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Hard Lines
by Ian R. Dunstan (dunny17@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
Three lads from a small town stumble onto a drug deal that will change their lives forever.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


DANNY, NICK and MIKE are three young men, all in their mid
twenties. Danny is a business man, but not in the
traditional sense. Nick and Mike both have part time jobs
and just make enough money to live on.
The lads are all sat in their usual spot in the pub. The
lads are just about to watch the football and are talking
during the build up.
Come on Nick you know the drill.
You've got to touch the badge
before kick off!
Every week Danny! We touch your
stupid Everton badge for luck and
every week they just give us a
reason to keep drinking!
Watch your tongue, that's my boys
your talking about! Tell you what
Nick, why don't you support Man
Utd, they seem to be winning at
the minute!
You know what, I think I bloody
might do! Anythings better than
following this shower of shite
every week!
Yeah come on Nick, join me and the
thousands of others that have
pledged allegiance to the Reds!
      (Frowning heavily)
Have you heard yourself Nick! Our
father would be turning in his
grave right now ... If he was
The football gets underway and immediately the lads are
fixed on the screen. Danny becomes gradually more agitated
with his teams performance through out the half.


      (Standing up)
Ah the useless bastards! I cant
hack this, I need another drink!
                                         CUT TO DANNY AT THE
Danny is stood at the bar waiting to be served. A man sat on
the stool next to him sees Danny's Everton shirt and strikes
up a conversation with him.
                       SCOUSE MAN
There fucking useless aren't they!
Tell me about it! So your an
Everton fan then?
                       SCOUSE MAN
Yeah unfortunately, we cant all
back winners though eh! You seem
surprised by it?
Well, not many people support
Everton round here, or at least
they won't admit to it! I'm
guessing by your accent that your
a true blue?
                       SCOUSE MAN
Yeah something like that, I'm
actually from The Wirral but its
close enough. More of a family
loyalty really.
Yeah mines something like that
too. Followed them since I was a
kid so I can't really abandon them
now eh!
                       SCOUSE MAN
Once a blue, always a blue! So
besides watchin' footy what else
do you do mate?


Well I'm a bit of a business man
actually. Although I haven't
really hit the big time yet, bit
down on my luck at the minute.
                       SCOUSE MAN
Yeah I'm a bit like that myself.
Reason I'm here was for a bit of
business. Had this sweet little
deal lined up and it fell on its
arse as soon as I got here!
Ah! Always shit when that happens!
What sort of business was it, I
might be able to rekindle a deal
                       SCOUSE MAN
Maybe mate, probably not the kind
of business you think though,
probably best not talking about
Well you never know I could just
be the right man for the job?
                       SCOUSE MAN
I wouldn't have thought so mate,
you look a little too... clean
shall we say!
Clean?? you've lost me now.
                       SCOUSE MAN
Well you may be a business man but
I don't think you'd be interested
in what I'm selling.
Christ keep it to your self then!
I can't understand all the
secrecy, Ive known you for at
least five minutes now!


                       SCOUSE MAN
Sorry mate but you just can't be
sure who you're talking to.
I see what you're saying. I mean I
could be working for Scotland Yard
or something, 007 and a half!
                       SCOUSE MAN
It's nothing against you mate, I'd
just rather not advertise my
business. My names Chris by the
The two men shake hands.
Danny. Didn't mean to pry Chris
but its like a bug with me, as
soon as I hear business I'm
                       SCOUSE MAN
Its OK mate, it's just that my
business isn't strictly speaking
Christ your not a drug dealer are
The Scouse Man takes a sip from his pint and just stares
directly at Danny.
Jesus Christ! Maybe I am too
clean! I don't touch that shit,
nothing against it but I just
don't know if its for me.
                       SCOUSE MAN
I didn't think it would be mate. I
understand, it's not every ones
game. I just thought a bit of
profit would be a good thing, for
a business man like yourself?


