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step in the name of love
by Andre Edwards (da_man_right_here_m@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

The hood, love and stepping go hand in hand in the romantic drama

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


One of the best night clubs in Chicago is packed full of
people. Some people are on their cell phones trying to talk
above the music. Others are drinking and dancing.
Darrin Rock Dotson - a black man in his twenties- sits at a
table and slowly nods his head to the music. A few people
sits around him as if he was God.
All right party people y'all know
what time it is. Time for all you
steppers to head to the dance
People begin to grab their partners and head to the dance
floor. Walking pass the DJ who hands each a number.
One of the guys who was sitting at Darrin's table grabs a
girl and heads for the dance floor.
The DJ reaches out to hand him a number and he continues
walking without taking the number.
Rock sees this and smiles.
Micheal Shorty Davis - a black man in his twenties gets a
number from the DJ and heads to the dance floor.
A young lady is with him.
      (hands raised in
       the air)
OK everybody time to show us what
you working with.
Music starts to play:
There are seven couples and they all begin to dance to the
music. Each couple has their own unique way of stepping.
Every couple is doing fine until couples three and five
bumps into each other.
Couples three and five have a


The man wearing number six bumps into his lady too hard
causing her to fall into the couple wearing number one.
Alright,one and six y'all off the
dance floor now.
The guy with no number steps over to the couple wearing the
number two and just gives them a stare, forcing them to
leave the dance floor.
      (pumps his fist in
       the air)
OK it's down to the last two who
it's gonna be?
The club seems to be into couple seven. With each move they
do the crowds applauds. The music stops.
The DJ walks out onto the dance floor.
OK, that was not great but these
last two out here were. So let's
pick tonight's winner.
The DJ places his hand above the head of the couple with no
number. The crowd applauds. The DJ places his hand above the
head of couple seven. The crowd applauds louder.
That's it couple seven has won the
stepping contest this week,
The man with no number walks off the dance floor. Rock who
is sitting at a table looks really disappointed at him.
People are starting to leave the club. A few stop and
congratulate Micheal.
The streets are full of people who are leaving the club.
Some stop and talk, others head for their cars.
Micheal is outside the club talking to a few people. Rock, a
young lady, and two other men walks up to Micheal.


Congratulations, Shorty Mike. I
see you know what you was doing
out there huh?
Yeah, a little something
Monique - a black woman in her twenties. Girlfriend of
Rock's and aunt to Shorty's nephew just rolls her eyes at
      (talking to shorty)
You know you good enough to join
the annual contest this year
shorty. I mean maybe you could
beat me.
Shorty still looking at Monique turns his attention to rock.
Maybe who knows, right?
Who knows? Kids? Anyway you not
even better then your brother and
I know he's not better then me, so
I guess I know, right?
Shorty waves his hand as in forget you and walks away.
By the way tell your brother me
and Monique said hello.
      (turning around)
Man fuck you.
Words are being passed back and forth as some people grab
Shorty and pushes him away from the argument.
Rock smiles and walks away.
Shorty sits in his car alone with his head in his hands.


A car drives up close to shorty's car and rolls down its
windows. The driver points a gun out the window toward
shorty's car.
                       UNSEEN PERSON
      (O.S. Mumbled
Hey shorty? Fuck you too.
Three shots are fired into shorty's car. The shooter drives
off. The sound of an ongoing car horn is heard.
The house is well kept with family pictures hanging on the
walls. A man walks into the house carrying a brown box.
Hey Mama, guess who's here?
Andre Davis a handsome light skinned black man in his
twenties, older brother of Michael (Shorty) places the box
down on the floor.
A older woman walks into the living room holding a towel.
                       MISS DAVIS
      (Cries out)
Son, you're home.
Margaret Davis mother of Andre and Michael still very
attractive in her older age hugs her son tightly.
Yes mama, I am home.
Miss Davis takes a step back and looks at her son proudly.
                       MISS DAVIS
I thought you were not getting out
till next week? I could have came
and got you.
I wanted to surprise you.
                       MISS DAVIS
Well surprise I am.


Just wish Michael was here too.
You know if I had been home, he
still would be here.
                       MISS DAVIS
Now do not go thinking that way
baby. God has a will, a plan for
us all. You just got home, I got
one son left. And I want to keep
it that way.
Andre sits down on the couch.
Speaking of sons mama. Have you
seen your grandbaby lately?
Miss Davis sits down next to her son.
                       MISS DAVIS
I haven't seen my grand-baby in
almost four years. Shoot Monique
will not even speak to me when I
see her.
      (Smacks his teeth)
Is that right?
                       MISS DAVIS
About a year after you went to
jail she started hanging with them
boys you use to hang with.
Yeah, I heard about that.
                       MISS DAVIS
That Darrin or Rock or whatever he
calls himself. And to think you
and him use to be best friends.
Andre just nods his head in agreement.
                       MISS DAVIS
The only friends of yours I see
now is them two.
Right about that time two people come walking into the house
looking shocked.


                       BIG T
Man, what the?!
Terrence Big T Graham a heavy set black man in his twenties
walks over to Andre and lifts him off the couch hugging him.
      (Looking around)
I hope you didn't escape. But then
again, I need some reward money.
Josh Smith a white man in his twenties who grew up in the
neighborhood looks around nervous.
Shut up fool.
They all start to laugh as Andre and Josh shake hands and
Man it's good to see y'all. What's
been up?
                       BIG T
Same ole same ole man. Nothings
changed. Josh still white.
And T still fat.
Miss Davis gets up from the couch.
                       MISS DAVIS
I know you boys' hungry. I will
fix you all something to eat.
No, Miss Davis, don't bother.
Besides, don't T look full?
Miss Davis smiles and walks into the kitchen. Terrence takes
a playful swing at Josh.
                       BIG T
I thought you wasn't getting out
till next week?
Yeah, we just stopped in to check
on moms.


Andre motions for them to take a seat. Andre sits down on
the couch.
I wanted to surprise everyone.
You know we have to go out tonight
man. It's steppers weekend.
They still be doing that?
                       BIG T
Yeah. The yearly one too. Rock has
won five years in a row.
      (Smacks his teeth)
Figures, he wants everything I
use to have.
Oh, so you know about that?
News got to me.
But now you back. And, you can
reclaim all that was yours
stepping king once again.
Andre just smiles.
                       BIG T
Yeah shorty won last month right
Yeah, Dre, sorry about that man.
So nobody heard nothing?
                       BIG T
We heard the shots but you know
how it is around here.


Yeah next thing we know moms call
and tell us that...
      (Smacks his teeth)
It's all good. Just glad y'all was
here for her.
Yeah, but now you home. Time to
put you back on top where you
      (shakes his head)
Naw it's time to be the father I
haven't been in five years.
                       BIG T
Good because Rock got Monique head
Andre gets up from the couch.
You know what? I'm gonna holla at
y'all later I got to make a run.
Josh jumps up from the couch and looks around nervous.
I knew it, escaped! What's the
number to America's Most Wanted?
Shut up fool. Mama?
Miss Davis walks into the living room. Miss Davis looks at
Josh in a strange way.
Never mind that fool. I need to
make a run real quick, I'll be
back later.
                       MISS DAVIS
Now don't go and get yourself into
any trouble now.
I won't mama.


And watch out for them police dogs
cause they bite.
Andre just shakes his head at Josh.
                       BIG T
So you stepping out tonight?
We'll see I'll holler back at
Andre walks over and kisses his mother on the cheeks. Andre
gives both Terrence and Josh a pound on the fist and walks
out the house.
                       BIG T
On second thought mama, I will
have a bite to eat.
On second thought mama, let me
rephase that T is never full.
Miss Davis laughs and walks toward the kitchen. Terrence and
Josh follows her.
Monique's apartment is very well kept with nice furniture
and a big screen TV in the living room. Monique is watching
a daytime talk show.
                       SOUNDS FROM THE TV
You are not the father.
The audience on the television starts to voice their
opinion. Monique's concentration is broken from a knock at
the door.
Who is it?
Monique gets up from the couch and walks to the door.
Monique opens the door halfway.


Well, well, well, look who decided
to show his face here.
Can I come in, we need to talk?
Make this quick, Jerry Springer
comes on in ten minutes.
Monique opens the door and Andre walks into the apartment.
Monique grabs the remote control and turns the TV down.
      (Cont. Shouting)
Andre, come in here.
A little boy around the age of five comes running into the
living room. He stops when he sees Andre. Andre walks up to
Wassup lil man remember me?
Andre Davis Jr. Son of Andre and Monique just stares at his
Let me guess, he have no clue who
I am?
How should he? You left when he
was only six months.
That's what they have pictures and
visits for.
Andre turns his attention back to his son.
Son, go play while your mother and
I have a talk.
Andre Jr. just stares at his father.
Boy, get your little ass out of


Andre looks at Monique in a mean way. Andre Jr. runs to the
back rooms. Andre sits down in a chair. Monique gives him a
funny look and sits down on the couch.
You mean to tell me that you
couldn't even tell my son about
me? Show him a few pictures and at
the very least take him to visit
my- his family? I am his father.
His father went to jail five years
ago for something he didn't have
to. Besides, he has a father now.
Oh, you mean the reason I went to
jail? Tell me something, was you
sleeping with him before or after?
Nobody tell you to play captain
save a friend. And as for your
question, that is none of your
      (Smacks his teeth)
But my son is my business.
Ok and? What's your point?
      (Sounding Mad)
My point is I am back in his life
starting right now.
Back? You shouldn't left in the
first place.
I can't change what I done, but I
can change who I was.
And I can't change what I done.


Yeah, like fucking my boy.
I had to do what I had to do to
survive. What was I do, wait on
If you loved me, you would have.
You of all people know how it is
out here.
Them streets huh?
You use to love them.
And look where I ended up at.
Get to the point, Dre.
The point is, I am taking my son
with me for a few days.
We didn't say he can go.
We? I know it's been five years,
but y'all don't wanna make me act
a fool, do you?
Monique stands up from the couch and rolls her at Andre.
Monique walks to the back room and comes out with Andre Jr.
and a book bag.
I will be there to get my son
tomorrow. And just so you know,.
you not running nothing anymore.
Andre stands up from the chair and grabs the book bag from


I was what Rock is trying to be.
What you have with him, you're
thinking it is the same as it was
with me. That's where you wrong
at. But now that I'm home, he's
gonna hate it. You watch how
things gonna change.
Andre takes his son hand and leaves the apartment. Monique
walks over and slams the door.
Miss Davis is in the kitchen cooking. Andre and son walks
into the kitchen.
Guess who is here mama?
Miss Davis turns around and smiles excitedly.
                       MISS DAVIS
Is that my grand-baby?
Miss Davis drops the spoon she was cooking with and picks up
her grandson in a bear like hug. Andre Jr. Just stares at
his father.
Right now all he does is stare,
but we'll fix that.
Miss Davis puts her grandson down.
                       MISS DAVIS
Like father, like son. All you do
is stare when you trying to figure
things out too.
Andre pats his son on the head.
One big happy family. We gonna be
all right.


