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The Ragdoll Murders
by Tom Lando (gutlesskraf@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A story about anarchy, freedom, chaos, and those who work for or oppose them.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A JUNKIE sits lazily, preparing to shoot up. He is
surrounded by trash and broken glass. His expression gives
away a feeling of dread or worry as his eyes flick around
rapidly in case someone catches him.
                       PREACHER (OS)
We are not the first to encounter
hard times! Look upon me as not a
doomsayer, but one who's soul
virtue is hope! Man has always
struggled with his inner beast! We
must rise up, stand together, and
revel in the glory of a higher
The PREACHER stands surrounded by nine onlookers, most of
them smiling and comfortable looking, suggesting that they
go to hear him often. The Preacher is a scruffy man, clearly
living off the generosity of others. A bible protrudes from
one of his torn pockets visibly. He looks about 30, and
remains unnamed for the entire film.
      (arms outstretched)
I tell you this! That until man
has left his foolish paranoia,
which has driven him to fight his
own shadow, I will not rest in
A young man steps forth. This is MAX. He is about 19 and
seemingly of Hispanic ethnicity. His clothes are dark, with
a leather jacket and jeans.
Amen, father.
      (giving a fatherly
       look to Max)
Now now, you know I'm not a real
padre. Just a man who decided that
money was alot less important than
spreading a good word for my


                       PREACHER (cont'd)
fellow man.
The gathering lets out a cheerful "Amen". The people
disperse, most of them clearly on their way to do some
shopping or other normal activities. One of them is a man in
ragged clothes, obviously homeless. He smiles and walks away
                       EVA (VO)
The trouble with this story is
that it isn't mine. I don't regard
myself as the heroine or anything
like that. But I lived through it.
I suppose that counts for
something. It starts here, on this
day, with these men...
      (We see Max and
       The Preacher
       talking together
       after the crowd
       has disbanded)
Max was my lover. As for The
Preacher... I didn't know him. I
never really understood the man,
even after what Max had told me.
But they shared some profound
bond. I don't even know what his
real name was. I've just always
called him The Preacher. In any
case, there was something about
both of them that rang...
exceptional. Max was indeed
character that stands out for his
habits and disposition, while The
Preacher... Well, he was The
Preacher. He had this strange aura
about him, something that just
told me whenever I saw him that he
was bound to make a huge
difference in the life of whomever
he chose.
Max and The Preacher shake hands and part, heading down the
street in opposite directions. Both are smiling, and Max
looks up at a sign on an old building. It reads "The Grime
Place". He heads for that building as his smile fades away.
The Grime Place is a hangout for anarchists in the area. We
see Max sitting at a table alone, with various tables around


with groups of people. There's heavy, energetic music
playing, but Max is totally out of it.
SIRENS are heard outside. Conversation gradually trails off
into silence. Max looks at the blurred window with a frown.
The lights of police cruisers flash through vaguely.
JEREMY comes up behind Max. Jeremy is about Max's age and
has long hair. He looks much more like the anarchist type,
wearing dark clothes with more of an edge, like tears on the
shoulders of his jacket.
Hey. You think they're coming for
us again?
Not sure. They're usually pretty
quick, you know, so it won't be
long if they are.
EVA walks across the bar in the back and looks through the
peephole in the door. Eva is a pale dark haired girl with
full red lips and flashy clothing. She is one of the people
who runs Grime Place. She has an unspoken leader position
within the Grime Place crowd. There's a stairway leading
down to the building's exit behind the door. The walls on
either side of Eva are plastered with a collage of band
posters, with the anarchy symbol spraypainted on the wall on
the right, the largest of the two.
      (Squinting through
I don't think they're coming.
They'd be in the building by now.
So what do you think's going on?
      (Shrugging again)
Dead junkie, gang fight, anything
like that. It's a bad
neighbourhood. I have a feeling
whatever it is, they'll try hard
to trace it back to us. THEN
they'll come knocking in a
Eva walks back behind the bar and picks up a rifle from
underneath it. She begins to polish the barrel carefully.


She looks down at the rifle and bites her lip. She checks to
make sure it's in prefect condition and then slides it under
the bar once more. She looks around, and meets eyes with Max
for a moment.
I'm thinking last call for
tonight. Anyone?
                       EVA (VO)
The Grime Place was where we, the
Grimers, would get together. If
you asked the authorities, it was
the place where we conspired and
collaborated in the name of chaos
and violent rebellion without
cause. It was a place for
anarchists. Anarchy is a word that
never makes anyone comfortable.
Except for anarchists. So this was
The Grime Place, the worst place
in the worst part of town if you
asked any upstanding citizen. We
were the worst of it's patrons. Of
course, we were generally it's
only patrons. The idea I'm trying
to convey is that the city didn't
think too highly of us. I guess I
think that's a pretty key point
about this story I'm telling. We
were the bad guys. From the
perspective of others, of course.
We see the Grimers gathered around the bar drinking before
fading into the next scene. Max stays at the window, looking
out worriedly. The lights outside splash against his
features, but even when car lights flash by he doesn't even
The Preacher is approaching his usual spot, the one seen in
the opening scene. He smiles at people passing by. It's a
beautiful morning.
Upon reaching his destination, he discovers the area to be
taped off by police, with what appears to be an intensive
investigation going. MARLEY stops him.
      (blocking the
You a local? Know anything about


                       MARLEY (cont'd)
Oh, uh, I'm just a street
preacher. I come here in the
daytime to spread the good word.
You know, praise the Lord and all
      (giving a
       suspiscious look)
Is that so? Well, perhaps you'd be
of some help in this matter...
Oh, I don't know sir, I don't
involve myself with criminals too
often. Er, they just don't come to
me, that is.
      (grabbing the
       Preacher by the
No, please, humour me...
Marley steps out of the way of the scene and points for The
Preacher to observe.
      (stepping back)
Holy God...
The junkie from the very first scene is sprawled out at the
edge of the alleyway. His eyes, mouth, and nostrils have
been stitched shut. Blood has crusted the sewn orifices, and
his neck down is draped in a white plastic cover.
Yeah, almost inspires a question
of faith, doesn't it?
The Preacher drops his look of shock and horror for a moment
to glare at Marley angrily. Marley stares back with his
despicable smirk, tempting The Preacher to lash out in
anger. The Preacher manages to restrain himself and


      (looking back to
       the corpse)
Fuck it. You clean this up and I
can get back to my regular daily
worship, but I don't know
anything. Don't come bothering me.
The Preacher walks away with a look of disgust. Marley
follows him with his eyes and spits on the ground.
      (shaking his head)
Always the fucking same with these
Paramedics and police go from place to place securing the
area and examining the body, speaking to eachother inaudibly
under Eva's voice. At the end of the scene Marley takes a
glance back at the body, squints angrily, and walks away.
                       EVA (VO)
I can say with full certainty that
chief investigator Marley was
fucked up. I can also say that he
hated the Grimers more than anyone
else in the world had ever hated
us. Every crime he worked to solve
in those days, he did his best to
trace them back to us. I'll admit,
he was right in doing so a lot of
the time. The Grimers weren't all
good, and we had our fair share of
screwballs. We weren't all bad
either though. Marley is another
key character in the story... but
I suppose no more so than I or The
Preacher. Whenever I tell it, Max
is the focus. Go figure.
Max slouches in a bean bag chair in front of a wide window
halfway up the wall in front of him. Light shines through
and reflects of the floor. A wide view of the room reveals
that Max keeps nothing but the bean bag chair and some books
on the floor of this room. There's a door on either side of
him, and the entrance is behind him.
Someone knocks on the door. Max tilts his head back. Slowly,
he gets up and heads for the door, as the knocking


                       EVA (OS)
It's me Max.
Max unlocks the door and sings it open wide. Eva smiles at
him, and he returns the gesture. He leans in and suddenly
LICKS her face, causing her to start back and laugh.
Are you worried?
About what?
About the police. I have a feeling
that bastard Marley is in on this.
That's not a feeling, that's a
      (stepping back
       from the entrance
       to give Eva room
Know something that I don't?
      (entering the
No, but you know better.
Max closes the door behind Eva. Eva sits on the floor by
Max's stack of books and begins reading the covers.
I know we've discussed this whole
minimalist thing about you a dozen
times, but it's still hard to
Yeah, well, it's still hard for me
to imagine the total minimal of
existance I can achieve. What
brings you here anyways?


Trying to stay away from the Grime
Place, avoid the witch hunt
previously mentioned, keep you
Max sits down next to Eva and wraps his arms around her. Max
is smiling, as is Eva, and she looks into his eyes for a
moment and then closes hers.
Well let's do that last one, just
a little more active.
The two embrace.
                       EVA (VO)
Max and I had an open
relationship. I mean, he was such
a... I'd like another word, but
strange comes to mind. He was such
a strange person. He had this
minimalist philosophy that he
followed in everything, even in a
kind of "feng shui" sense. But I
did love him. More than anyone
Marley leans back in his swivel chair. His desk is messy,
covered in pens and papers and file folders. The walls of
the office are cracked and dirty, and Marley has the blinds
shut so that only a few shafts of light shoot into the room.
The phone is off it's hook, and Marley is staring up at the
fan hanging over him in stasis.
A man opens the door and walks in without knocking. This is
Sir, uh, I really think you should
just start asking questions now.
They carry guns, they're KNOWN
shit disturbers, what more do you
      (still staring
Leo, everytime I go into the Grime
Place, I discover 3 clues to any
number of crimes yet unsolved. The


                       MARLEY (cont'd)
trick is to surprise them. They're
all there at night, so I'll go
then. Chances are they'll have a
pile of dead prostitutes lying
there that they've been hiding for
months. Tough luck, assholes.
Leo give Marley a troubled glance, then shakes his head as
he exits.
Don't shake your head at me!
                       EVA (VO)
I never saw Leo much. He struck me
as a man who really was just
trying to make a living. I think
he wanted to do things by the
book. He just got swept up in this
story, not as an antagonist or
protagonist but just as a
supporting character. I felt kind
of bad for him. I suppose every
story's villain could do with a
lackey though. I still think
lackey is a bit of a harsh term
for him. He was just doing his
Max sits at the bar across from Eva, who's cleaning mugs.
There's no music playing, and not all the lights are on.
Jeremy sits with two anarchists at a table in the corner.
They're playing cards. Max pulls a revolver out from under
his side of the bar. He gives it to Eva, who slips it under
her side of the bar beside her rifle.
The door opens suddenly, and everyone looks at once to see
Marley stepping in.
      (looking around)
Not a very busy night. Just my
      (spinning to the
       right to face
If you want to surprise us, turn
off the sirens when you're in the


                       MAX (cont'd)
area. What happened last night
      (closing the door
       behind him)
Some guy turned up in an alleyway
all stitched up. Heroin addict,
looked alot like a scarecrow.
And why are you here?
      (sitting down at
       the bar)
To be blunt, I think that every
sick fucker who's bringing this
part of town to hell is a patron
of this place. Hell, this happened
nearby. So what have you got to
defend yourself?
Probably not as much as you've got
to offend me.
Jeremy and his associates all get up and leave.
      (glancing as the
       group exits)
Your friends really don't get the
concept of "suspiscious behavior"
now, do they?
Maybe they just don't have
anything to hide.
If there's anything I've learned
from working out here it's that
you've all got something to hide.
That's why you're here. This whole
area is like hell on earth. Your
friends are like roaches; they
scatter when I try to shed some
light on this little shithouse.


