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Second Time Around
by Miguel Antonio Cedeno (danes431@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ****
This is a story that everyone can relate to, a heart break, a lost soul, and a night that brings everyone back to who they really are in life. This is a story, written by Miguel Antonio Cedeno about a man named Ayden. Ayden's heartbroken, lost, and feels like he's all alone. But when his best friend calls him up and tells him that Ayden's the best man in his wedding, Ayden knows that its high time to get his life back in gear. Ayden meets up with a group of friends he hasnt seen in years, and spends a night drinking, shows everyone that no mather what has happened in your past, everyone needs a "Second Time Around"

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



                       AYDEN NARRATION
Have you ever started a day on a
high note, and ended in a bad one.
Everyone has had those days, some
worse then others, but its the end
result that matters the most, how
do you bring yourself back on your
feet when the world knocked you
down? Here is my story, one that
several can relate to, but a story
none the less that made me who I
am today.
Ayden is sitting at his parents house for thanksgiving
dinner. The table is set with all of the typical
thanksgiving foods, Turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing, gravey.
At the table, VIEW Ayden at the one head of the table, then
from Left, Mother, Father, and Sister. Ayden's parents are
both of Spanish decent, but Ayden and his sister do not look
Spanish at all. Ayden's Father has lightly gray hair and a
mustache and a beard, wearing a baby blue polo and khaki
pants, Ayden's mom has glasses, light brown hair, with a
hint of some unknown hair die, she is wearing a dark brown
peasent skirt, a white shirt and a brown sweater open
buttoned. Ayden's sister is just playing with her food, she
is 15 years old, with dark black hair and dark brown eyes
and black eye make-up. She is wearing a Panic at the Disco
t-shirt, and dark blue jeans with a spiked belt.
                       AYDEN NARRATION
      (View on Ayden)
My name is Ayden, I'm 24 years old
student at USF in Tampa Florida.
I've been dating this girl
Stephanie for the last three years
on and off, and the relationship
has hit the high point for me, and
its time to tell my family the
good news and my future plans.
      (Takes a bit from
       his turkey, whips
       face then looks
       at parents)


                       AYDEN (cont'd)
Dad, I want to talk to you guys
about something serious.
Awwww, Ayden, its not drugs again
is it? Your not trying that Meth
stuff are you? Cause I saw a
prgram on how horrible that stuff
Ayden looks at his father and raises both arms in a QUESTION
Your not in some money trouble
again are you? How much is it this
Ayden SHAKES his head, give a CONFUSSED LOOK at parents
NO! I mean yes, I mean no on the
dugs, yes on the money, but we'll
get to that matter later...
Sister POINTS at gravey bowl
Can someone pass the gravey?
Everyone IGNORES sister
      (looks down, looks
       back at parents
       with smile)
I was thinking about asking
Stephanie to marry me!
      (points, talks
Oh my Ayden Joseph, I'm so happy
Forget it, no one's paying
attention to me, Forgive me for
trying to get food in my system
and interrupt my brother's story!


                       SISTER (cont'd)
I'm going to watch TV
Sister picks up her plate, walks to the family room in VIEW
from table, no one pays attention to her
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Not only am I thrilled to tell my
family about my plans for
Stephanie and I, but to get the
blessing from my family is
extremely important for me, family
means everything to me
Dad puts arm around Ayden
Its about time you got serious
about this girl, she's a keeper,
I'm happy for you!
I've never felt like this before,
This have been going really good
since we got back together, I
guess the time apart was a way for
both of us to grow up, but this is
it for me... Its loud for some
strange reason!!!
Ayden pauses in the middle of his conversations and looks
around to find the source of the loud noise in the family
Who put the televison on that
Dad looks from side to side
Wasnt there someone else that was
eating with us?
Sister looks at the table and shakes her head and changes
the channel


Ayden opens the door from his parents house, with a
tubberware full of Thanksgiving food. He walks to his Dodge
Nitro, opens the door, puts his food inside. His Dad walks
out behind him
Thanks for the food poppa dukes, I
gotta drive back to school now
Ayden and Dad hug
I'm really happy for you! You know
you could always finish your
business degree and work for me,
the Dental Lab is the families you
I know, but theres nothing here
for me, you guys moved to Georgia,
and everything that I know is in
Well theres nothing better then
owning your own business. But
right now, just drive safe, get
that ring and start your life,
your family will never leave you
      (Smiles, opens the
       door to his car,
       gets in)
I know dad, I love you and I'll
call you when I get home
The Dodge Nitro roars alive, Ayden backs the car up from the
driveways, drives off while waving at his Dad
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Thanks my family, good people.
They moved from Tampa to a golf
community in Georgia called
Reynolds Plantation. My parents
love it, and the family business
is doing twice as good here then


                       AYDEN NARRATION (cont'd)
it did in Tampa.
Ayden's cellphone rings
VIEW Stephanie's Name on the caller ID
      (smiles and picks
       up the phone)
Hey baby...
                       AYDEN NARRATION
      (while Ayden is
       talking on the
Look at my smile, if thats not the
silliest fucking gin a dam fool in
head ove heels knock your socks
off love looks like then I dont
know what is!
Ayden in a Jewelery Store, looking at rings
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Things are looking good for
Stephaine and I, but the sad
reality is the sheer joy and
happiness in my world is about to
take a nasty fall down to
shittyville, population 1.
Stephanie opens the door and walks in to see Ayden wearing
pressed Tommy Hilfiget Black Pants, and a baby blue button
up Tommy Hilfiger long sleeve shirt. His sleaves are rolled
twice. Ayden is on his knees, FACING Stephanie, looking up
at her. Candles are lite all round the room. Stephanie has
long dark brown hair, straightened, Shis is very pretty
girl, short only 5'-3" and is wearing a red Express button
up, and black Express pants.
I woke up this morning and while
you were sleeping, I just sat
there and stared at you, literally
just stared at you and I realized
that if I had to spend the rest of
my life without you, I'd die.


Stephanie starts to tear up and covers her mouth
When I'm not with you, its hard to
breathe. What I'm tring to say is
      (pulls out ring
Will you marry me?
      (Opens Ring Box
       VIEW ring)
will you be my wife?
Stephanie starts crying
      (whips the tears)
I...I'm speechless... I dont know
what to say
Say you'll be mine. Say yes!
Ayden stands up and whips the tears off of Stephanie's face,
picks up her chin, gives her a kiss
      (backs away from
I need to know something first
I heard something
Did you?
Stephanie looks at Ayden with tear full eyes
      (confussed voice)
Did I what?
Stephaine whips her tears away, takes a deep breathe, then
looks at Ayden with a serious face.
Did you have sex with Melissa when
we were broken up?


      (Pissed off voice)
Your old roommate Troy told me you
      (covers his face)
Where is this coming from?
Did you Fuck that girl when we
were broken up or not?
Ayden rubbs his left hand agains his mouth then stares at
We were broken up for 6 monthes
last year, I told you I was with
someone when we were broken up,
fuck you were with someone else,
that didnt matter to me cause your
with me now!
Yeah but you never told me who it
was, we're friends Ayden
You two just became friends like a
month ago! Do you think I palled
that to happen. I mean that wasnt
on my list of things for me to do
or plan. What do you want me to
Stephanie starts to pace around the room and swinging her
arms up and down in anger
I cant trust you anymore
What do you mean you cant trust me
Well if this happened, then what
else happened? How am I supposed
to believe a word your going to
tell me?


Goodbye Ayden
Stephaine turns around crying, starts to walk down the
hallway. Ayden is right behind her, at the door, she stops,
turns around and hands Ayden the key, opens the door and
slams it at his face
Ayden puts his hand on the door, looks down and starts to
cry. He turns around, looks at the ring VIEW ring, and
throws it.
Ayden is laying on his bed with the covers up to his head.
VIEW Ayden's face, tears drop
                       AYDEN NARRATION
That was that, She walked out, and
started her own life. Me on the
other hand, I was horribly
depressed. I would either lay in
bed, drink or lay in bed with
another women. Us men are
different creatures then you
woman. We get over break ups a lot
longer. Think I'm lieing? A man is
born to be tough, if he falls down
and hurts himself, he supposed to
get back up again and continue. We
are told never to cry, to keep it
in, to be strong. And when a man
meets girl, he opens up an
emotional area in his heart that
he has kept close for his whole
life. And when that relationship
is over, he is stuck with an large
amount of emotion that he doesnt
know what to do with it.Allow me
to tell you all about the
differences of how a man goes
through a break up and how a woman
goes through one. When a man is in
love, like this fellow was behind
me, they open there hearts for the
first time. You see US men have
been raised on how to be the big


                       AYDEN NARRATION (cont'd)
badass in life.
Ayden walking around his kitchen, opens refrigerator, pulls
out a bunch of beers and starts to drink
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Women on the other hand are a
whole different story. They can
get through break ups a lot faster
due to one major element. They
talk about it to there
girlfriends. Men cant talk about
emotions to there friends, and if
they do, all that men know what to
say in those situations is "Shit
that Sucks, or Do what ever you
think you should do!" thats it, no
help! All in all I was a wreck,
and it kept getting worse and
Ayden drunk on his couch. Cellphone RINGS View cell phone
DUSTIN on caller ID
Whats going on dickface?
Dude, its me Dustin, you want to
hit the Piano bar with me and some
You'll have to pick me up, I'm
already drunk
Drunk, who you with?
Ayden looks around at the beer bottles on the floor
Miller, Bud, and Hienkien


Nice, I'll pick you up in twenty
Ayden is outside of his townhouse, with a six pack of
Hienkien Keg cans drinking them one by one, and tossing the
cans behind him. Dustin pulls up to the driveway in his
black Honda Civic.
      (rolls the window
Whats up man, finish those, we
gotta meet the girls at the bar
      (looks at the last
       4 beers)
I cant bring them with us?
Sorry man, I'm graduating this
semester and I dont need a DWI
when I'm trying to get into law
Ayden shruggs his shoulders, and cracks the beers and chuggs
them one by one, finishes all four, tosses the cans on the
grass, BURPS, opens the door to the Honda and sits in the
passenger seat
Read your Myspace blogg, sorry
about Stephanie and you man
      (shruggs his
I dont want to think about it,
lets just get loaded and have a
good night man!!!
You got it bro
Dustin's Car backs up from the driveway and speeds down the


Ayden and Dustin walk into the Piano Bar. The lights are
focused on the two Piano Players in the middle of the bar.
The Bar is packed, wall to wall with college and locals all
drinking and singing. The Piano players are singing The
Joker by The Steve Miller Band, and the whole crowd sings
with them. Ayden and Dustin make there way around the bar
area where Dustin is greeted by a kiss from a girl
      (kisses Dustin)
Hello mister, glad you finally
made it
Shauna, this is my best friend
Ayden, Ayden this is Shauna, and
her friend Ashley
      (Grabs Ashley's
       hand and kisses
The pleasure is all mine
      (Stares at Shauna)
And hello there as well!!
Ayden WINKS at Shauna and sits down next to her.
Okay well I'll get us a few
drinks, beers good right ladies?
Sounds good to me
In a bucket please!
      (points at Ashley)
WOW we got a party animal here!
Well its my last week here, I
transfer to a private Dental
School in South Florida. So I'm
really needing a good drinking


Way ahead of you
Dustin arrives back to the table with the beers, pass them
all around, and gives a kiss to Ashley. The whole groupd
cheers each other and begin to drink and talk
                       AYDEN NARRATION
So the night starts off okay, some
drinks, my best friend, and a
couple of hotties that an iceburg
can melt from! Everyone's talking,
laughing, singing, and its me that
fucks it all up! Very uncool on my
Ayden stares at Ashley who's singing
So your having a good time
      (Fixes her hair)
Yeah, I love this place, its
totally different then all of the
regular college bars around campus
      (smiles with a
       witty look)
So the music gets to you?
Yeah, Everyone singing, especially
when they sing the song you pick,
its great
                       AYDEN NARRATION
This is where I fuck everything
up, I'm a douchebag when I'm
drunk, what can I say?
You know what would make this
night perfect for me?
You, me, romantic movie
      (Ashley smiles)
and a football helmet on your head
so the you dont hit the head board
too hard!


