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by Justin D. Miller, Alex S. Kalantari (japaneseboxcut@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: **1/2
Nevermore is a short film about life dealing with death. It stars Cooper who just lost his fiance and is having a hard time dealing with that. His two best friends, Eric and Scooter are there for him through the whole ordeal, but when he loses his fiance, Heidi, something is missing from his life, his heart. He doesn't know it but losing her was losing himself, and ultimatly it ends tragically.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The screen is black but you can hear full audio. A man and a
woman are outside talking. They are having a good time being
together. She is Heidi, He is Cooper. Cooper and Heidi's
voices are heard over the sounds of rain.
                       HEIDI (V.O)
Don't you just love the rain?
Yeah, its not bad. I mean its
cold, but I wouldn't want to be
any where else right now.
Your so sweet to me? I don't
deserve it.
What? Don't say that, you deserve
it, you deserve it all. I love you
and I, I want to spend
the rest of my life with you.
Heidi(there's a pause, you hear
him move closer to her) Heidi will
you marry me?
Oh my god, Cooper, you don't know
how much I've… Of course I will.
Yes! Yes! I love you so much.
I've got to tell my mom… tell
everyone, I can't believe this.
Heidi is getting in her car, she is excitedly laughing and
very giddy. The two keep kissing as she is trying to get in
her car
I love you so much
I love you, (Excited) I love you!
The sound of a car Driving off fast. Cooper sighs as she
speeds off then he notices something in the road.


Heidi, watch out!(Yells louder)
Sound of a car crash, you hear the breaks squealing, glass
shattering its a severe crash
      (Yelling while
       he's running)
The sound fades out to only the sound of rain falling.
Cooper is standing over an open grave, looking at a closed
casket, his head is down, and his hands are folded in front
of him. He's in deep thought. Rain drops are lightly tapping
on the casket. Coopers best friends Eric White and Scott
"Scooter" Hansen approach, they pat him on his back and all
three walk away together.
                       ERIC (His hand is gripping coopers shoulder)
Lets get out of here. Huh man.
                       SCOOTER (Unsympathetic tone)
Cooper is lying in the bathtub with the shower water
spraying on him. Doorbell is ringing in the background.
Scooter and Eric enter the house. Scooter bangs on the
bathroom door.
Hey, Coop, how long does it take
to wash up man? We been at
the door for nearly an hour.
                       ERIC (Smacks scooter in the arm)
What's your problem? He just lost
his girl man, take it down a few
He cant cry forever. look,
I get it, when I was twelve my
great grandmother….


The bathroom door opens. Coopers standing in a bathrobe.
Sorry, I think I fell asleep.
Then again I'm not sure.
Are you alright? How are you
feeling physically?
You want some aspirin?
                       SCOOTER (Shoot a look at Eric)
Dude, he's fine. Let me check you
out man.
(Scooter motions to grab Coopers
Cooper backs off.)
Alright, calm down. Look guys, I'm
good. You don't need to check up
on me.
Come on, Coop. We didn't come here
to check up on you, we need
to get drinks and stuff for
Yeah, remember tonight. Tonight is
our rainy day poker game.
I mean if your up to it and all.
It could be good for you.
It's probably not the healthiest
choice to sit around here all
alone. Chronic masturbation may
set in. Then there's the chaffing
and the soar…
      (sighs loudly,
       cutting scooter
Yeah, just let me get ready.
Cooper goes into his room to get ready, Scooter and Eric sit
on the couch.


I hope were not being to pushy, I
mean maybe he needs some space.
Hey, did you see the way he backed
away from the crotch grab? He's
fine, besides its going to be
awhile before he starts fucking
other chicks, I mean, do you
remember Heidi? Tits to
die for man. Not literally of
      (disgusted tone)
Jesus, do you even listen to
yourself when you talk? You need
to tone it down around Coop,
the last thing we need is him
slipping into a depression just
cause you're a jackass.
Look all I'm saying is that if I
saw my chick lying in some coffin,
it would be hard for me
to get it up for awhile, and if I
was going to cry, not that I
would, it wouldn't be on some
dudes shoulder. Especially a dude
I've known almost my whole life.
I don't expect him to come crying
to us, I just don't want to
pretend nothing happened.I know
he's torn up inside, and I want
him to know were here for him.
                       SCOOTER (Seriously)
Eric look, Coop knows were here
for him. Hell, were here right
now. The bottom line is men don't
like to discuss their feelings,
we like to push them deep down in
the pit of our stomachs, or bury
them with greasy food and lots of
beer. If there were a planet where
men talked about there feelings it
would be called planet Rainbow
Gay. Yeah, that's right, dudes
humping other dudes. What planet


