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A Link Between Two Worlds
by Hogisan

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
Sasuke Tsuji, trying to adapt to his new surroundings, finds a friend in Kaori. This is a story of the relationship between the two of them and Sasuke's relationship with his family and friends.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Starts with SASUKE TSUJI, a slim 16 year old Japanese boy
with glasses, at his desk in his house in Japan writing a
letter. Camera zooms into a picture with a frame around it
on his desk to his left. The picture is a picture of him and
his best friend, STEVE SMITH, a half-built English boy about
17, and his now ex-girlfriend, SARAH HUGHES, a brunette
Polish girl about 15. The only thing heard is his pen
Sasuke finishes writing his letter. At this time, camera
zooms into his signature, which is just a plain signature of
his full name. Sasuke now folds the letter and puts into an
envelope and seals it. On the envelope, it says "Ms. Sarah
Hughes" with her address on it. Sasuke opens a drawer in his
desk, which reveals tons of unsent letters all to Sarah.
Sasuke drops the letter in the drawer with all the others.
Sasuke sighs as he rolls his chair over to his computer,
which is across the room from his desk. At this time, the
camera screen is filled with the computer screen. He moves
his mouse to exit the screensaver and starts up AIM. Once
AIM is up, he immediately double-clicks on the screenname
SiLeNtNiGhTS and types:
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Hey man....what's up?
We hear Sasuke sigh as he types
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
I wrote another letter....
There is a slight pause before the next answer comes.


                       STEVE (V.O.)
ANOTHER ONE!? Jesus christ Sas,
you need to get over
Sarah....seriously, go out and
find some hot Japanese schoolgirl
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Ugh....you know I can't do that.
But fine, that's your solution to
everything. LoL. Cya.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
All right. Good luck. Don't
hesistate to call me you little
shit. Cya!
Sasuke signs off as he sighs again. He pounds his fist on
the keyboard as he gets up.
Sasuke's mother, KEIKO TSUJI, a slender 49 year old Japanese
woman, is cutting vegetables in the kitchen as Sasuke walks
What do you want for lunch, Sas?
Sasuke walks over to Keiko and looks over her shoulder.
Gimme one of the sandwiches left
from breakfast, I'm going out.
Keiko hands Sasuke a sandwich without taking her eyes off
what she is doing. Sasuke heads to table in the kitchen and
takes his wallet and cell phone and puts them in his left
and right pockets. Sasuke starts leaving the kitchen.
Don't be out too late, come back
before dinner...and don't forget
your cell phone.
Sasuke stops.
Yeah, whatever.


Sasuke walks out.
Sasuke walks out of his house, a normal blue two story
building. Sasuke locks the door and he walks out into the
Where to go?
Sasuke walks off screen.
Traveling sequence starts. In this sequence, Sasuke enters
the subway station, stares blankly into space in the subway,
and exits at the station called "Ginza". During this
sequence, only Sasuke's voice over and music are heard.
They say love is priceless. I
disagree. The whole world seems to
be bedazzled by the concept of
love. Love is simple; it can only
hurt. No love lasts forever, no
man nor woman can stay interested
in each other for more than a
year. There are no exceptions.
Take my parents for example; they
never even say the words "I love
you" and even if they do, its all
fake. Acting to make it look like
they love each other so that their
kid doesn't worry. I'm way past
worrying. It's the same with
everyone. After a year things
start to get dull and you start
craving for others. It's a law,
really. No one can stop that. They
say you don't know the worth of
something until you lose it.
That's bullshit too. I knew
Sarah's value. I knew it
completely. Her value didn't
change when she left. Not at all.
Love isn't priceless, it's
Voice over ends as Sasuke exits the subway station into the
bright light of Ginza, where shops are lined up on either


side of the street. Sasuke walks aimlessly around Ginza,
looking disgustedly at the couples that fill the streets.
It's Sunday, so the roads are blocked for "Walker's Heaven",
when people fill the streets and sidewalks of Ginza.
Since Sasuke only had a sandwich, he realized he's damn
hungry. He looks around and finds a cafe with a sign that
reads "The Dune Cafe" on the other side of the street so he
starts walking toward the cafe.
As Sasuke enters the cafe, he notices that the cafe doesn't
have many customers. There is no line at the register, and
there are no people at the tables, regardless that it is
lunchtime. Sasuke heads toward the register. At the register
is KAORI YAMADA, a Japanese girl about Sasuke's age.
Um...I'll just have a cup of black
coffee and um, one of these
chocolate cakes here...
Sasuke then realizes as he is taking money out from his
wallet that he is in a Japanese cafe speaking English. The
Japanese is subtitled.
Oh, sorry. I'm just so used to
speaking English.
Suprisingly, Kaori doesn't seemed to be bothered.
      (IN ENGLISH)
It's okay, I can speak English
Kaori smiles as she takes Sasuke's order.
That will be 350 yen please.
Sasuke is a bit suprised at her fluent English, and hands
Kaori a 1000 yen bill. After he receives his change and
order, he sits at a table closest to the window and places
his tray and wallet on the table.
Sasuke silently sips his coffee as he stares blankly out the


window at the people out in the streets of Ginza. Kaori,
with nothing to do, just stares at Sasuke. As if she decided
something, she takes off her apron and walks to where Sasuke
is sitting.
Um, do you mind if I sit with you
for a moment? This cafe isn't that
popular and I'm bored out of my
      (A bit suprised)
Um...sure...I guess
Great! Let me just go get a cup of
coffee myself.
Sasuke watches Kaori as she disappears into the back of the
cafe. Sasuke turns back and stares out the window again at
all the people. He spots a couple sitting on a bench on the
other side of the street. The man is Japanese but the woman
is obviously European. Sasuke looks away quickly and starts
sipping coffee again as Kaori returns in her normal clothes.
She's wearing a red skirt with a white tanktop. She sits
across from Sasuke.
Why did you change?
No one comes to this cafe anyway.
It doesn't matter. The boss
doens't care either.
Oh yeah....uh, where did you learn
to speak English fluently?
Oh, my mom is American, so I speak
English at home. Your English
sounds more natural. It's....nice.
Thanks, my parents are both
Japanese but we lived in America
for a while so I'm used to it.
What's your name?


Kaori Yamada.
Kaori puts her hand out. Sasuke shakes her hand.
Sasuke Tsuji.
There is a moment a silence as Sasuke and Kaori both sip
from their coffees.
Um...so uh, how old are you?
I'm 16.
Me too. What school do you go to?
      (monotone voice)
I don't go to school.
I don't know, it's just that
school seems kinda pointless. It's
boring...It's not like I'm stupid
or anything, [not to be arrogant,
but] I think I would be the
smartest kid in the class if I
tried....but I don't see the
benefit in it.
There is another awkward silence as Kaori tries to find
words to explain herself.
      (forces a smile)
But school is fun. You meet people
there, you know? You can be with
I don't have any friends in Japan,


                       SASUKE (cont'd)
all my friends are back in
America. I don't belong here. I
don't see why I'm even in Japan. I
don't fit in with all these
      (Interrupts Kaori)
I have to go. Thanks for the chat.
Sasuke quickly gets up, forgeting to take his wallet with
him. He rushes out into the streets of Ginza. He takes a
look at his watch. 3 o'clock. Sasuke suddenly realizes he
practically told all his problems to a girl he just met.
Sasuke pauses for a second and looks back at the cafe. He
sees Kaori sadly cleaning up after Sasuke.
I should go back and apologize...
Sasuke suddenly realizes what he just said.
What am I thinking?
Sasuke runs off toward the subway station to go home.
We see Kaori cleaning up after Sasuke, with an angry
expression on her face.
Why did I even talk to him? Guys
are all the same. Insensitive and
Just then Kaori sees Sasuke's wallet on the table.
Kaori opens his wallet. Kaori takes out his cards to see if
she can find where he lives. Just then Kaori takes out a
picture of Sarah. She looks at it for awhile and puts it
down. The next card is a card with Sasuke's name and address
on it.


Scene opens with Sasuke at his computer typing frantically.
We can see that it is night from the darkness outside his
window. The clock shows that it is 11 o' clock.
During this scene, we just see Sasuke's face as he is typing
on the computer. The words that he types are done in V.O.
Steve's typed lines are also done in V.O. with Steve's face
shown during his lines.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
So...you told this girl
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Yeah, I don't know what I was
doing. I meet her, and two seconds
later I'm spilling my life out for
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Hey hey hey, I think our little
Sas is in love. =]
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Shut up Steve. You know I can't
love anyone other than Sarah. I
still love her.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
You never know buddy, this Kaori
chick might be the one to end your
stupid feelings for Sarah.
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Yeah, and to make sure she isn't,
I'm never gonna go to that cafe
                       STEVE (V.O.)
HAHAHAHA yeah, I'm sure you're not
attracted to this Kaori chick.
Just watch, you'll be a regular
customer at "The Dune Cafe"


                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Very funny. I'm gonna go to sleep.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Dammit. This 13 hour difference
thing sucks. It's only 10 in the
morning here and you're ready to
go to sleep. Man, you suck, you
know that?
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Yup, cya.
Sasuke signs off AIM. As he is getting up from his chair,
his cell phone falls out of his pocket. As Sasuke reaches
down to pick it up, he feels his other pocket for his
Sasuke slams his cell phone onto his desk while thinks about
where he could've dropped his wallet. He suddenly realizes
he left it at The Dune Cafe.
      (disgusted by
Looks like I'm gonna have to go
back.....God damn you, Steve.
Just then the doorbell rings.
Sasuke! Please get the door! My
hands are full!
Sasuke sighs as he rushes downstairs to answer the door.
      (TO HIMSELF)
What kind of dumbass comes to
someone's house at 11 during the
Sasuke opens the door to reveal that Kaori is there, with
his wallet in her hands.


Oh, great. I thought that maybe
your family might answer and I
didn't know how to talk to them so
I was really hoping you'd answer
the door and...oh yeah. Your
wallet. Here.
Kaori hands Sasuke his wallet.
There was a card with your name
and address on it.
Sasuke is obviously suprised that Kaori actually came to
deliver him his wallet.
Sasuke puts wallet away in his pocket.
Actually, I wanted to talk to you
again and the wallet made a good
excuse. Do you mind if we walk
around for a bit?
      (as if waking from
       a trance)
Oh! Yeah, sure.
Since the nights in Japan are quite warm, Sasuke is wearing
shorts and a T-shirt while Kaori is wearing jeans and a pink
There's a park near here where we
can sit and talk. Is that okay?


