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Dragon Shield(WIP)
by John Thompson (amazonranger1@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review: ****
This is a tale of two International Government Agents who will go to extreme measures to get their man!But when an International Gang of thieves and Killers hold their wives ransom.An all out war breaks loose.Now in order to save their wives and stop this deadly gang,the agents must rely on all of their Shoalin Training!!! Please leave feedback!! I'm working really hard on this.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Fade in;getting shots of monks praying.Then the gong sounds
and the monks leave the room.
The Monks line up leaving plenty of space to fight.An old
man walks out and begins to speak.
                       MASTER WONG
      (smiles;arms up
       and stretched)
Today will decide who will go on
to study with me and learn
advanced study in Kung Fu. Today
is also a special day.This
Tournament was established to
choose the best men to become
honorable Masters....Here at
      (Rings the gong)
So let the tournament begin. Jun
Law! Chu Shaw! you two will start
off the competition. Begin!
The two warriors step forth and bow to each other.They smile
and get in their fighting stance.
Good Luck Law you'll need it.
Not likey my friend.
They Fight (3 min) Then Chaos errupts and panic
stirs;Everything starts to slow down as Shaw and Law stop
fighting and realize what is happening.They begin to run and
the running seems endless as Shaolin Burn to the Ground.
Suddenly Jun Law jumps up in a cold sweat and he looks at
his alarm clock that says "3:00".He let's out a deep sigh
then picks up the phone and dials a number.
Opening credits as Disturbs "Down with the Sickness" plays


The Phone Rings;Woman picks up the phone she is groggy.
      (groggy;checks the
      (On other end of
Amber it's Law, Where's Tommy?
      (still groggy;and
Jun it's 3:00 in the morning and I
am not about to wake Tommy up
right now.
      (On other end)
Please Sis, it's really important
Okay hold on.
      (shakes Tommy)
Wake up,you have a phone call.
      (turns over;groggy)
Man it better be Chris Tucker with
my money.Shit, ...calling me at
all hours of the morning....
      (puts his ear to
       the receiver)
Hello? You better be Chris Tucker.
      (on other end)
Sorry I'm not.
      (stops rubbing his
       eyes;his face is
Jay?! Man It's late.What in the
Hell do you want?


      (on other end)
I need you to meet me at the
Golden Coach Diner.
      (sucks his teeth)
What now? Come on you can at least
wait until the morning man
It is Morning
Man don't get smart
Just meet me there ok.
Yeah ok ok,I'm on my way.Oh Jay if
you dragged me outta bed for
nothing I'm gonna bust that ass.
Law hangs up;Shaw shakes his head and hangs up then he
Outside of the Diner Shaw pulls up in a brand new Red
Metalic Nissan Maxima.He gets out;Camera follows where he
meets Jun Law.
Law see's Tommy and stands up;They shake hands and sit down.
Thank You for coming.
      (roll his eyes)
Yeah whatever,now what is so
fucking important that you had to
drag me out of bed at 3:00 in the
fucking morning.


I had a Dream!
AW! Come on man you dragged me out
of bed for this?I was dreamin'
about fucking Janet Jackson.
Who is Janet Jackson?
      (Looks at Law
Jay,you betta get to the damn
Sorry, but I have to tell you
about "THIS" particular dream.You
know most of the dreams that I
have come true to an extent.
      (puts his head
Jay, Man If you don't get to the
fucking point.
Shaolin's in trouble.
      (sits back up)
What?! You wanna say that again?
How do you figure that?
It was my dream.I saw it in my
dream.Shaolin burned to the ground
with us in it.
Yo you sound mad stupid right now
dogg.Fill in the blanks.If your
dream showed our deaths to
you.Then who kills us and why do
they kill us and burn Shaolin
down?It don't make sense.


