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The Day The Earth Turned
by Allen Rees (prometx@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

In this story a wunderkind and would-be evil genius, Robert Malthus, is inducted into the most secret level of the intelligence world. He plots to use his skills to rise to the heights of power. Little does he know that the deepest secrets of the earth ultimately resides in the stars, which are guarded by the monsters of the past. all of the complexity and power of this intelligence underworld is eventually illuminated by legislative activist James Eddington and the most unlikely patchwork of faith-based social workers. Together, some willingly, some unwillingly, they will bring the entire galaxy right down to Earth.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A LIEUTENANT HERRER encounters mysterious glowing disks of
light in the sky, he immediately scrambles in clumsy awe for
his radio. The night is stormy and visibility is low, he
cranes his neck to see more clearly.
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
      (In German with
       English subtitles)
This is Flight Commander Herrer.
They are here again, I see them!
                       FLIGHT DISPATCHER
Say again lieutenant...
Lieutenant Herrer raises his voice excitedly to overcome
storm noise and radio static.
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
The...lights, the disks, they are
here again. Over...
                       FLIGHT DISPATCHER
Understood lieutenant, please
describe, over...
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
There are seven objects, to the
East over the Schweinfurt area.
                       FLIGHT DISPATCHER
You are authorized to investigate.
Try to engage, over...
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
Understood, we will attempt to
engage. Please try to confirm on
radar, over...
                       FLIGHT DISPATCHER
Yes, we are getting positive radar
returns. Are you maintaining
visual contact? Over...
As the fighter group approaches the suspicious disks several
begin to move erractically and three of the objects waver
and go down.


                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
This is Herrer, affirmative,
visual contact is maintained.
Three objects appear to have gone
                       FLIGHT DISPATCHER
Affirmative lieutenant, we track
four objects at...extremely high
speed, repeat only four objects!
                       FLIGHT DISPATCHER
That is an affirmative lieutenant,
we are informing high command...
Gathered in a dimly lit conference room are members of the
HEINRICH HIMMLER and assorted lesser intelligence staff. It
is the middle of the night and Hitler appears to be very
displeased at having been aroused from his sleep and is
dressed only in a robe. Inscribed in the robe in 'flowery'
script is "Der Fuhrer". The mood is tense.
      (Looking haggard -
       In German with
       English subtitles)
What is it now?
Well, Her Fuhrer, there has been
There is a pause as the staff members look somewhat
sheepishly at one another.
Well I assume that you are going
to continue Herr Goering?
Hitler coldy scans the assembled officers' faces.
Yes, certainly Herr Fuhrer. Do you
recall my reports of the strange
objects occasionally seen in the
sky by our pilots?
Hitler's demeanor becomes subtly more agitated.


I do, go on.
It would appear that some of these
objects have crashed in the
Schweinfurt region.
Have you taken appropriate action,
followed the contingency plan?
All in attendance are nervous, their unsettled actions belie
stress at the increasingly apparent likelihood of the loss
of the war by the Axis Powers.
Yes, immediately after receiving
word sir. We have dispatched a
recovery and investigation team to
the area.
I see, and who is heading this
We thought it best that General
Gehlen head the investigation sir.
We have confirmed that these craft
are not of Allied origin?
We believe their origin to be
unknown to the allies as well Mein
Fuhrer. General Gehlen's report
should clarify this.
Very well, make sure that I am
informed of the reults
As Hitler slowly draws back his chair, the assembled
officers rise as he strolls out of the room.


A convoy of German troop and freight transports squeal
noisily to a stop in a rmeote wooded area. German soldiers
frantically pile out of the rear of the transport vehicle
and hurriedly fall into formation beside it. The passenger
side door swings ominously open and the gaunt almost
ghoulish figure of GENERAL REINHARDT GEHLEN descends.
      (German with
       English subtitles)
Gentlemen! Please be aware that
this will be our first encounter
with wreckage of these objects. I
do not need to remind you, I am
sure, that the war effort does not
go well. What we find here tonight
may go very far toward helping us
turn the tide!
Gehlen coldly surveys the assembled soldiers. He then turns
toward the GROUP SERGEANT and gestures for him to step
I especially do not need to make
clear to you do I, the meaning of
what we may find here; how it may
affect our efforts?
                       GROUP SERGEANT
But General Gehlen, The Fuhrer...
Gehlen grabs the sergeant by his coat, the rain streams down
both of their faces as he speaks in a growling whisper. The
sergeant is visibly shaken.
To hell with The Fuhrer! Do you
not see his madness, what he has
brought us to? Do you truly wish
to die for your...
Gehlen spits the word forth.
Fuhrer? You will do precisely as I
tell you. Do you hear me man?
                       GROUP SERGEANT
Yes sir, I understand sir.


That is good sergeant, very good.
Gehlen yells over the sergeant's shoulder.
Alright, move out.This way!
The force crests the top of a hill where the stil smoldering
debris of several saucer-shaped vehicles lie strewn over the
wet ground. The rain hisses as it strikes what remains of
the hulls of the craft. Small bodies can just be made out
strewn among the wreckage.
                       GROUP SERGEANT
Secure the area. I want no one to
The troops stand mesmerized and frightened. The sergeant
roughly slaps the two nearest soldiers and raises his voice
to a roar.
                       GROUP SERGEANT
I said secure the area you idiots,
move, move!
Gehlen stares coldly at the unbelievable scene, slowly, a
devilish smile begins to spread across his face. The
soldiers slog through the thick mud collecting and
cataloging the debris.
                       GROUP SERGEANT
General Gehlen, over here sir,
Gehlen rushes to the sergeant's side. As he arrives, the
sergeant is stumbling backward, a horrified look on his
face. There, half buried in the muddy ground, is the
writhing body of a clearly inhuman creature. The creature is
murmuring in an unitelligible dialect. Gehlen approaches
unafraid, with a sinister, almost gleeful, expression.
Well, hello there my little


A gang of boys are haning out in the park as the camera
comes out from the midst of a copse of trees. They are all
hovering around a park bench eating ice cream. The biggest
kid, a BULLY, among the, is braying like an ass, slapping
his knees, etc.
                       THE BULLY
Hahahaha, what a jerk that kid is!
The camera cuts to the scene of ROBERT MALTHUS, a gangly
young boy of 13. He is running down the sidewalk of a New
York neighborhood. His face is flustered and he looks on the
verge of tears. The scene cuts back to the boys in the park.

                       THE BULLY
It's sad when a nerd like that
thinks he can just park it at the
He pauses arrogantly over his ice cream before taking a
sinister lick.
                       THE BULLY (CONT'D)
You've got to keep these braniacs
down, I'm tellin' ya. Next thing
you know they'll be on your game
at the arcade.
He gets cheers and laughter from the other kids. The camera
cuts back to Robert Malthus as he flies through the front
door of his apartment and down the hallway toward his room.
He is positively alive with fury. The scene cuts back to the
                       THE BULLY
Did you see him scream like a
little girl when I pantsed him in
front of all of those chicks?
Hahahah, dude, that was awesome.
We cut back to Malthus, as he throws open the door to his
bedroom, rushes in and flings open his closet and begins
rummaging, he uncovers a crude homemade stun-gun. The look
of fear and humiliation on Robert's face contorts into one
of fiendish satisfaction.


                       THE BULLY
...always blabbing about computers
and crap, always got his nose in
some retarded book. I showed him
today though. Dude, I am king!
Beneath the laughter and jeers, the torrid pitter-patter of
anguished little flip-flops can be heard. The alarming
crackle of loose electricity silences the gathering. The
Bully's face scrunches up and he goes into spasms.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
      (Pointing a lurid
       finger at the
       remaining boys)
Youuuuuu...you stupid animals! You
thought that was funny, did you?
Think that was funny, uhhh?
He leans down and gives the bully another dose for emphasis,
the bully lets out pathetic gurgling sounds. The remaining
boys overcome their shock, collectively scream, "like little
girls" and turn to run.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS (CONT'D)
You dumb bastards will pay! You
think that your humiliating little
games will get you anywhere!?
He bends down and lifts the still spasming head of his
victim and lears at him.

                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Weeeellll, dooo yooooouuu!? One
day, all of you low-brow cretins
will work for me! I will make you
crawl; you boot-licking vermin,
Malthus makes the rounds, yelling further obscenities, and
randomly administering high-voltage shocks to those who
where not swift enough to escape his wrath. As the N.Y.P.D.
approaches, the scene fades to black.


Twenty-two-year-old Robert Malthus, a prospective grad
student; rather unkempt and distant, sits in a chair in the
office of the Dean of the School of Science, DR. ROBERT
                       DR. SILVEY
Well Mr. Malthus, we've been
hearing quite a bit about you.
Malthus doesn't respond. He has a clearly sullen demeanor,
but this doesn't diminish Dr. Silvey's enthusiasm.
                       DR. SILVEY
Let's see here, your records show
an amazing variety of talents.
Malthus seems unresponsive to Dr. Silvey's flattery.
                       DR. SILVEY (CONT'D)
Well, yes, of course. Are you
decided on which program you would
like to pursue here at M.I.T.? I'm
sure you've perused the catalogue
very thoroughly.
Malthus awkwardly adjusts himself in the office chair and
after a pregnant pause, which causes Dr. Silvey to lean
expectantly forward, he speaks. His voice shows little
inflection and gives the impression of boredom.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
I think, Method & Logic in
Molecular Biology...
Dr. Silvey interrupts.
                       DR. SILVEY
Well that is excellent! I'm
Malthus interrupts in turn. He continues; deadpan.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
...Neuropsychology, Neurobiology
of Aging, Nucleic Acids:
Structure, Function, Evolution and
Interactions with Proteins,and
Principles and Practice of Drug


                       ROBERT MALTHUS (cont'd)
                       DR. SILVEY
       laughing out loud)
Not only brains, but a sense of
humor I see! I'm sure the
Molecular Biology staff will be
thrilled to have such a witty
young man on board; brighten up
the place a bit, yes?
Malthus Leans forward in his chair and adjusts his
eyeglasses. He takes on what would, on a less awkward man,
be an almost menacing posture.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Are you patronizing me Dr. Silvey?
Dr. Silvey looks carefully over the rims of his glasses at
                       DR. SILVEY
Perhaps we should get you settled
Amid the rush and bustle of the congressional business
ahurried and nearly frantic JAMES EDDINGTON struggles with a
briefcase and sheaves of documents. He is trying to gain and
maintain the attention of Representative JOHN A. ROEHNER of
the House Committee on Education and the Workforceas he
chats blithely with his "more relevant constituents."
Eddington can barely get a word in.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Representative Roehner sir, if I
could just have a moment?
Roehner is talking with several well dressed women and men
who lobby for cross-section of wealthy interests.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, as a
senior member of the committee I
am as interested as ever in
striking a balance between the


                       ROEHNER (cont'd)
needs of our diverse workforce and
the needs of business for strong
and stable growth.
The lobbyists crowd adoringly around the congressman and he
obviously appears to enjoy their rapt but vacuous
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Mr. Roehner sir, I can see that
you're very busy, but if I could
speak with you a moment about the
Working Families Flexibility Act.
Roehner casts a tired look at Eddington. A bit defeated at
having been distracted from his self-important oratory.
Yes, Mr. Eddington isn't it? I
believe we had some time in my
office last week didn't we?
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Well, we were supposed to sir, but
your office informed me that you
weren't available.
Really? Well, uhhh, things are
very complicated right now. You
know how it is.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Yes Congressman Roehner, I do know
how it is, but this is your third
cancellation and if I could get
just a few moments of your time.
The corporate lobbyists glance exasperatedly at James.
Mr. Eddington, you must think I'm
a real Jackass. Come and see me
this coming Monday and we'll have
a little sit-down, and yes, I'll
be there; I promise. James warily


                       ROEHNER (cont'd)
accepts Roehner's hand and shakes
on the proposed meeting.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Thanks very much for the time
Representative Roehner. I'll see
you Monday, say 2 p.m.?
That sounds fine, I'll have
mysecretary make an appointment.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Good, good, I'll see you then.
James turns and intentionally passes directly through the
middle of the group of lobbyists who turn and watch him
scornfully as he walks away.
In a small conference room within a small office space, a
motley crew of Washington area religious leaders are holding
their first weekly meeting. Sitting around a humble meeting
table are the REVEREND ROGER MAYWEATHER, a black Baptist
preacher. REVEREND ELLIS MASON, a white, not quite right
wing, Christian. KULSUNG RINPOCHE a Tibetan National
residing in Washington D.C., and visiting monk of a city
buddhistcenter. RABBI ERICA ROICH, a young progressive
rabbi, IMAM KASHIF SHURA, an older, austere, but friendly
Islamic community leader. The group sits awaiting the
address ofMARCUS HOI, a young idealistic Catholic seminary
student who has convened the first "Interfaith Council on
                       MARCUS HOI
Hi, thanks for coming. Did
everyone get their packets?
                       ELLIS MASON
I think we have, yes.
The rest of the group nods affirmatively.
                       MARCUS HOI
Well, clearly, we've got to make
more of a difference.


                       ERICA ROICH
We can certainly all agree on that
Marcus and I think we all do that,
as well as we're able.
                       MARCUS HOI
Well, sure, but I'm talking
explosive. When was the last time
any of you were part of
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
I am not very...fond, of
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Amen to that.
                       KASHIF SHURA
Marcus, the complexities of
politics in Washington test all of
our efforts.
                       MARCUS HOI
I think we should take our beef
out of the street and into the
back rooms of power.
Laughter from the assembled.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
I've been trying to set things
right in my community since before
you were born.
                       MARCUS HOI
I don't mean any disrespect.
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
We must exercise patience Mr Hoi.
                       ELLIS MASON
I'm the last person to throw a
bucket of water on a good fire but
how, exactly, do you expect to
leapfrog the status quo?
Marcus, now standing, looks down the table and a slow eager
grin spreads across his face.
                       MARCUS HOI
I have a plan...


                       KASHIF SHURA
A plan requires more than Adobe
Photoshop and knowing where the
Kinko's is my boy.
More scattered laughter.
                       ERICA ROICH
      (making a mocking
He's got a plan!
Marcus gathers himself a little; somewhat more pensive.
                       MARCUS HOI
Well I do, have a plan...
A mixture of humor and confusion spreads across the
Dean Silvey enters, he approaches PROFESSOR MARY-LOU PERDUE
the head of the Biology Department. Professor Perdue is
watching the feverish work of Robert Malthus. Dean
Silveytaps Professor Perdue's shoulder and motions her out
into the hallway.
Dean Silvey and Professor Purdue begin a hushed conversation
in the hallway.
                       DR. SILVEY
So Mary-Lou, how are you?
Professor Perdue answers absent-mindedly back into the
                       PROFESSOR PERDUE
                       DR. SILVEY
Good, good; what kind of shape is
our young Mr. Malthus in?


