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Ask Me No Questions
by Jeff Helton (jeffhelton2000@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***1/2
A Navy Seal is blackmailed into being a hired assassin by an Underground Movement after stumbling across a matter of national secrecy. His identity and freedom now gone, he plans an exit for the safety of his family, but before he goes he’s got one last job to do that may very well cost him his life.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A beautifully restored 1967 Mustang Fastback is backed up
against a dirt shoulder at the bottom of a hillside.
A narrow two lane paved road separates the car and a very
treacherous cliff.

It's tinted black windows hide a mysterious FIGURE behind
its wheel.
A cigarette glows from the lips of a MAN. He is TYLER
BROOKS, early 30s clean cut and handsome, but expresses a
look of worry on his face.

He stares forward out the windshield and past the cliff.
Reaching above to his visor, he removes what appears to be a
family picture of a woman, a girl, a boy and himself.
He reflects for a moment at the picture.
      (mutters to self)
I'm so sorry, I never meant to…
He looks away for a moment as his eyes begin to well up.
God, how did I get myself into
this? I love you all.
Pulling the picture up to his lips, he kisses it gently.
The cars engine starts OS as it sits and idles for a moment
but then the RPM's rise and the car lunges into gear
throwing a rooster tail of dust behind it bolting straight
for the edge of the cliff.
Tyler, steers the car while clinching the picture.
His eyes dead locked forward as the car streaks fast towards
the roads edge; a confidant look comes over his face.


The car reaches the dirt shoulder on the other side of the
paved road and propels over the edge, plunging in a quiet
free fall as the front end races towards the rocks below.
Tyler sits quietly and looks at the family picture, then
places it above his visor. He didn't go after all.

He starts the car and pulls it calmly onto the paved road.
KELLY, 16, is whisked down a hospital hallway by a TRAUMA

She has a nasty head wound as her white t-shirt is riddled
with blood stains. Her POV looks to the ceiling of the
hospital and watches as soft, fluorescent lights whiz by.
A) A WOMAN and YOUNG GIRL about 8, and Kelly, happily
ride in an SUV while returning from a theme park.

B) A CHECK ENGINE light appears as the girls look concerned.
A FEMALE NURSE, JULIE, keeps pace along side and looks down
with grave concern while affixing an oxygen mask to Kelly.
She then looks forward and barks a command to someone OS.
Tell them to have it prepped!
We've got a cranial gunshot wound
and don't much time!
Julie appears to continue speaking but her voice starts to
fade as Kelly's view of her starts to blur and fade in and
out. Her blank stare looks upward as her eyes roll back.
A) The woman driving the SUV, peers under it's hood.

B) A sedan slowly drives by as two young GANG MEMBERS draw
weapons as they eye a RIVAL GANG sitting on a porch in the
b.g. of the SUV.


From the other end of the hallway, the hospital staff
quickly ushers the gurney through automated doors with the
words O.R. printed above them.
A FEMALE SURGEON, CLAIRE, early 40's, works with precision
around Kelly's wound with the rest of the TEAM.

A FEMALE NURSE, KAREN hands Claire a suction tube.
Karen, take note… severe trauma
to the left Temporal Lobe.
      (leans in for a
       closer look)
Doesn't appear that she is going
to have any optical damage
although subject may encounter
hearing loss.
Gauze is applied to the wound and sops up the blood.
Sweat builds on her forehead as she exhales.
I need to be wiped Julie.
Julie steps up and wipes Claire's forehead.
Inaudible yelling can be heard OS in the distance.

Claire raises her eyes while she works.
The yelling gets louder and closer.

MATTHEW HEWIT, early 30's, hysterically bursts into the ER.
He pauses and gets a good look at Kelly on the table.
His face tells no tales as this is his daughter.
My baby! What have they done!
Oh my God! Oh my God!
ORDERLIES try to contain him as he struggles toward Kelly.
Somebody get him out of here!


Doctor! You have to save my
baby!You have to save her!
She's all I got left!
Please save my daughter!
Matthew, drops to knees, breathless and emotionally spent.
You gotta… save my…
Matthew sobs uncontrollably while mumbling inaudibly.
Claire, turns to the orderlies and sternly...
Somebody get him out of here and
restore order in this room now!
Matthew is contained and escorted from the O.R.
His knees are buckled and can hardly walk.

Karen the nurse stands in a state of shock and awe as tears
stream down her face and over her mask.
Claire, calmly turns to her.
Karen, I need you to focus.
Karen shakes her head, composes herself and checks Kelly's
blood pressure.
Her uh… b.p. isn't rising.
Claire leans over Kelly and opens her eye while checking her
pupils with a small flashlight.
Kelly honey, stay with us okay!
Gotta be strong baby girl.
      (turns to Karen)
Were gonna need a CT scan now!
Kelly's blank stare looks at the ceiling.
A) Shots ring out as the startled woman ducks for cover.

B) The woman falls to the street as the entire SUV is
riddled with bullet holes. A closer look inside shows blood


on the back seat where the young girl sat along with Kelly's
arm and a trickle of blood running down it.
The hospital STAFF rush to save Kelly as her vital signs
begin to fall on the monitors.
The chatter in the E.R. slowly mutes…
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
A long white CHRYSLER 300 LIMO pulls up to the front of the

In the f.g., Tyler's Mustang slowly pulls into an adjacent
lot across the street and parks under some trees.
Sweat, beads on Tyler's forehead as he lights a CLOVE
cigarette and takes a long slow drag from it.
A FAT MAN steps out of the limo.
He is flanked by two LARGE BODY GUARDS.


looks over towards the men then turns and looks away.
Fucking miserable piece of shit.
He takes a drag and exhales out a long stream of smoke.
How many more Tyler?
How many more?
His hands run around the steering wheel; shakes his head.
Tyler's car door opens; his BOOT steps out.
Swinging on a sport coat, he walks with SWAGGER to the back
of his car.

Reaching inside the trunk, he opens a briefcase revealing a


He closes the trunk with the briefcase in hand.
A young BELLHOP, early 20's, holds the front door open for
the fat man and TWO BODY GUARDS.

He is CHIP McNALLY, early 50's, gray hair and dressed in
business attire. The guards are SID and RONNIE.
Good morning Mr. McNally.
McNally nods and smiles; walks inside towards an elevator.
Tyler casually strolls across the street; slips on a pair of
sunglasses as the clove hangs from his lip.
McNally stands with his body guards in the elevator; the
doors open, the digital panel displays the number twenty.
Tyler walks up to the lobby door as a well dressed CALL GIRL
stands outside; she smokes a cigarette and looks at him.
Good morning sir…
The bellhop notices Tyler smoking.
Pardon me, but there is no smoking
here in our hotel lobby, you may
do so in our outdoor lounge.
Without hesitation Tyler spits the clove from his lip and
bounces it off the bellhop's shoe.
Tyler continues through the doors without missing a beat

The bellhop looks down at the smoldering clove.
He then turns and watches Tyler walking away.
The Bellhop STEPS on it; and puts it into an ashtray.


Tyler enters a restroom and disappears for a beat, but then
opens the door and peers out to see if anyone is watching.

With the coast clear he slips into a door marked STAIRS.
McNally removes his coat and throws it on the bed then goes
into the restroom.

Sid and Ronnie look around and secure the room.
Sid turns on the T.V., as a REPORTER is broadcasting the
latest polls of an election.

Ronnie rummages through a mini bar and tosses a small liquor
bottle to Sid.
                       REPORTER (on TV)
Internet millionaire Chip McNally
is still running a close race for
the upcoming Mayoral election…
Video of McNally greeting supporters runs on the TV.
                       REPORTER (VO TV)
…even after his recent allegations
of under age sex with young girls
in the Philippines during his
visit there last summer.
Sid and Ronnie both scoff and smirk as they look over at
each other.
Tyler has stopped at the twentieth floor door.
Kneeling, he opens his briefcase, removes the pistol and
places it between his back and belt.

He then presses a button on the side of his sunglasses. His
He then turns them off.
He slips on a pair of thin BLACK GLOVES.

He takes the briefcase and places it behind a large trash
can, gets up and opens the door to the hallway of the floor.


Tyler, makes his way down the corridor, he slows his walk
and turns his glasses back ON; looks to his left.

His sees the figures of a MAN and a WOMAN in INFRARED
through the walls while engaging in sex.
                       WOMAN HAVING SEX
Oh God Chad, yeah baby!
Like that, yeah right there!
Tyler smiles and continues on down the corridor.
He stops in front of a door, it reads 2022.

Surveying the room with his glasses, he sees McNally.
He appears to be taking a shit.
Looking to his left he sees the guards sitting in the den.
A thud against the door is heard OS, as Sid and Ronnie both
look towards the door, then each other.
Uh… that's probably Chip's
campaign manager, you know… the
one with the big tits.
Both men giggle under their breath.
Maybe you should tell her to come
back in an hour after he drops his
log in there.
Sid, laughs and gets up from his chair.
He walks over to the door and looks in the peep hole.
His POV only sees the other side of the hallway.
Confused, he opens the door anyway.

He sees a wallet lying on the ground just to the left.
Sid, walks out of the suite and to the wallet; Tyler slips
past and into the room before the door closes.

Sid, stoops over to pick it up. It contains a few


he smiles, looks around and puts it in his coat pocket.


Tyler sneaks behind Ronnie, and places a choke hold upon him
which renders him unconscious.

Sid, returns to the room and appears to see Ronnie asleep on
the couch.

Tyler positions himself in the kitchen, behind a counter.
Hey wake up you tubby bastard!
Look at what I found…
He kicks his partner but gets no response from him.
Snooze you loose fat boy!
He approaches him and slaps him lightly in the face to
awaken him; he does not come too.
What the Hell?
Hey Ronnie… Ron wake up!
Tyler comes from behind and PUNCHES him in the back of the
head. He drops the wallet and falls into a floor lamp,
knocking it over but Tyler CATCHES it before it falls.
McNally sits on the toilet reading a newspaper.
He looks to the bottom of the paper and see a set of shoes.
He continues to read, while disregarding them.
My God you imbeciles!
Can't a future Mayor of L.A. get
one peaceful shit during the day?
McNally lowers the paper in disgust.
Oh for Christ sakes! What is it?
McNally GASPS in fear as his eyes grow wide.
LOOKING up, he sees Tyler standing before him.

He tries to stand and pull up his pants.
The Ruger is SLOWLY raised as Tyler squeezes of a shot.
The bullet silently plugs McNally's chest.
McNally, in shock, clutches his wound and buckles to the
bathroom tile.


Tyler CATCHES the casing before it hits the floor.
McNally lies on the floor between the tub and the toilet as
SMOKE wisps from the entry hole in his shirt.
A) Young Philippine girl crying.

B) A young Philippine girl being slapped around.

C) McNally, talks hard into the ear of an underage girl.
Tyler exits the door of the suite but just as the door
closes he stops it by jamming his foot against the frame.


lays on the floor as Tyler PICKS it up, putting the money
back in the wallet then his pocket.
Tyler walks by the room where the couple was having
sex earlier and puts his glasses back on.
The woman is beating the man with a whip now.
                       WOMAN HAVING SEX
You're a bad boy, you gonna
                       MAN HAVING SEX
      (childish voice)
Yes mommy, I'll be a good boy now.
Tyler shakes his head and makes his way to the stairwell.
Tyler walks out cool, dawning sunglasses and his briefcase.
He sets the briefcase down and pulls out a pack of smokes.
He frowns as it is empty.

He looks over to the ashtray, REACHES into it and grabs the
remains of his smashed clove; giving the bellhop a very
disappointed look.
The bell hop shrugs his shoulders in confusion.
Tyler walks out towards the curb and stops.
In the f.g., the call girl approaches and offers him a lite.


                       CALL GIRL
Hey handsome, you here on
Tyler, obliges the smoke takes a drag, then replies with a
Not anymore, business is done
Tyler crosses the street and walks towards his car.
the lid opens, as Tyler sets the briefcase down and closes
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Lawn sprinklers run as the sun rises over a neighborhood.
A BOY riding a bike throws newspapers; lands in a driveway.

A FEMALE FIGURE picks it up. She is VICTORIA BROOKS, Tyler's
wife, late 20's, stunning to look at.
Thanks Jimmy!
Victoria, enters the house and walks into the


where she sets the paper on the breakfast bar.
She opens the refrigerator grabs some eggs, milk, etc…
She prepares a pot of coffee as well.

She walks over to the counter and turns on the radio then
glances towards the hallway and smiles.
A GIRL, NICOLE, 9, and a BOY, BLAKE, 7, quietly crawl down
the hallway in their pajama's and into the



where Tyler appears to be asleep on the bed.
A slight crack of his eye lid suggests otherwise as he peeks
at the children trying to sneak up on him.
                       NICOLE AND BLAKE (together)
      (silently mouthing)
One! Two! Three!
Both children simultaneously jump on top of Tyler but he
catches both of them and wrestles them to the floor.

They both laugh uncontrollably.
Tyler lays back down for a moment.
Come on dad! Get up!
You promised to take us to the Zoo
today! Now get up!
Tyler springs out of bed and stands straight up like a
soldier in a line up.
Yes Sir, Mr. Boss Man!
I don't know what I was thinking?
Sleepin' in and all on my day off.
Blake, then stands in front of Tyler and stares at him like
a drill instructor; Nicole looks on.
Don't let it happen again private!
Tyler looks down at Blake and grabs him around the waist and
carries him out of the bedroom.
Help! Mom!
Nicole attaches herself to his leg as he drags her down the


where they both escape his capture and run joyfully down
into their bedrooms as Tyler, continues on into the


where he looks closely in the mirror at his face.
He stretches and pulls at it, checking closely for gray hair
or wrinkles.


                       VICTORIA (OS)
Nicole, Blake… lets eat.
The children come running into the kitchen and take their
seats at the breakfast bar as Victoria turns on cartoons,
then serves them.
      (over shoulder)
Ty, you gonna eat? This boy of
yours isn't leaving much.
Tyler stands in his boxers and washes off his face.
He then grabs a towel and reveals a Navy TATTOO on his arm.
He then turns and grabs a pair of pants off the hamper and
slips them on.