Dustin and Shauna look at Ayden and Ashley, Dustin is
shocked by what Ayden said
I mean I'm a good looking guys and
      (leans back in his
       chair and gives
       Ashley a once
Your a good looking gal, I dont
see what seems to be the problem?
Other then the helmet not fitting
right, but hell I'll improvise, we
could just fuck on my ex's clothes
that she left in my closet as
Ashley stands up from her chair and throws her beer at
Ayden. The beer is all over Aydens face, shirt and pants
Your a dick
Ashley walks out of the Piano Bar and Shauna runs out with
her to check on her. VIEW Shauna and Ashley out the main
door of the Piano Bar
What the fuck happened?
Ayden licks his lips and looks down at his clothes, then
looks at Dustin
That chick just wasted good beer!
Whats wrong with you man?
I'm a dick man, thats all, I'm a
Dustin stands up and looks at Shauna outside of the bar
      (looks back at
They want to leave now man


      (Stands up from
       table and walks
       towards bar)
Just go man, take care of the
chicks, I'll get a cab home, I'm
not done drinking
Dustin looks at Ayden, SHAKES his head and walks out of the
Piano Bar
Ayden opens the door to his townhouse and stumbles inside.
His shirt is completely unbuttoned. He flicks the lights on,
realizes how bright it is, then turns it off. He walks into
his bedroom and looks at the photo of Stephanie and Him on
his night stand. He holds it and leans against a wall and
slides down it.
                       AYDEN NARRATION
I was hurting, everything was
spinning in my life and it was the
beer that was doing it. I felt
like I had no control of anything.
I knew that if I stayed, I would
just continue fucking around and
then I'd mess up with school and
for what, a broken heart, and a
mistake that I made a year ago. I
found myself slipping away and
becoming a person that I wasnt.
Ayden looks at the photo and punches the glass, and pulls
out the picture from the frame. Ayden the notices that his
hand is cut by the punch of the glass and lets the picture
frame fall to the ground next to him
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Heartbreak can do crazy things to
people. After the break up, I was
on a rampage, the horrible
Vengence Fuck that many men go
through. That wasnt me, and I
didnt want to sink any deeper. But
I knew that the only way I was
going to get better was if I
started back at zero, collect
myself, and be with some
nonjudgemental people, there was
only one place I knew of.


Ayden rumages through his pockets and pulls out his
cellphone, and places it to his ear DIAL TONE
Dad, I'm coming home
Ayden is in his bedroom, there are boxes all over the floor.
He places clothes in boxes
                       AYDEN NARRATION
The next day, I withdrew from
classes, packe my whole life up,
and drove to my parents house in
Georgia. It was hard leaving
everything behind, but I knew I
had to do it
View Ayden placing Boxes into his car, walking in and out of
the townhouse. Dustin is in VIEW, walking up to Ayden's
Townhouse. Dustin walks up to Ayden and takes of his
Whats the deal, giving some stuff
to Goodwill?
      (quick smirk)
Cant say that I am, getting my ass
out of here
      (Places a box
       inside his Nitro)
Well, the only woman that I loved
I hurt, I'm failing my classes,
been drinking every night, and
have been having meaningless sex
with women that I dont even care


All but that last are bad things.
So your just going to leave? You
cant run from your past man!
Ayden takes his last box and slides it into the stuffed
Nitro, and slams the door, and looks at Dustin
I'll have no future if I stay
Ayden walks to the front door of his townhouse and locks it,
he then turns and walks pass Dustin to the Nitro, sits in
the front seat and turns the car on
So thats it, your just outta here.
Dont worry man, I'll call you when
I get to my parents house, let you
know when you should come up with
Stephaine to hang out on the boat.
Dustin reaches his hand out and shakes Ayden's hand VIEW
hand shake
I'll call you man
Ayden SMILES at Dustin, waves goodbye, backs the car down
the driveway, and drives off
                       AYDEN NARRATION
      (View Ayden while
So that was that, I got my stuff
and moved back home. I knew that I
had to get my life back in order
somhoe, and honestly, calling my
father was the first step. He
always told me, that he could
protect me from anything, except a
broken heart. I guess its time for
my family to help me atleast mend
VIEW First Impression Dental Lab on Window. INSIDE several
desks, with dental ovens on three tables, one table has


mircoscopes, and drills for metal work. One table has
dentures in the process to be completed. Ayden's Dad is at a
table, wearing medical scrubs, and a mask, with a eye
magnifier connected to a head strap. Dad is looking through
magnifier, while Opaguing Crown. Mom is at the computer
desk, with her hands, looking through files, and typing them
in the computer. The Door opens, VIEW Ayden walking inside.
View Dad and Ayden imbrace
                       AYDEN NARRATION
My father has owned his own dental
lab for the last 26 years. Its not
a glamorious job, but he has
always had enought money to take
his family on great vacations. For
those of you that dont know that a
dental lab is, we are the people
that do all the work for dentist.
We are in the background of the
dentist, using the impressions
that the dentist take from there
patients, and they give it to us.
With that little impression, we
can make an exact duplicate of the
human mouth, and the tooth or
teeth that need work done to them.
VIEW Ayden and Dad looking at several case, and Ayden
talking about what to do to better the tooth.
                       AYDEN NARRATION
My father always wanted one of his
children to become a dentist,
something that he would drive in
our heads everyday, we all told
him later on in our lives that we
would have if he didnt push us so
much. Funny ha? And now here I am,
heart broken, lost, and I started
to work with my father, learning
the family trade.
VIEW Ayden making the models from the dental impressions,
VIEW Ayden making the wax duplicate of the tooth, VIEW Ayden
placing several wax duplicates inside a metal ring. VIEW
Ayden turning on blow torch, placing metal by the ring, and
burning the metal in. VIEW the finish product of the tooth
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Father and Son, working together.
Not something that my father
wanted for his son, No father
wants there son to have the same
job as him, but I was different,


                       AYDEN NARRATION (cont'd)
He saw that I was good at it, and
a real quick learning.
VIEW Ayden and Dad delivering Teeth to dentist, and dentist
liking the teeth
                       AYDEN NARRATION
I started to feel good again,
didnt have Stephanie on my mind as
much as I wanted, which was a good
thing, but I was finding myself
and a passion. I'm not saying that
it was easy working for my father,
trust me, we had our fights, and
man when two childish people get
into a fight, nothing ever gets
VIEW Ayden and Dad arguing, Dad takes a paper and throughs
it at Ayden, Ayden takes the paper and throws it right back
at Dad in the face
                       AYDEN NARRATION
I didnt date, I mean I screwed
around but never stayed around for
anything serious. Yes there was
the occasional strong feelings,
but I wasnt ready for anything,
mainly, I wasnt ready to let go,
to forgive myself. All in all
though, I definately had lots of
VIEW Ayden laying in his bed next to a blond girl, PULL
camera close, then PULL back, VIEW a Burnette girl. Ayden
rolls over on his side, and VIEW a different girl wrap her
arms around him and kiss him
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Sex and lots of it! I wanted to be
like Playboy Millionaire Bruce
Wayne, but the more I did, the
more I slipped into sadness. The
Sex was good, hell it was great,
but afterwards, I had nothing.
When you have a broken heart, sex
only fills the void for a moment,
then theres nothing. So later on,
I slowed down the party scene and
concentrated more on my family and
my career.


VIEW Ayden sitting on the couch and VIEW cellphone RING
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Now I know when I'm not doing the
right thing, and I can agree I've
been looking for love in all the
wrong places, all the God awful
places anyone could look!
Ayden meeting a girl at a bar

Ayden at a blind date

Ayden talking to a woman in a club

Ayden talking to a woman at his sister's car line pick up
                       AYDEN NARRATION
And I mean all the wrong places
Ayden is on the computer looking at his MySpace, and gets a
message from a Hot Girl on his message area.

Ayden CLICKS on message to open

      (looking at the
       computer screen,
       reading out loud)
Hey cutie, thanks for the add, and
thanks for the nice comments.
Listen if you want to grab a
drink, I'll be at Smiths Bar and
Grill, I'll be at the bar, message
me so I'll tell you what I'm

Ayden Messages the girl back VIEW Message
Ayden rubs his hand together waiting for the reply. He
Refreshes the screen and a new message is on his page.


Ayden CLICKS on the message

VIEW message

Ayden walks in the bar, its a large bar, with servers
running around bring drinks to there tables. The bar is loud
and crowded. VIEW Ayden looking at the bar, and sees a very
tan man sitting at the bar, drinking a martini, wearing a
tight red shir and extremly tight jeans. The man looks
around and re-adjusts his crouc and then leans back on the
bar and looks around. The man makes eye contact with Ayden,
winks and nodds his head at Ayden
You got to be kidding me
Ayden shakes his head, turns around and walks out, missng
the small bar to the side, where the hot woman from MySpace
is sitting wearing a red tight shirt and tight pants holding
a martini and is looking everywhere for Ayden. She shruggs
her shoulder and drinks her drink
                       AYDEN NARRATION
I mean, even Batman settled down
at the end, even though I believe
it was with Cat Woman. She wore
leather and had a fablous ass.
I've been thinking about settling
down, but I dont want to get hurt
again, dont want to hurt anyone as
well. But for now, I'm just going
to focus on my work
Ayden is sitting at a table, his father is walking behind
him, with a cup of coffee. Ayden is wearing scrubs, wearing
a mask, looking at the work he is doing with a denture that
he is working on. VIEW Cellphone RING

VIEW Dustin on Caller ID

Ayden, takes off his mask, and picks up the Cellphone


Whats going on buddy, long time
How goes it Dustin, how was the
Bar man?
Pretty brutal, but hell I passed
and got a nice Job in an
entertainment law firm by the bay.
Nice bro, good to hear, so
I'm getting married man!
What? To Shauna?
Surprised you remembered her name
after the scene you made in the
Piano Bar
Well I was drunk, but I've always
had a great memory, I'm proud of
you man
Ayden, sits up in his chair
Listen man, its been sometime
since we've hung out, you and the
whole group, but I wanted to know
if you'd be my best man
Yeah man, even thoug we havent
hung out, we still would call each
other up all the time, your still
my best friend, beside, who did
you expect me to pick, Tommy?