Sasuke and Kaori arrive at the park, which, of course, is
deserted because it is night. Sasuke takes a seat on a bench
and Kaori sits next to him.
So what did you want to talk
Well, I wanted to apologize to you
about today because, you know, I
don't know how you feel, and I...I
feel I...kinda pushed the subject
a bit too far and you know...
No, it's all right. I'm sorry for
walking out on you like that. It's
just that a lot of people ask me
that question and I always get mad
because to tell you the truth, I
don't have an answer. I just feel
as though I just can't go to
school and I don't fit in with
this country.
I know how you feel...
Well, I go to school but
I'm...well...I'm...I'm kinda dumb
and people make fun of me. It's
not my fault. I try sooooo hard to
catch up with everyone but
everyone in my class is so damn
There is an awkward silence, and you can hear the "crickets


Um...Is that a picture of your
girlfriend in your wallet?
Sasuke seems suprised and a bit annoyed to know that Kaori
went through his wallet.
      (a little annoyed)
You went through my wallet?
Oh, yes, I'm sorry. I wanted to
see if there was anything in your
wallet with your address on it..
Sasuke takes his wallet out of his pocket and takes out the
picture of Sarah and stares at it.
Nah....she's my ex. She dumped me
when I told her I was moving back
to Japan. I was hoping we could
still go out but she obviously
didn't think so. I heard that she
already had another boyfriend so I
should throw this away, but I just
Oh, well if it makes you feel
better I have trust issues.
Sasuke is confused by this comment.
You have...what?
I have trust issues. I can't seem
to trust guys.
Oh and why is that?


Well I thought that my
ex-boyfriend was hot and nice and
everything a girl could want; and
believe me, he was in the
beginning, but it ended up that he
only wanted to have sex with me.
Kaori realizes that she has been rambling.
I'm sorry...I'm rambling.
No, no. It's okay, you can go on.
Kaori streches her legs out.
I couldn't believe it at first,
but as time went on, it became
more and more clear to me. Since
then I stopped trusting guys
completely. And since all the
girls became my enemies once I
started going out with my ex; mind
you, he was the hottest guy on
campus. I had no one to trust in
Sasuke sits silently listening to Kaori. Kaori stands up
with her back to Sasuke.
But why me? I'm a gut too, just
like the rest of 'em.
Well, when I talked to you in the
cafe, I kinda thought you were
like me. So I thought maybe we
could be friends.
Kaori turns and looks at Sasuke.
You know, to help each other out.
I'll help you become accustomed to
Japan, and you can help me by just
being my friend.


Kaori stands still and waits silently for Sasuke's answer.
Sasuke obviously sees that Kaori was very nervous. Kaori
relaxes after hearing Sasuke's answer.
Oh good, you know, I thought you
were just gonna stand up and leave
cause, you know, people really
don't ask people to be their
friends and I was afraid you might
just think I was weird and leave.
Of course not. You need to learn
to trust your 'friends', Kaori.
Kaori is relieved to hear Sasuke joke.
      (still smiling)
Well, I finally got you to smile.
You seemed to be mad for some
Call me Sas.
Kaori looks at clock in the park.
Oh my god. I gotta go, my mom is
gonna kill me. It's already 12.
Good night!
Kaori starts running out of the park. Sasuke stands.


Good night...
Kaori waves as she runs out of the park. Sasuke stands there
for a while, then sits down on the bench again. Sasuke is
Sasuke enters the living room where his mother, Keiko Tsuji,
and his father, KAZUO TSUJI, a tall 47 year old Japanese man
with glasses, are sitting on a couch as if waiting for
Sasuke to return.
Sasuke, we want to talk to you
about something.
Kazuo looks at Keiko.
You mean YOU want to talk to
Sasuke about something. You just
told me to sit here and listen to
you talk to Sasuke.
God, just shut up?
Sasuke blankly stands at the edge of the living room still
waiting for the big news. Keiko notices Sasuke.
Ahem, well YOUR FATHER and I
decided that it'd be best to send
you to boarding school. What do
you think?
Kazuo, who is supposed to be "just sitting there watching",
suddenly butts in.
Yeah, that way you can make
American friends....
      (TO KAZUO)
God, were you even listening when
I told you about this?


Of course I was listening! That's
what you wanted right? You wanted
Sasuke to make American friends!
Oh lord, please have mercy on
Sas, we thought that we could send
you to a boarding school since
you're so ahead of everyone else
in school. So you can learn new
things and have a bright future.
Sasuke makes a disgusted face.
Yeah, Sas. Listen to your mother.
SOMETIMES she's right. But we want
you to make new friends and stop
just sulking around the house all
What do you mean by SOMETIMES!?
There isn't one time you were
Oh yeah? What about that time at
the supermarket when I told you to
buy the blue scissors instead of
the red ones? We've had bad luck
ever since we bought those damn
Please, don't tell me you believe
that different colored scissors
can determine our luck. I
personally think it's just you
that's giving us bad luck.
What!? Well....
Keiko and Kazuo starting yelling loudly at each other
completely forgetting why they had begun this conversation
in the first place. Sasuke starts to lose his patience.


Keiko and Kazuo stop yelling and stare blankly at Sasuke.
      (cont'd, angrily)
You two make me sick! Did you know
that!? First of all, I will NOT go
to boarding school. Second of all,
I don't NEED any new "American"
friends. Lastly, scissors do NOT
have anything to do with luck. MY
Sasuke stomps out of the living room. There is a moment of
silence Keiko and Kazuo stare blankly at where Sasuke was
I still think blue scissors are
We see Sasuke exit his house and lock the door. He has a big
smile on his face as he starts walking. V.O. starts.
During the V.O. the same thing happens as last time; Sasuke
gets on the subway and the V.O. ends when he arrives at
This Kaori girl was very
interesting. Within minutes of
meeting her, I told her my
problems that I don't tell anyone
except Steve. This girl might be
special. When I'm with her I seem
to forget about Sarah. I have a
good friend now. Japan actually
might be fun with her. Someone
that I can talk to, that I can be
with and speak English with. I'm


                       SASUKE (cont'd)
not saying Steve is not my friend
anymore. Just that I need someone
HERE with me. Kaori knows how I
feel and why I feel it. This might
be it. This girl might be that
something that helps me take my
mind off Sarah. It's not anything
special, it's just good to have a
As Sasuke exits the subway station, we see that he still has
a big smile on his face.
Sasuke immediately heads for The Dune Cafe, where Kaori
As Sasuke enters The Dune Cafe, Kaori catches sight of him
and waves. Sasuke waves back and sits at the same table he
sat at when he met Kaori. There is no one in the cafe this
day either. Kaori heads toward Sasuke while wiping her hands
with a towel.
You came again! That's great!
I have to give you something that
I forgot to give you last night.
Hold up...
Kaori starts searching through the pockets of her uniform.
I know it's here somewhere.....Ah,
here it is!
Kaori takes out a piece of paper with two phone numbers on
The number on top is my cell phone
number. The botton one is my house
phone. This one is for just in
case I don't pick my cell phone


Sasuke is a bit suprised by the sudden action Kaori took.
What? You didn't want my number?
No, no. It's just that you were
speaking so fast.
Kaori sits down across from Sasuke, the same place where she
sat last time.
You sure don't want any coffee
that you could leave behind for me
to clean?
Haha, no. Maybe later though...Oh
yeah, how's school going for you?
School's going fine...I guess. The
math teacher obviously hates me.
He yelled at me in front of the
whole class for not being able to
answer a question.
That's horrible. What did you do?
I just took it. I knew that even
if I tried to explain myself he
wouldn't listen. My motto is
"Smile". Nothing bad happens when
you're smiling. People around you
gradually start smiling too. It's
contagious, trust me.
Haha, I can see that.


Okay! So what else is new??
The smile leaves Sasuke's face.
Well, my parents are a bunch of
Why? What happened?
My parents are a bunch of
hypocrites. They act as though
they 'love' each other to make me
feel safe and comfortable but it's
obvious that they don't. They
think I'm a genius and try to send
me to boaring school where I
obviously don't want to go. My dad
doesn't work at all; he leaves the
house at 10 and is back by 4, and
my mom is lazy and doensn't do any
housework; all she does is lay on
the couch and sleep. God knows how
many hours of sleep she gets
There is silence as Kaori thinks for a while.
I'm jealous....
Kaori's face becomes a bit depressed.
I'm jealous. My parents are never
home because they both work. My
dad is the owner of this big
industrial company and my mom is a
model. They leave at 5 in the
morning and come home past
midnight. When my mom finds out
that I'm not home she gets really
mad because the nights in Japan
'aren't safe' but I'm 16


                       KAORI (cont'd)
already....jeez, I think I can
take care of myself. So I end up
working at this crappy little cafe
so I don't get into any trouble.
It sucks....a lot.
Sasuke realizes Kaori has a worse problem with parents.
Ha...it's not that great.
But I haven't had a decent
conversation with my parents since
I was 8!! When I was 8 my dad hit
it big with the company and my mom
started modeling because she got
scouted on the streets of Ginza
while we were walking.
There is an awkward silence where Sasuke wishes he hadn't
brought the subject of parents up. A smile returns to Kaori,
who tries to recover quickly from these situations.
I have a good idea! There's gonna
be the annual fireworks at
Tamagawa tonight, and I used to go
with my parents but they can't go
anymore.....so if you're not busy
or anything, do you mind if you
come with me to the fireworks??
Sasuke is happy that Kaori's smile returned. Obviously,
Sasuke is not busy at all.
Sure, I've always seen those
fireworks on TV but this'll be the
first time seein the actual thing.
Great! You can come pick me up at
my house at 6, okay?
Sasuke, who wasn't expecting to go to Kaori's house, is a
bit suprised.


Sure. Where do you live?
I live right near the subway
station "Kagurazaka"...here, gimme
the paper with my phone number.
I'll write it down on it.
Sasuke hands Kaori the piece of paper and Kaori writes down
her address with a pen she took out of one of her pockets.
There! I'm gonna get mad if you're
late....so be on time!
Of course I won't be late.
The camera is on a HUGE beige house, with only one light on.
Sasuke walks into view, looking down at the piece of paper
then up at the houses. He stops in front of Kaori's house
and looks down at the paper and up at the house twice before
he goes to the front gate to ring the door bell.
      (whispers in awe)
...holy shit.
Sasuke rings door bell.
It's me, Sas.
Wow! You're ten minutes
early....Hold on, I'll be down in
a second.


Sasuke takes this moment to look at Kaori's house again.
It's quite the large house. There are three garages, which
is very unusual for a Japanese house and there must be at
least 10 bedrooms inside. Sasuke waits patiently for Kaori
to come outside.
Just then, Kaori comes out of her house in a Yukata, a
Japanese traditional dress that women wear to events like
fireworks and festivals. Kaori's yukata is blue, and her
hair is up. Sasuke is amazed by how cute Kaori looks.
Sorry, I didn't think you'd be
early...I was expecting you to be
late, actually.
Haha...I told you that I wouldn't
be late, didn't I?
Kaori looks a bit disturbed.
You know....I just didn't think
that, a guy would actually show up
on time.
You need to start trusting me,
Kaori. We're friends, aren't we?
At this remark a smile returns to Kaori's face.
Of course!
The two walk a little more, and to break to silence Sasuke
chirps in.
...that's a huge house you have
back there.
That's what you get from two
parents...*sarcasticly)whopee! I
usually have it to myself.


