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Inconsiderate To Self (SHORT)
by Emily Schoener (eschoener@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
Another partial from a while back. There's about 30 more pages elsewhere.. Initial feedback?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Footsteps echo through an alleyway. Tiny drops of water
drip onto the pavement from rusted storm drains that
decorate the low buildings.
Come back here! We ain't done.
An attractive YOUNG WOMAN falls onto the pavement. Her
dress is dirty and torn, like she had survived the wilds of
an African jungle. A MAN walks slowly towards her. We
cannot see his face, but his mouth seems to be twisted in a
sick grin.
Thought your pretty ass could get
away from me huh?
As the Man reaches out for SARAH, she coils back. His hands
are dirty and there appears to be no lack of grime under his
fingernails. He grabs a hold of her dress and pulls hard,
tearing it in one swift motion.
Don't be scared sweetheart.
The Man pushes Sarah down on her back and starts to undo his
belt buckle. She tries to get up, but he returns her
struggle with a fist against her lip. Blood trickles down
from the now open wound onto her chin and continues down her
neck. He reaches out with his hand, dabs his finger in the
blood and licks it off.
You gonna treat me real good,
He positions himself on top of her and starts thrusting. Her
screams violate the quiet streets.
Several groups of people are standing around talking in a
small room. A sign just inside the door reads: AA MEETING
7-8:30. A young man in his early 20ís stands on the


sidelines. This is PAUL BURNACH, tall and pale, but wise
beyond his years. The type of lonely, anti-social guy
people didnít expect much out of as a teenager, but the one
who ends up being a famous millionaire later on with legions
of old buddies fighting over who was friends with him back
Paul observes the chatting people.
Hey shit-face. You ready to roll?
LIDON SPEAS emerges from the bathroom behind Paul. Lidon is
a tall, attractive, all-american man. He is Paulís best
Just a minute.
Lidon cranes his neck to try to see what Paul is looking at.
All of these people have no idea
what life is really about.
How do you figure?
Just look at them. Where do they
go from here? Home? To their
broken families, if they have one.
This is it. They have hit rock
bottom. Up from here? Bullshit.
The bottom is the bottom.
So you include yourself in this
Paul shakes his head in disgust.
No man. I'm nothing like these
Paul, Lidon and a few other young men exit the church. Paul
and Lidon walk the in the opposite direction of the group.


Stomachs acting up again. Gotta
change the diet dude.
Paul stops walking.
What was that?
What's what?
Paul motions for Lidon to be quiet. Both men stand still.
Nothing unusual is heard. Passing cars, honking horns,
typical city noises though not overbearingly loud.
Come on, I don't hear anything.
The Man lifts himself off of Sarah and grins.
Youíre not so bad ya know that?
Even for a dumb bitch.
Sarah winces in pain as she tries to move herself. He takes
a swing at Sarah and hits her directly in the temple. Her
upper body teeters for a moment before hitting the street
with a sickening thud. The Man laughs and starts off down
the street.
Paul and Lidon are still walking.
Dude, how far did you park?
Would it kill you to have some
Yes. So how far did you get with
Not now ok?


I was just asking.
Paul stops walking and peers down an alleyway. Lidon walks
ahead a little further before realizing that Paul isnít with
Again? First you hear noises and
now what? Ghosts? Gobins?
Ghouls? No wait,Iíve got it! The
thing that goes bumpó
Will you can it? Come here.
Uh uh. I'm scared.
Lidon, stop. I think there is a
woman down here.
Ooooooh... Spidey sense acting
up? Probably some drug laced
Lidon walks over to the entrance to the alley. There is a
shape on the ground that is hard to make out. It looks like
a woman in a dress.
See? Passed out drunk. Whoever
it is. Can we go? My stomach is
killing me.
Paul starts to advance down the alley.
Iím telling you, itís obviously
just a crack head who took a
little too much.
Lidon reluctantly follows Paul. As the men approach the
shape, it becomes clear as to what it is. Lidon reaches
down to pick up the dress as Paul scans the alley for signs
of life.


Ok, so someone forgot their dress.
Itís ripped.
So it fell out of the garbage.
Seriously Paul. The super hero
complex has got to go. We are just
mere mortals I am afraid.
Fuck you.
Paul snatches the dress from Lidon and looks around one last
time before walking back towards the street.
Sarah is washing herself in the sink. In this light, we can
see that she is the type of woman who has the potential to
be gorgeous, but she either does not realize her potential,
or is just too lazy to do anything about it. Wearing only a
slip, she receives nasty looks from the few other women in
the restroom. As she scrubs at the blood on her mouth, an
attractive WOMAN of 30 leans against the sink next to hers
and stares.
Long night?
Sarah looks up at her and smiles quickly.
You a working girl?
No, Iím not.
Too bad. You got the looks to be
successful at it.
Iím not sure how to take that.
Iím Rebekah.
Sarah dries off her own hand before taking REBEKAHís.


Not from around here are you?
I see. You need a place to crash
or something?
No Iíll be fine. But thank you.
Oh come now, donít be stupid. My
place is right up the block. A
place called Whispering Willows.
The name sounds nicer then it is
but I have an extra room and
clean sheets. Thatís better then
most around here.
I donít know. I really shouldó
Should what? Doesn't look like you
have much of a choice at this
Sarah shys away from the fact that she is so transparent to
this woman.
I insist. Come on.
Sarah looks around at the half-rotting apartment building.
Rebekah walks over to a row of rusting mailboxes to retrieve
her mail.
What were you doing hanging out in
that bathroom?


