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by Billy Lakes (billy_lakes5@eku.edu)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***
iZombie is the story about what happens when a new company releases a new type of iPod, called the zPod. The zPod claims to be able to hold an infinite amount of songs, but with one small drawback; it turns anyone who listens to it into a bloodthirsty member of the undead. Not a fun time.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



CU of a digital alarm clock. It reads "4:59". It quickly
changes to "5:00", during which time a high-pitched alarm
Lying in a bed next to the alarm clock is JOHNNY. JOHNNY
rolls over onto his back, letting out a long sigh.
He finally reaches over and switches the alarm off. He
slowly drapes his legs over the corner of the bed, and
painfully starts the day.
CU of JOHNNY as he brushes his teeth. A dull, zombie like
appearance engulfs his face. He clearly isn't happy to be up
this early.
A set of closet doors open, and JOHNNY reaches inside,
removing his United States Postal Service uniform. He then
shuts the closet doors behind him.
JOHNNY walks past a blaring television set and sits down in
his easy chair.
He begins putting his shoes on, looking up at the television
while doing so.
On the television sits a man behind a news desk, dressed in
professional attire.
On the entertainment side of
things, an international craze has
in sued over a new digital music
device called the zPod. The zPod
is the first digital music player
that claims to be able to hold an
infinite number of songs.


JOHNNY, clearly not amused, is now tying his shoes.
The mp3 player appears to be on
every music lovers list, which is
evident by the record 10 million
sales the device has already
racked up during it's first 5
hours on the market.
JOHNNY has finished tying his shoes and stands up, remote in
The television flicks off.
CU of a table as JOHNNY reaches down and picks up his keys
and an old, cassette walkman.
JOHNNY exits through the front door, shutting it behind him.
A long, curving road stretches down through a large
subdivision. Out of the corner of the screen appears JOHNNY.
He is on foot, dressed in his post office uniform, his mail
bag slung over his shoulder.
He stops at a mailbox, shifting through his mail bag. He
finally removes a bundle of envelopes, and places them in
the mailbox. Behind JOHNNY, approaching quickly on a
bicycle, is DAVID.
JOHNNY begins heading towards his next stop, unaware of
DAVID'S presence.
JOHNNY looks behind him as he continues walking.
DAVID my man. Hows it going?
Well, pretty good considering the
fact that mom ran over Bob this
Who's Bob?


Our cat, you remember Bob don't
Oh yeah, Bob. Man, I'm sorry to
hear that bro.
It's alright, cause my zPod is
supposed to be here any minute.
zPod huh? Don't need any $500
piece of shit to keep me going.
Give me some 80's rock and a Sony
Walkman and I'm set.
JOHNNY, your music sucks, and your
clearly stuck in the past. You
need to let go and just move on.
Join the crowd, everyones buying
Alright, well we'll see who's
right when the thing breaks.
Actually they are supposed to be
quite durable. Anyhow, I'd better
get home, mom gets worried when
I'm gone along time.
Alright, take it easy DAVID.
DAVID turns the bike around and heads off in the opposite
direction. JOHNNY walks a few more steps and then comes to
another mail box.
He shifts through his mail bag, and finally produces a small
black box. He stops, examining the box carefully.
The box reads in big bold letters "zPod".
JOHNNY now has a look of disgust on his face. He lets out a
low, half laugh, and then tosses the box into the mailbox
before walking off screen.


JOHNNY is walking up a hill, a large house looms behind him.
He stops in front of the mailbox, and then reaches into his
bag, pulling out yet another zPod box.
He looks down at the box, and then back up at the house.
Damn it Ryan!
RYAN is sitting in his easy chair, enjoying an early morning
flick. He seems completely focused on the movie as he
nibbles away at his popcorn. Knocking can be heard from the
front door. Without moving RYAN robotically responds.
Who is it?
RYAN...It's JOHNNY, open the door,
we gotta talk.
Still fixated on the movie, RYAN slowly responds.
Several more seconds pass as RYAN continues watching the
movie, ignoring his friend.
RYAN jumps, pauses the movie, and then finally gets up and
heads towards the door.
Ok, ok.
RYAN walks up to the front door and opens it. JOHNNY holds
the zPod box up to him.
RYAN, what the hell is this?