                       MISS DAVIS
Well the food is almost done. I'm
gonna show my grandson some family
Now don't go spoiling him mama.
Miss Davis waves her hand at her son. Miss Davis takes her
grandson hand and walks him into one of the bedrooms. The
door bell rings.
Andre walks to the door and opens it. Terrence and Josh
walks in.
We came to get you to go out.
I can't tonight, got my little
What?! That tramp gave you your
Andre closes the door.
Watch your mouth man. She still my
son's mother.
My bad Dre, but she's out of
Miss Davis and grandson enters the living room.
                       BIG T
Man Dre, he look just like you.
Yeah, minus the prison sun tan, he
looks just like you.
Andre shakes his at head at Josh.
                       BIG T
Man you have to go out with us.
It's your first night out.


                       MISS DAVIS
Yeah son go on out and have some
fun tonight. Let me and my
grand-baby have this time tonight.
You're sure mama?
                       MISS DAVIS
Yes I'm sure. But first you all
come on in here and get something
to eat.
Big T's favorite subject.
They all laugh and head into the kitchen.
The club is packed full of people. Some new school hip hop
is playing. Andre, Terrence and Josh enters the club.
                       BIG T
Man it's crunk in here tonight.
Nothing to brag about.
Rock notices Andre enter the club and start to move some
people out of the chairs around him. A man walks up to Andre
and shakes his hand. Rock looks disappointed.
                       MAN AT CLUB
Look who the devil done brought in
here tonight.
What's up Joe?
                       MAN AT CLUB
You baby you. Let's get you a
drink come on.
Andre and the man heads for the bar. A woman comes over to
Terrence and Josh.
Hey Terrence? Isn't that Dre over


Is he the only one you see here
Hey Josh.
Andre and the man click glasses in a toast. Both of them
downs the liquor.
                       MAN AT CLUB
Holler at your boy Rock yet?
We don't have nothing to say to
each other.
                       MAN AT CLUB
      (Nods His Head)
That's good. Because you know that
fool been bogus right? He on the
shit list of the higher ups.
Yeah that sound like Rock.
Rock is seen staring over at Andre at the bar. Rock and some
of his boys walks over to where Josh is standing.
                       MAN AT CLUB
They been wanting to handle that
business on him. But seeing as he
got your old spot your friendship
with him is saving him.
Andre just nods his head and smiles. The man waves the
bartender over.
                       MAN AT CLUB
Hey can we get another shot?
The bartender pours them another shot. The man holds his
glass in the air.
                       MAN AT CLUB
This is for your brother. May he
rest in peace.
The two click glasses and downs the shot.


You haven't heard anything on
The man looks over at Rock.
                       MAN AT CLUB
Nothing yet.
Terrence is on the dance floor dancing. Rock is talking to
So I guess Dre don't wanna come
see me huh?
Why should he?
Yeah he should seeing as I been
taking care of Monique and her son
for the past five years.
You mean him and Monique's son.
And his son is at home with his
      (Funny Look.)
Josh smiles at Rock. Rock points a finger at Josh and walks
away. His boys follow him. Josh tries to grab a woman
walking past him but she keeps on walking.
All right people it's steppers
Groove With You by G. Womack begins to play.
People are grabbing their partners and heading for the dance
floor. A woman grabs Andre from the bar and rushes him to
the dance floor.
Look at the criminal stepping.
Ani't this a.
Andre and the woman are stepping to the music. Rock is
looking at Andre mad.


Hey Josh what you doing here
standing by yourself?
Alicia a attractive black woman from the neighborhood walks
over to Josh.
By myself? Girl I done turned down
plently women tonight.
So I guess that means you don't
want to dance with me?
Josh looks her up and down and grabs her hand and rushes to
the dance floor.
Josh is trying to step but not doing a good job of it. Andre
has the people's attention as he and the woman he is dancing
with is doing pretty good.
Uh oh looks like Rock might have
some competition this year. Do
your thang boy.
Andre does a spin move to the get crowd in a uproar. Rock is
watching him and is getting very mad. A man is standing in
front of Rock's table clapping his hands to the music.
Andre spins the woman to him and the crowd starts to clap
loud. Rock takes a beer bottle and hits the man in front of
his table over the head with the bottle. The man falls down.
Security rushes over and takes the man out the club. Rock is
seen drinking a whole bottle of liquor while watching Andre
Andre is preparing for bed. Andre Jr. is already asleep on
one of the beds. Andre kisses his son on the forehead. Andre
looks at a picture of him and Michael. Andre kisses his
fingertips and places them on the picture. Andre turns off
the lights.


Stevie Wonder's "Knocks Me Off My Feet" is playing. Monique
is dressed in some sexy lingerie lighting candles swaying
her head to the music that is playing. Rock staggers into
the apartment.
      (Sexy Voice)
Hey baby I have some great news
for you tonight. We have the house
all to ourselves. Just you, me and
all this space.
Rock staggers into the kitchen and gets a beer out the
Is that right? So I guess you
wearning that for me then?
And you know it. I know how you
get after a night of drinking
Rock staggers to the couch and flops down on it.
So I guess it has nothing to do
with your boyfriend coming over
here today, huh bitch?
What, my boyfriend? You my man
baby, what you mean boyfriend?
I mean you had that jail bird in
my house. Now you stand there
looking like a sexy liar. What,
you wearing Monique Secrets?
Dre came over here to see his son.
So, I decided to let him keep him
for a few days. That way we can
have some alone time.


Monique walks closer to Rock on the couch. Rock jumps up and
slaps Monique. Monique falls to the floor.
You decided? Bitch you don't make
decision here, I do! I run you,
this house and that little bastard
you call a son, you hear me?!
Monique is laying on the floor with tears in her eyes. Rock
is standing over her.
      (Teary Voice)
      (Angry Shout)
Yes what?
Yes Rock, I hear you.
Rock takes a step back and looks around the house. Rock
begins to laugh hard.
That's right. Because I am The
Rock. Can you smell what The Rock
is cooking.
Rock is walking around in a circle laughing.
      (Cont Slurring)
Can you smell what The Rock is
cooking. Look at my eyebrow.
Rock tries to raise one eyebrow.
Monique gets up from the floor.
      (Cont Slurring)
Who told you to move? I'm just
kidding come here.
Monique walks over to Rock and he slaps her again.


      (Slurring In Tony
       Montana Voice)
Who took care of you when that
fool went to jail? Me, that's who.
I make the decision here you
understand me?
      (Sounding Scared)
Yes baby I mean Rock.
Cause I am the Rock. You see my
Rock tries his eyebrow again. Rock motions for Monique to
come closer. Monique slowly goes to Rock. Rock runs his
hands in her hair. Monique tries to kiss Rock but he pushes
her face away.
Now you gonna do what you do best
and make this up to me.
Rock pushes Monique's head down below him. The sound of a
zipper is heard.
That's my girl. Dre, she's mines
you maybe had her once, but I got
her all the time.
Andre enters the kitchen and sees a note his mother left
explaining that her and her grandson went to church. Andre
opens the refrigerator and takes out some orange juice.
Andre takes a gulp of the orange juice. Andre walks out the
kitchen and onto the front porch with orange juice in hand.
Andre takes a seat on the steps of the porch. In the
distance you can hear someone saying rocks and blows. A car
drives up and parks next to the house. Rock gets out the car
with a plastic bag in hand and walks toward Andre.


      (Sounding Excited)
My Nigga. Wassup fool? You
could've came by and seen your
boy? Man I would have thrown you a
Rock puts the bag down on the porch and holds out his hand
for Andre to shake. Andre ignores his hand and picks the bag
      (Smacks his teeth)
What's this?
Oh, we decided to let you keep
your son a little longer. Monique
is not feeling to good plus it was
my idea that a son should spend
time with his father.
      (Slightly Laugh)
We? The only we that make
decisions about my son, is me and
his mother.
Man calm down I'm just saying..
You just saying? Man don't step to
me like I am one of your flunkies.
Come on it's not even like that,
Breed. Show a brother some love.
Rock holds out his hand again and Andre ignores it.
It wasn't love when you left me
I thought you was gonna run to.


It wasn't love when you started
fucking my baby mama.
That's what this is about? Man,
come on I know you better then
      (Smacks his teeth)
You know me better then that okay?
Where was your love at when my
brother got killed? Huh Breed?
      (Sounding Serious)
I got the guys looking for them
cats right now as we speak. Don't
worry about that I got it covered.
You got it covered? Man don't try
and play the kingpin role with me
Rock. I taught you how to be a G.
And when you went to jail I built
this up bigger and better. You
acting like you ain't Breed no
more? Fool, this is for life.
For life? Like my brother lost his
and I lost five years of mine?
Look? Far your brother we will get
them fools. Far as them five years
I can't get that back for you. But
I tell you what? You come on back
in I make you second in charge and
run this city.
Second in charge? Right now I am
back in. Back in my son's life
where I am first in charge.
You could do both. Your rep around
here speaks for it's self.


      (Smacks his teeth)
Just like the old says huh Rock?
You need me.
I don't need nobody I am the man.
You got where you are because of
what I taught you.
Yet look at me now. I mean maybe
jail has made you soft?
Andre walks closer to Rock.
So what you saying buddy you wanna
show me what you got?
Rock takes a few steps back from Andre and looks nervous.
Miss Davis drives up in a car and parks behind Rock's car.
      (Cont Madly)
I let you slide for the bogus
stunt you pulled on before. I even
let you slide when it came to my
baby mama. But when it comes to my
son? I am his father you remember
that. I know you don't want no
part of me? Have to show the boys
how gangster you really.
Rock just stares at Andre. Miss Davis and grandson are
getting out the car.
      (Cont Softly)
Man get that fuck away from my
Rock turns and walks away with anger in his eyes. Miss Davis
and grandson walks right pass him without saying a word.
Rock gets in his car and speeds off.
                       MISS DAVIS
What was that about?


