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by J.JAMES MONSON (jjamesmonson82er@yahoo.ca)

Rated: R   Genre: Film Noir   User Review: ***
Sometimes eavesdropping on strangers' conversations can be a deadly mistake.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



TOM FREEBORNE is in his therapists office and is sitting on
the sofa. His therapist, DR.FOSTER, is in his late fifties,
has a head of thick white hair, and is chewing on a tobacco
pipe. TOM FREEBORNE is in his late forties, about 6 foot 3,
with dark bags under his eyes and a weathered look to his
DR.FOSTER pulls out a small metal tin of tobacco and puts
some in his pipe.
All I know about you so far is
that you work for a international
sales firm. Is that correct?
I used to work for them, yes. I
lost my job. That's why I'm here,
I guess.
Okay. Why did you lose your job?
I had low sales figures. That's
what they told me.
Well, why do you think you lost
your job?
I guess.....I just wasn't....my
heart was in it anymore.
Why were you feeling differently
about work?
TOM pulls a pack of cigarettes out of his suit pocket.
You don't mind?


DR.FOSTER nods in approval. He leans back, opens a drawer in
his desk, and pulls out a glass ashtray. He hands it to TOM.
      (lighting his
I've realized a few things. Life
is short.
Hmmm...I get the feeling there's
an underlying motive you're not
telling me about.
TOM lowers his eyes to the floor and becomes catatonic. He
hesitates. He struggles to get the words out.
I'm here to listen. You can tell
My daughter....
I didn't know you had a daughter.
You didn't put that on your
TOM finally manages to blurt out the words.
My daughter died.
DR.FOSTER tries to not look so shocked but can't help it. He
manages to tranform his face into a look of understanding
and sympathy.
I'm sorry, Tom. How did it happen?
Three years ago. One day she was
fine. Then one day she got
Tom, what about your wife? How is
she dealing with this?


DR.FOSTER sees something change in TOM's eyes.
She's doing better than me.
Has she changed?
TOM finally raises his head up and looks DR.FOSTER square in
the eyes.
Of course she's changed.
Have you?
I'd like to meet your wife next
time you come to see me, if that's
okay with you.
She doesn't talk about it.
It sounds like you both need to
find some closure, Tom.
It's been three years and you're
still grieving. You need to move
on with your lives. Get a new job,
buy a new house, and eventually
start a new family.
I'll never leave my wife. Claire
is all I have left.
I mean with your wife, Tom.


What about moving? Sometimes it
We just bought a new house before
I was fired.
Okay. So more reason to go out and
find a new job, right?
      (puts out his
Listen, I was there for twenty-six
years. I was screwed out of my
pension. Put yourself in my shoes.
If you get kicked off a horse, get
back on it. You can't not ever
work again. We all have to pay the
bills, Tom.
TOM shrugs.
Well, what else are you going to
I don't know yet.
Alright, one last question before
we wrap up today's session. Before
your daughter died....did you ever
have any of these feelings?
I was a workaholic. I put in
twelve hours days most times. I
lived to do my job. I liked my
job. I liked my life. But that
person....he's gone.
TOM pulls into the driveway and walks into his house holding
a bottle of whiskey in a paper bag. He walks into the
kitchen and sees his wife, Claire, making dinner.


Hi honey.
Hi. How are you?
CLAIRE walks up to TOM and kisses him. She walks back to the
counter and continues to chop vegetables. TOM walks into his
office and puts the bottle of whiskey in the mini-fridge. He
returns to the kitchen.
Can we talk?
Yeah I wanted to talk to you about
the plane tickets. Have you bought
them yet because I was talking to
Iris from that market down the
street and she said her husband is
a pilot and ....
What plane tickets?
MRS.FREEBORNE tries hide her disapointment with a forced
Our anniversery?
Oh shit. I...I need to talk to you
about that Claire. Can you sit
down for a minute?
I'm making dinner, Tom. Anyway,
our guests will be here anytime
CLAIRE looks at TOM.
Please don't tell me you forgot we
were having guests over. We've got
to socialize and meet some people.
We've been here over a month and I
know one person!


