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PS--Episode 1 Pilot
by Jacent Wiggins (jacent4224@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
This is a half-hour television show that centers around the office os PS (Public Safety). It is set in New York on private property of a large, fictional company. It follows the lives of the office workers, mostly while at work.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



JOSHUA QUINCY enters the front office of PS and walks up to
the desk where Gina, Maria, and Victor are hard at work.
      (Looking Around)
Hello, I'm looking for a Mrs.
Francine Lewis's office. Ah, you
know what never mind, I see it.
Maria, Gina and Victor all look up just as Joshua walks away
into Francine's office. Joshua closes the door behind
      (To Maria)
I'm pretty sure he wasn't supposed
to do that.
You think?
Officer Bryant comes out of the Control Center.
                       OFFICER BRYANT
      (To the group)
Did I just see what I think I saw?
Well that all depends on what you
think you saw.
                       OFFICER BRYANT
I think I just saw you guys let
someone walk right into Francine's
In that case you did just see what
you think you saw.
                       OFFICER BRYANT
Guys you know she's not going to
be happy about that.


Well if she would have had her
door closed, or if they would have
had some kind of barrier to stop
people from just walking wherever
they want
      (Under her breath)
Or if her lazy ass secretary would
actually do something.
      (returning to her
       normal voice)
maybe we could have avoided that
                       OFFICER BRYANT
So it's pretty much everyone fault
but yours.
                       OFFICER BRYANT
Why don't you tell her that?
Are you kidding me? I like my job,
at least I like the money my job
gets me.
Yeah, you keep screwing around you
won't have a job. You're the one
who's supposed to stop the people
from just walking through.
Excuse me, I thought you were a
man, all big and bad, aren't you
supposed to protect us women folk?
I would but you girls fought all
those long, hard years for equal
rights, and you're so close to
being there, I'd hate to rob you
of them.
Gina and officer Bryant begin to laugh, and then some
laughter comes from Francine's office. The three workers and
Officer Bryant look confused. Francine's door opens and she
and Joshua walk out laughing. Officer Bryant then hurries
back into the control center.


      (To Joshua)
Thank you, I really appreciate
No, thank you. You're doing me a
Joshua turns and goes towards his office, As Francine is
leaving the front office for a meeting she turns to Mrs.
      (To Mrs. James)
How long is this one Wilma?
                       MRS. JAMES
Scheduled for an 11:30 finish.
Great. I'm off.
Francine leaves the office and Maria follows in the
direction of Joshua to his office.
      (Turning around
       seeing Maria)
Can I help you?
Well you can start by telling me
who you are and finish by going
back to wherever you came from.
Wow, you got some fire don't you?
You must be Maria; am I right?
Yeah, why?
I think I'll keep you.
You'll keep me?


Yeah, we're going to need that
attitude around here.
      (Motioning to
       various things in
       the room)
You, this , everything. It's just
Joshua smiles.
What are you smiling at?
You don't want me here?
I'm glad that amuses you.
No, I was asking.
Oh, I haven't made that clear
enough already?
I just got here, what could you
possibly have against me already?
Oh, I don't know, maybe it's the
fact that every time we get a new
boss someone gets fired.
Well it's not now, nor has it ever
been you, so why do you care


      (Ignoring Joshua's
       last statement)
I'm assuming you are our new boss,
Yes I am.
So who is it? You have to make a
name for yourself by getting rid
of someone, making us all scared
of you so tell me who it is.
Who says anyone is getting fired?
Who says I'm not the nice guy
wants desperately to be liked and
admired by his staff. Who says I'm
not the guy who wants nothing more
than a fresh start after a recent
rough road.
History says.
Joshua smiles again.
History's right. If we as a people
know one thing it should be this:
if we do not learn from the
mistakes of our past we are doomed
to repeat them. This is my first
managerial job, so I don't have a
past in this situation. If doing
this is wrong you can rest
assuredly that my next stop,
wherever that may be, no one there
will be made an example of by
being fired on my first day.
Maria looks confused.
That does us no good right now
No, it doesn't, but once again why
do you care? It's not you.


