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by Jon Lawson (actingizeverything@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review: ***
Determined to find love through the internet, a man finds that love is staring him in the face the whole time.(short to be made into feature film)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


What is this I hear about you
opening a comic book shop!
Dad where did you hear that?
Your mother told me
... she wasn't suppose to tell
Well, she did and NO SON OF MINE
with a PHD is going to open some
meaningless comic book shop!
I payed my way through college
Dad, I've been making the
decisions in my life.Besides, the
shop is already payed for and it's
making its Grand-opening tomorrow
morning. Don't worry I know what
I'm --
You majored in finances and
business, you would make an
excellent financial advisor or an
accountant or-or-or somthing!
Yeah -- Dad, can I call you back.
I've got to go.


I'm coming!
Do you need any help?
For the shop?
No for your house cleaning.
Why would I, there's NOTHING wrong
with this place.
What this place needs is a little
bit of shazaam!
Say that again?
What? Shazaam?
Captain Marvel to the rescue!
"Shazaam" its Captain Marvels'
magical phrase.
Well..he's just a little kid, but
when trouble arises, all he has to
do is say shazaam! and he
instantly becomes a sexy man beast
for all the women to adore
Whatever. So what are you doing
I'm going over to the shop to
finish up, you wanna join me?


As much fun as that sounds,Pete
and I acually have something
That's right, you 'bout ready hun?
Well i guess we better get out of
here. Good luck tomorrow, I might
stop by to see how things are
Alright then, you two love birds
have fun.
Everything is black in the trunk of the car, until the lid
pops open and Steve gently places one of the boxes inside.
He closes the lid of the trunk and inserts the key to his
car, unlocks it. Opens the door, jumps in and drives off.
Get a view of the city as Steve drives to the comic shop.
(More credits flow).Steve pulls over at --
Steve picks up some of the boxes and heads for the entrance.
A box is set on the ground. Pan up inside the opened box,
there's a huge mass of comic books. Steve pulls some out and
starts placing them onto the shelves. People outside keep
looking inside.
A box is set on the ground. Pan up inside the open box,
there's a huge mass of comic books. Steve pulls some out and
starts placing them onto the shelves. People outside are
looking through the window to see what is going on. Time


Before long, light isn't shining through the windows anymore
and the store is completely lit by the the shops lights. All
the comics are in perfect order. Steve smiles at his
creation. He looks at his watch and it's 1:00 am. He rubs
his eyes and sits down for a moment. He takes out a note pad
and starts writing inventory information on it.
                                         FADE TO
DING! (Sound from the door) Steve wakes up, evrything
quickly snaps into focus and he looks a little surprised. A
teen is standing midway through the door entrance.
      (looks around)
This place IS open right?
What time is it?
      (looks at his
um.. 9:06 am.
Yeah... we're open.
Steve stands at the counter with a smile on his face.The
teen is walking through the isles slowly.Everything is
pretty quiet.Steve turns the radio on and music plays
troughout the store.It feels like an uncomfortable silence
so he walks up to the teen.
*ahem* can...can I help you find
Well...do you have anything cool?
      (he smiles)
That depends on what you think
cool is.
What do you like?


Jim Lee does some pretty good work
these days,but I don't think you
can beat his old stuff like The
...Havent heard of em.
Jim Lee or The Wildcats?
Neither.What are The Wildcats? Its
nothing sissy like Sailor Moon is
No...think X-men on steroids.
Steve grabs a Wildcats book and hands it to the kid. The
teen opens it up and starts to read it.
You...uh..thinkin' about buying
I'll know when I read it.
Well,thats cool and all, but the
more something is read the greater
depreciation value the comic
has.This means that if a collector
wants tobuy it,he will be
dissapointed because the value has
been tarnished.
Well...I'll let you know what I
think when Im done.
alright, whatever.
A man and a woman walk into the store.the immediately point
at the Archie comic books and laugh.


