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Drought in your eyes
by Dee (thetruthisouthere_01@yahoo.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Comedy   User Review: *1/2
"SHORT FILM" A casual evening being spent by a couple unexpectedly leads to a series of humorous and desperate events when the wife realizes that her husband is resistant to crying...

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A young couple is getting married. The bride looks luminous
in a beautiful white gown. The groom looks equally handsome
in his best tux. They exchange the rings and "I Dos"
respectively and the typical wedding music starts to play in
the background.

We zoom out of the view to find that this is being played on
a television. A living room comes into focus and we see a
couple sitting on a sofa, watching this intently. It is a
home video, clearly made by an amateur.
Wow…I wish the day was never
over…the best day of my life…don't
you think it should just go on and
Well…I don't know…
The woman gives him a look: "You're kidding"!
No…I mean, of course it was a
great day, but, I don't think it
should last forever…I'm actually
pretty excited, more so to spend
the rest of my life with you after
that day…And I'm definitely not
gonna sit and cry about it every
time I watch it…
I'm not crying! O.K…a bit, but
it's the most memorable day of my
life…the one day that was
exclusively mine! Ours, I
mean…anyways, you don't even get a
bit sentimental?
Well, no…I mean, I agree it was
the best day and all, but I'm just
not that kind of person…I don't
cry that often…or rather I don't
cry at all…


The young woman can't really believe what he's saying. It
amuses her.
You don't cry very often? What do
mean? You don't feel sad at
times? Sure, you remember times,
as an adult when you just couldn't
take it in anymore…it's pretty
normal even for a guy…
I know…I do feel sad, but I just
choose not to show it, you know…
He realizes his wife is getting serious about this.
Look, it's not that big a deal. I
don't like expressing my emotions
that freely in public. That's
all….there's nothing serious…
Nothing serious? I just found out
that I married a robot and you
think it's not serious? God!
She's visibly getting frantic now. We all see it. She keeps
blabbering, typical of a woman who's out of control of her
What about the time when you
really loved someone…really really
loved…and you got to know that the
person is not interested in you…or
when you lost someone close to
you…when your best friend died in
an accident in front of you?
The man is amazed, but shakes his head, a clear indication
that he has never experienced any of this.
O.K…Calm down…I've never been a
witness to any car accidents,
forget the one involving my best
friend! Honey, please, get a grip…
The woman somewhat recovers herself. But she's no way giving
this up


Well…you know what? I'll see to it
that you do cry…it's humanly
impossible for anyone not to…
Well, it's possible for me and
since the last time I checked, I'm
still human…
      (standing up)
Well, quite frankly, I'm having
Well, then why don't you clear
them for yourselves?
What do you mean?
Let's see…if you really think
that's its 'humanly' impossible
for me not to cry, then, why don't
you try and make me? And…then, my
point will be proven in front of
your own eyes.
      (considering this)
You mean, I should tell you sad
stories all day long till you
Do whatever you think could make
me tear up…and I promise I'll give
in if I really feel like it…I
won't hide them just for the sake
of it, I promise! Say for $100?
You are actually betting against
that? Fine…it's on…
Ohh…if nothing works, am I allowed
to kick you till you yelp?


O.K, ground rules! No physical
pain. If you feel you're right,
then prove it by hurting my
heart…by setting a time limit to
make it even more interesting…say
by midnight?
Deal…but just so you know, you're
going down…!
They both nod at each other, smiling. Both the faces reveal
a confident, winning smile. It's on!
The last scene from the movie 'Romeo and Juliet' is playing
on television.

The couple is sitting on the sofa in the same positions as
earlier watching the movie. The wife is already puffy-eyed.
But the husband is just plain bored. He looks at her and
shakes his head.