                       SCOUSE MAN
Tell you what mate Ive got to
shoot off now but If you change
your mind give this number a ring.
Chris hands Danny a piece of paper with a number on it then
finishes his drink at leaves the pub, leaving Danny stood at
the bar looking quiet bemused.
The three lads are stood outside the pub as they begin
making there way home after watching the football.
What did I tell you Danny, "your
boys" fucked you over again! Think
you need to get a new lucky badge.
Yeah alright Nick knock it off.
I'm in a right shit mood now!
      (Singing (to the
       tune of "day
       dream believer")
Cheer up Danny boy oh what can it
Danny erratically grabs Nick and thrusts him up against a
telephone box.
I said knock it of Nick, its not
Mike grabs Danny's shoulders in order to restrain him. Danny
lets go of his brother and turns his attention on Mike.
If you ever grab me again, I'll
make you wish you fucking hadn't!


Alright mate calm down its only a
game of football!
Alright Dan that's enough for
fucks sake! How old are you! Its a
game of football just calm the
fuck down!
Danny sits down on the bench outside the pub and puts his
head between his hands.
I'm sorry, I just lost my head a
      (Under his breath)
Christ can you imagine if he knew
about Rachel?
What was that about Rachel!!
Nothing Dan he didn't say
anything! Just leave it and cool
the fuck down!
Danny closes the office door and locks it. As he's making
his way to his car he remembers about the scouse mans
proposition. He takes the piece of paper out of his pocket
and begins staring at the number before bumping into his
car. He neatly folds the paper and returns it to his pocket.
Danny and his girlfriend, RACHEL, are in a restaurant
enjoying a meal after Danny has finished work.
I can't get over how lovely you
look tonight Rach. Are those the
earrings I got you for Christmas?


Yeah, I didn't think you'd
remember them.
It looks like I'm a man of good
Looks that way.
I was only joking love, is there
something wrong, you seem a
little...I dunno different?
Its always jokes Danny isn't it.
Your never serious!
Right, OK whats wrong!
I've got something serious to tell
you Danny. I'm pregnant.
Danny is so taken aback that he sits in his chair open
mouthed for a while.
See I knew you wouldn't be able to
handle it when I told you!
No no, its not that, I just didn't
know what to say. This is
fantastic Rach, I'm gonna be a
Rachel looks almost disappointed with Danny's reaction, she
fakes a smile then continues with her meal.
Danny's on his mobile phone talking to his brother Nick.
Nick, Nick, your not gonna believe


Whoa slow down Dan whats up?
Your gonna be an uncle Nick! Rach
is pregnant!
That's fantastic Dan, celebratory
drinks are in order! meet us in
the Wheatsheaf in an hour.
Danny is celebrating in the pub with Nick and Mike. Nick
returns from the bar with a drink for Danny.
There you go you miserable sod. So
how does it feel then?
Well I'm not sure to tell you the
truth. I was over the moon about
an hour ago but now I've started
thinking, how the hell am I
supposed to support a baby?!
Ah Dan! Tonight's not about that!
Trust you to look on the down
Yeah chin up, I'm just surprised
you found someone that's willing
to sleep with you!
Nick and Mike share a laugh but Danny just gazes into his
Listen right this is serious. How
would you feel about making a
little bit of money?
Well how are we gonna obtain this
As if I care, I'm in!


You'll do anything for a bit of
Well lets hear his idea before we
shit on it eh?
      (Sighing heavily)
Fine.As you were Dan
Last week I met a scouse chap at
the bar.He said something about
being in town for a deal but it
fell through. Now you know me I'm
as clean as a Disney cartoon, but
this is our chance to make a bit
of money!
What kind of deal? Not a drug deal
Dan! Jesus have you lost the
fucking plot!
I know I know, but we're capable
of pulling this off! I'd never get
involved with stuff like this but
it looks like I'm gonna need a bit
of "financial aid" now.
Sounds good to me, game on I say!
Jesus Dan! A drug deal! You must
be completely out of your mind. I
need time to think...Alright fine,
I'm in!
The three raise there drinks to toast the deal.
Danny returns home from work and as he enters the flat he
hears murmurings coming from his brothers bedroom. The light
on the house phone is flashing "in use".


