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by Brendan Inman (didjital73@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

The simple story of complicated people; living, loving, winning and losing in the game of life.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A series of images of different people, going about their
daily lives, intercut with images of equations on a
whiteboard, fade in and out on the screen. An instrumental
mix of "Picture of My Life" by Jamiroquai plays.
In the study of particle physics
we use machines called colliders.
Without getting too technical, a
collider is essentially a machine
used to accelerate two types of
particles and smash them into one
another so that physicists can
study the resulting emission of
smaller particles.
      (The scene shifts
       to a computer
       rendition of
We are constantly accelerating
these little bits of matter into
one another, trying to see what
makes them work the way they do. I
wonder sometimes, if God might not
be a physicist. I realize that
might sound a bit pretentious,
given that I am a physicist, but
here is why I think I might be
      (The scene shifts
       back to people
       going about their
Imagine that people are the
particles God wants to study. He
(or she, I suppose. I have no
inside information on God's
gender, such as it may be.) sets
us in motion, accelerating us
toward one-another and then
studies the resulting collisions
to determine what makes us work
the way we do. Unaware, we go
about our lives not realizing the
potential catastrophe that awaits


                       JAMES (cont'd)
us at each turn.
      (As multiple
       images begin to
       fade away, the
       screen stabilizes
       on the image of a
       young man sitting
       in his home
Until the moment that we collide
with another person, and all of
our insides are blasted out for
the world and God to study. I
wonder if that is how it works?
                                         FADE TO
A small, older home in Del Mar, across from the beach. James
is sitting in a leather easy chair, working at his laptop.
He is dressed in pajama pants and a tee shirt. He has his
bare feet up on the cushion of the chair. He is handsome,
but a bit foppish. His wire-rimmed glasses and tousled, yet
stylish hair give him a look that is equal parts bedroom and
James's Ipod is playing through a hi-fi. Robert Smith and
the Cure are singing about "A Letter to Elise."
Sara, James's good friend and roommate, enters and leans
against the doorframe. She is unselfconsciously sexy in
smallish shorts and a tank top. Her hair is pulled messily
into a loose pony tail.
      (Appraising James)
Jamesy, got a minute for me?
      (Looking up from
       the computer)
Sure. What is it?
If you're busy...


I am, as ever, busy, Sara. And
yet I can pry myself away from the
startling brilliance of this
midterm and give you a few
precious moments of my attention.
It's not even really
important...it's just, um...
Really, Sara, I'm not sure I can
afford you this much indulgence.
      (He smiles to
Darling...what is it?
James sees that Sara is quite upset(?). He sets his
computer aside and takes his glasses off.
It's really nothing. It's
just...eh...well, it's Jeremy.
Jeremy, Sara's on-again, off-again boyfriend. He is a
Cellist with the London Philharmonic. Their relationship is
mercurial because of the distance between them and because
he is unusually popular for a classical musician. He is
young, good looking and extremely charismatic. He receives
a great deal of attention from his female fan base, and he
does very little to discourage the attention.
Isn't it always?
      (biting lip)
I know, Jamesy...I know. I think
it might be different this time.
Worse. I found these...
      (she holds up a
       pair of panties)
Jamesy, these are NOT mine. They
were in his bag the last time he
came 'round.


      (Raises eyebrows)
Knickers, eh? And not the
gigantic granny sort, either.
D'you think perhaps Jeremy likes
to wear them?
      (gets up to exam
       the panties)
They look like they might fit him.
      (snatching panties
       back from James)
Dammit, James! They are not his.
They are not mine. Unfortunately
that does not leave many other
Perhaps it's some sort of Tom
Jones thing; some daft woman
tossed her knickers into the
orchestra during a performance...
Not bloody likely, is it James?
      (she drops the
       panties and puts
       her face in her
       hands, crying
I just don't think I can trust
him. Which is sad, because I do
love him. I don't think this can
go on...he is too far away and
there are too many opportunities
for things to go awry.
      (Puts his arm
       around her
You know what I think? I think
it's time for massive amounts of
alcohol and good food. I need a
break from these dreadful
midterms, you need a break from
your life at the moment...lets
head to the Armenian and have
brunch. It's a wonderful day out,
I bet Eddie will even have a table


                       JAMES (cont'd)
for us outside.
James, I don't know...I...
      (cutting Sara off)
I'll hear no protests...get
dressed and we'll be off in
fifteen. Get to it!
Sara hugs James warmly and heads to her room to get dressed.
The confident smile James has worn throughout the
conversation fades as she walks off down the hall. It is
replaced with a look of mingled dread and confusion. He
knows he must walk a fine line between what is best for his
good friend and what is best for himself.
Floor to ceiling windows reveal a gloomy day. The streets
of London are teeming with pedestrians and cars. The sound
of a cello echoes through the huge apartment, mingled with
muted female giggles.
Pan to: a nude Jeremy sitting in a carved chair playing the
cello. In a large nearby bed with the sheets and blankets
askew a blonde woman reclines, laughing un-selfconsciously,
nude but wrapped in sheets.
So...you'd rather play that cello
than this?
      (she unwraps
       herself and
       motions to her
       nude body)
Jeremy smirks and continues playing.
Hannah slinks out of bed and crawls across the dark parquet
floor, trailing a sheet behind her. She kneels beside
Jeremy and as he plays she kisses his neck and chin. She
runs her hand suggestively behind the cello.
                                         CUT TO


Jeremy is having a bowl of cereal in his parent's La Jolla
beach house. The breakfast nook window is open to the ocean
air. Jeremy's mother, Diane, enters. She is stylish, and
obviously wealthy. Jeremy's parents divorced when he was in
college. His father, Peter, owns a construction company.
Diane's money comes from her family, whose shipping company
is one of the largest in the Mediterranean.
      (Pouring a cup of
Have you talked to your father
      (Looks up from the
I was going to give him a call
today, actually.
What about that Sara girl? You're
not still seeing her, are you?
Come on, mom. You know I am still
seeing her. She doesn't know I'm
in town now, though.
I see. Hiding out, are you?
It's complicated, mom. I don't
think you would understand.
Jeremy, your father often made the
mistake of assuming that I would
not understand the "complexities"
of his life. I can assure you
that his life was, as yours is, I
would wager, quite simple.
If you say so, mom.
      (He folds the
       paper, gets up to
       put his bowl in
       the dishwasher)
What's the plan for tonight,


                       JEREMY (cont'd)
      (Puts her coffee
       cup down)
I invited the Stevensons over for
dinner. They are bringing Natalie
with them. I thought you might
enjoy seeing her while you were in
      (Rinses coffee cup
       and puts it into
       the dishwasher)
You did, did you? I'm not sure
how many ways I can tell you that
I'm not interested in Natalie
      (He senses the
       usual protest
I know...I know. I'm sure she is
a lovely girl, and there is no
question that she is attractive
and all that. I'm just not
interested. Please stop trying to
set me up with her, will you?
Very well. They will be here for
dinner at eight. Whether anything
happens between you and Natalie, I
will expect you to be here and I
will expect you to behave in a
manner befitting someone of your
upbringing. Are we clear?
Alright, mom. I'll be here. I
have some things I need to get
done today, but I'll be home well
before they arrive. What are you
doing with the rest of your day?
I have a lunch date with your
father in the city. We are
looking at an investment
opportunity, you are welcome to
join us, of course. You might be
interested in the project he is


                       DIANE (cont'd)
working on.
What time is lunch?
      (Checks her phone)
We are meeting at the Dakota at
      (Checks watch)
Sounds good. I have a meeting
this morning in Carlsbad, but I
should definitely be done in time
to meet you two there.
Very good, then we will see you
there. Please call your father
and let him know you are joining
us, ok? I don't want him to have
a heart attack when you show up.
Alright. I'll call him from the
car. I need to shower and get
dressed or I'm going to be late.
Fine. I need to get going, too.
I'm meeting some of the girls at
La Costa this morning. I'll see
you this afternoon.
      (She kisses him on
       the cheek and
       heads out to the
Jeremy's cell phone rings. He checks the caller ID, it is
Sara. He silences the ringer and heads upstairs to get
                                         FADE TO
Diane Van Der Saar and three of her friends, all obviously
wealthy women, all in their late fifties, are playing golf.


      (To Diane, under
       her voice,
       another friend,
       Joyce, is teeing
So...I hear that delicious son of
yours is in town...
      (Slaps Sylvia
       playfully on the
Down, girl! I thought I told you
to keep your claws out of my son,
didn't I?
You can't blame a girl for having
her fantasies, can you Di? I
mean, he's much better looking
than Peter was at his age, and
Peter was very good looking, if I
recall correctly.
      (Feigning boredom)
Yes, yes...Peter was very good
looking, Jeremy is very good
looking...but substance? Neither
of them seems to have any.
      (To Diane and
Are you two going to talk during
my tee shot, too?
      (To Marie)
Oh please! As if our talking
would give you an excuse for the
way you have been playing today.
      (Playfully flips
       Sylvia and Diane
       off and gets
       ready to hit her


      (Laughing at Marie)
I seriously wonder sometimes if
Jeremy is ever going to grow up.
      (She sees Sylvia's
       protest coming
       about Jeremy's
       success and moves
       to ward it off)
I know, I know...he is very
successful, and I am very proud.
It is not his professional life
that concerns me, though.
Is he still seeing that cook?
Yes. Although, in fairness, she
does own the restaurant.
You say po-tay-to....
I just don't think he is going to
settle down with her, anyway. Not
that I wish him to. I do wish he
would find a suitable woman and
start a family, though.
Diane heads to the tee-box.
      (As she walks away)
You know, he didn't even tell her
he was coming to San Diego!
                       SYLVIA (SV)
      (To Marie,
I wonder why that is?
                                         FADE TO
James and Sara are sitting at a table near the edge of the
terrace eating breakfast. The sidewalks on either side of
the road are swarming with sun-worshippers, surfers, and
beach goers. It is a typical San Diego morning, sunny and


      (Answering cell
      (to Sara)
Miss Mason! What a lovely
surprise this morning. How is
your breakfast?
Eddie, how many times do I have to
ask you to call me Sara? Breakfast
is divine, as always.
      (Shaking James's
       hand, but
       addressing Sara)
Let me know if there is anything
else you need, miss Mason.
      (He winks at her
       and returns to
       the interior of
       the restaurant,
       shaking hands and
       hugging patrons
       as he goes)
      (closes cell phone)
That was Nigel, he should be here
      (looking up from
       her breakfast)
Fantastic! Is he joining us for
the day, then?
Yes. He has nothing to do, it
would seem. I'm certain his
sudden availability would have
nothing at all to do with his
desire to spend the day looking at
you in a bikini.
What is that note I detect in your
voice, Jamesy? As if you don't


                       SARA (cont'd)
like looking at me in a bikini, as
She jabs him playfully in the arm with her fork and laughs
as he pouts, mockingly.
In any case, Nigel suggested we go
to Del Mar. Something about a
farmer's market. More likely it's
to do with a farmer's daughter.
      (Rolls her eyes)
Isn't Nigel your best friend?
He is...and?
And...why do you run him down that
way? He has never been anything
but a gentleman to me, and as I
recall, he has saved your ass on
more than one occasion.
Saved my...? I'm quite certain
I've no idea what you mean.
Nigel pulls into the parking lot in his convertible. After
nearly running over a surfer in the driveway he shouts
something unintelligible and hops out of his car, and bounds
up the stairs to the terrace.
      (To James)
Oi! Did you two leave anything in
the kitchen for me?
Nigel shakes the hands of several of the diners on his way
to the table. Grinning he sits down and starts eating off
of James's plate.
      (Kisses Nigel on
       the cheek)
Good morning, Nigel! How are the
boys this morning?