Oh shit that guy! Dont get me
wrong, he was great, but man. When
we went to Vegas that guy would
fall asleep at 9pm, and would get
up at like 7am the same time we
got back from our night on the
He didnt even drink, not to drink
in Vegas has to be a sin somewhere
in the bible
He even kept his leftove Mexican
food on the windowsill for 2 days
to keep it warm!
Both Ayden and Dustin LAUGH
So, listen, the wedding is going
to be in about eight monthes this
Saturday, You down man?
You can count on me!
Okay, you have to get your
messurements at After Hours, they
will fax your messurements to the
one over here.
Gottcah man, I'll call you later
Ayden hangs up the phone and smiles. VIEW Dad in the
background listening to conversation
So Dustin's getting married.
      (Ayden turns his
       chair around,
       smiles and looks
       at his Dad)
Yeah, its going to be in Tampa


Dad gets up from his chair and walks to Ayden
You ready to go back there? What
if you see her again?
I know Dad, I know
Ayden had two bags on his bed, one Suit Bag, and a carry on
luggage. He is putting clothes in his Bags
                       AYDEN NARRATION
I'd be lying if I said I wasnt
nervous about going back to Tampa.
The last I heard, Stephanie was
still there, and that made me
nervous. A lot has changed in the
time I've been gone, I didnt know
how all the rest of the friends
would be. I was nervous all right.
Nervous and late for my plane
Ayden shoves the rest of his clothes in his bag, grabs his
bags and runs out the door
Ayden is sitting in his window seat, looking out the window.
The Airplane attendent, hands Ayden his small Rum and his
plastic cup with cola in it. Ayden pours the Rum in the cup,
then takes a sip, and looks out the window
                       AYDEN NARRATION
The last time Dustin saw me was
when I was a wreak, and now I've
something for myself. Making a lot
of money running my fahter's
business, but still I was nervous.
It wasnt like I never saw Dustin
in a bad spot. I remember his last
girlfriend really hit him hard.
Ayden takes a big sip from his cup and looks out the window


View Dustin parking his Honda Civic in a parking space,
Closes the door, and walks out with his school books in his
hand and a backpack on. Wearing a Miller High Life baseball
cap, a Ray Lamontagne band Shirt, and ripped faded jeans.
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Dustin was dating this girl Beth
for about 4 years, and man he was
in heaven. Lost his "V" power to
her and like me, thought he was
going to spend the rest of his
life with her. From the outside,
they were happy, but what I know
now about the whole situation, it
was clear that she definately
didnt love himas much as he loved
Dustin starts walking towards his apartment, waves hello the
a neighbor on the second floor and walks to open the door to
his apartment. Dustin puts key in key hole, turns the knob
and walks inside the apartment
The apartment has non painted walls, several beer and
college type of posters on the walls, a tilted picture of
M.C. Esher hangs against the wall.
                       AYDEN NARRATION
You know now that I think about
it, I really hated that hat he
wore that day. I mean he wore it
all the time. Yes Miller High Life
is the Champainge of all beers,
and for us penniless college
students, High Life and Natural
Light were our beer sources. He
just wore it all the time
Dustin reaches for the light switch on the righ of the door
and turn it on to see a bunch of boxes
      (VIEW boxes)
What the hell is going on?


Beth walks into the room and stares at Dust. Beth is wearing
grey jogging pants and a tight black undershirt
      (breathes heavy)
I cant do this anymore
Do what ?!? What the hell is going
Look... We just arent working out
Dustin, I cant take this anymore,
we never even make time for each
Listen, I know i'm at school or
work a lot, but we can figure...
There you go, trying to fix
You never get mad, Your such a
pussy sometimes!
      (Dustin drops his
       backpack and
       stares at Beth)
Your always telling me that we are
perfect and thats bullshit! This
here isnt perfect, our
relationship is not perfect
      (MAD Walks up to
Bullshit! All I want to do is have
a good relationship with you, not
to have this! Where the fuck is
this coming from?
good relationship?
      (angry again)
Your too perfect Dustin
      (makes Eye contact


                       BETH (cont'd)
       with Dustin)
And frankly, Perfect isnt what I
want at all right now
      (picks up a few
       boxes and walks
       them by the front
And it wasnt love for me at all,
none of this was
      (pissed but
Really, so none if this mattered
at all?
Beth walks past Dustin and picks up some more boxes and
brings them outside, and continue to grab her boxes
      (while bringing
       boxes outside)
I dont want to talk about this
anymore, Richard is coming to pick
me up and help me move to my new
      (Mad, Yelling)
New apartment! and who the fuck is
Beth stops picking up a box, and looks at Dustin, She then
walks up to his face
Look at you getting all mad now!
      (gets close to
I was planning on leaving you even
before we got this apartment
together, I just didnt have the
nerve to tell you then
Dustin walks and grabs the few boxes on the floor, walks to
the door, opens it and tosses the boxes outside. VIEW
clothes and personal things fly out of the boxes. Dustin
then looks back at Beth. VIEW Beth's reaction


Now get the fuck out now!
      (stares at Beth)
Get the fuck out of my life!
Beth walks towards Dustin, looks at him as she walks out the
Only now you stand up for yourself
Dustin's back is still facing Beth, he grabs the door and
closes it
Fuck you!
The door is closed, Dustin breathes in, and punches a hole
in the wall
                       AYDEN NARRATION
And that's what happened with
Dustin. He took the break up a lot
differently then me, He pulled the
famous Hermit. He just laid in his
bed for about three days
VIEW Dustin in his bed
                       AYDEN NARRATION
He didnt drink, didnt party, didnt
fuck around, he didnt even tell
anyone, He just wanted to be
alone. I didnt find out until a
week later. And he was fine I
VIEW Ayden, with a finished cup
                       AYDEN NARRATION
This wedding is going to be, I'm
happy for Dustin and Shauna.
VIEW Plane Landing


Ayden walks out of plane with carry on luggage in hand

He walks down ramp towards the exit

VIEW Dustin holding a sign

Always the one with the right
Oh this, no, this sign is for my
Both Laught, Ayden and Dustin hug hellos
Come on man, lets go, got my ride
here with me
What the shagging wagon, the Honda
Both men walk through the automatic doors outside
VIEW both of there backs
Nope, I'm a professional now man,
I drive in style now
The BMW drives away from the Airport. VIEW Dustin Driving
VIEW Tampa Scenory

      (feeling the
       leather seat)
Nice upgrade man!


Thanks man, A little gift to me
from me!
Nice upgrade but still, I would
never hire you as my lawyer. All
the craziness you did when we were
young. I'm happy your not wearing
that fucking hat and decided to
get yourself some nice clothes
Yes the new clothes do make me
feel a lot more precentable, not
like your some sort of picaso
VIEW Dustin's BMW Cut someone off
Hope your ready for a night of sin
and debauchery
About the bacholer party...
Please dont tell me you dont want
lots of drinks and lose moral
women, cause that'll put a damper
in my night plans.
I just want to have a party, one
last good drinkfest with all my
friends, like the good ol days
What do you think a bacholer party
The BMW pulls up and stops at a stop light, Dustin looks at
I want Shauna and her friends to
be there as well, I mean you never
really got a chance to met her,
you were drunk and an asshole!


I follow bro, just the friends,
and the ladies...
sounds like a good night for me
      (points forward)
Your green now man
Dustin looks forward, VIEW foot on gas petal The BMW drives
It'll be just like old times man!
We havent hung out in a while so
it'll be great, plus all the boys
are coming as well, Sal, Dave,
Tommy, Antonio and Cesar
Like always you prove a valid
point. The nights planned, but I'm
still in control of this shit, so
make sure you get ready for a
How are the bridesmades?
VIEW BMW pull up to another light and Stop
I was wondering when you were
going to ask me about that. Why
this wedding bug has been biting
you for a while? Or are you just
looking for a hook up cause
Shauna's friends arent like that.
      (pauses, rethinks)
Okay maybe two or three
Me settle down, Please! After what
I went through, its going to take
a hell of a woman to mend these
Ayden gets silent and looks down at the floor mats


      (still looking
I still think about her you know.
Dustin says nothing, just nods his head
I think all I really want to do is
say I'm sorry, see how she's
doing... Hear her voice
Then what man, what after that?
You'll be back to square one
      (pats Ayden on the
Better that you dont go through
that honestly
Ayden nods his head, takes in a deep breathe, and looks
So, is Ashley going to be there?
Yeah man, but no football helmet
jokes this time
Dustin pulls the BMW to a hotel and parks the car
      (looks out the
       window at the
This is me?
                       AYDEN NARRATION
yeah man, all you guys are staying
Ayden nods his head, and opens the passenger door, He opens
the back door and pulls out his carry on luggage, closes the
door and leans in the passenger door and looks at Dustin
You know, being your bestman and
all, I dont even know how you and
Shauna met?


Really, its a good one
       VIEW caller ID
Sorry bro, its the office, I'll
have to tell you later
Ayden smiles and pats the roof of the BMW
      (closes door)
Dont worry man, I'll hear it
later, we'll all be at your place
at 10pm tonight my friend
Ayden waves goodbye and Dustin's BMW drives away.

Ayden turns around VIEW hotel

Ayden grabs Luggage on the floor and walks to the Hotel

Ayden walks inside the hotel room, He closes the door and
drops his bags at the foot of the bed.

VIEW Ayden washing face in hotel room bathroom

VIEW Ayden walking towards his bed, he get ontop of it and
lays down. While laying down, Ayden pulls out his wallet and
grabs a bent up picture behind his drivers license

VIEW Picture of him and Stephanine

Ayden stands up and walks to the small refrigerator in the
room and pulls out a small Jack Daniels bottle and lays down
on the bed and starts to sip
                       AYDEN NARRATION
      (Ayden is still
       looking at the
I'm still hurt, even though I may
act like I'm okay, I'm really not.
I think thats why I work so damn
much. To keep my mind off her, but
sometimes, well sometimes I just
need that drink. The worse thing


                       AYDEN NARRATION (cont'd)
is that I check her myspace every
once and a while, and thats not a
good sign!
Ayden sits back up and drinks the rest of the bottle and
walks to the refrigerator and grabs another one.

Ayden sees himself in the mirror

VIEW Ayden through mirror

Ayden looks at himself, looks at the bottle and throws the
bottle at the mirror
      (While looking in
       the mirror)
Who am I? God help me
      (falls to his
I need something...something
      (looks himself in
       the mirror)
I cant keep doing this. I cant
keep messing myself up over this
girl! She doesnt even give a shit
about me, and she's still
affecting me
      (points at himself
       in mirror)
She's even got me talking to
      (Searches in
       pocket and pulls
       out cell phone)
I gotta get my closure
Ayden begins dialing on his cell phone

Adyen starts hitting his head with the phone
Hey... How are you doing?


      (pathetic voice)
      (confussed and
Hi...Whats going on?
      (breathes out)
I'm calling to say that I'm sorry,
I'm sorry I wasnt there for you
when you needed me, I'm sorry that
I couldnt give you the love you
needed... I'm sorry for hurting
Stephaine is wet, wrapped in a white towel, her hair is wet
and pulled to her right, with the phone in one hand, she is
brushing her hair with the other hand
      (cold voice)
Thanks...How are you?
Never better, I flew back to
Florida for Dustin's wedding
I never liked him
There is a pause on the phone, Stephanie stands up from her
bed and looks in the mirror
Yeah well he wasnt the biggest fan
of yours either
In the background of Stephanie's room, Troy walks into view
with a towel around his waist



Baby have you seen my jeans, the
cut up ones?
      (shocked look on
Who is that?
I dont want to talk about this now
Voice sounds kinda familiar
      (muffed in the
Baby...The Jeans? Or do I have to
walk around naked for you again?
Ayden starts pacing back and forth
I have to go Ayden!
Ayden slams his fist against the wall
No!... Tell mw who that is!
Steph, I found them babe, they
were under the bed...Who are you
talking to?
Troy! Can you please wait a
A tear falls down Ayden's cheek

Ayden's face is one of anger and disgust
Troy! Troy, your with Troy now!


It kinda just happened
Kinda!!!! No its
unbafuckinglievable really that
the guy that told you that I was
with someone when we were BROKEN
up, is the guy that your dating
Ayden kicks the dresser WHAM, then grabs his foot in pain
and hops up and down, then PUNCHES the wall again
You have no right on getting mad
at me! You were the one that...
WE WERE BROKEN UP!!!! What dont
you get Stephanie?
Thats your excuse...That'll always
be your excuse for you wont it!
Ayden looks himself in the mirror, breathes in deeply
I'm in no mood for walking down
memory lane with you right now
Stephanie, I called to tell you
I'm sorry about us, and I'm still
sticking with that...
      (Tears up VIEW
       Ayden's face)
Have a nice life Steph!
Ayden hangs up the phone and underhand tosses it onto his
bed, and looks back at the mirror at himself

VIEW Ayden in the mirror
Man whoever said all's fair in
love and war doesnt know shit!


