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The Last Adventure
by Wayne Stacy (angelusthorn@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

Fantasy epic based upon D&D

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

fade in
The scene opens up showing a long haired man with a
thoughtful face. He is reading over a book,a glass of wine
is in his hand. As he sits in his chair, he starts to get
disturbing images in his head, a pained look crosses his
                       DURANT (FEARFULLY)
I haven't felt a presence like
that since..
His voice trails off. You see Durant sitting and
concentrating, probably years ealier. Sounds of battle and
screams are heard nearby as a halo of light circles his
head. We see the face of another twisted in an evil grin.
      (slowly looking up)
Zodac sits upon a large throne. His face is twisted in a
grin, evil shines in his eyes, no pity or remorse. A group
of adventureres arrive. They are: A jester, a dwarven
prince, a captain of the guard, 2 monks one a half ork, the
other a priest apprentice with a large hammer, a druid, and
a wizard.
      (with an evil grin)
A fierce battle rages on, with swords drawn. The wizard's
combination of sword and spells is too much for the party.
Rathamon's special vision, notices that Zodac is receiving
his power from the necklace he is wearing. Zodac suddenly
grimaces in pain, as the scene fades to Durant in another


rom an aura surrounds his head then back to the battle as
they try and rush him, Paradigm(the soldier) grabs him from
                       RATHAMON (SCREAMING)
Get the necklace!!!!
Wyance(in the jester's cap) grabs the necklace and tears it
off Zodac's neck. Zodac unleashes a scream and hurls the two
away from him with unseen force. Lythel with a small dagger
slashes Zodac across the chest. Zodac zaps him back with a
spell. Davidos binds Zodac with another spell.
      (motioning at the
Destroy it!!! Destroy it!!
Paradigm picks up his sword and runs toward the amulet.
While Mot and Muldoon attack Zodac. Paradigm breaks the
amulet in an explosion of light, at the same time Muldoon(in
apprentice's robe) hits Zodac in the stomach with his
warhammer, as the evil wizard crumples, Mot(dwarven prince)
comes down with his axe for the deathblow.
      (pulling axe out)
For my father
      (on his knees,
       slowly looking up)
Zodac...how the blazes can you be
back? (Durant has one more
expression of pain before
regaining his composure.)(looking
around)It's time for a reunion...
the scene fades to Durant writing letters to the others.
                       DURANT (O.C.)
my friends, the evil presence of
Zodac is felt once more and your
skills are needed...


fade out
fade in
Opens up on a wooded scene, where a young pretty girl is
giggling and running through the woods. She is carrying a
black hat with a large purple feather in it. She is about
18. She is followed by a small thin man playfully giving
chase. He is dressed in purple and black.
                       WYANCE (CALLING OUT)
Give me back my hat!
She just giggles and flees away again. Hiding behind trees
but allowing herself to be seen. She wants him to catch her
but she wants to choose when. They come to a clearing, she
nimblys races to the other side, but somehow he is in front
of her.
      (surprising her)
She mockingly struggles and begrudgingly gives him back his
hat. He places it upon her head and kisses her.
The scene fades as they become more intimate. After awhile,
Paradigm enters the scene. He is Wyance's half brother,
dressed in scarlet and black, a falcion is carried upon his
back. He walks with confidence and serenity.
      (with a smirk on
       his face)
You done?
The two young lovers are startled and the girl goes scurring
into the woods.
I think you enjoy interupting me


Paradigm says nothing just smirks. Wyance stands and puts
his belt back on. They are making their way through the
woods to a hut, as the scene fades.
Inside the hut, we find Salin, working away with some
chemicals. Salin is a frazzeled thin man, he looks like he
hasn't slept in weeks, and slightly like he might always
look this way.
      (talking to
All right just a little more of
this...uh huh
Paradigm and Wyance are walking up the path.
      (talking to
So I wonder what the experiment of
the day is.
Who knows!
All during the conversation between Wyance and Paradigm, we
fade back to shots of Salin, intently working on his
experiment: Writing things down, pouring various liquids
into vials, saying incantations.
      (half laughing)
Do you remember the time he was
trying to cure Muldoon's cold and
turned his beard orange?


      (with one of his
       few smiles)
Hahaha, oh how Muldoon was
mad.(then serious) I worry about
him sometimes. He hasn't been the
same since..... he lost
I never really trusted him using
that power anyway. Calling upon
the forces of chaos, to wield
magic, seems a bit dangerous.
      (from inside the
Just then they hear a scream followed by seeing Salin
running out of the house screaming.
      (running by them)
They take a split second to look at each other then they
follow the shrieking alchemist. As they jump for cover, a
large explosion is heard and parts of the hut are falling
While laying in the rubble of the remnants of the exploded
hut, Paradigm turns to Salin with the look of a disapproving
So what was it this time?
Wild magic bubble


Salin you know you lost those
abilities awhile ago; let it go.
It's not that easy. With that
power I could be able to....(he
trails off not wanting to finish
the sentence) It's a lot to lose
                       PARADIGM (HELPFULLY)
Listen you've done alot since
then, you're the finest alchemist
around and everyone knows it.
Paradigm hands Salin a scroll.
      (taking the scroll)
What is it Digm?
Salin sits and reads the scroll.He looks as if he doesn't
want to believe what he is reading.
      (looking sad and
Zodac's back, we're meeting at the
pub tonight to make plans.
Salin looks up slowly as the thought he was trying to fight
seeps in, his fear realized.
Count me in.
Salin reaches up and grasps arms with his friends as a show
of faith and trust. The scene fades to black.
Scene of fighting; Two large men, one a tall rugged
barbarain who looks like he would fight himself if he could


and the other a barrel chested half dwarf with a large axe,
blood on their faces and ill favored smiles on ther lips,
are battling a troup of orcs. The fight doesn't last long as
the two fighters quickly overpower their foes.
After the battle they notice a small elvish girl. A blond
haired cutie with a face for mischief is tied to a tree near
the fire.
      (untying the girl)
Sorry we had to spoil your dinner
plans girl.
She looks more like a light snack.
      (gathering herself)
Thank you.
How did you get out here in the
first place, the nearest
settlement is a days journey from
Well I was contracted to deliver a
To who?
To some bad breath barbarian(first
she's still a bit peaved about the
whole orc thing and is a little
testy than she realizes that she
is talking to two big barbarians.)
Muldoon Gurgy?
Muldoon and Ramog look at each other, before answering.
Ramog is trying not to laugh.


I'm Muldoon; this is Ramog. What
do you want?
She takes out a scroll and hands it to him.
I was told to find you and deliver
this into your hands.
While reading Muldoon's face becomes pale and he has to sit
down. Ramog noticing the change in his friend, puts his hand
on his shoulder.
      (with concern)
What is it? You act like you've
seen a ghost.
                       MULDOON (SOLEMNLY)
fade to next scene
fading in from prev scene
We find the dwarf Mot Goldmaster reading over one of the all
too familiar scrolls. Scratching his chin and shaking his
head, he stares at the scroll almost in disbelief.
Father I'm sorry, I failed you....
A young wizard in a dragon themed attire enters the room.
      (entering the room)
Sir what is the matter you've been
quite since the messenger left.
Mot says nothing just sits there trying to gather himself.


The men are preparing to raid the
Crown's tax collector in the north
woods. Are you going to say
anything to them before they
      (head held low)
Cancel the raid.
Pardon sir?
      (a bit louder)
Cancel it.
      (not really
We have already made the
                       MOT (ANGRY)
      (throwing the
       table aside)
Damn it!!! I said cancel it!!!
Dragica stands there surprised and a bit frightened.
There will be no bloodshed today.
A large man(Balin Goldmaster) is bound behind his back and
led to a stump. A large man in a black hood and a large axe
stands waiting for him. In the distance Mot is being held
back by Muldoon and Paradigm.


                       MOT (SCREAMING)
      (struggling with
       the others)
Mot don't you'll only make it
The axe weilder chokes up on the axe and raises it above his
head for the killing blow.
I have to leave for awhile,
Dragica. Your in charge until I
I can't tell you more than that.
Please don't ask it of me. I'll
leave tonight.
fade out
fade in
A man, Davidos, greying in his temples, the stress from his
years showing in his eyes sits alone drinking, staring into
a candle.
The shot slowly tightens starting with Davidos sitting at
the table. A scroll (like the others) lies beside the
candle. The camera goes in for a close up while Davidos is
staring intently into the flame. Sounds are heard in a
dreamy rememberance. The close-up continues to tighten to


just his eyes with the reflection of the flames in them.
Then to one eye then to what he is seeing.
A shot of Davidos's face as blood drips down upon it. Then
to the other members of the group as they crumble to dust
before him.
I'm not your master, boy.
Reylaceix is lively and spirited, copying spells into his
master's spellbook. He has the look of a eager student.
      (saying it
Each man is his own master.
Reylaciex brings Davidos a plate of food and one for himself
and sits down at the table with Davidos.
      (starting at his
So what does the scroll say?
Davidos takes up the scroll with one hand and holds it close
to his heart, with his free hand he takes his flask out and
takes a swig from it. He grimaces slightly at the taste of
the concoction.
Do you really want to know?
A look of concern crosses Reylaciex's face, as the scene
Two large men are sitting around a table eating a meal.
One,Rathamon, is attired in the robes of a monk, a blond


beard to match his short curly hair, the other,Lythel, bald
with oddly shaped ears, a half/ork.The recognizeable scrolls
lay by their side. Both has seemed to lost their appetities.
A third member, Dremil is a young man in his early twenties,
with a shy and uncommanding nature stands at the table with
a look of anticipation.
Rathamon, how could this have
happened? We finished this ten
years ago.
      (putting his food
I remember Lythel, But truthfully
I had forgotten that name until
I know almost like there was a
great fog there that clouds our
memories of it.
I remember you slashing him across
the chest and I remeber he fell.
He was dead. HE WAS DEAD!!!
Lythel stands and places on his cloak and grabs his weapon.
We're to be at the tavern to meet
the others tomorrow. I would still
like to talk with Durant to find
out what this is all about, before
then. It's not like him to be
cryptic and secretive.


Go on ahead Lythel, I need to
pray, to prepare for this journey
ahead. I'll meet you at the tavern
tomorrow, God willing.
Take care my friend.
They grasp arms and Rathamon holds on for a second longer,
making a religious gesture towards Lythel.
Lythel gives him a strange look then walks away, leaving the
priest to sit and finish his meal.
Padre I wish to come as well.
No my son, you are not ready for
this kind of evil. I vowed to see
over you when your father... You
are not to come.
As you wish, padre.
Dremil leaves the room.
      (very solemn and
These are the days that will test
our souls.
fade out
fade in
Paradigm is standing with a pretty young girl holding a
young child in her arms. He is attempting to say goodbye


I'll be back soon.
Do you really have to go?
Yes...I do
But why? You have a son, a life
why are you risking everything?
Because they are my friends and I
can't let them face this alone.
Is there no way I can talk you out
of this?
Listen when I come back all our
problems will be over.
      (she pleads with
I got a bad feeling about this
Don't worry I'll be home soon.
He wraps an arm around her and kisses her, kisses his son on
his forehead. He places his necklace with an octopus around
his son neck. He then heads off into the sunrise.
fade out
fade in
Salin spends his morning stocking supplies.