                       PROFESSOR PERDUE
He's, well, he's voracious. I
mean, I've seen some dedicated
students in my day but...
                       DR. SILVEY
Yes, he does seem to have a hunger
for learning doesn't he?
                       PROFESSOR PERDUE
Hunger isn't the word. With the
class load he has I'm surprised
that he has time to sleep. He's
outstripped the rest of his group
with lab time, and with his course
work, he's, well… virtually
perfect. Hell, I'm thinking about
asking him for advice on my next
                       DR. SILVEY
You don't think he's using
any...untoward methods, chemically
I mean?
                       PROFESSOR PERDUE
Well not that I can tell, but
honestly Bob, I'm not sure how he
couldn't be; but...he's keeping
his academics ship shape so I'm
not going to go fishing, if you
know what I mean.
                       DR. SILVEY
Yes Mary-Lou I understand, please
do keep me posted though, huh? I
don't want things to get to too
out of hand with this young man.
                       PROFESSOR PERDUE
I hear you. I'll keep you
informed. One thing's for sure,
he's not going to win any medals
in the sociability department.
                       DR. SILVEY
Oh, you've had chance to see his
serious side have you?


                       PROFESSOR PERDUE
He's like a mortician; not
outright abrasive, but he is
lacking in the finer points of
group etiquette.
                       DR. SILVEY
I, uh, noticed that. Well he's
certainly an eager young mind and
that's our business, isn't it?
                       PROFESSOR PERDUE
Well, you're right about that.
I'd better get back before he
makes a Nobel quality discovery
and I won't be able to claim that
I mentored him to it.
Professor Perdue returns to the lab.
Professor Perdue approaches Robert Malthus carefully.
                       PROFESSOR PERDUE (CONT'D)
How are things coming Mr. Malthus?
Malthus repsonds dryly without looking up from his work.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
It's going well professor.
                       PROFESSOR PERDUE
Yes, I can't tell you how
encouraging it is to see you
taking your studies so seriously.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Success is a craft Professor.
Diligence leads to skill, skill
breeds mastery and mastery brings


                       PROFESSOR PERDUE
Oh ho ho kaaaay...Do you mean to
say that power and not knowledge
is your aim here at M.I.T. Robert?
Malthus pauses briefly in thought before replying.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
That is exactly what I mean to say
                       PROFESSOR PERDUE
Well...alrighty then. I can't say
you're not on the right track.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Focus is also purely...
                       PROFESSOR PERDUE
Yes, yes, willpower and
skill...and stuff, yes. I'll leave
you to it then.
The professor recedes and leaves Malthus to work, he is now
the only student left in the lab. The camera slowly pulls
back and the scene fades to black.
ADMIRAL VERN CLERK sits in his office soberly reviewing
documents. He passes over some materials and turns toward
his computer. The phone rings. The scene is INTERCUT between
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
                       DR. SILVEY
Hello, Admiral Clerk?
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Yes this is Admiral Clerk, what
can I do for you?
                       DR. SILVEY
Hello Admiral, this is Dr. Silvey
from the Biology Department at


                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Oh, hello doctor. I trust you're
doing well?
                       DR. SILVEY
Yes, I'm fine, thank you. I was
calling regarding our previous
discussions about sharing
information on promising
candidates for your special
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Ah yes, just a moment Dr. Silvey,
let me secure this line.
Admiral Clerk adjusts some settings on the base of his
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK (CONT'D)
Alright doctor, so you have a few
more bright young minds in store
for us eh?
                       DR. SILVEY
Well actually just one. If my
hunch is correct though, this
young man could be quite a boon to
your special projects division.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Well by all means doctor, fill me
in on the details.
                       DR. SILVEY
Well we have a new grad student by
the name of Robert Malthus here
with us this semester.
Admiral Clerk Interrupts.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Dr. I appreciate your enthusiasm,
but as we clarified, these
projects are extremely advanced,
and I don't mind mentioning
somewhere upwards of top secret.
I'm not sure this youngster is
prepared for the level of
involvementthat these projects


                       DR. SILVEY
Normally, I would agree with you.
This particular young man is
rather unique however. He's,
well,hesitate to use the term in
relation to this institution, but
he's a bit of a prodigy.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Well, it's very interesting that
you should bring up genetics
doctor. We're in the thick of some
genetics issues and seem to be
running into some snags.
                       DR. SILVEY
This kid is a deluxe de-snagger.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
I have to be clear again however,
that these programs are of the
highest sensitivity. I can't
promise that we can give your man
access, but I suppose an interview
couldn't hurt. Could you set
something up perhaps?
                       DR. SILVEY
Certainly Admiral, I'll get the
wheels turning immediately.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Good then, if you'll send over his
particulars, I'll initiate a rush
background check. I'll expect to
be hearing from you soon then.
                       DR. SILVEY
You will admiral, you will.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Good day then doctor, and thank
you for the tip.
                       DR. SILVEY
Goodbye Admiral.
Admiral Clerk hangs up the phone and reclines in his office
chair. He raises his eyebrows in bemusement and slowly turns
his back to the phone.


The Admiral picks up the receiver and hits a speed dial
button. Pentagon Special Biological Project Head COLONEL
EDWARD RICHARDS answers. The scene is INTERCUT between INT
FACILITY. Colonel Richards hovers over an enormous
microscope and has to hurriedly extricate himself from his
gear to fumble with the headset.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Yes? Yes, admiral?
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Do you recall our discussion about
your recent difficulties with your
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Well, actually sir, we foresee
some progress anytime now. We've
been going in shifts as steadily
as we can without allowing fatigue
to, you know, become a factor.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
It seems that our man at M.I.T.
has a talented young egg-head that
we're going to screen for the
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Err, exactly how young admiral?
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Silvey says he's a new grad
student, but...
Colonel Richards begins to get agitated.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Well, a rookie grad student sir
I'm not sure that that's such a
good idea sir. I mean this is
extremely sensitive subject
matter. I'm not sure it's wise


Admiral Clerk interrupts.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Look colonel, I'm not trying to
step on any toes here, but you
have expressed that you've been
having difficulties with this
project correct?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Well, yes sir, but...
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Well I'm going to bring in some
fresh brains on this thing. I'm
under some serious pressure from
the Majestic Group and I'd like to
push this baby along.I'm
personally not willing to put this
off any longer. Am I clear?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Uhhhhhh, yes admiral. I understand
your desire to get things rolling.
You'll screen the candidate I
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Yes, colonel, I'll put him through
the ringer. If he's not up to
snuff, I'll send him back to his
books. I want you to gather all of
the program data and be prepared
for a full briefing in case the
kid passes, is that understood?
Colonel Richards is visibly agitated, but tries to hide it
from the admiral.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Yes sir. We'll put something
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Alright then, I'll keep you


                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Alright admiral.
Both men hang up their receivers.
Colonel Richards rubs his eyes and face in exasperation. He
lets out a moan of frustration.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Oh nice, very nice!
Colonel Richards throws his papers across the lab. The
assistants pause and look up from their work dumbfounded.
Colonel Richards looks at them coldly.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS (CONT'D)
What!? Get back to work!
The lab assistants quickly snap back to their tasks
andappear busy. Colonel Richards stalks stiffly across the
lab.He approaches a row of cryogenic tanks against a far
wall. The Colonel wipes a sheen of frost away from a portal
on one of the tanks. Dimly visible inside is the preserved
form of an alien creature. Some dissection and removal of
tissues is apparent.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS (CONT'D)
Looks like we're about to have
some company little buddy.
Behind an oversized, but spare, mahogany desk in the sharply
lit corner of a dim and expansive laboratory, sits General
Reinhardt Gehlen. A clutch of technicians, TECHNICIAN #1,
TECHNICIAN #2 and others, they lean over a coffin-like
cylinder haggling over it with bits of machinery.
      (In German with
       English subtitles)
The technicians jump.


                       GEHLEN (CONT'D)
Leave it be for now.
                       TECHNICIAN #1
Yes sir, come on, quickly fellows.
Gather your things.
Gehlen withdraws several oversized pristine parchment-like
sheaves of documents from his desk drawer. He sidles over to
the examination table. As he approaches the lighted area
surrounding the cylinder, the technicians scurry backward
into the dimness like recently beaten dogs.
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
      (in a near whisper
       as he retreats)
General, he is nearly ready for
his next dose.
Yes, yes.
The Technicians fully exit closing the lab door behind
them.Gehlen glides the last few feet toward the cylinder. We
see it contains a the non-human creature from the
                       GEHLEN (CONT'D)
      (in a child-like
Gehlen twiddles his fingers at the creature.
                       GEHLEN (CONT'D)
What a marvel you are and quite a
handful too, eh? Who would have
thought such a delicate creature
could be so formidable?
Gehlen slips on a pair of rubber gloves and gingerly reaches
out to caress the creature's head and chest.
                       GEHLEN (CONT'D)
You have such strong mental
abilities. It has taken a good
deal of creative chemistry to
neutralize your telepathy.
Hopefully some of the men will


Gehlen stops short for a moment, his eyes close slowly as he
marshals himself.
Oh, no, no. No you don't.
We see the creature's apparent will focused toward Gehlen.
Gehlen's hand disappears over the cylinder and draws back a
stainless steel syringe. He carefully, but cruelly inserts
it into the creatures neck and injects the contents. The
creature's exertion of will fades quickly. An oil-slick-like
patina fades over the creatures huge black eyes.
                       GEHLEN (CONT'D)
Yes, we have you I am afraid my
friend. The time for your little
tricks has passed. You are not
suited to that little concoction
are you? Morphine and amphetamine.
It takes a little getting used to.
Gehlen swabs off the syringe and injects himself under the
collar of his uniform.
                       GEHLEN (CONT'D)
Yes, my own recipe. I must thank
you, you know. You are going to
save my god forsaken hide, or
hadn't I told you?
Gehlen taps his index finger on the creature's skull.
We will, sadly, not have much more
time together. The Russians or the
Americans would do anything to lay
their hands on a prize like you,
yes? You will buy my freedom and
more. So unfair, is it not that a
clearly superior being like you
would end up suffering at the
hands of a sad bastard like me?


Gehlen giggles and gives the creature another injection
obviously for the sheer pleasure of it and bends over the
cylinder to work.
Robert Malthus works with a steady obsession as his fellow
students begin to trickle out of the lab. JESSICA STONE, a
fellow grad student, approaches Robert on her way out of the
                       JESSICA STONE
Hey Robert, what are you working
Robert quickly closes half a dozen notebooks and closes the
windows on his laptop computer before he acknowledges
                       JESSICA STONE (CONT'D)
Paranoid much?
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Weeelll...Jessica, I'm working on
some detailed models of altered
Telomere bonds and theoretical
methods of integrating them,
dynamically, back into existing
DNA strands.
Jessica's eyes widen in mild amusement, and she laughs.
                       JESSICA STONE
You're kidding right? That's,
like, insane. You're pulling my
leg aren't you? Professor Weinbaum
would love to see that.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
I think Dr. Perdue is heading in
the wrong direction on a couple of
key points.
                       JESSICA STONE
So, are you bucking for a Nobel
prize or something?


                       ROBERT MALTHUS
You're an intelligent woman
Jessica. Doesn't it ever occur to
you that you can have control over
your own fate?
                       JESSICA STONE
Well yeah, but I'm not trying to,
like, take over the fuckin' world
or anything. No offense...
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Seriously Jessica. Look around
you. These are the very building
blocks of life here, in this lab.
We can remake ourselves; remake
the species.
                       JESSICA STONE
      (gesturing with
       her hands)
You know they make decaffeinated
coffee now. It's the pot with the
orange rim.
Malthus looks despondently at Jessica.
                       JESSICA STONE (CONT'D)
      (Patting Robert on
       the shoulder)
Remember to get some sleep okay?
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Jessica exits the lab. Robert uncovers his notebooks and
opens his laptop. He looks wanly around the lab. After a
moment he returns with renewed vigor to his work.
Robert Malthus is sitting in the office chair before the
enormous but neat desk of Admiral Vern Clerk. Admiral Clerk
ushers into the room from a side door.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Good afternoon Mr. Malthus!


Clerk walks around and sits on the edge of the desk nearest
Malthus. He thrusts out a palm to shake hands. Robert
reluctantly returns the most polite shake he can.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Hello Admiral. It's...nice to meet
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Likewise son, likewise! We've been
hearing shining reports about your
work up there at the institute.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
I try to keep up with things. I
like to make the most of my
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Mr. Malthus, I can't tell you how
glad I am to hear a bright young
man like yourself speak those
words. We are very much on the
brink of a new era. In this new
era, we are going to need our best
young minds ready to serve.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Is this about a scholarship or
Admiral Clerk leans back a bit and chuckles.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
You might say that Robert. You
might...you see; we've got some
exciting programs going on here,
as I'm sure you could guess.
Malthus nods.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK (CONT'D)
Yes, well, we've been talking with
Dean Silvey, and he thinks we
might be able to work out


                       ROBERT MALTHUS
What type of arrangement would
that be Admiral, exactly?
Admiral Clerk leans over a bit resting his elbows widely on
his desk. He gives Robert a little pirate wink.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Well, we feel that since you're
moving along so briskly with your
course load that we might be able
to offer you something, more
Malthus almost cracks a smile.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
I don't mind telling you admiral,
that you've got my total
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Thought I would, yes. Well, we'd
be willing to qualify all your
course credits in your various
degrees, very ambitious I might
add. Also we may even be able
The admiral makes a "parenthesis gesture" in the air with
his fingers.
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
...Accelerate your graduation
Malthus pushes his glasses further up onto the bridge of his
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Admiral, show what you've got.


Kulsung Rinpoche, Erica Roich, Imam Shura and Reverend Ellis
Mason sit together around a table that's just a little too
small for all of them.
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
How is your latte?
                       ELLIS MASON
Good, good.
Another momentary lull of silence spreads. Imam Shura breaks
                       KASHIF SHURA
The boy is too impetuous.
                       ERICA ROICH
You've got to admire his ambition
                       KASHIF SHURA
He's got guts alright.
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
Yeah, chickens got guts too. They
usually end up in a cold steel
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
He had some interesting things to
                       ERICA ROICH
This could turn out to be more
than we bargained for.
                       ELLIS MASON
Look, I'm a simple man of faith,
not a secret agent.
                       KASHIF SHURA
Perhaps your are a secret agent, a
secret agent for your god.
                       ELLIS MASON
What, did you learn that at the


Everyone at the table raises their brows and looks down.
Kashif Shura enjoys a pause of two breaths.
                       KASHIF SHURA
Uhhh, you wanna' go?
                       ERICA ROICH
Oh, stop it.
                       KASHIF SHURA
Because I can put down this crap
American coffee and we can go.
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
Kashif, focus on your breath.
                       ELLIS MASON (chuckling)
Relax, relax. I'm sorry already,
just thinkin' out loud.
                       KASHIF SHURA
That is good, because I will treat
you like Guantanamo Bay.
                       ELLIS MASON
Oh, please.
                       ERICA ROICH
Is this going to be a regular
James Eddington sits in the waiting room of Senator
Roehner's office. Roehner's assistant BRENDA types busily
away on her computer. Roehner's voice comes in over the desk
Brenda what's next on my schedule?
Mr. Eddington is here to see you
Ahhh, yes. Send him in please.