Nothing. So how was church?
                       MISS DAVIS
Church was where you should have
been and with him.
Andre smiles and picks the bag up off the porch. Andre, Miss
Davis and grandson enter the house.
Andre puts the bag down and bends down to check his son tie.
Miss Davis sits down on the couch.
Look at you all dressed up. Mama
where you get a suit from this
                       MISS DAVIS
Boy don't act like you don't know
about the Goodwill.
You still shop there?
                       MISS DAVIS
Sure do. Ever since I use to buy
you and brother's clothes from
Hey now don't be telling the whole
                       MISS DAVIS
You think their mother's not down
as well? That is what's wrong with
you all nowadays. Spend all your
money on cars and clothes and not
what is important.
The reverend must spoke a good
sermon today? Because now you
about to preach.
Miss Davis rises up from the couch.


                       MISS DAVIS
No I'm not about to preach. What I
am about to do is start Sunday
You don't have to cook mama you
cooked yesterday.
                       MISS DAVIS
Now we always have had Sunday's
dinner and that is the way it's
gonna stay.
Come on little man let's see what
kind of playing clothes you got in
this bag. Go to the park and do
the father son thing. Get you out
this Goodwill suit.
Miss Davis walks into the bedroom. Andre starts to go
through the bag of clothes.
                       MISS DAVIS
You remember that suit you wore
for Easter when you was ten? The
one you was proud of? Goodwill.
Andre laughs hard. Andre takes the bag of clothes and him
and his son goes into one of the bedrooms.
The park has a basketball court and a playground for the
kids. Andre Jr. is playing on the slide with a few other
kids. Some men are playing basketball.
Andre is sitting on a bench watching his son play. Andre Jr.
gets real excited when another little boy runs over and join
him on the slide.
They are always happy to see each
Stacy Johnson- A beautiful black woman sits down on the
bench next to Andre. Andre looks over at her and is amazed
at her beauty.


Oh you mean my son and the little
fellow he is playing with?
Yeah. That little fellow is my
son. How are you doing? I am
Nice to meet you Stacy. I am Andre
but friends call me Dre.
Andre and Stacy shake hands. The kids are now playing on the
So you're Andre Sr? Very nice to
meet you.
Just call me Dre. So, my son and
your son play together a lot?
They use to play together all the
time. But I haven't seen him or
his mother in a while. By the way
is your wife okay?
She's not my wife just my son's
The kids start to play tag. Andre points to Stacy's son.
So how is ..
Marquis's father doing? Lucky man
to have a wife fine as you.
Stacy blushes.
His father died two years ago and
we were not married.


Sorry to hear that. You must be
new around here I have never seen
We moved here a year ago from
Oh the cheese state.
That's not all we famous for.
Andre looks at Stacy funny. They both start to laugh.
I have not seen you around here,
where you been?
I been out of town you know
So how long was your stay?
Out of town?
If that is what they call prison
now days.
I see you have a great sense of
humor to go along with that smile.
Stacy smiles and stands up.
Well it was nice meeting you Andre
but we are about to head home.
Come on Marquis let's go.
Andre Jr. and Marquis both run over to their parents. Andre
stands up.


Hold up a minute. I think it is
wise for both parents to get to
know each other. Especially since
our son's seem to get along fine.
Well we are here almost every
Yeah but we might need to exchange
phone numbers. Just in case we
need to talk things over. For the
kids sake I mean.
But what if you have to go on
another one of your business
I put that business behind me. I
am into a new business now.
What kind of business is that?
The kind that involves being a
great influence in young boy's
lives as well as a certain special
young lady.
A great influence huh?
Yeah I mean being a role model for
the boys. And for that special
lady I can be a man around the
house. You know fix a flat tire, a
shoulder to cry on, run the bath
water for her. A man strong enough
to break her..
Okay. And on that note I hope to
see you here next week Andre.


Okay next week. You take care
beautiful. Later Marquis.
Stacy and son walk away. Andre picks his son up in the air.
      (Cont Smiling)
Son I think you and your
friendship is about to do your
daddy good.
Andre puts his son down. Stacy looks back at Andre and gives
him a big smile. Andre holds out his hand so his can give
five. Andre Jr. gives his father five. Andre and son leaves
the park.
Miss Davis is in the kitchen cooking. Andre and son enter
the house.
Something smell good in here.
                       MISS DAVIS
Andre, is that you?
yes, it's us mama.
                       MISS DAVIS
Good I need you to run to the
store and get some corn meal.
Corn meal? Who am I Jeffery?
Miss Davis enters the living room.
                       MISS DAVIS
You better figure it out if you
want cornbread with these beans.
Miss Davis hands Andre some money.


                       MISS DAVIS
Gone now and hurry up back.
Look at that? She wants me to go
to the store for her then rushing
me. Bought my favorite suit from
the Goodwill, just shattered my
memories. Son, enjoy this age
while you can.
Andre throws his hands in the air. Andre leaves the house.
Miss Davis and grandson are smiling.
                       MISS DAVIS
Come on baby let's go see what
grandma is cooking. I'll let you
have the cake bowl.
Miss Davis and grandson walks into the kitchen.
Andre is in the grocery store isle not sure of what to get.
Stacy walks up behind him pushing a cart.
Get the yellow one. That is the
one for cornbread.
Andre turns around and smiles at Stacy.
I knew that. I was just in thought
about something else.
Anyway, must be fate we running
into each other again?
Must be Sunday's dinner.


Yeah but twice in the last hour?
Maybe God is trying to tell us
Yeah people hungry. We all gotta
Dang why you so hard on me girl?
Look Andre it's not you. I just
don't have time for games anymore.
I'm not playing any.
Not now.
Andre grabs Stacy hand.
Okay look I really want to get to
know you better. Why don't you
give me your number and we can
start with a conversation.
My number?
      (licks his lips)
I mean you can leave with me now I
don't have to telephone you.
You just don't get it do you?
Yeah I do. I know you been through
a lot. I know you raising your son
on your own. And that is too much
for the heart to take even for a
tough woman as yourself.
Stacy lowers her head. Andre raises her chin up.


But sometimes the man up stairs
move things around in our life in
order to bring something better in
it. But we as people try to hold
on to what we know instead of
giving way to the unexpected. Come
on forget about the past and let's
see what joy God is trying to
bring us.
You don't look like church type to
I was just there this morning.
Andre looks around for lightning to strike. Stacy laugh and
reaches into her purse and writes down her number. She hands
the number to Andre.
I'm gonna take your word for it.
So you give me a call and we can
finish this conversation later.
Now gone and take your mother her
cornmeal before she kills you.
How you know I wasn't doing the
Because first of all, you is
looking at flour. The cornmeal is
further down the isle.
Andre looks at the bag that says flour. Andre starts to
You are killing me girl.
Andre walks further down the isle and points to the
cornmeal. Stacy nods her head yes. They both start laughing.


I will give you a call later. Take
care beautiful.
Stacy waves bye and continues shopping. Andre is smiling as
he watches her walk away.
Andre walks a few feet up the steps and stops when a car
horn blows at him. Terrence and Josh are getting out the
What the? Y'all must have smelled
the food?
                       BIG T
It's Sunday dinner we know moms
gonna throw down.
Come on in you know she made
enough to feed the block.
They all walk into the house.
Rock and his boys are sitting around in cars drinking,
smoking and listening to music.
I forgot to tell y'all I ran into
Dre today.
                       GANG MEMBER
He's ready to represent again?
I don't know what that fool's on.
Long as he stay out my way, his
mother won't have to wear that
black dress again.
The gang members laughs. Another member runs up to them out
of breath.


                       GANG MEMBER 2
Them fools off Ashland over here,
                       GANG MEMBER 2
Over there by the pool.
Rock walks to the trunk of his car and opens it. He pulls
out baseball bats and hands them to the gang members.
Lets go welcome these fools to my
side of town.
Rock and his boys' walks over to the men by the pool.
Three young men are by the pool area talking to a group of
young ladies. Rock and his men surround them.
Well, well, well look at what we
have here.
One of the young men tries to speak and Rock hits him in the
legs with a bat. The group of young ladies stands back and
watches Rock and his boys' beat the men with bats.
Now crawl y'all asses back cross
The three men are laying on the ground moaning. One of the
men tries to get up. Rock hits him in the legs with the bat
I said crawl fool.
Rock and his gang walk away laughing with the group of girls
following them. The three men lay on the grass in pain.
Andre, Terrence, Josh and Miss Davis are sitting on the


Now that we full. Well we are
don't know about enter only mouth
over there.
                       BIG T
Shut up.
We should ride to the Circle let
you pick up some dance steps just
in case your are rusty.
What I need dance steps for?
I signed you up for the annual
stepping contest.
What the hell you do that for?
                       MISS DAVIS
Man don't trip you know you can
How you gonna sign me up for
something without telling me? Plus
I thought it was too late?
You taking Shorty spot.
Everyone gets quiet. Andre just looks into the sky.
                       BIG T
Might as well just ride up to the
park. See who out there.
                       MISS DAVIS
You boys be careful.
The three friends gets up from the porch and head for the


The park is full of cars and people. Music is heard loudly
and people are talking, drinking and dancing. Andre,
Terrence and Josh walks up to where everyone is dancing.
                       BIG T
Damn. It's jumping out here
Rock and his gang are a few cars away. Rock looks over and
sees Andre. Rock taps one of his boys on the shoulder and
points to Andre.
People are starting to form a circle around some girls who
are dancing.
Now see that is what I am talking
about. I would love to be the
thong in them jeans.
                       BIG T
Fool that girl only seventeen.
That's legal, ain't it? Ain't it?
Andre and Terrence smile at each other. The girls continue
As the music comes to an end the crowd starts to clap. A man
sitting in his car changes the song.
Now it's time for some grown folk
Got To Give It Up by Marvin Gaye begins to play.
People start to get excited and begin to grab partners to
dance. Rock and his crew walks closer to the crowd of
people. Andre and Rock's eyes meet but neither says a word.
                       BIG T
Now this is what I am talking
about. Some Chi-Town stepping.
Rock grabs a lady hand and steps with her into the middle of
the circle. Another lady grabs Terrence's hand and walks
with him into the circle. They begin to dance.