Nick are you in?
Danny picks up the other handset and puts it to his ear.
Listen Rach calm down, I don't
think he suspects a thing.
But Nick what if he finds out?
It'll kill him to know that it's
your child!
Look let me worry about that, I'll
tell him nearer the time, it's
gonna be difficult hiding our
relationship though.
It'll destroy him, I know it will.
What are we going to do?
Do we have to cool it for a while?
I don't know? How do you feel? I
thought I'd feel a lot more guilt
but I really don't love your
brother anymore.
Danny hangs up the phone. His eyes are streaming with tears
as he races back out the door.
Danny is stood in a pay-phone box round the corner from his
house. He has tears streaming down his face; his expression
is that of deep hurt and pure anger. In one hand he clutches
the receiver of the phone; in the other the piece of paper
with the scouse mans phone number on it. Danny looks
desperately at the piece of paper as if to obtain the


answer. After a while he begins pushing the buttons and the
phone starts to ring.
Come on pick up...
Danny lets the phone ring for a while then hangs up the
receiver. Distraught he slumps down in the telephone box.
Suddenly the phone begins to ring. Danny stares at the phone
in disbelieve, then picks up the receiver.
                       SCOUSE MAN
Who's this?
Is that Chris??
                       SCOUSE MAN
Who's this?
Sorry, My names Danny. I'm the
business man from Barrow? We met
in a pub...the Everton fan?
                       SCOUSE MAN
Ah right, and...
Well, I rang the number because I
was interested in the business
proposition. I just called but
there was no answer?
                       SCOUSE MAN
I don't pick up my phone. I
redialed the last call and this is
what it came up with. What can I
do for you?
Well like I said I'm interested in
the business proposition.
                       SCOUSE MAN
How serious are you about doing
this Danny? Because once you say
your in, your in! I'm not gonna
fuck around this time, get me?


Look, I'm as serious as a heart
attack! I want in!
                       SCOUSE MAN
Good. Then talk to me Danny...
The two carry on talking about setting up the deal as we
move away from the action to outside the phone box. Danny is
seen talking but nothing is being heard.
                                         SLOW FADE OUT
Danny is fuelled heavily on anger. He is working out at the
gym to try and release some of his pent up rage.
Danny is punching a punching bag, pausing only to spout
verbal abuse aimed at Nick.
I can't believe it...How could
they do this to me...This is for
you Nick!
Danny punches the bag so hard that his knuckle begins
dripping with blood. He leaves the punch bag and attends to
his wound.
                       STAFF MEMBER
Hell you really showed him!
      (Under his breath)
That's nothing compared to what
he's gonna get!
The staff member sees that Danny's hand is bleeding.
                       STAFF MEMBER
Jesus, do you want some ice for
No I'll be fine.
Danny walks past the Staff member.


The pain is the least of my
worries right now.
Danny quickly makes his way to the changing room, clutching
his hand, his knuckles covered in blood.
Nick and Mike are sat n the pub in their usual spot. They
await the arrival of Danny and are playing on a bandit
whilst they wait.
No no! Hold it! For Christ sake
Nick don't balls it up now!
Calm down will ya! I know what I'm
There, nudge it go on...that's it.
The bandit drops a substantial amount of pound coins.
Get in! Not a bad profit, put 3
quid in get 20 back!
Ah well, looks like drinks are on
you mate?
Go on then. God I'm too soft with
you, you know that don't ya!
Absolutely! But lets be honest,
you'd be lost without me!
Yeah yeah, just go and get the
drinks in soft lad!
Nick hands Mike some money and he heads off to the bar. Mike
comes back a few minutes later with two drinks.


Tell you what, that bar maid
defiantly wanted a bit!
Yeah course Mike. Just like how
that lass from the other night
DEFIANTLY wanted a bit!
Ey! Now she defiantly did!
She threw up mate!
Yeah but she missed my shoes! That
tells you something!!
At that point Danny enters the pub and heads over to Nick an
Took your sweet time! You missed
my big win!
You been on them bandits again?
your a bloody fool Nick!
I won 20 quid!
Oh well mines a pint of Fosters
Nick stands up shaking his head, he then ventures off to the
So what have you two "love birds"
been talking about?
Oh you know, this and that.
Enthralling! Can see I got here
just in time!
Mike sees Danny's hand is all bandaged up.


