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COCAINE (Old Copy)
by Andrea Albin (andreaalbin@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review: ***1/2
This script is my first attempt at writing. I was inspired by the documentary COCAINE COWBOYS. The story is a loosely based account of the life of Griselda Blanco and the drug organizations operating out of Miami in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Let me know what you think. :)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

                                         FADE IN:
The sound of children playing, adults engaging in

White letters slide across the blackened screen:
MIGUEL LORENZO, a man of 40 with shining black hair- stands
at a BARBECUE GRILL. A screen of smoke covers his face.

An array of food motivates the senses: burgers, steaks,
                       SEAN (O.S.)
Just squeeze together, how hard is
it? Over here Nat, get in the
To the side is SEAN LANG- an African American man with the
style of a street pimp. He is holding a CAMERA, pulling
together a GROUP for a picture.

Within the frame stands SILVIANO CASTRO and his wife,
SANDRA, JOEY COCHRAN, and NATALIA RUIZ- a breathtakingly
beautiful Colombian.

Each smiles as the CAMERA FLASHES.
I didn't even smile, lets do it
I'm sure you look fine, Natalia,
You smiled.
No, no- again.
The GROUP pushes together once more, posing for another
photograph. SEAN positions the camera, taking one more.

NATALIA, frustrated, grabs the CAMERA.


                       NATALIA (cont'd)
Let me see this thing.
A group of CHILDREN run past. BOBBY CALAHAN- a man with
golden curls- follows behind them, chasing them as if he
himself is a child.

JOEY watches from a distance, observing BOBBY as he plays in
the yard, making conversation with a young BLONDE FEMALE.
SILVIANO and SANDRA share a tender moment- feeding one
another, exchanging gentle kisses.
MIGUEL, using a BARBECUE TOOL to aid his response, calls out
to those in the yard.
Burgers, hot dogs, steaks, I got
em' over here, let's go, I ain't
got all day!
SEAN approaches MIGUEL, holding out a plate. MIGUEL tosses a
burger in his direction.
You nag more than a woman.
How is that nagging? How is
announcing dinner being ready
nagging? Explain that to me?
      (patting Miguel on
       the back)
It's the way you say it.
How do I say it? Huh?
Just leave it alone. Accept the
fact that you're a nag.
In the distance, NATALIA disappears into the house,
accompanied by three MEN.

SILVIANO watches her before excusing himself, joining those
You make no sense my friend, no


MIGUEL flips one of the BURGERS.
NATALIA sits behind a large desk. Her fingernails break the
silence as they tap against the hard surface. The three MEN
are seated before her, each of them tense and nervous.

The door opens. SILVIANO enters, closing the door behind
him. He moves into the room, sitting beside NATALIA.
      (in Spanish)
What do you mean there were
      (in Spanish)
They were nowhere to be found.
      (in Spanish)
We searched everywhere.
NATALIA reaches underneath the desk and brings out a SMALL
PACKAGE. The package itself is wrapped in foil, sealed
tightly. She leans back, a look of anger on her face, and
she continues, this time in ENGLISH.
Look boys, we're in a business
full of risk. Occasionally, we
have to take that risk, even if
that means tracking someone down
by any means necessary.
      (pause, then
       angrily continue)
Tear apart their lives, burn their
houses, murder their children- I
don't give a FUCK, you just need
to do it!
All of the MEN stare at NATALIA, emotionless.
                       NATALIA (cont'd)
      (in Spanish)
Do you understand?
The MEN nod. NATALIA reaches for a LETTER OPENER, using it
to open the package as she continues to speak.


                       NATALIA (cont'd)
I'm not interested in hearing
excuses. I want results.
The last of the three men, ANTONIO, speaks up.
But Natalia...
SILVIANO rolls his eyes. BIG MISTAKE.
First of all, it's Mrs. Ruiz. You
have yet to earn the right to call
me Natalia.
NATALIA lifts a flap of the package with her fingernail. She
is careful not to reveal its contents.
                       NATALIA (cont'd)
Two words do not exist in my
vocabulary. 'But' is one of them.
'But' implies that a person has no
intention of trying.
Do you intend on trying, Antonio?
Yes ma'am.
I'm giving you fucks another
chance. Now don't fuck it up this
time, or it'll be your bodies
scattered on the turnpike.

Now get the fuck out of here.
The three MEN leave the room. NATALIA opens the package.

Inside is a kilo of COCAINE, tightly concealed to hide its
identity. Using a BUSINESS CARD, she lines up the drug on
the desk.
I'm surprised.
At what?


You're giving them a second
What can I say, its a holiday. I
guess I'm feeling a little
NATALIA leans down and snorts the drug. She offers a line to
SILVIANO, who rejects, standing.
Not with my family outside.
Mmmm hmmm.
SILVIANO and NATALIA share an awkward moment- a connection
obvious. SILVIANO rests his hand on her shoulder as he
leaves the office.
The sun begins to set. The party slows down.

All of the GUESTS begin to pull together CHAIRS,
anticipating the FIREWORKS DISPLAY.

NATALIA stands at the back of the GROUP, watching everyone
closely as they share food and laughter, creating memories.

MIGUEL approaches.
Is it done?
No. Soon.
What did they do, fuck it up?
No. Just another day in paradise.
I have something in mind. Don't
worry. I'm going for extravagance.
A FIREWORK explodes in the air, creating a harmonious glow
over the GROUP. NATALIA smiles as she turns her focus to the
FIREWORKS DISPLAY, watching each one explode in harmony.


SILVIANO turns to NATALIA in time to see her walking into
the house. She turns only once, smiling directly at him,
before disappearing into the darkened living room.

A few moments later, a light turns on inside the HOUSE.
Through the WINDOW, NATALIA sits on a couch, talking on the

SILVIANO sits back in place, just in time to see the GRAND
A NUDE WOMAN stands at a table, a package of COCAINE in her
hands. She weighs it, puts it down, and wraps it in unmarked
paper, applying tape to either side. She hands the package
to JOEY, who puts it into the open trunk of a BLACK CAR.
The scene expands. More NUDE WORKERS perform the same
routine, passing each package to JOEY, filling the trunk of
the car.
JOEY directs the vehicle towards the edge of the warehouse.
A MAN steps in, pulling the car forward.

In the background rests a SMALL AIRPLANE. BOBBY assists in
unloading the plane- a cargo of COCAINE, packaged inside of
suitcases and crates.

The chain continues, more and more trunks being filled, the
plane being emptied.

A brightly painted TOW TRUCK steadily drives down I95,
staying within the flow of traffic, careful not to speed.

CARS of all kinds pass by- including a HIGHWAY PATROL CAR.

A WHITE CAR follows closely behind, silently protecting the
precious cargo.

In tow- the BLACK CAR.


The sun is nearly set. The TOW TRUCK pulls away, quickly
turning on its HEADLIGHTS. The BLACK CAR sits in the
driveway of a house.

The home is standard- brick exterior, a double garage.

The TOW TRUCK disappears down the street, followed by the

A MAN exits the home, approaching the CAR. He removes a KEY
from underneath the CAR and steps inside, turning it on. The
garage door opens.

The MAN pulls the car inside, the GARAGE DOOR closing behind
The MAN and his WIFE sit at the KITCHEN TABLE, undoing each
package, using a scale to measure the COCAINE.

TINY BAGS filled with COCAINE sit to the side. More to be
filled sit on the table.

LARGER BAGS sit in the kichen, waiting to be measured.

Both the MAN and the WIFE are wearing gloves and masks,
careful not to inhale.

A pair of FEET stride down the sidewalk, the MIAMI HEAT
obvious from the sunlight and the presence of bare skin.

The feet stop. Conversations are exchanged. The feet

A street scene emerges- cars, businesses, people. The FEET
have stopped on a corner.

Cars and people stop, exchanging money for the small bags of
COCAINE, casually disappearing amongst the crowds.

The feet belong to a small time STREET DEALER in the heart
A party is in full swing- drugs and alcohol throughout.

Almost every table has an empty packet of the drug sitting


amongst its trash. Most of the PATRONS are high and
disoriented, sinking into the drug's abyss.


A GIRL, passed out from consumption, sits half naked near
the bathroom sinks. People are all around her, partying,
using the facilities.

A MAN draws a line of cocaine on her exposed breast. He
snorts the drug, and forms another line, pushing a GIRL'S
face into it. She laughs, takes the drug, and sits on the
floor, stunned from its illusion.

Powder flies in every direction. A CLUB EMPLOYEE says
nothing, cleaning up behind the crowd.
A closeup of SILVIANO- older, just as handsome. He smokes a
CIGARETTE, removing it briefly to release the smoke. He
studies it for a moment before replacing it to his lips.
                       RYAN (O.S.)
We don't have all day Silviano.
SILVIANO'S eyes lift as he watches the MAN off screen. He
pauses and puts out his CIGARETTE, leaning back into his

The scene slowly expands. SILVIANO remains silent.
                       RYAN (O.S.)
Look, you called us, we didn't
call you. I'm giving you one more
chance and then...
... and then what? You're going to
shove me back into my prison cell?
That's not much of a threat Agent
Davis. I'm going back there
regardless of what I do to make
REVEAL RYAN DAVIS- a tall, muscular man in his 30's- sitting
on a large TABLE. SILVIANO is seated in a nearby chair,

The MEN are in a small interrogation room- nothing around


them but a two-way mirror, a door, minimal furniture. A
briefcase sits nearby.
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
Go ahead, put me back in. I have
no problem with it. But you won't
get what you want that way.
Since you seem to know me so well,
what is it that I want?
Natalia Ruiz.
So all of a sudden you're just
willing to give up Natalia Ruiz. I
don't buy it.
I want to tell my side of the
We already know your side of the
story. Boy meets girl, falls in
love with girl, lets girl walk on
him, boy murders dozens of people,
despite the fact that he is
married with two beautiful

Does that sound right?
You have no idea what I was up
You were up against yourself
Worse. I was up against her.