That's what I want to find out
See that I told you not fuck that
bitch when we went to Africa.I
told you she would do that voodoo
shit on you.But no you wanted some
African booty.
Laws phone rings;he answers
Hello? What's up?.......Yeah he's
with me........Okay......We're on
our way.
      (hangs up the
Let's go
Why? Who was that?
      (putting his
       jacket on)
That was Maverick.He's got new
toys for us to play with.
Well shit,Let's Bounce!
They pull up off screen;Camera brings them into focus They
walk into the arsenal;Maverick is Dancing to a Will Smith
song Tommy joins him.
Yo,Mav what's the science kid?
What 'cha got for us this morning?
      (claps his hands)
Oh Man do I have a great hook-up
for you guys? Now your gonna love
this shit,check this out.
Yo Mav, Do you ever sleep man?


No. Not really.I was so busy
making these weapons that I don't
have time to take a shit unless I
schedule it three weeks in
All walk over to a thick steel door;Maverick types in a code
and the door opens.They walk in and the door closes.
      (turns to face
       Tommy and Jun)
Well Jun Law you asked me to
create you guys some very
difficult but powerful weapons.
      (he put his hand
       on a cover.)
So without further ado.
Jun Law looks at Tommy and smiles;Maverick pulls the cover
back and reveals two weapons.Tommy looks at them with
      (points to the
Yo Mav, What the fuck is this? A
sword and spear.This ain't Roman
times dogg.
      (picks up the
Hold on there cowboy.I have to
show you what it does. T, this
spear is your weapon.It is made
specfically for you,constructed
from three different
metals.Titanium Alloy,Steel,and
Iron.It weights about 15 pounds
the average weight for a bench
press bar.
      (puts his shades


Get to the damn point.
Right then um... so your spear.It
has the ablity to project four
types of powers.For example the
Flame Thrower...
Conner demostrates;he pushes a button and out comes the
      (stops the flame
       and switches to
       another power)
Or the Sonic Wave...
He demonstrates again; then switches to one more power.
      (waves Jun and
       Tommy Back)
You guys might want to step
backward.Cause this gonna be a
hell of a shocker.
He fires and out comes a red laser with and electro magnetic
pulse.Tommy jumps and put his hand over his chest and sighs.
      (pointing to the
Now what do you call that?
Shaws Chainsaw.You like? It is
also programed to follow your
commands and to fit your hands
      (takes off his
You're a fucking Genius Man!!!
Conner hands him the spear then turns to Jun Law.


      (picks up the
Ready to hear about your weapon?
Law motions with his hands to proceed.
      (pushes a button
       on the sword and
       the sword begins
       to glow)
See that all you have to do is
swing this baby once and it'll
have enough power to penatrate
three bank volts.
      (pionting to
       another button on
       the right side of
Now you see this button here? This
is your sword extention button.Now
I'm not sure how far it goes,I'm
sure you can take your enemies
down with it.
      (takes off his
That's good work.Does it do
anything else?
      (unsrews the
       bottom of the
       sword;and dumps
       out three red
       blinking objects
       fall into his
See these? They're trackers.They
can track any criminal up to
75,000 mile radius. I call them
"Law's No Flaw"
      (puts his shades
       on;looks at Tommy
       then looks at
I like it,Tommy's right you are a


                       JUN (cont'd)
genius. Keep it up.
Oh! Before I forget Cheif Hathoway
wants to see you.
      (talking on the
Goddammit! I don't care you had
just better get me that
son-of-a-bitch's head on a platter
or deal with me.Is that clear.
      (hangs up the
       phone;motions for
       Law and Shaw to
Have a sit gentlemen.
      (brown nosing)
Is everything ok sir? By the way
nice tie.
      (gives him a look)
Shut up Shaw.I had to here from
the Mayor's office this
morning.You guys wanna tell me,why
in God's name you went and pulled
some crazy ass stunt like that?
It was an extreme situation sir.
      (folds arms across
       his chest)
Oh Really! You mean it was so
extreme that you two literaly put
a gun to the man's head? Shaw You
then knocked him out using that
kung-fu crap.Now how do you
explain that?
I was drunk sir,I don't remember


