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by Mikey Dee

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

Man why did Scriptbuddy remove all my scripts. Grr. Well, it's been awhile, but here is my new one, it's a working progress. Hmm, can't think of how to describe it, a girl wakes up from a coma and then there are robots, scary monsters and all that fun stuff.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

We see the closed scarred eyes of a young woman. Suddenly
her deep emerald eyes open. The scene slowly moves outward
to reveal the fuller picture. First of her small claw-like
scar the is etched over the right part of her face. This
does not deter her beauty as her eyes lazily looks about the
room. Next we see her long black hair sprawled over the
pillow. She is lying down on the bed with no covers, wearing
only a white tank top. We are now introduced to ESPIRITE,
who sits up and analyzing the ceiling. Noticing nothing of
interest she looks about the windowless room. She is calm
and clearly sedated. When she notices a split glass of water
on the floor, the only door in the room slowly opens as a
small ROBOT rolls in.
Had I awaken you?
No. I awoke before you entered.
The robot remains motionless for several moments awaiting
any demands.
I think I need to shower.
Follow me.
The robot spins around and heads towards the open door.
Espirite gets up from her bed and walks behind it.
Espirite is leaning against the shower wall with her head
under the shower head. The robot rolls into the bathroom and
places some towels on a small stand by the shower.


Is there anything else I can do
for you?
I am feeling unusual. I woke up
and thought I was still dreaming,
but now I'm awake, and my mind
feels blank.
I am here to assist your every
Can you tell me why I feel this
I apologize, but you feel this way
because I erased your memory.
Because I was programmed to.
Who programmed you?
I do not know.
Do you know anything about me?
Your name is Espirite and you were
prepared for a great cause.
And that is all you know?


I was programmed with very strict
orders to make you drink a
prepared chemical to erase you
memory. When you are to awake, I
am supposed to serve your every
needs. Of you, I know your name to
be Espirite and that you were
prepared for a great cause. The
details beyond this is unknown to
me. I am only here to serve you.
Espirite stands upright and faces the robot.
Guess you are as clueless as
Espirite is sitting on the edge of her bed. She is wearing
black sweatpants with a blue tank top and her hair is still
wet. She continues to look around the plain, windowless
room. The robot enters again.
Where are we?
I do not know.
How do you leave a shelter with no
exits. I wonder how we got here.
Espirite looks at the robot but he has no response.
For a piece of machinery that
speaks perfect English, I would
have thought you could problem
solve as well.
The robot continues to stare at Espirite.


Perhaps there is no answer huh?
That is possible.
From above we see the outline of the shelter amidst the
soil. All there is to the shelter is a bathroom, small
kitchen with a table, the bedroom and a hall connecting the
three rooms. We see time pass by as Espirite is searching
the rooms and the robot following her.
Espirite swings open the fridge door and analyzes the
Well, I have enough food to last
me a week maybe. I hope you don't
require food.
I do not.
Espirite closes the fridge door and looks at the robot.
How do I power you?
I do not know.
Well how I am going to power you?
I mean how long do you last?
I do not know.


Well, if someone wanted me dead I
suppose they wouldn't of left me a
servant and food.
Dark blood-red eyes stare forward amongst pale skin. As the
picture moves out, a etched cross is noticed on KRISTOF's
forehead. As the picture continues to zoom out, we see that
Kristof is fair wrinkled and bald. Regardless of his age, he
hides it well wearing the leather pants and fish-net shirt.
He sits on his lonesome, admiring his spectacular throne
room. Kristof is sitting on a throne made of dinosaur bones.
The throne room resembles a traditional Catholic Cathedral
but of black stone. There is no windows, but the room is lit
by propane torches. Kristof's assistant suddenly enters on
the far side of the lair. JERI proudly marches the two
hundred meters or so towards Kristof. Kristof sits upright
in his throne curious of the sudden visit. Jeri is a young
women with dark brown curly hair, wearing a tight leather
skirt and a black strapless tube top. Regardless of her high
heeled leather boots, she marches forward with this giant
smug grin on her face. She finally reaches Kristof's throne
and stands quietly with her eyes fixed on Kristof. Kristof
glances over Jeri's shoulder and sees DAVIEN enter the room,
followed by two guards carrying an injured and beat up SAM.
SAM is being dragged by the two guards, leaving behind a
smooth blood trail rubbing from his feet. Davien is wearing
a black cloak and wears a gold mask that conceals his entire
I brought you a present.
A dying man?
Davien, Sam and the two guards have reached Kristof. The
guards drop the exhausted Sam to the ground. Kristof steps


down from his throne with his eyes fixed on Sam. Kristof
raises his hand and shoos away the guards. The guards
immediately leave.
Of what use do I have for a dying
He knows the location of Espirite.
Kristof's heart takes a plunge as he suddenly looks at
Davien. Davien just stands motionless as Kristof shakes off
his brief look of shock. He walks back towards his throne.
Decisions. We've been in such
similar situations thousands of
times before. The location of
Espirite. I have to admit, with
every attempt I can't help but
feel we are getting closer. But
with every failure I can't help
but feel we are going backwards.
Regardless, all plans will remain
the same. Davien. I will entrust
you the torturing of this
individual, since you get a better
joy of it then I do. Just getting
so damn repetitive.
As you wish.
With a single hand, Davien grabs the collar of Sam and drags
him out of the room. Kristof stares into nothing, deep in
Don't act so excited.
Soon it won't even matter where
Espirite's remains are. No one can
revive her. Not anytime soon at
least. But the possibility is


                       KRISTOF (cont'd)
still there.
I fear nothing.
Jeri, you silly girl. You simply
only fear that which you do not
understand. I fear Espirite's
return the same as she fears it.
For we both know, as long as one
of us exist, the other one can't.
And neither one of us know who
will stand in the end.
We are introduced to a mammoth bare landscape of the
winterly north. Among the valley of snow, there is a Snowcat
driving against the wind. Inside the vehicle is JARED, BIFF
and GERALD. Jared is a handsome boy in his early twenties.
Biff is of a heavy build and Gerald is in his early fifties
but still maintains a strong build.
How are we supposed to find this
Honestly, I'm not sure. I'm hoping
the ultrasound will pick something
I hope so, the snow probably
buried the shelter deeper this
shitty equipment can detect.
The elders believe we will find
it, I don't see why we wouldn't.