Victoria stands behind him leaning in the door jam.
She stares at his ass as he turns to catch her.
Did you need some help getting
those tight jeans on babe… or do
you need some help taking them off
Tyler looks his wife up and down as her LEG appears through
the bathrobe she is wearing.
Mmm… good as that sounds, I don't
think we have time.
He steps forward and closes up her bathrobe.
You uh… shouldn't be having these
little wardrobe malfunctions with
the kids around you know.
Hmm… too bad, your loss.
Victoria walks back into kitchen.
The kids continue to finish their breakfast.


You guys get ready so we can go to
the Zoo – and wear shorts, going
to be hot today.
Can I wear my purple tennis shoes?
You know the ones daddy bought me?
As long as you promise not to
step in any elephant poopie!
Gross Mom!
Tyler enters the kitchen as the kids run out and down the
hallway. He sits down and grabs his newspaper.
Victoria POURS his coffee; sets it down for him.

Tyler scrolls through the paper, looking for something.
So how was work yesterday Ty?
Work? -- Work's work.
What do you want to know?
Forget it.
Victoria sets down her coffee and walks away.
Tyler sets down his newspaper and reaches for the remote to
the TV and turns on the local news.

The kids can be heard laughing OS.
As Tyler watches the TV, his eyes grew wide.
He looks over his shoulder to see if anyone is coming, then
reaches over and turns up the volume.


a FEMALE reporter is in the middle of her coverage.
                       FEMALE REPORTER (on TV)
…and now to recap our top story
this morning L.A. Mayor candidate
Norman "Chip" McNally was
pronounced dead at the Cedars
Sinai Hospital at just before
six A.M. this morning from an


                       FEMALE REPORTER (cont'd)
apparent gunshot wound to the
A press photo of McNally appears on the screen.
A MALE REPORTER then continues with the coverage.
                       MALE REPORTER
The shooting appears to have taken
place in his suite at the Solace
Hotel in Burbank sometime late
yesterday afternoon.
Tyler sits at the breakfast bar staring at the TV set with a
blank expression.

Victoria enters the kitchen with a towel wrapped about her
body and head; she glances at Tyler.
She goes and pours herself a cup of coffee.
Tyler… you okay babe?
Huh? Uh… yeah, sorry, I just get
caught up in all the violence
surrounding us.
Yeah, I've noticed you seem a bit
reclusive when you watch the news
or when you come home late after
She rubs his back as Tyler touches her hand.
Come on… we should go… beat the
Tyler, nods his head in agreement and gets up.
Victoria, turns and walks back down the hallway.

Tyler, walks to the window and looks towards the CITY.
      (to self)
God Ty… what have you done now?


                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Cars and pedestrians clog downtown during rush hour on a
bright sunny day.

Tyler's Mustang cruises down the streets and pulls into a
parking lot across a rose garden then exits the car.
Tyler stands in the middle of an isle of roses and leans in
to smell them.

Two MEN in sports coats and shades approach from behind.
The first man is known only to Tyler as MR. SUNDAY, late
50's, tall and lean, gray hair with beard.
The other man is known only as EDWARD, early 30's, tall.

Sunday, walks up and stands a few feet away from Tyler.
Edward, stands with his arms crossed just behind Sunday.
Tyler, looks towards Sunday.
      (looks to Edward)
Keep it up bitch boy and I'll make
your life even more…
Sunday raises his hand to shush Edward.
That was nice work yesterday
Thanks, appreciate it.
I really thought that wh…
Shut up Brooks!
This ain't a fucking roast!
Tyler looks towards Edward to return the assault.


You know, fuck you pudwack!
Edward steps forward to confront Tyler's remark.
Sunday puts his hand across Edward's chest.
If were done with the
pleasantries, we do have business
to attend to.
Tyler and Edward mad dog one another.
      (to Tyler)
This next assignment will need
your utmost skill and stealth.
      (looking at Edward)
Yeah, go on… I'm listening.
And your full attention.
Tyler, looks away from Edward and towards Sunday.
Sunday hands him a folder, Tyler opens it and takes a look.
Concern then comes over his face.
You're kidding right?
Yep! You got us on that one!
Offing people's a big fuckin joke.
Fucks wrong with you?
Edward leans over to Sunday while looking at Tyler.
You know I gotta say, I don't care
much for his questioning lately of
job detail.
      (looking at Tyler)
I concur, perhaps Mr. Brooks had
better start getting a different
outlook upon his job duties.
Sunday, has a very serious look on his face.


Ghastly – consequences could
Tyler stares at Sunday for a moment.
A) A birthday party for Blake

B) Nicole's dance recital.

C) Victoria standing in her wedding gown.
I have no questions…
Nor should you have any concern.
      (lightly slaps
       Tylers face)
Atta' boy there Brooks.
Let's keep it like that in the
Tyler doesn't appear to kindly to the contact and grabs his
hand throwing it away from him.
Sunday, motions to Edward to step forward.
We need to deal with this issue.
Edward, hands Tyler an envelope.
Everything you need to know is in
here genius.
Tyler snatches the envelope from Edward.
Edward leans into him close.
      (leans in closely)
You shouldn't have any more – …or
we hope you don't have any more
Tyler slips the envelope into his rear belt line while
looking Edward square in the face.


You know, I think Costco is having
a huge sale on bleach... might
help dilute that smell of dog shit
on your breath.
Edward, gnashes his teeth at Tyler.
Tyler then does an about face and walks away from both men.
Hey Brooks, I see you got some new
ink on your neck? What is that
      (over shoulder)
Its a map to your mothers house.
Tyler wears a smirk on his face as he keeps walking.
Sunday is walking in the opposite direction also smirking.
Edward stands in the same spot not looking amused. He then
humbly turns and follows Sunday.
Tyler lies on his side and watches TV.
Victoria is sitting up and reading a book.


a commercial ends, and then a NEWS TEAM fades in.
                       ANCHORMAN DAVE (on TV)
Some disturbing news this evening
coming from the urban streets of
Los Angeles.
Tyler adjusts a pillow under his chin and gets comfortable.
Victoria peers above her glasses at the TV briefly, then
looks back to her book, licks her finger and turns a page.
                       ANCHORMAN DAVE (OS on TV)
Channel Six News has learned of a
tragic story that unfolded late
yesterday afternoon in the streets
of South Central.
Tyler's face stares blankly at the television.
                       ANCHORWOMAN SELA
A grieving father asks for help
tonight in capturing the killers
of his wife and his eight year old


                       ANCHORWOMAN SELA (cont'd)
daughter that were innocent
victims of a drive-by shooting.
Crime scene footage appears on the TV briefly.
                       ANCHORWOMAN SELA
Let's go live now to Channel 6's
Lisa Wyncot reporting from L.A.
City Hall where a press conference
was held earlier today – Lisa…
A NEWS REPORTER, LISA, early 20s, appears on the screen.
                       REPORTER LISA
Thanks Sela, earlier today Matthew
Hewitt addressed a field of news
reporters and begged for the
publics help in the capture of his
wife and eight year old daughter's
Video footage of Matthew sobbing, looking distraught and
pleading for help appears on the screen.
Today I stand before you, a broken
man with a broken heart. I want to
reach to every father, husband and
parent that can hear me and
instill the passion to help me
bring justice upon
those most deserving.
Awestruck by Matthew's pain, Tyler leans his head up and
watches closer.
The newscast has Victoria's full attention as she rests her
book on her lap and tunes in also.
Heartless bastards!
                       REPORTER LISA (on TV)
There is some good news out of
this whole incident however and
that is Hewitt's oldest daughter,
sixteen year old Kelly…
The newscast cuts to a shot of the outside of a hospital.


                       REPORTER LISA (OS on TV)
…she suffered a near fatal gunshot
wound to the head but has
miraculously survived through a
six hour surgery to save her life.
Anchorman Dave, appears back on the TV.
                       ANCHORMAN DAVE
Thank you Lisa, a most tragic
story. Hopefully a better ending
for young Kelly.
Tyler, sits up on the bed as Victoria looks up at him.
                       ANCHORMAN DAVE (OS on TV)
Moving along to some better news
now – Kyle is here with sports and
those miracle Dodgers do it again.
He rises, exits the room and enters the


to the kid's room; cracks the door open quietly.
He watches both of them sound asleep.
He takes notice to Blake's unique style of sleeping with his
butt in the air.

Victoria appears behind Tyler; rests her chin on his
shoulder, and smiles as she sees Blake as well.
Maybe you ought to try sleeping
that way, might help with your
Tyler smiles and nods his head in agreement.
He then quietly closes the door.
Victoria wraps her arms around his neck; kisses him softly.
      (looks in her eyes)
Promise me… if something ever
happens with me that you don't
understand – promise me that
you'll just take care of the kids
and know that I love you.
Victoria has a puzzled look on her face.
Uh… that was random, and scary.


Victoria pulls her head back a bit in confusion, continues.
Wanna tell me what you meant?
Doesn't mean anything, just
promise me you'll believe in me
when I need you to.
Forget about it, let's go to bed.
Tyler walks back down the hallway and into the bedroom.

Victoria leans against the wall in the hallway and ponders
with concern on what Tyler just said to her.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The sound of a young boy sniffling breaks the silence of a
dimly lit room.

From behind, a PRIEST adjusts his shoulder cape over his
black cassock.

A forward look shows a 10 year old boy in the b.g. He is
JEFFREY and is pulling up his pants. He then sits on a bench
with his head hung low and continues to quietly whimper as
the Priest straightens his purple fascia.

A mirrored view from the neck down shows the Priest as he
slips a gold pectoral cross around his neck. He then gives
a slight over the shoulder look toward Jeffrey.

Tears stream line Jeffrey's innocent yet confused face.
A side door opens as the Priest steps outside.
He looks to his left, then cautiously to his right.


A cross haired, scoped view shows the Priest surveying the
area. Sensing it is clear he turns over his shoulder.
Jeffrey meekly appears from behind the towering Cleric.

He steps along side him and wipes the tears from his face.
The Priest then gently rests his right hand on Jeffrey's
head while rosary beads dangle from the palm of his left.
Jeffrey looks up to the Priest.
Remember Jeffrey, your Holy Father
would be greatly disappointed in
you if you were to discuss your
actions today. I forgive you my
son. Lets pray that Mary will too.
Jeffrey turns to the ground with a look of guilt.
The Priest is set dead in the cross hairs and appears to
speak MOS to Jeffery.

Pulling back out of the scope shows Tyler peering down the
sight of a silenced Sniper rifle as a clove cigarette hangs
from his lip. He takes notice to wind curl the smoke and
adjusts his aim.

A rotating view shows his finger relaxed on the trigger and
comes full circle to the side of his head as he observes the
Through the scope, Jeffrey shamefully walks down a small set
of steps and up a sidewalk. The Priest watches him as he
leaves and then does a quick surveillance of the perimeter.
Forgive me father... for you have
Tyler's finger squeezes the trigger and quietly delivers the
Cardinal his just verdict.


The Priest stands with a confused look on his face.
He then takes his right hand and slips it under his fascia,
then slowly pulls it back. There is blood on his hand.

He then looks down at his left palm and sees a stream of
blood running into it and over the prayer beads. The blood
drops fall to the concrete steps of the church with echoes
of boyish, playground laughter.

He slowly collapses to his knees and folds over to his
right. Behind him a statue of the Virgin Mary has a spatter
of blood across her.
The rooftop is empty. Tyler is no where to be seen as he
has slipped into the shadows and disappeared.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
ECU of a blurry RED LIGHT.
Pulling back reveals a LASER sight on the end of a GUN.

A single SHOT rings out and echoes that of a cannon.
A single 40oz beer BOTTLE sits up against a hillside as dust
KICKS up behind it.

A PIT BULL using a 50 gallon drum for a dog house JUMPS to
its feet from the disruption.

Pulling back reveals one of the thugs involved in the murder
of the woman and her daughter at the beginning.

He is RODNEY CAMPBELL, known to most as MUGG'S, early 20s,
and skinny. Typical stereo typed gang member attire.

A single wide MOBILE HOME with faded paint and in need of
care sits alone with no neighbors except several hills
covered by tall dry grass and a few dirt roads.

Toppled trash cans spewing garbage sit against the back door
of the mobile home.

Without warning it's back door BURSTS open by a MAN inside
looking very pissed off and brandishing GUN.


He is RANDALL CAMPBELL, antagonist; early 30's
He stands six feet tall with a menacing pit bull physic.
Fuck are you doing you stupid
ass bitch?
Mugg's stands in the back yard holding the laser sighted
gun; looks at Randall then back at the gun.
Jesus, You wake me up like that
again and I'll be putting that gun
up your ass and givin' you a rude
Relax bruh! What the fucks your
problem man?
Relax? – You want me to relax?
Bitch! You just committed murder!
Randall, starts to make his way down the steps.
The last thing I need to hear is
the sound of guns blazin' while I
try to get my sleep on!
Mugg's POV sees Randall take aim towards him.
Randall fires his gun and an astonished Mugg's DUCKS.


against the hillside shatters from the bullet.

Mugg's looks over towards the bottle, then back at Randall
with a much feared look on his face as Randall laughs at
Ha! Ha! Ha! You shaking like a
fuckin' Chihuahua crappin' a peach
Randall grabs his crotch with pride.
Laser sight… huh… – I think you
best get your punk ass in here and
practice on your X-BOX bitch.


Man! That shit ain't funny mutha
fucker! What if I graze one off
the top of yo' dome?
Nigga, keep talking that way and
I'll come down there slit ya'
goddamn sack and run your leg
through it!
Yeah, whatever…
As Randall stands in the door way, a BLACK FEMALE comes from
behind him and puts her hand over his shoulder.
                       RANDALL'S GIRL
Come back inside baby.
Momma put you back to sleep.
She reaches around and GRABS his crotch.
Randall looks out towards Mugg's.
Yeah… let's do that.
Randall and his girl sit on the couch watching the news.
A large pile of stacked CASH sits on a coffee table.

Mugg's sits in a recliner across the room; another GIRL
stands behind him rubbing his shoulders.
                       NEWSMAN (on TV)
Still no arrests or leads in the
Hewitt double murder investigation
that took place last weekend.
Randall, sneers and shakes his head at Mugg's.
He then turns his attention back to the set.
L.A. City Police Chief Bill
Hendricks spoke earlier today at a
news conference downtown.
The POLICE CHIEF HENDRICKS, steps up to a podium.