I don't know.
You don't know?
I don't know.
Look, it says your name right
here, you ordered it.
Oh, well, must be some mistake
cause i didn't order anything.
It says your name and address
right here dumb ass.
JOHNNY is sitting on the couch, the zPod box in his hand.
Man, why would you buy one of
RYAN, who is once again in his easy chair, nervously
Why not?
Why not? Why not because we
promised each other we weren't
going to buy any of this new crap.
It's bad for music, and its
probably bad for people too. Bet
you it causes cancer or something.
JOHNNY I'm sorry but I had to get
one. Every time i turned on the TV
there was always commercials. You
know how i fold under peer
pressure. I couldn't take it. I


                       RYAN (cont'd)
even read something about it being
better than sex.
Thats rediculous.
Well we'll see. Give it here and
I'll let you know.
I said no, your not getting it.
What? You have to give it to me!
It's mine!
Until the parcel has left the
possession of the US Postal
Service the parcel is still the
property of the US Postal Service.
Well what are you going to do with
Nothing, I'm going to hide it
somewhere you'll never find it.
Well how are you going to stop me
from going and buying a new one?
JOHNNY puts the box back in his bag and stands up.
I can't, but your not getting one
of these things from me. Besides,
I heard everyones sold out.
You bastard!


Well, i might be a bastard, but at
least i have good taste in music.
Now if you don't mind I have the
rest of my rout to finish up.
JOHNNY turns and begins walking towards the door.
I'll get one, you wait and see.
You can't control me!
The door can be heard opening and closing in the background.
RYAN then casually turns and presses play on his DVD remote.
His movie resumes, and he once again begins munching on his
CU of a digital alarm clock. It reads "4:59". It quickly
changes to "5:00", during which time a high-pitched alarm
Lying in a bed next to the alarm clock is JOHNNY. JOHNNY
rolls over onto his back, letting out a long sigh.
He finally reaches over and switches the alarm off. He
slowly drapes his legs over the corner of the bed, and
painfully starts the day.
CU of JOHNNY as he brushes his teeth. A dull, zombie like
appearance engulfs his face. He clearly isn't happy to be up
this early.
A set of closet doors open, and JOHNNY reaches inside,
removing his United States Postal Service uniform. He then
shuts the closet doors behind him.
JOHNNY walks into the living room past his large, big screen
He sits down in his easy chair, and turns the television on,
as he then reaches for his shoes.


The television flares to life, but instead on your friendly
weather man, all we see and hear is static.
JOHNNY looks up from his shoes, a confused look on his face.
He reaches for the remote, pushing another button.
The television changes channels several times, but the
static remains.
JOHNNY finally gives up, sitting the remote down as he ties
his remaining shoe. He then gets up and heads over to the
He grabs a near by phone book and begins flipping through
the pages. He finally finds the number he was looking for,
and then grabs the near by portable phone, dialing the
number. He waits several seconds, and then a terrible, loud,
static noise emits from the phone.
JOHNNY pulls the phone away. He stares at it, and then turns
it off. He grabs a post-it pad and a pen and begins talking
to himself as he writes.
      (to himself)
Call telephone company, call cable
JOHNNY sits the pen down, and then heads towards the smaller
counter to get his stuff.
CU of JOHNNY as he reaches down and picks up his keys and a
Sony Walkman.
JOHNNY exits through the front door, shutting it behind him.
A long, curving road stretches down through a large
subdivision. Out of the corner of the screen appears JOHNNY.
He is on foot, dressed in his post office uniform, his mail
bag slung over his shoulder. Every thing looks the same as
before...just darker, gloomier.
He stops at a mailbox, shifting through his mail bag. He
finally removes a bundle of envelopes, and places them in
the mailbox. Over his shoulder, in a nearby yard, we see a
man slowly walking towards him. JOHNNY pays the man no
attention, and moves on.
JOHNNY continues walking down through the subdivision, and
his glance is suddenly turned to the center of the road.


