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Max and John - Ep. 1 "The Mutations"
by Vinnie Heaven, Vinnie Heaven, and Vinnie Heaven (mafia_man66@hotmaill.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review:

It's a classic tale of teenage mutant superheroes. What else can I say? P.S. I would like to know if I should make more episodes, or if I should simply drop dead on this one. Thanks.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A dazzling city with a clear blue sky. The waters
surrounding Emerald City are as green as Emerald, and the
sun is as radiant as always.
                                         CUT TO:
MATT COLLIER, a.k.a. 'IRON', is infront of a mirror looking
at himself with a tired face. He grabs a bottle of gel and
places some gel on his hair. He then spikes it up and puts
his red sunglasses on.
                       CARL (O.S.)
Iron, come have breakfast!
Iron sighs.
      (Yelling back at
I'll be there in a sec, uncle
Iron keeps fixing his hair with gel for a few more seconds.
                                         CUT TO:
CARL COLLIER is washing some dishes while Iron is storming
through his breakfast. There's an awkward silence for some
brief moments.
      (While washing
Iron, I've been thinking for a
while, and--
Iron looks up at Carl and sighs.


--and you're already 15, so It's
about time you got yourself a
Iron lays down his sandwich and drinks a glass of fanta.
Uncle Carl, you know I'm not good
at that.
Carl grins.
Oh, please Iron, I'm sure a
girlfriend would do miracles to
I don't need any miracles.
Yes you do. Since the day your
father died you've never smiled
That's cuz my life started to suck
since my father died.
Carl pauses for a while, he clearly got offended by what
Iron said.
How did your life start to 'suck'?
Iron stands up and picks up his backpack.
I don't wanna waste my time with
Iron leaves the room and Carl just stands there amazed at
what just happened.
                                         CUT TO:
NOTE: ASEC stands for American School of Emerald City


MAX RANDALL is taking out some books from his locker and
JOHN NORMAN is leaning on the wall playing with some keys.
You think I should ask Cindy out?
Of course you should. She's the
girl of your dreams.
But what if she says no?
Then you just take it as a man and
move to another girl.
Max takes out his History book and his binder from his
locker and puts them in his backpack.
I don't wanna move to another
girl, I'll never like any other
girl the way I like Cindy.
Then go for Cindy!
But she doesn't like me...
How can you be so sure of that?
I just know it. She never talks to
me and she never looks at me in
John laughs.
Gilrs do that all the time. They
always ignore the guy they like to
look like they don't like him, but
in fact they actually do.
Still, I'm not sure...
John puts the keys in his pocket and sighs.


Do you want me to ask her if she
likes you or not?
No no no no! You'll blow it all
Then what do you want me to do?
Say good things about me. Say that
I'm a 'great friend' and all of
Whatever you say, Max.
CINDY LOVE, the girl of Max's dreams, appears in front of
him. He looks at her passionately.
I'll be right back.
Max walks up to Cindy.
H-hello, Cindy, how's life?
Good, and you?
Me, I'm great, life's perfect,
Max just looks at Cindy in the eye. He is about to say
something, but the bell rings before he can say anything.
Max, Cindy and John set off to class.
                                         CUT TO:
Iron is seen exiting a bus and running toward his school in
a desperate hurry.
                                         CUT TO:


Max is staring blankly at Cindy in the middle of the class.
Cindy looks back at Max and Max quickly takes his eyes off
her. MR. HUTCHINSON, the teacher, sees this and walks up to
                       MR. HUTCHINSON
Is there a problem here?
No, sir.
                       MR. HUTCHINSON
Then can you tell me why you were
staring at Cindy like that?
At this point, the whole class is staring at Max. Max looks
at Cindy and she smiles at him. Max then looks at John, and
John simply grins at Max.
      (Looking in all
I-- I was, ah-- I ah--
Suddenly Iron enters the class and interrupts Max. Mr.
Hutchinson shifts his attention to Iron.
                       MR. HUTCHINSON
Why are you late again, Matthew?
I missed the school bus so I had
to take a taxi.
                       MR. HUTCHINSON
Nice excuse, Matthew, but I'm
afraid you'll have a big fat
detention today. And one more
thing, take off those ridiculous
But they're my favorite pair of
                       MR. HUTCHINSON
I don't care if they're your
'favorite' pair of sunglasses,
take 'em off!