Salin stops at a small marker a holy symbol is sketched upon
it. He removes dying flowers from it and places new ones.
                       SALIN (SLOWLY)
      (voice trails off)
I'm going away for a few days.but
I'll bring you some fresh daisies
when I get back, I know you always
liked dais.....
Salin slowly stands up and walks away from the little grave.
      (turning back to
       the grave for one
       last look)
I'll make you proud.
fade out
fade in
Dremil is alone kneeling before an alter
Lord grant me courage so that I
might smite thine enemies and
bring forth thy name in battle
against the enemies of the church
and man. (takes a moment to
Dremil (as a young teen)is seen crouched down against a wall
almost overcome with fear. A voice OC is heard, "Dremil, run
boy, save your self." and Zodac's evil laugh heard right


      (softly/ kidlike)
Daddy? Father, I wish you were
still here to guide me, so that I
could be as brave as you were and
not bring shame to our family's
Dremil is kneeling in front of a robed figure. taking his
mighty sword.
I swear to uphold the proud name
of Thygore and protect this
village as my father before me and
his father before him. I also
pledge my lineage as protectors to
the end of my line. (this last
line echoes off, as if a faint
In another part of the church.
Rathamon is on his knees praying, while voices are heard.
                       ZODAC (oc)
      (heard in whispers)
Coward, your a coward, run away
I am not a coward! I defeated you
once Zodac and I'll do it again.
                       ZODAC (oc)
Not this time, Priest.
Rathamon shocked looks up and in the alter before him he
sees the reflection of Zodac standing behind him. He rolls
reaching for where he left his sword, but not finding it.


                       ZODAC (oc)
Looking for this?
All the viewer sees is the flash of the sword, followed by
the pained look in Rathamon's face. Then the blood stained
sword falls to the floor.
Dremil rushes into the room as the shadowy attacker departs.
He goes to the fallen Rathamon.
Are you alright, padre?
I yet live my son, but I am in
need of your assistance for my
friends are in great danger.
The scene opens on a pub filled with a group of adventurers.
They are sharing drinks and swapping stories. Musicians are
playing in the background and tavern wenches are handing out
mugs of ale.
Davidos is sitting alone at one of the tables, a
contemplating look on his face. Reylaciex is being hit on by
a tavern wench. Muldoon and Ramog arrive and sit down at the
Davidos, how goes ye?
Well enough. Who is this?
He is my comrade in arms, Ramog
Reylaceix looks over at Davidos. Seeing the 2 fighters he
starts that way until Davidos motions for him not to.


Who's the boy?
His name is Reylaciex.
Paradigm and Wyance are throwing stars and knives at a
throwing board. Wyance is flirting with a pretty raven
haired tavern wench. Salin is sitting behind them watching,
tinkering with a bag of elements.
      (taking star off
       of board)
so Paradigm when is Durant
supposed to be here?
Your guess is as good as
mine...(he trails off as 2 men
come into his view)...why don't
you run off and play I got
Wyance takes the tavern wench in his arms and she giggles.
you be careful. (they clasp arms
then he takes the girl by the hand
and leads her off.)
Paradigm goes to meet the 2 men (Matreya and Richter)
(outside)Lythel is approaching the tavern when a shadowy
figure approaches.
Lythel? Is that you?
Mot? (then in recognition) Mot!!!
How are you?


Shhh. I'm still wanted in these
parts. (hiking his cloak up to
hide his features)
Mot and Lythel start for the tavern. Mot turns to Lythel to
Where is Rathamon? Aren't you two
of the same church?
yes but he had some contemplating
to do, Talk of Zodac upsets him.
I just hope he doesn't contemplate
his way out of showing, his
special vision may be handy.
Paradigm is standing talking to Richter,a tall roguesh
looking man with long blond hair. Matreya, a monster of a
man, with a boyish face and posture stands behind him
How much are you putting up?
                       RICHTER (COCKY GRIN)
      (holding a small
       pouch of coins.)
100 pieces of silver says my man
Matreya will flatten you.
This will not take long Richter.
Let's get this over with I have a
previuos engagement.


Paradigm rushes up and a battle begins between the 2
fighters as the scene fades out.
Lythel and Mot inter the tavern. They make their way to the
table where the rest of the party are sitting.
How goes it Lythel well I hope.
      (sitting down)
Well my friend.
Lythel and Mot exchange greetings with the others at the
table. Eating, drinking and conversations are passed around.
davidos drinks himself into a stupor. Wyance appears once
again with a silly grin on his face followed shortly by the
tavern girl blushing.
A darken room where a shadowy figure stands, it pears into a
pool of murky water and the image of the group at the pub
                       SHADOMERE (oc)
It is time,
A ball of light forms in the the dark clad wizard's hand he
slowly builds it. Larger and larger it grows encompassing
his entire hand. He casts the ball of fire at the pool of
                       SHADOMERE (oc)
      (struggling in his
this must come to an end.


      (waving a turkey
       leg around)
then there was this big ork, and
it came at us
Rathamon,supported by Dremil staggers into the tavern
injured and bleeding.
      (staggering and in
We ...must..get out of here (as he
stumbles across the table)
      (stops his story
       and rises to his
       feet pointing at
       the sky)
By the light what is that?
A large fiery rock is in the sky approaching the tavern.
      (grabbing Davidos)
Davidos wake up!
Wyance quickly thumbs through Davidos spellbook. Salin comes
up to him, as a small elvin girl comes into the scene.
We need a teleportation spell!
Tell him something we don't know.
      (turning to a page
       with Reylaciex
       pointing over his
Here it is!!


Hurry man!!
We need to channel our energy!
"Sai'ten,doien' ti, shou'zien" is spoken by the Salin, Kima,
and Wyance Reylaceix joins in as Lythel attends to
Rathamon's wounds.
Can you heal him?
I shall try, but his wound is
The men of the tavern begin to act strangely. Their
movements appear sluggish and they start to circle the
party, Ramog and Muldoon take out there weopons to defend
      (rising to his
Oh this just keeps getting better.
Paradigm and Matreya are still trading blows with Paradigm
getting the better of the fight.
      (looking up in the
What the blazes is that?
The fighters stop what they are doing and see the fiery
      (he runs towards
       the inside)


A circle of swirling lights appear in the air, the wind
picks up and the team and the other people at the tavern are
all visually shaken.
Oh my.....
She is looking at the people of the tavern, for the ones who
were not close to the party, eyes begin to glow and they
stare hungryly at the party.
I think nows a good time to leave.
I second that motion.
Muldoon picks up the unconscience Davidos and carries him
into the portal.
      (still staggering
       from his wounds)
The darkone has risen again and
it's not what we thought, Durant
was wrong.
Speaking of where the blazes is
I really don't think it matters.
The crowd at the tavern stand and turn and look at the
adventures, their eyes glowing red.
This isn't good.
      (eyes widening)
By the deity....


Reylaceix gather ups Davidos' books and things and jumps
into the portal.
      (readying his axe)
I'm getting to old for this.
Suddenly Paradigm, Matreya and Richter come charging though
the crowd.
I knew it had to you guys.
You know all this machoism is cute
but we should leave.
Kima gives Wyance a peck on the cheek and jumps on the table
and into the portal.
Wyance and Paradigm does a double take at each other.
You know she has a point.
      (jumping on the
Let's get out of here !!!!
Matreya and Richter fight their way through and up and into
the the portal. Helping the injured Rathamon into the
portal. Dremil follows them closely helping his fallen
member of his order.
      (making a
You know time is running short
here and I estimate certain doom
will arrive in under a minute.
Salin throws the mixture at the group, there is a small
explosion,they pull back as he jumps onto the table and


into the portal. Mot and Ramog, who have pulled back to a
back to back position, look at each other and then run for
the portal.
      (climbing into the
You guys coming or what?
Leaving just Paradigm and Wyance of the group, Wyance
notices the serving wench he was with earlier and picks her
up and heads for the portal. He sees behind Paradigm an
attack. Wyance tosses the girl to Paradigm and then slides
under his legs coming up with knives drawn slicing up the
attacker. Paradigm is stepping up on the table already. He
tosses the young lady into the portal and turns offering a
hand up to Wyance and they both enter the gateway.
After the closing of the portal, a far off shot of the
tavern reveals it's destruction.
Paradigm and Wyance come through the portal. A little
disoriented like the others they start to gather themselves
and wonder about where they are.
      (looking at Kima)
Ok if you don't mind me asking,
who by the burning ashes are you.
                       KIMA (SMILING)
      (saying with a
Kima Anduilein at your service.
Your the messenger, you delivered
the scrolls.


Yes I was hired by the psionic,
Durant, he said to find all of
you, well most of you and bring
you togather.
Paradigm shakes his head and surveys the rest of the
A small shack of a house, in ruins, holds the party. It
looks as if has not been lived in for decades. A grayish
tint seems to color everything here foreshadowing some great
evil unknown. The party starts to fan out around the small
building looking out windows and gathering in small groups
to discuss things. Muldoon noticing the small frightened
tavern girl strikes up a conversation.
      (talking to the
       serving girl.)
Are you alright?
Yes I guess so. Just my first time
travelling through one of those
things. (she manages a weak smile)
      (trying to be
       confident but
       showing he's not)
It gets to us all the first time.
How did you get messed up with all
It's a long story.
we've seem to have the time.
I was supposed to be a farmer. But
my family was killed when I was
still a boy. A group of orcs came


                       MULDOON (cont'd)
in. They killed everyone only me
and my mother survived and she was
better off dead. So I now I do
      (sadden by his
Have you ever thought about living
a different life.
Yes..I have dreamed of a farm
somewhere with a strong son by my
side and a little wife....
Tessa looks up at Muldoons blushing.
So...how do you know Wyance,
Wyance is a sweety but it's not
like that.
Richter fed up with the sitting around speaks out.
Ok where in the shadows are we!
Blank and worried faces are looking back at him from the
rest of the group as their fears go from their narrow escape
to this new concern.
                       RATHAMON (WEAKLY)
      (rising slowly
       still tender from
       the wounds Lythel
       was healing)
I know this place(he walks towards
the door with a far away look in
his eyes.)Nethra.


Gasps of dread come from some of the members. Ramog tests
the edge of his axe. Tessa moves closer to Muldoon. Some
fondle their weopons uneasily while others refuse to
Nethra! Nethra is a myth, a city
of the dead?
      (waking up)
Believe it. There are far fouler
things than pirates and brigands,
you should know that Richter.
I remember tales of Nethra when I
was studing Necromancy, The city
is ruled by Lich called Camphor.
Still doesn't explain why here, of
all the places the random spell
could have dropped us, we're here.
And the fireball in the sky who
brought that upon us.
The group looks around at both their surroundings and each
Durant, he called us together. He
knew something was up.
                       MOT (IRRITATED)
That still doesn't matter about
why we came togather in the first


The members glance around at each other. Tessa seems to be
the only one with a confused look upon her face. Even the
new members who weren't invited to partake this quest seem
to have knowledge of Zodac.
I see you all made it.
Suddenly the apparition of Zodac appears before the group.
The adventures all prepare themselves as if to fight. The
apparition then vanishes and is replaced by the toad like
appearance of Anthony Tabaith.
I see some new faces have been
brought as well, no matter. I have
need of your talents.
Anthony Tabiath. Toad. Been hiding
all this time under some rock.
And why should we agree to help
It appears to me that you are
missing one of your group.
Durant. What have you done with
During all this time Rathamon is making preparations behind
He is fine at the moment, defy me
and he won't be (noticing
Rathamon) did you not learn from


                       TOAD (cont'd)
my master's scratch last time
druid. (a flash of light from his
hands knocks the druid back) Next
time you might not be so lucky.
The group is ready to spring into action.
Wait! I require a sword which you
can find locked in the city tower.
Retrieve it for me and Durant will
be returned to you unharmed.
Before anyone can say a word he vanishes.
Wyance, Salin, Dremil, Muldoon and Paradigm are moving along
the alleys.
What are we looking for again?
      (shaking his head)
A sword.
Don't care, I just want to smash
Paradigm shakes his head and keeps his eyes on the path.
Dremil is watching every shadow wide eyed.
Dremil, you all right. Do you
sense something?
I'm fine. There's evil here...all
around us.