What have you been up to?
Nothing, leave it.
Christ! I'd hate to see the other
      (Under his breath)
Don't worry you won't have long to
Nick returns with a drink for Danny.
We were just saying how our little
group would be lost without me!
I'm like the linchpin you see.
      (Choking on his
Christ! If I'd have known that I'd
have pulled the pin out years ago!
You're a fucking riot you!
Now now boys! Honestly the
competition over me is too much!
I stand corrected, he's the
fucking riot!
Say what you want but I know your
little tiffs are always about me!
Get over yourself! It's cos
someones a cu...
...uddly teddy bear! Now stop your


What ever, back in a bit.
Dan heads off to the toilet, scowling at Mike as he walks
Honestly mate, your brother is
such a prick! Why do we have to
put up with him?
Cos he's got some sort of plan
worked out and I wanna make some
money off him!
Yeah well he better watch his
mouth that's all I'm saying.
Danny returns from the toilet.
Right. Lets talk business shall
Yeah go on, make it worth my
Not here. Follow me.
Danny leads Nick and Mike to a more secluded area of the
The three lads are in a small, dimly lit room in the back of
The Wheatsheaf. Nick and Mike are sitting at a small table
whilst Danny is stood over them looking very commanding.
Right, now this is where it all
gets a bit serious. I need to know
that you're still with me on this?
Yeah I suppose so.


Suppose so? Nick if your not in
this 100% then you're not in it at
all! I can't have you fucking
things up cos you didn't feel like
OK Christ! Sir yes sir! I'm a 110%
committed to project drug deal
Danny shakes his head and sits down. He stares directly at
Mike lifts his head and stares Danny directly in the eye.
Yeah... I'm in.
Danny stands up and takes a piece of paper out of his
pocket. On it there is a list of bullet points of how the
drug deal will progress. He places the piece of paper on the
For fucks sake Dan! This is why
you of all people shouldn't be
involved in a drug deal!
What do you mean?
Well look at it for Christ sake!
It's a fucking drug deal not a
sales pitch, next you'll have a
power point presentation for us!
Nick and Mike fall about laughing.
Listen to me! This is my drug deal
so I say how it goes down OK? I'm
sorry I tried to add a bit of
organisation to it all!


Jesus Dan! You make the deal and
you get the fuck out of there as
far as I'm concerned. Do you ever
turn your brain off?
Alright Tony Montana! You take
control of the fucking deal!
No no "boss" you carry on! One
question though, whats the attire
for the occasion? Shirt and tie?
Nick and Mike fall about laughing again. Danny is now livid
and bangs his fist on the table.
Right! I can see I'm wasting my
time with you two clowns!
Danny stands up and heads for the door. He is stopped in his
tracks by Nick.
Whoa! Calm down Dan. It was only a
bit of a laugh, you do remember
what a laugh is don't ya Dan?
Of course I do but I wanted to be
serious for one minute! I'm
planin' a drug deal, not a piss
Yeah you're right. Sorry Dan.
Nick nudges Mike
Sorry Dan.
Dan walks back over to the table and places his piece of
paper on it.
Has "the expert" got anything else
to say before I start?


Who me? No no, you go right ahead,
your the man!
Danny Shrugs the comment off and proceeds with his
Right well as I was saying
                                         FADE OUT ON DANNY
...So basically we agree the price
and then we've got the coke. Mike
I'll leave it to you to "dispatch"
some of the merchandise. I'll get
the finances set up. And as for
you Nick, just make sure you turn
up on time!
Christ! There's half hour of my
life I'll not be getting back! If
that was the bullet pointed
version I'd hate to have seen the
long winded one!
Tell me about it! If you need me
I'll be at the bar trying to make
up for LOST time!
Mike leaves the room and is muttering under his breath.
Danny also stands up to leave.
Right, now wait until I'm outside
before you leave, lets not draw
attention to ourselves eh?
Roger that. Mission understood,
Danny puts his coat on and makes his way out the door.


