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The game"Short"
by Juan Perez (junkseller@yourstreetcorner.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We open the film in a split screen of two bedrooms. In the
background the song Evil by Interpol is playing. Rosemary, a
young, skinny woman pops right out of bed as she goes over
to the bathroom on her right. Eliah wakes up groggily,
shaking his head, squinting his eyes and rubbing his head
before removing the sheets and heading to the bathroom on
his left. As soon as Eliah enters the bathroom, Rosemary
comes out and puts on some make-up. Once Eliah gets out of
the bathroom, they both go through a short montage of
getting dressed. Mostly just buttoning shirts or putting on
                       ROSEMARY (contemplative)
Where should I go today?
                       ELIAH (diabolicly)
Where should I go today?
The screens intertwine as they face to their side. Eliah
faces right while Rosemary faces left making it look like
they're staring at each other. They both walk apart to a
side of the room which has a list taped to the wall. There
are a bunch of red marks on each list and some marks contain
notes that the audience can't see. They both point at one
line in particular. The camera suddenly unsplits and the
music stops.
Perfect. This is the most...
...popular club in this...
...district. I'll be able...
...to find saps like...
The camera splits again in time to find both actors saying,
They both walk out the door and into the hallway.
Scenes of cars passing lights are blurred to give the
illusion of fast movement.


The scene switches to a nightlife filled with drinks.
Rosemary sits at a bar waiting expectingly. She glances to
her side where Eliah sits down. She grins at the sight of
him as he stares back at her giving her a knowing grin.
                       ELIAH (flirting)
So? Come here often?
                       ROSEMARY (jokingly)
Wow! You're like a book of
cliches, aren't you?
Well did it hurt?
Let me guess. Did what hurt? When
you fell from heaven.
Okay---I understand. I'm come off
as cheesy and lame, but I want you
to know that once you get to know
me, I'm even more cheesy and lame.
Hmm...I'm impressed. So? Are you
going to buy me a drink or what?
Well what are you having?
Whatever costs the most.
He stares outward noting that the most expensive thing is
$120 and decides to subside her into buying something else.
You know there are some really
good drinks for only $50.
Hmm...cheap, are we?
No, but...
He hesitates for a second. He's thinking of the best way to
lure her.


Fine. I'll get you anything that
you want.
Good. Get me the cheapest thing
you can find.
So. This place is pretty snazzy.
Hmmm...Just snazzy?
Yeah---just snazzy.
Even though we somehow found a
place to sit with no one else
around in this crowded place.
Still. It's just snazzy. So what
do you do for a living?
You know those little serial codes
on boxes?
Well...my job is kind of like
Hmm...I'm kind of freelance. I
work at an office. It's really
boring. Once I get out to the
club, I become a collector.
Of what?
Whatever I can find.
They both awkwardly laugh at this.


So---what's the worst thing you've
ever done?
Well. One time, I killed a man and
by one time, I mean many times.
She laughs. Gleefully playing around with him.
In seriousness, I've only stolen
things from here. Okay...I've done
worse things but I don't want to
talk about them.
Oh. I have a little miss repentant
here. Afraid of your past sins?
It's okay, I understand. Join the
club. Preach to the choir.
You really are a box of cliches.
So? Where do you want to go now?
Let's go to my house.
Nah. I'd rather we go to my house.
They glare at each other. Hoping that the other breaks down.
So...? My house?
I have an idea. You go to your
house. I go to mine. Whenever you
want to see me, here's my address.
She walks off as he scratches his head, confused as to what
just happened.


Eliah stands outside of the apartment door. He knocks on the
door and Rosemary opens the door ajar.
Look. I know that you really like
the safety of your house or
whatever but can we please go to
my house?
What's the point? You're already
Well, I got better stuff at my
I don't know what kinky stuff you
think I'm into but I really doubt
you have better things at your
I'm sure mine is bigger.
You won't know that until you see
She winks at him and closes the door.
Come back when you've got better
He walks down the hallway to leave.
It has been a week now and Eliah has been visiting Rosemary
every night and day.
Well. 14th time this week. Don't
you have other fish to bait?


I've baited plenty fish but I
can't leave one fish unbaited. I
have to bait you too.
Well. Since you are this
persistent. Come in.
Eliah smiles. He walks into the house but before he can
completely walk in Rosemary hits him over the head with a
bat she was hiding behind the door.
What the hell?
He slips his hand under his belt and takes out a knife. He
stands up but Rosemary just bats the knife out of his hand.
He takes the bat out of her hand but she starts to choke
him. Before he runs out of breath, he kicks her off himself.
She grabs the knife and he takes out another knife.
Is that a knife in your pocket or
are you just happy to see me?
I hate it when the fish fight
Too bad. Your bait is bad. You
were the only idiot stupid enough
to fall for my
      (she puts her hand
       over her head in
       a dramatic pose)
damsel in distress act.
It's not going to be an act for
long. This is a guy's sport. You
should quit while you're ahead.
Too bad you don't have a man to
protect you now.
You really are cliche. I've taken
out bigger fish than you.


She looks at him with a crazy intent in her eyes. He stares
her down seeing that she is fragile looking.
Are you sure about that? You're
pretty weak-looking.
She just starts to laugh. He gets a confused look in his
face. She runs toward the other side of the room and grabs a
lamp. She removes the lit light bulb, yet she doesn't get
singed. She throws it but misses. He goes running at her and
she walks into her room. He runs in but she throws him on
the bed and disarms him. She is about to stab him when he
rolls off the bed and grabs the knife. She sighs in
desperation. She hates this game of cat and mouse. She kicks
him in the face, hoping to knock him out. He grabs her foot
and pulls her off the bed. Both of them look intently at
each other with knives in hand. Breathing heavily, they go
in for the kill but the scene fades to...
The scene fades in as they lie in bed. Their eyes glazed
over. Someone in the hall notices the apartment door open
and walks into the house. They go into the bedroom and see
both corpses. The audience does not see the extent of the
damage but Rosemary's neighbor almost vomits from it. They
walk out, grab their cellphone and call the police.
We are shown a scene outside of the apartment building. The
neighbor is being questioned by a police officer.
                       POLICE OFFICER
So you think this was a lover's
I don't know but I always saw him
waiting outside her apartment.
There must have been something
going on. If that was a lover's
argument then it got way out of
                       POLICE OFFICER
We'll investigate into this even
further or not, you know how the
pd is here.


Thanks for the reassurance.
The neighbor glances back in disgust as the police officer
walks into the apartment complex.
Well. At least my competition is
The neighbor walks away with an evil smirk as we...


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