Well...the ride over wasn't that
long, so I guess..
      (choking slightly
       on his food)
      (slaps James on
       the back)
You know quite well that's not
what I meant!
      (Jokingly slaps
Ah, yes...you meant the dogs,
didn't you? They're great, as
always. They wanted to come
along, but I didn't think Eddie
would approve.
      (Rolling eyes)
I can't imagine why Eddie would
have a problem with two gigantic
Mastiffs on his terrace. Where
are they, anyway? I'm quite
certain you did not leave them at
your house.
      (trying to get the
       attention of the
No, no...Sol and Mia took them to
the beach.
Sol? He is sooo tasty!
Tasty? Tasty? Really? Have we
regressed to that?
      (Jabbing James
       with her finger;
       addressing Nigel)
How are they doing, anyway? They


                       SARA (cont'd)
seem so perfect it's almost
      (Finishes ordering
       and kisses the
       waitress on the
       cheek, flirting)
They are brilliant! Now, I know
I'm not the most perceptive man on
earth, but do I detect notes of
jealousy all around?
      (And Sara, in
Nigel's food arrives and the waitress slips him a piece of
paper along with his plate. He winks at her and starts
      (talking with his
       mouth full)
You two are a riot! I've never
seen two more perfectly English
people in my life. For the love
of god, make sure you never
express any of your emotions, OK?
Nigel laughs at himself, while James and Sara protest
Besides, don't you have a hunk of
a man, Sara? And we all know
James is married to his work, so a
girlfriend is simply out of the
Sara starts to cry softly, tries to stifle it then excuses
What's with her?
She found a pair of knickers in
Jeremy's bag the last time he was
here, and apparently they don't


                       JAMES (cont'd)
belong to either her or him.
Jamesy, how do you stand living
with that girl?
What do you mean? She's
I know she is, mate. That's
exactly what I'm talking about.
It's painfully obvious to me, at
least, that you are in love with
her. How can you stand to be so
close to her and not...you know...
I am most certainly not "in love"
with her. She is an amazing
woman, and I want nothing for her
but happiness. And don't you
mention your theory again. I
don't want to have to look for a
new room-mate.
Suit yourself, but if there's
trouble in paradise for her, it
might be an opportunity to really
make her happy, if you know what I
Enough! She's coming back. Please
drop this topic, and don't bring
it up again.
      (to Sara)
Sara, sweetie! I'm sorry about my
gaff. I had no idea there was any
sort of trouble with you and
Jeremy, or I wouldn't have said a
It's alright, Nige. You had no
way of knowing.


I wouldn't worry too much, anyway.
There's probably a perfectly
reasonable explanation for...er,
that is, eh... never-mind. That
guy's always been a blight,
Well, he's got a point there,
hasn't he?
                                         FADE TO
Jeremy and Hannah are snuggling in bed. It has begun to
rain. Jeremy's cell phone rings, but he doesn't answer.
Hannah gets out of bed, pads into the bathroom and turns on
the shower.
      (Looking at his
       cell phone; yells
       over the sound of
       the shower)
I have to fly out after the show
Sunday afternoon.
      (from shower)
Ok. To where, might I ask?
Do you need a lift to the Airport?
I'll probably just cab it. You
have the party that night.
They'll live without me there if
you want a lift.
We'll just play it by ear.


Whatever you need.
      (She gets out of
       the shower and
       wraps up in a
As you well know.
      (heading for the
       shower; kisses
       Hannah on the
       back of the neck
       while she admires
       herself in the
Thanks, you know I appreciate it.
I know you do. You have a funny
way of showing it, sometimes, but
I know you do.
Hannah pulls on her jeans and a vintage t-shirt, Jimmy
Choo's and a Burberry rain jacket before heading out. Jeremy
sticks his head out of the shower and kisses her goodbye.
I'll see you tonight?
Of course. Where else would I be?
Ah...I can think of a few
      (She winks and
       blows him a kiss
       and leaves.)
Jeremy wraps a towel around his waist and walks over to the
window. On the street below the valet has brought Hannah's
car around and she is getting in and driving away. Jeremy's
cell phone rings again. He looks at the caller id and flips
it open to answer.
                                         CUT TO
Jeremy is speeding along the coast in an expensive
convertible. He pulls into a curbside parking space outside


of a cafe in Del Mar. He checks his watch, fixes his hair,
and steps out of the car. He looks apprehensive; he checks
his cell phone, looks at his watch again, sighs and heads
Sara, James and Nigel negotiate the crowded Del Mar farmer's
market. Nigel spots a particular vendor and leads the other
two to the stall.
      (Shaking hands
       with the farmer
       at the stall)
Jack! This is James and Sara.
She's the one I told you about,
with the restaurant.
      (to James and Sara)
This is Jackson Reynolds. The
finest artisan farmer in
      (Looks the two
       over and smiles)
Good to meet you both.
      (to Sara)
Nigel tells me you have quite the
little place. How many tables? If
I may ask.
      (Blushing slightly)
You should know, sir, that Nigel
is given to some degree of
exageration. We have 9 tables.
      (Folds arms over
Bollocks! She's just being
modest. I can assure you it's the
best restaurant in San Diego.
I hate to do it, but I have to
agree with my friend, here. On
Point is unbelievable.


You can see why I don't need to
advertise. I drag my PR
department with me wherever I go.
I see, I see. I'll have to check
it out sometime. The restaurant
is called "On Point"?
It is. It's in Rancho Santa Fe.
Near the new golf course, and of
course you are welcome any time.
Perfect! Sara, do you have a
table open tonight?
Let me call Gina and find out.
      (She flips open
       her cell and
       dials the
Tonight? I really do have papers
to finish grading.
Oh, get over yourself. Those
terrible papers will still be
there tomorrow morning. I'll call
Sol and Mia and have them meet us
there. You should call Raya,
      (raises an eyebrow)
Raya, eh? Hmm...
      (Waves James off)
Oh go on...she's your best student
and moderately interesting
conversation, that's all.
Of course. I wouldn't imagine
intimating anything else.


      (Closes cell phone)
Alright, you guys are on for
tonight. I assume it will be the
three of you, Sol and Miriam?
And maybe Raya. Jamesy was just
going to ring her and see if she
wants to come along.
That's fine. There should be
plenty of room around 9. I need
to get going if I am going to live
up to the hype, though.
      (Handing her a bag
       of tomatoes)
Sara, take these. They're the
best I've grown yet.
      (takes bag of
Brilliant! I have the perfect
thing to use them in.
      (hugging James,
       Nigel and Jack)
I'll see you guys tonight.
I always hate to see her go, but
love to watch her leave...Y'know
what I mean, mate?
      (punches Nigel in
       the shoulder)
Right...so I should call Raya,
      (To Jack)
We'll be round to pick you up
after the market closes. Good
luck today.
Thanks, Nigel. I'll see you
tonight. Pleasure to meet you,


      (Shakes Jack's
Likewise, Jack. See you tonight.
James and Nigel wander off through the market. Jack's cell
phone rings, he checks the caller ID, flips it open and
begins to chat.
How did you meet Jack?
He was at the University of
Edinburgh as a visiting lecturer
when I was there. He's quite a
brilliant mathematician, though
you'd never guess it.
Really? But he's a farmer now?
What happened?
Nothing "happened," you twit! His
parents were hippies before there
were such a thing. He grew up on
a Dutch commune and learned
everything there was to know about
organic farming and cheese making.
He probably would have stayed and
lived that life all along, but he
was a gifted student and people
recognized it. So, he ended up at
Cambridge. Seeing as he is no
quitter, he went on to get a PhD.
at Princeton. He was lecturing at
Edinburgh when I met him, but he
already had a plan to do what he
is doing now, even then.
Impressive. He gave up life in
the academy for life on the farm.
He did. We talk about it
sometimes, I take problems to him
that I am having trouble working
out. I have asked a million times
why he didn't keep teaching.


And...if you saw his place and his
family you might understand. He
has a whole different set of
priorities now. His life is about
as good as anyone could ask for.
James nods, pensive. He sees a friend at a stall a short
way away.
      (Calling out to
       his friend)
Hannah! Is that you?
The blond woman turns, pushes her sunglasses up on her
forehead and smiles. She waves at James, beckoning him to
come over.
      (to Nigel)
You have to meet this girl! Not
only is she brilliant, but her dad
is the chairman of the board at
Aston Martin.
Nigel looks the gorgeous blond over, appreciatively.
What are we waiting for?
The two head for the stall where Hannah is browsing.
                                         CUT TO
James, Nigel and Hannah sit at a sidewalk table, drinking.
      (To Hannah)
So, what is it again that you do?
I play the violin, mostly.


Mostly? With the London phil,
Yes, Nigel. I am second chair
violinist with the London
Philharmonic Orchestra. Are you a
fan of symphonic music?
James chokes on his drink slightly at the thought of Nigel
listening to symphonic music
I'm afraid to say, miss, that I am
not very familiar with symphonic
music. I tend to listen to,
er...more contemporary music.
He's not the most cultured
Scotsman, but it's likely he's
also not the least.
I like some older music, too. I've
just never really been able to get
into the feel of, well...Anyway,
what's this I hear about your
      (To James)
James...have you been bragging on
my behalf?
I only told my friend here what
your father does for a living
because he is such a car buff.
Are you, then, Nigel? What do you
      (Slightly sheepish)
At the moment? I'm in a 1961
Austin Healy 100-4. I restored it
myself. You are, of course,
welcome to see it. It's just in
the car park around the corner.


I'm quite certain Ms. Ashford has
had her fill of old cars at this
point. It is, after all, her
father and not herself that works
in the automotive industry.
On the contrary, James, I would
love to see the little Austin.
Nigel is quite obviously smitten with Hannah.
Do you have dinner plans, Hannah?
There's a group of us going to a
wonderful little place tonight,
I'm sure we'd be quite happy to
have you along.
I'd be delighted. Perhaps you can
drive me, and I can see the Austin
up close.
      (to James)
Do you mind, James?
Of course not. We shall meet at
the restaurant, then. Just now I
need to be off, I'm afraid.
It's settled, then! I'll pick you
up at your hotel around seven.
The three part company, with Nigel leaving money for the
                                         CUT TO
A dour looking man in a grey suit stands up when Jeremy
enters the cafe. Jeremy looks around before shaking the
man's hand tentatively and sitting at his table.
Why are we meeting here? Why not
your office?


I needed to get out of the office
for a bit, why does it matter?
Whatever. What's the latest?
How do you feel about Paris?
Last I checked, it's full of
French people. Other than that
it's ok.
You're wanted for a private party
on Bastille Day.
Bastille Day? What the hell is
It's sort of like The Fourth of
July for us...I don't know. Look
it up, what am I, Wikipedia? Look,
kid, the point is this: they're
offering twenty-five for the
night. I think you'd be crazy not
to do it, personally.
      (Perks up)
Twenty-five? For one night? Who's
party is this, anyway?
The host is a businessman named
LeClair. He owns half of France,
it seems. The guest list is right
up your alley, though. Lot's of
international A-listers.
Was I the first option?
      (Opening his
What do you mean?


