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STAR-A Christmas Story
by Ms. Karen Brantley--AYASTA (kbhawker@mail.dps.k12.va.us)

Rated: G   Genre: Family   User Review:

Christmas isn't born yet and Amanda is a young angel. Her parents are chosen to go help Mary and Joseph at the manger. Amanda wants to go and makes a wish. Her wish begins an adventure that spans time and space. Updated 3/20/2018~Read~Enjoy~Must BUY to USE~contact by phone or email for OPTION to BUY from Author, Karen Brantley at kbhawker@mail.dps.k12.va.us or call: 434-713-6854-432 Mac Road, Blairs, VA 24527

(c)2007 Karen Brantley/AYASTA #C102079 Writer's Copyright Association (http://www.wcauk.com)


STANNA, the narrator, is a statuesque guardian angel who
travels along with the characters of this story. She's
ghostly in appearance and NOT visible to those she is
following. She is visible to the angels when she stands at
the throne of God. Her long hair flows with air that always
seems to dance around her. Her long light blue cartanian
(long garment) sparkles as if it were made of stars. She
wears a crown of three stars.
Stanna is standing in the stars holding an unlit candle.
I'm Stanna of the stars. Christmas
near and far holds a story of
angels on high. And this is why I
tell it to you this day. There is
a stairway to Heaven. Many an
angel has walked those stairs,
good and bad. But there was never
a day so sad, as the day,
STALENTAD broke into heaven and
demanded he be given his way.
THE HAND OF GOD appears from out of space and lights the
candle. The candle becomes a STAR.
Stanna flies from space and ascends the stairway to Heaven
and descends the staircase through the clouds of Heaven. At
the end of the stairs, she lifts her wings and flies toward
the Crystal Castle. She lands down in front of the Crystal
Castle's great doors. The doors open and she walks in.
                                         CUT TO:
In the high sprawling Crystal Castle. It sparkles with a
magical, fairy tale quality.

Many angels that are assembled and are dressed in long,
white loin clothes with a wide leather belt and a sword.
Their chests are bare.

Four Cherubim angels stand in front of the throne. The
Cherubim are twelve feet tall, having six wings that cover
their bodies. They have a head with four faces.One face is


an eagle, the next is a bear, next is a lion, and the next
is a man.
STALENTAD, is a dark angel with spiky hair with black
tattered wings. His face is scarred and distorted. He wears
black leather armor, with a sword on his heavy belt. He has
been sent with a company of armed warriors, called
AVILA, a commanding angel, is wearing a sparkling loin
cloth, wide golden belt bearing and impressive sword, stands
to the left of the throne.
Stanna takes her place, standing to the right of the throne.
STALENTAD bursts into the throne room. He takes front and
center before the crowd.
Avila steps down from the throne and walks up to Stalentad.
He pulls out his sword and points it at Stalentad with a
fierce stare.
Stalentad, what is your word?
These angels will never find my
words to be a note of pleasure
this day! I am here to do you a
Stalentad pushes Avila's sword away with a finger. He steps
around Avila with a smile. He claps his hands to address
the audience, then lifts his chin, breaking the moment with
a resounding voice.
Avila sheaths his sword.
Now let's get down to business.
My question is this, why do you
care that humans die? Why don't
you mind your own business? They
are worthless to you all. Let us
be rid of their plagues and
stupidity. I'm sure you all can
agree. You can receive no profit
from even one of their skins.
Let's make a bargain and you'll
save your own skins.


No, no. You miss the point. What
use is any skin?
This just goes way back and well,
it still means something enough to
us to say we are of the same seed
of God.
We will never forget that. Our
continued protection is forsworn
by God. You know this. This vow
can not be broken, not by you nor
I. This is a ridiculous counter by
you Stalentad. Go home before you
tempt God and be sent to hell.
Nahh! It will be warmer there.
How do you stand it in this cold,
impotent place.
It's not so bad. You haven't seen
much. I'd offer you a tour but you
don't seem much in a good mood.
Don't change the subject. I'm not
stupid. A gentle reminder to you
sheep. We will not allow anyone to
help Earth or humans. We will rule
them. They are cows.
I'll forgive you for that.
Avila extends his hand to Stalentad for a handshake.
Stalentad returns the gesture by sticking up his fist and
wiggles a pinky finger at Avila.
You are still my brother,
You're a sap.


Stalentad slaps Avila on the back.
I am not your brother, sister, or
friend! God made me dead to you.
Look at me. I am better than you!
May I remind you our mothers are
sisters. We played together as
children. God didn't change you.
You did. But, did I not even help
you anytime you asked?
Child,you are certainly in diapers
Stalentad fluffs Avila's wing feathers, while circling him.
Avila straightens his spine, military style.
Ok, enough. You will retreat
immediately and pull your
Dagguards out of Heaven today.
Your pledge of war will not be
tolerated here.
Ah, well put. And I will not! You
all claim to be one with your God
of love. He does not love! He does
not love me! Love me and let me
have my way or you die!
Stalentad draws his sword.
Avila puts his hands on his hips, unruffled.
Stand down Stalentad. We will not
allow you to have your way. With
this sword, I'll send you to hell!
Avila places his hand on the sword hilt.


I look forward to meeting you
Stalentad points his sword at Avila's chest.
Draw, pigeon or loose your head
without a knick.
Avila steps back, and draws his sword. He then uses
telekinesis to pop the sword in the air and cause it to
spin min-air. the sword flashes with mirrored Majesty. Then
the sword knocks Stalentad's sword out of his hand.
You cheat!
Not! This should end the problem
Avila sheaths his sword.

Stalentad uses the moment to call his sword back to his hand
with telekinetic power. He swings heavily at Avila's head.

Avila avoids the strike.

Battle begins between them.
Avila succeeds in knocking Stalendtad's sword to the floor
and pushes his sword to Stalentad's neck.
No matter what you do with me, we
will still take the child!
Avila pierces Stalentad's throat and he vanishes.
                                         CUT TO:
Bells are ringing throughout Heaven. A light lacy snow is


Inside the windows candles are being lit.

Christmas decorations are going up for the first time with
holly and berries.

Through windows we see women are at work with spinning
wheels and fabric.

On the ground, men are training for war with sword practice.
ARANDA, daughter to Avila and SYLVAN is a very innocent
young girl. She's petite with huge sparkling eyes. Her hair
is very long and usually loosely woven together with ribbons
and pearls.

Avila, along with his wife, SYLVAN, and his daughter, Aranda
fly up and away from the Crystal Castle, toward the
direction of their home (manion).
We must take great care flying to
our manion, my love. Follow me.
Sylvan takes Aranda's hand mid-air, flying faster after
Mama! Look! There's Tappy, my
best friend! He's truly brilliant
with his gift of telepathic
language for the children. Don't
you think so?
Absolutely, my darling.
Aranda and Sylvan wave at Tappy, who is flying by.
Avila and his family fly down and land at the front door of
their home. They go in.
There is a lit candle on a small table in Aranda's room. The
window is glass-less.
Aranda walks into her bedroom alone, carrying a doll.