Awesome...I wish I had the house
to myself sometimes.
The two walk about five steps before Kaori mumbles
It's lonely...
It's lonely in that huge house.
You feel the emptiness much more
when you're alone.
...I'm sorry.
Nevermind. Let's go!
Kaori hops a bit and Sasuke laughs. Kaori starts running
(although she can't run fast because of her yukata) and
Sasuke tags along as they run out of view.
Sasuke and Kaori walk toward a hill near Tamagawa (Tama
River), trying to find a spot where they can sit to watch
the fireworks.
Look, look! Over there.
Kaori starts running toward the open spot. Sasuke looks very
tired from all the running he has done because of Kaori's
personality. Sasuke stops for a while to catch his breath.
      (breathing heavily)
Oh god....
Kaori is already sitting down at the open spot signaling
Sasuke to hurry up. Sasuke runs over and collapses down on
the hillside.


You're not much of an athlete, are
      (catching breath)
Well yeah, I don't think anyone
can keep up with your pace.
At this time Kaori puffs her cheeks up to show jokingly that
she is mad. Sasuke realizes this and laughs.
No, it's just that I haven't done
any running...or anything for that
matter since I moved to Japan.
What? Don't people in America walk
and use the subway to get around?
Haha! No, in America we get around
by car....the subways in New York
are way to dangerous and nasty.
Kaori seems to think for a while.
I guess you could travel around
Tokyo in a car.....but it's just
that the roads are so narrow and
there's always a traffic jam
somewhere between where you are
and where you want to go.
There is a little silence.
I used to come to these fireworks
every year with my parents...you
know, before they were all big and
rich....It was so much fun...my
dad used to put me on his
shoulders so I could see the
fireworks better...


There is another moment of silence where Sasuke is trying to
find words to cheer Kaori up.
You haven't said anything about my
outfit yet, what do you think?
Sasuke realizes he forgot to mention how cute Kaori looked.
Oh, I think you look amazing.
Do I look more cute or more
Sasuke quickly tries to think which answer Kaori wants.
Think, Sas. THINK.
Um...I think you look more cute.
Oh, good. I don't really like the
word 'beautiful'.
Sasuke looks relieved as Kaori starts to chuckle.
Why is that?
Well, my ex-boyfriend used to tell
me how beautiful I was all the
time. I guess you stop believing
it after you hear it a thousand
Sasuke doens't know how to respond to this, but luckily for
him the fireworks start and Kaori's face lights up with
Oooo finally!


Sasuke looks at Kaori's smiling face and he smiles as well.
The camera is on the fireworks now, which are very grand.
The fireworks are over, and tons of couples are getting up
and leaving at once.
      (getting up)
I guess we should go too.
Kaori grabs Sasuke's shirt and pulls him down. Kaori is not
Let's talk a bit. The subways are
gonna be really crowded if we
leave with everyone else.
There is a silence while other couples all walk past them.
Kaori is curled up in a ball with her feet pulled in. Sasuke
and Kaori stare into the distance.
Do....do you think I'm weird?
What? No, of course not. Why would
you think that?
W, well, I mean, you know, I
recover fast from sad situations
and I'm hyper all the time and...I
don't know...I'm just weird.
I think it's great that you can
recover quickly from sad
situations, I mean, look at me.
I'm dragging my ex-girlfriend for
a long time and...well, I envy
your courage.
I don't have any courage! I'm
dragging this whole trust thing
behind me.....after I left my ex I


                       KAORI (cont'd)
started to think that I should be
happy all the time. You know, to
forget everything. But when I met
you I think I learned something.
You can't just be happy or sad all
the time. Don't you see? We're two
extremes. You're too sad all the
time, and well...I'm way too
Sasuke doesn't know how to respond so he just stares at
Kaori. Kaori is staring into the night sky.
I thought that maybe if I act out
that I'm happy my problems would
go away. But I was wrong. I've
gotta be more sincere. More
truthful about my
feelings....Sorry, I'm just
babbling. I just needed to get my
feelings out in the open you know?
Kaori stands up but Sasuke still doesn't know what to do or
say so he keeps on staring at Kaori.
      (suddenly yells)
Sasuke almost jumps at this sudden action taken by Kaori.
Kaori looks at Sasuke.
Now it's your turn.
There is a slight moment of silence as Sasuke begins to
realize what Kaori wants him to do.
      (stands up)
I always thought that nobody could
be in a worse situation than I am,
you know? But...I don't
know...meeting you I saw that you
have as many, if not more problems
than I do. I learned that I have
to realize my problems but I
shouldn't drag them behind. All
this time I was in a cage
rejecting help. But now I know


                       SASUKE (cont'd)
that I can't, you know, reject
that help. I need to try my best
to better my situation and stop
whining about it.
At this time Sasuke takes a deep breath.
Kaori starts laughing. Sasuke walks over to Kaori and they
exchanged high-fives. Sasuke starts laughing hard also. They
laugh for a while.
All right. Let's go home.
Kaori starts skipping. Sasuke runs along.
Sasuke and Kaori are standing side by side on a subway
station. All the couples that were watching the fireworks
are all gone now, and there is practically no one on the
platform. Kaori looks extremely sleepy and Sasuke tries to
start a conversation.
The fireworks were great weren't
Kaori just nods her head because her eyes are already half
Please be careful, there is a
train coming in on platform one.
A train comes into the platform where Sasuke and Kaori are
waiting. As the doors open, Sasuke tugs Kaori into the
train. There is no one on the train except for an old lady
in the next car and a drunken old man sleeping on a row of
seats. Sasuke tugs Kaori away from the drunken man and takes
a seat on the other side of the car.


As the train departs from the station, Kaori, who is almost
completely asleep, puts her head on Sasuke's shoulder.
Sasuke is a bit suprised and looks left and right not
knowing what to do. He looks down at Kaori's face, but he
notices that he can see down her yukata. He quickly looks
away blushing.
The train is silent except for the noises the train is
making. Sasuke is looking away as Kaori sleeps on his
shoulder. Kaori, who is completely asleep, grabs Sasuke's
left arm as she cuddles close to Sasuke. Sasuke blushes some
more as he just sits there.
The train pulls into the station. Sasuke notices that the
station is "Kagurazaka", which is where Kaori has to get
off. Sasuke shakes Kaori awake.
C'mon, hurry, it's your station.
Sasuke pulls Kaori just as she's getting up and gives her a
gentle push out the door.
I'll see you again tomorrow at the
cafe, okay?
Kaori seems to be thinking something. Sasuke waves to Kaori
as the bell rings to signal that the train is departing.
Kaori seems to have made a decision as the bell stops. Just
as the doors start to close, Kaori reaches into the station
and drags Sasuke out onto the platform. The doors open again
to avoid an accident, and after Sasuke is dragged out, the
doors close. The train pulls out as Sasuke and Kaori are
standing on the platform watching the train leave. Kaori is
now awake, and is shyly standing as Sasuke seems to be
completely suprised by what just happened.
Um...do you mind if you walk me
Sasuke stares blankly at Kaori as though he just saw a magic
Y..yeah, sure.


I'm sorry, you know....god I'm
embarassed to say
this.....um...I'm really scared of
being alone...
Kaori blushes as she just admitted her fear of being alone.
Sasuke smiles.
Haha, I'm glad you told me that.
Let's go.
Sasuke and Kaori walk side by side as they walk toward the
We see Sasuke and Kaori come out of the subway station, and
its pretty late so there aren't that many cars or people
around. Sasuke is pulling Kaori's hand, pulling her forward.
You gotta tell me which way to go,
the city looks completely
different at night.
Kaori nods as she points to the left. Sasuke nods back and
starts walking toward the left.
Sasuke and Kaori walk up some stairs to come to a walkway
next to a river. Sasuke remembers this place and smoothly
takes a right. Sasuke and Kaori walk side by side along the
path, when Sasuke notices the beautiful night scene of Tokyo
across the river. Kaori is walking with her head down.
Look...it's beautiful.
      (looks up)
Wow...you're right. heh, it is
You're telling me you never
stopped to look at this at all?


Kaori blushes a little.
I always walk this walkway with my
head down...
      (looks at Sasuke)
...I told you I was afraid of
being alone.
Haha, okay...
      (looks at city)
...Tokyo is different from New
York, New York is the city that
never sleeps...it's always noisy,
but in Tokyo, the city goes to
sleep at like 10 every night. I
think that's beautiful.
You should take more pride in
being Japanese, Sas. It is
your nationality.
Something inside Sasuke ticks, as he quickly starts to walk
away from the beautiful scene.
Let's go, it's getting late.
Sasuke and Kaori walk side by side as the approach Kaori's
huge mansion. We can see that Kaori is very close to Sasuke
and Sasuke is walking a bit awkwardly.
Here we are...
Kaori lets out a sigh of relief. The two of them stop in
front of the front gate of Kaori's house. Kaori opens the
front gate and starts running toward her house. Half way to
the house, Kaori looks back.


