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Children of the Night (Complete Revised Shooting Script)
by Mark Becker, Jr. (warrior_swan_86@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: *1/2
4 friends try to clean up their drug-ridden and violence filled town and become victims of an outside gang. NOTE: Graphic scenes of violence and gore. Graphic sexual abuse. In the sexual abuse scenes, I have no intentions of showing pornography. The film is hard R due to violence and language. No actual nudity is involved. Those are the films I'm trying NOT to make.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A quiet riverside park in a small south Jersey town. It
looks run down, suggesting that it's a poor neighborhood.

4:30 PM
CINDY sits on a bench. FAOLAN stands nearby.
Listen, I don't know what time
we're getting done tonight. The
meeting starts at eight. I'd blow
it off, but it's important. We
need these guys ready as soon as
I know. Don't worry about it.
Well, I am worried about it. And
I'm worried about you. What time
do you get done tonight?
It's Sunday night, so it's a short
shift. We should be out by 9.
Everyone leaves at the same time?
You can't hang around an extra
little while until I get there? An
hour is a little bit short for a
meeting like this.
FROST walks by, neither seem to notice.


What do you even have to have this
stupid meeting for, anyway?
What do you mean?
You're throwing your life away,
Faolan. Seriously. What the hell
are you even doing on these
streets, when you could be getting
a real education. You're so much
smarter than all this. Listen to
you talk. You don't talk like
everybody else.
The way I speak doesn't matter to
anybody else, why should it matter
to you?
It doesn't matter. That's not even
the point I'm trying to make. I
just want to know what you're
doing out there every night. You
and your idiot friends. What are
you fighting for?
Faolan looks toward the gazebo on top of the hill, facing
the water. BAST, KAI, and TATE hang around inside.
We're trying to make these streets
safer. There's no reason for so
many people to die out there every
night. It's a fact that we want to
change. We're trying to rebuild
this town to what it once was. And
if it takes sweat and blood, then
this city will be built on my
sweat and my blood. What are you
so worried about it for?
I'm worried about you being one of
those people. I sit home every
night, scared to death, waiting
for the police to knock on the


                       CINDY (cont'd)
door and tell me they found your
body, I cry myself to sleep every
fucking night.
Well, stop worrying about it. I'm
not going to be one of those
You can't promise me that. Damn
it, Faolan, you don't belong out
here. You belong in a lab or
something, searching for the cure
for cancer. If you really want to
save lives, go to school, become a
This is where I belong. Doctors
save the lives of people who wind
up in the hospital because of
places like these, and not all of
them make it out alive. I want to
save these lives before they even
make it to the hospital.
But you're so much better than
this. You could be so much more.
I'm not better than anyone. Nobody
At least become a cop. Do it the
right way.
The cops are corrupt. I would try
to get the drugs off the street,
get rid of the weapons coming in,
but my superiors would never allow
it. The cops get a cut of
everything that goes on here.
They're no better than the crooks
they refuse to bust. You think


                       FAOLAN (cont'd)
they don't know what goes on? They
get paid for it. Why do you think
Sanchez still runs north Broadway?
Everyone in the city knows who he
is and what he's doing, including
the cops.
So instead, you start a gang, and
decide to challenge their income?
Before you know it, they'll be
coming down on your head.
I know. I expect it any day.
And that doesn't worry you? Your
little gang against the entire
police force. These guys are all
you have, cops can get help from
other departments. How do you hope
to win?
It's not about hope, it's about
giving enough of a damn to try. We
might be an example. If we can get
enough people behind us, things
have to change. There's no other
Come on, why don't we just move?
Forget about this piece of shit
You don't get it, do you? I was
born here. This is my home. This
is the only place I've ever known.
I've never been anywhere except
the shore. This place is my entire
world. Sure, the city's fucked up.
Crime, drugs, murder, whatever.
But I love it, and you should too.
We're trying to clean up our home,
make it livable again. I don't
ever want to live anywhere else. I


                       FAOLAN (cont'd)
want to raise a family here, like
I was. I want to grow old here. I
want to send my children to the
same school I grew up in, and know
that they'll be safe.
It's a nice thought and all, but
seriously, get real. Things are
just not fixable.
Well, I can't just stand by and
watch things happen. I know that
I'm supposed to be here right now,
to do this. I've seen some awful
things out here, and it kills me.
Drives me insane. Do you remember
Jimmy Bronson's kid sister?
Yeah. Why?
Her birthday just passed. She just
turned 13. I watched her die.
A young girl walks down a very dark, empty street in the
middle of the night.

2:30 AM
A shadowy figure moves across the street half a block behind

The girl walks alone in silence.

She walks to the corner, preparing to cross.

The figure runs up to her from behind, and throws her
violently to the ground.


                       FAOLAN (VO)
The guy was a junkie, looking for
a quick fix. He either figured she
was holding, or at least thought
he could get some cash for a hit.
The man is scruffy and dirty looking. He's wild and strung
Just give me your purse you little
cunt, and no one gets hurt.
He tries to grab her purse, and she fights him for it.
                       FAOLAN (VO)
2:30 in the morning. What's a 13
year old girl doing on the street
that time of night? The same thing
he is. I found out from her
friends that she was carrying a
decent amount of coke. She was the
group's runner that night.
Come on, bitch! Give me your
fucking purse!
The girl kicks him in the face. He pulls a decent sized
knife out of his pocket.

Faolan walks alone on the connecting street. The girl
screams, and he sees the attack. He runs toward them.

The thief stabs the blade into the girl, letting out a
splatter of blood.

The girl screams and gurgles as her lungs begin to fill with

Faolan's footsteps grow closer.

The man stabs again and leaves the blade in her body. He
grabs the purse and takes off. Faolan gives chase, but loses
the guy quickly.

Faolan makes his way back to the intersection. The girl


makes gurgling sounds. She tries to reach out toward Faolan
with a bloody hand. Her fingers curl as her muscles stiffen
from the pain.

Faolan rushes over and kneels by her.
Oh, Jesus.
He fights back tears. Sirens approach in the distance.
Faolan stands silent in the middle of the intersection,
watching the girl.
Faolan stands with his back to Cindy.

I couldn't stop it. But if we can
get enough people behind us, we
might be able to prevent things
like this.
Faolan seethes.
Don't try to tell me these aren't
my people. They are my people, you
are my people. I want to know that
you're safe if you walk home from
work on your own. I want to build
a future here, maybe with you,
maybe with somebody else, I don't
know. And I don't really care.
This is my home.
Cindy stands and hugs him.
I'm sorry. All this running around
in the streets worries me. I want
to know that you're alright.


Faolan pulls away and holds her face in his hands.
Just know that if I die, itís not
for a lost cause. My death would
only cause more people to open
their eyes. And never forget, I
died for you. Maybe I have to die
to make changes. I have accepted
this possibility as fate, I need
you to do the same.
I'll try...
They stand in silence for a moment.
I think I better get going. I'll
be late for work.
Alright, I'll see you tonight.
She pulls away and starts walking.
Faolan stands alone and watches her walk across the park
toward the street. He sighs and shakes his head, then walks
toward the gazebo.
Bast nervously paces back and forth.

Tate sits against a pillar, fiddling with his switchblade.

Kai sits calmly on the stairs, overlooking the river.
Man, I swear, these new recruits
better be tough. I don't want to
have to worry about who's covering
my ass.


Don't worry about it. They're
heavy. Faolan wouldn't be letting
them in otherwise.
He let you in, didnít he?
Shut up, you fat fuck. Kaiís got
more to offer the gang than you
ever will.
Oh yeah? Then why the hell am I
the enforcer?
Because of your size, no other
reason. You can't run, you can
barely fight. You're just a
fucking pussy.
What do you got, then, you scrawny
Speed, reflexes, quick thinking,
and Iím damn good with a decent
Without that blade, youíre
Iíll fuck you up, bare hands. I
donít need a blade, it just helps.
Bullshit. You're a little faggot.
Come on guys, cool it.


Thatís not what Tateís mom said
last night.

Tate hops to his feet, shoves Bast back against a pillar,
and puts a knife to his throat.

Kai stands to watch.

