out. You must bring your
grades up by the next progress
report. You will stay after school
for tutoring and cleaning up, and
you are benched for two games.
I'm cool on that shit man. I'm the
best player on that team, I can't
go out like that.
You can't go out like what? Try
going out as a fuckin loser
because that's where your headed.
I did my part so I'm done with it.
Alright man I'll do it. I need
your help with tutoring.
I got you on that. Man if you're
gonna be around me you gotta have
some smarts about you. I don't
fuck with stupid people.
Well, there's another issue that
doesn't look so good. Danielle,
this chick I been fuckin with
tells me that she's pregnant.
What? Did she say it was yours?
      (giving a look)
What you think man.
What the fuck are you gonna do?
We talked about her getting an
abortion. It's expensive though.
Man can I borrow five hundred


                       CHRIS (cont'd)
Man, I don't have that kind of
money. You better ask your father
or your other uncles.
Man, I can't ask my Pops. I damn
sure can't ask Uncle John. I can't
ask Uncle Eric. They all have kids
so I know they don't go for shit
like that.
Chris you gonna have to stop
getting caught up in shit. You
need to start telling your father
what's going on with you instead
of trying to find ways out of it.
I'll figure a way out of this.
Talk to John man. If you can't
talk to your father that's who you
need to talk to. Worry about the
consequences later.
John is still in New York. He went to see Sharon and the
kids before he flys back to Chicago. Him and Sharon are
Kids, let me talk to your father
for a minute okay.
      (Kisses his kids
Goodnight kids.
The kids go into the bedroom.
John, why the hell did you go to
Kyle Lloyd's office?


How do you know I went to Kyle's
The whole office is talking about
how you stormed into his office
begging for a settlement.
Begging? I wasn't begging him for
shit. I went to Kyle's office
because he wasn't answering my
calls. I wanted to find out what
was going on.
John, the firm is going to take
you off this case.
What? What the fuck are they
thinking. They won't win without
I don't know John. You need to do
How could we have losed our
witnesses? Before I left the
office for vacation I was waiting
on a settlement. We had this case
I don't know John, but you need to
talk to Dana and have her bring
you up to speed with this case.
Find out what's going on with the
witnesses. Find out if that
hospital has had similiar lawsuits
like that. Find out if there was
any kind of bribery going on.
You're right.
John, this is stuff that you know.
Yo need to focus on this case
before you lose your job. Wilson &
Associates is the most prestigious


                       SHARON (cont'd)
law firm in this City, and you
won't be able to find a job with
another law firm.
Yeah...That's plan b. I didn't
feel the need to do all the work
since there was a settlement
arriving on my desk. Something
happened. I'll give Dana a call in
the morning and I want the two of
you to bring me up to speed with
this case.
You make sure that's all you do
with that woman is talk.
      (John raises up
       like he's
       following Sharon
       the bedroom)
I don't know where you think
you're going. This couch is your
room tonight.
Yeah...I knew that.
                                         CUT TO:
The scene cuts to Teddy's house. Danielle and Chris are
lying in bed together talking about their situation.
I can't believe you pregnant man.
Are you sure it's mine man?
Chris, don't stick your thing in
me if you're not ready to take
care of your responsibilities .
You're the only guy I've ever been
I'm not ready for no kids man this
is fucked up.
How you think I feel. My parents
put me out the house.


What? Why did you tell them that
you pregnant. We already had this
planned out.
I don't lie to my parents.
I'm about to call them right now.
Don't do that Chris you'll make it
worst. They said I could come back
once I got an abortion.
That's some fucked up shit man.
Don't worry about it. We'll take
care of that. You stay over here
tonight and we'll figure out
something in the morning.
The scene transitions to the next day and John has arrived
home. He enters Eric's house.
What's going on Eric, you called
me like something is wrong?
Yes, man I'm glad you're here. I
have something I need to talk you
Eric lights a cigarette.
                       ERIC (cont)
Look man here's the deal. I'm
trying to make a film.
Eric, I'm not trying to here about
this nonsense right now.
No man a real film, not this porno
stuff anymore.


That's good, I don't understand
why you need me for that.
I'm trying to get out of my
contract and my film company won't
let me out. I'm trying to sign a
contract with Directfilms and my
film company is threatning to go
to them and tell them what I've
been doing.
If there is a loophole in your
contract then we can get you out.
Where is the contract?
I have it in my office.
Grab it and let's go to the studio
right now.
Thanks bruh.
Don't thank me yet we haven't
gotten out of this yet.
                                         CUT TO:
The scene cuts to Teddy's house as Jaun comes in to talk to
What's up Juan?
      (Sitting down)
Man I thought about what you were
talking about. I never told
anybody this, but I got Trina
pregnant our softmore year.
No shit.
Yeah, and I had to get the money
for her to get an abortion. I
didn't want to tell my brothers. I


                       JUAN (cont'd)
couldn't handle them being
disappointed in me. I hussled the
money playing ball and she had the
      (He pulls out an
       envelope with
       money in it)
Look, here is the money. Go get
that shit taken care of now before
it's too late. You're not ready to
be a father right now man.
      (extending his
Thanks man. I really appreciate
this, and I'm gonna pay you back.
You can pay me back by finishing
high school and getting that
college scholarship.
I'm gonna go tell Danielle now.
Chris runs upstairs to tell Danielle the news as Teddy walks
What's up Jaun? What brings you
Oh nothing, just chillen with
Chris. We were just going out to
play some ball.
Oh, that's cool. How is your new
house coming man?
It's coming along real good man.
We're just getting settled in.
You need anything, are you good?
I'm good. I just got to go pick up
my suit for graduation.