Thanks, Sas! I'll call you
tomorrow, okay?
Sure! Good night.
Sasuke stands at the front gate to make sure Kaori enters
the house. He starts to walk away, but turns back for a
while. He checks to see that Kaori's room's light is on and
starts walking back to the subway station, fading into the
We see Sasuke lying face up on his bed staring at the
ceiling. He is in his pajamas, which are green and
checkered. Next to Sasuke on the bed is his wallet with
Sarah's picture out on the bed. Sasuke sits up and takes the
picture in his hands.
Sasuke seems to be torn between two choices. Sasuke puts the
picture in the trash and returns to his bed. He heads for
his desk. As he sits down, he notices the picture of Sarah,
Steve, and him. He picks the picture up from the garbage
again. Sasuke sighs as his hands start to shake with the
picture. On the picture, we see tears coming down from
Sasuke's face.
We see Sasuke come out of his house, holding a box of
matches in his right hand. Since his house is located on a
side street, there is no traffic. He walks to the edge of
his house facing his house. He puts the box of matches down
on the ground as he crouches. He takes out his wallet, and
takes Sarah's picture out of his wallet. He takes a deep
breath as he puts his wallet on the ground. He picks up the
box of matches and takes out a match. After he strikes the
match, he places the box of matches on the ground, and he
picks up the picture of Sarah and puts the match under it.
The picture of Sarah burns slowly as Sasuke watches with a
serious expression. Once the picture catches fire, Sasuke
drops it on the ground and watches the picture curl like it
is suffering from the flames. After the picture is
completely burnt, Sasuke stands up and stomps on the ashes


of the picture. He then reaches into his pocket to take out
another picture of Sarah. This one was cropped out of the
picture on his desk. He strikes another match and tries to
burn it, but the hand with the match shakes and he quite
can't burn the picture. The flame comes too close to his
hand and he drops it. Sasuke takes out another match and
tries again. He closes his eyes and burns the picture. He
drops the picture right on top of the ashes of the old one
and stomps this picture too. He then picks up his wallet and
the boxes of matches and walks back into his house. We hear
Sasuke sigh as he enters his house.
We see Sasuke sitting at his computer starting AIM up. This
is right after he burnt the pictures of Sarah. The clock
shows 7 o'clock in the morning. He double-clicks Steve's
screen name immediately and starts typing. The scene is done
in V.O. and typed messages, with the camera switching from
Steve to Sasuke.
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Dude, I think I'm over Sarah. I
don't think I feel the connection
as well anymore. I mean, I burned
her pictures and everything.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Haha, I told you so......WHAT!?
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Yeah, I burnt them. I don't need
them anymore. I realized I need to
stop dragging this whole Sarah
thing behind and start over again.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Yeah, that's great and everything
but....BURNT!? I mean c'mon, since
when did you become a freakin'
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
I had to. I tried throwing the
pictures away but I kept on going
back and taking them out of the


Just then Keiko walks into the room with Sasuke's laundry.
She stops.
Who are you talking to?
Sasuke sighs as he look toward his mom.
Just Steve, mom.
You should get offline and start
going out more, maybe find some
I got friends, mom. And they're
right here.
Sasuke points to the computer screen.
...So I'm fine, okay?
Keiko makes a sad look as she walks out of the room leaving
the laundry on Sasuke's bed. Sasuke turns to the computer
                       STEVE (V.O.)
So what now? You gonna go tap some
Japanese schoolgirl ass? Haha!
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Well, like you predicted, it looks
like I'm going to be a regular
customer at The Dune Cafe since me
and Kaori are friends now.
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
HAHA! I'm always right, Sas.
You've gotta admit it! Ha, really
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Yeah, right after I signed off
Kaori came to deliver my wallet,
which I forgot at the cafe. We
took a walk to the park then and


                       SASUKE (cont'd)
she just told me that she thought
she could trust me.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Okay, okay, what else have you
done with Kaori...? Don't tell me
you two are going out already....
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Haha, no.
There is a slight pause as Sasuke wonders if he should type
in his next words. Sasuke starts typing again.
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
      (TYPED, cont'd)
But I think I love her.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. Slow down,
buddy. I'm giving you a ticket for
speeding on the highway of love.
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Cheesy line, but okay. I went to
see the fireworks with her last
night and I realized I loved her
while I was walking her home from
the subway station.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Don't tell me you two made out
fiercely on the subway...
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Yeah, you wish. But I have some
news that you might like. I saw
down her yukata while she was
sleeping on my shoulder, man.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Holy shit! Did you enjoy the view
for the whole ride?


                       SASUKE (V.O.)
No, I didn't. I just saw down her
yukata for a second and I looked
away cause it wasn't right.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
God, I'm overdosing on all this
Sasuke laughs to himself as his cell phone, which is on his
desk, starts to ring. Sasuke gets up and looks at the caller
ID, which reads "Kaori". Sasuke rushes back to the computer.
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Hold on, call from Kaori.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
HOT! Phone sex! Haha, okay. I'll
be waiting, take your time and be
sure to satisfy her!
Sasuke shakes his head as he opens his phone up and presses
"Accept". This camera goes from Sasuke to Kaori and so on,
but with the actual voices of the actors.
Hey ya! I was wondering if you
wanted to go to Koraku-en with me
cause I'm sooooo bored and my
school ends early today.
Sasuke, who obviously wasn't expecting the invitation to an
amusement park, moves uneasily in his own room.
Um..uh, yeah sure. Do you want me
to come pick you up again?
Sure, it'd be nice if you
could....Oh yeah, I made something
for you last night after I got
home. It's really cool, you'll
love it, trust me.


I'm sure I will. I'll pick you up
at around one?
Okay! Bye, Sas!
Sasuke presses "End" on his cell phone. Sasuke takes a deep
breath as he puts his cell phone down on the desk. He then
quickly returns to his computer to tell Steve the news.
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
I'm going to an amusement park
with Kaori today.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
God damn! You two will be going
out in a week, seriously.
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
What should I wear? I really
didn't care what I wore with Sarah
but this is different. I need to
impress her.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Wear something casual, man.
Something too nice will definitely
freak her out. Also, don't TRY to
impress her...you'll only fail.
Just act as though you don't like
her, trust me, chicks dig that.
Sasuke thinks about the advice he just received from Steve.
After he organized his thoughts, he starts typing again.
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Okay...anything else?
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Don't forget CONDOMS!!! HAHAHA!!


                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Ha ha....I'll talk to you later.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Good luck, bring back some hot
Sasuke signs off AIM. Sasuke rushes over to his closet and
starts shuffling through his clothes.
We see Sasuke walking towards Kaori's front door, and he
definitely tried to hard to dress-up. He's got a collared
shirt and jeans, and he even geled his hair a bit....Sasuke
walks up to the doorbell, but stalls a little before he
actually presses it.
Sas? Is that you?
Okay. I'll be right down.
Kaori comes out her front door. She is wearing a blue
tanktop, and beige short shorts. She is also holding a small
pink hangbag. She seems to be holding something in her other
hand. Kaori tilts her head to show she's a bit confused in
Sasuke's sudden change in fashion, but she doens't seem to
mind as she opens the front gate.
      (stuttering a bit)
You...you look very cute...today.
What? I didn't look cute
No, no. That's not what I meant...
Kaori starts laughing out loud.


Haha. I knew what you meant. Here,
I made this for you.
Kaori gives Sasuke a blue and green lanyard. Sasuke holds it
in his hand as if he doens't know what to do.
Well, put it on!
Sasuke puts the lanyard on this right wrist, because he has
his watch on his left. Kaori smiles.
      (playfully, cont'd)
If I ever see you without that,
I'm gonna kill you!
Haha, okay. I'll be sure to keep
it on at all times.
All right, let's go!
Kaori starts running ahead, and we see Sasuke wipe his sweat
(from his own nervousness) and run along.
Kaori and Sasuke exit out of a building (the subway station
for Koraku-en is above ground in a building) and look stare
up at Koraku-en. There are roller coasters and people
You know I've never been here
You really don't go alone to an
amusement park...but now that I
actually have someone to go with,
I can finally go.


Sasuke and Kaori start walking towards Koraku-en.
Sasuke and Kaori arrive at the ticket booth. Sasuke takes
his wallet out and pulls out a ten-thousand yen bill ($100
U.S.) to pay for both of their tickets (4000 yen for one
person - $40 U.S.). Kaori notices this, and rushes ahead of
Sasuke to and quickly reaches the ticket booth. The Japanese
is subtitled.
One ticket, please.
                       TICKET LADY
4000 yen.
The TICKET LADY gives Kaori a ticket and Kaori gives the
lady a 5000 yen bill ($50 U.S.). After Kaori receives her
change, she turns and looks at Sasuke with a smile.
We're friends, Sas. I won't make
you pay for me too.
Sasuke shrugs and smiles. Sasuke walks up to the ticket
One ticket, please.
                       TICKET LADY
4000 yen.
Sasuke hands the ten-thousand yen bill to the ticket and
receives his change and ticket. He looks back at Kaori, who
is smiling.
All right. C'mon, let's go!
Kaori and Sasuke rush toward the entrance of the amusement


Kaori and Sasuke enter Koraku-en, as they stare at all the
rides and people in the park.
      (in awe)
To tell you the truth, this is my
first time here too.
Wow, I thought you're more of the
playful type.
Nah, I really didn't go anywhere
since I moved here.
Kaori spots a huge roller coaster, The Thunder Dolphin,
which is a roller coaster at Koraku-en that goes over a
building and goes through the ferris wheel. Kaori's face
lights up with delight.
      (pointing to
       Thunder Dolphin)
Let's go ride that one!
The smile on Sasuke's face suddenly is gone when he looks at
the intensity of the roller coaster. Here, we can see the
Sasuke is not that great with roller coasters.
      (shaky voice)
Th...that one? I..isn't a...a bit
too big?
      (looks at Sasuke's
What? Are you afraid?
Sasuke, thinking that he should show Kaori what he can do,
makes a decision.
No...it...looks fun.
Haha! Let's go then, hurry!


At this time, Kaori grabs Sasuke's wrist to pull him. Sasuke
looks at Kaori's hand and smiles as they run with the
towering Thunder Dolphin ahead of them.
Sasuke and Kaori run toward the camera as they stop right
under Thunder Dolphin. Sasuke looks up at Thunder Dolphin,
which looks much bigger than it did from the entrance.
      (stuttering again)
It's...much bigger up front isn't
Kaori looks at Sasuke with a puzzled face. She's only
thinking of going on the awesome roller coaster.
C'mon, what are you waiting for?
Let's get in line!
Kaori grabs Sasuke's wrist again and pulls him toward the
line. Sasuke doesn't notice Kaori's hand this time but keep
his eyes on the towering Thunder Dolphin with his mouth
Sasuke and Kaori finally reach the boarding platform, and
they are next to go on Thunder Dolphin. Sasuke's face is
filled with nervousness while Kaori is smiling from ear to
Oh my god! I'm so excited! I bet
this is, like, the tallest roller
coaster in Japan or something.
Look at how high it goes!
      (stuttering yet
Here, we hear Sasuke's thoughts.
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
If I go on that thing, I'll die!
Okay, if I act as though I'm sick,
I can get out of this situation.


Sasuke speaks up.
But before Sasuke can even start what he was trying to say,
the Thunder Dolphin train arrives loudly at the platform and
Kaori does not hear what Sasuke has to say.
Before Sasuke can say anything else, Kaori pulls Sasuke onto
the train, unluckily for Sasuke, they are on the very, very,
very, end, which is, of course, the scariest and most
thrilling place to sit on a roller coaster.
      (a bit relieved)
Hey, it's not so bad once you get
on the actual ride.
A smile returns to Sasuke's face as the ride attendants come
to check the safety harnesses. The ride slowly departs the
station. Kaori has a HUGE smile on her face, while Sasuke's
nervousness is to a minimum now.
The Thunder Dolphin train enters the station slowly. Sasuke
and Kaori are on the back. Kaori's hair is messed up, but
she still has that huge smile on her face. Sasuke, on the
other hand, is very terrified. His eyes are wide open and
the hands that are holding onto the harness are shaking with
fright. The train stops and the harnesses go up, but Sasuke
is still holding on to his harness.
      (getting up)
Sas? Sas?
      (stuttering a LOT)
The t....tallest...
      (shakes Sasuke)
Sas! Let's go!
Sasuke suddenly wakes up from his trance.