See that there? I taught him that.
Terrence and the lady are stepping to the music.
Big boy light on his feet. But if
he bump old girl too hard he's
gonna be looking at a murder rap.
Boy you crazy.
Rock is stepping and making the crowd ooh and aah. Rock
looks at Andre who is not watching him. Andre is smiling at
Terrence dancing.
Rock kisses the lady he was dancing with on the cheeks and
walks away. Rock stares at Andre. Andre stares back. Neither
says a word. The crowd begins to cheer for the other
People are walking up and down the street, Rock and one of
his boy's are coming out a liquor store. Josh walks pass
them and towards the girl who was dancing at the park
Hey shorty how old are you?
                       GIRL DANCING
19 huh? Oh well I like the way you
work it. You got skills ma. What
you up to tonight?
                       GIRL DANCING
You a white boy.
Girl, love comes in all shapes
sizes and colors. You ever heard
of Keith Sweat?
                       GIRL DANCING
Who's he?


A friend of mine that's all. He
use to live around here.
Rock and his boy are watching Josh from across the street.
Man look at this punk. I give him
one thing he haven't given up yet.
Still haven't gotten no black tail
but hell he's trying.
Josh is talking a Keith Sweat song.
Girl you may be young but you
ready. Ready to learn. See you not
a little girl you a woman so take
my hand and let me lead you
A car drives pass slowly and dims its lights. The passenger
rolls down his windows. A gun is seen from the window.
                       RIVAL GANG MEMBER
Now what? You crawl motherfucker.
Shots are fired from the car. People start to run, duck and
hide. Josh hides behind a car. The girl he was talking to
starts running away. Rock pulls out his gun but the car
speeds away.
Hey baby girl hold up those just
bullets what we had was love.
Rock stomps his feet in anger. Josh looks over at Rock.
      (Softly to himself)
Damn gang bangers. The Keith Sweat
almost had her too.
Josh walks away madly down the street. Rock and his boy are
laughing hard.


Andre is laying in the bed with the telephone in hand. Andre
dials a number. The phone rings.
How you doing Miss Stacy?
You can just call me Dre.
So Andre how was Sunday's dinner?
It was great. And, thinking about
you made this day even more
What about me?
How I'm gonna make you love me.
      (S.S Laughing)
Is that right?
Yes it is. But first, why don't
you tell me about yourself.
What you want to know?


Anything and everything. Whatever
I need to know to make my plan
What plan is that?
To make you love me.
      (S.S. Laughing)
Okay you first.
Alright. What you want to know?
Anything and everything so I can
see if I will let your little plan
They both begin to laugh.
Tell you what? How about I tell
you everything over dinner this
Are you asking me out Andre?
It's Dre and yes I am.
Okay this Saturday it's a date.
Alright see you then beautiful.
They both hang up the phone and smile.


Andre is dressed in a nice suit standing by a Limo. Stacy is
dressed in a very formal dress walking down the steps. Andre
holds the door open for her.
Looking real good girl. Very
Thank you. You looking handsome
Stacy gets in the car and Andre closes the door. Andre walks
over to the other side and gets in the limo. The car drives
Andre and Stacy enter the restaurant. They are shown their
table. Andre holds the chair out for Stacy.
I see you going all out tonight
Anything for you beautiful.
Stacy sits down in her chair. Andre sits down in a chair.
Andre opens up a bottle of champagne and pours him and Stacy
a glass full.
You know you didn't have to go
through this much trouble?
No trouble. This is what I wanted
to do for you.
Andre holds his glass up.
I want to make a toast. To the
most prettiest woman I have seen
in my life.


Stacy hesitate at first then holds her glass up. They click
glasses and take a sip.
You really are trying to impress.
Told you I'm gonna make you love
And I am gonna make you start
calling me Dre.
How is that?
Drink a few more glasses and we
will find out.
Boy you crazy.
Andre smiles and pours Stacy another glass. The waiter comes
over and hands them a menu. They are playfully playing over
the menu.
Rock has some people over partying and playing dominoes. The
music is loud. Rock is sitting at a table. Rock slams a
domino hard on the table.
Dime fool write it down.
Three ladies are in the living room trying to the step to
the music.
Monique is sitting on the bed shaking her head. Andre Jr.
comes into the room holding his ears.


Come on baby lie down in mama's
Andre Jr. climbs up in the bed and puts the pillow over his
head. Monique stomps out the bedroom mad.
The three girls are dancing with each other. A guy is going
through the refrigerator. Monique walks over to Rock.
Honey, can I talk to for a second?
Rock never taking his eyes off the game.
What can't you see I am busy?
Well the music is kinda loud, my
son can't sleep. And what about
the neighbors?
Well I have some bad news for you.
Fuck your son and fuck the
neighbors. I'm kicking it tonight.
The people at the table start to laugh. Monique looks mad
and walks away.
Wait, wait, wait. Shut up fools
that wasn't even funny. Hey turn
that music down once.
The girl next to the radio turns the music down. Monique
turns back around.
It's not like that baby for real.
But I have some good news for you.
I just saved a bunch of money on
my car insurance by switching to
Everybody including Rock starts to laugh. Monique walks away


Now that shit was funny. Turn that
music back up baby.
The girl turns the music back up. Rock starts back playing
dominoes. The girls are dancing again.
The music is heard through the door. Monique walks over to
the dresser and opens it. She pulls out an envelope. She
looks at her son who is asleep with the pillow over his
head. She puts the envelope to her nose and takes a sniff.
Monique sits on the bed with a devilish look on her face and
white powder on her nose.
Andre and Stacy are standing outside her door. Stacy is
fumbling for her keys. Stacy finds the key and turns to
Thank you for the lovely evening
tonight Andre. I really enjoyed
Your welcome beautiful.
I haven't been on a date in years.
Andre walks closer to Stacy.
Me either.
Andre kisses Stacy. Stacy takes a step back then kisses him
back. Andre wraps his arms around Stacy and she breaks away.
I really need to get some sleep.
Uh, call you tomorrow?
      (Smacks His Teeth)


Stacy enters the house and closes the door half way. Stacy
pokes her head out the door.
Goodnight Andre.
Andre licks his lips as he watches Stacy close the door.
Andre stomps his feet in anger.
Andre walks to the limo and looks back at Stacy's house.
Andre enters the car and the limo drives off.
Stacy is pacing the floor back and forth. Stacy is mumbling
to herself. Stacy sits down on the bed and gets back up
pacing. Stacy stops and smiles. Stacy reaches under her bed.
Andre is pacing the floor back and forth. Andre is mumbling
to himself. Andre sits down on the bed and gets back up
pacing again. Andre looks at the jar of Vaseline on the
table and smiles to himself.
Might as well.
Andre picks up the jar and the phone rings. With the jar
still in hand Andre answer's the phone.
Stacy is in the bed under a blanket. A smooth noise is
lightly heard.
Did I wake you?


No, I was just about to slip, I
mean get into bed. What's that
noise I hear?
Oh, uh, I was brushing my teeth.
Stacy reaches under the blanket and turns the noise off.
I just wanted to say thank you for
a lovely evening tonight.
You're welcome. I really enjoy
spending time with you and I mean
They both hold the phones and looks up with a funny look on
their face.
So I guess I should be getting
some some sleep so...
Yeah me too. SO I guess I talk to
you tomorrow beautiful?
      (Sexy Voice)
Stacy looks around the room and then under the covers. Stacy
Goodnight sweetie.


Night beautiful.
They both hang up the phone. Stacy smiles and reaches under
the covers. Andre smiles and put the Vaseline jar down on
the table. They both turn off the light's with a big smile
on their face.
Could It Be I'm Falling In Love by The Spinners starts to
Andre and Stacy are at the park watching the kids play.
Andre and Stacy are talking and laughing.
Rock and his gang are at the park drinking and talking.
Andre and Terrence are laughing at Josh who is telling them
a story.
Rock drives pass them in a car slowly.
Andre and Stacy are at her house playing with water guns.
The kids run into the room and spray them with water.
Miss Davis is sitting in her living room looking at a
picture album. She wipes tears from her eyes.
Andre and Stacy are walking down the beach holding hands.
The kids are running and playing a few feet in front of


Rock is screaming at Monique. Rock slaps Monique. Andre Jr.
is on the couch crying.
Andre and Stacy are having a candle light dinner.
Stacy and Andre are having dinner.
Monique is handing Andre a bag of clothes. Monique has sun
glasses on. Andre just nods his head at her.
Rock and his gang are fighting another gang.
Monique is sitting on the couch crying.
Andre and the kids are spraying Stacy with water guns. Stacy
grabs Andre and he falls on top of her. The kids start
spraying the both of them. They all are laughing.
Miss Davis is sitting on the couch. Two policemen are
talking to her.
                       OFFICER HARRIS
Like I said Miss we are doing
everything we can to solve this
Officer Harris - a slim black man in his early twenties.


                       MISS DAVIS
Well it's not just a case to me
this is my son we are talking
about here.
                       OFFICER HARRIS
I understand the frustration I
really do. That is the reason why
we are here. Can you think of
anything that can help us out?
Andre and Stacy enters the house.
What's going on mama?
                       MISS DAVIS
They here about Micheal.
Y'all found who killed my brother?
                       OFFICER HARRIS
Not yet sir, but we are working on
Andre looks away in disgust. The other officer is looking at
Andre trying to remember something about him.
                       OFFICER BROWN
Excuse me sir, but don't I know
you from somewhere?
Officer Brown a older black man in his late forties.
Naw, you don't know me.
                       OFFICER BROWN
What's your name son?
                       MISS DAVIS
He is my eldest son Andre.
Andre and Officer Brown are staring at each other.
                       OFFICER BROWN
Yeah I remember you. About five
years ago arrested for possession
of a loaded firearm.
Andre shrugs his shoulders.


Okay and?
                       OFFICER BROWN
You sure this case has nothing to
do with you?
      (Smacks His Teeth)
I was in jail when my brother got
                       OFFICER BROWN
Doesn't matter, maybe retaliation.
Man, what the fuck....
                       MISS DAVIS
Andre, watch your mouth.
                       OFFICER BROWN
Maybe you would like to come down
to the station and answer a few
questions son?
I ain't your son, you punk
Andre takes a step closer to the officer. Stacy grabs him
back. Miss Davis cuts in.
                       MISS DAVIS
Look, officer? My son has nothing
to do with this. Maybe if you was
out trying to find the real
killers, instead of harassing the
only son I have left, we all could
get some answers.
Officer Brown and Andre is both staring at each other.
                       OFFICER HARRIS
Come on Brown let's go.
Stacy pushes Andre to the side. Officer Harris and Brown are
headed for the door.