She gets up. This isn't working. She quickly glances at the
clock on the wall that reads 3 P.M, before leaving the room.
The clock reads 4 P.M

Last scene from 'Titanic' is playing on the television

The husband is droopily lying on the sofa, while watching
it. The woman is not crying this time, but staring at her
husband. But he simply stifles a yawn. She gives him a
disgusted look, gets up and leaves. He smiles at himself.
The clock reads 5:10 P.M

Oprah Winfrey show is on. Oprah is interviewing a woman,
who's crying hysterically.

The man is now sleeping on the sofa all by himself watching
this, while his wife stands besides the television, slightly

The wife glares at him. This time, her husband does not
bother to suppress but actually lets out a big yawn.


She just stares at him and leaves.

The clock reads 6:30 P.M

The woman comes out in the living room and puts a fresh tape
in the player
A war documentary starts rolling, showing the bloodied
bodies, families crying over their loved ones, love letters
found in the dead soldiers' pockets et all.

The man watches this absorbedly, but not a fragment of his
eyes is moist. The woman is now visibly infuriated.

She leaves the room.
                                         JUMP CUTS
7 P.M:

The man watches a video of some African kids, who look
malnourished and under clothed.

The man sits on the floor of the living room, eating chips

The wife gives him a look, slightly shaking her head, a look
that says- 'you-are-sick'

8:15 P.M:

The man relishes on a soda and some chocolate

The woman checks for more tapes beside the television set,
but apparently she's out of tapes.

9 P.M

A news channel shows a video of some homeless people
standing in knee-deep water, homeless people being
interviewed, etc

The man, now lying on the floor rug drinks beer

The wife is furious. But still manages to look determined,
no way surrendering

She quietly leaves the room, before glancing at her husband
who's now passed out on the floor


The woman comes storming out of the room, looking jubilated.
She stands in front of her husband and shakes him, till he's
wide awake
Get up! You're no way winning
this…I've found a perrrrfect way
of getting it right.
The man is partially awake, staring at the woman with worn
out eyes. The woman, on the other hand is quite charged up
O.K…listen to this…Imagine
yourself in a hospital, on the day
of our child's birth.
      (in utter
No…no…no…wait, listen…just
imagine, it may be five years down
the line, maybe ten, I don't
care…just try to visualize…
You've been waiting for this
moment since for…ever…and now it's
here. You're holding a baby in
your hands, your own baby, that
tiny little bundle of joy resting
in your hands…and then, you give
it your hand to hold and it wraps
it's tiny palm around your
finger…and then you look at me,
and our eyes meet…and…
She looks at him for…something. But only thing she gets in
return is his bewildered look.
Yeah…Well, quite frankly I'd be
smiling and not weeping looking at
my own child. And for the record,
you just mentioned our child as


                       MAN (cont'd)
Arrrgg…O.K…fine…I've got it…I've
so got it! What if it's raining
heavily and you saw an injured
puppy on the road?
Well, that would make me kinda
sad, but I won't cry!
O.K…wait…wait…what if the puppy
said, "take me home, I'm scared…"
      (bursts out
A talking puppy? I'd be scared!
The woman rolls her eyes. It's difficult than she thought it
would be. But she's no way backing down. She gets up and
goes over to the drawer near the sofa.
She removes an album from one of the drawers and returns to
her husband
O.K…now, everyone has some tragic
childhood memories.
She opens the album and points at one of the pictures.
Now, tell me the story behind this
picture? Where was it taken?
Ohh…that was my pre-school
graduation day…
Ahh…where are your parents?
Ohh…they didn't come…apparently
they had a fight and forgot about