Camera's flash and photogs jockey for position.
Standing to the side of the podium, is Matthew Hewit.
We are really calling on the
community to step up and help us
out with any leads or info that
can result in the apprehension of
those responsible for these
callous murders.
Hendricks, pauses and looks over to a saturnine Matthew.
Slow CU of Matthew as he appears in a lost state.
                       HENDRICKS (OS)
This man... this family --
deserves justice and your support.
Randall, drinks from a bottle, obviously buzzed.
Man little brutha.
What the fuck were you thinking
waxing that family?
Mugg's, looks to the floor as Randall badgers him.
                       RANDALL (OS)
Bringing all that drama. I Know I
taught you better than that!
Randall looks at Mugg's with his arms outstretched as if
waiting for an explanation.
I'm telling you right now – you
best hope I don't see one pig
rooting around here. Not one!
Randall, gets up and motions to his girl to join him in the
Here lil brother, you go ahead and
turn on Sponge Bill or some shit.
It's Bob…


Bob, Bill, Tim, Jim… fuck ever.
Randall, tosses the remote and it hits Mugg's in the head.
Mugg's jumps to his feet in anger.
What the fuck?
Randall, laughs and stumbles down the hall with his girl and
enters a back room; closing the door behind.

Mugg's's girlfriend leans into him.
                       MUGGS GIRL
Why you let him dis you like that?
Mugg's back hands the girl then violently grabs her face.
She is shocked and shaking in fear.
Shut up bitch! You don't know
anything about me or my brother!
                       MUGGS GIRL
It's all good baby, I… I didn't
mean anything by it, I swear it.
Mugg's, shoves her up against the wall and sits back down

She takes a moment, gathers herself and changes the subject.
The news conference continues to run on the TV, MOS.
                       MUGGS GIRL
Relax baby, I'll get you a beer.
She goes to the kitchen and gets a beer from the fridge.
The sound of a door being SLAMMED shut is heard OS.
Startled, she DROPS the beer as her POV sees the closed
front door, as Mugg's has gone outside.

The faint sound of a dog YELP is heard OS; she looks through
the blinds at the dog with its tail between its legs.

Closing in on the TV shows Matt Hewitt step to the podium.
Tyler's TV set is tuned in to Matthew Hewitt also.
The TV set shuts OFF; Tyler is mirrored in the TV screen,
sitting on a couch leaning forward.


A TV remote is TOSSED on top of a coffee table.

Tyler stares at the wall with his chin resting in his hand.

A) Matthew pleading for justice.

B) Family pictures of Matthews family.


His emotions stirred, he closes his eyes for a moment.


A) Sunday and Edward sitting at a table.

B) News footage of crime scenes, yellow tape.

Nicole, appears standing to Tyler's left, wearing a white
dress with blue dots, her hair in pig tails.
Daddy? …Daaaddy?
Tyler, shakes from his daydream, looks at her; smiles.
What is it baby girl?
She, hands him a piece of lined paper with a drawing of a
stick figure family standing in front of a house.
Do you like it? I made it for you.
Nicole stands and girlishly swivels her hips with her hands
behind her back as Tyler admires the picture with pride.
Yeah, I love it. And I love you
Tyler, kisses her forehead and smiles; they put their
foreheads together and place both their eyes closely.
A tender moment between father and daughter.


Where is the little man?
I don't see him today, I think he
is gone.
Nicole, giggles and holds his face still.
Nuh uhh… he's not gone.
You said he never leaves me, and
he's always in there to protect
Tyler, begins to pull away when Nicole grabs his head.
Oh! I see him now!
He's inside your eye now daddy!
You better take him back, I gotta
get going or I'm gonna be late!
Nicole, gently presses her eyelash against Tyler's and
blinks it once.
There, I got him now.
Tyler, smiles at her, runs his fingers through her hair then
grazes her face.
Angel, tell your mom I had to go
or I'll be late for my appointment
at the DMV.
He kisses the top of her head, then walks out the door.
Through a window, Nicole sees him walking to his car.

Victoria enters the room, picks up some of the kid's clothes
then looks at Nicole.
Where is your daddy?
Nicole, points out the window as he leaves in his car.
Victoria watches him leave and sighs.
He said he was late for the M-V-D.
Will he get in trouble for that?



sighs, and watches him drive off down the street.
I don't know, but he's going to be
in more trouble when he gets home.
The family DOG runs down the hallway from out of the kid's
room holding a sock in its mouth; Blake chases after it,
dressed in his underwear and wearing only one sock.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Sunday and Edward sit on a bench in front of a pond
and toss bread crumbs to the ducks as Tyler approaches from
behind. He sits between them, facing the opposite
I am assuming all went well with
the Priest?
Sunday, leans forward to feed the ducks from his palm.
Yeah... all went as planned.
Cover your tracks?
I don't leave tracks, there ain't
nothing to cover.
Kinda cocky today aren't we?
Sunday, looks down at Edward in discernment.
Well it appears all is well… we do
have another job currently in the
prep stages at the moment, be
ready in a few days.
      (dusts of hands)
For the time being why don't you
take a few days to yourself, spend
time with the family.


Tyler, doesn't have to think twice about the proposal.
I'll do that.
Edward and Sunday get up from the bench and begin to walk
away but are halted as…
                       TYLER (OS)
I… uh… have a request of you that
would mean a lot to me.
Intrigued, they both turn and look to Tyler.
If I could just get a minute more
of your time?
Sunday and Edward look at one another and take a seat.
Alright… what is it Brooks?
Two girls and their mother were
shot up last weekend when the car
they were driving broke down in
gang territory.
Edward, looks over his shoulder at Tyler.
We're… familiar with the story.
Where we headed with this Brooks?
Yeah, what's your point?
And make it quick
      (looks at watch)
Got a Laker girl marinating in my
spa at home that I need to do a
bit of slam dunkin' to… know what
I mean?
Tyler, not amused, rolls his eyes and continues...
Well I've been dwelling… I'd like
to do a bit of exercise on my own


Tyler, stands from the bench to plead his request.
With DOVES permission… I'd like
to snuff these punks… leave a
message to the gangs that the City
of L.A. is not tolerating such
fucking behavior.
Oh great! Now what?
You calling the shots now?
Both Sunday and Edward stand from the bench.
I can do this!
I can get these guys!
It won't hinder or effect any of
the work I have with you!
Uh… No! And that's final.
Hey! This ain't like your asking
to use dads car so you can finger
bang Suzie after the prom.
What is the fucking differ…
The difference is that we draw the
blueprints on the jobs… not you.
Sunday, looks around and composes himself.
They all take a moment and calm the tone of their voices.
We're through here.
No more talk of this.
Ever! Got it?
      (off Edward's look)
Yeah, I got it.


Tyler's face is dejected as he looks to the ground in
disappointment. Sunday looks over at Edward and puts up his
hand as if to tell Edward to back off.
Wait, calm down, everyone sit.
All three men take a seat again on the bench.
Look… it's a devastating story, no
doubt. But the P.D. is already on
this and being we don't have any
offers to take care of it… it
don't concern us.
Sunday, leans forward and picks up a bread crumb, continues.
You can't allow your feelings to
overtake who you are, what you've
become… this is a dangerous
fucking business we're in…
He tosses the bread to the ducks.
Regardless of how you feel, your
request is denied…
      (wipes off hands)
Now, do what we said and take some
time off… and don't even think of
doing anything stupid.
Tyler, stands from the bench and walks away.
                       EDWARD (OS)
Brooks… how's the knee?
Tyler stops, and looks to the ground then continues to walk
through a flock of geese.
I don't like this, don't feel
right. Put a tail on him just to
be safe.
Edward, nods his head as he watches Tyler walk away.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


The crumpled corpse of the Priest lies right where Tyler's
bullet dropped him. Several POLICE are now on scene and
investigate the scene.

A small CROWD has also gathered and look on in the b.g.

FBI agent TIM COLES, late 30's, a veteran, stands over the
body and examines it.

A chubby POLICE OFFICER approaches him in the f.g.
                       CHUBBY COP
Bureau's on this? – I didn't hear
anyone inviting the feds on this
one? What's uh... got you guys
down here today?
Not sure yet, we've been following
what appears to be a string of
corpses from a possible serial
contract hire.
                       CHUBBY COP
What… and you think that this poor
soul got whacked or something?
Something like that.
                       CHUBBY COP
Actually, we have a lot of gang
activity around here. Lotta crime.
      (looks past cop)
Thank you, we'll take that into
Tim sees the structure across the street. He looks up
towards the roof top momentarily then looks back over his

He then steps over to the Priest's corpse, kneels beside it
and takes notice to the blood pattern, studying it closely.
Tim, walks about the rooftop with a couple more detectives.
He meticulously surveys the area and makes his way to the


roofs edge. His POV sees the church and the scene below.

He then kneels in the same position that Tyler was in.
The chubby cop enters the rooftop from the access door in
the b.g. and approaches Tim. He appears winded.
                       CHUBBY COP
Man, what a flight.
You uh – you got something?
Cuz, I think that the poor guy is
just the victim of some random
drive by you know...
The officer rolls his hands to explain better.
No, no I don't think so...
The officer looks out over the horizon.
Something then catches Tim's eye as he looks down.
The officer at the same moment turns back toward Tim and
begins to step toward him. Tim's reflexes has his hand
grasping the officers ankle stopping him in his tracks.
                       CHUBBY COP
Stop. Don't move. Please.
                       CHUBBY COP
Ok. Jesus.
The officer acknowledges Tim as he does so, Tim takes a
closer look at the ground where he was about to step.

Hmm.. well, well. What have you
left me today?
Tim rises and slowly walks about the roof.
Everyone spread out and look for a
cigarette butt, pack of smokes,
                       FBI AGENT (OS)
Agent Coles


Tim looks over his shoulder and sees another FBI AGENT
motioning for him to come over to take a look at something.

Tim proceeds over and finds the remains of a clove
                       TIM (OS)
Ah yes, careless… not very often,
but you were today.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
A few cars pass by a small LIQUOR STORE sitting at a
suburban intersection.

A few HOOKERS and an elderly HOMELESS MAN pass their time
against its side walls.
Tyler, looks around as he slowly cruises the streets.
A SONG on the radio ends; cuts to local news.
                       RADIO DJ (VO radio)
It's high noon here in the city of
Angels which means its time for
Tyler glances at the radio and listens in.
                       RADIO DJ
A tragic story coming across the
wire… County Public Defender
"Del Vanderhoff" was found dead at
the bottom of a steep ravine
Tyler, affected, reaches over and turns off the radio.
He stops at a four way intersection stop sign; looks to his
left and is stone faced as he glares down the street.
Two BOYS playing in the street, mimic a sword fight using
long palm tree branches right over the spot where Matthew
Hewitt's wife was murdered. Life goes on.


Tyler, pulls up to the curb where a few of the HOOKERS stand
and look over toward him.
Tyler reaches over and rolls down the passenger window as a
PRETTY HOOKER in her mid 20's, and a pro in her own mind,
approaches his car.
Lusting over his car, she runs her HANDS along the window
sill; she taps on the shiny chrome trim of the window with
her hot pink finger nails.
                       PRETTY HOOKER
Nice whip… what can I do you for?
Tyler, takes a look around, then back at her.
Was wondering if you could help me
out with something.
                       PRETTY HOOKER
Yeah? Well I sure as hell will try
my best, and if that don't help
you, then I've got these lil blue
pills for thirty dollars more.
Tyler, smirks and looks away briefly.
Let me rephrase my question…
I was hoping you might be able to
help me with some info on the
drive-by that took place around
the corner last weekend.
                       PRETTY HOOKER
I think your wasting my time.
Tyler, hands her twenty dollars as she snatches it from his
hands then stuffs it in her top.


The hooker leans into Tyler's car window.
She spreads her legs apart and slowly sways her hips from
side to side. She looks to her left, then her right.
                       PRETTY HOOKER
Gonna take a lot more of that
suga. How do I know you're not the
The Hooker cautiously looks over her shoulder.
Tyler does a half hearted laugh.
Jezebel… you're the only heat out
here at the moment aside the sun.
The hooker laughs, shoots a look at Tyler; licks her teeth.
                       PRETTY HOOKER
Your good handsome, real good.
Get much tail with spit like that?
Tyler reaches out to her again and flashes another twenty.
I need a name, a lead on those
The hooker gives Tyler a dumb look.
                       PRETTY HOOKER
You want me to talk for a lousy
couple of Jackson's?
Forget your ass.
Tyler pulls out a hundred dollar bill.
He wags it in her face.
I'm… uh still on the clock right?
The hooker smiles; gently plucks the cash from his fingers.
                       PRETTY HOOKER
Some hothead punk with something
to prove. Goes by the name Mugg's
Campbell, got an older bro… that
Nigga's a hard core "G".


She looks nervously over her shoulder.
                       PRETTY HOOKER
He goes by Randall, he runs these
streets. He find out I talk to
you... be rest assured, the next
time you see me will probably be
face down in the gutter.
Where do I find Mugg's?
                       PRETTY HOOKER
Cracker, your pay ain't that good!
Tyler hands her another hundred dollar bill.
The hooker snatches this one from his hands.
She looks over her shoulders once more, then back at Tyler.
                       PRETTY HOOKER
Word has it that a small push,
goes by name of Bobby was the
target. I don't know about Mugg's,
but I know you can find this other
cat at eight and Maple.
A bottle being dropped OS, jolts the hooker's nerves.
She turns around quickly to see the HOMELESS MAN has spilled
his bourbon breakfast.
                       PRETTY HOOKER
      (off Tyler's look)
He been dealing pot there for a
few years now – just look for the
small parking lot and you'll find
his crib.
The hooker walks back towards her friends.
She looks over her shoulder at Tyler and hikes her skirt.
Her pimpled, bare ass, is a bit much for Tyler to see.
Thanks. Appreciate that.
The hooker stands against the wall with her co-workers,
counts her cash then stuffs it in her top.
                       HOOKER #2
What'd he want?