Sylvan walks into Amanda's bedroom after her. She goes over
to Aranda and kisses her on the forehead She help her into
bed and tucks her in. Then, sits on the bedside.
Aranda, I have amazing news for
you. Your Papa and I have been
chosen for a mission. We will be
traveling far away, but I want you
to know that we will always remain
as close to you as a prayer. This
is a very special mission my
darling. We've been chosen to
attend Mary and Joseph through to
the birth of their baby. Beatrude,
your favorite guardian angel will
be staying with you.
Please let me come too. I'll be
quiet as a mouse, no one will ever
notice me.
No baby, you are not old enough.
Now close your eyes, say your
prayers, and dream sweet dreams.
Your father and I will be back in
three shakes of a lambs tale. I
love you, my Amanda, now go to
Sylvan leans over and blows out the candle, walks toward the
bedroom door, goes out, closing it quietly.
Stanna appears in front of Aranda's bedroom window. She
glimpses someone peeking in from the outside of the window.
Other creatures in the heavens
were decidedly busy that night
too. Each one had interned
various works of good deeds and
evil schemes. Seeing in and being
in,those of another world far away
were planning intervention as
their work. One had done just that
as he peered through the open
glass-less window of the manion of


                       1 (cont'd)
PRANZIC is outside Aranda's window and had just peeked in.
He is a four-foot creature with the face of a fairy-type
creature complete with pointed ears. His body resembles
that of a small dragon. He has small bat-like wings and is
able to fly. Some of his scales lift with his breathing. An
ooze coming out from under some of the scales, due to the
air that he is breathing in the different world from his.
NIMBI is a miniature unicorn with flower petals laced into
her mane and tail. She standing outside the window.
A tinkling sound comes from outside the window.
Aranda is waking up in the bed, sleepily turning toward the
window. She gets out of bed and goes to the window to
investigate the sound.
Nimbi appears in the window. She puts her hooves on the low
window sill.
Hello Aranda, My name is Nimbi.
Aranda's eyes widen with surprise and delight.
Oh my goodness. I can't believe
you're real. Are you a wish come
Here in Heaven, God can grant a
wish. But you must understand the
wisdom of God. With wisdom, you
will realize that not all wishes
come true at the time you think it
should and it may not be just as
you thought it might happen. Your
wish for a best friend has been
happily granted. For you see, I
think we shall be friends forever.


                       6 (cont'd)
May I come in?
Oh yes, do come in Nimbi. I have
another pillow for you. Would you
like it?
Aranda places a pillow down for Nimbi to sit on.
Nimbi hops through the window. She goes over to the pillow
and sits on it.
Aranda, did you know we could be
transported by just a thought?
No. Transported?
When I was your age, I went to the
Valley of the Unicorn, which is
very blue and very wide. It lay
between lavender mountains. It was
my Grandstah who brought me to the
Stones of Knowledge. Would you
like to go there and see what my
Grandstah showed me Amanda?
Where are the Stones of Knowledge?
It is where the trees are always
singing a distant tune with the
living wind. The wind is a gentle
blowing sound that sways and
tinkles with the sparkle of the
Crystal River. All you need to do
is pick a flower from my mane and
close your eyes. Then we will be
standing on the snowy white banks
of the Crystal River.


      (NIMBI (CONT.)
Pick a flower from my mane,
Aranda. and think, I want to go to
the Stone of Knowledge. Close
your eyes, and we will be
Aranda picks a flower from Nimbi's mane.

A breeze fills the room and they both vanish.
A stone staircase leads up to a waterfall nestled in the
valley of the unicorn. Lavender mountains surround them. The
winds blows a soft tune. Amanda is holding a flower in her
Nimbi and Aranda step onto the white sands of the Valley of
the Unicorn. They walk up to the first stone together.
I can hear the trees.
It is understood by everyone in
the valley Amanda, why we are
here. There, are the Stones of
Knowledge. You must travel them by
yourself. I will wait for you to
return to me. The stones will
guide you.
Nimbi points to the top of the stairs with her horn.

Aranda follows with her eyes, pauses a moment, then steps
onto the first stone.
Each stone plays a musical tone with each step as Amanda
reaches the top. At the top stone, a sparkling ORB appears
hovering there.
At the top stone, a sparkling ORB appears there.
Each stone plays a musical tone with each step as Amanda
reaches the top. At the top stone, a sparkling ORB appears
hovering there.


Can you grant a wish? Can you
What is your wish?
I need to be old enough to go with
Mama and Papa when they go to help
Joseph and Mary.
Time is time, Aranda. That which
we can not changed, we must
endure. I will grant you this, you
will rise to each occasion in life
with courage. Remember each lesson
in life as more than a cherished
past, but as a light that will
carry you forward. I will also
give you a gift that will not be
in a box or have a bow.
A gift?
Your gift is in the timelessness
of the stars.
The stars? I don't understand.
I must show you something.
The Orb opens up, revealing a moving scene of the stars and
the moon. Then,the tree of life appears.
      (ORB (CONT.)
I leave you with this, my gift.
You have received the stepping
stone of knowledge and
understanding. Now, you are ready


                       7 (cont'd)
to go through the stars.
The Orb vanishes.

Aranda drops the flower.
                                         CUT TO:
The twisted tree of life is covered with thorns and is
leafless. It stands on desert land seemingly abandoned. A
large female owl sits on a nest resting on a tree limb.
Stanna is standing close to the tree looking up at it.
The Tree of Life stands in the
midst of an undisturbed tract of
land to be a fair world away.
Stanna approaches the tree reaching to touch it with her
hands outstretched.
      (STANNA (CONT.)
The world of men had long
forgotten the Tree and the tract
of land that was to be prepared
for the Son of God. The Tree
stands barren among thorns and
rushes where the dark angels were
determined to see it remain. The
world of men had long forgotten
the Tree and the tract of land
that was to be prepared for the
Son of God.
THE TREE OF LIFE sways without a wind.
      (STANNA (CONT.)
The world of men had long
forgotten the Tree and the tract
of land that was to be prepared
for the Son of God. The Tree
stands barren among thorns and
rushes where the dark angels were
determined to see it remain. The
world of men had long forgotten
the Tree and the tract of land


                       1 (cont'd)
that was to be prepared for the
Son of God.
CLOSE IN: On a large OWL nesting on the Tree of Life.
      (STANNA (CONT.)
Now, an enormous owl has braved
the thorns and has created for
herself a nest in that deadly
place. She dwells there with other
meat eaters and dragons. These
were the only living beings that
remain to live there.
Uniformed, armed Dagguards are moving across the horizon as
a silhouette in the darkening sky.
      (STANNA (CONT.)
Once noble, the tree remembered
the past and waits for the day
when God comes to revive it in the
sight of man and angel. Now even
so, it has fallen prey to the very
evil it would have diminished into

As the days come and go, the owl
and the argument grow old. Both of
them however, have remained for
all generations with an eternal
life that has robbed mankind.
The sun sets behind the Tree of Life.
FEETZIL is a short creature with large eyes and almost no
hair. He is a Dagguard wearing old worn red boots and
tattered uniform.