      (sitting down next
       to Jaun)
Yes, that's in a couple days. Look
Jaun, I'm really proud of the road
you took man. I'm glad that you
and Chris are close in age because
that gives him inspiration. You
know me, Eric, and John are up in
age so he can't really relate to
us but he can relate to you. Keep
giving him somebody to look up to.
I will Teddy.
Look Jaun I'm gonna be gone for
the next couple of days, but I'll
be back for your graduation, and
for Chris's ball game. Can you
keep an eye on him for me?
I can do that big brother.
Thanks little brotha.
Teddy is exiting the room.
      (turning around)
Yeah Juan.
Why don't nobody like to talk
about mom and dad?
      (staring at Juan
       for a moment
       shaking his head)
I don't know brah.....I don't
                                         CUT TO:
The scene cuts to Eric's film production company. He and
John are walking into the producer's office.


Eric, I see you came to your
senses. And who is he your
personal assistant.
No, I'm his attorney.
Whoooooaaaaa. His attorney. I'm
scared now.
Come on Damon, I'm trying to do
this the right way.
No you're not. You're doing this
the coward way. You can't handle
your shit like a man so you go get
your cheap ass attorney.
      (raising up
Man, who the fu---
Chill Eric. Let's not resort to
name calling Mr. Montgomery
because as you can see it can get
real ugly in here. Let's talk
about this contract. I can't
understand for the life of me why
would you sign my client to a
contract that seems to have
expanded well over thirteen years,
that's not standard business
Big fucking deal, I don't have to
explain shit to you or "your
Look man, all I want is out of the
contract. I'm willing to pay to
get out of this. I'm just trying
to do this the right way.


      (waving for Eric
       to stop talking)
The purpose of the meeting Mr.
Montgomery, is to find a suitable
solution for all of us.
Suitable solution my ass. This is
all about Eric kissing hollywood's
ass to get in the door. I've done
everything for you and after
thirteen years of getting paid
making porn, now you want to do
things "the right way", bullshit.
You're not getting out of this
contract. Get the fuck out of my
Okay, let's cut the bullshit, Eric
when did you sign this contract?
I signed it on July 17,1995.
That would make you, what 17 at
that time?
Yeah, I didn't turn 18 until
August 1st.
Bullshit, he told me he was 18. I
don't give a fuck what you say
he's not getting out--
Here are the rules of engagement.
You will let Eric out of his
contract and the two of you will
part ways.
If you think you're getting out of
this scottfree I'll just go to
Directfilms and--


Try it, and I'll have you brought
up on felony charges of soliciting
child pornography and sexual
assualt of a minor.
You can't do that.
Watch me.
You're gone. I'll rip up the
contract. Don't come back here
Eric when you're career fails.
I could never come back to this
bullshit David.
John and Eric get up and walk away.
Eric hugs John as he is excited about the victory.
Man, I didn't realize you were
that good.
I'm far from good brother. That
was easy, you could've did that
Well anyway, I'm treating you to
That you can do, because I just
got off the plane, and the food
was nasty let's go.
They leave the building.
Trina and Jaun are in their room preparing for their
graduation. Trina is sittng down in her dress combing her
hair. Jaun is rushing. He's grabbing his wifebeater and
putting it own, following by his dress shirt.


Jaun, baby will you slow down, why
are you in such a rush?
Baby, you know I don't like to be
late, where are my shoes?
Jaun, the graduation is in one
hour okay. We have time.
No we don't, we have to drive
there, and find a parking spot and
We're going in a limo Jaun. It
should be here any minute now.
All shit my baby rented us a limo,
how could I ever get you to sign
Jaun realizes what he's about to say and stop talking.
Sign a what?
All girl...I...I..didn't want you
to sign the bill for that limo
We can hear the limo horn honking.
That makes no sense what you just
said, but I think that's the limo
outside finish getting ready.
They finish getting ready.
                                         CUT TO:
The scene cuts to the graduation. The family is all sitting
Man, I am so proud of this dude.
He's doing his thing.


      (whispering to
I wish he'd shut the fuck up.
John chill out man.
      (mocking Teddy)
He gets on my nerves, "man I am so
proud of this dude", he's never
said that to me, what about you?
It don't matter man. Look as soon
as they call Jaun's name we gotta
go get everything ready.
Alright man.
Trina and Jaun's group walk toward the stage to have their
names called.
Lisa Carson, come up please.
I can't believe this moment has
come can you?
After all we been through
together, I'm glad you chose me.
I'm glad you chose me. After
everything is over I have a
surprise for you at home.
For real, let's get our shit and
go now.
Boy you crazy.
Trina Chadway.
Trina walks on stage.