What are you doing running around
the streets in a slip?
Suddenly self-conscious, Sarah covers herself. Rebekah
smiles knowingly and thumbs through her mail.
All junk these days.
Rebekah moves past Sarah to a door which, when opened,
reveals a dimly lit stairwell. She motions Sarah to go
ahead of her.
Elevator's been broken for months
The lights flicker eeringly as the women slowly make their
way up the stairs.
Landlord is too much of a deadbeat
to do anything about it. I reckon
this place'll be shut down within
the year. I'm on the 4th floor.
Paul is stirring a strange looking concoction on the stove.
He stares at it blankly, his mind obviously somewhere else.
Behind him, the dress sits on the table. The apartment is
all one room and untidy. Lidon plops down on a ragged
looking sofa-bed and turns on the TV.
Mind if I crash here tonight? My
neurotic roommate is back from
vacation and I am trying to avoid
her for as long as possible.
Paul doesn't respond. It isn't clear if he heard Lidon at
all because he just continues stirring in his zombie-like


Huh? Sure whatever.
Thanks dude.
Lidon burps loudly and settles into the bed. Paul pours his
liquid into a cup and puts in the freezer.
I'm going to jump in the shower.
Uh huh.
Lidon turns up the volume on the television in an attempt to
drown out other noise.
The apartment is modest, but almost disturbingly clean. One
gets the feeling that it would pass even the most stringent
white glove inspection with flying colors. Sarah is
noticably uncomfortable.
Relax. I will set you up in the
guest room and you can go to sleep
if you like. We can talk in the
Thank you. I'm sorry it's just
that I-
Rebekah stands extremely close to Sarah and puts her finger
on Sarah's lips to silence her.
Whatever it is, it's ok.
Sarah sits on the couch as Rebekah slids in and out of the
extra bedroom with an assortment of linens and pillows. When
she is finished, she stands in the middle of living room,
slightly winded.
Well, you are all set. I put out a
few pairs of my pajamas too if you
want something to sleep in.


Thank you. Do you mind if I take a
Of course not. Second door to the
Sarah gets up and walks out of sight. Rebekah frowns after
her, unsure of what to make of the situation.
Lidon yawns and looks at his watch. It reads: 11:30pm. He
clutches his stomach and winces in pain. He gets up slowly,
walks to the bathroom and bangs loudly on the door.
Paul you almost done? My stomach
is acting up again.
Lidon listens at the door.
Paul? Come on dude.
He tries the doorknob. To his surprise, it isn't locked. He
opens the door cautiously.
Lidon opens the door all the way to reveal Paul slumped over
the bathtub, shower still running. His back looks scalded
from the hot water. There is a trail of green foam hanging
from his mouth and his wrists are bloody. Lidon falls to his
Rebekah is sitting watching TV. The clock on the wall reads:
11:30pm. A loud noise is heard from the bathroom as if
something had fallen. Rebekah mutes the television and goes
to the bathroom door. She knocks gently.
Sarah honey? Is everything all
Rebekah attempts to turn the knob on the door. Locked.


Rebekah goes to the kitchen table to retrieve her keys and
unlocks the bathroom door. A cloud of steam drifts out of
the bathroom as Rebekah steps inside. The curtain to the
shower is closed. Rebekah slowly pulls back the curtain to
reveal nothing. Noticeably relieved, Rebekah spins around
only to see Sarah hanging from a pipe in the corner of the
bathroom behind the door. Rebekah screams and tries to run
out of the room, only to slip, fall and hit her head on the
Sirens are heard approaching. Lidon immerges quickly from
the house, getting his sleeve caught in the process. As he
yanks his arm free, the metal from the door digs into his
arm. A police car skids to a stop in front of the house,
lights illuminating Lidon's face. The POLICE OFFICER gets
out of his patrol car slowly, stretches, spits, and then
reaches into the car to grab a notepad.
                       POLICE OFFICER
What's this about?
Lidon looks at the man incredulously as an ambulance pulls
The lights from an ambulance siren fade off into the
distance. Rebekah is sitting on the sidewalk with an ice
pack on her wounded head. The same Police Officer walks up
to Rebekah.
                       POLICE OFFICER
What's this about?
I don't know. She was a girl I
met... She looked tired. I just-
                       POLICE OFFICER
Well, I am going to need a
statement from you. Would you
mind taking a trip with me down to
the station?


Yes. I mean, no. Fine. Let's
Lidon sips a cup of coffee. Next to him a YOUNG WOMAN with
an infant stares at him. He glances at her and smiles
                       YOUNG WOMAN
Long night huh?
Huh? Yeah.
                       YOUNG WOMAN
Me too. My husband overdosed.
Damn bastard. I am always telling
that man, 'honey, lay off the
pills for a day or two will ya'? I
mean, heroins ok in moderation,
but every day? Ya got to be
kidding me.
The young woman rocks her baby gently.
                       YOUNG WOMAN
You don't got anything on ya do
you? I'd sure appreciate it.
Lidon moves slyly to the next chair over. The woman
continues to rock her baby.


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From Ada Arkham Date 1/2/2008 ****
Your stuff is consistently very good.

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