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Wish Bank
by John Kinter (ourneckofthewoods@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

A story of a grandfather taking his granddaughter to an estate auction of a world reknown traveler for a birthday present. The result of the winning bid are more than they realize.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Older gentleman dressed in dark three piece suit enters from
the right. Advances toward podium in the middle of the
stage. Taps the microphone. It sqeauls loudly quieting the
      (Clears throat)
Good Afternoon ladies and
gentleman. This auction will
consist of items prepackaged by
the late Crispin Green himself. He
stipulated in his will that under
no circumstance will the lots be
opened prior to auction. He
refered to this as a blind auction
and I must agree. He wanted the
possibility of getting a
once-in-a-lifetime find for
practically nothing or perhaps
expensive junk. Once you have won
a bid you will be escorted fron
the auction room and ineligible to
bid on subsequent lots. Thank you
for you attention and good luck to
all of you.
ALEX EVANS leaves stage right and the auctioneer in yellow
polo shirt, black dockers and tan loafers enter and take
position behind the podium.

Two boxes wheel next to the podium.
      (sprays throat and
       sips tea places
       under podium)
Who will start the bidding this
pair of boxes to my right your
left for twenty five dollars?
A man in sandy blonde hair waves his paddle.
I have an opening bid of twenty
five dollars, do I hear thirty?


No paddles wave in the air. The auctioneer frowns his
obvious disdain.
Please folks. Remember these
items come from the estate of the
late great adventurer, Crispin
Green. Perhaps you may find one
of the treasures he talked about
but never seen in public.
The auctioneer raps the gavel harshly several times. The
crowd begins to mumble.
Do I hear thirty?
Immediately several hands shoot up. Auctioneer points the
gavel to a man in his mid sixties wearing a brown fedora.

Several rows behind the man in the fedora, a man speaks to a
little girl next to him.
      (peers over half
       moon glasses)
Is that the one, honey?
Girl shakes her head and looks at her grandfather.
No, I am not sure what the box
will look like but when I see it I
will let you know.
Jiada weaves back and forth to look at the items on the
I have a bid of thirty dollars
from the man in the fedora. Do I
hear thirty five?
The man in the fedora crossed his arms and smiled. Another
hand shot up and the mans smile disappeared.

Jaida looked at her grandfather.
Pap, who is this Crispin Green?
Brian looks at Jaida.


He is a man who became famous
travelling the world.
Jaida nods her head satisfied at the answer. She turns her
attention back to the auctioneer ahead. The lady with a
pony tail in front of Jaida and Brian waved the paddle to
cool herself.
I have a bid of thirty five from
the lady in the pony tail.
The embarassed lady stops fanning herself. To her relief
another hand goes up to raise the bid.
I have a bid of forty. Do I hear
forty five?
Auctioneer stops to daub his sweaty face.
Forty once, forty twice, sold to
the lady in the flowered dress for
forty dollars.
A man escorts the lady from the room.

The auction continues for another hour and a half without
Sold for fifty five dollars. That
will be the last item from this
lot. We will take a brief fifteen
minute intermission. If you care
to view items in the second half
auction, please exit to the left,
down the hall then to the big room
on the right.
The auctioneer left the stage. Crowd raise to their feet.
      (jumps to feet)
Pap, can we check out what is
      (smiles at Jaida)
Sure sweetie. Maybe you will find
the right box.


Brian ruffles hair and Jaida runs out of the room. Brian
follows her out.

      (dashes away)
Ok, Pap.
Brian finds her in the room perusing the content of several
tables until she stops at one. She is staing at one as her
grandfather stops beside her.
      (Looking at Brian)
That is it right there.
Points to a white box in front of her. Brian could see
several other boxes on the same table.
      (puzzled look)
How do you know this is the one?
Is there a special marking in it?
      (serious look)
No way, Pap. It is the size that
makes it intriguing.
Okay, but that is a big word for
such a little girl. Where could
you learn a big word like that?
      (smile genuine)
I am not a little girl, I prefer
young lady. And I happened to
learn that on a thing called the
internet. I have learned a lot of
new words there.
Brian laughs at her young maturity. Over head announement
is sounded.
      (soft voice not
If everyone will take their seats,
we will begin the second half of
the auctionn shortly.