That's me baby.
That's Trina. Damn!
Go get em baby.
Damn is that Trina. Damn she's
Teddy, man shut up, there are kids
Whatever nigga, you know you would
hit that too.
I ain't saying nothing.
You better not say shit you know
      (Him and Eric
Eric, you and Teddy shut up too
before I tell Jennifer and Tracey
what you're doing.
Tell her I don't give a fuuuck!
They all laugh.
This next man I had the pleasure
of meeting at the exit interview,
when asked what his experience was
like at college, he said "It was
tought but I'm tougher",
graduating with honors Dajaun


The family stands up and cheers as Jaun goes and excepts his
We gotta go John.
Yeah, Sharon we're going to Erics
house to get the dinner ready.
Okay, we'll be there shortly.
Eric and John leaves.
                                         CUT TO:
The scene cuts to Eric's house. Eric and John are placing
the food on the table. The rest of the family have not
arrived yet.
Man, I am really enjoying my
family right now. This is the
longest time we spent together in
a while.
Yeah, if momma and daddy were here
they would be proud of Juan.
They would be proud of all of us.
They wouldn't be proud of you and
Our lives probably wouldn't have
turned out like this John if momma
and daddy were here. Besides they
weren't like that anyway. They
loved unconditionally.
You remember momma and daddy like
Yeah, I remember them a little
bit....One day we need to talk to
Juan about them. He don't remember
them like that. I have a surprise


                       ERIC (cont'd)
for everyone later.
Everybody walks in cheering for the graduate. Jaun hugs his
brothers. The camera fades.
Everyone is sitting around the table as John raise his
Juan, I'm not sure of how your
experience was in college because
we didn't talk that much. I am
proud of you. You were able to
finish school and keep your life
on the positive track. I'm happy
to be sitting around the table
with my brothers. Look at us.
We're all grown with children.
We've learned lessons that we can
pass on to our children..
Alright John toast, not write a
book, I'm hungry.
I could say something but I won't.
Good, everybody let's eat.
moments later everyone is eating and enjoying everyone's
I'm going to run into the kitchen
to get some more macoroni and
I'll help you Eric.
They walk into the kitchen.
Erc and Sharon hug.
Sharon, it's been a longtime how
are you?


You know things could be better.
I'm dealing with your crazy
Tell me about it. We put up with
him for years so I know you
already know.
Ain't that it. The food is good
Eric, I didn't know you were that
good a cook.
I can't take all of the credit.
John helped me.
How are things with you and
I wish she would come to her
senses, but she can't except me
for who I am. I cool though.
You know Eric, after I met you
guys. I developed a crush on you.
Sharon, you shouldn't be telling
me that.
Eric, that was years ago before me
and John got married. The reason
I'm telling you this is because I
realized then what I know
now.....you are a good man and any
woman that can't see that doesn't
deserve you.
      (smiles as he hugs
Thanks sis...Let's go back in
there before John gets jealous.


Boy please.
They walk back into the dining room
Trina you seem like a good catch
for my little brother. I'm glad
he's found you.
What are ya'll talking about?
Juan was telling us how he and
Trina met.
      (raises his glass)
I just want to say something since
we're all here. This toast goes
out to my brothers. Teddy, you
looked out for us as kids man.
      (John rolls his
I don't need to speak on the
situation we all know. You are a
big brohter. You've showed me how
to be a big broher. Juan, I'm so
proud of you man. You've should me
that dreams really can come true.
John, man I love you. You showed
me that you can't take no for an
answer when you really want
something. I love all of you.
I'll drink to that.
Girl you'll drink to anything, how
you think we got these kids.
Shut up boy. You just better be
glad I came.
Let me tell ya'll about John. He
got me out of my contract.


What? You did it Eric?
Yeah baby. John was professional
He didn't have to get loud. He was
a beast in there. He is a really
good lawyer. That brings me to my
next project. I'm working on a
script about our lives. I'm going
to shoot the movie.
What? Eric how are you--
Fuck that. That's not going to
happen Mr. porno star so you might
as well find a new project. Change
the subject Juan did you get Trina
to sign that prenup yet?
Eric drops his fork and look up at John with anger.
John man why would you--
What the fuck is he talking about
Mind your muthafuckin business
John. Man you always in somebody's
Nobody was talking to you Teddy,
so shut the fuck up.
You shut the fuck up. Keep your
bitch ass---
John rushes at Teddy as Chris and Jaun jump up to hold John
I told you about calling me a
Let him go so I can fuck him up.


      (Jaun and Chris
       sit down while
       Teddy and John
       are still
You ain't shit. You ain't never
been shit. I don't even know why
I'm here. All you and your son do
is smoke weed and fuck whores all
day. What kind of father are you.
You treated me like shit when we
were kids. Because I listened to
music you didn't approve of I
wanted to be white. Because I
rather study then fuck bitches I
was gay. I watched you ruin your
life on drugs and alcohol and you
fucked up my life man.
John man, it's not even that
Shut the fuck up Juan, you and
Eric know how it went down. I
would expect you two muthafuckas
to have my back on this but nooo.
Juan you're Mr. Goody two shoes.
Mr. Perfect, your life is so
perfect you don't have complaints,
and Eric, Mr. porno freak your
life is all good you think this
family is so great you want to
make a trashy ass movie about it.
I wish I never came here. I wish I
would've just stayed in New York
and lost all contact with you all.
I treat my son like I do because I
might have cancer........I might
not be here much longer and I
didn't want another person growing
up to say I ruin their lives. I
didn't realize it till now. You're
blaming me for becoming a lawyer.
You're blaming me for having a
good wife that you can't even be
faithful to. I know everything,
see you can't handle your home,
but you want to come in and run
everybody else's. You don't want