Certainly Senator, Mr. Eddington?
The Senator will see you now.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Thank you Brenda.
James gathers his things and heads into Roehner's office.
Roehner boldly crosses the distance from behind his desk and
greets James.
Mr. Eddington! Good to see you
again. Please, have a seat.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Thank you Senator, I'm glad that
you could meet with me.
Me too. Look, I'm sorry about
Monday. It's a madhouse around
here right now, you know how it
Roehner presents a particularly plastic smile to punctuate
his statement.
so you wanted to discuss some
legislation correct?
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Yes sir, it's about the Working
Families Flexibility Act. I'd
really like to have your support
here senator. As you know...
What I know Mr. Eddington is that
that's a great little piece of
legislation. I think with a few
adjustments we could get it run


                       ROEHNER (cont'd)
right through.
James shows a knowing look of approaching disappointment.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Well, yeah, you know. There are
all sorts of little loopholes for
abuse that could be used by labor
in the bill.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
With all due respect Senator, I
think that perhaps you're
misreading the intent.
James, I see where you're headed
with this, but you know as well as
I do that compromises have to be
Roehner makes placating gestures and beams his plastic
                       ROEHNER (CONT'D)
We're in a big to do about
enhancing financial oversight on
the Department of Education,
promoting historically black
Roehner tilts his head and points knowingly at James.
                       ROEHNER (CONT'D)
I know you're interested in that
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Well...certainly Senator Roehner,
but workers need to have these


I'm hearing you loud and clear
James, but you know your way
around the hill. You've got to
play a little, you know, ball...to
get things to sit right with
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
I am playing ball senator, except
I play on the working families'
Roehner hisses lightly through his teeth and shrugs.
James, James. I would love to help
you out here but, just between you
and me, if I play my cards right I
may be headed toward the Select
Committee on Intelligence.
Roehner has the look of an alcoholic who's just won the
                       ROEHNER (CONT'D)
So it's not really the time
for...stepping on toes. If you get
my meaning...
The plastic smile becomes more of a pleading grin.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Senator, are you saying that you
are going to compromise this
legislation to further your
political career?
Roehner pops up from his chair laughing nervously and
awkwardly exchanging "hands on hips" and "pleading"
Well, no! Of course not James. Am
I giving you that impression? No,
no, no. That, James, is not what
I'm saying, not at all.


                       JAMES EDDINGTON
It just, kind of, sounds like what
you're saying.
Roehner looks incredulous.
Well...certainly not. I
mean,there's just...stuff that
needs to be...adjusted before we
can, you know, get what we all
want. We both want to achieve the
same goals we just need to
understand how my colleagues'
constituents see things; is all.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Your colleagues' constituents
don't have jobs?
HA! Well yes, of course, I mean,
yeah. Well I'll tell you what Mr.
Eddington. Let me tell you what.
Let me see if I can't stir some
things up? How's that. How does
next Monday sound?
The bullet proof plastic smile returns to Roehner's face.
James Eddington leaves Senator Roehner's office with a tired
look of frustration on his face as the office door closes
with smooth finality behind him.
Would you like me to schedule
James interrupts simply holding out his hand to
silenceBrenda and continues to walk on out of the office.


Rev. Roger Mayweather, Rev. Ellis Mason, Kulsung Rinpoche,
Rabbi Erica Roich and Imam Kashif Shura stand, idly chatting
with each other in front of the office building. Marcus Hoi
pulls up quickly and makes a jerky, slightly screeching stop
in a dilapidated van. On the side of the van is printed "Our
Lady of Lebanon Seminary." Marcus leans across the cab of
the van, rolls down the passenger side window and gestures
to the group.
                       MARCUS HOI
All aboard!
Rev. Mayweather exchanges suspicious looks with the rest of
the group. Resigned, he opens the sliding door and climbs
                       KASHIF SHURA
      (Shaking his head,
       whispers to Roich)
Please tell me this isn't
                       ERICA ROICH
Mysterious ways Kashif, mysterious
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
After you reverend
                       ELLIS MASON
May God bless this extremely
humble little van, that all four
wheels shall remain on and the
brakes shall hold. Amen.
Everyone enters and the door is closed. The council members
are seated shoulder to shoulder.
                       MARCUS HOI
Hey everybody, I've got some
inside information on some goings
on at the Capital today, and I
thought we might pay a little
visit in protest.


                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
What is the nature of these goings
                       KASHIF SHURA
Yes Marcus, you said that you
would not withhold any of the
                       MARCUS HOI
I did. I did say that.
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
So you are about to spill the
beans then?
                       MARCUS HOI
My Cousin works at The Pentagon
and, sometimes, passes me some
juicy tidbits.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Son, I know that you didn't just
say Pentagon. I realize you want
to get down to brass tacks, but
you can't go stickin' your fingers
into a pie that big.
Rev. Mason nervously repositions himself in his seat and
then leans forward to speak.
                       ELLIS MASON
I thought maybe we could start
with, you know, some school lunch
programs, or a book drive, people
love books drives; not giving a
hotfoot to the entire damned armed
                       ERICA ROICH
Well, a little direct action is
good for the soul. What's the
breakdown Marcus?
                       MARCUS HOI
We all want to make change right?
Well, that's what we're gonna do.
Expose the root, you kill the


                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
Let's do this.
                       ELLIS MASON
My will tells me that if we get on
the wrong side of these people,
we're going to regret it. That
kind of thing takes resources.
We'll be busier than a cat tryin'
to cover up crap on a marble
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
I heard that...
Marcus wheels the van onto Highway 395 toward downtown
Washington. As he pulls on he gets cut off and jams on the
breaks a bit. Kulsung Rinpoche lurches forward and lightly
bumps heads with Kashif. Imam Sura lets out an annoyed yelp.
                       KASHIF SHURA
Marcus, drive carefully! Let's not
end it all before we get a chance
to see the Federal Penitentiary.
                       MARCUS HOI
Sorry, about that folks.
Kulsung Rinpoche rubs his forehead and lets out a high
pitched giggle.
The I.C.J. (Interfaith Council on Justice) stumble awkwardly
out of their van. Marcus hurries around the back of the
vehicle, swings open the doors and gathers out a satchel and
a cluster of hastily made picket signs and passes them out
to the group. Imam Shura looks appalled and handles his
CLEAN WATER NOW!" in red and black ink, as if it were a dead
                       KASHIF SHURA
Now Marcus, I really must object I
am an upstanding leader of the
Muslim community in this city and
I cannot be seen to be...
                       MARCUS HOI
Come on, we can't be late.


Marcus leads them from the parking area toward the Capitol
                       MARCUS HOI
There is set to be a vote this
afternoon on water quality
Marcus gestures for everyone to gather around. He breaks
down the logistics of the protest and distributes signs.
                       ELLIS MASON
Water quality protest? Well that
ain't so bad.
                       ERICA ROICH
See, you're flying off the handle
for no good reason.
Everyone takes their places. Marcus takes Kulsung Rinpoche
aside and whispers further details to him. Kulsung giggles
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
Well, what the hell. You only live
                       MARCUS HOI
But...I thought.
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
It's a joke, Buddhist joke.
The group, now aware of the game plan, suddenly move much
more furtively and are huddled together like ducklings with
Marcus at the lead.

                       KASHIF SHURA
This is deeply undignified.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Dignity comes from righteousness
brother Kashif, step lively.
Marcus produces a small megaphone from his satchel, passes
it to Rev. Mayweather and whispers something in his ear.
Mayweather briefly huddles with the group. They all listen


carefully and nod in agreement. Ellis clears his throat,
turns toward the Capitol entrance and breaks into chanting.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
What do we want?
Pure Water!
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
When do we want it?
As the rhythm of the chant builds up steam Marcus Hoi and
Kulsung Rinpoche idle as nonchalantly as possible (which is
not very) away from the group and toward the far edge of the
Capitol Building. Out from the entrance of the Capitol
Building appear two security guards, SECURITY GUARD #1 and
SECURITY GUARD #2. As the tiny but loud group protest, they
begin to get an enthusiastic rhythm.
Oh lord, what do these nuts want?
                       SECURITY GUARD #2
Well, I think, they want clean
water...and, apparently, they want
it now.
They share a laugh.
Oh you're a wise-guy now huh?Well
we'd better call some folks from
the Senate Wing just in case they
get something going out here.
                       SECURITY GUARD #2
Right, right. I'll get it.
Marcus and Kulsung make their way as inconspicuously
aspossible up to the building's side, scanning the area for
security. Marcus fishes out a mini-disk recorder from his
satchel and puts on a pair of headphones.


Senator Roehner and Admiral Clerk are seated next to one
another at a large conference table. In a side-shot of the
two men talking, the small, bald head of Kulsung Rinpoche
can be seen rising slowly and peering into the window.
Neither Clerk or Roehner notice. Rinpoche's head slowly dips
back out of vision.
Rinpoche teeters against the wall, having been propped up by
Marcus. He gives an excited thumbs up gesture. Marcus passes
up long cord with a suction cup microphone attached.
Rinpoche grabs the microphone.
That is excellent Admiral! Don't
you think though, that we might
have this conversation in a more
secure area?
In another side shot, the small hand of Rinpoche can be seen
slowly rising up and sticking the microphone on the window.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Well honestly Senator, secureareas
can be more compromised than you
Admiral Clerk chuckles. Senator Roehner relaxes a bit and
joins in a weasel's snicker himself.
So it sounds like we're going to
be able to move forward with the
research then, eh?
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
That is a good assumption at this
point Senator. Your connecting us
with Dean Sylvie turns out to have
been quite a boon. I think you may
have a Senate Select Committee
seat staring you in the face here.


                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK (cont'd)
Roehner can hardly contain his glee.
Excellent. So is this new young
scientist, what's his name,
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Malthus, Senator, Robert Malthus.
Neverseen anything like it. He's
as close to a real step forward in
this project as we've had yet.
So you're on the verge of some
developments then?
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
I hope so, for the kid's sake. I
mean, I've broken every rule in
the book to slip him in.
You've already cleared him for
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Yeah, I've really got my ass
hanging out in the wind here. At
this level, even I've got to watch
my back. If the kid goes south,
I'm afraid he'll have to be...
Admiral Clerk leans in a bit closer.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK (CONT'D)
You know, erased.
What do you mean, "erased"?
The admiral makes a throat cutting gesture.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK


Uh, well, yes, ha! I would imagine
so. I'm...sure things will be fine
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Yeah, they'd better. When I
informed Colonel Richards I was
bringing the kid into the
Extraterrestrial Biology Program
he about flipped his nut!
Marcus's eyes shoot wide open, his mouth is agape. He
absently raises an arm and waves up at Kulsung in disbelief.
He points to repeatedly at this headphones. Marcus and
Kulsung Teeter below the window and we hear Roehner and
Clerk's voices through Marcus' headphones.
                       ROEHNER (V.O.)
I can understand. Colonel Richards
is a very serious man.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK (V.O)
Exactly right senator. In his
psych evaluations he came across
as the perfect hard-nose to lead
the project. It's not every man
that can stare down the proof of
alien existence and
extraterrestrial technologies and
then turn around and finish his
cereal the next morning, if you
follow me.
we cut back to the meeting room interior.
I certainly do admiral. It was
quite a bit to swallow for me as
well. I've never even laid eyes on
the actual material. It's awe


Marcus' excitement overcomes him and he teeters. Kulsung
Rinpoche rocks forward and back and slowly looses his
balance. The two tumble noisily to the ground. The clamor of
leaves and shrubbery is just barely audible in the
conference room, however. Marcus and Kulsung run for it.
Kulsung is snickering as he hikes up his robes and runs for
the front of the building.
Roehner and Clerk, unsure if they've heard something,
exchange concerned glances. Clerk rises from his chair
andstalks over to the window. He looks out and sees nothing
of note. Still concerned he turns back to Roehner, then he
lightly shrugs and rejoins him at the conference table.
As Marcus and Kulsung round the corner of the Capitol
Building they slow themselves up. The rest of the I.C.J.
group are now in full and enthusiastic swing with their
decoy protest.
                       MARCUS HOI
Reverend, we need to go.
Rev. Mayweather, still chanting and lightly hopping up and
down in rhythm to his chants, gives Marcus a side glance.
                       MARCUS HOI (CONT'D)
No, reverend, we need to go.
A look of recognition creeps across the Reverend's face. He
suddenly stops his protest reverie and gives a nod of
compliance. The rest of the group suddenly stops as well
having lost the driving force of their chant.
                       ELLIS MASON
Awwwww, we were just gettin'
heated up over here!
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
Mmmmmmmm, we really should be
going; immediately.


The group have the look of dejected children. They quickly
hustle away from the building entrance. The guards
disinterestedly watch them retreat.
Now that's what I like to see.
                       SECURITY GUARD #2
What's that?
A nice, well managed protest. You
come in, you hit your marks, you
clear out. That's classy.
                       SECURITY GUARD #2
Ain't it the truth.
The group rides along the highway. Everyone is silent.
                       KASHIF SHURA
                       MARCUS HOI
                       KASHIF SHURA
Play it again please.
                       MARCUS HOI
Uh, yeah, okay.
Marcus numbly fiddles with his mini-disc recorder which is
attached to a tape recorder adapter in the van's cassette
                       ERICA ROICH
                       KASHIF SHURA
This is not a good development.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
I agree, this is way out of
bounds. Very much and very far
Each time the tape is played Kulsung Rinpoche giggles.