Bast grabs Tate's hand, and presses the blade against his
own throat.
Cut me, if you got the balls.
Tate stares him down in silence.
Scared of a little blood? Why
wonít you cut me?
Faolan walks up from the direction of the bench.
What the fuck is this?
Nobody speaks. Tate and Bast stare eachother down.
Huh!? What the fuck is going on?
Kai stares at Faolan.
Tate, stand down, and put the
blade away.
No one moves.
Right now!
Tate scoffs and pulls back, closing his blade and shoving it
in his pocket.


Bast, cool down. Tate, come over
here with me a minute.
Faolan walks away down the hill, and Tate follows. The two
speak quietly.
What the fuck is this, huh? Come
on man, weíre a gang. We gotta
stick together or weíll just get
wasted. Then everything weíre
working so hard for is gone. All
week, and weíre already building a
rep and bringing in some decent
cash. But you can forget
protection money, forget drug
money, forget every fucking thing.
Is that what you want? Huh!?
Come on, Faolan, this is bullshit!
The guy walks around like he's got
a 2 foot dick, and can take
anything that comes at him. I'm
telling you, if the shit hits the
fan, and anyone gets wasted, he's
the first to go.
I donít care. We need bodies, and
we need strength. Attitude is
secondary at this point.
Having a loose cannon like that
running around, soldiering our
name isn't going to look good for
the rest of the gang.
Just let it go. Iím in charge,
remember? Not you. And donít
forget, damn it, that weíre all
brothers. We watch out for each
other, not try to kill each other.
No matter whatís said.


Alright. Whatís up your ass,
Donít worry about it. Come on.
Faolan walks away and back up the hill, followed by Tate.
They rejoin the others.
Alright, guys, we'd better move.
We have to swear in the new blood.
Bast gives Tate a quick glare, and falls in line with the
others. The guys walk down the hill toward the street.
The boys make their way down the street, towards Broadway.
They look around at the people outside who are having a good
time, sitting out in the late evening's summer sun, children
running through the streets.
Damn, I can't wait until I get
older, man. Have me some kids,
hang out with my family out front
on warm summer nights, watch the
kids play.
Hey, I hear that.
If you ask me, kids are nothing
but trouble. Whining, shitting,
making big ass messes. Fuck that,
man, I'm going stag forever,
getting inside whatever I can.
Yeah, even if itís a dog, huh?
Like a fucking dalmation?
(queer, high-pitched tone)
Oh spot! Oh Jesus! You feel so
good! MMMM! Iím gonna blow a
fuckiní load!


Bast swings at him, and the others laugh. Faolan takes up
stride beside Kai, and plops a hand on his shoulder.
Donít listen to these haggard
shits, huh, little brother? I
think itís awesome that youíre
thinking of the future, you got
goals, man. Youíre setting up your
life now, making these streets
safe for your own kids. I respect
that, and I dig it.
Fuckiní right!
The two brothers pound fists.
Thatís right, be your own man.
Fuck all else.
They approach the group of recruits, waiting on the corner
of Hunter and 5th. Faolan hops up on the red porch in front
of the abandoned house, and the other 3 hang around.
Good job, guys. You made it
through the testing and training.
Out of a group of at least 35, you
are the few who made it all the
way. You're worthy of bearing the
name of the Wizards. You've done
extremely well. Now remember the
rules. Don't give anybody your
real information. Phone number,
address, full name. That way, if
one of your boys gets picked up,
he can't turn you in. Why lose 5
or 6 guys because one dude got
arrested? It's bullshit. Now it's
time to start getting things done.
Camden is slowly taking our city.
Our streets are lined with drugs,
our sewers run like rivers of
blood. It's time to stand up and
take our city back.


Cindy sits alone on the steps in front of the pizza shop.
The street sits dark and empty. The traffic is light.

Tomlin's Pizza, 9:05 PM
Cindy looks at her watch. It's getting darker, and she seems
      (to herself)
Faolan, where are you?
She sits a few seconds longer, then sighs, grabs her bag,
and stands up.

She walks briskly toward Market Street.

4 Silhouetted figures watch from across the street.
You were right, dude, she's alone.
Shit, I told you she would be.
Some kind of meeting. Faolan said
himself he'd be late.
Well, quit bullshitting and let's
grab her ass before those faggots
show up.
Alright, let's move.
They creep out of the shadows, and move quietly across
Broadway, and move up behind her.

Frost grabs her free hand, and she turns, swinging her bag
around, hitting him in the head. His head bounces off the
wall, leaving a small splatter of blood.

He falls, and doesn't get back up.

Jackal whips around behind her, and grabs her bag arm, and
twists it up behind her back. She pulls a blade out of her
pocket with her free hand.


She tries to stab Rock, who sidesteps it, then grabs her
wrist, and twists, causing her to drop the knife.

Danny punches her in the head, knocking her out.

She goes limp.

Cindy's POV. Her head falls. Her vision goes blurry and
fades to black.
Faolan talks to one of the newbloods. Kai steps up behind
him and taps him on the shoulder. Faolan looks back at him.
It's after 9.
We'd better take off then. Bast,
Tate, let's go. We'll see you guys
next week when you all receive
your colors.
The pizza shop sits on the corner, dark, quiet, and empty.
The corner is dark and deserted.

9:15 PM
The 4 Wizards walk up to the store. Cindy is nowhere to be
What the fuck? Wouldnít we have
seen her on our way up if she left
without us?
Yeah, we would have, unless she
took another way home.
Where else would she even go?


A glint on the sidewalk catches Faolan's eye. It's Cindy's
knife. He walks to it, leans over, and picks it up. He holds
it, and moves it around in his hand.
Hey, this is the blade I gave her
the night she almost got wrecked.
      (under his breath)
Jesus Christ.
Are you sure itís the same one?
Faolan turns it over to reveal his name carved into the
Why would she have to use this?
He glares at the others.
Don't get so worked up. There's no
blood anywhere. Not even on the
But sheís still not here.
Maybe she hid.
Letís fucking hope.
Faolan seethes as he folds the knife up and slips it into
his front pocket, moving the war chain out of the way.
Letís take a look around, huh?
Faolan walks around the corner, followed by Kai.

Bast and Tate stay on their side of the building, and start
looking through the shadows, then up and down the street.


After poking around a minute, Bast finds her bag, the handle
is torn off on one side, and the contents are spilling out.
He grabs the bag and starts walking toward Faolan, who is
just coming from around the corner.
That's Cindy's.
She's not around, man. What do you
want to do?
It's not about what I want to do.
It's about what has to be done. I
can't just leave her. I'm going to
find her. She's the only thing
that matters to me, all that keeps
me going. I live for her, not for
myself, or anybody else.
So, let's get moving.
Faolan nods miserably, and starts walking.
Hey, hold up, where are we going?
We're going to start in Ghost
Town, it's the best place to hide.
What about the dealers down there?
Fuck them, this is bigger than
even they are.
Faolan walks away from the others. They all look at each
other, questioning silently, then follow.


A small hut, boarded up and abandoned sits on a dark, empty
corner. The 4 Wizards walk up from the direction of Market

Down the street, an exchange of drugs for money.

9:45 PM
Maybe this mother fucker can give
us a little help.
Or cash.
Let's take him out.
The druggie walks by them, already cracked out, carrying
more in his hand. Faolan grabs him, slams him into the
ground, and takes his drugs.
Quit doing this shit!
The 4 walk toward the dealer, who also appears cracked out.
Faolan steps up to him, holding the baggie up.
Is this yours?
                       DEALER #1
What the fuck are you supposed to
be? It's none of your fucking
Faolan grabs the guy by his collar, and pulls him close.
This is my fucking town, and I'm
through watching you assholes
destroy it.


                       DEALER #1
Back the fuck up, asshole!
The dealer pulls back and produces a gun, which he points at

Faolan quickly pulls his blade out, flips it open, and
slices the dealer's hand, causing him to drop his gun and
fall to his knees.

Faolan then grabs the Dealer by the head, and slices his
throat, spraying blood out. The dealer falls onto his back,
staring up, and grasping at his throat.

