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Three-Zero (Short)
by Emily Schoener (eschoener@gmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***1/2
This is the first three pages of a 30-page work in progress. Would like to get some initial feedback..

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Imagine if Las Vegas was made of chrome and diamonds. With
the same neon lights still flashing, but much larger, more
sprawling. Strip Number Two the glitzier, more glamorous,
and clearly newer blvd that sits next to the old one. The
streets are lined with more advanced cars, cabs, and limos.
Specific driving instructions and functions blare out of the
speaking of each car. One such taxi cab sticks out as it
gets into a near collision with a government milk truck. Its
tires squeal as it hits the pavement and comes to a stop
five feet later. The meter beeps and the electronic digits
settle on a number. The CAB DRIVER holds out a small
electronic device with two screens. One screen shows the
amount owed and the other with a small touch pad.
                       CAB DRIVER
      (heavy accent)
Please 1000 credits.
The rear door opens to middle of the street and we see work
boots coated in a thin film of white dust step out. A hand
reaches back inside the cab to retrieve a light-colored
backpack coated with the same dust.
                       CAB DRIVER
Hey there you!
A car honks and swerves to miss DARIUS DRAPER as he slams
the cab door shut. His eyes narrow slightly as he looks up
into the barely-lit sky. He is a good-looking man with a
kind face and dark hair. He is dressed from head to toe in a
government issued khaki work outfit.
                       CAB DRIVER
You pay me now!
The CAB DRIVER grumbles as he extends the credit machine out
the window. DARIUS sprints across the street, dodging
traffic along the way and disappears into a solid white
metallic building. A sign on the building discreetly reads
"MEAC". The CAB DRIVER looks into the back and spies three
ten dollar bills sitting on the seat. He curses and checks
his watch. The meter resets itself automatically the cab
zooms down the busy street.


A desk drawer slams shut. We see only hands scrambling
across the top of the desk, searching for something. A small
tattoo with three red bands is noticeable on MR. JOHN'S left
ring finger. The office is spacious with modern decorating.
A large over-stuffed couch sits in one corner and a large
projection screen takes up the wall directly facing the
desk. There are what look to be moon rocks scattered about
the various surfaces in the office and a poster behind the
desk shows a worn poster advertising starting a new life on
the moon.
                       MR JOHN
      (voice only)
Laura?! Where is his file?
LAURA'S desk sits right outside the door to MR. JOHN'S
office. She smiles at DARIUS who is nervously seated on a
soft chair and continues her typing.
                       MR JOHN
MR. JOHN continues his search. He is dressed in a crisp
black suit with a white tie. A sigh of relief is audible as
the file in question is recovered underneath shiny black
folder labeled "HOUSING UNIT 90" followed by a three digit
number. MR. JOHN opens the file and we see a picture of
DARIUS as well as a filled-out form stamped with various
government logos and the symbol for MEAC. We can tell from
his file that he is 22 years of age, and his occupation is
listed as "farmer."
                       MR JOHN
He may come now.
LAURA motions to DARIUS that he may go inside, but he misses
her cue.
Sir? Mr. John is waiting.
DARIUS quickly stands up and mutters a few words of thanks
under his breath. LAURA shakes her head amusedly as DARIUS
scrambles inside MR. JOHN'S office. MR. JOHN studies DARIUS
as he shuts the door and takes a seat.
                       MR JOHN
When did you get in?
Early this morning.


                       MR JOHN
Oh? Well, welcome to Earth Darius.
The CAB DRIVER stands near the front of a perfectly formed
line in front of a teller. One sign reads "Exchange rates
subject to change." Another sign reads "1 Old-Earth/Moon
Dollars = 300 (cont) credits" He takes the three bills given
to him earlier, counts them, and sighs. A phone rings. In
front of him, MR. JOHN takes a highly stylized phone out of
his coat pocket and answers it.
                       MR JOHN
Yes, I heard. Has he arrived?
The BANK TELLER motions for MR. JOHN to step up. He does and
gives the BANK TELLER $300.
                       MR JOHN
      (on phone)
Good. I'm just finishing up.
(to teller)
What is the rate?
The BANK TELLER points at the sign and takes the paper
                       CAB DRIVER
Come on you sir!
MR. JOHN frowns as he takes his receipt. The CAB DRIVER
slams his materials to be exchanged on the counter.
                       CAB DRIVER
Only 900 for this? Bad rates here.
                       BANK TELLER
                       CAB DRIVER
I get more if I take to Utah.
                       BANK TELLER
Good for Utah.
The BANK TELLER rips a receipt and slides it towards the CAB


                       BANK TELLER


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From Anne-Elyse Date 12/10/2007 ****
I really enjoyed the intro. Has a "Bladerunner" feel to it. The idea of a futuristic Vegas is very compelling and original. The beginning definitely left me wanting to read more. Keep up the good writing!

From Lisa Ellis Date 12/3/2007 ***
Very original, I like the idea of "New Las Vegas", but why would there be government business there? "New Washington, DC" would make more sense to me.

From Ada Arkham Date 12/2/2007 ****
intriguing. i'm wondering why they are both at the bank. good initially, hopefully it stays on par.

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