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Me and Mrs. Jones
by Pharaoh (pharaoh@pharaohenterprise.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A African-American love story between a younger man and a older woman.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A view of the earth is shown as it zooms in to a Baptist
Church in either Hayward or Oakland in 1977. There are
several groups of African-Americans outside the church in
very nice attire. People are chatting about this and that as
the song Me. and Mrs. Jones is playing in the background.
Credits are rolling in on different symbols of love, music,
and sports. An attractive older black woman steps outside
the church to speak to the crowd. It is Mrs. Walker, Deborah
Walker's mother.
                       MRS. WALKER
      (Calling for
Excuse me, but can everybody come
inside, we are going to start the
wedding soon.
Since the people are not moving fast enough, Mrs. Walker
gets a little more stern, but remains ladylike.
                       MRS. WALKER
      (A little more
Excuse me, but my daughter, your
family member or friend is about
to get married, and we would
appreciate it if you would all
come inside.
People start to come inside, but they still pause and
stammer a bit. Mr. Jones comes outside to hurry everyone in.
                       MR. JONES
      (Very firm)
Hey! Everybody get your butts
inside so that we can start this
thing. Today, we are not on CP
After Mr. Jones's comments, everybody enters the church at a
quicker pace.

The camera follows the last of the people into the church as
we see a nervous groom standing at the alter with his best
man and groomsmen.


A close-up of the Rev. Jackson ends the song Me and Mrs.
Jones, as the song Here Comes the Bride is played on the
organ. We hear the crowd make sounds of admiration over the
bride. As Mr. Walker walks his daughter down, we see flashes
of the audience as well as the bride's walk.

The minister is now about to start the wedding.
                       REV. JACKSON
      (Clears his throat)
Ladies and gentlemen, we are
gathered here to witness the
joining of Mr. Eric Nathaniel
Jones and Ms. Deborah Triniece
Walker. Before we begin, please
allow me to let you all know how
pleased I am to be here today. I
have known these two since they
were little, and I can honestly
say that I have never seen a more
happy couple. These two are strong
in the Lord, and their bond will
never be broken.
Smiles come across the happy couple's faces, as the minister
continues on.
                       REV. JACKSON
      (In the old school
       minister voice)
In today's society, we see many
young people rush into the
sanctity of marriage just to see
them abandon their vow just a few
years or months later. But, I have
watched these two, and I see their
love for each other grow daily.
They even make me envious of their
relationship as I have to take
pointers from Eric to make my love
Minister grins and let's out a small laugh. Then he
                       REV. JACKSON
In fact, since they know each
other better than anybody else
other than God himself, I will
allow them to read their own vows
as they properly complete this


Rev. Jackson looks closely at the couple, and then looks
deeply at Deborah.
                       REV. JACKSON
      (Nodding at
Deborah, go ahead.
Deborah gets obviously nervous, but is some how calm when
Eric takes her hand, and looks deep into her eyes. It's now
as if it is just the two of them, and she is speaking
directly from her heart.
                       MRS. WALKER
I have always known that you were
the man for me. I knew since we
were children that God sent you
directly to me to be my best
friend, confidant, and sooner or
later, my husband. Everyday that I
spend with you, I become more and
more amazed at what a great man
you are. You have spoiled me with
your love, and I know that no man
can come between us, because you
are the perfect match for me. You
are my rock when I am weak, and my
comfort when I am tired. You are
sensible when I am upset, and that
I ear I need when I want to
complain. You are everything any
woman can want, and you have made
me the happiest woman of all. All
I have to do is look into those
loving eyes, and I know that
everything is going to be alright.
I thank you for always being there
for me, and I promise that I will
always be there for you, because I
love you more than anything on
this earth. I love you more than
anything I have ever loved. I will
always love you, and nothing can
stop me from feeling this way. I
take your hand in marriage and
promise to be the best friend,
woman, and wife that I can
possibly be.
There are several people crying in the audience, and the
preacher is even tear-eyed himself. He gains his composure,
and looks over at Eric.


                       REV. JACKSON
      (Looking at Eric)
Well, that was something. Eric, we
are now ready for your vows.
      (Very confident
       and strong)
Baby, people often talk about soul
mates, and finding that special
someone. I don't think that I have
found my soul mate, I know that I
have. You are the answers to my
prayers; and, I know this as much
as I know their is a God watching
over us. You are the perfect
combination of beauty, grace, and
class. You could walk on water and
I know that it would be befitting
of you. I fell in love with you
when you were still in diapers,
but I love you a thousands times
over. Everyday, I find a new
reason to love you even more.
Since this is a vow, I vow to make
you as happy as I possibly can
everyday until the day I die. I
will care for you, provide for
you, assist you in any venture
that you deem worthy. I will be
your protector, and your earpiece
when you need me. I will do
whatever it takes so that we can
make this glorious journey
together to the end of our time.
My love for you grows as I speak,
and I thank you for becoming my
wife, and I vow to never
disappoint you.
The Reverend Jackson comes back into focus, as everybody
that wasn't crying is now. The room is filled with love and
happiness, as the ceremony is about to end.
                       REV. JACKSON
      (music gets
       dramatic as if
       something may
Before I complete this beautiful
union, I must ask if there is
anybody who thinks that these two
should not be united, if so, speak


                       REV. JACKSON (cont'd)
now or forever hold your piece.
The Reverend looks around the room, and the camera comes
back around to him.
                       REV. JACKSON
Good, because I didn't want to
hurt anybody in here. Now, by the
power invested in me, I now
pronounce you man and wife. You
may kiss the bride.
As Eric and Deborah engage in a romantic kiss, the crowd
begins to cheer and clap in a glorious approval of the young
couple. After they finish kissing, the couple walks up the
aisle, and out the church doors.
As the doors open at the church, the scene changes to the
backyard of the Walker's house. Here, the wedding reception
is held, and there are people all over the place. The yard
is decorated in a traditional manner, and the immediate
families are sitting together at the main table. The toast
are about to begin as the best man stands up, and clicks his
glass, and calls for attention.
      (Tapping glass)
Excuse me, excuse me, can I have
everyone's attention. Please,
settle down.
Mr. Jones stands up, and everyone gets very quiet.
      (Nods to Mr. Jones)
Thank you Mr. Jones. As the best
man, it is my duty to kick off
this whole toasting thing. The
only problem is that Eric and
Deborah are so open and honest,
there really isn't much I can say
that everybody already doesn't
know. Eric, you are my best
friend, and I hope that when that
changes, that I can be as lucky as
you in finding my new best friend.
Deborah, he really isn't that nice
of a guy.


People chuckle in the audience
      (Smiling big)
No he isn't, he is even nicer and
better than any of us can imagine.
Deborah, I have known you almost
as long, and I know the love you
two share is unshakable. Your
foundation is strengthened by your
spiritual bond, and if there is
anything I can do, please let me
know. If everyone can please raise
their glasses in the air. I would
like to make this toast simple,
and introduce to you, the new Mr.
and Mrs. Jones.
The audience repeats, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. The father of the
bride Mr. Walker stands up, as he gets ready to make his
                       MR. WALKER
      (Clears his throat)
Eric and Deborah, I am so glad
this day has finally come. Your
mother and I have been praying for
this day for such a long time. We
have watched you both grow up to
become fine individuals, and as a
couple you are only more powerful.
I will give a little advice, keep
what you have, and try to build
upon that. Eric, you should know
that you are my son, and you are
always welcome to come to us for
whatever you need. We love you
both, as does everyone in this
room. Please raise your glasses
again as I not only toast you, but
I salute you two. To love and
The crowd repeats after Mr. Walker, To love and happiness.
Mr. Jones then stands up to give his toast.
                       MR. JONES
      (Not looking
Well, they say that I have to say
something, so here it goes. Eric,
I am very proud of you. You have
shown your a man, by the type of
woman you have married. Deborah,


                       MR. JONES (cont'd)
you are truly a magnificent woman,
and if my son ever gets out of
line, let me know, and I will
smack him around a bit. I want you
to know that as your father has
accepted Eric as his son, we have
accepted you as our daughter as
well. Oh yeah, My Mrs. Jones wants
grand-babies so you to get to
work. Please raise your glasses
one final time, as I toast to my
son and daughter. To their joyous
The audience repeats the final statement, To the joyous
journey, and then everybody gets up and starts dancing.
People resume their conversations, and the groom is dancing
with the bride when the father of the bride ask to cut in.
The groom allows him to cut in, and he walks over to dance
with his mother.
                       MRS. JONES
      (Smiling at her
You did good today baby.
      (Smiling back)
I couldn't have done any of this
if it wasn't for you and dad.
                       MRS. JONES
Yes you would have, you have
always been a good, strong man.
      (Blushing a little)
I'm telling you, I have some
wonderful parents to thank for
Eric gives his mother a kiss on the cheek, and then the
scene switches to Deborah and her father.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Smiling from ear
       to ear)
Thank you daddy
                       MR. WALKER
Thank you for what?


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
For being the man that you are.
                       MR. WALKER
      (Still confused)
Excuse me!
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
See, by you being such a good man
and dad, I knew what qualities to
look for in my husband.
                       MR. WALKER
Thank you for saying that, but I
think you knew what you wanted a
long time ago.
The party continues as you see people dancing and having a
good time. A few games of dominoes and cards even break out.
Soon. Craig walks over to Eric, as Eric is dancing with his
mother-in law.
Hey, E. Hey man, were almost out
of ice and drinks.
Damn... negroes sure can go drink
up all the alcohol fast...
Alright, I head over to the liquor
store really fast and get some
      (Realizing that he
       should go)
Oh dog, don't worry about it, I'll
run over there for you.
      (Shakes his head
No man, I'll handle it, but you
can do me a favor, and finish this
dance with this beautiful young
lady, and make sure she has a good
                       MRS. WALKER
Eric, he doesn't have to dance
with me.


Oh, I don't mind Mrs. Walker.
                       MRS. WALKER
Ok, then, let's dance
Craig and Mrs. Walker begin to dance, and Eric who started
to walk off comes back like he forgot something.
Craig, if you see my wife, tell
her that I'll be right back.
Eric goes outside to his car, where he sees Little Darnell
sitting outside by himself. The camera goes back inside as
Deborah is looking for her husband. Mrs. Walker and Craig
are still dancing.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (To her dad)
Have you seen my husband?
                       MR. WALKER
      (Points in the
       direction of
       Craig and Mrs.
He was just dancing with your
mother a second ago.
Deborah walks over to her mother to find out where her
husband went.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Momma, have you seen my husband?
      (Somewhat jumps in)
Oh yeah, E went to the store to
grab some ice and drinks.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Why did he do that?
You know him, he doesn't want to
stop anybody from partying, plus I
am a little tipsy.


                       MRS. WALKER
Baby, don't worry, he'll be fine.
Deborah goes into the house as she prepares to wait for Eric
on the front porch.
Deborah exits the house to wait for him on the porch. As she
steps outside she sees that he is talking to little Darnell
from across the street about marriage.
                       YOUNG DARNELL
So you're married now, huh.
Yeah little man.
                       YOUNG DARNELL
      (Gives a disgusted
So that means you guys are going
to sleep in the same bed, and
kiss, and all that stuff.
Boy, what do you know about
kissing and stuff.
                       YOUNG DARNELL
Nothing, but it's what I see on
      (Smiling intensely)
Look, when you get older, you will
understand. See, I love Deborah
very much, and she loves me. We
decided that we never wanted to be
apart, and so we got married.
                       YOUNG DARNELL
      (Looks depressed)
So that means you guys are going
to move away, and you won't play
with me anymore.
      (Fatherly look)
Little man, we are moving, but
we're going to be back here a lot,
and whenever we come around, I
will be sure to play some ball


                       ERIC (cont'd)
with you alright.
                       YOUNG DARNELL
You promise!
I do.
Deborah decides to join in the conversation. She has been
waiting patiently to say something, but was enjoying the
conversation much too much.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
You just said those words to me,
and you are already running off
saying them to somebody else.
Hey baby, now you know I ain't
going nowhere. The fellas went
through the drink already, and I'm
running out to get some more,
That's all. In fact, Craig was
suppose to let you know where I
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
       rubbing his chest)
He did, but I wanted to wait for
you to get back... Why didn't you
send one of your sober friends?
      (Wrapping his arms
       around her)
Ahh baby, there all having fun,
plus their all drunk already. Why
you think I have to run to the
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Starts for the
Let me get my jacket, and I'll
come with you.
      (Grabs her arms)
Naw baby, now how will that look
if we both leave our own


                       ERIC (cont'd)
reception. I'll be right back, I
Eric kisses her, and then jumps into his car. He looks over
at Darnell and gives him a look that says everything is
cool. He turns the music up, and rolls up the window, and
starts mouthing I Love You to Deborah who returns each one
with a repeat and a kiss.
                       YOUNG DARNELL
You guys are funny.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Wait until you fall in love.
                       YOUNG DARNELL
I may fall in love, but I ain't
gonna act like that.
Eric finally begins to pull out of the driveway, and you
start to hear sirens getting closer. Before anybody can
react, a car comes flying around the corner, and runs right
into Eric's side of the car. There is a large crash, and
smoke and car parts fly through the air. Eric is trapped
inside his car, and nobody can see him. The car is flipped
over on the passenger side, and the other driver is
in his seat. Deborah is freaking out as she just lays there
and screams...No. People coming rushing out from the party,
and chaos soon unfolds. Earl, Craig, and James all try to
get a closer look at Eric. Craig reaches him first and tries
to get assistance to pull him out. Darlene and Erica try to
console and calm down Deborah. Desmond and a few other guest
go and see the status of the other driver. Darnell quietly
walks across the street to his own house to watch the rest
of commotion.
      (Yelling into the
Somebody call an ambulance. He's
hurt real bad.
You can hear Craig continue to call for his friend, but his
friend is not responding. The car door is jammed, and it
seems as it will take a miracle to get him out. Earl and
James follow Craig's lead in calling for Eric to respond.
Finally Craig looks over and notices that nobody is really
doing anything, and then he snaps.