Faolan wipes the blade off on his own pants, then slips it
into his back pocket, not bothering to close it. He watches
in grim satisfaction as the dealer gurgles his dying
This is my town, never forget
Bast searches the dealerís pockets, finding drugs and cash.
Give me the drugs.
Bast makes a disgusted face, and shoves them into Faolanís
hand. He then pockets the cash. Bast checks out the gun.
Empty. He didn't have any bullets.
He pulled a fucking gun, acted
like it was loaded... he deserved
what he got.
Jesus Christ, Faolan, none of that
had to go down, this man didnít
have to die! You didnít even have
to confront him.
Faolan steps up into Bastís personal space, but not directly
in his face.


Do I have to remind you why weíre
here? I would rather that man die,
than let him kill these people
with his fucking DRUGS! You pick,
the life of one piece of shit? Or
the lives of dozens of kids in
this city? Now thatís it... letís
Faolan hands the drugs off to Kai.
Dump these in the sewer.
Kai moves to the sewer and drops the drugs in.
Faolan sits on the curb across the street from the little
field in darkness. The others stand around, fidgeting.

10:45 PM
How much longer we gotta wait,
Iím trying to think.
Think about what?
About where Cindy might be, or who
might have taken her.
Well this is bullshit.
Iím trying to think of where to


If you really want to find her,
let's go. I don't feel like
sitting around all night, when I
could be getting some action
Hey, lay off, man. No oneís making
you stick with us.
Well, maybe I should just take off
then. This is stupid. It's a poor
man's crusade. And why the fuck
should I care? She's Faolan's
woman, not ours.
Weíve been with Faolan since we
were kids, man, are you just going
to abandon him now, when he needs
us the most?
Do you think Faolan would be doing
this if it was anybody else? No.
This is selfish bullshit, he's
only going through this for her,
for his woman. He's not willing to
do anything for anybody else
unless it suits him.
Come on, guys, cool it.
What are you in this for, Tate?
Huh? Because you care about Cindy?
Or is it loyalty to Faolan? Is
this your cause, or is it his?
Momentary silence.
Thatís what I thought. I think
itís fine and dandy to help out a
friend, but this is asking a lot.


A group of silhouettes move toward them.
Hey, guys.
Faolan looks up, and sees them.
Assume they're civilians, nobody's
got reason to war on us.
Nobody had any reason to grab
Cindy, either.
They outnumber us by double, and
then some.
Everybody relax. Let me talk.
And if they're hostile?
Wait until we reach that bridge.
Faolan stands and walks into the street. The two groups
Hey, guys.
JACKAL steps forward.
Do I know you?
Probably not... but everyone knows
you. You got a pretty decent rep
around here.


Have you guys seen a girl around?
She might be by herself, maybe
looks a little roughed up. Kinda
heavy-set, dark hair, brown eyes.
Yeah, I saw her.
      (hopeful, yet
On my dick.
Faolan seethes, breathing heavily.
You got good taste. Sheís real
tight. That Cindyís something
else, buddy.
Faolan screams out, savagely, and smashes Jackal in the head
with a balled up fist as hard as he can.

Jackal falls back a couple feet, falling into some of his
other guys. The Wizards take off, minus Faolan.
Faolan! Letís go! Move it!
Faolan doesn't listen. He grabs another by the throat, and
throws him aside. The Wizards grab him, and pull on him.
After a struggle, Faolan gives in, and runs.
The Wizards run down the middle of Water street, the others
behind them, chasing after.
Get to the park! Weíll turn and
fight in the open!
The park, empty in the dark.

They run through the park, and up into the gazebo.


Get ready!
They all turn and face the coming enemies.
Take Ďem out.
They charge at the coming enemies, Kai charges and swings
his fist, hitting the nearest in the gut, causing him to
double over. Kai then knees him in the head, knocking him
back onto the ground.
Bast swings wildly at a group around him, hitting, and
throwing. Tate fights one on one against a baseball bat.
Faolan unclips his war chain from his wallet. He swings it
around one guy's throat, and uses it to choke him.

The guy flips him over onto his back, and brings a knife
down into his hand, just between the ring finger and pinky.

Blood squirts slightly, and Faolan yells out in pain. Tate
takes down his attacker.

Faolan reaches over, grabs the blade, and hands it to Tate,
who wipes it off.

Faolan pulls out his own blade, pops it open, and flips it
into his left hand. He carries the chain in his right.
Kai stomps on the face of a downed soldier, and bends down,
picking up a board with nails through it. He clenches it
tightly in his hand, and looks around, trying to find
someone to hit.

He turns to his right, and swings the board sideways,
sticking the nails into a guy's back. He pulls back, and the
guy bends over in pain.

Kai brings the board down, jamming the nails into his skull.
Blood shoots up. Bast charges across the screen, carrying a
guy on his shoulders, yelling the whole way.
Bast smashes the guy into the ground, and stomps into his
face. Another guy tries to grab Bast from behind. Tate comes
up behind the soldier, and jams both knives down into his
back, and then slits his throat.


The sound of sirens rips through the air.
Fuck! Letís move it! Come on!
Police tear through the crowd, swinging, hitting, and
grabbing. They cuff several of the guys.
Make it to the rendezvous point.
The woods on this side of the
2 officers attack Faolan. One cracks Faolan in the head, the
other slams him into the ground. They beat on him, and cuff
The other Wizards break away, and run down the street.
A dark, empty basement. The only light comes from a small
lamp in the corner.

Cindy sleeps on a blanket with a pillow against the wall.
Her nose bleeds slightly, she appears to have been beaten.

She stirs slightly, and groans in pain. She opens her eyes
and rubs them slowly. As she sits up, she cries out in pain.
She wipes away some tears.
The door upstairs opens. Rock and Danny descend.
I thought I heard you. How you
feeling? A little sore?
Rock laughs.
He kneels down in front of her, and reaches out to touch her
face. She slaps his hand away.
Don't touch me!


A tough one, too. This kid knows
how to pick them, huh?
Hell yes. I'll bet she tastes good
too, man.
Fucking good.
What are you going to do with me?
Ah, we're not doing anything with
you, but we're doing plenty to
you. We might as well have some
fun while we're sitting here,
waiting for your lame ass
boyfriend to show up, huh?
Rock reaches out to touch her again, and she smacks his hand
Hey, weíll tie you down if we have
to. Just go along with it, and
things might go easier for you.
She cries.
Or, you could tell me where he
lives. Weíll go to his house, fuck
him up, and let you go. Itís up to
What the fuck do you want from us?
I want him out of this town. Heís
fucking everything up.
Heís making it better!


Not according to the mayor, the
cops, the people...
They don't see what he's doing.
They see plenty, tags up on the
walls, protection money, violence.
The city has never been more
But itís getting better. Thereís
less drugs on the street.
Are there really? Every time they
cut down a dealer, two more take
his place.
I know what this is really about.
You're right. It's not so
altruistic as all that. We're
being paid by the city to take
them out. But I'm here to get rid
of these wimpy ass Wizards, and
take over these streets. We could
use a little more turf, and this
is a good place to do business.
Plenty of places to hide and all
No, this is about you, and Faolan.
Your personal vendetta.
Not really, that's more of a
bonus. But I'm not going to lie,
it's a pleasure seeing you again.
Fuck your mother!
Rock kicks her in the face.


You asked for it, you little
He grabs her by the hair and yanks her to her feet. He grabs
her, and kisses her neck.

She fights him, trying to hit him.

He throws her down on the ground, and rips her pants off. He
grabs her legs, and pushes himself between them.
A quiet intersection by a lake.

Martin's Lake - 11:45
The Wizards run across Johnson's Blvd, followed by police.
Sirens echo in the distance.
The boys run and hop down the hill, and over the tracks.
Baseball fields stretch the entire length of the woods. The
boys split up, and take different directions all around the
baseball fields, heading toward the woods.
The park by the river, in the aftermath of the battle.
Cuffed gang members lie throughout, police catalog their
Faolan lies on his stomach in the grass, still cuffed. He
pulls his wallet out of his back pocket, and unclips his
chain from it. He straightens the clip, and uses it to pick
the lock on his cuffs.

Once he frees himself, Faolan runs into the darkness, police
A stony creek bed in dark woods.
Kai and Tate stumble into the woods, breathing heavily.