He is walking a strewn way of thorns and brush to meet his
fellow Dagguards who are camping next to the Tree of Life.
He has a large bulbous nose that detects food fast.
Feetzil is a creature I find to be
somehow...ironic. He loves the
schmucky strewn way he has found
to get to the tree. He's


                       1 (cont'd)
well...evil, yet...
Arguably, it's cold.
Feetzil fluffs his beard up at the sky and punches up in the
This is the most unequal way to
design a planet's warmth, Lord!
Feetzil punches up at the air again.
I can't understand this stupid
argument over this dung dead tree!
Why argue? There's nothing to it
anymore. Nothing.
Feetzil kicks a stone. He lifts his nose and sniffs. His
large eyes dart around looking for food.
Ah, foo...
Feetzil kicks up to a jog toward the Dagguard camp fire set
up near the Tree of Life.
The sun sets.
A Campfire with a spit skewering meat is cooking over a
roaring fire. A small troop of Dagguards are getting
comfortable around it.
At the campfire, CRITZ the Dagguard Commander who is a half
human,is dressed as a Roman centurion. He has short cropped
black hair with a widow's peak at the forehead. He has no
wings. He is extremely agile and can leap up to 12 feet into
the air.
Feetzil bolts across to the fire and food with a crooked


Critz stands up with quiet command and stares down at
Feetzil's smile fades.
Stretch my work to be too long
CRITZ: Stretch my work to be too long Feetzil!
Aye, Critz. Hail to thee oh
Give me now the word from
Stalentad! I have work to be done.
This is the last day of the days,
before HEROD. I must know where
virgin mother is.
Critz unsheathes his sword and points it at Feetzil's
Give me now the word from
Stalentad! I have work to be done.
This is the last day of the days,
before HEROD. I must know where
virgin mother is.
Feetzil blinks and swallows hard. His eyes open wide with
Stalentad is dung de..head. But I
have word from my own gut. Mmmm..I
have it that she is in Bethlehem
soon. These very next days she is
expected, Lord.
Critz halts his sword's pierce.
You've got gut?


Feetzil grabs his belly and jiggles it with both hands.
FEEZIL: Aye lord, plenty.
Aye lord, plenty.
And that speaks?
Ah yes Lord. Listen.
Feetzil points to his belly, then, to his ear.
Aye, you idiot!
But, seriously Lord. That owl over
there told me. She did!
Feetzil flaps his arms like wings.
She flapped and hooted and said
she has Stalentad's spirit.
Ah you! Now, I can not kill it
for food! You had better be right
or you'll be my dine tonight.
Feetzil walks over to the tree.
Hey, hey, the owl trying to tell
me something. Oh!
Feetzil cuffs his hand to his ear.
She says Stalentad has word for
you, Lord Critz.


She has word?
Yes, Lord. Come and commune
together. Look Lord! That owl up
there is said to be able to tell
you ALL you want to know.
Critz sits back down.
Mmmm...what's that?
Critz points to the meat on the spit.
She says that's a toe and it's
your turn to donate next.
Ah nuts, not my toes Lord. Bad
for you. And I'm off
toes...uh...bad for the heart ya
Critz stands up and pulls off some of the meat for himself.
He leaves, walking toward a tent. The only tent, his.
In the Avila family's garden yard. A meeting and a
commission have begun with friends, family and Amanda's
guardian, BEATRUDE are present.
Avila raises his hands in salutation.
Simon approaches Avila with hand extended. They shake hands.
Congratulations, Commander Avila
on this mission. Our prayers and
hopes go with you and Sylvan to


I accept this mission for myself
and family with great honor. I
want to thank everyone for their
prayers and support. A special
thank you goes to Beatrude, who
will be caring for our daughter
Amanda in our absence.
Beatrude curtsies with a broad smile.
Commander, when do you leave?
In two days.
All appears to be quiet and back
to normal since you rid us of
Stanlentad. I still can't believe
he got into Heaven without notice.
I was astonished too. I barely
recognized him. We are still
investigating how he got in.
I shiver with the thoughts of that
monster here in Heaven.
You have nothing to worry about,
my wife. We are all safe here.
Aranda walks up and takes her mother's hand. Tears welling
up in her eyes.
Mother, may I be excused?
Certainly, my darling.


Aranda quietly drops her hand from her mother's hand and
walks over her friend, Tappy. They both walk away from the
adult group over to a large flowering tree.
What's the matter Aranda?
I don't want them to go without
me. I'm not old enough
Tappy takes a moment to think and looks up at the sky.
Tappy, I just don't know what to
do. I must go with my parents.
Perhaps there's a way.
Tappy leans over and whispers into Aranda's ear.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
A bright shaft of light beams down from the brilliant
northern STAR above. A small group of angels appear on the
ground. All of them are dressed to blend in with humans. No
wings are visible. Avila and Sylvan are among them.
Avila has two camels in hand.
Mmmm....smell this air.
Sylvan sneezes.
I think I'm allergic.
No...no. You'll get used to it.
Come over here and let's get you
on a camel.


Camel? Are there no horses?
Horses? Sylvan did you not pay
attention to lessons? There are no
horses here.
But, I do not ride camels,
You do now, wife.
Sylvan looks at the camel with dismay.
Your ride awaits, my beloved.
Sylvan sneezes again.
Avila laughs and pushes Sylvan up to the camel's back.
Our meal soon, husband?
AVILA: Yes, my love. Next life.
Avila claps his hands.

The camels move forward into the darkening distance.
A small room is candle lit in a modest Inn on the way to
Mary is advanced in pregnancy. She is dressed traditionally
and showing her exhaustion. Joseph is with her.
Mary walks through the Inn room door.She immediately goes
over to the glass-less window to take in the view.
JOSEPH walks in behind Mary with two satchels.


It seems like the entire world has
covered Bethlehem. I think they
may be headed for Bethlehem for
the census too. I feel we are
indeed fortunate to have this
comfort before we are left again
to face the last leg of our
journey to Bethlehem.
Joseph joins Mary at the window, placing an arm around her
shoulders. He also takes in the view.
There is business outside that I
must attend to my dove. I won't be
long. Are you well enough?
I am well, my husband. I have all
I need. Give my salutations to the
angels this eve for me will you?
How did you know I was going to
meet with angels?
I know lots of things.
MARY: I know lots of things.
Mary smiles and puts her hand on Joseph's arm.
Please be good to me Joseph. Tell
me more of what the angels say to
you this night.
I am always good to you, Mary. Oh,
ok, all knowing one. What do you
want to know?


Who are they? What do they look
like? Do they really have wings?
Are they tall or short? Have they
magical powers
Whoa! whoa! One question at a time
ok? I can only do one thing at a
time Mary. One thing.
Joseph lifts one finger in example.
Mary's smile fades to disappointment.
Joseph lifts Mary's chin with a gentle finger.
Kiss me now and I will go.
JOSEPH: Kiss me now and I will go.
Mary and Joseph kiss.