Right, right. That lady from the
church and her new husband.
Her name is Cybill. And her
husband's name is....ah, well, I
don't remember now but I'm sure
he's very nice.
I'm seeing a psychologist, Claire.
What? Why?
Why? C'mon. I just lost my
daughter and my job and your
asking me why?
You should be looking for a new
job Tom! Not sitting in a chair
whining and complaining to some
Well, I can't just hit a switch
like you and pretend we never had
a daughter!
Claire scolds him and walks into the bathroom, crying.
Claire. Listen, I'm sorry. But I
really need your support with
this. The doctor said we both need
closure. I think you should come
with me next time....
Claire opens the bathroom door.
Oh no, no, no , no , no. You are
not dragging me to go see a
shrink. No way. Just because
you're unable to deal with this...
it doesn't have anything to do
with me.


It has everything to do with you.
You're my wife. She was our baby
TOM hugs CLAIRE and they both cry.
I need to do something.
I just want you to be better.
So do I.
A man sits in a big black leather chair with an "M" engraved
in the back, staring out a window at the city below. TOM
FREEBORNE enters the room and sits down across from the man
in the chair.The man staring out the window speaks first.
You're father was a good man. He
was a loyal friend. So if you're
in some sort of trouble, I'll do
what I can to help.
I....I never thought I'd be
sitting here in front of
you...doing this. I was fired from
my job last month. The bank is
going to foreclose on my house
next week. I'm in alot of trouble.
I need a big favor Mr.Milos.
MR.MILOS stands up , still with his back to TOM.
How much of a favor are we talking
about Tom?
Whatever you can do.
MR.MILOS turns around revealing himself to TOM. TOM sees he
is heavier than he remembers him and has a thick mustache
which hides his upper lip. MR.MILOS is wearing sunglasses
which TOM notices as odd.


I respect you Tom. I've watched
you grow up. You've led an
honorable life. I don't want you
to feel uncomfortable knowing the
way I live mine. I think of you as
a son so I'm going to make this
very simple for you. If you will
come work for me permanently, I'll
ensure you never have financial
troubles ever again.
Well, what did you have in mind?
TOM is running out of a house down the street with a
briefcase and holding a gun. He is sweating and covered in
blood. He throws the gun in a nearby creek and continues to
run until he reaches a pay phone outside a diner. He dials.
MR.MILOS answers.
Mr.Milos! I need to meet with you
right now! The job went sideways!
The two of them killed the whole
family! I think the neighbours
called the police!
Okay, okay. Slow down, Tom. Take a
deep breath. Now, where is the
I have it on me. I need to meet
with you right now! I never signed
up to kill anybody! You never said
his family would be there!
I'll send a car to pick you up.
Where are you?
About a half a mile from the
house. In front of a
diner....Connie's Diner.


Tom watches as a police cruiser pulls into the parking lot.
And hurry.
TOM is sitting across from MR.MILOS in the same office as
earlier. TOM is frantic and MR.MILOS pours him a glass of
brandy and hands it to his shaking hands. TOM downs the
glass in a gulp.
So let me just clarify what you're
telling me here. You said they
just started to kill everyone.
As soon as we got into the safe
that crazy mexican girl started
shooting. First the children, then
the wife....you said that no one
would be there!
No one was suppossed to be there!
Listen, I don't want to kill
anyone. I'm taking my share of the
money and I'm out. I'm gonna leave
the country. I'm finished.
That wasn't our agreement Tom. You
work for me permanently now,
Killing a family wasn't part of
our agreement either! I'm leaving.
You can't leave Tom. You made a
committment the minute you walked
into that house.
Tom gets up holding the briefcase. He opens it and dumps
half the money on MR.MILOS desk. He walks towards the door.


Tom! It's not about the money to
me anymore. You can keep all the
money if you want. How much money
is it going to take for you to
You can't buy people.
And you can't take back the past.
Tom, listen to me. You are a
witness to a murder now. A murder
that was committed by people I
employ. What do you suppose I do?
Just trust you? Just trust that
you won't talk to the police if
they offer you protection? A new
life? Isn't that what you wanted
in the first place? A new life.
You know, before my father died he
told me that if I needed someone
to watch out for me, I could count
on you.
I thought you were a man of your
word, Tom. Like your father was. I
guess you never inherited that
trait from him.
TOM walks out the door.
MR.MILOS picks up his phone and dials.
Yes. He wasn't very understanding.
He's going to need some
convincing. I'm sure his wife can
help with that.
VIKTOR KNIEVSKI is driving into the park with a beautiful
woman to his right and his partner, ELIZA BELLAVEZ, sitting
behind him. VIKTOR parks the car at a lookout cliff and can
see the bright city lights below. HE gets out and walks over