      (ignoring Marley's
So what have you found out so far?
What do you think you know?
Not much, but this place is
usually the best spot to find
clues. Got any for me? Anyone
waving syringes around? Anyone
bring in a corpse and a stitching
No. All our regular patrons were
here the night you showed up.
Noone came in late. If the stitch
guy was here, he wasn't a regular.
But there may be a heroin dealer
who visits often?
Fuck heroin. Fuck this.
Max leaves with a sour look. Eva watches him go with a
      (looking back at
Sorry about that. We're not fans
of the heroin trade around here.
If anyone's involved, maybe
recently gotten involved, he's
been keeping quiet. So, if he is
from here, he's probably pretty
      (standing up)
Well, thankyou miss. It's good to
know someone has the will to
co-operate with the law
enforcement here.
Just stay the fuck away from here.
If any one of the Grimers were
involved in this, he would last
two days, tops. I'm not your
fucking buddy, I just want you to


                       EVA (cont'd)
fuck off.
      (with a smile)
Marley exits with a bit of a skip to his walk, clearly added
simply to offend Eva with his mirth. Eva sighs and shakes
her head, grabbing the key to the Grime Place as the scene
                       EVA (VO)
It took most of my patience to
deal with that bastard in person.
I really tried to find the good in
him, I really did. But something
about all the crimes he saw in his
career... I don't think his mind
was built for it. I think he
slipped into madness, and all the
goodness I sought had been lost a
long time ago. Or maybe just
recently. No sympathy for the
devil though. When all is said and
done, he can burn in hell.
We see Eva step onto a bus. She shows the driver her
bus-pass, and walks down the aisle slowly. The bus is long,
seemingly longer than reality allows for. It seems to
stretch out endlessly, causing Eva to stop before continuing
pace by pace. As she walks past the priority seating she
comes up to a long line of seats which face in at each other
on either side of the aisle. These seats are high up, and
the people sitting all stare at her. Some are ugly and have
strange distinguishing marks, others are detached, listening
to music or wearing sunglasses.
                       EVA (VO)
      (in her head)
Public transit is one of those
things that makes you delusional
once you've become so accustomed
to it. You imagine it's a
completely new system, something
totally unreal. This part is the
valley of judgment, the people who
sit in the high seats are the
council, and as you pass through
that seemingly endless evaluation,
you feel their eyes burn into you


                       EVA (cont'd)
and see into your very soul.
Eva walks through the aisle until she is past the higher
seats and stops in the middle of the bus where there are
four low seats in facing each other. The middle of the bus
is such that on turns it shifts in a circular motion and the
bus' two ends bend around the corner or turn (sometimes
known as an "accordion bus"). Eva grabs hold of a bar to her
right as the bus makes a turn.
                       EVA (VO)
      (in her head)
When I was younger I would always
stand here. It was a thrill when
the ground spun and shifted
underneath. Not really a thrill...
one of those childish things that
adds so much enjoyment to your
otherwise bland or unpleasant day.
When I was young...
Eva's thoughts trail off as she continues all the way down
to the back of the bus and takes her seat.
                       EVA (VO)
      (in her head)
I don't like to think about when I
was young. It reminds me of all
that I left behind. I start to
remember things like... Like when
I ran away with Max...
Flashback to Eva in front of a big white house with a
beautiful garden, hugging her crying mother and her sad
father. Max stands leaning against a black van in front of
the house, with a look of deep thought on his face. He is
squinting from the sunlight and looking onto the scene
before him.
                       EVA (VO)
It's not that I didn't say my
goodbyes or anything... I didn't
"run away" per se... but my
parents didn't approve. They were
sad to see me go, but they were
worried about my plans... I don't
think they thought much of Max...
The flashback moves on to Eva sitting in the passenger seat
of the van with Max driving. They're laughing, and Eva has a
notebook in her hand. She kisses Max on the cheek. They're
out on a long road seemingly in the middle of nowhere.


                       EVA (VO)
Oh, I used to write... I used to
write all the time... about
anything. Max would be there by my
side... But we've changed so
much... Max changed... I stopped
writing... Max changed in so many
ways... But we stayed together.
The flashback shows Max selling his Van. He appears to be on
Preacher St. at a time when it was in better shape. Eva is
in the background, watching.
      (snapping back to
       the present.)
Well, listen to me now. I sound
like Max and one of his strange
stream of conciousness ramblings.
Besides... I don't much like
talking about the old days
Max walks in and throws his jacket on the kitchen table. He
fries an egg and some bacon and pours himself a glass of
milk. He sits down to start eating, but gets up instead and
goes to look out his window. It's very early in the morning,
about 2:00 am. From the view he can see a police cruiser in
the distance driving out of sight. He sighs, and returns to
the kitchen.
Max begins to eat, but he straightens up in his seat
suddenly as he hears the door to his apartment open. Eva
steps into the room.
Max, you know you shouldn't be
doing this.
Well if I knew you were coming I'd
Baked a cake?
The two smile at eachother with a bit of a silent laugh. Max
continues eating.


Max, you know what I'm talking
about. You need to keep your
sleeping in order. You can't be
having meals in the middle of the
night like this.
That's not why you came here
      (walking over and
       putting her arms
       around Max)
I didn't wanna sleep in the Grime
Place again.
I don't blame you.
Max drinks the last of his milk and finishes most of his
meal. He takes Eva by the hand and leads her out of the
kitchen. Eva falls back onto the beanbag chair and onto her.
No words are spoken as they begin to make love.
                       EVA (VO)
I didn't formally live with Max,
but I stayed at his place for the
most part, especially those
nights. The worse things got, the
closer we became. I figure I felt
the urge to cling to him for
protection. He always was stronger
than I was. I didn't depend on him
in any material way really. Most
of the money from the Grime Place
bar went to me. I just needed him
to be there for me. He was my
strength. Even if he was so
mysterious to me.
Max walks down Preacher's street towards a small crowd
outside the alley where the murder has taken place. Sam the
preacher is standing in the middle. Max stops outside the


You see how they wish to break our
spirits? This is the devils work!
I am not shifting blame, but
calling out this "Ragdoll
Murderer". He is not possessed. He
is only a human. But he does the
devil's will! He makes us question
the divinity which we must
Max looks around at the listeners, who all seem very
engaged. There are many more than in the first scene, and
many of them have a homeless appearance.
Many of asked, who is the real
enemy? Is it the murderers and
thieves who take advantage of the
state we find ourselves in? Or is
it the corrupt law enforcement
that only feigns interest long
enough to put us behind bars for
our social status? The answer, my
friends, is both! We are
surrounded by a web of
institutional deceit! I say that
here, we shall give no quarter to
evil! No quarter to Satan!
The crowd cheers, very excited by the preacher's words. Max
nods with a smile, and walks off, with the preacher's voice
still audible in the distance, drowned out eventually by
Eva's voiceover.
                       EVA (VO)
I don't know how much influence
The Preacher had over Max. I'm not
sure of how much influence Max had
over him either. There was some
deep, almost primal connection
between the two. I was almost
jealous not to be a part of it.
But my relationship with Max was
just as deep, I'm sure of it.
Maybe even deeper.
Eva sits behind the bar as usual. There are many grimers
present, all discussing things around the tables or reading
within the crossfire of such discussions. The books being


read include "Thus Spake Zarathustra" by Nietzsche, "The
Machinery Of Freedom" by David Friedman, Dante's "Inferno",
and "Heaven and Hell" by Aldous Huxley, to name a few.
Jeremy is at the bar with Max across from Eva.
All I'm saying is that you have to
play it cool with that fucker. He
wants you to snap, because then
he's got you right where he wants
you. And then he's just going to
stay here here longer.
Alright, alright. Yeah, basic
stuff. And I'll stop bringing my
revolver here. Speaking of which,
can I have it back?
      (Looking down
       under the bar)
Yeah, sure.
      (She searches
       around, but can't
       find it)
Just a sec, I think I put it in
the backroom.
Max nods and turns to Jeremy as Eva leaves to look for the
I don't think it matters man. He's
not gonna pull evidence from
nowhere, and we know it wasn't
either of us.
That doesn't really cut it man.
The guy is right, just on his
word. People will listen to him,
and the longer he's certain that
one of us did it, the longer he's
gonna be breathing down our backs,
or worse.
Eva returns empty handed with a panicked look.
Max, I can't find it.


Really? Are you sure it's not just
hidden somewhere?
No, I REALLY can't find it. I
think it's been stolen.
What? By who?
Someone who wanted to incriminate
      (getting up)
Shit. Shit, this is really fucking
bad. Oh shit!
      (Grabbing a phone
       behind her)
I'm gonna call Marley. If he isn't
in on this, we'll have to inform
him so he knows it wasn't us. It
might be too late...
We see Eva's shocked expression as she repeatedly dials the
number but never hears a sound.
Eva, what the hell? What the fuck
is wrong?
      (putting down the
The line is fucked! There's
nothing! We're fucked!
      (standing on his
       bar stool and
       facing the
Bad news bears! Bad fucking news!
We gotta figure this shit out!


All discussion and reading stops abruptly. Some grab their
coats and prepare to leave, others move closer to the bar.
Max looks into Eva's eyes. Unnoticed, Eva grips Max's hand
which is on the bar.
There was so much unsettling about
that night. I think that was the
last straw. That was when the
world conspired against us and
sent us into our final downward
spiral. The initiation of our
doom, I guess we could all feel.
Well, we weren't going down
without a fight. That's what this
was about. Going down with a
fight. I don't know if we were
making a statement. We just did
Marley sits hunched over his disorderly desk scrawling
something on a piece of paper rapidly.
                       LEO (os)
      (from outside the
Uh, boss, you're gonna be really
interested in this.
Marley props up with an eyebrow raised, but does not turn
      (in an irate tone)
What is it?
                       LEO (os)
Uhh... they, uh, they found
another body. Another one of them
      (leaping up from
       his seat)
What the fuck? Uh... nevermind,
I'm going.


      (as Marley rushes
Sounds like a plan.
Leo stands in place for a moment and blinks as Eva's
voice-over begins. He walks back to his desk, sits down, and
lets out a long sigh.
                       EVA (VO)
All at once, Marley snapped, a
rash of crimes occured, and it
just got worse and worse...
Marley steps out of the driver's side of an old black car.
There's police tape and cruisers all around, similar to the
scene of the first murder. Marley moves up to the scene and
is about to lift the tape between him and the thick of
                       POLICE OFFICER
      (grabbing Marley's
I'm sorry sir but we can't have
anybody past this tape.
      (ducking and jump
       to see what's
No, uh, it's ok, I, uh-
      (we see a body
       being carried,
       eyes, mouth, and
       nostrils stitched
       shut, as well as
       a very bloody
       hole in it's
       forehead which is
       also patched shut)
      (Marley jumps
       back, horrified,
       looking like he's
       about to vomit)
Fuck, fucking...
                       POLICE OFFICER
Sir, are you alright? What were
you saying?


      (still bent over
       ready to vomit)
I, uh, I'm the chief investigator
for this area. Uh, anything yet?
                       POLICE OFFICER
Yeah, the murderer used .44 magnum
ammo. Not a typical shooting we
have here.
      (looking up with
       his jaw agape)
Oh, after all my experience, I'd
call it pretty typical.
As Eva speaks the police officer goes back to the body and
looks it over, and we see the corpse in all it's gruesome
detail as she speaks. The stitches are crusted over with
blood and the black stitching is hideously visible.
                       EVA (VO)
Every piece of the puzzle fell
into place for Marley right there.
Marley suddenly started thinking
in a new way. A very bad way.
Max sits in his beanbag chair with Eva at his side, arms
wrapped around him. Both look very troubled.
      (staring down,
The shit has hit the fan.
While Max and Eva are in the apartment, we see Jeremy back
at the Grime Place visibly yelling back in the Grime Place,
though the scene cannot be heard. There are police moving in
swiftly. There is a feeling of chaos in the Grime Place.
      (resting her head
       on Max's shoulder)
Anything else on your mind?