The people who work here are my
friends. I don't want to see
anyone go.
OK, then I'll just fire you and
they can all stay.
I thought you didn't want any of
them to go?
I don't, but I don't want to go
I don't believe you for a second.
I find it too hard to believe that
you don't want to see one of these
people go, that every single
person here is your friend.
You don't know me well enough to
make that kind of judgement.
No, I don't, but I know people and
no one likes everybody. There's at
least one person who works in this
office who you want gone.
Yeah, you.
Joshua smiles.
You smile a lot.
      (Moving closer to
I'm glad you noticed.


Since you noticed it means you're
paying attention to me. I like it
when people pay attention to me.
No. I meant why do you smile a
My life isn't bad enough for me
not to smile. So are you ready for
Ready for what?
To find out who it is.
That's getting fired?
Joshua nods.
Who is it?
Follow me.
Joshua walks out of his office and Maria follows. They walk
to the front office where Gina and Victor are.
      (To Victor)
What's your name?
Victor can you do me a favor?
That depends.
Who are you?


The new Parking Coordinator or
more effectively know as your
boss. So about that favor.
Whatever you need boss.
Out of everyone who works here,
can you tell me who lives the
Victor thinks about it for a second.
That would be Shawn.
OK, could you call him and tell
him to get here before he no
longer has a job? I'm going to
need three people in the office
this morning.
But there are already three people
Oh, I'm sorry, you're under the
impression that you still have a
      (In disbelief)
Victor, you're fired. Have all
your things cleaned out of this
office by the time Shawn gets
Joshua looks at Maria and then walks back to his office.
Shawn enters the office and walks up to MARIA and GINA.


So what the hell is going on?
We got a new boss today and you're
our next lucky contestant.
He just fired Victor. I think he's
cleaning house.
So you're saying I could be next.
If I had a guess I would say so.
Shawn shows a worried look on his face.
      (To Maria)
Stop messing with the boy. He just
needs you to cover the rest of
Victor's shift.
Okay. I'll be right back
Shawn walks to Joshua's office and lightly knocks on the
You wanted to see me?
      (Looking up)
You Shawn?
Yeah. Ok. How do I say this?
Don't worry the girls already told
me. I can work the shift today.


No, that's not it. I actually
didn't call you in to work the
So what's up then?
I'm sorry Shawn, as a direct order
from Francine: you're fired.
Yeah, she says thank you for your
years of service, but they are no
longer necessary.
What?! That makes no sense, that's
not fair. I understand Victor
getting fired he was a useless,
lazy, stupid piece of
       Shawn's rant)
I'm sorry, it's just I don't get
it, I'm never late, I'm a good
She's never gotten a complaint
about me, I do everything she
Joshua starts laughing.
      (Still laughing)
      (Finally noticing
What is so funny?


                       SHAWN (cont'd)
I'm not really fired am I?
Joshua shakes his head no.
Oh, that is so mean. That is not
nice at all, I don't know if I
even want to work here any more.
      (Smiling a bit)
I'm sorry Shawn. I couldn't help
it. I have to have some kind of
fun here.
Yeah, Yeah.
Joshua stands up and extends his hand.
Joshua Quincy, your new boss.
Shawn Robinson, one of your newest
Nice to meet you. So Shawn I know
you said you could work the rest
of Victor's shift today, but will
you work the rest of his shift for
Well I'm not going to lie, ten
minutes ago it was an easy yes but
not so much now.
Are you going to make your new
boss beg on his first day?
I might. Give me a second.
Joshua gives Shawn a sad face.
Oh, that is just bad, you
seriously need to work on that
face, it's going to get you no