Dusti walks into the bedroom and watches Shauna picking out
clothes from her closet

Dustin lays on the bed facing the closet and stares at
Shauna and smiles

Shauna turns and stares at Dustin and smiles back at him
Whatcha smiling at?
Nothing, just looking at you
Nothing, its just funny how
intently you pick your clothes,
when you can wear anything and
still be the beautiful
Shauna has a hand full of clothes and smiles and walks up
the Dustin who's laying on the bed, she gets down on her
knees and they bot reach into each other and kiss each
So I can wear anything and still
look beautiful for you?
      (shruggs his
oh...well i'm going to say no just
cause you want to hear that Yes
Both Dustin and Shauna laugh, Dustin grabs Shauna and puts
her on the bed with him and kisses her again. They both look
into each other eyes
So tonights the night I meet the
rest of the guys.
Yup, interesting characters I must
say babe


Dustin starts talking about his friends
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Now i'm not the only weirdo that
Dustin knows. First there is
Antonio is standing next to the bar and ladies are
surrounded by him. Antonio is very well physically fit,
wearing a tight balck shirt, halfway buttoned up, and black
pants and Aviator sunglasses on. His Italian horn is hangin
from his gold chain around his neck. In the background
Gunther's "Ding Ding Dong Song" is playing as all the ladies
start tugging at him trying to get his attention
                       AYDEN NARRATION
      (VIEW Antonio)
Antonio is one of those guys that
has the "I can get sex all the
time" attitude. I mean look at
him, he's got the mafiaoso thing
going on. The ladies all flock to
him! He was the dork in High
School, its funny how he became a
ladies man in a few days really.
His senior picture totally shows
how much of a nerd he was
A year book opens and Focus on Antonio's nerdy picture. His
hair is all messed up, wearing thick rimmed big glasses
                       AYDEN NARRATION
I know he looks ridicolous and
what the hell was Gunther's music
doing at that bar anyways? Antonio
pretends that he's a made man,
hell he was born in Ohio and is
only like 1/8th Italian, so I dont
even know why he wears that horn.
He inherited his father's jewelry
store and he's done a good job
with it.
Tommy, Dustin and Ayden are sitting on a High Top at a
sports bar.

Tommy is earing a t-shirt and khaki shorts, Dustin is


wearing his faded Miller High LIfe har, jeans and black polo
shirt, Ayden is wearing ripped jeans and a marron colored
Ray Lamontagne t-shirt
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Then there's Tommy, yes the same
Tommy that went with us to Vegas,
the cheap ass complainer. He's a
good guy dont get me wrong. He
went to FSU and graduated with a
degree in Sports Medicine. He is
also the worst story teller of all
time. One time when were were
sophmores in college one winter
break, Tommy had sex with an
attractive client he had at the
gym, this is how he told us.
The table is full of empty pints, and there are plates on
the table
I called you last night to see if
you wanted to play some Hold'em
Yeah I wanted to but Brea wanted
to go to her Christmas party for
Ayden grabs his beer and looks at Tommy for his lame excuse,
Tommy does not even look at Ayden, just continues to eat his
french fries
Yeah I was busy too
Ayden shruggs his shoulder and takes a swig of his beer
Busy my ass, your a bum, what the
hell where your doing? Playing
hours of Final Fantasy probally
nothing really, just having sex
with one of my clients last night
Both Ayden and Dustin look at Tommy stunned

Tommy reaches for the tiny pickle on Dustin's plate


You want your pickle mang?
Before Dustin could open his mouth, Tommy is already eating
it. Tommy chews the pickle and looks around then he looks
back his friends. Ayden and Dustin both have a confused look
on there face
Dude, that pickle was a garnish
Fuck the garnish, did you say you
had sex last night with your
What, well, its wasnt like that, I
mean it was but the story is kinda
long, we knew each other for a
bit...last night...yeah we did
it...it was good
Both Dustin and Ayden start to laugh
Your stories suck man?
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Now Tommy doesnt say much, just
mumbles a whole lot, so we got him
really drunk and found this out.
We find out after like three
pitchers of beer that this woman
was a hottie, recently divorced,
with two kids. Tommy had to sneak
out of the house undetected, that
really didnt work
Tommy is creeping down the stairs heading for the frount

Tommy has his clothes in hand and reaches to open the front

VIEW Kid in background

Kid looks at Tommy, points and screams


Tommy opens the door and runs out
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Needless to say, Tommy failed!
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Tommy just ran out, underwear on
and thats all, pants and t-shirt
in hand. I would have done
anything to have seen that! There
is also Dave,Dave was an ex
football captain and valedictorian
of our high school. He went to UM
on a full paid scholarship for
football. He injured his knee
really bad his junior year, and
wasnt able to play again. Thank
God he was book smart as well. He
graduated with a degree in
Business, and went and got his
masters. After he graduate with
his masters, he met a girl named
Melissa who changed his life.
View Dave talking to Melissa outside of school, at a coffee
shop. Both talking and laughing
                       AYDEN NARRATION
I guess love had a way with him,
and he decided that he didnt want
a job that would keep both of them
apart for long. They later married
and have one daughter named Abby.
He's now a Math Teacher at a local
high school and is the head
defensive coach for there football
View Dave teaching a class

View Dave Outside blowing a whistle and telling his football
palyers to do the play again
                       AYDEN NARRATION
He's the happiest guy ever, a
little bit of a slacker, but hell
we love him big time


There is a long table, many well dressed people are all
around it talking and looking at files and passing them back
and forth

VIEW Cesar at the head of the table, looks at the file that
was passed to him, smiles and sighs it and passes it back to
the rest of the table
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Cesar is the true entrepreneur of
the bunch. His paents were always
well off, but he never fell back
to them. He was the first one of
us to graduater, most of us had
the whole 6 year college plan
going, Cesar studied! He graduated
Summa Cum Laude, from University
of Florida. Afterh graduation he
went to law school at St. Thomas
University in Miami, and once
graduated, worked for a few
real-estate law firms where he
learned the basics. Two years
later he opened his own practice.
He has 12 realtors working for
him, and also brokers. Basically
he opened a one stop shop, off of
which gains him more and more
money at closing. He only works
with clients that have at least a
million dollars of property. Three
years ago he closed a 65 million
dollar deal, and once the ink was
dried, he spent 3 monthes on his
yacht drinking tequilla sunrises,
with small umbrellas on top
VIEW Cesar on top of his yatht. Cesar is wearing sunglasses
and rolled up khaki pants, with a a shaggy button up shirt,
drinking his drink while laying on a hammack
A room is full of poker tables, hundreds of players are
playing, people are walking and leaving tables. VIEW Sal at
the main table, Six players are left, the seventh stands up
and leaves after the hand is over. Six players, two wearing
sunglasses, Sal is sitting on the third seat. Sal has slick
back hair, wearing aviator sunglasses, a black button up
shirt and a leather jacker and dark blue jeans


                       AYDEN NARRATION
Sal joined the Marines right out
of High School. The funny part was
that the whole time he was in
there, all he did on his spare
time was drink and play lots of
poker. After his first tour in
Iraq, he came home and joined the
Davie Fire Department. On his
vacations time, all he does is go
to Las Vegas and plays high stakes
poker all day
Sal stares at the table and looks at his two cards, and
slides all of his chips in the middle of the table
I'm all in
Two players fold, the rest go all in or match his amount
Dealer counts Sals chip, places them all in the middle

All of the players flip their cards and GROWN in
disappointment at Sal's cards

VIEW Sal's cards, Double Aces

The dealer flips the river cards. Ace, Nine and King

One guy smiles as he has pocket Kings

The dealer flips the next card, another King

Sal stands up and breaths in nervously
I need and Ace, give me that Ace
The dealer looks around, flips the river card, ACE
Sal jumps up and screams YES
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Yeah... He's good at poker!
I'm excited to meet them all
babe... Is Ayden going to behave


Well he's had a bumpy past
relationship, but he's a good guy.
From what I can see, he's changed
a lot, he seems like the guys I
used to know.
Door bell RINGS
Dustin and Shauna both walk towards the front door and ope

The door opens and there is a stretch Hummer and Miguel is
standing throuhg the sunroof. All the windows are down and
the whole wedding party are all yelling HEY!
Well I figured we should drive in
style guys, come on! Its party
Shauna does a WOW with her mouth, Dustin chuckles and looks
at Shauna, She smiles and closes the door and both walk to
the Hummer
The Strech Hummer pulls up the Charlie Mops Irish Pub

The Door to the Hummer is opend by the limo driver, the men
get out first and help out the ladies one by one. Each man
holding a girl's hand and walking into the bar

Dustin smiles and high fives Ayden
The bar is big, dark wood floors, Wodden tables and High
tops. There is a large Irish Flag hanging behind the Live
band in the middle of the bar. TThe bar is a long bar, with
two bartendars at each side. The bar is dark wood, there is
a larbe bell next to a medal pale that has black magic
marker writing that says TIP on it.

The live band on the stage is playing "Maggie May" by The


I love this song
Ayden puts his hand on Dustin's shoulder
Well you said one last big party,
so I made sure we had all the
things we had when we partied! Its
going to be a night of debotchery
The bar is full of many bar patrions. The bar is packed, but
once the wedding party comes inside, many people look at
them to see what the group is there for.

Ayden puts his arms around Dustin and Shauna and brings them
in to tell them something
Now listen you two, tonight is the
night were we all let our hair
down and relax, drink and have a
good time. I know these last few
monthes have been stressful so let
me take care of tonight
But on your best behavior Ayden
Ayden crosses his heart
Cross my heart, no repeat of the
piano bar! So with that said,
Shauna why dont you introduce your
friends to everyone, and lets get
this party started
Ayden Dustin and Shauna walk to the wedding party, the men
are talking to the men, catching up on old times, and the
girls are just talking to each other.