OK, suppose you tell me this
beautiful love story. What then?
RYAN pauses, waiting for an answer. There is none, he
                       RYAN (cont'd)
There's a catch. There's always a
Everything in life has one.
So what is your's?
SILVIANO remains silent for a few moments. He sits back in
his seat, observing RYAN as he stares at him, questioning
his motives.
I'm not stupid. I have to pay for
the crimes I committed, the lives
that I took.
That's a no-brainer.
But I want to be able to see my
children. I want unsupervised
visits with my wife. And I want
What kind of privileges are we
talking about? I'm not going to
let you conduct business in here
if that's what you're thinking.
You can't do the things I do
behind bars. I wasn't your average
Spit it out then. What are we
talking here?
More phone calls, the job program.
I might as well make a life out of
this place. It's not like I'm


                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
going anywhere anytime soon.

Look, the conditions of my term
are strict. I can't do shit. Give
me some freedom and you'll get
what you want.
RYAN watches SILVIANO speak, showing some compassion for his

Taking a moment, RYAN contemplates the request before
I can't guarantee anything until
you give us the story. But,
depending on what you give, I can
work with you, get you the things
you need, some of what you want.
I'll give you everything that I
RYAN reaches into his briefcase, removing a small RECORDING
DEVICE. He places it on the table, pressing the RECORD
December 24th, 1984. The testimony
and personal account of Silviano
Where do you want me to start?
I want to know everything. Start
from the beginning if you have to.
There is a pause. SILVIANO gets his bearings, continues.
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
It started six years ago. I had
just moved to Miami...


The sound of LATIN MUSIC fills the confines of an AUTO SHOP,
occasionally broken by STATIC. CARS are everywhere- all
makes and models. TOOLS of all kinds line the walls.

MEN of all ages and backgrounds complete individual tasks.
ONE argues with a CUSTOMER.

One car in particular sits idling. MARCO RAMIREZ- a man of
about 19- sits in the driver's seat, listening to the radio,
tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. An UNIDENTIFIED
MAN stands on the other side of the opened hood.
      (with a heavy
       Latin accent)
I wish I could own a car like
this. I'd drive everywhere with
the windows down, the music up...
                       SILVIANO (O.S.)
I'm sure you would.
The hood shuts. SILVIANO stands in front of the car, covered
in grease, wiping his hands with a towel.
Shut the car off and start it
again. Maybe I finally got the
kinks out of this thing.
A beauty like this has no kinks.
MARCO turns the car off. He turns the key in the ignition,
nothing happens. SILVIANO smirks, grabbing a different tool.
I repeat, kinks.
      (changing the
So, any plans this weekend?
Not really. My wife has the girls
with her mother. I might put in
some overtime.


SILVIANO searches for a different tool. MARCO reopens the
hood. SILVIANO raises it.
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
What about you?
Going to see a man about a job.
What kind of job?
MARCO steps out of the car, shutting the door behind him. He
walks over to SILVIANO and stands beside him.
The best kind. The one that brings
in real money.
Anything green cuts it for me
these days.
My girl's cousin, you know, the
one that owns real estate here.
The developer.
Yeah? What about him?
He's worth millions.
From real estate development?
There's no money in that right
now. The entire fucking country is
in a recession.
No, he operates in some import and
export business too. He has his
hands in a lot of things.
      (in Spanish)
Are his hands dirty or clean?
      (in Spanish)
Who cares, as long as I can make
what he makes in a year.


SILVIANO, ignoring MARCO, reaches forward, adjusting
something underneath the hood. He moves back and observes
the car for a second time.
                       MARCO (cont'd)
Why don't you come with me
tonight. Maybe I can introduce you
to some people, you can make some
I don't need that shit anymore. I
made a promise to Sandra.
Just see what the man has to say.
Anything has to pay better than

We both know that you could use
the money. You have two little
SILVIANO moves one more thing and walks over to the driver's
side. He steps inside of the car, leaving the door open. He
looks at MARCO.
I'll see what the man has to say.
No guarantees.
      (in Spanish)
That's the Silviano I know! So
I'll see you tonight at Rojo?
      (in Spanish)
Yes, tonight.
SILVIANO turns the key in the ignition. The car starts.
MARCO smiles, patting the car on the hood after he shuts it.
I told you. A beauty.
SILVIANO turns the car off and sits in the driver's seat for
a moment, thinking to himself.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
I was 14 when I first went to work
in Chicago. For years, I worked
for the big timers- the weight
dealers, the hustlers. Over time,


                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
most of them ended up in prison.

I wanted to see my children grow.
I wanted to be a grandfather. I
backed out for the girls, not for
myself. They're also the reason I
went back. It's not easy raising
kids, you know?
                                         FADE OUT
A COLOMBIAN band plays on stage, moving to the beat of the
music, interacting with the crowd. The crowd is large, full
of energy.

The club is spacious- filled with tables and chairs, and a
dance floor fit for hundreds.
SILVIANO enters, dressed in a BLUE SUIT. He walks through
the club, searching for MARCO.


MARCO spots SILVIANO in the crowd, and calls for him to
      (to the TABLE)
This is him, the one I was telling
you about.
SILVY, over here!
SILVIANO arrives at the table. MARCO stands, offering him a
                       MARCO (cont'd)
Silviano, I want you to meet
Benito, a friend of mine from New
York, and this is Miguel Lorenzo.
Antonia's cousin from Columbia.

Benito, Miguel, this is Silviano
SILVIANO, BENITO, and MIGUEL all shake hands. SILVIANO sits,
MARCO taking his place beside him.


      (to MIGUEL, in
Where in Columbia?
      (in Spanish)
My family comes from Medellin.
      (in Spanish)
The purest of Colombians are born
      (in Spanish)
Purity over sanity.
MIGUEL smiles. A WAITRESS arrives with a round of DRINKS.
MIGUEL hands her a large sum of MONEY- paying for the
drinks, tipping her well.
      (now in English)
Marco here tells me you're new to
Came down about six months ago.
From where?
How do you like it so far?
It's no different than any other
big city shit hole. The weather
makes up for it though.
There's one thing you can't
complain about down here, and
that's the weather.


MIGUEL takes a long drink. He looks directly at SILVIANO.
From what Marco tells me, you're a
good man to have around.
Depends on what your definition of
'good' is.
I'm always looking for a man with
a set of balls on him. These fake
mother fuckers down here don't
know their ass from their cock.
I'm always searching for someone
to have my back, carry his own
weight. Someone who wants to make
a fortune.
He has balls. Big ones.
SILVIANO glares at MARCO. The conversation continues.
Do you want to make a fortune?
      (through laughter)
On what? What could making a
fortune possibly depend on?
What goes into it, how much my
time is worth...
You'd be working for a top notch
organization. Ask Marco here, he's
been committed to me for a number
of weeks now. I'm about to throw
him a bone, if you know what I
MARCO nods and nudges SILVIANO in the side, leaning towards
him, dropping his voice to a whisper.


      (to SILVIANO)
He's giving me three large for
just one job. Think about that,
one fucking job. Imagine what
you'd make doing a year of this
SILVIANO listens to MARCO. He takes a drink, eventually
turning his attention back to MIGUEL.
What kind of organization are we
talking about here?
MIGUEL laughs.
You ask a lot of questions.
It's the only way to find the
answers that you want.
Big balls. BIG fucking balls.
MIGUEL turns serious. He stretches across the table,
lowering his voice. BENITO smiles and passes him something
under the table. Raising his hand, he puts a small BAG on
the table.

Inside the bag- COCAINE.
                       MIGUEL (cont'd)
      (in Spanish)
SILVIANO eyes the BAG. He looks back up at MIGUEL.
I've been above street level
distribution since I was sixteen.
Get the fuck out of here.
MIGUEL stands, defensively. MARCO holds SILVIANO. BENITO
stands and shakes his head, laughing. Tension has grown.
No one said anything about street


MIGUEL straightens out, continuing to stand. He leans across
the table.
Like I said, I need mother fuckers
to watch my back, make things run
smooth. Natalia wants nothing but
the best.
Natalia- you work for a woman?
Not just any woman. Natalia Ruiz.
Name sounds familiar.
      (in Spanish)
Remember Armando?
Armando Ruiz.
SILVIANO thinks for a moment and nods.
      (in Spanish)
Yes, I remember.
Natalia took over the family
business. About three years ago.
SILVIANO sits back in his seat, consuming more of his drink.
MIGUEL cautiously sits.
So what are you offering me?
Fifty large to start. We'll see
how you do and go from there.
SILVIANO lets out a low whistle, sitting up, attentively.
You're willing to take a chance on
me and give me fifty large? What's
the catch?