While continuing down the street we see a shot of DAVID'S
bike lying in the center of the road.
JOHNNY kind of half shrugs, a confused look on his face, and
continues on his way.
From inside of a car, looking out the drivers side window,
we can see JOHNNY approaching us. Smeared bloody hand prints
cover most of the window, making it difficult to see.
JOHNNY now has a concerned look on his face, but continues
From the passengers side window we watch as JOHNNY walks by,
clearly perplexed by the blood covering the windows.
JOHNNY is still looking back at the car as he walks, which
we can clearly see now. The cars front end is in someones
yard, the other end, right out in the center of the street.
JOHNNY continues down the street. Over JOHNNY'S shoulder, we
hear distant screaming, as a man sprints across the adjacent
yard, closely followed by an advancing assailant. Fazed by
his tiring early morning routine, JOHNNY is once again
unaware of the situation.
JOHNNY stops at his next mailbox.
CU of JOHNNY as he shifts through his mail bag, finally
finding the right mail.
He places it in the box, the camera then following his gaze
as he looks up. Standing in the yard is a man dressed in a
business suit. He looks like he's ready to go to work,
except for the pale skin, cuts, and blood that covers him.
Oh, hello Mr. Banks.
BANKS begins growling, blood and drool dripping from his
mouth. He lets out a low moan as he begins walking towards
Are...uh...are you ok?
BANKS opens his mouth as he advances, he's preparing to
BANKS lunges at JOHNNY.


JOHNNY narrowly avoids BANKS, who falls to the ground.
Hey! Whats wrong with you!
BANKS begins to pull himself back up, the same focused,
"must kill" look on his face as before.
JOHNNY, clearly concerned now, notices something else right
behind BANKS.
ZOMBIE #1 emerges from around a corner of a house.
Breathing heavily, JOHNNY notices another zombie to his
ZOMBIE #2 is stumbling down the road, its arms raised.
JOHNNY is nervously looking around.
A wide shot reveals ZOMBIE #3 directly behind JOHNNY. It
lunges, grabbing JOHNNY around the back.
JOHNNY struggles with the zombie, who has a hold of his
mailbag. He slings the bag over his shoulder, causing ZOMBIE
#3 to fall to the ground.
CU of JOHNNY as he looks up.
ZOMBIE #4 is approaching from another yard, and as the
camera pans to the right, we see ZOMBIE #5. Behind ZOMBIE #5
the camera zooms in on DAVID'S bike.
JOHNNY has his escape plan.
He sprints past a few zombies, pushing ZOMBIE #5 to the
ground as he gets to close for comfort.
From behind the bike we see JOHNNY sprinting towards it, the
zombies giving close chase behind him. He reaches the bike
and picks it up.
He puts it in gear, and is on his way, heading back towards
the zombies.
ZOMBIE #2 lunges at JOHNNY, barely missing him.
A long shot shoes JOHNNY riding off down the road, leaving
the zombies in his dust.


RYAN is sitting in his easy chair, enjoying an early morning
flick. He seems completely focused on the movie as he
nibbles away at his popcorn. Knocking can be heard from the
front door, followed by JOHNNY'S frantic voice.
RYAN! RYAN let me in! It's JOHNNY!
Still fixated on the movie, RYAN slowly responds.
Only a few seconds past this time.
RYAN, now damn it!
RYAN sighs, pausing his movie. He sits the popcorn down and
heads towards the door.
The camera fallows him as he goes. As he nears the door he
Look JOHNNY I didn't buy a zPod
ok? You can search my whole damn
RYAN opens the door as JOHNNY frantically jumps in. Behind
him, just several feet away is a horde of quickly
approaching undead.
RYAN has an astonished look on his face.
Holy shit!
JOHNNY pulls him back out of the way, and begins to shut the
The zombies are now on the front porch, but the door shuts
just as soon as they reach it.
CU of JOHNNY as he locks the door. The zombies can be heard
pounding on the door from outside.
JOHNNY, breathing heavily, puts his hands on his knees,
letting out a sigh of relief. RYAN just kind of stands
there, stunned.