Shauna waves the girls to come to where the men are, the
whole group are next to each other
I would like to introduce you all
to my bridesmaids
      (Antonio nudges
       Sal as Antonio
       Checks out the
There is Rachael and Pamela my
cousins, Madison my co-worker,


                       SHAUNA (cont'd)
Brea my younger sister from my
soroity, and my best friend Ashley
The bridesmaids are all very pretty, Ashley is wearing her
hair back, wearing a V-Neck black sequence shirt and plack
pants and a metal chain around her waist. Shauna is wearing
a checkered skirt and a white button up and red hair

Each of the mean shake the girl's hands and give the girls
kisses on the cheek and introduce themselves

Ayden reaches for Ashley extremely politely
                       AYDEN NARRATION
      (VIEW Ashley)
Man she's beautiful
Hello Ashley, Its good to see you
again. I like what you did with
your hair...It looks great
Wow smooth move there Ayden, way
to win her over with that one
Both Sal and Antonio chuckle and slap hands
I just straightened it, its really
good to see you again, sorry didnt
bring the helmet with me this time
Hey I deserve that!
With that, Ayden smiles and nods at Ashley and gets ontop of
his chair
Lets get a round of Irish Car
Bombs to start things off right!
Ashley grabs Ayden's leg to stop his speech, Ayden looks
down at Ashley
If this is going to be a party,
why dont you let me pick a drink
as well, I mean I AM the maid of


                       ASHLEY (cont'd)
honor and I believe I have a say
in tonight as well. Liquid Cocaine
as well
Wow we have ourselves a party
animal over here people
Thats our girl
      (says this while
       looks around at
       the group)
Hows about a compromise people...
Ayden smiles and points at Tommy in approval
Now I like that Idea!
      (looks at the
lets get a round of liquid cocaine
and irish car bombs for this group
The server smiles, and walks to the bartender, he turns
around and starts making the drinks while the other
bartendar helps out as well
So lets make a bet here Sal! who
ever passes out first has to buy
the drinks for the pre-wedding
Everyone laughes, Sal nods his head Yes
I dont know about you guys, but I
intend on getting wrecked tonight
and having a little bit of the dog
that bit me tommorow
Dave, Sal and Cesar Nod

All three of them say WE CONCUR


I got a little bet for you
Tommy... I bet $200 that Dustin
chokes at the alter
Dave puts his hand at Sal with his finger up and moves it
left to right in a NO manner
You can bet on anything in life,
but never bet against love!
The barmaid brings the drink order and hands everyone two
shots, one liquid cocaine and one Guinness and a Bailey's
Enough talk, Sal you were wrong...
Lets get drunk
The whole group grab the Guinness and Baileys shot and raise
there glasses up

Ayden stares at Shauna and Dustin
May I?
Go for it
Better be a good one too!
To Dustin and Shauna, may their
love enrich our lives and may that
love guide us to our own. Anyone
else want to say anything
And for me to get laid
Everyone laughes
And for Antonio to grow a shred of
      (drops his shot in
       the Guiness)


They whole group drips the baileys shot in the Guiness and
begins to drink it, once they are all done they slowly grab
the Liquid Cocaine

Ashley and Shauna quickly drinkd down the drink and finish
before all the men can finsh

The two girls flip their shots and slam them on the table
Damn Dustin, you got yourself a
      (coughs and high
       fives Shauna)
Holy shit that was some rough
Now thats how you start things off
Ayden stares at Ashley as she hugs the other girls, the
other men high five each other
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Sure I'm interested in her, but
with the act I pulled last time,
its going to take a lot for her to
let me in.
Ayden CLAPS his hands and walks towards the live band and
nods at them, they stop playing their music
Well, since we started, lets get
down to business, and for Dustin
and Shauna, I have a song I want
to sing for you all, its a song
that talks about a very special
person in all of our lives
Everyone turns around to see Ayden holding a Microphone,
with the live Ska band waiting for him to start his song
What the hell does he have up his
sleeve now?


      (Talking through
       the microphone)
Now I know my friends know this
song, and trust me, its an easy
one. So can we get two beers for
each person in our group, everyone
else grab your beers and hold them
up in the air, This is my favorite
drinking song, and its about the
greatest man alive
The whole band gets ready, servers and barmaids are going
and dropping beers everywhere, the wedding party gets their
beers and wait for Ayden to start singing. A barmaid brings
Ayden his two beers
Ayden nods at the band and they start playing a beat, the
trumpits are waiting for Ayden to start

Ayden sings "Beer Beer Beer" by the Clancy Brothers and the
One, Two, Three...

A long time ago, way back in
When all there was to drink was
nothin but cups of tea.
Along came a man by the name of
Charlie Mops,
and he invented a wonderful drink
and he made it our of hops.

He must have been an admiral a
sultan or a king,
and to his praises we shall always
Look what he has done for us, he's
filled us up with cheer!
Lord bless Charlie Mops, the man
who invented beer beer beer
tiddly beer beer beer

The Curtis bar, the James Pub, the
Hole in the Wall as well one thing
you can be sure of, its Charlies
beer they sell so all ye lads a
lasses at eleven o'clock ye stop
for five short seconds, remember
Charlie Mops 1 2 3 4 5

He must have been an admiral, a


                       AYDEN (cont'd)
sultan, or a king
And to his praises we shall always
Look what he has done for us, he's
filled us up with cheer
Lord bless Charlie Mopps,
the man who invented beer beer
beer, tiddley beer beer beer...

A bushel of malt, A barrel of
hops, you stir it around with a
The kind of lubrication to make
your engine tick.
Forty pints of wallop a day will
keep away the quacks.
It's only eight pence ha'penny and
one and six in tax
One, two, three, four, five

He must have been an admiral, a
sultan, or a king
And to his praises we shall always
Look what he has done for us, he's
filled us up with cheer
Lord bless Charlie Mopps,
the man who invented beer beer
beer, tiddley beer beer beer...

The Lord bless Charlie Mops!
While Ayden says the 1 2 3 4 5, Everyone gets quiet then
swings there beers side to side

After the song, Ayden walks off the stage, and High fives
all of his friends and begind to talk to them
Nice job!
Yeah how did you learn that song
      (drinks the rest
       of his beer and
       puts it on the
Well I went to an Irish Bar in
Boston one day, and heard it
there, plus its a great drinking


                       AYDEN (cont'd)
VIEW Ashley smile and walk to the bar, Ayden follows her

Ashley pulls out a cigerette out of her purse, and searches
for her lighter
      (while look
       through her purse)
Your a pretty good singer
Ayden pulls his lighter out of his pocket and turns it on,
and lights Ashley's cigerette
Well I like to consider myself a
renaissance man.
Why would you call yourself that?
Ayden signals with his two fingers that he would like a
May I have one?
Ashley pulls another cigerette out of her box and hands it
to Ayden
Of course you may
Ayden pulls his lighter back out from his pocker and lights
the cigerette
Like I was saying, I tend to fall
into several categories, I'm a
writer, a poet and I consider my
work to be art...
Ashley laughs which interrupts Ayden
Stop...Honestly, I dont want to
recap what happened last time, So
just keep your pick up like
bullshit to yourself, I dont want
a scene tongith at all! So how
about we be civilized and pretend


                       ASHLEY (cont'd)
like we like each other
Ashely mushes her cigerette in the ash tray and walks
towards the rest of the group, Ayden grabs her arm to stop
Listen, I'm sorry about last time,
I was a dick, plan and simple, but
you said be civil and you wont
even give me the second chance
      (looks Ayden dead
       in the eyes)
Do I have a reason to Ayden, Sorry
if I'm a little too upfront, but
what would you want to me think, a
dickhead is far from what you
were, that'll be giving you too
much credit
There was a lot more going on in
my life back then, like I said I'm
sorry but seriously your the one
thats making this hard now!
Ayden lets go of Ashley and turns to walk to Tommy to his

Ashle stands there with an upset face
I'm not going to apologize, but...
how about we just start off fresh?
Adyen holds his finger up to tell Tommy to hold for a
second, and turns around and faces Ashley
      (extends hand out
       towards Ashley)
Hi, my name is Ayden... Whats your
Ashley smiles and shakes Ayden's hand
Nice to meet you Ayden my name is


Antonio walks into the conversation and interrupts, places a
hand on both Ayden's and Ashley's shoulder
Its S.O.S time my friends
Antonio SLAPS Ayden on the back
What's that?
Ayden holds Ashely's hand and leads her to the table
Come on I'll show you
The whole wedding party is around their large table there
are at least 40 beers. The band walks to the table to play
as well
Okay people, this is S.O.S, you
all remember that song "Message in
the Bottle" from the Police right?
The whole group nods there head and say YES
Well I dont think that they knew
this song sould be a drinking
game, but whenever we used to
party and was looking for a quick
way to get drunk, this was that
very game
Now everytime you hear Sting Say
SOS you have to take a big swig of
beer! The funny part about this
games is that if you play it a lot
wheneve you hear this song, it
makes you want to play this
drinking game
Everyone looks at Dave with a questionable look
Okay that didnt come out right and
to settle the possibel soonn to be
rumors...NO I'M NOT A DRUNK!!! I
just like to drink A LOT


Everyone chuckles
Now thereare about 30 SOS's in a 4
minute 51 second song and that's
about 5 beers each. SO ladies, I
suggest you all just watch cause
this is some manly shit!
Excuse me dick, we can hang with
you boys!
Pamela and Madison look at each other and bot call Antonio a
Ladies you'll have to excuse my
friend, he's no that much of a
dick as he's an asshole
Antonio looks at Cesar and laughes
      (shruggs his
Hey I'm just looking out for my
Antonio WINKS at Pamela
Pamela blows a kiss back

Ayden laughes then looks at Ashley
You got this?
You've got a lot to learn about
me, I'm always down for drinking
Dustin turns around and walks for the Jukebox and looks for
The Police, VIEW "Message in a Bottle" B17

VIEW Dustin's hand pressing B 1 7
The song starts off and they all start to drink

The whole group drinks, slowly on by one begin to drop,
first is Antonio in the first minute then Pamela


Beat you prick!
I only wanted you to feel good
about yourself baby...
Pamela nodges Antonio with her hip and he falls back on a
chair. Antonio grabs her hand and pulls her onto his lap and
goes in for a kiss and she stops him inches away
Your going to have to work a
little harder then that!
Pamela pushes off Antonio and walks towards the bar, Antonio
smiles, pops up from his chair and follows her


The only people left drinking is Shauna, Ashley, Miguel,
Dustin, and Sal

Everyone quits at the long S.O.S. Part except Sal

Sal finishes the rest of the song and SLAMS his drink on the
That's how its done baby!!!
Everyone laughes as Sal grabs two beers off the table and
hands one to Antonio who is talking to Pamela
      (Looks at Dustin)
It was never that hard back in the
I know man, I havent done that
since college
Well I'm glad those crazy days are
over for the both of you
Dustin and Ayden both laugh
Well you guys cant do that kind of
stuff the rest of your lives!


Dustin and Ayden shrug their shoulders

Shauna laughes and hits Dustin in his shoulder
You better not think I"m going to
let you do that...
Hey...Wow...Wow...Hold your
horses, you guys arent even
married yet and there are rules
being thrown into the works
      (interrupts Ayden)
Without me I was going to
say...Jumping to conclusions arent
Shauna give Dustin a kiss, Dustin smiles looks at Ayden and
shrugs his shoulders again
                       AYDEN NARRATION
And the man gives in... Well I
cant blame you for loving this
girl, beautiful and feisty!
Well she's got a smile so bright,
she could have been a candle
      (smiles and hugs
I'm holding you so tight, you
could have been a handle
      (points at Ashley)
The way you swept me off my feet,
you could have been a broom
Ashley blushes and smiles at Ayden

Antonio comes walking in and interrupt the song, he stubles,
falls, and grabs Ayden and Ashley, pulls himself up, and
holds himself up with his arms around there shoulders


      (points behind him)
watch out for that step right
Ashley and Ayden look behind them and see no step
How much have you drank?
      (points at himself)
Oh me...Well Pamela and I have
been taking a few shots
      (points at Pamela
       and blows her a
I think she wants to bang me
      (tries not to
I'm sure she does tiger... What
are you doing here man?
"The way you do the things you do"
a great Temptations Song
Cesar quickly turns around and stops his conversation with
Madison when he hears the song's name
I prefer the UB40 version myself
Ayden laughes and SLAPS Cesar and Antonio on the back and
backs away, pointing at the group
Nope, not going to sit here for
this one, God luck ladies, listen
to these guys its going to be a
doozy. With that said i'm off to
talk to a man about a horse
Ayden turns and walks to the bathroom
What the hell does that mean


Its his way of saying he's got to
make pe-pe!
Nice way to put that babe
I'm not going to lie to you ladies
but I'm going to talk to a man
about a horse as well!!! I'm off
Dustin walks away and catches up with Auden. In the
background from Dustin and Ayden, Cesar and Antonio begin
there conversation about which song is better to the ladies.
Sal is talking to Rachael, Dave, Cesar, Madison and Brea are
laughing and talking. Pamela grabs Antonio's ass while he's
talking to Cesar.