Shut the fuck up Tommy you and
Hong Kung Fooey here are up shit's
creek without a paddle,and this
time I'm not gonna bail you
out.Instead I'm gonna give you two
a test,and if you pass I won't
fire you but if you fail your
asses are out of here.
hands them an envelope
Here. This is your mission
boys.We've recently got reports
from an unknown source that drugs
are being illegaly imported in
different parts of the world.Hong
Kong,Isreal,Eygpt,and here at
home.Your job will be to track
down this Notorious drug lord
named Sweet Tooth Parks. Agent
Choi is gonna be working with you
on this case.Now boys I'm going
out on a limb here for you
two.Don't fuck this up.Dismissed.
Law and Shaw leave and meet up with Agent Choi.
Ah! Well,well,well.If it isn't The
Green Hornet and Kato.What did you
two fuck up on now? Couldn't get
it up?
      (takes his shades
Ah! Ha! You a funny
motherfucker.Especially the fact
that you can't get pussy because
of the needle in the haystack.
Also the only pussy you remember
is when you was born.Say? Doesn't
that remind you throwing a pencil
through a hallway.
      (sips his


                       JAYSON (cont'd)
Ya done yet? Let's get the fuck
out of here!
Construction site where the guys pull up;Car stops and they
get out.
      (to agent choi)
Yo, don't be slammin my goddamn
door man. Don't make me whoop
yo'ass out here.
      (rolls his eyes)
Whatever.Now why are we here?
To visit an old convict who might
have some idea about this drug
lord we are looking for.
They walk to an elevator;and Shaw pushes down;the elevator
Now Choi shut up and follow our
They get out of the elevator.A guard frisks them and tells
them it's ok to enter:Inside the club there is a cage and
there are four people fighting one is the ex convict
Hypnotic Klown.He has long black hair and his face paint is
a mix between the Crow and The Ultimate Warrior.
The Gong sounds; H Klown looks over to see Law and Shaw
standing there.Shaw waves and motions for him to come to see
                       H. KLOWN
      (walks over to the
What the fuck do you assholes


We just want to ask you some
questions that's all.
                       H. KLOWN
      (looks over at
And who the fuck are you?Can't you
fuckers see that I'm busy?!
      (takes off his
We don't want any trouble ok? We
just want to know who this
mysterious drug lord is.We thought
you might know something.
                       H. KLOWN
      (wipes blood from
       his mouth)
Well I might tell you,but it'll
cost you.
      (points to the
Is this your price? You want us to
get inside that cage and fight?
      (H Klown nods)
How many men?
                       H. KLOWN
      (shruggs his
       shoulder;rubs his
How about 215 men? Trust me you'll
never survive.
       looks choi)
Yeah that means you too Jean
Claude Wham Bam get yo' ass kicked
Hot Damn. Get yo' funky ass in
that cage wit' cha' buddys.Have
fun dying BITCHES!!!!!
They all enter the cage;guard lock the doorThe agents are
back to back.


Let's just stick together Just
like we did in Shaolin.
That means no ditching people Choi
Fuck You guys.I had to piss really
bad that day.What was I supposed
to do piss on myself.
The Fight begins (Should be 5 to 10 minutes long)
Show Agent Shaw first then switch over to Agent Choi
finally get a shot of Agent Law.
      (still fighting)
Goddamit,These Muthafuckas just
won't quit.
Aww! Come on man don't be a
fucking girlscout. I'm havin' fun
kicking their asses.
Yeah well if any of these
muthafuckas ruin my armani suit
I'm gonna bust yo ass just for
saying "have fun"
Guys shut the hell up and work
together.We have to focus on
getting out of here alive.
The fight ends;H.Klown runs.
      (sees H.Klown
A'yo come on he's gettin' away.


They chase him all across town;Shaw jumps off a car and
takes him down.Agent Choi is winded.
      (arresting H.Klown)
Now.....What the hell was you
runnin' for? Huh?
                       H. KLOWN
      (spits at him)
You're a fucking toy cop.You got
nothing on me and nothing on S.T.P
You're wasting your fucking time.
      (stand him up)
We'll see who's wasting who's
H.Klown is handcuffed sitting in a chair;Jun,Tommy and
Jayson walk in and sit down to question him.
      (opens his file)
Now,Do you want to tell me what
you know?
                       H. KLOWN
I told you assholes I don't know
shit.I don't even know how the
hell he operates. I told you guys
you're wasting your time.
      (leans back in his
Cut the crap Klown.You know
                       H. KLOWN
You fucking cops think you know
every fucking thing. Tsk you don't
know jack shit. Fucking Toy cops!
      (grabs him by the
Well then why don't you tell us
and cut the fucking bullshit!Now I
know you know something man don't