to the passenger side of the car and opens the door. The
WOMAN gets out and they walk to the front of the car at the
edge of the cliff. ELIZA remains in the car and proceeds to
load a gun while quietly whispering a prayer to herself in
A car's approaching headlights blind them all for a second
then drives by them towards the exit of the park.
ELIZA gets out of the car.
O.S. - The WOMAN is afraid and is wimpering.
      (to VIKTOR)
Is she gonna talk?
      (shaking his head)
ELIZA opens the trunk of the car and pulls out a gym bag.
She tosses it at the WOMAN's feet.
(ZOOM IN - WOMAN's face)The WOMAN looks down at the bag
Go ahead. Look inside.
ELIZA lights up a cigarette. CLAIRE bends down and slowly
unzips the gym bag. She opens it.
She looks inside and gasps in horror. ELIZA walks over to
her and grabs her by the hair.
CLAIRE struggles but does not scream.
Tell us where he is!
CLAIRE continues to struggle but doesn't say anything.
ELIZA lets go of her hair and takes a small step back. She
points the gun to the CLAIRE's head.
If he isn't here in five
minutes...I'm gonna kill her
Easy...easy. He'll be here.


ELIZA grabs CLAIRE again and yells in her ear.
It's either you or him!
ELIZA leans in closer and whispers in her ear.
But I really want it to be you.
I don't why you're doing this.
Where's my husband? What did he
VIKTOR's cell phone starts to ring. He answers it quickly.
Hello sir?
Has he arrived yet?
Not yet sir.
Do you still have Mrs.Freeborne?
Yes. Of course sir.
Leave her unharmed.
But what if he doesn't show?
Leave the wife unharmed.
Yes sir. I understand.
VIKTOR hears the phone hang up. He puts the phone back in
his pocket.
What did he say VIKTOR?


VIKTOR ignores ELIZA and focuses his attention on the
entrance to the park.
What did he say VIKTOR?!
                       ELIZA (con't...)
VIKTOR if you don't answer me I'm
gonna kill her right this minute!
ELIZA cocks the hammer back.
Suddenly a car pulls into the park and pulls up behind their
I knew he'd show up.
TOM FREEBORNE gets out of the car holding a briefcase and a
gun. He points the gun at ELIZA and VIKTOR.
How nice of you to meet with us
Mr.Freeborne. I'd thought you
might just leave your wife here
with us.
Where's Mr.Milos?
Well, after you expressed to him
how crazy we were, he decided to
send us. For a little extra
Give me my wife....and I'll give
you the money. Nobody needs to get
That's right. Nobody needs to get
hurt. That's what Mr.Milos said.
But that's no fun.
TOM throws the briefcase on the ground half way between


VIKTOR, holding a knife to Mrs.Freeborne's neck slowly walks
with her over to the case. He bends down and picks it up.
Mrs.Freeborn runs to Tom. VIKTOR opens the case as TOM
embraces his wife. ELIZA and TOM continue to point the guns
at eachother. Inside the case is a few paperback novels. No
Ah, Mr.Freeborne. You must think
we're crazy and stupid. Where's
the money?
Son of a bitch!
ELIZA shoots MRS.FREEBORNE in the back and she falls to the
ground. TOM fires at VIKTOR and ELIZA. TOM kneels down
beside his dying wife. He calls 911.
I need an ambulance at Waterford
park now. A woman's been shot!
VIKTOR and ELIZA continue to fire at TOM. TOM fires back.
They slowly make their way towards TOM and his wife.
Hang in there baby. Don't die on
me! Fight it!
Suddenly ELIZA is standing behind TOM with a gun to his
We want the rest of the money.
El Dorado....
GARY GALUBE is driving down the streets of Vancouver. He is
33 years old, unshaven, and is wearing a dirty yellow hat
with the words "It wasn't me" on it. He parks his beat up
old white van on the street and runs into the alley. He


approaches a tall dark-skinned man wearing an Edmonton
Oilers jersey who holding a brown paper bag who is standing
beside a cadillac.
      (looking nervous)
Hey D-MOE! Sorry I'm late.
D-MOE signals for the driver of the cadillac to turn the
headlights off. Sirens are heard wailing in the background.
      (wiping the sweat
       off of his
Let me see...
How much money you got GARY?
GARY fishes around in his jacket pockets. He pulls out a ten
dollar bill.
      (looking desperate
       and uneasy)
This is all I got. How's about you
front me another ten on that?
D-MOE snatches the money from GARY. He shakes his head in
      (stops smiling)
Do you remember how much money you
owe me?
      (turns his
       attention to the
       man driving the
Hey, do you got a smoke man?
D-MOE throws GARY up against a wall. He leans in to GARY.
You owe me 2 grand GARY. Now I
know you drove that old beat up
piece of shit van here to meet me.
And I know you parked it out on