No catch. But you know how it is.
Once you're in...
      (in Spanish)
It's your life.
MIGUEL nods. BENITO and MARCO watch, waiting for an answer.

In his head, SILVIANO ponders everything- his family, his
way of life, the changes he had been making. The money is
good- too good to pass up.

SILVIANO reaches forward with his hand, extending it across
the table.
Count me in.
MIGUEL shakes his hand with great joy. BENITO also shakes
his hand. MARCO pats him on the back.
      (in Spanish)
Let's celebrate! Ladies...
Four beautiful WOMEN- all young, voluptuous- join the men at
the table, seating themselves amongst them. SILVIANO laughs
and puts his arm around one of the WOMEN, helping himself to
a CIGAR being offered by MIGUEL.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
And that was it. They had sucked
me in. I took the bait and went
back to a life I had promised to
leave. But it was too good to pass
up- think about it, would you have
passed up fifty grand?
SILVIANO enters. He smiles at the WOMAN behind the counter,
walking through the store to a back room.

He reaches a door, enters.

Moments later, he leaves- a wad of cash in his hand.


SILVIANO enters the WAREHOUSE, collecting a SMALL PACKAGE.
He exits through the side door.

JOEY watches him, working in the same pattern as usual,
shaking off SILVIANO'S sudden presence.
SILVIANO stands at the bar, observing the crowd. He spots a
familiar face- a MAN in a yellow shirt. He puts down his
DRINK, approaching the MAN.

The two exchange words. The MAN becomes confrontational.
SILVIANO reacts, punching the MAN hard in the jaw.

The MAN stumbles, swinging at SILVIANO unsuccessfully.
SILVIANO pushes him against a wall, screaming obscenities at
him in Spanish.

The MAN cowers, reaches into his pocket, pulling out a small
sum of MONEY.

SILVIANO counts the money before burying it inside his
pocket. SILVIANO turns to leave. He pauses. For good measure
he turns, punching the MAN in the face.

He immediately leaves.
entangled in a game of POKER. Thousands of dollars in CHIPS
and CASH surround them, along with BEER BOTTLES and FOOD.

The MEN are in the middle of a game- enjoying their
prosperous lives with a simple round of cards.
SILVIANO'S DAUGHTERS sit in the center of the living room.
One is watching television, the other dressing a doll.

SILVIANO walks into the house, shoving a large sum of MONEY
into a VASE near the front door.

SANDRA greets him, kissing him on the cheek, unaware of the

The home is spacious and decorative, a standard FAMILY HOME.


                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
It took a lot to hide what I was
doing from my family. I didn't
want them to know anything about
it. All I wanted them to see from
it was the benefits- the money.
SILVIANO walks past SANDRA and into the kitchen, opening the
refrigerator, searching.
Are there any leftovers from last
There should be, down on the
second shelf.
SILVIANO pulls out a plate and locates the LEFTOVERS. He
makes himself a PLATE.
                       SANDRA (cont'd)
How was work?
Same shit, different day.
My mother should be over here
around five or so for dinner, so
don't eat too much.
I have to work tonight. I thought
that I told you.
You didn't tell me! We've had
these plans for over a month
What am I supposed to tell my
Tell her the truth. Tell her I
gotta work. She should understand,
you know how it is sometimes.


No, apparently I don't. Since when
do auto body shops stay open
twenty four seven?
Don't hassle me Sandra, I'm
bringing home money, right?
SANDRA moves further into the kitchen, lowering her voice.
Are you into that shit again?
Didn't we move down here to get
away from it?
SILVIANO hesitates before answering. He removes the PLATE
from the MICROWAVE, savoring a few bites.
It's not the same as it was in
How is it different?
Just don't worry about it.
SILVIANO turns to his wife, placing his hands on her arms.
He rubs them gently, showing her affection.
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
I'm doing this for you. For the
girls. For us. Not because I love
it, but because I love you.
SANDRA sighs.
      (in Spanish)
You drive me crazy.
SILVIANO kisses her passionately, smiling.
I have to go.
SILVIANO inhales a few more bites, disappearing into the
bedroom afterwards. SANDRA turns to the GIRLS.


Girls, go clean up before your
grandmother gets here.
The GIRLS stand and run to their rooms.

SANDRA watches SILVIANO leave the bedroom. He leaves the
house moments later, as she looks on, frightened and
                                         SCENE FADES
The line outside stretches around the block. Eager
CLUB-GOERS patiently await their chance to see what lies
behind the shaded walls.

BOUNCERS stand guard at the doors, checking names off of a
list as VIP guests arrive.

The MUSIC from inside can be heard on the streets. Some in
line are dancing.

SILVIANO crosses the street, working his way through the
crowd. He mingles with a few familiar faces, speaking mainly
in SPANISH, ultimately reaching the front of the line. The
BOUNCER greets him with familiarity.

Almost as quickly as he arrived, SILVIANO enters the club.
The atmosphere inside is unrivaled- beautiful WOMEN line the
floor, dancing with MEN of all ages. Most are drunk and

Lines of PEOPLE wait patiently at the bar, hoping for
another drink. BARTENDERS, BOUNCERS, and BARMAIDS work
endlessly, earning each one of their tips.

SILVIANO approaches the bar, ordering a DRINK. He turns,
watching the crowd.

He feels someone behind him. A MAN taps his shoulder.

He jumps, turns, and sees MARCO, who is quickly startled. He
backs away, laughing.


On edge?
A little bit. What the fuck are
you doing here?
Killing time with the ladies. What
about you?
Waiting on Miguel.
Always waiting on Miguel. It's the
story of your life Silvy.
He puts food on my table. I'll
wait for him as long as I need to.
Point taken.
MARCO eyes a beautiful BLONDE. He disappears just as quickly
as he appeared- approaching her. She graciously accepts his
request for a dance. SILVIANO watches as they break out onto
the dance floor.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
I saw myself in Marco. He was a
good kid caught up in the wrong
crowd- just like I had been.
Honestly, all that kid made me do
was smile.
MARCO waves at SILVIANO in a child-like manner. SILVIANO
smiles and turns his attention to the bar once more. He
collects his drink, and walks into the crowd.
A pair of RED HIGH HEELS impatiently tap against the foot of
a table, their sound defined, even against the deafening

Other feet are seen, all feet belonging to MEN. A
conversation is under way.
                       NATALIA (O.S.)
That's why we need to go straight
to the source. I can't do this
everytime, all they do is fuck and


                       NATALIA (cont'd)
fuck and fuck me, time and time
                       SEAN (O.S.)
Half the fucking shipment was
there this time. Half! What the
fuck do they want me to do with
half, sell it to an undercover
crack whore? These niggers don't
know who they're fucking with.
The scene expands.

NATALIA RUIZ- beautiful as ever, wearing a red dress- sits
at a table with SEAN and MIGUEL. ESTEBAN LOPEZ sits in the
background- dressed in a black suit, protective of the

NATALIA lights a CIGARETTE, the smoke pouring between her
lips as she listens to MIGUEL speak.
It has nothing to do with
Columbia. It's all New York.
I'm still sending someone to
I got your back Natalia, send me
down there, let me tell them how
its done.
NATALIA shakes her head, placing her CIGARETTE into a nearby
I have to send someone who knows
the land. I can't send you down
there baby, I'd be marking you for
Why? 'Cause they scared a nigger
knows how to lay it down, work the
game? That's bullshit Natalia.
If the truth is bullshit, than so
be it. I'm not discussing it



                       NATALIA (cont'd)
I'm sending Miguel.
MIGUEL approves. SEAN, irritated, sits back, enjoying his
DRINK, separating himself from the atmosphere.
Two days. Bobby is taking care of
your transportation.
My family?
Vidal will stay at the house while
you're gone.

You should know me by now, Miguel.
I've covered all of our angles.
Why do we go through New York
anyway? I mean, we're closer to
fucking Columbia than those
pricks, so what the fuck?
Cocaine is our version of
prohibition. At the time, the
cartel chose the best route
possible, and now there's a reason
for change. That's why Miguel is
going down there- for change.
Sure, ok.
I'm becoming impatient here, Sean.
You can leave if you don't like
where this is going.
The table goes silent. ESTEBAN watches. SEAN shakes his
head, looking at NATALIA.
No, no, I ain't got nothing more
to say.


Good. Because I have every
intention of finding a good fuck
tonight, and I'm in no mood for
NATALIA stands, putting out her cigarette.
                       NATALIA (cont'd)
You boys should go and do the
same. We'll continue this in the
NATALIA walks away from the table. MIGUEL follows. SEAN
stays seated. ESTEBAN mockingly stares at SEAN.
You got somethin' to say Bon Bon?
Even if I did, I wouldn't waste
the breath.
ESTEBAN walks away. SEAN, angry, throws his DRINK.
SILVIANO observes a single FEMALE in a BLACK DRESS. She
smiles flirtaciously and whispers something to a FRIEND.
Both wave, taking in his GOOD LOOKS and CHARM.