                       GIRL #1
Hey,do you have Sin City?
Sure.This way.
Steve walks down the asile and grabs the comic off the shelf
and hands it to her.
Here it is.
He hands her the first issue.
Are you a big fan of Frank Miller?
                       GIRL #1
The author of Sin City.
                       GIRL #1
No...we actually like the art.
I don't really hear that about
Frank Miller very often.
                       GIRL #1
We like the artist.
It's the same guy. Frank Miller.
He was the only guy who both wrote
and drew Sin City.
                       MAN #1
You study this stuff?
No..but I've read them ever since
was a kid.
                       MAN #1
Whatever..we'll take this
Ok.. but can I recommend this as


He picks up an issue of Dark Knights. The man flips through
it and gives it back to Steve.
                       MAN #1
The art sucks.
But it's the same artist and the
same style as Sin City.
                       MAN #1
It's not Sin City though and the
artwork STILL sucks.
Ok. but thats just one issue.
There's entire volumes.
                       GIRL #1
And how much would it be for the
books you're pointin' at?
Well, the price is on them but if
I had to guess,I'd say $100.
                       MAN #1
A hundred dollars!
Yes sir, but thats for the entire
volume of Sin City.
                       MAN #1
Well thats too pricey for us we'll
take juts one copy.
Steve goes and checks the couple out at the counter
You guys have a nice day.
The man and woman leave.
Steve walks over to the teen and he's still into the comic.
So what do you think?
      (jumps in shock)
Oh, um yeah its prety cool. I'll
take it.


The teen buys the comic and leaves.
      (takes a drink)
So how are things at the shop?
Oh..its different than I thought
it was going to be.
In what ways?
It's just frustrating to hve to
repeat things to the same customer
several times.I think I should put
up signs saying that the comics
are collector's items,you can't
just throw them around.
Why did you open a COMIC book shop
I don't know,its just what I've
always wanted to do.
There's a cute girl over there,
why don't you go over and talk to
Where did that come from?
      (takes another
Where did what come from?
One minute were talkin about my
shop and the next were talking
about flirting with some girl.


Well.. she is cute isnt she?
Yeah but...
Yeah but nothin'.Look,guy meets
girl it happens all the time.You
don't have to hide the fact that
you're trying to get her number or
email or whatever,she has it
happen all the time.What matters
is how you do it.
What I say?
No.how you say it,is all in the
body language
I'm just not good at this
stuff.Don't women find it isulting
that most men approach them
because of their looks?
Well how in the world are you
suppose to approach them for their
personality if you don't even know
them.Why else do you think they
dress themselves up to look all
desirable and stuff? So the guys
will approach them.So they'll look
good.It's just how the world
works.They do their part now you
go do yours and go talk to her.
Why don't you go introduce
yourself to her?
Uh.. for one I'm engaged to
I didn't mean it like that.I
meant,why don't you be my wingman?


Don't think so buddy.Look.Its not
that hard,either she's interested
or not interested,just go!
What are we suppse to talk about?
I don't know,comic books?
Yeah--thats sexy.
You'd be suprised.You just need to
mention the right ones to the
right girls...Look,you don't have
to impress her,just be be same
person you are with me and she'll
see it immediatly.Don't think that
since she's a girl and ou don't
know her that you have to change
and be someone else.
Well,I'm not quite ready,maybe
some other time I gotta work
Steve gets up and leaves the bar.Pete pays the tab and
watches the tv posted in the corner of the room.
Steve is walking to his car and out of nowhere he runs into
a woman.Most of the stuff fall out of her purse.
      (reaches down to
       pick things up)
Oh,I'm so sorry miss,here let me
It's ok.It was my fault.I wasnt
paying attention.
Steve picks up everything he can.They both get to their feet
and he hands her all of her things.


Thank you so much.
Steve feels to make sure he still has his wallet.
Oh..it's all good.Don't worry
about it.What's your name?
Nice to meet you,I'm Steve.
Nice to meet you too
Hey I acually live in this area
and I kow of a really nice
cafe,could I get your number?
Steve pulls out is cell phone.
Its 826-7859.
Got it.Well,I guess I'll Catch ya
Suddenly Pete runs up to catch Steve.
I think I know a solution to all
your problems.
Why don't you sign up for an
online dating service!
What are you talking about?


No,see you got all this pent up
frustration inside you when you
meet women in person. An online
dating service completley
eleminates that. You get to know
them a little on the net and then
you meet.
Some of those women are crazy.
So you take them out for a cup of
tea,if they're interesting,take
them around town and do somthing
fun and unique like taking
pictures of old buildings or
something. But if they're creepy
just treat the cup of tea as the
date and leave.
That's actually a good idea.
Of course it's a good idea.
Steve sits at the computer at the counter.On the computer
screen is his profile.His picture already posted and he's
trying to figure out what to type in his profile.As he
speaks,he types it down.
I'm a unique
individual.Self-employed and have
fun with life...nah...Hi-- my name
is Steve.I like to...what? read
comic books,c'mon Steve!
Excuse me,how much is this?
Steve looks at the price tag then back at the customer a few
Fifteen dollars.