Ayden pushes the door open of the bathroom and both Ayden
and Dustin walk in
Dustin leans on a sink and looks at himself in the mirror,
talking to Ayden while looking at himself fixing his hair
Whats the matter buddy, looks like
you got lots on your mind
Ayden walks to a bathroom stall door and turns the knob and
turns around and looks at Dustin
Not really man... You know ever
since I was little I havent pissed
in a urinal, seriously, I was in
my church's carnival and I
finished taking a piss and when I
flushed, the water backed up and
splashed my pants
Ayden walks in the stall, Dustin walks into another stall.
VIEW from TOP as both men talking facing the walls while
Whats wrong man, You seem happy
but you seem like your somewhere


Steph, I talked to her today
      (flushes the
You cant keep on kicking yourself
in the ass man!
Ayden flushes the toilet and walks out of the stall. Dustin
is washing his hands. Ayden starts washing his hands and
both Dustin and Ayden start talking to each other but
looking at their own mirror while talking
I wronged her man, thats what it
boils down to it, and I drove her
away by me fucking around
Like you told us before, you guys
were on a break
Both Ayden and Dustin turn the sink off and walk to the
paper towel dispenser
Hanging out with all of you guys
and laughing about all the years
we all had together makes me
Is she worth it???
      (throws his paper
       towel in the
Yeah, was all that emotional
baggage worth it, why am I still
holding on to seomone that doesnt
even care about my life? why after
all these years does it feel like
she still has a hold on me?
Dustin does a basket shot and makes it in the garbage can
What did you two talk about?
Not much


Dustin looks at Ayden with a look of dought
look I called her to tell her I
was sorry
What did she say?
She said thanks, then...I heard...
Ayden has a hard time getting this part out, and it takes
him a few second to gather his thoughts. HIs eyes start to
water, he shakes his head and looks at Dustin with a face of
anger and sadness
Heard what?
I heard Troy in the background
Ayden wipes the tears off his face, Dustin starts patting
Ayden on the back

Toilet flushes
And you guys say I'm the gay one!
Ayden and Dustin start to laughe

Tommy opens the door of the last Stall and walks to the sink
and starts wetting his hands. He uses no soup, just uses his
wet hands to run his wet hands through his hair and begins
to talk whiling looking at his hair cut
Look I'm usually not the one with
the profound advice, but life isnt
supposed to be perfect, thats the
beauty of it, because if it was,
then nothing would ever matter. A
kiss, a hug, a long goodbye, or a
smile would mean nothing. That's
why everyone goes through hard
times, to remind us of the great
times and the great times we'll
have in the future


Tommy swipes his hands against his pants and looks at Ayden
and Dustin
I see you guys out there and you
guys are the life of the party,
fucking act like it! Dustin your
getting married tommorow to a
woman that makes Beth absolete.
She's the one's thats missing out,
bot you beacuse you found a
persont that puts your heart at
ease that makes you feel like you
are in your own Eden! And Ayden,
your still holding on to something
that isnt there anymore, just let
it go, cause you both have
something so much better then your
past...Your future, and there are
two lovely ladies that are waiting
for you two out there so clean up,
remove your tampons and fucking
man up!
Ayden and Dustin look at Tommy in shock
Leave it to the quiet kid to
totally shot some knowled out when
you need it the most! Thanks man
      (Brushes dust of
No problem man, thats what I'm
here for, now lets get out of here
before people start questioning
Tommy opens the Door and Ayden walks out, Dustin walks to
the door and stops and looks at Tommy
You know you didnt even use soup
when you washed your hands man!
      (nods his head)
I know, I dont piss on my hands
like you ladies do!
Dustin shakes his head and laughes and walks out, Tommy
leaves the bathroom


The three men walk back to the group and walk in to hear a
conversation between Cesar and Antonio explaining to all the
girls the differences between "Cant Help Falling in Love"
the Elvis version and the UB40 version
Dude just because UB40's version
came out in our time you cant just
say that its better then The
      (holding on hand
Dont get me wrong, I would never
bash The King, but all I'm saying
is that the beats itself are just
Antonio looks at Cesar as if he just been insulted

Dave walks into the conversation
wow wow wow, this isnt a song that
needs techno beats, its a love
      (nods his head in
I know, a love song!
Ayden looks at Ashley and smiles at her and walks up to her
and sits next to her, she puts her hand on his knees, Ayden
looks down and smiles

Tommy looks at Cesar
Its the UB40 arguement again isnt
Cesar smiles and shrugs his shoulder

Sal joins in the conversation with Rachael
According to Antonio, its the
Elvis conversation


Everyone laughes except Antonio who has a serious look on
his face
Well I heard Antonio say that its
a love song right...So why does
Elvis sound sooooo damn sad in the
The group nods their heads as if they knew this already
Great point, and we cant forget
the trumpits
Yes, trumpits, especially at the
                       AYDEN NARRATION
They are the hidden beauty of that
UB40 version
Ayden turns around and walks towards the jukebox, he
searches and find UB40's Greatest Hits Album, and presses G7
to play "Cant Help Falling in Love" by UB40
                       AYDEN NARRATION
      (looking at the
Lets let the ladies decide...
The song begind and Ayden walks towards teh bar to get
another drink

Everyone in the group stops talkig and listens to the song
Antonio grbas Pamela and holds her close to dance, Tommy
smiles and walks to the bar and orders a drink

Ashely looks at Ayden
You okay, looks like you were deep
in thought before
Ayden smiles, takes a sip from his beer and then hands
another one to Ashley, Ashley smiles and grabs a beer


I'm always thinking, keeps me on
my toes
whats on your mind?
I was thinking what the odds were
on you and I having a good slow
A dance?
Ashley grabs Aydne's hand and they both walk together and
start to slow dance
      (while dancing)
Well you cut to the chase dont
Ashley smiles, and Ayden holds her close for the song

Shauna and Dustin start to dance as well
      (looking at Ashley)
So whats your profession?
Ashely smiles and looks at Ayden with a confussed look
You wanted to dance with me to
find out what I do for a living?
Hey easy... A little nervous here,
please answer the question so I
can get back on track
I'm a dentist
Really, I'm a dental technician
Ashley laughes and shakes her head at Ayden's conversation


Cut me some slack, I havent been
this nervous around a woman in a
long time
What's a long time?
I mean I've been on dates and
stuff, but havent felt excited and
nervous for about two and a half
Who was she? If you dont mind me
She was...wait here comes the
trumpit part, listen
The trumpit part at the end of the song starts and Ayden
puts his finge in the world as if to say listen up, the song
ends, Ayden is slowly nodding his head
mmmmmm thats some good stuff
Oh my God your such a dork!!!
Well I like to look at the small
things in life, few people ever
really take the time to just pay
attention to the little things,
like for example, whenever you see
something you like or something
that excites you, you bite your
lip like your doing right now
No I dont!
Ashley realizes Ayden is right causing her to bite her lip
You very perceptive!


What can I say!
Ashley smiles and gives Ayden the once over look
Not that bad looking either
Ayden smiles and shrugs his shoulders
At least I got that going for me
Whats that supposed to mean, you
got a lot going for you, your
smart, funny, sexy...
Yeah I know, especially the last
Ashley playfully hits Ayden in the arms, smiles and walks to
the bar to order a drink
What can I get you?
I'll get a Samual Adams Winter
Ayden walks up next to Ashley and leans on the bar
      (Handing the
       Bartender a $20)
Make that two
You got it guys
The Bartender turns around and grabs two frosty mugs and
begins to fill up the mugs from the Tap
Interesting choice in beers you
I frequent many beers whenever I


The bartender slides Ayden and Ashley the Samual Adams
Winter Lager and turns and walks to Antonio and Pamela for
there order

Ayden and Ashley smile and cheers each other. Ayden motions
his head towards the door
Lets talk outside, I could
definately go for another smoke
Okay but I want to hear whats
really on your mind
Ayden and Ashley walk together out the front door and settle
down at a table outside
Outside, Sal and Rachael are having what it sems to be a
serious conversation, Sal has his right hand across the
table holding Rachael's hand

Ayden gives Sal a nodd of approval

Ashley notices the motion and smiles
Whats so funny?
The whole nod thing, it's like the
friend universal sign of approval
Well its a lot harder for men to
have conversation without words
unlike you women!
What does that mean?
Women can just make eye contact
with each other and there whole
life story is told, do that with a
guy, and he'll knock your lights
out cause he thinks your hitting
on him!


Well I gave Shauna that look when
she first met Dustin
      (Points at Ashley
       while talking)
Yeah speaking of that, how did
they meet?
You dont know the story?
                       AYDEN NARRATION
I wouldnt be asking the question
if I did know the story now would
Ashley pauses and smiles at Ayden
Its a good one, you'll have to as
Dustin though
Fair enough
So tell me about the true Ayden
What you dont think this is me
I do, but there is something your
hiding, what changed you from the
first time we met to now? Or am I
just another number?
No, its not that...I just have
some baggage I've been taking care
of lately
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the Stephanie
Ayden looks at Ashley with a suprised look
How did you know about her?


Dustin told me
Have you been asking about me?
Ashely blushes
I did after the piano bar. He
apologized for you, and told me
the whole story
Really, why?
I dont know, there's no way
someone that everyone says is such
a nice guy, turns out to be such
an asshole like you where that
night without something happening
in his past
Yeah I was really hurt back then
Well are you still hurt now?
Ummmmm, yes and no. Sometimes I
think about her, I think of all
the good times, how it ended, our
last conversation, and I just
wonder how I fucked up so badly
Tis isnt just some story to make
me fall for you cause that would
be really messed up
Honestly, you have to let go of
the kid you met before and get to
know the man in front of you now
I'm sorry


No worries really, things happen
for a reason
      (nods her head)
Yes they do
      (Looks at Ashley)
Thanks for talking with me, its
been a long time since I could
just open up to someone. A lot of
people have walked over me,
friends that I thought were true,
and I really shut myself down to
everyone. Just feels good to talk
to someone
That could be the nicest thing
anyone has said to me
Well I'm happy to be that man who
can tell you that, Its really easy
to talk to you, there's something
about you
And what would that be?
      (pauses for a
       second while
       looking at Ashley)
You make me feel at home
okay now thats the nicest thing
anyone has told me
Shauna is sitting on Dustin's lab

The whole group is talking and laughing, Antonio and Pamela
are flirting with each other, Dave is showing his pictures
of his daughter to Brea and Madison. Cesar is talking to


Sal and Racheal walk in the Bar and walk to the group

Dustin smiles and chuckles
Its really funny how things work
out babe
What do you mean?
I mean we're getting married
tommorow, I have a great woman
with me, My friends are having a
great time, hell I havent seen
Cesar this talkative in a long
time! Its just a cool thing to see
everyone older and where they are,
and still have a touch of who they
were in themselves
Shauna smiles and looks at Dustin
Yeah its a good thing for
everyone, I Love you soooooooo
much and its going to be a
wonderful life
Dustin kisses Shauna
Hugh Heffner's got shit on me!
Shauna laughes

Ayden and Ashley walk inside the Pub holding hands together

Madison walks up to Ashley
Hello you town, Ayden May I borrow
her for a second
Both Ayden and Ashley continue to talk to each other
Alright, I guess I'll just go to
the bathroom myself


Madison walks towards the bathroom

Tommy walks up to the group and clears his throat,
Dave's starting the Smirf
consiracy story with the girls
Yeah, its either pure genius or
crazy thoughts, but everyone
thought the Flux Capasitor was
nonsense and we all know how well
that thing worked
Ashley laughes