Jaida looks at her watch.
Geez, that guy needs to go back to
school and learn how to tell time.
It has only been five minutes. I
will hurry back so no one takes
out seats.
Jaida dashes from room and Brian follows but not running.
In auction room, auctionner ake his postion behind the
      (Taps microphone)
Please, take your seats so we can
begin shortly.
A young man in tweed jacket sits across from Jaida and Brian
neither recognized.

A white box wheeled out and by auctioneer.
First on the auction block is this
small white box. It is a single
package with no distinguishing
marks. I will take an opening bid
of twenty dollars.
Brian felt a hard tug on his arm.
Pap, that is the package. That is
the one I want.
Brian raised his hand to bid.
I have an opening bid of twenty.
Do I hear twenty five?
The man in the tweed jacket nodded his bid.
Twenty five.
Brian's hand shot up immediately.
Thirty! Do I hear thirty five?


The man casually raised his hand. A low murmur eruptedfrom
the crowd. This was the feirciest bidding of the day.
Thirty five!
      (stands and shouts)
One hundred dollars!
The audience gasps! The man took a moment to take in his
bidding rival.
      (looking at man in
One hundred dollars once,twice,
sold to the man for one hundred
Auctioneer taps gavel. Jaida tugs his arm violently.
Let's go and get our package Pap.
Oh thank you, thank you, thank
Brian follows her out.
                                         FADE OUT
Brian and Jaida follow a man in down the hall to the payment
center. Brian stops in front of a mahogany desk with a cash
box on it.
That will be one hundred dollars,
Brian pulls his wallet and drops his Visa on the desktop.
I am sorry sir but we do not
accept credit cards or checks.
This a cash only sale.
Brian pluck fifty seven dollars from his wallet and an
additional twenty three from his pockets.


I am sorry, I have eighty dollars.
I'll run to the bank for the last
twenty dollars.
I am sorry sir. Rules stipulate
that the winners must have all
funds available. Otherwise the
item must be placed back out for
reauction immediately.
You can't do that. This is a
present for my grand daughter,
Jaida. I would mean so much to her
if you could bend the rule just
this once.
      (shrugs shoulders)
Again, I am sorry. I did not
write the rule, I just have to
follow them.
Brian turns to Jaida.
I am sorry, honey. I will have to
get another present somewhere
Brian takes Jaida's hand when a voice calls out. The man in
a tweed jacket appears in the doorway.
                       TWEED JACKET
Wait. I have the remaining twenty
dollars for the young ladies
birthday present.
Everyone watched the man pull out a thick wad of bills and
peels a twenty off and toss it on the desk.
                       TWEED JACKET
There that should make the one
hundred even.
Yes it would.


Brian looks at the man.
Are you sure you want to do this?
                       TWEED JACKET
      (nods head)
If it mean seeing a child with a
smile on her face, then, yes it
would be well worth it.
Jaida rushs over and hugs the man.
Thank you mister.
                       TWEED JACKET
      (returns smile)
You are more that welcome, little
miss. How old will you be on your
Jaida looks at Brian. He nods.
      (looking at Brian)
I will be ten years old.
Jaida turns to the man.
Thank you again mister.
Man was not in the room. Jaida run to door and look both
ways but does not see the man. Jaida returns to see the man
writing a reciept for the white box.
Cashier hands reciept to Brian and Jaida seizes the box.
Both walk out of the room.
Have a good day folks.
                                         FADE OUT


Brian and Jaida leave the acution house. Both get in the
car and drive the half an hour to the house in silence.