Joseph quietly leaves Mary at the window to watch the the
sun set and a growing campfire in the distance.
A small campsite is filled with tents, several cook fires,
and camels resting nearby.
Avila stands up from his seat by the fire when Joseph
Joseph walks into the camp. He goes directly to Avila. They
embrace in the traditional way as if they were family.
God be the blessing on you this
eve! I see the stars are with you!
I see Mary standing at the window.
Avila's eyes flare a blue light when he looks out to Mary's


How can you see that far? It is
not possible.
That's why God sent me I guess. I
have good eyes.
Avila smiles in Mary's direction.
She is an amazing woman, your
Yes, I know. We are truly blessed.
Have you eaten? Have some of this.
It's very good.
Avila offers food over to Joseph from the cook fire.
Joseph accepts the food.
L'chaim. To life!
JOSEPH: L'chaim. To life!
AVILA: L'chaim!
Avila and Joseph begin to eat.
We will break camp tonight. We
will be ahead of you to Bethlehem.
It is clear to us that it will be
dangerous there for you and Mary.
At the census,do not say she is
with child. I merit no lie. But,
you must disguise her pregnancy as
much as possible. Tell Mary to
pretend to be bread and butter
fat. Stow your belongings, hidden
well, outside the city. You can
return for them later. And lastly,


                       2 (cont'd)
do not appear to anyone as if you
have money. Dress in your poorest
of clothing. Cast your eyes down
and pass as best you can remaining
unseen. When next we meet, Mary's
labor will have begun.
We are worried that there will be
no family or midwife to help. What
should I do?
Sylvan, my wife, will deliver the
babe Joseph. Don't worry, she is
highly trained to midwife to be
Mary. She is a healer through our
Holy God on high.
Avila picks up a satchel and a jug of wine. He hands it to
We must part now. Take this meat
with you to Mary. We will leave
the fire lit. The guard will not
check it unless we douse it. Three
today came to nose about. We fed
them and joked. None worry right
now. Go slowly home. Here is a
dram of wine. Drink it and breathe
heavy of the drink when you are
asked any question. They believe
we are drunken traders and like it
that way. Shalom. Peace be with
you Joseph.
JOSEPH: Shalom.
                                         CUT TO:
Outside in Avila's manion garden yard there are flowering
trees, bushes, and statuary place meticulously throughout.
Beatrude and several angel children are looking around,
behind trees, bushes, and the statuary.


BEATRUDE is a petite, plump, cheerful guardian angel. Pink
ribbons and pearls trail down her long, loosely braided
Beatrude's wings flutter with frustration.
Amanda! Where are you child? You
must come where I can see you.
Seek and find is not a game I wish
to play today.
Beatrude continues searching through the garden yard.
Aranda! Where are you child?
Please come to eat. I've made your
favorite cookies.
BEATRUDE: Aranda! Where are you child? Please come to eat.
I've made your favorite cookies
Aranda is crouched outside the garden gate crying silently
and well hidden.
PRANZIC APPEARS behind Amanda with a large canvas bag in his
PRANZIC is a four-foot tall dragon/fairy creature. His wings
resemble that of a bat. He has extremely large blue eyes
and pointed ears. He stands on two feet-erect. He has what
seems like arms and hands with an apposing thumb. The hands
have pads, like a dogs paw with small claw-like nails.
Pranzic is standing wide-eyes and child-like, however, he
switches his tale like a nervous cat.
Randy, Randy, be my candy.
Pranzic swoops the bag over Amanda. kidnapping her and flies
The Throne room is filled with armored, war-ready angels.
Simon brings in a rope bound Pranzic, front and center of
the throne.


This is a red-handed catch. We
caught this creature flying down
from the clouds. We are sure he
has taken the child,Amanda. We
heard his thought trails. He
stopped thinking, as soon as he
realized we had heard it.
I have not ever been a creature of
darkness. I am a creature of your
heavens! Let me make my house
where I need too.
This is only one of at least three
others that we did not yet catch.
We learned this much more, before
he changed his story.
This creature has certainly found
heaven to be a place that it
thought it could use as a
venerable playground!
What can I say? I just play.
What did you do with the
I do nothing with Aranda. We are
just play friends. We were playing
seek and find and well she hid.
Pranzic wiggles his fingers under the rope.


Please let me go. I do no harm. I
will help you find her.
There are no dragglets in the
kingdom of heaven. You can not be
SIMON: There are no dragglets in the kingdom of heaven. You
can not be trusted.
I'm here
PRANZIC: I'm here
SIMON: Yes, that's the problem.
Nimbi suddenly breaks through the crowd, stumbling forward
with a bloody spot on her coat.
Pranzic took Amanda!
NIMBI: Pranzic took Amanda!
PRANZIC: A child for a child!!
                                         CUT TO:
HEROD'S courtroom is filled with many lavishly dressed
guests. His court jester is standing in front of him.
THE COURT JESTER is a creature from from the Dagguards in
disguise. He is extremely, short--the size of a small dwarf.
He has extremely large black eyes, sharp teeth, and
oversize head. His cap is belled on the two ends which
conceal pointed ears.
The Court Jester begins dancing and humming.
Stanna appears standing next to Herod's throne, unseen by
the others.


It is the days of Herod and the
word had covered the land that the
King had heard a savior was
prophesied to come. This angered
Herod, as he felt he was their
savior. He was so angry that he
decided that in order to stop them
from saying this, he sent out an
army with orders to kill every
boy-child of Israel that they
could find.
Herod juts out his hand and points at the Court Jester.
Break this cake for me!
Herod point to the cake being presented by a servant.
The court jester brightly swings his legs around and pick's
up a piece of cake.
My King, thou art the art of gods.
I must carry this to the worms of
my belly.
The court jester stuffs the cake into his mouth.
Trying me again! I must not forget
to have the worms in that belly
counted when I have it split for
the next Jester's fun!
Herod snorts and laughs.
Where is the virgin mother? Tell
me now! You have the seeing eye.
Use it and live a day longer.
Where is this woman?
COURT JESTER: Where is this woman?


The court jester closes his eyes and goes into a trance.
The woman is left for the house of
Nathan in Bethlehem, my Lord. My
mind is singing a song for you, my
King. I will sing it for you if
you give me more cake.
COURT JESTER: The woman is left for the house of Nathan in
Bethlehem, my Lord. My mind is singing a song for you, my
King. I will sing it for you if you give me more cake.
Herod motions for more cake.
Sing! Or I'll have my lions eat
YOU instead.
The court jester stuffs more cake into his mouth, closes his
eyes and goes back into trance.
Grave to grave, Tree to see, held
there to be a trade. A child for a
child. Mary will be...
Be it known a child is to be at
the tree. Give her to me and two
children will die. One without
wings. One with wings. Trade one
to Herod, and no Jesus will there
Hold! What?
Critz suddenly bursts through the crowd in full Roman
uniform. He bows before Herod.
I have what you seek, my King. She
is held and watched by my men.


                       9 (cont'd)
Mighty Lord, you must recall that
such a thing must be dealt with by
your own royal hand. I await your
agreement to bring you to her.
Upon your command we move.
The woman is held?
By my men, sire.
And where? NO! Don't answer that.
We will go. You will return to
your post. I will send secret
missive to you as to my Departure
to join you there.
Herod stands up from his throne and descends to join Critz.
For this my fine warlord, you will
receive that robe worthy of Caesar
                                         CUT TO:
Under a Roman tent, there are three people clustered at the
edge of the front of the tent in the rain. It's a dark and
very rainy day.
THE ROMAN CENSUS TAKER is tall, loud, fat, greasy looking,
un-bathed, unshaven, and very rude. He's seated under the
tent with a quill pen and parchment paper on a rough table.
Stanna appears standing next to the Census Taker, unseen.
Then, She walks to the edge of the tent and puts her hand
out under the rain, as if to catch some.
The rain taps out a pattern for
fingers to follow, as moments
pass. The census has begun in
Bethlehem with lines formed by the


                       1 (cont'd)
tent of the census-takers in
zigzag patterns, massed, and loud.
How many in the house?!
DAVID and VENTA step up to the Census Taker's table.
David a young and unsure person. He is dressed modestly, but
not poor.