I mean just what I said. Was I
their first choice of performers
for the party?
Does it really matter?
      (Folds arms,
Yo Yo turned them down, didn't he?
Look, kid, they are offering YOU
Twenty-five thousand dollars for
one night's performance. Do you
think Yo Yo would have turned down
that kind of money?
I don't know, maybe. It's not
like he needs the money.
You're not exactly desperate for
money, either, kid. You know as
well as I do, it's the exposure,
not the money that matters now.
If, and I'm not saying this is how
it happened, but if they offered
it to Yo Yo and he turned it down,
you should look at it as a
blessing. His foolishness is your
good fortune, sort of thing.
You know I don't like being the
second choice. I'm not a "back-up
plan" kind of guy.
I know, I know. Do you want to
take the gig, or not?
When is "Bastille Day"?
The party is the night of July the


Do you have the contract?
Of course.
      (Pulls the
       contract from his
I have it right here.
Where am I staying?
      (Reviews contract)
George Cinq, where else?
Jeremy looks over the contract and signs.
      (Checks watch)
I'm having lunch with my parents
at two, I need to get going.
Thanks, Simon.
Jeremy gets up from the table, puts on his sunglasses and
heads out to his car.
      (To the next table)
Good enough?
Hannah, who has been behind her newspaper the whole time,
puts the paper down.
Hannah checks that Jeremy has driven away, stands up, drops
an envelope on Simon's table, and walks out of the cafe.
Simon opens the envelope, which is filled with $100 bills.
He looks after Hannah, bemused as she gets into her car and
drives away.
                                         CUT TO


"On Point" is a small, extremely stylish restaurant in the
tony Rancho Santa Fe community north of San Diego. Sara is
conferring with the restaurant manager, Gina, and her
      (Rifles through
       note cards)
So...any ideas about tonight? I
was thinking Mediterranean.
      (Reviewing notes)
We could do the honey lamb
      (continues through
I was at the Del Mar market today,
so I have lots of good stuff. Some
really great tomatoes.
Good enough for a caprese? I have
a line on some local bufalla. I
tried it a while back and it was
Acceptable, eh?
      (to Gina)
That must mean it is really good,
since Alain doesn't like anything.
No doubt! I have never met a more
discerning palate.
Just because I have standards...
You two should feel free to
continue eating that detritus you
call food at, what's that horrible
place called? In and Out?
      (laughing with
Of course you don't like In'n Out,


                       SARA (cont'd)
but it's not like we eat there
every day.
Alain continues to go through his notes and acknowledges her
comments with only a slight twitch of his nose that makes
him look as though he has smelled something wrotten.
Jeremy walks in, looking for his parents. He checks his
watch and heads for the Hostess station.
      (Looks up from her
       seating chart)
Can I help you sir?
      (Recognition dawns)
      (Distracted, looks
       at hostess for
       the first time)
Hey! Andy! How are you?
I'm good. Not as good as you, I
hear, but good none-the-less.
Yeah. Good. Um, are my parents
here? I'm supposed to meet them
at two.
Um, let me look.
      (Checks her
       reservation book)
It doesn't look like they're here
yet. So, how long are you in
town? You're living in London,
      (Checks watch)
Yeah, London. Uh, I'm just here
the weekend.


You should give me a ring, maybe
we can get together while you are
in town.
She hastily writes her number on the back of a business card
and hands it to Jeremy. He looks at the card for a minute
and shoves it into his pocket.
Yeah, I'll try...I don't know what
my mom has planned this weekend,
      (His cell phone
       buzzes, he checks
       the caller ID)
Hey, I have to take this, can you
let my parents know I'm in the
Sure, it's good to see you, call
      (Leans in and
       kisses her on the
       cheek and takes
       the call)
Jeremy walks into the bar, cell phone pressed to his ear.
      (on phone)
Are you busy?
      (On phone)
No, your timing is perfect,
actually. Hold on a minute...
      (to the bartender)
Sapphire and tonic, please.
      (back on phone)
No...do you remember Andy Dimarco?
From high school? Yeah. I see
her around once in a while. Why?
I just ran into her. I think she
wants a date.


She looked pretty good the last
time I saw her. Where'd you run
into her?
At the Dakota, I'm having lunch
with my parents. She does look
pretty good, doesn't she?
Are we still on for tonight?
Jeremy's parents arrive and Andy points them toward Jeremy
in the bar.
Hey, my parents are here...I'll
buzz you after lunch.
      (He hangs up the
       cell phone)
Jeremy's parents approach, led by Andy. His father is
stylish, fit and handsome. He looks like an older version
of Jeremy, but somewhat more sophisticated.
      (To Andy)
Thank you dear. Tell your mother
I said hello the next time you
speak to her, would you?
Of course, Ms. Van der Saar.
      (She turns to
       leave, turns back
       and out of the
       sight of Jeremy's
       parents winks at
       Jeremy, miming
       that he should
       call her.)
      (Covertly looks
       back at Andy,
       smiling to
       himself then...)
Hello, Jeremy.


      (Stands and shakes
       his father's hand)
Hey dad, good to see you!
I was a little incredulous when
your mother told me you would be
joining us for lunch, but here you
      (Smiling, seething
       a little)
I was never the liar in the
family, or have you forgotten?
Diane hugs Jeremy and signals the bartender over.
      (Waves Diane off)
How long are you in town?
I fly back Monday morning.
      (To Diane)
Did you tell him what we have
I thought I'd wait and we could
tell him together.
      (Feigning interest)
Is this the business thing you
were talking about?
Yes, dear.
      (to the Bartender)
Sapphire and tonic, please.
      (To Peter)
Crown rocks, yes?
      (To bartender)
Crown, rocks, yes.
Andy enters the bar.


Your table is ready, Ms. Van der
Thank you dear. Could you have
them send our drinks over?
Of course.
      (She signals to
       the bartender)
Please follow me.
The four of them exit the bar and head for a private dining
room with a table set for four, but big enough for eight.
                                         FADE TO
Nigel and James cruise along the Pacific Coast Hwy. in
Nigel's convertible.
I'm not really sure what it is
about that woman.
What on earth do you mean?
There's just something, um...
there's something odd about her. I
think she's got a secret.
You might be the strangest man I
know. Of course she has secrets,
mate. She's a woman. They all
have secrets, that's part of what
makes them interesting.
That's not what I mean. I've
known her for years, and she has
always been a mystery. She
disappears for months at a time.
She's never been married, never
close. She is incredibly
accomplished, driven, and yet she
has never had to work a day in her
life if she didn't want to. She's


                       JAMES (cont'd)
naturally brilliant beyond anyone
I have met in physics, and yet she
has chosen to make a life playing
the violin.
I'm still not at all certain what
you're about, here. She is
lovely, engaging, intelligent and
talented. So what exactly is it
that you don't understand?
It's just something about her, I
obviously can't explain it
So...should we still invite Raya
to dinner?
      (Shoots James a
       look and
       accelerates down
       the road)
                                         CUT TO
Sol and Miriam are walking Nigel's dogs along the beach.
Miriam is chatting on her cell phone.
      (Into Cell phone)
Sure, Nige. We'll be
there...eight-ish? ... Perfect.
We'll see you tonight.
Miriam closes the cell phone.
Where are we going, then?


That was Nigel, he invited us to
join him at On Point tonight.
James is going to be there.
You know how I feel about that
And you know that I think you are
being silly about it. It's a
beautiful restaurant, and the
people there have always been very
I know, I know. I just feel out
of place. I'm always afraid I'm
going to use the wrong fork or
It's just dinner, Sol. Don't
worry about it. No one there is
going to be paying attention to
which fork you use. Every time we
walk in there, all the servers
nearly faint at the sight of you,
      (She playfully
       shoves him)
It's going to be fun. Nigel was
going on about some woman friend
of James's that's going to be
there. She's some sort of
musician, or something. You know
how Nigel is with these women.
I always thought he and Raya would
make a go of it, you know?
I think he would, and I think she
would...but I think he is afraid
that he wont be strong enough to
be the kind of man he wants to be
for her, and I think she is afraid
of the same thing, to be honest.


So instead the two of them dance
around each other...eh, it's his
life, he'll do the right thing
I just hope it's not too late by
the time he figures out what the
right thing is.
I know what you mean, but who are
we to say what the right thing is?
What do you mean "who are we"? You
may not be sure, but I know that I
know better than Nigel what is
right for him!
      (pinches her
I know that in your mind you have
this all worked out, but don't go
interfering. If he wants your
advice, I'm sure he'll ask for it.
Sol puts his arm around Miriam's shoulder and the two of
them continue walking along the beach. The sun is close to
Nigel pulls his Austin Healy into the valet station, and
hands his keys to the valet. He whistles to himself,
looking around and gawking at the surroundings, then heads
into the hotel lobby.
      (To Nigel)
Good evening, sir. Ms. Ashford is
waiting for you in the bar.
Nigel is surprised that the concierge knows who he is. He
looks around, slightly bewildered.
Are you talking to me, mate?


Mr. Macginnes, isn't it? Ms.
Ashford provided me with a
description, and the valet has
your car, of course.
Oh...Um, of course. So, she's in
the bar, then?
Yes sir, it's just through those
doors to your left.
      (He indicates a
       set of large
       double doors to
       the left of the
Thank you.
Nigel pushes through the doors into the bar, sees Hannah
sitting at a table in the corner and makes his way over to
her. The bar is busy, but relatively quiet. As Nigel heads
to Hannah's table, he intercepts a server walking past.
      (To server,
Could you bring me a Dewar's,
Of course, sir.
Nigel walks up to Hannah's table, looks around the room
I don't think this place is quite
swanky enough.
It's lovely to see you again, too,
      (He kisses her
       hand theatrically)
Of course it is a pleasure to see
you again, Ms. Ashford.


It's "Ms. Ashford," is it?
The night is young, only time will
      (He picks up her
what are you drinking, here?
Boodle's and tonic. Do you
Whatever suits your taste. I've
never been big on gin.
The server brings Nigel's drink.
      (To server, taking
Thanks, love.
You have quite the effect on
girls, don't you Nigel?
Er...I, um, that is...well, I
think mostly it's just that they
can tell I appreciate them.
I see. I'm sure it's not the
accent, the hair, the smile, the
eyes, or any of a dozen other bits
about you that makes them react
the way they do.
You keep saying "they."
I'm not at all certain what you
are insinuating.
Alright, then. Why am I here?


Because I want to see the Austin.
      (She winks at him)
In any case, are you not happy to
be here?
Of course, sorry. I was just...
      (She puts her hand
       on his)
It's alright, Nigel. I'm sure you
know quite well that you have the
same effect on me, regardless of
what I might say.
Nigel smiles, and raises his glass to Hannah.
To new friends.
      (Raises her glass)
                                         FADE TO
James, Sol, and Miriam are gathered in the kitchen in
James's home. They are preparing to head out for dinner.
So, where's Nigel again?
He's gone to fetch a friend of
mine from her hotel for dinner
A friend of yours?
Yes, I'm afraid I introduced them
this morning and the two hit it
off. She's something of a car
buff, and you know Nigel and that
car of his.


Do you think they might...
It's always possible with him,
isn't it? I think Hannah, that's
her name, Hannah, I think she is
seeing someone currently, so it
might be somewhat less likely.
How well do you know her, James?
We were in school together. We
see each other now and then when I
go home. She lives in London.
And she just happens to be
visiting here?
You know, I never did ask what
brought her to California. Odd,
really, she travels quite alot, so
its perfectly reasonable that she
would be here. London is dreadful
this time of year.
Sounds fishy to me. I'm not a big
believer in coincidences.
Always with the conspiracy
theories, right? Maybe she knows
someone here and is visiting.
Maybe. Is Raya coming to dinner,
I didn't invite her, I was going
to leave it up to Nigel to ask her
I can't imagine he would ask her
to come if there is something
going on with him and this friend
of yours.


I wouldn't think so. Then again,
I can't say for certain that there
is anything going on. It may just
be the car, thing, you know.
This is Nigel we're talking about,
She's got a point, James. Nigel
is not very good at being a
platonic friend to women.
      (to James,
I still can't believe you allowed
him to go pick her up in that damn
Allowed him? What sort of
relationship do you think I have
with Nigel? I don't actually
recall the last time he did
anything I told him he should do.
      (throws up her
       hands in despair)
Fine. We'd better get going if we
are going to get there on time.
The three of them head out and get into James's SUV and head
out to the restaurant.
                                         CUT TO
Diane Van der Saar is overseeing the preparation of dinner
for a group of wealthy friends and business associates. She
moves gracefully between the chef she has hired for the
evening and the florist who is decorating the dining room
and sitting rooms. Jeremy is lounging in the breakfast
nook, drinking expensive wine.
      (to Diane)
Why'd you hire these people if you
were going to do everything


                       JEREMY (cont'd)
yourself, anyway?
      (Tastes a sauce,
       to chef)
It's perhaps a bit too salty, no?
      (to Jeremy)
If I believed for a moment I could
count on you to help out, I would
have done this all myself.
      (Playfully toasts
       the chef, who is
       obviously annoyed)
And miss your golf game and
Oh, my dear, you are absolutely
too drole.
The florist enters the kitchen, bearing two large urns of
fresh-cut flowers.
Ms. Van der Saar?
      (to Florist)
Yes, dear? What is it?
Could you have a look at the
sitting room? I think it's
finished, but of course you have
the last word.
Of course. I'll be right in.
      (To Jeremy)
Son, could you be less indolent
for a moment? Call your father
and see if he intends to bring
anyone with him to dinner tonight.
      (Sputters a bit)
Are you serious? Dad is coming
tonight and he might bring


      (Exiting the
Jeremy, please. I know that you
are not so prudish. Just call
your father, will you?
                                         PAN TO
Diane Van der Saar sweeps into the room, her florist
following close behind. Diane surveys the room, walking
from one corner to the other, carefully examining the floral
      (To florist)
It looks perfect, dear. Shall we
have a look at the dining room?
Of course. I was thinking these
last two urns might look nice in
the foyer. What do you think?
I think that might be lovely.
Thank you for a lovely job, as
They head to the dining room, Diane pausing to admire
several of the arrangements along the way, then to check her
hair in the mirror near the doorway.
                                         CUT TO
Nigel and Hannah are sitting chatting.
      (Finishes his
We should probably be heading out,
      (Checks his watch)
It probably wont take more than
half an hour to get there.