I wish I had your experience in
It's not experience, it's faith.
The elders aren't always right you
know. They just simply know more.
And if they think we'll find
Espirite, we will.
I believe we will find it. I can
feel it.
Thanks Jared. Obviously Jared
knows that age and experience has
nothing to do with faith.
And why are you so confident?
I just am.
Right. Or maybe it's because this
is the first time we have let you
come along with us. First big
adventure huh? Well, you haven't
been disappointed so many times
before like we have. Always on
these goose chases and going home
empty handed.
A green light dimly illuminates the snowcat. Gerald suddenly
grins and looks over at Biff.
Well, you're gonna work your ass
off to prove Jared wrong, because
we got something twenty feet below
us. Let's dig.


Goddamn it.
In a large room of metal we see several vehicles with large
drills at the front. At the far end of the room is a solid
wall of earth. Davien emerges followed by two men and they
climb into one of the vehicles. The drill spins as the
engine starts up and they drive straight into the wall of
earth and drill through.
We see the snowcat with a wall of snow that had built up in
front of it. Tied to the snowcat is a rope ladder that has
been unraveled into a giant hole. By the hole we see a
generator roaring as snow is being blown out of a hose which
is also extended into the hole. Inside the hole we see Jared
and Biff hard at work loosening the snow and ice as Gerald
is sucking out the debris with the vacuum. After a few short
moments they hit something. Gerald sucks up the snow around
it and discovers a hatch.
Well boys, this looks promising.
Espirite is lying down on her bed staring at the ceiling.
The robot is by her bedside. Every wall has a giant hole in
the drywall now, showing a solid wall of cement behind it.
I'm beginning to believe that I'm
going to die here.
You will not die here. You were
prepared for a great cause.


I wonder if dying is apart of this
great cause?
I don't believe that is the case.
For a piece of machinery you sure
have high hopes. How could you
possibly believe that I'll make it
out of here. I am completely
blocked in.
I just do.
I suppose I should consider myself
fortunate that I at least have an
optimistic robot.
Jared is climbing down a long ladder deep into the ground.
Above, Biff and Gerald are looking down at Jared as he
slowly dips into the darkness.
Found anything?
It just ends.
Biff. Go back to snowcat and get
the drill and dynamite.
Espirite is suddenly startled as the Robot shakes. It soon
stops and it twists it's head to stare at Espirite.


Jesus. Scared me. What the hell
was that?
An internal memory just unlocked.
Must of been on a timer. I know
who you are.
Espirite suddenly looks up at the ceiling and notices the
light fixture shaking. A loud vibration is echoing in the
What is going on?
I have no time Espirite. I am
about to die and I need to tell
you that I love you.
Suddenly a giant drill bursts through the wall right behind
the Robot. Espirite jumps behind her bed in fear as the
Robot is crushed by the debris. The drill slows to a halt as
Espirite peeks from under the bed and sees the dismantled
Robot with a pool of blood slowly growing around it. Davien
emerges from the vehicle.
Jared is frantically climbing the ladder to the top.
Something is going on down there.
Jared gets out of the hole and shuts the hatch.
Blow it! We gotta get down there!
What? Fuck you man we're too


Gerald quickly smiles and pushes the button, then dives into
Biff pushing him on the ground as the hatch blows into the
sky mere feet away from them.
The loud explosion shakes the bedroom violently as Espirite
screams covering her ears. Shrapnel flies everywhere as
Davien quickly dives back into the vehicle for cover.
The hatch is still spinning in the air and is about to make
it's descent as Jared jumps into the hatch and grabs hold of
the ladder. The hatch lands straight back onto the hole as
Jared climbs down.
Kids fucking crazy.
Something tells me we pissed off
Kristof again. Hurry get the
weapons. Now!
Gerald waits as Biff quickly climbs the ladder to the
Snowcat and begins tossing guns to Gerald.
There is giant hole in the kitchen ceiling and the fridge is
blown halfway into the wall. Jared falls from the hole and
looks around. Behind him guns begin falling to the floor.
Jared grabs a handgun and walks down the hall.
Davien emerges from the vehicle and looks around.
It's just a bomb shelter.


He looks over to the bed and hears Espirite trying to hold
in her crying. He walks towards the bed and then flips it
finding the tear-filled Espirite. Davien turns to look
behind him and sees the dismantled robot.
But an interesting find
Three fire shots are heard and there are three sparks
exploding from Davien's back. Davien quickly dives for cover
behind the vehicle.
Move you idiots!
The two men immediately emerge from the vehicle and shower
bullets at Jared's direction. Jared hides behind the door
frame as pieces of wood and concrete fly everywhere. Jared
returns a couple of shots. The two men advance and Jared
runs down the hall to the kitchen narrowly avoiding several
more shots.
Jared runs into the kitchen and grabs a clip from the pile
and reloads.
Some help guys!
Jared pockets a few more clips and turns to fire at the two
men who are running down the hall. They quickly take cover
as Gerald emerges from the hole grabbing a gun from the
How many?
Two ahead of us and one more in
the room around the corner. Aim
high because they have armor on.


