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Go Go Fujimie Kenzonaka GumDrop City
by Tri Xuan (trixuan32246@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***1/2
In 2009 Humblewood's most unlikely female student (Fujimie Kenzonaka ) gets a chance at love when a freak meteor shower hits the stadium during a soccer game, transforming her into the most beautiful girl in school. Will the man she loves even want her after the effect wears off? Join in on all the fun & laughs with this new Japanese animated drama that's sure to leave you with a smile at the end of the day. "Go Go Fujimie Kenzonaka Gumdrop City" When chance happens... Are you willing to take it?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Students scurry for the cafeteria. All around people carry
on their daily lunch rituals. At one table some kids laugh
hysterically, while others are dancing and playing video
games on their I-Pods.

One boy talking on his cell phone tosses his cards down on
the table after losing the game. Each person has their own
individual GUMDROP about 8 inches tall on their shoulder
reflecting their mood.
                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
If this is my story then I better
tell it to you the right way. I
won't say I warned you but only
rather it's another story about
love. My take on it at least. You
see those girls over there at the
table with the guys? Yeah the ones
with all the glamour and glitz.
Two ASIAN GIRLS in sexy cheerleader outfits dance all
seductive around a group of boys. The guys are eating it up.
They now drool over them. The gumdrops on their shoulders
are also drooling.
                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
See the one with the really cute
pink outfit on, that's Azumi, all
the guys in the school are in love
with her.
AZUMI jumps up and down with pom-poms in her hands. The
gumdrop on her shoulder goes flying into the air.
                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
Oh and the girl next to her in
purple, that's Miko. She's another
beauty queen.
MIKO smiles, she and Azumi sit down after their little


                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
But you won't find me among that
crowd. Only look a bit further in
the background.
A few tables behind Miko -- Some students eat lunch and tell
                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
Close but unfortunately all the
way in the background. At the last
table in fact!
A dozen tables further -- A STUDENT wearing a white Polo
T-shirt walks up to the last table. He sits with his

To the right of him at the end -- A young JAPANESE GIRL with
really big glasses on. She grabs her chocolate milk and
drinks it. Sitting on her shoulder is a gumdrop with glasses
on just like hers.
                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
Yep, you guessed it! The girl with
the really nerdy glasses on.
That's me... Fujimie Kenzonaka and
I just turned all of seventeen
this week. I transferred to this
school about a month ago and I
already hate it. My father sent me
here to the United States to have
a better education, only he has no
idea how miserable I am. I don't
understand any of the slang they
use while talking. None of my
clothes seem to fit their styles
here, and worse yet! All of the
Japanese girls can only speak in
English. To top things off, I get
stuck at this table every day
surrounded by these geeks who only
talk about Star Trek.
                                         CUT TO:
Three male students converse amongst themselves. DANIEL
REUBEN PAUL, 16, Light brown hair. The unofficial leader of
the group. DAVID JOSE, 15, red curly hair, obviously not a
ladies man. DEREK MERRI-WEATHER, 16, blonde, almost decent
looking but not quite.


Each one has dorky looking glasses, a pocket protector and
wears a tie with a picture of Star Trek on it. This crew
hovers around a stack of Star Trek magazines on the table.
Next to them on the table three gumdrops are also reading
wearing big glasses.
David, they've gone too far this
time! How can they say that warp
point five is enough speed to get
you away from a Bird of Prey? I
won't stand for it, the editor
must be challenged in this month's
Daniel slams the magazine down with a piercing THUD! All
three gumdrops go flying off the table.
What does a fan have to do to get
true justice in this universe?
Tell me what?
Daniel hangs his head next to his plate. Derek and David
      (comforting tone)
Daniel it's not the end of the
world. There's still hope that
they will post your letters up in
next months issue. We all know the
needs of the many out weigh the
needs of the few or the one.
Daniel's head raises slightly, he stares at Fujimie across
the table. Tears stream down his eyes, the gumdrop now on
his shoulder also cries.
I can't live with out trans warp
She stops drinking -- puts her chocolate milk down. -- A
look of disgust.


                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
Ah hm... I think that speaks for
it's self.
A loud noise is made, football team now enters. Fujimie
glances to her left. One of the guys with an orange hat
catches her staring, a brief smile. Fujimie begins to blush.
So does the gumdrop on her shoulder.
                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
I think he knows I fancy him.
                                         CUT TO:
A black KAWASAKI NINJA 250R pulls up. Engine revs with a
roaring VAROOM!
                                         BACK TO:
A swarm of GIRLS now huddle around the back door.
                       GIRL #1
      (overly excited)
Oh my God! Is it him? Is it him?
                       GIRL #2
Oh my gosh... He's coming! Look,
here he comes!
Fujimie faces the crowd.
                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
      (gazing at them)
All those girls at the back door
can only mean one thing...
Door opens -- man walks inside -- takes off helmet.
                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
Reggie Brooks!
REGGIE BROOKS, 17, brown skin. Dreads in his hair, star
soccer player. The epitome of hot. He gladly accepts each
girl's advancement towards his arms.