Does it matter?
You always have things in your
head floating around that are
completly disconnected from the
present. I just want you to talk
to me. I don't want to think about
what's happening there.
Max stands up and move towards the window. He rests his arms
on the windowsill and stares outside.
When I was younger I played a
wierd computer game I didn't
really understand. It was called
"Bad Mojo". You turned into a
cockroach. It was a creepy game.
I've been trying to remember the
story lately.
Sometimes you just don't want to
learn things on reality's terms.
You want to hear a psychadelic
story, you want to journey through
your mind without any real
objectives or perceptions.
What if it's just you?
Could be...
Max turns around and goes back to the chair. He drops into
the seat beside Eva.
I wonder, what is it that comforts
you about what's in my head? It
kind of distresses me sometimes,
and even then you can draw some
kind of tranquility from it.


Maybe that's just how love
manifests itself between us. What
do you think love is?
Max pauses for a moment and stares off at the wall. He
scratches his chin and looks down again as Eva rests her
head on his shoulder. He puts his arm around her and finally
You know, I don't think it's ever
even occured to me before. I mean,
I think your the first person to
really make me think that love
always manifests itself
differently between certain
people. I guess that you're right.
Between us... It's that flow of
thoughts that enshrouds us for
those moments of euphoria that we
draw from eachother, despite
everything else.
Eva nods with a smile, and looks down at her feet. She looks
at Max, and they hold a gaze for a short period of time
before Eva looks up, and then leans forward so that her arms
are around her legs and she's resting her chin on her knees,
looking off worriedly.
      (rubbing her face)
I don't think we should go back to
the Grime Place for awhile.
What happened to co-operating with
Someone's working to incriminate
us. The rules of play have been
broken. There's no co-operation
anymore. Fight or flight.
Sure, of course, just on our own
terms. We won't go down without a
fight. But we'll fight like


Max kisses Eva. Eva rests her head on his shoulders again,
and as her voiceover is heard they stare out at the sky,
which we see is a deep red with blue clouds.
                       EVA (VO)
From that point on there was no
going back. It became my duty to
do everything we had discussed
with him at my side. We would
knowingly and willingly fight a
losing war.
It's the day after the murder on Byron street. Marley has
his blinds open and is drinking coffee while staring out
over the district he despises so much. There's alot of noise
in the background; phones ringing, people talking, various
machines and printers.
Marley paces around the room. Eventually Jeremy enters.
Alright, no bullshit here. Did
they answer all your questions?
Jeremy nods.
Now you have to answer mine. Was
anybody missing from the Grime
Place when it happened?
No, we were all there until we
realized someone's gun had been
      (raising his hand)
Alright. And you say you didn't
know who's gun had been stolen?
Then how did you know it had been


Because the day before there were
two guns under the bar. Eva
checked that day and there was
only one.
Marley sits down, scratching his chin and frowning.
Where's Eva now?
I don't know. She went somewhere
with Max.
Are they romantically involved?
How is that your business?
We've been through this before
Jeremy. Either you co-operate, or
everyone's fucked. We've confirmed
that the phoneline WAS cut, and I
really don't believe this was a
concerted effort. I just need
information. That's all I ever
need. The rest I can do on my own.
Yeah, I think they are involved.
So do you think it could've been
either of them?
No, they were the first to realize
the gun was-
But what if they set it up then?
MAybe they're in on this together?
      (with an angry
Fine, fine. Shit man. I'll tell
them to communicate this all to
you as soon as I find them.


But you don't know where they are?
Correct. But I'll find them
eventually, and you want even need
to contact me when it happens,
because they'll be right on your
doorstep. Good?
Good. Thanks Jeremy.
      (leaving very
I'm outta here.
                       EVA (VO)
Jeremy was passionate about this.
I think he was the one most
certain of all of us that there
was a way to win. There was a
tangible reason we were fighting.
I think that's what he thought
anyways. He certainly fought like
Max walks down the street towards the preacher, who is
sitting and reading his old bible. There are no others
around, and Max is wearing a hood up and a cloth around his
      (upon reaching the
It's me father.
      (looking up and
I keep telling you... Never mind.
How are you holding up my boy? On
the run?
How could you tell?


The cloth that hides your mouth
was the first hint.
Do you know anything about the
I think they were trying to
fingerprint the Grimers, and they
were met with a fair bit of
resistance. I can't decide whether
that's a good thing or a bad
There's a time for co-operation
and a time for resistance.
I think it's a time for change.
Then you're on our side?
The side of man and God. We'll see
which way you go. I won't follow
They haven't found any evidence
though right?
Not beyond the pistol with no name
behind it. You know who's that
pistol is?
I wouldn't hold out your fingers
anytime soon.
      (holds up gloved
I only shoot with gloves on
anyways. Not that they'd believe


                       MAX (cont'd)
Well... I have a feeling this
isn't going to be about evidence
for long. The facade will come
down, in time.
Max bows his head slightly, and continues on his way.
                       EVA (VO)
There! That was it! That was the
thing that... Max told me about
this moment, about what The
Preacher said. Something about it
was so knowing. It just gave me
chills, because... well, it still
does. That man had some sort of
deep and passive clairvoyancy. I
don't know how much he knew, but
he knew more than anyone
should've. And in a way, that
scared me.
Marley walks out of his usual spot with a document in his
hands, grinning broadly. Leo looks up at him with suspicion.
Marley hands him the documents and smiles, but says nothing.
What's this that's got you so
Marley says nothing and simply nods to the document,
smirking comfortably.
Leo opens the folder hesitantly, and pours over it's
      (looking up to
Is this some kind of a clue?
No! No more clues! No more of any
of that bullshit. I figured it out


      (putting down the
What, the murders?
No. Well, in a way. A passive way.
The murders are now just two
side-notes on a long list of
points in favour of what I'm doing
And that is...
We're gonna break the rules, at
least as they see them. We're
going to shut the Grime Place
down, and flush em out. They'll
panic. They'll break the rules.
That's how we'll get em.
I'm not sure if that's wise.
Here, this document is a report
I've filed alongside a petition to
shut the place down. Only this
thing carries alot of weight.
There's gonna be a vote. Then
we'll have full authority to clean
up that dump.
How do you predict they'll break
the rules?
Violently, no doubt.
Well aren't you a bit hesitant to
bring that upon yourself?
Once this vote is passed, they
won't be fighting just us any
more. The violence will be seen as
directed to the whole city.
They'll enter a losing battle, and


                       MARLEY (cont'd)
won't realize til the end.
I just don't know about these
There's only one thing to know
about 'em. It's that they won't
grow up. You have to force them.
Always. These kids, anyways.
Leo glances down at the file again and squints at it. He
frowns and looks back up at Marley worriedly as the
voiceover added by Eva begins. Marley leans back in his
chair with a delighted face, and Leo's hands shake a little
as he closes the file and turns to go. He walks back to his
desk, sits down, and then rubs his face with his hands as
the scene ends.
                       EVA (VO)
Marley had it all figured out in
his twisted little mind. He would
sentence us to exile before we
could hurt his head any longer.
Exile was a fate worse than death
long ago, when we were still in
our most primeval states. I'm not
sure it was so bad... But it was
the insult of it all that forced
us to take a stand.
Max and Eva walk in. Jeremy is inside waiting for them with
a set of keys in his hand. They all look a little shocked.
      (to Jeremy)
Why is this place empty? What
I dunno. I don't like the looks of
it, but at least we have our
hideout back.
      (takes a deep


Our hideout that everyone knows
about. Is everything safe? Do you
think they'll come back?
I have a very bad feeling about
I have an extremely bad feeling
about this.
So... no?
      (hiding the keys
       in his fist)
Everything is safe for now. I
think they'll come back. No
evidence. Just a hunch.
Max, let's just go back to your
Yeah. And Max...
Get some people on our side
tomorrow morning.
                       EVA (VO)
There was no question in his mind
who he would pick, I think. There
were few people Max trusted, and
there was only one who wasn't
formally on his side.
Eva sits on Max's lap in the bean bag chair. They both stare
out at the rising sun.


Do you have any idea who it could
have been?
The murderer. We're so caught up
in the politics of this, we hardly
stop to take a step back and look
at the inciting event.
It could have been anyone. It
could have been everyone.
So you don't think it was Marley?
He'd love to set us up. So maybe
it was him. Does it matter any
It might. Not if it's Marley
So you don't think it was Marley?
I think it was outside forces
beyond our control. Let's leave it
at that.
      (smiling back)
As you wish.
                       EVA (VO)
It was difficult for me to
understand or comprehend how Max
was never scared. He never seemed
frightened about the looming
consequences. Only when something
caught him off guard... But is the
doom that sneaks up on you any
worse than the doom that stands
right there and calls you out?


We see Max heading to The Preacher as a small crowd of the
local homeless leave the area. Max looks nervous, and wipes
his brow under the hot sun as he approaches his dear friend.
      (still walking)
      (turning and
      (stopping in front
       of the preacher)
You know, you always talk about
hope, and taking action against
the forces of evil. Well, I've
gathered up every hope I've got,
and I'm finally taking some real
Well, I would've never called you
a timid one. What brings you to
In the near future, I don't think
this will be any place to give
sermons. I want to invite you to
stand defiantly in the face of
foul play.
By foul play, do you mean the
encroaching invasion of our home?
It appears that our friend Marley
got tired of digging up evidence.
He's shutting us down, driving us
out, cutting off the head of the
snake without getting his


Mother fucker...
Yeah, well, needless to say I'm
interested in your proposal. What
are you thinking of doing right
Introducing you to the Grimers.
I already know all of you.
Know, not the people; the whole.
Best brace yourself. We've got
some wild shit going on.
Alright, just hold the cuss words
could you?
Alright, but it's hard enough not
to blaspheme.
Max walks The Preacher away down the path he came from.
                       EVA (VO)
Of course he picked The Preacher.
Who else was there? Noone was on
our side after him. So he finally
joined. We now had someone who saw
more than any of us possibly
could. For better or for worse. I
don't think we would've been the
same without him. Things might've
been different.
We see Max coming up the interior stairs of the Grime Place
with The Preacher behind him, but he makes a sudden turn
right and slips a key into somewhere in the wall. He opens
up the secret passage, and goes in with The Preacher close
behind. The Preacher closes the door behind them. We then
see down the dimly lit passage behind the two.


So what's Marley doing, and how
soon is he doing it?
Well, he'll do it as soon as he's
got permission. See, he's
assembled all the evidence he
needs to convince the city and any
necessary voters that this place
needs to be cleaned out. We can
only imagine what lengths he'll go
to for that end.
You think his evidence will hold
Of course it will. No one cares
about us. No one is going to stand
against that report Marley's made.
Everyone is going to support him,
and if every one of us is evicted
for it, the city in general will
see it as a triumphant victory
against the downsides of urban
They turn down another passage, this one leading into a well
lit room with someone sitting in a chair in the distance.
Jeremy! I've got a new
      (standing up from
       the chair)
I certainly hope so. I've heard
alot of things I don't like. The
city council will have the vote to
fuck us over passed by tomorrow
      (stopping inside
       the room and
       looking down)
That soon... shit.
The Preacher enters the room and looks around. The room is
cold looking, dungeon like. The light is yellowish. The room


is a square, with 2 great iron doors on either side of The
So what am I here to see?
The Preacher approaches one of the doors.
Hey, woah, careful there man. Only
one of these doors is unlocked,
but I'd prefer you to be secure
when we open it.
And what is it you're hiding
that's so dangerous?
      (after a long
El Chupacabra.
I'm serious man. We keep it in
here, or at least A Chupacabra,
and we feed it normal meat. The
thing will attack you though.
I'm not sure whether to be worried
about it's existence or the living
conditions for it in here.
The thing was living in run down
basements when we found it.
Apparently it's fine without
getting out much.
So what in God's name does this
have to do with anything?
Not much. I just wanted to show
you the kind of thing that's at
stake here. We don't just lose our
homes. We lose anything we've got


                       MAX (cont'd)
hidden from the state.
Did you turn anarchist after the
state tried to mess with these
kinds of projects, or did you just
pick these things up after
establishing the Grime Place?
Those of us that had projects
joined us out of fear of
government intervention. Same
reason they live in this area.
So are you standing with us?
Of course. God knows what a
bastard like Marley would do with
this sort of place.
Alright. Your prayers are
appreciated. See you at the
      (approaching Max)
Dude, can I talk to you for a sec?
Sure. You can go Padre.
      (heading out with
       a smirk)
I always could, brother.
Max, I'm really not so sure about
this guy. Don't you have anyone
else? Someone who could really
power the movement?
Don't underestimate him. He has
many followers... and besides, why
are you so desperate for manpower?
Haven't you got every Grimer in
existence in your phone book?