MIGUEL approaches, smiling to himself once he sees where
SILVIAN'S thoughts are.
      (in Spanish)
SILVIANO laughs and takes a drink.
      (in Spanish)
Can't live without them.
      (in Spanish)
I hear you.
SILVIANO places his drink on a nearby table, turning his
attention to MIGUEL.


So what's going on? You called me
down here...
      (dropping his
       voice to a near
Can I trust you?
Have I given you a reason not to?
MIGUEL nods in agreement. He moves in closer to SILVIANO.
I'm leaving in a few days for
Columbia. I'm not sure when I'll
be back, it could be the next day
or the next week, but I need
someone to run the day to day,
take care of things for me while
I'm gone.
And you want me?
You said that I can trust you,
Let me introduce you to someone.
I'm sure she'd love to meet you...
MIGUEL drags SILVIANO to the bar. NATALIA stands nearby,
conversing with a young WOMAN.

In the eyes of SILVIANO- NATALIA appears angelic- her body,
every inch, is picturesque, serene, and near perfection.
SILVIANO holds a sexual attraction.
NATALIA turns, locking eyes with SILVIANO for the first
time. MIGUEL continues his introduction.


                       MIGUEL (cont'd)
Natalia, this is Silviano, the man
I've been telling you about.
NATALIA greets SILVIANO curiously. The two exchange curious
Charmed. Not what I expected.
A big guy? Bald head? Maybe a
MIGUEL eyes SILVIANO carefully- his reaction not pleasant.

NATALIA cannot help herself- she breaks into a laugh.
Funny man. I like that. A sense of
humor makes things a lot less,
well, sensitive.
That it does.
Does the funny man want to dance?
SILVIANO shrugs, laughing nervously.
I'm not much of a dancer.
Let me be the judge.
NATALIA forcefully grabs SILVIANO's hand and pulls him away.
MIGUEL watches in awe.

MARCO approaches MIGUEL shortly afterwards, just in time to
see SILVIANO and NATALIA taking the dance floor.
Fucking gorgeous, who is she?
      (in Spanish)
Your boss.
Oh... got 'ya.


MIGUEL walks away. MARCO stands and watches in admiration.

SILVIANO takes NATALIA into his arms, pulling her close as
the song slows down. He smiles at her, admiring her beauty.
You don't look like the devil.
Is that what they're calling me
Amongst other things.
It amuses me. The things that I
Are you amused or annoyed?
Someone seems to be observant-
I'm always honest. I have nothing
to hide.
Everyone has something to hide.
Even you.
Not right now. But I guess that
time will tell.
Only time will tell.
I have a lot of respect for you,
Mrs. Ruiz.
No, please, its Natalia.


What makes you say that Silviano?
You're running a man's world, and
it doesn't seem to bother you. I
can't help but respect a woman in
your position.
That's nice to hear. Usually its
the opposite.
Don't think that the respect was
always there.
The two remain silent as the song changes, becoming much
faster. SILVIANO and NATALIA share a dance together, their
attraction at its peak.

The song ends. The band is applauded. SILVIANO looks to
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
So what do you think? Am I a
Not quite, but we have time to
work on it.
      (kissing her hand)
It was a pleasure.
SILVIANO walks away from NATALIA. NATALIA curiously follows.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
I wasn't stupid. I'm still a
The bedroom is dark. The sound of the OCEAN can be heard
through the open windows. A slight breeze forces the
CURTAINS aside, drifting into the open room.

SILVIANO lay on a bed, nude. NATALIA is pressed on top of
him, SILVIANO buried deep inside of her.

NATALIA's body moves up and down, pressing harder and harder


against SILVIANO. Her moans break the silence of the room,
her sexual pleasure forcing sound to break beneath her lips.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
We danced... all night.
SILVIANO moves quickly, flipping NATALIA onto her back. He
pushes deeper inside of her, causing her to scream. He
begins moving in and out, back and forth.
With time, NATALIA and SILVIANO both climax, one collapsing
on top of the other, breathless.
Two CARS, one black the other white, follow each other up a
dirt road into the hidden gates of a DRUG COMPOUND. Sand,
gravel and dust fly as they approach their destination.
Once inside, the GATE closes behind them.

FOUR MEN appear, all dressed in black, carrying an army's
worth of WEAPONRY.
The house inside of the compound is enormous- a MANSION,
with large pillars and an oversized FOUNTAIN. LUXURY CARS
line the driveway.

In the background are large fields of green. WORKERS pluck
the leaves from the plants, piling them into boxes and

A WAREHOUSE sits even further in the background, WORKERS
entering and leaving.

More MEN stand around the exterior of the compound- each man
holding a WEAPON, all dressed in black.

The CARS park. MEN begin stepping out, MIGUEL amongst them-
dressed in a WHITE SUIT.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
I wasn't there, but Miguel filled
me in. I also had the pleasure of
visiting later on. But at the
time, he said the compound was
like a small city. He said he
really understood at that moment
why cocaine was so important in
Columbia- it could make even the


                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
poorest of men wealthy.
MIGUEL is greeted by TONY GARCIA, a powerful man in a green
suit, standing atop a flight of stairs.

MIGUEL approaches. The two MEN shake hands.
      (in Spanish)
Thanks for coming, Miguel is it?
      (in Spanish)
Miguel Lorenzo.
      (in Spanish)
Charmed. Follow me.
MIGUEL follows TONY inside.
The interior proves to be more beautiful than the exterior-
lavish furniture, decor from around the world. MAIDS walk
through the rooms, CHILDREN play nearby.

TONY gestures for MIGUEL to follow.
                       TONY (cont'd)
      (in Spanish)
Come, I will give you a tour.
MIGUEL graciously follows.

TONY leads MIGUEL through almost every room in the house,
discussing details of his wealth.

The MEN reach an office, stepping inside. TONY shuts the
door behind them.


A GUARD stands just outside, armed and dangerous.
                       TONY (cont'd)
      (in Spanish)
Please, sit.
MIGUEL sits in a nearby chair. TONY sits behind the desk,
grabbing a box of CIGARS.


                       TONY (cont'd)
      (now in English)
I already have an idea as to why
you are here. But I want to hear
it from you.
Natalia isn't happy.
Women are never happy.
MIGUEL laughs. TONY offers him a CIGAR. He accepts.

Both MEN enjoy the taste and texture before continuing.
                       TONY (cont'd)
What is the problem?
New York is withholding supply. It
keeps going down, we get less and
less with each shipment.
Has anyone spoken with Pablo?
He refuses a meeting.
I understand where you're coming
from. I do. But I'm sure Pablo
sees what I do, and that's why the
shipments have changed.
And what is that?
A female who has stepped over her
social boundaries.
I understand your thoughts on it,
but she's a lot tougher than you
might think.
Here's the bottom line...


TONY puts out his CIGAR and stands. He begins to pace around
the room.
                       TONY (cont'd)
I'm willing to step in and make
sure the shipments are equally
divided. However, our business
will not change with New York. I
refuse to deal with a woman. She
has yet to prove to me that she is
worth my time.
We're going in circles here, what
exactly are you saying?
Tell Natalia I'll speak with
Pablo, but I can't control him.
Word it the way that you know
That's it?
That's the best I can do. Maybe a
change in your organization would
be best...
NATALIA and MIGUEL are seated together in the living room.
.. more orderly, some sort of
meeting he was going to have with
Pablo. He never went into
The bastard thinks that I'm
incapable of doing my job.
Basically, yes.
NATALIA stands and throws her hand, sending a GLASS FIGURINE
flying across the room. It shatters.

She puts her hand to her mouth, paces, and returns to where
MIGUEL is seated.


Why do men think that women are
incapable of anything besides
babies and laundry?
NATALIA walks into the other room. MIGUEL watches her,
                       NATALIA (cont'd)
      (from the other
Pablo isn't about to run this
organization into the ground. I'm
walking on a fucking gold mine...
NATALIA returns to the room, a SILVER PLATED GUN in her
hands. She loads it, handing it to MIGUEL.
                       NATALIA (cont'd)
Do we have anyone capable of
Maybe. I'm not sure. Its not
exactly a conversation I've had
with my men.
MIGUEL takes the GUN into his hands, looking at it.
                       MIGUEL (cont'd)
She's a beauty.
Give her to one man. Make sure
Pablo dies before the next
Do you think that's best? I
NATALIA cuts MIGUEL short, slamming his body back into the
chair. She pulls his face close to her own.
What is my name?
This is rediculous...


Natalia. Natalia Ruiz.
And who runs this bullshit we call
an organization?
You do.
Then I believe its time to listen
to Natalia, not your conscience.
There is a long pause as NATALIA pulls away from MIGUEL.
MIGUEL sits in his seat, puzzled from her reaction. He
stands, grabbing his hat from the coffee table.