                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
      (in awe)
He's the most popular guy in all
of Humblewood, and the best
looking. All the girls know it and
worship the ground he walks on.
Lots of girls hold on to him as he walks. His stride is
cool, he knows it. Women all blush, so do their gumdrops.
Red hearts flutter all about. Reggie's gumdrop on his
shoulder wears shades.
                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
      (eyes on him)
I heard his father is black and
joined the Navy. Lived in Japan
for ten years. He married a
Japanese woman and brought his
family back to the states. His
younger sister also attends our
school. I've talked to her before
in my Economics class. She is
really nice, you'd almost never be
able to tell they're related.
Reggie strolls near Fujimie, gumdrop on her shoulder melts
into nothing.
                       GIRL #1
      (on left arm)
I saw you at the game last night
                       GIRL #2
      (on right arm)
You were so totally awesome.
An arrogant grin, he walks past Fujimie, their eyes make
contact. She blushes too.
                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
God he's hot!
Gumdrop reappears on shoulder and starts to blush.
Just look at him... He's every
thing I wish I could be in this
world. All the girls love him and


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
he's the most athletic.
Derek and David watch as well. Suddenly a loud BUMP! Another
girl holding her tray runs into one of his girls.
                       GIRL #1
The girl keeps on walking, her face shows now. It's Reggie's
sister. AOKI, 16, long curly hair. Reggie notices and stops.
He turns around.
Hey Aoki, where you headed little
sis? Don't you want to sit and eat
with your big brother?
      (turns around)
I'm afraid I wouldn't have any
room with all those girls around
She storms off, Reggie turns and heads towards a nearbye
table. Azumi with the flock of guys still drooling over her
looks up at him. She sees all the girls -- An evil look in
her eye.

She gets up and heads in his direction. Reggie now sitting
opens his mouth. Each girl feeds him grapes, he graciously
accepts. Azumi now in front of him looks in repulse at all
the other girls.
      (all girly)
Reggie you simply must show me
that move you did to win at last
nights game!
Not paying attention he laughs at a girl pretending to drop
a grape in his mouth. She finally does, he looks up at
Oh hey Miko... Didn't see you
standing there.
The girl on other side peels a banana for him. Azumi furious
that she's been called Miko acts all cute and laughs it off.
Gumdrop on shoulder grows devil horns and tail.


      (fake laugh)
That's what I love about you
Falcon, you're so funny!
                                         CUT TO:
Aoki sees Fujimie and walks over to her table. She sits
right in front of her. David and Daniel take notice, they
sit up.
Hello! Fujimie isn't it? Mind if I
sit with you for lunch?
Fujimie looks nervous, gumdrop on her hides half way behind
her neck.
      (in broken English)
No I no mind at all.
Daniel faces his friends.
Can you believe this? The sister
of the most popular guy in
Humblewood is at our table! Derek
how do I look? I must send
greetings to her. We may never get
another chance like this in our
lives to speak.
Daniel straightens up his tie. Derek and David watch. One of
the gumdrops on the table hops on his shoulder.
I must make first contact! What I
do today, I do for the sake of all
people like us. That we may
co-exist in a world where the
unpopular and popular may strive
to achieve friendships not based
on their status, but on the
content of their character. Today
we shall witness the birthing of a
new creation as I journey into
this new era... This new land...
This undiscovered country.


Daniel now stands up, brushes off clothes. Faces his
      (with a grin)
Derek hand me the symbol of our
gratitude. The token of our
love... Pass me the cup of
Strawberry Jello!
Derek hands it to him, they watch him head off towards her.
Gumdrop on Derek's shoulder has tears streaming down it's
      (low whisper)
Live long and prosper...
                                         BACK TO:
Aoki eats her meatloaf, the taste is bad, she now looks at
Gosh... I can't believe the
actually sell this mess.
Fujimie laughs while eating.
They actually call this meatloaf?
Yeah, I no like either. So what
make you decide sit here?
Huh... Oh my brother he gets on my
nerves. He's only concerned about
being popular, I'm not like that,
I don't care who I sit with. Hey
aren't you in my Economics class?
Didn't you just arrive from Japan
a month ago?