What the hell was that?
CU of a baseball bat as lands on the couch.
Is that it?
RYAN looks down at the bat.
Well, yeah...
Great. Theres hundreds of those
things out there and we've got a
Louisville Slugger.
RYAN stands there, in deep thought.
Wait! I think Kyle has a sword or
something like that.
Well where is he?
Been locked up in his room all day
listening to his zPod. Asshole
wouldn't even let me see it.
JOHNNY seems less than thrilled by the news.
He begins to walk off screen, followed by RYAN.
JOHNNY and RYAN walk up to the door leading into KYLE'S
You sure he's not going to go
psycho on us again?


Nah, I think he's laid off the LSD
since then.
RYAN knocks on the door.
Hey KYLE, open up, its RYAN!
Several seconds pass. RYAN gives it another go.
Several more seconds pass.
You sure he's in there?
Yeah, he hasn't left.
JOHNNY motions that they should go on in. RYAN looks at the
door, then nods.
CU of RYAN'S hand as he grips the door handle and slowly
turns it.
RYAN looks over at JOHNNY, then slowly opens the door.
The door leading into KYLE'S room slowly opens. RYAN and
JOHNNY poke inside.
JOHNNY points to the center of the room.
There he is.
RYAN and JOHNNY both enter the room.
Sitting on the table, is the camera. In front of the camera
is a zPod, with a pair of attached headphones that are
leading off screen. In the background we see RYAN and JOHNNY
getting closer.
Well shit.


Moving shot follows RYAN and JOHNNY as they near the chair
KYLE is setting in. It is turned away from us. They reach
the chair and RYAN quickly wheels it around. Setting in the
chair is a very zombie-like KYLE.
Standing in front of the chair looking down at KYLE is
JOHNNY and RYAN, in deep thought. RYAN turns to face JOHNNY.
Welp...guess he finally OD'd.
They are both looking down at him again.
It's alright, I hated him anyway.
Just split the rent with him
because he's rich.
Good thinking.
Yeah...So I think his swords over
RYAN nods over to KYLE'S bed. He and JOHNNY both head off
screen towards the bed.
JOHNNY and RYAN reach the bed, and the camera dips down as
they look under the bed.
Its under here somewhere.
RYAN shuffles around for several seconds.
Got it.
RYAN removes an old katana. He and JOHNNY both stand back
up, the camera following with them. Notice in the back
ground that KYLE'S chair is now empty.
Very nice.
Yep...should get the job done.
Hey, I think he might have some
daggers over there.


RYAN nods to the other corner of the room.
As JOHNNY walks past KYLE'S chair he suddenly stops,
noticing that KYLE is gone. He looks at the chair, and then
back at RYAN.
Umm, RYAN? Wheres KYL...
Before he can finish the sentence, a now zombified version
of KYLE lunges at him from off screen, knocking him to the
Pinned to the ground, JOHNNY is fighting for his life as
KYLE bites at his face.
RYAN...kill it!
RYAN, clearly in a state of shock, freezes for several
seconds and he glances around. He then finally looks down
and picks up the katana.
He raises the sword over his head, ready to perform a
downward slice.
JOHNNY, noticing this, attempts to stop his friend before he
kills both KYLE and him.
No no no no!
Deciding he will have to do this himself, JOHNNY musters up
his remaining strength and pushes KYLE off of him.
KYLE falls against the bed, but immediantly pushes himself
back up.
JOHNNY, back on his feet, shouts a command to RYAN as KYLE
charges at him.
Use the sword!
RYAN holds the sword up just as KYLE reaches him. KYLE runs
straight through the sword, impaling himself.


Mere inches from RYAN'S face, KYLE slowly loses his last
little bit of life, and then falls to the floor.
RYAN, clearly shocked is still looking down at KYLE. While
he freaks out, JOHNNY walks over to the computer table KYLE
was seated at.
Ah hah!
JOHNNY picks up the zPod.
He holds it up to RYAN.
He was fine before he listened to
one of these, right?
RYAN, still shaken, attempts to respond.
Uh, yeah, I think so.
You know, I think these things are
turning everyone into zombies.
Thats crazy.
I know, but think about it. None
of this started happening until
these damn things came out, and
KYLE obviously didn't turn until
after listening to his.
Well that doesn't really help us
any. Even if these things are
turning people into zombies how
are we supposed to stop it?
JOHNNY thinks for a second.
Well...maybe we could re-route it,
change the signal. Turn everyone
How are we going to do that?