Venta is obviously very young and pregnant. She is dressed
very nicely in fairly new robes.
Three?! Show yourselves in counted
numbers! Got that you buzzards?
My wife, Venta is with child.
DAVID: My wife, Venta is with child.
She's got one day to prove it by a
Roman physician. See the man down
to the next table for that.
The Roman census taker belches loudly.
I've got to stop eating that goat
How many women with child are in
Bethlehem today?


Critz walks in under the tent and bends down to the ear of
the Census Taker.
Need it for the census-man over
there. Gotta have names and
whereabouts of 'em too.
Nuts! I don't have time for that
crud! Do you not see the time of
day and this line!
CRITZ: Not my groan. Just get that for the man now.
Nuts! I don't have time for that
crud! Do you not see the time of
day and this line!
The Roman Census taker shoves a papyrus paper at him.
Here's the work that your man
should have done. Take the woman
with you to next tent. She's one
of those with child in Bethlehem
Critz goes over to Venta and takes her by the arm.
Venta turns to her husband with fear in her eyes.
                                         CUT TO:
The Dagguard camp is strewn and used. David and Venta are
bound and sitting near the campfire. Aranda is sitting on
the ground also near the campfire.


The gathering at the Tree of Life
held such strife here this day.
Most might not see a way out of
this quandary, but God has a plan.
Sometimes it's difficult to
Stanna appears next to the Tree of Life unseen.
Feetzil walks over to Amanda, wagging his finger at her like
a fussy nanny.
Do you know what? I could cut out
your heart and feed it to that
worthless owl over there just like
Feetzil smacks his frog-like lips together with a snap of
his finger and his last word.
No you won't. You're not as bad as
that. I know you're just bored
like me.
Aranda stands up and kisses Feetzil on the cheek and steps
away, toward the tree.
Critz walks up behind Feetzil.

Aranda steps a little closer to the tree and begins to FLY
Feetzil and Critz turn to watch Amanda.
Forgot you're not gonna sleep,
little fleet wet-wart! Sit back
down! Believe me I will feed you
to that owl. Look! Be a good
little angel like you're supposed
ta and make GOD proud and you'll
get to leave this not so nice


Feetzil get her down now! We must
break camp now and move to
Bethlehem and wait there!
Feetzil wagging his finger again is red-faced and
                       8 (9)
Get down now!!!
Aranda flies higher and closer to the tree of life.
The Tree of Life's limbs move without a wind.
A bright star appears in the sky.
Aranda, make a wish.
Aranda turns and places her hands on the tree.
Oh Holy Father, I wish upon the
star here, that I will be as
mighty as a tree and always be
close to thee.
Creature of light, believe me I am
of night and I will kill you if
you don't come down!
Feetzil! Playing with the child is
the last thing you will ever do
here. I have to do everything for
you, you witless blob!
This is the final time! Move! I
want her down and now!
Critz lunges toward Amanda with a jump, pinning them both to
the tree.
Suddenly, the Tree of Life opens up INTO A DIMENSIONAL DOOR,
emitting a brilliant light, sucking both Aranda and Critz
into the tree.


Moments later, Feetzil jumps in after them.
                                         CUT TO:
A graveyard sits close to a park complete with baseball
field. A very large weeping willow tree sweeps the edge of
the graveyard. The sun is setting. There is a gate near
the willow tree in the graveyard wall.
BRENDON CONNOR, is a young American boy near the same age as
Aranda. He loves baseball and lives in a nearby apartment
complex with his mother Betty and brother Joshua.
Stanna walks toward the willow tree. She is unseen to others
Trees usually give with the
seasons. The winds blow with the
fall of the leaves, as they bring
in a shining array of colors. Such
is life. The Willow is one tree
that sings a sad song all year
long. Its' leaves seem silver. A
sign of old age? It was more. And
the days are not always the way we
want them to be.
Brendon Connor walks into the graveyard, dressed in a
baseball uniform carrying a bat and glove.
Brave new ideas come from minds
that are linked to one another.
What can happen when a tree is
linked to another to feed the land
and really give more to the world
than it seems too.
Brendon Connor walks toward the willow tree not yet seeing a
figure laying underneath it.
Graveyards are silent aren't they?
We want them to be. The park was
built right next to the graveyard.
Neither the park nor the graveyard


                       1 (cont'd)
are silent. They borrowed from one
another and give in an ironic way
to life to both the seen and the
Brendon stops just short of the edges of the willow tree and
looks up at the graying sky.
13 zip! Thanks God, for helping us
to win. By the way Lord, I wish it
would snow tonight. I guess we
need a miracle. By the way, it's
almost Christmas.
Brendon suddenly catches sight of the figure under the tree
due to sudden movement by the figure. He rubs his face with
his hands, blinks and looks again.
Brendon lifts the branches of the willow tree and approaches
the figure, Aranda.
BRENDON CONNOR: I'm not a coward. I'm not a coward. I'm
Brendon reaches out and touches Amanda on the shoulder.
Aranda moves.
Brendon jumps back a step.
Awe, geez.
Aranda shakily sits up. Her eyes widen when she sees
Brendon. Then, she looks up at the willow tree.
Where am I?


Uh...in a graveyard. Umm...I'm
Brendon Connor. Who are you?
Brendon takes Aranda's hand and helps her up as they stand
up together.
Brendon sees Amanda's wings. He looks deeply into her eyes.
Gee, you're pretty and your eyes
sparkle, like glitter is in'm or
somethin'. You're an angel arn't
you? How did you get here?
BRENDON CONNOR: Gee, you're pretty and your eyes sparkle,
like glitter is in'm or somethin'. You're an angel arn't
you? How did you get here?
Critz was after me. I came through
the tree.
How can that be? You came from a
tree? I thought Angels came from
Heaven is my home. Crtiz took me
from there and stole me to the
Tree of Life.
Who's Critz?
Critz is a Roman Centurion. A


Oh, wow...OK, I asked. I Think we
should get out of here. This is a
job for mom.
Brendon, still holding Aranda's hand leads her toward the
graveyard gate. They walk through the gate and disappear
into the darkness.
Stanna follows the children through the gate and closes it.
Moments later, Critz appears under the tree. He gets up
quickly and goes in the direction of the children.

Shortly after Critz into the darkness, Feetzil appears under
the tree.
                                         CUT TO:
BETTY'S apartment is tidy and decorated with a Christmas
tree that is in the works. Ornaments are in a box nearby.
Her son, Joshua is busy playing a game on his computer.
Betty is busy with dinner.
Brendon Connor walks through the door with Aranda.
Mom I'm home! I brought a friend
to dinner. Uh mom, don't freak,
she's an angel.
What? Why would I freak?
Betty walks in from the kitchen, wiping her hands with a tea
towel. Then she see the wings.
Well now, a Christmas angel.
What's her name?
Betty notices Aranda's wings.


So Aranda, what play are you in?
She's not in a play mom. She's
OK Brendon, dinner time. You and
Aranda go in.
The children walk forward and past Betty. As Aranda passes
Betty, her eyes widen as she gets a very good look at
Aranda's wings
Joshua whistles with the entrance of the children.
                                         BACK TO:
In the garden yard, it is lightly snowing, but there are
flowers and berries still on a vine.
Beatrude walks into the garden yard to a bench and sits
down, weeping.
Stanna appears and walks over to Beatrude placing, an arm
around her shoulders.
Shhhh...sweet Beatrude. I have
found someone who can help. Her
name is Myam. She is a white dove.
God has told me she can find
Aranda. If he sent an angel, you
could get lost or worse, even
killed. The dove has a better
chance to avoid all that.
Where is Myam?