Whose missing?
Whereís Bast?
And what about Faolan?
Cops cuffed him in the park.
He'll find a way out. But we lost
Bast in the field. Bast!
Bast stumbles in behind.
      (out of breath)
Hey, Iím here.
Did you see anyone following us?
A resounding no, in different variations.
Is everybody alright? Who has
They all speak at once, but the general idea is that they're
all ok.
Come on, man, what the hell are we
doing out here?
Will you keep your fucking voice
down, soldier? You never know
who's creeping around.
Yeah, quit whining you little


Shut it. You're both acting like
little bitches. Just sit down and
shut up.
You heard him. Keep your mouth
shut fatshit.
Bast tries to hit Tate, Kai stops him.
Both of you sit the fuck down, and
don't speak a single word. God
help me, I'll murder both you
pansies on the spot. I'm not
kidding, so don't fuck around with
The two sit down. Bast grumbles.
I'm going to take a look around
and make sure we're safe. Don't
move until I get back.
Kai makes his way through the brush to a secluded area
beside the water. He leans against a tree. He shakes his
head, and sighs.
A decent looking, middle-class living room. Kai sits on the
couch, TV remote in hand.

September 24th
10:30 AM
Faolan enters the front door. He appears very happy.
Where the hell have you been all


Having the greatest night of my
What happened?
You should know by now, that me
and Cindy have been together for
an entire year.
Yeah, and?
Well, to celebrate, we had an
evening away, just the two of us.
Nice dinner, movie, rented a room,
you know?
Iím digging it so far.
Well, I proposed last night.
Holy shit. What happened?
She said yes.
That's awesome. I'm really happy
for you.
You know you have to be my best
Really? Are you sure?
Fucking right, Iím sure, who


When's the wedding?
We donít know yet. But we donít
want anything big, just some close
friends and family.
Where you going to live?
Right here, man. You know I canít
abandon my little brother. Momís
not home enough to even notice.
Thatís really great man.

Kai stands by the water alone, still leaned against the
He shakes his head, and wipes sweat from his face.
A figure lurks silently behind him in the shadows.

He moves forward, stealthily.

He produces a knife from his pocket.

He moves up around Kai's side, jamming the blade into his

Kai doubles over, and the guy pulls the blade out with a
sickening fleshy sound.

Kai falls over onto his side, and rolls onto his back. Pairs
of legs walk by him, moving into the woods.
A dark basement, lit only by a small lamp in the corner.


Frost and JENNY hold Cindy down as rock waves a knife in
front of her face.

This is where I get tough. You
still got a chance to talk, take
He moves the blade down to her wrist.
Youíve got 2 seconds until I cut
your pretty little skin.
She closes her eyes, and breathes heavily, preparing for the
The knife pierces the flesh, and blood spills out. He very
slowly drags it up her arm, slicing the flesh, creating a
gash about 2 inches long. She whines the whole way, but
doesn't scream.
Tears stream down her face, she bites her lip.
Tell me where he is!
I donít know where he is!
Give us his address, then. Weíll
wait for him at home.
She shakes her head. He pushes the blade into her other arm,
and she screams out in pain.


A sunny afternoon by the river.Tate, Bast, Danny, Rock, and
Cindy hang around the gazebo.

August 20
Last Year
Faolan walks across the grassy park, toward the gazebo.
Tate turns and nods.
Yo, brother, whatís going on?
Not a lot man.
He moves closer to Tate.
Look, man, I got fired this
Ah, holy shit.
Yeah, I know. They called me this
morning, woke me up too.
What are you going to do?
Fuck if I know. What about my
little brother? How am I going to
take care of him?


Hey, donít worry man, shitís going
to find a way, it always does.
Hey, come on. You remember my
cousin, Cindy?
Been a long time, but yeah.
Well, say hi, you ignorant fucker!
Holy shit. This is her? Little
Iím not little anymore.
Yeah, I can see that.
And Iím less than a year younger
than you.
Yeah, but you were a little kid
then, a lot smaller than us.
Iím sorry about your job.
Itís cool, weíll be fine. Weíre
just about 6 months behind on
rent, Iíll make it up.


Oh wow, 6 months huh? Thatís not
too bad.
Faolan walks away and stands in front of the guard rail by
the river. He looks out over the water, alone. Cindy follows
a few seconds later, and stands by him.
      (looking up at
Hey, what are you doing?
Nothing, I guess. Just thinking.
About your job?
Yeah, something like that.
Donít let it get you down, youíll
find another.
I hope so, I have to take care of
my little brother, too.
Youíll be fine, trust me.
He gives her a side look, and raises a brow.
How do you figure?


I just do. Things are never bad
Yeah, I guess so.
He looks back out over the water. She looks at him for a
long moment, then turns, and goes back up the stairs to the
gazebo. He watches over his shoulder as she leaves, then
looks back over the water. When he turns back to the group,
Cindy and Rock hold hands.
A dark highway. Faolan walks along the side of the road by
the "Stop In" restaurant. He crosses the street into the Red
Barn parking lot.
Faolan makes his way onto Nicholson Rd. A group walks down a
dark side street in the opposite direction.

He quietly makes his way closer to them.

The group of Demons walks along, unknowing. Especially
Danny, who lags behind.
Faolan goes around the block, and waits for the group to
pass by. When they do, he grabs Danny, and pulls him into
the bushes.
Don't move, and don't make a
sound, or I swear to God I will
splatter your fucking brains all
over the street.
Tate and Bast still sit in the woods in silence.
Yo, where the fuck is Kai? It
shouldn't take this long.
Don't know. Maybe we oughta go
looking for him.


The bushes rustle as someone is moving through.
Shut up!
The shadow charges them, and swings a bat.

Tate dodges, and pulls out his blade, jamming it into the
eye of the attacker.
Let's go!
Tate runs out of the woods, back across the baseball fields.
Bast follows.

4 Demons follow them, chasing them all through the fields
into the dirt by the snack stand. One carries bat, one
carries a chain, one carries machete, and the last carries a

Bast turns, and swings at the first, causing his feet to fly
out from beneath him. He goes airborne.
Bast picks up the bat, and smashes machete in the face,
causing a spray of blood from his nose.
Donít fucking fuck with me!
The chain gets wrapped around Tate's throat, the demon
forces him onto the ground.

The demon smashes his face into the wall of the snack stand.
Bast grabs the machete from the ground, turns, and brings it
down into the skull of the demon with a splattering of
blood. He then turns, and brings it down into the spine of
the other.
Tate stands up, his face bleeding, battered, and bruised.


Holy shit.
Kai lies on his back by the water. He bleeds, tears stream
down his face. His breaths come shallow, and he makes no
Faolan and Kai's backyard. A sunny afternoon. Kai dumps
bottles into the recyclable can.

October 10th
2:00 PM
The backdoor to the house opens. Faolan steps out, carrying
black fabric.
Hey, whatís going on?
What's up?
Faolan stands next to him.
Look, I want you to have my back,
You know I always got your back.
I know that. I know. But uh, I
mean all the time, on the streets.
I need your help.
Doing what, man? Youíre not making
any sense.


Well, you know how we always
talked about cleaning up the town
a little bit? Taking out the
Yeah, what about it?
Faolan hands him the fabric, which is unfolded to reveal it
as a Wizards vest.
What do you think? We can do it,
for real.
What? You mean like, in a gang?
Well yeah, why not? Thereís nobody
out there I would rather have on
my back than you.
Alright. Yeah, what do we have to
lose, right?
Hey, alright! Good looking out,
The two clasp hands.
A dead end street, very dark.
Faolan and Danny sit together on the guard rail, with
Danny's hands chained behind his back.

Lehigh Ave
1:15 AM


Faolan pulls a Black & Mild pack out of his pocket, pops one
out, unwraps it, and puts it between his lips.

He slips the pack back into his pocket, and produces a
lighter from the other.

He lights his smoke, then puts the lighter back in his
Hey, I got a pack of cigarettes in
my right pocket here, you mind
lighting me up one?
Sure, I guess I can do that.
Faolan reaches into his pocket, pulls out the pack of
cigarettes, and grabs one.