Brian pulls in the drive way. Before the car stops
completely Jaida is out the door.
Papaw, look what Pap got me at the
auction this afternoon.
Jaida thrusts the box at Susan. Susan shakes the box but
hears nothing.
How wonderful dear! He got you an
empty box for your birthday.
No Papaw. There is something in
the box.
Brian interupts.
And we will open it after dinner.
Wash your hands and get ready to
eat, Peanut.
Jaida dashes from the living room. Sound of rushing water.

All sit around the dinner table that is completely dressed
with a chicken dinner, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn,
crannberry sauce and rolls.
      (closes eyes)
Bless us o Lord for the thy gift
which we are about to recieve.
Through thy bounty amen.
Brian and Susan eat while Jaida inhales her food. She
finishes in five minutes.
May I please be excused?
Susan wipes mouth and placed the napkin on her plate.


Yes, you may and you may also
bring your box in to the dining
Jaida leaps from the chair with empty plate in one hand and
silverware in the other. Loud clatter as plate and
silverware hit sink. Jaida reappears behind her chair, box
in hand.
Okay, bring me the box. I will
open the tape for you.
Jaida hands him the box. He slips the blade under the tape
and slid it lenght wise opening the box.

Jaida rips the paper stuffing and it exposes an empty
interior. Shocked look appears on Jaida's face.
Check the paper behind you.
Jaida fell to her knees retrieving every scrap of paper.

She opened a bigger piece of paper and a small dull piece of
metal fell to the floor. She places it on the table.

She found a larger piece of paper and opened it. Another
metal chunk fell to the floor.

She raised it in her hand.
Pap, what is this? Is it one of
Papaw's teapots?
I don't know sweetie. Let me take
a look at it.
He holds the object in front of his eyes and inspects it.
I can tell you that it is not one
of Papaw's teapots.
Hmmm, if I we to venture a guess,
i would say that this is one of
Crispin Green's most contriversial


                       BRIAN (cont'd)
pieces. I could be holding the
ledgendary Aladdin's Lamp that
Green found in the Cave Of Wonders
over forty years ago. Ledgend has
it only a diamond in the rough
could handle the genie.
A diamond in the rough? Cave Of
Wonders? I though Aladdin was just
a story. Something someone made
If it were really just a story
then you would be right Peanut. I
remember the story as if it were
yesterday. there was a big to do
about it. Now that I think about
it, he never showed the lamp to
Really? Not even his own kids?
He never married or had kids and
the closest anyone got to it was a
Do you think the story is true
Which is that? The one where he
showed the picture or whether it
I believe he had a brass lamp but
the story...I am not too sure what
to believe.
What about you Pap?


Just as Papaw said, I believe he
had a brass lamp but I can't as
though ti was Aladdin's though.
How about you run along and get a
bath and I will shine this fancy
lamp for you so you can put it in
your bedroom. how does that
I want to shine the lamp. I need
the stuff I can use to shine it up
and make it look pretty after my
Okay, sure you can dear, run along
Great, Pap.
Jaida kissed her grandparents before running upstairs for he
Brian looked at Susan.
You did not believe that story
about him finding Aladdin's lamp
did you? That is just what Jaida
said it was 'a story'.
Susan arched her eyebows.
So you can disprove the story?
Brian rolls his eyes.

He went to the garage to get rags and a half empty can of
Brasso and places everything in a red carrying case. He
returned to his office to see Jaida sitting in his seat.
You are done already?
      (nods head)
Do you have everything I need to
make the dull lamp nice and shiny?


Brain handed her the carrying case that she eagerly
accepted. She tries to run away but Brian still had a tight
grip on the carry case.
Take the stuff upstairs. I will
be up in a minute to show you how
to use the Brasso.
He released the case. She run out of the office.
Brian and Susan hiked up the stairs by two.
                       JAIDA (vo)
Hurry up, Pap and Papaw.
Both enter the room.