                       OFFICER HARRIS
If any of you could think of
anything, give us a call.
The policemen leave the house. Andre sits down on a couch.
I can't stand them motherfuckers.
                       MISS DAVIS
Andre watch your mouth.
Sorry mama.
Josh enters the house.
Man Dre, what you do? I see Po Po
all out here. I thought you pulled
a Dahmer. You know how hungry you
Man shut up.
Miss Davis walks away. Josh sits down on a couch. Stacy
walks over to Andre.
Can't believe this shit man.
Don't worry about it baby. It's
gonna be okay.
See what you need is a night out.
A little drinking, some dancing,
some macking.
Josh looks at Stacy who gives him a mean look.
Well I'll be doing all the
macking. But, let's go out tonight
dog, relieve some of that stress.
You know you just might be right.


Stacy looks at Josh and smiles.
Let's do it then.
The club is packed full of people. some are dancing,
drinking and talking. Andre, Stacy, Josh, Terrence and
another woman enter the club.
Seeing as you two already tied
down. I am gonna move around and
see which lucky lady want some
cream in their coffee.
Josh pushes pass Terrence and heads toward some ladies
sitting at the bar.
Get us a table. I'm gonna go to
the bar and get the drinks. What
you drinking T?
                       BIG T
You know I don't drink.
Virgin liver.
                       BIG T
But it's healty.
Andre walks over to the bar. Terrence and the ladies walks
over to an empty table.
Josh is sitting at the bar talking a Keith Sweat to a woman.
Andre sits in a bar stool next to Josh. Josh head is turned
to the woman.
I wanna tease you. I wanna please
you. I wanna show you baby that I
need you. I want your body to the
very last drop. I want you to
holler when you want me to stop.
Now who can love you like me?
Andre gets the drinks. He looks over at Josh and laughs.
Andre walks away from the bar laughing.


Andre sits down at the table and places the drink tray on
the table.
That fool Josh over there running
them Keith Sweat lines again.
Terrence looks over at Josh and sees a woman walk away from
                       BIG T
And like always, it don't work.
Hey T, I got you some water. So
when you get out there doing the
tootsie roll you won't get
                       BIG T
You better chill with tootsie roll
Andre hands Terrence the bottle of water. Andre hands a
glass to Stacy.
And this is for my everything. You
are my latest my greatest
Stacy takes the glass. Andre and Stacy both takes a drink.
All the while staring into each others eyes. Terrence and
his date are just smiling at them.
Rock and his crew are at their favorite table. Rock looks
over and sees Andre.
Look at what we have here.
Everybody looks over at Andre and his friends. Andre and
company are enjoying themselves.
I think I may have to pay my guest
a visit. I mean they did come into


                       ROCK (cont'd)
my house didn't they?
Popular Hip Hop song comes on. The crowd gets excited.
                       BIG T
That's my song right there. Come
on girl let's get out here and do
Terrence and his date heads for the dance floor.
He is the only person I know that
don't drink but party like he
Andre and Stacy are laughing. Terrence and his date are on
the dance floor dancing. Josh walks over to the table.
Look at juicy the tootsie roll out
there dancing like he's hungry.
Stacy burst out laughing. Josh picks up Terrence's date
drink and drinks it all. He slams the glass on the table.
Whew I needed that. Well off on
another mission I go. Catch you
two love birds later.
Josh walks away from the table. Andre is nodding his head at
him. Stacy picks up the empty glass and looks at it. They
both start laughing.
After The Party by Koffee Brown is playing.
Andre and Stacy are on the dance floor stepping. A couple
next to them stops dancing and watches them. Rock watches
from his table with a mean look on his face. People are
starting to move out the way and watch Andre and Stacy


The music stops. People are clapping for them. Andre and
Stacy walks off the dance floor hand in hand.
That was just a preview of what's
to come. If you really wanna see
some stepping, be here next month
for the annual stepping contest.
My man Rock has been holding it
down for the last 5 years. So
steppers bring your game, non
steppers take lesson. And now back
to what we do best.
Popular Hip Hop starts to play. People rush to the dance
floor to dance. Andre, Stacy, Terrence and his date are
sitting at the table.
                       BIG T
Man Dre you still got it. You was
doing the thang out there.
Naw my girl was doing her thang. I
was just following her hip
Stacy punches Andre on the arm. Andre grabs his arm like he
is hurt.
                       BIG T
I bet you win this year man.
I doubt if I even participate.
                       BIG T
You got to man for Shorty. Sorry
to bring it up, but it's real.
Andre looks off up into the distance. Josh walks over to the
table and picks Andre's drink up.
I need this after what I just
seen. Your feet don't hurt do they
Stacy? I mean, Dre, you are
suppose to step to the music not
step on her toes.
Shut up fool. And, you paying for
that drink.


I just remembered I'm not thirsty.
Josh puts the drink back down. Rock and a couple of his boys
walks over to the table.
Now if it ain't G-G-G-G unit. I
know you Dre. He's Eminem. So you
must be 50 cent?
Rock and his gang laugh.
What the hell you want man?
Damn Joe, be easy. I seen you out
there doing your thang. You can
still step. Won't be enough to win
the competition. But, you okay.
That's not my thang anymore
anyway. But you have fun.
Oh I will, trust me, I will.
Rock walks over to Stacy and holds out his hand.
Excuse me, but they call me Rock.
You can use your imagination to
understand why.
Stacy ignores his hand and turns away. Andre jumps up from
his chair.
Now that you had your fun. Why
don't you and Murder Inc. go find
something else to do.
Rock's boys walks a little closer. Rock holds up his hand to
call them back.
Damn Dre, you really have gotten
sensitive when it comes to women
haven't you? But don't worry I
won't take this like I did the


                       ROCK (cont'd)
last one.
Yeah, you won't get a chance to
beat on this one here.
I never hit a woman in my life.
      (Smacks his teeth)
You won't hit a man either would
Rock is looking mad.
      (Gritted Teeth)
Like I said I only came over here
to say wassup and wish you luck in
the contest.
Andre is sitting back down in his chair as he speaks.
Like I said, that's your thang
have fun.
I mean since you taking Shorty's
place. You might get lucky like
his dead ass did.
Andre jumps from his chair and punches Rock in the jaw. Rock
falls to the floor. Rock's boys get closer to Andre. Andre
takes a step back and squares to fight. Terrence and Josh
jumps up and stands beside Andre.
From the floor Rock calls his boy's off. Security rushes
over. People begin to look in their direction. Rock gets up
from the floor holding his jaw. Security is talking to
Lucky punch but it's cool. Come on
y'all let's be out.
Rock and his boy's exits the club. Andre watched them the
whole time. People begin to enjoy themselves once again.
Andre sits down in a chair. Stacy stands over him rubbing
his shoulders.


You okay baby?
I'm straight.
Josh picks up Andre's drink again and drinks it all.
You know what I just got thirsty.
Throwing them thangs will do that
to you.
Come on baby let's get out of
                       BIG T
Yeah y'all let's be out.
Andre gets up from the chair. Andre and friends begin to
leave the club.
Every night I have to prove my
love by knocking somebody the fuck
out. You feel me?
Andre starts to laugh. Then laughs harder. They all begin to
laugh as they exit the club.
Monique is sitting on the couch watching a late night talk
show. Rock enters the house holding his jaw.
What happen to you baby?
Rock walks into the kitchen and grabs a ice pack out the
I slipped and fell.
On your face?
Rock enters the living room.


Yeah on my face. And why you so
damn nosey?
I'm just saying it must have been
a hard fall baby. You need any
No I don't need your damn help.
And, don't worry about how hard
the fall was just know somebody
gonna pay for it.
Who the floor?
Rock ignores her and walks into one of the bedrooms. Monique
is silently laughing hard. Rock returns to living room with
a blanket and throws it at Monique.
Floor that bitch. Sleep out here
Rock turns and walks away. A door is heard slammed. Monique
laughs a little louder.
Don't feel to good getting knocked
up side the head do it?
Monique is silently laughing hard as she pulls the blanket
over her.
Andre is sitting on the couch rubbing his hand. Stacy walks
over and puts a ice pack on his hand. Stacy sits on the
couch next to Andre.
Sorry about tonight, baby.
It's not your fault. Hell, I
wanted to hit him to.


Andre smiles and takes the ice pack off his hand.
What's with that guy anyway? What
he has against you?
Hard to believe, we was best
friends back in the day.
So what happened?
A younger looking Rock is hanging up the pay phone just as a
car drives up next to him. Rock gets in the car. A younger
looking Andre is driving and a car seat is in the back
carrying a child.
Thanks for picking me up Breed.
You know how these fools over here
on Ashland are.
Andre drives off.
It's all good Joe. What you doing
over here anyway?
This lil female I got nothing
serious. I see you have my godson
rolling with you?
Rock leans into the back seat and plays with baby.
Hey there little man it's Uncle
I see you doing that daddy thing.
Where Monique at?


She at work.
Rock leans back into the front seat.
Man you gonna mess around and
marry that girl Joe.
Yeah that's my right hand man.
What about me fool?
That's my right hand woman you
know what I mean.
Man Dre I am just trying to get
where you at Joe.
Takes time cuz. You'll get the
hood status you on your way.
But I'll always be known as Dre's
protege. One step behind you.
That is why I am teaching you
everthing I know.
And I appreciate it Joe. Breeds
No doubt no doubt.
Friends forever too.
Andre and Rock does a gang handshake. A police car turns on
it's sirens behind them.
Damn what these fools want?
Rock is looking nervous as he glance from window to window.


You not riding dirty is you?
Naw I'm clean.
Andre is looking in the rear view window and trying to watch
the road. Rock takes a gun out of view of Andre and slides
it under the driver's seat.
Okay bet it. I'm gonna pull over.
I got L's. Just be cool.
Soon as Andre pulls the car over Rock jumps out and runs.
Andre looks shocked. A officer gives chase after Rock.
Another officer walks up to the driver side with his gun
                       OFFICER BROWN
You driver hands where I can see
A younger looking Officer Brown opens the car door and grabs
Andre out to the ground. The other officer comes back
breathing hard shaking his head.
                       OFFICER BROWN
Okay up against up the car.
Andre gets up from the ground with his hands in the air.
Andre gets up against the car. Officer Brown is searching
him. The other officer is searching the car.
                       OFFICER BROWN
Ok son, who was that running?
Andre turns around.
I don't know.
                       OFFICER BROWN
So you just give rides to
Sometimes. Man what's this all
about? I did nothing wrong.