                       TEDDY (cont'd)
to claim us, that's fine you don't
ever have to worry about me
again.....I'm through with your
weak ass stay the fuck away from
me. let's go Chris.
Teddy, Chris and Tracey get up and leave.
You been telling them our fucking
I can't do this. I'm getting Erica
and we're leaving.
Hold on Jen you ain't gotta go no
Jennifer leaves as Eric turns to John angrily.
why you always got to fuck up a
good moment. I always thought it
was you and Teddy, but I realize
it's you. If I would've known this
is how you would act I would've
told you to stay the fuck at home.
You should be one to talk Eric.
You ain't no better than Teddy.
You might as well smoke crack
your damn self. You just spent the
last 13 years of your life making
corny ass porno movies, and now
you want to turn our lives into a
movie, well I'll be filing an
injunction preventing you from
making your movie.
On what grounds?
Defamation of character, causing
emotinal distress, anything I can
think of. I 'm not gonna allow you
to make a mockery out of this


A mockery?....Man get the fuck out
of my house.
You don't have to tell me twice.
Come on guys let's talk about
this, Eric you didn't mean that.
      (He looks at Eric)
I don't give a shit what he meant
let's go.
John, Sharon and the kids leave.
                                         CUT TO:
The scene cuts to Juan's house
What's the deal with this prenup
shit Juan?
Baby it's nothing, John was just
being John. I don't even have a
prenuptial contract.
      (Looking over at
       the desk, she
       grabs the
       messenger letter)
Well let's just see what this is,
since you never opened it.
      (She opens the
       letter and it'sa
Oh my God.....You almost said this
tonight....Is this what you think
of me. You're going to the drafts
and now i'm a golddigger.
      (pointing to the
Naw baby Teddy and John was
talking shit about you signing a
prenup. I didn't know John was


                       JUAN (cont'd)
acutally serious
And I didn't know that you weren't
man enough to take care of your
own business. You just let your
brothers handle it, is this what
you all do for each other. I
thought you knew me better than
Baby, please what are we talking
about here. I told you this is
nothing. I didn't ask for this.
Neither did I... I'm glad I found
out about this now, you see
because I want a man who makes
decisions with me and not with his
brothers. If this is what being
married to you is like I don't
want it.
      (Trina hand Jaun
       his ingagement
       ring back)
I'll come back for my things
later....tell your brother I'm
sorry about his condition.
Trina walks out.
                                         CUT TO:
The scene cuts to Eric's house. Eric is talking to Jennifer
trying to work things out.
Jennifer don't leave i'm trying to
talk to you.
There's nothing to talk about
Eric. You and your brothers have a
lot of issues that you need to
resolve. I can't be a part of that
family. I don't see how you all
are a part of that family.


John was just talking crazy you
know that. That don't change
things between us. I need you Jen.
I can't do this without you.
No, you don't need me. You need
your brothers. John wasn't talking
crazy all that much. He was crying
out for help, and one thing he
made very clear from where I can
see is you all have unresolved
issues, and you need to work them
out now. Eric you're a good
father, but I can't do this.
Jennifer walks out.
Eric lays back in bed crying.
                                         CUT TO:
The scene cuts to Teddy's house. Teddy. Tracey, and Chris
are sitting on the couch talking.
Pop's, man you have cancer?
I don't know son. I didn't mean to
upset everybody, really don't
worry about me.
You have nothing to be sorry about
Teddy.....Chris why don't you let
me and your father talk alone
Alright, good night mom, goodnight
Goodnight man.....I guess none of
us will be talking to each other


Teddy, you're the patriarch of
this family you got to do
There's nothing I can do about
this. Eric is the one who really
held this family together hell you
know that.
Teddy, we were young and I didn't
get it then, but I do now. You
were 18 years old with three
younger brothers when your parents
died. Juan was what four then. I
never saw you show emotion then,
and you got off into drugs and
alcohol. That first time you hit
me was enough for me to know that
I needed to get away from
you.....You didn't do as good a
job as you should've but I
understand everything. You still
have a chance.
You think so?
I know you do Theodore........When
is your Doctor's appointment.
Friday afternoon.
I'm gonna come over here and pick
you up...and we're going to that
Good looking out Tracey.
One other thing before I
leave.....The road you went down,
don't send Chris down that road
What am I supposed to do?


Tracey gets up as if she's going to leave.
Be a father to him..not a
pops...We had our wild days Teddy,
and it took me a long time to be
his mother. You need to be his
Father. Be stern with him. He
relates to you better than you
think. That's why I sent him over
here with you.
Damn you right. I never noticed
You're opening your eyes brotha.
Just like my mama said you would.
Tracey goes to give Teddy a hug.
Thanks for everything Tracey. I
love you and tell your mother I
said hi.
I love you too, and I will tell
her that.
Tracey leaves.
                                         CUT TO:
We see Eric talking to his therapist about the events that
took place.
Everything is going wrong Bob. My
life is more out of control than
ever. It got so bad I just had to
cry, let it out you know.
I was wondering when you were
going to do that Eric. You always
appeared to be in control of
everything....I knew you weren't,
but see that was for you to find


                       BOB (cont'd)
out. Now it's time to heal.
How do I do that Bob?
I think you'll figure it out. You
are the brother that everyone
comes to. Take every opportunity
to restore your family. You spoke
of your pride for keeping the
family together, it should be that
same pride that restore the
You're right Bob. That's what I'll
Eric, let your brothers know how
you really feel. Stop hiding your
feelings. It's not healthy
mentally or physically.
Thanks Bob, for everything.
should I sign you up for another
Naw, I think I'll be alright from
this moment on. I'll see you
How is that movie coming?
I'm getting ready to shoot it.
Eric leaves Bob's office.
                                         CUT TO:
We cut to Juan and Eric taking a 3.5 mile jog around Juan's
favorite gym. They are running toward the entrance so Juan
can get some practice on his shots.