      (waking up)
R, right! Let's go. Man, that was
one FUN ride.
We can all hear that the word "fun" was forced. Sasuke and
Kaori walk toward the exit of the ride. We can see their
backs...Sasuke's legs are still shaking.
Sasuke and Kaori walk out into the open again after they
rode Thunder Dolphin. We see Kaori has two keychains in her
That was fun. Here, I bought you a
What? You shouldn't have.
Well, while you were sitting down
and staring off into space, I
bought you one too because your
face was priceless!
Kaori laughs at the thought of the picture. Kaori hands one
of the keychains to Sasuke. We can see the intensity of
Sasuke's face with his eyes wide open and screaming at the
top of his lungs.
People scream loudly when they're
having fun.
By this time, Kaori understands what Sasuke is trying to do.
She decides she'll have some more fun by taking Sasuke on
Oh yeah? Fine, let's go on that
one next!
Kaori points toward the Tower Hacker, a 80 meter free fall
drop ride. Sasuke shivers at the sight of it.
S...sure. It....looks great.


Kaori laughs as she grabs Sasuke's wrist again to pull him
to Tower Hacker.
Kaori and Sasuke are leaving Tower Hacker, and Sasuke seems
like he just saw a ghost while Kaori is laughing hard.
You could've just told me that you
are afraid of these rides.
Kaori is laughing too hard. She takes a seat on a nearby
bench. Sasuke sits next to her.
      (staring off into
I think I still feel the wind
going through my hair...
Kaori laughs again as she holds her stomach.
I never imagined you'd be this
scared of roller coasters and of
I guess this is what happens when
you stay inside the house all day.
      (trying to change
       the subject)
You hungry?
      (rubs her stomach)
Yeah...a bit.
I know a good Italian restaurant
in the building that Thunder
Dolphin went over. Wanna go there?
I'll pay for you.
Kaori thinks for a moment.
Okay, but we split the bill.


Sasuke is taken back by this suggestion, because he doesn't
know many girls who refuse the offer of being paid for.
Okay. Let's go.
Sasuke and Kaori start walking toward the building. Kaori
grabs Sasuke's hand once more, and Sasuke suddenly tightens
This looks more natural.
Sasuke blushes as they walk. But Kaori starts laughing
No, it's nothing. I just remember
your face on Tower Hacker and I
Sasuke sighs as they walk.
Sasuke and Kaori are led to a table and they both sit down.
The waiter leaves two menus and leaves the table. MANGIA
MANGIA is full of customers, and it seems as though Sasuke
and Kaori had to wait a long time to get a table.

      (a little annoyed)
I thought we were a little early
for dinner but WOW, I didn't know
this restaurant was this popular.
Yeah...say, you told me you never
came this amusement park. How did
you know this restaurant?


Oh, I went online before I picked
you up just to check what kind of
restaurants were here.
But you forgot to check the rides.
Sasuke and Kaori look at the menu. Sasuke's already chosen
what he wants but Kaori seems to be divided between two
I'm going to have the Char Broiled
Steak. What about you?
I don't know...this Herb Porkchop
Steak looks good but I wanna see
what the Char Broiled Steak tastes
like too.
Here, I'll give you some of mine
so you can order the Herb Porkchop
Kaori waves to a waiter. The waiter walks over to the table.
All the Japanese is subtitled.
      (taking out a
       notepad, IN
What will your orders be?
I'll have the Herb Porkchop Steak
and he'll have the Char Broiled


Would you like something to drink
to go with that?
No, I'm fine.
      (to Sasuke, IN
Do you want something to drink?
      (to waitor, IN
I'll just stay with water.
The waitor nods and leaves the table. Some time passes
before they start talking again.
So...what's new?
Kaori seems sad.
Both my parents aren't going to be
home for the next week.
I mean, I'm already afraid of
being alone, and now that they're
never home, they seem to get
further and further.
What about food? Can you cook?
At this remark, Kaori's smile returns.
I'm quite the cook.
Oh, really now?


Oh yeah. You wanna come over
tomorrow night? I'll cook you the
best meal ever.
Okay. I bet it's better than my
mom's cooking.
...instant food.
Kaori laughs and the waitor comes with their food.
      (placing plate in
       front of Kaori,
Here's the Herb Porkchop Steak.
      (placing plate in
       front of Sasuke)
and here's the Char Broiled Steak.
Enjoy your meal.
The waitor walks away and Kaori and Sasuke start eating.
There is silence while they are eating, but after a while
Kaori reaches over with her fork to Sasuke's plate and takes
a piece of the steak that Sasuke cut. Sasuke watches as
Kaori eats his steak, and they both laugh.
We hear footsteps as Sasuke runs into the room. He turns out
his pockets and puts his wallet, cellphone, and the keychain
Kaori bought for him on his table, then rushes toward to the
computer. He starts AIM and immediately and wants to start
talking to Steve, but he's not there. This sequence is just
like all the other typed sequences.
      (TO HIMSELF)
Just as Sasuke is trying to sign off, an AIM window pops up
in front of him, it's Steve.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
So how did your little date go


                       SASUKE (V.O.)
What? You're not online...how come
you're talking to me?
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Man, all these annoying people
keep IMing me so I'm hiding right
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Oh, great.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
So tell me how your date went
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Great, I just got home from
walking her home.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Man, just ask her out already.
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
No, don't think so, but listen to
this! I'm going to her house
                       STEVE (V.O.)
WHAT!? You're going to her house
to have hot sex all night long!?
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Never said that. I'm going to her
house to eat dinner that she's
going to cook herself.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
And have hot sex after
dinner....MAN that's romantic!


                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Ugh, I never said that. But wait,
should I ask her out?
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Man, look at my second comment.
YES! You should!
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
I don't have the courage....I
don't think I should...we're just
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Man, work up the courage to do it
you little pussy.
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
I'll probably just eat dinner and
come home...thanks anyway. I'm
going to sleep. Cya.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
That's right. You go and get your
beauty sleep. Cya!
Sasuke smiles as he signs off. He returns to his table and
picks up the keychain that Kaori bought for him. He puts his
head on the table and stares blankly out the window.
We see Kaori in her own kitchen, getting the food ready and
setting the table up for Sasuke. She's humming along to some
song, and she's wearing a white apron over her normal
clothes. Her hair is up in a pony tail. Just then the
doorbell rings and Kaori rushes to the doorphone to pick it
      (INTO PHONE)
Sas? Is it you?
      (FROM PHONE)
*Darth Vader breathing*


      (INTO PHONE, shaky
      (FROM PHONE,
Haha! Yeah, it's me. Did I scare
Kaori's shoulders drop as she relaxes.
      (INTO PHONE,
       playfully angry)
Oh, god! Don't do that! You scared
me soooo much. I'll open the door.
      (FROM PHONE)
Kaori puts the phone down and rushes toward the front door.
She opens the door. At this the camera angle changes to show
Kaori from Sasuke's point of view. Sasuke is apparently
suprised at Kaori's apron outfit. Sasuke smiles as he enters
the house.
Right on time! You still suprise
me on how you arrive on time.
That's who I am.
Kaori leads Sasuke into the kitchen. Sasuke takes a seat as
Kaori returns to the kitchen to bring the last plate over to
the table.
      (sitting down)
Eat while it's still hot.
Before Kaori finishes her line, Sasuke is already digging
into the food prepared for him.
      (with food in his
Wis food if reawy goo. (This food
is really good)


Slow down, Sas. You're gonna
Sasuke takes two more bites and he chews a bit then
swallows. Kaori laughs.
Man, this food is AMAZING. It's
much better than the restaurant we
ate at yesterday and it sure beats
my mom's cooking.
Sasuke takes another huge bite into the food, while Kaori
watches Sasuke hungrily eat the food she made.
Is it that good?
Hell yes! How did you learn to
cook like this?
Kaori looks down at the table.
Well, I usually have nothing to do
when I get home from school...so
sometimes I just cook because it
takes my mind off other things.
And before I knew it, I was great
at cooking.
      (starts chewing
But I'm happy. I finally have
someone to taste my cooking.
Usually it was only me who tasted
my cooking...it was kind of boring
after a while.
This food is probably the greatest
food I've ever put into my mouth.


Kaori blushes as she quickly looks away from Sasuke. Sasuke
keeps eating on. When Kaori looks back at Sasuke, she
notices the lanyard on Sasuke's wrist.
You still have my lanyard on.
Sasuke stops eating for a while, then looks at his wrist.
It's nice and you DID tell me you
were gonna kill me if I ever took
it off.
Kaori obviously sees the actual reason why Sasuke kept the
lanyard on.
Sasuke doesn't hear Kaori say this becauase he is too busy
All of the food that Kaori cooked is now completely gone,
and Sasuke is leaning back in his chair patting his stomach.
Man...THAT...was good.
You want desert and some tea?
Sasuke sits up at the mention of desert. Sasuke LOVES
Is it cake?
As a matter of fact, yes it is.
It's actually chocolate cake.
Kaori gets up and heads for the refridgerator to get the
cake. Sasuke sits there eagerly for the yummy desert.


Kaori returns with two cakes on two plates. As soon as she
places the chocolate cake in front of Sasuke, he start
eating. Kaori laughs again as she goes back to the fridge to
get the tea. Sasuke is already done with his cake by the
time Kaori returns with the tea and she is suprised by
Sasuke's speed at eating.
      (putting tea down)
Wow...you're a really fast eater.
      (sipping tea)
Yeah, I guess so.
There is a bit of chocolate left on Sasuke's lip. Kaori
notices this and chuckles.
You have some chocolate on your
Before Sasuke can wipe the chocolate off himself, Kaori
leans over the table and wipes the chocolate off herself
with a napkin. Sasuke blushes terribly at this.
      (touching his lip)
There is a moment of silence where Sasuke is watching Kaori
as she eats her cake and sips tea.
I have to go to the bathroom. I'll
be right back.
Sasuke nods as Kaori gets up to go to the bathroom. 5
minutes pass but Kaori doesn't come back. 10 minutes pass
but Kaori still doesn't come back. 30 minutes pass and Kaori
STILL doesn't come back. Sasuke looks at the clock for a
moment and decided he should go see what happened. He
searches all of the first floor, including the bathroom, to
see where she was, but she's not on the first floor. He
climbs the stairs calling Kaori's name.