                       OFFICER BROWN
So why did he run?
      (Gritted Teeth)
Look officer I said I don't know.
The officer searching the car holds up a gun for Officer
Brown to see.
                       OFFICER BROWN
Bet you don't know about that
Andre turns around and sees the gun.
That's not mines.
                       OFFICER BROWN
Sure it's not. Maybe it's the guy
who ran whose name you don't know?
Andre is looking Officer Brown with pure anger in his eyes.
                       OFFICER BROWN
Okay turn around hands behind your
back. You have the right to remain
silent. But I bet you already know
The other officer handcuffs Andre.
Can you at least call my mother to
come pick my son up?
                       OFFICER BROWN
Sure, that is if you can remember
the phone number?
Officer brown starts to laugh. He turns Andre around and
walks him to the police car.
                       OFFICER BROWN
Get that baby out the back and put
it in the car with it's FATHER.
The officer gets the car seat out of Andre's car. Officer
brown pushes Andre in the back of the police car. The other


officer puts the car seat with the baby in it in the back of
the car. They get in and drive away.
Andre is pacing the floor. Stacy is sitting on the couch.
Dang baby all this while your son
was there? That's not right.
I know right. And yet when I think
about it. Rock didn't have no girl
on Ashland. I just wasn't thinking
You know baby? With him jumping
out and running like that, I think
it was planned.
For five years, I thought that
Andre stops pacing and sits down on the couch next to Stacy.
But listen, I want to thank you.
These last few months I been
feeling like a new man. And, I owe
it all to you.
I can't take the credit for that.
You are a good man.
If Shorty can see me now. Went
from thug to in love.
He can see you. And, I bet he is
as proud of you as I am of you.
Stacy leans over and kisses Andre on the cheek.


And Mr. Man? You not the only one
who's in love.
I'm not?
Stacy kisses Andre on the lips.
Does that answer your question?
A lil bit.
Oh just a little bit huh?
I'll Give All My Love To by Keith Sweat starts to play.
Your're my greatest inspiration.
Andre and Stacy kiss again. Stacy takes Andre's hand and
lead him to the bedroom.
Stacy is lighting some candles. Andre is lying on the bed.
Stacy walks over to the bed and leans over Andre kissing
him. Andre rises up. Stacy pushes him back down and takes
off her shirt. She still has her bra on. Stacy leans back on
Andre and starts kissing him again.
Andre flips Stacy over and she takes off his shirt. Andre
starts to kiss Stacy from her neck down.
Stacy is heard moaning the name Dre softly over the music.
Josh is talking a Keith Sweat song to a woman in the park.
I always wanted someone like you.
You can make all my dreams come
true. You see I will never do
anything to hurt you. I'll give
all my love to you.


Rock and his gang walk up to where Josh is talking to the
Man that shit don't work.
The young woman looks at Rock and walks away. Josh looks
What? Man Keith Sweat is the man.
You a pitiful white boy you know
that? You hang around blacks all
the time. You even try and dress
like us. And to top it all off,
you quote Keith Sweat from the
Rock and his gang are all laughing. Josh looks very mad.
Man Joe I tell you. BET got these
fools head gone. Tell me what you
know about being black?
I'm not trying to be black. I've
been living around here since I
was eight years old. At one time
we all use to be friends. Remember
that Darrin?
Rock's gang looks at him surprised.
I never been a friend of yours
white boy. And don't you ever call
me that name again.
Josh begins to laugh.
The only reason you survived this
long is because Dre protected your
Josh is laughing even harder.


I don't see nothing funny white
boy. What you need to start doing
is acting your race.
Acting my race? I know what I am.
I'm not trying to be black. I grew
up around here. I dress like this
because I feel comfortable
dressing like this. I talk like
this because this is what I was
brought up around. I'm not trying
to be what I am not. I am a white
man that grew up in a black
neighborhood. What you see is what
you get.
What I see is trying to be me -
us. You grew up around here? What
the hell that has to do with
A black man grows up in London
gonna speak French. Simple as
Rock gets up in Josh face.
You know I had just about enough
of your lilly white ass. Dre not
here to protect you now.
I don't need Dre to protect me. I
am my own man.
One of the gang members spits in Josh face. Rock steps back
and laughs.
Kinda remind you of the 60's just
in reverse.
The gang member who spat in Josh face walks closer to him.
Josh looks at the gang member and whips the spit off his


Yeah it does.
Josh spits back into the gang member face. The gang member
punches Josh in the face knocking him to the ground. Rock
steps back and looks around. The other gang members begin to
stomp and kick Josh.
They all begin to spit on Josh who is still on the ground.
Rock walks up and also spits on Josh.
Punk ass white boy. Come on y'all
let's be out.
Rock and his gang hurry away. Alicia runs over and kneels
down next to Josh.
Josh? Oh my God are you all right?
Somebody help.
A crowd is forming around Alicia and Josh. Alicia is holding
Josh's head up crying.
It's gonna be okay Josh. Just hold
on. Somebody help us.
An ambulance is heard in the distance.
Andre and Terrence gets off an elevator and walks toward a
room. Officer Harris and Officer Brown walk pass them.
Officer Brown and Andre exchange glances. Neither says a
word. Andre and Terrence continue on to Josh's room.
Andre and Terrence are in the room. The bed is empty but the
TV is on. The Color Purple is playing on the TV.
                       BIG T
This is the right room right?
Andre turns the TV off. Josh walks out the bath room limping
looking real beat up with a bandage on his head.


      (Deep Voice)
You told Harpo to beat me.
Quit playing fool are you alright?
Josh walks slowly to the bed. Terrence helps him. Josh lies
down on the bed slowly.
I'm okay you know nothing can't
hold me down. I'm like Diddy. I
thought I told you that I won't
stop he he he.
So what happen? Who jumped you?
Like I told them cops I don't
know. I got jumped from behind.
But I knocked about three of them
out though.
Who were they?
I don't know.
So how you know that you knocked
somebody out then?
I just know I did damn man. You
sound like the police. I'm okay
it's all good.
Josh turns his head away. Andre walks over to the window.
Terrence sits down on the edge of the bed.
                       BIG T
You sure you okay man?
Yeah I'm straight. But, thanks for
coming though I appreciate it.
Andre turns away from the window.


So you gonna sit here and tell us
you don't know who jumped you?
No I don't know. Man look Dre I
don't need you to play captain
save a white boy. I'm straight.
Fuck all that Josh you gotta tell
us the truth.
Josh throws his hands in the air in frustration. Andre paces
the floor.
                       BIG T
Yeah Josh for real. You didn't see
any faces?
For the last time I didn't see
anything. I don't need you to
protect me anymore Dre.
Josh tries to laugh.
It's all good see.
Josh starts to clap his hands.
Ain't no ocean ain't no sea keep
my homies away from me.
Man chill with that color purple
Terrence and Josh both are laughing. Andre walks over to
But I'm glad you okay.
Andre shakes Josh hand.


                       BIG T
Crazy ass fool. What they need to
is a brain scan.
Josh tries to get up from the bed.
I know one thing this medicine be
having me going to the bathroom to
damn much. T help me out man.
Terrence helps Josh off the bed.
No, I meant come hold it for me.
Terrence let's go off Josh quickly.
                       BIG T
Man, get yo nasty ass away from
Yeah you right you're hands not
big enough.
Josh walks slowly to the bathroom. Andre just shakes his
head at him.
                       BIG T
Joe, I tell you they really need
to do a brain scan that fool
Andre laughs. Alicia knocks on the room door as she enters.
Hey y'all how's he doing?
                       BIG T
The boy has lost his mind.
Alicia looks very concern.
      (O.S. From
Who's out there? What you want
from me?
It's me Josh, Alicia.


      (O.S. From
I hear men voices. Are they here
to hurt me?
These are your friends Dre And T.
Alicia looks at Andre and Terrence in a very concern way.
Josh walks out the bathroom and stares at Andre and Terrence
like he don't know who they are.
The FBI? Look I don't know nothing
haven't seen nothing.
Alicia helps Josh to the bed. Andre and Terrence smiles at
each other.
I'm scared.
Josh sits down in the bed and Alicia stands behind him.
                       BIG T
Look man we out of here. Holla at
you later.
Bye FBI men. Thanks for coming
Andre and Terrence looks at each other.
My head hurts. Rub my head please?
Alicia massages Josh head. Josh smiles at Andre and
Terrence. Andre just nods his head as in saying no no no.
Andre and Terrence leaves the room.
I think they wanted to rape me. I
am glad you was here to stop them.
Alicia is massaging Josh head looking very concern.


Andre and Terrence are walking to the car.
                       BIG T
That fool have issues.
Yeah he lying.
                       BIG T
I know right. You see how he faked
it when she came in?
That's not what I mean. I mean he
knows who jumped and you do to.
Terrence stops walking.
                       BIG T
Andre stops a few feet ahead of Terrence and looks at him.
                       BIG T
You don't think Rock will be that
He is and he was. Now give me the
keys I'm driving.
                       BIG T
What you gonna do Dre?
Handle this fool once and for all.
Andre continues walking to the driver side of the car.
Terrence walks over to him.
                       BIG T
Dre you know that fool hella deep.
You just can't run up on him.
You right. Gotta get me a thumper.
                       BIG T
A gun? No man you gotta beat Rock
at his own game. I can't let you
go out like that Dre. You have too


                       BIG T (cont'd)
much to lose.
I'm sick of this fool T. First my
baby mama. Then the club. Now
Josh. It's time for me to put my
gangster hat back on.
                       BIG T
Rock would love to see you go back
to the joint. You a threat to him
and he knows it. That is why you
gotta beat him at his own game
man. Think about it Dre.
Andre looks to the sky thinking.
Give me the keys.
                       BIG T
You not gonna do anything stupid
I got this T. Give me the keys.
Terrence tosses Andre the keys. They get in the car and
drive off.
Rock and his crew are sitting on cars drinking and talking.
Andre and Terrence drive up. Andre and Terrence gets out the
car and walks over to where Rock and his gang are.
Andre walks up to Rock.
I know you had something to do
with Josh?
You know what the hell I am
talking about don't play with me.


If something happened to Eminem it
wasn't me.
Yeah you right. You too weak to
hit a man. You probably had these
punks do it.
Don't be coming around here
blaming me because your white
friend got his ass kicked. Maybe
you should do a better job
protecting him.
Andre walks closer to Rock. One of the gang members acts
like he's reaching for a gun. Terrence grabs Andre back.
      (Gritted Teeth)
You know it's funny. You walk
around here with these fools
looking up to you. But if it
wasn't for me, you would still be
that little bitch that use to
follow me around.
Rock is looking very angry.
Easy Dre I already told you twice
before now. I see you trying to
play daddy now disturbing what I
have with my woman. Flossing your
little pretty bitch around. You
forgot where you came from fool.
I know where I came from. You
forgot where you came from. Me.
We said Breeds forever you
remember that?
We also said friends forever you
remember that?