I hope you're right about this
guy. Look, we're looking at a
major showdown. I've gotten a lot
of tips from a lot of people.
They're telling me to get the fuck
out. They're telling my the
Grimers are over. We're really
gonna need to stand our ground.
Then our new ally is just the man
we need.
As Eva interjects once again, Jeremy opens the door which
supposedly holds El Chupacabra, and snaps his fingers. The
two companions move through the shadows out of the room, and
slight shadows can be seen of a dog-sized creature.
                       EVA (VO)
I didn't know the full extent of
what was coming like Max and
Jeremy did. Definitely not like
Jeremy did. The way Jeremy planned
things out... It was like some
sort of grand operation. He was
master and commander in this
situation. It was later that I
realized how seriously he was
about all this. I'm sure he had
his reasons.
We see Eva standing with her palms on Marley's desk, with
Marley sitting comfortably in his chair.
Look, things are not stable there.
You know it, I know it. So what
the fuck!? Why are you doing this?
People are going to get hurt.
Is that a threat? There's nothing
you can do. Nothing any of you can


Oh, people are gonna do something.
I don't know what, but they will.
Just use your imagination.
      (after yawning)
Look, what do you want from me?
The papers have already gone
through Eva. I can't help you any
more than you can hang over me and
give threats on behalf of a crowd
of high school dropouts. Yeah, the
place is unstable. That's why I'm
doing this. I'm tired of this
      (lifting her hands
       from the desk and
       backing away)
I don't think you're going to
accomplish anything. I don't think
you believe you will. I guess
we'll just have to wait and see.
Well, you can wait. I've got a job
to do. No time to wait.
Eva gives MArley a questioning glance, cocking her head to
the side slightly. Then she glares at him and turns,
storming out in frustration as her voiceover closes the
                       EVA (VO)
That bastard. I was glad to never
speak to him on negotiating terms
after that. I have no regrets when
it comes to him. He was fucked. A
crazy bastard so filled with evil
and hate... I don't like to use
the world evil, but I think the
general idea behind it fits him
with most people. I'm pretty sure.
He was a madman, and he had hit a
new low in deterioration at that


We see Max and Eva in their usually position on the beanbag
chair. Eva opens her mouth to say something, but then stops.
Max is oblivious to this, and continues to stare out the
window. The floor is scattered with open books, mostly huge
I can hear it.
Hear what?
The proclamation of our death
Do you really want to die for
It's all I've got to live for.
You're too young to say that.
I'm either going to live for this
or die for this. If it dies, so do
The we'll have to keep it alive.
      (looking into
       Eva's eyes)
Don't die for this. You shouldn't.
Neither should you.
There's a long silence. Eva picks up one of the nearest
books and begins reading at a random page. She taps her foot
rapidly. Max looks down at the foot and closes his eyes. The
anxiety in the room is almost tangible.
We should sleep.


                       EVA (VO)
I think this is the point where
I've given more than enough
commentary. I'll interject
again... but not for awhile.
Besides, at this point, I can't
bear to reflect on it anymore.
Just... take the story for what it
We see Jeremy walking quickly along the sidewalk. The camera
slowly reveals lines of barricades along the sidewalk and
reaching all the way across the street. There are barrel
fires and various young and old people in groups all over.
Some have big cardboard signs reading "No Quarter" and
similar phrases. The camera stops following Jeremy to turn
into an alley wherein The Preacher sits praying.
This is an eve some of us have
seen coming! This is the time to
defend our home!
The Preacher shakes his head as he hears these words. He
stands up from the box he was sitting on and sighs.
Nothing like a bit of uncertainty.
We see Eva locking up the secret room and the main room in
the Grime Place. In the background the owner of El
Chupacabra is carrying it away on his shoulder, but this
requires some careful attention to be paid. Max is also
      (standing behind
It seems a little hasty to do all
this before the verdict is
      (pocketing her
They won't hesitate to move in
once the order's given. I hear


                       EVA (cont'd)
that they're already in position.
What's more, I hear the vote was
completed in favour of Marley just
30 minutes ago.
It's strange to think of the city
as a collective, as "they". How
are we ever going to stay and live
here after this?
You know, to be honest, I don't
think we will. I think this is
about the belief. It's the thought
that counts, all that.
I think people are going to die
for this. People already have
died, I mean, but more. These ones
won't be murder victims though.
These will be "hostile casualties"
or something.
      (Holding Max's
I'm sure the victims will be
remembered as such. Please, tell
me something. Talk to me.
      (glancing sideways
       to Eva and
I remember my big problem with the
Catholic faith I was raised in...
was the bible story about Lucifer.
He was cast down for his hubris
and thirst for power... But if he
wasn't satisfied with what he
had... Then how could he have been
in Heaven? He was really just a
revolutionary against a kingdom
which was in essence a lie. I
would never aspire to enter a
heaven that wasn't satisfactory.
Makes all my life seem in vain.


Do you think that's what got you
this far in your own little
No... It just kept me out of the
religious world.
We see the Grimers and their allies all standing alert at
the barricades. Eva and Max are walking behind the line of
upright revolutionaries, and The Preacher waves to Max and
comes rushing forward.
      (breathing heavily)
Bless me, it's good to see the man
I joined for. To be honest I'm not
sure I have anything in common
with the rest of these people.
You shouldn't be so easily
intimidated. People are on edge.
It's alright if they seem strange.
I'm sure we all feel that way
right now. It's time to be one
Well, I didn't expect you to
become such a leader in this
What makes you think I'm a leader?
Just the way you're speaking. It
has a kind of "master orator"
tone. You don't sound afraid. It's
a little inspirational. That and
your choice of words.
Well, choice is certainly what
this is about.


I'm not so sure. I'd say this is
more about prejudice and fear.
One and the same, my friend.
I know- Sorry, I'm just a little
off right now. I'm worried. These
men and women are young and...
Mad as hell and not gonna take it
Sure, well, I hope not. Not mad as
Why not?
Damned shall be he or she who is
consumed by rage on this night.
So shall those consumed by fear.
So what's left?
The Father, Son, and The Holy
What about love? Isn't that
important in your faith?
Of course... God is love.
Throughout this dialog there is great commotion all around.
This are being shouted and people are moving from position
to position amongst the barricades and various other things
(tents, barrel fires, anything that can be used). Jeremy can
be seen behind them now.
Well, I think it's almost time to
take action.


Aren't they taking the first move?
Thus we must be prepared. I shall
see you soon.
Max turns and walks away with Eva. The Preacher turns and
watches Jeremy intently, who seems poised to give some kind
of command, looking ahead very intently.
I'm impressed that you can
negotiate so well with someone of
an order that you just admitted to
turning away from.
He's not of the order, that's why
I like him so much. He just
preaches the parts that are
valuable, and I cut off the
unimportant bits. God is love, so
I follow love, not God. Still
We see the police cruisers pouring down the first street in
the neighborhood, heading for the barricades but still three
blocks away. Leo and Marley are in the back seat of a
cruiser hanging back from the rest of the squad cars. We now
see inside this car.
      (to the driver)
So, when the shit hits the fan?
                       POLICE OFFICER
We turn back, fast as the wind.
But not right back. We turn off a
block or two short of the safety
zone, then around to a flanking
position. Then you listen to the
chatter so we know when the
reinforcements arrive. Then we're
going in personally.


                       POLICE OFFICER
Yeah, and I hang back as driver,
but why the fuck-
Never mind that. Just make sure it
all goes smoothly.
We go back to the barricades where Jeremy and The Preacher
are hanging behind.
Incoming! This is our beach head
everyone! NO QUARTER!
What are you going to do?
                       MAX (os)
One block away!
Positions everyone!
We see the Grimers begin to knock over barrels and roll them
through the maze of obstacles. Many stay to the sides or
behind the barricades. The ones behind the barricades are
shouting, some giving orders, while the ones to the sides
are pressed against their side of the last block between
them and the police cruisers, which are moving in steady
                       POLICE OFFICER
      (through megaphone)
As of now this area is under
control of the police! Drop any
weapons and leave the area! Any
individuals in need of assistance
must speak with one of our
No one moves, and the police cruisers halt at the
barricades. The formation is so huge that Marley and Leo
are still a block behind. Grimers shout loudly at the police
to leave.


      (yelling at police)
We shall not yield!
                       POLICE OFFICER
      (through megaphone)
Look, we don't want to involve the
riot squad, but they are waiting!
We will use crowd control tactics
if necessary!
      (yelling at police)
Take your threats and leave!
About 3 dozen homeless cheer and charge forward, hurdling
the barricades as they run. The throw rocks and debris.
Barrels are rolled around and kicked in every direction. The
street is two chaotic for the cruisers to maneuver through
now. The Grimers pressed against the walls of the last block
draw pistols and open fire. Tires are popped, and the
officer with the megaphone is hit. His blood sprays over the
megaphone, which hits the ground dramatically.
      (to Jeremy)
What... what's going on? Was this
      (yelling at
Stop! Stop! This will only make
things worse! We cannot win a
direct conflict!
We see the last car in the convoy turn around and follow
Marley's planned route. The rest of the cars are swallowed
by the chaos, as the standoff becomes a riot. Windows are
broken and barrels are thrown at cars. The riot squad is
dispatched from a few blocks back to meet the rioters.
Everyone get back in position! The
riot squad is approaching. Deploy
the first shock team!
Upon this order, the homeless continue to attack the police,
but the Grimers retreat, apparently into buildings this
time. Some can be seen on rooftops. The riot squad moves
slowly but purposefully towards the chaos amidst the
barricades and immobile cars. 3 pickup trucks swipe from a
street to the right of the riot squad. The trucks slam into
the riot squad and hold there position in the midst of the


scattered troopers. Grimers armed with shotguns stand up in
the backs of these trucks and open fire mercilessly. The
gunfire echoes down the street to the ears of Jeremy and The
We see Max and Eva in an alley near the barricades,
watching, Max armed with a revolver.
We're gonna burn for this.
So are they. We can go up in
flames, but at least we'll go down
What's it matter at this point?
It's a fight we can't win, and
when we're dead, what does it
Max, you know as well as I what it
matters. If we go down denying
what we believe, with that guilt
in us, we get to spend an eternity
unsure. At least we can feel like
heroes for the rest of our
existence. No regrets.
Huh. Die happy then. No regrets
A loud BANG is heard in the distance. We quickly switch
perspectives to see that a SWAT car has slammed into one of
the pickup trucks, all of which are surrounded by corpses,
Grimers and police. The SWAT team deploys as soon as
possible and eliminates any Grimers left in the trucks. In
the distance behind them, more riot squads and SWAT teams
are approaching the crisis zone.
Next positions! Everybody at the
barricades, fall back to the Grime
Jeremy and The Preacher run back to the Grime Place, which
lies behind them. Max and Eva follow with a few homeless men
and Grimers.