Brian and Susan sat on either side of Jaida. She handed the
lamp to him.
Where is the lid? You can't shine
the lamp without the lid. You
would have an uneven shine and we
would not want that. The genie
inside the lamp would not
appreciate that.
Pap, there is no such thing as a
genie. Do you know the story of
I do but not as good as your
Papaw. She used to read the story
to you mom when she was a little
Jaida looked at Susan.
Once there was a beautiful
princess names Jasmine, much like
you own name, who was under the
control of an evil man named
Jafar, who was the evil advisor of
the sultan. In that kingdom,
there was a young boy name Aladdin
who had a monkey named Abu. One
day when the princess escaped from
the castle and made it to the


                       SUSAN (cont'd)
market place there she met
Aladdin. They were both caught.
Aladdin was thrown in to the
dungeon and that is where he got
caught up in the Jafar's plot to
get the magical lamp from the Cave
of Wonders. Jafar knew that it
would take some like what Pap said
was a diamond in the rough,
meaning someone who was bright
shining star in a field of dull
lusterless blackness. Jafar knew
that Aladdin possessed that
special quality. Well, he had
Aladdin go after the mystical lamp
in the cave but Aladdin along with
Abu became trapped in the cave.
While in the cave that is where
Aladdin and Abu learn of the
lamp's most unusual resident.
Aladdin and the genie became good
friend while trapped in the cave.
The genie grants Aladdin three
wishes. One of the wishes he uses
to become a prince so he could
marry the princess. Jafar
happened to get his hands on the
lamp and get the genie to appear
and grant his three wishes. To
save the day Aladdin must use his
smarts to trick Jafar to save his
friends, save the Kingdom and
marry the princess.
Wow that sounds so wonderful,
Papaw. Do you think a special
genie lives in this lamp too?
No, that would only be a dream
come true if a genie came out of
the lamp.
Papaw, in the story, how did
Aladdin make the genie come out of
the lamp?


That is a very good question,
honey. He made the genie come out
by rubbing the side of the lamp.
Then I would need to get Pap's rag
and that cleaning stuff and rub
real hard to make the genie come
out then? What do I need to do
Brian takes rag from and the metal cleaner from Jaida,
applies some milky white fluid and rubbed the side of the
lamp then stopped. He handed the rag to Jaida.
Without warning, the lights in the room dimmed to a low
orange hue, the lamp in his hand began quaking violently. It
dropped to the floor coming to rest in an upright position.
A single small stream of mist seeped from the spout of the
lamp. The low orange hue gave way to total darkness. Just
as suddenly the entire room then exploded in a star white
brightness like none of the three had ever experienced.
                                         FADE OUT
      (total awe)
Wow, what or who is that?
Brian shielded his eyes to see a tan man with his arms
folded, eyes closed and floating above the bed in what he
thought the being was in a state of slumber.
The man floating above the bed opened his eyes and peered
around him. A surprised look blanketed his face. He eyed
Brian suspiciously.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
Who are you?
That is a question I should be
asking you.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
My name is Akbar the genie, my
master is Jafar and ruler of this
lamp. Now would you mind telling
me who you are and where my master


                       AKBAR THE GENIE (cont'd)
is at?
My name is Brian and this is my
wife, Susan and my granddaughter,
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
You have funny names. Now where is
my master? I must know that he is
not in harms way.
Well, if the owner of the lamp is
your ruler then we are your
That is right, Pap! We are
supposed to get three wishes from
the genie in the lamp. Right?
That is correct, honey.
Wow! Just think of what we can
have. You could have a big house
to live in, a fast car for you and
grandma to drive, lots of fancy
jewelry, how about live forever,
or a roomful of money, be a movie
star, and never have to work
again. There are so many things
you could do with it.
Yes, but there are more important
things in this world than the
material things, like money, cars
and jewelry, you know.
      (screws up face)
Yeah? Like what?
Well, you could be the person to
discover a cure for cancer; feed
the hungry of the world, or maybe,
world peace. You could even end