                       PRETTY HOOKER
Another freak – just wantin' a
look at the goodies.
In the f.g., Tyler pulls away from the curb and drives off.
                       HOOKER #2
Some sick ass mutha fucka's.
The Mustang, pulls along side a curb, and stops.
Tyler, looks down the street towards a house with about
four cars parked in front.


He looks at his watch.


He slouches in his seat, making himself comfortable, just
peering over the wheel.
A car pulls up and stops, two young HISPANIC MEN get out,
cross the street and enter the house.
Tyler, checks his


He fixes his binoculars on the front door of the house.
Binocular POV reveals the accomplice at the Hewit murders,
open the door.

His name is BOBBY, early 20s, short in height.
He greets his two visitors and does a quick surveillance of
the outside perimeter as they enter the house.
                       TYLER (OS)
Hello. You my new friend?
Tyler's cell rings OS; he answers it.


                       VICTORIA (VO phone)
Ty, where are you? I tried to call
your office but they said you have
been gone most of the day.
I've uh… been in the field all
day. What are the kids doing?
Victoria, sees the kids through the window playing in the
back yard with the dog.
Kids are fine Ty, what time you
coming home?
I don't think you should wait for
me at dinner if that's what you
want to know, in fact you may not
want to wait up, looks like I
might be late.
Tyler's POV sees a bit of activity in front of the staked
out house as a couple more MEN approach it.
Listen Vic, I gotta take care of
some things, call you later, okay?
Victoria, sighs then abruptly hangs up.


Tyler, looks at the phone concerned.
He slips the phone back in his shirt pocket.

He starts his car and pulls away, drives in front of the
house, looking right at the front door as he passes by it.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Tim, walks into the office, he is greeted by an ASSISTANT.
She is KATE, mid 20's, attractive with a bit of spunk.
Here are the signatures on the
files you needed Tim – oh and I
have your schedules laid out on


                       KATE (cont'd)
your desk like you asked.
She hands him some papers and turns to walk away.
Thanks Kate, hey one more thing
before you leave…
Kate, spins around and faces him with an eager smile.
I need to have this taken down to
forensics for DNA analysis.
Tim, hands her a plastic baggie with the clove inside it.
No prob… I'll see you in the
morning then.
As Kate leaves, Tim turns and walks into


and closes the door behind him.
Several NEWSPAPER clips are posted on a wall.
"Two dead after car careens off road"
"Fairfax rapist found dead"
"Drug King Pin found dead… overdose?"
"Mayor hopeful, McNally, found dead."

Tim, grabs a clipping off his desk and tacks it up also.

"Catholic Priest Gunned Down."

Pulling back reveals his entire walls are plastered with
newspaper cutouts he is working on.
It is very obvious that Tyler has been very busy.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


A porch light is on as a TV set flickers light through the
front window of the house.

A side gate to the back yard is shown slowly closing.
A BURNOUT PUNK, early 20s, sits and leans forward on a couch
as he smokes pot from a bong amidst a room full of haze.
The TV set is mute but plays Sports Center highlights.

A bathroom door is slightly cracked with a light on inside
as a shower is heard running OS.
Yo "G", you best leave me some of
that shit. You hearing me?
The Burnout slumps back into the couch and wears a smile
from his euphoria and then doses off.
The BATHROOM DOOR opens slowly.
A blurry FIGURE passes in front of a fogged mirror.
Bobby, is taking a shower.

A hand then flicks the light switch off, leaving only light
coming from the living room to peer in.
                       BOBBY (OS)
That's funny bitch! – Quit messin'
round and turn on the damn lights!
Bobby throws the curtain open.
Yo man! I ain't playin! Turn on…
Startled, he finds himself looking down the end of Tyler's
silenced pistol.
What the fuck?
Tyler, dressed in black, cocks his head and smiles.
Lets keep all the noise to a


Yeah, whatever you say man… what
do you need? – I can get you
anything, rock, grass, Viagra…
What I need you to do is shut your
pie hole for a moment.
It's shut, my pie holes'…
Tyler crams his gun in Bobby's mouth.
Cut the chit-chat and go ahead and
have a seat in the tub.
Bobby, raises his hands and slowly eases himself down in a
sitting position as the water runs on his face.
Last weekend a really bad thing
happened just around the corner
from here – you may have heard
about it?
Something about a couple girls and
their Ma getting shot up in a
drive-by gone wrong, ringing any
Sure, everybody know bout that…
some sad shit, what that got to do
with me?
Well being that you had a big red
target on your back, I was hopin'
you might be able to tell me where
I might find his pathetic ass.
Man – you barking up the wrong
tree bro, You got the wrong guy, I
barely moved here.
That's too bad – bro, that's not
exactly what I've been hearing.


While holding Bobby at gunpoint, Tyler, reaches over and
turns off the cold water, burning Bobby; he screams in agony
and pain. Tyler, then turns the cold water back on.
Ouch! Sorry! – wrong knob.
      (shrugs shoulders)
Now where were we – oh yeah…
Tyler bounces the pistol on Bobby's head.
Look man, all I know is what I
heard and that it was just a
couple brothers.
Better, except I already knew
Tyler again TURNS off the cold water and lets it run on
Bobby as he TAPS his pistol on his head again and tells him
to shush. After a bit of whimpering Bobby starts to crack.
      (raising his hands)
Okay! Okay! His name, is.. is
Erhh! Wrong answer dick wad!
Tyler, burns him again with the water as Bobby screams.
Alright! Alright! God damn! Fuck
man! It's Mugg's! Jesus!
What was that?
Didn't quite catch that name.
Mugg's, his name is Mugg's
Campbell. Look, you cant tell
anyone I told you this. We handle
our own business.
Tyler, not satisfied, reaches for the faucet when Bobby
suddenly recalls more.


Wait! Wait! Relax mother fucka!
Tyler, stops as his hand rests on the knob.
                       BOBBY (VO)
Fuck Man! Just hold on a sec…
I'm all ears.
The Burnout on the couch moans in the b.g.
      (over shoulder)
Lets try and speed this up.
Tyler taps his watch with his gun.
He probably hiding out at his
older brothers in San Berdo, but
that nigga is for real… goes by
the name Randall.
Now that's all I know!
Honestly, all I know.
Just to let you know, our little
chat… it never happened, you tell
anyone I was here or speak of me
to anyone at all, I got a little
gift I'll be dropping off in the
Campbell Posse's hands.
Tyler, reaches into Bobby's pants hanging on the bathroom
door and takes his wallet out of the back pocket, holds it
up to him and shakes it.
One word out of you and this whole
damn neighborhood will know you
shit all over your boy.
Bobby, has a very concerned look on his face.
Chino loves virgin snitches.
Tyler, takes the wallet and puts it in his pocket.


Shit man!
Ain't no need to get crazy!
      (leaning in/smiles)
Oh, make no mistake – I is most
Tyler, looks down towards Bobby's crotch.
Wow! I guess the rumors are true!
Yeah, well that's how it be.
Hmm – Do you guys get the
shrinkage factor too?
Tyler, reaches over and turns off the hot water knob this
time instead of the cold.

Bobby's eyes bulge and his mouth opens in shock from the
cold water.

Tyler, grabs hold of the shower curtain and flings it shut.
Victoria lays on her side wide awake, behind her a
clock reads 2:26am; a pair of HEADLIGHTS flash through her
window and against the wall.
She sits up and sees Tyler pulling into the driveway.
Tyler tosses his keys on the counter, and then walks down
the hallway entering


and quietly sits on the edge of the bed; removes his shoes.
Victoria continues to lay on the bed with her back turned to
him and stares out the window.
Must have been pretty important
stuff you had to do today to make
you come home at this hour.


There was some papers that needed
going over for this new building
the commission is pushing.
I left your four messages Ty.
Look Vic… it's been a long day…
Victoria, sits up and fires back at him.
A long day? You had a long day?
I've had several long days Ty!
Victoria lies back down hard against her pillow.
Tyler removes his shirt and crawls into bed.
They both lay back to back with eyes wide open.

Tyler rolls over and reaches out to her but stops half way
as he senses her frustration. He lays on his back with a
disappointed look on his face.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Kelly lay unconscious as a machine pumps life into her.
Matthew is slumped forward in a pull up chair as he sleeps
with his head resting on the side of the bed.

RELATIVES and FAMILY members stand and talk quietly amongst
one another while in the room.

Matthew's cell phone rings OS STARTLING him.
                       TYLER (VO phone)
Mr. Hewitt?
Who is this?
                       TYLER (VO phone)
We'll call me Tom for now, Matt.
You don't know me, but I know your
story, and I would like to help
you find those that are


                       TYLER (cont'd)
responsible for your pain.
Yeah, well any info you got should
be given to Detective Alomar at
Hey… how'd you get this number?
Tyler sits and smokes a clove while talking on his cell.
I've some good connections.
It wasn't that hard.
Tyler stands and paces for a moment.
Mr. Hewitt – I am telling you that
I can't bring back what is now
gone but I can help with any
justice that you feel needs to be
carried out.
A moment of silence as Tyler takes a drag.
Do I have your attention Matt?
Matthew looks over at Kelly's frail body.
The life support machine works to keep her alive.
Yeah, go ahead, I'm listening.
Matthew walks out of Kelly's room and into


where he slowly paces while on the phone with Tyler.
                       TYLER (VO phone)
Good, now let me ask you something
– If you could take the souls away
of those that robbed you of yours
would you do so?


      (eyes glistening)
Look, I don't know you, or what
this is about, but for what these
bastards did to my family...
Matthew, pauses and regains his composure as a NURSE walks
past him, then continues more refrained.
...to my wife to my little girls,
there is no punishment harsh
enough in my eyes Tom, to serve up
to these miserable, life taking,
pieces of shit!
Tyler tosses his smoke on the ground and steps on it.
Two FEMALE NURSES enter the patio area and sit at an
adjacent table for a smoke break.

They catch Tyler's now concerned attention.
Consider this a favor from one
citizen and father to another –
I'll make good on your wishes and
try to bring you some peace to
your burden… but I ask that you
speak of this to no one, ever.
An ambulance pulls up in the f.g. of the emergency driveway
and sounds its SIREN for a brief second.
Matthew heard the ambulance through his cell phone.
At that same moment his line goes dead, Tyler hung up.
Hello… are you there Tom? Hello?
Matthew closes his flip phone and begins to walk faster
towards the patio and smoking area of the hospital, he
pushes open the exit door and enters the


and looks for Tyler but only sees the startled nurses who
are looking at him.

He stands in front of where Tyler was sitting and sees the


remains of a smoke that smolders at his feet.
He curiously looks around.
Tyler stands in his garage; his car backed in, the slot next
to him is empty indicating Victoria's absence.

He pulls a hidden lever on the side of a roll-away toolbox
which reveals a concealed compartment in the back of it.

He slaps down a long brief case in the trunk of his car.

A) Loads a La France RSB silenced pistol
B) Loads a Unique Alpine TPG-1 sniper rifle
C) Straps on Ka-Bar 1212 Combat knife

The Mustang barrels down the freeway.
It passes under a sign that reads SAN BERNARDINO.
Tyler writes notes while driving; dialing on his cell phone
and makes several calls.
Tyler exits the freeway, comes to a lonely four way stop.
He glances down at a piece of paper with a hand drawn map.
He then looks towards some hills to his left.
The Mustang slows down and turns right onto a narrow paved
road. Continuing for about a half mile then pulling off the
shoulder of the road at an idle.

The sun beams off the chrome horse in the middle of the cars
grill as the HEAT dances vividly across its hood.


Tyler leers toward the hills where a single mobile
home sits at the bottom of some foothills.
Using his binoculars, he scopes the hideout closer and sees


walking out the front door of the mobile home, stretching
his arms and then lighting a smoke.
Randall then pets the DOGS as Tyler zooms in on his face.
He sees him walk back into the house.
Tyler puts down the binoculars and looks down the road.

A small grove of oak trees sit just a few hundred yards
away; sweat gathers on his forehead.
He starts his car and drives it toward the grove.
Tyler, sits in wait behind the oak trees and listens to
a baseball announcer call a Dodger game over the radio while
he keeps eye on the hideout as the sun submits to dusk in
the distant f.g.
                       ANNOUNCER (VO radio)
Garcia should have no problem in
returning to the line up after the
sprained ankle in last nights
Tyler checks the hideout with the binoculars again.
Seeing nothing and now impatient, he lowers the binoculars
and sighs to himself.

He looks at his cell phone, picks it up and dials home while
taking a drink from a semi full bottle of a sports drink.
                       VICTORIA (VO phone)
      (turns down radio)
Hey babe, just checking in, looks
like I am going to be late again
tonight, I got a few things down…


CU Victoria on phone, kids asleep on couch, a DVD movie
plays in the b.g. as she looks over her shoulder at them.
You know Ty, save it, just save
your bullshit for some other night
– I've had a long day and I don't
have time for the games.
Games – what games Vic?
I gotta put the kids to bed – see
you when you get home – whenever
that is.
Victoria hangs up on Tyler.


Tyler, looks at the phone and shakes his head.
Concern reflects on his face. He then looks down at an
energy bar sitting in the passenger seat, grabs it unwraps
it and takes a bite.
An empty energy bar wrapper sits next to the empty sport
drink as Tyler holds up binoculars and looks at the house.
He lowers the binoculars and turns the radio back up.
Two balls, two strikes now to
Aurilla. Runners on first and
second. Bonds warms up on deck.
Tyler tosses the binoculars into the passenger seat then
grabs at his crotch.
Speaking of Barry, I gotta piss.
Tyler looks around, and then opens his door to exit.
Looking up he sees a set of headlights down the road.
He closes the door and looks towards the lights.


Mugg's drinks from a forty ounce bottle as he drives.
Rap music bumps loudly and bobs his head to the beat.
His car turns down a dirt road heading toward the hideout.
A clock on the wall shows it to be ten thirty two.
There are just a few AGENTS working into the night amongst a


Tim, sits forward in his chair and mulls over notes.
He reaches over and takes a drink of his coffee.
Foot steps of a woman shoes can be heard OS coming down the
hall, then stop. A KNOCK OS at the door as Tim looks up.
Yo, come in.
LESLIE, a woman in her mid 50's, a veteran in her field and
appearing as if she is ready to retire, stands at his door
holding some papers.
No surprise seeing you here late.
Tim, cracks a slight smile.
Well since you're here, I am sure
you could use a bit of a moral
Yeah, and what might that be?
Leslie sets the papers on his desk turns and walks away.
The DNA test results you dropped
off the other day – wasn't easy,
but we got it.
This is great! I owe you big Les!