Call an ambulance. Call a fuckin'
ambulance. He's bleeding all over
the place, and there's glass all
over him.
                       MRS. WALKER
      (Comes running out
       of the house)
We're on the phone with them right
Reverend Jackson, who is with the other accident victim
suddenly sees a cop. The officer draws his weapon upon
arriving on the scene, thus causing a bigger scenario.
                       COP 1
      (drawing his gun
       and yelling)
Get away from the car now.
                       REV. JACKSON
I'm a minister, and I am trying to
see if this young man is alright.
                       COP 1
      (More intense)
I don't care who you are. This man
is a fugitive, and you need to
back away from the car
Mrs. Erica Jones walks over to give the cop a piece of her
mind, and to get medical attention for her son. A second and
third cop car arrive at the scene.
                       MRS. JONES
My son is over here bleeding to
death, and your yelling at our
minister. You better get on your
walkie-talkie and call my boy an
                       COP 1
      (Points the gun at
       Mrs. Jones)
I told you all to back up now. If
you do not back up, I will be
forced to take extreme measures.


                       COP 2
Officer, holster that weapon
immediately. What the hell do you
think you are doing. Stay here and
don't move.
Officer 2 walks to his car and calls for an ambulance
immediately. He then calls over Officer 3 to talk to the
The camera pulls away from the scene to an overhead view as
a slow sad song is played in the background. You can still
see all the main characters plainly, but you cannot hear any
words. You can see Deborah still crying on the ground. The
paramedics finally arrive, and pull Eric from the car, but
they pronounce him dead at the scene, and people just
crumble to the ground or try to give somebody a shoulder to
cry on. While all this is going on, the camera turns to
young Darnell, as a small stream of tears begin to fall from
his eye. The camera follows the last tear drop from the
young Darnell, and the scene fades to black.
The camera grabs a look at young Darnell as he runs out of
his house across the street to where Deborah is now living
with her parents. It's a Saturday afternoon, and the sun is
shining bright. As soon as he gets across the street, the
camera will follow him and take a side view of him as he
rings the doorbell. Deborah answers wearing some baggy
sweats, and a beat-up old t-shirt. The conversation takes
place as the camera moves from Darnell to Deborah and
switches up to catch the both of them together in one shot.
                       YOUNG DARNELL
Umm, I came over to see if you
needed you car washed. I can do a
real good job. I may be little,
but I'm thorough.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Yeah Darnell, that would be real
Young Darnell just stands there and smiles.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Do you need anything like a bucket
or soap or towels?


                       YOUNG DARNELL
Uh no. I'll be right back. I have
everything at home.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Ok, well let me know when you're
done OK?
                       YOUNG DARNELL
      (Running off)
Ok. I'll be right back.
Young Darnell runs off, and Deborah re-enters her house. As
she sits down on the couch, her mother comes into the room
wearing a summer dress, make-up done, and hair done nicely.
                       MRS. WALKER
Who was at the door Deborah?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Zoned out)
                       MRS. WALKER
I asked who was at the door?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Oh, it was little Darnell from
across the street.
Mrs. Walker comes by and sits down beside her daughter with
a cup of coffee for the two of them.
                       MRS. WALKER
How is that little boy doing?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Good, I guess. He came over, and
asked if he can wash my car. I
guess he trying to earn money for
candy or something.
                       MRS. WALKER
      (Wraps her arm
       around her)
How are you doing baby?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Leans head into
Well mama, I still miss him.


                       MRS. WALKER
We all do baby, and I know it's
only been three weeks, but soon
your gonna have to go on with
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Eyes watering up)
Mama, please not now. I just want
to. I just want to.
                       MRS. WALKER
      (Strokes her hair)
I know baby. Remember, we are all
here for you.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Grabs mother
I know mama, I know.
After the embrace Deborah stands up and looks out the window
to where young Darnell is washing the car. Darlene gets up
and goes into the kitchen as her daughter appears to be just
staring off out the window.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Mama, do we still have some
lemonade in the fridge?
                       MRS. WALKER
      (From the kitchen)
Yeah Deb, do you want some?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Not for me. I want to take a glass
out to Darnell. It looks hot
Desiree, who was sitting in the kitchen, comes out with two
glasses of lemonade. She is tall and very pretty. She is
currently in college.
How's little Darnell doin'?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
He seems fine. Wanna come out and
say hi to him.


Sure, I haven't seen him since the
wed. I've barely seen him since I
went off to college.
Deborah knows what her sister was about to say, and it all
hurts, as the expression on her face can tell, but she
doesn't want everyone to be on the heels around her. So she
acts as if she didn't her the first part of the statement.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Cool, maybe we can just sit
outside and catch-up with him.
Deborah and Desiree go outside. The camera follows them from
the rear, but swings to the front door to catch them coming
out. As soon as they come out, Desiree and Deborah lean over
the railing of the porch.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Hey Darnell, guess who's here?
Young Darnell comes around from the back of the car and sees
Desiree. She says an enthusiastic hi. He gets really
excited, and starts to run to give her a hug. Before he
reaches her he realizes that he's wet, and stops just short.
                       YOUNG DARNELL
Desi, Desi, Desi.
Hey, where's my hug?
                       YOUNG DARNELL
I'm wet.
I don't care, I want my hug, and a
Darnell reaches up and gives Desiree a hug and a kiss.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Hey Darnell, we brought you a
glass of lemonade.
Darnell takes the glass of lemonade.
                       YOUNG DARNELL
Thank you.


Darnell finishes the lemonade in four drinks. He hands the
glass back to Deborah, and thanks her again.
                       YOUNG DARNELL
Well, I'm almost done so I better
get back to the car.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Would you like another glass?
                       YOUNG DARNELL
No thank you.
As he turns away, slow music comes back on and the girls
start talking. Darnell finishes up the car, and then dries
it. The camera switches from the two women on the porch to
young Darnell. Just as young Darnell is finishing up the
car, Desiree runs inside.
                       YOUNG DARNELL
OK, well I'm all done.
Deborah comes around the car as she is acting like an
inspector. She even kicks a couple of the tires. She looks
at the young Darnell and reaches into her pocket, and pulls
out two five dollar bills.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Well Mr. Woods, you did an
excellent job. Thank you very
As she goes to hand Darnell the money, he backs away a step,
and puts his hands up as to say no.
                       YOUNG DARNELL
That's OK Mrs. Jones, everybody
needs a little help every once in
Young Darnell turns away to go home. A tear from Deborah's
eyes starts to fall. As she says to herself, "He called me
Mrs. Jones." The music for Me and Mrs. Jones starts to play
as the screen goes black.
The song Me and Mrs. Jones continues to play as we see
Darnell growing up helping Deborah out. He is helping with
groceries, mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, and even
helping her with the garden, After each chore that he does,


he seems to get a little older. Finally the screen goes
It has been 11 years since the death of Deborah's husband
Eric. She is parking her car in the garage, and the camera
catches her leg step out of the car. You see her green high
heels and her leg up to about the knee. She is wearing nude
stalkings, and then she exits the car. She is wearing a
green power business suit, and she is carrying a black
briefcase. She walks with authority as she makes her way to
the elevator. As she makes it to the elevator, she says hi
to a few people that are getting on with her, and then she
steps off when the elevator reaches her floor. She walks
directly to her office, and says little more than "good
morning" to the people in her office. She opens the door
that has a sign reading 'Deborah Walker-Jones' on the top,
and 'Vice President' on the bottom. She sits down in her
office, and picks up a phone piece. Her day is about to
      (Brings her a cup
       of coffee)
Good morning Ms. Walker.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Takes the cup)
Good morning Ally. Thank you so
much. How was your weekend?
It was Ok, Alex dragged me to the
football game.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Well, did you at least have fun?
Actually yes, it was fun. I got to
see him get all crazy.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Alex, your husband Alex, the just
sit there guy from the Christmas
party, was getting wild.
I know, but it is true, the game
just brings something out in him.
He was yelling and screaming,
jumping up and down. He even threw


                       ALLY (cont'd)
a peanut at somebody.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Sounds like he needs to drag you
out there more often.
Now that I know how to make him
show some emotion, I'm getting us
season tickets.
The girls laugh a little bit, and then Deborah's direct line
rings. She gives Ally a sign to hold on, and then picks up
the phone.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Pauses as she is
       in a conversation)
Deborah Walker-Jones... Dave, we
have everything we need for the
meeting... Don't worry, I'll have
Ally bring you an advance copy of
the presentation... I will have it
in your office before lunch... Not
a problem Dave... Ok, bye.
I know, take the Miller
presentation down to Mr. Lydle's
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Thank you Ally. Oh, by the way,
did I have any messages?
Nope, nobody called until just
Deborah sits down and pulls out a folder from her briefcase.
Time is going by, and Deborah is taking care of various
tasks. She is on the phone one minute, and giving dictation
to Ally the next. She is talking with her boss, and looking
at a computer screen with a colleague. Finally, it close to
the end of the day, and Ally is in her office again.
Ms. Walker, if I have a complaint
about somebody in the office, do I
tell you?


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Well, you can, or you can tell
Human Resources. Has somebody been
bothering you?
Mr. Lydle, he has a way of always
touching me, and I can't take it
much longer.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Dave...Dave Lydle. How does he
touch you?
Well, he finds a way to rub
against my butt or rub against my
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Have you told him that it makes
you feel uncomfortable?
Ms. Walker, I don't want to lose
my job. My family needs me to
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Look Ally, you work for me, and
the only person that has the right
to fire you is me. You have one of
two choices... either I can talk
to Dave, or you can file a
complaint with Human Resources.
Well what happens the next time I
have to take something to his
Deborah is walking down towards Dave Lydle's office. She
knows he is still in because he always tells her that he is
leaving on his way out. She is obviously furious, and her
face shows it. The camera will keep a close-up of her face
as she is traveling to the office. As she enters his office,
she shuts the door, and just stares at Dave Lydle.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Look, you will keep your hands and
every other part of your body off
and away from Ally... Do you


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES (cont'd)
understand me!
                       MR. LYDLE
Hold up, hold up, hold up...What
in the world are you talking
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Don't play dumb with me... If you
touch her one more time, I will
file the complaint with Human
Resources myself.
                       MR. LYDLE
Now Deb... I don't know what your
little assistant told you, but I
have never laid a hand on her...
Not intentionally at least.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Keep up that attitude Dave, and I
will make sure your ass is in a
                       MR. LYDLE
Is that a threat?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Take it how you want... but take
it seriously.
Darnell is on the couch talking on the phone, and his
parents are at the kitchen table. Jamal looks over the
table, and calls Darnell to the table. He comes over to the
table, while still talking on the phone.
                       MR. WOODS
      (Looking at
       Darnell crazy)
Boy, get your butt off that phone.
      (To the phone)
Oh, hold up baby...my pops is
trying to tell me something.
Darnell pulls the phone away from his ear, and puts his hand
over the mouthpiece.


What's up dad?
Darnell father does not speak. He just looks at Darnell as
if he knows better, and Darnell goes back to his call to
hang up.
      (On phone)
Hey baby, I got get off the phone.
I'll call you later ...
                       MRS. WOODS
Who was that on the phone?
Mom, that was just Cassandra.
                       MR. WOODS
Forget all that...what's all this
aiight, and one stuff. Don't you
kids know how to just say bye.
Of course we do pops. It's just a
little slang for bye.
                       MR. WOODS
Anyways...you know better than to
bring that phone to the table.
My bad, I won't do it anymore.
                       MR. WOODS
So, have you talked to coach Coker
this week?
                       MRS. WOODS
Who's coach Coker?
He's the coach for the University
of Miami mom.
After addressing his mothers, Darnell then turns to his


Naw, I spoke with Carroll, Bowden,
Stoops, and Beamer though...I'm
not sure how much Miami is
interested in me anymore.
                       MRS. WOODS
They have a woman coaching?
Both Darnell's and Jamal's head jerk around to look at
Vivian like she is crazy, and they both respond "what" at
the same time.
                       MRS. WOODS
You said you spoke to Carroll. Is
she not a football coach.
      (Shaking his head)
Mom...Carroll is not a
woman...It's Pete Carroll's last
                       MRS. WOODS
Well, I didn't know.
                       MR. WOODS
      (Looking back at
       his son)
Don't worry, I'm sure their still
interested in the top wideout in
the state of California.
Will see.
Darnell can hear Deborah's car pull in the driveway. He gets
up, and sees that she is trying to grab something from the
car. He starts for the door.
I'll be right back. It looks like
Mrs. Jones needs some help.
                       MRS. WOODS
Hold up Darnell. I'm sure she can
get it herself. Why don't you let
the woman carry something for a


Come on mom, carry things for
women are what big strong men are
for...right dad?
                       MR. WOODS
      (Shrugs his
He's got a point baby.
I'll be right back.
Darnell runs out the door, and heads across the street. He
calls out Mrs. Jones name to get her attention. The camera
follows him from the back until he reaches her, and the
camera sets in on the both of them standing there.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Hey Darnell...what's up.
Nothing much...just came by to see
what you need a hand with.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Oh, I can handle it...it's just
some groceries and a new T.V.
OK, so you don't want my help?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Thinks it over)
OK, it would be nice if you could
help me out...thank you.
Darnell starts grabbing groceries as she waits to walk
inside with him.
No problem, you know I got your
They start going inside, and Darnell drops off the first
load of groceries. As he disappears, Deborah starts to put
away the groceries that are already there. He returns
quickly with the last of the groceries.