Kaori! Kaori!
Sasuke walks around the second floor, looking into rooms to
see where Kaori is. Sasuke arrives at a room with the sign
"Kaori's Room". Sasuke hesitates at first, but opens the
door to see if Kaori is in the room.
Sasuke opens the door slowly to reveal Kaori's room. Her
room is pink, and has dolls everywhere. He looks at the bed
and sees Kaori sleeping. Sasuke rushes toward her and shakes
Kaori! You okay?
Kaori slowly opens her eyes. The moment she sees Sasuke, she
sits up.
Oh my god, sorry. I just drifted
What were you doing upstairs?
I don't know. I just felt like
coming up here for a moment, and I
just fell asleep.
Sasuke laughs at this comment.
Haha, it's okay.
Sasuke looks around Kaori's room.
You have a lot of dolls.
      (picks a bunny
       dolls up)
I think they're cute.


They used to give me comfort when
I was home alone when I was
Sasuke is looking at all Kaori's other dolls.
Do you...think I'm weird?
Sasuke turns back and looks at Kaori. There's a sad
expression on Kaori's face, probably expecting a yes. Sasuke
and Kaori stare at each other for a moment. Then Sasuke
suddenly starts to laugh out loud.
What? What's so funny?
No, it's just that I used to talk
to my Lego figures for comfort. I
remember how I didn't want anyone
knowing because I thought people
would think I'm weird.
Sasuke walks over to Kaori and puts his right hand on her
left shoulder.
You're not weird at all, Kaori.
Just then something snaps in Kaori, and she breaks down
crying. This is the first time Sasuke saw tears in Kaori's
eyes, and he does not know what to do. Sasuke sits next to
her on her bed.
There, there.
Kaori digs her face into Sasuke's chest, crying all over
Sasuke's shirt. Sasuke has his hands up in the air, not
knowing what to do with them. Slowly and carefully he wraps
his arms around Kaori, patting her back. Kaori doesn't seem
to care about Sasuke's arms and keeps crying.


We see Sasuke and Kaori walking down the stair heading
toward the front door. Sasuke's shirt is drenched by Kaori's
tears, and Kaori's eyes are red.
      (opening door for
I'm really sorry about your
Look, don't worry about it. Call
me, okay?
Kaori nods and watches as Sasuke puts his shoes on. Sasuke
walks toward the front gate. Just then, Sasuke turns back
and rushes toward Kaori. Kaori is scared by the sudden
movement made by Sasuke, and covers her face as Sasuke
approaches. At this time the camera is from Kaori's point of
view, so we can only see darkness.
      (from darkness)
Thanks for the food, Kaori. It was
Sasuke pulls Kaori close to him, embracing her. The camera
captures them both in the dark. Kaori starts crying again.
Thank you...
Sasuke lets go of Kaori, and walks toward the front gate.
When Sasuke reaches the front gate, he turns back and waves
at Kaori. Kaori, while wiping her tears, waves back. Sasuke
walks away into the darkness.
Sasuke is again, talking to Steve on the computer. It looks
like Steve has no life. We hear typing for a while, then the
V.O. starts and we get to hear the conversation between
Sasuke and Steve.
                       STEVE (V.O.)


                       SASUKE (V.O.)
What do you mean "and"? Then I
came home.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Where's the hot sex you promised
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
I didn't promise you any hot
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Man, you're telling me that you
were actually IN her room, ON her
bed, and you took a bloody shirt
wet with her tears home instead of
her virginity!? Are you fucking
out of your mind?
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
I'm not like that, you know that.
I don't see why you wanna have sex
so much.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Well, that's just who I am.
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Enough said.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Oh yeah!
                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Well enough about me, how are you
                       STEVE (V.O.)
What do you think? I'm online all
the time, so we can see that I've
got nothing to do.


                       SASUKE (V.O.)
Haha, I'm tired. I'm going to
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Yeah, and jack off to your shirt
drenched with Kaori's tears. Oh my
god, it turns me on!
Sasuke laughs as he signs off. He walks over to his bed and
lies face up. He looks at right wrist, at the lanyard that
Kaori made him. He drifts off to sleep.
Birds are chirping as sunlight shines into Sasuke's room.
Sasuke rolls over in his bed. He pulls up his blanket to his
chest and gets in fetal position.
Sasuke rolls over again. Suddenly, a huge yell fills the
      (Screaming madly)
Sasuke suddenly wakes up, falling onto his floor. His hair
is a bit messed up, which suggests he didn't sleep too well.
With his eyes half open, he starts walking toward the living
room still in his clothes from the day before.
We see Sasuke's living room, where Keiko and Kazuo are
fighting...yet again. They are standing facing each other.
It can been seen that Keiko is beating Kazuo crapless.
That has gotta be the worst idea I
have ever heard of.
      (picks ear)
Yeah, sure.


Sasuke walks into the living room, and yawns. Keiko and
Kazuo don't notice that they woke their son up.
I bet Sasuke will never agree to
something stupid like that.
But it isn't fair! I NEVER get a
say in these kinds of situations.
      (collapses into
Oh my god. I don't think it really
matters if I choose or you choose.
Yes it does! It is very important
and I bet Sasuke will say the
Keiko shakes her head. Sasuke pulls up a chair and sits down
to watch his oblivious parents fight about him.
Well, we both know that your
decision is not very thought out.
I thought very carefully about my
decision thank you very much!
      (rolls eyes)
Why me? Why?
I don't get it.
Keiko slaps her hand on her forehead.
Sometimes I just wonder why you're
so stupid.
I am not stupid, I'm just a


If this is about something stupid
like scissors again, I'm gonna cut
you both.
      (Looks offended)
It's much more important than
that, Sas.
Stop talking and this conversation
may sound a bit more
At this remark Sasuke shakes his head in disgust as he
starts to walk away.
Something in Kazuo snaps as he randomly rants in spite of
his anger.
I don't see why you're so
skeptical of my decision! I
actually thought this out, and
after many comparisons I came to a
conclusion. It's reliable, and we
are DEFINITELY going to eat at
Denny's tonight.
Sasuke hears the word "Denny's" and freezes. He realizes
that this whole conversation was about nothing; practically
the same as the scissors. Sasuke turns back and stomps
toward his arguing parents.
      (all sorts of
       crazy movement)
arguing about where to eat dinner
tonight! It's not that big of a
deal! Think of something more
important like ME! ME! ME! I don't


                       SASUKE (cont'd)
see where you get all these dumb
ideas from. You two had me all
fooled because I thought that this
conversation was about something
mildly intellectual.
Sasuke's parents stare at Sasuke dumbfounded as he starts
walking off. Sasuke thinks that he has made his point and
his smirking as he walks away.
      (runs up to Sasuke)
Sasuke....I need you to get some
groceries. Thanks!
Keiko extends the grocery list to Sasuke. Sasuke sighs as he
takes the grocery list from his mother.
      (looks back)
Oh yeah, and Denny's sucks.
Sasuke runs up his stairs to get changed to go shopping.
That was uncalled for.....
We see Sasuke walking down an aisle with a grocery cart,
looking at his list and picking things and putting them in.
      (To himself)
Damn parents...so useless...
He viciously takes a can out from the shelf, but this can
was the lower of the two rows of cans, and the cans come
crashing down into his cart and all over the floor.
He starts reluctantly picking the cans up and puts them
sloppily back on the shelf. He starts walking with his cart
He turns a corner, and a fireworks piled up catches his eye.


I used to come to these fireworks
every year with my parents...you
know, before they were all big and
rich....It was so much fun...my
dad used to put me on his
shoulders so I could see the
fireworks better...
After the flashback, Sasuke stares at the fireworks. The
camera slowly zooms into the fireworks.
We see Sasuke closing the door behind him with two plastic
bags in his hands. His mother is sitting at the living room
table drinking tea and engaging in a book. He quickly darts
to the living room and sets one of the bags down, while
taking the other bag, obviously with the fireworks in it, up
to his room. When Sasuke goes up the stairs, we see Keiko's
eyes look up toward the stairs while she sips her tea.
Sasuke walks into his room, and immediately heads to his
desk to stuff the bag with the fireworks under his desk. He
then proceeds to take out his wallet and cell phone from his
pockets. Sasuke is obviously happy, and we see him go to his
computer and turns on a upbeat song. Once the song starts,
Sasuke starts half-dancing in his chair. He then proceeds to
notice an IM window popping out on the computer. He stops
the music and leans over to type.
Hey, you whore. How's it going
with that Kaori chick?
Pretty good, I guess. We're
becoming really close friends.
It's great.


Yo, let me set you straight mother
Just then, another IM pops up from FRANK, another one of
Sasuke's friends from America.
      (Typed - To Steve)
Sorry, hold that thought.
      (Typed - To Frank)
Hey man! Long time no talk.
Hey, hey, hey. It's my man Sas!
How's boring old Japan? You all
high-tech and shit now?
      (Typed - Frank)
Haha, very funny.
Just then another IM window pops up, we do not see what
Sasuke types, but he takes a seat as he types. IM windows
pop up everywhere and on the screen we see a montage of
people typing. We also hear V.O's going "hey Sas"; "What's
up"; "My man! how's Japan?" Sasuke is in the middle of the
montage typing frantically, but happily as he answers all of
the IMs. This montage is broken when the door to his room
opens and Keiko is standing at the doorway.
Who are you talking to?
Sasuke looks behind him, and we can see all the IM windows
flashing as they IM him.
Ah, no one. Just a couple of
friends from America.
A few? I bet there's like eight
layers of those things.


Sasuke turns around and starts typing again. Keiko shakes
her head and sighs as she goes out.
Yo, you're a bit slow answering.
How many people you talkin' to?
      (Typed - Steve)
Like, ten people. By the way, I
have a good idea for Kaori
If it doesn't have the word "sex"
in it, I'll beat you down.
      (Typed - Steve)
All right, here's the deal. Kaori
told me she wished she could go
with her parents to see more
fireworks. And I thought that
maybe I could make a little
makeshift fireworks display with
just the two of us, so she can
feel good about herself
Haha, sounds good my friend. I
like the sex part. Beef that up,
      (Typed - Steve)
You are so weird. I'm gonna go
call Kaori now. Peace.
Sex her up!
Sasuke walks toward his desk where his cell phone is and
calls Kaori.
      (into phone)
Hey....are you free tonight? Okay,
meet me right next to the


                       SASUKE (cont'd)
Tamagawa....yeah, the place where
we saw the fireworks.
He hangs up the phone, and picks up the bag with the
fireworks from under his desk. He starts sorting them out.
We see Sasuke waiting at the subway station for Kaori. He is
wearing a pair of long khaki pants a T-shirt. He has his
back to the wall, looking out toward the road.
Hey there.
Sasuke turns around, and Kaori is there. She starts
You must've done some serious
thinking, cause you didn't even
hear me coming.
      (covering up)
The cars were pretty loud. You
Kaori nods, and they start walking towards Tamagawa. Sasuke
seems nervous, and is walking faster than Kaori is. Kaori
jogs up to Sasuke's side.
Are you okay? You seem different
than usual.
Nah, I'm fine. C'mon, I'll race
you to the hill!
Sasuke starts dashing ahead of Kaori, and Kaori soon follows
running behind him. They reach the hill where they saw the
fireworks, but when they get there Kaori is ahead of Sasuke
and is waiting for him to get there. Finally, Sasuke arrives
huffing and puffing.
You really need to get out more.