                       SUSAN (cont'd)
world poverty.
What fun would that be?
Yeah, Papaw, what fun would fun
would that be?
I wish you would lose that
attitude of yours little miss.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
Your wish is my command. You have
two wishes remaining."
I can see that wish is not coming
true; otherwise she would not have
screamed at me.
Susan directed the sarcastic comment at Akbar, but it missed
her intended target completely.
What are the wish making
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
Very good question, man who wears
funny clothes. Since there are
three of you before me, then each
will have an individual wish each
and one collectively, as a group,
making a total of four wishes.
What is off limits.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
What you cannot wish for is the
harm or death to anyone, invoke a
war, be a president of any foreign
lands either or a start a
catastrophic natural disaster.
Remember that for every action
there is an equal and separate
reaction. Oh yeah, you can't wish
for more wishes either. Four is


                       AKBAR THE GENIE (cont'd)
the maximum. I think I have
covered everything. Do you have
any questions?
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
Good question from the little girl
who wears funny clothes. When you
have decided all four of your
wishes, you may summons me.
I have a question for you. When do
you need to know what are wishes
I have a question for you. When do
you need to know what are wishes
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
Good question from the little girl
who wears funny clothes. When you
have decided all four of your
wishes, you may summons me.
For your information, man who
wears funny clothes and I do not.
It is you who wears funny clothes
but that is beside the point. We
will let you know when we are
ready. Goodbye.
Brian placed the lamp on the floor.

The top of Akbar's head began forming a point that
gravitated to the spout of the lamp.

Quickly, Akbar's head followed by the rest of his body
wrenched through the S-shaped spout and out of sight. The
lamp spun in a circle as Akbar's body settled into the lamp.
It twirled to a stop like penny coming to rest after wildly
spinning in circles.
Jaida looked at her grandparents in shock. They could only
return the astonished look. For a long moment, no one spoke
a word.


Jaida, Brian, I think we need to
get busy.
                                         FADE OUT
The three discussed, conferred and talked about the endless
possibilities presented to them less than an hour ago by the
mysterious genie from the lamp, Akbar.

A number of different topics were discussed concerning the
group decision. Topics ranged from world peace to domestic
tranquility to ending world hunger.

After a lenghty discussion the meeting concluded.
Okay, now we are sure these are
the three, no excuse me, four
wishes that we requesting.
Both Jaida and Susan nodded their heads briskly as Brian
took the polishing cloth in his shaky right hand, put it on
the side of the lamp and began to rub vigorously.
Tiny tendrils of smoke rose lazily from the spout. A bright
light burst exploded from the tip of the lamp to fill the
dimly lit kitchen. Tiny growls erupted from Jack's bowels as
the strange wisps of smoke rose toward the ceiling.
Jack that is enough. Be quiet.
Jack complies.
Susan clears her throat to get Akbars attention.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
Ah, I see you are ready to divulge
your wishes to me.
Brian nods his head.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
I must speak to my Master Jafar
and seek his approval.


I have already told you that your
Master Jafar is gone and we do not
know where he is either. I bought
the brass lamp you are in at an
auction earlier today.
Akbar reached behind his back and flipped open a dull red
canvas covered book to the middle.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
Under Chapter 41, Article VII
subsection 3b, all contained here
on page 541 of the official genie
handbook. It states ownership is
to change from one master to
another can take place; I must
either get a verbal confirmation
from current master or I must see
his dead lifeless body. Since I
do not see him, I will give you
two hours to produce his body or
else I will have to assume that
you are holding him captive and
take appropriate measures.
Akbar glared at the three as he rescinded back into his
Brian, Susan and Jaida look at each other in stunned
amazement unable to utter a singe word. Jack barked his
disapproval loudly.
What are we going to do now? He is
going to come back in an hour and
if he does not see this Jafar
character, I have a feeling he is
going to go ballistic.
      (rubbing lips,
I think you are right but I have
no idea what we need to do.
Papaw, isn't the name of the
master in the story Jafar?