The whole group is now around Dave who's drunk
Okay, you guys all remember the
show the Smirfs right?
The whole group nods their heads
Well you konw that in the show,
every Smirf has there own type of
job and personality. There's the
muscle one, the bread maker, the
house builder
What about the girl smirf, what
was her name?
Brea looks around the group for someone to help her out

Cesar snaps his finger and points at Brea
Everyone in the group nods there head and agree and say Yeah
Yeah she was the whore of the


Everyone laughes
Anyways people, lets not walks
away from the fact that the Smirfs
represent a communist sociery!
Everyone looks at Dave in disbelief
There's Poppa Smirf, the old wise
man that is the only one wearing
RED, he represents the communist
Listen man, Poppa Smirf was the
one that kept everything in line
and fixed all the smirf problems
Exactly, remember whenever one of
the Smirfs tried to do something
that they normally dont do, thats
when shit went sour!
But what about the bad guy, that
wizard guy with the cat
That was Gargamel
Well, remember that Gargamel wants
the Smurfs to eat and for his
spell to make gold! He represents
the capatilist way of politics
What about the Snorkels? They
where made from the same group
that made the Smurfs? What's there
political conspiracy Fox Molder?
      (Looks at Tommy)
Snorkels! They were the cover up
for the Smurfs!
Everyone shakes their heads and slowly disband from the
table and walk off


Holy shit man, this is fucking
That's what I'm saying, and yet
whene we were young, we watched
this show and no one noticed it.
And with the whole Gargamel thing,
he just got a bad rap man, he's
capitalism and those Commi-Smurfs
want hold there communist society
Ayden laughes and PATS David on his back
At this state, I cant handle all
this crazy Smurf conversation
Ayden turns around and walks to the Jukebox

Ayden looks at the selection on the jukebox and stops at a
page and see's Ray Lamontagne and presses L15 for the song

The song starts and Aydne walks to the bar gets a beer and
walks towards Ashley

Ayden puts his arm around Ashley and gives her a kiss on the

Dustin walks up to Ayden and Ashely
Whats going on man?
You know you never told me how you
and Shauna met?
Shauna turns around when she hears her name being called and
walks towards Ashely, Dustin and Ayden
It's a funny ass story man, but I
dont want you to look at me
differently though
Please, dont worry I've done my
fair share of stupid things


Okay well it was....
Suddenly Ayden's cell phone starts to ring
Sorry, hold on man
Ayden pulls his cell phone out and VIEW Stephanie on the
caller ID

Ayden flips open the phone
Silence on the other side
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Ayden, its Stephanie
Ayden pauses and his face drops in pain and his whole
persona changes

Ashley hears who is on the other side and looks concerned

Dustin notices that Ayden is upset and walks up to him
Who is it?
Ayden tries to brush Dustin off
I'm on the phone
Tell Dustin I said hi
Ayden looks at Dustin
Stephanie says hi
Dustin reaches for the phone
Hang the fucking phone up man!
Ayden pushes Dustin's hand away from him


I'm on the phone man!
People in the group start to notice
Hang up the phone, we talked about
this! Tell her goodbye and to stop
calling you!
Dustin's hands grab Ayden's phone and again attemptts to
turn off the phone

Dustin reaches again

Ayden starts to get upset, mad

Ayden pushes Dustin, Dustin falls back and knocks overa
chair and pushes a table back

Dustin looks at Ayden in a face of shock

Ayden SIGNS and walks out of the bar

Shauna runs up to Dustin
are you okay?
Dustin brushes himself off and stands up
I'm okay
Ashley stands up from her chair and starts walking towards
the front door to go outside
Just leave him alone
      (Ashley opens the
       door and walks
Atleast I hope he can
Ayden is pacing around the parking lot
Why are you calling me?


I was calling to say hello and...
And what?
I want you to know that I dont
want to date you again, you cant
win me back Ayden. You gotta stop
calling me, this happens like
every six monthes
Date you? I called you today cause
I wanted to say hello, cause I
spent the better part of 3 years
with you and I was concerned about
how you were doing! Yes I miss
you, but NO I dont want you again!
Stephaine SMIRKS on the other side of the phone
No Ayden, you called me cause you
miss me and still love me!
                       AYDEN NARRATION
What is your problem ha? Is it
because I hurt you in the past?
What is it?
You know its no secret that Troy
and I were together while we were
still dating, I wanted a way out,
and your past was a good one for
me to work with!
Ayden stops moving and grabs his phone and bites it in rage
The fucking brass on you little
girl! You had me thinking that it
was me after all of this time,
that it was my fault that my past
was the reason that we broke up!
And at the end its you that was


                       AYDEN (cont'd)
the one that was scandelist!
No Ayden, its your fault we arent
together, Its who you are that
pushed me away
Stop! I spent the first two years
in our relationship knowing full
well that your family hated me and
you never stood up for me, My
family took you in, you were
respected, you were in my freaking
brother's wedding for Christ
You arent going anywhere Ayden, we
werent going anywhere, and I just
had to find someone that would
bring me to where I want to be,
and Troy does that for me!
Well I'm glad you did! I called
you every night begging for you
back, BEGGING! Do you know how
pride sucking that is, and
nothing! I would call you up,
crying, telling you how much I
loved you and how I've changed and
Silence for like ten seconds
I cant do this anymore, its not
fair! You have your life and I
have mine, but it seems that
anytime i'm doing good you kick my
feet from under me! Dont call me
again, not to say hi, not to ask
how I'm doing, matter of fact,
dont even think of me cause it'll
fuck up my Chi! And burn our
      (Ayden pulls out
       the picture of
       Stephanie and
       lights it with
       his lighter)
I just burned the last of mine!


                       AYDEN (cont'd)
Ayden hangs up the phone and tears up. He wipes his tears
and pauses, then slams his phone against the floor

Ashley walks towards Ayden
Are you okay?
Ayden sighs, and wipes the rest of his tears off
I'm not perfect
Ashley puts her right hand on Ayden's left shoulder
Neither is she
I'm sorry I was such a dick in he
Piano Bar, you were nothing but
nice to me and...
Ayden, I'm not perfect either
Ayden turns around and looks Ashley in her eyes
No...Your exactly what perfect is
Ashley smiles, Ayden brushes Ashley's hair behind her ears
and rubs her face

Ashley closes her eyes in affection, Ayden move in to kiss

Ashley stops kissing, biter her lip, looks at Ayden and
kisses Ayden slowly

Ayden smiles at Ashely, puts his arm around her and they
both walk back inside the bar
Ayden walks up to Dustin who is talking to Sal and Cesar


Sorry man, Had to take care of
Dustin looks at Ayden for a second
      (shrugs his
As long as you took care of it,
dont worry about it man! I'd
probally would have done the same
Sal and Cesar PAT Ayden on his back and smile
How do you feel?
Ayden smiles and nods his head
Good, yeah really good! I think
I'm gonna make it
VIEW the whole wedding party

Tommy is smiling and laughing with Brea

Tables are full of empty pint glasses

Sal and Antonio are talking to Rachael and Pamela

Dustin smiles and gets on his chair, raising his glass
Excuse me
      (The wedding party
       look at Dustin)
I would like to take this moment
and thank you guys for being here
tonight, and I would like to thank
my best man Ayden for making this
a night to remember! Also, OUR
thinkwe arent drinking soon
The strectch hummer is outside waiting for the group, they
all pile in the hummer


The Hummer drives off
                       AYDEN NARRATION
What a night, Its amazing how even
though time has passes, everyone
is still the same. We arent
college kids anymoe, we are
adults, we have careers we have
lives, billes, credit, dreams and
yet we can still have a night wher
nothing matter but the smiles on
our faces
VIEW Dustin and Shauna Laying on their bed

VIEW Tommy in his hotel room looking at the pictures on his
digital camera
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Life has a way on giving us a
curve ball and some people
complain about it, while other
just practice and crack it out of
the park. Everyone in life is
given a second chance, its jut up
to us to decide on taking that
VIEW Ayden on his bed in his hotel room, laying next to
Ashely, she hugs hims and wraps her arms around him and
falls asleep
                       AYDEN NARRATION
Sometimes in life we need that,
cause it just makes the prize at
the end so much sweeter
                                         FADE OUT
Ayden is leaning on the counter waiting for the girl on the
other side to bring the guys their tuxes

The girl walks up to Dustin and Ayden with a face of fear
What seems to be the problem?
The girl looks at Dustin and the whole group, very nervous


                       TUXEDO STORE GIRL
We dont have your tuxes
What do you mean you dont have our
All the guys look concerned now
                       TUXEDO STORE GIRL
I've been in the back looking
everywhere for them. I had to call
around, and it seems that
everyone's measurements were sent
to a different place. And I cant
get the measurements cause our
computers are down
Holy Shit! Holy Shit! I have my
wedding today for christ sakes and
your telling me that you dont have
our tuxes!
Dustin looks at his watch

Ayden PATS Dustin on the back, and looks at the Tuxedo Store
Okay we have 4 hours till the
wedding, lets see what kind of
magice you can do!
Each of the guys are standing in front of mirrors, employees
are checking there measurements and rushing to the back
You think we'll make it?
We have to, Shauna will kill me if
we're late
The whole staff from the store are running around checking
pants and handing them to the guys

One by one, the groomsmen go inside the dressing room,
trying their suits on

Antonio walks out and his pants and jacket are too small


Tommy walks out looking perfect

Dave walks out looking good, he goes to give Cesar a High
five then his jacket rips

Dustin looks at his watch
We're not going to make it
David walks out of the dressing room with only his boxes on,
and talking on his cell phone
      (Talking on his
Yeah, we're at the Sunshine Mall,
Yeah...Okay thanks a lot...Bye
      (Hangs up the cell
Way ahead of you man, I just
called the Limo place, they'll be
picking us up in thirty minutes
      (surprised look)
Wow, the halfass to the rescue,
good call David
Maybe I should have rethought the
best man position here
Hey easy, dont worry we have
plenty of time
All the groomsmen start running out of the Tuxedo Store
fully dressed in their tuxes with there clothes in hand

They are running throught the mall, running past people
cutting people off

Tommy is yelling at the people by him to move out of his way
All of the Groomsmen are outside waiting for the limo, all
are breathing heavily

Dave puts his hands up ontop of his head


Sal sits down and pulls out a napkin form his pocket and
wipes his head

Antonio face turns greenish and white
I dont feel good
Antonio turns around and starts throwing up in the bushes
Oh man!, Watch the Tux
Sal and Cesar run to help Antonio up
You okay man?
Sal starts to laugh
I dont think so man, last night
after the party, Antonio, Pamela
and Rachael went back to my hotel
room and continued to drink, Pam
and Antonio didnt leave until 5am
Antonio turns around to talk to his friends, stops then
throws up again
Well at least he got some
I dont think he got any man!
Antonio turns around and Sal hands him a napkin
No, didnt get any, couldnt really,
you know do anything last night
All the guys start laughing
Dont tell me you had a case of the
Everyone laughes even louder

The limo pulls up


Okay guys, heres the limo
Th limo driver gets out of the front door of the limo and
walks around to open the back door for the guys
We really appriciate you picking
us up here man, they lost our
Ayden shakes the limo driver's hand and hands the driver a
hundred dollar bill

The driver looks at the money and smiles at Ayden
                       LIMO DRIVER
No problem sir, do you guys want
me to restock the drinks for
everyone after the wedding for the
ride to the reception?
Everyone looks at the driver and say YES
                       LIMO DRIVER
Sorry chief, the votes are in
Cesar laughes and PATS Antonio hard on the back
Silver medal try my friend
The guys all get inside the limo, Ayden grabs Dustin
I told you we'd make it, are the
girls ready?
Shauna is checking out all the girls