You're keeping up pretty good
This is good for me.
INT: They walk inside the building and Jaun shoots the ball
as Eric gets the rebounds and passes back to Jaun.
That's messed up about Teddy man
Yeah, I tried calling him but he
won't answer the phone.
Why don't we go over there man. We
can talk to him together.
Naw man, John is probably over
there and I don't want to deal
with him right now.
      (Juan catches the
       ball and walks up
       to Eric)
John is staying at a hotel. Chris
told me that.
Oh is he?
Yeah.....look Eric, I was too
young to remember momma and daddy
so I wasn't affected much by it.
Teddy taught me everything he knew
about basketball. It helped me get
to where I'm at now. I owe
him....You always bought me
anything I wanted. You kept me
dressed in the lastest styles. The
latest Jordan's I didn't want for
nothing, and John kept my mind
sharp He made sure that no one got
over on me and that I stayed in
them books. Really all of you guys


                       JUAN (cont'd)
raised me. I owe all of you.
you don't owe us anything little
brah. I didn't realize that you're
life wasn't affected like ours.
It's us that need to get right
with each other....Naw man you
paid us back by graduating college
and handling your business.
Eric, why don't you come to my
house this afternoon. I have a
bunch of pictures of the family
that I got from Aun Mae. I need
you to help me sort them. I'm
making a collage.
That's what's up. I'll swing
by....How is that pretty bride to
be of yours?
She called the wedding off.
Yeah, this whole prenup thing
really messed me up man. I trust
my girl, she had my back when I
was afraid to come to you guys
about some of my problems.
Juan, you shouldn't ever be afraid
to come to us. We won't be
disappointed in you.....How are
you gonna get your girl back
before the wedding.
I don't know. I don't know what to
Juan, I told you I don't give good
advice, but I'll tell you this. If
you love that girl, get her back
before the wedding. You don't want


                       ERIC (cont'd)
to end up like me regreting every
move you made since you lost the
best thing you've ever had.
That's what I'll do then. Eric, I
just want to thank you for always
supporting me no matter what.
That's what I'm here for
bruh.....Now let's go on ahead and
get you married and into the NBA.
They walk away from the gym laughing.
                                         CUT TO:
We cut to Teddy's house. John just walked in to check for a
package. He see's some money on the table. Chris thinks his
father is home and walks down with Danielle.
Pops, you home man.
Chris, what's going on man? I told
you about having females up in
your room.
It's not like that Uncle
John.....Danielle go outside and
wait for me.
No, Danielle stay in here. What I
have to say to Chris involves you.
      (John is motioning
       for the money)
what is all this money doing on
the table.
It's mine.
Where'd it come from?
I won it in a pick up game.


Try again.
Naw for real Uncle John. Ask Juan,
he's the one that lose the money
to me.
Cut the bullshit Chris.
      (nudging Chris)
Tell him Chris.
Danielle is pregnant, and her
folks put her out until she has an
abortion. Chris gave me the money
so that we can take care of it.
Is this true Danielle?
Yes, Mr. Chapman
Does your father know about this
No, nobody knows that Danielle has
been staying here all this time.
Uncle John don't tell nobody
You two have a seat. I want to
stop you two from making a huge
      (everybody sits
When you have sex, you have to be
responsible enough to except the
consequences for what could
happen. In your case the damage
has already been done. It's easy
to have an abortion so you can
move on, but you never will.
You'll always wonder what if my
child was born. What would he or
she be like......Danielle it's
illegal for your parents to kick


                       JOHN (cont'd)
you out and I'm going to call them
over here for a meeting
tomorrow.....You continue staying
here. Chris, respect my parents
I will uncle John.
I'm about to go have a talk with
Mr. Dajuan Chapman...take care of
Thanks for being understanding Mr.
I have a daughter too, and I
couldn't imagine putting her out
when she needs me most....I'll
take care of this.
John leaves.
                                         CUT TO:
The scene transitions to Juan's house. Juan and Eric are
drinking beer and putting the pictures into a collage.
I remember this was my favorite
thing to do with the family.
It was. I use to make these in
college to remember you guys when
things got tough. I found comfort
in it.
I didn't know that. Daddy would
have his beer in his hand, and
momma would be there sorting the
pictures. We use to do this once
twice a month. Momma used to say
that when I had kids I would have
to find a way to keep sometime for
family time. It's important to
know your family, and not just see
them all the time.