                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Please tell me you don't think
this is funny Kulsung.
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
I apologize, I don't mean to seem
insensitive. It has, however, been
conceded in some Buddhist
cosmologies for centuries that
other intelligent creatures
inhabit the cosmos. It has even
been alluded to that some alien
species are blessed with their own
enlightened Buddhas as well.
                       ELLIS MASON
Oh, well nevermind then! I guess
we can all sleep all snug tonight
knowing that!
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Are you sayin that the...little
green men, are Buddhists?
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
It is likely that not all of them
are actually green, and not all,
probably, are little; but yes,
some of them are probably
Buddhists, in a manner of
                       ERICA ROICH
There are, uhhhh,
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
Oh, yes; certainly. It is a large
universe you know, then there are
the different dimensions and
planes and so on.
Kulsung holds out his hands in a weighing gesture.
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
Different types of potatoes, so
yes, different types of sentient
beings also.
                       ELLIS MASON
Fantastic, that's just f'in


                       KASHIF SHURA
Explains a lot actually...
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
Yes, many possibilities; and as a
Buddhist, I especially hate to
say, we told you so.
                       MARCUS HOI
My cousin told me there were some
big things going on in the black
projects, but Jesus! Uhhh, no
offense anyone.
                       ERICA ROICH
None taken.
                       KASHIF SHURA
Surely they were, you know,
joking; two gentlemen having a
                       ELLIS MASON
You heard the dang tape four or
five times Kashif. You know
they're serious!
                       ERICA ROICH
They don't sound like they're
kidding. They threatened to kill
this Malthus boy.
                       MARCUS HOI
I wonder who he is; if he has any
                       ELLIS MASON
Bring me home now lord, bring me
home now.
Robert Malthus has a look of greedy wonder on his face. Many
folders and information files are open and strewn across the
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
After Gehlen cut his deal, he was
incorporated into Project
Paperclip. This project was a
postwar covert United States
program to bring former Nazi


                       COLONEL RICHARDS (cont'd)
scientists and operatives into
various American, science,
military, and intelligence corps,
before Stalin cleaned house and
got all of the goodies.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
You're saying that we worked with
the Nazis and we competed with
Stalin for UFO secrets...
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Seems like you know a lot more
about biology than history huh,
Malthus gives the colonel a banal glance.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
As it turns out, Gehlen was
appointed to head the postwar
intelligence apparatus for the
NATO nations.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
You're joking...
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Not in the least. Gehlen, in fact,
was the origin of many of the
ideals and tactics of the modern
intelligence agencies. It's all
pretty complicated and fucked up.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Point being, for your need to know
on this project, is that, in this
process the extraterrestrial
assets of the Gehlen group passed
into the allied research programs.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
You're saying I get to work with


                       COLONEL RICHARDS
I haven't said that you'll even be
leaving this room alive; and
please do believe that I've got
the authority to make that call.
So, please, pay attention. This is
the most top secret issue in the
history of intelligence
operations. The Manhattan Project
was like finger painting compared
to this.
Colonel Richards levels a cold stare at Malthus.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
I get your point Colonel, what's
my potential role?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
As you may know, at this level
information is highly
compartmentalized. Beyond this
general briefing, you will only
lay eyes on data that is
critically related to your section
of this project. What you do not
have an extreme need to know, you
will not know.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
I understand Colonel.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
I certainly hope so Mr. Malthus,
because having told you this I
also have the distinct pleasure of
telling you that you now have two
options. Option one is an
anonymous grave. Option two is
wholehearted participation in the
most important secret in the
history of mankind.
Colonel Richards leans back with sadistic satisfaction in
his chair.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Ball's in your court Bob.
Malthus tries to keep his cool.


                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Sounds like I'm in Colonel.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Surprise, surprise. Let me
reiterate. If you so much as
breathe out of the wrong nostril
while on this project, or forever
after; I will have you ejected
from this mortal coil. I will then
backtrack your family for two
generations and imprison the
living in the deepest darkest
holes I can find and personally
rape them daily. And...I will dig
up your discernible ancestors and
defecate on their brittle bones,
with great pleasure and a cruel
efficiency. Is that understood.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Uhhh, yes...sir?
James and his son, DIMITRIUS and wife ANDREA are gathered on
the couch, preparing to watch a movie. They are jostling for
a bowl of popcorn. James' daughter SHIREESE is in the
kitchen finishing her homework. She is hurriedly scribbling
some final notes.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Hey Shireese! Are you done yet?
We're about to start this without
If I hear that Movie Go on before
I'm on that couch, there is going
to be hell to pay.
James laughs and joins Dimitrius in mock fear.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
All right, I guess we can wait.
Believe it.


Shireese makes the final touches on her homework. She rushes
into the living room and dives across the laps of her
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
And now ladies and gentleman, our
showing of the 1974 classic film
starring Mr. James Earl Jones and
Ms. Dianne Carol, "Claudine". A
gripping emotional portrait...
Just start the movie!
Down in front!
                       ANDREA EDDINGTON
Roll it!
James casts a humorously hurt look at his family, steps
aside and starts to press play on the remote. Before he can
start the movie, the doorbell rings.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Hold the mood people, hold the
James crosses over to the door and opens it. Standing there
in a long dark raincoat, with a drawn and fatigued look of
concern is Rev. Mayweather.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON (CONT'D)
Roger, you're just in time for the
movie. Come on in!
On second look James takes closer note of Rev. Mayweather's
expression as he slowly makes his way into the living room.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON (CONT'D)
      (Slowly losing his
       humorous tone)
Hey...Roger is something wrong?
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Andrea, kids...
Hey Rev.
Hi Uncle Roger, are you going to
watch the movie with us?


Rev. Mayweather listlessly hugs Shireese, and gently clears
her aside.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
I'm sorry to interrupt y'all but I
need to speak with James, alone
                       ANDREA EDDINGTON
Is everything alright?
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
We'll talk later Andrea, I just
need to speak to Roger for a
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Well sure Reverend, sure. Come on
in the kitchen. Y'all go ahead and
start the movie.
James gives calming gestures to the family. He and Roger
make their way into the kitchen.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Can I get you something, some
coffee or a beer?
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Got any bourbon?
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Uh, yeah, yeah I do.
James rummages through the cupboards and pulls out a bottle
of whiskey and a couple of glasses. He pours a shot of
bourbon in each.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON (CONT'D)
Roger, what's going on?
Before he speaks, Rev. Mayweather tiredly finishes most of
the shot of bourbon and lets out a hoarse sigh.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Have a seat James.
James pulls out a chair from the kitchen table. He slowly
slides Shireese's school books aside.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Something has...come up.


James, now attending to his own glass leans in.
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
Go on...
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Do you remember the interfaith
group I mentioned to you?
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Yeah, is everything alright?
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Well, no. We've...stumbled across
something and it's got me a little
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Hey, I'll help any way I can.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
That's just it, I'm not sure that
you can help. I just need to talk
to someone. have you ever learned
about something that you thought,
well, couldn't be James?
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
I'm not following you Rev.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
I mean, that...the Lord's creation
is, obviously, very...complicated.
There are things that, you know,
may not be...normal; regular, you
know, but they're still real?
Things that are sort of on the
edge of what we know.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Well Yeah, I guess, like miracles
or something?
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
I'm talking about the or
something. This boy that has
organized the group, his name is
Marcus Hoi. He's got some family
in the Pentagon, and he came
across a tip.


Rev. Mayweather pauses and finishes off the bourbon. Through
a mild grimace from downing the bourbon he motions toward
the bottle. James pours him another.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Well, we went down to the Capitol
this afternoon, and held a
protest. Actually, we more like
pretended to hold a protest.
Marcus and Rinpoche went around
the side of the building and
recorded a conversation.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Wait, wait.
James leans in and gruffly whispers to Mayweather.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON (CONT'D)
You're not telling me that you
recorded private conversations at
the Capitol Building; and what the
hell is a Rinpoche?
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Well not in the building really.
They kinda...snuck around the
side, and he had this sort of
little recorder...
James' anxiousness grows. He admonishes Mayweather.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Roger, have you ever heard of
Federal Wiretap Law!?
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
We didn't wire anybody.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
It's the same thing Roger; same
thing. What the hell has this kid
been getting you into?
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Just listen James, hear me out
James leans back in his chair crossing his arms, and shaking
his head in confused disdain.


                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
He got a snippet of a conversation
between John Roehner and...
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
Representative John Roehner?
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Yeah, You know 'em?
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Yeah, I've been trying to pin down
that jackass for a year about the
Working Families Flexibility Act.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
No wonder 'cause he's into some
much more freaky shit than that...
James' stares at Mayweather in expectation.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER (CONT'D)
We caught him and some Admiral
from the Pentagon talking about...
Mayweather looks about before speaking in a hushed tone, as
though he's offering a dirty secret.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
James looks deadpan at the Reverend. Then, very slowly, he
cracks a smile. The smile turns into a giggle, then a full
throated laugh.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
You had me going Roger. Damn. You
really had me going. Why are you
over at my house yanking my chain
like this man.
James comically points his finger at the reverend.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
That's not right for a man of the
Rev. Mayweather raises back in his chair, and growls with a
look of obvious seriousness.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
James, I am dead serious!


                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Uhhhh, little green men maybe?
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
There's a lot more than liquor
rolling around up here.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
I think your uncle is on the drink
is what's going on.
                       ANDREA EDDINGTON
Alright, what the hell are you two
on about in here?
Hearing the commotion Andrea enters the kitchen.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Your uncle is on the drink a
little heavy is what's going on.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
There's a lot more than liquor
rolling around up here!
Rev. Mayweather taps the side of his skull.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Uhhh, Little green men maybe?
Rev. Mayweather scowls at James.
                       ANDREA EDDINGTON
Alright, spit it out.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Oh, you're gonna get it now.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
We've been visited Andrea. There
are creatures from other worlds on
this earth and the Pentagon is
doing some kinda' research on
Andrea closes the bourbon bottle and puts it by the kitchen
sink. She levels a reticent gaze at her uncle, then James,
then purses her lips.
                       ANDREA EDDINGTON
Ooookay. So, what does this have
to do with us?


                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Andrea! What doesn't it have to do
with you, with...everything!? If
what I've heard today is even half
true, we are in some deep mess.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
He's been using electronic
surveillance at the Capitol
                       ANDREA EDDINGTON
Uncle Roger!
Rev. Mayweather looks sheepishly at his glass. Dimitrius and
Shireese are peaking their heads in from the living room.
Without turning to look back Andrea curtly raises a finger
and speaks to her kids.
                       ANDREA EDDINGTON (CONT'D)
I know two children who are going
to be in a bad place if they don't
get their tails upstairs right
Dimitrius and Shireese can recognize the tone in their
mother's voice and they break for the staircase.
                       ANDREA EDDINGTON
Uncle Roger, what if you get
arrested, or go to prison? What
about your congregation?
James looks wide-eyed at Rev. Mayweather, endorsing his
wife's points, as if to say, "You're in trouble now!"
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Andrea, I have known you since you
were born, and you have known me
since you first knew how to know
somebody. Are you going to stand
there and tell me I'm saying this
because I'm drunk?
Rev. Mayweather rises into a righteous composure.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER (CONT'D)
I love this country as much as any
woman or man breathing in it
today, but you know as well as
anyone; things have gotten out of
hand. If these secret projects are
the next step, in what is already
a holy hell of a mess, what do you


                       ROGER MAYWEATHER (cont'd)
think that means for us, for the
future, for Dimitrius and
Andrea exchanges a cautious and worried glance with James,
and slowly pulls out a chair and gingerly sits down at the
                       ANDREA EDDINGTON
I think it means you better get
with some explaining.
Rev. Mayweather reaches into his raincoat pocket, pulls a
pristine new cdrom out, and lays it squarely in the center
of the table. They focus on it as if it were a live
Malthus makes his way into the busy laboratory. Colonel
Richards and his lab assistants are already present and
stooped over their various workstations. Colonel Richards
looks up and notices Malthus as he steps in.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Well, you found us huh Bob?
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
That's Robert.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
What's that Bob?
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
My name is Robert.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Sure Bob, sure. Your workstation
is over here.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Where do you want me to focus?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
I'll need you to focus on this.
Colonel Richards crosses the lab, motioning Malthus to
follow. Colonel Richards, is standing next to a sort of
cryogenic storage tank. Colonel Richards wipes away a film
of frost with his lab coat sleeve. Malthus leans in and sees
the head and torso of an extraterrestrial creature.


                       ROBERT MALTHUS
How, uh...how long dead is it?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Frosty the spaceman here was
acquired three years ago from an
induced crash in Bolivia.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Induced crash?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Yeah, we're able to target and
bring down a few; once in a blue
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
What!? How?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Methods Bob, methods.
Malthus tries to focus.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
You're uh, trying to research its
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Precisely, Most of the bodies are
returned to their peoples, but we
were able to secret this one away
to provide a seed source.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Well, Colonel, Isn't it kind of
unwise to provoke technologically
superior cultures?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Bob, as it turns out, the
spacemen, these guys at least, are
sissies. Not all fangs and mucus
like in the movies. They got no
balls, literally...
Colonel Richards assumes a steep angle on the Cryo-tank and
points down toward the creature's groin.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Uh, good to know. That's good to


                       COLONEL RICHARDS
They presume that we'll take
action when we have the
opportunity. They definitely don't
like it, from what I'm told, but
they've let the odd incident
slide, so far...
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
What's your goal?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
These little guys have a very
robust longevity coding and, as it
turns out, an uncanny genetic
affinity to ours.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
You're developing a longevity
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Boobie prize for Bob!. We haven't
been able to integrate the gene
sequences into human chromosomal
structures. Which is where you
come in.
Malthus slowly and coldly glances back at the alien corpse,
a dangerous look of glee crosses his face.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Show me your most recent
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
No time like the present, eh? I'll
push them to your workstation.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Where's the coffee?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
It's, uh, over there. Welcome
aboard Bob.
Colonel Richards points to a small kitchenette in the back
corner of the lab.


The small lab is crammed with equipment and personnel.
Colonel Richards sits at his station, distracted. Further in
the lab we can see Robert Malthus in perverse focus. Colonel
Richards tries to concentrate, but keeps looking up at
Malthus. Finally he rises and strides up behind Robert.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
You've really been at it Bob.
There's only so much coffee in
Columbia, even though we own their
Richards chuckles trying to make a joke. In a deft but
paranoid way we see Roberts' hands pass quickly over notes,
computer keyboards, sketches, smoothly hiding what he's
working on.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
It's hard to believe I'm actually
here. This is something I've never
dreamed of.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Yeah, I know. Kinda' gives you the
heebie jeebies, don't it? No lab
on Earth could simulate...
The Colonel stops short, and laughs out loud.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS (CONT'D)
      (repeating the
       phrase dreamily)
No lab on Earth...That's one of
the first things that goes...when
you encounter this stuff. You
can't ever say things like, "No
lab on Earth" without just
laughing; you know? It's crazy on
a lot of levels. But yeah, that
there is the real deal.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
      (Peering into his
This is insane. How could there be
coding for these, bizarre, extra
proteins? It doesn't look more
complicated on the face of it, but
these sequences are...well, you


Colonel Richards proudly nods. Malthus sighs deeply.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS (CONT'D)
Look Colonel, I know I can be kind
of...hard too...get along with,
but I wanted to say thank you for
this opportunity.
The Colonel, obviously, uncomfortable, replies.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Yeah, well, I had my doubts, but
you're certainly qualified. We've
gotten quite a few more sequences
mapped since you've been at it.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Colonel, are these creature from
another solar system, galaxy, or
dimension, or...where? I mean how
many different species are there?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
      (Gesturing for
Now Bob, some things are better
left unsaid. You know? But uhhh,
let me show you something.
The Colonel gestures for Malthus to follow him. He heads
towards the back of the lab. In one of the scarce openings
of free wall space the Colonel stops. He removes from his
lab coat pocket a small black wafer-like electronic device.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS (CONT'D)
Step over here for a second Bob.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
      (trying to be
Sure Colonel.
The Colonel depresses the device and a tiny green light
blitters on and off.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Step on through.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Uhhhh, Colonel, it's a wall.