What about TYLER? He's a wiz at
that kind of stuff.
RYAN thinks about it for a second, meanwhile JOHNNY is going
through KYLE'S pockets. He removes a pair of keys, and
removes the sword from KYLE'S body.
Sure, but how do we get there?
JOHNNY walks past RYAN off screen, as he does he tosses RYAN
a pair of keys that he found in KYLE'S pocket.
Several zombies shamble around an other wise empty road.
In the distance, on down the road, we see a car speeding
towards us. It passes right by, the camera following it as
it speeds past the zombies and on down the road.
A large house lies in the background. The place is pretty
quiet, except for a small group of the undead who are
occupying the front lawn. The car suddenly speeds in from
off screen, coming to a quick stop in the drive way.
JOHNNY and RYAN peer out the window at the house.
I only see three.
He turns around at looks at RYAN.
We can take em'.
JOHNNY and RYAN both exit the car.
The camera follows them as they race across the yard,
weapons in hand. JOHNNY slashes ZOMBIE #6 with the sword.
RYAN also gets in on the action, hitting ZOMBIE #7 in the
face with the bat. JOHNNY sprints on ahead of RYAN, running


up to the front porch. He reaches the front door and rings
the door bell.
He stands at the door, bloody sword in hand, waiting for a
response. Behind him, RYAN hits a downed ZOMBIE #7 several
more times. ZOMBIE #8, only mere feet from RYAN, then takes
a shot from RYAN. RYAN then proceeds to go crazy on the
downed ZOMBIE #8 as well.
The front door finally opens, and TYLER exits.
Oh shit...JOHNNY, I thought you
were one of those things.
Not yet, but I think I know whats
causing it.
RYAN yells from off screen.
JOHNNY and TYLER look out into the yard.
RYAN, standing over a dead ZOMBIE #8, is pointing out into
the yard.
We've got company!
The camera moves up from RYAN. A large group of zombies are
sprinting towards the house.
Get inside!
TYLER moves out onto the porch as JOHNNY enters the door
TYLER removes a handgun from his pocket, aiming at the
approaching undead. RYAN runs past him, after which he fires
off several shots.
Several of the approaching zombies in the front of the pack
fall to the ground, struck by TYLER'S gun fire.


TYLER fires off several more shots as he falls back into the
house, shutting the front door behind him.
CU of KYLE'S zPod as it lands on the table.
I think this is the culprit.
TYLER has a baffled look on his face.
That? JOHNNY, do you realize your
talking about an mp3 player?
KYLE listened to that very zPod
right before he turned in to one
of them. None of this started
happening before people started
buying these things TYLER.
TYLER is in deep thought.
Well, i guess its a start. Better
than nothing i suppose.
We were thinking you could take
that one apart, see what makes it
Guess i could, as long as those
things outside don't get in the
You work on that, RYAN and I will
worry about them.
RYAN and JOHNNY walk into the LIVING ROOM. They walk up to
one of the windows. JOHNNY pulls back the shades, peering
There any out there?


CU of the window. JOHNNY can be seen peering out. The camera
slowly pans out, ultimately revealing a yard crawling with a
small horde of the undead. Were talking possibly 15-20
JOHNNY slowly withdraws from the window, a pale, lost look
on his face.
A few...
Well why don't we just go outside
and kill em now?
I've got a better idea, lets go
back downstairs.
JOHNNY walks off screen.
What? Wait...why?
RYAN walks up to the window and looks out. After several
seconds he steps back from the window, shocked as well. He
looks around for a second, clearly lost.
Oh shit...
RYAN follows JOHNNY off screen.
The camera slowly pans in on TYLER, who is seated at his
desk, hard at work on the zPod.
CU of TYLER'S face as it lights up with amazement. He sits
back in his chair.
JOHNNY and RYAN enter the room.
TYLER, we've got a problem.
You were right.