      (Mumbling to
I'm wasting my bastard time...
Nick and Mike are sat in Danny's front room playing a video
game. Nick suddenly pauses the game as he has received a
text message.
Whoa Dick head! What you doing?
Just cos I'm beating ya!
Mike, lets be honest mate, you're
shit at this game and its only a
matter of time before I come
storming back into it!
Yeah yeah, we'll wait and see.
What did you pause it for anyway?
Just got a text of Rachel.
Oh aye, saying what?
Nowt, just asking me what I'm up
to tonight.
Christ! Poor Danny eh!
Yeah well, shit happens. It's not
like I'll be seeing him when all
of this is over though.
Nick un-pauses the game.
What about Rach and the baby?


What about them? I'm having
nothing to do with her or that
Mike looks at Nick with a shocked expression. In his absence
from the game Nick equalises.
Ah shit! So you're not going to be
there for the baby then?
Yeah right! It was all just a bit
of fun that got out of hand.
Bollocks to the lot of 'em.
Nick goes on to score another goal on the game. Mike has a
very blank, lifeless expression on his face. Although he is
playing the game his body language suggests he has been
shaken by Nick's lack of morality.
                                         FADE OUT ON MIKES
Danny is crossing the car park after just finishing work. As
he approaches the car he spies a traffic warden hovering
around it, making notes in his book.
I've not run out of time have I?
                       TRAFFIC WARDEN
Is this your car then sir?
Well it was when I left it this
                       TRAFFIC WARDEN
Then I think this belongs to you
The traffic warden holds out a ticket for un paid parking


                       TRAFFIC WARDEN (cont.)
I was going to stick it on your
window but seen as though you're
Hang on, I paid up until half
four! It's only just half four
                       TRAFFIC WARDEN
Actually sir if you'd like to
check your ticket, you've only
paid until half three, so you are
in fact, an hour late!
That's not right! I put on three
hours at half one!
                       TRAFFIC WARDEN
Well unfortunately sir it hasn't
registered has it? Nothing I can
do about that is there?
Danny drops his briefcase and lunges towards the Traffic
Warden, grabbing him around his coat collar.
Oh there is! You can revoke my
ticket you snide little bastard!
                       TRAFFIC WARDEN
Let go of me or I'll have to use
Danny lets go of the traffic warden as he is in absolute
hysterics. The traffic warden re-adjusts his coat and throws
a dirty look at Danny.
                       TRAFFIC WARDEN (cont.)
You're not the first person that's
tried to accost me you know! It
pretty much comes with the job!
Danny raises his fist to the traffic warden in a threatening
gesture. The traffic warden scarpers away quickly, dropping
the ticket on the floor.
Bloody traffic wardens!


Laughing to himself, Danny screws up the ticket and throws
it back on the floor. He then gets into his car and drives
Danny is sat in traffic. He receives a text message from the
dealer. Danny immediately phones the dealer. Only Danny's
side of the conversation is heard.
Hello...yeah where all
sorted...no, no problems this
end...what time at...OK I'll keep
an eye out for you...yeah OK see
you then.
Danny hangs up the phone and an enormous grin spreads across
his face. He then phones his brother.
Nick? Its Dan...where on!
Danny and Mike arrive at the pub simultaneously. They both
go to the bar and order a drink. Mike orders one for Nick
and the two take a seat by the window.
This doesn't feel right man. This
doesn't feel good at all.
Danny is staring out the window completely un-aware Mike is
talking to him.
                       MIKE (cont.)
OI! I said this doesn't feel
Sorry. I dunno, try going to the
toilet or something!
I didn't mean with me you dick! I
meant that we're not sat in the
right place!