                       D-MOE (cont'd)
the street so I wouldn't see. And
I know you're staying at that
roach-infested dump El Dorado. So
here's what you're gonna do.
You're gonna sell that car
tomorrow and settle up with me.
You're gonna stop spending my
money on liquor and cigarettes.
Got it?
Yeah. I got it.
D-MOE loosens his grip on GARY's neck and adjusts GARY's
jacket collar.
This is your last chance. This is
the last time I give you a bag
until you pay me my money.
D-MOE holds the bag out. GARY reaches for it. D-MOE pulls it
I'm coming by El Dorado tomorrow
night at six o clock. If you
haven't sold that car....
D-MOE opens his jacket revealing his .357 magnum pistol.
GARY looks at it, then turns away.
      (smiling again)
Now get lost. I'm running a
business here.
He throws the bag in the air and GARY catches it. GARY runs
back down the alley towards his car.
GARY walks into the room carrying a brown grocery bag. He
sets the bag down on the table and turns on the TV. He turns
on a porno movie and reaches into the bag. He pulls out a
bottle of Jack Daniels and a couple packs of cigarettes. He
opens the bottle and takes a big swig. He lies down on the
bed and lights up a cigarette. He pulls out the bag of
cocaine he bought from D-MOE and begins to cut it up and
making lines.
Suddenly he hears a knock at his door. He tries his best to


hide the drugs and booze. He peeks through the curtain and
sees the motel manager ALFONSO standing there. GARY curses.
      (knocking again)
I know you're in there. I can hear
the television!
GARY opens the door.
ALFONSO! How're you doing?
      (trying to walk
       into the room)
Will you turn that down? There's
other people staying here besides
GARY walks outside the room and shuts the door behind
Yeah okay. I think it's broken
Where's the money for last night
and tonight?
Don't worry. I'm selling my car
tomorrow. I'll have the money by
tomorrow night. I'll pay you in
advance for the next month.
This is the last night you stay
here without paying me up front.
No more free stays. I don't care
if we go way back. You owe me.
Both GARY and ALFONSO turn to see a black Lincoln Towncar
pull into the parking lot. They watch as a tall man and a
short woman get out of the car and walk towards the motel
office. The man looks european and is wearing a leather
jacket and the woman who looks to be hispanic, is wearing a
black mini-skirt.


      (turns back to
       GARY- CLOSE-UP)
Tomorrow night GARY. Last time.
ALFONSO turns around and walks back towards the office and
GARY goes back into his room.
GARY snorts a line of cocaine. He begins to cough deeply and
runs to the sink in the bathroom and spits out a mouthful of
blood. He walks back into the main room and hears the door
in the room next to him slam closed. He hears the man and
the woman talking. They begin to talk louder and louder. He
can't make out what they are saying so he turns the TV
volume down.
The couple begins to argue. GARY decides to ignore them and
turns the TV volume up again. He takes another big swig of
his booze and lies down and falls asleep.
VIKTOR leaves his motel room and walks upstairs to another
motel room. He breaks in and sees that one is inside. He
walks into the bathroom and opens up the toilet lid. Taped
to the bottom of the lid, in a clear plastic bag, is TOM's
half of the money. All two and a half million of it. VIKTOR
grabs it and leaves the room.
GARY suddenly wakes up and looks at the clock beside the bed
that reads three thirty four AM. He gets up and walks into
the bathroom and starts to take a leak. He hears what sounds
like a man yelling for help. He stops peeing, but everything
is silent. He resumes peeing and as he flushes the toilet he
hears a loud thud against the wall from the room next to
him. He walks back into the main room and turns off the TV.
He hears the woman's voice.

      (muffled - OFF
We don't have to give it to him.
We could drive down to Mexico and
visit my sisters. We could buy our
own villa down there. It's five
million dollars Viktor. We stole
it,so it's ours now. Now c'mon,
let's get out of this room for a
while. I saw a bar up the road.
We'll just go for a quick drink.