Iron grunts, removes his sunglasses and takes a seat behing
Max. Max turns around and looks at Iron.
Why the hec are you staring at me?
Nuthin' man, I was just--
How 'bout you just shut up, Max?
The whole class looks at Max with a sarcastic smile on their
faces. LINA and TINA MOSLEY whisper something on Cindy's
You gonna take that from him?
Yeah, I thought you were 'brave',
but it turns out you're just a
Max is red in anger.
                       MR. HUTCHINSON
Enough of this!
Max is about to explode in anger. He tries to contain
himself, but when he looks deep into Cindy's loving eyes, he
loses control. Max sands up and throws a punch at Iron, and
Iron flies off his chair. Iron gets up from the floor and
throws a punch back at Max. Max recovers and is about to
throw another punch at Iron, but Mr. Hutchinson and John run
up to them and stop the fight. John holds back Max and Mr.
Hutchinsonb holds back Iron.
You little loser, I'm gonna tear
you into pieces!
      (Yelling back at
Try, Iron, try.


                       MR. HUTCHINSON
I'm afraid both of you are going
to the principal. This kind of
attitude is not tolerable in an
eductional envionment.
Iron and Max head toward the classroom exit. As Max is about
to leave, he looks at Cindy and Cindy looks back at him. He
then breaks eye contact with Cindy and exits the classroom.
                                         CUT TO:
PRINCIPAL DICKINSON is sitting on his executive chair while
Max and Iron are sitting on old chairs, facing Principal
Dickinson. Max and Iron are both carrying ice packs.
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
What you two genlemen did today
was a shameful act of physical
violence. This type of immature
attitute will not be accepted on
our school.
Iron rollls his eyes.
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
Is there a promblem, Matthew?
Iron shakes his head, signaling a 'no'.
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
Good, now let me continue. This
offensive act of deliberate
foolishness will affect the two of
you greatly in your future. I
condemn both of you to a one week
suspension. You should be grateful
it's not expulsion. Any questions?
      (Looking at his
When will this be over?
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
It's over when I say it's over.
Now both of you remain silent for
a few minutes, I will inform your
parents of today's occurences.


Principal Dickinson picks up his phone and dials a number.
Meanwhile, Max and Iron stare at each other with hateful
looks. Max turns around and looks at the principal.
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
      (On the phone)
Good morning, is this Mrs.
Randall? ... I would like to
inform you that your son, Max has
engaged in a physical stuggle with
another student.... no no... Max
is doing all right but he has a
light bruise on his nose... it's
not even broken... but,
nevertheless, he will stay
suspended for one full week
starting Monday... I'm sorry but
its' school rules... ok, goodbye,
have a nice day.
Principal Dickinson hangs up the phone, turns around to Max
and Iron and smiles at them, as if he is enjoying what he is
doing. He then dials another number.
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
      (On the phone)
Good morning, Mr. Collier... I'm
fine sir, and you?... all right,
sir, I would just like to inform
you that your nephew, Matthew, has
gotten into toruble... he engaged
in a physical fight with another
one of our students... the punches
were light so no one got badly
hurt... Matthew only has a few
bruises on his face, but nothing
deadly.... ok, thankyou for your
time, Mr. Collier... a good day to
you too.
Principal Dickinson hangs up the phone and exhales. He then
glances happily at Max and Iron.
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
I love my job.
Max and Iron are red in anger.
                                         CUT TO:


John is being served by the LUNCH LADY. He looks at the
food, which is rice, beans and expired meat. He makes a
disgusted face and gets some orange juice, which is actually
made of jelly powder and water. He then exits the cafeteria.
                                         CUT TO:
In the atrium, many students are having their lunch. Cindy,
Lina, Tina, and IRIS KEMP are sitting on a table.
Did you girls see Smallville
Yes, like Tom Welling is so hot.
I don't really like him, he has
bad teeth.
John walks up to the girls and interrupts their
converstation. All the girls look at John.
Hey girls, mind if sit here?
No, we don't. Suit yourself.
John sits down next to Cindy and all girl stop eating and
stare at John with dreamy looks, except Cindy.
So, how you gals doin'?
I'm fine.
Me too.


Me three.
John is waiting for Cindy to answer, but she doesn't answer.
What's wrong, Cindy? You look
kinda sad...
Nothing, really.
Well then, in that case, do you
mind if I have a talk with you?
Lina, Tina and Iris all look at Cindy.
Actually, I do. I'm not in the
mood to talk.
It's cool, I respect that.
Cindy simply doesn't answer and keeps on eating her food.
John looks at all the other girls and takes a bite off his
rotten meat.
So, any of you know what happened
to Max?
Yeah, like he totally punched Iron
and Iron just like punched him
No, I mean, after the incident. Do
you think he got expelled or
I hope so, he's so annoying,
always wearing that blue cap. It's
just like, not hot.
John is clearly enraged but he contains his anger.