One man emerges from the corner and Gerald takes a straight
clean shot to his head.
Not so tough.
The last man runs for the bedroom as Jared and Gerald shower
the hall in bullets.
Biff, get your ass down here.
Biff jumps down and grabs a few guns.
Okay we got two left with armor.
I also saw a girl in there so be
careful, I think that's what we
all came for.
Damn it. I knew it, another
fucking goose chase. Well, this
girl better at least be some help
finding Espirite.
The three men run for the bedroom.
The man returns as Davien is holding Espirite by the hair.
Let's go, this is what we came
Several bullets suddenly rip through the man as Davien
throws Espirite back on the bed and whips out two small
machine guns and blazes the hall in bullets as Gerald, Biff
and Jared take cover. Davien throws down one gun and


continues firing with his one hand as he goes back towards
Espirite and tries to grab her.
Fuck you!
She struggles from Davien's grasp and climbs under the
turned over mattress.
Little bitch.
Davien turns his head for a moment to look for Espirite,
when more bullets start hitting him in the mask. He falls
over as Jared quickly runs in and grabs Espirite.
Come on!
Jared and Espirite run out of the room as Davien sits up and
returns fire while screaming in anger. Davien gets up as the
rest of them disappear into the kitchen. Davien walks to the
drill vehicle.
Want to fucking play huh?
Gerald, Biff, Jared and Espirite run into the kitchen. Biff
picks up Espirite and lifts her into the hole. Espirite
climbs out of sight. Biff then lifts Jared up. Gerald looks
at Biff for a moment.
You better go first.
Gerald leans down in front of Biff and puts out his hands on
his knee. Biff jumps unto Gerald's hands as he lifts up into
the hole.
Damn you weight a ton.
Gerald looks into the hall and sees the drill starting up.


Shit! Come on Biff!
The vehicle turns the corner and bulldozes it's way through
the hall. Biff's arms suddenly appear grabbing Gerald by his
arms. Biff lifts him up into hole narrowly missing the drill
vehicle as it destructs everything in it's path below him.
Biff, Jared, Espirite and Gerald climb out of the hole and
climb into the snowcat.
I hope to god you left some guns
in the snowcat.
There are ten grenades. And I
still have my handgun with another
Dammit! Drive!
The snowcat drives off leaving behind all their equipment.
After only a few moments the drill vehicle suddenly bursts
out of the ground and starts chasing them.
Does this thing go faster?
It's not exactly designed to go
Gerald climbs into the back seat and picks up a grenade and
leans out the window. He pulls the pin and tosses it into
the snow. A giant cloud of snow explodes in front of the
drill vehicle, but still continues.


The drill arches forward and drills into the ground and soon
disappears. Gerald grabs another grenade and looks around
frantically. After a few moments the vehicle bursts from the
ground just a few feet beside them. Gerald tosses the
grenade straight at the vehicle but it bounces off and
explodes in the ground behind it. The vehicle's back-end
jumps up a bit and falls still continuing forward. The
vehicle sharply turns and tries to ram the snowcat, but only
manages to shear off the back side a little.
Fuck that was close. Gerald get
that guy!
Ah come on!
Gerald grabs two grenades and tosses them both into the
vehicle's path as it turns again to attempt another ramming.
The two explosions violently knocks the vehicle off it's
path. It screeches to a halt as Gerald tosses another
grenade. We see Davien diving out of the vehicle as it
explodes in a giant fireball.
Yes! Goddamn yes!
The snowcat plows on as Davien desperately fires a few shots
at them until their out of range. Davien pulls out a phone.
Kristof is lying down on his bed as a naked Jeri is sitting
on top of him having an orgasm. Suddenly the phone rings.
Goddamn it. It better be Davien,
otherwise their dead.
He pushes the now angry Jeri off him and answers the phone.
This better be you Davien.


                       DAVIEN (VO)
It is master. We uncovered a bomb
shelter where a woman was hiding.
Then we were attacked by the
Hierarchy. They managed to get
away with the girl.
It was just a fucking girl? What
the hell interest does the
Hierarchy have in some girl hiding
in a bomb shelter?
                       DAVIEN (VO)
I do not know. But this was no
Well, I suppose you better figure
out a way to get her.
                       DAVIEN (VO)
Yes master. And master?
                       DAVIEN (VO)
I'm going to need someone to pick
me up. I have no ride.
For Christ's sake. Bother someone
else on that one.
                       DAVIEN (VO)
Yes master.
Kristof hangs up the phone and looks over at Jeri, who is
sitting on the edge of the bed still angry.
Are you going to make me cum or


Biff, Gerald, Jared and Espirite are riding in the snowcat.
Is anyone here going to tell me
what's going on?
unfortunately I can't tell you
very much until we return to the
elders. But considering recent
events I suppose we should be a
little open. The driver here is
Biff. The man next to you is Jared
and I am Gerald. We were sent here
in hopes to find, or honestly find
clues, to a secret tomb that has
been lost for thousands of years.
Instead we found you in a bomb
shelter. Which I am interested in
knowing why you were there in the
first place.
I honestly don't know. I awoke
there a few days ago.
What's your name?
Gerald stares at Espirite in disbelief.
Biff, stop.
The snowcat stops.
Now I want complete honesty. What
do you know of Espirite?


It's my name. Why? What's going
Gerald, come on, your scaring her.
Do you know who those men were
back there that were coming for
Then who the fuck are you! You
guys came for me too. Why the fuck
am I so important?!
I'm sorry. We will not talk
anymore until we return to the
Gerald turns around and looks out the windshield. Jared
looks at Espirite and offers her a blanket. Espirite accepts
and covers herself up and curls up in the corner.
I didn't honestly believe I would
get out of there. What the hell
did I get into?
A YOUNG ESPIRITE with giant angelic wings on her back is
running around in the backyard behind a house of an usual
architecture. PENELOPE comes out from the house and looks
out to the fields. Penelope is a beautiful blonde who also
has wings.
Espirite! Dinner is ready!


