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by Vinnie Heaven (mafia_man66@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Film Noir   User Review:

This is a short screenplay based on an idea that struck me while I was playing a fine game of poker with my girlfriend. Some of the language used in this screenplay may be complicated, so beware.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Drops of sweat are being expelled throught the frustrated
pores of two shady individuals. These are LAZAR BENEDEK and
ZACK BRANKO, both with poker chips that come in all colors
of the rainbow, except purple. Zack's mistress, KIRSTEN
LEISEL, watches him as he faces the most tense moments of
his life. The crowd of anti-social American citizens are
bitting their thick lips and shaking in utter anxiety. In
this modernized Tokyo-based Casino, silence speaks louder
than anyone within a 20-meter radius of the epicenter of
Zack and Lazar.
                       ANNOUNCER (O.S.)
I'm Bobby J. Bronson and welcome
once again to the World Series of
Poker, presented to you by
Gutierrez Automobiles. The Blue
Cyril Poker Room, at the start of
this tournament, was once again
filled with of amateurs and pros
alike. After long hours of some
high-class poker, we are at the
final table with Lazar Benedek and
Zack Branko, who are both
competing for the 10 million
dollar payout, and the
ever-popular poker bracelet. Who
wil win this earth-shattering
tournament? Well, that question
will be answered in just a few
brief seconds. I'm Bobby J.
Bronson, thank you very much and
enjoy this poker game.
The DEALER hands Zack and Lazar their cards. They both look
at their hands quietly and stare at each other's eyes.
You is seeming very, ah,
Zack raises half-a-million.


I don't think tensified is the...
most appropriate word, you know.
Lazar calls Zack's bet, and raises another half-a-million.
Oh, really is? Well then, accept
my... most humble sorrys. English
is not my goodness.
Zack calls Lazar's bet.
That's alright. But ah, if English
is not your strong point... then,
eh, what's your strong point?
The dealer shows the flop. Lazar raises his right eyebrow.
Zack looks at Kirsten. Kirsten smiles at him, but Zack shows
no emotion whatsoever.
Poker... is most definetly my
strong point.
Zack raises 2 millon.
Ah! So you is a-thinkin' that you
is... a-goin' to win?
Lazar calls Zack's bet, and raises it to 4 million.
You know, I don't think I'm gonna
Zack calls Lazar's bet.
... I'm sure of it.
The dealer shows the turn card. Zack and Lazar are stone
serious. Zack i ssupposed to make a move, but instead, he
goes into a thinking spree.
Go, ah, is your... turn.
Zack simply checks. Lazar frowns and leans forward.


Is... I'm gonna do it. I is... all
Zack leans forward and looks at Lazar in the eye. Lazar
blinks in a constant pace. 1... 2... 3... blink. 1... 2...
3... blink. Lazar suddenly blinks twice in a row, without
any pause. This is all Zack needed to call the bluff.
You know, I don't know if you know
this... but, in poker... you can
tell if someone is bluffing, by
observin' their body language, and
I sure as Hell been observin' you.
Everytime... you had a good hand,
you would blink every three
seconds, in a constant pace. On
the other hand, when you bluffed,
your eyes would blink once every
three seconds, then, on the third
blink, you would blink twice
without any pause. This time, you
blinked once... and paused... you
blinked again... and paused...
but, on the third time, you bliked
two times, consecutively. And, you
know... I suppose you know what
that means.
Zack smiles faintly, and takes a hold of his chips. When he
is about to push the chips onto the pot to indicate he
called the all in, Lazar's cold, Hungarian voice interrupts
Call my all in... and a, ah,
bullet will pierce your skull. I
mean... what I say.
Lazar's words bounce off Zack's ears without even entering
them. Zack does not hesitate, he calls Lazar's shameful
bluff. Mint-condition 100 dollar bills are flashing in front
of Zack's brownish eyes, but not for long, for the image of
a black pistol with a silencer obscures his view of the
money. Lazar pulls the trigger. A blood-tristy bullet leaves
the muzzle and penetrates Zack's CPU. Zack, bleeding
uncontrollably, falls off his chair and crashes violently to
the ground. Painful screams of a heart-broken Kirsten can be
heard, as we pan out of this illustrious Casino.
                                         CUT TO:


We can see a top-down shot of the Blue Cyril Hotel and
Casino. The METALLIC CLOUDS of Vegas watch white and blue
cop cars approach the crime scene.


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