                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Through the looking glass Bob.
As Malthus gestures inanely at the wall about to retort,
Colonel Richards pushes him through. Robert cleanly
disappears through the wall. The Colonel gingerly steps
through the wall after him.
On the other side of the wall is a tall and sparse corridor
that extends quite a distance in either direction. Malthus
is in the hallway on all fours, slightly panting and staring
straight ahead. The Colonel reaches down and pulls Malthus
up by one arm.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Nice trick wouldn't you say, Bob?
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
What the fuck!?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Calm down, as I say some things
are better left unsaid. Follow me,
and stay close.
The Colonel strolls down the hallway and Malthus scrambles
behind. After a few moments of walking the Colonel slows
down, and surveys the apparently seamless walls. After
satisfying himself that he's in the right spot he draws out
the tiny trigger device from his pocket again and depresses
                       COLONEL RICHARDS (CONT'D)
I want to show you something, but
you've gotta to hold on to your
He gingerly gestures at Robert to enter. Robert exchanges a
worried glance with the Colonel and reaches his hand out to
the wall. As his fingers touch it they glide effortlessly
through and disappear to the other side. Malthus screws up
his courage and steps through. The small room on the other
side is nearly as featureless as the hallway but contains a
sparse control panel. The Colonel steps through after


Colonel Richards presses a button on the console, and a
panel slides quietly aside from the front wall of the small
observation area. Through a clear panel, we can see the
winsome figure of a small alien creature, sitting at a plain
desk on top of which rests a "largish" mug. Upon seeing the
creature Malthus instinctively back pedals heading for the
false wall. Colonel Richards quickly presses the code-key
device and Malthus bumps his head on the now solid surface
Robert slides back along the wall and into the furthest
corner possible from the creature through the observation
window. The creature's eyes watch Robert with the infinitely
banal expression that characterizes his face.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Whoa, steady on there Bob, you're
alright now.
The Colonel lets a worrisome giggle escape as he gently
corals and tries to calm Malthus down.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS (CONT'D)
Come on over here Bob, he's not
going to bite. I want to meet
J-ROD our little friend
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
      (in a dreamy
What...is that?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Come on now, suck it up Bob.
You've been working on his little
buddy for going on two weeks.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
It's alive. It's alive isn't it?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Oh, you'd better believe it.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
You're getting visits from these
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Well, our guest here is kind of a
castaway. There was another little
incident and our friend here's
hot-rod became...inoperable, and
so we're trying to make him feel


                       COLONEL RICHARDS (cont'd)
at home.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
He's a captive.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Well, the semantics of these
things is kind of complicated Bob,
but I guess you could say that
J-ROD fixes his stare on Malthus the camera closes in on the
enormous eyes of the creature, they are perfectly black and
roughly insectoid. Malthus' head tilts forward and solidly
contacts the window with an awkward thud. A thin stream of
drool trickles out of the corner of his now gaping mouth.
The Colonel begins to notice Malthus' condition.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
      (Giving a humorous
       glance at the
Uh oh...here we go...
Malthus' vision becomes taken over by a dreamlike stream of
images and corresponding emotions as J-ROD attempts to say
"Hello" through a telepathic link. We see wispy scenes of
what appear to be J-ROD's memories of the crash, and the
interior of the ship. Malthus is able to distinguish that
the craft was brought down by what appears to be some form
of energy beam weapon, fired from somewhere on the Earth.

The vision expands further and Malthus' eyes are filled with
extraordinary imagery of space-scapes and the enormous
magnitudes of distance across which the creature J-ROD has
traveled. At this point he loses his motor control and
slides to the floor. We see him go down from J-ROD's
perspective. Colonel Richards hastily manipulates the
control panel and a small seamless drawer ejects from the
wall. He withdraws from the drawer a small black skullcap
with a thin chin strap attached. He reaches down and affixes
the cap onto Malthus' head.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS (CONT'D)
Shit, sorry about that Bob. I
always forget the cap. Telepathy's
kind of a freaky sensation when
you're not used to it.
Malthus gurgles a little bit in response. J-ROD rises a
little bit in his seat and peers in slight interest through
the window. Colonel Richards shrugs and gives an awkward


'thumbs-up' gesture to J-ROD as he drags Malthus back to
his feet. J-ROD mimics the thumbs up.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
You took that one right in the
guts Bob. Just breathe deep it'll
pass. A lot of folks aren't ready
for that. I shoulda' been more
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
H-how long has this thing been
down here?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Ohhh, I don't know rightly. He's a
genial little fella though. He's
sort of a treasure that was left
to us by the last project leader.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
He's part of the experiment?
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Well, he's in the plans. We think
that once we're ready to do some
of the deeper genetic work, it'll
be good to have some living cells
to work with.
J-ROD coolly eyes both men through the observation window as
they talk. He takes a long sip from his oversized mug.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
He's fucking drinking coffee.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Closer to tea really, it's his own
recipe that we made up for him.
He's kinda particular.
Colonel Richards continues talking but his voice recedes to
the background. A distant look of fascination drifts over
Malthus' face. He re-approaches the observation window and
the scene fades to black.


The scene opens from darkness to painstakingly slowly reveal
a subtle rise, in a wide valley of super dense growth. As
the field of view broadens, a wide canopy of the sky is
filled with stars. Into the still silence of the valley,
begins to creep the low but incessant hum of insects and
creatures in the immensity of the darkness.

As moments pass, the jungle thrum gives way to a slim
crescendo. We begin to hear,lightly at first, then more
consistently from the background; the speedy "twitter and
chirp" of digital and analog transmissions. The camera zooms
in, to the hilltop and a cluster of instrumentation can be
seen in a treetop.

Cut to the interior of a treetop canopy headquarters. Inside
we see an assortment of darkly clad military personnel. They
are studiously manning futuristic banks of instruments.
RADAR OFFICER #1 speaks.
                       RADAR OFFICER #1
Sir, I'm reading two incoming...
RON MERCER, a lean older man sits
at a laptop computer. He responds.
                       RON MERCER
I see one. Where's the other.
RADAR OFFICER #2 somewhat nervously remarks.
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
He's flashing on now sir.
                       RON MERCER
Thar' she blows. Pulse up the
cannons please...
                       RADAR OFFICER #2
Yes sir.
Radar Officer #2 spins around to a rack of equipment beside
his radar station. The room is small but well organized and
appropriately dimmed to accentuate the illumination of
various, very expensive looking, displays. In amongst the
racks is a softly lit ice blue bay. The officer depresses
four slightly recessed switches. An isometric diagram of
several cannon turrets surges to life on the screens of the
tracking team members.


                       RON MERCER
Are we sure these are the ones?
                       RADAR OFFICER #1
That is an affirmative sir.
Cut to the wide shot of the placid jungle valley.
From the hillside canopy a dome smoothly erupts. In the
heights of the sky with a sliver of moon the stars can be
seen. The dome looks like a miniature rooftop for an
observatory. The camera zooms in and we can see an ornate
cluster of lenses and meters positioning, adjusting and
repositioning themselves at incredible speed with quiet
precision. The stars and moon reflect coldly off of their
pristine surfaces. Cut to a wide, fat shot of the earth from
orbit. The pregnant Earth floods the top of the screen with
an oppressively beautiful weight. In the thinnest air of the
top of our atmosphere two seedlike opalescent objects fly.
They cruise along "under" the earth from the camera's
viewpoint. The dark continent of South America can be seen
in silhouette against the ocean.
                       RON MERCER
Do we have satellite coverage?
                       RADAR OFFICER #1
We are fading on constellation
one, but they will be in
constellation three shortly at
present course and speed, sir.
Each of the ships smoothly decelerates from an incredible
speed and in an almost leisurely fashion, tips fat end down
and the camera swings up to chase. The ships plummet through
the atmosphere then clouds into the jungles of South
America. A far flung network of sinister looking miniature
satellites flip in unison and train visual surveillance on
the objects. The video is fed directly into the
                       RON MERCER
Run four firing solutions
                       RADAR OFFICER #1
Yes sir, one up, two up sir.
                       RADAR OFFICER #2
One up...two up sir!


                       RON MERCER
The ships come in low and take an insane 90 degree turn at
the top of the jungle canopy without decelerating. They push
an effortless and deceptively smooth wake before them
brushing aside the canopies of the highest trees. Cut to the
base interior.
Radar Officer #1 and Radar Officer #2 look around their
screens at one another and quietly mouth "Fuck!", to each
other in amazement at tracking the maneuver. Both officers
are relatively young, and Officer #1 sticks out his tongue
and raises his hand in a "heavy metal" gesture, nodding his
head lightly. Officer #2 two wrinkles his noise and silently
mimics the motions.
                       RON MERCER
Stay frosty please gentlemen...
Both officers snap back into seriousness at their respective
                       RADAR OFFICERS #1 AND #2
      (in unison)
Yes sir!
                       RON MERCER
Wait for it...All solutions,
We see the fingers of Radar Officer #2 as they depress a pad
on the instrument rack. Cut to the exterior.
A turret erupts from the canopy beside the stoic and rapidly
tracking lens dome. The turret crackles with energy and
blurts forth a thick and almost lava like beam of plasma.
The moisture in the air around the beam vaporizes and
lingers in the air after the plasma burst has torn off into
the night. At three other arbitrarily distant points through
the valley. Other turrets fire in near simultaneity. The
scene cuts to the two craft. Each has apparently noted the
incoming fire. The first performs another ridiculous 90
degree full speed turn straight up into outer space. The
second craft makes a more obtuse maneuver as two plasma
beams sizzle past.


The third beam glances the flank of the craft. It looses a
great deal of its speed and begins to meander and loose
altitude into a distant part of the jungle.
Ron Mercer glares carefully at his display.
                       RON MERCER
He's limping...was...that a hit?
                       RADAR OFFICER #1
      (in disbelief)
I, uhhh think it was sir.
                       RON MERCER
      (with raised
Holy shit, we got one.
Ron Mercer activates a radio link in his headset.
                       RON MERCER (CONT'D)
General Gehlen? Come in sir.
A stilted and sinister voice, creepy even over the radio,
                       GEHLEN (V.O.)
Yes Mr. Mercer, what is it?
                       RON MERCER
We've got one.
                       GEHLEN (V.O.)
You're certain?
                       RON MERCER
Yes sir, we've got satellite
confirmation on the crash now.
                       GEHLEN (V.O.)
      (cackling with
Excellent! Maintain observation
and dispatch a team.
                       RON MERCER
Yes sir.
Mercer addresses his crew.


                       RON MERCER (CONT'D)
Alright people, let's get teams
Alpha and...Delta on the roll.
The scene cuts to a series of low, bunker-like buildings on
the jungle floor. We can hear the voices of three men.
      (in a heavy German
Thank you gentleman. Please make
sure that no one approaches.
                       GUARDS #1 AND #2
Yes sir.
Gehlen punches a security access code into a pad beside the
lab door and enters.
The various instruments and vessels and equipment intercede
on our view as Gehlen negotiates the lab. Gehlen comes to a
stop and turns to a workstation and the camera slowly rises.
He wears an oddly strapped jumpsuit which looks as much like
an all-body girdle as a uniform. His face has a tight, gaunt
appearance that looks haggard, but definitely younger than
his age. He appears energetic and alert, but looks like
hell. He gathers a small assortment of air pressure
syringes. He quickly and with apparent glee, administers the
contents of each right through the sleeve of his jumpsuit.
Gehlen snorts and spits a little.
Ach! That's got some kick!
Gehlen giggles a bit. He begins to manipulate a slim console
at the workstation. A protective shell recedes with a hiss
from a storage kiosk on the wall of the lab. Gehlen
approaches the container. Inside we can see the same
creature that Gehlen was torturing earlier is his career.
The creature is now ensnared in a complex biological
machinery; all manner of tubes and catheters and what not.


The creature is malformed in the capsule, eyes glazed. It
maintains a noble beauty even after sustained abuse.
                       GEHLEN (CONT'D)
Well, my old friend. It seems as
though our long loneliness may be
coming soon to an end.
The creature is malformed in the capsule, eyes glazed. It
maintains a noble beauty even after sustained abuse.
                       GEHLEN (CONT'D)
Some of your neighbors have
arrived. Not your people as I hear
it reported, but some other
species from out there.
Gehlen pauses musing gleefully about the potential of having
more subjects. The camera pans out a bit revealing more of
the truly, beyond-current-looking technologies in the lab.
I don't know why you are so
curious. You fly so low and slow
like that. You know that we will
do anything...anything, to
retrieve your technologies! What
is it that you're at I wonder?
Gehlen wipes his black rubber gloved hand down his face in
an expression of exasperation.
                       GEHLEN (CONT'D)
Are we truly the only monsters in
this galaxy? The only dirty little
penal colony on the far flung edge
of a magnificent jewel? Are we
human beings the sole lonely
beasts...well I am, we know, but I
mean the "external we."
Gehlen breaks into a slimy laughter and wraps his knuckles
playfully on the container.
                       GEHLEN (CONT'D)
      (in laughter)
Eh, friend? Eh? Hopefully, I will
be back shortly, with some new
playmates for you. But here, here
is one for the road.
Gehlen affixes one of the small air pressure syringes to an
inlet valve on the tank. He depresses the trigger and an


ocher goo spreads into the saline solution of one of the
catheters of the creature's arm. He stalks across the lab,
manipulates the door and it slides open. The camera swings
to a close back shot of Gehlen stepping through the doorway.
The door slides shut. The air compression units give a
slightly overlong and foreboding hiss.
A group of 12 men, THE MAJESTIC GROUP… sit around a table in
a dimly lit and opulent office. Their faces are somewhat
masked by the dimness of the light. The camera crawls along
the circumference of the table's edge. The hands of the men
can be seen in alternating gestures of nervous tapping,
wringing and other expressions of discomfort. The camera
rises to face level and we begin to get somewhat clear views
of the men in The Majestic 12. They all appear to be in
their 50's or older and are impeccably dressed and groomed.
The camera swings to one particular member who slowly breaks
the silence.
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #1
Well, that's a real kettle of
                       MAJAESTIC GROUP MEMBER #4
This is getting ridiculous. I
mean, this is really just
                       MAJAESTIC GROUP MEMBER #9
What you're surprised? It's always
been ridiculous.
                       MAJAESTIC GROUP MEMBER #4
True; there was a time though when
I could justify it to myself. It
seemed like the right thing to do,
but now?
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #7
Well there's apparently been a
leak, we need to just deal with
A general rumbling breaks out amongst the gathering.
Majestic Member #1, shushes everyone.
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #1
Ahhhh, we're not even sure…


                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #11
What are you talking about? This
is an obvious breach!
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #1
      (Infinitely Dryly)
You're being paranoid.
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #11
Paranoid!? You refuse to see the
writing on the wall! The day is
coming! Some of us know what this
means and we are preparing…
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #10
Oh, here we go with the
Holy-Roller claptrap again.
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #11
You refuse to see the truth; these
creatures are harbingers of the
final conflagration!
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #3
      (Southern Accent)
He's right, the return of the
Lord, judgment day!
A small ruckus breaks out over the table between the
"religious" and "secular" factions and the rest of the
group. Member #7 breaks in stands up resting his hands on
the table.
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #1
Gentlemen, gentlemen, please! I
appreciate your… zeal, for the
Lord, but we have to deal with the
issue at hand! We have an apparent
leak of data from the project; and
we have the new issue with that
creep Gehlen in Argentina, or
wherever the hell it is, and I
just don't see where ideological
bickering is going to get us! I
was on this committee when some of
your fathers where still here. Now
we've kept a...
He slams a hand on the conference table in emphasis.