Jeremy's really taken this
revolutionary role to heart.
      (shrugging and
       continuing to
Well, why not.
We see Jeremy and The Preacher turning the corner of the
Grime Place to see the door just closing. Jeremy dashes
forward and opens the door, and he and The Preacher head in.
      (turning the
Fuck, where have all these people
come from? The support is welcome,
but it's hard to tell who are
Grimers and who are just homeless
supporters who are using their own
                       HOMELESS MAN
We wouldn't be very far without
our tactics.
The homeless man is the one from the first scene who attends
The Preacher's sermon that first day. He is smirking in the
same way as he did then, and has an unwholesome look to him.
      (stopping suddenly)
What the hell does that mean?
                       HOMELESS MAN
      (as all the
       homeless left
       gather around,
       creating a small
Perhaps you'd like this back.
      (hands Max his
       horrified looks
       from Max and Eva)
We set the pieces in motion. We
did everything behind the scenes.
We just need to get Marley in the
right mood. Now we have all the
chaos we need to thrive on.


                       HOMELESS MAN (cont'd)
Anything rather than starving on
the pitiful output of the
residents here. It was time to
take action. Now we can take this
whole place. You can stay of
course. We wouldn't have got this
far without you, either.
      (raising fists and
       screaming in
                       HOMELESS MAN
I already told you; chaos. We just
need everything in disarray. That
way we can live by our own rules,
and noone notices.
      (still screaming)
                       HOMELESS MAN
Better than none. Noone stops to
pay us anymore. Noone stops to
feed us. What we have been denied,
we will take. Besides, you're the
anarchists here. I'd expect you'd
be as supportive as the preacher.
      (pausing in shock)
He... knew about...
                       HOMELESS MAN
Well no. He's going to know soon
enough though. Just after we get
in that place there.
      (he points to the
       Grime Place)
Besides, assuming what he preached
was true, which apparently wasn't
true to you, he'll be entirely


      (shaking his head)
No. You have made a serious
fucking misjudgement. You people
are insane. We're fucked, and you
have fucking done it all. We
practice what we preach; freedom.
There's no freedom in being
sacrificed for a cause that's
never been stated. There's no
freedom in what you're trying to
accomplish. Holy fuck...
      (pulling Max away)
Come on, we really need to get
Eva drags Max to the door and they hurry inside, Max glaring
at the homeless man the whole time. The homeless man simply
laughs, and his followers look back and charge into the fray
once more. Several Grimers stand their ground outside the
We see the door into the main area of the Grime Place in the
background, and a gun aimed at The Preacher's forehead in
the foreground. The focus changes to the door as it opens
and Max and Eva come through, stopping suddenly. Max assumes
a standoff stance immediately, with his revolver held up
kind of in between the heads of the armed man and The
Preacher. The view changes so we see Jeremy's corpse, and
then Marley holding the gun. Leo is is nursing a head wound,
and is surrounded by blood spray and shattered glass.
      (sinister, bloody
       spray evident on
End of the line Max. Jeremy had to
go fighting. You all did, didn't
      (on the verge of
       breaking down)
You... you don't fucking
understand. You...


FUCK you! The whole thing's been a
big goddamned misunderstanding
hasn't it?
Max slips a revolver into Eva's hands. She holds it up and
aims specifically at Marley.
That's exactly what it's been.
Drop the gun you bastard. You're
Max throws one hand outward violently with the revolver out,
and puls the trigger. Though it is not evident at first, Max
has shot The Preacher, not Marley. Both The Preacher and
Marley look shocked, panicked, as if both have been shot.
Slowly, The Preacher hits the ground, letting out a steady
pool of blood. There is a pause. All eyes are on Max,
looking horrified.
      (cold and
I'd hate to see him die after he
hears about his congregation.
Better to die happy.
Marley says nothing, he merely turns his pistol to aim at
Max, and fires, repeatedly.
      (smiling at Eva as
       Max's body falls
       in a bloody heap
       on the floor)
Crazy bastard.
Eva holsters her revolver in her belt and stares coldly at
Marley. Marley stops smiling, looks down, and lets his
pistol fall from his hands. There is a moment where nothing
is happening, and Leo can be seen in the background looking
at the carnage in the room, his hand still on his bleeding
head. Suddenly, Eva pulls her rifle from off her back, and
fires directly at Marley. His head is blown all over the
area behind him, even spraying Leon with blood and gray
matter. Leo looks up at Eva's face in agony. Tears well up
in her eyes, and in the reflections in her eyes, we see the
floor covered with corpses and debris.


We see several Grimers atop a large and old brick building,
cutting power lines in a rather specific and surgical
manner. With some effort, the wires are broken, sending
sparks everywhere and skimming the street below, which has
been filled with some flammable liquid. The area goes up in
flames as the Grimers cheer, and riot cops are engulfed in
Eva exits the Grime Place and is greeted by several well
armed Grimers. There are dead homeless everywhere, but also
living ones can be seen running about, ducking into alleys
in the background and cutting through Eva's meeting with her
Everyone's dead. What's the
situation here?
The area lights up and an explosion can be heard which
shakes the ground.
      (as the two duck)
We've begun using the molotovs.
There are many of them, but there
are a lot of us too. The homeless
had a bit of a schism. The ones on
our side are the living ones. The
dead ones, well...
That's fine, you did what you had
to. Right now, we have to fortify
ourself securely. How many
entrances to this block are left?
3, but the power lines will go
down just like those last ones as
soon as we give the word.
Then give them the word.
We see Leo clambering through an alleyway. He is covered in
blood and is stumbling through the crowded and narrow space,
filled with barrels, garbage, and covered in grafitti. He
collapses as he gets out of the alley. Struggling back out,
he waves his hand at the police cruiser that brought him


here. The back door of the vehicle opens and Leo rushes in,
collapsing again onto the back seat.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Close that fucking door! We gotta
get out of here!
      (closing door)
No kidding. Don't wait for Marley.
                       POLICE OFFICER
      (looking up to one
       of the rooftops
Don't worry, I just assumed he
wouldn't be coming if he wasn't
with you. Damn these fuckers...
they give me a bad feeling.
                       POLICE OFFICER
      (starting the car
       and beginning to
       pull away)
I dunno, those anarchist fuckers
were gathering on one of the
rooftops. No idea what the hell
they were gonna do, but I wanna
get out of here before they do it.
As the cruiser exits the vicinity, a flare goes up into the
sky. Almost immediately, as Leo looks back, the power lines
behind the speeding police car go down and ignite the area.
Fire follows the car, chasing the wheels which were doused
in falmmable liquid as the car left.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Why? What the...
Just as the flames begin to catch up, the car makes a sudden
sharp turn into an alley. Garbage is thrown everywhere, but
the flames aren't strong enough to chase with so little of
the flammable stuff. The car speeds off out of view.


We see Eva's face, her eyes lit up with the reflections of
molotov cocktails going off in the streets and power lines
being brought down to ignite street access points. There's a
lot of noise in the air, and people are moving hurriedly
behind her. She is holding her rifle ready, but the look in
her face suggests that she doesn't have the fight in her
right now.
      (from behind)
Eva? Eva, we've got the TV
working. They're on about it
      (turning around
Sure. I'll be right there. In a
Eva watches the chaos in the distance for a little while
more and we see it over her head. Eventually she turns away
and heads down the stairwell frow the roof down to the main
area, which is full of wounded Grimer's being treated by
those with medical expertise, along with a few Grimer's
drinking glumly. There's a TV on the bar with a few Grimer's
sitting around it.
      (turning away from
       the TV)
Oh, fuck it. You know. Who cares
what they're saying?
Well, I dunno, maybe we should...
see, they've declared it a state
of emergency. If the situation
doesn't cool off soon they're
going to send in the troops.
Well, they're gonna send in the
troops. This just isn't going to
cool off. Man, what have we gotten
I think the real issue is, what
are we going to do? There's no
point in regret. We're here now,
so let's deal with it, you know?


                       GRIMER (cont'd)
So, the troops are gonna come
rolling in, armoured cars, M16s,
tanks. TANKS EVA! Can you fucking
imagine? We're fucked!
      (shrugging and
       sitting at the
Not really. I mean, we got rid of
all the specimens and valuables
right? It's just us grunts now.
So you're willing to just
sacrifice yourself now? What the
hell's gotten into you? It's not
over yet!
I think it's over for enough of
us. Just look out there. Look at
the bodies. The bodies that were
in here not too long ago, doesn't
that image still haunt your mind?
The blood's still in the floor.
You can look at it right now if
you want. Shit man, it IS over.
You have to know when to stop. We
might as well give it one last
desperate attempt, to cool it off
before they come in with cannons
That's not what Max would say.
      (lifting her rifle
       and standing up,
       crying and
      (yelling back,
       holding his arms
       out so as to take
       in most of the
       shot should she


                       GRIMER (cont'd)
       pull the trigger)
FUCK YOU TOO! You were the only
one who knew him, you fucking
bitch! Go ahead and shoot! Maybe
then things will cool over, huh?
That's right. Fuck you too.
Eva turns around, lays her rifle on the bar, and turns
around again. Then she collapses. The grimer yelling at her
comes rushing to help, as do many others who have been
watching the scene.
It's the morning after the evening of the riots. Leo is
sitting in a tent drinking a coffee, looking out the exit
towards the smoking aftermath of the fighting from the night
before. Offscreen for the moment is a police officer also in
the tent, who's waiting for a response from Leo, whom he is
                       POLICE OFFICER
      (turning suddenly)
Oh, sorry. Yeah, I don't think
Marley was entirely stable. I
mean, we were actually pretty
close to finding some kind of
lead, I think. I mean, uh, think
of all those homeless people. I
don't think it was the Grimer's
who commited those murders. I
think it was a crazy drifter or
something. I even suggested it to
him, but he just wouldn't listen.
I think he wanted something like
                       POLICE OFFICER
So, you really think Marley was
Uh... yeah. Something like that.