                       SCOOTER (cont'd)
do you live on Eric?
      (defeated tone)
What planet?!
      (a little louder)
      (Really Loud)
I cant hear you, yah big queen!
Earth! Alright, I get it were
COOPER enters the living room.
What the hell are you guys yelling
Eric wants to move to planet
Rainbow Gay.
I hear there's not a lot of
Why not?
Its hard to sit when your ass is
so sore.
Oh, man, Coops got your number.
Who feels like walking?


Cooper, Eric and Scooter enter the store. They are soaked
head to toe from the rain. The store is not very busy and
seems to be working at a slow pace.
I cant believe we just walked all
the way here in the rain.
Its good exercise.
Will the exercise prevent
pneumonia? Cause I think that's
what's coming.
God forbid you get a little fresh
air Porky.
Ooh, that hurt, Rainbow Bright.
So, what are we getting?
Cooper, Scooter, and Eric begin walking down a snack aisle.
They are all quiet. Then a Women about the same age as them,
with a slightly less than average intelligence begins to
approach, she is Heather.
Oh, man, here comes that stupid
broad that hung around Scooter in
high school, what's her name…
Helen? Holly?
Right, Heather didn't she give you
a hand job in the girls bathroom
or was that…
Heather approaches and interrupts.
Hey, Scott! Oh my god! Its been
awhile since I've seen you around.


                       HEIDI (cont'd)
What have you been up to?
      (Conceited tone)
You know, working on a new game
for this one company.
Oh, what is it that you do again?
      (Clears throat)
I, uh, program video games.
Eric and Cooper shoot a confused look at Scooter.
Yeah, that's right. I program
video games. It's a seven figure a
year job. Right, Eric.
      (Agreeing Tone)
Yeah, that's right, seven figures.
This guy made Mario and Yoshi look
like some idiot Italian and sissy
ass dinosaur.
But, Yoshi is a dinosaur.
Dude, stop talking.
Heather turns her attention to Cooper.
Oh, my god Cooper. I am so sorry I
couldn't make it to the services,
I had to work that day.
Don't worry about it, Heidi hated
your guts.
Cooper walks away. Scooter is giggling, Eric is shocked.
Heather is in awe.


For your information, Yoshi's a
magic hybrid dinosaur, get it
right next time.
Eric and Scooter walk away. They find Cooper. Eric, Scooter,
and Cooper are in the frozen food section.
                       SCOOTER (To Cooper)
How you holding up?
      (Distant tone)
I feel like digging a hole and
pulling the dirt in over myself.
Scooter and Eric glance at each other, they are concerned.
Coop, Heidi loved you man. You
were "It" in her eyes. There was
pure love when youguys looked at
each other, I know cause being
in a room with you two was like an
electric current, I could feel the
passion you guys had.
Now she's gone, what now? Huh? Its
over for me man,(Cooper's eyes
tear up) you think I like
getting up in the morning with
nothing inside me? Going to work
for that shit company, sitting in
a cubicle, crunching numbers?!
This isn't life Eric, this isn't
reality. She was real, Heidi was
real. Now I'm nobody, now I'm
Cooper sits on the floor with his back up against the
shelving and starts to well up a little bit.
Hey, Coop, You're my best friend
man. I love you like a brother,
you'll always have me.
I'm here too Coop, we're both here
for you.


There is a long silent pause.
      (Exhales heavily,
       looks at Scooter)
Seven figures?
Scooter smiles, looks at Eric who is also smiling.
I had to say something, I didn't
want to tell her I've been
sleeping on my grandpa's couch,
not working, and jerking my shit
to Girls Gone Wild infomercials.
I don't think she'll talk to us
again, Coop took care of that.
Yeah, sorry man, I didn't mean to
c-block you like that.
What, that shit, hell no! Her hand
job was long and painful. After
that I spread the word like big
bird. No one will let her near
their dick ever again.
Eric puts his hand out and helps Cooper up off the floor.
What do you say we get some food
and get out of here.
Sounds good to me.
Cooper, Scooter, and Eric are finishing their poker game,
they are all sitting around a folding table. Scooter and
Eric are ready to leave. The kitchen is a mess, there are
bottles and discarded trash all over.