Momma is pretty in these pictures.
Daddy looks like me. What were
they like?
Daddy laid construction. He said
that was the best way to keep in
shape. He was an athletic kind of
man. He said that's a good way to
keep your health and strength.
Momma stayed at home with us. They
didn't believe in babysitters.
They didn't want us being
influenced by anyone other than
The door rings as the guys look up from the pictures.
I bet that's Trina.
We'll soon find out.
Juan goes to answer the door, and sees that it's John.
John, man what a surprise I didn't
know you knew where I lived.
In my line of work people are not
that hard to find, why did you
give Chris that money.
Eric yells from the kitchen.
What's up Trina?
Is that Eric in the kitchen?
Juan gives a confused look as if he doesn't know what John's
talking about and walks into the kitchen. John follows him.
What I tell you man, I told you
she was coming--


Before Eric can finish, John walks in the kitchen. They look
at each other for a moment. Eric and Juan continue making
their collage. Moments after watching John helps with the
The doorbell sounds again.
I'll be back fellas.
Juan goes to answer the door and it's Teddy.
Teddy, man what's up. You alright,
you need anything?
I should be asking you that you
know I'm big brother man Naw man I
told you I would come check out
your house, what you up to?
Nothing, I'm just in the kitchen
having a few beers, putting
together a collage.
Oh really, is that John's car
Yeah man, and don't walk out I'm
tired of ya'll arguing man. You're
ruining my big weekend.
Juan and Teddy walk into the kitchen. John, and Eric look at
Teddy, they just continue working on the collage. Teddy
joins in and everybody is working together without talking.
moments later John breaks the ice. The mood turns emotional.
Juan get me a beer please...Look at the two of them. If they
were still here our lives would be
different. Momma use to always
have conversations with me. She
always told me to work hard for
what I wanted.
Yeah, she was a good woman. Daddy
was good too. He use to make me
carry bricks all the time, you


                       TEDDY (cont'd)
know these heavy ass bricks. He
said it would make me strong and I
would be too tired to get into
The guys laugh except for Eric.
Yeah, I use to love getting
together and doing these collages.
We must have a million pictures of
the family or something.
Yeah, I got some old pictures of
Momma and Daddy's wedding. I got
some baby pictures of us too.
Eric grabs his beer and goes outside.
Let me go talk to him.
No, Juan I got this.
Ext: John goes outside and sit next to Eric as Eric lights
up a cigarette.
You wasn't lying about that
injuction were you?
I hope you understand why I'm
doing this Eric.
I don't...I don't think you
understand why I want to do this
No, I don't Eric. I don't know why
your so insistent on making a fool
out of our family.
John, I can't speak about where
Teddy was in his life when our
parents died. I know where I was
in life when I reached his age so
I can relate to him. It wasn't


                       ERIC (cont'd)
easy man.I wanted to go to film school. I
went home to ask Teddy if we had
any money for me to go......Teddy
was so far gone back then that it
didn't matter to him. I read a
notice of forclosure on our house.
I thought we were gonna lose each
other. You see Teddy had wasted
all the money we had on drugs and
Why didn't you confront him Eric?
John I had to do what I had to do.
I met this girl who said she could
probably help. I didn't know she
was talking about making pornos
but what else was I supposed to
do, my family was at stake here. I
did two scene's and got five
thousand dollars. Imagine that for
a 17 year old. We were three
thousand in the whole on the
mortgage, so I was able to pay
that. I put groceries in the
house. Clothes on ya'll back. I
bought a car to get us around. I
made enough money in front of the
camera so that I could go behind
the scenes. I made enough money to
pay for a four year college
tuition. They wouldn't except me
because of my past. I continued
doing what I was doing. I used
that money to help put you through
college and law school. I just
told you that the money came from
Teddy so you wouldn't hate him.
That's why I worked hard all my
life to prove that I am better
than him.
Little bruh it don't matter how
hard you work, you will never be
better than Teddy. None of us are
better than each other.......When
you come to understand the measure


                       ERIC (cont'd)
of a man in life. You'll
understand that we're human. We
make mistakes and sometimes we get
caught up in them. Teddy was only
18 years old. Don't you think he
had things he wanted to do with
his life. He had three young
brothers to look after, and Juan
was only 4. I can relate to him
because he was a hell of a man to
take us. Not even thinking about
it. At 18 that's awful young to
make that kind of a decision. Yeah
he fucked up, but he's human. I've
been in therapy for the last ten
years because I could relate to
Teddy. I didn't want to end up
like him trying to take care of my
family also.
Eric sheds some tears.
Shit, Eric......I..I'm sorry man.
I'm so sorry, I didn't
realize....I felt like nothing was
going as planned in any of our
lives. I became jealous when I
realized that you were finally
gonna do what you've always wanted
and I was still trapped.....I'm
gonna have the injunction released
tomorrow man.
They get up and hug.
Man you don't have to be jealous
of me. My success is your success.
You make sure you dust the
competition off at the box office.
You already know man. Man I need
you to negotiate my contract with