Ramog, Matreya, Richter and Tessa are in various parts of
the room.
This stinks!!
You might as well calm down all we
can do now is wait for them to
      (slowly looking up)
Doesn't mean we should like it
      (gathering herself)
We should just wait until Muldoon
and the others return, (she looks
towards the door) it shouldn't be
too much longer.
      (readying his axe)
Bah waiting! A warrior doesn't
wait he strikes.
      (puts a arm around
don't fret dwarfkin are always
like that
Rathamon, who is this Zodac,
everyone is talking about?
A worried look croses the druid's face as he looks around
nervously before consenting to the pretty girls request.


                       RATHAMON (OC)
The story of Zodac starts a long
time ago, girl. Long before you
were born even.
The scene fades out as Rathamon's story begins. Images
overlap his speaking.
Zodac began as the step son to
King Diego of the Rhinelands. As
was custom of the kingdom only the
blood heir to the King was allowed
to ascend the throne. This
consumed Zodac with jealousy. One
day while his step brother Bria
was across the seas on a
diplomatic affair, Zodac murdered
his father and placed himself upon
the throne of Rhineland. He blamed
his father's death upon his
starchest advisary, the King of
the Dwarves, Balin. Balin was
executed and his son Mot became an
outlaw who had to flee to the
barren woods.
      (eyes searching
       out the window)
Yes our other dwarven friend.
(smiling) But this treachery would
not go unnoticed and Zodac was
found out and arrested by Thygore,
lord protectorate of Rhineland,
and a young captain of the guards,
Paradigm. Zodac was exiled for his
treachery and we thought the
threat gone. Rumors of his
attempts of gaining power through
the elves of the north and his
dealings with Dark Magics grew and


                       RATHAMON (cont'd)
we were ill prepared for his
return. His first attack was at
the church in which Lord Thygore
dwelled. Thygore as well as many
of the monks there were slain.
A younger Wyance dressed as a jester again is seen talking
with a young man in princely attire. The young Prince Bria.
Ha ha ha, Wyance you always make
me smile.
happily my liege.
      (waving off the
so what wines have you found for
me to sample.
      (with a sly smile)
Sample? Just a sample?
Enter Paradigm wearing his captain of the guard outfit from
the original flashback.
My liege.
How goes it Captain?
we have sightings of Zodac of Sir


      (with a sigh)
What news of my brother?
The news is heavy my liege. My
scouts say that he has immersed
himself with the dark arts. We
must prepare for him and take him
into custody. Who knows what he
will do next.
Perhaps I was wrong to show him
mercy after his treachery. I
thought that maybe I could save
you shouldn't take so much blame
upon yourself.
      (to Paradigm)
so how far is Zodac in his
                                         FADE TO THE CHURCH
Thygore, Rathamon and Davidos are with younger Muldoon and
Lythel. Surrounding these men are other monks and mages.
      (in human form)
Davidos what type of preparations
can we make against Zodac? Are
there any spells we can use to
detect him?
I can detect magic but its harder
to discern from who it is coming


What about if we use something of
Zodac to heighten the spell?
I'll check his old lodgings. We
must do this quickly.
Davidos is sifting through a few minor belongings left in
the room. Suddenly a loud explosion is heard and the room
shakes. Davidos looks amiss.
Thygore and Paradigm are talking with a few recruits when
Durant is brought in by another soldier.
Its urgent, I have to warn you.
                       SWORD (as Thygore)
What is it what is wrong?
      (grabbing Thygore
       by his jacket)
He's coming! Zodac is coming!
      (running out)
I must warn The King
                       SWORD (as Thygore)
      (taking Durant by
       the arm)
men ready the weapons and prepare
for battle.
Thygore leads Durant out of the room and into the hall. When
a young Dremil appears.
Father what's going on?


Just then a explosion destroys the Guardhouse knocking
everyone to the floor. Durant and the young Dremil is
further from the explosion and are getting up quicker.
                       SWORD (as Thygore)
Get him out of here!
Go boy save your self.
Durant grabs young Dremil and pulls him from the scene. As
Zodac enters from the flames of the Guard station. Laughing
at the carnage. Zodac picks up Thygore' s sword and walks to
the downed warrior.
and what to do with you...
A group of Crimson clothed warriors attack. Monks and Mages
are slain. Muldoon, Lythel, Rathamon fight back against the
attackers, trying to defend their fellow mages. The fight is
quick and bloody but the death toll against the peaceful
mages is horrifying.
      (running into the
       throne room)
My Liege we must get you to safety
Where is my sword?
Bria is standing around a small stand with Paradigm when
another explosion goes off. They are thrown off their feet
and covered with ruble. Zodac strides into the room with a
couple of his soldiers. He wakes Bria up.
      (kneeling by Bria)
Hello Brother
Zodac grabs Bria and drags him to the throne, throwing him
unto it.


you wanted the throne so badly,
take it!!
Zodac levitates Paradigms sword to his hand as Paradigm is
regaining consciousness. Zodac then plunges the sword into
Bria's chest killing him.
Thank you for the use of your
blade Captain.(to his men) Back to
the base.
Zodac creates an opening of Eldritch energy and him and his
minions jump through it. Davidos and Wyance enter. With a
wave of his hand the rubble flies off Paradigm. Wyance runs
to Bria and falls to his knees overcome with grief. Paradigm
makes it to his feet and stares at the sword on the ground.
Intermix scenes of Dremil's history with scenes of Rathamon
moving through the confusion with Muldoon and Lythel.
Zodac attacked the palace and with
his new magical abilities His
magesty Lord Bria was slain. With
this lost and outrage, justice had
to be served. Lythel, Muldoon and
myself represented the churches
need in finishing this evil.
Paradigm came on behalf of his
fallen mentor. Davidos and Salin
were the palace magicians at the
time and wanted to avenge their
former master.
What about Wyance and the other
fellow you mentioned...Durant?
Wyance was Bria's personal jester
and probably the one of us most
effected by the King's death. Bria


                       RATHAMON (cont'd)
and Wyance were great friends and
Wyance took his death very
personally. Durant was a
mentallist that a few of us knew.
We tracked Zodac to a cave in the
western woods, where a fearsome
battle raged but luckily we were
victorious and thought ourselves
blessed until now.
Rathamon stands up and starts for the other room. He turns
to Tessa before leaving.
You have a right to know. For now
we share the same fate, we all do.
Tessa stands and walks back to the window, she holds herself
tightly in her arms, she has never been so scared.
Lythel, Rathamon, Davidos, Reylaceix and Kima are seen
pooling magic resources.
What are we doing again?
      (shaking head.)
We are pooling are magic to look
for Durant.
      (looking bored)
A swirling mist forms in the middle of the group, different
color beams emit from it, while the men chant.
      (walking out)
Shades to this.


Wyance and Paradigm are going over the locks on the door.
Meanwhile Dremil and Muldoon both have their weopons drawn,
eyeing the way they came. Salin is busy deciphering the
runes upon the door.
Can you hurry this up?
Do you want second handwork done
here or top notch work? (sticking
his tongue out at Dremil)
Almost got it.
Salin sprinkles some dust upon the door before it opens and
a small puff of smoke is seen.
Ball of fire trap upon the door,
the runes told me.
      (sharing look with
Oh...thanks. (small grin...very
small grin)
The party can now see the prize...The sword in which Toad
has sent them for.
It's a star blade.
Are you sure?
Wyance and Paradigm exchange glances.
oh yeah..we're sure.


A thin bladed broad sword with a cresent hilt sticks from a
small stone.
Let's get it and get out of here
this place is giving me the
Wyance tries to pull the sword free, but without success.
      (Grabbing sword)
Blazes to this.
The sword still doesn't come free of the stone so Muldoon
hits it against the wall shattering the stone. Causing his
party members to stare at him in disbelief.
What?!? It's out isn't it?
I don't think it's supposed to be
done that way.
The ground starts to shake and an eerie glow emits from the
place the stone stood.
      (talking to
Time to go?
                       PARADIGM (NODDING)
      (turning to Salin)
Time to go.
I agree
All settled then.


What I only broke a rock (the rest
of party exiting room) Hey wait
Kima is walking along talking to her self.
Taking that annoying Wyance
instead of me, I'm twice the
lockpick he is. Besides leaving me
with the boring mages eww.
Suddenly a bony hand breaks the surface of the ground. A
skeletal figure slowly starts to pull itself out of the
ground, meanwhile another skeleton appears around the corner
of the alley.
This is not good.
Mot is seen running towards to the house screaming.
Mot slams the door behind him, bracing it with his back.
There be dead things out there.
The mages are working on something while a swirling mist
arises. Wind is picking up and their voices are raised.
Something is wrong here.


there's a rift forming.
Kima is backing off from the skeleton while pulling out a
throwing spike.
      (throwing the
Catch ugly.
The spike sticks into the skeletons strenum but doesn't slow
it down.
not good.
Kima hurls another spike this one embedding itself in the
skeletons head. It still continues forward.
Definatly not good
Mot, Matreya, Richter, Ramog and Tessa are boarding up the
room preparing for the attack.
Get that board up there.
Ramog is swinging his axe at skeletal arms that are reaching
in through the windows. The party are fighting to survive.
      (shouting to room
       with mages)
We need some help out here.
The mages are flung to the walls and the wind is knocked out
of them.


A dark and dusty cell, a lone figure of a warrior, cladded
in black dragon armor, covered in webs and and vines, is
bound in chains against the wall, he looks as if he has been
their for hundreds of years. Suddenly the chains snap and he
tumbles to his knees.
I'm free! FREEEE!!!!!
His cries are heard through the halls, 2 gaurds come to
investigate the yells.
Where is the chosen one.
It's been freed!
Dybbuk holds his hand up a blaze of fire comes from it and
the 2 gaurds are consumed in the flame, only ashes remains.
Kima is backing away, reaching for her sword. The skeleton
goes to swing and is smashed from behind. The cloud
disapates and Wyance is standing there with a cocky grin.
Miss me?
Kima rolls hers eyes and says nothing, she almost bites her
own lip infuriorated by being saved by Wyance.
The rest of the group arrives mopping up a few other
skeletons, but none are stopping or slowing down.
No time for play you two we gotta


Wyance offers Kima a hand up, which she refuses, and the two
are off after the group.
From the ball of light a figure appears. Toad, but he looks
amiss, his skin has a yellowish color, he surveys the mages
at his feet with a smirk on his face.
      (as the members
       notice him)
Where is the starblade?
                       RICHTER (ANGRY)
A bolt of power hits Richter pinning him to the wall.
                       MATREYA (SCREAMING)
      (charging Toad)
Another energy beam erupts, Matreya gets his sheild up but
the beams still knocks him off balanced.
Ramog and Mot are busy battling skeletons when Mot hears
Toad speak.
Mot rushes at Toad, axe held close to his chest preparing
for his swing. Toad unconcerned hurls a force knocking Mot
off his feat.
      (seeing Tessa)
And what do we have here?
Tessa fearfully backs away.


      (backing Tessa to
       the wall.)
Aahh this adventure shall not be
without advantages after all.
Suddenly a sword embeds itself in the wall by Toad's head.
                       WYANCE (COCKILY)
      (standing in the
Don't you know that's no way to
treat a lady.
Kima rolls into the room and two throwing spikes suddenly
appear in Toad's chest.
Die you son of a bitch!
                       TOAD (smirking)
      (pulling the
       spikes out of his
Kima it's nice to see your as
spirited as ever. Still running?
My offer still stands.
The rest of the outside party are coming through the
doorway, swing at monsters outside, bones and dust flying.
Reylaceix help me.
Reylaceix goes over to Lythel a wave of web-like strands
comes from his fingertips and entangles the skeletons.
We should've known you couldn't be
Enough! Where is the starblade?