Beatrude looks up at the sky.
Oh how I wish I were a dove.
Stanna reaches over and plucks a cluster of berries and
hands it to Beatrude.
Beatrude closes her eyes.
Listen and love. Come dear dove.
MYAM, a heavenly-white dove that has under-feathers that
shimmer in rainbow colors. She can communicate
telepathically and sometimes speaks words. She is the size
of a normal dove. She drifts down with a small white flower
in her beak. She lands on Beatrude's lap.
Crying in the heart of Amanda. Do
you hear it in your mind beloved
I do.
I can not ask you to take your
life away from this world. I have
not asked anyone anything I could
do myself. I place this in your
keeping, to decide if you will. I
lifted you up to God. He has told
me that only a dove can go where
Aranda is lost in a world very
different from ours and very far
Beatrude wipes away a tear.
I have something for you Myam. I
have a thread from Aranda's
cartanian. I will also lift her
name up to the HOLY FATHER to help
you find her. Here I have a
cluster of berries to give you


                       14 (cont'd)
nourishment and strength in your
search. They are magic. The power
shields you from death. I am
placing my heart with yours.
Beatrude ties the berries around Myam's chest with a bright
yellow string.
Myam flies up and away to the Hold Father.
                                         CUT TO:
A crystalline light creates a gleaming path to a dimensional
door that leads from Heaven to Earth. The dimensional door
appears to be a starry hole in space.
THE HANDS OF GOD are cradling Myam, carrying her along the
path to the dimensional door.
THE VOICE OF GOD: Enter into the Earth, my child, without
my line of birth to aid you. I have heard Amanda. Listen
and you will hear her voice too. Enter and live. I will
call you to safely back to heaven, this I vow. Now go
Myam lifts off God's hands and flies into the dimensional
Stanna appears on the path leading to the door. She stops
just short and does not go in. There is a wind that blows
out of the door lifting her hair and wings.
In an American city at a Main Street crossing. A sign across
the city marks the city park. Aranda's wings are concealed
by a large coat.

BETTY, Brendon Connor's mom, looking very worried, is
dressed casually in jeans and a coat. Her hair is up in a
butterfly clip.
Betty, Brendon Connor, and Aranda stop at the curb of the
crosswalk across from entrance to the park that is next to
the graveyard.

They are waiting for the "walk" sign to change.


Stanna appears at the entrance of the park, unseen by the
Winter holds a cold in most cities
that is bitter. Critz, however had
assimilated to his surrounding
with very little trouble.
Critz is loitering next to a mini-market door, close to the
crosswalk, watching Betty and the children.

Feetzil is watching Critz from behind a large trash can.
I relish this new work in this
time. Immortality, isn't that what
its all about? The tree is the
key. It's an inter-time
inter-loping that I must succeed
at to strike the Christ-child
dead. I feel like a God. Why, I'm
more intelligent than the source
they have sought to imitate all
these eons.
Critz moves up behind the children quickly. He makes a
powerful, fast move by running up to both children and
swoops them both up. He turns and runs quickly out of sight.
Betty has no time to react fast enough to keep up.
Critz makes a powerful, fast move by running up to both
children, picks them up and runs quickly out of sight. Betty
has no time to react fast enough to keep up.
Betty turns around and screams.
BETTY: Oh God, NO! My children! Stop!
                                         CUT TO:
Betty's living room in a middle class apartment building.
She lives there with her two sons, Joshua and Brendon
Connor. It's getting close to Christmas.

Betty walks over to the family Christmas tree and places an
ornament on it. Her eyes are clouded with tears.


JOSHUA walks to a comfy chair, sits down and places a lap
top computer on a small table in front of him.

Stanna appears near the Christmas tree, unseen.
The winter sky just didn't betray
the season. As the clouds drift
across the purple-blue sky the
city began to think about Santa,
except for Betty and Joshua who
are brokenhearted and praying for
a miracle.
I just can't believe that God
hasn't heard my prayers. We need a
miracle, NOW! The police haven't
even called. I just don't know
what else to do.
Betty grabs a tissue and blows her nose. She picks up an
angel ornament tree topper and sits down on the arm of the
Mom, the police are on it. The
APB is out. I'm emailing right
everyone to search right now.
We'll have that miracle.
Joshua continues to tap on his computer.
The police don't even know who
they're really looking for. I just
couldn't bring myself to tell them
she has wings. I figured IF they
find her, they would figure it out
themselves when the saw her.
Hey mom, I've got something.
Joshua points to the computer screen.

Betty walks over to look at the computer screen.


                                         CUT TO:
The Church of the Saints is a large church sanctuary,
complete with decorated huge Christmas tree.

Brendon and Aranda are sitting on the top step leading to
the podium, next to a large, lit Christmas tree.

REVEREND RANDALL is a devoted Catholic priest. He is
slightly balding, has a nearly perpetual smile with a
twinkle in his large eyes. He wears the traditional robes
of a Catholic priest.
Reverend Randall is at the podium, rigid with fear.

Critz is pulling on Reverend Randall's robe, pushing a gun
to his head.
Stanna appears standing next to the children, unseen.
Christmas Eve mass had ended and
everyone had left for the night.
Father Randall had looked forward
so much to the fine dinner waiting
for him and restful music from the
choir tapes he had ordered just
for this year's Christmas Cantata.
Truth be known he had seen this
before and couldn't see what else
he could do, but pray that he
could get to the gun. He felt it
was necessary to keep a gun after
the last robbery. The gun of
course, was not within reaching
distance and being killed by his
own gun entered his mind too.
Critz grips Reverend Randall tighter by the throat.
Reverend Randall suddenly steps forward into Critz and
throws his hands up between Critz's hands.
The lights on the Christmas tree blinks.
Critz is forced to let go of Reverend Randall.
Reverend Randall reaches quickly into the podium and gets
the gun.


Critz lunges at Reverend Randall.
Brendon Connor quickly pushes Aranda to her feet.
Aranda! Run! Fly! Get back to the
The gun is fired.
Critz lifts off the gun that Reverend Randall is holding. He
lunged down the aisle holding his belly, running out through
the church doors after Aranda.
The church held it's breath for
the Christmas Eve that still
waited for Jesus to be laid in a
                                         CUT TO:
Aranda flies as high and as fast as she can go. She is
caught in a heavy wind and is flying directionless. The
wind current pushes her from the Church of the Saints to
another park and to another tree.
A great Oak tree in another park, It's a dark night. A light
snow is falling

Aranda has fallen and is laying still under the tree.

A silhouette of a man walks walks under the tree and picks
Amanda up. He walks toward a path that leads out to a
Christmas lighted city.
The man that picked Aranda up is JOHN. He's taken her to
his apartment and straight to his bedroom. It's an
expensive flat with the air of a successful man. There is a
snow-globe from his childhood sitting on the lamp stand.

John is a thirty-something. He's athletic. He's single,


quiet, strong, and self-sufficient.

John is sitting on the bedside, placing a wet folded
washcloth on her forehead.

Stanna appears in the room, standing at the window, unseen
to John and Aranda.
John could see his work was cut
out for him the moment he saw her
wings. He decided not to call 911.
Aranda's eyes open.
John lifts the cloth and kisses her on the forehead.
I'm sorry baby, Papa isn't here.
I'm John.
Where's papa?
I don't know. Where's home?
Ah...that makes sense. Then he
must be there.
John smiles gently and turns the cloth on her forehead.
So little angel, what's your name?