Yes, I came from Tokyo.
That's where I was born. My dad
was stationed in the Navy there
for over ten years. So I grew up
and attended school there when I
was young. Gosh... I miss Japan a
lot sometimes. So why did you
decide to come to America?
Daniel now pops up next Aoki, he sits down. He gives a big
smile while pulling out his Jello, Aoki notices him.
      (all teeth)
Greetings and salutations!
Aoki glances at Fujimie, Fujimie looks back at him. Gumdrop
on his shoulder has a big smile.
      (all teeth)
We who are most educated salute
you on your new endeavor of
Aoki begins to laugh, Fujimie now giggles.
I have taken on this sole
responsibility to unify this new
friendship with a token of our
good will.
Daniel places the cup next to Aoki's lunch.
Does anybody want my jello?
                                         CUT TO:
Azumi dances before Reggie with her pom-poms. She kicks her
legs high up in the air revealing a part of her sexy body.
All the men at the other table drool over a glance at it.

Reggie bored and uninterested continues to eat the fruit the


girls feed him. Glancing past her he notices his sister
eating at the table with the Fujimie.
      (mumbling to
What? This can't be... What the
heck is she sitting at that table
Reggie gets up quickly and walks right past Azumi. She stops
dead in her dance.
Hey where you going? I'm not
                                         BACK TO:
Daniel grins as he watches Aoki finish off the last of the
      (placing it down)
Anything is better then the taste
of that meatloaf in my mouth. So
tell me why did you decide to come
here to America?
My father sent me here to have
better schooling. I think I no
like stay here.
Why not?
I don't feel I belong. I no fit
I can relate to your feelings on
that. This school is saturated
with people who only care about
their own vain image. Individuals
who only perceive cool as the
price tag on your collar.


Unfortunately he's right. I don't
care for very many people here at
this school either, but you can't
give up without a fight. There's
bound to be a spot where you can
fit in.
Students get up and head towards their next class. Aoki
smiles at Fujimie and places her cup in the tray.
Looks like it's time to go now.
I'll catch you later in class OK.
Aoki gets up and heads in the other direction. She waves
goodbye to Daniel and Fujimie. Reggie meets her at the
Aoki! Why the heck are you sitting
all the way over here in this
section? Don't you know what
people think about this spot?
She frowns at him, shakes her head and walks in the other
      (walking away)
That's the difference between you
and I. I could care less what
people say about me.
Reggie watches her leave, he can't believe his sister. The
gumdrop on his shoulder has it's shades half way down.
Finally the other girls catch up to him. They all surround
him and push him in the other direction.
                       GIRL #1
Where did you go Reggie? We missed
you! Can I walk with you to your
next class?
Fujimie grabs her tray and gets up from the table.
It was a pleasure talking to you,
hope we can chat again someday.


      (looking back)
What your name?
Daniel is greeted by his friends Derek and David.
The names Bond... James Bond...
But you can just call me Daniel.
The gumdrop on his shoulder beams with joy. Fujimie laughs
and dumps her tray in the garbage.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Four BLACK GIRLS sit mid ways up on the bleachers. KEISHA,
18, long hair extensions, very beautiful. NIKKI, 16, braids.
LEI-LA, 17, tanned skin. TANYA, 16, dyed blonde hair. Each
one screams as they root for Reggie playing down below.
Look at that, he is going to score
Reggie runs down the field kicking the ball -- Fakes the man
in front out -- another to the left -- Almost at the goal
now -- He effortlessly fakes the goaltender out -- Kicks in
net -- Another score.
      (on other end of
The girls all cheer. Keisha notices Fujimie sitting all
alone at the end of the bleacher. She signals for her to
come over.
Hey! Why are you all over there by
yourself? Why don't you come join
us over here!
Fujimie smiles back.
Don't be a stranger! Come hang out
with us!


Fujimie now heads in their direction. The other girls are
still cheering for Reggie. Fujimie sits down next to Keisha.
Hey... You're that new girl from
Japan right?
Keisha offers a friendly hand shake.
Nice to meet you. I'm Keisha, and
these are my home girls Nikki,
Lei-La and Tanya!
Nikki, Lei-La and Tanya clap their hands. On the field in
front of them -- Reggie waves back..
Girl let me tell you something,
that Reggie knows he's got skill.
Keisha is chewing on some bubblegum and begins to blow
bubbles. So does the gumdrop on her shoulder.
      (loudly pops gum)
Have you seen anything like that
in Asia?
Fujimie glances at the field and witnesses Reggie stealing
the ball from some one -- He makes another goal -- Girls go
Yes, he is very good.
Keisha joins in the cheer.
      (looking confused)
Keisha... What is home girl?