Unless we, you know, got lost or
something along the way...
I like the way you think, miss.
But I'm afraid that if we were
late or didn't show up for some
reason James might actually kill
me. Quite literally.
Nigel pays the tab and the two of them head out of the bar,
arm in arm.
                                         FOLLOW TO
Nigel and Hannah approach the valet podium and Nigel fishes
the valet ticket out of the pocket of his jacket and hands
it to the attendant.
Thank you for the drink, Nigel.
You really didn't have to pick up
the check.
Eh. Where I come from it's just
what the man is supposed to do,
I'm afraid.
I'm sure I can find some way to
make it up to you.
      (Smiles coyly)
I've no doubt about that.
The valet returns with Nigel's car and ushers Hannah into
the passenger seat. Nigel tips the valet and climbs into
the driver's seat. He adjusts the seat and mirrors and they
head out toward the road.
                                         CUT TO


The doorbell rings. Jeremy walks into the foyer carrying a
glass of wine. He is dressed casually in jeans and a button
shirt. His mother follows close behind in a tailored Chanel
pant-suit. Jeremy opens the door, admitting the Stevensons
for dinner.
      (Shaking Mr.
       Stevenson's hand)
Good evening, sir. Good to see
you again.
      (Taking Mrs.
Mrs. Stevenson, always nice to see
Jeremy looks out toward the circular drive, slightly
Is Natalie here?
                       MARY ANN
      (Kissing Jeremy on
       the cheek)
Yes, dear. She had to make a
phone call.
      (aside to Ms. Van
       der Saar)
Can you imagine? Our children are
incapable of going one hour
without contact with their
Technology is grand, isn't it?
      (To Mr. Stevenson)
George; how is your latest
It's always a joy, Diane. The
architect , the planning
commission, the builder...You know
how it goes. I think we'll be
done on schedule, which is good
news for you, yes?
      (To Jeremy)
How's London treating you, Jeremy?


      (Looking out
       toward the
What's that? Oh, London's great.
The weather's not great, the
food's questionable, and it costs
an arm and a leg, but other than
that I love it.
                       MARY ANN
      (To Diane)
Sounds like a travel brochure,
doesn't he?
Don't listen to him. I visited
him last autumn, and it was
beautiful. As for the food, if
you stay away from English food,
which is very easy, it's quite
good. It is, after all, a giant
Natalie Stevenson enters, shoving her cell phone into an
expensive leather handbag. She is dressed in a very
expensive, very stylish outfit. She is tall and model thin,
with dark hair pulled into a perfect pompadour-ponytail
It's a cesspool and worse it's
full of English people!
When was the last time you were
there? It's all Indians these
Everyone laughs.
       Natalie's shoes)
Natalie! Are those new?
      (Pulls up her
       pant-leg and
       shows off her
I just got back from Milan. I was
there for fashion week, Manolo
gave me half-a-dozen pairs from


                       NATALIE (cont'd)
his new collection. Do you like
Diane takes a moment to appreciate Natalie's shoes, then
escorts Mr. and Mrs Stevenson into the sitting room, leaving
Jeremy and Natalie alone in the foyer.
Were you working? Or were you
there to watch?
      (Kisses Jeremy on
       the cheek, then
Oh, Jeremy, you know I never liked
to just watch...
Natalie heads into the sitting room with a sly smile; Jeremy
watches her walk away before hanging everyone's jackets in
the coat room. He then follows into the sitting room.
                                         CUT TO
Diane Van der Saar and the Stevensons, including Natalie,
take seats around the sitting room. The caterer, acting as
server, enters carrying a tray of hors d'oeuvres.
Drinks, everyone?
      (To Caterer,
       examining hors
Thank you dear, these look
      (Enters, still
       eyeing Natalie)
Yeah, what can I get you guys?
I'll have a vodka tonic, Jeremy.
                       MARY ANN
      (to Jeremy)
What are you drinking, dear?


It's a fantastic Montalcino.
                       MARY ANN
I believe I'll have one of those,
      (Smiling slyly at
And you, Nat, what can I get you?
You know what I like, Jeremy.
Hypnotiq-rocks it is!
Jeremy heads into the next room, and begins preparing drinks
for everyone.
                       MARY ANN
       looking after
       Jeremy, to Diane)
You must be so happy to have him
at home.
      (Pauses, assessing
       Mrs. Stevenson's
Yes. It is lovely to have him
home, of course. I must say, I
was surprised when he called to
say he was arriving. The timing
Yes. Well, no matter. I am, as I
said, quite glad to have him at
home, even if it is only for a few
Jeremy enters carrying a tray of drinks. He sets the tray
on the table in the center of the seating area.


      (Handing a glass
       of wine to
Mrs. Stevenson, you have to tell
me what you think.
      (Handing George
       his drink)
Mr. Stevenson.
      (Handing drink to
Nat. Enjoy.
                       NATALIE (SV)
      (Taking drink from
       Jeremy, Natalie
       grasps his hand)
What are you doing later?
                       JEREMY (SV)
We'll talk after dinner, 'k?
Natalie releases Jeremy's hand and pouts dramatically, then
relents and returns his flirtatious smile. The Stevensons
are oblivious to the exchange between Jeremy and Natalie,
but Diane is keenly watching the whole time.
                                         WIPE TO
Nigel and Hannah are driving along the coast with the top
down. The sky is clear, and the moon is full, producing a
larger surf than usual.
This car is great, Nigel. Who did
the restoration work?
I did most of the mechanicals
myself, the bodywork and paint was
a guy in West L.A. He does a
great job. He has done a ton of
work for Jay Leno, apparently.
Which car did it to you? You
know, made you a car guy?


When I was nine my uncle bought a
sixty-two DB4. He did all of the
restoration work himself. He was
a whiz under the bonnet. I was a
little obsessed with James Bond as
a child, so you can imagine what
it was like to see a Bond car up
close. In any case, he let me
help out with the car, taught me
everything, really got me excited
about it. So I suppose that's
where it started.
Does he still have that DB4?
No, I'm afraid he passed on a few
years ago. The car is still in
the family, though. Auntie keeps
it buffed up and ready to go
whenever I visit home.
I'm sorry to hear about your
uncle. It sounds like you two
were very close.
My dad wasn't around much when I
was a boy. My uncle stepped in.
He was more like a dad than my
dad, without question.
Nigel is obviously uncomfortable with the direction of the
conversation. He shakes himself a bit and changes course.
What about you? It sounds like
the car thing runs in your family.
It does, indeed. You know about
my father, he has been with Aston
Martin for nigh on forty years.
Before that he was with Mercedes
in their racing program. Stirling
Moss is my Godfather. So you
could say that I have the car
gene. I was raised in the pits at
Le Mans and Sebring. I thought I
wanted to be a race-driver until I
saw my first fatal racing accident


                       HANNAH (cont'd)
when I was twelve. I understood
then, as I do now that the risk in
auto racing is not worth the
reward. I feel much safer as a
concert violinist, having never
heard of a fatal violin accident.
I don't know, those strings are
wound awfully tight. One of those
things pops, you could easily lose
an eye, or worse.
True, true. Perhaps I should wear
a crash helmet and goggles when I
play. I might start a trend.
At the very least. Perhaps a fire
suit as well. Just in case. All
of that varnish, it could go at
any moment under the klieg lights.
Too true. Simply because it
hasn't yet happened in the five
hundred years of symphonic music
performance doesn't mean it can't
Stirling Moss, eh?
He's really quite normal.
I can only imagine.
                                         CUT TO
The Stevensons, Diane, and Jeremy are sitting and chatting
when the doorbell rings.


I'll get that. Anyone need
anything while I'm up?
No one needs anything so Jeremy heads out to answer the
      (To Natalie)
So, Natalie, what have you been up
to lately?
I was just in Milan last week with
Vogue. I'm off to Paris next
                       MARY ANN
Natalie has been all over with her
      (turning to
haven't you dear?
      (Slightly bored)
Yes. It seems like I'm never home
for more than a few weeks at a
Are you still writing? Outside of
work, I mean.
I'm working on a novel, when I
have time. I'm flattered that you
remembered that I used to write
anything other than drivel about
the latest skirt lengths.
Of course, dear. I still have the
story you wrote when you and
Jeremy were away at camp. You
must have been what? Ten or
eleven? Of course I remember what
a talent you have always been.
Don't sell yourself short, dear. I
read what you write for Vogue,
      (She sees


                       DIANE (cont'd)
That's right. I read your work
regularly. I wouldn't call it
drivel; but I must say, I look
forward very much to reading your
novel when it is published.
Don't you mean 'IF' it's
Jeremy enters followed by Peter Van der Saar.
I most certainly do not mean 'IF.'
      (Kisses Peter on
       the cheek)
Hello, Peter. I'm glad you made
      (She looks over
       his shoulder)
No guest?
No, no. Just me. Katherine sends
her regrets that she could not be
here this evening.
Perhaps next time. You remember
the Stevensons?
The Stevensons all stand.
      (Shaking George's
Of course! George! How many
years has it been?
Too many, Peter. It's good to see
      (Kissing MaryAnn's
MaryAnn, you look wonderful. It
is so nice to see you again.


                       MARY ANN
Peter, you haven't aged a bit. How
do you do it?
I'm afraid that will have to
remain my little secret.
      (To Natalie)
I'm sorry, I don't believe we have
Mr. Van der Saar, yes we have. I'm
Jeremy's friend, Natalie.
Oh, but you can't be. The last
time I saw you...you were a little
      (To Mr. and Mrs
She grew up! Why do they do that?
      (Laughing, kissing
       Natalie's hand)
Of course I remember you, Natalie.
It is wonderful to see you again.
The caterer enters.
Dinner is served.
Everyone retires to the dining room for dinner.
The restaurant is packed, well dressed patrons and groups of
surfer types mingle comfortably at large tables. Couples
share intimate booths. The lighting is dramatic, the
interior design is understated and extremely stylish. Jack,
James, Eddie, Sol and Miriam have already arrived and are in
the bar. Sara is busy being the perfect host to each and
every one of her diners.
      (Entering bar)
James! It's great to see you
      (at this she looks
       pointedly at Sol)


                       GINA (cont'd)
Hey Sol, how are you this evening?
I'm good, Gina. Looks like a good
night for the restaurant, eh? You
remember Miriam, right?
Oh my god. I'm sorry Miriam, of
course. I didn't mean to, um...
It's okay, Gina. He has that
effect on women.
      (She hugs Gina
I know you didn't mean anything by
it. How's Sara doing tonight?
She's all over the place, as
always. You guys are going to
love the menu she came up with for
      (She pauses,
       realizing she has
       not yet met some
       of the party)
Pardon my rudeness. I don't
believe I have met some of your
friends, James.
Oh, right. That's my fault, sorry
about that. Gina, meet Jackson
Reynolds, the area's most
accomplished farmer, and Eddie
Sarkasian, his family owns the
Armenian Cafe in Carlsbad.
      (To James,
Hold on a minute, tiger. I never
claimed to be the best or most
accomplished anything.
      (Takes Gina's hand
       and shakes it


                       JACK (cont'd)
It's a pleasure to meet you, Gina.
      (Raises his glass
       from the other
       side of the table)
Lovely to meet you, Gina. Miss
Mason has nothing but good things
to say about you.
Gina manages the restaurant, so if
you have any complaints, she is
the one to see.
      (Punches James in
       the shoulder)
Watch it!
      (to the others)
If you guys need anything at all,
just let me know.
Gina pauses as she receives a call on her headset. She
excuses herself silently and heads off.
      (To Sol)
And you thought you wouldn't fit
in here.
      (Privately to
       Miriam and Sol)
Do you suppose that Nigel and
Hannah will show up any time soon?
I'm sure they will be here on
time. You know Nigel, he hates
tardiness more than anyone I have
ever met.
The three of them share a laugh at that.
The waitress shows up with another round of drinks.
      (Stands to address
       the table)
Alright, what are we drinking to
this time? James?