      (Just coming back)
Dang Mrs. Jones, for a woman that
lives by herself, you sure do buy
a lot of groceries.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Actually, guess who's coming to
spend the weekend with me?
I don't know Mrs. Jones. I never
seen you date anybody.
Deborah turns around and looks at him quite shocked.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I'm not having any man come in
here for the weekend...Desiree is
coming to visit.
For real.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Yes, and she asked about you.
      (Laughs a little)
Is she still worried that I'm
gonna get killed playing football.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Yeah...but I told her not to worry
because you were very good, and
have God on your side.
Don't forget 4.4 forty speed, a
quarterback that can hit a gnat,
and an offensive line that can
stop the Raiders.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Well, I have no idea what all that
Oh, can I use your phone? I need
to call me dad to help me out with
the T.V.


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Sure, you know where it's at.
Darnell walks out of the room to use the phone, and Deborah
goes back to putting groceries away. A few seconds later,
Darnell walks back in.
My dad will be here in a minute.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
OK, do you want anything to eat or
I'll take a Coke if you have one.
She hands a bottle of Coke to Darnell whom quickly opens it,
and takes a large swallow of soda. The camera will follow
his entire motion. A few moments will pass, and the doorbell
will ring. Both Darnell and Deborah go out to answer the
door. Deborah opens the door, and Darnell's father (Jamal)
is at the door.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Hello Jamal...Please come in.
                       MR. WOODS
      (Looks around the
Thank you Deborah...Wow, you sure
have changed things since your
parents moved out.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Is this your first time in here
since my parents moved.
                       MR. WOODS
Yeah...but it looks wonderful.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, now let's get
the T.V. so I won't be here all
night hooking everything up.
                       MR. WOODS
Alright son...let's do this.


The men turn around and start for the door. Once they exit
the door, they start to lift the T.V. The men have a quiet
conversation about his mama.
                       MR. WOODS
Now, you told your mama that you
would be right back, and now she's
gonna be mad at me for helping you
stay away longer.
I didn't know she had this big ole
TV with her. Plus, I can eat the
rest of my dinner later, and I'm
better and making up with mom than
you are.
                       MR. WOODS
haha very funny. For real...what
time are you gonna be home?
Give me an hour.
                       MR. WOODS
Watch the step.
Got it.
                       MR. WOODS
OK, I'll have mom in bed in the
next 30-45 minutes...just in case.
Thanks pops.
                       MR. WOODS
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you just lucky I
love you.
You ain't never lied.
The men finish carry the TV into the living room, and Jamal
and Deborah exchange good-byes while Darnell starts to
unpackage the T.V. After Deborah walks Jamal to the door,
she returns to talk with Darnell as he puts everything
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
You know what you're doing right?


      (Looking at
Yes I do, now don't worry...In no
time you'll be in Soap Opera
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Boy, you know I don't watch Soaps,
but I did rent a couple of videos.
Mrs. Jones, you so nasty.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Nothing, I was just playing with
Deborah thinks about what he said for a minute, and then she
gets the joke.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Darnell, I'm gonna tell your mama
how you play around.
      (Turns around with
       a smile)
So you figured it out huh.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Yeah, and it's not funny...You
want some pizza or chicken.
                       MRS. WALKER
Chicken..please and thank you.
Darnell is almost done hooking everything together, when
Deborah returns with the food. She is very impressed with
his abilities.
      (knows she walked
       back in)
I'll be done in two seconds.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
How did you know I was in the


Your chicken always gives you
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
As soon as your done, wash your
hands so you can eat this good
Darnell comes from behind the back, and goes into the
bathroom to wash his hands. When he gets back, he sits down
next to Mrs. Jones on the couch, and starts using the remote
Now listen, when you want to watch
cable, push this button first,
when you want to use the DVD
player press this button, and
press this button for the Stereo,
and this button for the VCR, and
this button for the TV itself.
Deborah keeps looking back and forth between the TV remote
and Darnell. She is totally confused.
Look Mrs. Jones, I'll make you
some small tags tomorrow so that
you'll be able to recognize them
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Thank you, cause that was all very
difficult to understand...So you
gonna watch the movie?
What movie is it this time?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Soul Plane...it's suppose to be
Darnell is shocked that Mrs. Jones rented Soul Plane as his
face gets a blank expression.
Soul Plane is hilarious...I'm just
surprised to see you rent it.
Darnell gets up to put the movie in. He sits back down and
finishes his food. The clock will turn and its about 2 in


the morning when Darnell wakes up. He sees Mrs. Jones out
cold, and picks her up to take her to her bedroom. As she is
being carried, her eyes open up a little and she speaks.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Half asleep)
Eric...is that you.
Shhhh...just go back to sleep.
Deborah goes back to sleep as Darnell lays her down and puts
the covers over her. He then creeps out and goes towards
Darnell and a group of his friends are playing football
outside. They are all having a good time when Deborah and
Desiree return from the airport.
Move out the street nigga. Can't
you see a car comin'.
The guys all move so that Deborah can park the car. Once she
is parked, they go back to playing. The women get out of the
car, and go inside for only a second. The come back out
quickly, and watch the men play.
Hey Darnell, I thought you were
the best.
Have you stopped me yet?
You burn that nigga even in his
Fuck you Cecil...Why you always
riding this nigga's jock.
Fuck you too...You just mad 'cause
you can't cover a nigga.
Real talk nigga...stop talking
about stopping him and just do it.


Tavian hikes the ball to himself and Justin is counting 3
Mississippi. Darnell jukes Tavian and Cecil throws a
beautfiul pass for the touchdown. Deborah and Desiree see
the play and start cheering.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Yells out)
Darnell, can you help us with
Desiree's bags.
No problem...be right there.
Darnell starts walking over to Deborah's house. Desiree is
looking at Darnell from the bottom of his legs to the
muscles in his arms, stomach and chest, and then follows it
by looking at his face. The camera goes back and forth from
Darnell's body and Desiree's eyes.
Come on y'all...you can help too.
Damn man...she ain't my neighbor.
      (To Cecil)
Fuck that...I'll go over there
just to check out Mrs. Jones and
her sister.
Don't let Darnell hear you sayin'
that shit. That's like his sister,
and that nigga will wil' out.
Cecil and Tavian both agree to help, and so Justin goes over
there as well.
Hey Desiree.
      (Opens her arms)
Hey Darnell.
I would give you a hug, but I am
all sweaty.


Boy, I ain't seen you in over four
years. You better come over here
and give me a hug.
Darnell goes over and gives her a huge hug where he picks
her off the ground. When he puts her down, she gives him a
little pick on the lips.
You're looking all grown-up.
Well, you know, it has been over
four years...I couldn't stay
little forever.
Tavian starts elbowing Darnell in the side. He is trying to
get introduced to Desiree since he feels Deborah is off
Let me introduce you to my friends
before they poke a whole in my
side...Desiree this is Tavian,
Cecil, and Justin. Fellows this is
Ms. Desiree Walker, and she likes
white guys.
Immediately after making that comment, Darnell starts
laughing, the boys hang their heads low, and Desiree gives
Darnell a playful slap.
      (Giving Darnell
       the look)
Shut up! I went out with one white
guy...in what the 10th grade.
      (With the rest of
       the guys)
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Boys, don't mind these two. They
have always picked on each other.
Grab a bag fellows.


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Oh, actually, there's only three
bags...But there's either lemonade
or soda for whoever grabs a bag.
Cecil, Tavian, and Justin all grab a bag. They ask where to
set the stuff, and Desiree leads them to the room where she
will be staying. Darnell goes with Deborah to help with the
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
What you want? You didn't grab a
bag, so you don't get a soda.
      (to Deborah)
Are you really not going to give
me a soda?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Of course you can have a soda.
Camera switches from the Darnell and Deborah to the boys and
So do you all play football too.
Yeah, I'm linebacker.
I play wide receiver and
I'm the star quarterback, and I am
also on the basketball team.
Very impressive...So where are you
going to college Justin?
I don't know yet...either Praire
View A&M or Long Beach.
Well what about the rest of you?
I have a scholarship offer from


Actually, Darnell's helping me
with my recruiting...I may go to
Cal with Cecil.
What about Darnell?
Oh...you can refer to him as Mr.
      (to Deborah)
Your sister is looking quite well.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Yeah, she recently got promoted at
her law firm...she's pretty
Should I go rescue her from my
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
What do you think their doing?
Trying to mack on her.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
She's ten years older than them.
They don't care...All they care
about is trying to get her to
prove who's the biggest mack.
I thought Darnell was a good
football player?
He is, that's why he's going to
the University of Miami.
Yeah, but Cal is a better school
than Miami...right.


Yeah...academically it's a little
better than Miami, but for
football...Miami is the best in
the country.
Hmmm, I guess you learn something
new everyday...well we better get
back before Deborah and Darnell
file a missing persons report.
Well, I need to file one anyways.
'Cause somebody stole my heart,
and I'm lost without it.
      (Signals to the
OK, now I know its time to go.
The four meet up with Darnell and Deborah in the kitchen.
There are three bottles of soda on the kitchen table for the
So Desiree, where my friends well
Yeah, their cool.
Actually Mrs. Jones, can I have
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
The lemonade over there is for you
Tavian...Darnell already told me
you don't drink soda.
Can we take the drinks
outside...Kinda wanna finish the


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Yeah, go ahead...just make sure I
get the cup back.
Don't worry...I got your back.
The fellows say thank you and go outside. The ladies wait a
few seconds and the go and sit outside to talk.
Darnell don't get mad, but which
one of those ladies do you want?
Tavian man...keep your mouth shut.
The fellows are playing now, and the conversation is between
plays, immediately before the play, and immediately after
the play. Darnell is very sensitive about Mrs. Jones.
C'mon dawg, Mrs. Jones is
fine...she doesn't have no man,
and that body is banging.
Nigga shut your mouth...That's
Mrs. Jones, and you know better.
She's been through alot.
Camera switches back to Desiree and Deborah.
My goodness...Darnell looks good!
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
He has grown up to be fine man.
Fine man has nothing to do with
it...Look at the way his muscles
shine in the sun...Shit, I think I
need a cold shower.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Girl, have you lost your
mind...That is little Darnell from
across the street...Not no gigalo.
Woman...are you blind. The brother
is fine, attractive, a god in a
young man's body. Old neighbor or


                       DESIREE (cont'd)
not...I wouldn't mind fucking the
shit out of him.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Girl, watch your mouth...Don't
talk about Darnell like that.
How old is he anyways?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
He's 17 or 18 why?
Don't play with me...Is he 17 or
Desiree is really watching Darnell now...She is watching him
play ball, and she is watching every one of his muscles
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Damn...I think he turned 18 a few
months ago.
Well, I need to know for
sure...'Cause fine or not...I'm
not going to jail over no kid.
Deborah starts to look at her sister strangely. The camera
moves back over to Darnell and his friends who are still
playing football.
Yo, Tavian's right Darnell...As
much as I hate to something...Mrs.
Jones looks damn good.
You tellin' us you never thought
what it would be like to hit that.
Naw nigga, 'cause unlike some
folks, I have respect for my
elders. Especially a woman that I
have been so close to for so many


C'mon dawg, I bet you she would
let you hit that pussy. I bet that
pussy smell like fresh roses in
the summer...I won't lie...I eat
her coochie just for the vitamins.
Talk like that about Mrs. Jones
one more time...and see how fast
your ass gets knocked the fuck
Fuck Tavian, you always gotta taks
shit too far...But, Darnell, you
can't get too mad at a brother for
simple noticing how nice she
For real dawg...'cause you was
admiring the hell out of Crystal
before you got with those.
Admiring and talkin' 'bout going
downtown on my neighbor is
OK, then is it cool if I holla at
her sister?
Simple and plain...these women are
not in high school, and if
anything you say to them is
offensive in their eyes...I'm
breakin' necks.
Camera moves back to Deborah and Desiree.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
You wouldn't really sleep with
Darnell would you?
Look sis, if you like him say-so,
and I won't even think about him
no more, but he is a fine man, and
I am single woman.