NATALIA walks to the bar, pouring herself a drink.
                       NATALIA (cont'd)
The last time I checked, your
conscience didn't hand you a dime.
Yes ma'am.
MIGUEL leaves hurriedly. NATALIA watches, finishing off her
drink quickly and with ease.
SUPER: 1979
SILVIANO walks through the living room, holding a TELEPHONE
to his ear. The cord drags behind him, becoming tangled in
his path. His DAUGHTERS play on the floor. Two BOYS, the
same age as the GIRLS, run through the living room. One
grabs a DOLL and runs. The GIRLS both scream. SILVIANO
nearly drops the phone.
ROBERTO! Give your cousin back her
doll! ROBERTO!
SILVIANO pushes the phone back up to his lips. SANDRA leaves
the kitchen, chasing after the CHILDREN.
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
Yes, yes, I can hold- SANDRA!
Can't you put them in the yard or
something? Why did we buy a house


                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
with a yard if they're never in
                       SANDRA (O.S.)
      (from the other
Have you seen the weather outside
Silviano? Its miserable, they're
staying inside. How about you get
off the phone and help with
      (to himself)
Fucking women...
SANDRA re-enters the room with the DOLL in her hand. She
returns it to her DAUGHTER.
What was that?
Nothing... yes, yes, ok, well can
I call you back tomorrow? Family,
yeah, ok, sure.
SILVIANO hangs up the phone. He walks into the kitchen.
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
Ok, so what needs to be done?
SANDRA removes a pan from the stove. She hands SILVIANO a
pile of PLATES from the counter.
Here, set the table, that would be
a big help.
SILVIANO begins to set the table. He sees a familiar car
park outside of the house.

MIGUEL steps out, followed by ESTEBAN.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Miguel chose me for the job.
SILVIANO finishes and walks to the front door, opening it as
MIGUEL and ESTEBAN approach.


These were the last two faces I
expected tonight...
Do you have a minute?
Yeah, sure.
MIGUEL and ESTEBAN enter the home.

SANDRA steps out of the kitchen, smiling at the them.
Should have told me your friends
were stopping by.
I didn't know that they were
SILVIANO pulls SANDRA in for a kiss on the cheek.
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
Miguel, Esteban, this is my wife
Sandra. Sandra, this is Miguel and
From work.
It's a pleasure.
Likewise. She's beautiful,
Silviano. No wonder you've been
hiding her.
MIGUEL stands, kissing SANDRA's hand. She smiles.
I'll set up two more plates.
SANDRA disappears into the kitchen. MIGUEL watches her walk
away, and looks at SILVIANO.
Do you have somewhere private that
we can go?
Yeah sure. The garage- ok?


The three MEN leave the house, walking to the GARAGE.
SILVIANO, MIGUEL, and ESTEBAN step inside. SILVIANO turns on
the light.

The GARAGE is filled, wall to wall. A single car, boxes, a

SILVIANO locks the door behind him, offering MIGUEL and
ESTEBAN lawn chairs to sit in.

All three MEN sit.
You're going to New York tomorrow.
Woah, New York? Who said anything
about New York? Why am I going
Natalia has a job for you.
I understand that, but you can't
just give me notice like that. I
have a family, and shit to take
care of here.
It just came up. If I had a
choice, you wouldn't be going at
You can't send anyone else? What
about Marco?
He doesn't have the experience.
He's just a kid, I can't trust him
with something like this.


I don't even know if I have the
experience, I mean, what's the
Look, we trust you. Just pack a
bag and be ready by 9 tomorrow.
I'll pick you up.
Can I ask what the job is?
      (to ESTEBAN)
Give him the gun.
ESTEBAN reaches underneath his jacket, pulling out the GUN
that NATALIA had given to MIGUEL. He carefully hands it to
SILVIANO, who takes it with just as much care.

SILVIANO looks at both men, puzzled.
That's nice and everything, but
what do you want me to do with it?
You're going to kill Pablo
      (in shock)
Woah, woah, wait a minute, I'm no
You are now.
SILVIANO pauses, staring at the GUN.
You better offer me a hell of a
lot of money for this.
Half a million, in your pocket,
the day its done.
SILVIANO holds the gun in his hands, in awe of what is


                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Before that I hadn't killed
anyone. I had beaten the shit out
of people, stolen cars, sold
drugs- but killing people? I
couldn't bring myself to do it.
But I guess we grow, and things
The GUN, in all of its glory, remains nestled between
The streets of NEW YORK- skyscrapers for miles, cars buzzing
along the streets. The big city atmosphere.

Nestled amongst the rows of CARS sits a DARK BLUE VAN,
unnoticed by the naked eye.

A DARK FIGURE sits inside, watching the HOTEL across the
Outside of the hotel stands a BELLMAN, enjoying a cigarette,
awaiting the next arrival.

On a nearby corner are two street WHORES- both wearing mini
skirts and revealing shirts, their hair tangled, unwashed
for days.

A CAR finally arrives.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
I made it to New York on schedule.
For three days I sat in that car,
pissing in a can, waiting for
Pablo Hernandez to arrive at the
hotel. All I thought about the
entire time was the money- and the
fact that I would be making more
than ever once this fat fuck had a
bullet in his head.
A HEAVY MAN- broad in the shoulders, nearly obese- steps out
of the car. He is accompanied by a petite BLONDE, wearing a
black dress and high heels.

Inside the DARK BLUE VAN, watching every movement, is
PABLO and the BLONDE enter the hotel. SILVIANO leaves the


PABLO and the BLONDE move quickly through the lobby. They
step inside the elevator just as the door begins to close.
Both are laughing- their touch on one another sexual and
SILVIANO sneaks in through the back entrance. He begins to
climb the stairs.
PABLO and the BLONDE disappear into a hotel room.

SILVIANO continues to climb the stairs.
The hotel room is large and luxurious. On the table- a
bottle of champagne, strawberries, and white roses.

The BLONDE is seated in a nearby chair, rubbing her feet
after removing her high heels. She lets her hair down,
allowing it to fall over her shoulders.

PABLO approaches her from behind. He kisses her neck, and
drops a packet of COCAINE onto the table in front of her.
She smiles.
How'd you know?
I can read you like a book
PABLO opens the bag, lining up three rows of COCAINE. He
leans forward, taking in one line. He stands, wipes his
nose, and gestures towards the remaining two lines.

The BLONDE smiles.
                       PABLO (cont'd)
The BLONDE leans forward, taking in the two remaining lines.
The door to the stairwell opens. SILVIANO emerges. He begins
to move through the hallway, observing each door as he

The hallway is silent- not a soul is there.


He removes a small piece of PAPER from his pocket. On the
paper is a single number- 302.
The BLONDE lays across the bed, her hair a mess, her dress
partially removed. PABLO stands above her, removing his
shirt and tie.

Leaning down, PABLO caresses the side of her face before
kissing her passionately.

There is a knock at the door.
PABLO stands, glancing at the clock- 11:47pm. He walks to
the door.

PABLO opens the door. SILVIANO stands before him.

His hands are hidden behind his back, a smile stretched
across his face.
      (in Spanish)
Are you Pablo Hernandez?
PABLO looks out into the hallway- taking in everything
around him.

Seeing nothing, he turns his attention back to SILVIANO.
      (in Spanish)
Who is asking?
      (in Spanish)
An angel of death.
SILVIANO reveals the SILVER PLATED GUN. He aims and fires
once, striking PABLO in the head.

Blood begins to flow. PABLO drops to his knees.

Blood stains the carpet as PABLO'S body collapses,

The BLONDE screams and rushes through the room, gathering
her things, pulling together her clothing.

SILVIANO aims, firing a second shot. The BLONDE falls to the
floor- half naked, covered in blood.


SILVIANO moves inside of the hotel room, shutting the door.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Natalia wanted to send a message
to Columbia. That was the entire
point of doing away with Pablo. So
I took it upon myself to add a
personal touch on her behalf... to
spice things up.
The door opens moments later. SILVIANO holds a bag in his
hand. The elevator doors open down the hall.

SILVIANO turns the corner, disappearing down the stairs.
HOTEL SECURITY arrives moments later, discovering the BLONDE
and PABLO dead.

PABLO'S body is missing it's hand.
SILVIANO emerges out of the darkness, rushing to the van.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
I have to admit, it was a rush- an
amazing fucking rush.
SILVIANO climbs inside of the DARK BLUE VAN, pulling away
SILVIANO sits alone, in the center of an open beach,
watching as the waves roll in. The sun is at its peak in the
sky- the sand hot, the temperature humid.

He is contemplative. Something about him has changed.

MIGUEL, dressed all in white, smoking a cigar- walks across
the beach, standing next to SILVIANO. He stares out at the
ocean, eventually looking to SILVIANO.
Amazing. Amazing work kid.
I'm no kid.
Compared to me you are.


MIGUEL sits down in the sand. He watches as CHILDREN play in
the surf, their PARENTS chasing behind them.
                       MIGUEL (cont'd)
Natalia wants to see you.
With time. I'm on vacation right
You've always had a set of balls
on you, Silvy.
They're my best assets.
SILVIANO pats MIGUEL on the back as he stretches. MIGUEL

MIGUEL reaches into his pocket, removing an ENVELOPE.
Inside- a half million dollars in cash.
As promised.
SILVIANO accepts the envelope, holding it high as he walks
away. He says nothing, disappearing into the distance.

SILVIANO climbs into his CAR, pulling away.
NATALIA sits in the comfort of her LIVING ROOM, dressed
comfortably, reading a MAGAZINE.

In a chair next to her sits TERESA WEATHERS- her longtime
companion and girlfriend. She is reading from a BOOK.