      (glances back)
Huh? Oh my bad, it means they are
like my sisters.
Keisha sits down now and begins to blow more bubbles. So
does her gumdrop.
I see.
Lei-La and Tanya come and sit next to her now.
      (reaches out hand)
Hey girl, My name is Lei-La!
      (shakes hand)
Fujimie, nice to meet you.
Tanya reaches in her pocket and takes out a pack of gum. She
hands a piece to Fujimie.
      (now chewing hers)
You about to become one of us now
Tanya blasts away popping her gum -- She blows large
bubbles. Fujimie laughs at her and gives it a try -- Her
bubble is short and quickly fades away -- The others laugh
at her.
That ain't how you do it girl.
Here let me show you.
Keisha blows a huge bubble, so does the gumdrop on her
shoulder. The bubble is so big the gumdrop now flies away
with it -- Nikki walks over to them.
It hasn't been five minutes and
you already got this poor girl
chewing gum and popping bubbles!
Nikki sits next to Fujimie.


Keisha you know Coach William is
going to get mad if we don't
finish our laps!
Yeah I know, but I had to take a
break and look at all these fine
men over here.
They all laugh together.
At the end of the bleachers we see COACH WILLIAMS.
                       COACH WILLIAMS
Alright! Breaks over you four,
give me my three laps!
      (standing up)
Yeah-yeah we know...
Walking past Fujimie they all head down the bleachers.
      (waves bye)
Later girl!
Fujimie waves back to them. As soon as the last one exits
the bleacher, out of no where a soccer ball comes bouncing
next to her.
                       REGGIE (O/S)
Michael what kind of shot was that
you idiot!
On the soccer field Reggie and Michael watch the ball
Hold up let me get it!
Hurry up !
Reggie runs up to the bleachers and spots Fujimie.


                       REGGIE (V/O)
      (on Fujimie)
Hey... I saw her at that lunch
table with my sister.
Reggie walks up a few steps towards her, Fujimie looks
                       FUJIMIE (V/0)
I would love to say this is the
part where he recognizes me and I
confess my feelings for him and we
all live happily ever after...
Only it didn't happen quite like
Hey can you throw us the ball?
Fujimie peeps around -- No one else -- She grabs the ball
and walks it down to him. Reggie now wipes the sweat off his
face. Fujimie hands him the ball.
      (takes it)
Thanks... Appreciate it!
Reggie makes his way down.
      (on the last step)
      (stops and faces
You very good at soccer!
      (with a grin)
Tell me something I don't already
know. Watch and learn kid it's all
in the legs... Bam!
He demonstrates a high round house kick.


Hey don't take this the wrong way
but I don't like my sister hanging
out in that part of the cafeteria.
A puzzled look from her.
You know with all those nerds who
think they're Power Rangers! Life
at this school is hard enough
without having to prove yourself
every five minutes. Well anyway
thanks, if you get a chance come
watch me at the game this
He kicks the ball towards his friend and runs off. Fujimie
just stands there in unbelief. She looks like someone just
ripped out the inside of her heart. The gumdrop on her
shoulder is crying.
                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
      (teary eyed)
I can't believe what I just
heard... He thinks I'm one of
those geeks at the table. Just
when I thought things were going
to get better here at the school,
and now this happens.
Students all make a dash for the locker room. Fujimie sadly
heads in, Keisha runs up behind her.
Hey girl!
Keisha catches Fujimie watching Reggie, who now horse plays
with some friends headed towards the boys locker room.
      (glances back at
Oh I see... Got a thing for him
too huh? He's so fine and he knows
it. That man can have any girl in
this school he wants. Probably
best for you not to get your hopes
up to high... Better start off
with something light.


Fujimie smiles goodbye as she enters the locker room.
Keisha's gumdrop now comes parachuting in from its bubble.
It lands on her shoulder and smirks.
                                         CUT TO:
A few students barely make it in the door as it closes. Aoki
chats sitting next to her friend. HEATHER, 16, blonde hair.
Fujimie walks by and sits in the back.
Hey Fujimie! Sit over here with
Fujimie changes seats.
What's the matter? Why the long
The meatloaf made me sick I guess.
I know, I ate it to.
Fujimie you got to learn not to
eat that crap, it will give you
Aoki and Heather laugh hysterically.
      (still laughing)
Stop it Heather, I don't think
it's going to make her feel any
The TEACHER walks in now -- Everybody settles down -- We can
see he doesn't look like your normal teacher. He's not,
JEAN-CLAUDE GOETZ, mid 30s, blue eyes.