He puts the pack away, and sticks the smoke between Danny's

He then pulls his lighter out again, lights the cigarette,
and puts it back in his pocket again.
The two sit in silence a moment, smoking.
So, I assume you know where Cindy
I might.
What did you assholes do to her?
Believe me, you donít want to
Did you stick your dick in her,
too? Like that scrawny faggot?


Danny laughs.
What the fuck is so funny?
Thatís not all we did to her. I
canít imagine what theyíre doing
right now. Sheís got a sweet ass,
man. You got a good eye.
Faolan tenses, but doesnít move.
I wish you could have heard her
screaming. I think she liked it.
Sheís a fucking nympho.
Faolan stands up, balls his fist a few times, tenses, then
quickly and suddenly strikes.

He smashes Danny in the temple with his fist, causing him to
fall to the side.

He puts his boot in Danny's face.
Where the fuck is she? I will not
hesitate to fucking kill you!
They got her in a house!
What house!?
He doesnít answer.
WHAT house!?
Faolan lifts his foot, bringing it down hard into Danny's

He holds it there, pinning Danny's face into the asphalt.


He leans down, and unhooks the war chain from Danny's

He grabs Danny by the neck, and forces him up to his feet.

He punches Danny in the throat, causing him to double over
and gasp for breath.

Faolan wraps the war chain around his neck, and kicks his
feet out from under him.

Danny lands hard on his knees.

Faolan puts his knee into Danny's back, and pushes in,
pulling back on the war chain, hard enough to cause blood to
ooze out. Danny tries to talk.
What house!?
He releases one hand from the war chain, and swings it
around his other, releasing Danny, and kicking him down onto
his face.

Danny vomits, and rolls over onto his back, staring up.
      (gasping for
A house on Hunter, near Broadway.
Get the fuck out of my sight, you
piece of shit. Before I decide to
kill you anyway.
Danny quickly gets up, and weakly runs to the end of the
street, then turns the corner.
Faolan bends down, picks up his Black, takes a puff,
exhales, and lets it rest in his lips.
That's right, head on back to
whoever is running this God damned
thing. Let him know I'm on my way.
Let him know that every breath is
You never know which one could be
his last.


Faolan inhales, and releases another puff of smoke.

A ring tone goes off, and Faolan quickly reaches into his

He pulls out his cell phone and pushes the send button, then
puts the phone to his ear.
                       JENNY (O.S.)
Thatís me.
                       JENNY (O.S.)
Where are you, right now?
Iím in the heights, on my way back
into town. Who the hell is this?
                       JENNY (O.S.)
Itís Jenny.
What the fuck? Jenny? Irony, I
guess. You picked a hell of a
night to call me. What do you
                       JENNY (O.S.)
I need to see you.
Faolan looks puzzled, but thoughtful.


                       JENNY (O.S.)
Iím here.
                       JENNY (O.S.)
Iím on my way out there. Iíll meet
you somewhere.
What the fuck did you do, Jenny?
Huh? What the fuck do you have to
do with this night?
                       JENNY (O.S.)
Letís talk about it later, in
Jesus Christ, Jenny.
                       JENNY (O.S.)
Fuck. Alright, meet me at the
bridge, ok? Iíll be there in ten
                       JENNY (O.S.)
Iíll be there in twenty.
He hangs up, and slips the phone back in his pocket.
Holy shit.



Faolan stands still, takes a deep breath, and starts
A sunny afternoon in the park by the river.
Faolan, Bast, Tate, Rock, Danny, Jenny, and Cindy hang
around in the park.

August 25
Last Year
Bast, Danny, and Tate attempt to play Hacky-sack, Cindy
stands with Rock in front of the river, Faolan and the
others hang around the benches by the hedges.
Jenny sits by Faolan. His eyes are on Cindy.
Whatís up with Cindy?
How do you mean?
Well, you like her donít you?
Faolan shrugs.
I guess so.
What do you think about me?
What do you mean?


Do you like me, at all?
Weíre friends arenít we?
Yeah, but, I want something more.
Faolan looks at her.
What? You mean like, go out?
Well yeah. Why not, right?
Youíre like one of the guys, I
couldnít date you any easier than
I could Bast over there.
What the hell is that supposed to
mean? I got tits, donít I?
So does he! Besides, there's more
to it than that.
Hasnít Cindy been your friend for
like, ever?
That hardly counts, I only saw her
a couple times.
I really like you. This isnít easy
for me, you know.
I know itís not. Iím sorry. I
just, donít think of you like
that, man.


Sheís dating Rock, you donít have
a chance anyway.
Damn it, Jenny, she has nothing to
do with it. It would be weird to
date you.
You know what? Fine. Whatever.
Jenny gets up and leaves. Danny walks over to Faolan.
Hey, what the hell was that all
Ah, sheís got some kind of
schoolgirl crush on me. I told her
I wasnít into her like that.
I tried not to be.
Donít worry about it, sheíll get
over it.
Yeah, she will.
Faolan looks over at Cindy and Rock again, they hold hands.
Faolan shakes his head.


A quiet suburban street corner. Cindy and Rock argue.

Sptember 22
Last Year
Just let me have the fucking
money, alright!?
So you can go see your dealer? No,
youíre not getting the fucking
Faolan walks down the street towards Hunter.
Rock grabs her arm, and twists. She cries out.
Fucking give it to me!
Faolan steps up.
Hey, Rock, how are things?
Iím fine, Faolan. Really.
If youíre fine, then why donít you
let go?
Rock shoves Cindy back, and turns to face Faolan head on.
Why donít you mind your own
fucking business?


Since you started that shit, you
havenít been the same. I donít
even want to look at you, talking
to you makes me sick. But the
minute you hurt her, it became my
fucking business.
How do you figure?
Because, unlike you, I care about
people. I work my ass off to
support my brother. I don't have
to. I'm 16 years old, I'm not his
father, but I'm doing it anyway.
And when I'm on my way home from
work, where I'm busting my ass for
another person that I don't have
to, to see someone I care about
being hurt by someone she cares
about, it pisses me off.
Just go home Faolan. You live a
block away. We donít need you
here. We donít need you, period.
Maybe you donít, but she does.
Youíve gone mad.
Rock shoves Faolan.
You should be more careful.
He shoves Faolan again.
What are you going to do? Hit me?
You are going to hit me!? Do it!
Faolan steps back.


Go home, Rock.
No, you go home!
Rock takes a swing at Faolan, it connects, and blood
splatters from Faolanís mouth. Faolan steps back, looks at
Rock, wipes his bloody lip, and stares hard. His fist
closes, and he tenses.
Now, you're in trouble.
Faolan glares at Cindy.
Back up.
His glare turns back to Rock. His fist comes lightning fast
into Rock's jaw. His fist smashes into Rock's face. Blood
Rock falls backward, and lands on the ground.
Get up.
Rock groans.
Did you hear me? Get the fuck up!
Faolan grabs him by the head, and pulls him to his feet. He
pulls Rock's head down, and smashes it off his knee, causing
his head to snap back, and crack onto the ground with a
sickening thud.
Faolan looks to Cindy, and nods.
I'm sorry.


He turns, and walks away. Faolan walks down the street
towards Hunter. Cindy watches. After a few seconds, she runs
after him. As she gets near, Faolan stops and turns. She
leaps into his arms, sobbing.
Hey, itís cool. If he fucks with
you again, let me know.
No, I donít want to be with him. I
always wanted you.
Why me?
I donít know, youíre just a good
person. I know Iím safe with you.
No one is ever really safe.
The dark, empty basement.

Cindy lies on her back, bloody and crying.


October 10
1:50 AM
She looks up and notices the window, she looks at it for a

Cindy stands, and walks to the window. She tries to force it
open, but it won't move.

The door opens upstairs. Rock and Frost descend.