      (preparing to
       strike Toad.)
You mean this?!?
Toad opens his hand and an energy ball explodes with
lightning striking Muldoon knocking him to the floor as his
grip on the starblade tightens.
Did you think that I would be ill
prepared for the blades.
The beams of lightning then seek out other members of the
group. Kima, Davidos and Ramog.
                       TOAD (SMILING)
Ah, 4 more to add to my
collection. The master will be
Rathamon trying to rise off the floor looks at Toad and
notices an aura around him focused at his waist.
Wyance, his belt...like last time.
Wyance remebering Zodac's necklace in their previous
encounter motions to Wyance who leaps at Toad. Toad grabs
Wyance out of the air forcing the wind out of him.
      (grabbing Wyance
       and slamming him
       against the wall)
I know all about how you beat my
master, not this time.
Toad pulls out his sword to kill Wyance when it flies out of
his hand. It lands in Dremils hand which surprises everyone.
                       DREMIL (SURPRISED)
      (looking at the
This is my fathers sword.


With the distraction when Toad looks back at Wyance he is
holding Toad's belt with a big smile on his face. Toad
becomes angry and tries to push upon Wyance who rolls to the
side and escapes Toad's grasp. Toad screams and then begins
to transform. His flesh begins to quickly rot off his bones.
My word he's the lich that
controls Nethra.
      (peering into the
       pool of water.)
Camphor's secret has been found
out, what should we do?
His fate is of no concern to the
Children. We know which one we
need, all is going according to
Now you'll face my real power.
Toad releases a wave of energy at the party and they all
crumple before it. Screams of agony are heard from the
warriors. Tessa left behind Toad, is left alone, thinking of
her as not a threat. She takes the sword from the wall and
stabs Toad in the gut with it, breaking his concentration.
He turns his attention to Tessa. Taking the knife from his
belly he stabs Tessa with it.
Muldoon swings his hammer knocking Toad back to the wall.
      (raising his fist
       at Toad)
To Arms!


A large fist materializes and strikes Toad. The others are
taking their turn as well. Knives and spikes are hurled by
Wyance and Kima. Richter launches an arrow from his crossbow
into Toad. Paradigm launches a physical barrage at Toad with
kicks and strikes, when Paradigm is tossed aside, Mot
sholders into Toad's spine and is turned aside. Matreya's
sheild slams Toad back into the wall, to be followed by
Ramogs' hammer like blow. Davidos is the next to stand up,
he and Reylaciex unleash a powerful blast of Magic. Salin
who has been the voice of reason, angered at Tessa's
sacrifice, unleashes the power of his elemental dragoon.
Rathamon knowing it's now his time reaches out for the power
of his God and Toad falls unto his knees.
      (sword held high
       and looking like
       something is
       pulling him along)
Smite evil!!
Looking like the sword is pulling him along Dremil strikes
and frees Toad's head from his body. Lythel and Rathamon
combining their priest like abilities along with Paradigm
and Dremil banish Toad unto the netherworld forever. An
earpeircing scream from Toad is heard as he fades from all
      (taking her in his
Lythel goes to them and lays his hands upon her. A soft glow
of yellow light surrounds his hands then he looks at
Mulddoon and shakes his head sorrowfully.
Lich's blood. He can't heal her.
                       TESSA (SOUNDING VERY TIRED)
I would have liked to seen your
farm oneday.


      (holding her hand)
Just hold on you'll see it. A
small house on a hill where we can
set and watch the sunset every
evening. The wind blowing through
the trees.
Sounds nice.
Muldoon tries to form words but Tessa slowly passes on in
his arms, he holds her little head against his chest as the
the team gathers around them.
                                         FADES OUT
The team are all placing the final stones on Tessa's
makeshift grave, Muldoon places the makeshift cross at the
head of it.
Yes and it involves the
Then we should gather everyone
togather and discuss this.
alright then half an hour, inside
the hut.
Rathamon goes to collect Muldoon and Wyance stops him.
Give him a moment, I'll bring him.
fade out


The party are loosely in a circle looking still slightly in
dazed state.
Everyone I think we should look
over a few of the facts.
A few grumbles are heard from the group.
We need to find out just who
Tabaithe was working for and why
does he want the starblades.
Kima pauses and then steps into the forefront.
I seem to remember a ballad about
5 blades (singing)"in the day of
darkness with blades being 5,
togather in thier sharpness, shall
peirce the sky."
Well it doesn't rhyme very well.
peirce the sky? What does that
Don't know it's a part of a song
about "the last day"
Hmmm. this is not alot of
information to go on. Starblades a
pretty rare, they were made by the
blacksmith Merizon and the Wizard
Nevros, we have learned that they
each have special properties.


Still a load of crap, doesn't
bring us any closer to the truth.
angry murmurs from the party.
So what now, we can't just stay
No we must leave here quickly I
fear that this place will become
unstable soon, without a demi
leich to hold this place togather
and without the sword, the
darkness of this place will soon
be released.
      (worried face)
Excuse me...darkness?
elsewhere in Nethra a crack in the ground is seen it
lengthens and blackness seeps from it like a shadow.
      (a far off look in
       his eye)
Darkness is more than the absence
of light it's the abscence of
life. It's cold and hungry and
will devour you if your not
the darkness surrounds a rat and is followed by the sounds
of a pained squek.'
We need to try and collect the
other starblades and as quickly as


      (smoking from his
Then perhaps it's best if we split
Uncomfortable glances are exchanged by the group. Muldoon is
still being quiet in the corner of the room. Richter and
Matreya are still keeping to themselves and a few other
friends are subconsciencly pairing up.
      (walking to Kima)
Do you happen to know where any of
the hidden blades are?
                       KIMA (SOFTLY)
Not really, Fool, All I'm familiar
with is old stories and songs. Do
we even know which Blades are
still out there?
      (stroking his
       beard and smoking
       on his pipe)
Hmm. We have Ramog's double bladed
axe, the crecent hilted sword we
discovered here, Davidos' dagger,
Kima's throwing blade, and
Wyance's short sword. That's 5 so
apparently there is 7 still out
      (looking solemn)
Six! I know where the katana
Starblade is (Paradigm and Wyance
share a glance of rememberance)


Five, I acquired the main gouch a
few years back.
(Meanwhile somewhere outside the Darkness is still growing
and taking shape)
      (a little
there are 12 of them, is it one in
particular they are searching for,
is it the remaining five, or one
we already have, is their anything
extra special about them, we need
They're special alright.
Salin is pacing back and forth.
We have to assume the missing
blades are our foes main goals and
by acquiring them first we may
prevent whatever nefarious plot
they are hatching.
Everyone gives Salin a glance.
      (taking swig off
       his flask)
Very good,but where do we find
      (stepping forward)
I think I know where to find the
Axe. There was a story my father
used to tell me of the Mountain of
Mist and a hidden blade of power.


      (breaking her
       silence, looking
       at Matreya)
I think I know where to find
someone who...
Suddenly the little hut lurches and everyone inside are
knocked off their feet.
what the..
All the party members are surprised and scared and not
knowing what to think.
                       REYLACEIX (SHOUTING)
It's the Darkness!!!
We need to get out of here now !!!
The party readies weopons preparing for the unknown. They
cautiously but hurriedly make for the door.
Your weopons are useless here,
this is not a crature of flesh
only magic and faith can save us
With that Rathamon unleashes a blast of white light at the
door, an unearthly scream is heard and a path through the
Darkness is seen.
      (moving first)
We need to go now!
Lythel's cudgel becomes a brilliant ball of light and the
team follows him on the path he lights.
      (speaking to
I don't think we're all going to


                       RATHAMON (cont'd)
make it.
We'll worry about that when the
time comes for now we got to run.
They run from the hut Lythel's ball of light and one from
Davidos are keeping the shadows at bay.
How do we get out of this
We need to get out of this town, I
don't think it can leave the
This way!
Paradigm grabs Lythel's arm and leads him west the party
follows. They run a little ways and come to a stop, Lythel
has a worried look on his face.
I got a bad feeling about this.
Suddenly tendrils of Darkness strike from the shadows and
grab at the team dragging them off in different directions.
They struggle greatly but are dragged from one large parties
into smaller groups.
Muldoon, Ramog and Mot are all dragged off togather. All of
them are strong and powerful warriors trying to fight the
Darkness with their combined strength to no avail.
      (trying to dig in
       his heels.)
Must break it's hold some how.


The Darkness grabs Mot around the throat and starts to pull
him in Ramog has used his great axe as a tent stake and is
holding on while Gurgy is holding onto both men trying to
tug Mot free.
Paradigm, Wyance and Kima are pulled into their own group.
Being much smaller than the barbarains the little elves are
being dragged along.
This is not my idea of a good
Wyance's short sword drops from his sheath and Paradigm
picks it up slicing first his bonds then Wyance's. Flipping
Wyance his sword Wyance releases Kima.
So they can be hurt by Starblades.
      (taking out her
That's all in good, fool,but what
do we do now.
The 3 make a small circle as the Darkness surrounds them.
Rathamon, Dremil and Lythel are pulled in their own
direction away from the others. Sparks of light and rays of
magic are hurled at the Darkness.
      (throwing waves of
Don't let up, we have to get free
of this.
                       DREMIL (SARCASTIC)
Any ideas on that?


      (pointing a finger
       and a ray of
       power at the
Rathamon and Dremil hit the dirt as a white light leaves
Lythels' fingers and erupts upon touching the Darkness.
Salin, Matreya and Richter are struggling with the tendrils
of Darkness like the others are. Richter has aquired the
crecent hilted sword and is using it to try and hold off the
tendrils. Matreya despite his massive strength is having
difficulties wrestling Salin from the clutches of the
This is no good we are divided,
our strength as a unit is
compromised. If we can't find the
others we must flee this and try
and recover the Blades on our own.
      (slicing the
       tendril holding
Very well and good but aren't we
getting ahead of ourselves.
      (unleashing beams
       of power to stave
       off the Darkness)
This way.
What do we do now? We're seperated
from the rest of the party.


                       DAVIDOS (SOLEMNLY)
      (firing a random
       beam of energy at
       a tendril)
We have noway of finding the
others, we must hope that they can
take care of themselves. We must
look to the larger picture and the
collection of the StarBlades.
And how do we accomplish this?
I have enough energy to open two
doorways. I will travel to find
some old friends of mine. The
other will open to our studies,
find out what you can about the
Starblades and I will meet you
back there.
Davidos concentrates and opens the 2 doorways. He looks back
and nods at Reylaceix then enters the rift, it closes
quickly behind him. Reylaceix walks towards the rifts then
stops and heads back towards the Darkness. A tendril of
Darkness makes for him but a wave of his hand halts it.
Salin is readying his Dragoon while Richter and Matreya are
fighting off the tendrils.
So we're certain this is the
closest way out of Nethra?
      (swinging at
Yes and the direction should lead
us towards the Isle of Mists..
A noticeable look of unpleasantness crosses Matreya's face.
Salin though settles himself and fires a blast from his


Dragoon, straight into the Darkness. A horrific and ghastly
scream is deafening but a wide breach in the Darkness is
The 3 men swiftly run through the breach and escape the
borders of Nethra.
The 3 thieves are being surrounded by the Darkness, Kima
fires a ball of light at the thing from which it shrinks
I have an idea! Kima give Digm
your dagger and use that ball of
light thing, we should be able to
use the triangle to ward off the
Darkness and escape.
Quickly Kima tosses her dagger to Paradigm just in time for
him to slice an attacking tendril. She swiftly reforms her
ball of light bigger this time with her using both hands.
I hope your right about this.
                       WYANCE (UNDER HIS BREATH)
Me and you both.
Ramog brings his large axe to bear on the tendril holding
Mot and Muldoon severing it.
                       MOT (FRUSTRATED)
How can we fight a foe we can't
meet eye to eye?
I grow tired of this, by Gond give
me a heart of this creature to
strike at!!