He is very muscular and well built. All the girls in the
class snicker at how sexy he is. He places some papers on
his desk -- turns to them now -- Muscles are flexing out of
his shirt.
      (French accent)
OK claz, today iz ganna be very
beautiful... I'm da substitute
teachar far da next three months
while Ms. Graham iz out having her
GIRLS all applaud.
I'm gawna help you study far your
exam next week.
      (devilish look)
I'd like to study you.
Class errupts into laughter.
OK enough wid da jokez, letz start
off wid the roll.
He heads back to his desk and grabs a list of names. Aoki
looks at Fujimie now.
Hey Fujimie, what are you doing
after school today?
      (whispering back)
I have no plans why?
Would you like to hang out over my
house after school? Maybe you'll
feel better.
Yes, I like very much.


Cool, you can ride home with us.
Meet me at the senior parking lot
after class OK.
Fujimie happily smiles.
                                         CUT TO:
Fujimie stands there waiting, she watches some students race
towards their bus. Fujimie looks around for a familiar face.
Horn blows behind the buses, Fujimie looks in the direction.
There she sees Aoki and Heather sitting in a red two-dour
Hey Fujimie! Over here!
      (in awe)
Fujimie walks over to the car. David, Derek and Daniel can
now be seen exiting the building. Daniel notices Fujimie
standing next to the car.
Hop in girl!
Fujimie gets in the back seat. A few motorcycles race past
them. One of them stops next to Heather.

He pulls the visor up, it's Reggie. The gumdrop on his
shoulder has his visor up and winks at the gumdrop on
Heather's shoulder.
Hey what's up Heather?
      (smiling back)
Nothing, just on my way to your


When you going to let me give you
a ride on this bike?
      (pointing behind
Maybe you ought to go ask Azumi...
She's right behind you!
Reggie turns around and we see Azumi walk right up to him.
Hey Reggie! When you going to give
me that ride you promised?
      (in a panic)
Oh... Ah... Hey Azumi... I got a
million things to do not today. I
have to go now, next time I
He quickly slaps down his visor and races off. Azumi chases
after him screaming. Heather and Aoki just laugh.
Good job Heather.
Your brother is a trip Aoki. He
always tries to get every girl to
sweat him.
He has a serious ego problem.
Heather pulls out of the school parking lot. Fujimie checks
out the back seat of the car she's in.
      (totally digging
       the car)
Thank you for ride Heather.
      (glances back in
       rear view mirror)
You're welcome, so what do you
think of my little ride?


Wow you rich girl.
Heather and Aoki chuckle.
      (looking back)
Rich alright, her dad practically
owns half of down town.
Yeah I wish! He's just really good
in real estate.
Aoki, how you get rich girl as
best friend?
Aoki and I been friends ever since
the 8th grade. We both use to have
this big crush on a guy in our
math class named Scott Colbertson.
Remember him Aoki?
Yeah, he was so good looking back
then. Hey Fujimie have you found
any men you're interested in since
you got here?
A few but they no see me. I think
they no like.
      (looking at Aoki)
I think we might be able to do
something about that. What do you
think Aoki... Project 101 or what?
Project 101 girl.
      (looking curious)
                                         CUT TO:


Outside the garage door a few motorcycle bikes are parked in
front. Aoki, Fujimie and Heather now pull up in the
      (noticing the
My brother and his friends... I
keep telling that idiot to stop
parking there.
They get out and head for the front door. Aoki puts her key
in the lock and opens it up.
Here we are Fujimie, my home sweet
Door opens -- Hip Hop music blasts in the background --
Reggie tosses a football to Michael -- Three guys scream as
they play video games on the large Flatscreen TV --
Everyones crunching on Doritos -- Aoki shuts the door behind
her now. Fujimie notices the dog munching on some Doritos
What the heck is going on in here?
You guys are acting like a bunch
of monkeys!
Aoki heads over to the counter, grabs the remote and turns
the radio off.
      (tossing ball)
Hey little sis, welcome home!
      (looking at dog)
How many times do I have to keep
telling you to stop feeding
Princess Doritos?
Awe come on sis, even dogs get
tired of dog food.
Come here Princess.


Princess runs up to her, Aoki squats and pets her.
What did mean o brother feed
you... Hm?
Princess rolls on her back, Aoki rubs her belly.
Where are mom and dad at?
They went out for lunch. They'll
be back later.
Heather and Fujimie walk over to Aoki.
Hey Reggie.
Who is this you brought home?
Reggie I'd like you to meet my
friend from Economics class.
(pointing at her)
Fujimie Kenzonaka.
Reggie throws a long pass to Michael, he catches it and
flips over the couch knocking over one of the guys playing
video games.
Another lab rat huh?
Come on Fujimie, don't mind him.
He's all talk and no brains. Lets
show you Aoki's room.
Heather leads Fujimie down the hallway.
Reggie you idiot, do you ever
consider other people's feelings?
Michael throws Reggie the ball.