You were right. It's the zPods.
Well how do we stop it?
We can't stop it, but we can
reverse it.
By changing the signal?
Exactly. The current frequency
turns people into zombies. If i
reprogram that, it should turn
them back. We could transmit the
signal, we just need some radio
What about the school radio
Well, that stuff is old as
hell...but yeah, i think It would
work. I just need time to re-wire
this, then we can head over there.
Well...thats where we have a
TYLER has a puzzled look on his face.
The sound of glass breaking is heard from upstairs. JOHNNY
and RYAN raise up their weapons.
Lets go!
But wait, I haven't re-programmed
it yet!


You can fix it at the school, we
don't have time!
TYLER sighs, and then picks up the zPod, a few tools, and
his handgun, stuffing them in his pocket.
The back door slowly opens, and JOHNNY sticks his head out,
making sure the coast is clear. After looking around he
opens the door and exits, closely followed by RYAN and
The camera follows the group as they cautiously head up the
side of the house. JOHNNY motions for them to stop as he
reaches the corner of the house. The camera keeps going,
revealing a yard full of zombies.
A first person shot reveals a group of zombies crowded
around the car, examining it.
JOHNNY looks back around at RYAN and TYLER.
Looks like were not driving.
TYLER suddenly has an idea.
Wait here.
JOHNNY grabs him by the arm.
Hey! Where are you going?
I'm going to the other side to
distract them. When they leave,
get to the car.
What about you?
Just wait up for me.
TYLER pulls the gun out of his pocket and loads it.
I have a gun, remember?


JOHNNY finally accepts this foolish plan, but he doesn't
like it.
He lets go of TYLER'S arm, who runs off screen.
This is a bad idea.
TYLER has reaches the other side of the house. He cautiously
peers around the corner.
First person shot reveals 20-30 zombies shambling around in
the yard.
TYLER withdraws back against the wall, breathing heavily. He
takes several deep breathes, and then makes his move.
TYLER runs out from the corner of the house, waving his arms
in the air like a mad man.
Hey! Over here!
Almost at the same time, all the zombies jerk their heads
towards TYLER. They then all attack, sprinting towards TYLER
at full force.
TYLER stops waving his arms, a look of freight now on his
face. He stops his pose, and runs the other way.
Hearing the commotion, JOHNNY once again peers around the
side of the house.
FP shot reveals the group of zombies running off screen,
leaving the car unguarded.
JOHNNY readies his sword.
Lets go.
The camera follows JOHNNY and RYAN as they sprint across the
yard towards the car. JOHNNY reaches the drivers side,
throwing it open, and jumping inside.


JOHNNY and RYAN, who is in the back seat, are looking around
Wheres TYLER?
Suddenly TYLER crashes into the side of the car, spraying
blood all over the window from a large gash in his arm.
JOHNNY and RYAN are startled, but then jump to their friends
aid after identifying him.
RYAN, let him in the back!
RYAN opens the back door, and TYLER stumbles inside, crying
out in pain from his wound.
The car goes into drive, speeding out of the drive way.
TYLER, still in visible pain, is having his wound wrapped up
by RYAN. JOHNNY looks back at him through the rear view
Nice work.
Thanks...they got a few lucky
bites in, but i got a few lucky
shots in. Makes us even i suppose.
TYLER cries out in pain once again as RYAN tightens the
You know what your doing?
Dad was a doctor. I learned a
thing or two. Just keep pressure
on it, we don't want you passing
out on us.
Just hang on man, were almost
The car speeds down and out of the sub division. Zombies
shamble by, watching the car vanish off in the distance.


The car comes to a stop at the back of the school.
Inside the car, JOHNNY is looking around.
Where is everyone?
I don't know. I haven't seen any
of those things since it got dark.
Maybe their scared of the moon?
Lets hope so.
JOHNNY steps out of the car, carefully shutting the door
behind him. He walks over and opens the back door, helping
TYLER out. With one arm around JOHNNY and the other around
RYAN, the three make their way towards the school.
They reach the back door and JOHNNY begins pulling on the
handle. He finally musters up enough force, and the door
flies open. Peering inside to make sure its safe, they
finally enter the school.
JOHNNY peers around the corner, and then leads TYLER and
RYAN into the gym corridor. The camera follows them as they
proceed. TYLER cries out in pain as they go.
Come on TYLER, just a bit farther.
A shaky first person few is watching the group as they walk
into the main lobby, and head towards the stairs. A low,
groaning noise can be heard over the camera.
The group reaches the top of the stairs, but stop when they
hear a loud bashing sound of a door opening. They all
quickly turn.
A shaky, swinging first person shot reveals a wide open gym
door. It swings shut, but what ever came out is no where to
be found.