GARY hears the door close and looks out through his curtains
and sees the couple get into the car and drive out of the
parking lot.
      (smiling- CLOSE-UP)
My lucky day.
GARY walks out of his room and sneaks out to the back of the
motel rooms. He opens up the couples bathroom window and
sneaks into the room. He walks out of the bathroom into the
main room and starts messing up the bed sheets. He looks
under the bed. He opens up the fridge and find a black
He pulls it out and opens it. Inside is five million dollars
in cash. Suddenly he hears another loud thud coming from the
closet. He closes the briefcase and walks over to the
He opens the door and sees a man bound and gagged inside.
The man looks up at GARY and GARY looks at him.
Oh shit.
The man tries to say something through the gag in his mouth.
Before he can GARY quickly closes the door and runs out of
the room. He goes back to his room and grabs all of his
stuff and walks as fast as he can towards his car. He throws
the briefcase in the trunk and leaves the motel parking lot.
As GARY is pulling out of the lot, the couple are pulling
They get out of the car and walk towards the room. When they
reach the door they notice the door is unlocked.
      (looking angry)
ELIZA,I thought I told you to lock
      (looking worried)
I did.
VIKTOR and ELIZA walk into the room and see the room torn
apart. VIKTOR immediately looks inside the fridge.
The money is gone!
ELIZA opens the closet door.


What did you see?
VIKTOR walks over and picks up the man and throws himacross
the room into a lamp.
I'm gonna take this gag out. If
you scream, I'll cut off your
VIKTOR takes the gag out of the man's mouth.
Now tell me. Did you see who did
this? Tell me the truth.
The man tries to talk but nothing comes out. VIKTOR slaps
the man across the face.
Tell me now.
      (gasping for air)
I .... I ....I saw him.
What'd he look like? Did he see
He saw me. Then he ran.
VIKTOR picks TOM up again and throws him into the bathroom.
What are we gonna do now? The cops
could be on their way.
You think the stupid shit that did
this is gonna call the cops?
He just stole our money. He's
running as far away from here as
possible. He's probably half way
to the airport by now.
I know more.


VIKTOR and ELIZA walk into the bathroom and pick him up and
sit him on the toilet.
What did you say? Tell me. Tell me
now or so help me I'll.....
Untie me.
What do you think,we're stupid?
Tell us or we'll kill you right
Go ahead.But that money is gone
forever if you do.
       then bends down
       eye to eye with
If I untie you, are you going to
try to run?
      (looking VIKTOR in
       the eyes)
No. You have my word.
Not good enough.
                       VIKTOR (con't...)
      (to ELIZA)
Put the gun to his head.
ELIZA pulls the gun out of her purse and points it at TOM.
VIKTOR starts loosening the ropes around TOM's arms and
Now tell us what else you know,
Oh shit.


That's what he said. Oh shit.
Suddenly TOM jumps up and pushes VIKTOR into ELIZA and they
both fall on the floor hitting their heads and blacking out.
TOM picks up the gun and starts to tie them up.
After he finishes tying them up, TOM puts the gun to
VIKTOR's head and cocks the hammer back. The news is heard
on the TV in the main room.
                       NEWS ANCHOR
The doctors' say that the woman
that was found bleeding from a
gunshot wound at Waterford Park a
few nights ago is in stable
condition and will make a full
recovery. In other news, a man
from Florida.....
TOM closes the bathroom door and grabs the car keys out of
ELIZA's purse. He walks out of the room and shuts the door.
Suddenly while walkings toward the car, TOM sees a man
running towards him.
Hey you!
TOM puts his hand on the gun, ready to draw.
Hey! Are you staying here?
ALFONSO notices TOM is covered in blood and sweat.
Are you okay buddy? You look like
you just saw a ---
No. I'm not. Some scummy looking
guy just beat me up and stole my
wallet. He was about 5 foot 8, 130
pounds, smells like cheap
Was he wearing a dirty old yellow
You know him?


Yeah. His name's GARY. That
sonofabitch is suppossed to sell
his car tomorrow and pay me the
money he owes me. GARY beat you
up? He's always getting in trouble
but he's never done nothing like
that before.
TOM scratches his chin.
What kind of car does he drive?
      (OFF SCREEN)
He drives an big white van. You
can't miss it.
TOM is driving up and down the streets looking for GARY's
white van. Suddenly he drives past an all night diner about
3 miles away from the El Dorado and notices a white van
parked out in front. He pulls into the parking lot and turns
off his headlights. He waits about five minutes and then
sees GARY walk out of the diner and get into his van.
He follows GARY for about 30 miles until GARY pulls up in
front of a very classy hotel. He sees GARY get out of the
van and open up the back doors. GARY pulls out the suitcase
and a brown grocery bag and enters the hotel lobby.
The El Dorado motel HOUSEKEEPER knocks on VIKTOR and ELIZA's
There is no answer.
Housekeeping! Hello? Anyone in
The HOUSEKEEPER pulls out a large keyring and opens the
door. She enters the room and turns on the light.