Rathamon is using his staff and generating light from it,
Lythel is concentrating and Dremil is holding his sword
ready for attack.
We need to end this soon we can't
keep up this pace.
      (backing up to
       form a circle
       with the other 2)
What do you suggest Rathamon?
Dremil we'll need your sword. We
must devide our enemy.
Dremil comes over and holds up his sword. The 2 clerics grab
the hilt and power surges through them. A brilliant light
flashes from the sword slicing into the Darkness.
The beams of light are seen all around Nethra, each of the
other groups come in contact with them as well as the
Darkness is divided into smaller parts.
Look it's forming into a new
The smaller Darknesss' that remain start to take a humanoid
shape and begen to harden.
All around Nethra the heroes are drawing weopons to strike
down the humanoid dark shapes.
Thank you Gond!


Muldoon unleashes his fury upon the shadow creatures with
his hammer smashing them to dust. Mot and Ramog are more
than happy joining in the frey with their axes leaving more
piles of dust. The three leave more rubble behind of the
former Darkness creature than any other group.
Running through a field on the outskirts of Nethra,
skeletons and zombies are coming from the ground to slow the
I don't know what that light was
but we need get far from here.
      (running and
No arguement from me.
Richter is cleaving his way through anything in his path
while Matreya uses his shield and sword to make a pathway.
Salin uses both his Dragoon and his wits to get through the
The scene flashes throughout Nethra as the remaining party
members are destroying the "shapes".
                       PARADIGM (EXCITED)
      (seeing his sword)
My sword!!
Simialiar scenes play throughout Nethra, as the teams smash
through the "shapes and come to to the outer limits, of the
dead city. Moments of happiness are seen, as the party
members embrace their freedom. Wyance and Kima embrace and
kiss briefly, until they turn away from one another blushing
and making excuses, Paradigm looking on amused. Lythel,
Rathamon and Dremil take part in prayer, thanking the
deity's for their salvation. Mot, Muldoon and Ramog give a
mighty barbaraian yalp, as they make their way towards the
mountains. The rogues are on a raft floating away from
Nethra, planning out their next day. The last person we see
is Reylaceix who hasn't been seen since Davidos'


disappearance he walks slowly out of Nethra, somber and
quiet. As he walks, we notice his shadow grows long.
Two barbarain in kilts are coming over the ridge, followed
by a short archer and a fourth adventurer.
Edourdo, where are you heading?
                       ED (DISTRACTED)
You brought myself, Gwacewynd and
Tailrip up here...
From an makeshift table made from a tree stump Davidos rises
to meet the adventurers.
I'm sorry Cyter but we were
I'm sorry to keep this so
secretive but something is
happening and I don't know how we
are to stop it.
The group gathers around the tree stump and begin to discuss
the plans.
The prophecy is coming true. The
Day of Ending is upon us.
Does he know?


I think he suspects but he has
turned his back on his past and we
may have to rely on the other.
The others groan from this news.
      (shaking his head)
We're doomed.
Shadowmere is sitting pouring chemicals into a cauldron.
      (coming over to
My love, it is time for the next
step, is it not?
      (rising from his
Yes my love. How is our prisoner?
he survives but information is
coming slowly his will is strong.
The pair walks down a darken corridor where Durant still
hangs from his torture.
He must be kept alive he will
become useful all too soon. Have
the rest of the children gathered
Yes dear they await "the signal".


A group of robed and hooded people gather around a circle
drawn upon the floor, candles make out 5 points of the
Kima, Wyance and Paradigm are walking down a wooded path
discussing there journey.
So what do we know about these 5
Blades were after?
Not much, or at least not as much
as I would like. The last 5 Blades
are the most important though.
They represent the 5 points of the
Circles don't have points only
Circles do not have sides they are
                       WYANCE (JOKINGLY)
Yes they do they have 2 sides, the
inside and the outside.
Kima glares at Wyance with a grouchy expression.
      (smacking the back
       of Wyance head)
She meant Pentacle. Getting back
to the Blades. So what do you


                       KIMA (OFF CAMERA)
According to the song: The one is
the Choas blade. It's an axe
located in an mountain range.
Bathed in dragon's blood, it
represents the power of Chaos.
Wyance and Paradigm continue on the path, curious looks are
The white point is the power of
protection. The sword was washed
in the tears of angels.
So wha'ts the 3rd point?
The scene fades from where Paradigm was talking to where the
same line is delivered by Shadowmere.
So what is the 3rd point?
Durant is seen with Shadowmere standing over him and Noir
digging her fingers into his head.
                       DURANT (PAINFULLY)
      (words are being
       forced out of him
blue...point...blade.... must be
..found by a ...wizard. The power
..of..chance and possiblity
Where! Where is it!
Which point are we heading for?
The three are walking along the trail in the forest.


The green point.
And how do you know all of this?
                       KYRON (OC)
Because I told her.
A stately looking elvin gentleman appears out of the woods.
A look of shock comes across Kima's face.
Hello father
Wyance, Paradigm, Kima and Kyron are sitting around a small
table, over supper.
Sir can you now tell us about the
It started long ago. The
blademaster Nevros constructed 12
blades from a rock that fell from
the heavens. He made a sword in
the style and fashion of each of
the 12 kingdoms, and sent as
presents to their rulers. Each
kingdom, either by wizard, priest,
or wiseman blessed and gave
special properties to these
already impressive weapons. The
champions of each kingdom was
presented their blades and used
them to protect their realm.
Eventually almost all evil was
vanquished and peace and
prosterity ruled for years. Long
after the original champions were
too aged to continue, the blades
became little more than trophies.


                       KYRON (cont'd)
Great games were held to see who
would get to carry these
possesions. But this angered the
spirit of Nevros and he unleashed
a hidden power of the blades in
order to open up a rift in the
universe to swallow the swords.
Unfortunately the demon Kathos
entered our realm and with the
power of himself and his minions,
armies and kingdoms were
decimated. The current 12 warriors
rode out to meet him and after a
destructive battle only 5 warriors
still survived. They took their
weapons to the greatest sorcerers
alive to help them.
Wyance and Paradigm look uneasily at each other, worried
about what they face.
From what you told me Kima has
already told you about the Chaos
Blade, the Fire Axe. As well as
the Order Blade, The Sword of the
The others, are first the dagger.
It belonged to a wizard, and was
bathed in the bile of the
leviathan. It is endowed with the
power of Control and Probability.
It is called the Cunning Blade,the
Dagger of Mists.
The elvish sword, is coated with
sap from the tree of life, givin
the power of Life and growth, it
is the Living Blade, The sword of
the woods.
The last belonged to a mercenary.
It was bathed in the blood of


                       KYRON (cont'd)
vampires, it became the Death
Blade, the Sword of the Night.
What happened after that?
Somehow the 5 warriors were able
to force Kathos back through a
portal into his own realm where he
still lurks today. If someone is
trying to unite these blades again
it can only mean the bringing
forth of Kathos .
Then we must retrieve these
weopons before they can fall into
the wrong hands.
and what makes you think that
yours are the correct "hands"?
(before they can answer) It is my
right to set the test for any who
would retrieve the Life Blade.
Kima, Wyance and Paradigm look at each other then question
And what is the test?
The usual test is to fight the
vicious knid. A horrible beast,
standing twice the height of a
man, covered in sharp quills for
hair, a mouthful of razor sharp
teeth, as long as a man's arm.
It's saliva is poisonous, and it
rends it's prey apart with it's
massive claws.


And the unusual test?
Before my daughter ran off I was
attempting to find her a suitable
And which way to the vicious knid?
Wyance is putting on his sword belt and getting his weopons
ready. Paradigm is following him and trying to persuade him
to stop.
      (grabbing Wyance)
Wyance, Wyance, Wyance, come on
it's not that bad.
      (shooting him a
That, that, spoiled, pain in the
ass. I'd rather fight the knid!
just calm down brother, give it a
few days. Kyron is sending
messengers out to find the rest of
the group, I'm sure they are
trying to retrieve the other
blades as well. We'll think of
Paradigm puts his arm around Wyance and leads him back
towards the hall. As they walk they pass Kyron, Paradigm
slyly winks and gives a thumbs up to when Wyance is sulking
and not paying attention.
Kima is packing her belongings in a hurry.


      (looking at the
Leaving again?
You can't expect me to marry,
that, smartelic, grandstanding,
pompus ass.
So you like him then?
She fumes, and throws up her hands. She then sits down and
Really father you have no clue
sometimes, thinking I could ever
like a "jester"
Kyron smiles, becoming a smirk as he walks away.
arrogant, princess-sized pain in
the ass.
      (smirking as well)
but she is cute though
cute! cute!
that.....that...(thinking about
it)...what if she is doesn't
change a thing, a few days for the


                       WYANCE (cont'd)
guys to arrive then were gone.
Wyance and Paradigm excitely meets up with Muldoon, Mot and
      (to Muldoon)
Where have you been?
We have obtained the Fire Axe.
(holding it high above his head)
Good work my friend you must tell
us all about it.
And we shall but over a meal.
As Mot speaks a variety of conflicting scenes tales the
truth of the Dwarves obtaining of th Chaos Blade.
First we had to travel on foot for
what felt like leagues.
The 3 fighters are seen riding on the back of some kind of
horse drawn wagon.
For nights we had to get bye on
only stale bread and water. And
then in the end only on what
nature could feed us in those
baren lands.
They are sitting in a inn drinking mead and eating huge legs
of turkeys.


