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Chicago Blood (Short)
by Taylor Lehotan (trlehotan@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Film Noir   User Review: ***1/2
Tony Roselli spent years rising through the ranks of the Chicago Mafia. Tonight's the night everything falls apart.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We start on a cigarette, just sitting in an ashtray on a
desk. We begin zooming out, and we see the desk is very
organized - and a gun rests on top of it.
Standing at the window is TONY ROSELLI - wearing an all
black suit, his hair slicked back with such disdain. He
just keeps staring out the window, as if waiting for
something to happen.
The phone suddenly rings, and he answers it.
                       VINNIE (PHONE)
We got him.
He say anything?
                       VINNIE (PHONE)
No. Pretty sure he won't be
sayin' anything for a long time.
Good. Get rid of the body and
dump the car in the lake.
                       VINNIE (PHONE)
Will do, boss.
Tony hangs up.
                                         CUT TO:
We start with a wide shot of the scene. Two men are
standing, in conversation, next to a dead body. The two men
are VINNIE CARUSO and FRANK SALIERI - mob soldiers.
Take the body to the meat factory
just south of the city. I'll take
the car to Indiana and dump it in
the lake.


So what was the guy's deal anyway?
This guy?
Vinnie points to the body with his gun.
No idea. The boss didn't want him
to talk anymore, so I shut him up.
I don't ask questions, and you
shouldn't either. Now help me get
this body in the trunk.
They pick up the body and put it in the trunk. Frank closes
the door.
                                         CUT TO:
Tony sits in a chair and starts to work at his computer, but
several knocks on the door disrupt him. He looks at the
Through the glass, we see DETECTIVE THOMAS MIRANDA - a big
guy, dressed sloppy. He waits patiently.
Tony gets up and opens the door.
Detective Miranda... I didn't know
I'd be seeing you today.
I need to ask you a couple of
questions, Tony. And I think you
know what about.
Sit down. Drink? Smoke?
No, thank you.
Miranda sits at the desk. Tony sits across from him. We
see that Miranda notices the gun.
What's the gun for, Tony?


Nothin'. I'm just a little
Tony puts the gun in a drawer.
Paranoid that the Four Fathers
might come after you for all those
times you screwed them over?
I honestly have no idea what
you're talking about, Detective.
I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't
make such accusations.
Please... anyway, we've found new
evidence pertaining to Frank
Saladino's death.
Ahh... "Gumba". Shame what
happened to him. But he got the
easy way out - no jail, no
The evidence points to you.
As far as I was concerned, he died
of natural causes.
Someone wanted it to look that
So what is this... "evidence"?
A fingerprint. Your fingerprint.
So you think one fingerprint is
gonna put me away? What world do
you think you're living in?
Well, I see that you're not going
to cooperate...


I'm telling you the truth,
Detective. I had nothing to do
with Gumba's death.
We'll see.
Miranda stands up and walks to the door, but he doesn't
I'll be seeing you around, Tony.
Have a nice night... Detective.
Miranda leaves.
                                         FADE TO:
A car pulls into the parking lot of a meat factory, and then
parks in one of the spaces. Frank gets out of the car and
goes to the trunk. As soon as he opens up the trunk,
several police cars block him in, and officers rush at him,
their guns pointed. Frank raises his arms in the air. The
officers cuff him and take him to one of the police cars.
An OFFICER looks inside the trunk and sees the body.
Someone call Miranda. I think
he's gonna wanna see this.
He closes the trunk.
                                         FADE TO:
Frank sits at a table in a windowless room. A cigarette
rests in the ashtray in front of him.
Miranda enters the room and sits across from Frank.
So what was the plan? Were you
gonna grind him up and try to pass
him off as raw meat?