Shit happens.
I'll be a Breed for life that's in
me. And you will always be in my
footsteps following what I done
trying to be what I am.
Man fuck you Dre.
You know what? Let's handle this.
Rock takes a step back looking nervous.
You know you can't whip me so
here's the thing. This little
stepping contest got some new
rules. I win you get your ass off
the west side of the city. And you
know the Breeds in the city not to
happy with the way you been
handling business.
Rock looks surprised. Rock's boys looks at him in a funny
way. Andre smiles.
Didn't think I knew that huh? And
one more thing? You leave Monique
alone get out her life.
What I get if I win?
Pride. Something I know you don't
Fool please I got pride. But if I
win you know what? You get in
where you fit in that's right you
riding again.
Andre looks at Terrence. Terrence is shaking his head no.
Rock is smiling.


You know what? It's a deal.
Shake on it then Breed.
Rock walks up to Andre and holds out his hand. Andre and
Rock shake hands.
See in a few weeks Breed. And be
ready to slang packs again you
starting from the bottom.
Andre and Terrence walks back to the car. Rock watches them
looking nervous. Andre walks over to the passenger side of
the car and enters. Terrence enters the driver's side. Andre
hands Terrence the keys.
                       BIG T
Man Dre I mean damn man. I hope
you know what you are doing?
Don't worry T I got this.
                       BIG T
You think he gonna stay true to
his word?
Rock maybe a snake but he still he
a Breed. Our word is our bond.
                       BIG T
Guess nothing else to do but make
sure you win this thing.
Terrence starts the car up and drives off.
Rock is sitting in the front seat of a car with the doors
open looking at the ground. A gang member walks over to him
and hands him a beer.
                       GANG MEMBER
You okay Breed?


I want you to be checking him out
see what he's working on and let
me know okay?
The gang member nods his head yes. Rock opens the can of
beer takes a gulp and stares off into the sky looking
Stacy is sitting on the couch watching Andre pace the floor.
Calm down baby it's gonna me okay.
You know what? I should have just
popped his ass.
And then what? You did the right
thing baby now sit down.
Andre stops pacing the floor and sits down next to Stacy.
Stacy wraps her arms around Andre's neck.
But a stepping contest? Come on.
Look baby I know how you wanted to
handle it. But, that's not you
anymore. You're a great father a
great man. The man who I am in
love with. Now we just gonna go
out there and win this thing.
Andre looks at Stacy shocked.
Yes we. When I say I love you I
mean through the sunshine and the
rain. I'm in this for the long
ride. Dom dom dom dom.
Andre laughs and kisses Stacy.


So now let's get down to business
because we gonna win this damn
Stacy gets up from the couch and walks over to the stereo.
Step In The Name Of Love by R. Kelly begins to play.
Stacy starts to step by herself.
Now come on baby let's step. In
the name of love.
Andre gets up from the couch and starts to dance with Stacy.
Song continues to play.
Rock and a woman are practicing dance steps. Monique stands
in the kitchen watching them.
Andre and Stacy are practicing dance steps. Terrence is
coaching them.
Josh and Alicia is sitting on the bed watching a TV show.
Alicia kisses Josh on the forehead.
Terrence shows Andre and Stacy a dance move. Andre and Stacy
tries to do the move. Someone is watching them through the
window. Andre and Stacy are trying to do the dance move.
The man who was watching Andre and Stacy dance is showing
Rock the dance step. Rock and a woman are trying to do the
dance step.


Josh looking surprised after Alicia kissed him, kisses her
back quickly. Alicia smiles and kisses Josh on the lips.
They share a longer kiss. Josh whispers to Alicia. Alicia
looks at him and smiles.
Alicia gets up from the bed and closes the room door. Josh
lets the bed all the way down. Alicia gets in the bed with
Josh. Alicia and Josh kiss while pulling the covers over
their head.
Andre and Stacy are practicing dance steps. Miss Davis and
the kids are watching them. Miss Davis grabs Stacy away from
Andre and does a dance move with her. Miss Davis is telling
Andre how to do the dance.
Andre takes Stacy's hand and tries to do the dance. Miss
Davis takes Andre's hand and does the same move with him.
The kids are trying to do the same dance step. Andre and
Stacy tries to do the dance move again.
The music stops.
Andre and Stacy hugs each other. The kids are clapping their
hands. Miss Davis is looking proud.
Rock is in the mirror fixing his jacket. Monique is sitting
on the bed putting on some shoes.
Where the hell you think you
I'm going to watch the contest.
Please. You better sit your ass
down somewhere.
Monique looks up disappointed with one shoe on. Rock reaches
in the dresser drawer and pulls out his gun and cocks it


And once I win tonight. I'm gonna
get rid of that baby daddy of
yours and maybe that damn son too.
Rock puts the gun in his waist. Rock walks out the room
laughing. Monique follows him. Rock walks to the door looks
back at Monique laughs at her and slams the door shut.
Monique walks back into the bedroom reaches into the closet
and pulls out a gun. Monique puts the gun in her purse.
Monique grabs a picture of her son and begins to cry.
Hip hop music is playing. People are beginning to come into
the club. Andre, Terrence and Stacy enters the club.
                       BIG T
I think you have to go up there
and sign in.
Us too.
Josh and Alicia walks up behind them.
Andre, Terrence and Stacy turns around and sees Josh and
Alicia standing behind them dressed nicely. Stacy and Alicia
hugs each other. Terrence and Josh shakes hands.
What you doing here?
Same reason you are. But, let me
holla at you real quick.
Andre and Josh walks away a few feet from the rest of the
I know why you doing this man. I
thought I told you Dre I don't
need you to protect me anymore?
Man Josh look....


But I'm glad you hard headed. You
a real friend.
Andre and Josh shakes hands and hugs. Andre and Josh walks
back over to the rest of the group.
                       BIG T
Now lets go get you two signed in.
Andre, Terrence and Josh walks over to the DJ booth. Rock
and his crew walks up behind Stacy and Alicia.
After I'm through with your man
tonight, you gonna be my new
Rock and his crew walk away laughing. Rock passes Andre on
his way to the DJ booth. Andre and Rock stares at each
other. Rock smiles. Andre smacks his teeth.
Twelve couples are on the dance floor with numbers on to
identify each couple. The DJ is on the dance floor also.
We want to welcome y'all to the
10th annual step off tonight.
The crowd begins to clap.
This year's grand prize is for 5
G's. So I hope everyone brought
their a game tonight.
The crowd begins to clap louder. Some whistle. Andre who is
wearing number seven looks at Josh who is wearing number
three and smiles.
Tonight we have three judges who
are legends in the stepping game.
Give it for Mr. Chicago himself
Herb Kent.


Everybody stands and claps for Herb Kent who waves and takes
a seat the at judges table.
Mr. Bishop Magic Don Juan.
The crowd claps even louder as Don Juan walks in a takes a
seat next to Herb Kent.
And last but not least. Mr R.
The crowd is clapping and whistling as R. Kelly walks in and
sits at the judges table.
Okay the couples are on the dance
floor right now ready to make it
do what it do. The way it goes is
simple. The judges each holds up a
number the couple wearing that
number leaves the dance floor.
That's the way it's gonna be till
we down to our last final four. So
with out further due, let's get to
The crowd begins to clap. Andre looks at Josh and they shake
Good luck, Joe.
Let's do this.
As by Stevie Wonder begins to play.
The couples begins to step to the music. Josh and Alicia
seems to have the crowd attention as they are stepping to
the music. One of the judges holds up a number and that
couple leaves the dance floor madly.
Rock is stepping to the music but doesn't look like he is
really into it. Andre and Stacy are looking pretty good as
they step. One of the judges holds up another number and the
couple leaves the dance floor in an argument.
Terrence laughs.


Josh and Alicia has the crowd attention again. The crowd
scream, "Go white boy, go white boy," over the music. The
judges holds up more numbers as more couples leaves the
dance floor. Leaving just five couples on the dance floor.
One couple just walks off the dance floor in an argument.
The crowd once again is screaming go white boy go white boy
as Josh And Alicia is dancing.
The four remaining couples are Andre and Stacy. Josh and
Alicia. Rock and his girl. As well as, another couple. The
four remaining couples are stepping to the music as it comes
to a stop. The DJ walks onto the dance floor.
Wow give it up to everybody that
participateed tonight.
The crowd claps. one couple is still arguing.
Who said stepping isn't
interracial. Did you see the white
boy out there?
The crowd laughs and claps. Terrence whistles.
Go white boy, go white boy, go
white boy.
The crowd joins in. Go white boy. Rock just rolls his eyes.
Andre laughs and slaps Josh on the back. Josh smiles.
The DJ walks over to the judges and talks to them. The DJ
walks back onto the dance floor.
Okay this is how we gonna do it.
The judges have decided that
couples Three and seven are to go
head to head. And, couples two and
four are to go head to head. So do
what you have to do. Have a drink
or two and be back in here in


The crowd begins to walk away. Some to the bar some to talk
to other people. Terrence looks upset. Andre and Josh shakes
hands. Rock just walks off the dance floor.
Looks like it's me and you buddy.
I can just quit now man and let
you go on and beat that fool.
What? Man you crazy the crowd
loves you. Don't worry about him.
You just do your best. And, show
me some more of them moves WHITE
Josh nods his head yes and they shake hands.
Rock and his crew are standing around the table. The couple
wearing number four is there also. Rock takes a shot of
Okay your job is done buddy. You
and your girl are out.
                       NUMBER FOUR
What? Why?
Cause I said so that's why.
The man wearing number four is looking at Rock in an angry
What you wanna question me homie?
Breed? Do any of y'all wanna
question me?
Some of the gang are looking at Rock in an angry way. Rock
looks at the man wearing number four. The man wearing number
four lowers his head.