                       ERIC (To Scooter)
Wow, looks like I cleaned up
tonight? Are these your chips
here(mocking tone). No they're
mine, that's right Scoot, king of
the night.
Whatever chief, we'll see what
happens next time. Just watch out,
I might bring the heat.
Scooter makes a trigger pulling motion with his finger.
Cooper is giggling. Eric is playing it off.
Whatever dude, the only trigger
you pull is small and wrinkly, and
from what Heather says,
smells like catfish.
Eric's got your number Scooter.
                       SCOOTER (scoffs)
Yeah, it's the wrong number, hang
up and try your call again,
Cooper, Scooter, and Eric get up and go into the living
room, they are all standing looking at each other. No one
wants the night to end. Scooter is the first to speak.
Well, I'm headed out, got to go to
You mean your grandpas 1979 lime
green sofa?
                       SCOOTER (Slightly upset)
Yeah, that's my bed jerk!
Scooter shakes Eric's hand, and puts his hand out for
Cooper, they shake
                       SCOOTER (To Cooper)
Stay up Brother.
                       SCOOTER (To Eric)
You too Rainbow Man.


Later man.
See ya Catfish.
Scooter leaves. Eric shakes hands with Cooper.
Your gonna be alright, you know.
It can't get any worse.
                       ERIC (Sighs)
You wanna have dinner tomorrow
I think I can swing that, what
Around five-thirty.
Yeah, where at?
Here. I'll cook.
      (with a smirk)
You, cook? Cook what?
                       ERIC (defensively)
Spaghetti, it happens to be my
      (Distant tone)
Great, just give me a call.
Cool, well, see ya soon.
                       COOPER (Distant)
Eric leaves.


Cooper is sitting at the end of his bed, he has a VCR remote
is his hand, he is fast forwarding through a video. Cooper
pushes play on the remote. The TV screen shows Heidi in the
kitchen, Cooper is filming her. Heidi is stirring a pot of
What's in the pot?
I don't know, maybe a certain
someone's favorite sauce, for a
certain someone's favorite meal.
That's a lot of favorite's used in
one sentence. Tell the folk's at
home what your making.
My specialty, spaghetti!
That's not a specialty, that's
just some noodles, and some sauce.
Luckily, its my favorite,
otherwise I would have to vote you
off the island.
Oh, I doubt you would do that,
I look killer in a bikini.
The sound on the screen fades out. Cooper's eyes are flooded
with tears. Cooper is clenching the remote, He throws the
remote at the wall in anger, stands up and starts pacing
back a fourth, now he looks angry and confused, he is trying
to force back the tears. The video is still playing in the
background.(The video playing in the background is Heidi
eating dinner and motioning to Cooper to turn the camera
off, she is laughing, and trying to be upset.) He sits down
with his knees to his chest and his head resting on his
knees. He is breathing uncontrollably, He can't seem to get
enough air.
Cooper is laying in bed. There is an alarm on the nightstand
next to him. The alarm is sounding. Cooper turns off the
alarm, he rises out of bed and grabs a cordless phone on his


dresser. Cooper dials a number. A voice at the other end
answers, the voice is female. She is Tammy.
Seifert and Associates. This is
Tammy speaking, how may I direct
your call?
Hey, its Coop, can you put me
through to Seifert?
Hold on a sec' Coop, He's yelling
at Andrea again.
I'll hold.
Cooper is on hold, he is pacing around the room. Cooper is
sticking his finger in and out of his ear. Cooper hears a
click on the other end of the phone. Then a mans voice, the
man is Mr. Seifert.
                       SEIFERT (Fast Tone)
This is Seifert
Mr. Seifert, its Cooper.
Cooper, what's up?
      (Dry Tone)
I'm not going to make it in today.
I think I might have an ear
infection, I just don't feel 100%.
Well, okay, I'll have to have Jeff
work over to cover your tracks,
will you be in tomorrow?
                       SEIFERT (Pompous)
Well, thanks for the call, we'll
be seeing you.