The young Espirite jumps up into the air and flaps her
wings, and hovers towards Penelope. Four creatures then run
up to Penelope and start happily jumping around her. The
creatures are three feet tall monkeys that have a stronger
human resemblance. Their tails are very short but they still
run around on all fours.
You'll get your dinner after.
As the young Espirite walks up she looks at the creatures.
                       YOUNG ESPRITE
Now behave guys or you'll get
The creatures immediately sit down on the ground in a row
and cross their legs and keep their heads straight.
Wow, Espirite. I'm amazed. I
didn't think anyone in this world
could train such dumb animals.
Their smarter then they look. They
just need to know whose boss.
Got to mimic being the leader of
their pack huh? Come on in, dinner
is ready.
The snow is lightly falling as the sun begins to rise.
Espirite opens her eyes to witness the sun rise reflecting
off the falling snow and the ice. Espirite smiles.
We're home boys.
They pull up to a bare spot in the valley. Suddenly the
ground collapses. The lift carries them down about thirty
feet and connects to a ramp. The snowcat drives forward unto


the ramp and continues it's descent down it. The lift rises
to it's original position. The snow cat goes down to the
bottom of the ramp were a vast assortments of different
vehicles are stored. Biff parks the snowcat, as several men
run towards the snowcat.
We have to get this lady to the
elders right away.
In a giant circular room, there are five chairs several feet
up on a balcony. Below is a bare floor that is lit up with a
single spotlight. The floor itself has a curious spiral art
on it. Gerald and Espirite enter through the door. Behind we
see Jared watching from behind the shutting doors. He is
soon out of sight as Espirite and Gerald stand in the
spotlight. Several moments later a cast of light is shone
from the balconey and five shadows slowly emerge. The light
is gone to the sound of a shutting door as the elders take
their seats. Their faces are well hidden from the darkness.
Welcome home Gerald. I am happy to
see you returned home with no
Knowing you, I would have expected
nothing less.
We suffered no lose thank God. But
we did gain. This lady I present
to you claims to be Espirite.
How can someone claim to be
someone when it is something or
somewhere we speak of?


Perhaps we are wrong in our
Speak of the events.
We came across a bomb shelter that
was buried beneath the ground in
the very location you had
We always have our hopes on
finding Espirite and instead we
find a woman claiming to be
Kristof's men had also come for
her. We managed to get away.
This does not surprise me.
Kristof must of gained this
information from Sam when he was
Tell us young lady. Why were in
this bomb shelter?
I do not know how I got there. I
woke up a few days ago in the
shelter. I had a mechanical
servant who told me that my name
was Espirite. That was it until he


Details are vital.
There isn't much. What is
I suppose we should let you in on
what we know, considering this may
all involve you. We are the elders
of the Hierarchy. Five members
that are choosen by their
predessors. Five members, five
opinions. It is done this way to
best ensure open debates.
Although we must admit, this
archaric practice does have it's
Regardless, it hasn't let us down,
even when wrong, we always
survived. The Hierarchy was formed
three thousand years ago by a
woman named Penelope. She was the
first of the elders. She had
claimed herself to be an immortal
who had lived thousands of years
prior and had known of an evil
that was about to attempt to take
over the world. It was the duty of
the Hierarchy to prevent anyone
from doing so. A thousand years
later, she had mysteriously
Some believed she was not even
immortal, but the name had been
carried on for that duration.


Before her disappearance, she
spoke of a secert chamber. This
place she had called Espirite.
This chamber is supposed to hold
all the secerts to her
disappearances, and the keys to
win the battle. And whoever
posesses this chamber. Will rule
the world. Whether it be for good
or evil. Share your story with us
now young lady.
I awoke, and a piece of machinery
told me he was my servant. He
later admitted that it was
programmed to erase my memory. He
was able to tell me that my name
is Espirite and that I was meant
for some great cause. Right before
the attack, he had said he didn't
have much time and that he loved
me. He was then destroyed.
Interesting. But what does it
It is interesting, but in the
meantime it appears that our
finding is no accident. It might
be of interest to retrieve any
remains of this robot.
Agreed. Espirite. You are now our
guest here.
Make yourself at home.


Gerald, show our beautiful guest
around and find her a private
Gerald, Jared and Espirite are walking through a hall with
several glass windows on both sides. Below we can see
several different activities going on. As they walk through
Espirite looks out below to these activities. First we see a
firing range with a wide assortment of different weapons. In
the next she sees people training in different styles of
martial arts. In the next she sees several people practicing
their craft with metallic whips. In the next she sees people
running throug a demanding obstacle course. After a few
moments they reach the bunkers.
Gerald. I am your guest right?
Of course.
I would like to train like the
As you wish my lady. We can start
you tommorrow.
I would like to at least watch for
a bit. I'm not tired.
Gotta admire the spirit Gerald.
Besides, I've been trapped in a
small bunker for several days. I
really don't want to see something
similar for now.


Sounds fair enough! What was it
you saw that interested you?
Those people who were fighting
hand to hand.
Interested in martial arts? Okay,
Jared, take her down and show our
guest around.
Sure. Come on Espirite, I'll
introduce you around.
Like treating a lady to her first
day of school.
Jared and Espirite turn around to return down the hall.
Espirite and Jared enter the large room and observe for a
moment the people practicing. They are impressively
throwing, punching, kicking and holding eachother in an
advanced techinque.
Can I learn this?
Of course. You want to try now?
Jared walks around the mats to the front and speaks with the
SENSAI. He then returns to Espirite with the Sensai. The
Sensai shakes Espirite's hand.


Hello young lady. Jared here tells
me you want to learn.
I am interested.
Then I'll be your teacher. What's
your name young lady?
That is truly a lovely name.
Espirite. Come with me.
The Sensai and Espirite walk to the front as Jared sits down
against the wall and observes.
Everybody stops practicing and faces the Sensai. The Sensai
continues speaking in a bold voice.
We have a new student with us
tonight. Henderson. Come forward.
Henderson runs up the front.
The rest of you continue.
The rest of the students continue practicing.
Prepare for your first lesson
young lady. As with all things,
you must start basic. And the
first thing I'm going to teach you
is how to feel pain. Now do not
worry, Henderson is my best
student, he won't hurt you. All


                       SENSAI (cont'd)
the pain you'll feel will
instantly go away if he wants it
to. And don't worry, he will go
easy. Otherwise I'll kick his ass
to cheer you up.
You're so kind.
Before you are in any position to
inflict pain, you must be able to
feel it. I will teach you today
how to defend yourself from an
attacker, but first you must play
the role of the attacker and try
to punch Henderson from behind.
He's going to get me isn't he? You
just told me about this pain I'm
going to get.
You know this. But believe or not
many people in this world think
they can run up to anybody and
stab them in the back. It is
cowardice, and it just a matter of
time until a coward is cornered.
That is until they try to attack
someone wiser and stronger then he
is. Henderson has trained himself
to hieghten his senses to the
point where he can react to
feeling of the air pushing his
back right before the blow. He
won't hurt you, because as you
said, he knows it's coming. And I
would never recommend you try to
do this demostration on him
outside of class. But please don't
fear, much is to be learned
through physical pain as much as
one learns through emotional pain.