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
No, I don't have any feeling for
him like that...but did you even
ask if he has a girlfriend?
He's in high school. He's not
going to marry the little girl. I
might as well take my shot why I
still have a shot.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
You have changed.
And you haven't.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
What's that mean?
You can't even see a beautiful man
in front of you. He grew up in
front of your face, and you never
took the time to see that he is a
man...not a little boy...not
little Darnell, but a grown as
man...and a sexy one at that.
Deborah stops for a minute and gets a blank look on her
face. She tries to look at her sister, but she can't. She
starts to think of Eric, as the last time they kissed enters
her thoughts.
Look, all this talk gots me
needing a cold shower, so I'll see
you in a minute.
When the front door shuts, Deborah comes back to reality,
and she starts looking at Darnell. She sees something in him
that she has never seen before. She really looks at his
body, but really concentrates on his smile. She keeps
looking at him in amazement of what she has been missing.
Darnell, who has been playing football, looks back at her.
The song "Me and Mrs. Jones," plays as the moment when they
see each other for what they really are comes into focus.
The camera goes from his eyes, to her eyes, and back in
forth for several seconds. Then Mrs. Jones comes to reality,
and abruptly walks back inside. Darnell faces his friends
and resumes playing the game.


Darnell received a phone call from Desiree asking her to
come over. The camera picks him up as he is knocking on the
door. Desiree answers the door, and she is dressed in a
white skin tight dress with nude stockings and white high
Thanks for coming over Darnell.
Darnell is pretty amazed at the appearance of Desiree. It is
obvious that he approves of her attire very much.
No problem...so what's up?
Darnell enters the house.
I was hoping that I could get you
to put up the new shower curtains
in the bathroom for me.
No problem, it'll only take me a
Actually, I still need to go and
get them. I was hoping that you
would go with me in case I decided
to pick some other stuff up.
Sure thing, is Deborah coming, or
do we need to take my car.
Desiree turns to yell for Deborah who is in her bedroom
      (Yells out)
Deb, do you wanna go to the store?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Voice only)
No thanks!
Well, we can still take Deb's car
if you like.


It's cool, we can take my ride.
Just let me grab my coat and
purse,and we can be on our way.
Darnell follows Desiree into her room, as he checks things
out while she grabs her stuff. Desiree pulls out two
jackets, a long white trench jacket, and a long black
leather jacket.
Tell the truth, which jacket looks
The white one...I'm far from gay,
but why would you wear all the
white, and the put on the big
black coat.
It makes the white stand out more,
and that accentautes the white,
which then accentautes my skin.
Whatever...Ready to go.
Yeah, let's bounce.
Desiree takes a hold of Darnell's arm, and they go across
the street to Darnell's car. He has a Chrysler Sebring
Convertible. He opens the door for her, and then gets in the
other side. The two slowly drive off.
Darnell and Desiree are on their way from the store. They
are talking while the radio plays music lightly in the
Thanks for taking me to the store.
It ain't no thing. I thought you
had a bad date at first or


Why would you think that?
Well, you are dressed to kill...so
I figured that you just came back
from a bad date or something.
Actaully, I thought that if you
helped me out, that I could take
you out to dinner for helping me.
Desiree reaches over and grabs Darnell's free hand.
So would you like to have dinner
with me?
Darnell looks over at Desiree, and then he looks at Desiree.
Sure, where would you like to go?
I'm treating, so why don't you
pick the place.
I'm not much of a restaurant man.
I can eat McDonald's and be happy,
but if we walk into Micky D's with
you looking like that...I know
there's gonna be a fight.
Desiree leans in to Darnell, and whispers something in his
ear. It catches him off-guard, but he quickly composes
I didn't even know they had a
restaurant...But if that's where
you wanna go...Aiight.
Desiree nods her head in aggreance, and strokes Darnell's
hand. The camera gets a close-up of her stroking his hand
before the screen switches over.


Desiree walks into the kitchen with the same clothes on she
wore the night before. Deborah is already in the kitchen
cooking up some eggs, grits, and bacon.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Morning sis.
      (Big smile on her
Deborah turns around to face her sister, and is caught
off-guard by her sisters attire.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Where are you going dress liked
I'm not going nowhere, I just got
in two minutes ago.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
From where?
Calm down, I was out with Darnell
last night. He took me to go
shopping, and then we went to
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Don't tell me to calm down because
dinner was last night...not this
Deborah is giving Desiree the cold look,
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Besides, Darnell is still in high
school, and he has a girlfriend.
Well, we went to dinner at Jack
London Square, and we got to
talkin' and it got real late. We
simple lost track of time.
Deborah is still waiting for Desiree to drop the bomb on


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
So why did't you come back last
The doorbell rings, and Darnell is standing outside.
I forgot, Darnell's here to put my
shower curtain up, as well as some
other stuff in my room. Sis, do me
a favor, keep him in here until I
get out of the shower.
Deborah just gives her sister a dirty look, and then goes
and answers the door. Desiree runs for the shower attached
to her room.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Hello Darnell.
Hi Mrs. Jones...Desiree asked me
to come by this morning and put up
her shower curtain up amongst
other things.
The two of them walk inside towards the kitchen.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Well, don't just stand there...Are
you hungry?
Actually, I am starving.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Well, I have some eggs, grits, and
bacon...Help yourself.
You know you're the best Mrs.
Darnell instinctively sits down, and Mrs. Jones
instinctively fixes him a plate and brings him some orange
Thank you.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
your welcome...So how is school


It's still there, and I still go.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Don't be a wise ass...Tell me how
your studies are coming along.
Darnell takes a bite, finishes his bite, and then speaks.
This is for most of the conversation. Mrs. Jones has also
sat down beside him at the table.
Well, my calculus teacher wants me
to be a tutor, and my english
teacher wants me to join the
debate team...But none of them
know how much time sports takes up
in my life.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Well, they just want the best for
you. I'm sure if you explained it
to them they would understand.
I've given them my workout
schedule, my film schedule, and my
practice schedule...All they tell
me is that I should look at film
less, and that I don't have to
workout that often.
Darnell just zones out, like he is trying to forget the
basis of his being. Deborah is really starting to see how
special he is, and how much time he spends towards his
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I don't know everything you go
through, but I'm sure of one
Just then Desiree pops in from her room. She is now wearing
a summer dress, and heeled sandles.
Morning sis...Hi Darnell...I
didn't know you where here.
Darnell looks over at Desiree, and she has seemed to have
lost something from the night before. He really doesn't have
time for games, and he can read right through her.


You asked me to come over and hang
your shower curtains...remember.
Oh yeah...well it can wait to you
finish eating.
Darnell looks down at his plate, and it is completely bare.
He then looks at Deborah, who in turn just shruggs her
I'm done.
Well everything is in my bedroom.
Can you hang the drapes as well.
No problem...is there anything
else anybody needs today because I
have some meetings to attend to
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
You're doing more than enough
Darnell, and it is greatly
What meetings do you have Darnell?
I have a meeting with a couple of
college coaches later this
Darnell turns and heads towards Desiree's bedroom. Desiree
gets up and grabs her some food, and Deborah puts Darnell's
plate in the dishwasher. Then, Deborah looks back at Desiree
with a cold stare.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
What happened last night?
Desiree signals for her to come sit close to her. Deborah
takes a seat very close to Desiree, and then the tale
unfolds, and we can see the story that she's telling


Well, we went to the Jack London
Inn to eat...when we got there, we
could hardly hear one another
becuase it was so packed. So I
asked if he would mind if we ate
our food somplace else. He said,
"Whatever makes you feel
comfortable." So I went to
reservation desk, and got a room
in the hotel. We had our meals
delivered to us in the room. So we
ate our food and talked for about
2 hours. We talked about my
career, and his goals, my goals,
and even about you. As it got
late, we sat back and watched a
movie from pay-per-view, and as we
were watching, I decided to drop
little hints that I was attracted
to him. I laid back into his
chest, and ran my hands along his
thigh. Well, first I started
against the side of his legs, but
then my hands kept creeping and
creeping to the inned parts of his
Desiree's voice fades out, as the action in the bedroom
unfolds. Darnell, taking a cue from Desiree's actions, takes
his hands, and slowly begins to rub her back. As he is doing
so, he slowly bends his neck to kiss her neck. She
immediately starts moaning and breathing heavily and
immediately her body flexes as her back arches. His hands
continue to caress her, as his mouth gives soft and sexual
kisses around her neck region. She takes her hands, and rubs
his head lightly with her fingernails. She turns her body to
face him, and the two look into each other's eyes, and they
kiss with lots of sexual passion. She takes her hand, and
rubs his chest, as she tries to take off his shirt. She,
with animal insticts, lays kisses all along his chest and
adomen. He raises her body, and begins to kiss her long and
softly again, and rolls her so now he is on top of her. He
gently unzips the back of her dress, and kisses her soft
large breast. She hasn't been able to stop the heavy
breathing or moaning since he started. He unlocks the clasps
of her bra as he swings back up to kiss her neck.
      (Coming back into
       the kitchen)
Alrighty, everything is hung up,
and I have to go.


The two girls look at each other, and then look at Darnell.
They speak in unison. "Thanks Darnell, and have a great day.
Let's us know how everything went." Darnell looks at them
funny as they spoke the exact same sentence at the exact
same time. He shakes his head as he departs.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Ok, he's gone...now finish your
Desiree thoughts come back into view. He is undoing her bra,
and kissing her neck ever so gently. He then begins to kiss
and lick the middle of her neck and drops down to her
breast. He is holding on breast and cupping the other while
kissing and licking the nipple. Desiree's hands are grasping
and clawing into his back. His head drops as he licks the
underside of her breast, and she is enjoying every nerve
that he touching. She then lays back as his mouth is now
kissing her around her belly button, and then he lays his
tongue along her pelvic bone which makes her whole body
shutter. We can see as he is kissing on the inside of her
thigh, and his hands continues the trail, along her legs
that are covered by her thigh high stockings. He rubs all
the way to her feet, which point to the dress on the floor.
As his hands move back up, he is clearly performing
cunnilingus on her. Her moans are terribly loud now as she
is having an exploding orgasm.
She turns his body now, moving her mouth along his rigid
stomach, and her hands are unbuttoning his pants. She pulls
his pants and underwear off, and stops dead in her tracks as
she looks at the size of his manhood. She is kinds of taken
back, She continues, as she grabs his manhood, and she
continues to kiss lower and lower on his body. He takes
control again, and he slowly goes to insert himself in her.
Her back arches heavily as she is not use to his size, and
she grabs onto him harder and harder. She is crying in pure
ecstasy as he asks her if she's OK. She screams out
yes...yes. Please don't stop. He thrust his hips, and she
moans out again. Her voice is cracking, and she knows
exactly how deep he inside her at all times. She switches
and gets on top; the camera only catches her torso and face,
as she is trying to relax. Her nails dig into Darnell's
chest, and then his legs. Her whole body then goes limp
against his chest...She asks him if they can take a break,
and he agrees to let her rest awhile.
I laid there for about 15 minutes
as my body tried to recover. Then
I said I was ready, and that man
made me feel something I have
never felt. My body shook so much
that I was still shivering when I


                       DESIREE (cont'd)
got here.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (With attitude)
Wow...I guess you do know what you
What is that suppose to mean?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Well, you said you wanted to "fuck
him," and now you have.
No girl, that man sexed me up. I
might have initiated everything,
but he definitely knew what he
wanted. It was mutual!
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
He's only 18 years-old, how much
can he know.
All I know, is that he knows. I'm
leaving tomorrow, and I wanted to
see him again tonight, but he told
me it was more important for me to
spend time with you today.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Really...well if you want another
night of passion...don't let me
stop you.
No..he's right. I've been drooling
over him since I got here, and
it's about time I spent some
quality time with my sis. So, what
do you want to do today.
The two look at each other and laugh. They stand-up and give
each other a hug, and then they exchange "I love you" with
the screen fading into the next scene.


A few days after Desiree leaves, Deborah pulls up in front
of her house. She has groceries, and Darnell is outside with
his father working on the car when he sees Mrs. Jones.
      (Looks at his
She has groceries.
                       MR. WOODS
      (Nods for him to
Hey, if she has any of her sweet
potatoe pie, you better bring me a
                       MRS. WALKER
      (Looks back at
       hise father)
Darnell approaches the car, and Mrs. Jones is grabbing a bag
filled with canned goods as well as a bag full of vaious
Now you know the rules Mrs. Jones,
I carry the heavy stuff, you relax
and be beautiful.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Thanks Darnell, but I can carry my
own groceries!
Darnell goes to grab some of the groceries as he speaks, but
Deborah will not let him.
      (Shocked and
       caught off guard)
Hey Mrs. Jones, I don't know why
your upset, but please don't take
it out on me. I was just trying to
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Still snappy)
Darnell, I would just like to be
alone right now. Thank you for the
offer, but I'll be alright


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES (cont'd)
Darnell is confused, and he cares very deeply, and it is
written all over his face. He looks at her with sympathy,
and continues to help.
      (Looks caringly
       into her eyes)
Look Mrs. Jones, I'll just bring
in your groceries and leave. If
you decide you wanna talk before I
finish, then we can talk.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (She can't stay
       mad at Darnell)
If it means that much to
The camera follows Darnell and Deborah into the house. He
quickly drops off the first load of groceries, and leaves to
get the last load of groceries. As he steps away, music
begins to flow, as the camera closes in on Deborah's body.
She is wearing a tight business suit, and the camera starts
at her feet (In high heels), and follows up her legs. She is
reaching for the top of the cupboard, and her nice frame is
not unnoticed. The camera and the music stop as Darnell is
standing there looking at Deborah with a look of lust in his
eyes. She turns around and looks back at him.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I didn't even hear you come back
      (Stammering words)
I wasn't trying to sneak around or
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
No, I know you wouldn't do
that...I guess my mind just
The camera catches Darnell walking over to Mrs. Jones in a
slow manner. She is watching him as he makes her body shake
with anticipation of something to happen.