What are you doing, you little
whore?! HUH!?
She leans against the wall, and slides down to a sitting
Trying to get out of here? Yeah,
in case you didnít notice, itís
fucking nailed shut.
He grabs her by the hair, and pulls her to her feet.
Tell me where your piece of shit
boyfriend lives!
I wonít tell you!
Rock hits her in the face, and she cries harder.
Fucking right! Give it to her, but
Rock backhands Frost.
Shut the FUCK up!
What the hell, man?
Rock releases Cindy, and she scrambles into the corner,
Youíre leading the next war party.
Keep your guys on this side of
Johnsonís, ok? Troll the area
around Brown Street and Little


                       ROCK (cont'd)
Somerset. GO!
Frost turns, and runs back up the stairs. Rock stands still
a second, then turns, staring at Cindy. He moves over to
her, and kneels down. He slowly caresses her face.
Scream, I like it when they
She appears mortified, but doesn't scream. She sits still,
shaking, and crying.
A very dark street.

Bast and Tate make their way down the street in silence.
Bast still carries the bat.
Whispers echo throughout.

Bast watches carefully, his eyes moving all over.

He nudges Tate, and nods toward an alley where cars are

Tate nods and heads off in that direction, hiding in the
shadows behind a car.

Someone silently comes from out of the shadows behind Bast.
His foot scrapes the asphalt just as he's about to strike
with his chain.

Bast hears, and turns quickly, cracking the bat across his

The guy falls.
4 more come from the shadows.
Come on, you fucking pansies! Iím
trying to go home!
Two have bats, one carries a pipe, and the last holds a


One of the bats gets too close, and Bast knocks him out with
his own. The pipe hits him in the face, knocking him silly.

The bat chokes him from behind.

The blade goes in, twisting, and pulling out as blood spills
onto the ground.

Bat guy releases Bast, who falls to his knees, and pukes

Bast swings his bat up, smacking the blade guy in the balls.

He hits the ground, and yells.

The bat guy hits him in the head, causing him to smash his
face into the street, right in his own bloody vomit.
Tate watches from the shadows, fighting not to make a sound.

The guys walk away, nut shot guys is struggling.
Bast lies still, eyes wide open, shaking.
The other oneís got to be around.
Send the word, jump up our
patrols. Donít let him go.
      (under his breath)
Oh, shit.
Bast lies still in the street, pale.
A busy street in the bright afternoon. Faolan and Bast walk
down the street. They see a drug deal.

October 2


Holy shit man, not a day goes by
where I don't see at least one
drug deal. It's fucking sick.
Donít worry about it, man.
What do you mean, donít worry
about it? This cityís being run on
drugs. Itís pissing me off.

Well what the fuck do you want to
do about it?
Faolan steps up to the dealer, and shoves him into the wall.
Whose your supplier?
                       DEALER #2
Whose your FUCKING supplier? I
want a name, and an address.
                       DEALER #2
Youíre fucking crazy.
No, you are. Peddling this shit in
my town.
                       DEALER #2
Back the fuck up.
Faolan pulls his blade, and puts it right up to the dealerís
throat, slicing a little skin.


Tell me what I want to know,
unless you want to drown in your
own blood, asshole.
                       DEALER #2
Whoa! Holy shit, man! Iíll tell
Faolan and Bast walk up to the door, both carrying bats.

Faolan walks up the front steps to the door, and bangs on it
with his bat.
A grungy looking house in a bad neighborhood.
Go check around back, make sure he
doesnít slip out.
Faolan bangs again as Bast moves to the corner.
Open the door! Quit being a pussy!
Faolan bangs again.

A guy comes running out from an alley, into the connecting
street, away from Bast.

Faolan! Heís running!
Faolan leaps off the porch, and jets around the corner.


You better just fucking stop! I
will catch you!
Faolan gains on him a bit.

He throws his bat, smacking the guy in the back.

He falls forward and does a somersault.

Faolan grabs his bat, and stands over the guy.
Youíre selling drugs in my town.
Killing my people.
                       DEALER #3
You got nothing!
Faolan smacks him in the head with his bat.
Wrong. I got you.
Dealer #3 spits out blood.
Faolan grabs him by the head, and drags him to the curb.

He sticks the guy's mouth on the curb, and jumps on his

The guy screams in pain, and rolls over on his back.

The entire lower half of his face bleeds.

Faolan kicks him in the head, and knocks him down. He lies
flat on his back in the street.
Youíre done, mother fucker.
Faolan places his bat across the guy's throat, and jumps
into the air to slam it into his throat.



Faolan lands.


An overpass hangs over the street. The area dimly lit by
neon lights in the distance.

2:30 AM
Faolan walks under the overpass, smoking his black, and
taking his time, the war chain still wrapped around his
He makes his way up the hump bridge over the creek.

He stands in the middle of the street, at the peak.

He hangs his head in grief, and stands still.

Faolan walks over to the side of the bridge, and leans over,
peering down into the murky water.

He straightens up, and pulls himself up onto the side of the

He stands, raises his arms to the sides, and looks down into
the water. He looks up at the sky, then closes his eyes
      (quietly, to
Why not? Why shouldn't I die?
He opens his eyes again, and tears stream down his face.

He wipes his eyes, and hops back down.

He sits, with his back to the side of the bridge, and cries.

He stifles his sobbing, dries his eyes, and looks straight
Jenny walks up the bridge from the direction of Broadway.


They sit in silence, just staring at each other.

Faolan appears angry.

He stands up, and climbs over the guard rail, into the
What are you doing?
I had to see you.
Why? Where the fuck is Cindy?
Whose in on it? What did you do?
Donít worry about that right now.
She reaches out to touch his face, and he grabs her arm,
Donít tell me not to worry about
my fucking fiancťe.
Engaged, huh? When did that
None of your damn business.
There is silence as they stare at each other. Faolan
breathes heavily, anger is evident.


I know what this is about. I know
you had something to do with this.
I can never be with you,
especially not after all this.
At least hear me out.
No chance. I canít fucking believe
you, selfish cunt. I should break
your fucking arm off.
He seethes, and shoves her away.
I canít stand to look at you.
He turns, and walks down the bridge, toward Broadway.
I know where she is.
So do I!
Train tracks set in gravel. Foliage lies to one side. The
dark corridor dimly lit by distant fluorescents.
Tate walks the tracks alone, heading toward the trestle. The
sound of a truck in the distance.

Tate darts across the street into the shadows by the tracks.
They just barely see him run in. They go down a block.
Tate releases a sigh of relief as he sees them go.
They turn around.
Fuck me.


They drive over the tracks, slowly.
                       GANG MEMBER
Come on out, you fucking chicken
Tate just hides in the shadows.
They go down to the next block, and turn back again.
                       GANG MEMBER
Youíre fucking dead anyway!
Tate watches as they go down to the next block, and turn the

He gets up and runs down the tracks to the split near the

He takes the track to the right, across Broadway, and into
Ghost Town.
As he crosses Broadway, the truck heads toward him. It
misses Tate by only a couple of feet.

He follows the tracks into Ghost Town, down to the entrance
of the desert.
He crouches in the bushes by the fence to his right.
His eyes peer around in the darkness, searching among the
old factories and warehouses. There appears to be no one
Tate stands, and moves out from behind the bushes into the

He runs into the dark shadows beneath the tin roof over the
truck parking.

He crouches by the edge of the building, pushing against the
wall so as to not be seen.
Voices in the distance.

He panics, but doesn't move.


Footsteps in the distance.

Tate notices an old, dirty make-up kit lying face down,
open, in the dirt a few feet away.

He gets up, grabs it, and returns to his position. He uses
his shirt to wipe the filth off the mirror inside.

Tate very slowly moves the mirror past the wall, against the
4 guys walk half a block down in the reflection of the
mirror. They spread out as they move, but they talking loud
enough to be heard. Each carries a knife.
Tate looks around on the ground. He finds a bottle, and
holds it up, about to throw it.
The bottle lands in the middle of the 4, and they all give a
Tate comes running out from behind the wall, a knife in his
left hand, and another bottle in the right.
He cracks the nearest in the head with the bottle, then
stabs him in the throat with the remains. The guy falls to
the ground, with the bottle actually jammed into his throat.
One of the others throws his knife at Tate. He dodges.
Tate runs forward, screaming, and jams the blade just
between the guy's shoulder blades. The guy goes rigid, and
falls to the ground.
One of the others stabs Tate, and gets his arm. Blood
squirts out.
Tate grabs his blade hand, and pulls him forward into his
own, jamming it just below his rib cage in the center. He
pulls it out, and jams it into the guy's eye. Tate drops
him, and the blade.
The last guy runs away as Tate turns, falls to his knees,
and pukes.
A grassy field with a wooden playground in the middle. Lit
by orange fluorescents.