Leslie passes by his window and walks down the hall.
Hmm… Promises.
Tim, looks at the charts inquisitively.
I don't know your name, but this
is a start.
The Pit Bulls begin to bark at Mugg's as he exits the car
and AGITATES them.
Arf! Arf! Arf!
Yeah, boy! You mean aren't ya!
You mean lil sum bitch! – Shut up!
The dogs COWER back and lay down.
A few of Randall's POSSE stand with him around a barrel with
a fire in it laughing and drinking.
Man! Remind me not to have your
ass drive me to my funeral lil
brother – you'll make us late for
shit that too.
The posse laugh as Muggs cracks a smirk and laughs
Anybody see your ass?
Mutha fucka, you're lookin at a
modern day Houdini right here.
Ain't anybody seeing me.
Tyler reaches into the trunk and opens the gun case.
He grabs the sniper rifle; holds it up and looks through the
scope. His POV is in night vision; he focuses on the mobile
home briefly then slings the rifle over his back.

Strapping on a few more items, he quietly closes the trunk.


He slips into the knee high sage brush and disappears
quietly into the night.

Moments later, Tyler has crawled closely to the mobile home.
Laughter and music is heard OS in the distance.

Rising slowly from the brush he affixes his night vision
binoculars to asses the area; he sees nothing.

As he begins to start moving forward again he pauses to
smell a pretty desert FLOWER.
He smiles as he looks at it; he picks it then puts it into a
pocket in his vest.

Loud semi automatic gunfire erupts OS STARTLING him making
him duck for cover.

The gunfire stops; laughing is heard again OS.
Tyler peeks above the brush then moves forward to get a
closer look.

More gunfire goes off OS; more laughing in the distance OS.
Tyler's POV from the binoculars sees five FIGURES standing
around the fire drinking, smoking and shooting at empty beer
Muggs takes aim with his laser sighted pistol and SHATTERS a
beer BOTTLE as Randall takes notice and applauds him.
Oh! Ho! Lil brother take my
See I told you, practice your
X-BOX and you'd get better!
Randall, hugs Muggs around the neck and kisses his cheek.
But I will not be out done
Randall grabs a small propane tank tossing it in the fire.

The posse, all run for cover while yelling profanities.
Randall walks back to where they stood and from his POV he
takes aim on the cylinder and shoots the gun.

The tank EXPLODES into a large ball of fire.
The STARTLED dogs jump to their feet and begin to bark.


Woo! You mutha fuckas see that
shit! Fuckin Baghdad out here!
Man! Are you fucking crazy?
Tyler, is rocked by the explosion.
Holy shit!
He has made his way to the front of the mobile home.
He begins to make his way across the dirt driveway and take
a vantage point to the west side of the mobile home.
While doing so he sees another PIT-BULL chained to a pipe in
the front yard.

The dog is standing; then lies down.
Tyler watches it closely; waits a moment then slowly crawls
across the driveway unnoticed as the men in the back yard
are still whooping it up and making commotion.


Tyler moves up against the side of a wooden shed as his
POV is a clear angle on everyone in the backyard.
He then grabs at his crotch in discomfort.
Can't hold this anymore, gotta go.
Tyler takes one last look around and opens his zipper.
He begins to piss in the dirt but the sound alerts the dog
out front as it lift's its head and perks up its ears.

He stops in mid-whiz and eyes the dog until it puts its head
back down. Feeling safe, he aims himself onto the side of
the structure and lets it run down quietly.

Footsteps can be heard approaching OS as Tyler zips himself
up quickly and takes a defensive stance against the wall.

A DARK FIGURE enters the shed through a creaky door.

Tyler sees a light go on inside the shed as he tries to
see through a crack in the wooden walls, but can't get a


good view. He then hears the sound of air escaping OS.
Tyler cocks his head curiously.
What the hell is this guy doing?
Taking another glimpse through the crack he sees the figure
in the shed, although the poor light does not reveal his

The figure then turns around and appears to be holding a
CRACK PIPE up to his face.

As he raises his head, Mugg's is revealed.
He then lights the pipe again and takes a hit off it.
Tyler, appears as if he cant believe his luck.
You gotta be fucking kidding me?
It can't be this easy.
Tyler tucks his pistol and brandishes his knife.

Tyler, stealthily enters the shed as Mugg's continues to get
high and the party continues OS.

Slowly, from behind, Tyler places his hand over Mugg's mouth
with his left hand and simultaneously rams the shank of the
knife into the bottom back of his neck.

Muggs' EYES bulge in shock as the crack pipe falls slowly to
the floor and shatters. Tyler looks through a dirty glass
window into the back yard and sees the party in the f.g.
Randall lowers his gun and looks toward the shed as if his
intuition tells him something is wrong with his brother.
Tyler gently eases the limp body to the floor and rolls him
over on his back then kneeling beside him.
He wipes the blade off on his face.
Tyler looks Mugg's in the eye as he gasps for air.
Two little girls and their mother
for what? …so you could get high
off of a few bucks? I hope the
devil fucks you himself.


Tyler places his hand over Mugg's's mouth and suffocates him
then stands up and sees Randall coming.
                       RANDALL (OS)
Yo Mugg's, you alright man?
What you doing in there bro?
Tyler, alarmed at Randall's voice, slips into the dark
corner of the shed just as Randall enters and sees Mugg's on
the floor. Concerned for his brother, he approaches him.
Ya' God damn fool! – What'd ya'
do? Gotcha self all fucked up
didn't ya?
Randall leans over Muggs to help him up.
He sees the blood start to pool on the floor.
What the fuck!? Muggs!
Tyler, slips out of the shadows and swiftly launches a
thrust kick to Randall's nose which quickly puts him on his
back. But much to Tyler's surprise, Randall gets up off the
ground, and angrily rushes Tyler before he can go for his

Randall goes low on Tyler and his momentum crashes both of
them into the sheds wall sending any and all contents on a
shelf tumbling down upon them. Tyler's gun dislodges from
his side belt line and skids across the floor out of reach.

They both quickly rise from the ground as Randall is again
the aggressor and throws a punch at Tyler.
Tyler blocks and punches back but Randall stifles his
attempt by blocking his punch. Their blocking skills are
evident that they are both skilled in the fighting style of
Wing Chung.

With a burst of energy Tyler then blows Randall's arms away
from him and delivers a series of chest punches that send
Randall in a backward motion. As Randall's momentum carries
him into a wall, Tyler then grabs both of his forearms and
pulls him forward while simultaneously delivering a head
butt. But Randall is a step ahead of Tyler and delivers a
head butt of his own.

The blow sends Tyler spinning backward.
Both men take a moment to catch their breath and assess each
other. Blood drips from Tyler's mouth as blood also flows
from the nostrils of Randall.


Randall then changes to a south paw stance and gives an
angry nod to Tyler that he is ready for round two. They
step toward each other and Randall delivers a quick snapping
jab to Tyler's face that sends him back. Astonished, Tyler
shakes himself from the blow and prepares again. This time
Randall delivers a wide right swing but Tyler is quick on
his game to lean back, grab Randall's wrist and swiftly
deliver an upper cut elbow to Randall's chin, followed by a
leg sweep that buckles Randall and send him to his knees.
TREY, one of Randall's posse, and a massive soul at six feet
and over 300lbs, looks toward the shed and sees a struggle
going on through the window.
What the fuck???
Trey drops his beer to the ground and rushes toward the
shed. The rest of the posse quickly follow.

Tyler is behind Randall trying to put a rear choke hold on
him but Randall's chin is close to his chest keeping Tyler
from completing the tactic while he also pulls at Tyler's
forearm with both his hands. Randall out of options resorts
to biting Tyler's forearm.

Tyler yells in anger and pain then releases the hold. At
the same instance the shed door blows open as Trey enters to
see Mugg's body and a gasping Randall getting up from his
knees. Trey and Tyler lock eyes.
Get that mother fucker!!
Tyler takes notice to the rest of the crew and that he is
out numbered. He quickly dives out a side window.
Tyler comes crashing out of the window, landing on the
ground and tumbles down a small embankment. He comes to his
feet and disappears into the brush.

The posse frantically searches the yard as a few of the GIRL
FRIENDS pop their heads out of the mobile home.
Tyler's runs with all his might through the desert sage
toward his car. Trey and the posse all make way a good


fifty yards behind him. They all pull their guns and begin
unloading them in Tyler's direction as bullets have Tyler
ducking as he can hear them whizzing past his head.
Tyler, opens the car door, hops in and turns the ignition.
The car has trouble turning over.
Oh! How convenient!
Just like the fucking movies!!
He mashes the gas pedal repeatedly with his foot.
Come on baby! Come on!

The posse runs wildly through the brush chasing Tyler.
A few more pumps on the pedal and the car finally starts.
Tyler breaks into a panicked laugh as he can't believe it.
Just like the movies!
Slamming the car into gear, he breaks traction and drives
back onto the paved road speeding off.

He looks into his REAR VIEW MIRROR and sees the posse arrive
just missing him as he speeds away.


His tail lights fade fast in the dark night as the rest of
the crew give up firing upon him.


He stares straight ahead and shifts into high gear as the
speedometer hits a hundred and ten.



The Mustang rips through a stop light at an empty
The garage door rolls up as the Mustang pulls in and kills
the headlights.
Tyler walks up to a swing bench on his porch, sits down and
lights a cigarette. He takes a slow drag, slowly exhales.

Victoria opens the front screen door and steps outside
wearing her pajamas and slippers.
I thought I smelled you.
Tyler, lifts each arm pit and sniffs under them.
Yeah, the O'de Toilette ain't
cutting it for me I guess.
She smiles and walks over to the swing; takes notice to his
split lip and bruises and sits down in concern next to him.
      (touches his face)
Oh my God Ty?
What the hell happened now?
Tyler tries to pull his face away from her hands.
It's nothing babe, really.
Me and Duane got into it at the
shop, had a little
"misunderstanding", but its all
right now.
Disappointed, Victoria shakes her head.
      (gets up)
Let me get you some ice for that.
Are the kids asleep?


      (over shoulder)
Uh… Yeah, it's like – midnight.
      (nods head)
Right… midnight.
Tyler enters the room, walks over and kisses Blake on the
forehead then takes the FLOWER from his pocket and lays it
on Nicole's night stand and then kisses her head.

He walks out of the room and closes the door, leaving it
cracked as he looks through once more at the kids.
Another day in paradise.
Victoria reaches over and takes a drag from his cigarette.
She then stifles it out on the arm of the swing and goes
inside turning off the porch light behind her.
A SHADOWY MALE FIGURE sits in a car across Tyler's home.
He watches as Victoria goes in and turns out the lights.
He then dials a cell phone and speaks into it.
                       SHADOWY FIGURE
Yeah, it's me, I think your boy is
doing some moonlighting. Couldn't
see exactly what went down,
something pretty hairy, a lot of
gun fire, yelling, next thing I
know, our hero's speeding away.
Edward stands and talks on a cell phone.
Who did he hit?


                       SHADOWY FIGURE (VO phone)
Well – not sure he hit anyone in
particular, but if I was guessing,
have to speculate the suspect in
the Hewitt case.
We don't pay you for speculation –
Keep your eye on him for the rest
of night.
The man hangs up then glances towards Tyler's house.
Matthew Hewit stands in his living room with several
family members as they watch breaking news on the T.V.
                       NEWSMAN (on TV)
Breaking news now that is still
developing at this minute.
A possible murder suspect in the
Hewitt family double murder case
may have been found dead today.
A file photo of Mugg's appears on the TV screen.
                       NEWSMAN (VO TV)
Channel Six News has learned that
the body of Rodney "Mugg's"
Campbell, twenty six, of Central
L.A. was found in his own backyard
late this afternoon…
VIDEO footage of the crime scene appears on the TV as Agent
Tim Coles appears in the b.g. investigating.

Matthew's family looks at him as he watches the breaking
news and lay hands on him in comfort.

Matthew has a flash memory of what Tyler said to him.
                       TYLER (VO)
I will make good on your wishes
and try to bring you some peace to
your burden.
A FEMALE family member awakes Matthew from his daze.


                       FEMALE FAMILY MEMBER
Matt… you ok?
Huh? … Uh yeah… fine – thanks.
Matthew, then ponders off again in a daze.
Kate, walks from behind Tim and KNEELS with him next to
Muggs body.
What are you thinking?
Well, by the look of the stab
wound and the lack of DNA not
strewn about the yard…
      (stands upright)
…that the deed was done elsewhere
and the body dumped here.
So, you think our guy did this?
Sure look like his work, but I
don't think he moved the body.
Tim, starts walking away as Kate tries to keep up.
This guy's got a brother… we
better question him before our
killer finds him and we're to
TWO POSSE MEMBERS stand guard as approaching Cadillac
approaches the hideout. Once its parked, Trey exits the car.
Randall's girlfriend, applies an ice pack to Randall's face
as he sits in a recliner with his nose bandaged and eyes
swollen. A KNOCK at the door OS, Trey then enters.


You do what I ask?
Yeah, laid him out in the backyard
just like you asked.
      (assuring hand
Don't worry... nobody saw nothing.
I want this guys blood on my
cornflakes Trey.
Randall, slaps the icepack away from the girl holding it.
He sits upright to make sure his point comes across.
I want the mother fuckers head on
a god damn stick outside my house.
I don't care what you gotta do…
      (an assuring look)
…but you bring this bitch back to
me alive.
Trey, nods his head as Randall lays back down.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Several patrons walk in and out of modest bar.
A BAND plays classic rock while people dance.

Tyler, sits at the bar and watches a game on an overhead
screen. A cocktail waitress set a drink down for him.

Sunday and Edward approach in the f.g. and sit on each side
of him. Edward checks out the waitress and orders.
Bring us two of what he's having
doll face.
The waitress looks at Edward as if he's a pervert then walks
off to get their drinks.