Do you feel like talking about it
Deborah's facial expression changes as she remembers why she
was upset with Darnell in the first place.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
It's nothing...I just had a bad
Was some guy giving you
trouble...Cause you know I'll
knock a fool out for messing with
my girl.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
No Darnell, no man was messing
with me...Would you like a soda?
Deborah hands Darnell a glass of Coca-Cola, and then turns
back around to finish putting food away.
Thank you...How come I never see
you go out Mrs. Jones?
Caught off guard by the question, Deborah lifts her head up,
and then drops it back down to answer the question.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Just because you don't see it,
doesn't mean that it doesn't
So you have a man in your life
right now.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
No... I don't have anybody special
in my life right now.
Darnell goes to put the glass on the counter. He is directly
behind Mrs. Jones, and his crotch is right on her backside.
She is excited, but she is also concerned.


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
What are you doing?
      (Puts glass down)
Putting my glass away.
Darnell isn't moving even after he puts his glass down.
Instead, he puts his arms around Mrs. Jones and puts his
mouth close to her ear.
Look Mrs. Jones, you don't have to
be alone. You are a beautiful,
intelligent, and dignified woman.
Don't let your nothing keep you
from being happy.
As soon as Darnell arms wrap around her, she feels as if
Eric is holding her again. She can barely hear the words
that Darnell says.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I know Eric.
Darnell jumps back quickly, and looks at Mrs. Jones like he
is scarred. As he calls to Mrs. Jones, he waits for her to
turn around before continuing to speak.
Mrs. Jones...I'm not Eric.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Snapped out of it)
I know who you are...Darnell.
So why did you call me Eric?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Maybe your embrace reminded me of
Eric...Ok...It has been a long
time, and maybe I liked the
Darnell goes back over to Mrs. Jones, and puts his arms
around her. He feels sorry for her, and at the same time is
worried about his own feelings about her.
I'm sorry if I made you feel
sad...You never have to worry
about anything when I'm around...


                       DARNELL (cont'd)
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Burries her head
       into his chest)
Thank you for understanding.
      (Lifts her head up)
Hey, look at me...I will always be
here for you.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Wiping tears away)
I think I'm suppose to say that.
      (Puts his hands
       through her hair)
Not today...today is my turn to be
there for you.
Darnell embraces her some more, and then he kisses her on
her forhead. As he does, she holds him a little tighter.
Darnell returns the tighter grip, and then kisses her on her
forhead again, but this time he kisses her on each of her
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Turned-on by his
Now, who said you could kiss all
on me.
      (Afraid she is
I'm sorry...I didn't mean to
offend you.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Darnell, I am not upset...Come
She opens her arms up for another hug.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
You never have to worry about
making me upset. You are the
kindest man I have ever met.


As she hugs him, the two look longly into ech other's eye.
There is passion being built up, but neither one is willing
to make the first move. Finally, Deborah leans in for the
kiss. Darnell looks at her as she closes her eyes and lifts
her head toward him. He slowly dips his head to kiss Mrs.
Jones. There kiss is heated and passionate. After a long
kiss, they look at each other nervously.
      (After the kiss
       backs off)
I better get back home now...By
the way..do you have anymore sweet
potato pie left.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Is the sweet potato pie for you or
your dad.
My dad.
Deborah grabs the sweet potato pie out of the fridge, and
hands it to Darnell.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Here, take the rest of it. I've
had enough for awhile.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
No thank you...And Darnell, don't
think you did anything wrong or
anything that I didn't want.
Are you sure?
Deborah walks over to Darnell, and touches his face.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Gives him a small
       peck on the lips)
I'm absolutely positive.
Darnell wakes up as if from a bad dream. He is confused, and
wonders if the previous night was just a dream or if it was
real. He begins talking to himself.


OK, it was a dream...I didn't just
kiss Mrs. Jones. Fuck..why am I
dreaming of kissing Mrs. Jones...
She is fine, but she's twice my
Darnell starts to workout. The camera follows him as he goes
to the gym in his garage. He starts off doing bench presses,
and then he does curls followed by military presses. He ends
his work-out with some dips. The camera follows him again as
he gets into his car, and goes to the track to workout some
more. When he arrives at the track, his best friend is
already waiting there for him.
Damn nigga, you're late.
I am. What time is it?
It's 5:45.
My bad dog...I didn't even look at
the clock when I got up.
Whatever nigga... I bet you went
back over to Mrs. Jones house to
tap that ass.
What nigga... Why would you say
some stupid shit like that.
'Cause nigga...you were all happy
about kissing her ass last night.
Shit, I figured you went to finish
the job.
Shit...I really did kiss her last
That's what you told me...Nigga,
was you lying about that shit.


Man, when I woke up, I thought I
had dreamt the whole fucking
thing. Shit...fuck...What the fuck
am I suppose to do now.
Why the fuck are you tripping out.
You kissed your neighbor. I mean
damn...at least she's fine.
Fuck you man...Me and Mrs. Jones
have a special friendship, and I
don't want to lose that.
Stop lying, you've been wanting to
tap that ass as long as I've known
you. That's why you bitch ass gets
upset anytime anybody says
anything about her. Shit, your
more protective of Mrs. Jones than
you are your own female.
      (Stares at Marcus)
Fuck You!
Don't fuck me, fuck Mrs. Jones.
That's what you want to do
Look, can we get started, I don't
want to talk about this anymore.
That's fine by me, but you have
some serious issues to workout.
The two friends start running around the track, Darnell
leads the whole way. Marcus is not that far behind, and they
never speak while running. After the run, they mark off the
field for the sprints. Marcus yells (GO!), and Darnell runs
a sprint. They do this for awhile, and afterwards, they sit
and relax.
      (Sweating and
       breathing hard)
Hey man, what would you do?


I don't know man. You have known
her for a long time. Whatever you
do, don't tell Cassandra.
      (Looks at Marcus
       like a fool)
No shit.
I'm just saying...you're one of
those honest ass nigga's, and
Cassandra will fucking flip.
Truth be told brah, I'm about to
drop her ass anyways. She's too
fucking young, and too sprung.
Too young brah...she's a few
months younger than your black
ass. Just because on older woman
likes you...doesn't mean your all
Why you getting all funky for?
Cassandra good people man. I'm
good people too, and you act like
your better than us half the time.
Nigga please. I have never treated
anything less than my equal. Tell
me one time I made you feel less
How 'bout when you got your letter
from Miami.
Are you serious. I was happy
because I thought I got a
scholarship to my favorite school.
I was just as happy when you
signed with Georgetown.


Look man, you have your world, and
sometimes we don't fit into it.
      (Getting pissed)
We...who the fuck is we...Are you
fucking with Cassandra now...Are
you fucking Cassandra?
Darnell starts getting closer and closer to Marcus. He is
getting madder and madder as he gets closer.
      (Gets in Marcus'
Answer me motherfucker...Are you
fucking Cassandra?
No, but its about time you show
some emotions for her... It would
take for your best friend to fuck
her before you got mad.
      (Still upset)
It wasn't the thought of her
fucking somebody else, it was the
thought of my best friend
betraying me. You should know me
better than that.
Well, you should know me better
than to ask a stupid ass question
like that. I would never fuck
around with your girl.
And what if she wasn't my girl?
                       MRS. WALKER
       somebody having
I would break that girl's back.
They both start laughing as him imitation is pretty silly
and funny. They walk away towards their cars.


For real man, do you like
She cool people brah, and I would
have no problem dating her. But,
she is your lady...not mine.
      (Slaps him on his
Things change brah...things always
The camera takes a view of the football field, and the a
view of the stands from field level. People are sitting and
conversating about many things. Music is playing as the band
is entertaining people prior to the start of the game.
Deborah finds a seat in the stands. Cassandra sees her, and
decides to speak.
Mrs. Jones is that you.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Turns back)
Mrs. Jones it's me
Cassandra...Darnell's girlfriend.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Oh hi Cassandra. How are you
I'm fine...I can't believe you
finally came to a game.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Well, I promised Darnell that I
would finally make it out to one
of these things.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Do you want to sit over here with


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Oh that's Ok sweety, but I don't
want to interfere with your girl's
talk and what not.
      (Whispers to
Who is that lady?
That's the lady that lives across
the street from Darnell.
      (Still whispering)
That's the bitch he is always
helping out. She isn't old, she
looks like a Jet Beauty of the
She's known him since he was a
Do you know how many
ex-babysitters have fucked their
former kids.
      (Not pleased)
Don't get slapped...Darnell and
her do have a special
relationship, but he loves me, and
he isn't like the garbage you
Whatever...he is still a man, and
she is a hot older woman. You
don't think he would hit
that...bitch please!
Deborah starts looking around, and Lisa is watching her very
      (To Deborah)
Are you looking for something Mrs.


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Well, I was trying to find Jamal
and Vivian.
Oh, you're bringing a gang of
folks out to this game huh.
Those are Darnell's parents...Damn
girl, you aren't that bright are
How am I a suppose to know the
names of your boyfriend's parents.
      (Looks around -
They normally sit a little closer
to the field to record the game.
In fact...there sitting right down
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Where, I can't see them.
Look in the middle close to the
front of the stands...Want me to
call them for you.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
No thank you...I'm just gonna walk
down there and say hi.
Ok, well it was nice seeing you.
Have fun.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
It was nice seeing you too. Enjoy
the game.
Deborah walks down towards the Woods' and sees Marcus on her
way to down the stairs. They give each other a quick hug,
and then they both move on. The camera is going to switch
view from Cassandra, Marcus and Lisa to Deborah and
Darnell's parents.


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Approaches the
Hi Jamal...hi Vivian.
                       MR. WOODS
Hey Deborah.
                       MRS. WOODS
Surprised to see you here.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Well, I did promise Darnell that I
would show up to at least one of
his games.
                       MRS. WOODS
Well that is awfully nice of you.
                       MR. WOODS
He should be coming out in a
moment ... Have a seat.
                       MRS. WALKER
      (Takes a seat)
Thank you ... So what number is
                       MR. WOODS
Camera switches back up to Cassandra and Marcus.
What's up shorty?
      (Stands up to give
       Marcus a hug)
Nothing much ... Just came to
watch my baby play some ball.
Marcus, you know that old ass lady
that's here to see Darnell?
Hi to you too Lisa. And yes, I
know Mrs. Jones ... By the way, I
wouldn't let Darnell hear you
talking about her that way.


I don't give a shit what that
nigga hears.
      (Getting upset)
OK, well that's my boy, and I do
Damn ... both you of you calm
down. Lisa, you really need to
relax. Marcus, sit your little ass
down before the game starts.
You need to keep your girl in
check Cassie.
Nobody keeps my ass anything
Lisa and Marcus exchange dirty looks, and then the music
from the P.A. starts to blast the song "Bad Boys For Life"
by P. Diddy. The crowd all gets up, and starts cheering
uncontrollably. The announcer starts announcing the starting
offensive line-up for the home team. The players run onto
the field as their name is announced.
Please stand for your James Logan
High Varsity Colts. Starting at
Wide Receiver Senior Tavian Ellis
... Starting at Left Tackle Senior
Ryan Cruz ... Starting at Left
Guard Junior John Starks ...
Starting at Center Senior Hugh
Adams ... Starting at Right Guard
Senior Hector Chavez ... Starting
at Right Tackle Junior Charles
Avery ... Starting at Tight End
Junior Moses Riley ... Starting at
Quarterback Senior Justin McLemore
... Starting at Fullback Junior
Simron Felson ... Starting at
Running Back Senior Cecil Zephyr
... Starting at Wide Receiver
Senior #83 Darnell Woods.
The camera catches the crowd going crazy when Darnell's name
is mentioned. His mother and father get excited, Deborah is
yelling, and Marcus and Cassandra are cheering as well. As


the team's line-up for the opening kick-off the camera moves
back to Mr. and Mrs. Woods and Deborah.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Wow ... he really looks like a
football player.
                       MR. WOODS
Deb ... he is one of the best
players in the state.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Really, so he can play
                       MRS. WOODS
Quiet y'all their about to
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Where's Darnell?
                       MRS. WOODS
      (Points at Darnell)
He's #83. See him right over
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I see him.
The camera catches the kickoff, and the ball is kicked too
short for Darnell to return the kick. He sets a good block
and everyone is cheering. On the next play, Darnell goes
deep for a touchdown, and everyone is screaming even louder.
However, a penalty was called, and a upset Darnell comes
back to the line of scrimmage.
                       MR. WOODS
Shit ... who screwed up this time?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
What happened?
Camera switches to the huddle.
                       MRS. WOODS
Honey, some idiot got called for a
penalty, and that negated
Darnell's touchdown.