      (waving his food
We had to fight off hundreds of
goblins and foul creatures.
The 3 are seen dancing with some tavern wenches.
After days of dangerous encounters
we found our way into a deep dark
cave, where the blade was guarded
by a huge dragon.
Mot is seen opening a chest and taking out a bundle, inside
them is the Chaos Blade.
      (inside the
This has been passed down through
out my family since the days of
old. But Shh don't tell the elf.
And then after we have finished
off the fearsome dragon the Chaos
Blade was ours. See there laddy
theirs a story you can tell your
grand kids.
Muldoon and Ramog look at each other with a helpless
Dremil, Lythel and Rathamon are gathered around an alter,
they appear rough and ragged.
Rathamon are you sure this is the


We haved travelled the plains of
Daru, and they have brought us
here. The Tomb of Druas. He was
the last weilder of the Sword of
the Day.
But that doesn't mean that it is
still here.
But you see only a druid of Druas'
order would know how to find this
place Dark creatures can not enter
here and none could pass the
trials of acceptance needed to
gain the Order Blade.
The team keeps looking around. Until Rathamon finds it.
You see here it is.
He points to a drawing on the wall.
But then where is it, and how do
we retrieve it.
      (pointing at the
Deios una de bladeus
nothing is happening
Rathamon places his hand upon the tomb and his mind races.
Somehow someone has already
retrieved and rehidden the sword,
and I think lad, it was your


Dremil stands there and looks bewildered.
Suddenly the walls shake and the ground moves. Everyone is
Something is wrong. The barriers
have been removed.
Creatures of stone rise up from the floor and from the walls
and attack the 3.
      (hurling a magic
       beam at a
Look out!!!
Dremil's sword cuts through the creatures, as does
Rathamons' magic and Lythel's mighty cudgel.
      (smashing through
       a stone creature
       and running for
       the door)
We must leave here, now!
Suddenly the roofs falls. Rathamon using his magic braces it
up saving himself and Dremil for the moment, but it takes
all his concentration to do so.
You must run.
How can I just leave you here. I
can help you.
No Dremil, you have others to save
and your father's legacy to
uphold, the Sword of the Day is in
your hands, I thought I felt it's
light as it washed over us in the
lich's hut. You must stop Zodac


                       RATHAMON (cont'd)
from reaching his goal, now go!!!
I am not leaving you!!!
Most of the party is seen around a large table swapping
stories, and having a feast. Matreya and Richter are talking
with the Barbarians (Muldoon, Mot, and Ramog).
So then there was this great head
that appeared from the cave, 30
feet long at least...
Salin is talking with Kyron
We had to leave our search, the
cunning blade is not to be found
Richter has now turned his sights
towards the Blade of the Night,
rumored to be hidden in the swamps
of Slotein
That is troubling but come I have
a map that might be useful, a
rumor of the Dagger of the Mists.
We see Paradigm looking out a window peering off into the
forest his mind distant. Then we find Kima and Wyance
drinking heavily and throwing weopons at a painted board.
      (pulling her blade
       out of the board)
Tie!! Blazes!! Again.


shut up fool
You can call me Wyance, you know
If I do, Fool, it will be with my
last breath.
      (a little drunk)
How about another game then, what
else are you supposed to be good
I'm a good a thief as you.
let's find out
Reylaceix walks out of the room, Davidos is noticeably
worried about him.
At seperate table Richter and Qwacewynd are comparing
arrows. Tailrip is eating an apple with his knife,
      (trying not to
ok here we go, Ed's got a purse
strapped to his belt whoever gets
it first wins.
Wyance and Kima approach from different sides but while
argueing and fighting over the purse Ed is alerted to them.
Little thieves!!!
Edourdo swings back to punch at Wyance who is too quick, and
Matreya is hit instead, when Matreya turns to throw a punch


he accidently hits Cyter and a fight begins. Through the
flying bodies Wyance and Kima walk off still arguing over
the money with large cups in their hands.
Reylaceix is walking along, voices speaking in his head.
      (in pain)
No! I don't want to.
                       ZODAC (oc)
you will never be free of me, boy!
the mental attacks on Reylaceix continue becoming more and
more violent, until he drops to his knees his eyes widening
and then falling unconscience upon the ground. As he lies
there 4 sets of feet walk past his body.
It's now been awhile since the fight, passed out adventures
are lying everywhere, a night of revelry ended. Sounds are
heard OC of small quick and decisive battles. As Muldoon
begins to stir.
What in the ...
It's an attack
Paradigm is fully prepared and goes to the doorway he
whistles a bird call.
Wyance hears the bird call even in his sleep, he looks to
his right and sees an undressed Kima only to discover he too
is unattired. She wakes up and is startled as well.


      (and KIMA)
This is your fault! My fault?
then they are both speechless, in the silence the sound of a
pained gasp is heard followed by what sounds like a falling
Get dressed
The majority of the group looks worse for wear.
      (holding his head)
I don't ever recall a headache
this bad before, what was in that
Elvish Ale
maybe it's from where Ed hit you
Paradigm sniffs the ale
it was drugged, try to wake the
      (holding the side
       of his head)
By the Highfathers' beard nothing
can hurt like this
Just then an arrow flies into the room striking Muldoon in
the forehead. He goes down.
The following moments are in chaos. Expertly fired arrows
assail the room. A large fighter and skilled Rogue enter the
room, bringing up the rear are a clever wizard and a bow
weilding wench. Ramog meets the fighter and goes head to


head with him. With the humans of the party asleep only
Ramog,Paradigm, Mot and Gwacewynd are awake. Gwacewynd after
some close calls easily wounds the archer. Paradigm goes
against the Rogue.
This is pointless, we are at a
stale mate, besides we have what
we were after, these baboons
deaths were only a bonus.
Kyron enters the room and halts the spell the Wizard was
I will not allow this in my house
A bloody Wyance enters the room, sword drawn.
I told you bastards I wasn't
finished yet.
The sight of his bloody brother off-balences Paradigm, the
Rogue takes his footing away, but Davidos enters the room
and a arrow of magic is fired into the evil doer.
Bind them quickly, we must learn
what has transpired
Gwacewynd is attempting to tie the Archerwench but
underestimates her abilities and is flipped across the
floor, she quickly fires an arrow into Kyron. Tailrip hits
her with a dagger but the damage has been already done.
Kima....it falls on you now...
The wizard once again tries to launch a powerful killing
spell of electrical energy at the group but Muldoon has
gotten back to his feet(arrow still in his head) and smashes
the Wizard with his powerful hammer. The wizard toppels and
lays still.


      (holding Kyron)
Hold on
      (whispering in
       Wyance's ear)
find my daughter....she is
the rest of Kyron's dying speech is left unknown
The group are entering the village from different points.
Ed, Cyter, Gwacewynd, Tailrip, Salin & Davidos enter what
appears to be a temple. Upon entering the room all of them
are trapped in glowing "shocking" tentacles from the floor.
      (reaching for his
Shocking Tenticles, must get
free... before.. they ..drain
the.. life from.. us.
Dremil is alone in the street. A Dru (a female warrior)
comes from out of the shadows.
      (grabbing his hilt)
Who are you?
She says nothing just paces back and forth, never taking her
eyes off of him. Dremil releases his sword from it's
Evil! Evil is afoot!
Dremil is being dragged towards Dru by the sword, leaving a
trough in the ground from his feet.


Smite Evil!!!
      (a war cry)
They clash weopons togather and the battle begins.
Wyance is moving through the alley when he is stopped by the
voice of a girl. He turns to look at her, she is petit and
blond and stunning even to Wyance she is seductive.
      (with a cocky grin)
Hello darlin
Why do you hide your talents? Why
not take center stage? Wealth,
fame, power, can all be yours.
      (pulling out his
       juggling balls
       and trying to get
       closer to her)
who me? I'm just a juggler hon,
nothing much special about that.
With a wave of her hands the balls go floating in to the
Well, if that's not a neat trick.
Another wave of Aleena's hand, the balls drop. Knowing
what's in them Wyance expertly catches them.


      (commandingly then
Join us.Join me.
Wyance seems almost enthralled by her and starts to walk
towards her
Muldoon is tying up the horses before joining the rest, is
met by Shade, a dark skinned warrior, his face is hidden and
and his clothes are darked he fights with stealth and skills
learned in the far east.
What the---
Muldoon barely is able to dodge the attack in time.
Who are you?
      (taking out his
ok son have it your way
Muldoon rushes forward, Shade easily side steps but misses
Muldoons' head with his attack.
an unconscience Kima is lying upon the floor, a large shadow
is looming over her just off camera.
you will be dealt with shortly,
little one, the master has great
plans for you.


Kima opens her eyes to see the Deathknight standing over
her, while a shadow lurks in the corner of the room.
The heroes are still struggling with their bonds. Focus on
      (in pain)
keep trying we must find away out
of this....must concentrate.
the latch on the door begins to shake and then is moved to
open the door.
      (walking into the
The spell holding the party disperses and they drop to the
Quickly the others must be in
danger as well, Paradigm, Salin,
Cyter go with them.
As Davidos begins to collect himself as well as the others
Lythel heals a few who are hurt the worse. Ed discovers
human bones.
Is that?...
Bones, human by the way they look
      (stopping himself)
but they're so small...


Children's bones
Richter strikes a wall in anger then gives a sorrowful look
towards Matreya. While Davidos picks something out from the
Davidos' fists are shaking and so are the walls of the
OUT!!! NOW!!!
The group of heroes take a quick look, and with all haste
vacate the building.
dios de uma de uthos de ceas
dios de uma de uthos de ceas
dios de uma de uthos de ceas
The chaos seems to spin around Davidos until the smoke and
the rumbling cease and Davidos stands alone in what used to
be the Temple. Some small token is in his hand.The necklace
Paradigm gave his son.
Dremil is outmatched, he swings his enchanted sword trying
to deflect her cuts. Five times we see Dremil swinging to
just barely stop Dru's attacks from becoming lethal. He is
already bleeding in half a dozen places and is exhausted.
With her last attack he is taken off balance and knocked to
the ground and disarmed.


Dru is circling the fallen Dremil, like a cat baiting him to
reach for his sword then stabbing him when he does, enough
to injure but not to kill, prolonging her sport.
Rathamon, I have failed you.
      (holding up the
You must stop Zodac from reaching
his goal, now go!!!
I am not leaving you!!!
Boy will you never listen?
Rathamon fires a bolt of energy at Dremil who is blasted
across the room and next to the opening. A gold ring is
lying upon Dremil's chest.
Go and fulfill Your destiny
The tomb collapses around Rathamon.
Dremil is looking at the ring, then holds it towards the
Lightning fires from Dremils fingertips, striking Dru. Both
fall to the ground unconscience.


Wyance is in Aleena's arms. He appears enthralled by her in
an almost seductive way. She takes out a small concealed
wand from her clothes. The symbol of the COTFS is upon it.
The same symbol appears upon her forehead in the presence of
the wand. She attempts to touch Wyance with it when he grabs
her arm and wrestles himself away from her.
What is wrong fool, do I scare
No just don't like girls with big
tattoos on the heads, besides I
got what I wanted.
She looks down at her own body when Wyance produces a small
bag of gold with cut laces. She then looks down at her belt
and the rest of the cut laces.
You thief!!
Laters cuddles, I have a girl to
Wyance turns to leave the alley when he sees a group of
zombie children.
Muldoon is covered in small cuts, he is attempting to
deflect Shade's attacks. He deflects 4 attacks and is nicked
by the 5th but counters with a fist just as quickly.The 2
round on each other blocking each others attacks, Muldoon
lands a kick but takes a cut across the leg to do it.
How long do you think you can keep
this up, barbarian?
As long as I need to assassin.