Oh my gosh. What a mess.
She starts to tidy up the bed sheets a little bit then walks
over to the bathroom door. She reaches for the handle.
I hope the bathroom looks better
than in here.
The HOUSEKEEPER opens the door and looks inside. The lights
are off so she reaches over and flicks the switch on the
The HOUSEKEEPER screams.
GARY is in his luxury hotel room drinking champagne and
smoking cigars. He is again watching the porn channel on TV.
He is lying in the king size bed with the money scattered
all around him.
This is the life.
He walks out onto the balcony overlooking the river. He
takes in a deep breath of fresh air. He walks back into his
room and picks up the phone.
Hello. This is room 334. Yes. I'd
like some french fries. And don't
forget the mayonnaise. Yes. Extra
ALFONSO, VIKTOR and ELIZA are standing in the parking lot
Are you sure you don't want me to
call the police? I think I should
call them.
VIKTOR is rubbing his wrists and ELIZA is adjusting her


No. Thank-you sir. I don't really
get along with the police.
ELIZA leans on a car and lights up a cigarette.
What about an ambulance? That's a
pretty ugly bump on your head.
      (exhales in
       ALFONSO's face)
Hey man. Just tell us what the guy
I told you. He just asked what
kinda car GARY drives. I told em a
big beat up white van. And the guy
took off. That's it.
A black limo pulls into the parking lot. It pulls up beside
VIKTOR and the door opens.
Okay. Thank you sir. That will be
all. You have already helped
As ELIZA and VIKTOR get in the limo, ALFONSO calls to them.
And hey! Don't ever come back
here. Forget you even heard of
this place.
VIKTOR turns back and smiles at ALFONSO.
I think that's going to be a
little difficult.
They shut the limo door and drive off.
GARY is lying on his bed. There's a knock on his door. He
darts up and looks through the peephole. He sees a man
standing with his back to the door.


Who is it?
      (OFF SCREEN)
Room service.
Turn around.
The man turns around and GARY sees he is holding a dinner
plate. He opens the door and lets the BUSBOY enter the room.
He peeks out into the hallway to see if anyone is out there.
There's nobody.
GARY walks back into the room and pays the BUSBOY. The
BUSBOY thanks him and leaves. GARY starts eating his french
fries covered in mayonnaise.
VIKTOR and ELIZA are talking to the two men who are sitting
in the limo. One is a younger, muscular, bald man with a
black eye. The other is MR.MILOS, who is an older, heavier
man sporting sunglasses and a thick black mustasche. Both
men are wearing expensive suits.
      (talking to the
       older man)
MR.MILOS....we underestimated his
strength. Before we knew what was
happening he had us tied up and
was long gone. If you could just
make a few phonecalls maybe we....
      (OFF SCREEN)
What about the other one? GARY.
Well. All we know is he drives a
big white van. And that he's as
stupid as a sack of bricks. And we
know that MR. FREEBORNE is most
likely on his way to look for him
and get his money back.


What are we waiting for? Let's go
find that son of a bitch that
stole our money!
VIKTOR nudges her to be quiet.
What did she just say?
Sorry MR.MILOS. She must still be
feeling a little light-headed. She
meant to say 'your' money.
I'm not feeling light-headed. Some
of that money was ours.
Listen to me kids. I'm gonna find
out where this 'GARY' is hiding.
And then you two are going to
spend a long time making him
regret what he did. But as soon as
you locate him....you will let me
know. I trust you two to do this.
I will ensure that you get what
you deserve. I will take care of
our friend, MR. FREEBORNE. Do we
It's pouring rain outside on a cold night. TOM FREEBORNE is
listening to the radio and smoking a cigarette. He watches
from the Lincoln Towncar as the long, sleek, black limosuine
pulls up to the front of the hotel and the door opens. He
watches the two figures ,whom he'd been waiting 19 hours
for, emerge from the back seat. The limo pulls away. He
smiles and puts out his cigarette.
TOM pulls out a cell phone and dials.