We see the main room, empty, with the TV still on. From
inside explosions of molotovs in the streets can be heard.
We look closer and closer at the TV, until we are watching
the TV. Scenes of the troops moving in with high power
rifles and passing through gauntlets of fire and explosions
in the streets flash by, accompanied by footage of tanks
rolling down Preacher's Street. The footage is raw, real
looking, like real news footage. Meanwhile voice-overs are
given by news anchors and reporters.
                       NEWSPERSON (VO)
..violent clashes between
anarchist radicals and the local
police force...
      (not the same
       newsperson as
...numerous deaths including the
leaders of the riots and Chief
Investigator Marley, who proposed
the action in the first place...
                       NEWSPERSON (VO)
      (overhead footage
       of the chaos of
       the night before)
...homemade explosives and are
generally low on ammunition at
this point according to soldiers
who were willing to comment...
                       NEWSPERSON (VO)
      (footage of one of
       the streets
...the so-called "Ragdoll Murders"
and was passed unanimously by the
City Council almost overnight...
                       LEO (VO)
      (on screen with an
...Yeah, I certainly understand
where the rioters were coming
from, up until the point when
their leaders died. I mean, it was
so chaotic, I just wonder... what
happened... with Marley in


                       NEWSPERSON (VO)
      (same interview)
But you weren't in there with him,
                       LEO (VO)
      (flicking back to
       footage of the
Yes, that's correct.
                       NEWSPERSON (VO)
      (no longer the
...despite claims that there were
no shots fired until...
Heavy music begins to play in the background, something like
London Calling or a metal song like March Of The Parasite by
                       NEWSPERSON (VO)
      (a reporter is
       standing at the
       police barricades)
...here on site things are
starting to cool down, as the
troops secure positions and
capture the remaining resistance,
though there are still explosions-
      (a blast can be
       heard nearby and
       the reporter hits
       the ground
       screaming as the
       camera shakes)
Turn it off! Turn it off!
                       NEWSPERSON (VO)
      (violent footage
       of soldiers
...incursions growing increasingly
closer to the barricades, there is
no sure guess as to how many
rebels are in that one block...
                       NEWSPERSON (VO)
      (rockets slam into
       the side of a
       building on
       Preacher's Street)
...no end in sight as the stakes


                       NEWSPERSON (cont'd)
are raised. Forces on both sides
have experienced heavy casualties,
and government officials have
stated that they are 'shocked by
the number of fatalities triggered
by these upstart anarchists'. Over
thirty soldiers have been killed
in the fighting, with more than 25
injuries sustained by troops who
have returned to the barricades...
A loud BANG can be heard, and we see troops pouring into the
      (pointing to the
Turn that shit off! We need to be
able to hear them!
Sir yes sir!
We see Eva sitting in front of a TV flicking through
channels. Her expression is vacant, distant.
                       EVA (VO)
So what was I supposed to do? I
hid. I hid with the Grimers, who
reluctantly accepted my presence,
though they saw me as unstable. I
wasn't allowed to carry weapons,
and I wasn't allowed to leave. I
was just allowed to hide, and
watch the otuside world through
the twisted filter of popular
media programs.
We see a wider view of the room. It looks like a cold dark
basement. There are crates and tables covered in boxes and
tools along the walls. At Eva's feet is a dog like creature
with horns and a scaly face - El Chupacabra. Eva flicks off
the TV and drops the remote, tilting her head back and
sighing painfully.
                       EVA (VO)
      (as time fast
       forwards in
I don't know how long I waited. I


                       EVA (cont'd)
just sat there and waited for the
fighting to end. I didn't care
which side burst in and pulled me
out. I figured it would be the
soldiers before I next got a meal.
At least then things would come to
some kind of conclusion. I knew if
it was a Grimer that came in,
there was that chance that I was
just being pulled out and stuffed
in a truck with everything else in
the room so we could be relocated
to a new hiding place. It was, in
essence, a nightmare.
Suddenly the door comes down. Soldiers move in with their
rifles ready, circling Eva and El Chupacabra.There are
flashlights on the guns which illuminate the room and it's
contents. El Chupacabra looks dog-like and inconspicuous.
                       EVA (VO)
I could have just let them take
me. It could have all ended there.
"I was kidnapped by the rioters
for being in the wrong place at
the wrong time", I would say. But
somewhere deep down, I knew that I
should go out kicking and
screaming. I really believed in
this. Even after Max died and my
allies betrayed me, I didn't know,
but I felt. I felt that this
really was what I believed in.
Eva stands up and the soldiers all aim at her. She picks up
El Chupacabra and holds the creature to her chest so it's
head is concealed. Now it looks more simian, or similar to a
bear cub.
Jesus Christ! Hold on, who are
you? What are you doing here?
      (faking fear)
My names Jenny, they kidnapped me!
Please get me out of here! I have
to get food, and so does my dog!


Your... dog? The fuck...
Eva throws El Chupacabra out at the soldier and sprints out
of the room. The creature pins the soldier down and the
soldier's screams are muffled by the furry critter. Eva
turns a corner and sees a clear passage with a window at the
end. She runs to the window and opens it carefully, peering
out the glass as it rises. We see her view, which reveals a
tank moving through the street. A BANG is heard and Eva
glances behind, seeing El Chupacabra scurry out of the room
and down the other way. She quickly hops out the window onto
the lower rooftop outside it, and lays low. We see over her
back as she hides under the window, and watch as 2 soldiers
come to the window, look around, and then spin to head back.
                       EVA (VO)
      (showing only her
       panicked eyes)
And here I am.
We see rooftops littered with trash and loose news papers. A
wind blows all this around as an ominous wind blows over the
buildings. We see a hand reach up over the side of one of
the rooftops and pull the rest of it's owner up, revealing
it to be Eva. Eva brings herself up onto the roof, quickly
gets to her feet in a crouched position, and moves along the
roof quickly. Down below we see military jeeps speed through
the streets with soldiers in them, armed with assault
rifles. Eva continues to move in the middle of the roof so
as not to be visible from below on either side. The vehicles
can be heard softly from her location, and doesn't attempt
to look at them.
A soldier in the back of one of the jeeps hears a something
move and spins around with his gun ready. There's an open
metal door creaking back and forth in the wake of the jeep.
The soldier reluctantly lets his gun sit in his lap and
breathes heavily.


Eva presses her back to a large ventilation device. She
slides along it, attempting to find anything she can open or
sneak into. Unable to do so, she sprints over to a stairwell
entrance protruding from the top of the building. She opens
the door slowly, peering through the crack as it opens. She
opens the door wide once sure there is noone in the
stairwell. We see the stairwell from her eyes. It reaches
down into the dark, where the light from outside fails to
illuminate the stairs. We see Eva's face as she bites her
lip, looking behind her and considering her options. She
looks back, and we suddenly see that the lights are on from
her view. She covers her mouth and widens her eyes, quickly
darting away from the door and hiding behind the part of the
stairwell which sticks out of the roof. The door slowly
shuts itself and Eva closes her eyes tightly for a moment.
She opens them again with a look of horror as she hears
footsteps approaching. We see around the stairwell where Eva
cannot, as the homeless man who stole Max's revolver steps
out and looks around carefully. He assumes a crouched
position and closes the door behind him. The jeeps are now
way past the building, leaving Eva and the man alone on the
roof. The man sneaks about quietly, looking over the side of
the roof for a moment. Eva sees him and looks stunned. She
steps out from behind the stairway entrance and walks
towards the man silently. He turns suddenly with a frightful
look which turns to a grin.
                       HOMELESS MAN
I think I know you...
Eva continues walking forward at the same pace without
pause. She says nothing in response to the man.
                       HOMELESS MAN
I think I knew a friend of
yours... A boyfriend maybe? I had
something of his... I gave it
Eva continues to approach, cold and purposeful. The man
looks behind himself and sees the edge of the roof, and
quickly strafes with slight skips towards the ventilation
                       HOMELESS MAN
This wouldn't be so unpleasant if
I had kept that little toy of


Eva picks up speed, swinging her arms more as she walks and
heading straight for the man, backing him up against the
ventilation device. The man looks around desperately.
                       HOMELESS MAN
      (trying to force
       another twisted
What are you going to do with
those hands of yours?
      (cold and
Shut up.
The man drops his panicked demeanor and stands up straight.
He looks into Eva eyes defiantly as she gets closer and
closer. His back is against the large device now.
                       HOMELESS MAN
I'll not be threatened by you.
What do you think I've done to
wrong you? I'm no more an enemy
than I am a supporter.
Eva continues, and the man flinches a bit when she stops
within arms reach. There is a slight pause, followed by Eva
slamming the man's head into the devices. There is a loud
CLONG as his head smacks against the thick metal block, and
Eva kicks the man in the knee painfully. The man screams,
and throws a punch at her side which lands on her elbow. She
winces and backs up a few steps. The mine glares at her and
shifts away to the right, and attempts to scramble back to
the stairs. Eva follows him with her eyes but does not
approach until his hand is on the door handle. Once he
begins to open the door Eva charges forward and delivers a
flying kick into his spine, forcing the door shut with his
body. The man screams in pain once more, turns over, and
kicks Eva in the stomach. She backs up and coughs, and the
man pulls the door open and rolls slowly down the first set
of stairs. Eva shakes her head and follows, standing atop
the first stair.
It's all your fault. You started
this. You are the initiator of our
strife. You are the ragdoll
murderer. You are the only
murderer of any of us.


The man props himself up against a wall and spits bloody
saliva to the side. He looks up at her and breathes heavily.
He looks like he is about to say something, but stops
himself, and instead crawls down the next set of stairs. Eva
follows, slowly, step by step, staring with a dramatic and
venomous look. The man crawls into a corridor on the floor
he has managed to descend to.
                       HOMELESS MAN
You have to start asking
      (he wheezes
Which you actually want. You know,
I'm aware that anarchy is not
synonymous with chaos. But which
do you really want? Like,
Eva walks down the stairs and steps into the corridor where
the man is sitting. He has some kind of long thin pipe in
his hand from the crumbling wall of the building. He taps
the ground with it, breathing heavily. Eva stands at the end
of the corridor.
I want freedom.
                       HOMELESS MAN
      (rolling his eyes)
Yeah, yeah, of course, but you get
that either way... Do you even
know why... He wanted it?
You don't know anything about him.
                       HOMELESS MAN
      (with a hideous
No, no, heh, I'm certain that I
do. He wanted power. We all just
want a little power. Whatever
makes it easier to get by...
That's the difference between
chaos and anarchy. All the anarchy
in the world won't satisfy you
without a little chaos. Chaos
means chances, opportunities, all
at the price of a little effort. A
little manipulation... A lot less
effort than the current order
requires. Haha, after all...


                       HOMELESS MAN (cont'd)
      (he begins to
       stand up)
You two didn't wanna get jobs
Eva raises her fists and gets ready to charge the man before
he can get the handle of his weapon. Her face is full of
doubt and fear, and has been changing from her fiery rage to
this frightened disposition all through the man's speech.
                       HOMELESS MAN
      (limping forward
       slowly with a
I didn't need a job. Heh, I
know... I know how to thrive on
chaos... We all do... that's why
chaos, via anarchy or whatever...
that's why it's so much better
than order. It's so eeeaaasssy.
Eva backs up a little. She looks to her right at a loose
window pane lying against the wall. She waits for the man to
get a little closer. He stops within striking distance and
she pulls the pane up quickly. She swings it at his face
with all her might, but he destroys it with the pipe while
it's in her hand.
                       HOMELESS MAN
Ssssoooo... What do you really
Eva kicks the man in the stomach without hesitation. He
double over and drops the pipe, coughing up a bit of blood
and moaning loudly in pain. Suddenly a BANG is heard
downstairs, and lights shine up the stairwell as Eva spins
around. The homeless man looks up at Eva and laughs.
                       HOMELESS MAN
      (barely awake)
Heheheh... They won't do anything
to me... I'm just a poor man
caught in the crossfire... What a
storybook ending... The big
showdown... and the bad guy gets
away for a sequel...