The longer we dance the more blood
you spill, mate. So shall we?
Again the weopons fly at one another blocking attacks and
looking for openings, Muldoons rage building with every
dodge Shade makes
Stop dancing around
Muldoon takes another small cut from Shade. He attacks again
but Shade is too quick to be hit. Paradigm then shows up.
You've seen better days Gurgy.
What you haven't killed him yet.
Shut up you
      (readying his
Sorry do I know you?
Shade looks at the 2 fighters and decides to take his leave.
He throws a smoke device upon the ground and when it clears
he is gone.
Wyance immediately turns from the zombies and starts
climbing the nearest wall. Salin enters the alleyway at this
time behind the zombie children.
Wyance! Have you found anythin...
Salin sees the zombie children and a look of shock comes
across his face


Salin quickly grabs a torch off the side of the wall to keep
the zombies at bay.
      (taking out his
Good idea
Salin picks up a disguarded bow, while Wyance is dumping oil
on the zombie children. Salin lights the tip of the arrow
with a peice of cloth and while he is backing up trips and
shoots himself in the left leg.
      (in pain)
While Salin is getting to his feet Wyance is wrapping the
tip of his bow with a small peice of cloth and lighting it.
      (taking aim at the
       zombie closest to
Don't worry buddy I got you.
Wyance fires his bow slightly missing the zombie and hitting
Salin in the right leg.
      (pointing to one
       leg than the
       other. Ace
       Ventura stolen
aaahh aaaahhhh aaaahhh
Salin takes out his Alchemist Gun


      (firing the weopon
       at the zombies)
Blazes to this
The zombies are ignited in a ball of fire. Aleena has some
how slipped away in the chaos
      (peering over
How you doing down there?
I'll be doing better when I get
these ARROWS out of my LEGS!!!
uh yeah, sorry about that.
Ramog and Ed are holding up a battered temple member. His
feet are dangling as they are shaking him about.
Where's the elf? Start talking or
we make a wish.
Ramog and Ed starts to pull the temple guard in 2
I'll talk, I'll talk
The party is togather again wounded and looking worse for
wear they are standing in front of a hut. The thatched roof
of the hut is engulfed in flames and the mark of the COTFS
is on the door. Wyance crashes against the door to no avail
as well as does Ramog and Ed. Davidos comes to inspect the


It's a Wizard Lock spell. I'll
need my spell book.
      (coming into veiw)
No need old friend I got it.
Viper with a little effort sholders the door, it splinters
in twain.
      (entering the
Come on
Wyance and Paradigm quickly follow Viper into the building
where we find, an unconscience Kima upon the floor. Wyance
carries her out and into the street.
Thank you Viper,
Anytime Wyance, I see these
"Children of the Fallen Stars" are
causing you troubles as well.
That they are, who are these
Left over remnants of some old
cult, like a 1000 before them, but
this lot is oganized, and they
have a lot of muscle. I've been
tracking them for the past lunar
cycle and they are a viscious lot.
They are collecting blood
offerings but for what I don't
know yet, and they seem to be
hunting for something but I still
haven't been able to discover
what, just hope to be there when
they find it so I can have a place


                       VIPER (cont'd)
to stick it.
It's the Star Blades
This can't be good, we need to
round up any of the stragglers
that may be lurking about before
they can warn whoever their leader
is of what has happened here.
Agreed, Qwacewynd, you and Wyance
come with me, Wyance ready your
The 3 men are scouring the streets looking for men wearing
the robes of the "Children" 3 scratches are on the wall next
to Qwacewynd,
Show off
Suddenly Paradigm spots a COTFS member lurking around a
corner 2 blocks away. He takes aim on his target.
Want to make a little wager?
Whose money you using?
Does it matter?
Count of 3 then, whose the better


      (taking aim with
       his short bow)
10 gold peices,
with you using that toy I should
give you better odds but a fool
and his money *winks*
      (taking aim)
laugh it up furball. One
      (focusing on the
They both say "3" as they let thier arrows fly. The shrouded
member of the "COTFS" falls down dead 2 arrows sticking out
the back of his head. As the scene follows a few minutes
later when the boys are confirming thier mark they discover
to their surprise the member is Reylaciex. The COTFS mark
upon his arm.
Mot is walking over a rising hill the sun is behind him. He
is moving slowly as the scene fades to a memory of a few
days ago.
are you sure about this? This is
not the time to split up
I'm sure lad, this is some serious
trouble we've gotten ourselves
mixed up in, we need an army, and
I have one.


And what are you planning with
that ragtag group of thieves and
grunts, march on an enemy of
witches and wizards and the Deity
knows what, and to where, when we
don't even know how to find them.
to the bloody end of the planes if
need be. we're outnumbered and
outmatched we need reinforcements
As Mot walk's into the camp, scenes of mass destruction can
be seen. Bodies strewn about tents ripped and torched,
charred earth is everywhere. From out of the charred remains
a slightly injured Dragica comes walking out.
Dragica! what happened here!! Are
you alright?
They came out of nowhere sir,
doors opened up from the air,
soldiers in crimson robes and with
them a magnificent red dragon, the
men were no match.
crimson robes!?! The Children of
the Fallen Stars, but why how
could they have known?
Begging your pardon sir but they
seemed to be looking for
something, a weopon of sorts
several men were tortured for


A weopon? Then this is my fault.
Curse my slow bones for not seeing
this sooner, how far does this
coruption go?
What were they looking for sir?
      (holding up the
This. The Chaos Blade
It exists? I thought it only a
Dragica picks up the Chaos Blade and stands up examing it.
It's all true. The Star
Blades...washed in blood.
Dragica swings and buries the sword into Mot's belly.
Dragica? Why?.....Why?
Power. It's always for Power.
A sweeping scene of the party 10 years ago on the way to
Zodac's cave is seen, then we follow the camera as it brings
us to the hideout and events of earlier that day. We see a
boy of 10 in wizard's robes being trained by Zodac, cutting
up animal parts, the boy seems worndown and sad. Richter
enters the room.


      (handing over a
       bag of money)
I trust the money is sufficient?
      (taking the money)
It is.
What's wrong? Not getting a
conscience are we?
Just get this over with.
3 small children is being led in to the cave. The tallest of
the boys, wearing an ornamental necklace, escapes from his
captor and runs into Richter. The boy says nothing but looks
up at Richter with pleading eyes, Richter hands the boy back
to his captor but as he does he slips the child a small
The scene focus in on a necklace the boy is wearing. A
youngman is then seen about the age of 13, fighting another
large boy in a pit while men in dress robes watch on. After
narrowing surving the fight the boy with the necklace hurls
his weopon at the robed figures striking one in the chest.
He is put in chains and locked away, a man is casualling
sitting in the corner of the room when he is thrown in.
At last company, I hope your at
least civilived
As he speaks Richter is brought to light and then back to
the focus of the necklace and then to the present and the
necklace around the neck of Matreya.
You sure you know where your


Yes unfortuanately, It's a place I
heard about a long time ago, but
someplace I'd rather avoid.
The 2 walk on through the swampy area, passing many trees
and trying to find an easier path.
Remind me to ask for more money
next time
Deffinately my friend, this saving
the world thing is for other men
than me.
But it's the right thing to do,
Richter, it feels right.
Well as long as my head stays
firmly planted to my neck I'm cool
but this is as dangerous as I go,
after this I'm done let those
other fools deal with it.
A large swamp hag comes from out of the murky waters and
attacks the 2 men.They both jump back in surprise and ready
weopons. The Hag swipes at Richter wildly missing him, and
matreya jumps to the forefront. The Hag cannot overpower
Matreya but he has not the ability to defend himself and
finish her at the same time. Richter who has recovered
himself has already readied his crossbow for the attack and
with a skillfully aimed shot puts a bolt into the Hag's
forehead. She screams and returns lifelessly to the murcky
After this, I'm out Matreya, no
more of this hero crap.


Then I shall carry on for both of
us my friend.
The scene shifts as time passes and they find a stone like
structure a dark sword the center of it.
Ok now what? We know enough there
has to be some kind of price to
pay to get these. What will
pulling that out release. More
skeletons, zombies.
Only one way to find out,
Matreya walks up and grabs the blade and eases it out of
it's slot. Richter stands by with weopons ready. As the
blade is released a mass of energy swirls around the 2 men
and finally stops in the form of Reylaciex.
Matreya and Richter, I have waited
years for this moment
Reylaciex releases a blast upon the 2 men that sends them
what are you talking about
Reylaceix. We only met you a few
days ago.
Oh contrare smuggler
The scene returns to Richter giving the boy the knife, and
from a different veiw a young Reylaciex watching from the
You helped this maggot but you
left me there year after year, I
know who my true master is now and
he is having his revenge upon the
lot of you. My power is infinate


                       REYLACEIX (cont'd)
now, and your lives are over
Using the sword he blast the 2 men, they are held in a
energy field of pain and then dropped unconscience into a
murky pit.
Goodbye fools don't fret the
others will join you in hell soon
Richter is barely able to move and Matreya legs are broken.
Richter is trying to pull them both free but with Matreya's
armor and his size Richter hasn't the strength and both are
being pulled down.
      (trying to push
       him away)
leave me
No! we can still make it
my legs are useless you'll kill us
both, save yourself.
Shut up and help me I'm not
letting you drown
i though you didn't want to be a
Matreya shoves his necklace into Richter's hand and with his
last bit of strength lifts Richter over his head and hurls
him of the pit.
Richter turns to look at the murky pit.


Matreya! Matreya!! Matreya
Richter watches helplessly as last of Matreya disappears
under the murky surface.
Ramog, Lythel, Gwacewynd, Tailrip and Viper are standing
outside a cave entrance while the scene fades to find Salin,
Paradigm, Kima, Wyance, Muldoon, Cyter, Ed, and Dremil
entering the bowels of the cave.
So what does this sword look like?
The legends say that it's a blade
made of liquid metal.
interesting, i wonder how it is
able to keep it's consistancy
Paradigm shakes his head and rolls his eyes. Suddenly
goblins start coming out of the walls.
Blazing goblins are coming out of
the woodwork.
Actually they're goblins holes
it's a ...
      (and everyone)
Shut up!?
The fighters ready their weopons as the goblins attack. Ed
and Cyter easily slice through the ranks while Wyance and
Kima duck and dodge through them doing damage. Paradigm
misdirects and attacks with precision of a master. Muldoon
like always is a battering ram of destruction, while Dremil
ever powerless to his sword's zest for battle is tossed into


the fray. Salin powers up his Dragoon and blasts the
remaining goblins to oblivian.
Fan out we need to find the next
Wyance stumbles upon a concealed door, Kima and Dremil are
close by, Kima sees the opening and quickly heads down.
      (as Dremil chases
       after Kima)
Kima is swiftly going down a spiral staircase towards what
looks like a chest at the bottom of the stairs
Kima wait we need to exercise
Kima has reached the bottom of the stairs and Dremil is half
way down when a large eye opens behind him silhouetting his
(incoherant speech)
Beams of light fire around the room as well as tentacles
from the undead beholder Dremil fires a bolt of lightning at
the creature as Kima is trying to keep the tentacles at bay,
suddenly there is an otherworldly scream as the beast falls
to the floor, Wyance is standing behind it his sword is
not bad fool
As Kima goes to the chest when opened a switch is inside,
they look at each other then flip it. a loud clanking sound
reverberates through the room
do you ever wait and think before
doing anything!!


      (top of the staris)
Hey you 3 get up here ...it's
getting interesting.
in the main room a wall has opened up revealing another
cavern, in the middle of the cavern is a tall column with a
sword hilt floating above it.
The Cunning Blade.
that is nice
race you to it fool
Wyance, Kima and Paradigm race to the column.Dremil, Ed,
Cyter, and Muldoon fill out through the room scouting for
trouble, Salin stands there shaking his head.
Eight lizardmen comes from the corners of the cave attacking
the group,
oh great guests
and i left my dress jacket at
home, Get ready!!!
The fighters square off against the lizardmen Cyter steps up
to 3 of them engaging 1 of them on his right he grabs the 1
on his left by the throat and looking over his sholder he
tosses it into, the lizardman who was sneaking up behind him


Viper readies his sword, Lythel his club, Ramog his axe,
Tailrip his daggers, and Gwacewynd his bow.
      (pointing towards
To arms!
Lythel's magical fist crashes through the snakemen, arrows
and daggers finding their marks, as Ramog and Viper rush
headlong unto the fray.
There's some kind of field around
the colume, we can't get a grip on
Large arrows are flying about the group.
      (pulling an arrow
       out of his head)
we need to get out of here
      (working an abacus)
I have an idea
Salin takes out his whip and unfurls it, He swings it at the
hilt and it wraps around it. Pulling it from it's perch.
It just required the right timing
of the frequency of the force
Suddenly green smoke arises everywhere and the cave rumbles.