Faolan makes his way across the field, right by the
Sounds of muffled screaming and struggling come from inside
the playground.
Faolan stops, and listens for a moment. The sound of a woman
in pain comes from inside.
He turns, and moves toward the park. He vaults over the
wooden fence, and looks around.
He makes his way around to the monkey bars, and sees two
guys grabbing a woman. One holds her from behind, trying to
cup her mouth. The other tries to pull her pants off.
Faolan notices her open purse lying to the side, which has
been emptied out. His muscles tense, and his jaw tightens.
His look hardens on the guys.
Let her go.
They turn and see him.
                       GUY #1
Hey, fuck you, man, it ain't none
of your business.
Faolan steps up, closer to the Guy #1.
I said, let her go.
Guy #1 lets go, and forcefully shoves her onto the ground.
Now get movin'. Both of you.
                       GUY #1
Fuck you.
I'm not here to hurt anyone.
Guy #2 walks over, and gets in Faolan's face.


                       GUY #2
You gonna sit here and ruin our
fun, then tell us you ain't trying
to hurt no one? What do you think,
I'm fucking stupid or something?
Just back off, man, and there
won't be any trouble.
Guy #1 swings at Faolan, Guy #2 takes his legs out from
under him.
Guy #1 jumps on top of Faolan, and starts hitting him in the
face. Faolan blocks his arm after a few shots, and forces
him off.
Faolan gets up, and kicks Guy #1 in the head as hard as he
can, knocking him back onto the ground.
Faolan quickly pulls out the warchain, wrapping it around
his right hand.
Faolan swings at Guy #2 and the chain tears his flesh apart.
He goes down, and Faolan kneels over him, pummeling him over
and over again.

Faolan begins to scream loudly, in pure, blind rage, as he
pounds, harder and harder. Blood shoots up, and his chain
tears Guy #2's face apart.
Faolan pulls back real far, and puts his entire body into
the final blow, which creates a disgusting crack, and a
large spray of blood.
Faolan sits back, and breathes heavily. Guy #2's head has
been indented in the side, and blood pours out, oozing
through his hair.
      (quietly, to
Holy shit.
Faolan leans against a wooden pillar in the park, curled up,
and buries his face in his arms. He begins to sob loudly,
covering his face in his arms.
The lady looks petrified. She runs, screaming. Guy #1 still
lies on the ground, groaning now and then.


Tate takes off his vest. He crouches down behind a truck
across the street from the silo, near the fenced in field.
He peers around the back of the truck. One guy sneaks around
the truck, searching. Tate comes around, and meets him head
Hey, he's not around back here.
Already looked.
                       GANG MEMBER
Alright, I'll go check around down
there somewhere.
The guy turns back, and starts heading down the block.
Tate takes off, headed toward Jersey Avenue. He runs across
the CVS parking lot, and down broadway. He turns the corner,
just past Pat's Italian Restaurant, and hits the tracks
again, headed toward Market.
He runs full force down the tracks, across Market, past the
storage place.
Faolan heads down the street, about to cross the tracks,
when the distant sound of footsteps on the rocks rips
through the air. He looks, and sees a figure running toward
him. He stops in the middle of the tracks, and waits.
Tate comes running up.
Tate? What the hell happened?
Where's everybody else?
Holy shit, you're covered in
blood, you ok?
Yeah, don't worry, I'm ok. Most of
it's not mine. Now where is


Shit. I haven't heard from Kai
since the woods... Bast got
I hope Kai's alright, I haven't
seen him either. I figured you
would have been ok without me.
Guess I was wrong.
You never showed up in the woods
like you said, you abandoned us.
Where the fuck have you been?
I didn't abandon you, I did you a
favor. Bast was right. This is my
war, it's my problem. I was
putting your lives in danger for
my own cause.
Shouldn't that have been for us to
No. You would have all come with
me, willing or not, and you
probably would all have been
killed. Bast was. We don't know
about Kai, my little brother... I
shouldn't have even told him.
Damn it, Faolan! It's not your
fault! None of this is!
Yes, it is. I figured it out...
It's Rock, he's taking his revenge
on me for stealing Cindy from him.
Or so, that's how he sees it.
Whether there's an ulterior motive
or not, I don't know. But he's got
everyone involved. Jenny, Danny...
who the hell knows who else? This
is huge, man. You know who I
almost killed tonight? Danny. A
good friend. Someone we've known
since we were little. I've known
him almost as long as I've known
you or Bast... longer than I'd


                       FAOLAN (cont'd)
known Kai.
Jesus Christ, Faolan. You know
Rock ain't been the same since he
and the Demons started peddling
smack. He's been using it too.
The same goes for the whole crew
we left behind. That's a scene we
didn't want... it's a scene I
didn't want Cindy to be a part of.
I love her, man.
It's a fucking shame, man. Our
best friends are now a rival
gang... what the hell can we do?
I don't know... but do you know
what the worst part is? The
feeling of not knowing, but
knowing... and not knowing how to
deal with knowing. I had the
feeling it might have had
something to do with all this... I
mean, a lot of the dealers we
waste work for Rock. He hated me
I hear you. Did you find anything
out? How do you know all this?
I talked to Jenny. And Danny. I
found out from him that they've
got her in a house on Hunter, by
Broadway. Other than that, I'm
clueless. So, I'm gonna stake out
the area, wait to see who comes in
and out of each house. No one
fucks with me, or my shit. I'm
gonna take them out.
Where are you colors, anyway, man?


They took 'em. Kicked my ass and
ganked my vest, man.
Why didn't they waste you, like
they did the others?
I don't know, it doesn't make any
Faolan notices the buldge in Tate's pocket, and the black
fabric hanging out.
He gives Tate a hard look, then grabs the fabric, and pulls
it out. He opens it to reveal the vest.
They fucking took you vest, huh?
What the fuck is this?
I didn't know what else to do! I
was stuck in Ghost Town, the
streets were crawling with Demons,
I don't give a shit. You NEVER
take off your colors. What the
hell's the matter with you? You
know you soldier the colors no
matter what. What about honor?
There's no excuse for this shit. I
want you out of the gang, for
good. You've just proven your
worth to me, which is nothing. I
don't want you watching my back.
Now get the fuck out of my sight.
I thought we were brothers!
So did I.
Come on, we've been friends since
we were like, knee-high, are you
seriously going to throw it all


You know what? That's what makes
this hurt even worse. You would
think your own brother, who you've
known so long, is gonna be the one
to watch your back, no matter
what. But I was wrong. I now know
I have no true friends. Just leave
me alone.
Faolan throws the vest on the ground, and walks off toward
The dark basement. Cindy sits against the wall, hugging a

3:40 AM
The door opens. Rock descends the stairs.
Tears pour from her eyes, but she makes no sound.
Rock stands over her.
You're a tough chick, I admire
that... but it's pissing me off.
Just tell me what I need to know.
You're going to be fucking sorry
when he gets here! He'll fucking
kill you!
I don't think he's coming, doll
face. We told him where we were.
He's just a fucking coward.
Doesn't even have the balls to
come for the woman he supposedly
Shut the fuck up! He's not afraid
of anything, especialy you! He's


Rock grabs her by the hair, and pulls her to her feet. He
grabs her throat, and smashes her head into the wall. He
squeezes her throat.
Tell me where this fucker lives.
She shakes her head and cries silently.
Rock pulls back and punches her in gut. She vomits onto the
How tough are you now, bitch?
Huh!? Get the fuck up then!
She lies on her side, next to her vomit, and sobs.
Rock grabs her by the hair again, and pulls her to a sitting
position. He drags her to the wall, and props her up.
Violently, he reaches for her pants.

She attempts to fight him off, kicking, hitting, and

He yanks her pants off. He throws her down, and pushes
himself roughly inside. She screams, loudly, hitting him
The empty main road of the city.