      (Stands and raises
       his glass)
To new friends and old! To good
food, good wine and good
conversation! And last but not
least, to Love finding a clear
path into each of our hearts!
The group all raise their glasses and shout Cheers! and
take a drink. Sara arrives on the scene at that moment.
      (Faking irritation)
Do I need to lock you people up
      (Still standing)
Listen up, she's going to send us
to our room without supper if we
don't behave!
      (He winks at her)
Sorry mum, we'll try to keep it
down. It's just that Nigel isn't
here to maintain order, and you
know how we can get!
He's not here yet, eh? Has he
ever been late for a meal in his
The group laughs at this.
Not that I can recall.
      (To James and
I'm so glad you guys could make it
      (To Jack)
I'm using your tomatoes in one of
the dishes, I think you will
absolutely love it!
I absolutely can't wait, young
lady. I've eaten some of those
tomatoes right off the vines, and
they're good on their own. I have
no doubt that an expert such as


                       JACK (cont'd)
yourself could bring out more of
their potential.
Alright...no pressure, then! I
need to get back to the kitchen.
You guys have fun tonight. When
Nigel gets here, you can head into
the private room.
Thanks, Sara. Come and join us
when you can, right?
      (Kisses James on
       the cheek)
Of course, Jamesy. I'll be in
Sara hurries off to attend to other customers and then heads
into the kitchen.
      (Pulls James aside)
What is it, Mia?
What's going on with you and Sara?
What? What do you...did Nigel say
something to you?
Nigel? No. It's just...well,
it's the way you look at her. I've
noticed it before, but never said
anything because I wasn't sure.
So now you feel sure?
      (Looks away)
Look, Mia, I would be lying if I
said I didn't feel anything for


                       JAMES (cont'd)
Sara, but it doesn't matter, okay?
And I have to ask that this
conversation not be shared with
anyone, please.
I understand, James. I only hope
that someday you take the leap. I
think you would find that she
would catch you if you did.
James is slightly dumbfounded. Miriam returns to the group
and takes Solomon's arm, kissing him gently on the cheek.

Gina walks by and James catches her by the arm.
Gina! Can you show us to the
private room now? Nigel and his
guest can join us when they get
Sure, James. I'll bring them in
when they arrive. Follow me.
Gina leads the group toward a concealed door at the rear of
the bar. Beyond the door is a dimly lit room with walls
clad in hammered copper. The large table is set with
beautiful china and crystal. The room is considerably more
stylish than the already amazing main dining room.
                                         CUT TO
Nigel and Hannah are cruising up Via de la Valle toward
Rancho Santa Fe. Nigel checks his watch, realizing they are
late, he accelerates.
This car is great, Nigel. I have
to say, I was never a huge Austin
Healy fan, but you have done a
wonderful job with this one.
Thanks. I guess that means more
coming from you than most, eh?


Hannah throws her head back and laughs out loud. Nigel
smiles and they pull into the valet station at On Point.
The valet opens Hannah's door, Nigel hops out of the car,
and takes a claim check from the Valet. The two of them
head into the restaurant.
                                         CUT TO
The Stevensons and the Van der Saars are just finishing
                       MARY ANN
      (Sips her wine)
Dinner was wonderful, Diane. What
is the chef's name, again?
His name is Alain duChamp. He is
the principle sous-chef at some
new restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe.
I can't recall the name. We met
him at Le Cirque a few years ago,
and when we heard he was in the
area, decided we would try to get
him for dinners such as this.
Jeremy is immediately concerned when he hears the name of
the chef. He is sure that he knows the name from somewhere,
but can't quite place it. When he hears that this chef
works at a new restaurant in RSF he becomes very concerned.
      (Standing up from
       the table)
Will you all please excuse me, I
have a call I need to make.
Jeremy heads out to the front of the house.
      (Checking her
       phone, standing
       to leave)
Sorry, me too.
Natalie finds Jeremy on the front drive, pacing. She
approaches quietly, noticing that he is not on his phone.


Phone call, eh?
Hey! What are you doing out here?
I was hoping to catch you alone
for a minute or two.
Listen, I need to get out of here.
You want to come with?
Sure. I'll just let them know
we're leaving. They have business
to discuss, anyway.
Sounds good. Hurry up, though.
Natalie heads back into the house. Jeremy pulls his cell
phone from his pocket and dials.
      (On phone)
Brian? Plans changed. I'll have
to catch you another time.
      (on phone)
No worries, man. Everything ok?
      (Checks his watch)
Yeah. Everything's okay. I'll
buzz you before I leave town.
Sounds good. I'll talk to you
later then.
Jeremy closes his phone and slips it into the pocket of his
jeans. As he does so, Natalie returns.
Ready to go?


      (Kissing him on
       the cheek)
I'm always ready.
Gina sees Nigel and Hannah come in and heads over to great
      (Hugs Nigel)
Nigel! It's good of you to
finally show up!
Yeah, Yeah. When'd they let you
out, Gina?
Gina punches Nigel playfully in the shoulder.
      (To Hannah)
You'll have to forgive Nigel, if
he forgets to take his medication
he has no manners whatsoever. I'm
Gina. I'm the manager here. If
you need anything...mace, pepper
spray...a leash...just let me
Hannah laughs and shakes Gina's hand.
Thanks a lot, Gina. I'll keep all
that in mind when I'm writing my
Gina looks ashen. Afraid that Hannah might really be a
reviewer and that she has just made a huge mistake.
      (Sensing Gina's
I'm just teasing, Gina. I'm no
food critic. But you should see
the look on your face!
Gina laughs warily...then embraces Hannah.


      (Silently over
       Hannah's shoulder
       to Nigel)
She's great! Don't fuck it up,
Nigel nods derisively and Gina leads the two of them to the
private dining room.
                                         FADE TO
Nigel and Hannah enter the private room, the others are
already seated, drinking wine and talking. James is at the
head of the table, farthest from the door. To his left is
Miriam, next to her is Sol and then Eddie. To James's right
is Jack. There are three empty seats. The two next to Jack
and the one at the opposite end of the table from James.
      (Shaking hands and
       hugging everyone
       at the table)
Hey all! Sorry we're a bit late.
I kept telling her we needed to
get going, but she just had to
keep drinking...
      (Punches Nigel's
Thanks a lot, Nigel.
      (To the others)
Hi, I'm Hannah.
Sorry...this is my friend Hannah.
She is visiting from London. She's
a big car buff, which is why she
came with him.
"Him," eh?
      (Nigel walks
       around the table
       and hugs James)
It's good to see you, too.


James rolls his eyes and laughs, as Hannah shakes hands
around the table. Nigel and Hannah take the two seats to
Jack's right.
What are we drinking tonight?
      (Picks up bottle)
Its an eighty-seven Motepulciano
from D'Abruzzo. It's quite good,
Gina enters the room, bringing more wines, bread, and
Gina, would you mind bringing me a
Sure, Nigel. Anyone else need
No one else needs anything.
Good, then. Sara will be in to
present the first course shortly.
Gina leaves, the diners mingle. Various more intimate
conversations are struck.
      (To Hannah)
How do you know James and Nigel?
Actually, I just met Nigel this
morning. As for James, our
families have been close since
before either of us was around.
      (To Jack)
Her god-father is Stirling Moss!
Ah! Now I see the connection
between you two.
      (To Hannah,
He does have a nice car, though,


                       JACK (cont'd)
doesn't he?
      (Taking a drink of
He does, indeed!
      (To Miriam)
Ms. Cohen...it seems a long time
since you and Mr. Beckwith have
been by the cafe.
I know, I know. I can't speak for
Sol, but I miss the Kataif
Hey, now. I love your spot,
Eddie! That falafel omelet is off
the chain.
I hope that "off the chain" is a
good thing.
      (Laughs, sips his
Sara and Gina enter with two other servers. Gina hands
Nigel his drink, and Sara greets Nigel warmly.
      (To Hannah,
Hello. I'm Sara, and you are?
Hi, I'm Hannah, Hannah Ashford.
It's wonderful to finally meet
you, James always has the most
wonderful things to say about you.
      (Hugging Hannah
I'm so glad to finally meet you,
too. I've heard about the


                       SARA (cont'd)
magnificent Hannah Ashford since
the day I met James.
      (To James)
She might even be lovelier than
you said, Jamesy!
Oh, go on. No, really, go on! I
don't think my ego has had
stroking like this in ages!
Everyone laughs.
I know that I was late, for
possibly the first time ever...but
if I might, I'd like to propose a
All of the others stand and raise their glasses in
Each day that passes is one less
opportunity to spend an evening
like this. I am therefore
immensely happy that we have taken
the time this evening to be
together. Each of you enriches
the lives of everyone around you
in some way, and it is an extreme
pleasure to know each of you. Some
of you I have known for years,
others only a few hours
      (he nods to Hannah)
so here's to each and every one of
you. I only hope this is one of
many evenings to come spent in
your company.
                                         CUT TO
Jeremy and Natalie have just left the Van der Saar home in
La Jolla headed for downtown San Diego. Their destination
is the popular Gas Lamp district and its eclectic mix of
bars, restaurants, and clubs.


      (Turning in her
       seat to face
You were in a hurry to leave,
weren't you?
Yeah. I can only take so much.
      (Raises an eyebrow)
I'm sure that's it.
Whatever. Anywhere particular you
want to go?
Let's hit Onyx first, then see
where the night takes us.
Onyx? Sounds good.
Jeremy accelerates as the camera struggles to keep up with
his Porsche. Eventually he pulls away leaving the camera
                                         CUT TO
James is driving Hannah back to her hotel after dinner. Sol
and Mia opted to stay in San Diego for the evening, so the
two of them are alone in the car.
      (Slightly drunk)
Your friends are great.
Yeah, they are pretty amazing,
aren't they? I'm glad you joined
us for dinner.
Can I ask you something, James?


Is it about Nigel? I mean, he's
great and all, but I don't think
he is exactly your type.
Nigel? Oh...I see. No, James,
it's not about Nigel. I guess I
can see why you would think...no,
no. Nigel is great, but I have a
It just seemed like...well, like
you two hit it off, I'm sorry, I
didn't mean to presume.
It's quite alright, James. We did
hit it off quite well, actually. I
can't speak for him, but I can
tell you that I welcome the
possibility of having Nigel as a
friend. He is brilliant, and
brilliantly funny.
So, er, what was it that you
wanted to ask?
Nigel told me that you and Sara
live together. Are you two...?
Oh. No. She, uh, has a boyfriend
as well. Although sometimes I'm
not sure why.
What do you mean?
It's nothing, it's just that he
doesn't treat her very well. Not
to mention that he lives in
England. It's not exactly a
functional...oh, nevermind. You
don't want to hear all this.


      (Puts her hand on
       his arm)
It's okay, James. You love her,
don't you?
Is it that obvious?
I don't know about other people,
but I have known you since we were
children, James, I can see it.
Nigel figured it out, too. Do you
think she knows?
I think that she probably senses
it on some level.
      (Looks out the
I can empathise with her on the
boyfriend stuff.
I don't know. I just feel like he
isn't being completely honest with
Really? How long have you known
I've known him for nearly a year,
now. We met at work. He is
actually the reason I am here. His
family lives here, I came to
suprise him.
That reminds me, what are you
doing these days? I remember you
were playing with that little
chamber orchestra in Chelsea the
last time I was home, did anything
ever come of that?