      (becoming falsely
Ohhh…poor thing…that's just so
sad…it's O.K to let it all out…
No…it was almost a lifetime ago!
      (getting restless)
O.K! How can you be so rigid
inside? Don't you have any
feelings at all?
The man looks at her knowingly: 'I told you!'
Okay. Fine
You still don't win! I have an
hour left…
The woman comes into the room, pacing slowly. She sees her
husband reading 'Chicken Soup for the Soul', looking jaded.
She goes up to him and sits besides him and wraps her arms
around him. He looks surprised, but happy nevertheless
Hey…everything all right?
Yes…I'm fine…everything's fine…I
was just thinking, maybe it was a
mistake; you know…I mean, you are
just not a cry-baby, that's all. I
want to spend the rest of my life
with you and I should accept it…as
simply one of your
characteristics. I'm sorry I got
judgmental…and I don't care for
the stupid bet…I'm O.K with the
fact that you don't cry very
often…or rather, never.
That's sweet honey…I appreciate


                       MAN (cont'd)
Yeah…I mean, what if you don't cry
when the doctors hand you our own
baby? Big deal! And what if it's
our son's first day at school and
he leaves the grip of your hand
he's been holding for such a long
time and runs away…and you don't
cry? That's fine with me…
      (looking directly
       into his eyes)
And when our daughter is leaving
for her prom night and you just
can't let her go but you have to,
because you suddenly realize that
she's grown her own wings…and you
still got nothing? I don't mind…it
doesn't matter…
The man takes this in, clearly didn't expect this.
Good…then, I won't have to worry
about that stuff then…and I don't
have to feel guilty because I
didn't feel sad enough to cry…
not…and…and…when I die, from a
LONG, serious disease and you're
cleaning our closet one day and
you find my first love letter that
says 'I'll always be with you'
and…and you still don't shed a
tear, that's fine…
Ohh…that's very sweet of you and…
      (getting up)
even feel like crying over your
dead wife? You are so lifeless!
She marches out of the room, leaving the man shell-shocked.


There is silence spread in the room, except for some
occasional sounds of dogs barking or cars passing from
across the street

Slowly, as the room comes into focus, we hear a voice of
someone sobbing. We don't see from where it's coming from or
from whom.

The woman is standing near the television set. We see her
from behind. The man is nowhere to be seen in picture
Slowly we move across the woman from the bottom – panning
from her toes to her face, only to see that it reveals – a

We pan across the room to see the man, sitting on a chair
near the sofa, facing the woman. But we only see his face.
And especially his eyes, that are- hold your breath-
streaming with tears!

Water flows from his eyes, nose. His eyes are red, just like
his cheeks.

The woman stands there staring at him, holding a camera

She clicks the picture of her husband, red-eyed and teary

The husband quietly looks at her
That's unfair…you don't get $100,
that's totally unfair…
I know…But it was hundred percent
worth it…just to see that look on
your face…that's priceless…
She takes out the picture from the camera and slams it in
front of him, over a $100 bill on top of it
Keep this photo safe. And when I
die and you still can't overcome
the drought in your eyes, just
paste this picture on my body
She leaves the room.


It's still wet with fresh tears strolling down his cheeks

We slowly zoom out of his face to see the entirety of the
room around him
The man sits on a chair, his hands tied to the rods behind,
so that he can't move a muscle.

A table stands in front of him and on it wee see-

A big bowl, full of onions, cut into pieces is kept on the
table directly in front of him.

He sits alone in the room, sniffling and calling after his

He struggles, but can't move
We see the last parting shot of-

The bowl of onions, besides a $100 bill and a photo resting
on a table, before we slowly-


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From Fish Stark Date 11/19/2007 **1/2
I didn't really get it. But you established the characers really well and the dialogue flowed. Work on plot a little more and you'll really have something.

From Gerald Guidry Date 11/15/2007 *
I could not even finish this screenplay. You were telling me exactly what the characters were thinking and feeling. The purpose of a screenplay is to SHOW not TELL. And I really...didn't....understand why...you used so many...elipses...in your screenplay....that you wrote. "She keeps blabbering, typical of a woman who's out of control of her emotions." Your not supposed to judge as the narrorator. Let the audience decide stereotypes...and don't offend people. It's just as easy to say "He's being insensative, just like a typical man."

From Denny Linhorst Date 11/13/2007 *
The ending was very predictable.

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