      (to Salin)
What did you do?
I'd like to 2nd Muldoon's motion
for leaving.
Everyone out now
      (mirroring 1st
       appearance of
The team runs from the opening of the cave. While green
smoke is spilling out everywhere, Green balls of light
explode outward two landing near the team. They're two large
Viper look out!!
I got this.
Viper readies his 2 handed sword and hurls it into the main
eye of one of the beholders slaying it but the other is
behind him.
      (eyeing the 2nd
my deity!
Viper is covered in a beam of light as he drops to his knees
an arrow hits the beholder's eye stalk adagger hits it's
main eye, The beholder rages it's eye stalks raise on end
looking for targets, when suddenly a large beam of white
light hits it and the monster blinks out of exustance.
Davidos is standing where the beam came from.


We are needed in the city of
Flann, right now.
Viper, Salin, Lythel, Tailrip, Edourdo, Cyter, Dremil,
Muldoon, Gwacewynd and Davidos are coming into the outskirts
of Flann via Davidos' Dimension Door.
Was it wise to leave the thieves
They have their own mission to
accomplish and in a way their's is
almost as important as ours.
Besides the Dwarf is with them.
Too bad we might need him.
As the scene falls back we see another group of individuals
collected down the street, The Children of the Fallen Star.
Dro, Shade, and the Fighter is all in the open, with Aleena
and the Wizard standing in the background.
Kima, Wyance, Paradigm and Ramog are standing at the mouth
of the cave green smoke is still billowing out but not to
the same degree.
      (looking at the
Hmmmm.....yes....I'll go last
watch everyone's back.
Pardigm shoots Wyance a glance, in which Wyance answers with
what can be asically described as a "WHAT?!?" glance.


      (pushing them both
Elves!!! harumph!!!
Suddenly a rumbling is heard and felt throughout the
mountside as what appears to be somekind of avalanche is
coming down the mountain but only a foot high.
Well that doesn't look good.
The team readies itself for battle taking out weopons and
sitting for spells.
Steady men. Steady
The ground where the heroes are standing suddnly gives way
to a large crevice caused by the wizard. Most of the team
gets to oneside or the other(Lythel, Dremil and Cyter are
the only ones an same side as COTFS) except Viper. Lythel
quickly casts a transmogrify spell granting Viper wings.
Aleena and another witch are casting spells along with the
wizard, while Dru, Shade and Dybbuk attack the cutoff
Hold your ground!!
Muldoon, Edourdo and Tailrip quickly attempts to find away
around the crevice and comes face to face with the Ghostly
apparition of Reylaciex with the Nightsword.
We need to get out of here now!!
      (pointing at small
       groove in ground)
No look it's a door


      (watching cloud of
What the blazes is that?
There's no time.
      (still watching
       cloud of dust)
What in blazes is that!!!!
A cloud of dust is coming down the mountainside, the cloud
seems to be walking on 1000's of tiny feet and with lots of
By the creator, GIBBERLINGS!!!
Paradigm and Ramog forces open the door.
What are you waiting for get in.
The Gibberlings they'll follow we
can't close this in time
Go make sure its safe
Paradigm gives Ramog a glance then hops into the hole.
Run! I'l be along shortly.
Kima runs and jumps into the opening, leaving Wyance and
Ramog, facing the wave of creatures.


What the ash are you waiting for,
you need to go.I can lead them
Take care of your bonnie lass
fool. A dwarf does not run from a
foe, he meets it with his axe.
Ramog,throws Wyance into the hole, he quickly closes it with
the Gibberlings close by, Ramog runs at the cloud of dust
and strikes his axe upon the ground, the Gibberlings fall
and are momentarily dazed, Ramog starts hacking away at the
multitude of creatures but the stunned ones quickly revive
and attack Ramog, he is swarmed by the small creatures.
Reylaceix fires a wave of energy from his hand striking
Edourdo and Tailrip back and into a wall behind them. Only
Muldoon stands before him now.
Come on you phantom.
Barbarian, how little they
appreciate you and your strength,
I will show them your strength
Reylaceix casts a charm type spell upon Muldoon who drops
his hammer and falls to his knees.
go my friend and kill my enemies
      (picking up his
yes... my... friend


Blazes!!! what did he think he was
trying to prove.
      (secretly wiping a
Come on we have a job to do,
The 3 make their way through winding caves and passageways,
until Wyance and Paradigm feel senseless at this time they
discover Kima missing.
Bloody Ashes! Where is that
Knowing her, getting the Book
before us,
well then what are we waiting for,
come on.
Wyance and Paradigm follow the cave through winding
passages, until they eventually come upon a cavern with 7
lizardmen standing guard infront of a large door.
      (looking at a
       piece of
       parchment with
       drawing of the
       door on it)
This must be the place.
well anything worth guarding is
worth stealing.
The 2 theives creep up behind 2 of the lizard men and slay
them with sneak attacks. Unfortuanately the other 5 hear and
attack the theives.


Paradigm sneers and prepares to fight the Lizardmen. Wyance
taunts them to attack him instead when they are all close he
releases a gas from his juggling ball,
night night beasties....oh drat
Wyance as well as the lizardmen all collapse Paradigm is the
only thing standing, Paradigm quietly wakes up Wyance and
the 2 finish off the lizardmen.
we need too work on the door
Any traps?
      (searching over
none that i can see
They open up the large double doors onto a large library.
finding a book in here?
Wait I think maybe that's it
A large book is sitting on aisel,on it is a seal.
      (looking at
       parchment again)
That's it the same symbol
They grab the book and suddenly from the shelves a book
golem comes alive and attacks them.
awww damn it!!


Viper is flying around and makes a beeline for the wizard
and the witches, but they are protected behind a invisable
bubble of magic, Viper bounces off and lands harshly near
them. Lythel stands against, Dybbuk, With Cyter against
Shade and Dremil against Dru.
Hold on were coming. We jus.......
Davidos' voice is cutoff as well as everyone elses that is
near him. Quickly Gwacewynd is pelting at the sorcerors with
his arrows which are bouncing off as well,
      (fighting with
Hold still blast you.
In the small room Wyance and Paradigm are running in a
circle around the room with the book golem in pursuit.
Books never hurt anyone!!! Kiss my
We need fire,
Both of the theives are still runnin around the room trying
to light their flint.Wyance trying to rain sparks at the
Wyance distract it while I get my
bow lit.
Me why me?


Because you good at it, just do
Wyance stops running in a circle and stands before the
      (taking out a pair
       of poi weopons)
well hello ugly
The Book Golem tries to attack Wyance who is defending
himself with the whirling chain. The creature attacks with
it's height trying to crush Wyance with a downward strike,
wyance jumping out of the way at the last second, meanwhile
Paradigm gets his flint to light and sets a burning arrow
Wyance! Down!
Wyance turns and sees Paradigm let the arrow fly, in almost
slow motion the arrow passes close by Wyance and into the
nearby Book Golem.
The Book Golem goes up in blazes, quickly Wyance grabs the
book and the 2 thieves leave the smoking room. As they
re-enter the cavern they see the figure of a Wantaii (a
half-man half-snake creature standing 12 feet tall and an
unknown length long) holding up with one arm the tied
up,wiggling and gagged form of Kima.
You will not leave with my book.
The action is feirce, Shade and Cyter are fighting the
grizzeled veteren holding his own against the crafty
assasin. Lythel is battling against the Fighter using his
druid abilities fighting death with the power of life.
Dremil hapless to his sword is raging a battle against


himself and against the cat-like Drusilla. Viper lays
stunned after the collision with the forcefeild. Meanwhile
the others cutoff from the battle finds themselves attacked
by COTFS underlings, Salin makes ready his "Dragoon" and
Davidos without the power of his voice relys on his physical
skills, Gwacewynd frustrated over the protection the witches
have put up turns his anger upon the soldiers nearby.
You little theives return what you
have stolen, now!!!
Wyance and Paradigm look at each other and then turn to
      (holding up tied
       up Kima)
Then I'll keep this.
My Book! Now!
Wyance pulls out his sword and adjust his ring turning
invisable, The Wantaii jestures with his hand and Wyance
My ring! My stuff!
He..he...demagictified me!
Wyance then makes a run for the shadows. As the Wantaii
Now small one my book.
Paradigm takes out his sword and stands ready, the wantaii
in response takes out a huge scimitar.


The battles are still raging as fatigue builds the trash
talking starts.
                       THE FIGHTER
Half Ork, curse the whorish hole
you sprang from.
      (pointing at The
Once again the large fist empacts an enemy, as the fighter
is driven back.
                       THE FIGHTER
My name is Erik Falcetta, it is
the name my mother gave me when
she first saw me. What did your
mother say when she first saw you.
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Muldoon runs for the gorge his eyes still clouded,
                       REYLACEIX (oc)
kill my enemies
      (staring at Lythel)
Kill.. my ...enemies
Dru and Dremil is still fighting as well, Dremil is knicked
in a dozen places, tired, breathing hard, but still
fighting. No longer arguing with his sword they fight as
Why don't you give up. Before you
end up like your father.


My father is a hero and that's
something you'll never understand.
They collide with a crash of steel, Dru's attacks fluid as
always like defending against water. Dremil steadfast and
determined eating the small damage from her knicks until
it's the right time.
      (and Dremil)
Smite Evil!!
The Sword's tip is driven into Dru's chest and the drow
falls to the ground dead.
Muldoon runs to the crevice an jumps. he lands just short of
the other side and has to pull himself up still in berserker
Lythel is struck by the hammer of The Fighter and falls
wounded to the ground.
                       THE FIGHTER
pathetic half-ork, only half a man
and half a monster.
Something inside Lythel breaks, tears stream from his eyes
and he sees the terrorfying image of Muldoon with hammer
raised and anger in his eyes aimed at Lythel. Lythel raises
his head ready to absorb either strike and end his
      (looking at Lythel
       and noticing the
Muldoon then turns his attention on The Fighter.


      (striking the
Stay away from my brother!!!!
Come little one I shall pull my
blade and my book from your bones.
Paradigm doesn't run but stands his ground like a samuraii.
Using everything he has to defend against the Wantaii's 1st
two attacks. Then Paradigm smiles and the split second the
Wantaii is taken aback. During that second, Wyance jump on
his back.
Off a Me!!!
Paradigm jumps up and slices the rope Kima is dangling from
catching her on the way down. The 2 starts to run from the
      (stealing the
       necklace from off
       the Wantaii's
This should cover my losses
Wyance runs to Paradigm and the now semi bound Kima, the
small party is running away Kima bouncing up and down on
Paradigm's sholder. She is fooling with a red stoned
Come on work
A small doorway opens up before them and the run inside
escaping the Wantaii.


Salin and Davidos are finishing up on the underlings. As
Viper gets to his feet.
Fool you can not break our seal it
is too powerful for you.
Viper is banging on the field but to no avail.
this field protects me from all
you would be protectors.
Viper notices that the dust from the fall when he strikes
the field the dust falls through it. He takes out his
Let's see how it protect's you
from this.
Viper throws the dagger catching the Wizard in the chest, he
falls to the ground, the 2 witches vanish immediately.
      (removing dagger
       from the wizard's
Nothing good or evil in a dagger
just steel.
Cyter and Shade are battling back and forth. When Shade
strikes amputating Cyters' sword arm. The ones nearby are
temporarily stunned. He grabs Shade by the throat in a choke
hold. Shade's arm drops to his side but doesn't let go of
his sword. Cyter looks over his sholder at the crevice
behind him. He glances back at Shade as he goes to throw him
but Shade has already broaght up his sword and swings,
removing Cyter's head from it's body. Cyter's limp body
falls to the ground.
      (under his breath)
Dear creator no


Qwacewynd no longer held back by the witches, he lets loose
a volley of arrows into Shade who crumples to dust. Davidos
rushes to the corpse of Cyter. He begins chanting as the sky
is going dark and stormy.
You can't do this Davidos, it's
unnatural, it goes against the
eternal balance.
To blazes with your balance