I didn't think so. Man get the
hell out of my face you dismissed.
The man wearing number just walks away. The rest of the gang
are looking at Rock very mad. Rock takes a bottle of liquor
and drinks it. Rock has an evil look on his face.
Stacy and Alicia are sitting at the table. Andre, Terrence
and Josh are standing.
                       BIG T
Both of y'all looked good out
there tonight man. Josh you the
man for real win or lose. You
showed me something tonight.
Thanks T.
Yeah you is the man tonight buddy.
You doing good baby boy.
I don't really care if I win. I'm
just glad to have friends like you
The three friends share a group hug.
The DJ, Josh and Alicia are on the dance floor.
Alright let's see who gets to the
finals. Couple three you up first.
The DJ leaves the dance floor.
Superstar By The Isley Brothers begins to play.
The crowd starts to clap.


Josh and Alicia are stepping to the music. Josh and Alicia
does a stepping move and blows a kiss at each other. The
crowd goes crazy. The crowd is once again screaming go white
Andre is clapping his hands. Terrence is clapping his hands
and stomping his feet. Josh and Alicia does another dance
move that gets the crowd attention.
The music stops as the crowd claps loudly. The DJ walks onto
the dance floor.
Man I just love to see these two
step. Give it up one more time
The crowd claps. Josh and Alicia waves and walks off the
dance floor.
Okay couple seven get up here.
Your're next.
Andre and Stacy walks onto the dance floor. The DJ leaves
the dance floor.
The music starts.
Happy People by R. Kelly begins to play.
Andre and Stacy are doing better stepping moves then Josh
and Alicia. The crowd screams louder for them. Josh is
clapping his hands. Terrence is pumping his fist in the air.
The man wearing number four walks up to Terrence and
whispers in his ear. Terrence looks at him and nods his head
yes. Andre and Stacy does a great stepping move that makes
the crowd oh and ah.
The music stops.
The crowd claps and whistle. The DJ walks onto the dance
Damn if it get any better then
this we gonna have to shut it
down. Give it up for couple seven
The crowd claps loud. Terrence and Josh are clapping loud.
The DJ walks over to the judges.


Terrence and Josh points at Andre. Andre points back. The DJ
walks back onto the dance floor.
Okay it was a hard choice but the
judges have made their decision.
And, couple seven you going to the
The crowd claps. Terrence shakes Josh hand. Andre and Stacy
waves and leaves the dance floor.
But give it up more time for
couple number three they deserve
The crowd shouts go white boy. Andre hugs Josh. Terrence
claps his hands for them both. Rock walks up to the DJ and
whispers in his ear. The DJ looks shocked.
I have an announcement to make.
Looks like couple four is pulling
out the contest.
The crowd moans.
So it's gonna be couples two and
seven for the title and the money.
Terrence whispers in Andre's ear. Andre looks over at Rock.
Rock smiles.
Monique is sitting in a car outside the nightclub. Monique
looks out the window. Monique grabs her purse.
The crowd is applauding loud. Rock, his girl and the DJ are
on the dance floor.
Okay now for the moment we all
been waiting for. Couple four is
up first. So without further due


                       DJ (cont'd)
let's crown a champion.
The crowd claps. The DJ leaves the dance floor. The music
Step In The Name Of Love Remix By R. Kelly begins to play.
Rock and his girl start stepping to the music. The crowd is
clapping. Rock does a stepping move, turns, and smiles at
Andre. Andre smiles back. Rock and his girl does the dance
move Terrence showed Andre and Stacy.
The crowd gets louder. Terrence looks at Andre and smiles.
Andre smiles back. Rock and his girl does a stepping move
that gets the crowd even louder. The music stops.
The DJ walks onto the dance floor.
Oh my God it might be over with
already. It just might be. Give it
up for couple two y'all.
The crowd claps loud. Rock winks his eye at Andre and walks
off the dance floor.
Okay couple seven you're next.
Let's make it happen.
Andre and Stacy heads for the dance floor. Rock and his girl
walks pass them smiling. The DJ leaves the dance floor. The
music starts.
I Do Love You by GQ begins to play.
The crowd screams loudly when the song comes on. Andre and
Stacy starts off with a little bumping back and forth. Andre
spins Stacy into a stepping move that makes the crowd go
crazy. Rock is not looking pleased.
Andre and Stacy are doing better stepping moves then Rock.
The crowd is loving them. Andre and Stacy does the dance
move Miss Davis showed them. The crowd screams. Terrence and
Josh looks at each other shocked and smiling.
Andre and Stacy step into each other and share a kiss while
still stepping. The crowd screams louder. The music stops.
The DJ walks onto the dance floor.


Yo this is too much for real. We
have just witnessed some of the
best stepping this side of
Chicago. Don't y'all agree?
Everyone is clapping loudly. Rock and his girl walks on the
dance floor and stands a few feet away from Andre and Stacy.
Okay now for the moment we all
been waiting for. But, we gonna
let you decide who win this one
not the judges.
The crowds claps. Terrence and Josh looks at each other.
Okay how do you feel about couple
The crowd claps loud. Terrence and Josh Boos. Rock is
looking confident.
Okay not bad not bad. Couple
The crowd claps louder. Terrence, Josh and Alicia are
screaming. The three judges stand and claps.
It's official. The winner for this
year's stepping contest is? Couple
seven give it up y'all.
Terrence and Josh are jumping up and down. The crowd is
clapping loudly. Rock walks off the stage. Andre and Stacy
hug and kiss each other.
Well thanks to the judges and all
you that joined us tonight. Drive
safe and give it up one more time
for couple seven congratulations.
The crowd applauds for Andre and Stacy as they leave the
dance floor. Terrence runs up and picks Andre up. Josh hugs


Stacy. Alicia Hugs Stacy. People are patting Andre on the
back. People are still clapping and whistling as Andre and
friends walks through the club.
Andre, Stacy, Terrence, Josh and Alicia are standing outside
the club. A few people walk up and shake Andre's hand.
                       BIG T
It's all about Dre tonight all
about Dre.
Terrence and Andre pounds fist into each other. Rock walks
up to Andre.
Yeah you the man Joe. And a deals
a deal. One of us has to leave but
it won't be me.
Rock punches Andre in the face. Andre stumbles back. Rock
rushes up and hits Andre again knocking him to the ground.
People begin to run over and see the fight.
And you know what punk? You was
right I didn't touch Josh I let my
boys do that.
Rock kicks Andre who is on the ground. Terrence and Josh are
being held back by some men.
Also punk I did set you up to go
to jail. I knew yo bitch ass would
take the rap.
Rock kicks Andre again. Rock leans over Andre who is still
on the ground.
And now for the best part.It was
me that killed your brother. All
Andre gives Rock a mean look. Rock reaches into his waist
and pulls out his gun.


Just like I am about to do to you.
Stacy runs up and knocks the gun out Rock's hand. Rock
starts to go after Stacy. Andre grabs him back. Andre
punches Rock in the face knocking him to the ground. Andre
kicks Rock in the stomach. Andre picks up the gun and points
it at Rock. Rock slowly gets to his feet.
Go ahead pull the trigger. It's
still in you gangster pull the
Some people are telling Andre to do it. Stacy is saying no.
Terrence and Josh are saying no. Rock is smiling. Sirens are
heard getting closer.
      (Cont smiling)
Looks like you too late gangster
they coming to get your ass. See
you in 25 bitch.
Police cars swarm the area. Officer Harris takes out his
weapon and points it at Andre.
                       OFFICER HARRIS
Drop the gun now.
Andre still has the gun pointed at Rock. Rock is laughing.
                       OFFICER HARRIS
I said drop the gun now.
Andre looks at Stacy. She nods her head yes. Andre drops the
gun and puts his hands in the air. Officers rush at him and
pushes him to the ground. Officers begins to handcuff Rock.
What you handcuffing me for I
didn't have the gun? He did. And,
I wanna press charges.
Officer brown walks over to Rock smiling.
                       OFFICER BROWN
You're under arrest for the murder
of Micheal Davis.


Monique is sitting in a car outside the club. Monique looks
out the window. Monique grabs her purse. Monique sheds a
tear and drives away.
A lady officer is sitting behind a desk. Officer Brown is
going through some papers. Monique walks in.
I'll like to report a murder.
                       LADY OFFICER
And when did this murder occur?
About six months ago.
                       OFFICER BROWN
Excuse me but did you say six
months ago?
                       OFFICER BROWN
And who was killed?
Shorty, I mean Micheal Davis. And
I have the murder weapon right
here in my purse.
                       OFFICER BROWN
And excatly who did it?
Shorty sits in his car with his hands in his head. A car
drives up next to his car and rolls down it's windows. Rock
is the driver and Monique is on the passenger side.
Hey Shorty? Fuck you too.


Rock fires his gun into Shorty's car and speeds off. Monique
looks shocked. The sound of a car ongoing horn is heard.
A officer is taking Rock away. Monique is talking to Officer
Harris. Rock walks pass and gives her a evil look. Monique
just stares at him.
Andre is handcuffed talking to an officer. Officer Brown
walks up to him.
                       OFFICER BROWN
Looks like I found who killed your
brother. So you can thank me now.
Andre just stares at Officer Brown.
                       OFFICER BROWN
Okay well maybe don't thank me but
you could thank her.
Officer Brown points to Monique who is being lead to a
police car.
Can I talk to her or am I under
Officer Brown motions for the officer to take the cuffs off
Andre. Andre kisses Stacy and walks over to the police car
that Monique is standing by.
I'm so sorry Dre I really am.
Please forgive me?
You did the right thing that's
what counts.
I couldn't let him hurt no more
people I just couldn't.
Well he won't be hurting anyone no
more now. But, his hurting is just


I'm sorry please forgive me?
I do Monique I forgive you. Do you
need me to do anything?
Just take care of our son. And let
him know his mother loves him.
I will do that. And you hold your
head up. I will help you get
through this.
A officer pushes Monique into the car and closes the door.
Monique is in the car crying.
Thank you Monique thank you.
Andre walks back to where Stacy, Terrence, Josh and Alicia
are standing. Police cars begin to drive off. Officer Brown
and Officer Harris shakes hands and gets into their car.
They drive off.
                       BIG T
Some night huh?
Tell me about it. You okay Dre?
Tell you the truth I never felt
Andre looks to the sky and smiles. Stacy kisses him on the
Josh walks over to Andre like he is holding a microphone.
This is Josh the white boy coming
live from outside the club here
with our hero for this evening Mr.
Dre himself. Dre tell the people
out there how you feel right now?
Andre smiles and points at Josh.


Well if anybody ask me why I did
Andre kisses Stacy. Andre looks to the sky and blows a kiss.
Tell them I did it for love.
Andre kisses Stacy again. Josh tries to kiss Terrence.
Terrence pushes him away. Alicia grabs Josh and kisses him.
They all laugh.


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