                       SENSAI (cont'd)
When you're ready.
Henderson bows to Espirite and then turns his back to her
and readies himself. Espirite slowly walks to him. She is
unsure of herself as she throws a punch to his lower back.
Instinctively, Henderson steps to the side and blindly grabs
Espirite's fist.
He didn't even need to hurt you.
Try harder. Henderson here needs
to be chanlenged.
Espirite starts punching wildly. With every punch, Henderson
bends his arms behind him and blocks every blow. On the last
punch, Henderson grabs Espirite's arm and throws her over
his back onto the ground. Henderson throws a punch to her
throat but stops a mere inch from her.
Jared has come closer to observe as Henderson helps Espirite
Strength is as much the mind as it
is the muscles. Next I will teach
you how to throw someone like he
just did to you. It is an easy and
effective way to gain control of
Actually. I want to try again.
As you wish.
Henderson faces his back to Espirite again. Espirite tries
punching him in a faster motion. But again Henderson blocks
every punch. Henderson then grabs her by the leg and spins
her around his side and throws her to the ground again.


I was hoping you'd throw me the
same way.
Henderson knows better then to use
any move too closely together.
There is always a counter attack
to every move imaginable.
One more time.
Young lady. I admire your
ambition, but you'll learn soon
enough. But for now we must
Just one more time.
Very well. Henderson. Really work
Henderson stands with his back against her again. Espirite
charges and begins punching at a blinding speed. We see
Henderson blocking as Espirites force punches him so hard
that Henderson is punching himself. Henderson quickly
decides to try and end this and tries grabbing her arm to
throw her over his head. But as he lifts Espirite she jumps
striaght up and falls straight down holding onto Henderson's
arm. Henderson then falls straight on his back.
My God. That was amazing progress
for a thrid try.
Jared and Espirite enter a room where JASMINE is practicing
her whipping techinque. Jasmine is an attractive young woman
of the same age as Jared and Espirite. Like Espirite she has
black hair and green eyes. Jasmine is wielding two metallic


whips that are about fifteen feet long. She is standing in
front of ten cans on posts and is whipping off one after the
other with the tips of her whips. After she is done knocking
them all off, Jared begins clapping. Jasmine turns to face
him smiling then she quickly snaps the whip inches from
Jared's face. Jared immediately touches his face and checks
his hands for blood, then starts laughing.
I know you think it's funny
everytime, but seriously stop
Whatever panzie. You know you like
Jasmine pushes a button on the whips handles and they
instantly roll up. She puts them aside and approaches
Espirite and Jared.
Gonna introduce me to your friend?
Jasmine, this is Espirite.
Espirite this is Jasmine.
Espirite huh? My parents were
going to name me that but they
later figured it was sacreligous.
I was impressed with what you were
Been practicing since I was four.
To be honest it's the only thing
I'm really good at. So what brings
you here? Most people here are
born and bred.


You know that mission Gerald, Biff
and I went on? We found a bunker,
and she was in there.
Went to find Espirite and found a
girl named Espirite. Typical of
the elders. They take their
doctrine too literally.
I take it not too people believe
in the Elders?
Not yours truly, but Jared here
has an unusal belief in them.
I trust them. I'm never sure about
what they believe. I mean a lot
can happen to stories over
thousands of years. But I'm sure
they are based on truths.
I think it is all horse shit. And
if it wasn't for personal
encounters with Kristof, I
wouldn't be fighting for the
Hierarchy at all.
What happened?
When we had our old base fifteen
years ago, Kristof had discovered
it and attacked. He peronally
killed my parents in front of me.
Jared's too. Which is why I don't
understand how you could be so
calm about it.


I'm angry too. But you can't let
those kind of emotions bother you
when you're up against him.
Whatever. Less competition I
guess. I'm going to savour the
moment when I'm able to kill him.
Who is Kristof?
A living demon.
Thousands of evil creatures and humans are gathered in
Kristof's Lair waiting patiently.
Kristof is walking around a room where a giant sun is
painted on the ground. Davien and Jeri stand nearby.
Your people are waiting.
I think it is time we go through
the final stage of my plan.
How long do we have to prepare our
Prepare? Fucking moron, we've been
preparing for years! We will
attack in the morning.
Fucking sweet.


Do you believe the people are
Ready? The plan is foolproof!
Honestly, what retailation could
their possibly be?
Although the Hierarchy poses no
threat, they will surely attack.
I'm counting on it! I want this
prophecy bullshit to end! In the
Kristof storms out of the room.
Kristof enters through a door nearby the throne. He walks to
the throne and raises his arms to the crowd. Immediately
everyone in the crowd raises their arms and bow their heads.
I have little to say. But I'm sure
it will be of great excitment to
you all. We attack at dawn! By
dusk! We will be celebrating!
Suddenly the crowd goes into a joyous uphoar. Up close we
see Kristof lower his arms as he displays an emotion of
Espirite is lying down on her bed staring at the ceiling.
She slowly dozes off.