      (cocks head to the
Uh huh.
Do you think we could trick Akbar
into believing that Jafar is no
longer his master?
Hmmmm, maybe we could, yes.
Looks like you are getting an
idea. I have seen that look on
your pretty face a number of times
Yes you are right. I have an idea
that might just work.
                                         FADE OUT
Susan surveyed the living room; everything appeared to be in
place. She departed to the kitchen.

Walks through the hallway separating the living room and
dining room, a thousand thoughts raced through Susan's
completely boggled mind.

Susan led them into the living room; Jaida sat on the couch
and Brian on his favorite worn brown recliner. Each sat back
and for fifteen minutes listened to Susan's plan.
Well what do you think of the
I think it is killing you my part
of this charade is actually
something I do well and you have
to finally admit the fact that I


                       BRIAN (cont'd)
do it well.
      (returns rye smile)
Its not that I think you do it
well, it is that you might fool
Akbar enough to pull it off.
I also think your plan might just
How will you know, Pap?
Brian shrugs his shoulders.
That mena if Akbar suspects
Jiada concludes her statement with a thumbs down sign.
Right, well that is where you are
going to play a big part in this
plan. Jaida, do you remember when
Pap told you about a diamond in
the rough? Do you remember what a
diamond in the rough is?
Jaida shakes her head.
A diamond in the rough is someone
who is a good hearted person but
lacks social graces. But the
social grace part of it is
something that you still have
years to learn.
The metal lamp popped in the air a few inches and clanged to
a noisy stop. The noise startled all three sending their
adrenaline pumping through their veins. Susan grabs Jaida
by the shoulder and forces her to face her.
      (licks lips)
If something happens you must be
the one who needs to act quickly.
Trust Papaw.


A loud metal clunk erupted again from the kitchen followed
by the sound of a coin spinning in circles.

Brian rushed to the kitchen to investigate the noise. He
watched wisps of smoke riding to the ceiling. The aura
surrounding a slumbering Akbar lit the dimly lit kitchen. He
rustled back and forth before awaking.

Brian poked his head around the corner.
The sleeping giant is beginning to
stir from his siesta. Is everyone
Both ladies nodded their head but the look on their face
said otherwise.
Then you guys need to try to look
the part.
He throws them a quick smile and moves slowly back in the

Brian looked up at the yawning giant.
I hope you had a fitful nap.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
As a matter of fact, I am a bit
apprehensive that you have done
some harm to my master.
A snarl screwed up Akbar's face. He jutted his eye toward
Brian for a closer inspection.
No but he had to leave on short
notice but he did leave a message
for you to view.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
      (eyebrows furrow)
What kind of message?
It is on a VHS tape for you to
watch. You don't know what a VHS
tape is, do you?


                       AKBAR THE GENIE
      (shakes head)
No. What is that VHS tape you are
taking about? What is that?
Brian recognizes an excellent opportunity to take advantage
of Akbar's ignorance and use it to his advantage.
A VHS tape is a new way of people
to record message and let others
view them at a later time. It
just so happens that Jafar got
word that his mother is sick and
needed his at her bedside. So
being the good son that he is,
Jafar left immediately to his
mother's home.
Akbar eyes Brian suspiciously.

Susan and Jaida peeked slyly around the corner keeping their
profile low against the wall.

A rush of adrenaline rushed through their veins and a thin
film of perspiration on Susan's forehead when the massive
figure of Akbar eyed Brian with malevolence.