Ok,I'll take it.
Steve makes the transaction and the customer leaves.
Steves gets on the computer to check his email.There is a
message about his profile From a woman named Jenna,it
                       EMAIL FROM JENNA
Hey there! I was just browsing and
I came across your profile and you
seem pretty cool.How would you
like to get together sometime?
Pete walks in the door with a case of beer in hand.
How's it goin' man?
Ok I guess.
So you took my advice and signed
up for that site I told you about
Oh you got an email too.
Yeah its from a girl named
Jenna.She said she wants to meet
up somewhere.
What are you gonna write back?
I don't know she didn't write
Ok,so just comment on stuff on her
profile but don't talk about it
too much.Keep your emails
short.And she said that she wants


                       PETE (cont'd)
to meet you,thats good.Tell her
that you have to meet somewhere
public,some place nice,like a cafe
for some tea.
You're really into the whole tea
thing.Whats goin on,why not
Because coffee and tea are
Like what? One's more
Yeah,one makes your breath all
fresh and one makes your mouth
feel like junk.
You're weird.
No--I'm suffisticated.
he then shovels some food into his mouth in a non
suffisticated way.
Hey me and Christina are going out
pretty soon I'll catch ya later.
What are you guys gonna do?
Ok,this sounds stupid but I have a
friend who works in construction
and he's gonna give me the keys to
the forklift.
I'll let her drive it.


Thats it?
Well...after I dazzle her with my
creativity we'll be able to do
something alittle more
Thats just weird.
She'll love it.Girls like to do
something they've never done
before,even if it's alittle
weird.It's ok to be
unconventional,just so long as you
get to know each other better in
the end.
...whatever..I'll try to be
Don't say anything to a girl
trying to impress her.Sure be
friendly,but tease her a bit like
anybody else and have fun with
it.Don't say anything waiting for
approval.Just say them for
conversation or a joke.Just write
the email and write it with
confidence.It's not like you know
her,whats she going to say,no? ooh
scary.Well 've been talkin to
muchI gotta get ready for this
date I'll see you later.
Yeah-- see ya.
Pete leaves,Steve starts writing an email back to Jenna.
Hey-- I'd like to mmet sometime
soon.How about tomorrow at 6pm.Why
don't we meet up at the little
cafe on Anderson street.I know its
a bit short notice but I'll be
over in that area anyway so it
would be cool if you can make it.


Steve is sitting at the table The waiter hands him some
food.He looks at his watch,he pokes his food alittle
bit.Jenna suddenly shows up.She looks like she has been
going a hundred miles an hour.Shetakes her purse and puts it
on the table.
Sorry,sorry,oh shoot...I meant to
be here earlier,I'm sorry I just
um,well you know how it is.
Yeah,its alright.
they shake hands.she has diferent types of bracelets on her
Hmm...whats with the bracelets?
Oh.Yeah,I made them.They're
symbolic of different things that
have happened in my life.
Oh,thats cool.
Steve waves the waiter over.
May I be of service?
Yes.Could you bring us some
tea,and you can bring the lady
here the same dish I'm having.
Coming right up!
Sorry I ordered for you but this
is pretty good,you'll love it.
Thats fine.I'm not a very picky
So..what do you do for a living?


You don't wanna know.
Now I HAVE to know,are you kidding
Ok,well I own a comic book
store.I'm a dork.
Why do you think that?
People who are into comics aren't
thought of as sexy.
Everyone is sexy in their own way.
Is that your version of the
"eveyone's beautiful song"?
I guess...so what got you to make
a business out of comic books?
I did it mostly to impress this
girl back in college,and I was
stupid enough to think that by
being self-employed,she would go
out with me.
Really? Well,self-employment IS
impressive.But what's with that
girl? Sounds like you went through
all that trouble for nothing.
Yeah.I've known this girl ever
since before college.I asked her
out when we were in college and
she of course said no and wound up
with my roommate Pete.So like the
genius I am,I thought I could win
her back with my own comic book


Yeah,that's weird.
In a good way right?
Of course.
The waiter comes back and serves her the small dish of food
and gives her some tea.Steve smiles at her while she' eating
her food.Its obvious her likes her,shes just so bouncy.
So,what are we doing after this?
Well,I thought I would head on
back to my house and dye my hair
      (gets excited)
Ooh! Can I do it?
Um... well ok if you want to.
Steve and Jenna are in the bathroom. Steve holdds up the
hair dye.
Here's the dye.
She flops the toilet seat down
Oh I see how it is. A bossy woman
Damn skippy.