      (catching it)
I'm just saying this is what...
The third one this month?
The guys all laugh.
Dr. Aoki Love is in the house!
Aoki looking furious heads towards her room.
Forget it! Why do I even bother?
Door shuts hard, Reggie tosses the ball back to Michael. He
heads towards the counter and turns the music back on.
Come here Princess.
Princess runs up and wags her tail. Reggie opens a bag of
Cool Ranch Doritos, he tosses a few to her.
She crunches away.
                                         CUT TO:
Heather stands next to Fujimie as she stares at a family
Wow, Aoki is that your mom and
Yes! That was taken last summer in
      (in Japanese)
Your mom is so beautiful, like a
      (in Japanese)
Thank you, very much.


OK you two, remember I don't speak
Aoki and Fujimie laugh.
      (jumping on bed)
So come on tell us Fujimie, who in
Humblewood are you interested in?
Fujimie looks a bit awkward.
I... I no know.
I'm sure there's tons of guys you
like. I'll tell you who I think
looks cute.
Michael Jackson.
They all burst into laughter, so do their gumdrops.
Heather you are so corny. Hey
Fujimie do you think my brother
looks good?
Almost ashamed to admit it she nods yes.
Reggie is nice.
You mean hot! Lets just tell the
I'm just stating the obvious.


He only dates the super popular
girls though. Hey Fujimie what say
you give it a shot?
I no sure.
Why not? My brother needs to talk
to some one besides all those
other airheads.
Aoki gets up and walks towards the closet.
      (opening it)
Fujimie, come here and look. You
and I are almost the same size.
What say Heather and I give you a
make over?
Yeah! Come on Fujimie it will be
                                         CUT TO:
Aoki and Heather emerge into the living room. Aoki is
covering her mouth giggling. Reggie looks up from playing
video games with his friends.
      (noticing them)
Huh... What are you two up to?
      (clearing her
I'd like you to see Fujimie's new
Fujimie now steps into view, her image is much different
than before. She is wearing a sexy red dress, her hair is
down and she is smothered in make-up. Reggie's friends
approve of it with grins.


Reggie seems a bit interested, but plays it off. Fujimie
ecstatic, enters the room. She carefully walks in a pair of
high heels. Her glasses are off so she doesn't notice
Princess laying down right in front of her.
Watch out!
Too late, Fujimie goes flying ahead as she trips over the
dog. Her gumdrop goes flying with her.
She lands hard on the floor, her gumdrop ends up in the
fruit bowl on the table. The guys all die laughing at her.
Fujimie embarrassed gets up. Aoki runs over to her.
      (helping her)
Are you alright?
      (holding her head)
Yeah I think so.
      (next to Fujimie)
Come on then, I'll give you a ride
home now.
Fujimie's gumdrop takes a bite out of the apple next to it
in the bowl.
                                         CUT TO:
      (looking back)
Now remember Fujimie to wear the
outfits I gave you just as we
matched them up OK.
Fujimie in the back seat, holds tightly onto her bag. The
car pulls up to a house.
Is this the house Fujimie?


      (glancing out)
Yes... This it.
Fujimie gets out and heads towards the door.
      (waving goodbye)
Goodbye Fujimie! I'll see you
Fujimie waves back to Heather and Aoki.
Fujimie shuts the door behind her. Off in the distance, the
sound of metal tapping the floor comes closer.
                       WOMAN (O/S)
Fujimie is that you?
Fujimie places her bag down near the closet door.
Yes it's me! I'm home now!
Before us now stands a crippled but beautiful JAPANESE WOMAN
on crutches.
She smiles at Fujimie. Slowly she begins to walk towards
her. Her bodies been injured, each step she takes is slow
and painful.
                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
My older sister Naomi.
She and her husband Maximilian
were in a car accident last
summer. The driver that hit them
was drunk and died instantly in
the crash. My brother had his seat
belt on that night and my sister
didn't... She was thrown from the


                       FUJIMIE (cont'd)
NAOMI hugs her sister now.
Where have you been? I was
beginning to worry.
I went over to a friends house
after school to hang out.
Where did you get all those
clothes from?
MAXIMILIAN, 37, white, enters the room now.
Hey Fujimie, where have you been?
You know how your sister worries
about you when you're late.
Come on your dinner's getting
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Fujimie lays on her side in bed, she can't sleep, the noise
in the other room keeps her up.
                       MAXIMILIAN (O/S)
Come on it's going to be alright!
Let me get you your medicine.
Naomi moans in pain.