Brian feels very nervous and knows if one thing went wrong,
the consequences could and probably would be awfully
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
Why did Master Jafar not arouse me
from my slumber and inform me
himself? He has always let me know
in the past.
He did say it was an emergency and
there was no time for such
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
Did he say why he did not make an
attempt? Akbar thinks that
something is up and you are not
telling him. And if that is so,
then it may get ugly. Akbar does
not like or condone liars. You
know that right? The last person
Akbar caught lying was sorry for
the last time.


      (swallows hard)
Yes, um, well, if you will follow
me into the living room then maybe
your fear and apprehensions will
be soothed a bit.
Brian strides purposefully from the kitchen through the
dining room to the spacious living room. Akbar drifted
causally behind Brian from room to room finally choosing a
spot above the television. His arms crossed incensed that he
was being forced to go through such grandiose arrangements
for a seemingly simple message.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
      (voice booming)
Well, I am waiting and I hate to
be kept waiting. There is nothing
worse than waiting. I hate that.
You will not have to wait long. If
you will please move over here.
Brian threw his arm to the opposite corner of the room.

Akbar floats lazily to the opposite corner of the living

Jaida moved to the VHS player, pushed the tape in and turned
the power on to the television. She did not press the PLAY
button. She stopped when Akbar spoke.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
What is this device you are near?
And how do I know it will not hurt
Do you think I would or could do
something that would hurt you?
Uneasy pause.
      (fake smile
       plastered on face)
Do you want your message or not?
Akbar nodded his head as he looked at the ground still a bit


Jaida nodded her head and chuckled a bit to herself. She
turned to the VHS player and pressed the PLAY button.

The snow filled screen gave way to blackness with flakes of
A likeness that Akbar knew as his master, Jafar, appeared on
the electronic device. Akbar drew back aghast at the sight
of his master. He brought his hand to his mouth and gasped

Jaida giggled to see such a large man acting like a child.
Video plays.
My good friend Akbar, I must
apologize to you for leaving on
such short notice. I received a
call that my mother was very ill
and did not have much time. By
the time you see this I will be by
my mothers bedside. Therefore I
am entrusting you in the care of
these wonderful people. I trust
you will take care of them as you
have taken care of me over the
There is really nothing to worry
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
Where did you get that message
from Jafar?
      (licks lips
I told you that he made the
message before he left. He did
not know if he would be able to
return. He said his mother was
pretty sick.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
Why are you so nervous, one they
call Brian?


I am not nervous. What would ever
make you think that I am nervous?
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
      (even tone)
My experience has taught me that
when some one licks their lips the
way you have, it indicates they
are lying. So tell me why are you
lying to me?
I am not---.
Akbar interupts angrily.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
      (voice booms)
You lied to me then and you are
still lying to me now. Prepare to
Akbar drifted over the doorway blocks their only escape
      (panic turning to
No, Pap. You can't do that to my
Pap, you big baboon.
Jaida rushed the floating being.

Akbar winced slightly then turned his attention toward

Susan grabbed a wildly swinging Jaida and retreated beside
the corner between the worn brown recliner and the long tan

The pair winced when they caught a glimpse of the angered
An aura of colorful clouds churned behind Akbar's head with
rumbles of thunder and jagged streaks of lightning shooting
from side to side. His hands morphed into nasty claws with
large uneven jagged yellow pointed tips. He arched them
above his head poised for a strike.

The once colorful clouds darkened to a deep black, the
thunder intensified as it rolled more violently, while the
lightning grew more intense with each release.


The veins bulged largely from Akbar's thick neck.

The intensity of his ire rose to the boiling point.
      (crying, tears
       flowing freely)
She broke free from her grandmother grasp and raced to
through the smoky wisps of Akbar, by way of dining room to
the kitchen.

She returned a moment later and stopped in the center of the
living room.

It made Akbar stop dead in his tracks and took the winds out
of his sails.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
You will drop that right now
little girl.
      (huffing and
I will only when you are back in
this brass lamp.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
I said you will drop that right
now or you will suffer the same
consequences as your grandfather.
Jaida removed her hidden hand moved forward to expose a
shiny twenty-ounce claw hammer her grandfather kept under
the kitchen sink.