                       SHAWN (cont'd)
Please Shawn, you'd be doing me a
huge favor.
No problem boss man. I'm game.
Just for the record I knew all
along it was a joke. I knew I
hadn't done enough to get fired
No, you haven't, but I don't think
you're going to be here much
Why's that?
I don't know, you just don't
strike me as the corporate type. I
don't know, it's like you could
never be happy here, not just here
but in the office environment in
You got all that from a handshake?
That's why I'm in management.
Shawn laughs.
I'm sorry, bad joke. I have a
problem where I make judgements on
people when I first meet them, bad
Don't worry about it. I always
envisioned myself in an office. I
never wanted to be in one, so you
are right on that account, but I
always saw myself in one.


And here you are.
Yes, here I am. Well I'm going to
get out there and get to work. It
was nice meeting you and I look
foward to being your lackey for a
Joshua laughs.
I look foward to having you, and
thank you again for staying today.
Shawn turns and leaves Joshua's office. He returns to the
front office with Maria and Gina.
He seems like a cool guy.
That "cool guy" just fired Victor.
Yeah well he fired me too.
Why are you still here then?
I'm a rebel.
Why are you still here then?
He was only joking. It was
actually really funny once I found
out he wasn't serious.
Shawn sits at the free computer and begins to work. In walks
an employee of one of the surrounding buildings.


                       CUSTOMER #1
      (To Maria)
I need to speak with your
supervisor right now.
Officer Bryant comes out of the control center.
How can I help you ma'am?
                       CUSTOMER #1
Can you make this go away?
The customer shows Maria the ticket.
Not directly no.
                       CUSTOMER #1
Then you can't help me, I need to
speak with a supervisor.
      (To Officer Bryant)
Can you address this please?
                       OFFICER BRYANT
I'm sorry, I don't deal with
parking issues, but this young
woman trying to assist you can
help you, she's pretty good with
this stuff, it's why they hired
Just tell me what the problem is
and I'll be happy to help you as
best as I could.
Upon hearing the commotion Joshua comes out of his office
and stands in the background listening to the problem at
hand. No one notices his presence.
                       CUSTOMER #1
      (Obviously not
I got a ticket for parking in one
of the hadicapped spots in front
of the Walsh building, the
building I work in. All I did was
unload some things in my car and
take them to my office. I was in
the spot for less than ten
minutes. I'm not paying a fine for
$50 for parking in a spot for less


                       CUSTOMER #1 (cont'd)
than ten minutes.
Ok, here's what you have to do:
Maria grabs an appeals form and attempts to hand it to the
You have to write a letter of
appeal explaining what
                       CUSTOMER #1
       Getting upset)
You have got to be kidding me. I'm
not writing a letter for this
mess. Let me speak to your
supervisor right now.
I'm sorry ma'am but this is our
standard procedure.
                       CUSTOMER #1
      (To Officer Bryant)
There's nothing you can do here?
                       OFFICER BRYANT
That's the standard procedure, she
knows it better than I do. I
believe she's doing her best to
let you know what you have to do
to get rid of this problem.
                       CUSTOMER #1
I don't care what the standard
procedure is. It's just like the
people in this place to give you
the run-around. I've worked for
this company for six years and
never once have I violated the
rules, and now that I make one
little mistake for not even ten
minutes might I add.........I want
to speak with your supervisor now.
If you would have let me finish I
would have told you that after you
write the letter if you are not
happy with the verdict you can
make an appointment to speak with


                       MARIA (cont'd)
a supervisor, but as for now he
does not take walk in
                       CUSTOMER #1
I don't have time for all that. I
need this taken care of right now.
I'm sorry but as I said our
supervisor doesn't take walk in
                       CUSTOMER #1
I'm not leaving until I speak with
a supervisor.
I'm sorry ma'am but as I said our
Joshua walks up to the woman and begins to speak with her.
Is right here. Hello, my name is
Joshua Quincy how can I help you
                       CUSTOMER #1
No I need to speak with a real
supervisor, someone who could take
care of this.
The Customer shows Joshua the ticket.
Well I'm the supervisor of
parking, so I'm the person who
deals with that.
                       CUSTOMER #1
Oh. Well I got this ticket for
parking in a handicapped spot, but
I was only there for ten minutes
to unload some things from my car.
We have a standard procedure we
ask everyone who wishes to appeal
a fine to follow. You must first
write a letter, then after a
decision is made on that, if you
are unhappy with the result you