                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #1 (CONT'D)
...goddamned lid on this thing for
over fifty years, and we're sure
as hell not letting it off now,
and if the second coming does pop
off, we're not gonna' tell Jesus
There is much meek acknowledgment.
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #7
Well, this Signals Intelligence
Report says that the Washington
D.C. communications lines are
showing red flags all up and down
for information about the ET
Biological projects. They
constantly scan all land-line,
satellite, internet, and cellular
signals for sensitive strings, and
we've isolated a group that has
been lighting up the spectrum.
It's too consistent among too
small a pool of participants to be
a coincidence.
MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #1 tosses report dossiers onto the
table and the group gathers them up.
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #2
All communications; they can do
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #1
In their sleep. I propose we get
some people in the field to
Everyone yields a bit to the tension momentarily and
concedes that action must be taken. MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #1
picks up a "old style" land-line phone receiver.
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #1 (CONT'D)
Connect me with the N.S.A. Special
Projects Group.
The camera closes in on the mouth of MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER
#1. The camera turns toward the face of the telephone
receiver, we see a close-up shot of the perforated shield of
the mouthpiece. The camera tunnels into the receiver and
rushes down the rabbit hole of telephone line to an N.S.A.
OPERATOR at The National Security Agency.


                       N.S.A. OPERATOR
      (campy monotone)
Hello, National Security Agency,
operator speaking, how may I
direct your call?
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #1 (V.O.)
This is Majestic One, I need to
speak with Special Operations
                       N.S.A. OPERATOR
      (in an even more
       profound monotone)
Please hold while I connect you.
Please be advised that it may be a
few moments before the line picks
up, and thank you…
The camera again tunnels through the wire down to a modern
institutional phone on a desk in a smallish cavern-like room
in the basement of N.S.A. Headquarters.
The camera slowly pans up from the ringing phone to reveal a
rather cluttered office filled with all manner of
communications, computer, and engineering gadgetry;
oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, ham radios, etc. The
phone's ring is largely drowned out by the ruckus caused by
the members of the SPECIAL OPERATIONS TEAM (S.O.T.) who are
playing a first-person-shooter video game against each other
over the office network. There is much taunting and jeering
and snacking and wadded-up-balls-of-paper-throwing. We can
see the successive screens of each team member filled with
the action and gratuitous gore, as they hunt each other
within the game. Out of a much smaller adjacent office leans
the older, but obviously powerless, S.O.T. PROJECT MANAGER,
who yells into the office.
                       N.S.A. PROJECT MANAGER
      (in a fit of anger)
Goddamn it, somebody answer that
phone! This is a government agency
not a day care center! Christ,
have some pride!
The Project Manager retreats jerkily back into his cave as
if he wants to say more but knows it would be utterly


pointless. As he disappears the S.O.T. members make mockery
of him. One of the members grudgingly gets up and answers
the phone. S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #1, a youngish woman, answers
the phone.
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #1
S.O.T., service with a smile.
We hear a terse response bubble over through the receiver.
S.O.T. Team Member #1 spits out her gum and immediately
sobers up.
The scene cuts briefly back to the dark meeting room of The
Group. We catch Majestic GROUP Member #1 speaking with
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #1 (CONT'D-V.O.)
Sir? Sorry sir. I didn't
realize...No sir. No
sir...certainly not sir.
                       MAJESTIC GROUP MEMBER #1
...and I want some data on whoever
these people are. Are they a
group, are they citizens or
foreign nationals, a complete
workup. Is that clear?
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #1 (V.O.)
As clear as an azure sky of
deepest summer sir.
The scene cuts back to the interior of the S.O.T. office.
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #1 (CONT'D)
Dude, one of these days we are
going to get so fired...
Inside the spare collegiate apartment we see Malthus huddled
over his brightly lit work area. The rest of the room is
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
      (muttering to


Malthus leans over what appears to be a miniature chemistry
set. The work space is strewn with laptops, notepads and
various apparatus. He is apparently finalizing a formula of
some sort.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS (CONT'D)
Yah, yah...I think that's it.
He leans back with, maybe, the first full expression of
satisfaction that he's ever had. He carefully fills a small
syringe with his new 'serum'.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS (CONT'D)
Through the teeth and over the
gums, lookout bloodstream, here it
He ties a tourniquet around his arm, 'tops-off' the needle,
and decisively plunges the syringe into the vein in his arm.
He cleanly slides the needle out. He sits pensively for a
moment. He sniffles. He smiles a little. A thin trickle of
black liquid rolls out of his nose. He rubs his nose and
notes the liquid. Now somewhat giddy, he emits a loose
giggle and falls over backward. The scene cuts to black.
Through the front window of the shop we see a shot of James
Eddington, Erica Roich, Roger Mayweather, Kulsung
Rinpoche,Kashif Shura and Ellis Mason all sitting in a small
clutch of tables. Marcus Hoi sits across from them. The
group is listening intently to Marcus and Jason. Kulsung
drops off some coffees.
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
What does Marcus say?
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Well his cousin says that the
Pentagon may be aware that some
information has leaked, and where
it has leaked.
James rubs his brow.
                       ERICA ROICH
Well, we're going to have to go to
the press at some point aren't we?
I mean is our eavesdropping worse
than their threat of murdering
this kid?


                       ELLIS MASON
      (nervous laughter)
The press? When was the last time
you saw something like this break
in the press? You think they'll
touch this?
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
We do have the tape.
                       KASHIF SHURA
So what!? No one will listen to
the tape, who wants to hear a
tape? They'll say we created it.
                       ELLIS MASON
Well we gotta do something.
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
I need more tea first; helps me
Kulsung determinedly rises and heads to the counter. S.O.T.
TEAM MEMBER #2 is working the register.
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE (CONT'D)
A pot of green tea please.
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #2
What's that?
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
Green Tea please.
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #2
Are your papers in order?
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #2
A monk says what?
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
Excuse me?
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #2
A monk says what?
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE


                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #2
Sure, green tea coming up.
S.O.T. #2 serves Kulsung and takes his money.
Kulsung returns an amused look, and goes back to his seat.
S.O.T. Member #2 glances out the window and we can see him
make eye contact with other team members in the parking lot.
He gives them a tentative thumbs up. We can hear a muffled
voice-over response through an earphone, it is S.O.T. TEAM
MEMBER #3 speaking.
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #3 (V.O.)
That's a vocal match, that's
Rinpoche, and it seems like most
of the gang is here.
The chamber contains a circular conference table. Seated
around the table are an assortment of beings. It is clear
from the outset that most of them are not humanoid species,
though a fair sprinkling of them do appear to be variations
of humanoid, and some few nearly identical to human. There
appears to be an animated discussion going on and the clamor
of many odd voices, and clicks and other sounds of the
various species in a mutual tumult.

In the center of the table a holographic projection of the
earth rotates indicated in the projection are all of the man
made satellites orbiting the earth. Mixed in among the man
made satellites are clusters of colored icons, presumably
representing the various craft of these species positioned
haphazardly around the globe. The various council members
gesture and refer continually to the projection.

A hairy fist pounds on the table. The fist belongs to a
being, roughly canine in appearance. The CANINE BEING begins
to speak in a series of sounds that are similar to nothing
so much as a hyena.
                       CANINE BEING
      (english subtitles)
It is an outrage! An utter
outrage! We have suffered these
primitives for too long! They have
disabled another craft, and added
to their stolen store of
technology. We must be allowed to


A chorus of seeming agreement erupts from the gathering of
beings. One of the creatures,J-ROD2, seated at the table is
of the same species that are held at The Pentagon Biology
Lab. J ROD2 raises his hand in a calming gesture. He begins
to communicate to the gathered group telepathically. English
subtitles roughly interpret his meaning in parallel.
      (english subtitles)
Brothers, sisters. The inception
of primitive species is a delicate
matter. Most especially so, it
seems, with this world. Long have
we observed and encouraged them.
They are a...rambunctious species
to be sure. But they have suffered
long, and do not yet know
themselves. Are we not beholden to
their growth?
The camera swings over to a being who appears to be composed
mostly of light. A tight kaleidoscope of energy and light
within the creatures general luminescence appears to be it's
"mouth." The LIGHT BEING begins to emit a multi-tonal chorus
of sounds.
                       LIGHT BEING
      (english subtitles)
They are crude, and simple, even
for the lower density creatures.
Constantly they are misusing
dangerous energies; explosions,
particle collisions, specious
chemical interactions. They do not
perceive the higher dimensions and
what damage they cause. They are
like a venomous infant.
A nearby reptilian creature gives the light being a dirty
look. The light being pauses and momentarily emits a pink
                       LIGHT BEING (cont'd)
No offense...they should be
contacted and managed.
The light being gestures to the projection and it begins to
add complicated overlays of field matrices, as it refers to
the projection.
                       LIGHT BEING (cont'd)
We were in awareness in this
region of space before you altered
the genetics of these creatures to


                       LIGHT BEING (cont'd)
raise them up. We did not
interfere. They were lower beings,
and could not harm us. Look at
them now.
The regions of the matrices pulsate red from the surface of
the earth into the regions of space around the planet.
                       LIGHT BEING (cont'd)
They are forever detonating
fission and fusion explosions,
sending out damaging energies into
the higher dimensions. Many beings
have discorporated, much has been
J-Rod2, raises his hand again and begins to communicate.
We have given up much, it is true.
Even now they hold 4 of my own
people. We had hoped that we could
awaken their better nature with
closer contact. While we have not
been successful in that, we have
gained some valuable intelligence.
It is not the species itself, but
only a small number of controlling
forces who hold them back from
                       CANINE BEING
      (making a
       placating gesture)
We cannot allow these vermin to
attain further advantage. They
should, with all due respect, be
Some of the assembled let out horrified gasps, some have the
expression (those who are capable) of, "Hell, maybe so."
Certainly not! We have discussed
this before. No one is going to
eat anyone!
The Canine Being snarls is disdain as J-Rod2 admonishes him
with a pointed finger.


                       CANINE BEING
Right, right...
Beneath the table we see that the Canine Being's "fingers"
are clearly crossed. His paw slips down his thigh and
depresses a hidden device. The scene cuts to the exterior of
space. A slick but oddly asymmetrical craft hovers
menacingly in the void.

The scene cuts to the interior of the craft where three
canine beings are tensely attending to a communications
center. Their equipment silently comes to life in a subtle
riot of lighted instrumentation. The apparent leader, CANINE
BEING #2, accesses a communications console.
                       CANINE BEING #2
      (english subtitles)
We are cleared for launch. Let's
keep spectral, and energetic
emissions cloaked. Nice and quiet
From the launch bay of the Canine Beings' craft emerge
several scout vehicles. They thrust toward the looming earth
and quickly shimmer into invisibility.
The Canine Being scout craft descend. They land in a nearby
field and the weight of their vessels make deep impressions
in the earth.

Several teams disperse and begin approaching the quiet
they move furtively across lawns and over driveways. They
negotiate doors. The neighborhood looks eerily calm for the
fluster of activity. We begin to see the landing force with
all of their technological savvy levitating human bodies out
of windows and front doors.

Canine Being #2 pauses in the middle of the street; his
levitation device seems to be malfunctioning. He cocks his
head oddly , and begins to smack the side of his levitation
device. The overweight, middle-aged woman in curlers who has
been floating effortlessly in front of him falls with a
satisfying smack onto the asphalt.
                       CANINE BEING #2
      (english subtitles)
What the...


He smacks the device again. He yells at his team.
                       CANINE BEING #2 (cont'd)
Who forgot to recharge this damn
thing!? You people are rank
The remaining team members all turn around and make
"shushing" gestures and point at the surrounding quiet
homes. Canine Being #2 snarls quietly and he stoops down and
grabs the dazed body of the woman. He agitatedly lofts her
into a fireman's carry and they all return to their ships
and depart.
Special Forces Teams Alpha and Delta are progressing
silently and cautiously over the jungle floor. We see
soldiers with sparing, lightweight, futuristic gear, parting
vines and underbrush.

We see various men and women making silent hand gestures to
indicate direction and formations. Alpha Team leader crisply
thrusts a fist into the air then makes a lowering motion
with his hand. The group goes to their knees as they crest a
jungle knoll ALPHA TEAM LEADER mumbles.
                       ALPHA TEAM LEADER
Christ, what the hell are they
doing here...
The clearing before Teams Alpha and Delta is already
occupied by a small group of four Army regulars. Three of
the soldiers are standing back from an apparent crash site
of the downed alien vehicle. They are frantically
communicating by radio and gesturing at the fallen vehicle.
One soldier is adjacent to the craft surveying it closely in
dumb amazement.
                       ARMY REGULAR #1
      (into the radio)
Yeah, yes sir, definitely sir. No,
I'm not shitting you sir.
ARMY REGULAR #1 pulls the radio away from his face
momentarily to yell.