The scene fades out.
                                         CUT TO:
We cut to Teddy's house. John is sitting at the computer
typing a legal brief as Teddy walks in.
What's up man?
John doesn't speak back and Teddy is going to go upstairs,
but stops and turns around and goes to sit next to John.
I'm gonna tell you something I
never told anybody.....Momma and
Daddy use to get on me tough about
my grades. I thought they were so
strict. One day, on my way to
school I check the mail. Somebody
must've forgotten to pull it from
the night before. I sa a letter
stating to the parents of Theodore
Chapman. I thought it was a
suspension notice or my report
card. I took it with me. I never
opened it. On the bus ride home
from school I forgot I had it...I
took it out and read it.....It was
a full basketball scholarship to
I was so happy, everybody thought
I was crazy. I rushed home to tell
momma and daddy about. Aunt Mae
was there crying....She sat me
down and told me what happened. I
didn't care about UCLA at that
time. I had my brothers to take
care of. I couldn't see ya'll
separated. Aunt Mae wasn't in no
kind of condition to take care of
ya'll. I fucked up over years
because I never had anybody to
talk to. I turned my attention to
drugs and alcohol to escape the
pain. Sometimes I couldn't afford
so I took it out on
ya'll.......I'm sorry about that
man...I'm proud of how far ya'll
come. All of you are an extention
of me somehow. I may not have had
success, but I'd like to think I
had soemthing to do with ya'll


                       TEDDY (cont'd)
success. I'm proud of all of ya'll
especailly you John. You were
different from me and you held
your own....I'm going to bed,
John starts thinking. He opens up his messenger package and
look at the contents. Teddy goes toward Chris's room,
knocking on the door.
Chris knocks on Teddy's door and enters his room.
Hey, pops you feeling alright?
Yeah, I'm fine. Let me holla at
you for a minute.
Alright pops let me put on
something and I'll be there.
Chris puts on some short and a wifebeater and goes into
Teddy's room.
What's up pops?
Sit down son.
      (Chris is sitting
I've been letting you do your own
thing since you been here. I
haven't been guiding your
decisions. You're going down a
road that leads to nowhere. I
can't let you go out like that.
It's time to make some changes
son. I'm not your pops
anymore.....I'm your father, and
all of this weed smoking and
having sex in the house stops from
here on out okay. I want to see
your grades. I want you focused on
that so you can get into college
next semester. You can't stay here
and make the same mistakes I made.


Pops, I'll be alright I know what
I'm doing.
Chris when I was your age, I had
three brothers to raise. I didn't
know what I was doing and I know
you damn sure don't know what
you're doing. Get your grades
together man. From this point on
you go to school and come home.
That's it. No hanging out and no
having females over if you get
horny use your hand, it won't be
the same but it will save you a
lot of money and trouble in the
long run.....Get some sleep son.
Alright pops..I mean dad,
                                         CUT TO:
Tracey comes to pick Teddy up for his Doctor's appointment.
What's up John?
      (He kisses Tracey
       on the cheek)
Hey, Tracey what brings you over
here this early.
You know Teddy has his Doctor's
apppointment today.
Teddy is walking down stairs.
You ready Tracey?
Yeah, Teddy let's go I got the car


Good luck man. I wish I could come
but I gotta go to New York.
Uncle John, are you gonna--
Don't worry Chris, I'll be back in
What's going on Chris?
Teddy, go on to your Doctor's
appointment. When you and Tracey
come back Chris has a lot that he
needs to discuss with you.
Thanks John. I'll talk to you when
you get back, you know we're gonna
be at Eric's tonight.
Man I admire your courage to keep
it moving, but take care of
yourself okay....I'll talk to you
later I gotta catch this flight.
John goes to get in the cab as Tracey and Teddy leave.
                                         CUT TO:
We see Juan's house. Juan has just come in from the gym. He
takes his clothes off and jumps in the shower. moments later
he gets out with a towel wrap around his waist and goes into
his room. He hears music and smells candles. He walks into
the room and see's Trina in a lingerie with roses on the bed
and a bottle of champange.
Trina, what's going on?
I did some thinking. I talked to
my mother and you're right. You
worked hard for what you got and
it's only fair that you protect


Juan looks at the nightstand and notices the prenuptial
agreement with Trina's signature on it.
      (He picks up the
You signed this?
Juan I love you, and you've never
treated me any other way but good.
If this is what you want I can
honor that.
Juan begins to rip the prenup into pieces.
No, this is not what I want. This
is our relationship and no one
else's. We'll decide what we want.
Come here boy.
Juan goes and makes love to Trina as the camera fades.
                                         CUT TO:
We cut to New York. John is walking into the law offices of
Daniels & Lee with a package in his hand. He walks pass the
Mr. Chapman, you can't--
John continues walking.
Shut the hell up.
John walks into Kyle's office as Kyle is on the phone
talking with his life.
Yeah honey. They switched
attorneys so we won this one.
You're speaking to the mew partner
at Daniels & Lee..... Let me call
you back I have this pest in my
office and I need to call the
      (Hanging up)
Mr. Chapman what do you want. I do
not have time for these games


                       KYLE (cont'd)
you're playing.
Kyle is not paying attention to John as he's speaking. John
slams a package on Kyle's desk.
What the hell is this?
John sits opposite Kyle.
Everything I need to finish your
clients career..... I have a sworn
statement from one of the resident
nurses of what happened on that
operating table. I have audio of
your client confessing his
negligence while offering my
client a bribe. I have bank
statemnents of monies being
transferred from his account to
our witnesses accounts. I could go
You've got nothing you're
Security officers walk in.
                       SECURITY OFFICER
Mr. Lloyd is everything okay.
You're here to put me out again
let's go.
Hold on security....John hold on
for a moment, let's discuss this.
What happened to Mr. Chapman?
Security can you please leave us.
      (security leaving)
Look John, I am done with these--
You listen to me Kyle, because
this is my game now. I want your
clients license and I want a