Well, I hope he doesn't get
expelled. He's my only friend in
this school. This school would
just be plain boring without him.
John looks up at Cindy and waits for her to say something.
She keeps on eatring her food and doesn't even look back at
John. John simply sighs and keeps and takes another bite of
the expired meat.
                                         CUT TO:
We're back to where we were, Max and Iron are half asleep,
hearing the principal's boring speech.
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
I mean, life is made of decisions,
one false move can ruin you
forever. Therefore, every move you
make must excel standards and--
There is a knock on the door. The Principal shifts his
attention to the person knocking on the door.
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
Yes, come in please.
ERIN RANDALL, Max's mom, enters the room.
Hello Mr. Dickinson. When I heard
about Max, I came here as quickly
as possible.
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
You did good, now please sit down.
Erin sits down next to Max.
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
We will wait until Mr. Collier
comes so we can discuss about this
shameful event--
There is another knock on the door.
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
Please, do come in.


Carl enters the room, he seems to be in a hurry.
Principal Dickinson, I am very
sorry for Iron's attitude and I--
Carl glances at Erin and opens up a big smile. Erin smiles
back. Max and Iron look at each other wierdly.
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
And you?
I ah-- I was-- I forgot what I was
going to say...
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
That's all right. Now please, if
you will, take a seat.
Carl takes a seat next to Iron.
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
Matthew and Max will both get a 1
week suspension. They must learn
to behave properly in a classroom
I'm so sorry Principal Dickinson,
Iron has been going throught a few
tough days.
Max too, he didn't mean to do
anything violent.
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
I know, I know, but they must be
punished. Are we clear now?
Yes Principal Dickinson.


      (Rolling his eyes)
                       PRINCIPAL DICKINSON
Good then, the four of you may
leave now. And one more thing--
becareful with your sons. I
wouldn't be surprised if I saw
them on T.V. for wiping out half
of the city.
Principal Dickinson laughs at his own lame joke, while all
the other present in the room remain serious. Max, Iron,
Carl and Erin stand up from their chairs and leave the
Principal's Office without even saying goodbye.
                                         CUT TO:
Max and Erin are wlaking toward their old car, while, on the
other side, Iron and Carl are walking toward their limosine.
Just as Iron enters the limo, Max runs up to him.
Listen Iron, I what I did back
there was wrong, and I'm really
sorry. So... are we cool?
Max lifts his hand and is waiting for a handshake, but Iron
just looks at him with disgust and enters his limo.
      (To himself)
Iron will always be Iron.
Max turns around and walks toward his car. He then proceeds
to entering the car. After a few second, the car drives away
into a suburb of Emerald City.
                                         CUT TO:
Erin is on the driver's seat and Max is on the back seats.
There is an awkward silence as Max is looking at the
Emerald-colored sea.


Max, I honestly hope that doesn't
happen again.
Max sighs.
Mom, all I did was defend myself.
No you didn't, you puched that
poor kid.
Iron isn't poor, he's a
You know what I meant.
I hate him. Ever since 5th grade
Iron's been confronting me like
that. He deserved the punch I gave
He seemed like a good kid. His
uncle also seemed like a nice
I don't believe it mom, now you
fell in love with the uncle of my
worst enemy?
Don't exaggerate, Max.
Max turns around and faces the window.
Dad was right in divorcing you.
Erin pauses for a second, she clearly got offended by what
Max said.
Max, you seriously need to grow
Max is about to say something, but instead he just sighs.


                                         CUT TO:
Carl is on the back seats with Iron. Iron scratches his eyes
and blinks a few times.
Iron, please don't do that again.
I didn't do anything, he's the one
that punched me first...
There's no excuse for what you
did. Plus, what will the Max's
mother think of you?
I don't care about her.
Well I do!
Iron widens his eyes in fright. Carl realizes what he did
and settles down.
I mean, she seemed like a nice
Uncle Carl, you're pathetic.
You need to learn to respect
others, Iron. Especially me.
Iron looks away and scratches his eyes a few more times.
What's wrong with your eyes?
Nothing's wrong with my eyes.
I was just asking...