      (Breathing hard)
Who the fuck got called for
                       OL 1
Mad bad dog, but he was about to
get around me.
Don't fuck up again ... You hear
                       RB 2
Coach wants to run the same play
Are you serious? As bad as he just
burnt that guy, they're gonna be
looking for something like that.
Shit, they can look for it, but it
won't matter.
                       RB 2
Hey, I just said what coach said.
Don't trip, we're gonna get a
touchdown on this play. Justin,
man launch that the ball as soon
as I make my break.
I got you. Ok everyone, we know
what to do ... Now, let's act like
we know what we're doing out
there. On two ... on two, ready
They line-up on the field, and Darnell is focused. The
camera is looking directly in his eyes, and he is determined
to score. His head shifts to look at the football, and the
camera follows his head. The ball is hiked in slow motion as
Darnell's feet are shown as he makes his first step. The
motion goes to full speed, and Darnell is flying down the
field. He makes his break, and Justin launches the ball.
Darnell's man is two to three steps behind him, and Darnell
catches the ball, and runs for the touchdown. He looks back


for a flag, and when he sees none, he flips the ball to the
That's my baby! Yeeeeaaaahhhhh.
Nobody can stop my baby!
Hell yeah ... That's my nigga.
School them motherfuckers man!
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Isn't he suppose to throw the ball
down and dance or something?
                       MR. WOODS
That's for showboats ... Darnell's
a football player. He cares about
the team and winning. He's not
worried about the press coverage
he gets.
Camera shoots down to the playing field where Darnell is
talking to Tavian.
Hey, isn't that Tomlinson over
Yeah, that motherfucker think he's
hard because he's related to
LaDainian. I'm gonna fuck him up
if he's on my side.
Fuck that, that son of a bitch
said that he was better than me in
the newspaper, and that I was an
overrated bunch of hype.
Fuck you ... that little bitch is
Darnell is starring hard at Tomlinson, as he is trying to
stare him down, but Tomlinson isn't look anywhere near
Darnell. The camera catches various scenes from the game. A
scene where Darnell throws a great block to free Tavian for


a score. Another where Darnell gets a great hit on a
defender, and even a quarterback sack. They also show
Darnell take a hard shot. His mother screams and so does his
girlfriend, but Darnell pretty much pops right back up.
                       MR. WOODS
      (Sees concern)
Don't worry ladies. This is
football, and that is how the game
is played.
      (To Cassandra)
Cassie, calm down girl ... look,
he got right back up.
I can't even look.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Are you sure he's OK.
                       MRS. WOODS
Yeah, are you sure ... That hit
was really hard. It looked late
                       MR. WOODS
Baby ... he's fine.
Play continues, and the game is late in the third quarter.
Darnell's team is up by 24, and he knows the coach is going
to pull him out soon, He goes to Tavian.
Hey man, I need you to switch
sides with Aaron.
Why would I switch sides with
Look, as long as your on Steve,
I'll never get a shot at his ass.
I need a corner he can beat.
Damn, you want Tomlinson that bad?


Yes, I need to pop that
motherfucker, and deliver a little
Tomlinson is able to get some separation from Aaron, and
finally catches the ball. The first strong safety will come
up for the tackle, and just kind of stand Steve Tomlinson
up, Darnell comes from a 20 yard sprint and just unleashes a
hell of a hit on Tomlinson as he breaks free from the other
safety. The crowd ooohhs and aaahhhs as the player isn't
getting up. Darnell stands over the body of Tomlinson.
Overrated motherfucker ....
Overrated. Huh. Tell the paper how
overrated my ass is now. You
fucking faggot. Bitch, you don't
even play defense.
Camera switches back to the stands.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
What is he doing?
                       MRS. WOODS
You don't wanna know.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Is he not playing fair?
                       MR. WOODS
It's not about playing fair. He's
just trash talking the guy.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Oh I see, he's trying to itimidate
the other player right?
                       MRS. WOODS
You don't know nothing about this
game do you girl?
                       MR. WOODS
Baby please! The guy that Darnell
hit has been talking crap about
Darnell to the papers the past
month. So Darnell is just
reminding him of that.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
So, he doesn't like the guy?


                       MR. WOODS
He doesn't know him to dislike
him. He's just giving him a little
reminder of who he is.
Switch to Cassadra, Lisa, and Marcus
He's gonna get kicked out of the
No he's not. He's just talking
with the guy.
Darnell just talks too much shit.
One of these days, somebody gonna
kick his ass!
Look Lisa, your little ass talks
too much shit, and I'm gonna kick
your ass if you don't stop talking
about my man!
Damn girl, you ever know how to
just shut the fuck up!
Whatever, you all follow him
around if you like.
Cassandra and Marcus both give Lisa a dirty look, and then
the camera is going back to the field. Coach Maxi and
Darnell are having a little chat.
Remember, a geat play doesn't need
any words.
I know coach, but that wasn't a
great play. That was me teaching a
Yeah, I was wondering what was
taking you so long.


I didn't want you to get pissed
when I switched Tavian over to the
other side.
Is that how that little fuck got
free? ... Tavian, ... Tavian, come
      (Runs over)
Yeah coach.
      (Very stern)
You let that little girl catch
another first down on you, and
you'll never play for me again!
But coach.
      (cuts him off)
Don't give me any excuses!
Coach stares at Tavian as he is looking for something to
say. All of a sudden Darnell and the coach bust out
laughing. Tavian realizes he is the victim of their cruel
Tavian, after all these years, you
still are the easiest person I
know to play a joke on ... Guys,
you knew this was coming. Your
both out the rest of the game. Let
the bench clean this one up.
Well Tave, it was fun while it
I know, the old men sent to the
You guys get out of here, and tell
your folks I said "Hi."


The guys agree, and Darnell goes off to see his parents and
his girlfriend. He doesn't even know that Mrs. Jones is in
the stands. As he gets near the fence, he waves for
Cassandra and Marcus to come down. They start coming down
the steps as they talk to him on the side.
      (Gives dap to
What's up brah?
Watching you do your thing man.
      (Gives her a kiss)
Hey baby, you enjoy the game?
Of course, but you need to stop
talking mess.
      (Rolls his eyes)
Lisa's fat ass is up there, huh?
I'm staying out of this one.
I don't know why you two don't get
'Cause her ugly ass is always
talkin' shit. I swear, that girl
never can never shut the fuck up!
Well, I already told her ass to be
quiet, and now I'm gonna tell you
the same thing.
      (Grabs her and
       gives her another
Oh really. You were saying what


      (Gives him another
You look great out there.
True dat, you knocked the shit out
that one nigga.
You liked that, huh.
For sheezy.
Well, I gotta go holla at my
parents, but I'll catch y'all
after the game...aiight.
They agree, and Darnell heads towards his parents usual
seats. When he gets there, he notices that Mrs. Jones is
there, and is very surprised.
Woe, Mrs. Jones is in my house!
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Hello Darnell.
Darnell greets his parents including a hug and kiss on the
cheek for his mother, and a hand shake and hug for his dad.
What brings you out here Mrs.
                       MRS. WOODS
I didn't mean it like that Ma. I
was just surprised to see her, but
thank you for coming out. Did you
get to see much of the game.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Yeah, I saw the whole thing, and
you played very well.


Well, thank you very much Mrs.
Lisa who has never liked Darnell is still up there watching
Darnell and Mrs. Jones.
Why are we leaving, I want to
watch that fool try to mack on
that old lady.
He is not going to mack on
anybody. Especially when his
parents' are right there.
I swear girl, you are the biggest
hater in the world. That's why
your ass don't have anybody.
You don't have anybody either
nigga, so what's they say about
Yeah, but I'm a player, and I
still gets my fuck on.
Marcus laughs, and kind of apologizes. As he is, Cassandra
looks back at Darnell and Mrs. Jones. She doens't want to
think anything is going on, but she can't say for sure.
It is the following day, and Deborah is making some
breakfast, but she is on the phone. A song from the
soundtrack is playing, and Deborah is on the phone. Right
before she hangs up the phone, you hear her say, "OK, I'll
see you in a second."
      (Walks into
Hey Mrs. Jones.


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Hey, your food is almost ready.
      (Grabs plate of
So, what are you up to today?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Nothing much, I'm gonna go to my
mother's house later on.
Oh man, how is your mom and dad
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Sits to eat with
Their good, but they are still
complaining about no grandchildren
I've heard about them
conversations, but I didn't think
your parents were in such a rush.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Looks into his
Well, they are.
Hmmm, so what did you think of the
game last night?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
It was great. I was really excited
to see you play. I had no idea you
were that good.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I mean it. You were so graceful,
fast, and powerful. You made the
other players look like they
didn't know what they were doing.
Even some of the players on your


OK, now your trying to make me
blush, but I appreciate you coming
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Yeah ... Well, I'm glad I came
out, but it will probably be the
last time for awhile.
Why's that?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I don't think your girlfriend
appreciated me being there too
Cassandra ... I don't think
Cassandra had a problem with you.
The only person that would say
anything is that loud mouth friend
of hers.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Well, somebody had a problem, and
I started feeling guilty anyways.
Oh ... is that why you asked me
over for breakfast?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Darnell, you are a very attractive
young man, and as sweet and kind
and intelligent as you are, I feel
that I disrespected somebody.
Mrs. Jones, I don't regret kissing
you one bit, and if I could kiss
you right now I would. Regardless
of my current girlfriend status, I
still look at you as the perfect
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Please don't say things like that
Darnell. I don't have the strength
or desire to ask you to back off.
I've been having feelings for you
for awhile, and I need to find a


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES (cont'd)
way to get rid of them.
      (Grabs her hand)
Do you want me to leave you alone
for awhile?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Darnell stands up and walks around the kitchen table. She
looks up at him as he takes graceful strides and stands
behind her. He wraps his arms around her as he kneels down.
Does this feel good?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Eyes closed)
      (Kisses her neck)
And this?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Darnell pulls her chair out, and stands directly in front of
her. He then lifts her to her feet where he begins to kiss
her passionately. The two are standing there in her kitchen
kissing when the phone rings.
Oh God, what am I doing?
You were kissing me. I was kissing
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Darnell, it can't be like this.
      (Phone still
Why not?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Looking around)
I need to answer the phone.


Deborah answers the phone, and it is her mother on the other
line. She is having a conversation with her, Darnell blows
her a kiss good-bye, and she signals for him to stay. He
shakes his no, and departs. She finishes up the conversation
with her mother, and sits down at the table, and starts
talking to herself.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
He's a boy, you can't fall for a
boy ... Oh Deb, what have you
gotten yourself into ... Did you
refuse all of them dates because
you always had feelings for
Darnell ... No, no you didn't ...
Jesus, what am I saying ... He
such a great kisser, and he makes
me feel so comfortable and secure
... What would Eric think ... Oh
God, I'm losing my mind ... Eric,
would want me to be happy, right
... But with Darnell, he would
probably call me a heathen ... OK,
I won't fight it anymore, and what
happens is what happens.
Darnell is lying on his bed talking to his girlfriend. His
parents are out to dinner, and he is alone with her.
What are your plans for the
What kind of question is that?
The kind I just asked.
Well, I'm going to college. Then
I'm gonna get a job.
What college are you going to?
The same college as you.


What ... Naw, you got to take me
out of the equation. If I weren't
around, what college would you go
Why wouldn't you be around?
Cassie, we're 18 years old, and we
cannot make life decisions based
on our high school dating. I mean,
if we date in college, what are
the odds of us staying together?
Darnell, if you don't want to be
with me anymore, then just tell
You know Cassandra, I wasn't sure
if I wanted to break-up with you
until just now.
Really ... just now you decided
you wanted to break-up with me?
      (Laid back)
So what drastic thing just
happened that you decided that you
want to quit me?
I just realized that underneath
that beauty, you are a insecure,
and lazy. You probably thought
that I would go to college, stay
with you, go to the NFL, and make
you my wife where you would live a
nice and comfortable lifestyle
Ain't nobody said nothing about
marrying your ass. Plus, nobody
ever said your going to the pros.


Bullshit, you always tell your
friends that I'm gonna be the one
that makes it to the pros. Plus,
you just said that you're going to
whatever college I go to ... You
know the worst part of all this is
... Most of the time, you're a
really good woman; just a little
caught up in the world.
Look nigga, I don't need your
sympathy. I know I'm a good woman.
I know that I can get any man that
I want, and if you want to let me
go, then that's your loss.
You know, I insulted you, and I
acted ungentlemanly, but I don't
want to end this on a bad note.
So, I apologize if I made you
Fuck you!
      (Picks her up by
       her arm)
Wait ... Fuck me ... Oh hell naw,
take your little raggamuffin ass
outa my house now.
Nigga is you crazy, get your hands
off of me.
You think you can tell me anything
after telling me "Fuck you" in my
own house. Bitch ... get the fuck
Darnell is steaming mad, and he keeps edging Cassandra out
of the house faster and faster. She gets to the door, and
puts her hand on the knob, and stops dead in her tracks. She
turns around, and looks Darnell in the eyes like she still
cares for him.