Hi. I'm looking for Claire
Freeborne. She was admitted a few
nights ago.....thanks.
Mrs.Freeborne gets on the phone.
Claire? It's me.
Tom? Where are you? Are you okay?
I'm fine. More importantly, are
you okay?
Yeah. Tom, you need to talk to the
police. They're looking for you.
I can't talk to the police. I have
to finish this myself.
A man came to see me today. He
said he was a friend of your
father's. He wants you to call
him. Who is he?
Don't worry. Just take it easy.
Before you know it, this will all
be over and we can start a new
Tom, what's going on?
I'll call you later tonight. I
love you, Claire.
I love you too.
Tom hangs up and dials another number.


Tom....I've been waiting for your
call. I didn't intend on things
turning out like this. I realize
now that I have a liability in my
organization. Two, actually. I
want to make a deal with you. And
if you do this, you can keep the
I just want this to be over.
Then we need to work together.
GARY is looking through the paper for call girls he can
bring up to his room. He is about to pick up the phone and
dial when there is a knock on the door. GARY gets a shiver
down his spine.
      (sounding shaky)
Who's there?
Room service, sir.
      (sigh of relief)
Wow! That was quick. I just
ordered ten minutes ago.
GARY opens the door and sees VIKTOR and ELIZA standing in
front of him. He quickly tries to close the door but VIKTOR
and ELIZA push him down and walk into the room. GARY notices
ELIZA is carrying a gym bag.
Whoa! Take it easy! I don't have
your money!
VIKTOR and ELIZA look at eachother and start laughing.
You stupid bastard. I didn't even
mention any money. Thanks for
letting us know we have the right


                       VIKTOR (cont'd)
guy. You're so stupid, you know
ELIZA sets the gym bag down on the bed and opens it up.
      (really scared)
What the hell is in that bag? What
the hell are you gonna do to me?
ELIZA pulls a smaller bag out of the gym bag and unzips the
You like to watch this dirty
movies huh?
VIKTOR walks over and turns the TV volume up.
Yeah you do, don't you? Well GARY,
when I'm done with you...you're
not gonna have any reason to watch
it anymore.
VIKTOR and ELIZA begin to laugh hysterically.
TOM FREEBORNE is still sitting in the car smoking another
cigarette. He turns off the radio and looks at his watch.
The time is 01:34 AM.
      (talking to
Son of a bitch deserves a couple
more hours with them.
TOM puts the cigarette out.
But I'm getting sick of waiting.


GARY is on the floor covered in blood and grunting in pain.
ELIZA and VIKTOR are standing over him smiling.
He's had a good fifteen minute
break. Now let's see. What should
we do to you next?
Wait a minute.
VIKTOR walks over to the bed and pulls 500 dollars out of
the briefcase. He hands it to ELIZA.
Clean yourself up a bit and then
go down to the lobby and pay them
for the next night.
But I'm just getting started on
this poon-ta.
ELIZA kicks GARY in the stomach. He grunts.
You bitch.
ELIZA kicks him again and walks into the bathroom.
      (OFF SCREEN)
You better not call MR.MILOS, It's
our money!
GARY tries to get up.VIKTOR pulls a baseball bat out of the
gym bag. He puts it to GARY's chest and holds him down.
Don't get up.
ELIZA comes out of the bathroom and walks to the door. She
peers out the peephole, then unlocks the door. She reaches
for the handle and turns it. She sticks her head out into
the hallway to see if the coast is clear. It is. She walks
down the hall holding her purse. She walks up to the
elevator and pushes the down button. After a few seconds,
the elevator doors open and TOM is standing inside.


TOM grabs ELIZA and pulls her inside the elevator.
He puts the gun to her back.
Well, well, well. What do you
know? Look who it is. Let's go for
a ride.
Twenty minutes have gone by and VIKTOR is pacing around the
Where the hell is she?
      (on the floor)
Why don't you call the front desk?
You know. That's the first half
intelligent thing I've heard you
say all night.
VIKTOR picks up the phone and dials the front desk.
                       DESK CLERK
Hello? Front desk.
Yes. I'm looking for my wife. She
left the room twenty minutes ago
to go to pay for another night.
                       DESK CLERK
Well, what does she look like,
She has black hair,black leather
mini-skirt, hispanic....
                       DESK CLERK
Oh yes. I believe it was her. She
left with a man. About fifteen
minutes ago. They seemed to be in
a rush to leave.