                       JOHN (cont'd)
settlement on the table yesterday.
I can't make that decision.
      (Raising up)
You better do something..... I
could take this all the way to
trial, but that would be
frivalous, because the only people
that would get hurt by this is
your client and your firm here.
Does that sound familiar? Or have
you've gotten too complacent with
the way you've handled this case
so far.
What the hell do you want?
Game over Kyle! I want a fuckin
offer on my desk by morning, or
your clients career won't be the
only one finished.
                                         CUT TO:
John walks out wiht a tough look on his face.
We cut to Teddy inside of Dr. Nathan's office.
                       DR. NATHAN
Mr. Chapman you're as strong as an
ox. My charts don't show of any
What, I don't understand. Dr.
Jackson told Teddy that he had a
                       DR. NATHAN
He wasn't sure about this. I went
to his office after I got these
results. I realized that he has
faulty equipment. He's taking care
of that now.
Thank you so much Dr. Nathan.


                       DR. NATHAN
You're welcomed Mr. Chapman, just
make sure you come back in two
weeks. I want to make sure you're
still healthy.
I will Doctor Nathan. Have a good
Teddy and Tracey walk into the hallway.
Teddy, I want to do something I
never got the chance to do.
What's that?
Have a family dinner. We can go
pick up Tina and go and cook
dinner, plus me, you and Chris
need to have a long talk.
You're trying to get back
That's gonna take a lot of work,
but I think I'm willing to try.
                                         CUT TO:
We cut to Teddy's house. John is inviting Danielle's parents
inside to talk as Danielle and Chris are sitting on the
Thanks for coming over Mr.and Mrs.
Smith. Please have a seat.
                       MR. SMITH
Okay, Mr. Chapman your son has
gotten our daughter in a lot of
Chris tries to speak as John cuts him off.


First of all Mr. Smith it takes
two to tango, and Chris is not my
son. He's my nephew.
                       MR. SMITH
I don't want to talk you. I want
to talk to the bastard's father.
Chris gets an angry look on his face.
Oh you want to talk to me, because
I helped raise Chris, and please
refrain from calling my nephew out
of his name or this disussison
will lose it's civilization.
                       MR. SMITH
Are you threatning me young man?
What I'm doing is telling you that
the reason I asked the two of you
over is to find a solution as
adults , and by the way I'm not
that young.
                       MRS. SMITH
Mr. Chapman what did you have in
Well these two had it in mind to
have an abortion. I stopped them
from doing that.
                       MR. SMITH
Big mistake, you must be planning
on taking her in.
No, I plan on working this out.
                       MR. SMITH
You must not have kids Mr. Chapman
because you don't understand what
it's like raising them.
                       MRS. SMITH
James lets hear him out


                       MR. SMITH
Shut up Joan. Let me handle this.
I do have kids Mr. Smith, and I
would never throw my pregnant 16
year old daughter out the house,
which as an officer of the court
I'm advised to tell you is
                       MR. SMITH
What are you a cop?
No sir, I am an attorney.
Daddy, I'm going to have an
abortion like you said. I'm
actually scheduled today.
                       MR. SMITH
We had high hopes for you
Danielle, now look what you've
Look Mr. and Mrs. Smith, them
bringing a baby into this world is
not the worst thing they could
possibly do. We have high hopes
for Chris as well, and we're
prepared to make this work.
                       MR. SMITH
Make it work how? It's cost money
to raise a child and we have other
children. We can't afford
Mr. Smith money is no object where
Chris is concerned. He has a
Father and three uncles who are
pretty well off. That won't be a
problem. We are prepared to help
Chris with his baby so that he can
go to college and pursue his


                       MR. SMITH
This is bullshit. Danielle I'm
locking you down until you're an
The Smiths are walking toward the door.
Mr. Smith, there is nothing you
can do right now to change the
fact that your daughter is
pregnant. All we can do is make
things right for the baby's sake
and move on.
                       MR. SMITH
Whatever. You better do something
about your hoodlum ass nephew
befores his does this to someone
else's daughter.
Goodnight Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Thank you so much Mr. Chapman.
                       MRS. SMITH
Yes, thank you for everything.
They walk out as John sit's down next to Chris.
Uncle John thanks for being so
understanding. I thought you was
gonna kill me.
No, your mother might though Chris
what were you thinking?
I don't know. Maybe I was in love
with Danielle, and that I wanted
to make love to her.
Chris do you know the difference
between making love and having
      (Chris looks
I didn't think so. Chris, first of


                       JOHN (cont'd)
all having sex has nothing to do
with love. You get this feeling
inside you and you have to release
it. You find a partner to release
it on, it's pretty much all about
self pleasure. Making Love is
about mental and physical
pleasure. It's deeper than sex.
Yeah it's almost the same feelin
but there's a lot more. Your
bodies become one and it's all
about pleasuring the one your with
first because you love that person
so much, do you understand what
I'm saying?
It makes a lot of sense.
      (Rising up)
Good, I gotta go. When your father
comes home you talk to him and
your mother. You tell them
everything and worry about the
consequences later. I'm going over
to Eric's house.
I will, thanks again for
everything uncle John.
We're family Chris. This is what
we do.