I want my lawyer.
There are no lawyers. There's
just you and me.
I'm not sayin' another word.
Who gave the order for the hit?
Frank remains silent.
Did Tony Roselli give the order?
Come on, Frank... you're a good
guy. You know that this whole
thing is wrong. You wouldn't have
testified against Joseph Lombardo
if you truly believed in this.
I testified against him because it
was the right thing to do. The
era of the Four Fathers needs to
And why's that? So Tony can take
Frank is silent.
You're going to be charged with
kidnapping and murder in the first
degree. You'll be sent to prison
for the rest of your life.
Don't count on it.
Miranda looks at Frank - disgusted - a leaves the room.
                                         CUT TO:


Tony sits at his computer, reading up on the recent murder
of Rico Valentino - a former mafia hitman working for the
Four Fathers. He's deeply focused on the article - too deep
to notice the gloved hand of a woman touch his shoulder and
rub his chest. The woman bends down and kisses Tony's
cheek. Tony turns around and kisses her passionately.
She is SCARLETTE LUCIANO - she dons a very sexy red dress,
she's beautiful.
How was the party?
Wonderful. You should've come.
I had business.
You always have business.
Business before pleasure. And now
that my business is done...
He rubs her leg, and then puts his hand up her dress. They
kiss. She playfully leads him out of the office and into
the bedroom.
                                         CUT TO:
The fireplace turns on, and Scarlette steps into view - we
start at her feet and move so we view her entire body from
the back.
Tony watches her from the stairs leading into the bedroom.
Scarlette drops her dress, revealing her sexy black
lingerie. Tony comes up behind her and kisses her neck. He
presses his hands against her stomach.
The phone rings.


Let it ring.
I have to answer it. I'll be back
in a minute.
I'll be in the shower.
                                         CUT TO:
Tony walks back into the office and answers the phone.
                       FRANK (PHONE)
They got me.
Who got you?
                       FRANK (PHONE)
The cops.
Just take it easy, Frank.
                       FRANK (PHONE)
No, I won't take it easy. I was
supposed to intercept the
shipment, and now I can't.
I told you to take it easy. I'll
take care of it personally.
                       FRANK (PHONE)
So what about me, boss?
I'll try to get you out, but you
know that I can't promise
                       FRANK (PHONE)
Thanks, boss.
Tony hangs up.


                                         FADE TO:
A group of seven men examine boxes, pulling out guns and
ammunition. They all wear suits and keep serious, stern
The door breaks down, and several police officers rush in,
their guns drawn. They order the men to raise their arms,
and all seven cooperate.
Then Tony - dressed as a police lieutenant - walks in, his
gun drawn as well. Clearly, these men are not cops.
All of you: up against that wall.
All seven men stand with their backs against a wall.
Now turn around.
The men turn around.
The "cops" look at Tony, and he just nods. They cock their
machine guns and shoot all seven men dead.
(We'll only see the shadows of the men being killed)
                                         FADE TO:
Tony sits in the back of a car, along with Vinnie - he was
one of the officers.
Any problems with the car?
None. It's on its way to the
bottom of the lake.
They got Frank.
Did they find the body?


Yeah, they did.
You think they'll come after you?
No. The captain's on our payroll.
But we still got that Miranda
scumbag to worry about. He likes
to stick his nose where it doesn't
I know, and I'll have him dealt
So where are we goin', boss?
We're goin' for a ride.
                                         CUT TO:
The car stops, and Tony and Vinnie get out. Vinnie seems
confused, until he sees Tony with his gun drawn.
What's goin' on, boss?
You tell me. Why'd you rat out
Frank to the cops?
I didn't.
They've been watching that place
for six months Vinnie! You and I
both knew that!
I swear, I didn't...
Shut up!


Tony kicks Vinnie to the ground and puts the gun to his
Never... never did I think that
one day I would have to kill my
own consigliere.
God dammit, Vinnie.
Tony shoots Vinnie in the head - right between the eyes. He
just walks away, not even caring, and gets in the car. The
car drives away.
                                         FADE OUT.
                                         FADE IN:
Tony sits at the foot of the bed. He now wears suit-pants
and a wife-beater. Scarlette - dressed in a sexy red
nightie - sits next to him, placing her hand on his
Everything okay?
Yeah. Everything's fine.
Did something happen?
Vinnie betrayed me.
Vinnie? I thought he was your
best friend.
He was like a brother to me... and
I killed him.
Scarlette hugs Tony, trying to comfort him. They kiss.