      (out of breath)
Don't *huff*...nevermind.
Sasuke sits to catch his breath and Kaori takes a seat right
next to him. They look at each other and laugh.
So why did you bring me here?
Wait right here. I'll be right
Sasuke gets up and runs off a little off. You can see
Sasuke's back, but nothing else, since it's so dark. Kaori
tries hard to see what's going on. Suddenly, Sasuke starts
running back and sits next to Kaori.
What was that all abo...
Before Kaori can finish what she's trying to say, a loud
explosion fills the air, and tons of fireworks go up into
the air. Kaori is astonished as she sees the fireworks go
up. The fireworks are shown in slow motion as they explode
in the air. The fireworks display goes on for awhile and
when it ends, Kaori is still astonished.
When you said you didn't get to
see fireworks with your family
anymore I thought maybe I'd put on
a private fireworks display for
And before Sasuke can say anything else, Kaori jumps into
his arms. Sasuke, not expecting this reaction, after awhile,
embraces her with his arms as they sit there on the
Kaori and Sasuke are staring out at the river, and Kaori's
eyes are a bit red from crying. There is a solemn silence.
...So how's it going with your
parents and everything.


C'mon, I'd like to ask you the
same question.
Fine. My mom is starting to notice
me more since I'm out of the house
more often...Isn't that weird how
that works?
      (looking out
       towards river)
...How what works?
That people start to notice you
more when you're not there as
much. It was weird at first but
I'm starting to like it. I think
if I keep it up my dad will start
noticing me too.
Sasuke nods as there is another awkward silence. Kaori looks
at Sasuke and nudges him with her elbow. Sasuke, who sighs,
finally talks.
Fine, fine. I'm still having
problems with my parents 'cause
they still don't seem to
understand what I want, instead of
what they want.
Kaori looks a bit disappointed at this news. She looks
toward the ground as Sasuke still stares out into the river.
I just can't get used to this
lifestyle, you know? I just don't
like Japan as much as I like
America. Everything there is much
more relaxed, and I feel Japanese
people are too uptight...
Something changes in Kaori as she turns her head toward


Sas, why do you have to be such a
pessimist? You're Japanese too,
remember? Maybe you should be more
proud of who you are rather than
who you want to be. Am I too
Kaori ignores Sasuke's pleas and continues.
Obviously I'm not good enough of a
friend to you 'cause it seems as
though you seem to miss your
fucking friends in America a lot,
don't you?
Kaori gets up, walks a little, and turns back toward Sasuke.
Just go back if you want to see
your friends again Sas, I won't
stop you.
Kaori runs off as Sasuke just sits there staring at Kaori
disappear into the distance.
Sasuke slumps into the house as he closes the door behind
him. He sighs, takes his shoes off, and walks toward the
stairs. His parents are talking in the kitchen, and as he
walks closer, they get up and walk to Sasuke. Keiko and
Kazuo get in the way of him getting up the stairs.
What now?
We noticed you still don't have
any friends in Japan.
      (claps sarcasticly)
Well done, team. A job well done.
He tries to go upstairs and the couple stops him.


So you mother and I had a
Wow, you guys are on a roll here.
Stop it, Sas. We're serious.
Sasuke shakes his head as he waits for Keiko to tell him
what came out of this discussion.
We're moving back to America.
Sasuke looks at his parents dumbfounded as Kazuo continues.
You don't have any friends here.
You're always online talking to
your friends from America. And I
don't even know where you go out
everyday but I'm pretty sure it's
nowhere special.
Sasuke lets out what seems to be a sigh of relief.
Well, then. Thank you, no really,
thank you and good night.
Sasuke goes up to his room, and closes his door. He slides
down the door, and smiles a wide smile when he reaches the
bottom. He then suddenly jumps up and starting yelling
happily and running around his room.
Whoo hoo!!! I'm goin home baby!
It is morning, and Sasuke wakes up with a wide smile on his
face. He skips over to his computer and starts it up. He
goes downstairs to go eat breakfast.


Sasuke skips into the kitchen happily.
Gooooooooood morning, mother!
Keiko smiles subtly as Sasuke sits down to eat his
Whoa! Bacon and egg....looks
Sasuke gobbles up the breakfast, and with a little bit of
egg on his cheek, he starts going up the stairs again.
See ya!
Keiko watches as Sasuke goes upstairs. When Sasuke goes up
the stairs Keiko leans over to talk to Kazuo, who just came
into the kitchen.
Did you see him? He's so happy.
I'm happy for him, but now I have
to start packing up our stuff
It was really lucky our old house
is still available.
Kazuo walks to the kitchen counter and pours himself some
coffee. He sits down at the table and picks up the paper to
read it.
Wasn't too great of a house to
begin with, but I'm sure Sasuke
will be happier, and my boss said
moving me to Japan didn't work out
anyway, so the company's paying
for all of this. It's great.
Kazuo takes a sip of his coffee as he turns the page of the
newspaper. Keiko puts breakfast in front of Kazuo. Keiko


smiles as she puts all the ingredients away, and Kazuo is
smiling as well as he puts the newspaper down to start his
The camera switches to Sasuke's room where Sasuke is
frantically typing on his computer. He has a huge smile on
his face and you can see him use the delete key a lot
because he is so excited. Sasuke finishes typing and hits
the "enter" button. There is a silence while Sasuke waits
for Steve's answer to his message. Finally, Steve answers.
Wow...Dude, that's awesome.
Yeah, I know! I can finally go
Haha, damn straight. You ditch
that worthless country and come
back here man. You belong here.
Yeah, I know. We gotta hang out
like everyday, apparently I'm
moving back into the same house
that I lived in.
Haha, this is even better. Ditch
all of your friends and come
here...wait, you don't have any
friends there anyway. LoL
Yes, I do. I have...
Sasuke stops typing. There is a flashback here as we go back
to when Kaori yelled at him.
Sas, why do you have to be such a
pessimist? You're Japanese too,
remember? Maybe you should be more


                       KAORI (cont'd)
proud of who you are rather than
who you want to be.
Sasuke leans back in his chair as he realizes that he
completely forgot about Kaori and his feelings for her.
Yes, I do. I have Kaori. I've got
to tell you something. I got into
a fight with her yesterday, and
she just walked away from me.
Wow, really?
I can't leave Japan like this,
Steve. I love her. I need to tell
her that.
Oh, god. You're not gonna try a
long distance relationship, are
you? 'Cause this one time, I was
going out with this chick in
Brazil, and man, things did not
work out.
I don't have to date her, I just
have to tell her how I feel. I
can't make her feel this way and
just leave her like that.
Then just go tell her. I bet you
she's waiting for you to apologize
to her.
Sasuke slumps in his chair as he thinks it over. The lanyard
that Kaori made for him catches his eye. He's been wearing
it all this time, but he hasn't noticed it - just like he
hasn't noticed Kaori's friendship and his feelings for her.


You know what? You're right. I'm
gonna go and apologize to her
Whoa, whoa. You're not gonna call
her first?
No, Kaori doesn't deserve an
half-assed apology over the phone.
I'm gonna go to her house, and
apologize to her face.
Sasuke signs off and puts on clothes as he hops out of the
room as he's putting his jeans on. We go to Steve's room,
where Steve is sitting in a chair in front of his computer.
I meant call her and set up a
place and time so she doens't slam
the door on you. God Sas, you
Kaori's mansion of a house towers over Sasuke as he stands
in front of the house. He is debating whether to push the
intercom or not. He finally gets the courage to, and slowly
approaches his finger toward the button. He stops, and
changes his mind. He opens the front gate and walks directly
up to the front door. He knocks twice on the huge door.
Footsteps are heard as we can hear Kaori's voice going "I'm
coming!". Kaori opens the door and her smile fades as she
sees Sasuke.
Kaori, hear me out before you
close the door on me. I'm really
sorry and...


      (cutting Sasuke
I don't even want to hear it. Just
go to America where you feel
comfortable, Sas. You said it
yourself - you don't belong here.
Kaori tries to close the door, but Sasuke throws himself
between the door so that it doens't close. Sasuke tries to
explain while he's getting squashed.
      (choking a bit)
Kaori...please...let me just have
a minute...
      (closes the door
       some more)
And why should I listen to you?
I...just didn't want us (pause) I
just didn't want to lose you!
There is a slight pause in which Kaori wonders whether to
hear what Sasuke has to say or not.
Kaori slowly opens the door to let Sasuke in. Sasuke
collapses onto the floor of her doorway and starts wheezing.
Sasuke is clutching onto his chest and seems to be in pain.
...Do you want a drink or
That would be nice.
Kaori walks to the kitchen, as Sasuke slowly gets up. Sasuke
leans on the wall as he's holding his chest. He slowly
starts to walk to the kitchen as well, when Kaori meets him
halfway and gives him a cup of water.


Sasuke walks to the kitchen table and takes a seat. He takes
one big gulp of water as Kaori calmly takes a seat across
from him. Sasuke finishes the whole glass before he speaks
up again.
So how's it going with your
Cut the shit, Sas. Say what you
gotta say.
Look, I'm sorry about what I said
last night, It was thoughtless,
and I was just being selfish. So
please forgive me.
Kaori gets up, walks around to the table towards Sasuke.
Sasuke seems relieved that Kaori seems to have forgiven him.
But then Kaori smacks Sasuke across the face.
Don't you ever do that again.
(Pause) You have to be proud of
who you are.
Yeah...I deserved that.
And if you'll excuse me, I have to
do some work around the house
before my parents get home.
Sasuke, not finishing what he and Steve had planned, (Which
was to ask Kaori out) quickly tries to stay at her house.
Mind if I stay?
Kaori looks back weirdly, and Sasuke smiles an awkward
smile. Kaori is obviously confused as she slowly answers.
...I guess? You'll have to help me
clean out the attic with me.