Steve takes a seat. Jenna pulls the dye out and starts to
put it on his head.
They're sitting on his bed watching TV. He's got black hair
dye on and a plastic bag on his head. She slowly rests her
head on his shoulder and sighs. He smiles.
Steve finishes washing out the dye from his hair. His hair
is now black.
How do I look?
Sexy as hell.
She grabs him by the collar, pulls him forcefully into the
bathroom and starts making out with him.
Do you usually make out with guys
in the bathroom?
Shut up.
They continue making out
Not alot of people in the store Steve is on the computer
doing inventory and Pete walks in.
Whats goin' on man?
      (looks up)
Oh hey dude nothing much.
Are you and Jenna still an item?


That makes about 6 months right?
Yeah she's a really cool girl. I'm
thinking about proposing to her.
Wow dude thats a huge step, are
you sure about this? You've only
known her for 6 months
Yeah I know but I really think
she's the one. I mean we have so
much in common. She even likes the
same comics.
Ok. Whatever makes you happy man,
I got your back.
I guess I'll head on out, me and
Christina are going out to eat.
I'll catch ya later.
Alright see ya.
Pete leaves.
How's life?
I've seen better days.
What do you mean?
Oh, It's Jenna.. She's been
cheating on me. Ever since I found
out, I can't stand looking at her.


I take it the marriage is off.
..I don't know..
So you're not even sure if the
wedding is off yet?
Well- mariage is suppose to be
that FOREVER kind of love...
Well..I 've never been married but
I know what you mean. Yeah I guess
it is.
How can I honestly say that I love
her if I can't forgive her and
work things out... I mean.. Maybe
I'm the jerk.. you know.. How am I
suppose to be marriage material if
I can't forgive?
Well, you're trying right?
Sometimes I don't even go home, I
just sleep at the shop.
That sucks.
I don't know why you think YOU'RE
the one being a jerk. She's the
one who betrayed your trust. Maybe
SHE'S not marriage material,
because she was willing to screw
everything up before the wedding.
...Yeah...I.. I don't know what
I'm gonna do.


Sounds like she caused the problem
in the first place.
But she wants to work things out.
Sounds like you are too - but
trust is important you know.
Yeah you're right.
It's ultimately up to you, if
she's willing to rattle the
relationship before it really
takes off it's really shady of
Maybe I'll give her a second
Why? It IS because of
her you're having to live in your
little shop.
I can't keep circling my wagons
forever. I have to do something.
You're good looking --
attractive. Why don't you go after
someone more worth your time?
Steve looks at Christina as if SHE'S the girl worth his time
and she picks right up on the body language.
All the girls worth my time seem
to reject me, or they're never
Uh... I never knew you had so many
There's intense body language. Steve gets a little closer to
her and she's responding VERY aroused.


I just wish things were different.
Well.. I... sometimes... Girls get
a little mixed up.
Steve pulls away right before they even begin to get close
enough to do more thinking about kissing. Steve understands
that he's being a little sudden. So that's
why he ultimately pulled away.
... Yeah.
Shelly lets out a really long breath.
Maybe you should give yourself
more time -- circle the wagons a
little longer. Wait... until
things aren't so confusing... wait
until the smoke clears before you
shoot out in all these unseen
Maybe I should call the engagement
off, but still give Jenna another
chance... maybe things will clear
up better that way.


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From Larry White Date 7/23/2007 ****
its funny, i like it, but im very confused as to were this is going. do u know everything already, or are u just making it up as u go? but im interested in finishing this.

From Corinne Date 7/21/2007 **
The ending could use work. I don't really see any plot points to keep the reader interested. There is no conflict at all. It will be a great feature film if you put more work into it and develop the characters more. What if Steve goes out to dinner with Jenna and he really likes her, but Diana, the girl from the bar, could call him up and want to go out. I sense a great love triangle!!

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