Well I'm more concerned with the
whereabouts of Nick to be quite
honest! What did I say to him. I
said just turn up on time, how
hard is that?
Not very?
It was rhetorical, cock!
Danny begins to look nervously at his watch and tapping his
fingers on the table. At this point Nick arrives from the
toilet and makes his way over to the table.
      (Cockney accent)
Mornin' all.
Where the fuck have you been?! One
thing Nick, that's all I asked of
I know and that's why I was here
10 minutes ago, smart arse!
Thank Christ! Wouldn't want
anything to go wrong now would we!
Yeah we thought you'd NEGLECTED
What! What are you on about now?
Never mind, here's a nice pint for
What are we doing over here
anyway? This isn't our usual spot.
Yeah well we're sat here today ok?


S'pose so!
It was rhetorical, cock!
All three takes sips of their drinks. Danny continues to
look out of the window nervously, constantly checking his
watch. Nick picks up a paper from another table and begins
discussing the content with Mike.
So go on then what do you reckon,
who's got their hands on the
premiership title this year?
Well being as it's Christmas it's
a bit hard to say!
Ah, United will run away with it
you watch.
Mike looks away from Nick and turns his chair away slightly.
Yeah probably.
Right OK. Whats goin' on? Have I
missed something here?
No mate, nothing at all.
Well what's goin' on then cos you
seem to have taken the hump with
me about something, and HE hasn't
took his eyes of the window for at
least 10 minutes now!
Danny regretfully turns away from the window and faces Nick.
For Christ sake Nick, just shut
up! How does that sound? All I can
hear is you bitching about this
and that!


Christ I think I'll do you both a
favour and fuck off!
Nick abruptly pushes back his chair and goes over to the
He's right though you do seem a
bit irritable, even by your
Look I've just got a lot on my
plate at the minute! I just want
things to go smoothly, it is a
drug deal after all!
Yeah s'pose. Listen I've got
something I wanna tell ya Dan...
At that moment the scouse man walks in wearing a long coat
and a baseball hat. He looks Danny directly in the eyes and
nods at him. Danny nods back and the scouse man walks past
and goes upstairs in the pub.
It'll have to wait til later. Come
on this is it!
The lads finish their drinks then Danny goes upstairs whilst
Mike retrieves Nick then they follow behind.
The three lads enter a room marked "private". The scouse man
is sat at a table in a very dimly lit room. The room is
empty apart from the scouse man and the three lads. The
scouse mans cap is pulled over so it is covering his eyes.
Three chairs are laid out in front of the table, Danny sits
in the middle chair leaving Mike and Nick to go ether side.
                       SCOUSE MAN
Now then boys, how are we all?
All the better for seeing you I


Mind if we cut the pleasantries,
I'm in a bit of a rush.
                       SCOUSE MAN
Ooooh calm down sweetheart, it'll
all be over soon enough. It all
depends if you've brought enough
pennies with you son!
Nick scowls desperately at the scouse man who in turn smiles
back at him.
Can we just get on with the deal
now please?
                       SCOUSE MAN
Well as we discussed on the phone,
I want 18 grand.
Fuck! 18 grand! When did we agree
                       SCOUSE MAN
He keeps you out the loop a bit
mate. I've already talked to your
man here about this.
Well hold on, lets have a look at
this shite before I give you my
The scouse man pulls out a substantial amount of cocaine
from an inside pocket of the coat. The cocaine is passed
across the table. Mike pulls out a flick knife and cuts the
packet slightly, he then dabs his finger in the packet and
brushes it across his gums.
Yeah that's alright!
                       SCOUSE MAN
There's one satisfied customer.
Now come on I wanna see some
Bee's? What the fuck are you
talking about!


Bee's and Honey...money!
                       SCOUSE MAN
Least one of you dopey bastards is
switched on!
Again Nick scowls at the scouse man and again the scouse man
smiles at him.
      (pointing at the
That price seems a bit steep for
                       SCOUSE MAN
Look, I haven't come here to fuck
around, have you got the money or
Well that depends on what I think
it's worth. How does 14 sound?
                       SCOUSE MAN
Fuck off! That's how that sounds!
Well 15 and a half then!!
                       SCOUSE MAN
Is this a fucking set up?
Alright then, fucking 17!
                       SCOUSE MAN
Well fucking 17 it is then!
Danny counts his money then slides a wad of cash across the
table. The scouse man picks it up and places it in his
pocket. He then stands up to leave.
                       SCOUSE MAN (cont...)
      (Looking directly
       at Nick)
Now enjoy that boys, especially
you sweetheart, enjoy your date,
give him a big kiss from me.