It has been a long time, hasn't
it, James? I guess you could say
something came of it; I auditioned
last year for the London
Philharmonic and was hired for
second chair.
That's fantastic, Hannah!
Congratulations. The London
      (A jolt of
Then you must know Jeremy Van der
Of course, he's the one I was
telling you about, actually. How
do you know Jeremy?
The one you were...you mean your
Yeah, why?
      (Blanches at the
       thought of what
       he has just
I just want to be clear, you are
dating Jeremy Van der Saar?
Yes, James. What is the problem?
How do you know Jeremy?
      (Pulls the car to
       the side of the
Hannah, I'm not really sure how to
tell you this.
James, spit it out or I'm going to
wring it out of you!


Well, you know how you said you
felt like he wasn't being honest
with you? I can confirm that your
suspicions are pretty much dead
How do you know?
I mentioned Sara's boyfriend? The
one that doesn't treat her quite
right. I never mentioned what he
does in London, but he happens to
be the first chair cellist for the
London Philharmonic.
He's the what? He can't be.
That's Jeremy's...
Oh. I see, but how long have
They met in grad school. They
have been together almost four
      (Mixed emotions)
Obviously you didn't know. Right?
      (Trying to stifle
       a cry, punches
       James in the arm)
I most certainly did not know he
had another girlfriend. I mean,
of course women love him, but I
didn't realize he had...god I feel
like a fool.
      (Comforts her)
I'm sorry, I know you didn't know.
So, Jeremy is here?
      (Crying slightly)
Yeah, he flew over here early last
week. I was going to surprise him
tomorrow night, he's having some


                       HANNAH (cont'd)
sort of benefit party or
something. I guess I am the one
who got the big suprise, eh?
James rubs his temples, contemplating the dilemma that faces
him. He knows he needs to put aside his feelings for Sara,
but he's not sure what that means.
James, would you mind terribly
staying with me tonight? I know
it's a bit odd, I just don't want
to be alone.
       distracted by his
Sure, of course. I, er...
I have one of the suites, so there
is another bedroom.
Yeah, no, of course. I don't mind
at all.
James starts the car and begins to pull into the road.
James, when you tell Sara, please
make sure she knows that I didn't
know anything about this. She
seems really nice, I don't want
her to think I was trying to hurt
When I...oh, um, yeah. I'll make
sure she knows. Don't worry.
                                         WIPE TO
                                         FADE TO
Sol and Miriam have met up with Raya at a popular Martini
bar in the Gas Lamp district of downtown San Diego. The
three of them are sitting in a corner booth.


      (Sips her drink)
So, how was dinner?
      (Looks at Sol)
Um, it was, uh, great. A bit odd,
but good.
It was fine. Nothing out of the
ordinary. You know how those
things always go.
Right. You guys, please, I
really don't care what Nigel did,
nor do I care with whom he did it.
Ray, it's not really like that.
Ray raises an eyebrow, incredulous.
Well, okay. Maybe that's part of
it. The really interesting stuff
was with James, though.
What happened with James?
Well, at first I wasn't sure who
the woman with Nigel was, but it
turns out she was actually an old
friend of James. When she and
Sara met there was something very
odd about the moment. I can't
really put my finger on it,
but...Sol, what did you think?
Sol has been drinking and people-watching, he is jolted out
of his reverie by Miriam's query.
About what?


What do you mean, "about what?"
About that woman with Nigel.
You mean Hannah?
      (rolls her eyes)
Yes, Sol, Hannah. Did you notice
anything odd?
Other than she was clearly not
into Nigel in the way most women
      (Gasps almost
I didn't pick up on that. She
      (realizes that
       Raya is staring
       at her)
that is...well, she seemed into
him, but certainly he was not
interested in her. Clearly not,
right Sol?
      (To Raya, patting
       her on the knee)
Ray, you know that Nigel loves
you, and that all of his
flirtations are only that. In
this case, oddly enough, the woman
involved was, most certainly, not
interested. In fairness, I don't
think Nigel was into her in that
way either.
      (Only slightly
       relieved, to
Why, if Nigel is not interested in
this woman, do you think he didn't
ask me along to dinner?


Um...I don't...
You know Nigel, Ray, he was all
caught up in the newness and he
didn't think to ask you. It's no
excuse, but it is classic Nigel.
Ultimately, it doesn't really mean
anything, does it?
I suppose not. Still, I would
like to have been at dinner. It
sounds as though it was very
I'm going to go get another round.
Are you two up for it?
Yeah, sure. Another apple, ok?
      (Checks her watch)
None for me, thanks. I'm going to
head out. I'll catch you guys
James and Hannah are driving along the coast back to the
Hotel Del. They continue their conversation about Jeremy.
The radio pumps out somber music, James and Hannah are
silent. Hannah stares out the window toward the ocean,
James tries to concentrate on his driving, but he is
obviously distracted by what he has learned. He turns to
      (Reaches over and
       touches Hannah's
       arm gently)
Hannah turns, her face is streaked with tears. She wipes
her eyes with her sleeve.


We've been friends forever, right?
Pretty much.
And you know I love you like a
sister, right?
What is it, James?
      (Takes a deep
It's about Nigel.
He's brilliant, isn't he? I think
I know what you are going to ask.
But I'm going to let you go ahead
and ask anyway.
      (Even more
Did...um, anything, er...happen? I
mean, between you two.
What do you think, James? What do
you honestly think is the answer
to that question?
Well, I wouldn't think...but...
you know, you two seemed to hit it
off so well, and, well, I know
Nigel, and he has a bit of a
Nothing happened, James. Except
that he and I hit it off
brilliantly, and I expect we will
be friends, as we have quite a lot
in common, interest-wise. He is
lovely, and I can see why women
faun over him, but I am not one of
them, I'm afraid.


Alright, alright. I'm sorry I
asked, but I was curious. You are
an amazing woman, Hannah, and it
would not suprise me at all to
learn that he had a crush on you.
Not every man I meet has a crush
on me, James. You never had a
crush on me.
Um, well...there's that, I
Did you?
Well...alright, look, when we were
teenagers, I would have given
anything to be with you. I always
thought you were beautiful,
brilliant, by far the funniest
girl I knew. Of course I had a
crush on you.
      (Leans over and
       kisses him on the
Jamesy, if I had known...
Honestly, in some ways, I'm glad
things turned out the way they
did. I wouldn't trade our
friendship for anything.
      (Puts her hand on
I couldn't agree more.
So...what are you going to do
about Jeremy?


      (Looks out the
       window, stifling
       a sob)
I don't know, James. I can't
believe this has happened, really
I can't. I can hardly think
straight, I want to kill him!
James looks at her worriedly
      (Noticing James's
Not literally, of course. I just
can't believe that I'm 'the other
woman,' you know?
I know. I'm really glad to hear
that you didn't know about Sara. I
mean, of course you didn't know, I
would have been completely shocked
had it been otherwise.
An idea blooms in Hannah's head. She pulls her PDA out of
her purse, and checks something.
I just thought of something. How
would you and your friends like to
attend the biggest Bastille Day
party ever?
Sorry? Bastille Day? As in
France? I'm not sure I follow.
I was planning a big surprise
party for Jeremy, for his
birthday. He thinks he is playing
a Bastille Day party in Paris on
July 13th.
      (Still confused)
And you want us to be there? Wont
that be...Ohhhh! I think I get
it. Turn it into a trap, of


                       JAMES (cont'd)
Right. It's an opportunity to
turn his little game against him.
You are the Hannah I remember,
aren't you? You were always a
step ahead.
Now I just have to try to make
Sara not want to maim me. Will
you help me with that, James?
Of course, Han. We'll talk to her
      (Looks at his
Or, later today, I suppose.
They arrive at the valet station at the Hotel Del Coronado.
James hands over his SUV to the attendant. He and Hannah
head inside, as they walk she loops her arm in his and puts
her head on his shoulder.
I feel very fortunate to have run
into you today, James. Very
fortunate, indeed.
                                         CUT TO
Sara and Gina are sitting at the bar, the restaurant is
closed for the evening.
      (Sips her drink)
How'd dinner go?
I think it went really well.
Everyone seemed to have a great
time. How did the rest go?


We had a great night, best this
month, actually.
Good, good.
Everything ok?
What? Oh, yeah, everything's
      (Raises an eyebrow)
Uh huh. What's up, lady?
Did anything about tonight strike
you as odd at all?
You mean with the crew? Not that
I can think of.
What did you think of Jame's
friend? Hannah, was it?
I kind of thought she was here
with Nigel, actually. She's
James's friend?
Yeah, their families have known
each other for a hundred years or
She seemed ok, I guess. Why?
It's nothing. I mean, she seems
great, really. There's just
something about her I can't put my
finger on. She seems familiar,


Maybe James has a picture of her
in the house, somewhere. You said
they have known each other
forever, maybe he mentioned her at
some point.
You're probably right. I'm just
feeling a bit paranoid these days.
It's that bastard, Jeremy, of
      (She starts to
       tear up a little)
I just don't know what to do.
      (Puts her arm
       around Sara's
Him again? What's he done this
I don't know for sure, but I think
he is cheating on me. I think he
has someone else.
Alain enters from the kitchen with a plate of profiteroles.
Did I hear correctly? That bit of
fluff of yours is playing the
After Alain sets the tray of profiteroles on the bar, Gina
punches him in the shoulder and gives him a dirty look.
I'm sorry, Sara. But really, you
can't be that surprised if he is,
in fact, cheating. He's over
there, you're here. He's a famous
musician. He's a man. These are
all factors working against you.
I know, I know. I keep thinking
that I'm going to move on, but
every time I'm with him things
seem so good.


He is very charming. But liars
almost always are.
Thanks for the pep-talk, guys. I
need to go home.
      (She stands to
      (Catches Sara by
       the arm)
Sara, listen to me a moment. We're
your friends, and we want you to
be happy. Taken in total, does
Jeremy make you happy?
Usually, yes, but...
Usually? Would the good part of
the relationship make up for his
Then you know what to do. And you
know full well that you have your
friends support in whatever you
decide. But you had better decide
to be done with him.
Alain smiles warmly, and pulls Sara into a fatherly embrace.
Gina joins the two of them in a group hug, before Sara
excuses herself and heads out the front door of the
What do you think she's going to
I have a feeling this is going to
be resolved sooner rather than
later. She will do the right
thing, ultimately, I'm sure.


      (Sampling a
These are really good!
Of course they are.
The two of them look mock-wearily at each other, laugh and
Gina pours each of them a drink.
Sara gets out of bed, it is late in the morning, Sunday. She
heads to the kitchen and pours a cup of coffee. She looks
around, expecting to see James's keys on the hanger, or some
sign of him. Not seeing anything, she heads to his office.
      (Knocks on the
       office door)
She pushes the door open, the office is empty. She heads
down the hall to his bedroom.
      (Knocks on the
       bedroom door)
James? Are you in decent?
She pushes the door open, his bed is still made.
      (Surveys the
       neatly arranged
I can't believe he makes his bed
every day...James? Are you in the
James doesn't answer. Sara pads back out to the kitchen.
She checks her cell phone, it is 10:30 am. She has a text
message from James.
      (To self)
What's this?


She flips open her phone and checks the text message from
      (Text message)
"Call me when you get this
message. It's important. xo"
Sara sips her coffee, clears her cell phone and looks out
the window. It is another perfect San Diego morning.
Sunlight is streaming through the garden. She wonders what
happened the previous night, that James didn't come home.
She wonders about his cryptic text message. She girds
herself, takes a deep breath and speed dials James.
      (On cell phone)
Sara! Good morning.
      (On phone)
James? What happened to you last
night? Is everything ok?
Um, yeah. Everything's okay. Are
you up for Brunch?
Where are you James?
I'm at the Hotel Del.
Coronado? What are you
doing...ohhhh. I see.
James, you tiger!
What? No! No! It's nothing like
that. Listen, Sara, come to
brunch, will you? It's sort of
      (Slightly worried)
Okay, James. Sure. Give me a
bit, yeah? I just got up.