Darnell ... Darnell, please stop
... Look, I sorry for cursing you,
but I was ... I still am hurt. I
just got done defending you to
Lisa again, and now she's gonna
start talking more shit, and I
just don't want to stop being your
lady. I love you!
She throws her arms around Darnell, and starts crying as she
buries her head in his shoulder/chest. Darnell meanwhile,
reaches around her, grabs the doorknob, and opens the door.
Before she can react, he picks her up, and sets her outside.
Without saying a word, he returns inside the house, slams
and locks the door behind him.
Darnell looks out his window, and sees a car pulling up to
Mrs. Jones' house. A tall African-American man gets out of
his driver side of car, and Mrs. Jones gets out the
passenger side of the car. She sits there and converses with
the man for a split second, and then gives him a hug, and
she darts in the house. The man then reaches on the side of
his hip, and pulls out a cell phone, and then he starts
talking as he gets back in the car, and pulls away. Darnell
never stops watching the house until the man is comletely
gone out of sight. Afterwards, he closes the blinds all the
way, and heads off for bed.
Deborah is at work, and since her little talk with Dave
Lydle, he has stopped hitting on Ally, but has made some
comments and suggestions about Deborah around the office.
She is sitting in her office thinking about Darnell when Mr.
Lydle comes to her office.
                       MR. LYDLE
      (Knocks on door)
Hey Deb, can you spare a few
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Being nice)
Sure Dave, what's up?
                       MR. LYDLE
Do you have the financial
statements for the McGregor


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
No, they should be down in storage
somewhere. I can have somebody go
down there and try to find them if
you like?
                       MR. LYDLE
That would be great.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Hold on one second.
Deborah gets up and walks over to her door. As she passes
Mr. Lydle, he closes his eyes, and smells her sweet scent.
He then leans a little bit in hopes that she will brush him
as she passes. After she passes him, he gives her body a
long lookover from top to bottom. He makes a noticeable stop
to look at her backside.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (After speaking to
       Ally, she turns
       and talks to Mr.
Ally. ... Ally, can you get an
intern to grab the McGregor's
financial statements downstairs
for Mr. Lydle. Have them delivered
to his office.

There you go Dave, Somebody will
have them in your office in no
                       MR. LYDLE
Thank you so much. You really are
an asset to this company.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Returns to her
Thank you, and I hope you all
remember that when Ellis retires
next year.
                       MR. LYDLE
You are noticed Deborah. Trust me,
you are noticed.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Thank you Dave.


                       MR. LYDLE
Hey, want to grab some lunch later
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
No thanks, I think I'm just gonna
stay here, and work through
                       MR. LYDLE
Well, how about dinner after work?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I don't think so. I already have
                       MR. LYDLE
OK, but one day your gonna say
yes. Not today, but someday.
Mr. Lydle walks out of the room, and Deborah sits there
wondering what just happened. She's sitting there confused
when her assistant Amy walks in.
The McGregor files were already in
his office Ms. Walker.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Are you sure?
Yeah, I ran into his assistant
Laura, and she showed me the
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Well, he must be getting old.
I don't think so... I think he
just has a sweet tooth.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
What are you talking about?
Laura told me that she just
brought him the files before he
came here. Ms. Walker... It looks
like Mr. Lydle has a little jungle


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Don't worry, I have made it
perfectly clear that he is to
leave you alone.
And... that doesn't mean anything
to these men around here. You know
how many times I've been harrassed
around here? Mr. Lydle isn't the
only one to have touched me.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Who else has been harrassing you?
Nobody since I starting working
for you, but before then, all the
guys here used to grab me and ask
me out for a long lunch.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
You would tell me if anybody else
was harrassing you... right?
      (Looks at watch)
In a heart beat, but I better get
back to work. I still have a ton
of work left to do.
Ally gets up, and goes back to her desk, but before she
does, she turns back to tell her boss one more thing.
You know if anybody said anything
about you, I would tell you that
                       MRS. WALKER
Thank you Mrs. Cooper. That
actually means alot to me.
Ms. Cooper leaves the office, and the camera closes in on
the clock. Mrs. Jones finally is about to leave at 7:30pm.
As she is getting ready to leave, she bumps into Mr. Lydle.
                       MR. LYDLE
Evening Deb.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Have a good night Dave.


                       MR. LYDLE
You know Deb, your the only woman
hear that looks and smells as good
when she leaves as when she came.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Excuse me Mr. Lydle, I think that
is a very inappropriate comment.
                       MR. LYDLE
What, I was just giving you a
compliment... So compliments are
offensive now?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Compliments are fine, but when you
start talking about my scent...
you are taking things too far.
As deborah is walking away, Mr. Lydle grabs her backside,
and then he turns around and walks away. Deborah turns
around infuriated.
                       MRS. WALKER
Mr. Lydle, do not think you are
gonna touch me in any manner, and
just walk away.
                       MR. LYDLE
      (Turns around)
What are you talking about woman,
I never touched you.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Do not play with me. I know when
somebody grabs me, and if you
value your job, you will apologize
                       MR. LYDLE
I'm not apologizing for something
I did not do, so you better think
about who you are accusing, and
what you are accusing me of.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I don't give a fuck who you are,
and you better believe that you're
not going to get away with this


                       MR. LYDLE
Ms. Walker, you better realize who
you are talking to. I have never
apologize for anything I did not
do, and I am not about to start
now. If you continue on this
course, you will find yourself
looking for employment.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Nobody in here is going to
disrespect me, and I am not afraid
of anybody here, and that includes
you Mr. Lydle.
Deborah grabs her purse and briefcase off of the counter,
and leaves the building. When she gets to her car, she
covers her face, and begins to cry a little. She starts her
car, and heads home.
It is about 8:30, and Deborah is just getting home. She sees
Darnell through his window, and pauses as he does his
homework. She just sits on her porch for awhile looking at
the young man do his homework. He looks up, and sees her
sitting there, and closes his books. He gets up from the
table, and walks over to see her.
What's wrong Mrs. Jones?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Why would you say something's
Well, your out here alone, and
your just staring off into
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
You only do that when something's
bothering you.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
And how would you know that?


Mrs. Jones, it's my job to know
when your not feeling well. You
want me to make you some tea?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
No, why don't you just sit out
here with me.
I can do that too.
Deborah lays her head on Darnell's shoulder, and she just
sits there. Soon she puts her hand in his, as they look like
a real couple.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
You ever felt like no matter what
you do, you'll be the same as
everyone else for the rest of your
Yeah, because no matter how much
they love me on Friday night, I
always see the real people
Saturday through Thursday... So,
who treated you like you were less
than a woman?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I never said that anybody treated
me like anything.
You did, just not directly.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
C'mon. let's go inside, it's
getting chilly.
The two go inside the house, and without noticing, Deborah
holds Darnell's hand all the way inside. They sit down on
the couch, and they begin talking again.
So, are you gonna tell me who was
bothering you?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I don't know what you're talking


Yes you do. Why won't you talk to
me about it?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Lays her head in
       his shoulder)
Men are men, and it's that simple.
No it's not... My dad is not like
every other man... I'm not like
every other man, we really do not
appreciate people classifying us
as being like every other man.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I'm not talking about you guys.
So, who are you talking about?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Fine, some guy at work came on to
me tonight, and he made me feel
like I was a common whore.
What's his name?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
It doesn't matter... I took care
of the situation.
      (Wraps his arms
       around her)
Well, you let him know if he ever
disrespects you again that he'll
have to answer to me!
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Squeezes him)
Ah, my hero.
You know it.
Darnell begins to stroke her hair, and the two get real
comfortable. She turns on the television, and they begin
watching TV. A romantic movie is playing, and Deborah starts
stroking his free arm.


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
You know, you are so good to me.
That's because I care about you.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I know you do, and I thank you for
You don't have to. You need to
know that there is always somebody
here for you. Plus, you would do
the same thing for me.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Looks up at him)
I know you are. I know.
Darnell touches her face gently, and proceeds to kiss her.
They enjoy a long passionate kiss as the song "Me and Mrs.
Jones" plays in the background. Darnell decides to take
things a little further as he finally moves beyond her lips.
His lips (close-up) move from her mouth to her neck. Her
eyes widen then shut as she is feeling something she never
felt before. His hands caress her side and her leg at the
same time,. She squeezes him even harder. His mouth moves
from one side of her neck to other. She let's out a slight
moan, and it doesn't even phase Darnell. He takes it even
further, as he moves one of his hands towards her bosoms as
well as his mouth towards that section of her body. She
moans a little louder, and then she suddenly comes to, and
pulls back.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Breathing a
       little heavy)
Oh... Darnell, I'm sorry... I
      (Cuts her off)
Shhh... Don't worry. There's no
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Darnell, I need to tell you


      (Grabs her hand)
Go ahead, you can tell me
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Looks into his
I... I have never been with a man
      (Pulls back)
I am soooo sorry. I had no idea.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
No, don't be sorry. You make me
feel wonderful, and I appreciate
I don't want to make you feel
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
You can never make me feel
Here,.. why don't I just hold you
a little longer, and then I will
head back home.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I would like that... I would
really like that.
Darnell pulls Mrs. Jones closer to him, and he holds her in
his arms as the TV continues to show the romantic movie.
Darnell's hands begin to stroke Mrs. Jones' legs and arms
again. She seems to feel quite comfortable with his touch.
Soon, she is fast asleep, and Darnell is going back to his
Cassandra and Lisa are watching movies over at Cassandra's
house. Lisa is bad mouthing Darnell, whom Cassandra still
has feelings for. They are watching "The Program" as Lisa is
talking about Darnell and Mrs. Jones.


Darnell thinks he's so good. Omar
Epps is way fucking better.
First of all, Darnell is real, and
Omar Epps is playing a character
in a movie. Second, why do you
have to keep bringing that nigga
I'm sorry, but this movie makes me
think of his ass. Plus, the way
Omar trying to get with Halle
Berry is the way Darnell is
probably trying to get with that
old lady... Mrs. Jones.
Look, he's not getting with Mrs.
Jones. I told you before, he grew
up by her. He's known her his
whole life. They.. are.. just..
How many times have you heard that
bullshit line. She's just a
friend... She's nobody to concern
yourself over.
You know what, forget about it,
he's my man, and he'll come back
to me.
What if he doesn't?
He will!
Marcus and Darnell are outside playing basketball, and
Darnell is losing. They don't talk much, except to exchange
I don't know why you even try.


'Cause you ain't that good.
      (Drains a jump
Then stop this.
So you got lucky once.
Once, I'm up 18-7. Your ass hasn't
beaten me since the third grade.
Shit, I beat you are ass last
week, and I'm gonna beat your ass
The two keep playing for several hours. Once it starts
getting dark, Marcus' mother calls them to get some food.
They both grab a plate, and head into the living room where
MArcus' parents are sitting watching TV. So they can talk
privately, Marcus and Darnell go into Marcus' room.
You still want to hit Cassandra?
What nigga?
Do you still want to go out with
I never really wanted to go out
with her ass, I was just trying to
make a point.
Are you sure?
Yo, this is fucked up. Let me
guess, you broke up with her, and
now you want me to go out with her
to keep tabs.


Dog, that is some of the stupidest
shit I have ever heard. I want you
to fuck with my ex, so that I can
keep tabs on who's fucking her.
Think about that man. You will be
fucking her.
      (Motions to quiet
Aiight nigga. Relax,you know my
parents can hear trhough walls.
My bad man, but you say some
stupid shit sometimes.
The two sit quietly for a minute, and then Marcus finally
breaks the silence.
So, you wouldn't mind if I went
out with Cassie?
Naw nigga, in fact I'll call her
if you like.
Shot switches to Cassandra's house where Cassandra and Lisa
are talking again.
You think that Marcus would go out
with me?
Bitch... are you crazy. That
brotha hates your black ass... I
mean, he really hates you.
Why, what did I ever do to him?
Well, let's see. You're always
talkin' shit about his best
friend. You're always talkin' shit
to him, and you ain't cute.
Fuck you Cassie.


Hey, don't ask the question if you
can't handle the answer.
Would you fuck with him?
I have less of a chance than you
do. Darnell and him do not even
play around with each other like
But you ain't with Darnell, and
the way he dogged you out. You
should get even.
Look, I do not use my body as a
tool for revenge.
I'm not telling you to fuck him.
I'm just saying to call him up,
and holla. Plus, that will get
Darnell jealous enough to come
back to you faster.
Lisa starts to fantasize about Darnell and her being
together. She is wearing a white blouse and a white skirt
that reveals much of her body. Darnell is wearing a black
suit with a black shirt that shows off his rippling muscles.
First some slow music starts playing in the back, and then
he walks over to her, and whispers something in her ear. She
appears to giggle and blush as he walks around her admiring
her body and beauty. Suddenly, he begins kissing her
passionately. His body is molding with her as he lays her
gently on a large bed with red silk sheets. Suddenly, Lisa
starts pushing her, and she bolts back to reality
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Nothing...Where's the phone at.
I'm getting my man back.
Back at Marcus' house, Darnell and Marcus get into a game of
Madden on the playstation 2 (or X-Box). The phone rings as
they are playing.


      (Pauses the game)
Hold up.
I hear the phone fool.
      (Picks up the
Fuck you nigga.....Hello.
The camera will go from one phone to the other, and
sometimes it will have a split view. The view will depend on
the director.
Hello...is Marcus there?
This is him.
Hey, what are you up to?
Who is this?
Oh...you big pimpin' so much you
can't keep your females straight.
Cassie...Is that you!
What gave me away?
Marcus looks at Darnell who gives him the "I ain't here
My bad girl...I just wasn't
expecting to hear from you. I mean
Darnell isn't even here.
I wasn't calling for Darnell...If
I wanted to talk to him, I
would've called him.