                       JOSH (cont'd)
can make an appointment to see me.
Joshua hands the customer a paper with the proper appeals
process on it.
                       CUSTOMER #1
We can't just discuss this right
I don't really have time to.
                       CUSTOMER #1
But you're here right now.
Yes, but just as you don't have
time to write a letter, I don't
have time to speak with you right
Officer Bryant stifles a laugh as does Shawn and Gina. The
Customer looks a little embarrassed.
                       CUSTOMER #1
Thank you, sir.
Please, call me Joshua.
                       CUSTOMER #1
Thank you Joshua, you were very
helpful unlike some of your staff.
Have a nice day ma'am.
                       CUSTOMER #1
You too sweetie.
The customer leaves the office.
      (Walking back to
       his office)
Maria follow me please.
Joshua walks to his office and Maria follows. Officer
Bryant, Shawn and Gina burst out with laughter.


                       OFFICER BRYANT
      (Imitating the
I don't have time to write a
I'm sorry ma'am, but it's hard to
believe you don't have time to
write a letter but you have time
to stand here and complain and to
tell me how to do my job,
                       OFFICER BRYANT
      (Still Imitating)
Well I'm sorry, I am quite stupid.
Wow I really hate stupid people,
and right now she's topping my
Close the door please.
Maria closes the door and sits down.
Don't sit.
Maria stands.
I told her the exact same thing
that you did, she just didn't
Don't worry about it. I was
standing there the whole time. I
heard and saw everything. I know
you did the right thing.
Why did you call me in here then?
Earlier this morning you busted
into my office because I was
coming onto your territory. You
let that woman walk all over you.
You have a fiery personality. Why


                       JOSH (cont'd)
don't you use it?
We were told we had to be nice all
the time.
You can be nice and assertive at
the same time. You have the
ability! Use it!
      (Getting emotional)
I did use it, long before you got
here and I almost got fired
because of it. I need this job.
You have a new boss now, I'm
giving you permission to do it. If
someone has a problem with that,
they can take it up with me,
that's what I'm here for, not just
to be your boss, but to help you
and to protect you and I promise
you I will do that. You don't have
to like it, you don't have to like
me, just trust me, I won't throw
you to the wolves. If you can't do
that then maybe you shouldn't be
working here. Now go back out
there and do your job.
Maria walks out of Joshua's office to the front office.
      (To Gina)
We're going to the bathroom.
      (Surprised/ Scared)
      (To Shawn)
You'll be ok for a bit?
Well Josh said he needed three
Maria gives Shawn a nasty look.


I'll be fine. Take your time.
While Maria and Gina go to the bathroom, Francine returns
from her meeting. Mrs. James (her secretary) joins her in
her office.
Anything happen while I was out?
                       MRS. JAMES
Yeah. That Maria is a very
disrepectful girl. A woman came in
here, nice woman, just wanted to
inquire about a fine she recieved
and Maria was just so nasty.
Joshua had to come out and fix the
situation, he's so good. He fixed
everything without a problem.
I told him to fire her, what is
she still doing here anyway?
                       MRS. JAMES
Well you know how I hate to
distract your anger, but you have
another meeting to get to.
Fine, I'll take care of this when
I get back.
Francine walks out of her office to her meeting.
Joshua is walking into the front office and stops for a chat
with Shawn.
You missed lunch today.
Did I?
Yeah, you seem pretty out of it.
Yeah, a little I guess, new job
and all.