So, you're saying that you had
nothing to do with the murder of
Nope, who the fuck's Campbell?
Bullshit… you're lying.
Kinda coincidental that you asked
for permission to go rogue and one
of L.A.'s most wanted winds up
dead within the next twenty four.
Yeah… it is coincidence, like I
The waitress arrives back with shots for Sunday and Edward
which halts their conversation momentarily, then walks away.
Edward takes his shot and downs it.
What would you say if we told you
– we had a field agent that can
I.D. you and your car in San
Tyler downs the rest of his drink.
Sets the glass down rather hard then looks to Sunday.
Well… are you telling me that or
aren't you?
Both agents look at one another as Tyler looks at them.
Look, if were done here…
Sunday, notions to Edward that they should leave.
Both men stand from their stools and look around.
Yeah, we're done – but I hope for
your sake that this wasn't you.
Sunday turns and begins to walk towards the exit, but Edward
stops and steps right behind Tyler. He removes a photograph
from his coat pocket and sets it on the bar next to Tyler.


Tyler looks at the picture and snatches Edwards hand
creating an intense moment.
You know, I'm not much into kids,
but is your wife into bald guys?
You touch my family and I will cut
your fucking throat.
Tyler throws Edwards hand away from him.
Edward grabs Sunday's shot and downs it, he then looks to
the waitress and smiles.
      (slaps his back)
Put these on his tab.
Edward then joins Sunday waiting in the f.g. and they
proceed to walk toward the exit.
I'll keep big brother on him.
Wont be as easy this time, he
knows were watching and he's
reckless… time to put a stop to
it before he blows us wide open.
Tyler motions to the waitress to bring him another round. He
then watches them walk away and pulls out his cell phone.
      (on phone)
Yeah, they're on their way out
now… tail 'em, keep your distance
though –
Arvin sits in a car on the phone with Tyler and watches as
Sunday and Edward walk to their car.
                       TYLER (VO)
Call me later with an address.
Hey... I owe you big on this one.


Yeah you do buddy.
I'll call you later.
Arvin hangs up his cell and starts his car as Sunday and
Edward enter their dark sedan.
Tyler, hangs up and stares hard at the picture. The
waitress then breaks his concentration as she arrives and
sets down his drink. Tyler obliges her then slips the
picture in his wallet.
Sunday and Edward pull out of the lot as a set of head
lights appear behind them and follow at a distance.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Victoria, is coiled up on the couch alone watching TV.
Tyler, enters the house visibly upset from his meeting. She
takes notice as he walks over to the liquor cabinet and
takes a hard drink of whiskey straight from a bottle.
Ty what is it? You ok?
Yeah. I'm fine.
He empties his pockets on the kitchen table.
What the hell is your problem?
Look, I'm sorry.
I got a lot on my mind.
Well, I don't know how to respond
to that Ty. One day your fine the
next your not… your attitude with
the kids is great, and when it--


You ever think about moving.
Yeah, change of pace, scenery?
Victoria, puzzled, turns and shuts off the TV.
Wow! You are so far out there
right now, I don't even know you.
His eyebrows raise in agreeing fashion as he takes a swig.
You've no idea.
What's that supposed to mean?
Just forget it.
Tyler, leaves the front room and heads down the hall.
Victoria sighs, then shakes her head.
She flops onto the couch and turns the TV back on.
She watches it briefly but her heart gets the best of her as
she bits her bottom lip and looks towards the bedroom to see
light escaping under its door.
What is it with him!?
Having enough she shuts off the TV, then goes and locks the
deadbolt on the front door and turns out the lights.
She then makes her way down the hall and removes her shirt.
Tyler stands in the shower as steam rises around him.
The shower door opens and a naked Victoria steps inside.
Tyler is not surprised but not welcoming either.

She steps forward to him and puts her arms on his sides then


slowly presses her body against his.
He makes no reaction to her advancing efforts.
Victoria's piercing blue eyes look up at him.
She presses her face against his cheek, kisses him softly.
I want you.
Still no reaction from him as she then kisses his chest in a
southern manner and reaches his navel.
She looks up at him and pleads again.
Tyler – I want you.
She pauses… but disregards and continues to kiss his body.
Stop – Victoria… please, not
Victoria, stands up right and tries to look him in the
face but Tyler turns to the side away from her.
She moves her face in front of his anyway.
What? What is it Ty?
What was it last night?
Last week? A month ago?
      (off her look)
Vic – please, the kids.
No Tyler! What was it a year ago?
Huh? Is it me?
Vic, you don't want to do this.
Do what? – were not doing
Victoria, starts to sob a bit as she grabs Tyler's hands and
places it on her breast, but he pulls his hand back.


I cant do this with you anymore.
I cant tell if your fucking
another woman or your gay… maybe
your tired of living with me…
Tyler, quickly turns and looks her straight in the eye.
You know nothing.
Wha... what does that mean?
Tyler lowers his head and changes his tone.
You wouldn't understand.
Yeah, well whose fault is that?
She then turns and exits the shower, grabs a towel.
Tyler leans against the wall of the shower and slumps down
to the bottom and buries his face into his palms.
Tyler, exits the bathroom and stands over Victoria as she
lays on the bed and stares blankly out a window with her
back turned to him.
Victoria, I...
He pauses and makes his way to her side and sits on the
floor with his back against the bed.
It's time I tell you the truth.
Victoria, prepares for the worst and looks down to him.
He begins to open his mouth to speak but stops for a beat in
uncertainty and then slowly exhales.
I am about to tell you some things
that cannot leave this room –
She cautiously sits up.


He turns to her and looks at her sternly.
No, not okay.
      (with clarity)
I am about to tell you some things
that can't ever… leave this room.
Victoria, semi jolted, nods her head in agreement.
Ask me no questions as I speak and
just listen to what I say, for it
is very important that you
understand the severity of what I
am involved with, and what could
affect our family.
Victoria, astonished hangs her mouth agape in curiosity.
She gets off the bed and looks to the kids' room.
Vic… sit… please.
Victoria, reaches back with her hand and eases herself back
onto the bed and sits next to Tyler with caution.
As you listen to what I have to
say, I'm confident that you will
know that I'm telling the truth,
and I wouldn't tell you this if I
didn't think you could handle it.
The week after Blake was born –
I was deployed on a classified
How could I forget, you came home
with a broken knee and an
honorable discharge.
What about it?


Just listen… that night the team
was choppered just off of Imperial
Tyler, sits harnessed in the seat of a helicopter dressed in
a wet suit, appearing ready for action.
                       TYLER (VO)
It was an elaborate arms bust that
would have taken down one of the…
The helicopters rotors come to life, drowning out Tyler.
He preps his gear as two TEAM MEMBERS sit to his left and
Arvin to his right.

Moline sits directly across with three other TEAM MEMBERS.
The entire team has black paint on their faces.
Check your gear lads… two minutes
to the LZ.
      (rolls back sleeve)
Sync watches on my count of one.
Moline's Navy Seal watch has a detailed blue center.

And counting, five… four… three…

bursts into view flying just above sea level.
Tyler, checks his rifle as Moline looks at him.
How's that new recruit working out
for you and the missus?


Oh, he's great… handsome devil
also. Must have inherited that
from his mom.
Moline, laughs and nods his head in agreement.
No argument here.
Tyler cracks a smile and checks his weapon.
A set of RED LIGHTS in the cargo area suddenly light up.
                       PILOT (OS over radio)
Sixty seconds to the LZ.
Moline and Tyler both get up from their seats and OPEN the
sliding doors on both sides of the chopper.
The rest of the team files in line ready to jump.
A pack falling from the sky INFLATES into a boat and lands
in the water as the crew follows into the water.
CUT TO: The team speeds off in the boat towards land.
An extravagant Casa sits in the midst of several wood
structures. The compound is secured by SPOTLIGHTS and GUARDS
that sit atop outlook towers.
Wet suits are piled in the empty raft lying on the shore.
Several FOOTPRINTS lead up the beach and disappear at the
edge of knee high grass.


Moline gives hand signals to advance the team.
They acknowledge him and quietly move forward.
Tyler and Arvin crouch next to Moline.
I would much rather be sticking
my MP5 up Bin Ladens' ass tonight.


Yeah… me and you both.
The two bump fists.
Moline looks up and spots a GUARD in a lookout tower.
Arvin, draw a bead on the hawk.
Arvin places a laser sight on the guard.
Moline uses his radio to contact team ALPHA.
Alpha 1, draw a bead on the south
tower… commence fire on my one.
                       ALPHA LEADER (VO radio)
Tango in the cross hair.
Waiting for your green light.
Counting, three… two...

The guard rotates the spotlight around the compound.
The other GUARD is visible in the b.g. doing the same.

Both guards SIMULTANEOUSLY crumple to the floor as their
heads burst into a red mist, leaving both lamps shooting
upward towards the sky.


Both teams move into action entering the compound.
They stay low against the walls of the main building.
Arvin takes notice to a HOSTILE walking about the compound.
The hostile stops at the bottom of the tower and looks up.
Hey! Ramón – What are you doing?
¿El mirar para los pájaros?
Getting no response, the hostile becomes suspicious.
He WHISTLES upward towards the lookout tower.
Hey Cabron! Que estas asiendo?
Arvin sees the hostile and looks over to Moline.
Moline gives him a nod of approval.
Arvin watches him through his night vision scope.


Just keep moving, nothing for
you're about to be dead ass to see
As the hostile peers upward to see why he gets no response,
he looks over at the other tower and reaches for his radio.

Arvin looks behind at Tyler, sighs and shakes his head in
      (looking in scope)
I told him nothing to see.
You heard me tell em' right?
Arvin drops the hostile instantly as his RADIO falls to the
ground. Moline and Tyler both look on from behind.
Arvin, you two deep six that body
and take position on the rear of
that cabana.
Arvin and another SEAL scurry to remove the corpse into the
weeds. Moline calls the Alpha squad on his head set.
      (on radio)
Alpha team move into position for
strike, take caution using
suppressed fire only if spotted…
breech on my command when Bravo is
CUT TO: Alpha team prone against side of building.
                       ALPHA LEADER
Copy that Bravo…
      (looks to team)
Let's move.
The team moves in a crouched position along a structure.


Two MEN sit at a table in the kitchen; one is VELAZQUEZ, a
Mexican weapons trafficker in his early 50's.

The other is a CAUCASIAN Male, late 50s.
He wears a crew cut and a tropical pattern shirt.


Several other armed security personnel surround them.
Velasquez picks up an AK-47 off of the table.
      (sights weapon)
So General, there is no way to
trace these weapons what so ever?
Velasquez, continues to sight and check the weapons.
As the other man answers him, but is elusive to view.
                       GENERAL COLLINS (OS)
Confiscated from Iraqi insurgents,
as far as anybody knows… these
were all destroyed by the U.S.
And when can we expect the rest of
                       GENERAL COLLINS
We'll have a cargo ship arrive
next week in Mazatlan. I have two
people working inside with the
port to make sure the weapons
crates are off loaded and
transported to your contact in
      (smiles and nods)
Like clockwork, as you Americans
                       GENERAL COLLINS
      (nods, smiles)
Yes. Like clockwork.

Tyler crouches just below an open window and peers in on the
transaction as Moline is positioned behind him.
They listen in as the men speak in the f.g.
Velasquez then sees a night scope in the stack; picks it up.
You throw in the Raptor night
scope, and we've got a deal.
Velasquez, peers through the scope. Tyler ducks down.


                       GENERAL COLLINS (OS)
Fair enough. Done.
One of Velazquez men approach him and whispers in his ear.
Velasquez nods as if he understands then turns to Collins.
General, it seems the local
Federalies could use persuasion in
looking the other direction as we
continue to do business this way.

confused and cant seem to get a clear confirmation on the
General, looks up at Moline, who looks to him.
                       GENERAL COLLINS (OS)
I can arrange that… with my
oversight there is nothing to
loose and everything to gain.
Then suddenly, with clarity, Tyler i.d.'s Collins.
      (to self)
General Collins.

A) Collins firing a weapon in a hostile Vietnam jungle.
B) Collins commanding military squad in Iraq.
C) Collins, next to the President, applauds after a speech.


Velasquez CLAPS his hands twice.
It's time for celebration! – Bring
my finest of cigars and tequila!
      (looks at Collins)
Or perhaps the General would like
one of his own… say an American
                       GENERAL COLLINS
No! No! I rather drink goat piss.


      (looking around)
I am sure we can arrange…?
Both men laugh hardily then SHAKE hands.
Velasquez retrieves a briefcase from the floor, opens it.



Moline stands behind Tyler and has seen and heard everything
as well. He looks very concerned.

He then looks down at Tyler who continues to watch on, then
looks around to see if anyone else has seen what he and
Tyler have.
God damn it!
      (on radio)
Alpha! This is Bravo.
Abort Mission!
Repeat… Alpha abort mission!
All teams return to the EZ, ASAP!
Tyler then turns to look at Moline in confusion.
What are you doing?
Lets move. Now.
Moline and Tyler swiftly leave the compound.
CUT TO: Team Alpha; looking at each other confused.
                       ALPHA LEADER
Copy that Bravo, return to the EZ.
CUT TO: Tyler and Moline
Moline and Tyler continue to regroup with the team.
You cannot utter a word to what
you have seen to anyone. You and
I are the only people that know
about what we saw.
When we get back to base and


                       MOLINE (cont'd)
debrief you let me do all the
Moline stops dead in his tracks and grabs Tyler by the vest
to make certain he grasps what he said.
Are you clear on this Ty?
Yeah. I'm clear.
What the hell?
At that same moment, Arvin and the his teammate appear and
regroup with both of them as Moline lets go of Tyler's vest.
What the fucks going on?
Moline studies Tyler's face while answering Arvin.
We've been compromised, lets move.
Moline then looks at Arvin and motions to him to proceed.
They do so as Moline follows low and close behind the team
while looking at the back of Tyler with extreme concern.