      (looking down on
       the man in
Are you happy?
The man lies there laughing softly through a bloody mouth,
and nods slightly.
      (picking up the
Good. That's what Max said. It's
better to die happy.
The man slowly turns his head and looks up at Eva in horror
as she lifts the pipe over her head. We see the shadow of
the pipe coming down on the man's face and the blood spatter
the wall on which said shadow lies. She continues to thrash
him, and bends over to check his pulse over about six hits.
Once she knows he's dead, she drops the bloody pipe and runs
down the corridor.
We see the side of the building the last scene took place
in. The place is run-down and filthy, with broken windows
which are huge and made of smaller square windows in
patterns. One of the windows opens slowly, and Eva slide
under the slightly open window and hangs off the sill. There
is another rooftop under her which she drops down to, this
one covered in vents and old cardboard boxes.
                       SOLDIER (OS)
      (radio distortion)
I think we've got a fugitive or
something on the run here. I'm in
Eva hears the soldier due to his loud radio and runs over to
the other side of the roof she is currently on. There she
finds a higher roof with a ladder leading up to it. The
window Eva came through begins to open more and more until
we can see the soldier with his rifle ready, taking aim just
as Eva hops over the edge of the next roof and rolls out of
      (surprise, into
Goddamn... target is a female.
Probably one of the rioters, I
found a recently murdered man back


                       SOLDIER (cont'd)
in the building I was searching, I
think she may have been the
The soldier climbs out the window in the same manner that
Eva did. Meanwhile, Eva sprints across the next rooftop and
slides down a ladder to another low rooftop. As she turns to
look for her next destination, she bites her lip, seeing
that it's just few more low rooftops left. She looks up,
knowing that she would be shot if she ran while the soldier
had the higher ground.
                       SOLDIER (OS)
Hey! Hey, hold on! You're only
making it harder for yourself!
The soldier reaches the end of the high roof before the
series of low ones and peers over the edge through his
scope. Not seeing Eva running, he aims directly down... but
she isn't there. He lowers his weapon and blink a few times.
      (staring down with
       wide eyes)
We see Eva hanging off a ladder on the side of the second
low-roofed building. We see the soldier look around through
the scope one more time and then turn back. Eva climbs up a
bit and peeks to see if the soldier is still there.
Breathing a sigh of relief, she pulls herself back onto the
roof, and then heads to the other side, hops down onto a
dumpster, and then begins to climb a fire-exit stairway.
Leo is sitting in the back of a jeep rolling down the
street, with soldiers moving ahead on foot. There is a tank
a little ways behind the jeep, also being escorted by
soldiers on foot.
      (leaning forward)
I get the impression we've nearly
combed the whole district now. So
how much longer do we have to
spend? Don't you think we've won
at this point?


      (in the passenger
We've always been winning. Right
now it's the same as it was
yesterday. Only difference is that
we're clearing buildings instead
of streets. Why, you bored
No, just curious.
Leo looks up to one of the rooftops, and see Eva climbing
into the window she was hiding under in the previous scene.
Leo watches in shock, but says nothing.
Tell you what, we'll take you back
to the barricades just as soon as
we're done our patrol.
Uh, opposed to, uh, what, exactly?
      (smirking to
Well, you're sort of the media
sensation for this whole
situation. I'm giving you this
tour so that someone can hear
what's actually going on here,
through you. They won't talk to
the grunts anymore. Seems the
people like you.
      (without any
Huh, that's nice of them.
      (looking back
Uh, yeah... Well, anyways,
originally I thought I'd let you
see an interior operation in
action, but if you're so


      (perking up)
Oh, no, no, I'm interested.
Alright, suit yourself. Just stick
by me, because... you know, it's
dangerous to go alone.
      (looking down at
       his holstered
Yeah, I noticed.
Sunlight pours through cracks in the boarded old windows of
the building, illuminating the dust which hangs in the air
of the long and decaying hallways. Our view of the interior
swings through a crack and looks in on the building such
that we can see Eva pressed up against the wall beside the
boarded window in question. Quickly our viewpoint changes to
the interior so that we can see Grimers armed with small
firearms crouched in the shadows of the building. Shaking
the dust free from the walls violently, the front door to
the building crashes down with soldiers looking in with high
power assault rifles.
Drop your weapons!
Eva swings her foot around and breaks the old boards
covering the window with a strong kick. The window is
completely uncovered now so that light pours in, and the
sudden noise causes the soldiers to panic and open fire on
the now completely revealed Grimers inside. The rooms along
the walls of the hall are barred off, and within moments the
last of the Grimers are dead. Eva remains pressed against
the wall outside, crouching slightly now.
Leo looks in and sees the corpses and the window.
What happened here?


I dunno, it was the last
resistance point. I told them to
drop their weapons man, I told
them. But then that damn window
broke and I panicked.
Ok, but what do you mean, broke?
I don't know, it was boarded up
and it broke. Maybe a stray bullet
or something. Man, you aren't
gonna tell the reporters about
this are you?
No... just hold on.
Leo begins to step past the corpses and towards the window,
with his pistol drawn.
Man what the fuck do you think
you're doing! We don't know if
this place is clear yet!
Leo climbs out the window onto the low roof, his pistol out
but not aimed anywhere in particular. He looks side to side,
and Eva is gone. We see from her view, which lies on the
higher roof which is now behind Leo.
I'm here! Quiet!
Leo looks up with his pistol in one hand pointed to the sky
calmly. Once he has looked her in the eyes, he looks away,
and pretends to be unaware of her presence so as to not
reveal her whereabouts to the soldiers.
So you made it out alive.
      (Still pressed to
       the rooftop)
Not quite yet.


You might as well be home free. I
can help you get out of here. I
can say that you're my fiance,
that you came in looking for me
and got captured.
I'm not interested in switching
sides Leo.
So what now? Fight 'til the
finish? Stay loyal to all your
dead friends?
I haven't had many friends since
last night.
Then why not make one? I'm
offering here. I can get you out.
This fight is lost, and you can
either die with the rebellion or
you can get away and rethink
What the hell is that supposed to
mean? That because the authorities
killed everyone who stood up for
what they believed in that I
should give up on it.
What are you really standing for?
Your freedom or your boyfriend?
A soldier emerges from the window with his rifle at ease.
What's going on man? We checked
the building, it's secure. But
what was so important that you had
to rush out here? It would've
looked real fucking bad if you got
shot right under our noses.
Uh, I dunno, I thought there was
something, but, uh, there was


Fuck man, get yourself together.
You know this area?
Good, cause it's safe now. You can
find your way outta this shit-hole
      (as the soldier
       turns around)
      (looing back and
       shaking his head)
Sort yourself the fuck out man,
just sort yourself out.
As the soldier leaves Leo watches the vehicles through the
district past ruined buildings. The entire unit leaves
within a matter of minutes, while Leo checks the roof Eva
was on to make sure she's still there. Once it's just them
left, Leo begins to speak directly to her.
Well, I think it's time you got
out of here.
      (climbing down to
       Leo's level)
I'm not sure I know where I'll go.
Well you must have family around
here right? Like, in this country
at least?
Yeah, I guess I can find them
eventually. Thanks for not getting
me killed or captured or anything.
Not a problem. I'm just worried
where you'll go from here.


No more violence I guess.
That sounds so... I don't know,
false. A real human being doesn't
say it like that. You sound like a
kid who's gotten in trouble for
hitting another kid. It's not
Hey, you're not my fucking dad.
How observant of you.
      (laughing faintly
       and walking off)
Look, I gotta go sort things
out... Go home.
Where's home?
An hour long bus ride and a cozy
little house with my parents.
They'll be happy to see me. You
aren't telling any of the
reporters about me are you?
No, I'm going to stick to my
"stayed outside story."
Good. I like that one better.
Leo smiles and walks away, leaving Eva alone on the rooftop.
For a moment she watches him go, and then she sits down on
the roof in deep thought.
A TV is playing a documentary on the events at the Grimer
district while Eva sits cuddled up in a chair with a notepad
and pen. We big to watch the screen directly after we have
seen all of the immaculate house which Eva is now residing
in, and sticky notes from her parents on the fridge.


                       TV (VO)
      (female narrator)
The events which occurred 3 months
ago were hardly understood by the
general public. Through extensive
research of police reports and
documents, and an exclusive
interview with Leo Cruippe,
assistant to the Chief Inspector
who led the operation, we now
understand the chronology and
nature of the entire situation.
The facts are shocking.
The screen displays stock footage of the tanks rolling down
Preacher's St. We once again see the whole room, and Eva
jots something down and then turns off the TV. Light is
pouring into the room and illuminating everything, giving a
heavenly sense of peace. Eva stands up and walks away. We
see her drop the notepad on the table. At the top of the
first page reads, "Anarchy: My Life In The Riots". We zoom
in on this, and then zoom out as the setting changes to a
bookstore, where the title sits in dozens on a
"best-sellers" shelf.
The coffee shop is crowded with people, and the staff is
busy. The decor is beautiful if not opulent, and it's a
bright sunny morning. The sunlight pours into the shop,
illuminating the spotless environment kept up by the
hardworking staff. The scenery has changed completely since
the beginning of the story, showing a kind of reversal of
Eva's environment since the success of her book. Eva sits at
a table with her parents who haven't been seen since the
flashback in scene seven. They are older now, but only by a
few years. Still, signs of aging are visible. They are
laughing over coffee together, with a copy of Eva's book
face up on the table.
                       EVA'S MOTHER
      (coming out of
Well, still, I would've
interjected a bit more.
      (smiling broadly)
MORE? My God mum! How much more
could I possibly interject?


                       EVA'S MOTHER
Well, you know, a bit more of a
conclusion. Maybe a statement
along the lines of a moral or
Well I can't bloody well
spoon-feed it all to the readers!
Let them figure out what I was
trying to say!
                       EVA'S FATHER
      (with a smile)
Well, what were you trying to say?
      (giving her dad a
       playful look)
You're a reader too, dad.
                       EVA'S FATHER
Well, yes, but what did you do to
portray any connotations you have
about the people, the places, the
Well, what, you thought I made me
and Marley seem like chums? You
think I put the riots in a happy
                       EVA'S MOTHER
Well there's more to it than that
Yes, yes, I know. I just wanted to
tell the truth, at least how I saw
it. All the documentary stuff...
That reminds me, I kind of feel
like I'm riding the wave here with
this "revisioning of the riots"
                       EVA'S FATHER
      (raising his hand
       a little in
No, no, back to the point.


Which is?
                       EVA'S MOTHER
Well it's a question of closure. I
think I might've had a little more
closure than it had.
Well then why don't you write a
book about it?
                       EVA'S MOTHER
      (with a smile)
Because I wasn't there silly.
                       EVA'S FATHER
Speaking of closure, do you know
what happened to any of the people
who just kind of vanished? Like
that homeless guy who started the
whole mess.
Flashback to silent shots of Eva's brutal fight with the
man. These flashbacks end with the bloody finishing blows
delivered to the man in the last moments of the fight.
      (trying to mask
       the sudden rush
       of terrible
       memories as deep
Uh... No... actually, I think he
died. Maybe one of the rioters
killed him. I'm not sure if they
knew what he'd done though.
                       EVA'S MOTHER
      (folding her arms)
Well, it'd be nice if they did,
they'd be feeling pretty good with
this craze too. Just like you and
Leo, I mean.
      (tearing her mind
       away from the
Speaking of...


We see Leo coming through the door. Everyone at Eva's table
looks and waves. Leo looks around a little and rushes over
upon seeing their hands. He pulls up a chair and sits down
with a delighted look. Eva still remains the youngest at the
table, looking a little out of place, like a child at a
table with adults. Leo doesn't look as old as Eva's parents,
but he doesn't look young by any means, likely worn down
from the events he's been through.
                       EVA'S MOTHER
      (with a smile)
Hi Leo.
Morning everyone! Doing well I
                       EVA'S MOTHER
Oh Leo, it's so nice that you've
come out of all this on top. It's
a pleasure to know you.
Well, I'm not sure I deserve all
the hero and celebrity honourifics
that the media's been giving me.
Oh, nonsense Leo, you went through
all the same things I did. I've
come to accept the praise, so you
should too.
Well, you know, I always thought I
was on the side of the bad guys
until the revisioning thing
      (sliding him a
       copy of her book)
Well, hopefully I put you in a
more proper light within these


      (taking the book
       and pocketing it)
Well, thankyou. I really can't
thankyou enough.
                       EVA'S FATHER
Well, surely you never had any
delusions about Marley being
correct in his actions, did you? I
mean, he's been clearly exposed as
a madman.
Well, I won't deny that, but he
wasn't always like that. I don't
know. He just... snapped.
It's true, he kind of...
deteriorated over time. I mean, I
never really liked him, but I
guess I only ever got to know him
as a "bad guy". I knew when he had
crossed the line though.
I don't know, he just wasn't cut
out for the job, especially all
the stress he faced working in
that area. He developed alot of
delusions about how to deal with
things... ideas that just didn't
work. You know, sometimes I wonder
if he was trying to create order
or chaos. I mean, he knew that the
riots would occur, or something to
that extent.
Well, yeah, I did say that to his
face. And he agreed... Or at least
didn't disagree.
                       EVA'S MOTHER
      (looking to Leo)
So, you think that he was really
trying to create chaos?
Eva experiences another memory flashback, just like the one
before, only this time of the homeless man speaking, and his
words echo through her mind.