      (caught off guard)
Did they say anything?
                       DESK CLERK
No sir. Nothing. They left in a
Thank you.
VIKTOR slams the phone down almost breaking it.
Oh shit! Shit! We are in big
trouble now.
I hope that bitch dies.
Suddenly the phone rings. VIKTOR answers it on the first
Where is she you motherfucker?
I have her. Don't worry. We're
getting along real good.
OFF-SCREEN we hear ELIZA's muffled yelling from inside TOM's
car trunk.
Listen to me....if you....
No.You want to see this senorita
alive again?Then meet me at
Watershed Park in a half hour. And
bring Albert Einstein with you
VIKTOR has a knife to GARY's throat as GARY drives his white
van. They pull into the park. They get out of the van and
You know he's going to kill all of


Shut up!
He's probably already killed that
bitch by now.
VIKTOR throws GARY up against the car and puts the knife to
his throat.
Don't say another fuckin word! You
say one more thing! I'll cut your
throat open right now!
Hey! What the hell you think
you're doing?
VIKTOR jerks his head around to see TOM standing behind
ELIZA with the gun pointed to the back of her head.
Kill him VIKTOR! He won't do it!
He's not a killer!
We both know she's right Mr.
Yeah. You're probably right.
TOM cocks the gun and shoots ELIZA in the leg. She screams
in pain. He holds her up as she almost falls.
Then again....
TOM holds the gun under her chin.
                       TOM (con't...)
And don't forget VIKTOR....I'm the
one with the gun.
Okay, okay. Here's the money.
Don't kill her.
VIKTOR holds out the briefcase.


Give it to numb nuts there.
VIKTOR turns around to look at GARY, who looks surprised.
He hands the briefcase to GARY.
Walk over here slowly.And don't
get anymore stupid ideas.
GARY walks over to TOM and ELIZA.
Now put the briefcase in the
passenger seat of the Lincoln.
GARY walks over to the Lincoln and opens the passenger door.
He places the briefcase on the seat and closes the door.
Suddenly ELIZA scratches TOM in his face and tries to grab
the gun from him. TOM wrestles with her for a second and
then shoots her in the head and she falls to the ground.
VIKTOR starts to run towards TOM. TOM points the gun at
VIKTOR and VIKTOR stops.
You won't live to regret it
The black limo pulls into the park. VIKTOR smiles at TOM.
Who's that?
Don't worry about it.
You should be worried
Mr.Freeborne. This is the man I
work for.
There's been a little change of
plans VIKTOR.
VIKTOR stops smiling and looks confused. The limo comes to a
stop a few hundred feet away from them. The trunk opens.
      (looking worried)
What the hell is going on?


Look in the trunk.
VIKTOR looks curious and slowly starts walking towards the
limo. He looks inside the trunk and sees a body inside, face
down. VIKTOR looks up at TOM and GARY.
Suddenly the man in the trunk turns around and shoots VIKTOR
in the chest. VIKTOR falls to the ground and dies.
TOM FREEBORNE and GARY are outside in the motel parking lot
talking. TOM is getting into the black limo.
      (nodding at the
       man in the limo)
Who is that guy with the black
GARY looks confused. TOM gives GARY a firm handshake, then
gets into the limo. He closes the door and rolls down the
Oh GARY, by the way....
TOM hands GARY an envelope.
Some money. Try to just forget
what happened, alright?
      (looking at the
I think that's going to be a
little difficult.
TOM reaches into his pocket and pulls out a business card.
He hands it to GARY.
GARY looks at the name on the card.
(INSERT) - DR. DAVID FOSTER - Psychologist


If you need some closure....this
guy's pretty good.
The window rolls up and the limo drives away.
GARY walks up to his motel door and inserts his key when he
hears two gunshots ring out. He runs down the street and
sees the limo pulled over onto the curb. He approaches the
limo and looks inside the windows. He sees two men dead
inside. The recognizes the driver as the man with the black
eye who shot VIKTOR. He doesn't recognize the man in the
passenger seat who is older, heavier, with sunglasses and a
thick black mustache. Sirens are heard wailing in the
distance and TOM is nowhere to be found.


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From Andy Carbon Date 8/27/2007 ***
It's not a masterpiece but it's really good. There are, though, so loose edges. Like: what happened to Mr. Milos? Is he dead? The dialogue is good, and Gary's character is well-built. Other characters are lacking some characterization, but its no big deal. Overall, youur screenplay is pretty good.

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