Aiight then...what did you call me
                       MRS. WALKER
Because I wanted to talk to
you...Just because me and Darnell
aren't together anymore, doesn't
mean we have to be stop being
friends...Does it?
Cassie, c'mon, why did you really
Marcus, I just wanted to call to
see what you were up too.
No...your trying to spy on my boy,
but the Brother is not here.
I'm glad he's not there because it
would make this a whole lot
Cassie, don't play yourself.
That's my ace niggero, and the way
your sounding...I don't need to
hear no bullshit.
I'm not bullshitting you or
anybody else. in fact, I'm not
playing any games. I have liked
you for a cool minute, and I
thought you should know.
Oh, so now you like me...That's
why you've been fucking my best
friend for the past year and half.
First of all, it's not like you
think, and second of all, we were
only together for six months.
Darnell picks up the other line. He pushes the mute button
immediately so that Cassandra doesn't know.


Yeah, but he was tappin' that ass
for year before you all got
      (Getting Fustrated)
Look Marcus...we have always
gotten along...right?
Do you think I look good? Do you
think I'm cool people?
So, give me one reason why we
can't get to know each other
better. Besides that me and
Darnell use to be together.
That's just it, I don't need
another reason. That is my dog, my
homie, me ace, my nigga.

He would never touch my ex's and I
will never touch his.
So there nothing I can say to make
you change your mind?
Darnell signals to Marcus to go ahead and hit it.
Not even if I told you that he did
fuck your girl...why you were
still with her.
Darnell looks up surprised, and immediately gives Marcus the
"i don't know what the fuck she talking about look."
      (Sounding serious)
Cassie, don't fuck around with me!


Ain't nobody fucking with
you...Darnell fucked Patricia
while you were with her.
How do would you know that?
That stupid bitch told me...She
was talking about how Darnell was
sweating her while he was sweating
me, and how she was gonna have him
So how you know we were together
when this happened?
Because she was talking about how
she was fucking you while he was
fucking me.
So why you just telling me this
shit now...Don't say nothing about
Patricia because we've been broken
up for a cool minute.
No, I wasn't trying to ruin your
friendship with Darnell.
But now you don't care?
Look, that nigga dropped me. I
don't have to have any loyalty to
him, and I am a free woman. If I
want somebody else, then that is
my perogative.
Listen Cassie, and I mean really
listen....You don't want to date
me, or any bullshit like that. You
want to fuck me to get revenge on
my boy. Hey, if that is really
what you want, bring your ass over
here, and I will handle business.
Darnell's my nigga, and no piece
of ass is gonna get in between our


                       MARCUS (cont'd)
friendship. But, if you have to
fuck me to prove that, bring that
cute little ass over, and I'll
That is fucked up Marcus. I wanted
to sit down and talk with you. You
know...really get to know you.
Well, you laid out your cards, and
I laid out mine...So, are you
coming over?
Tomorrow maybe...but we ain't
gonna have sex.
Tomorrow I'm gonna be busy, and
I'm gonna stay busy until you
      (Cuts him off)
You know what Marcus...I changed
my mind. You've shown me a totally
different side of your
personality, and I don't care for
it all. So fuck everything I said.
Cassie...are we still friends?
Cassandra looks back at Lisa who is whispering that Darnell
is there. She keeps whispering "Darnell is there. That nigga
is in the house." Cassandra whispers back for Lisa to call
Darnell's phone. She picks the phone up, and pushes the
speed dial for Darnell's phone. Marcus is asking Cassandra
why she isn't answering, and if they are still friends.
Darnell's phone rings, but is on silence so he looks at the
number, and never answers. Lisa just shakes her head at
Cassandra who raises her voice some and says "Fuck you," and
then hangs up. Marcus and Darnell sit there laughing hard as
the screen goes black


Darnell is at Deborah's door. He is holding a box of
chocolates, a bouqet of roses, and is dressed in a nice
suit. He knocks on the door, and within moments, Deborah
answers the door.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Darnell...wow, you look great.
Thank you, and you look beautiful
as always.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Blowing off the
Yeah, yeah, yeah... Really, you
look so handsome...Who's the lucky
You are. I thought I could take
you out to dinner.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
That's so sweet, but I'm not ready
to go anywhere right now.
That's Ok, I'll wait.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Are you sure...It could take a
Yeah I'm sure, I'm not in any
hurry...Now go get ready.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Big smile)
Deborah goes off into her bedroom, and Darnell makes himself
feel comfortable on the couch. Darnell turns on the TV, and
starts to watch the news. The view switches over to Deborah
who is trying to decide what to wear. She looks at several
outfits. A tight black dress, a nice red dress, and even a
blue dress. She decides on the blue dress, and after a quick
shower, where her silouhette is promptly displayed. Darnell


at this point is watching Sports Center on ESPN. When
Deborah enters the room, she is wearing the black dress.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Spinning around)
How do I look?
      (Grabs chest)
Woo...you look amazing.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Why thank you Mr. Walker...And,
where will we be dining tonight.
I thought you might enjoy a nice
dinner at Benny Hana's.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I think that is an excellent
      (Sounding Refined)
Shall we go?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
They walk out to the car, and Darnell opens the door for
Deborah. She sits down, and watches him as he goes to the
other side of the car. He sits down, and turns the radio on
to some Hip-Hop music, but keeps the stereo low so that they
can talk.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Thank you.
For what...I haven't even done
anything yet.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Yes you have...You decided to get
dressed up, and take me to dinner.
I'm just glad you were home. I
would have been embarrassed if you
weren't there.


                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I don't know...just would have.
The song Me and Mrs. Jones starts playing on the radio, and
Darnell and Deborah just look at each other. After a second
they start laughing and sing along with the song. As they
are singing, the camera goes from inside the car to outside
the car, as it watches the car travel to Benny Hana's. They
are in the restaurant as the scene continues.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
So, how many more games do you
have left?
Two more, and then the playoffs.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Are you excited?
I'm excited and sad. I mean, we're
undefeated, and a high seed in the
playoffs, but these are the last
time I will ever put on my school
uniform...The good thing is next
year, I'll put on a uniform that I
have been waiting years to put on.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
It'll be exciting. Next year
you'll be in college. Learning new
things, and meeting new people.
Watching film for 20 hours a week,
and I hope to get on the field
every once in awhile.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
No, I'm sure they'll let you play
all the time next year. C'mon,
your Darnell Walker, the best Wide
Safety in California.
Darnell just kind of laughs, and puts his left hand over his
face as he chuckles.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
What...what happened?


      (Still laughing)
It's Wide Receiver of Free Safety.
I can see your trying though. So,
thank you...But next year, I'm
just a scrawny Freshmen trying to
play with some of the best talent
in the country.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I'm sure you'll do just fine.
Yeah, and what about you. How are
you going to be next year without
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
You know, I haven't even thought
about that. You've been there for
me for so long...I guess, I'm
really going to miss you Darnell.
I meant it as a joke Mrs. Jones.
Between the two of us, you are an
amazing woman, and I know that you
can handle anything.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Yeah, tell that to my bosses at
work. They all think that I should
spread my legs, and move up in the
company that way.
you know, I can always have a
private meeting with them...You
know, straighten out their
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
Thank you, but that will not be
Ok, but can I get you some desert?
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
How about we make some banana
splits back at my house .


Darnell gives a big grin, and stands up, he walks to
Deborah's chair where he pulls out her seat for her, and the
two walk out holding hands. The next thing you see is a
banana being sliced into two, and then the camera gets a
look at Darnell's face as he watches Deborah slice another
banana right down the center.
      (Gently rubbing
       his crotch)
A banana split sounds better than
it looks.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Looks at Darnell)
Darnell...stop being a baby, it's
not like I'm gonna slice your
Please...never mention my banana
and the word slice in the same
sentence again.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
You are so silly.
Darnell walks over to the ice cream, and grabs a little on
his finger. He walks behind Deborah, and smears some in her
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Jumps back and
       turns around)
Oh, I am so gonna get you.
She grabs the whole banana split, and runs after him. She is
still in full attire from the dinner. Darnell darts out of
the kitchen and hides around the corner. As she passes him,
he grabs her with one hand, and the bowl with the other.
Ok, let the bowl go slowly, and
let's call a truce.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
You are not getting off that
easily Darnell Woods.
      (Grabs a little
       tighter around
       the waist)
OK, I'm sorry that I spread ice


                       DARNELL (cont'd)
cream on you face...Is that
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
No, becuase you don't mean it.
Darnell releases his hands from around her waist, and spins
her around using the bowl so that she is face to face with
him. He grabs her waist again, and pulls her in close to
I'm sorry, and I would like to
call a truce.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Looking in his
Darnell kisses her, and pulls the bowl away from her. She is
so wrapped up in the kiss that she doesn't even notice. He
stops for a second to put the bowl down, and then wraps both
arms around her waist, and she put wraps both arms around
his neck, and the begin to kiss again. He keeps rubbing her
back with his fingers as her hips and his hips roll on each
other. With one quick move, he lifts her up, and takes her
into her bedroom. She isn't even fazed by what seems
evident. As he takes her into the bedroon, he slowly lowers
her onto the bed, and gently touches her face.
      (Looking into her
You are so beautiful. You are
everything any man could want from
a woman.
Before she can say anything, Darnell kisses her softly on
the lips. He lays next to her, and continues to kiss her
softly. His hands begin to stroke her back again, and then
he begins to kiss her neck. Her eyes close as she let's out
a soft moan. Her hands grip stronger on his back. One of his
hands slowly goes down her dress to her legs, and pulls her
leg around his body. His hands continue to move up and down
her leg, as she begins to kiss his neck now. He carefully
unzips the back of her dress, and she undoes the tie and
buttons on his shirt. Her hands carefully touch the skin of
his chest and abdomen. He takes the straps of her dress, and
lowers them, and kisses and sucks on each shoulder. Her head
leans back and her lips quiver in her arousal. He continues
to pull the dress down, and wraps his hands around her bra,


and unclasps the bra. She looks deep into his eyes, and then
he kisses her again. His mouth travels from her lips back to
her neck, and down to her breast. She is moaning and feeling
things she has never felt before. His touch is magical as
her breathing becomes erratic. His mouth is completely over
her right breast, and his right hand is over her left
breast. As she grabs her the side of the bed, his mouth
moves down to her stomach, and further to her hips.
He gently part her legs as he begins to rub her vagina. She
gasps wildly, and her moans are becoming louder, and her
body is starting to convulse. Before he can even put his
mouth on her vagina, she begins to have her first orgasm. He
continues to rub her, and then he puts his mouth between her
legs. He kisses up and down her thighs as she is grabbing
the bed extremely tight. He finally puts his mouth on her
vagina, and she screams as her body begins to shake again.
It is an awkward scream like she has no idea what is going
on. After this he raises his body, and slowly unbuttons and
unzips his pants. She is looking at him with a look of
confusion and drainage. He takes off his pants and kicks off
his shoes, He drops his underwear and her eyes get really
big. He picks up his pants, and pulls out a condom. As he
tears the wrapper, and pulls out the condom, she just
continually looks at his Johnson.
He puts the condom on, and lies back next to her. She is
rubs his chest, and moves her hand down to his legs.
Nervously, she touches his scrotum, and his penis. Her eyes
get big again, and he sees her tension, and kisses her
softly on the neck. As her head leans back, he rolls on top
of her. He reaches down towards his penis, and gets ready to
try and penetrate her. As his penis reaches the entrance of
the vagina, her nails dig into his back. His eyes shut, as
he both concentrates on what he is doing, and tries to block
out the pain. He continues to try and work his manhood into
her. Her face shows every emotion in her body. As he finally
gets it in, and begins to slowly have intercourse with her,
she continues to dig her nails into his back. Hey eyes are
filled with water, and he attempts to kiss her, but her body
won't allow it. She is loud, but it begins to feel good,
although her vagina feels likes it's on fire. Her legs are
flared out, and Darnell is slowly and gently stroking her.
The camera goes to the clock, and the time reads 12:30am.
You can still here her moans as the time on the clock now
says 1:45am. As the camera moves back to them, He is laying
on his side, and so is she. He continues to make love to
her, and as he is about to have his orgasm, she is about to
have another one. The two have an orgasm together, and then
kiss each other passionately as the scene fades to black


Darnell wakes up with Deborah fast asleep next to him.
Darnell doesn't want to wake Deborah, but he needs to get
back home. He gently kisses her neck, and she rolls over to
face him. He kisses her again, and she returns the kiss.
I hate to run, but I gotta get
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
      (Stretching and
Mmmmm, Are you going to come back?
Now, you know I'm going to come
back. As I see it, we have some
unfinished business.
                       DEBORAH/MRS. JONES
I like the sound of that.
Darnell kisses Deborah one more time, then he gets dress,
and heads out the door. As he approaches his house, he
notices that his mother is making breakfast in the kitchen,
so he goes around to the back, and jumps through his bedroom
window. After getting inside, he undresses, and goes into
the shower. After taking a shower, he gets dressed, and goes
into the kitchen for some breakfast.
Mornin' mom.