TERESA is Caucasian, blonde with glaring blue eyes. Her body
is unrivaled by most- a true vision of beauty.
That's not necessarily true. You
know as well as I do that Maria
and her husband have been having
problems since day one. Look at
that affair he had, with the
waitress... what was her name?


Who gives a fuck. If Armando had
ever done that to me, I would have
sliced his nuts off with a butcher
You cheated.
Yeah, but with you- that's
How is that different?
You're a woman. And its not like
he ever complained.
NATALIA'S MAID, an older woman in her 60's, approaches the
living room. She clears her throat.
      (in Spanish)
Ma'am, you have a visitor at the
door. A young man.
Send him in.
NATALIA puts down her MAGAZINE and stands. TERESA watches.

SILVIANO enters the room. NATALIA greets him appropriately.
                       NATALIA (cont'd)
I've been expecting you.
Yeah, Miguel said you needed to
see me.
TERESA clears her throat. Her eyes piercing, somewhat full
of anger and irritation.
I'm sorry, Silviano this is
Teresa, my companion.
SILVIANO smiles and reaches his hand towards her. She shakes
it, reluctantly.


Girlfriend, I'm her girlfriend.
I get that.
NATALIA flashes a look at TERESA. The atmosphere is awkward.
Let's talk in private.
NATALIA escorts SILVIANO into a nearby sitting room.

SILVIANO laughs, looking into the other room briefly as
NATALIA closes the door. TERESA continues to watch, even
after the door has shut.

You like women?
I swing both ways. Keeps life
You're my first.
Sometimes a woman's companionship
is more desirable than a man's.
Hey, whatever floats your boat.
You should try it sometime. Two is
better than one.
I might have to take you up on
that one day.
So what's the special occasion? I
told Miguel I was on a much needed
I don't offer those type of


Maybe you'd benefit from it if you
It doesn't affect me. I'll take a
vacation whenever the fuck I want
to. Plus, I already have enough
NATALIA sits down in a chair, keeping her eyes on SILVIANO.
                       NATALIA (cont'd)
I wasn't sure if you'd make it out
of New York. Miguel was right, he
said you were strong, and capable.
I'm more than capable.
One job doesn't make you
invincible, Silviano.
I never said that it did.
NATALIA makes herself comfortable, crossing one leg over the
I think its time for a promotion.
A promotion?
I think its appropriate.
What type of promotion are we
talking about here?
You'll be taking over Esteban's
You're demoting Esteban?
He has a mouth on him, and too
much pride. He's the last kind of
person I need close to me. I need


                       NATALIA (cont'd)
someone more, what is the term-
level headed?
This wasn't what I was expecting.
Maybe a connection gig, but...
Look, with Pablo gone, a lot of
business is going to open up.
We're it- we're all that Columbia
has in the states right now. They
may not want to admit it, but I'm
the most powerful person they know
aside from the Cartel. I'm a king
pen, the mother fucking goddess of
the Cocaine industry. And with him
gone, I'm in charge.
And this has what to do with me?
I trust you. You're loyal, do as
you're told. I need men like you
on my side. And everyone loves
you, you have one of those
personalities that draws people
in. I like that. Its good for
business, and good for life.
I didn't realize I was that
Well you are darling, and that's
why I have to keep you close to
So what would I be doing exactly?
I'm not into the whole bringing
you water, giving you massages
sort of thing.


NATALIA stands, walking over to SILVIANO. She leans over
him, putting her hands on the arms of the chair, supporting
her weight. She kisses his cheek and pulls back, speaking
closely to his face.
You have to be willing to sell
whatever I give you. You have to
be willing to kill people, women,
men, whatever.

If I ask you to remove someones
heart, I want it in my hand, blood
and all.

It's a dirty business Silviano,
but if you want the money, and the
power, and the passion...
NATALIA licks SILVIANO's cheek and pulls back, a smirk on
her face.
                       NATALIA (cont'd)
... you have to do what is

Now do you want it, or not?
How can I say no?
NATALIA laughs, stands, and turns her back to SILVIANO.
I wouldn't have any second
thoughts about this if I were you.
      (suddenly agitated)
What if I did?
You know the rules. I have you in
this now, blood and all. If you
try anything stupid, tricky, fuck
anything up- I'll not only torture
the fuck out of you, but I'll rip
your wife's throat out, and bury
your kids with the family dog.

Do you understand?


SILVIANO stands and eyes NATALIA, for the first time
realizing that she possesses nothing more than a cold heart,
and little room for error. NATALIA stares at him with an
emotionless glare.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
... and that, Agent Davis, is what
I mean when I say I was up against
her, up against the devil.
SILVIANO stands, watching NATALIA.
Point taken.
You're going to Columbia tomorrow
with Miguel. Have a safe trip...
NATALIA walks closer to SILVIANO, kissing his cheek as she
opens the door, walking into the other room.

SILVIANO continues to stand there, emotionless, rigid.
SILVIANO and MIGUEL, both dressed in fine fashion, approach
the large doors of THE DRUG COMPOUND.

SILVIANO adorns a pair of SUNGLASSES- the mid-morning sun
glaring off of them.
This is one hell of a house...
Its a mansion, not a house.
Same thing.
Not exactly.
Upon reaching the top step, the doors open, revealing TONY-
his eyes tired, his face drained of emotion.

He invites SILVIANO and MIGUEL inside.



All THREE MEN enter. TONY sits on his desk.
I hope the two of you aren't
planning anything funny. I plan on
living at least another 40 years.
Why, are you on the list?
MIGUEL flashes SILVIANO a look of anger. TONY laughs,
bringing the two MEN into his office.
Funny guy. Funny fucking guy.
Take a seat. Make yourself
No problem there.
SILVIANO sits in one of the chairs, propping his feet up
onto TONY'S desk. MIGUEL lowers his head, laughing to
himself, as he sits next to SILVIANO.

TONY eyes SILVIANO'S FOOT, saying nothing.

SILVIANO stands momentarily, placing a jar onto TONY's desk.
Inside the jar is PABLO's severed hand.
I know why you're here, there's no
need to explain...
I wouldn't call this an
explanation. I'd call it a
All three of us are aware of the
situation now. The need for
I underestimated Natalia. I really


That's fucking obvious.
Now that things have changed, we
have a few suggestions.
I'm listening.
SILVIANO sits silently as MIGUEL speaks.
You need us just as much as we
need you. Both of us know Miami is
a fucking gateway for coke heads
and junkies. Our business is your
      (in Spanish)
Yes, yes. I know.
First thing is no more New York.
You deal directly with Natalia and
her organization.
      (in Spanish)
And our men do the transportation.
The Cartel will never agree.
Its the only way you're going to
get shipments into Miami.
Otherwise, you're fucked.
So what is your suggestion? You
two fucking idiots come down here
in your high powered jet, once a
week, and deliver the goods? Its a
flawed plan.
That's why we're not proposing
that as a solution.


What exactly are you proposing?
We have two clean cut White boys
up in Florida. Both have clear
records, and look innocent as
fuck. But one is a trained killer,
and the other is a master at
piloting a plane, and driving
anything with a set of fucking
They're loyal. Trustworthy.
And you want to send these two
down here, to pick up the goods?
Exactly. And it helps both ends.
They work for no one but
themselves, no contracts involved.
I'll see what I can do, no
promises. The Cartel has to make
those kind of decisions.
TONY opens a box of CIGARS, offering them to SILVIANO and
MIGUEL. Each takes one.
                       TONY (cont'd)
Anything else?
Just one more thing.
TONY and MIGUEL eye SILVIANO curiously. MIGUEL is unaware of
the condition at hand.
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
Natalia remains unharmed.
And why would we harm Natalia?
I used to be a guinea pig for
Eddie Cochran in Chicago.


TONY stops laughing. The name is all too familiar- the name
of the famous Chicago gangster, related to the Colombian
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
I know everything that you fucks
do and how it starts. From this
moment on, she's protected.
OK, OK, I can promise her
protection. That I can do.
And if you ever come for her,
you'll have to get through me
      (while lighting
       the cigar)
Point taken.
MIGUEL and SILVIANO light their own cigars, enjoying the
taste of the smoke and fire. TONY, with lit cigar in hand,
walks to a nearby bar, pouring THREE DRINKS.
                       TONY (cont'd)
This calls for celebration...
TONY delivers the drinks to MIGUEL and SILVIANO. He raises
his glass, the others follow suit.
                       TONY (cont'd)
Here's to a prosperous future...
Here's to the cartels, and to the
... and here's to Miami.
The GLASSES clank together, creating a harmonious sound.
MACHINE before her. STACKS OF MONEY sit nearby- some
counted, others waiting for the chance.

MIGUEL and SEAN are close by, watching, helping. A number of


OTHERS are in the room as well, admiring the scene,
completing other tasks.

NATALIA is excited- the start of a new day.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
And that's where it all began. The
money started to roll in...
NATALIA grabs a number of the MONEY STACKS and piles them
into a suitcase. She pauses, flipping through one, before
setting it beside the others.
JOEY and BOBBY unload an airplane full of COCAINE and
MARIJUANA- piling everything inside of the warehouse.
WORKERS gather around, helping.

The WORKERS are nude- squashing any chance for theft.

