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by Ouchproductions (nomis@frontiernet.net)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: **
A short movie with a message. Kinda depressing.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



NARRATOR is lookind inside locker.
Kids are passing by as if normal hallway.
Kids pass between camera and NARRATOR.
Kids beside Narrator get books and leave until only the
NARRATOR is left.
      (Turn toward
       camera. Kids
Peace. A word that means many
things to many people. Peace of
mind, Peace of body, Peace of
soul. It's what we all say that we
strive for. Yet this word, this
meaning has remained elusive to
society at large. How can this be?
How can we not have achieved this
ONE thing with the collective
consciousnedd of an entire race
bent toward it? Perhaps humans are
inherently evil. Perhaps we ARE
greedy foul creatures, or prehaps
we're all just a little...
BOY enters from one side and passes between NARRATOR and
NARRATOR's head follows boy.
TEACHER is writing on chalkboard.
Class isnt full, Kids scattered about.
BOY enters.
      (Turns toward BOY)
Well Mr. Stein, it appears that
you're later again. Take your seat
and fill out a late pass.
BOY moves slowly to comply with TEACHER.


      (Slightly annoyed)
Quickly, quickly you've
interrupted my class enough as it
is. And take off that coat; you
know those arent allowed in
BOY starts to take off coat.
BOY moves to last seat in the row and drops coat on the
TEACHER sighes and he sees BOY drop coat.
      (Peaks head around
       BOY when he sits
       down. He cannot
       be seen beofre
This boy, this man, this child is
but one of many. He is just one
stalk of grain. Just another that
has been bent by the winds of
society, of religion, of self, But
prehaps this one stalk has been
bent to far.
As NARRATOR finishes his monologue TEACHER askes a question
that we cannot make out.
BOY raises his hand.
Yes Mr. Stein.
BOY stands up from chair.
Camera zooms around to face him.
BOY pulls gun. Gun is pointed at camera.

(creams, gasps, etc. follow)

BOY starts to pull trigger.

Camera is facing NARRATOR.
NARRATOR is sitting on/in desk, facing camera.


What we have seen here today is an
act of unadulterated violence.
What would provoke a human being
to kill his fellow man? Hate?
Cruelty? Patriotism? Orders from
another? We will never know why
this boy, this man, this child did
this, But does it really matter?
Is it not enough that it happened?
That we have let this happen?!
This is not your own, nor do you
know him as a friend or lover, but
you have seen this child in
      (Calming down)
The unfeeling, the uncaring,
you've felt it; you all know it,
some more than others. If you wish
to stop the hate and the violence
that springs forth from this child
then you must sow the seeds of
peace. You MUST not let yourself
utter empty promises to do unto
others, to help the poor, to never
hate. Its up to you and ONLY you
to start the movement toward peace
and to make sure that the atrocity
that was seen here today is never
again written in the annals of
      (Narrator has
       gotten up from
       chair and is
       walking forward
       to the front of
       class. Narrator
       stops beside Boy
       who is at the
       front of class,
       Gun held limply
       in his hand.
       Narrator stops a
       little in front
       and to the side
       of Boy.)
Now as to what will become of this
boy?I'll save you the suspense. He
is tried, found guilty, and
executed. Now what judge, and what
jury, and what executioner would
put this boy, this man, this
child, to death?
BOY raises gun to face.
The only one that matters...
Screen starts to fade.
Gun shot is heard.

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From Vinicius Gomes Date 8/3/2007 **
Nice message but it's a bit too... ,ature. This should be rated R in my opinion. Good job overall but I agree with Janine, we need to know a bit more about the narrator in order for us to feel sympathy for him.

From Janine Date 7/20/2007 **1/2
The tone of this story is very dark, and I think it works with the plot. How the Narrator is described needs some work.

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