Noon ok? Paradise Grille.
Sure. I'll see you then.
Sara closes her cell phone. She is slightly perplexed by
James's attitude on the phone, but she heads off to take a
shower and meet James for brunch.
                                         CUT TO
Sara drives up to the valet station, she is dressed
casually, but chicly in designer jeans, a vintage tee-shirt,
Prada sunglasses and Jimmy Choo shoes. She takes the claim
ticket from the valet and heads inside. All of the valet
attendents watch her as she walks into the restaurant. She
is oblivious to the effect she has on the young men.
                                         PAN TO
Sara pushes her sunglasses up onto her head and surveys the
restaurant, looking for James. She checks her watch, it is
noon, straight up. She walks over to the hostess, but
before she can ask if he is there, James walks up.
      (Hugs Sara)
Hey, babe! Sorry if I was a bit
cryptic on the phone...thanks for
What's going on, James? Are you
      (He takes her by
       the hand and
       leads her toward
       the table.)
I'm fine, Sara.
Hannah is sitting at the table. She stands as James and
Sara approach.


Hannah! I didn't know you were
going to be here. It's good to
see you.
Thanks so much for dinner last
night, it was wonderful.
Sara shoots James a look that is slightly inscrutable, but
seems to indicate that she thinks there is something going
on between James and Hannah and that she approves. James
smiles, weakly.
      (Indicating the
       chair between his
       and Hannah's)
Pull up a chair. I just ordered
You know I love mimosas! I've
heard great things about the
brunch here. Have you been
before, James?
Once or twice. Nigel brought me
here a couple of months ago,
actually. He knows the chef from
What's her name?
James and Hannah both laugh at this, despite themselves. At
that moment the waiter arrives with a tray of mimosas and
fresh fruit.
      (to waiter)
Thanks. Give us a minute to look
at the menu, ok?
The waiter nods and heads off to answer a question at
another table. Hannah excuses herself to the bathroom.


      (When Hannah is
       out of earshot)
James! I would never have
Guessed? Oh. You mean..? I told
you, nothing of the sort happened.
Hannah is like a sister to me.
Believe me, there was a
time...long, long ago...but those
days are long since past.
So? What happened, then? You
didn't come home last night. She's
gorgeous, it's only natural that I
would assume...
I know. It's ok. I drove her
back to her hotel last night, and
we ended up talking until early
this morning. I slept in the
living room of her suite.
Hannah returns from the bathroom. In her eyes can be read a
question about whether James has already told Sara. She
takes her seat, sips her drink, and looks nervously around
the room.
      (To Hannah)
Are you ok
Sara, there's something you need
to know.
Hannah looks ill, Sara ignores James. Continues to speak to
Hannah? What is it? What
Sara, listen to me.


      (Irritated, to
       again, to Hannah)
What is it, Hannah?
Hannah begins to cry. She wipes her eyes and looks at Sara.
It's about, um, Jeremy, actually.
Jeremy? How do you know..? James?
What did you tell her? What are
you talking about?
I didn't tell her anything.
Oh Sara! I'm so sorry, I didn't
Didn't know what? What are you
talking about? It's ok, just tell
me what's going on.
It seems that you and I have more
in common than being friends with
What? You mean? You? And
Jeremy? But how?
Hannah is second chair violin for
the London Philharmonic. The
conversation never really turned
to her occupation last night, I
       looking back and
       forth from Hannah
       to James)


                       SARA (cont'd)
So you and Jeremy?
For how long?
Since January. I'm really sorry,
Sara. I had no idea, I swear.
      (Stifling a cry,
       to James)
Do you believe her, James?
I do.
      (Slightly manic)
I'm going to kill him!
Sara, it's going to be ok.
Oh, yeah. You're quite right,
James. When he's dead and buried,
everything will be right with the
Amen to that!
      (Sensing both of
       his friends are
       losing control,
       tries to step in)
Ok, ok. I agree, killing him
would be very satisfying, but the
aftermath would be rather
unpleasant, wouldn't it?
I take it you have a better
Actually, that is what Hannah and
I were talking about all night.


Sara looks at Hannah, who is still unsure of whether Sara
blames her or not for what has happened.
      (Takes Hannah's
Let's hear the plan, then.
The waiter, who has been hovering at the periphery of the
area tries to assess whether he should approach. James
waves him over.
Lets order food, plotting always
goes better on a full stomach.
The three place their orders and begin to discuss the plan
to get back at Jeremy.
                                         CUT TO
Nigel and Raya have just purchased lunch and are sitting at
an umbrella shaded table a bit away from the taco cart. Raya
isn't eating, but rather looking out at the ocean.
      (Sips his beer)
So, thanks for coming out.
      (Cutting him off)
Please don't, Nigel.
      (Cocks his head)
Please don't what?
Please don't act like everything
is okay.
      (She turns to look
       at him.)
Like last night never happened.
Ohhh. Last night, right. What
exactly happened last night?


I heard all about your
lady-friend, okay? I don't know
why I agreed to come here today. I
should have listened when they
warned me about you.
Should have...what? Who warned
you about me? Warned you what
about me? I'm confused. Lady
Nigel, am I deluding myself? Do
we have something?
      (Slightly abashed)
I'd like to think so.
Then why didn't you invite me to
dinner with the gang last night?
You knew that I would hear all
about it from Sol and Mia. Of
course Sol tried to absolve you,
but I got the gist of the story
The 'gist'? Let me tell you the
whole story, in that case. I
wouldn't want you to miss anything
important. Yesterday I had brunch
with James and Sara, and then took
them to meet Jack (you remember
Jack, right?). After Sara left to
get ready for dinner last night
James and I ran into a friend of
his, Hannah. We all sat around
for a while talking about cars and
she ended up coming to dinner last
night. She's great, Ray.
Fantastic, in fact. Beautiful,
smart, funny...her dad runs Aston
Martin, for the love of Pete.
So it's all true, then? I'm out,
just like that?


Quite not. You see, the other
thing about her is this: she feels
like my sister. That is, I don't
feel anything remotely romantic
about her.
      (Turning away)
Don't you get it, Ray? She, more
than anyone, should have given me
pause about the way I feel for
you. But she didn't. Not even a
      (He produces a
       small blue box
       from his jacket
Ray, I have been debating
something for a while, now. Last
night was the deciding moment,
      (Turns to look at
       Nigel, angry)
Nigel, I'm not a toy! I don't
want you to
      (she pauses when
       she sees the box)
play me for a...what is that?
      (Gets down on his
Raya Parmanjani, I have never
known love like the love I have
for you, never known peace like
the peace I feel in your arms,
never known joy like the joy I
feel when I hear your voice, never
known what I wanted from the
future until I met you. You are
already my best friend. You are
already my lover. I want very much
for you to be my wife. My
partner. Will you marry me?


Oh, Nigel. Yes. I will marry
James, Sara, Sol, Miriam and Hannah have all been sitting
nearby, waiting for this moment, unbeknownst to Raya. They
all walk over after Nigel puts the engagement ring on Raya's
      (Looking around at
       her friends)
Where did you guys come from?
      (She sees Hannah,
       who is hanging
       back, smiling)
I'm sorry, do I know you?
      (Pulls Hannah into
       the group)
Raya, this is my great friend
Hannah Ashford. We grew up
together, sort of.
       from Nigel to
Hannah? You mean...
Hannah steps forward, takes Raya's hand in hers.
It's wonderful to meet you.
Congratulations on your
      (Slightly confused)
Er, thanks. I mean, thank you. It
is lovely to meet you. Uh...
      (Wiping tears from
       her eyes, hugs
Congratulations, sweetie! I'm so
happy for you.
      (Hugs Nigel)
For both of you!


As James steps in to congratulate Nigel, Raya pulls Miriam
                       RAYA (SV)
Is she the one from last night? I
can't believe
                       MIRIAM (SV)
      (Cutting across
I know, Ray, I know what you're
thinking. Look, there's a lot I
didn't know last night. She's
really great. Just wait 'til you
hear the whole story.
                       RAYA (SV)
The whole..? What are you
At that moment, James interrupts and hugs Raya.
So, married, eh? I'm sure you two
will be blissfully happy. Sara's
going to put on a party tonight
for the two of you.
      (Pulls Raya aside)
Can you come round to the
restaurant this afternoon?
Sure, of course. What's going on,
James? Is everything alright?
Nigel will give you the basics on
the way to the restaurant. I'll
see you later, ok?
Congratulations, again. I'm
really happy for the both of you.
Raya is perplexed by the attitude everyone is taking. She
is very happy about her engagement, but still not sure about
Hannah's place in the group at this point. She is hopeful
that everything will be explained by the time she gets to
the restaurant for her engagement party.
Ray, Sol and Mia are going to ride
with us over to Del Mar. We need
to go by my place first, though.


      (To Sol and Mia)
You two know what's going on?
Sort of. We'll get it all
straightened out tonight.
James, Sara and Hannah leave, congratulating Nigel and Raya
as they go. Nigel, Raya, Solomon and Miriam are left at the
beachside taco stand.
I'm starved. I'm going to grab a
few tacos before we head out.
You can't wait until dinner?
Um, no. I can't. You want
No, thank you.
      (She looks at her
Er...well, get me a fish taco will
      (Smiling smugly)
Anything to drink with that?
Miriam shoots him a dark look and he laughs to himself and
goes off to order food. Nigel and Raya eye their unfinished
lunch and decide to sit down with Miriam and Solomon and
finish eating.
                                         CUT TO
James is driving toward the home he shares with Sara. Sara
and Hannah are riding with him in his SUV. They have just
left the scene of Nigel's proposal to Raya. Their emotions
are mixed, each for different reasons. They are all very
happy for Nigel and Raya, but each has the situation at hand
with Jeremy on their minds. James, above the others, is
faced with a difficult dilemma because of his feelings for
Sara. Their conversation is tense, each striving to put off


the inevitable discussion of Jeremy's future until after the
engagement party.
      (To James)
How long have you known?
      (A little shocked)
Known what?
About Nigel. About the proposal.
Oh. He showed me the ring a few
weeks ago. I think he was still
having some reservations, though,
until last night.
      (Perks up)
      (To Hannah)
Did he mention anything about a
girlfriend to you?
Come to think of it, no, he
didn't. But somehow I wasn't
really surprised that he had one.
I mean, he was flirtatious, but
not in the way that guys who are
seriously after you are.
      (To Sara)
You know whay I mean, right?
      (Nodding agreement)
Nigel flirts with me all the time,
but I never got the impression
that he actually wanted me.
Right. It's all just sort of
      (To James)
Why do you think last night sealed


I think when Nigel met you, he
felt real attraction, and he
wanted to see what would happen if
he spent the evening around you.
Got to know you. Like a test, I
guess. Not that he was using you,
he was just trying to assure
himself that he was making the
right decision with Raya.
I see. Well, I might normally be
bothered by that, but seeing as I
have ended up meeting a whole
group of amazing people I
otherwise might not have
      (She reaches
       forward and
       touches Sara's
how can I complain.
Sara smiles and touches Hannah's hand affectionately.
I'm just sorry about some of the
Hannah, don't worry. You have
nothing to be sorry for. Jeremy,
on the other hand, will have many
regrets when we are done, I
Paris, eh? Well, I guess it's
been a while since I visited
                                         CUT TO
The restaurant is closed for the evening for the private
party celebrating Nigel and Raya's engagement. Gathered
around a large table are Sara, Alain, Gina, James, Hannah,
Nigel, Raya, Miriam and Sol. They have just started dinner.
There are numerous conversations going on around the table.