Fine. Let's go.
As Kaori turns her back again, Sasuke hits himself in the
head because he can't get the courage to ask her out yet (or
to explain that he's leaving). Kaori quickly looks back and
Sasuke smiles. He gets up and follows Kaori up two flights
of stairs up to a nice, white door.
Huh, this isn't that bad.
Don't judge a book by its cover.
And at that Kaori opens to door, to reveal the most dark and
filthy place you could ever imagine. Lots of bugs scurry
away form the light coming in from the hall.
...maybe we should get something
to cover our mouths.
...sounds like a great idea.
Kaori and Sasuke are cleaning the attic, and Kaori has a
cloth over her mouth while Sasuke has a bandana over his
mouth. They are dusting the objects in the room, which are
visible now because they turned the one light bulb in the
room on.
Haha, you look like a robber.
That's not funny, this place is a
Yeah...it was just used for
storage but me and my dad are
thinking of making it like a
second living room because the
view out this window is beautiful.
Kaori points to a dusted up window in the back. They both


walk up to it and Kaori opens to window slowly. The window
swings out as the beautiful scenery comes into view. There
are a couple of houses in the foreground with a lot of
trees, and in the distance the city skyscrapers tower into
the skyline.
It is beautiful.
Yuh huh.
There is a silence while the two of them appreciate the
scenery. Sasuke then realizes that this is the perfect
moment to ask her out. Sasuke turns toward Kaori.
Hey, Kaori...
There is an awkward silence as Sasuke tries to find the
courage to tell her his feelings and about him leaving.
Tell her you love her, you
dimwitted bastard!
...I'm glad we're friends again.
I'm glad we're friends again too.
She says this as she walks away to change and closes the
window. Sasuke hits himself several times after Kaori leaves
expressing his regret for not asking Kaori out.
God dammit! Idoit, idiot, idiot,
idiot, idiot.
After his little tantrum, Sasuke sinks to the floor and
God dammit, Sas.
He picks his hand off the ground and looks at it. It's
completely covered in disgusting sud.


He then proceeds to wipe the sud on his shirt, and it smears
all over. Sasuke groans again as he gets up and walks away.
He is also shaking his head.
It's about three o'clock, and Sasuke enters his room
slumping. He walks to his desk and falls into it. He pounds
his head on his keyboard in anger for about 5 seconds. He
looks up on his computer sceen and takes off his away
Hey! How did it go? Did she touch
your penis?
      (chuckles as
You really don't have a life do
Nope. Why would I go anywhere when
my best friend is trying to score
some? Come on, tell me how she
was? Was she a freak?
Nothing happened. We're friends
again but I couldn't ask her out.
Aw, you chickened out? You little
fucking pussy, you're more of a
girl than an elementary schoolgirl
with pom poms and in a tu tu.
Stop it, that doesn't make any
sense and that's not even funny
anymore. I'm in serious need here.


Aw, come on. Take a joke, Sas. I
know you want to get in that nice
tight little poon of hers.
Fuck you Steve. You really don't
know when to stop, do you? I'm
fucking serious when I say I'm in
trouble. Now are you gonna help
me, or am I just wasting my time?
All right, all right. I'm sorry.
Let's get serious here. So tell me
exactly what happened.
Well, I went to her house to
apologize, and she fucking pinned
me with the door. I finally got
in, and I cleaned a fucking attic
with her. She opened a window and
it was the most beautiful thing
ever. So I wanted to ask her out,
but I just ended up thanking her
for being friends. Yeah...
Wow. That sucks...a lot.
It does. It was the perfect
moment, and I fucked it up.
Come on. You can still do this. I
don't think her feelings for you
have changed at all, so you have
to take your ass back there and
tell her how you feel before its
too late.


I don't know, Steve. I don't feel
too good about this.
If you don't do this, you'll
regret it for the rest of your
life. Trust me. You have to do
this. Tomorrow is the latest.
Fine. I'll do it tomorrow. I gotta
go, I need to think about it.
Yeah, sleep on it man.
Thanks for all the help, man.
Anytime, buddy. Now go! Go get
some action out of this.
Sasuke signs off, and he stares at the ceiling.
We see Kaori sitting at her desk, staring blankly at the
wall, with her head on her hands. She seems to be thinking
about something, hopefully Sasuke, as a tear drops from her
Sasuke is sitting on a bench, where Kaori and Sasuke had
their first talk. Sasuke seems uneasy, and is tapping his


toes and his fingers, licking his lips, and looking this way
and that. Koari comes into the park, as relaxed as ever, and
finds Sasuke, waves, and jogs over to the bench.
      (sitting down)
Hey, what did you call me out here
Well, you know, it was a nice day
and everything so I thought we
could just sit and, uh, talk you
There is a silence where Kaori and Sasuke don't look at each
other, but are staring outwards. Sasuke breaks the silence.
I'm leaving for America.
      (stands up)
I'm really sorry, I had it all
planned out in my head and....god
Wait, what is this all about?
My parents decided to move back
for me. You know...*scoffs* they
don't know what they're doing,
trust me, I...
...because you don't have any
Hey, I never said that...


Kaori gives him a look.
...but yes, that's what happened.
And yeah, I'm leaving on the
24th...so that's like a month.
Why didn't you tell them you had a
friend? A good one at that.
I had no choice, I...
...I know.
...you want to go back don't you?
Hey, I never...yeah, I was happy
when my parents first told me.
Kaori looks down at the ground, looking like she's about to
cry. Sasuke sees this and tries to continue on.
But then I realized that I was
going to be leaving you...and I
Sasuke looks up at the nightsky, the stars are twinkling as
though encouraging him to go on.
...I love you.
Kaori looks up at Sasuke, and her face is red with tears.
She sniffs as she tries to say something. Kaori starts
crying some more, and Sasuke is standing there awkwardly.
His feelings start to show on his face, and he starts to
sniff and quickly looks away. After a while, both of them
stop crying (Sasuke was just sniffing) and they look at each
other. Kaori jumps into his arms and they kiss. Sasuke,
expecting this to happen but not expecting her to jump at


him, is in an awkward position and Kaori kisses him. Kaori
quickly pulls away and they just stand there in an awkward
and vulnerable moment.
I...love you too...
I'm sorry...
Kaori looks at Sasuke for awhile, then nods.
I knew exactly what I was
doing...I was afraid it would end
up just like Sarah. But I knew she
was different...I thought I
..its just that even if we stayed
together after I leave, I
mean...I...I don't think it'll
Kaori looks down at the ground, not sure of what to say.
You were the best friend I ever
had...Who am I kidding, you were
the only friend I had, Sas.
Kaori smiles as she hugs Sasuke.
Good luck.
Kaori turns around and walks out of the park. Sasuke stands
blankly as Kaori walks off into the distance.
Sasuke is sitting on the edge of his bed, and the audience
can see Sasuke's emotionless expression on his face.
...fucking shit...


The audience sees Sasuke doing stuff in his room, like
randomly kicking a chair, or pacing in the room, with his
voice over in the background.
What have I done? I've been
killing my parents to move back to
America and I thought I was going
to be happy. I was stupid enough
to believe moving back to America
would solve all my problems. I
finally get a beautiful girl to
open my eyes and it's too
late....sorry Kaori...goddammit.
Sasuke walks over to his home phone, not his cell phone. And
looks through his wallet for a piece of paper. When he finds
it, he goes ahead and dials a long phone number and waits as
the phone rings.
Steve is in bed, it is the morning in America, as his house
phone starts ringing beside his bed. Steve rolls out of bed
as he reaches for the phone. There is a split screen (or
switching of scenes) as Steve talks to Sasuke.
Yo, Steve. I need to talk to you.
What the fuck? Is this Sas? Damn!
Yeah, I really need you to hear me
All right! Sex talk. I'm ready
NO! No Steve! We are not fucking
talking about sex right now. I
need you...to be fucking serious
with me...and I know it's hard for
you to understand, but I


                       SASUKE (cont'd)
really....*sigh*..really need a
friend right now.
...ah, okay. Sorry dude, I'm
All right. I...you were right
Steve. I, I didn't take you
seriously and....she's gone Steve,
she's gone.
There is a slight pause while Sasuke gathers his thoughts
and catches his breath.
                       SASUKE (cont'd)
And...I think I've lost her,
Steve. I don't think I'll ever see
her again...I'm afraid dude
Dude, just go officially say like
goodbye to her or something.
I already did. I met her in the
Whoa...no action I suppose. Just
the talk and done?
Actually I kissed her...well, not
really. she kissed me, but its all
the same.
Wait, wait, wait. You two kissed!?
Damn...okay then, I wasn't really
expecting any action from you so
you know, excuse my silence.
Ha. Ha. Very funny....so you got
any advice for me?


Seriously, I think you should do
what you did with Sarah. As much
as you love her, you gotta forget
about her sooner or later.
...I guess.
You can't keep moping over
her...it'll just make you
antisocial and boring...like what
happened with Sarah.
All right. I'm feeling better now.
Thanks dude, I'll actually see you
I'm looking forward to it, buddy.
Sasuke hangs up the phone and places it gently beside him on
the bed.
The next scene in the movie consists of a sequences of
scenes with the Tsuji family leaving their house. Throughout
the sequence, "Bruised" by Jack's Mannequin plays in the
background. We see Sasuke talk with his parents and they all
laugh and smile, which is something new to the family. We
see them leave the house, ride in the express train to go to
the airport, and see them checking in at the counter. As the
family approaches the security gate, Sasuke pauses for a
moment and looks back at the terminal.
Sasuke looks toward the entrance of the terminal, and sees a
figure of Kaori standing in the midst of all the people in
the terminal. She then points to her wrist, and fades away.
Sasuke looks down at his wrist, and stares at the lanyard
Kaori had made him.
Sas, you coming?
Sasuke and his family enter the security gates.


We see Sasuke's new room, which is slightly bigger than his
old one. There are boxes everywhere in his room, and Sasuke
is scribbling away at a letter. The camera sees the long
letter, and Sasuke signs it at the bottom. Sasuke then folds
the letter, puts it into the envelope, and licks it shut. He
flips it over and writes on the front, although we can't see
Sas! Steve is here!
Wait a minute!
Sasuke quickly grabs some postage stamps out of a plastic
bag and puts about five on the letter. He then gets up, with
the letter in his hand to go meet Steve. Sasuke walks down
the stairs.
      (gives letter)
Mom, send this please?
Sure, I'll do it as soon as I can.
...it's important.
Keiko nods as Sasuke runs to the open door where Steve is.
Sasuke and Steve hug as Keiko walks into the kitchen with
the letter. In the kitchen, Kazuo is busy moving around
boxes and taking stuff out. Keiko places the letter on the
kitchen table as she goes over to Kazuo to help him. The
camera zooms in on the letter and it reads "TO KAORI".


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From Hotel Dysfunctional Date 8/11/2007 ****
I love the storyline, its very touching. Although polishing is needed, you're overall creativity and writing gets four stars from me.

From Zach Shevich Date 8/10/2007 ****
Love this story. Well put together and has some really memorable, and very true to life moments. The ending's great as well. I'm giving it four stars becuase I see so much in this, although I'd suggest you go over it once again and clean some parts. Regardless, it's great.

From The Giraffe Date 8/10/2007 ****
Very nicely done script. I had an experience like this one so I can relate. You might want to consider redoing the ending, maybe adding two or three more scenes. But overall I think it's a very good script. Good work.

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