                       ARMY REGULAR #1 (cont'd)
God dammit Wilkins, get away from
that thing!
The scene cuts back to the jungle where the special teams
crouch assessing the situation. Team Alpha's leader makes a
quick gesture and suddenly they rush forward. The Army team,
already confused and flustered, lose their composure as they
are rushed by the Special Forces.
                       ARMY REGULAR #1
What the hell? Hey wait a minute.
Wait! Who are you guys!?
Army Regular #1 reaches for his sidearm but is too scared to
draw. He is approached by DELTA TEAM LEADER
                       DELTA TEAM LEADER
Shut up and get down.
                       ARMY REGULAR #1
This isn't happening.
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
ARMY REGULAR #2, who couldn't be
more than 20 years old, starts
whimpering in a defeated tone and
mumbling to himself about how
crazy the situation has become.
                       ARMY REGULAR #2
What is that fucking thing!?
                       DELTA TEAM LEADER
Something you're not supposed to
see, is what that thing is. Now
shut it!
Delta Team Leader aims a controlled kick into Army regular
#2's midsection to send him all the way to the ground. We
suddenly hear PRIVATE WILKINS' voice in an excited yelp.
                       PRIVATE WILKINS
Do you...hear that!?
He staggers forward and puts his palms on the craft.
                       PRIVATE WILKINS (cont'd)
Oh my god, they're alive! There's
something alive in there.
He staggers forward and puts his palms on the craft.


                       PRIVATE WILKINS (cont'd)
Can't you hear them!?
ALPHA TEAM LEADER barks into his headset.
                       ALPHA TEAM LEADER
We've got psi activity people,
switch em on!
The assembled Special Team Members all fiddle with their
headsets. Each soldier activates what is apparently an
anti-telepathy shield device. Small green LEDs can be seen
winking in the dark.
                       PRIVATE WILKINS
      (now on his knees)
So beautiful...they're scared!
Can't you hear them!?
                       ALPHA TEAM LEADER
      (training weapon
       on other Army
Somebody subdue that man!
A special teams soldier speedily approaches PRIVATE WILKINS
and administers air pressure syringe to the back of his
neck. He still wears a glossy expression of wonder as he
slides over to the ground unconscious. Alpha Team Leader and
Delta Team Leader exchange tired, tense glances.
                       ALPHA TEAM LEADER (cont'd)
This is a fucked up job.
                       DELTA TEAM LEADER
Shoulda been a lawyer like your
mom wanted, huh?
                       ALPHA TEAM LEADER
Yeah, yeah. Containment teams
let's go!
At Alpha Team Leader's command the surreal site of a small
horde of soldiers dressed in safety yellow protective suits
flood out of the jungle and begin directing all manner of
instruments, lighting and apparatus at the smouldering
craft. The jungle night quickly becomes "sports stadium
day". The camera slowly backs away taking an angled
ascending shot of the area, and the scene fades to black.


The room is dark. A phone rings out. We hear the rustling of
bed clothes, and irritated muttering from the general. He
clicks on a lamp on the night-stand, rubs his palm tiredly
down his face and answers the phone.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Clerk. What!? Where?
The admiral quickly gains an intent focus as he listens to
the line.
We hear, barely, the voice of the person Clerk is
communicating with.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK (cont'd)
We've got new developments and you
tell him to get his creepy shit
together and get back to D.C.,
The response from the phone is obviously unsatisfactory as
the admiral pops up out of bed in a rage.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
I don't care if you have to throw
a fucking net over him, get him
here! You have twelve hours. Is
that clear!?
The admiral crams the phone back onto its base.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Arrogant Nazi bastard.
The admiral plops back to sit on the bed, and momentarily
buries his face in his hands. Before wearily getting up and
walking into the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. He
opens the medicine chest reaches in and pulls out a tube of
toothpaste. It is obviously absolutely empty. He
exasperatedly throws the empty tube into the sink.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK (cont'd)
Oh, beautiful, just beautiful.


Marcus Hoi enters in a mildly paranoid scramble. He notices
his cousin Jason alone at a table in the back. He walks over
greets him and sits. Marcus waves down a waitress and orders
some coffee.
                       JASON HOI
Hey man.
                       MARCUS HOI
What's up?
                       JASON HOI
Same ol'
                       MARCUS HOI
Thanks for the tips man, but I
wasn't really looking for this.
                       JASON HOI
Looking for what?
                       MARCUS HOI
You know, lifetime prison
sentence, maybe Guantanamo Bay.
                       JASON HOI
What!? Well security is always
tight, you know? Lately, though,
it's been like the hoosegow man. I
think you're being a little
paranoid man about this one though
                       MARCUS HOI
Well you've got some bombs in the
basement, that's for sure.
                       JASON HOI
Spit it out.
                       MARCUS HOI
They've got aliens dude.
                       JASON HOI
...You mean like Refugees,
Mexicans, Haitians? That's racist


                       MARCUS HOI
Noooo, Jason. Aliens!
Marcus jerks his fingers awkwardly toward the ceiling.
                       MARCUS HOI (cont'd)
                       JASON HOI
Marcus, you're trippin' man.
Marcus wrangles open his satchel and slides the mini-disc
recorder across the table. Jason peers down at it and then
back up at Marcus. He grabs the headphones and presses play.
The scene cuts to the interior of the Our Lady of Lebanon
Seminary Van.
Marcus nervously grips and releases the steering wheel as he
and Jason careen down the freeway. They are replaying the
tape and Jason looks as though he is about to
                       JASON HOI
Ahhhhh,well, it actually sounds
authentic man. I actually know
that dude; clerk I mean.
                       MARCUS HOI
Yeah, man. We've got to do
                       JASON HOI
There's nothing you can do man.
                       MARCUS HOI
Jason tensely raises his voice.
                       JASON HOI
There is nothing you can do man!
They shoot people over shit like
this! I've heard the guys
downstairs drop hints, but I
thought they we're just, you know,


                       MARCUS HOI
We can go to Congress, this guy I
know, Eddington, he knows
Congressman Roehner, he can...
                       JASON HOI
No, no, no. He can't Marcus, he
can't. Even this...
He gestures with the mini-disc in his hand.
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
Roehner's in the loop! He's on the
goddamned recording man! Anyway,
Congress is powerless with this.
They throw them a bone every now
and then, but man...these deep
black guys don't answer to anyone;
not anyone you know. You'll get
you, me, and Eddington capped.
Marcus looks over to protest, but has to jerk his attention
back to the road as three black SUVs surround the van. They
refuse to yield as Marcus tries to stay on the highway
jamming on his car horn. The four vehicles frantically exit
the highway onto a dark and nondescript off-ramp. The three
SUVs force the van over the shoulder and under the overpass.
                       MARCUS HOI
It's them isn't it?
                       JASON HOI
Gotta be...keep your mouth shut.
The occupants of the SUVs, clothed darkly, and armed with
strange looking sidearms surround the car. It's the S.O.T.
Team Member #2 wraps on the driver's side window and
gestures downward. Jason Hoi hoists down the window.
                       MARCUS HOI
Hello officer, were we speeding
back there?
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #2
Oh, a smart guy huh?
Team member #2 fires his sidearm into the neck of Marcus
Hoi. It emits a slim but extremely bright electrical arc
which shocks Marcus and causes him to convulse tightly.
                       JASON HOI
      (in a shrill voice)
Stop! You're killing him!


                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #2
Oh, Shut up! It's just a stun-gun
you little girl!
Team Member #2 Gives Jason a shot for emphasis. Team Member
#4 (a woman) takes offense at Team Member #2's epithet. She
strides forward, kicks Team Member #2 in the back of the
knee. He buckles and she crisply kicks the back of his neck
so that his nose smashes against the side of the van.
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #2
Aggghhhhh! What did you do that
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #4
Shut your mouth and do your
goddamned job!
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
Team Member #4 leans into the
window and barks the order.
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #4
Out of the van, now! Move!
Marcus and Jason, still heavily dazed, half scramble and are
half man-handled out of the van and into the backs of
separate SUVs. The team speed searches the van, finds the
copies of the tape and quickly evacuates the scene.
We see General Gehlen from a slight distance gesturing
wildly, he is surrounded by a gaggle of staff and crew.
                       STAFF MEMBER #1
He says you've got to, I repeat,
got to go.
I don't see why I have to go.
                       STAFF MEMBER #1
      (in a foppish
I have work, important work. I'm
not going...


                       STAFF MEMBER #1
There's an emerging technologies
meeting and Admiral Clerk demands
you be there sir.
Gehlen concedes with a disgusting look.
Alright damn it!
He turns and menacingly gestures to the staff.
                       GEHLEN (cont'd)
If anyone so much as touches a
cell on those creatures while I'm
Gehlen clenches his fist for emphasis.
Ooooooooooh, I swear!
He turns with a flourish catching the unsuspecting crew with
the tails of his menacing leather coat.
      (to the flight
Well? Start the damned
The crew hurriedly rushes into a nearby craft. It is sleek
and matte grey. It looks like nothing so much as a quadruple
sized Lincoln Towncar, except with copious amounts of shield
plating. Low thrumming noises and luminous emissions begin
to stir from the craft. Gehlen cruelly exacts another
cryptic sweep of finger pointing before he boards the

After the door closes the assembled staff look with relieved
expressions at one another. There is a close up shot of the
ship, we can see Gehlen smoking a cigarette in a long ornate
holder through the portal as the ship deftly and
effortlessly seems to defy gravity and pluck itself up into
the sky and speed off almost noiselessly.
Gehlen sits in a sumptuous passenger cabin boredly smoking a
cigarette. The TRANSPORT CAPTAIN comes in over the intercom.


                       TRANSPORT CAPTAIN (V.O.)
Thank you for flying Deep-Black
Space Lines this evening.
The Transport Captain clears his throat.
                       TRANSPORT CAPTAIN (V.O. cont'd)
We'll be cruising along at an
altitude of 400 kilometers at a
truly outrageous speed, I won't
even bore you with the numbers. If
you'll look out your right hand
window we see the poor numbskulls
from NASA. Please be kind and say
We see the crew of the International Space Station peering
out through their smallish portholes. They wave excitedly
but turn sour when they realize that the Deep-Black crew are
mocking them. We can see the soundless faces of the
Deep-Black crew laughing, giving the finger and pointing
annoyingly toward the U.S. Air Force "Black Ops" insignia on
the side of their craft as they artfully mouth the word
"suckers", over and over as they whiz by.
                       TRANSPORT CAPTAIN
We'll be arriving at Andrews Air
Force Base in about 20 minutes...
Gehlen depresses an intercom tab.
Do shut up.
He takes an oppressively long drag off of his cigarette.
The door to the containment room bursts open. Several S.O.T.
Members hustle the bedraggled Marcus and Jason Hoi into the
room. Already seated within are James Eddington and the rest
of the I.C.J.; S.O.T. Member #2 kicks Marcus roughly in the
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #2
Make yourselves at home.


                       ELLIS MASON
Why don't you pricks pick on
somebody your own size?
S.O.T. Member #2 strides menacingly over to Ellis Mason.
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #2
And would that be you big man?
Ellis stares cooly back at S.O.T. Member #2.
                       ELLIS MASON
I'm gonna pray for you son.
S.O.T. Member #2 pokes Ellis Mason in the forehead and
slowly mutters.
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #2
Make it a silent prayer would you
The S.O.T. Members leave. Through the closing door we can
hear S.O.T #2's partner, S.O.T. MEMBER #5
                       S.O.T. TEAM MEMBER #5
Why do you have to be such an
asshole all the time?
The door shuts and locks behind them. The assembled group
look dejectedly at one another.
                       MARCUS HOI
I'm, uh sorry everyone. I didn't
                       KASHIF SHURA
...for it to end like this?
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Yeah well, we done bought the farm
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
We're not dead yet.
                       ERICA ROICH
Well, I've lived a good life I
suppose. Lived to see proof of
life beyond Earth. That's
certainly something.


                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
You all have, I think. You should
be proud. It is hard to find good
people. I think I'm lucky to end
here with you.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
As long as we're breathing we
shouldn't give up. Does anyone
have a cell phone?
                       JASON HOI
Won't work.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Right, we're probably a hundred
feet underground at least.
                       JASON HOI
And, the detention cells are radio
frequency shielded.
Jason blandly works his dead cell phone signal to
demonstrate. James looks around the room.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Let's try these vents then.
Jason chuckles.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON (cont'd)
Do you have a better idea Jason?
                       JASON HOI
Well no, it's just funny is all.
We're not going anywhere man.
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Well you consider that while
you're waiting to be tortured.
Anyone else want to give up?
                       ELLIS MASON
what the hey, it's better than
The group helps boost James up as he works on the
ventilation grate.


Admiral Vern Clerk, Colonel Richards and a handful of
staffers sit around a conference table mulling over
documents preparing for a meeting. The conference room door
swings open and in steps Robert Malthus. He is not wearing
his glasses, and he appears to have marshalled himself into
a much more confident than normal stance. He uses his new
'swagger' to roam around and take a seat at the conference
table. Colonel Richards looks up and takes a slight double
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Ah, there you are Bob, excellent.
General Gehlen will be here any
The colonel looks down at his papers, then back up at
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Did you get a haircut or something
Malthus laughs, very uncharacteristically and heartily, out
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
No, no, I didn't get a haircut.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Well, you look different.
Robert looks gleefully at Colonel Richards and laughs again.
Colonel Richards shrugs it off.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS (cont'd)
Admiral you want to warn him about
Gehlen or should I?
The Admiral Rolls his eyes.
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
      (with a sigh)
I'll do it. Robert?
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Yes admiral.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
General Gehlen is sort
of...extreme in personality.


                       ROBERT MALTHUS
So I've heard.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
I mean, he can be a little
dramatic, so just take him with a
grain of salt okay?
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Hell, I'll take him with a dash.
Malthus sports a cheshire grin. The conference door is
opened by a security officer and in strolls General Gehlen.
He plops himself down dispassionately into the nearest
chair. Gehlen arrives.
Well, here I am, at your beck and
call, at all hours of the day and
night Admiral. Tossed to the winds
by your flights of whimsy! In my
dreams I could not imagine a
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
General Gehlen, please...
Gehlen shoots the General a terse look. He then surveys
Colonel Richards.
Not yet in the asylum Colonel
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Not quite General.
General Gehlen pauses and he sniffs the air. He
painstakingly slowly turns his chair, as he does, it makes
an extended and annoying creaking noise. He suspiciously
surveys Robert.
So this is your little wunderkind,
eh? He looks a little soft.
Malthus returns a bland glare.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
He's quite capable actually,
General Gehlen.