James stands to speak. He taps his glass a couple of times
with his fork to get everyone's attention.
Pardon me, everyone. I know
there's a lot to talk about
tonight. I'd just like to take a
moment to acknowledge the original
reason for this dinner.
      (He indicates
       Nigel and Raya
       sitting together
       a few chairs down
       the table.)
Nigel, you and I have been great
friends for many years. I have
seen you flail about without
apparent direction, a very sad
sight indeed. All of that changed
when Raya came into your life. She
must possess the energy that binds
you, and simultaneously sets you
free to become the man that I have
always known you could be. I want
to congratulate you on not cocking
it up with her, first and
foremost; and, Raya, I want to
thank you for your patience in the
face of what must have seemed a
lost cause. Nigel was a great
friend before you came along, but
he is a great man since he met
you. I also want to express my
deepest affection for you, as I
feel most fortunate that you have
chosen to allow our little group
into your life. We love you both
deeply, and wish you nothing but
the most beautifully happy life
Everyone at the table stands and raises their glasses. In
unison they toast "to love, to friends, to the infinite
past, and to the equally infinite future. To Nigel and Raya
and strange attraction. May the universe celebrate your
                                         FOLLOW TO
Everyone takes their seats except for James, Sara, and
Hannah. The three of them excuse themselves briefly to main
dining room of the restaurant, which is empty. As they


leave Miriam and Raya start to follow, but Nigel and Sol
hold them back silently.
                                         FOLLOW TO
Are you two sure you want to go
ahead with this plan? It could
get expensive and painful.
Don't worry about the cost, James.
Whatever it is, it will be well
worth it.
And as for the pain part, I don't
see how it's going to be any worse
than it has already been.
Alright. Before we go back in
there, I just want to tell you
both that I love you, and that I
will be there to help in any way
that I possibly can. I'm also
sure that all of those people in
the other room feel the same, and
that they will all play whatever
role is needed to pull this off.
Ready, then?
      (She hugs both
       James and Sara)
Let's do it.
                                         CUT TO
James and Sara drop Hannah off at her hotel, knowing that
the plan will begin to be implemented the following day.


      (To Hannah)
I know this is odd, but I'm glad
that I met you.
Of course, I feel the same way! I
mean, I'm really sorry that things
were what they were...but I'm
really happy that we have an
opportunity to make it all right.
Hannah and Sara hug, Sara gets into the passenger seat of
James's suv. James appraises Hannah.
You were always amazing. I'm
sorry to be back in touch this
way, but I'm not sorry to be back
in touch.
I know, James. I feel the same.
      (She hugs him,
       hiding the
       beginnings of
Tomorrow is going to be tough.
I'm afraid tomorrow is going to be
the easiest part. Paris is going
to be the real killer.
Right, as always. I'm glad you'll
be there for Sara. She's quite
lucky to have you.
I'm here for you, too, Hannah.
It's not exactly the same, is it?
I appreciate you James, and I love
you like a brother; but you are
not in love with me, as you
clearly are with Sara.
      (James begins to
       protest, but
       Hannah cuts him
James, it's alright that you are


                       HANNAH (cont'd)
in love with her. She is
imminently loveable! Just be
careful that you don't let your
feelings for her cloud your
judgement. Things will work out
for the best, they always do.
      (She kisses him on
       the cheek and
       turns to head
       into the hotel
Goodnight, James. See you
James, slightly stunned, turns and gets into his suv. As he
starts the engine, he looks over at Sara. She smiles at him
and puts her hand on his, and they drive out of the
                                         CUT TO
Jeremy wakes up to the sound of his phone buzzing. He is
vaguely confused about where he is until he looks around and
sees Natalie's clothes hung neatly on the closet door. As
he stretches and yawns Natalie enters bearing coffee.
      (Handing Jeremy a
       cup of coffee)
Good morning.
      (Checks her watch)
Or...afternoon, I guess. How are
you feeling?
      (Sips coffee)
Still a little sleepy, I guess. Is
this your place?
Yeah. You don't remember much of
last night, do you?
      (Looking around,
       catches view of
       the ocean out the


                       JEREMY (cont'd)
No, not much. Nice view.
      (Ignores the view
       of the ocean,
       focuses on
       Jeremy's naked
I'll say.
      (Suddenly a little
       pulls the sheets
       around himself)
So, what did happen last night?
      (Straightening the
       room a little)
What's the last thing you
That place in the Gas Lamp, the
one with all the different
      (Crosses her arms
       and appraises
Not bad. That was the second to
the last place we went. After
that it was that really hot
strip-club downtown. That's where
things really got a little wild.
I'm not surprised that by that
time you didn't remember much.
      (Scratches his
Strip-club? Why do you remember
everything so well? Weren't you
      (Tosses a pillow
       onto the bed)
All those empty calories? Do you
think I look this way by accident?
      (She indicates her


                       NATALIE (cont'd)
       lithe body, clad
       in only a sports
       bra and Lycra
I had a couple of drinks, but
stopped after we left the bar at
the Dakota.
Oh, right. The Dakota. What time
is it? Why aren't there any
clocks in this room?
It's twelve-thirty. We didn't get
in until about four, didn't get to
sleep until about six...
      (She smiles
So it's no wonder you slept late.
Right. Do you mind if I get
cleaned up? I have a thing
tonight I need to get to, and
since I don't think I'll have time
to get by the house I'm going to
have to get some clothes before I
I might have something...you know,
from fashion week. I'm sure it
would fit you.
      (She produces a
       blue pin-striped
       suit and white
       shirt from her
It's Zegna, what do you think?
      (Gets out of bed
       and looks at
It looks great. Are you sure? I
don't mind stopping and picking
something up on the way to the


The airport? Where's this
      (Heads into
       bathroom and
       turns on water
       for a shower)
Vegas...you want to come?
Vegas? When are you coming back?
Tomorrow morning. I'm taking my
dad's plane.
Why the hell not, right? I'll get
some things together.
Natalie lays the suit and shirt out on the bed and takes the
empty coffee cups to the kitchen. She returns and goes into
her closet and starts selecting things to take to Vegas.
                                         FADE TO
Jeremy steers his Porsche onto the tarmac at a private
airfield in the desert, northeast of San Diego. His
father's Gulfstream G5 sits idling with its entry stair
extended. Jeremy and Natalie get out of the car and board
the plane. A uniformed airfield worker drives Jeremy's car
into a nearby hangar as the entry door to the plane is
closed and the plane begins to taxi down the empty runway.
                                         CUT TO
The interior of the jet is furnished oppulently in leather
and dark wood. Jeremy and Natalie occupy two wide leather
seats on one side of the cabin. A cabin attendant checks to
see if they need anything before takeoff.
Can I get you or your guest
anything Mr. Van der Saar?


      (To Natalie)
Do you want anything, Nat?
      (To Attendant)
I'm fine, thanks.
      (To attendant)
I'm good, too. Will we be taking
off soon?
      (Checks her watch)
Any minute now. We're just
waiting so that we are in
compliance with the schedule we
have on file.
Sounds good. We'll be there by
four, then?
No question, Mr. Van der Saar.
The attendant walks to the back of the plane and prepares
for take-off.
      (To Natalie)
So, you're going to be in Paris?
Yeah. I'm covering a couple of
big deal parties. I'll be there
from the tenth to the fifteenth.
That's weird. I'm going to be in
Paris to perform on the
I'd love to see you perform, but
one of the parties is that night.


Yeah. Some mega-rich French guy
is putting on some sort of big
deal for Bastille Day. Everyone
will be there, it seems.
Excuse me?
Is it LeClair's party? I mean, is
the host names LeClair?
      (Digs in her purse)
Hold on, let me check my
       Blackberry from
       he purse, checks
Yes. Francois LeClair. He's
trying to get into the movie
production business, I think.
You get to see me play after-all.
What? How?
That's where I'm performing. At
LeClair's party. I guess I'll see
you there.
Where are you staying in Paris?
George Cinq. You?
Hotel de Crillon. Do you know it?


I don't know much about Paris.
I've only been a few times.
Are you only there the night of
your performance?
I hadn't really thought much about
it. I'll probably stay a few days
before I have to get back to work.
How is work, anyway?
It's great, except for some
interpersonal weirdness. You know
how it goes. I'll never learn to
stop mixing business with
So naughty.
Whatever. I don't think its going
to be a problem much longer. I
don't think she is sticking around
for the upcoming season.
Does that mean you are available?
What? Right. Why? You want to
settle down, start a family, Nat?
What? Of course not. Please. I
just try to avoid drama when I
      (Feigning apology)
Of course. What was I thinking?
Where's that attendant? I think I
might need a drink.


Jeremy laughs and buzzes the attendant. He tries to kiss
Natalie on the cheek but she is playfully petulant; she
folds her arms across her chest and turns away dramatically.
                                         FADE TO
The flight attendant approaches Jeremy and Natalie, bringing
Natalie's drink.
      (Taps Jeremy, who
       is sleeping, to
       wake him)
Mr. Van der Saar?
      (Awakens slowly)
Oh...sorry, what is it?
There's a phone call for you, sir.
Who is it?
It's Mr. Cohen, sir. He says it's
important. Will you accept the
Of course, Cherie. I'll take it
in the rear cabin.
Very good.
      (She hands Natalie
       her drink and
       turns to leave.)
Jeremy gets out of his seat and heads to the rear of the
plane to take Simon's phone call.
                                         FOLLOW TO
Jeremy picks up the phone in the meeting room of the plane.
What's up, Simon?


      (On speaker)
Jeremy, we might have a problem
with Paris. The bankroll is
having second thoughts.
Second thoughts? About me? Or
about the party?
Both, I think. He's being cagey
about the whole thing.
What's the issue? Has he said
I'm going to ask you a question,
and I want you to be honest.
Of course. What is it?
Do you know someone named Hannah
Yeah, of course. She's a
violinist, we work together in
Is that all? Is there more that I
need to know?
More? No. Why would there be?
What does she have to do with
I'm not completely sure, but her
name came up when I spoke to my
contact in Paris.


Her name came up? Look, Simon,
she and I dated casually; no big
deal. I still don't see what she
could have to do with the Paris
I don't know either, but I intend
to find out. Paris is still on,
for now. Don't worry, Jeremy, I'm
sure this can all be worked out.
Do your thing, Simon. I'll talk
to you tomorrow.
      (He hangs up the
       phone and returns
       to the cabin.)
Simon hangs up the phone. The Camera pans around the room,
revealing Hannah, James and Sara sitting in the office.
How did he sound?
It's hard to get a read on that
guy, but I think he's a little
The goal is to push him to the
edge, Mr. Cohen. As you know, I
will make it worth your while.
I really don't think I should be
doing this, I mean, he is my
client. I'm supposed to be
looking out for his interests.
      (Standing to leave)
Ah, but you are, Mr. Cohen. Jeremy
is on a path to self destruction,
and you are helping us re-direct
Hannah and Sara stand to leave, Hannah drops an envelope on
the table.


It's for his own good, Simon, and
you know it.
Hannah, James, and Sara leave the office, as Simon's
assistant enters with contracts for Simon to review. Simon
rubs his eyes, picks up the envelope, thumbs through the
bills inside, and puts it into a desk drawer.
      (To assistant)
Andrew, I would like your opinion
on something:
      (Andrew looks
Actually, nevermind, I don't know
why I thought you would have any
insight. Get me Michel Bondieu on
the phone, right away.
The assistant, looking relieved, exits the office as Simon
begins to look over the contracts.
                                         JUMP TO
Jeremy returns to his seat next to Natalie. A drink is
waiting on the table for him.
      (Sips her drink,
       without looking
What was that about?
      (takes a drink)
The party we were just talking
about, oddly enough.
What about it?
The host is being weird about
something, Simon was trying to
figure out if I knew what the
guy's problem is. How I would,
I'm not exactly sure.


      (Checks her
       blackberry again)
Do you know Michel Bondieu?
Who? I don't think I've heard
that name before.
He writes about the arts for Le
Monde. He knows everyone in the
Paris art and entertainment world.
I just got a note to call him
tomorrow morning about LeClair's
Really? Interesting. Let me know
what he had to say?
Of course, babe. I'm sure it's
nothing. We should be landing
soon, right?
      (Checks watch)
Fifteen minutes, or so.
Natalie finishes her drink, puts her blackberry back into
her purse and reclines her seat. Jeremy looks pensively out
the window.
                                         CUT TO
James, Hannah and Sara stand next to Hannah's car. Hannah
is on her cell phone.
      (to Sara)
Are you sure about all this? I
mean, it's a bit extreme, isn't
Extreme!?! Are you serious,


Sara, I just mean that I don't
want you to be hurt. Of course I
am behind you guys on this, and I
think it's fine to try and make
your point, but