Long day?
Really long. I guess I'll just get
something on my way back to the
hotel. What's good around here
Pizza is the safest bet. I'm going
to have chinese tomorrow though,
it's not too bad. You should join
I think I just might join you.
Cool. Hey, when did you get into
Last night. I'm staying at
someplace called the Royal Inn. I
go from there to here, then back
there again.
That doesn't sound like fun, you
got no place to stay?
Oh no, I do, my friend Danny lives
out here, he's one of the few
friends that I have. I'm going to
stay with him until I can find my
own place.
That's pretty nice of him to let
you crash for a while.
He better had, I'm giving him an
income, it's the least he could
How do you mean?


Well I needed someone to replace
Victor, you can't work your
schedule and his.
      (Shocked but OK)
Oh, ok, cool. He can have lunch
with us too then.
Yeah, well I got some work to
finish up. I'll see you later.
Joshua returns to his office. A few minutes later Gina and
Maria return from lunch and Francine returns from her latest
      (To Shawn)
Is Joshua around?
He just went to his office a
couple minutes ago.
Thank you.
Gina goes to Joshua's office.
She doesn't look too happy.
How very observant of you.
Gina enters Joshua's office.
We need to talk.
Ah, so she does speak. All day
long I thought you were a mute.
What's on your mind?


Francine enters Joshua's office.
      (To Joshua)
Hey, can I speak to you in my
office for a moment?
Uh, sure.
      (To Gina)
I'll be right back. You can wait
Francine and Joshua are walking and talking on their way to
Francine's office.
So how's the first day going?
Not too bad. I fired Victor, and
Danny will be in tomorrow for
training. Shawn seems like a nice
guy, I mean either that or he's
gay, but either way he seems cool.
Maria, she's going to be a good
assest for me.
You think so?
Yeah, she is very tentative
though. That's your fault for
scaring them so much. I'm going to
break her out of that if it's the
last thing I do. I can't believe
you wanted me to fire her instead
of Victor.
She's never shown me any promise
as a good worker.
That's because you never let her
show you anything, you put her on
a leash from the moment she got


Yeah, well she's still on thin
ice. She is going to have to prove
her worth to me.
Don't you worry, she will. If I
can guarantee you nothing else,
it's that she is worth keeping.
I heard you had to rescue her
today. She was being rude to a
customer and you stepped in.
I had to rescue her but not
because she was being rude. Some
lady came in and wouldn't listen
to her, she wouldn't even listen
to the officer, she wanted nothing
more than to get rid of her ticket
and wouldn't shut up. The customer
was the rude one, Maria was just
Ok, I trust you. What about Gina,
she's our best you know. She's the
one who's really going to be
something special one day.
I don't know. I haven't got a read
on her yet. She won't talk to me.
She was just in your office.
But as you can see, I'm not there
now am I?
Gina walks out of Joshua's office to the front office.
      (To Gina)
He did it again!


He hired one of his friends, some
guy named Danny, to replace
Already, I guess I have something
else to talk about now.
Yeah, how did that go anyway?
It didn't. Francine came in before
we got started. They are in her
office right now, didn't you see
them walk by?
I did, but she was to busy looking
outside at some guy.
Shut up! I was not.
Maria gives Gina a knowing smile.
So I'm guessing Eric doesn't get a
call back?
Not in this lifetime.
What about me?
You had your shot.
That was years ago, I'm a
different person now than I was
then. Besides, I barely knew you.
Yes, but I know you now, it just
wouldn't work.


One more chance just one more, I
mean it's a free dinner for you,
come on.
Ok, one more chance, one.
Ok, while you two sort out the
details of your date, I'm going
back to wait for Joshua in his
Well, I have to get to another
meeting. You'll probably be gone
by the time I get back, so have a
good rest of your first day and
I'll see you tomorrow bright and
Ok, see you later.
Joshua and Francine exit Francine's office. Joshua makes his
way toward his own office.
Joshua enters his office.
Sorry about that. I hope I didn't
keep you waiting too long.
Not a problem because this was
worth waiting for.
Something tells me I'm in trouble.
Should I sit down for this?
Oh yeah. I think you better.
      (Sitting down)
Lay it on me.