Young Espirite, Penelope and ESPIRITE'S DAD are sitting at
the dinner table eating dinner.
Honey, have you seen what Espirite
did? She trained the Wokabees to
line up and sit.
                       ESPIRITE'S DAD
Oh Penelope, those dumb animals
are just imitating. I don't why we
don't still eat them.
That's not funny. Their distant
relatives of us, would you be up
to eating your aunt?
                       YOUNG ESPRITE
I just like playing with them.
They make me laugh.
                       ESPIRITE'S DAD
So does Alex at work, but it's
only because he has a limited
In a futuristic city we see thousands of Wokabees running
around savagely biting people.
Espirite's Dad is running around boarding up the windows and
doors. Espirite walks up a boarded window and peeks through
a crack. Outside is quiet and the four Wokabees she had
played with earlier are sitting in a row with their legs
crossed staring straight at the house. Espirite makes a
couple of small grunts. At this the four Wokabees stand up
straight. Espirite smiles as her Dad pulls her away from the


                       ESPIRITE'S DAD
Don't get close dear.
                       YOUNG ESPRITE
Dad, why can't my friends come in
with us?
                       ESPIRITE'S DAD
Oh honey. I really can't let them
in. Their kind is spreading a
                       YOUNG ESPRITE
But their friendly.
                       ESPIRITE'S DAD
Honey, I know their not infected
but we don't know where the
disease came from. They could
still be carrying it.
Espirite gives a look of disappointment. Her Dad hugs her
quickly and then gets back to work fortifying the house.
Espirite looks throught the crack again and sees them still
standing striaght. In the distance behind the four Wokabees
are twenty Wokabees running towards them with vicious looks
on their faces.
                       YOUNG ESPRITE
The four Wokabees stand still.
                       YOUNG ESPRITE
Run you stupid animals!
The four Wokabees continue to stand still, the others catch
up and begin to viciously devour the four standing Wokabees.
The four don't even put up a fight. Young Espirite starts
crying as Espirite's Dad runs to her again. He looks out the
window and witnesses the event.
                       ESPIRITE'S DAD
Ah shit! Penelope! Their coming!
The army of Wokabees run for the house.


Espirite wakes up in shock. She catches her breathe and
looks around.
This is all just a nightmare.
Suddenly the room begins to gently shake.
Kristof is standing in the middle of the sun. He looks
forward to a wall. Behind him Jeri and Davien are standing.
The room is shaking violently.
In a modern day city, people are all standing still as the
city streets begin shaking. Suddenly a building begins to
crumble, then more begin to follow. The people quickly panic
and try to run away.
Out in some farm land an old farmer comes out of his house
and looks out into the fields that stretch to the horizon.
The earth is shaking and he sees several giant black pillars
coming out of the ground. They grow out to various height
and are close together. More pillars start emerging from the
ground closer and closer to the farmer's house. He steps
back inside and closes the door. He leans against the wall
and closes his eyes as suddenly his house is destroyed by a
pillar emerging from right below his house.
Back at the city, the pillars had begun emerging from the
ground, leveling all the buildings above it.


Kristof is looking towards the wall as it seperates
revealing a giant window. Behind the window we see rocks and
earth passing by. Suddenly they emerge above the ground. A
few bodies roll past the window and the sunlight streams
into the room brighting up the penthouse. Davien and Kristof
remain unmoved as Jeri sheilds her eyes. Out the window is
the rising view of the other pillars as the few remaining
buildings are crumbling. For as far as the eye can see there
are thousands of very similar pillars.
The penthouse stops rising as the last few of the pillars in
their view begin to stop too. Jeri walks up to Kristof.
Kristof turns to Jeri and starts kissing her. Suddenly Jeri
pushes his face away from hers as Kristof begins choking.
Jeri pushes him away. Kristof falls to the ground with a
knife in his side. Jeri quickly pulls out another knife and
stabs Kristof in the chest. Davien remains motionless.
Not everybody has a chance to
achieve world domination.
Ecspecially when it's this easy.
Oh and don't try to say anything
to Davien. He won't respond.
Jeri kisses Kristof and stands up to watch him die as blood
is soaking through his clothes. Kristof slowly picks himself
off the ground. Jeri steps back and watches. Kristof then
stands up straight and slowly stumbles towards Jeri.
I should of figured you wouldn't
die that easily.
Jeri pulls out a handgun and aims at Kristof.


I admire your spirit. If I were to
be in your place, I would of
seized the oppurtunity myself. I
understand. But it is not too late
to undo this.
Desperate. Fuck you.
Jeri fires two shots into Kristof's chest. He falls again to
the ground, but slowly picks up himself up again and stands
up. Jeri begins to become fearful as she fires a shot
straight through his head. Kristof's head snaps back but
soon is looking forward again unmoved. The blood flows from
his forehead, but within seconds the bleeding stops. Kristof
smiles and slowly moves forward cornering Jeri.
This isn't possible!
Jeri empties her clip firing madly at Kristof. She bursts
into tears as every bullet hits Kristof's shattered body,
but he continues to move forward. Finally, Kristof is right
in front of her. Jeri drops her unloaded gun to the ground
and closes her eyes whimpering. Kristof grabs her and turns
her around, holding her from behind and facing her towards
the window. He holds her firmly by the head with one hand
and the other holding her chest.
Damn you! Open your eyes!
Jeri is suddenly wide eyed.
Did you honestly think that a mere
man could have done this!
Kristof lets go of Jeri. Her wide eyes frozen and it is
revealed that Kristof had silently slit her throat with one
of the knives. The blood showers infront of her, as Jeri
falls to the ground. Kristof slowly stumbles to the a wall
nearby Davien. He leans against it and slowly recovers.


