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“Voyeur” (movie short) new draft
by chudi okoye (chudiokoye00@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review:

A pschyological drama about a boy's morbid obsession over a girl. For a short film- this is the new draft.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Over a blank screen, we hear the voice of an unknown being,
from its deep undertones and sharp intonations- it sounds
like a man's voice or possibly that of a teenage boy.
Whoever it is, speaks in an extremely calm but yet
authoritative demeanour. The voice over monologue is
assisted by a loud scribbling - maybe a writing of some sort
or possibly something extra-ordinary.
                       VOICE (VO)
I never knew or saw real
Beauty, before I laid eyes
On her.
On this statement we slowly eject from a blank screen and
move in closely on an object of some sort- from its hazed
view, its origins are un-disclosed- suddenly our view
returns to normal exposure- to reveal what is in fact a
photograph pinned to a wall.

We pull back slowly to reveal more photos and more and more-
each photo bearing a similar mark – a red cross lined across
each one. The similarity continues as each photograph bears
a picture of a girl, in fact the same girl appears in each

It is a young girl of about 17 years old, lean, brunette and
strikingly beautiful. In some photographs she wears a
variety of tank tops and jeans- mostly smart casual clothes,
and in the other photos, she dons a revealing bathing suit.
We stay on this view as the voice over returns.
                       VOICE (VO)
I would call her the Mona
Lisa. But not even
Leonardo can compare
His creation to such an
Earthly splendour.
She is indeed one of a
Kind. With her thick
Red lips, lean physique
And molten dark hair-
One wonders..... Well
One can only wonder.
Our view moves across to reveal the protagonist. His slender
physique assembled firmly on a chair while scribbling away
in his diary. We move closer, and from his tight-fitted,


formal dress code- we see that he is no ordinary boy. His
face spells a weird mixture of anxiety and excitement- his
eyes masked by his tortoise shelled glasses.

He sporadically smiles as if recalling a joke or maybe
something else. On his table lies a half eaten packet of
crisps- a hand plunges forward and grabs a mouthful. His
chewing process exposing his dental ventures- he wears a

We move to a high angle shot of him as he begins to write
once again, every know again random bursts of laughter
disrupts his inscription and he stops writing, adjusts his
spectacles, reaches for some more crisps and then returns to
his diary entry- a series of strange actions that occur
between voiceovers.
                       VOICE (VO)
I walked passed her the
Other day, on the way
To 'Le François'.
Her shoulders brushed the
Side of my arm. Oh, what an
Experience it was- For years I
longed to feel her touch
And it happened. I've worn that
Shirt for three days in a
Row now and still going.
I stink like a skunk. No,
Probably a pig. Ahh, true bliss-
Now time for a little Mozart.

Like magic the sounds of Mozart's symphony plays instantly-
and with each note, our yet un-named protagonist smiles
wider and wider and wider until an enormous yet devious
smile is painted firmly across his face.

We follow a stern looking man all dressed in a black suit as
he walks up a short fleet of stairs. He stops at a door and
seconds later it opens- out comes a frail looking old lady-
she stares at him with innocent but yet worried eyes.



Mr Frank, I thought
You wouldn't turn up.

Of course I would, after
All this is a matter
Of great concern for
All of us.
Please follow me

Our view moves forward and we arrive at a door- the old lady
and Mr Frank arrive seconds later.

Thank you, Mrs Jane-
I'll take it from here.

Just be careful with
Him, he is…….. Well you
Know, very temperamental.
Frank nodes his head in agreement and then quietly opens the
We are back in the room of the un-named boy- still seated on
a chair while writing away in his diary. Our view moves to
Frank as his eyes survey the area- they fall upon the
numerous photos bearing the same girl. He stares at it with
an almost disturbing gaze.

                       BOY (OC)
Mr Frank, didn't know
You were in here.
See anything you like?


No Luke, I'm quite alright
Thank you. We need to
Talk. Do you have a
Yes, but only if it
takes that long.
I assure you, I will
Be out of here in no
Good, at least I don't
Have to offer you a chair.