They all are still staring at the gym door, a look of dread
on all of their faces. RYAN begins to drape TYLER'S arm off
of his shoulder, shifting him over to JOHNNY.
Get to the studio.
Wait, what are you doing?
I got your guys back. Get TYLER up
the stairs, I'll be right behind
JOHNNY finally accepts RYAN'S act of heroism, and he and
TYLER make their way off screen.
A wide shot from the gym doors reveal RYAN, standing all
alone, his bat raised.
CU of his face. He's scared...real scared...he knows he's
all alone.
FP shot of a zombie as it rounds the corner of the gym
corridor. It spots RYAN, and quickly begins sprinting
towards him. RYAN lets out a yell, swinging his bat as the
zombie reaches him. RYAN'S scream echoes as the shots fades
Half way up the studio stairs, JOHNNY and TYLER pause and
look back as they hear RYAN'S scream.
A closer shot shows them as they quickly turn back around,
heading up the stairs faster than before, despite TYLER'S
agonizing screams of pain.
Come on!
The double doors leading into the library suddenly burst
open as JOHNNY and TYLER enter the room. TYLER is clearly in
an insane amount of pain at this point.
Come on TYLER, its just over here.


The camera follows them as they proceed to the studio door.
JOHNNY opens it, and the camera follows behind them as they
enter the studio briefing room. JOHNNY opens the main studio
door and flicks the light on. He helps TYLER sit down at a
stool at the broadcasting table.
JOHNNY puts his hand on TYLER'S shoulder.
You got this under control?
Yeah, I just gotta change this
then hook it up to the
transmitter. Just make sure none
of those bastards get in.
JOHNNY walks into the library but stops when he hears
banging on the library doors.
FP shot swirls from one library door to the other. Both are
rocking back and forth violently. Hordes of zombies stand on
the outside, trying their best to get in.
JOHNNY nervously raises his sword, glancing back towards the
TYLER! Hurry it up man!
The right library door suddenly bursts open as zombies begin
pouring into the library.
They knock over chairs and tables as they sprint towards
Knowing that trying to be a hero would just get him killed,
JOHNNY does the logical thing and falls back into the
corridor, shutting it behind him.
JOHNNY frantically locks the corridor door, and then heads
into the studio.


He enters the studio, shutting and locking that door as
He turns, but quickly stops, a confused look on his face.
A low shot from the broadcasting table shows JOHNNY, sword
raised, as he slowly makes his way across the empty room.
TYLER is no where to be seen.
JOHNNY looks around once more, the finally calls out for
JOHNNY turns back to face the studio door, when TYLER
suddenly flies from off screen, knocking JOHNNY to the
A now-zombified TYLER has JOHNNY pinned to the floor,
snapping and clawing at his face. JOHNNY groans as he
reaches for something off screen.
CU of JOHNNY'S hand as it reaches for the sword. The sword
is mere inches from JOHNNY'S reach.
TYLER is now just several inches from JOHNNY'S face. JOHNNY
lets out a shout as he musters up the small amount of energy
he has left.
CU of the sword as JOHNNY extends and grabs it.
He flips TYLER over, pinning him to the ground.
He raises the sword high above his head, and then thrusts it
The sword impales TYLER, killing him instantly.
JOHNNY kneels there for several seconds, realizing he just
killed one of his best friends. He doesn't have time to
mourn how ever, as a loud crash alerts his attention to the
studio door.
FP shot of the studio door shows several zombies in the
window, banging on it violently.
JOHNNY gets up, and heads to the studio table.
He picks up the zPod, looking at it. He then looks over to
the transmitter. He walks over to it, sitting down on one of
the studio stools.