The entire team regroups in the distant f.g. and disappears
back into the high brush as clouds pass over a crescent moon
from high above.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
                       TYLER (VO)
When we got back to base, Moline
sold them a very convincing song
and dance as to why we had to
abort the mission and they bought
it. He never even brought up
General Collins being there or
being involved. All I did was
look on in confusion.
Moline stands in front of his Superiors and appears to
address them MOS, on his take of what happened in La Paz.
The rest of the SEAL TEAM are seated behind him.


Tyler sits quietly and appears to be disconnected as he
stares blankly into space.
                       TYLER (vo)
When it was over, Moline
approached me.
The meeting appears to be over as Moline shakes hands with
the ranks, then turns with hast to look at Tyler and
approaches him.
You ready soldier?
Ready Sir?
You and I have a new mission.
Briefing is taking place off base,
I'll drive, pick you up at six
Still trying to process what happened, Tyler mechanically
nods his head as he's done hundreds of times before when
given orders for his country.
See you at six.
Tyler turns and walks away. Arvin is waiting for him and
they leave the room.

Moline holds his paperwork in his hands, looks down at it
then fixes his eyes on an American Flag standing in the
corner of the room.
                                         DISSOLVE TO
From above a sedan pulls up to an abandon warehouse.
Moline and Tyler both step out of the car. Moline then
walks to a side door, opens it and they both go inside.
Once inside, Moline leads Tyler down a dimly lit set of
steps that appear to go into a



where TYLER has a bewildered look on his face as he sees a
chair that sits in front of a folding table with two more

A SLAM OS, startles him as the door at the top of the
basement closes. He then looks to Moline whom steps back
from Tyler and looks away in Judas fashion.
Moline, what is going on here?
As Tyler turns back toward the table, the last thing he sees
is the butt of a rifle.
                                         CUT TO BLACK:
Moments later, Tyler is chained and propped up in the chair.
Moline approaches him from the side and leans into him.
I'm sorry Ty, I didn't want this…
Yeah? – Well why don't you tell me
what the fucks going on here?
A metal door CREAKS open and closes OS.

A black sack is put over Tyler's head as he shifts in anger.

Footsteps OS, can be heard coming towards him. His POV is
enabled through the sack, he can only see a bit of light
through it as the footsteps OS, get closer to him then stop.

Two MEN in black suits stand in front of him; holding
folders, a closer look reveals Sunday and Edward.
      (looks to Moline)
We'll take it from here Cap.
Moline looks at the men then walks over to a chair against
the wall and sits down.

A single GUARD stands with an M16 next to the door.
The two men open their folders and look at files.
Tyler Blake Stephens.
Born May 17, '77… Tulare, to a Mr.
and Mrs. James E. Stephens.
      (flips page)


                       SUNDAY (cont'd)
Porterville High, '94… first team
defensive back three years…
wrestling captain, two years.
Tyler's head remains hung low with the sack over it.
Fuck off, you fuckin…
Sunday, looks at Edward, Edward looks at his paperwork on
Tyler and walks around him to his backside.
First Class Petty Officer, Great
Lakes. Hmm… top of the class.
Edward glances over to Sunday, and then continues.
Transfer… Puget Naval Yard '96.
Transfer… BUDS training, Coronado
      (raises eyebrows)
Top - of - the - class.
      (flips page)
Wife Victoria, kids Nicole and… a
new born… Blake is it?
Ok – you did your homework, come
over here and I'll give you a
fucking star.
You're current on all your bills
and you like Djarum clove
CPO Stephens, we are sorry you had
to meet us under these
      (paces about)
You see, you happened to stumble
upon some very damaging images and
in your best interest – for our
nations best interest...
      (over the shoulder)
...some necessary actions had to
be carried out quickly.
Tyler, slumps forward in his chair, and lifts his head.


Help! – Somebody help me!
Can anybody hear me?
Edward, looks over at Sunday then to Moline.
Velasquez is not a factor tonight,
nor will he ever be again, he's
dead, and as far as the man you
saw with him… well you never saw
him – Capeche?
Collins. Son a bitch is working
the other side.
I saw him make a deal.
Sunday, grimaces as a look of concern comes across his face.
Yeah, about that… for you to leak
that to the public could be very
damaging to our nation.
Look I don't know who you guys are
but I'm getting real tired of this
fucking charade, now what the hell
do you want with me?
Were gonna help Collins clean up
his mess privately, not publicly.
      (walks up/leans in)
It's a shame you passed out back
there… you missed Collins take
down of Velasquez.
Now since we're in the mood to
forgive and forget, we'd like to
extend the forget invitation to
yourself Stephens.
Yeah… what'd ya got in mind?
Sunday, paces about as he clasps his hands.
We are a uh… how could you say… a
secret society, call ourselves the
Disciples of Vigilance or DOVE.


                       SUNDAY (cont'd)
      (behind Tyler)
And were looking for a few good
men to do a few favors.
      (over shoulder)
Really? Well wrong fuckin branch
and the wrong fuckin soldier
I admire your spunk Stephens,
anyway moving along... we need
someone to take out the trash of
Los Angeles.
Oh, I see now… you want me to ride
on a the back of a municipal
vehicle that reeks of rotting milk
and shit.
Precisely! A garbage man, but you
won't be taking out that kinda
Moline, feeling like Judas, looks over at Tyler.
I don't understand, I am obviously
having like the shittiest day, my
head's fucking killing me, so can
we get to a point here?
The two Agents look at one another; Sunday pulls up his
chair and sits in it in front of Tyler.
Six months ago, three business
partners created DOVE.
      (crosses legs)
The partners took a look at the
way the current system works in
dealing with crime and now pays us
to deal with it our own way.
We need you Stephens… to take out
the trash.


Kill for hire – Your vigilante?
I'd like to think of you more like
a janitor.
Tyler, sits up, takes in a deep breath and releases it.
And if I don't?
That's not an option.
Here's how it works, you'll do
exactly what we need you to do…
      (uses hand gesture)
..you'll get a financial token of
our appreciation and you'll
receive plenty of time off every
Moline, looks over at Edward.
Come on Tyler, worlds got enough
widows and orphans.
The remark, draws complete silence from Tyler as he drops
his hooded head for a beat as if in thought.
How much money we talking about?
How do I get paid?
How in the hell do I keep this
from my wife?
Don't worry about the money, as
far as the wife… – if she knows
she goes.
      (closes folder)
Over the next two days, you'll be
relocated to an L.A. suburb.
Your new job is with L.A. City
Hall. Your friends and family can
visit, but the same rules apply to
them to.
      (closes his folder)
Your now inactive with the Seal
Team, placed on an honorable
discharge due to a bad knee injury


                       EDWARD (cont'd)
What knee injury? Got no fucking
knee injury… and who the fucks'
Oh… my bad, must have slipped my
mind – Brooks, is your new last
Edward looks over at Moline and nods his head; Moline looks
at the Agent in disappointment; gets up and walks over to
Tyler. Tyler can hear him coming and turns toward him.

Moline then delivers a powerful thrust kick to Tyler's left
knee; the chair falls over in the process.
Tyler wails in excruciating pain while on the floor.
Mother Fucker!
You cock sucking…
Oh! You fuckin bastard!
I'll fuckin kill you!
Tyler lies on the floor, his face on the concrete.
The armed guard walks over to him; stands on his arm and
removes the chain.

Tyler tries to get up; struggles to get his legs under him;
finally stands using the chair for support, he grits his
teeth and clinches his fist then spins around and takes a
wild SWING but no one is there, everyone is gone.

A cars motor is heard speeding away OS.
Tyler removes the sack and sees a door partially left open.
Staggering in pain he makes his way to it and exits into an


where a light drizzle comes upon him as he makes his way
down the alley and to a small


where he stops and holds his knee.
He looks to his right, then his left.
A set of head lights slowly come his way.

Stopping infront of him is an OLD RED PICKUP.
The driver an OLD MAN in his 60's, rolls down his window.


                       OLD MAN
Hop in.
Tyler looks reluctant at the man but after considering his
options he limps over to the rear of his truck.

The tail gate is missing so Tyler just hops into the


then lies down. His POV sees the night sky.
As the old man takes off, street lamps and tree tops race by
as Tyler continues to gather himself, stunned as to what he
has just been through.


The truck drives off up the street and over a hill.
The old man helps Tyler to his front porch; lays him on the
ground then walks back to the truck and leaves.

Tyler lies on the porch exhausted with dried blood on his
head. A light goes on inside the house as the front door is
flung open.

A younger Victoria kneels next to him and cradles his head
as she panics as to why her husband is lying on their porch
in pain. Her voice and cries grow faint.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Tyler and Victoria lay on their bed facing each other.


rolls over on her back and stares at the ceiling as to the
detail of things Tyler just shared with her.
Tyler, lies quietly, as he watches her consume what he just
unloaded on her.
That's everything?


No… but that's all you need to
You – you told me that you hurt
your self on the mission.
Tyler, not proud of lying to her, tries to explain.
Yeah – well there is a lot of
things that I told you.
Tyler, tries to reach over to her and graze her head.
Victoria, rolls over on her side, stares at the wall.
God. I really don't even know
Tyler, lies on his back and stares at the ceiling.
Tim, stands in his office and stares at the floor.
PHOTOGRAPHS of murder victims from his case are littered
about as he squats down and picks up a photo and looks at
it, then picks up another and looks at it also.
Who are you? – You slippery son of
a bitch… you're good… give you
that, but you're sloppy too.
Kate enters the room and steps over the photos carefully and
sets a stack of files on his desk.
Any further along with this guy?
      (looks up)
Assuming that it is a guy… not
really. The only clues he is
leaving us is the fact that he
does nothing the same.
What about the saliva – any


None… ran every sample on file,
even sent it to district… no dice.
We are sill having the foot
prints examined that we collected
from six months back.
Tim, shakes his head, then enlightened, he looks up.
I did come up with one thing
Yeah, what's that?
      (hands her a photo)
The Priest… posted bail three
years ago for sexual misconduct of
3 Alter Boys. Lack of evidence,
case became a mistrial and he
Tim turns to his desk, looks at another photo curiously.
This one…
He hands the photo to Kate.
Steals millions from shareholders
with his Ponzi scheme, charged,
held on three mil, makes bail,
wipes his nose, cleans his paper
trail then decides to take up base
jumping without a chute?
Walks over to the wall and points to an article.
McNally – a pedophile running for
the Mayor vacancy coming up…
charged but not convicted… not
yet… of his under age girls gone
wild rampage over the summer.


                       TIM (cont'd)
      (extends arms)
How'd Chris Hansen miss this guy?
So what… a bunch of dead creeps.
A bunch of creeps that are dead at
the hands of… vigilance?
You see Kate… all these guys
posted bail and kicked it shortly
They're not all murders though
Tim, couple accidents here also.
I think somebody anonymously
posted the bail on most of these
guys, but not all of them.
He's smooth but arrogant, sloppy
or really clean… depending on his
Kate, steps forward and sets the photos atop Tim's desk.
I hate to be devil's advocate
here… but every one of these
bastards seemed to have had it
Tim, nods his head in agreement.
Rape, child molesters, money
fraud, murder. Ironically, not one
witness ever saw one of these
bastards die – not one.
Sounds like the work of a crafty
yet silent militant – very
Kate turns and walks to exit the office.


You think perhaps like an…
      (over shoulder)
No… more like a seal… you know…
Navy Seal.
Yeah, right, the Navy Seals.
Tim, stands and looks at the wall again for a moment.
He then runs his hands through his hair.
      (to self)
Navy Seal – nah.
A puzzled look upon his face as he sits down at his desk and
rifles through the photos.
Killed at night, no witnesses.
He flings the photo in the air with ill regard.
      (looks at another)
Two guards knocked unconscious…
another dead corpse.
      (tosses another)
Dead before daybreak… oh? nobody
seen that one either.
      (then another)
No trail, no evidence, not even a
fuckin shell casing!
Frustrated, he flings the rest of the photo's to the floor.
He then paces about the room, calms down and begins to pick
up the photos when he comes across a PHOTO of a CU of the
back of Muggs head and his stab wound.
An elated look beams across his face as if he had found the
mother lode. He walks out of his office and over to Kate's
desk where she is deep in her own work.
                       TIM (OS)
Kate, I think I got something


Yeah… what's that?
I think our guy is an ex-Navy
Kate, spins around and with a sarcastic look...
Really! – You think?
See what files you can get on male
cadets in their twenties that were
enlisted in West coast bases over
the last four to six years.
Are you serious?
As a heart attack baby!
Tim, plants an awkward kiss on her forehead then looks
up to see the other AGENTS in the office leering at them.
He bumbles back to his office but turns and to Kate again.
One more thing…
Kate's head drops as Tim continues on...
Run DNA and shoe sizes against the
evidence we have on file.
Kate, gives a facial gesture as if to say "Why the hell
would I do that for?" as Tim walks back into his office.
Kate sits speechless with her hands held out holding
Way to go Kate… not that you had
any thing planned for the next ten
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


Tyler pulls his car into his garage and makes his way into
the house as Victoria can be seen greeting him through the
Trey pulls up just down the street with headlights off and
places a call on his cell phone.
Yeah, it's me… I found our guy.
In the f.g. the lights in Tyler's living room come on.
Alright – late.
Trey flips his phone shut and stares at the house.
PETER LANG, a forensics scientist, 20's, Asian, looks over
the body of Mugg's as Tim curiously watches on.
See here...
Peter, points at the back of the dead body's neck.
Tim, walks over for a closer look.
…the angle of the knife suggests
attack from behind with surprise
and skill.
Tim, looks at Peter, then closer at the wound.
                       PETER (OS)
This guy knew what he was doing.
How so?
Look here at the knife scaring
left on the Cervical Vertebrae.
      (rotating the head)
This is a serious weapon were
talking about here, probably
military issue.


The remark has Tim abruptly looking up at Peter.
This guy didn't have a chance… the
killer stuck him right into the
Vagus nerve which shut down his
lungs, heart and other vitals.
Peter, points to the spinal cord.
The uh… severing of the spinal
cord probably didn't help either.
The doors to the lab PUSH open as Kate storms in.
She is carrying a folder.
Been looking everywhere for you.
Got good news and bad news!
      (looks at Peter)
Hey Peter.
Peter, nods to her.
Bad news first.
Kate opens the folder and looks them over with Tim.
We couldn't find anything on the
DNA extraction.
Damn it!
And the good news?
Forensics found that the left
footprint we collected had a
different impact than the right.
      (wanting more)
The print suggests an injury to
the knee or ankle, almost like he
is favoring it.