JOEY receives a phone call. He pulls BOBBY aside, handing
him some CASH.

BOBBY reluctantly climbs into the airplane again, and, with
assistance, pulls the plane out of the warehouse, preparing
for another run.
WORKERS load dozens of packages of DRUGS onto the plane.
BOBBY and TONY supervise.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
We were making between three and
five runs to Columbia a week, and
sometimes that wasn't even enough.
The WORKERS finish. BOBBY and TONY shake hands. BOBBY climbs
into the plane, starting the engine.
A young COUPLE snorts lines of COCAINE off of their table.
They offer a small package to a friend, who graciously

Everyone around them is HIGH, experimenting with some sort
of DRUG.

In the background, a BOUNCER takes a line, offering the rest
to a beautiful GIRL. She accepts, snorting the drug off of
the bar.


                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
You know as well as I do everyone
was using the shit. I'm sure you
even took a dip.

I know I did...
SILVIANO stands in his bathroom. He is shirtless, wearing
only a pair of boxer shorts.

On the bathroom sink is a line of COCAINE, ready to be
taken. SILVIANO pulls himself together and leans down,
taking the drug.

He stands, wiping his nose, bits of it falling into the
sink. His eyes are red- tired and worn.

SANDRA'S voice chimes in from outside the door.
                       SANDRA (O.S.)
Papi! I need to get ready too,
would you hurry up in there?
Yeah, yeah, almost done.
SILVIANO cleans up and throws on a nearby shirt, rushing to
leave the bathroom. SANDRA enters immediately after.
MIGUEL rubs against a young BRUNETTE. MARCO is in the
background, talking to a group of young WOMEN.

NATALIA and SEAN sit at the bar, SEAN'S hand occasionally
wandering. SILVIANO watches closely as he shares a dance
with TERESA, enjoying the best of both worlds.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
All of us were living like mother
fucking kings and queens. Even the
lowest street dealer was wearing
five hundred dollar suits. Life
was good...
SILVIANO drives off in a brand new MERCEDES BENZ.


                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Life was real good.

And that's just how it was. For
SILVIANO pulls into the driveway. He leaves his car,
entering the home.
SILVIANO enters the home, shutting the door behind him.
Voices can be heard further inside.

SILVIANO follows them.

NATALIA sits with three MEN- RAUL, SERGIO and ANTONIO. All
three are seated before NATALIA, who is seated behind her

SILVIANO appears at the door.
There he is! Come in here so that
I can introduce you...
SILVIANO enters. All attention is focused on him.
                       NATALIA (cont'd)
These three men are looking for
work. This is Raul, Sergio, and
this is Antonio.

This is Silviano Castro, head of
security and most of my
operations. He's the man to know
around here.
The MEN greet one another. SILVIANO sits in an open chair.
So what's going on?


These men are going to take care
of that Cuban problem we have on
South Beach.
I wasn't aware of a Cuban
There's a group of Cubans selling
to the tourists on over there.
They came over on a boat and
started selling cheap, bashing our

I'm having it handled.
You should have come to me.
You have more important things to
worry about.
SILVIANO stands, leaving the room. He shuts the door behind
TERESA sits behind the home on a large patio, overlooking
the ocean. She watches as a young COUPLE walk by- hand in
hand. A dog runs behind them.

TERESA's eyes are covered with a pair of SUNGLASSES. She is
relaxing, enjoying the sun.

SILVIANO steps out. He looks out to the ocean, then down on
There she is, how have you been?
I'm alive.
What, she piss you off too?
She always pisses me off.


Join the club.
SILVIANO sits on an empty lounger.
The power is getting to her head.
I don't think so. She's just in
one of her moods.
I've known her longer. Trust me
Silvy, she's losing it.
Before you know it, she'll start
popping those around her. I might
even end up in the gutter.
I wouldn't go that far. Really.
You seem like a smart man,
Maybe you should get out now,
before she sends you to hell or
Excuse me?
You heard me. Get out well you
still can.
TERESA stands, walking back into the home. SILVIANO
continues to sit, speechless.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Natalia had always been ruthless,
but the greed was getting to her.
Everyone saw it. I had tried to
deny it and block it out, until
that day when Teresa told me to
get the fuck out. I guess now that
I look back on it, her advice was


                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
the best that I had ever gotten. I
shouldn't have taken it so
Three CUBAN MEN stand outside of a convenience store,
talking amongst themselves.

As PEOPLE show up, money is exchanged for small packages.

In a car, strategically parked across the street, sits

SILVIANO puffs on a cigarette, ESTEBAN eats a snack.
Here we are, out here chasing a
bunch of low lives when we should
be at home, enjoying our
Hey, if you want to go, by all
means. I know you have a new baby
at home.
What? And let you have the glory?
What glory? Its just a fucking
stake out. We're keeping an eye on
these pricks, making sure we're in
the right.

Nothing more. Keep your cool.
I'll make a move on these fucks
right now.
ESTEBAN reaches beneath the seat, pulling out a small
HANDGUN. SILVIANO grabs it from him, putting it back into
Are you crazy? Don't be a fucking


The three CUBAN MEN finish selling their supply, what seems
like hours later.

SILVIANO watches attentively. The CUBAN MEN get into a car,
pulling away.

SILVIANO follows.
SILVIANO and ESTEBAN continue to follow the CUBAN MEN.
I'll tell you who an idiot is. The
idiot is you boy, that's who.
Ok, alright, whatever you say
You've turned into a cocky mother
fucker since you were promoted.
Man, if this was Columbia...
The CUBAN MEN pull into a driveway. The home is in a
suburban area. They pull the car into a small garage,
shutting the door, disappearing.

SILVIANO stops the car up the street. He grabs ESTEBAN
pulling him close to him.
I have a family to feed. This has
nothing to do with you or anyone
else. I'll fucking kill you if I
have to, anything to keep my
family afloat. Do you understand?
Yeah, yeah, ok.
SILVIANO drops ESTEBAN back into the passenger seat. He
looks over at SILVIANO, angry, and sinks down, peering out
the window.

SILVIANO pulls away, disappearing down the street.
SILVIANO, accompanied by RAUL, sits in a different car,
parked in the same spot as before.


Both MEN watch as the three CUBAN MEN continue their same
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
We watched those fucks for a good
three weeks before Natalia wanted
to make a move. Even though she
was a greedy bitch, she didn't
want to fuck with the wrong
person. When her intuitions were
right, and they usually were, she
would send someone to pull the
RYAN, now seated in a chair, watches SILVIANO. The
confession continues to be recorded.

RYAN, sitting up in his seat, puts his hand down on the
table, easing himself up. He paces, only for a moment,
before turning back to SILVIANO.
Was there a deadline?
Fourth of July, but it didn't work
out that way... the fucks must
have gotten a paid holiday.
SILVIANO takes a long drag on his cigarette.
So when did this hit take place?
July 11th, 1979.
The Mall Massacre.
The Mall Massacre.
A large VAN sits just outside of a warehouse. The van is
large, white, somewhat dirty. A pair of windows adorn either
side- an uncommon sight for most commercial vans.


The side of the truck reads FIESTA PARTY RENTALS, with a
phone number.

The motor is running.
SUPER: JULY 11TH, 1979
RAUL pulls himself up into the driver's seat. He appears to
be alone.

The warehouse door closes. The van pulls away.
RAUL drives the truck, his full attention on the road before
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
That bitch planned the biggest hit
in the history of MIAMI.
A WOMAN- dressed in business attire, sunglasses hiding her
eyes- crosses through the parking lot. Behind her is a
little GIRL, about nine years old, carrying a doll.

Both disappear inside of the MALL.
In the background are rows and rows of cars- their owners
inside the mall and surrounding shops.

The area seems serene- palm trees, tourist attractions,
modern elegance.

SHOPPERS, both MEN and WOMEN, wander in and out of the mall,
their cars, and the nearby shops- for the most part, unaware
of their surroundings.
The van pulls into the parking lot, finding an unoccupied
space, coming to a stop.
CUSTOMERS wander through the store- one purchasing a case of
beer, others searching through rows and rows of coolers for
their beverage of choice.

A CASHIER, about twenty years of age, stands behind the
counter, observing each of the customers, assisting with


Two of the CUBAN MEN from the convenience store approach the
liquor store, carrying on a conversation.
                       DEALER ONE
      (in Spanish)
Last time was strange. She was
messed up or something.
                       DEALER TWO
      (in Spanish)
Probably high.
                       DEALER ONE
      (in Spanish)
She'll come around again. Just
                       DEALER TWO
      (in Spanish,
I'll take your word for it.
The two CUBAN MEN enter the liquor store.
The FEET of THREE MEN pound across the parking lot, carrying
a steady pace, obviously in a hurry.

REVEAL- ANTONIO, SERGIO AND RAUL- all concealing weapons,
speeding towards the liquor store entrance.
The two CUBAN MEN greet the cashier. One walks through the
store, while the other orders a BOTTLE OF TEQUILA from
behind the counter.

A WOMAN SCREAMS. Both men turn.

A round of bullets rings out inside the liquor store. The
CUSTOMERS and CASHIER hit the floor, screaming.

One of the CUBAN MEN is struck a number of times, his body
falling to the floor in a heap.