The scouse man blows a kiss at Nick. Nick reacts to it and
stands up out of his chair and throws it to the ground and
heads for the scouse man. He is then restrained by Mike.
Leave it Nick...WANKER!
The scouse man laughs as he leaves the room. Nick picks his
chair up and sits back down on it. Mike taps him on the
shoulder but seemingly remembers his previous days
conversation and moves his hand away.
Right boys I think a wee
celebration is in order!
It must be your round then Dan.
I'm a bit tired of this pub, lets
move it to town eh?
Now you're talking! I'll catch up
to ya, just going for a piss.
Hang on you need this. Like I said
you're our head of dispatch! See
you outside when you're done.
Danny hands Mike the cocaine and Mike puts it away in his
jacket. Mike heads off to the toilet whilst Nick and Danny
walk down the stairs.
What a wanker that scouser was!
Fucking prick, I'd have done him
if Mike wasn't there!
Yeah course Nick. Your 'ard with a
capital "A" you!
Prick! That's all I'm gonna say to
you Dan! Now come on, town won't
know what's hit it!


Mike arrives in the toilet and attends to his business. He
then washes his hands but stops a minute to wash his face as
Come on Michael! you've got to do
the right thing.
Mike takes out his mobile phone. He writes a text to Danny,
MISSUS AND THE BABYS NOT URS". He pauses for a minute and
takes a deep breath. At that moment a hooded assailant
sneaks up behind him and strikes him across the back off the
head. Mike drops to the floor and is completely unconscious,
his mobile phone is in his hand, the message not sent. The
attacker rummages around in his pockets retrieving the
cocaine then exits the toilet.
Danny and Nick are walking past the bar and are just about
to leave the pub. The cellar door is wide open.
Ey up, the cellar doors open, best
tell John.
Nick heads back towards the bar.
John! You've left the cellar door
open mate!
Danny grabs hold of Nick and throws him into the cellar.
Nick bounces down the stairs and is left in a heap at the
bottom of them. Danny then races down the stairs. He then
sets about him and beats him severely, only pausing to shout
at him.
      (Shouting Angrily)
You absolute bastard!...I can't
believe you would do that to
me!...How many times have I stuck
my neck out for you and this how
you re pay me?...as far as I'm
concerned you and Rachel are
nothing to me any more!


Danny spits on Nick's seemingly lifeless body then leaves.
He is shaking from the adrenaline rush, his knuckles are
dripping with blood.
Danny leaves the Wheatsheaf and gets into a car parked near
the entrance. He gets into the passenger seat as there is a
man with a hooded top sat in the drivers seat. It is the man
who attacked Mike in the toilet previously.
That was worth the wait! Did you
find the stuff?
The man takes his hood down and reveals himself to be the
scouse man.
                       SCOUSE MAN
Yeah mate no problem. Just where
you said it would be!
Well then, here's to a deal well
The two then shake hands.
                       SCOUSE MAN
How did your little talk with your
brother go.
Danny shows the scouse man his bleeding knuckles.
Very well indeed! He knows where
he went wrong now!
                       SCOUSE MAN
Felt a bit guilty about the other
kid though.
Ah well, that's just hard lines
The two men laugh and drive off out of sight.


                                         STILL SHOT OF MIKE'S


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From Jeff Helton Date 12/6/2007 ***
Should change the directin where Mike's is texting on his phone to an; INSERT - PHONE - TEXT "Dan theres sumit u shud kno, Nicks been seing ur missus and the babys not urs" In other words, try not to CAPS any thing other than NAMES and at a limit some ACTION or SOUND. Other than that, looks good.

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