Then Akbar's worse fears were being realized.

She took a few steps backward then forcefully dropped the
brass lamp home of Akbar on the floor and knelt before it as
she raised the hammer in the air.

She looked Akbar directly in the eye.
You will get back in this lamp
right now or I will take this
hammer to it.


                       AKBAR THE GENIE
You would not dare!
Jaida continued to raise the hammer to her apex, stopped and
looked at Akbar again.

In a flash Akbar swooped down and grabbed the closest person
to him, Brian, by the neck and returned to his spot above
the doorway.

Akbar gripped him by the throat as Brian hung loosely in the
air, his feet dangling four feet from the carpeted floor.
Brian gurgled painfully as he tried to obtain a lungful of

Jaida quickly thrust the hammer making solid contact with
the spout of the lamp.

Akbar's winced in pain and with his free hand grabbed his
upper left arm.

Jaida immediately recognized the significance of his pain.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
      (anger bordering
Stop it! Stop it right now or I
will choke the life out of him
this very instance. Do you
understand me? Do you understand
And I will drain the life out of
you if you do not release my Pap
right now. Do it, do it right now
or you will be more sorry than he
will and faster.
Akbar's right fist intensified its grip around Brian's neck.

Brian's face changed a few shades of red from a rosy pink to
a very dark and intense red that scared Susan.

Jaida released her poise stance and brought the hammer
formidably to the peak of the lamps brass lid. The tip bent
askew to the left touching the top of the lamp.

Abruptly, Akbar released his grip on Brian dropping him like
a sack of potatoes. Brian grabbed at his throat as he balled
up in a fetal position, chocking and gagging.


Get back in the lamp right this
instance; otherwise I will finish
destroying the lamp.
Akbar clutched the top of his head and winced in great pain.

Jaida drew the hammer high again.
I will not tell you again. Either
you get in this instance or you
will die. It is your choice.
Susan's surprised look on her face did not betray her true
feeling; she was truly shock at Jaida's conduct.

Jaida drew back until she could do so no longer then began a
descent to the lamp.
                       AKBAR THE GENIE
Wait, wait, wait. I am going back
in. Just, please stop the torment.
The top of Akbar's head formed in a thin conical shape,
drawing to a point and aiming toward the dented spout of the
brass lamp. Several swirls later, Akbar full body was
sucked into the confines of the lamp. The lamp spun in a
few circles then swift come to a stop.

Jaida darted from the living room and returned to the dining
room with the original wrapping paper and box and a large
roll of silver duct tape.

Brian dragged himself to the sitting position and coughed
several more times.

Susan grabbed the duct tape from Jaida.

Jaida took the duct tape back.
Papaw, I must do this myself. If
someone else does it then he will
know and come back out and I will
not be able to do anything about
What do you mean, Jaida?


Finds the beginning and applies it to the edges of the box.
It has to do with that diamond in
the rough thing you explained to
me at the kitchen table. I though
that if there was anything that
could be done, then I was the one
to do it.
Jaida began wrapping the box closed.
      (smiling broadly)
I know you are the most courageous
person even though no one will
ever believe what we just
Thanks, Papaw but I know you and
Pap would have done the same thing
for me. What do you supposed we
are going to do with the box now
that I have finished wrapping it
After half of the roll is applied, Jaida bites the tape then
smooths it out, closing the box.
      (clears throat)
I am going to do more than Crispin
Green did with the cursed lamp. I
am going to bury it in a deep,
deep hole. That way no one will
ever have to endure the same
misery the cursed lamp brought to
Do you think that is the reason
why Crispin Green had the lamp
wrapped in the box so tightly?
      (thinks before
There is no way to know for sure
but I believe you are correct. Now
let my next order of business is
getting a shovel.


Let me help you, Pap.


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