Ok... so where does that put us?
She flops the folder atop Mugg's corpse.
Lang looks at them and clears his throat in disapproval but
they ignore it.
If this is correct, I just
narrowed down a list of twenty
five hundred sailors to just a
probability of nine!
Lang again clears his throat but this time more clearly.
Do you see me putting my work on
your desks?
Oh… sorry Lang … that would be
kinda messy. We'll uh… take this
back to the office.
      (looks to Kate)
Come on Kate. This is fantastic!
Tim and Kate walk towards the exit of the lab.
As Tyler drives his car down the street he picks up his cell
phone and selects VIC'S CELL from his directory.
Victoria cell phone rings OS somewhere in the house.

An eerie sense fills the room as Victoria's cell lies on the
floor amongst a much ransacked bedroom.
Drawers and clothes are strewn about the floor as well as
family picture frames.
A family photo is picked up from a mantle by a GLOVED HAND.
The glass is smashed and the photo removed.
The hand proceeds to brush off debris from Tyler's image.


Tyler continues holding his phone, trying to reach Victoria.
The ringing stops and goes to her voice mail.
                       VICTORIA (VO phone)
Hi! You got Victoria, can't get to
your call right now, leave me a
message, thanks!
Tyler flips the phone shut without leaving a message.
He looks concerned and puzzled.
His intuition tells him somethings wrong.
He slows his car down and does a u-turn.
The Mustang, pulls up to the curb in front of his home.
It is getting late in the afternoon.
Tyler, exits the car and notices Victoria's car still parked
in her side of the garage.

He walks up to the front door, its unlocked.
A bizarre look comes over his face.
Cautiously, he enters and stands in the front room.
Vic? You here? Blake, Nicole?
From across the living room, he sees the broken glass from
the picture frame. He starts his way over to it, then stops.
He then quickly makes his way down the hall and into the


where upon a quick glance, is quickly alarmed to see the
mess and shambles that the room is in.
He goes to draw his gun from his rear belt line.
Behind him, Trey eases up on his blindside and pistol
whips him; Tyler falls to the floor.
His BLURRY POV sees a MALE FIGURE standing above him.
A nice boat sits aside a dock next to a warehouse in the
later afternoon as THREE MEN stand watch.


Randall stands and stares at Victoria, Blake and Nicole as
they sit in a corner of the galley looking terrified and
scared. They are all bound and gagged.
A KNOCK on the side of the boat is heard OS.
Randall pulls back the drapes in the galley window and sees
a van pulling into a fenced, gated lot.
The van pulls up to a stop, the DOOR slides open; a badly
beaten and bound Tyler lies on the floor struggling to open
his eyes from the light coming inside.
Randall approaches the door and looks inside.
What is this shit? Huh?
      (looks at Trey)
What good does it do to fuck this
bitches eyes up when I need him to
see his family suffer as he's made
me suffer?
Randall, composes himself, then glares at Tyler.
He reaches in, lifts up his head, holding it in his hands.
Yeah, this is him, such a pretty
face, gonna be a god damn shame to
fuck it up.
Randall, lets go of Tyler, turns and walks towards the boat.
Tyler, struggles to breath as blood and snot constrict his
nasal passages.
                       RANDALL (OS)
Bring his ass to the boat.
Trey, nods to JERRY and they grab his hogtied body.
The galley door is pushed open as the men carry Tyler
inside. Tyler starts to open his eyes a bit; he is shocked
to see Victoria and starts to squirm as he sees his children
beaten, crying and reaching out to him.

Tyler is drug into an adjacent room of the boat in front of
the galley. He is propped up to see through a window as
Randall orders the kids to be taken in with him. Trey is


sent in with Tyler, as Jerry stays with Randall.

Randall, looks over his shoulder at Tyler.
He then turns to Victoria and rips her shirt open.
Victoria, gasps in shock.
Tyler, looks on in frustration.
Always wanted to test drive me a
white bitch without the obligation
to buy.
Tyler takes advantage of a moment to work himself free as
Trey's attention looks toward Randall.
Four of Randall's crew are now outside the boat, two at the
BOW and two at the STERN. They turn on some music from a
ghetto blaster to drown out any noise from inside the boat
and drink beer from bottles.
A SHADOWY MALE FIGURE spies behind a large crate.
The light from the sun shows that he holds a rifle.

Using binoculars his POV surveys the area. He waits for a
moment and raises a long sniper rifle with scope.


shows both men at the bow standing in-line with one another.

He squeezes the trigger, and the bullet silently leaves the
barrel, spirals briefly then rips through the air and drills
straight through the first mans head and exits cleanly out
of the man standing behind him.

Both bodies crumple to the deck in unison.
The MAN lowers his rifle as the sun light reveals his true
identity in being that of


He exits the warehouse, and moves for a better position as
he stops behind a large steel sea-train cargo box and takes
aim again.



shows two men sitting in lounge chairs at the stern of the
boat, laughing. One man's head in the cross-hairs.
      (to self)
Come on… look away.
As the further away man briefly turns, a trickle of blood
runs down his partner's tan shirt as his head slumps
forward. The remaining man looks back at him in surprise,
leans forward and sees the blood running down his shirt.
                       REMAINING MAN
What the fu…
The man's beer bottle explodes, starling him.
He looks down at his own shirt to see a small blood stain
starting to rapidly grow.
He falls to his left and out of his chair.
Tyler has worked himself free of his bound hands and
surprises Trey by coming from behind with a choke hold.
He kills him and takes his gun as the kids watch in horror.

Tyler tells the kids to remain calm then he looks out the
window at Victoria.

Victoria sees Tyler pressing his finger against his lips to
tell her to keep quiet.
Jerry, turns to see a small trickle of BLOOD running down
the steps into the galley.
What the fuck's this?
Randall stops raping Victoria and looks at the blood.
Jerry opens the galley door and one of the bodies of the men
up top lays with his eyes open staring towards the galley.
                       POSSE MEMBER
Holy shit!
Jerry exits the hull and rushes topside to check the matter.
Awe shit! – Trey! Trey!


Randall peers through the windows outside but can't see much
out there.
Nigga, get out here, we got a
situation on our hands!
Puzzled as to why Trey dosen't respond, Randall makes his
way towards the room. Just as he reaches to open the door
Tyler BURSTS through knocking him to the floor.

Tyler points the gun he got from Trey at his head as
Randall's eyes grow large in shock.
Victoria, squirms for cover in the corner of the galley.
You know I'd love to give you the
right to a slow and painful death,
but I ain't got the time just now.
He pulls the trigger and the gun clicks a misfire.

Randall winces at the sound then both men look at each other
briefly, then Randall jumps up and tackles Tyler to the

The two wrestle around for a moment, knocking open a closet
containing scuba gear and a SPEAR GUN, un-knowingly to both
of them.
Victoria grabs a knife from a drawer and cuts her self and
the kids loose.

She ushers the kids out of the boat as Tyler and Randall
continue to fight.

The children run up the stairs and out onto the rear deck.
Moline's POV is trained on the rear of the boat, he sees the
children run out onto the rear deck and hop over the side
and onto the dock.
What the?
Oh you gotta be kidding me!
The children evade the other posse members and run towards
the warehouse were Moline is hiding.


As they run by a cargo container Moline reaches out and
GRABS hold of both of them. Nicole screams in fear and
Blake puts up a bit of a struggle.
Let us go! Put me down!
      (shushes kids)
I'm not here to hurt you big man…
I'm here to save your mom and dad.
      (over shoulder)
You kids hide here, I'll be back
Victoria comes back into the boat and stabs at Randall with
the knife, successfully stabbing him in his back.

He howls in pain and responds in anger with a BACKHAND that
knocks her to the floor.
Tyler, not amused, tackles Randall, sending them crashing to
the floor again.
Moline, SLOWLY walks out from behind cover with both of
his pistols drawn and takes aim on Jerry and one remaining
posse member, MITCH. They take aim upon him as well.
Come get it boy!
Shots start to ring out.
Moline does a couple head rolls to evade them.

Ducking behind a stack of pallets, his POV can see the two
men's reflection in the windows of a boat adjacent to
Randall's as they take cover behind a plywood wall.

Moline takes aim and fires once; wood splinters explode from
the plywood as his shot hits Mitch in the knee.
Mitch then bellows in pain and takes cover.

Jerry, seeing this, runs over to the boat and jumps onto the
deck of the stern for cover as Mitch crawls for cover also.
J Dog! – Where you at bro?
You can't leave me out here like


Tyler has the upper hand on Randall even though his FEET are
still tied.

Jerry, kicks the galley door open, takes aim on Tyler and
shoots him in the upper back part of his shoulder; Tyler
collapses to the floor from the pain.

As he does so his THERMAL SUNGLASSES fall out of his shirt
pocket. Randall gathers himself and stands above Tyler.
      (wipes forehead)
Boy! Now this sure looks familiar?
Randall, KICKS Tyler in the face; lands him on his back.
He then stoops down to him and sees the sunglasses, picks
them up and puts them on Tyler with humiliating fashion.
Oh yes… very, very G.Q.
      (looks to Victoria)
Take this bitch up top.
We got company out there boss… not
a good idea now.
I'm Randall Mutha Fuckin Campbell!
I fear no evil!
Now grab this bitch and move!
Mitch, panting heavy from his wound, looks for Moline out a
window of a small structure while holding his knee with his
free hand.
Mother fucker… come around me and
I'll put a cap in a niggas lid.
Moline, like a snake, crawls quietly up behind him.
He grabs a hold of the Mitch's lower right ankle and places
his pistol in the back of his right knee and then pulls the

The front of Mitch's knee EXPLODES as he crumples to the
floor. He gasps in shock from the pain and drops his gun.


      (whispers in ear)
Thought you might look silly
walking around without matching
knee caps.
Moline lays him to rest by breaking his neck.
Victoria's limp body is thrown on the deck.
Randall opens a storage bin and pulls out a chain.
Tyler struggles to sit up, his face bloodied as he crawls
over to the closet door and grabs the SPEAR GUN then grabs
an arrow next to it and loads it.

Still wearing his sunglasses, he presses the button on the
side of them as he looks toward the back of the boat; his
POV shows the thermal heat of three figures.
He takes aim through the side of the boats cabin wall.
The spear BURSTS through the wood side of the boats exterior
and impales Jerry right through his throat.
Jerry, grabs onto the end of it, staggers then falls dead.

Tyler climbs up the steps and makes his way


to the bow of the boat, where he sees Victoria bleeding
profusely. Randall turns to see Jerry with the arrow in his
neck and Tyler struggling to his feet.
      (shakes head)
Ahh… now that's some Cowboy and
Indian shit… Ya'll shot one of my
Nigga's with a fuckin arrow.
Randal rushes over to Victoria.
You wanna play games?
Let's play then.
Randall grabs the chains and wraps them around her feet;
picks her up and throws her over the side of the boat.


Tyler, frantic, finally gets to his feet.
Victoria's chained body plunges


and speeds to the quickly darkening harbor water's floor.
Randall picks up a gun and points it at Tyler.
Now… what was that again you were
sayin earlier? – Oh yeah something
bout a slow and painful death?
Randall slide cocks his gun to shoot Tyler, but in his hast
a GUNSHOT rings out OS and Randall's head SPEWS red blood,
as he drops to his knees.

Randall, reaches to Tyler then falls forward on his face.
Tyler looks toward the front of the boat where he sees a
BLURRED FIGURE but can't make out who it is.

Moline, stands with a smoking pistol looking at Tyler.
Tyler, stumbles quickly to the side of the boat.
He takes a deep breath then dives


and swims profusely downward towards Victoria.

A haze of blood coming from his bullet wound clouds the
water as he catches up with her and struggles to free her
from the chains. Air escapes her lungs as she panics.
He grabs hold of her face and looks her in the eyes.
Victoria calms down as he presses his lips to hers and
breathes his air into her lungs, her EYES light up.

Tyler goes back to work on the chains.
Moments later she is free and frantically swims to the top.

Victoria, BREAKS the water surface with a huge gasp.
Moline dives in and pulls her from the water to the dockside
of the harbor where they climb a ladder, exiting the water



as they both rest for a beat.
Tyler! He's still down there!
Victoria! I know you don't know me
but you have to trust me!
You'll find your kids around that
warehouse over there…
      (points beyond her)
Take the black SUV around the
      (gives her keys)
...go back to your home and gather
your belongings.
Victoria, appears confused at how he knows her.
I... I don't understand...
Moline, looks around cautiously.
Your lives are in danger!
Go – Now!
Victoria comes to her feet and runs towards the children.
Moline dives back into the water to retrieve Tyler.

Victoria has a brief reunion after finding the kids.
They race towards the waiting SUV, get in and drive off.
Victoria lies with the kids in her bed.
Her eyes open as she watches the alarm clock show 1:30 am.
A light knock at the door OS startles her.

Hoping it's Tyler, she gets up and walks into the front room
and looks out the window to see Moline but no Tyler.
She then opens the door for him.
Where is he?
Where is my husband?


He's fine, but he's not going to
be coming home anytime soon
What? Wha… what do you mean he's
not coming home?
I need to come in and talk with
Victoria, unsure, looks down the hall towards the kids.
-- Moline, sits with Victoria at their kitchen table.
-- He appears to explain things to her MOS.
-- Victoria, upset, appears to ask him questions MOS.
Moline stands at the door as Victoria looks at him
through the screen.
Wait… before you go – who are you?
Moline, lowers his head trying to avoid the question.
He then turns and starts to walk away but then stops.
      (over shoulder)
I am a ghost of your husbands past
that now must give him a future.
I owe him that… I owe you that.
Victoria looks down towards the porch as if understanding.
Moline, looks forward and disappears into the night.
Victoria looks up and down the street cautiously.
She then closes the door, leaving the porch light on.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


Tim sits at his desk as Kate stands next to him.
They are overlooking the files on Tyler.
Frustrated, Tim tosses a stack of papers on his desk.