Iron ignores Carl completely and continues scratching his
                                         CUT TO:
MR. DAVIDS, the biology teahcr, is teaching the class about
genetics. John is sitting alone in the corner taking down
notes, while Cindy, Lina, Tina and Iris are chatting.
                       MR. DAVIDS
The genes are what gives a person
their physical traits, and they
are inherited by that person's
parents. For example, If I have
brown eyes, then my son is likely
to have brown eyes.
John raises his hand.
                       MR. DAVIDS
Yes, John.
Is it possible for a person to
have mutant genes, like those ones
that give you superpowers?
Mr. Norman and the whole class laugh. John just looks around
                       MR. DAVIDS
Of course not, John. That's purely
science fiction.
Yeah, John, you've been watching
too much X-men.
I haven't watched that in like 4
                       MR. DAVIDS
John, Lina, we're getting off
task. Now I'd like you to do a
small lab. Group one is Robbie,
Clara, Tina and Haley. Group two
is Iris, Evan, Jake and Kim. And
finnaly, group 3 is Jimmy, Lina,


                       MR. DAVIDS (cont'd)
Cindy and John.
All students go to their respective groups and start working
on their labs. JIMMY WYATT, a.k.a. EGG, is doing all the
work while John, Cindy and Lina are standing there doing
Need any help, Egg?
      (While writing)
Nah, I'm all right.
Ok then.
John turns around and looks at Cindy. He is about to say
something but he stops.
I don't feel so good. I'll be
right back.
John walks up to Mr. Davids.
Mr. Davids, can I go to the
                       MR. DAVIDS
Sure, John.
John exits the classroom in a rush.
                                         CUT TO:
John is looking at himself in the mirror. He notices his
skin is starting to turn light green. He touches his hair
and sees there's something wrong with it. He scratches it
and sees that there are small plants growing on his hair.
      (Looking at plants)
What the hec?
He throws the plants down the sink and focuses on his skin
colour. After a few seconds, his skin turns white again, and


the plants on his hair dissapear. John sighs with relief and
exits the bathroom.
                                         CUT TO:
Iron is facing the mirror. His eyes are very irritated and
they don't stop itching. Iron tries washing his face, but it
doesn't help.
                       CARL (O.S.)
Is everything all right in there?
Iron is scratching his eyes non-stop. He tires putting
alchohol on his eyes but it hurts even more. He then opens
his eyes and sees they are bright red. An almost invisible,
bright red ray comes out from his eyes and begins melting
the mirror. Iron closes his eyes.
      (Yelling back at
I'm perfectly fine, Carl!
Iron puts on his sunglasses and leaves the bathroom with a
smile on his face.
                                         CUT TO:
Max is playing Paper Mario on his gamecube, when he suddenly
lets the controller fall to the ground. He goes to pick it
up but a sharp pain hits his stomach. Max walks around the
room dizzily and vomits. Instead of regular vomit, pure
water comes out of him. The water then turns into solid ice.
                       ERIN (O.S.)
What's happening, Max?
Max sits down on his chair and groans.
      (Yelling back at
Nothing, I was-- ah just-- ah
practicing for the drama play.


                       ERIN (O.S.)
Well, that seemed pretty real.
Nice job.
Max closes his eyes for a few seconds and reflects on what
just happened.
                                         CUT TO:
Cindy, Lina, Tina and Iris are exting the main building and
walking toward the buses, carrying their heavy backpacks.
What's wrong with you today,
Cindy thinks for a while.
It's Max. Every time he's about to
ask me out, something happens and
he doesn't ask me out.
Don't worry, Cindy, he'll ask you
out when it's time.
That's a lie, I'm not even sure if
he likes me.
Of course he likes you. He's
always staring at you during
I don't know, I just--
Cindy is starting to cry.
--it's just that-- he doesn't seem
to take anything seriously.