                       FUJIMIE (V/O)
Sometimes at night I can hear my
sister crying in pain.
When I ask her in the morning what
was wrong, she simply shrugs it
off as nothing. I know there's
something they're not telling me.
She lays silently listening to her sister's cries.
                                         CUT TO:
Daniel dressed as CAPTAIN KIRK sits in the commander's
chair. His gumdrop is on his shoulder.
      (looking ahead)
Try the emergency channels.
Picture Mr. Saavik.
A huge Federation ship flies past us -- It reads on the top
Reggie dressed up as KAHN sits flexing his huge chest. He's
surrounded by several other crew members all dressed like
something out of a 80s rock band. Michael in front of him
      (sinister grin)
Slow to one-half impulse power.
Lets be friends.
      (pressing buttons)
Slowing to one-half impulse power.
David sits next to Fujimie at the controls.
Reliant in our section... This
quadrant, sir, and slowing.


Fujimie at the helm next to David faces Daniel. Her pointed
Vulcan ears show.
Sir, may I quote general order
twelve? On the approach of any
vessel when communications have
not been established--
Lieutenant the admiral is well
aware of the regulations!
      (turns back around)
Aye, sir.
Is it possible their comm system
has failed?
It would explain a great many
Michael presses a few buttons on the panel.
They're requesting communications
Let them eat static.
They're still running with shields
Of course. We are one big happy
fleet. Ah, Daniel, my old friend.
Do you know the Klingon proverb
that tells us revenge is a dish
that is best served cold?
(takes a deep breath)
It's very cold in space...
                                         CUT TO:


Daniel instantly raises his head off the table, makes a
fist, and screams at the top of his lungs.
Aft torpedoes fire!
Students in near-bye tables all crack up. Daniel now
realizing his been dreaming quickly sinks his head in
embarrassment. An orange haze engulfs his gumdrop as it is
beamed away.
      (bags under eyes)
Oh man... I never should've stayed
up watching that Star Trek
Yeah I know what you mean. I
didn't get any studies done.
Fujimie enters the cafeteria. People noticing her all point.
She's dressed hot, David nudges Daniel in the side.
Daniel look!
Daniel peeps over at her.
Hey isn't that...
She walks past them to the other end of the cafeteria.
Hey Fujimie over here!
Fujimie sits next to Aoki.
But she was one of us.
Daniel watches Fujimie and Aoki laugh happily together.
She's barely been here a month and
already moved to the other side.
What's going on?


      (on Fujimie)
I don't know.
But I'm going to find out.
Students exit the cafeteria. David, Daniel and Derek follow
not to far behind Aoki and Fujimie.

Daniel watches Aoki wave goodbye to Fujimie and head in the
other direction.
Now's my chance.
He walks to her. Fujimie passes three STUDENTS. Daniel
quickly stops. Something unpleasant catches his eyes.
Oh no... Jedi!
There a few feet ahead stand three individuals all wearing
identical brown cloaks. ANAKIN, 15, MACE WINDU, 17 and
OBI-WAN, 17.
      (on Daniel)
                       MACE WINDU
We don't need their scum.
I'll handle this.
Be careful Anakin! Remember that
fear, aggression, and hate lead to
the dark side.
Derek and David now stand close to Daniel.
Shall we set phasers on stun?
Yeah, Do you need back up?
No, I can deal with them on my


Daniel fearlessly strolls towards Anakin.
                       MACE WINDU
      (on Obi-Wan)
I sense much fear in the boy.
Anakin and Daniel square off.
This school isn't big enough for
both our kind Anakin!
Anakin pulls out a red rose and smells it.
Attachment is forbidden.
Possession is forbidden.
Compassion, which I would define
as unconditional love... Is
central to a Jedi's life. So you
might say that we are encouraged
to love.
      (totally confused)
What the heck is that suppose to
I don't know, I got it off of Star
Wars Episode Two. It sounded
pretty cool though!
Lucas is an idiot. His movies are
stupid, his directing is stupid
and all his fans are retards!
Anakin upset pulls back his cloak revealing his lightsaber.
How dare you talk about him that
(hands on weapon)
For that, every Starfleet officer
is now officially an enemy of the
Daniel quickly grabs his phaser.


      (aiming it)
Are you threatening me Master
I warn you. My powers have doubled
since the last time we've met!
Good! Twice the pride, double the
Daniel takes a swing at Anakin with his gun. Out of nowhere
Reggie grabs both of them in the headlock -- They gasp for
      (choking them)
Alright you two nerds, step aside
so others can get to their
He releases them -- they fall to the ground.
Maybe we ought to send them home
in a body bag.
Walking off Michael tosses Reggie a football. They laugh
                                         CUT TO:
Naomi prepares dinner on the stove. Maximilian quietly reads
the paper at the table.
      (flips page)
Can you believe the gas prices
these days?
I tell you... Hey Naomi what's for
Tonight I'm cooking your favorite
Asian dish.
(turns to him)
Sweet and sour Naomi.