So I see you're into
      (Peering at his
Well, you can say that. But
I personally call it,
An obsession.
An obsession, with the
Girl in the photo I suppose?
No, of her soul, her
Body and her mind.
An obsession over her would
Be a waste of time, I' mean
Why value a human body when
You can have a human mind.


Sorry, I don't follow.
What's not to follow?
What would you rather have,
A body of souls or a
Body of bones?
I don't t......
I'll answer that for you-
Because I see you as a feeble man,
With no purpose in life-
And thus you probably value
Matter over mind. Well,
(Chuckles) I laugh
At the weak.
See that's why I'm here,
There's been some complaints
about you and I....
You can't rectify any problems,
And from what I gather
You can't even handle your own
Wife. Leave the complaints
To no one, cause that's what
They are………. Absolutely nothing.
Frank inhales deeply as if swallowing whatever's left of his
pride and then turns around on his way to exit the room
I'll be watching you.
Frank, Have you ever
Listened to Mozart's fifth


I'm afraid not.
Well you should and when
You do, guard its
Meaning with all you heart.
And then you'll find that
There's no use.... watching me.
Frank exits the room looking slightly bemused- and as soon
as the door is shut- the symphony of Mozart comes back to
life, and this time it plays with a resounding pitch. Our
view moves to Luke, who is now on his feet, smiling
deviously while waving his hands as if conducting an opera.
A small bare room, illuminated only by sunrays coming
through the window. A hand fiddles with a camera, assessing
its shape and size with restless eyes.
Luke peers through the window and we see a young looking
girl and from her distinctive features, we recognise her as
the girl captured in the photographs.

Luke gazes at her, completely transfixed. He snaps a quick
shot of her as she graciously walks down a sidewalk-
suddenly out of no where emerges a teenage boy,
rugged-looking- he walks over to her and they embrace
passionately. A string of avid kisses are exchanged between
the two anonymous beings.

Luke watches with an almost disturbing gaze, is as if he's
just witnessed the most horrific image ever. He swallows his
disgust and draws his camera once again – snapping away at
the exuberant public affection.
We are in a bathroom, completely un-remarkable, intense
sounds of water droplets cloud the atmosphere. Our view
closes in on a bathtub, in it lies the un-known girl-
bathing rigorously.
She dries her voluptuous physique with a towel and then
adjusts her molten dark hair– the embodiment of a true
teenage beauty.
She turns around and heads for the door but she freezes
frantically in her step at the sight of a shady image. Our
view moves across to reveal Luke standing against the wall,


his eyes wide shut.

How did you get in here?
He dosen't respond- his eyes still closed.
Who are you? Can't you
See am getting changed.
Luke's eyes blink wide open and his face comes back to life
– the girl draws back in fright.
Not even Leonardo, could
Compare his creation to
Such an earthly splendor.

Wh-at are you
Talking about.
The Mona Lisa, you and
Our planet earth.

Alright I get it......
You're a freak, a freak
With a passion for art.
      (A thin smile
       forms across his
You amuse me with your



My stupidity, are you
Fucking crazy. Your
The one whose breaking
Into a girls bathroom.

Its funny how my infringement
Into your privacy could be
The height of your problems.
One would have thought you
Would be worrying about your life.
My life, what are you
Talking about?
Luke draws out something that looks like a bundle of
photographs, and in one swift move - tosses them violently
at her. The photographs all scattered on the ground are
watched with curious yet fearful eyes – as if wandering what
they depict.
She gently picks them up and then slowly one after the other
turns them around- our view moves in closely to reveal what
the photos illustrate.

They are selected shots of her and the anonymous boy sharing
a string of passionate kisses, hugs and touches. On the
revelation, she drops them instantly to the ground- her face
spells a mixture of fear and anxiety as she ponders the
reason behind these photos.