Faolan walks along, just past Market Street, in front of the
Coffee Corner. He calmly puffs away at a Black & Mild.
Cindy leans against the wall, wearing her pants which are
still unzipped.

Rock kneels in front of her, his hand on her throat.
He pulls a knife from his pocket, and puts it in her face.
This is it, I'm not fuckin'
playin' around anymore. Either you
tell me, or I'll kill you right


He makes a quick slash across her leg, and blood oozes out.
He slashes again, but on the other leg. She screams both
Rock pulls the weapon back, ready to stab, when the door
opens, and footsteps fly down the stairs. Danny emerges.
Faolan's on his way! He's coming
here, now!
What the fuck do you mean!?
I had to tell him! He was going to
kill me!
You think I won't!?
Rock jumps up, slits Danny's throat, and lets him fall. Rock
then goes up the stairs.
After a moment, Cindy gets up, and goes to the stairs. She
looks up, and no one seems to be around. She makes her way
up the stairs, step by step, slowly.
Rock stands outside on the porch, watching as Faolan walks
up from a distance.

Tate crouches down behind a car, watching Rock.

Rock steps down, and once his back is to Tate, Tate tears
across the street, and runs around to the side.

He enters the backyard through the back alley.
Cindy reaches the top of the stairs and steps through the
doorway into the kitchen.

3 Demons sit at the table.

The 3 look at her simultaneously. No one moves as they

Cindy appears terrified, motionless.


One of the demons nods to her.

She weakly nods up and down a couple times, indicating her

She moves through the kitchen, then through the house, and
out the front door.
Faolan and Rock stand face to face in front of the house.

Cindy steps out, and sees Faolan.

The two stare at eachother for a long moment of silence. A
tear forms in Faolan's eye.

Cindy cries, and she runs down the stairs, wrapping herself
around Faolan. He hugs her tightly, and more tears fall from
his eyes.
Jesus Christ... I wasn't sure I'd
ever see you again.
I didn't know where you were...
and I never told them anything.
You should have told them
everything they wanted to know.
There was no reason for you to go
through all of that.
I'm sure they would have killed
This isn't over. Go. Leave. Go
home. I'll catch up with you
I can't leave you again. I'm
afraid I'll never see you again.
I'll be at your place within an
hour. I promise. Now get moving.


She releases him, and starts walking Broadway, towards
The 3 Demons sit at the table in the kitchen.

Tate enters through the back door.
Tate pulls out his blade, and jams it into the neck of the
nearest demon, dumping him out his chair. He raises the
chair, and brings it down into another Demon, knocking the
guy backwards onto the floor. He doesn't move.
The third jumps up. He grabs a beer bottle from the counter,
and cracks Tate in the head. It doesn't break.

Tate grabs the guy by the throat, and smashes him into the
ground, where he holds him down.
Where the fuck is she!?
                       GANG MEMBER
She's gone! She left!
Bullshit! Now tell me where she
                       GANG MEMBER
I'm telling you the truth! We let
her go!
Tate grabs the bottle off the floor, and smashes it into the
guy's face. He then stands up, and goes to the basement.
He sees blood on the floor, vomit, and Cindy's blankets.
Danny lies dead on the floor in a pool of his own blood.
Holy shit, man.
Faolan steps closer.
Now, what the fuck do you want?
What did you do all this for? You
still pissed of because Cindy's
with me? News of the engagement


                       FAOLAN (cont'd)
too much to handle? You just
fucking snapped?
That's not what this is about...
but I do want you dead. I came
here for you.
Go back to Westville, you junkie
Not a chance in hell, you faggot.
Gloucester is my turf now. And it
always will be.
You think you can take my town
over, huh? This is all about turf?
No, I don't think so. This goes a
lot deeper than new turf.
It's good to see you again,
Faolan. I really missed you.
Avoiding the subject? Too painful?
Hurts to think of me with her for
the rest of our lives. To know
that I'm inside her every night.
It drove you fucking mad. And now
the drugs, the drugs make it
worse. You just had to get
revenge. Well, here I am. Do your
worst. Time for revenge.
Tate steps outside, and sees the two.
Tate, don't move. Don't speak.
This is personal.
Rock pulls out his gun, and points it directly at Faolan.
You don't even have the fucking
balls. But just in case, I'll see
you in hell.


The dark, empty barrel points directly at Faolan.


Echoing gunshot.
News people and police bustle about in front of the station.

6:15 AM
The anchorwoman, TRISH TAYLOR, is set up in front of the
camera, with DETECTIVE RAMIREZ by her side.
This is Trish Taylor with your
early AM news, reporting live from
Gloucester City, New Jersey, after
a night of chaos has torn the
entire city apart. I'm standing
here with Detective Ramirez of the
Gloucester City Police Department.
Detective, what can you tell us
about what happened here last
Well, there's actually not much I
can say at this point, because we
simply have no details. All we
know for sure, is that it's all
been gang related. We believe
drugs were the basis for much of
the violence, but we can't say for
sure. We've never seen anything
with this level of brutality in
the history of our town. I mean,
sure, we've had riots, and
murders, but nothing with this
level of violence. This brutality.
We've decided to increase our
patrols, crack down on drugs
harder than ever, and we've
instated a new zero tolerance
policy. We're determined to make
these streets safer.



Police cars in different parts of town.

The dead gang members lying where they were dropped.

Shots around the city of people looking forlorn and worried.
Thank you, Detective. More on this
story at noon. For your early
morning news, this is Trish
The park in sunlight.

Tate stands alone in the gazebo looking out over the river.

10:00 AM
Cindy walks up behind him, and stands a few feet back.
Tate looks back, then looks back out on the river.
Have you heard anything else?
Yeah. Kai's dead. They found him
in the woods. I watched Bast get
shanked... Faolan was shot by
Rock, right after you left...
The cops came by already to tell
me about Faolan...
Are you alright?


Yeah. It's just a shock... still
doesn't seem real.
There's a long silence.
I've got something to tell you.
Well, spit it out.
There's silence as she looks down.
I'm... pregnant.
Tate raises a brow, but doesn't look at her.
It's Faolan's?
And it's ok, after everything?
Yeah, they checked me out when I
went to the hospital this morning.
The baby's fine.
How far along are you?
2 months.
Did Faolan know?
Yeah, he knew for a little while.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.


Thatís exactly what Faolan didnít
want. He wanted his kids to grow
up with a father, he didnít want
them growing up like all the other
ghetto brats.
I know.
He wanted better for his.
I just hope it was worth it... his
life I mean. I hope the streets
really are safer for our child.
I hope so, too... I canít imagine
this night being in vain. It was
too horrible.
I know.
A long moment of silence.
I better get going, I'll be late
for work.
OK, I guess I'll see you later,
Yeah, see ya.
She stands there for a moment, then walks off.

Tate stands there, motionless for a long while, staring out
over the river.

A tear falls, and he wipes it away.

Anger takes him over, and he squeezes his vest with all his

He throws his vest down in anger.


He removes his cross necklace, and dangles it in front of
him, staring at it.

He drops it, and walks away.
The cross lies there on the cement.

Tate's hand comes in and grabs the necklace.

He stares at it dangling from his hand forr a moment, then
he puts it back on, and walks off.


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From Nick Hanks Date 4/5/2008 0 stars
I felt that I had to clarify, this is not a shooting script. The shooting script is the result of your spec script being bought. Then several drafts after that, the shooting script is the final script that is used in the making of the film after it has been doctored by all the directors, (director of photography, head director, producer etc.). This is a spec script, (for speculation). Keep writing.

From Andy Carbon Date 8/27/2007 *1/2
Complete revised shooting script? Then what's this: FAOLAN Well, I am worried about it. And I'm worried about you. What time do you get done tonight? FAOLAN It's Sunday night, so it's a short shift. We should be out by 9. FAOLAN Everyone leaves at the same time? You can't hang around an extra little while until I get there? An hour is a little bit short for a meeting like this. Those careless mistakes are what divides a masterpiece from a B-movie. Story is average. Been there, done that. Dialogue is common too. Try harder.

From Stuart Date 8/23/2007 ***
good job man, liked the dialogue and the story. I'd say it was a bit short, clocked in around the same time as a disney movie, but other than the length good job.

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