They chuckle together. So do their gumdrops. Maximilian
walks over and kisses her softly.
      (gazing at her)
Can I get that to go?
Naomi kisses him back.
      (softly in
Front door quickly OPENS and SLAMS. Fujimie is home.
                       FUJIMIE (OS)
Naomi I'm home! Sister where are
you at?
In the kitchen!
Kitchen door comes flying open.
Hi! Naomi is it alright if I go
with Aoki to her brothers soccer
Fujimie hugs Maximilian.
What about your homework?
I'll do it as soon as I come home.


Haven't seen you this happy in a
while Fujimie. So tell us who is
your new friend?
Just a friend in my economics
(on Naomi)
Sure I don't see why not.
OK. Not too late though it's a
school night.
Fujimie kisses Naomi on the cheek.
Thank you! I won't.. Bye!
She dashes out of the kitchen. Maximilian's gumdrop hops on
the kitchen counter.
I wonder if she's found a
Naomi gently slaps him on the chest.
Don't be encouraging her.
They laugh -- Naomi's gumdrop hops on the counter. The other
gumdrop kisses it.
                                         CUT TO:
Aoki and Fujimie sit alone together on the bleachers. In
front of them Reggie practices with his team.


      (on Reggie)
Your brother is very talented.
Yeah, he's all jock.
Reggie bounces the soccer ball off his knees. Another team
mate sneeks up and steals it. He chases after him laughing.
It's funny how our lives turned
out here in this school.
      (on Aoki)
What you mean?
My brother will go out of his way
just to prove a point. At first he
never even thought about playing
Reggie catches up with the boy and tackles him. He happily
kicks the ball back in the other direction.
He only did it to keep the
neighborhood boys from picking fun
at us.
Growing up mixed you get to see
how ugly some people in the world
can be.
Fujimie watches her carefully. Aoki's eyes are fixed on
Reggie's every movement.
After awhile he got so good that
everyone wanted him on their team.
Boys forgot all about me.
It's been that way ever since.
Right next to them on the bleachers are their gumdrops.
Aoki's gumdrop stares at Fujimies. It suddenly blows a


trixspeed@yahoo.com 9-23-11


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From Alex Draven Date 8/19/2009 ****
I thought this was a wonderfully written film.I loved the story as much as I loved the characters.Two thumbs up for me!! Great Job!!

From David Chase Date 6/24/2008 ***1/2
I really enjoyed this, and I'm hoping you finish it. The characters were fun, and there were some funny scenes (the Star Wars vs Star Trek scene in particular, I'd like to see more of that). I agree with some of the feedback on rewrites. There are some grammar and spelling errors, and some of the description could be tightened up. I'd also try to cut back on the descriptions of the dialogue (for example, "in Japanese; English subtitled" can just be stated once for the duration of the conversation). All in all, I really enjoyed this. Keep it coming.

From Jason Whitmore Date 3/3/2008 ****
Funny as heck! I love it! I can't wait to finish reading the rest. Keep it up. Does not need a re-write. Great love story!

From Ann Date 2/28/2008 ***
Hey,read ur screenplay its romantic and funny story.it catches most for teens readers.hope u can make it easy to read. cant wait to read and know the ending.keep it up.Godbless

From Nick Hanks Date 2/24/2008 **
Well I gotta tell ya, you have a good concept, but this script needs a re-write. You need to go through it and shorten all the direction and dialogue. DON'T DON'T DON'T give camera angles or direction of any kind. In the industry this is what is known as a spec script, (speculation script), which means that it is written to be read quickly and easily. Anything to do with camera angles will be left up to the directors. Your job, with a spec script, is to tell your story in the simplest way possible with respect to the rules of writing scripts. There is too much black on this script, if you've ever read a professional script you'd see that there is alot of white on each page, my point is that you really have to cut back on the length of your direction and dialogue. I hope you take this critisism to heart because this story has potential, it just needs to look like a real script in order to avoid the waiste basket. Thanks.

From Jacolby Date 2/14/2008 ****
Hey I read your screenplay and I loved it! It was funny and hilarious. I like the story and the characters. Can't wait to finish reading the rest of it when it's finished.

From Jeff Helton Date 2/10/2008 ***
TYPO: "palm palms" is POM-POMS Omit camera angles; replace with verbs. ie: PAN BACK... try... "In the background or, in the b.g." Omit the "we sees" when writing a script. ie: WE CATCH a student wearing a white... Try, "A dozen tables back, a STUDENT wears a white polo shirt and... When you type in STUDENT in caps, your telling your director/reader that your focusing on that subject, hence where ever you are in the room, you going to zip over there.

From gene johnson jr Date 2/10/2008 ****
very very good, and funny,and a nice romantic story, and great characters, very good, cant wait to read the rest.

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