Look, I don't know who
You are, or what you want.
But, if its money- ill
Give it to you. Just please,
Let me go.
I loved you, I took
Care of you and this is
What I get in return


But I don't even know you.
Love does not need to be
Known to be embraced- it is a
Myth, you just appreciate it.
You broke my heart.

Please, please I'm sorry.

No your not. Have you ever
Hared the story of Costello?
      (In Tears now.)
Um... no
Well, he had a wife,
A beautiful young wife.
But one day she crossed
The line and slept with
Another man. Bad piggy,
And do you now what he did
To the bad piggy?
Please don't do this.
Wrong, he forgave her. But
Unfortunately she in return
Placed his head on a spike
And went off with another man.
Now that's what forgiveness gets
You. Nothing but bad luck.
      (An edge of fear
       in her voice)
Bad luck, is this what
You call bad luck
You fucking freak.



                       GIRL (cont'd)
Are you afraid?
Good, because I despise
The foul stench of fear.

A look of fear shrouds her defined facial features as she
slowly walks backwards, her head moving restlessly- in
search for a way out. Suddenly Luke draws out a dagger and
tosses it at her- it lands straight in her chest- bull's
eye. Our view stays with her as she stumbles to the ground.

We follow him as he walks to her fallen body- his face
spelling a look of repulsion. He kneels to the side of her-
      (In a dying tone)
Stop, please....
Luke smiles sadistically at this cry for help, and then with
ferocious force releases the dagger from her chest. She
screams in agony at the sheer force.
Repeatedly, he stabs her – each stab releasing more and more
blood- we CU on his face- covered entirely in blood- he
smiles again but this time, it is a joyous smile.
We follow Frank as he walks into the room of Luke- where
Luke stands facing him- absolutely motionless.
I've just told a family, that
They've lost their daughter.

Oh, I bet it you said it
In the most sincere manner.
Or maybe, you said it with a
Sarcastic tone- you know,


                       LUKE (cont'd)
Let it down easily.
I wish I could share your
Sense of optimism.

Well, you know if we were
All the same- the world would
Be a much safer place not to
Live in.
Jane Austin.
What about her?
She was the one killed last night.
How did she die?
She was stabbed 15 times
In the region of the heart.
Then the killer proceeded to
Cutting her up in bits, after
That, her body parts were soaked
In hot water for over five hours.
The whole place was flooded, and
It could have electrocuted all the
girls in the flat. It took
Forensics three hours to identify
the body, and if it hadn't been
for a tattoo on her wrist that had
her name on it- we would have
thought she was merely missing.
Wow, what an artist.
I'm sorry.....


This killer you talk about,
He's brilliant. He must
Have had sleepless nights
Coming up with the technique and
Plan to apply on her. Violence,
the most
Simple art form- yet the one that
requires a strong Heart. It's
Forgive my insolence,
But you don't seem too shaken.

For Death, of course not.
You will soon Die too, and your
family will forget it ever
happened faster than you think.
Well, I prefer not to think like
Suit yourself.
As frank exits the room, our view moves across to the
similar wall- Luke stares at it dissipatedly- then plunges
forward adjusting one of its contents.

We move closer to reveal another set of photographs, but
this time it bears a different girl- This time a girl with
the appearance of a 20 year old, blonde, equally as pretty
as Jane Austin. Luke peers at his collection of photos with
an almost proud stance- it is another masterpiece to him.
His morbid appreciation ends as he takes a seat. He put on
his spectacles and then adjusts it to fit his comfort.
Next, he opens up a packet of crisps and then churns down a
mouthful. He picks up a pen and commences on his diary
                       LUKE (VO)
I never worked out the real
Meaning behind Confucius
Parable, 'the world is
Like an egg just wanting to
Stay closed'. But you don't really
Need to understand it in order


                       LUKE (cont'd)
To appreciate it. I believe
You can do anything without
Meaning, but as long as one has
Love or passion for their
Undertakings, then 'allez' oh
Brothers…… go do it. Ah, now time
For a bit of the old Mozart.
Again, like magic – emerges the blissful symphony of Mozart-
its volume increasing progressively as we slowly:


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