                       TOMMY (cont'd)
fuck with me asshole! Spill it
Law grabs him and shakes his head.
      (holding on to
No Tommy. He's right we are
wasting our time.He's not going to
Shaw releases him and storms out of the interragtion room.
Law and Choi follow him out.
      (grabbing Agent
       Shaw by the arm.)
Hey what the hell is wrong with
you? Are you trying to embarass
      (pulls his arm
That's bullshit man! He knows
something,and here you are acting
like he doesn't know shit! Fuck
that Jun! I don't buy it worth a
shit on a cow's tit!
      (sipping his
He could be telling the truth
though Tommy boy.
      (looks at him with
Yeah, you would say some bullshit
like that.Shut the fuck up
man.Wait til somebody calls your


      (defensive tone)
Hey Fuck You man! You wouldn't
have caught him if it wasn't for
me in the first place.
      (gets in his face)
Oh what? Do you want a "thank you"
,A pat on the back or my foot in
your ass.Pick one because I'm so
close to picking one for you it's
not even funny!
Jun gets in between them and pushes them apart.
      (In between them)
Hey, knock it off the both of
you.We are on the same side
here.So get a grip or so help me
God that I don't rip you apart
Tommy backs off as does Jayson.Jun gets from between them.
Good boys! Now shake hands and put
this little girl fight behind you.
They shake hands and Tommy's phone rings.
      (picking up the
Hello?......What's up
Cheif?.......No they're right
here.What's wrong?
There's a long pause and Tommy's face goes from concerned to
extremly pissed off.
      (calm,but pissed
       off tone)
Okay,I'll be there in a minute.
Tommy hangs up the phone and puts his hand over his face.
What's wrong? What did he say?


      (looks up at him
       with tears in his
Amber's missing as is Ashley.
      (juns face skips
       disbelief and
       goes straight to
       pissed off)
Let's go
They all get into Tommy's car and speed off.
All three agents are in Hathoway's office.Jayson is
standing.Tommy is sitting infront of Hathoway to his left
Jun is sitting to his right.There is a silence for about 6
      (takes off his
       glasses and rubs
       his eyes)
I'm sorry guys.We are doing
everything that we can to find
      (looking down
       shaking his leg
       in anger)
With all do respect sir,That's not
gonna be enough.
      (sighs,in regret
       and frustration)
I know Tommy.Look I'm sorry but we
are trying the best we can to find
      (with an attitude)
Yeah I bet.


Hey remember whose office this
is.And who signs your paychecks
buddy.I think some fucking respect
is in order here!
Yeah My bad Chief,I'm just
stressed out with this shit man.
      (sipping his
We all are
Tommy turns to look at Jayson and gets in his face.
      (with anger)
"We?" What the fuck have you lost
Jayson?! Huh?
stands up in Jayson's face.
      (sips his coffee)
I'll tell you what I haven't
lost.I haven't lost my fucking
      (in defensive tone
       ;clenched fist)
Keep on talking shit and I'll make
that dream into a fucking
reality!! Got It Bitch!!!
Everybody calm down! Now we are
all under a lot of pressure here
okay.Right now we have to put our
heads together and find Ashley and
Yeah man ,you're right.Jay I'm
sorry man.


his cell phone rings
      (picks up phone)
This is Shaw talk to
me..........Hello? Hello?
                       H. KLOWN (os)
      (on the other end)
If you want to see your wives
again I suggest that you come to
the construction sight about 9:00
tonight.And bring $50 million in
cash with you or they die.!
Tommy slowly hangs up his phone.
What? Who was that?
      (clutching his
That was the Klown.He's got the
      (crosses his arms)
Well what did he say?
He said he wants $50 million
delivered to the construction
sight at 9:00pm.If it ain't
there,the girls are as good as
I'm coming with you.
No! Tommy and I should go alone.I
don't want to risk their lives.
He's right Jayson. You'd better
stay here in case they need back