Well Aranda, How did you come to
be under the Oak tree? You were
unconscious when I found you.
Critz was after me. I flew from
the church. It was terrible in
the sky and wind and I fell.
Myam suddenly appears at the window outside. She perches on
the windowsill, then taps on the glass with her beak.
John, Aranda and Stanna look at the window, seeing Myam.
Oh my God, what's this?
John walks over to the window and opens it. There is no

Myam flies in and lands on Aranda's lap. She drops a berry
and the bright yellow string in her hand.
AMANDA: This is a string from my cartanian and the berry is
from Mama and Papa's garden.
It appears we have a little
messenger and a message from home
John's living room is decorate with a large decorated
Christmas tree with a sparkling star on the top.
John and Aranda walk through the bedroom door and enter the
living room.

Myam is perched on Aranda's shoulder. Aranda sits in a
chair. She closes her eyes as if to pray.

John stares intensely at Aranda.
What are you thinking about?


Papa and mama.
AMANDA: Papa and mama.
Where are they?
I don't know. Maybe Heaven. Maybe
Bethlehem. They were sent on a
mission. I hear them saying, "Go
back to the tree."
Whoa, two things. To Bethlehem on
a mission? And what tree?
The willow tree. Brendon Connor
found me there.
Brendon Connor? Who is Brendon
Brendon Connor is a boy. He lives
in an apartment with Betty and
Joshua. We walked there from the
graveyard where he found me under
the willow tree.
Where is the willow tree?
In the graveyard.
You said someone Critz was after
you and a church. What church


Critz took me and Brendon Connor
to the Church of the Saints.
Reverend Randall tried to save us.
Reverend Randall tried to save
Yes, he got his gun and I flew
Hmmmm...wow. Wait a minute, The
Church of the Saints rings a bell.
I remember it from my childhood.
I used to attend there. In fact, I
think I can find his phone number
and give him a call.
A call?
Uh huh...
John picks up the phone.
Mary, Joseph, Avila, and Sylvan are gathered in the stable.
Mary's labor has begun.
Joseph and Avila walk outside the stable to guard and wait.

Sylvan lovingly attends Mary by her side, preparing for the
Stanna appears next to Sylvan invisible to everyone.
The world awaits with great
anticipation the birth of Mary's
baby. Time seems to stands still


                       1 (cont'd)
as she breathe's heavy with labor.
      (AVILA (O.S.)
God and His star are with us
Joseph. Soon many angels will
join us.
      (JOSEPH (O.S.)
I stand amazed Avila, at God's
grace and miracles. I will soon be
a proud Papa.
Mary raises her head with a contraction.
Breathe now Mary, breathe.
      (JOSEPH (O.S.)
Is the baby coming?
Not yet Joseph. You must be
patient. This is a difficult
birth and will take time.
                                         FADE TO:
Inside the sanctuary of the church. The Christmas tree is
lit. No signs of previous violence is present.
Aranda and John walk into the church and down the isle
toward the Christmas tree.
Reverend Randall walks in from a sanctuary door to meet
them at the Christmas tree.
Come child.


Aranda runs forward up to the Reverend Randall, giving him a
big hug.
John, it's wonderful to meet you.
It's a miracle you have brought
Aranda back to us.
Thank you Reverend Randall. Do
you recognize me since I've grown
I sure do. You grew up to be a
man to be proud of, John. I'm so
glad you have come back. Too bad
you can't attend every Sunday
again. But I do understand the
distance is a problem.
I wish that to Reverend. I miss
this beautiful church and I miss
you most of all.
Well, Aranda you look fantastic! I
was so worried about you. I
prayed hard that our Father in
heaven would help you and He did.
Where are your wings?
Under my coat.
May I see them?
Yes, Father Randall.
Aranda opens and removes her coat, handing it to John. Her
beautiful wings spring up. She turns around for Reverend
Randall to have a full view of them.


Suddenly, Reverend Randall's cell phone rings. He presses it
to answer.
Hello yes, God bless you for
calling right back Ms. Connor.
They are here now. I'll send them
straight to you and don't worry.
Merry Christmas.
Reverend Randall hangs up the phone.
John, this is the phone number to
Brendon Connor and his mother
Betty. It's best you go quickly.
The police are still searching for
Aranda and the monster Critz. He
is still at large, so please be
careful. Are you aware of what
happened here?
Aranda has told me enough to find
you. What did happen here?
It was the scariest night of my
lifetime. I was just opening the
doors to the church. We were to
have choir practice for our
Christmas pageant coming up. When
this man shoved two children
through the door at me. He looked
and even smelled of evil. He
shoved us all toward the alter
after locking the doors. When we
got to the alter is when I
realized the little girl had the
wings of an angel. I also realized
my world had changed in an
Oh my God.


Exactly, God was with us, but we
were thrown into this good and
evil struggle that I could barely
comprehend. Well, this man, this
creature stood over me and told me
I was dead if I didn't do exactly
what he said. Then the little
angel suddenly blurted out, "He's
Critz." The monster picked her up
and nearly hurled her to the
ground but suddenly he stopped as
if to remember something and then
just put her down and said, "You
two go sit at that tree and don't
move!" They sat down at the
Christmas tree and got quiet. I
was trying to figure out what to
do. I had a gun hidden in my
pulpit but I couldn't get to it.
Then, the monster said to me, "Get
God here now! I need a word with
him." I said, "I don't know how."
Then he sneered and spat at me."
He lifted me off the floor with
one hand. He had grabbed me by my
collar. Then, I told him I needed
to pray at the alter. Then, he
dropped me. I saw my chance to
get the gun. I was able to step
backwards to my pulpit and bowed
my head. I pulled out the gun and
pointed it at him. That's when the
boy shouted, "Amanda, fly! Get to
the tree!" He rushed toward me and
I fired. That monster fell back
and onto the boy. The angel, who
now I know is named Amanda,
actually got up and flew to the
doors of the church, unlocked them
and flew out. The demon got up
with blood from a gushing wound,
growled and ran after her. The
boy was bloodied too. I rushed to
him. I took out my cell phone and
called 911. Thank God he wasn't'
badly hurt and we got him safely
home to his mother. After speaking
with Brendon Connor and Betty, his
mother, I realized the absolute
truth of the situation. It was
not jut a bad dream. It was real.
And Oh Amanda, you are the
greatest proof of God's true


                       24 (cont'd)
She most certainly is. But
Reverend, so is the clear and
present danger.
That's why John, I wish to give
you this cross. Perhaps if can
protect you against the demon,
should you see it. And Aranda,
you fly as fast as you can away
from it. Come to me. I'll get
help fast. Now John, you and
Aranda must go quickly and safely.
It's almost Christmas. God is
with you. Now it's time to go.
We will be careful Reverend and we
will be on guard for Critz. I have
had the greatest blessing of all
is to hear God tell me when I
prayed to him for help and
guidance, that I could be her
father here on earth. I won't let
God or Aranda down.
Wonderful John. Please keep in
touch with me.
I will Father.
Aranda and Reverend Randall hug.
John, Amanda, and Reverend Randall walk back down the isle
toward the door.
Merry Christmas!