He picks up the transmitter cable and looks it over, then
looks at the zPod. He then inserts the cable into the top of
the zPod.
CU of JOHNNY'S face as he looks over at the door, and then
back down at the zPod.
I hope TYLER fixed you.
CU of the door as it bursts open.
JOHNNY stands up, startled, as the zombies flood into the
room and towards him.
CU of the zPod as JOHNNY pushes the center button.
The zombie in the front of the pack collapses, knocking
JOHNNY back.
JOHNNY lands on the studio stool back against the wall. The
zombie falls to the ground beside him. He has a stunned, yet
relieved look on his face. Breathing heavily, he looks at
the zPod, and then down at the fallen zombie.
Up beat music starts playing as JOHNNY finally stands. He
pulls the sword out of TYLER as he walks by the camera. The
shot slowly fades out.
CU of a digital alarm clock. It reads "4:59". It quickly
changes to "5:00", during which time a high-pitched alarm
JOHNNY, lying in bed next to the alarm clock, finally seems
to break from his regular morning schedule. He quickly rolls
out of bed and turns the clock off, with no moaning or
groaning this time around.
CU of JOHNNY as he brushes his teeth. Gone is the regular,
dull, early morning zombie look; JOHNNY seems more upbeat.
He's even switched up his teeth brushing routine, as he is
now using a brand new electric tooth brush.


A set of closet doors open, and JOHNNY reaches inside,
removing his United States Postal Service uniform. He then
shuts the closet doors behind him.
JOHNNY walks in to the living room. Behind him the
television is on, with DAN once again in the spotlight.
Nobody knows for sure what caused
the catastrophe, but experts
believe that the new zPod is to
blame. Authorities have authorized
a total recall of the devices,
The television suddenly flicks off.
JOHNNY is sitting in his chair, a smile on his face, as he
sits the remote down on the table. He bends down and
finished tying his shoes.
He gets up walks over to the counter.
CU shows his old Sony Walkman sitting next to his keys, just
as it always is.
JOHNNY shrugs...its time for a change.
His hand opens a drawer and removes a CD player this time.
He picks up his keys, and heads out the door, shutting it
behind him.
A long, curving road stretches down through a large
subdivision. Out of the corner of the screen appears JOHNNY.
He is on foot, dressed in his post office uniform, his mail
bag slung over his shoulder. He is walking with an upbeat
stride, quickly dropping the mail in the first mailbox he
comes to. The camera pans back, revealing the entire
neighborhood. JOHNNY is greeted by DAVID, who is once again
riding his bike. He waves at someone watering their flowers
off to the right. Things are once again normal. The camera
continues to zoom out, until JOHNNY in just a tiny spec,
heading off into the distance.


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From jacob Date 1/10/2008 ****
It was good, ignore JJ, zombies are traditionally used to point out human nature, so your using these "zpods" to show a human need for the latest and best technology. the name thing is a problem though, not only is it unprofessional (movie bigshots are really stuck up when it comes to format, study it a bit and try properly formating a script in microsoft word, it helps a lot) it is also tiring, so just capitalize the names the first time, dispite what JJ said, you shouldnt be too discriptive, i like it when i have room to use my imagination, i hate it when a script directs for me. also, be sure to have a message, an underlying tone, or something like that. and trust god, i know i am christian, (challenge me on it, i dare you >=D) but it helps a lot to, he gives you insperation and you will do fine

From J.J Date 12/5/2007 1/2
This wasn't very good. I have no idea what any of they characters look like, how old they are etc. and their dialog is so forced. I almost stopped reading after seeing how completely brainless Johnny was after asking a bleeding, pale man with cuts if was okay. No matter how tired you are, any sane person will do more than Johnny did if they saw blood covering the window of a car. You don't have to capitalize the character's name EVERY SINGLE TIME, only the first time the name is introduced in the script. Also, Johnny's motive for not liking zPod was absolutely ridicules. MP3 players causing caner? Yeah right! Ruining music? Rubbish! What kind of friend is Johnny anyway? Stealing something his friend bought. This screenplay was very juvenile and just plain bad.

From Miguel Antonio Cedeno Date 7/27/2007 ****
great script, love zombies big time, so you had me at the name!!!

From jacob Date 7/24/2007 ****
great script, I didn't like the idea of an MP3 player killing peaple at first but you really show how technology is ruining tradition and lives, now if you excuse me, i have to go bid $5000 for a new Iphone on Ebay

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