Tony... I'm going to tell you
something, and I don't want you to
What is it?
I'm pregnant.
Tony hugs her tightly - they're both so happy. They kiss
That's fantastic! I love you so
He lifts her up so she's straddling his lap. They make out
for a little bit, and then she pushes him back on the bed.
She goes down and kisses him.
                                         FADE OUT.
                                         FADE IN:
Detective Miranda comes out of the evidence room - he's
extremely tired. He walks down the hall to another room.
The sign on the door reads: Capt. Johnson. Miranda knocks
on the door.
                                         CUT TO:
CAPTAIN ROY JOHNSON sits at his desk. A cigar rests in the
ashtray - smoldered.
Come in.
Miranda enters the office and sits across from the captain.
What is it, Detective Miranda?
I need to speak with you about the
Roselli case.


What about it?
It's disturbing, sir. It scares
me that this guy has gained so
much power in the short time he's
been a main player, and it
disgusts me to think about all the
murders he's gotten away with. And
now we have Michael Vercetti's
body in the back of a trunk.
We simply have no evidence against
But we do. He's sitting in the
interrogation room right now. If
we offer him a deal, he might
break, and he might testify
against Tony. This could be our
only shot to put him away for
And put a dangerous criminal back
on the street?
He's a thug. Besides, he's not
half as dangerous as Tony Roselli
I don't know if I'm comfortable
with this.
Sir... please. Just call the
District Attorney and try to get
this guy immunity from
prosecution. That's all he's
asked for.
Fine. I'll see what I can do.
Thank you, sir.


Miranda gets up and leaves. Johnson takes out his cell
phone and calls someone.
                       TONY (PHONE)
Frank Salieri's agreed to testify
against you in exchange for
                       TONY (PHONE)
Son of a... what can you do to
stop him?
There's nothing I can do. But
there's one thing you can do. Send
one of your men in, and have him
pose as a cop. Then he'll just
take Salieri out before he can say
a word.
                       TONY (PHONE)
Is the station secure?
It's damn near a ghost town over
here. He shouldn't have a
                                         CUT TO:
Miranda leans against the door, listening in on the
captain's conversation. He's shocked by what he hears.
                                         CUT TO:
Miranda enters the interrogation room a few minutes later,
and begins to free Frank.
What're you doin'?


We need your testimony, and we
won't have it if you're dead.
The door bursts open, and another OFFICER comes in.
Tie him back up Miranda!
Miranda draws his gun and points it at the officer, who
returns the favor.
Who the hell are you? I've never
seen you before.
Drop your weapon and secure the
Miranda shoots the officer, killing him. He then puts the
gun to Frank's head.
One wrong move and I'll kill
you... you understand?
Frank nods. Miranda drags him out of the interrogation
                                         FADE TO:
Scarlette sleeps on the bed, wearing only her lingerie. Tony
sits on the side of the bed, deep in thought. Suddenly,
police sirens begin to echo in the background, and Tony
hears them. He looks next to him... there's a gun.
He closes his eyes.
Tony Roselli was arrested for the murder of Frank "Gumba"
Saladino, as well as for ordering the death of Michael
Vercetti. The jury found him guilty only on the count of
ordering Vercetti's death. He was sentenced to thirty years
in prison.

This movie, despite mentioning several real-life events and
people, is entirely fictional. Any character shown, living
or dead, is not meant to represent any actual human being.


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From Nick Hanks Date 1/13/2009 0 stars
Vinnie and Tony? Seriously, Vinnie and Tony?

From Sven Date 6/12/2008 ****
Very Impressive. I was extremely engaged by it. Story and dialogue couldn't be much better. Very well done!

From Jonathan Montenegro Date 4/9/2008 ****
lol.....it was actually good. you should definitely film it.

From Alicia Date 3/10/2008 ****

From Fish Stark Date 3/3/2008 ****
Holy cow....all I can say was this was wonderful. It wasa gripping, the plot was intruiging, the dialogue flowed, the characters were fantastic. There is nothing you need to improve here, it's perfect. Give it to a film company now now NOW!

From David Muniz Date 2/25/2008 ****

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