                       COOPER (Dry)
Cooper hangs up.
Cooper is in his car driving, there is music playing. He
pulls up to the cemetery where Heidi is buried. He walks
over to her grave stone and sits against a tree with his
legs out. He is pulling at the grass around him.
Heidi, Heidi. Its unbearable
to wake up every morning knowing I
can't be with you, knowing I won't
hear your laugh again, knowing
that you won't correct my wrongs.
Its just not right. You don't
deserve this I don't deserve this.
Music starts playing as Cooper starts to tear up and look at
the sky.
Music is still playing Eric is at his desk typing on his
computer, he stops and takes a second to grab a picture on
his desk that is of Cooper, Scooter, and him at a New Years
Eve party. Eric has his arm around Cooper, Scooter is behind
them in the middle with his arm around both their shoulders.
Music is still playing. Scooter is lying on his couch with
his hand behind his head looking at a poster on his wall. It
says Scooter and the Gang, and it is Cooper, Eric and
himself dressed as seventies cops all with their guns drawn
looking away from the camera. The music fades out.
Cooper pulls up to his house in his car and Eric is outside
waiting for him. It is six o'clock, Cooper is thirty minutes
You had me worried there for a


Sorry, I was just driving around,
getting my head straight.
No problem. You ready for my world
famous spaghetti.
Eric holds up two grocery bags full of stuff, to show Cooper
he's serious about his spaghetti.
Eric and Cooper both start walking to the kitchen.
Eric stops Cooper before he gets to the kitchen.
Coop, I've got this. It's a
secret recipe. Just go in the
living room, watch some TV and
      (His finger is in
       his right ear)
Actually, I think I will take a
quick nap. Just come get me when
its ready.
That's a good Idea, you'll want to
be well rested for this meal.
Cooper heads to his bedroom, and Eric gets started on making
dinner. Eric is in the kitchen by himself.
Eric turns on the radio, it is a song he seems to love. He
is singing along to every word while he's getting all of the
pots and pans. The phone starts ringing, Eric turns down the
radio and answers the phone.
                       ERIC (on phone)
Coops house, this is Eric.
Eric, what, I called for Coop.
Coops asleep.
What are you doing there if he's
asleep. Your watching him sleep
aren't you! I knew you were into


                       SCOOTER (cont'd)
that. (mumbles) I knew it.
I'm making dinner for him.
You want to come over? It'll be
ready in about twenty minutes.
Free dinner. I'll be there in
Eric hangs up the phone. He turns the radio up and dumps the
pasta into the boiling water. A different song comes on.
Dinner is almost ready. Eric yells for Cooper, and there is
no response. He yells again but still no Coop. Eric makes
his way to coopers bedroom.
Music continues, Coop is lying in his bed on his back. His
hands are folded at his waist. His eyes are closed and he
looks very peaceful. Eric is at his door.
Hey Coop, dinners ready.
Hey Coop!
Eric realizes something is wrong. He rushes to Coopers side.
      (Teary Eyed)
Coop wake up, wake up. Come on
lets have some spaghetti, its time
to eat. Coop, wake up. Please.
Scooter enters the house. He sees the kitchen is empty and
something is burning he knows something is wrong, he rushes
to Coopers bedroom.
                       SCOOTER (Seriously)
What's happening?
Call an ambulance.
The music gets louder.
What's happening


Music Continues as screen goes black and credits begin to


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From Tangela Kendall Date 2/8/2008 **
First thing's first, you must never, ever, under any circumstance begin a scrip/film with EXT. VOICE OVER - NIGHT. There are far too many parenthecals, take them out. There a host of mishaps going on with this script, too many to mention, and please, whatever you do, stop using "ing" to describe what's going on. For example, you wrote: Cooper is in his care driving, there is music playing. Because we already know Cooper is in his car because your scene heading tells us he is, you could say: Some early 70's music plays on the radio, Cooper pulls up to the cemetary. I would recommend that you get your hands on some really good spec scripts and study, study, study, study, because you have the right idea...it just needs to bloom. So don't give up. Oh, and by the way: this: SEIFERT (Fake understanding) Well, okay, I'll have to have Jeff work over to cover your tracks, will you be in tomorrow? Should look like this: Seifert pretends to understand. SEIFERT Well, okay, I'll have to have Jeff work over to cover your tracks, will you be in tomorrow?

From Chaz Date 12/30/2007 ***
I liked it! As for criticism: Heather's first few lines of dialogue are named under "HEIDI". just a miss-click I guess :). Other than that, great story! I would like to see more.

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