Shauna smiles and covers her mouth as she starts to tear up

Shauna starts to talk emotionally
You girls look so beautiful, I'm
so happy you're all here with me


All the girls say AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW and give Shauna a hug

Shauna backs away after 3 second
Okay I need to stop crying, I'm
gonna smear my make up!
The girls start to laugh

Ashley goes up to Shauna with a Kleenex and carefully cleans
Shauna's tears away

Ashley looks at Shauna and pulls her away from everyone
Thank you so much for asking me to
be here with you
Whats going on with you?
I'm so happy, and last night was
just so nice
You look happy, seems like you and
Ayden hit it off this time
I know, almost two years in the
making on that one!
      (laughes and
       points at Ashley)
Well dont steal my thunder,
remember this is my wedding
Ashley laughes and hugs Shauna

Both of the girl start to sniffle and tear up

Shauna uses her own Kleenex and cleans Ashley's face
You couldve given me a new one?
Shauna smiles, sniffs then whipe Ashley's face some more


I wanted to savor the moment
Brea walks into the room
Ladies, our limo has arrived
All the ladies grab their belongings and rush out the door

Door closes SHUT

Door SWING open and Shauna runs back in and grabs the whole
box of Kleenex and runs back out and SLAMS the door
Ashley looks at Shauna
Where are the guys?
They have their own limo that
picked them up, we should be there
before them
All the girls get inside the limo

Limo drives off
The guys are all fixing thier ties

Dustin grabs a bottle of tequilla and passes a glass to each
of his friends

Tommy grabs two bups and hands one to Antonio
Like you said man, your going to
have some more of the dog that
bite you!
Everyone starts to laugh and PAT Antonio on the back
Dustin fills all the glasses up and raises his glass

All the guys CLING their glasses and take the shot


Back Tire POPS

Antonio drops his glass on the floor

The Limo bumps its way to the right hand side and stops

Tommy points at the empty glass on the floor
Antonio still needs a drink
Antonio looks angry at Tommy
Fuck you fuck face! I drink when I
want to, and how I want to!
Antonio grabs the bottle out of Dustin's hand and chugs the
rest of the bottle
Holy shit man!
Cesar stares at Antonio and shakes his head NO

Dustin checks his watch
We have 45 minutes, we'll make it
Dustin sits up and looks at Ayden
The hits just keep coming
Dont worry, we always find a way
out of these type of perdicament
Dustin leans back and smiles and nodds his head at his
I got a great idea
Ayden opens his jacket pocket and pulls out a plastic zip
lock bag full of cigars
I was going to wait for the
reception to give them to you
guys, but hell, might as well have
a good smoke now


Nice call
Ayden opens the bag and hands everyone an Acid cigar

Ayden passes his cigar cutter around and one by one, the
guys snip their cigars

Dustin puts his cigar in his mouth and takes a look once
again at his watch
Shauna and the girls are getting thier pictures taken by
family and friends, Shauna looks at the wall and sees that
the mass is going to start in 25 minutes

Family members and friends start entering the church

Shauna and the girls rush to the sacristy

Shauna grabs her cell phone and dials

VIEW Dustin's name on the caller ID
Where the hell are you Dustin
The limo driver opens the door and gets in the front seat

Driver lowers the driver window
                       LIMO DRIVER
Okay guys, the tire's fixed, hold
on to your drinks, we got a
wedding to get to
All the guys CHEER

Limo starts driving
Hey can someone make me a Vodka
Cran, and please make me hurt!
Sal smiles and grabs the Vodka bottle and looks at Ayden


Oh this will hurt my friend
Sal pours almost the whole cup of Vodka and a tiny splash of
Cranberry juice and hands it to Ayden

Ayden raises the glass in the air and starts to drink

Ayden coughs
I said hurt me, not fucking kill
Ayden keep on drinking, and chuggs the rest and hands the
cup back to Sal
Sir make me another, and you!
      (Points at Dustin)
You sir, you have never told me
the story of how you and Shauna
Dustin smiles and leans back
Its really a hard story for me to
All the guys turn and look at Dustin ready to hear the story
We all have stories, please,
enlighten us
Shauan used to live next to me in
my apartment complex. I always
thought she was beautiful, but
Beth and I were dating
Cesar grabs the Vodka bottle and fills his cup up again, but
keeps his eyes on Dustin, Antonio passes the cranberry juice
and then a hand full of ice, both Antonio and Cesar's eyes
are glued to Dustin
Well we started to become friends,
she would come to me for advice
about her and her boyfriend, I
would ask her advice about Beth
and I, you know, friendly stuff


      (nodds her head)
Well when Beth left me, you guys
remember how I was, a hermit!
Shauna was concerned and she didnt
want me to give up on shcool. It
ment a lot to me cause she didnt
have to do anything. One night I
got home from the library and I
heard a guy screaming in her
The Front door is open and VIEW and huge guy pounding on the
bedroom door, screaming

Dustin walks by and takes a look inside
who was it?
It was Shauna's boyfriend, they
were fightiing, he was drunk and
hit her, So she ran to the bedroom
and locked the door
Dustin sees the boyfriend kick the door open
I dropped my books and ran inside
her apartment just as her
boyfriend kicked her door open
Shauna is on the floor crying scared

Shauna's Boyfriend grabs her by her wrist and pulls her up,
she starts to cry

Dustin runs up and sucker punches the boyfriend

Boyfriend falls down, knocked out
He tried to hit her again, so I
knocked him out


I walked to Shauan and she was
crying, she had a big black eye, I
was so mad I turned around and
kicked that asshole in the stomach
twice, and I told him to never
come back! The cops came and
arrested him. Her place was a
wreck so I told her to stay at my
place. Soon we just grew on each
other. We hung out here and there,
it wasnt until my senior year, I
was visiting a Law School, when
all I could think about was her. I
was wondering what she was doing,
if she was okay, if she was
thinking about me!
Antonio smiles
Was she?
When I left the school, I drove
home to see her. I opened thd door
to my apartment and she was
sitting on the couch reading
Dustin pauses and laughes
I've never seen her look so
beautiful before. She stood up and
looked surprised that I was home,
I just grabbed her and pulled her
near me and kissed her and we
didnt let go
Everyone leans back in their seats
Thats fucking awesome
Dave cleans a tear off his cheek

Antonio looks confussed at him
What? Oh fuck you man, what men
arent aloud to cry?


The limo stops

The driver's frond window goes down
                       LIMO DRIVER
Here we are guys
The men enter the church and everyone except Ayden and
Dustin run to the bathroom

Ayden and Dustin walk up to Ashley
What took you guys so long?
You dont want to know, long day
but hey we;re here
Can you do me a favor and tell
Shauna not to call the wedding off
just yet, tell her we're all here
Ashley nods her head and walks away, then turns around and
looks at Ayden who's staring at her, she bites her lip and
walks away
      (nudges Dustin)
I'm proud of you man
Thanks man
Ashley comes back and gives Dustin a thumbs up, behind her,
the whole wedding party gets in line

The wedding Song Begins and the doors open

Ayden and Ashely walk out holding each other's hands

Ayden looks at Ashley adn just stares at her
Hello there


Ayden smiles, winks and rubs Ashley's hand

One by one, the bridesmaids walk down the isles

The Groomsmen are standing by the alter and Dustin is stand
in the middle looking down the isles, waiting for Shauna

The organ blares and the doors open and Shauna is standing
next to her father

They Slowly walk down the isle towards the alter

Ther photographer takes a picture of Shauna as she walks

Shauan is standing infront of Dustin, Her fahter lifts up
her vail, gives her a kiss then Dustin reaches for her hand,
and they both turn to face the priest

The whole church sits down
Dearly beloved, we are gathered
her today on this joyous day to
celebrate the joinging of these
two lovely souls, Dustin and
Dustin and Shauna smile at each other
You all know that life has it's
hard times, times when you dont
think you can do it, thats when
you have to know that in marriage,
nothing is supposed to be alone.
You are both now going to be one,
one heart one love, one spirit.
That is what marriage is about.
Marriage is about falling in love
everyday, even when things are
tough, even when your mad, and
there will be lots of those days,
but you will see the sunshine,
there is always a sunshine. There
is always a second chance.
Ayden smiles at Ashley, Ashley bites her lip and blushes
Now can we please have the rings
Sal pulls the rings from his pocket and hands it to Dave,
Dave hands it to Cesar, Cesar hands it to Antonio, Antonio


hands it to Tommy, Tommy hands it to Ayden, Ayden hands it
to Dustin

Dustin holds Shauna's Hand
Repeat after me, I Shauna
I Shauna
Take you Dustin
Take you Dustin
To be my lawfully wedded husband
To be my lawfully wedded husband
To have and to hold
To have and to hold
In sickness and in health
In sickness and in health
Till death do us part
Till death do us part
Shauna wipes the tears off her face and blows Dustin a kiss

Dustin slides the ring on her finger

Shauna takes Dustin's hand, and has his ring in her hand
Now Dustin, Repeat after me, I
I Dustin


Take you Shauna
Take you Shauna
To be my lawfully wedded wife
To be my lawfully wedded wife
To love and to hold
To love and to hold
In sickness and in health
In sickness and in health
Till Death do us part
Till death do us part
Dustin and Shauna smile at each other
I now pronounce you, Husband and
Everyone starts to clap
You may kiss the bride
Dustin caresses Shauna's face as she starts to tear, he
wipes her tears away and they start to kiss
                       AYDEN NARRATION
      (VIEW Dustin and
       Shauna walking
       out of the church)
Its funny how life works out isnt
it? How sometimes when thinkgs
looks bad, you sart to see the
light at the end of the tunnel. I
have to give it to the priest,
he's right. Everyone has a second


                       AYDEN NARRATION (cont'd)
chance, that the beauty of life,
that we can make a difference, we
can make a change
The reception hall is packed, many people are talking,
eating, and laughing

VIEW the main long table with the whole wedding party Dustin
and Shauna are in the middle, Ashely and Ayden are sitting
next to each other

Ayden stands up, raises his glass and begins his speech
muffled over the narration
                       AYDEN NARRATION
So that's all of it, like what I
said before, its funny how 7
friends can get back together and
find who they are. Life is full of
changes, and man I have seen it.
But there is something you always
have to remember, that even though
life changes, never forget who you
are, never forget where you were
because thats the true beauty of
people, who would have known, A
workaholic like Cesar actually saw
and experienced a life full of
friends, the silent on became an
outspoke friend, the gambler
understood that love is never a
gamble, the pleyer saw the other
side, the slacker too the initive
once and for all. And me, well I
found love, and more importantly,
I found myself
Ayden finishes his speech and everyone cheers and taks a sip
from their champagne glasses

Ayden sits down and under the table VIEW Ashley's hand
reaching over to hold Ayden's

Ayden looks at Ashley and smiles
                                         FADE OUT THE FADE


Phone rings

Dustin picks up the phone
This is Dustin DeGrange's office
Whats going on man?
Hey whats up man?
Dustin leans back on his chair and stares at a picture of
the wedding picture that is on his desk
So hows married life treating you
Dustin smiles and turns his chair to VIEW the wedding
picture of him and Shauna
Its really good, whats good with
you man, hows life in the fast
lane treating you?
What are your plans for this
I dont konw thats like 10 monthes
Dustin opens his calendar book and turns to November
Well clear up your calendar my
friend, I just asked Ashley to
marry me
Dustin smiles and leans back in his chair
So Ayden's getting married?


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From Joe Date 8/22/2011 ****
I loved the story!!

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