That's fine,but uh,where in the
hell are you guys gonna find
      (walking toward
       the door)
We'll find a way.You just try to
find a way to nail this asshole!
Tommy and Jun walk out the door and leave.Meanwhile we see
an abandoned warehouse this is where H.Klown is holding the
girls.It is a dingy grimy place.The roof is full of
holes,the windows are busted and the floor is extremely
                       H. KLOWN
      (Dialing phone
       #/talking on the
Yeah it's me. Yeah it's
done.They've taken the
bait!Alright,see ya.
Car cam;Tommy and Jun are driving down route 110 headed for
Jericho Turnpike.They are silent for a few minutes.Then
Tommy's phone rings.As he pick up to a conversation with
      (on the phone)
                       CONNER (os)
      (on the phone)
Tommy I need you guys to come to
the lab right away!
      (on the phone)
Why? What's wrong?!
                       CONNER (os)
      (on the phone
       sounding nervous)
Look,There's no time for questions
just get your fucking asses down


                       CONNER (cont'd)
here now.Please and Thank You!!
      (on the phone)
Aight! We on Our way!!
      (Hangs up;Whipps
       his car around)
Yo we gotta dip back to da lab
Mav sounded real nervous like
someone had a gun pointed to his
Then what the hell are you waiting
for? GO! GO! GO! Step on it!!
Hang on Mav! We on our way!!! Just
hang in their man.God Please don't
let anything happen to my
Tommy & Jun arrive there with their guns drawn, as they kick
the door in and move quietly through headquaters.Then a
scream is heard from upstairs; just then Law & Shaw rush
upstairs and find Maverick in the grip of a Shinobi warrior
who represents the Chinese Triads.
      (Gun drawn on the
The Shinobi(Master Ninja) snaps his fingers and suddenly our
heroes are surrounded by more ninjas.
      (looking around)
Aww! shit! This is gonna be a long
fucking night.
      (waving his gun
       around at them)
No shit Sherlock!! Do you got a
plan or what man?


      (sees the
       to Tommy)
The weapons.We have to get to our
      (whispers to Jun)
Cool,cool! Look I'll um...I'll
cause a distraction while you grab
up the weapons.Sound cool?
      (smirks and nods)
Let's do it!
Like clock work Jun & Tommy criss-cross each other as the
ninja clan attacks.Tommy then begins to draw attention to
himself by throwing out insults to the ninja warriors.
      (insulting the
Hey Bitch!! Your Mama is a Man who
Fucked yo daddy who screamed like
a little Bitch the night he gave
birth to you.
As half the clan attacks Agent Shaw,Agent Law does a tuck
and roll and battles his way to the weapons only to be cut
off by the Master Ninja.An intense stare down comenses as
they begin to circle one another.This gives Maverick time to
grab the weapons and toss them to his friends.Both agents
catch their persective weapon and begin battle with the
Master Ninja.The Agents simultaniously match every blow
against the Ninja.Moving his arms in a circular motion as if
performing an ancient Chinese Ritual,The Master
Ninja(Shinobi) unexpectedly catches our Agents off guard
with a devastating Tiger Palm.Our heroes crash to the ground
as the Master and his Clan vanish.
      (favors mid
       Conner to his
Hey man you alright?
I'm fine Tommy.Thanks,but what the
FUCK took you guys so long!? Any
longer and I would have either
been somebody's bitch or just a


                       CONNER (cont'd)
      (Slaps Mavervick)
Shut up! and go sit sit in the
corner.You're on a time out!!
So what the fuck was that about?
Man I think we're being setup.Keep
your eyes open.
Somebody defeninatly wants us out
the way.
Hey! What's wrong with this
What do you mean?
Somebody knew that we wasn't going
to make the drop.Think about
it.This guy is like twenty steps
ahead of us.
Holy Shit on me! You fucking
right.So the question now is,"How
do we get ahead of him?"
That or close to him.
Hey I think we better get movin'
Yeah you right. Let's bounce.
      (looks at conner)
Hey are you alright? Then get your
ass in this car cause you comin


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From Alex Draven Date 1/15/2009 ****
Great movie! Please finish it though!! I wanna see it in theaters.

From John Thompson Date 9/15/2007 ****
Awesome simply awesome!!

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