                       11 (34)
Merry Christmas Father!
                                         FADE TO:
Betty's apartment is lit up for Christmas Eve. A light snow
is falling outside the windows.

John and Aranda arrive at Betty's apartment door. John
knocks on the door.

Betty opens the door.

John and Aranda walk in when the door opens.
Betty peers nervously outside into the quiet darkening
We just can't believe your here!
We have a thousand questions, but
we won't bother you with that now.
Please come in, sit down. Have
some Christmas cookies!
(smiling broadly)It's a miracle
your back Aranda. I'm so happy to
see you.
John and Aranda sit down on the couch and take a cookie.
Brendon leans down and hugs Aranda.
Mom, can I give Aranda her present
Brendon had total faith that he
would see Aranda again, so he got
her a present. Go get it sweetie.
Brendon goes to the tree quickly, picks up a present and
walks over to Aranda, handing it to her.


Aranda opens the present.

It's a silver willow tree with picture ornaments hanging
from the limbs. Three of the pictures are of Brendon
Connor, Betty, and Joshua. One is empty, waiting for
Aranda's picture.
Oh my goodness, I've never seen
anything so beautiful. Thank you
Brendon Connor.
Aranda stands up and kisses Brendon on the cheek.
John stands up.
Betty, I would like to ask a
favor. Aranda would like to go
visit the willow tree where
Brendon found her. Would you
I guess that would be OK. Brendon
has been wanting to go there, but
I was a little afraid of it.
Brendon, do you still want to go?
Yes Mom, I do. Aranda, do you want
to go?
Well then, that settles it. Let's
get our coats and visit the willow
tree shall we?
Everyone puts on coats and walks to the door. Aranda is
carrying her Christmas present with her.
                                         BACK TO:


The park is brightly lit with Christmas lights. A beautiful
large Manger scene is in the park. A path leads to the

Aranda, John, Betty, Brendon, and Joshua enter the park

Fettzil is trotting not far behind them.

Myam is flying just in front of them.
Everyone walks quickly, continuing down the path that leads
to the graveyard.
They walk past empty park benches until they come close to
the grave yard. On the last bench, someone seems to be
asleep on the bench with a newspaper over his head.
The graveyard is dimly lit, deserted and quiet. The willow
tree can be seen in the distance.

The willow tree shimmers in the Christmas snow and
Myam is flying around the tree.

Aranda and Brendon start walking faster than everyone else.

Aranda slips her hand from Brendon.

Just feet away from the tree, Aranda picks up her wings out
from under her coat, wrapping her present in the coat and
flies toward the tree.

Stanna appears next to the tree.
Where a tree stands that God had
touched before, the tree gives a
light that nobody ever
understands. The willow sings a
song of sadness and could not
leave its tears for the world to
A strong wind picks up.


The air is suddenly filled with voices.
Critz jumps up from the bench and newspaper. He bolts toward
the willow tree from behind the group.

Feetzil is right behind him.

Critz grabs Aranda and jumps toward the trunk of the tree.

Feetzil grabs Brendon and jumps toward the trunk of the

The dimensional door is opened within the willow tree, with
a bolt of bright light, sucking Critz, Aranda, Feetzil, and
Brendon in.

Screams fill the air.

John jumps into the willow tree behind them all.

The dimensional door remains open revealing a scene beyond.
It's an active battle between angels and Dagguards.
Myam flies through the dimensional door.
Betty and Joshua stop in front of the dimensional door
within the tree staring inside.

The snow comes down with a heavy flow.
                                         BACK TO:
The Tree of Life is on the opposite side of the willow tree.
The land surrounding the Tree of Life is filled with
warriors, angels and Dagguards. Some on horseback. The sky
is bleak. The dimensional door has remained open through
both the Tree of Life and the willow tree.
Critz has made it onto the back of a loose horse. He
gripping Aranda. He urges the panicked horse to run away
from the scene.

Feetzil releases Brendon and runs after another loose horse.

John runs up to Brendon, grabs him and picks him up. He
turns toward the Tree of Life


Myam can be seen flying over the battle scene.

Avila appears on horseback, in pursuit of Critz and Aranda.
Suddenly, the dimensional door within the two tree begins to

Seeing this, John catches a horse from a dead Dagguard
rider. He picks up a sword from the ground, then puts
Brendon on the back of the horse behind him. They gallop in
Aranda's direction.

Avila catches up with Critz's horse first. He attempts to
snatch Aranda off the back of the horse and succeeds.

Avila rides away in a gallop. Then, dismounts the horse
mid-gallop leaving Aranda alone on the horse, galloping

Avila flies back to Critz, sword raised. Critz raises a
sword hr had found on the battle field. They battle

John and Brendon on horseback, close in on Avila and Critz.
                                         BACK TO:
Panic covers the scene on the side of the willow tree.
People had gathered there from the park along with the
police. Brought there by the light and commotion.

THE POLICE, trying to bring the crowd to the outside the
perimeter of the tree with no success.

Betty and Joshua has remained close to the tree, also in
panic state.

An excited police officer, just outside the tree's perimeter
fires a shot from his gun into the air.

The crowd screams and ducks.

The willow tree emits a terrible sound that vibrates the
ground with an eardrum crushing pulse.

Everyone falls to the ground.

The willow tree closes completely.


                                         BACK TO:
The dimensional door in the tree has closed. The shaking
ground has caused angels and Dagguards to fall to the ground
as if dead.

Aranda has disappeared into the darkness on horseback.

Avila swings his sword in a death blow at Critz and it

Critz vanishes.

Feetzil is seen flying away into the darkening distance.

John and Brendon still on horseback are standing close by,
see Critz vanish.
Follow me!
Avila mounts another loose horse.

John with Brendon holding tight, steers the horse to gallop
behind Avila.

Avila, John, and Brendon disappear into the darkening
The night suddenly becomes silent, as silvery leaves,
snowflakes, and feathers drift through the air.
                                         FADE TO:
A clear starry sky. The north star hangs low in the sky.
The stable crowded with angels, Joseph, Mary, and the baby
Jesus in his cradle, a manger.
Avila walks over to Joseph and places an arm around is

Sylvan walks over to Mary, leaning over looking at the baby,

Stanna appears, standing next to Mary.


Mary had lay stretched in her long
gown hewn with wool and saw the
stars of heaven unfold above her
when she gave birth to her baby.
The night had come to the day with
the cold air that only a winter
could bring. Mary was no ordinary
girl, she heard the voice of God
and of angels. Centuries have told
the story of the son she brought
forth. The sign was the STAR above
them and it held a light that no
one had ever seen before. It
entered into the Earth and shone
its light for all to know that the
Christ child was born.
The entire caravan of angels and camels cluster around the
manger and cave.

John, Aranda, and Brendon are now disguised in traditional
Hebrew clothing They walk up together and gather close to
Avila and Sylvan

Some of the angels de-cloak and fly up above the manger.
May I hold the child?
El Shaddai!
Avila carefully lifts the baby up from the manger.
AVILA: El Shaddai!
Avila raises the baby up to the stars in the heavens.
STANNA: And with a shout, a cry of a baby, and another
shining tear, the tree was born, but the forest was not yet
                                         FADE TO:


The entire host of angels along with Aranda, John, and
Brendon are gathered in the desert, standing under the
brilliantly lit Star.

Suddenly, a bright shaft of light appears from the STAR,
shining down on them all and they all vanish into the starry
                                         FADE TO BLACK.


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