                       HOMELESS MAN (VO)
      (in flashback with
Chaos means chances,
opportunities, all at the price of
a little effort. A little
Eva shudders a little and once again closes her eyes,
pushing the memories out of her mind. The rest of the people
at the table notice this and look at her anxiously.
                       EVA'S MOTHER
Are you alright, dear?
Yeah mum... I'm, uh, I'm fine. I
just need to go get some fresh air
I think. It's hard to think about
these things still.
Eva stands up and walks out quickly before anyone can think
of what to say. Leo watches her leave curiously and then
turns to her parents.
I think I'll go with her. Talk
things out, you know? We kind of
had the same experience. I know
what she means.
                       EVA'S MOTHER
Alright Leo... Thank you for all
your support. I'm sure we wouldn't
know where to start, now that we
know all that happened.
Leo turns away and frowns a bit as he walks to the door,
knowing that Eva's parents still don't know the worst of
what happened during the riots.
We Leo stepping out of the coffee shop, Eva turning to see
him the moment he's outside. Eva smiles.
Thanks for coming out here with
me. It's hard, you know. Hard to
forget all that happened, all the


                       EVA (cont'd)
stuff you just can't talk about.
Well, I think it may be a
discussion we've already had
previously, but since when do we
need to be silent about anything?
Isn't this completely against your
whole "freedom" policy? I mean,
you should be free to say whatever
you want.
But could you tell the media and
the rest about what happened in
the Grime Place that evening?
I could if I had any urge to.
So why don't you? Haven't you had
the urge? I have... I've wondered
why I sit there and let the
documentaries claim to have the
truth. The reporters, the papers,
they all think they know. Isn't it
our obligation to tell them what
We told them all they needed to
know. They know why the riots
happened, who really started it
all, and they know it wasn't just
Marley, but it was that
conspiracy, those fucking...
There was a specific one, I just
remember his name. He was the ring
I'm surprised you'd use that term,
given that that's what we used to
call Max when we talked about the
Leo... there's some things I
haven't got off my chest that even
you don't know about. But I don't


                       EVA (cont'd)
think they're any harder to keep
to myself than what happened in
the Grime Place.
Well, is this the big confession
then? Do you trust me enough to
tell me? Because I was there, Eva.
I know the kind of stuff your
feeling and-
No, apparently not. Apparently you
don't have any appreciation for
what I'm feeling.
Perhaps your right. All my
flashbacks are clouded by the
blood in my eyes. Human blood, and
not even mine.
      (full of emotion)
At least you never had to live
with what you'd done. You don't
know that blood was shed at your
hands, directly on your hands...
Oh my God, the things I've done...
Eva experiences another flashback, this time a shot of
Marley's death, followed by the look on the homeless man's
face with the shadow of the pipe moving from beside his face
to the middle of it, then flashing back to the present
I've killed more than just Marley.
The ring leader, the one who's
name I can't remember... He stole
the revolver. He cut the phone
line, or maybe it was his thugs, I
don't know, he orchestrated it
all. I could see it, the
calculating menace, I could see
the venom in his face... and I
killed him.
It was survival, Eva, it wasn't
something to feel guilty about.
Anyone could've killed anyone
during those riots, it was simply


                       LEO (cont'd)
how you survived...
      (breaking down)
No... I hit him. I kicked him. I
beat him 'til he couldn't stand.
He may have deserved all of it,
but it's what he brought out of me
that hurts so much. It scared me.
I beat him to death. I struck him
with a long metal pipe, over, and
over, and over.I didn't shoot him,
I didn't drop a bomb on him...
it's just not the same. To look
someone dead in the eyes and kill
them, without a gun. But even
Marley... I just...
      (putting his hand
       on her shoulder)
We all have the burdens of grief,
terror, guilt. Anyone who survived
all that has to. You and me both-
You don't understand! You never
killed anyone! How can I live
knowing that I killed two people,
and came out of it, when you came
out of it without any blood on
your hands? What have I done?
I forgive you. I forgive you, and
I'm the only one that knows. I'll
forgive you for everything.
Because I made it, and I know. I
know what happened, I was there,
and so who else could possibly
forgive you? I have the context. I
have the context to forgive you.
Now be free. Because everyone who
died died in vain if you don't go
free from this. You have to come
out of all this a free woman. Are
you free?
Eva wipes her tears away and looks away at the ground beside
her, avoiding Leo's eyes. She sniffs, and wipes her eyes


      (looking back up
       at Leo)
I am free.
Leo wraps his arms around Eva, and Eva's around him, and
they stand together for a short while. They seperate, and
Leo, the taller of the two, looks down into Eva's eyes. Eva
Are you alright?
Eva says nothing, but wipes her eyes and nods slightly.
Leo said to die happy. I'm pretty
sure he'd want you to live happy
too. Of course, you have to live
happy if you plan to die happy.
Eva laughs, sniffling a bit. She looks at Leo
Uh, you know, this isn't... this
isn't gonna be a thing is it? I
mean... the hugging, and uh...
this isn't supposed to be a
No! No, you're too old!
      (smiling and
       stepping back)
Oh! Ouch! You've gotta be more
careful, I'm sensitive!
      (looking down at
       the ground)
No... but I really do value you as
a person. As a friend, I mean.
Like, I don't know what I would've
done if I didn't have someone to
talk to about the whole thing like
this. It's just too much for one
person... Too much for me.


Heh, too much for you is hard to
imagine. You're a tough kid,
knowing what you've made it
through in the first place.
Oh, so I'm the kid now? I'm not
that young!
Well, I DO have seniority over
you, after all.
      (Eva sticks her
       tongue out at him)
But anyways, I'm glad you're
feeling better. If I've any
purpose right now, any great
charge in life, it's to make sure
all your struggles during the
riots weren't in vain.
Alright, well, let's not get too
melodramatic. What have you been
doing since the riots?
Cleaning up Marley's mess, trying
to squeeze myself into his old
position, slowly but surely. I'm
not technically supposed to
qualify, but I get alot of support
based solely on the fact that I
was his... understudy, during the
riots. I have a unique expertise
on that district now. How's life
back at home?
Things are awesome. My parents
have been really supportive, the
book's been making me loads of
cash so I still don't have to get
a real job, I'm just not quite
sure what I'm gonna do now, though
it isn't really a concern... yet.


Speaking of your parents, we
should probably go back inside.
Right. Well, thanks for what we
talked about here. It means alot
to me.
      (smiling sincerely)
Well, your honesty means alot to
The two turn and head back into the Coffee Shop, smiling and
walking side by side, Leo taller and older-looking than Eva.
Eva and Leo step through the doors and come around the table
on opposite sides, circling the table to pass by Eva's
parents. They both sit and Eva's parents smile. Their smiles
are somewhat forced to convey a false sense of ease, but
they are obviously worried for their daughter.
                       EVA'S MOTHER
Is everything alright dear?
      (looking down at
       the table)
Yeah... yeah. I'm fine. Leo helped
me out.
It's easy for both of us to think
that none of the good guys made it
out of the riots alive.
                       EVA'S FATHER
      (smiling sincerely
Well, the heroine certainly made
it, didn't she?
Eva's father rests his hand on his daughter's, and she
frowns as she stares at it.
No, I'm no heroine. The hero of
the story died... So it was a
tragedy. But alot of things are...


                       EVA (cont'd)
I just need some help to get
through sometimes.
                       EVA'S FATHER
Who was the hero?
      (looking up and
       speaking with
       full clarity)
There is a moment of silence around the table and noone
smiles or looks anyone in the eyes. The coffee shop
continues to buzz with activity all around them, but noone
at the table drinks or speaks, or even moves.
      (looking up)
I never liked tragedies.
Eva's parents smile at Leo, and Leo smiles in return, but
Eva simply stares off blankly she shuts her eyes tight and
suddenly, flashing back to the homeless man's death at her
                       HOMELESS MAN (VO)
      (as the silhouette
       of the pipe
       coming down on
       him is seen)
What a story book ending...
Eva shudders slightly, but her parents and Leo have engaged
in idle conversation and don't notice. She opens her eyes
and smiles, speaking clearly.
No sequel opportunities.
The rest at the table all laugh, and Leo pats Eva on the
back. There is an uneasy peace to the table once more, and
we slowly zoom out on the table as the coffee shop continues
to bustle with energy.
Eva sits on her bed with a laptop, typing away and stopping
occasionally to glance around the room while pondering her
choice of words. There are posters of punk bands, movie


stars, movies like "The Departed" and "Snakes On A Plane",
and a fair mix of other pop culture memorabilia. As she
types we hear her voice-over speaking the words that are
being jotted down.
                       EVA (VO)
So I've gotten back into
writing... I came up with it when
I was thinking of that little
narrative I went through in my
head back during the riots... It
ended somewhere before I ran into
Leo I think.
The phone rings on the other end of the bed. Eva stares at
it. She is hesitant to reach over and pick it up, but does
after a few moments. She does not answer it, however.
                       EVA (VO)
Leo's been calling me. I think he
really does want this to be a
thing. I think he was bluffing to
cover his ass... And maybe he
isn't too old. He's not that old.
And we have alot in common...
experience mostly.
Eva presses the "talk" button and holds the phone up to her
ear, waiting for Leo to speak first.
                       LEO (OS)
      (through phone)
Eva? Something wrong?
Eva laughs for a moment and then sighs.
      (rolling her eyes)
Nothing out of the ordinary.
What's up?
                       LEO (OS)
      (through phone)
Just wanted to check on you. You
sure everything's alright?
Not quite. See, I think you're
calling me because you want to ask
me out, but feel you have to beat
around the bush because you think
it would be innappropriate.


There's a pause filled with dead air. Eva sits cross-legged
in front of her laptop staring off just above the screen.
She smiles to herself, waiting for Leo's response.
                       LEO (OS)
      (through phone)
That... was a bit bold of you...
I'm just making up for your
hesitant approach. Listen to
yourself. You're calling me at
home, like a high school kid who
just got his crush's number. Come
over. We'll watch a movie, we'll
talk all night, we'll work out
whatever hormonal issues you're
having with me, whatever. I'm not
the only person who needs to be
There's another pause. Leo breathes heavily into the phone,
and Eva continues to laugh.
                       LEO (OS)
      (through phone)
Alright. I'll see you in about 15
      (smiling excitedly)
I'll be waiting.
Leo hangs up and Eva puts down the phone. She then sighs
happily and stares back at the screen of her laptop. The
text she's writing is seen, with the line at the end of the
last word blinking silently. Eva puts her hands bank on the
keyboard and begins to type. There is a sense of finality to
                       EVA (VO)
      (as she types this)
I'd like to break every rule of
writing and tell you the moral of
the story right now, since I'm
just so counter culture... But I
couldn't... Even if I tried. Yes,
it was a tragedy. Yes, this was
Max's story, not mine. But maybe
tragedies make way for comedies.
Maybe that's just how life works.
I'm just going to assume that
freedom is for those who take it.


                       EVA (cont'd)
And I'm ready to take it. Whether
I've got a love interest, a noble
aspiration, or a vivid supporting
cast... or not.
At the last click of the keyboard, the scene has gone black.


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