Just relax, girl. It's just a
tough phase.
Cindy relaxes a bit and cheers up.
All right, thanks. I don't know
what I would be without you girls.
It's ok, Cindy. You can always
count on us.
Thanks again. Now I have to go.
Bye everyone!
Cindy enters her school bus.
Bye Cindy!
See ya!
Cindy closes the door to the bus and the bus drives away.
Lina, Tina and Iris walk toward the other buses.
                                         CUT TO:
Cindy is sitting alone on the bus. She takes out a pink iPod
from her backpack and begins listening to the song 'Kiss Me'
by Sixpence None the Richer. She leans back on her chair and
closes her eyes.
                                         FADE OUT.
Cindy is admiring the endless sea, as Max slowly walks up to
her. She senses his presence and turns around. They lock


Hey, Cindy, can I have a word with
      (Smiling back at
Max walks and stands by Cindy's side. They are both
I've know you for some time, and I
really like you Cindy. So... I was
a-wondrin', if one day we could go
out on a date together.
Cindy pauses and looks at Max with dreamy eyes.
Of course max, that would be
Max and Cindy come closer to each other. When they are about
to kiss, the ship suddenly shakes and Max and Cindy fall to
the floor.
What's going on here?
I don't know, I'm scared!
A SHADY FIGURE comes behind Max. We can't see the figure's
face, we can only see his back. Max turns around and looks
at him.
                       SHADY FIGURE
It's time to end all of this, Max.
The Shady Figure grabs Max by the neck and slams him on a
The Shady Figure then puches Max multiple times and lets go
of Max. Max is lying on the floor, motionless. Cindy is


                       BUS DRIVER (O.S.)
Cindy! Wake up, Cindy!
                                         CUT TO:
Cindy slowly opens her eyes and looks at the bus driver.
                       BUS DRIVER
We're here, It's your stop.
Oh, sorry Mr. Gates. I must've
fallen asleep.
                       BUS DRIVER
It's all right.
Cindy picks up her bag and heads toward the exit of the
                                         CUT TO:
John is eating some cookies and drinking coke. His father,
HAROLD NORMAN, enters the kitchen and sits down next to him.
So son, how was your day?
      (While eating)
Couldn't have been better.
Did you learn anything new?
John takes a sip of his coke.
Yeah... I learned what genes are
and I also learned that Napoleon
sold the Louisiana territory to


That's great, son. Soon you'll be
a great businessman, like me.
John eats some more cookies and clears his throat.
The things is I don't like
business. It's plain old boring.
Boring? Well then Mr. Smart Guy,
what do you wanna be?
I don't know... maybe a painter.
Do you know how much painters
make? Nothing.
It's not all about the money, it's
about doin' what you like.
Harold stands up in revolt.
Shame on you, John. I, your father
am a businessman, your grandfather
was a binessman, your great
grandfather was a businessman, and
you want to be some low-life
painter? Please John, I just hope
you change your mind before it's
too late.
Dad, I think I'm old enough pick
what I wanna be.
Well be whatever you wanna be.
Just don't come knocking on my
door asking for money when you
become a homeless beggar.
Harold stroms out of the kitchen. Harlod's mom, TIFFANY
NORMAN, enters the kitchen in a rush.


Johnny sweetheart, don't say that
to your dad.
Say what?
That you don't wanna be a
businessman. Your dad's really
wants the best for you...
Ok mom, I'll think about it, now
can I please finish my cookies?
Sure, son. Just be careful with
what you say.
I will.
Tiffany sighs and leaves the kitchen. John resumes eating
his cookies.
                                         CUT TO:
Max is playing some more Paper Mario. We get a close-up of
the game, and we see Mario fighting against Browser.
Suddenly, the telephone rings. Max pauses the game and
answers the phone.
INTERCUT between Max and John.
      (On the phone)
      (On the phone)
Hey Max, it's me, John.
      (On the phone)
What's up, man? Any news?


      (On the phone)
Yeah, I talked to Cindy.
Max opens up a big smile.
      (On the phone)
Really? Oh that's great! What did
she say?
      (On the phone)
She din't say anything.
      (On the phone)
What do you mean, she didn't say
      (On the phone)
She just didn't say anything. She
was sad about something.
      (On the phone)
Sad about what?
      (On the phone)
I don't know...
Max sighs.
      (On the phone)
Welll that really helps.
      (On the phone)
Soory, Max. I tried.
      (On the phone)
It's alright. I've been getting
too stressed these days.
      (On the phone)
No problem, we all go through hard
times. So tell me, what exactly
happened between you and Iron?


                       ERIN (O.S.)
Max! Dinner time!
      (On the phone)
Wait a sec.
Max sets aside his telephone.
I;m coming, Mom!
Max picks up his telephone and keeps on talking to John.
      (On the phone)
Listen, John. I gotta go now. We
talk about this tomorrow, ok?
      (On the phone)
Sure. Bye man.
      (On the phone)
Bye John.
Max hangs up, looks at himself on the mirror and fixes his
cap. He then exits the room in a hurry.


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