Colonel Richards slides a briefing folder across the
conference table and it wedges neatly underneath the black
leather of Gehlen's uniform jacket. Gehlen opens the folder
and takes a moment to absorb the contents. His brow furrows
and he makes several chuckles of amazement. He gestures at
Malthus giggling.
You're a very clever boy. Very
Gehlen rises and rounds the table to Malthus' seat.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Thank you General.
Perhaps a little too clever, eh?
Malthus is no longer smiling.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Gehlen slams the folder open onto the conference table in
front of Malthus.
This is evidence of transportive
gene therapy is it not? And
Gehlen thumbs through and stabs at another page of the
report. Malthus begins to slowly back his chair away from
Gehlen. Gehlen grips his collar and struggles Malthus back
to the table.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
This is ingrained protein
synthesis toward a specific human
portion of a human genome, isn't
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
General Gehlen!
Colonel, as a crowning achievement
to your incompetence you have
allowed this...boy, to develop
side therapies under your very


                       GEHLEN (cont'd)
nose. And he's been testing on
Gehlen takes a brusque animalistic sniff at Malthus.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
What are you talking about!?
Gehlen punches Malthus quickly in the nose. A blackish
purple trickle emerges out of one nostril. Gehlen swabs a
bit with his glove and demonstrates toward Admiral Clerk.
      (aggresive tone
       that rises to a
Does this look like normal mammal
hemoglobin to you Colonel?! He has
had his little paws in the honey
pot. Isn't that right my little
Pooh Bear?
Gehlen tosses the file into Colonel Richards' face, and
Pushes Malthus' face down to the tabletop. Malthus tries to
resist but Gehlen is too powerful. Colonel Richards rushes
to try and pry Gehlen off of Malthus.
                       GEHLEN (cont'd)
       respectively to
       malthus and
Admiral, I want this one shot, and
this one court marshalled for
incompetence, and then, yes, shot!
Admiral Clerk, who has been watching the scene escalate,
eats a small handful of antacid tablets and wipes his hand
down his face. He depresses an intercom button. He looks
just too, too tired.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Security, please report to
briefing room F-42 immediately.
The camera recedes from the scene as Colonel Richards is
trying to pry Gehlen off of Malthus. Gehlen is struggling to
beat Malthus' head rhythmically on the desktop. A security
detail bursts in and handles the situation, eventually
dragging Malthus out.


Malthus sits in a spare, smallish confinement cell. His
dejection is almost total. His face is still smeared
somewhat with blackish "blood." He sobers up slightly and
surveys the other visible cells. Most are empty, but he sees
J-ROD occupying an opposite cell.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
J-ROD seems inattentive. Malthus focuses silently on him.
J-ROD senses his mental overture and turns slowly to face
Malthus. He gives a plaintive thumbs-up gesture.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
      (with a bitter
Uhhhhh, not really...
Malthus returns a whimsical thumbs-down. J-ROD thoughtfully
regards Malthus. Malthus returns a knowing and defeated
                       ROBERT MALTHUS (cont'd)
A little too big for my britches,
Malthus buries his face in his hands. There is the muted
metallic sound of rustling and murmurs. At first very faint,
then growing in tone and frustration. The sounds are coming
from the ventilation duct.
                       ELLIS MASON
Well dammit, you don't have to
                       KASHIF SHURA
I am not pushing.
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
      (peering through
       the ventilation
I think we are in a different
detention wing.
                       ERICA ROICH
Oh! Well that's just great then.
Kulsung twiddles his fingers through the grate at Malthus.


                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Kulsung, shhhhhh! You're gonna get
the whistle blown on us!
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
What reason does he have to
cooperate with them? He looks
awful; a little green. Why he
would help them?
                       ERICA ROICH
Please don't rat us out sir, as
you can see we're already in kind
of a pinch here...
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
Oooohhhh look! It is an alien
                       JASON HOI
You can see one? I wanna see!
There is jostling in the compartment as all who are eager to
see try to squeeze their faces into the small grate. Ellis
Mason is crammed against the vent side trying to avoid
seeing, he looks over and sees Kashif Shura doing the same.

Mason crosses himself, and Kashif smiles at him and they
both make child-like faces of disgust. With all of the
pressure on the vent it breaks off and the better part of
the I.C.J. tumble down into Malthus' cell. The ruckus causes
a security official, PENTAGON SECURITY OFFICER #1, to yell
down the detention corridor.
                       PENTAGON SECURITY OFFICER #1
Hey Malthus, pipe down, or I'll
come down there and give you the
Gehlen treatment!
Across the corridor J-ROD gives a plaintive thumbs-down
gesture from his cell. James Eddington picks himself up off
of the floor bemusedly holding the ventilation grate, he
looks at Kulsung, Erica Roich and Marcus and Jason Hoi, who
have tumbled out with him.
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
This is not a very secure


                       ERICA ROICH
It's like they friggin' want you
to escape.
                       ELLIS MASON
      (from the
       ventilation shaft)
I'll take some of that action!
                       KASHIF SHURA
Amen to that.
J-ROD taps his Tea Mug lightly on the bars of his cell. He
makes a pantomime yawning-in-boredom gesture. He checks a
rather nice wristwatch he, oddly, seems to be wearing. He
jerks his thumb sideways to indicate movement. He then
appears to lock eyes with Malthus. They are obviously
sharing a telepathic link.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
I don't know who you people are,
but he likes you; and it's go
time. We're bustin' out of here.
Ellis Mason and Kashif Shura peer around the vent opening at
the mention of the phrase "busting out", as Jason Hoi is
clamoring down into the cell. Ellis Mason and Kashif Shura
reluctantly follow, keeping a wary and amazed eye on J-ROD.
James grins widely. He gives Malthus a friendly jab in the
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
I like the way you guys think.
Say, you look like you've been
through the wringer.
                       KASHIF SHURA
Have they mistreated you?
Malthus looks relatively drawn and quartered.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Well, unfortunately, most of what
you see here I've done to myself.
We hear Pentagon Security Officer #1 coming down the
                       PENTAGON SECURITY OFFICER #1
Alright Malthus, what's all the


A look of sublime confusion graces the security officer's
face as he sees the cell now crammed with people. He fumbles
hurriedly for his panic button. Before he can make any use
of it however, his eyes slowly cross and he begins to drool.
The group in Malthus' cell watch as he slides over to the
floor. We can see an alien version of a look of amused
satisfaction on J-ROD's face. He taps his skull.

J-ROD matter-of-factly produces one of the black control
wafers from inside of his cup of tea. He sucks it dry and
begins to manipulate it deftly and both cell doors give a
decisive magnetic click and swing open. Marcus and Jason Hoi
exchange impressed looks and high fives.
                       MARCUS HOI
Bada Bing!
                       JASON HOI
Yeah Buddy...
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
       navigating around
Well, what are we waiting for?
Let's beat it.
He turns and pensively regards J-ROD. Roger Mayweather turns
to Malthus.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Uhhh, what's he call himself?
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
J-ROD is what he goes by around
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Well, thank you Mr. J-ROD.
Roger extends his hand. J-ROD Graciously accepts. The group
hurries down the hallway.
General Gehlen, Admiral Clerk and Colonel Richards are
engaged in a rather torrid discussion.
Admiral, I want this man up on


                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
You can't be serious.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Let the tired old bastard whine.
Colonel, I will eat ..your
...goddamned...brain; your
flaccid, insipid little brain!
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Okay, so the kid pulled a fast one
on us, he's in confinement, he'll
never see the light of day again.
The project is still intact...
Gehlen makes a squealing sound of rage.
Intact? Intact? I have researched
these life extension technologies
more than any other, any other!
Gehlen "pops his collar".
                       GEHLEN (cont'd)
I adjourn to South America for
research for a few months and
everything goes to hell? I will
not have it, not a bit of it! I
will consult The Majestic Group if
I have to, but rest assured heads
will roll!
Gehlen stands and accusingly gestures for emphasis.
                       GEHLEN (cont'd)
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Listen here you withered freak...
The argument is interrupted by the ringing of a red phone on
the conference table. The men look resignedly at the
      (with venom)
No doubt reports of your
escalating ineptitude Colonel.
Admiral Clerk answers the phone and listens exhaustedly.


                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Well, that's good news.
What now? Are there flying pigs?
Perhaps the four horsemen have
The Admiral marshals himself and slides the receiver back
onto its cradle, he speaks with the calmness of a man on the
brink of an emotional breakdown.
                       ADMIRAL VERN CLERK
Well, apparently, Malthus, J-ROD
and the other detainees have freed
themselves from the containment
facility and are trying to escape.
Gehlen laughs and points accusingly at Colonel Richards.
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
You sir, are the biggest disaster
in the history of disasters!
Colonel Richards can no longer contain himself and halls off
and decks General Gehlen.
                       COLONEL RICHARDS
Say one more thing you Nazi
dirtbag, one more thing!
Gehlen picks himself up off of the floor, straightens is
coat and coolly regards the Admiral and the General.
                       LIEUTENANT HERRER
      (utters a polite
I believe we have more pressing
The Admiral and the Colonel regard one another disgustedly
and they all adjourn from the conference room in silent
agitation. As they exit the room we hear Gehlen childishly
mocking Colonel Richards.
I'm going to eat your braaain, I'm
going to eat your braaain...
The Colonel turns to throttle Gehlen but the Admiral pushes
him forward into the hallway.


The I.C.J., Malthus and J-ROD are running through a seeming
maze of identical corridors. The I.C.J. are doing their best
S.W.A.T. Team impression furtively checking hallway
intersections. They let out a collective squeal as
intermittently positioned red alarm lights begin to flash in
                       ELLIS MASON
What is that? What now?
                       ERICA ROICH
Well, obviously, they've gotten
wise to the breakout.
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Alright, double-time it people.
Asses and elbows!
J-ROD2 rushes to a nearby wall, dragging Malthus along
beside him, they exchange intent looks as J-ROD2
communicates telepathically with Malthus.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Here? No, here?
J-ROD nods in agreement manipulating the black control
device intently. Malthus plunges his hands into the wall and
they seamlessly penetrate.
                       ERICA ROICH
Now, there's something you don't
see everyday.
Malthus pulls aggressively, his new-found strength from his
home-brew genetic therapies is clearly evident as he
grudgingly extrudes a tangle of wires from the wall. J-ROD
approaches and with blinding speed begins to disassemble and
reassemble various connections.

After being satisfied with his work. He grabs two frayed
ends of wire and repeatedly contacts and releases them. The
camera zooms in on his deft fingers, continues into the
wires and tunnels speedily through the mammoth electrical
network of the Pentagon. Eventually the camera's point of
view emerges at one of the rooftop antenna constellations.
We hear rhythmic morse-code-like emissions rapidly escaping
a large skyward oriented dish.


                       MARCUS HOI
      (Scanning the
       hallway nervously)
What's he doing?
                       JAMES EDDINGTON
Hey, we've got to get moving!
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
Wait a minute...
Malthus begins laughing.
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
He's phoning home.
J-ROD2 sits in a spare but elegant room, the lights are
dimmed and he is apparently meditating. Beside him a dim
crystal orb comes to life with colorful activity. J-ROD2
activates a communications device.
      (english subtitles)
All ambassadors, please report to
the council chamber immediately.
It seems we have a new
There is a great bustle as the bizarre assortment of council
members filter into the room. At the head of the table sits
J-ROD2. He begins to communicate as the various species find
their places.
We have received word from our
captured brother.
a REPTILIAN BEING remarks, sarcastically.
                       REPTILIAN BEING
      (english subtitles)
You mean the savages haven't
tortured him beyond communication


Apparently not, the message was
                       LIGHT BEING
Is it time?
J-ROD2 savors a pregnant pause.
I believe...it is time.
A chorus of mumbling breaks out across the assembly. Before
the scene cuts away the mumbling becomes an exaltation of
the voices, chirps, clicks and assorted other emissions of
the excited ambassadors as the excitement takes hold.
The I.C.J., Malthus, Jason Hoi and J-ROD hurry down the maze
of hallways, trying to find their way out of the facility.
As Jason Hoi rounds a corner he is confronted by two
PENTAGON SECURITY OFFICERS and shot square in the chest with
one of the stun-gun devices. He gurgles and collapses.
Kulsung Rinpoche attacks.
                       KULSUNG RINPOCHE
With a speed belying his age and stature, he is quickly on
the back of Pentagon Security Officer #1. The rest of the
I.C.J. make for Pentagon Security Officer #2, except Kashif
Shura who moves to help Jason Hoi.

J-ROD steps forward, and almost casually spits a stream of
goo into the eyes of Pentagon Security Officer #2. Roger
Mayweather and Ellis Mason pause in surprise, and not a
little disgust.
                       ERICA ROICH
Oh...my goodness.
                       PENTAGON SECURITY OFFICER #2
Ptew! Ughhhh, argghhh!
Pentagon Security Officer #2, in a fit of panic trying to
clear his head and face, inadvertently removes his psi
blocking device. J-ROD quickly takes control of his mind. He
immediately ceases to struggle, adjusts the level of stun on
his weapon, turns and casually stuns PENTAGON SECURITY
OFFICER #3, then turns the gun on himself and fires. He
crumbles in unconsciousness.


                       JAMES EDDINGTON
      (wiping a little
       of the splatter
       from his face in
Ahhhhhahaha, that is just wrong...
                       ELLIS MASON
It works, but it smells like cat
                       KASHIF SHURA
Show some gratitude Ellis. The
next time they capture us, we will
not escape.
                       ELLIS MASON
Oh, well yes. Thank you for the
cat sputum!
                       ERICA ROICH
I really, really need a shower.
The group collects themselves and continue down the hall.
                       ERICA ROICH
Wait, wait! The weapons, never
leave the weapons!
                       ELLIS MASON
      (picking up one of
       the guns)
                       ERICA ROICH
Well...clean it off first.
There is a rustle of activity down the hallway. Erica Roich
forgets her instinctive disgust and grabs the stun gun.
Everyone backs against the wall. Gehlen strides confidently
down the hall with Admiral Vern Clerk,Colonel Richards and a
small security detail following.
Helloooooo. Robert? Are you there?
It's time for your spanking!
                       ERICA ROICH
Who the hell is that?
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
It's Reinhardt Gehlen.


                       ERICA ROICH
You're joking! The Reinhardt
Gehlen; General Reinhardt Gehlen?
That's not possible!
                       ROBERT MALTHUS
You're standing next to an
extraterrestrial; you really think
it's not possible? It's him,
believe me. The one and only.
Erica Roich dawns a grimace, she does her best to provoke
the power level on her weapon to maximum and steps directly
out into the hallway. She begins firing liberally. Roger
Mayweather and Ellis Mason leap out to try and draw her
                       ERICA ROICH
You murdering bastard!
                       ROGER MAYWEATHER
Erica, come back!
                       ELLIS MASON
This is not going to work, this is
not going to work.
With varying degrees of enthusiasm, the remaining group
members mount a charge.
                       KASHIF SHURA
Allah hu akbar!
Jason and Marcus exchange glances.
                       JASON HOI
You started it; you go first.
Jason and Marcus make their move. James runs past them into
the fray. Gehlen is slowed, but not stopped, by Erica
Roich's barrage. Gehlen extends his hand. The group slows as
if they had hit an invisible barrier. Gehlen's hand is
outstretched and a delighted look of concentration spreads
across his face.
Quiet now little, girl quiet now.