You can't make me believe that she
was able to shut you up.
No master, I only respond to your
commands, and yours only.
I guess I should teach you how to
know when I'm in trouble.
But nothing can hurt you.
Kill me no. But it still hurts
like a bitch. Now get rid of her
Do you believe this earthquake to
have been natural?
I do not believe it.
The scout has returned. Let's here
Already? The source of the quake
must have not been far.
The SCOUT enters the hall and stands before the Elders.
What information has been


A giant city rose from the ground.
I was able to see it on the
horizon about 200 miles south of
here. I was not able to gather
very much news. Most of the
communication lines were down.
What had you gathered?
I was able to find an emergency
boardcast. And also some
information from a recruiter. They
are trying to quickly form a
milita to assist the army. All of
the allies are gathering to try
and defeat this attack.
What was the damage?
Half of the US is gone.
The room is silent for a few moments.
And the size of this city?
About half of the US. Most of the
northern cities survived. But
everything south of the New York
border mostly replaced by this
Could it be we had underestimated
our enemy?
      (To the Scout)
Leave us!


The scout leaves.
Paul. I would ask that you not
show that kind of weakness in
front of our men again. These men
have a great faith in us that we
can never let down.
I apologize. But the question
still remains on my head. Had we
underestimated Kristof?
I would have never imagined him to
have such resources to do so?
Not at this present moment no. But
this is a war that has been waged
for thousands of years. Is it
possible they had a plan much like
our own, that had been passed on
through the generations? What if
their plan was far more sinister?
Dominate the world. Defeat all
enemies. Then find Esprite.
Has hope been lost? I find the
coincidences to be too convienent.
We find a woman named Esprite. The
next day Kristof takes a giant
leap into world domination?
Elders. I have faith that this war
can still be won. And even better,
that we really have the upper
Peter. Esprite is just a girl.
I beg of you to follow me. I know
she is just a girl. But her memory
had been erased. She has twenty


                       PETER (cont'd)
years of information lost. What
had she known that was worth
erasing? Perhaps even the location
of Esprite. This is not exactly an
Peter is right. We had been
offered a very valuable asset to
our battle. The question that
remains is, how do we jog her
Perhaps it is a matter of time.
Perhaps everything will be
revealed in due time.
For the present, I hope your
right. We don't have much else of
a choice until we think of
something better.
Patience Stephen. Our plans right
now should not be totally on
faith. We can't sit around.
Kristof needs to be stopped, and
we will be slaughtered unless we
think of something.
We could make a stand. When the
army attacks, we could use it as a
How? And even if it is possible,
is it ethical? Why should we not
all join forces?
The people of this world are no
match against Kristof. They will
be slaughtered. And while the


                       PETER (cont'd)
battle is being fought in the
center, we can figure out a way to
get into the city through the
This is ridiculous. We have sworn
to protect the good in this world.
And now we are using good people
as if they were sheep.
Well Michael, if you have any
better ideas, you best share them
Yes. I say we fight alongside
them! I've heard of faith, and
then of doubt. The only noble
thing to do is fight alongside the
very people we've sworn to
protect. That is the right thing
to do. And our efforts on that day
will ripple throughout time. And
the search for Espirite will have
been a righteous path.
You're right. But I can't bear the
thought of our mission failing. We
will fight. But Espirite must be
protected. She will have to remain
here. And we should also organize
a small battalion to try and
covertly enter the city. It is
unwise to gamble all our resources
at once. But Michael, you are
correct in that this maybe our
only chance to take Kristof out.
Our time of reckoning is growing
closer, and we still have no
understanding on it's outcome.


Espirite is sitting on the floor, wearing a robe and
bouncing a ball off the door and catching it. With each
throw she throws it harder and faster. There is a knock at
the door.
Jared opens the door and steps inside.
Hey, was just making sure you were
A lamp fell off the nightstand,
but I think I'll survive.
Okay. Well, you know where my room
is if you need me. I'll see at
Hey! Actually, I can't sleep if
you want to hang out for a bit.
Had a bit of a nightmare.
Yeah, the quake would do that to
ya. You remember the dream.
Very vaguely. It was fucked up
Jared sits down next to Espirite.
I believe all dreams mean


At the very least it'll give me a
better idea of who I am.
I wouldn't worry about that too
much. If you find out who you
were, that'll be great. But for
now, how about what you will
I know. But I'm worried I was some
sort of horrible person before. I
mean, what the hell could a great
cause be? All I know is I have
only felt like I existed for two
days and everyone if killing
eachother over something I am
supposed to understand. You have a
better understanding then I do.
Naw. I know shit. I just simply do
what I think is right. It's the
least any of us can do.
What of your faith in the
I had to pick a side. And when
your up against Kristof's army, it
seemed only right that there's
more good here. But overall, even
if the Elders told me to do
something I felt was wrong, I
would never hesitate to defy them.
And ironically, I would never
think twice to protect them.
Kinda odd.


It's not really. I treat any deity
and head of power, the same as I
would a parent. They maybe wiser
by age, but we are all learning
And me? What do you think of me?
I don't know. But us finding you
was no accident. Whoever you are,
you are a good person, I will
assist you're needs.
Espirite leans in and Jared kisses her. After a few moments
Espirite pulls away and they look into eachothers eyes.
Espirite undoes her robe and let's it fall unto her lap as
they continue to kiss. Jared touches Espirite's bare back,
but when he reaches the shoulder blades, Espirite stops in
mild pain.
Is everything alright?
Yeah. It just hurt.
Here let me look at it.
Espirite turns around to face her back to Jared. Jared very
gentle feels her back. Espirite goes into some pain again.
How much does that hurt?
Not much. Just stings.
Well, it feels like you have two
bones right below your shoulder


Espirite cries.
Jared. I'm sorry. But I need you
to leave.
Jared looks depressed as he gently kisses the back of her
neck. He gets up and walks towards the door as Espirite
covers herself up.
Yes Espirite?
Come back for me before breakfast.
Of course. Are you going to be
alright? I mean I can get a doctor
here in a heartbeat.
That's sweet, but I'll be fine. I
just need some time to myself. But
I want to see you again soon.
I'll be back in a hour then.
Sounds great.
Jared smiles back and then leaves. Once the door closes
Espirite bursts into tears.
You don't for sure it's true. It
was just a dream.