Who the hell do you think you are?
You come in here, new to our place
telling us how to do our job. I
mean you fire Victor who's a
pretty good worker, force Shawn to
take over his shift, threaten to
fire Maria and on top of all that,
you hire one of your friends to
come in here and probably help do
your biding to get rid of the rest
of us. Seriously who the hell do
you think you are?!
Wow, you got some fire in
Don't get cute with me.
Ok, fine. First off, it was Victor
or Maria, that was a decision that
I had to make and it was a
question long before I came into
the picture. You said that Victor
was a pretty good worker, but both
you and I know that's a lie, and I
appreciate the loyalty you guys
have towards one another, I can
only hope that one day you'll show
me the same, but he was a bad
worker, most of the people here
are. Maria isn't great, but she
has the potential to be, I saw
that in her from the very first
moment we met and I wasn't letting
that go, but as a whole this
office is bad. There are way too
many mistakes that make it to
Francine's desk, I'm here to stop
that. From now on, any mistake
that makes it to her desk will
have my name on it. It will be
looked at as my fault and I will
take full blame, and before you
start to question whether or not I
am qualified to do this job: I
graduated from Dartmouth with a BA
in Business Management and I then
got my Masters from Harvard
Business school and I did all that


                       JOSH (cont'd)
in a five year span. None of you
here know me, so I can understand
why you don't trust me, but I am
not the enemy. I don't know any of
you, and I don't quite trust you
yet either, that's why I hired
Danny. I've known him for 16
years, and more importantly I know
he is just as qualified as I am to
run this place. Most importantly I
know I can trust him and the only
way this office will ever be
successful is if there is a
modicum of trust between the
parties. I can tell you really
care about Maria, probably about
as much as I care about Danny and
that's why you're in here fighting
for her. That's fine, because I
would have done the same thing,
but when it comes to my job, don't
ever question my motives or where
I stand. From this point on know
that I am on your side.
Have I made myself clear?
I'm sorry if I yelled, I didn't
mean to.
No it's ok, I kind of derserved
No you didn't. No one does and I
know Francine is good for that. I
don't want to be that kind of
No, stop apologizing. i'm smarter
than that. I know better than to
do what I did, I just let my
emotions get the best of me. The
funny thing is I never told you
the reason I came in here.


I'm listening.
It's the whole Maria situation
from earlier. The reason she was
as tentative as she was is because
Francine threatened to fire her.
I know.
You do?
Yeah. And I told Maria she has the
green light to be more assertive
now. If Francine doesn't like it,
she can fire me.
Gina gives a look of approval.
Almost. I'm going to get back to
work before I make an even bigger
fool of myself.
Gina turns to leave.
Gina, wait. I have something else
to say.
Gina turns back towards Joshua.
Go on.
I just wanted to say, that if you
ever asked me to marry you, under
no circumstances would I be able
to decline.
Gina gives a look of complete shock, wonder, and amazement.
I'm serious. Under any
circumstances, if you asked me to


                       JOSH (cont'd)
marry you would I be able to say
      (In disbelief)
Uhm. Ok.
That's all.
Gina slowly turns and walks out of Joshua's office closing
his door behind her.
Joshua picks up his phone and dials.
Hello. Hey ma. I miss you too.
Joshua's talking fades.


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From Anthony Date 6/19/2007 ***1/2
Creative and unique, very exciting! Check my screenplay out if you get a chance. Let me know when part 2 is done. http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291531122&t=&pg=4

From Rican Date 6/13/2007 ****
Very Intresting start to an amazing comedy. Am looking forward to reading a possible part2 ?> Where did you come up with such a brillant idea? Is this at all in relation to any life experienceS? Overall amazing!

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