Jared is standing outside Espirite room. He can hear her
crying inside. Jared looks at the door sadly but decides to
walk away. After a few moments he runs into Biff.
Woken up by the quake?
Hells no. This when I do my weight
lifting. Think these muscles are a
result of my DNA?
Honestly yes.
What were you doing over at
Esprite's room?
Just checked up on her.
Well that is not your
responsibility is it? You're going
to be pissing off the Elders.
Besides, I know their going to be
sending us out again today. And
girlfriend won't be coming. And by
the sound of things you might not
be coming back either.
What do you mean?
Well before I go off sounding
threathening, chances are none of
us are coming back. And I'm going
to tell you this only because we
are friends.
You consider us friends?


Well fuck ya. I won't be admitting
this much, but we work together,
and there have been times when you
saved my ass, just you're not
cocky to point it out like I do
whenever I save your ass. So ya we
are friends.
I'm flattered.
Gonna feel flatter when I tell you
the news. The earthquake was
What? How?
The elders had sent out some
scouts as soon as the quake was
felt. Luckily one of them was a
buddy of mine. He let me in what
was going on. Kristof had managed
to build an underground city and
raised it. Half the US got wiped
Oh my god.
Peter comes walking down the hall.
What are you doing out here at
this time?
We were working out, like we do
every morning.
      (To Jared)
You need some work. Now the both
of you go see the Elders. Gerald


                       PETER (cont'd)
had gone to awaken you two.
Yes sir.
Biff and Jared leave. Peter walks up to Esprite's door. He
opens up the door and peaks inside to see Esprite. He then
closes the door and locks it.
Esprite had just seen Peter. She runs up to the closed door
and tries to open it, but can't.
The elders had regathered, as Gerald is below.
And that is what has happened.
My God.
While the battle is happening, I
need you and twenty of your best
men to try and covertly enter the
city. You are to gather what you
can and try to weaken their
infrastructure to aid in the
We would be going in blind. How
are we going to be able to do
As you are blind, we will be
taking shots in the dark. We are
dispatching several other
battalions to do the same. We hope
that some success comes of it. The


                       STEPHEN (cont'd)
remainder will fight.
If I may ask? What of Esprite?
She will be secured. Now assembly
your men immediately.
Gerald is standing in front of twenty people, amoung them
are Jasmine, Biff and Jared.
That is our plan. I know it's not
much, but this is what we are
trained to handle. We move out in
twenty minutes.
Esprite is now fully dressed and looking around her room for
a way out. Suddenly there's a knock on the door.
                       JARED (VO)
Esprite? Why is the door lock?
One of the elders had locked me in
here. Please get me out of here.
                       JARED (VO)
Why would they lock you in here?
I don't know, but I don't like it.
Please get me out of here.


                       JARED (VO)
Hold on.
Esprite hears some rattling in the lock. Soon the door is
How did you do that?
They teach us how to pick locks
Jared walks up to Esprite and kisses her.
What's the matter?
We're going after Kristof in a few
minutes. I just had to see you.
I'm going with you right?
It's going to be dangerous. The
elders are trying to keep you safe
and you should stay here.
Fuck them! How could they send you
out there? What if you die? I
can't protect you from here, and
you can't protect me from there.
You'll be safe here, and I will
come back for you. I promise.
Jared kisses her and runs out the door. Esprite chases after
him but the door is locked again. Esprite bursts into tears


Jared, Biff and Jasmine climb into a Hummer. They drive up
the ramp as hundreds of other Hummers follow their path.
Hundreds of Hummers are driving across the bright, sunny
landscape. They all start spilting off into groups and going
seperate directions.
We see Stephen lying down on his blood soaked bed. He is
dead. Peter is standing by the bed holding a shotgun with
the smoke still settling from the barrel. He looks around
waiting to see if anyone had heard him. But the base is
relatively empty. After a few moments he settles down and
looks at Stephen's lifeless body.
Just couldn't understand that all
was lost, couldn't you?
Peter picks up his phone.
                       DAVIEN (VO)
The elders are now all dead.
                       DAVIEN (VO)
And Esprite?
I'm on it now.
                       DAVIEN (VO)
Do not bother me until the deal
has been finished.
Davien hangs up. Peter reloads him gun and walks down the


Jared is driving the hummer across the landscape. Gerald is
following behind them. Gerald's voice suddenly blairs forth
on a radio.
                       GERALD (VO)
Alright guys, I know we have no
idea how we are going to do this,
but as soon as see the city in
sight we'll stop to think.
Well, I'm thinking fucking hard on
what exactly we're supposed to be
doing, but dying is not going to
be my plan.
Jared stares mindlessly ahead. Suddenly, he sees a beautiful
woman standing a couple of yards ahead of him.
Jared suddenly jerks the wheel to avoid hitting the woman.
They hit a dip in the landscape and the hummer topples over
and rolls down the hill. It finally stands upright at the
bottom of hill, mostless in tact, the windows had been
smashed and frame crumpled sightly. Inside the car, Jared,
Biff and Jasmine are all moaning. Biff turns to Jasmine.
Hey Jas, you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Biff looks over at Jared and then smacks him across the
What the fuck is wrong with you?
                       GERALD (VO)
What the hell happened? Anyone


We're fine. Jared just had an
asshole moment.
                       GERALD (VO)
We're coming to get you. Hang
      (To Jared)
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Jared gets out of the car and looks around for the woman. He
then quickly jumps back in and starts the engine.
Aw hell's no.
Answer me now or you're getting
the ass kicking of your life,
because if you think you're still
We have to go back to the base.
It just suddenly clicked. Why
would we leave the base
unprotected at all?
We have nothing left to lose.
Bullshit! The Hierarchy has
existed for thousands of years,
why would we risk such a legacy
just because of this? If Kristof
conquers half the world, why can't
we hold the other?


But there's nothing to hold there.
This is all a fucking trick. We
have everything to hold there. We
left the base almost completely
unprotected with the only things
that matters most to us.
Shit. The Elders.
The Elders and Esprite.
Jared your crazy. The Elders are
ones would approved this.


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