The other CUBAN MAN fires back, removing a small gun from
his person.

RAUL, ANTONIO and SERGIO enter. One takes a bullet. They
continue to fire, striking both CUBAN MEN continuously.


Both CUBAN MEN finally fall to the ground- covered in blood
and bullet wounds. Blood is all over the floor, accompanied
shattered glass and alcohol.

SERGIO stands over one of the bodies, firing an additional
four shots, before leaving with the OTHERS.

All THREE exit into the parking lot.
RAUL opens fire into the parking lot, striking cars and a

A WOMAN and her young SON hide behind a car, screaming
hysterically as bullets fly into the windshield, releasing
glass with every shot.

SERGIO and ANTONIO open fire as well. Three more PEOPLE are

Shop windows and cars break and shatter. The parking lot is
reminiscent of a battle scene.

The shooting suddenly stops. All three MEN disappear.The
sound of SIRENS and SCREAMS fill the air.
                                         SCENE FADES
An array of EMERGENCY VEHICLES, all with flashing lights,
are parked near the scene of the crime.

A barricade now surrounds the MURDER SCENE. PEOPLE stand by
and watch. JOURNALISTS seclude themselves in a single area,
delivering information as it becomes available.

One REPORTER in particular, with her back turned to the
liquor store, stands in front of a camera, delivering an
account of what had happened.
... at approximately 2:15pm
entered the liquor store seen
behind me. Witnesses say that only
moments after the men entered the
store, they were followed by three
Hispanic males, all in their early
30's, carrying automatic weapons.
These men then opened fire inside
of the liquor store, turning their


                       REPORTER (cont'd)
weapons to the nearby mall parking
lot shortly after. Four mall
patrons were injured in the
rampage, including a teenage girl.
Police are estimating nearly a
million dollars worth of damage to
vehicles, store front shops, and
more. But nothing can outweigh the
damage done to those who witnessed
the violence seen here today...

RYAN, then a young man in his late 20's, steps past the
barricade. He is followed by a MAN of the same age, the same
rough appearance- RICKY BLAKEMORE.
Just what we needed.
Do we have any witnesses?
Yeah, but everything they're
telling us is worthless. Three
Hispanic men in their late 20's to
early 30's carrying a shitload of
guns- that describes half of Dade
Lets go take a look.
RYAN pushes his way through a crowd of OFFICERS and
PARAMEDICS surrounding the entrance to the liquor store. He
enters, followed by RICKY.
REVEAL the dead bodies of the CUBAN MEN. Both riddled with
gun shots, their blood splattered across the store, on the
floor in particular.

RYAN reaches into his pocket, grabbing a pair of gloves. He
puts them on, and kneels down, observing one of the bodies.
Do we have an ID on these men yet?
No, we're suspecting they're
illegals. Fresh off the boat.


RYAN stands, walking over to the other body, repeating the
same steps as before.
                       RYAN (cont'd)
Tell everyone that's standing
outside to start canvasing the
parking lot. The assailants had to
have gotten here somehow.
RYAN digs in the pockets of one of the MEN. He pulls out a
wad of CASH. He stares at it.
                       RYAN (cont'd)
Hopefully they drove.
RYAN stands, removing his gloves. He looks at RICKY, who is
still standing behind him.
                       RYAN (cont'd)
Now would be good Ricky. Not
Ok, ok. You got it.
RICKY pushes his way out of the liquor store and into the
parking lot. RYAN looks around one more time before leaving.
REPORTERS continue to speak. POLICE converse with WITNESSES,
taking in any information possible.

The scene is pure chaos.

One WITNESS stands with an OFFICER, hysterically telling him
what she had seen.
... and if that wasn't enough,
they turned and came out of the
store and started firing. I saw
people falling, I, I wasn't sure
if they were hurt or not. I just
hit the ground. I could hear
people screaming and running...
but I didn't see much else. I only
stood up once everything was


RYAN walks by, hearing her account. An OFFICER interrupts
RYAN's train of thought, pointing out something to him on a
piece of paper.

The conversation is interrupted by a fellow DEA AGENT.
                       AGENT ONE
Ryan, you have to see this.
See what?
                       AGENT ONE
I can't really explain it. You
just gotta come and take a look.

Nearby is the FIESTA PARTY RENTALS van. The motor is still

RYAN and AGENT ONE approach the truck. RYAN eyes it for a
moment, before turning to AGENT ONE.
So some shit got freaked out and
left the motor running...
                       AGENT ONE
Do you notice anything unusual?
No, not really.
                       AGENT ONE
Look carefully.
RYAN looks over the van. He notices the blacked out rear
The windows.
                       AGENT ONE
It gets even better.
AGENT ONE leads RYAN to the back of the van, opening the

Inside are at least twenty automatic WEAPONS- all with
appropriate ammunition. There are also three small packages


RYAN lets out a low whistle. RICKY approaches from behind.
Jesus Christ...
Jesus isn't going to save us. This
is armageddon.
RYAN continues to stand behind the van, observing its
RYAN shakes his head, laughs, and walks back to SILVIANO,
lowering himself so that their eyes are level. They lock
                       RYAN (cont'd)
So you're telling me that Natalia
Ruiz was behind the Mall Massacre?

Get the fuck out of here.
She planned it, she planned
Why there, why like that?
Natalia wanted to prove a point.
She wanted to prove that she
wasn't a woman to be fucked with.
I think that everyone got the

A series of quick cut scenes involving NATALIA.

... NATALIA stands behind a desk covered in cocaine. She
lifts a small sum with her fingernail, snorting it.
Disapproving, she pushes the remainder of the product off of
the desk.

... NATALIA fights with TERESA, their rage embedded in their
faces. TERESA leaves, NATALIA reacts violently, smashing
many of her personal belongings.


... NATALIA shoots an innocent man.

... NATALIA interacts with a group of men at a dinner club-
discussing drugs and life.

... NATALIA holds a knife to MIGUEL's throat. He retracts,
leaving. NATALIA watches boldly as he leaves her home.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
She had changed into someone I
barely knew. She always had been a
cold hearted bitch, but she was
different after that July
afternoon... something triggered a
change in her, something evil.
                                         SCENE FADES TO BLACK
SUPER: 1980
A close up of NATALIA, laughing, drinking a glass of wine.

The scene expands- ESTEBAN, MIGUEL, MARCO and SILVIANO are
seated at a large table.

Next to NATALIA sits EDDIE BUCCO- an average man with a
mustache and graying hair.

NATALIA sets her wine glass down onto the table, catching
her breath.
And then what happened?
He came across the parking lot
like a bat out of hell and BOOM,
got hit by a fucking car! I
couldn't believe this guy, I said,
John, that's God's way of saying
he should have given me the better
The GROUP breaks into harmonious laughter. SILVIANO smiles,
drinking his water. He watches EDDIE carefully and with
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Then came Eddie Bucco, the man
that changed everything.


SILVIANO puts down his water glass and clears his throat.
I'm sure you don't always get the
upper hand.
NATALIA shoots a glare at SILVIANO. The table goes quiet.
No, son, but that's the way it is
in any business. Not everything
goes according to plan.
I know that. I'm not as stupid as
you may think.
       changing the
So tell us about Dallas.
You want to know about Dallas?
I'll tell you something about
Dallas. You see I moved there
about six years ago for the first
EDDIE continues speaking. SILVIANO watches him, still
NATALIA sits in a chair, reading. EDDIE sits nearby, talking
on a telephone, enjoying a cup of coffee.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Suddenly he was everywhere. He
made himself right at home with
us. I didn't like that...
NATALIA and EDDIE walk side by side through the warehouse-
watching the WORKERS, observing BOBBY and JOEY in their
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Natalia even brought him to the
warehouse to show him around.


NATALIA and EDDIE, accompanied by ESTEBAN, walk through a
shopping mall, carrying shopping bags, exchanging
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
To say the least- I didn't trust
him. But I knew we had bigger
things to worry about...
      (pause, speak over
The media knew that drugs had
taken over the city. It was
obvious- all of the new
construction, people dying in the
streets- cocaine had become a way
of life in Miami. It was an
industry all it's own.

A series of quick cut scenes involving the COCAINE INDUSTRY.

... a construction site in Miami.

... a DEALER distributing the drug on the streets.

... BOBBY arriving at the warehouse with a plane full of

... SILVIANO and MARCO murdering a group of MEN at a
distribution center.
SILVIANO sits in his living room, watching television. The
nightly news is on.

In the background, SANDRA prepares a meal, and their
DAUGHTERS work at the kitchen table, finishing homework,
creating masterpieces.

                       TV REPORTER
... are expected to rise into the
mid 600's by the end of the year.
With last year's rate exceeding
nearly 400, officials say that the
increase will accompany a steady
course of drug usage and crime in
the city.


                       TV REPORTER (cont'd)

This increase comes with a steady
wave of illegal distribution
centers across the state. Most are
connected to the Colombian
cartels. It is expected that these
dealers, who also serve as
assassins and bodyguards, murder
at least three people in a given
week, and sell nearly three
million dollars in drugs. These
men and women have become known as
the Cocaine Warriors, and it is
expected that we will see a rise
in their profession in the coming

Also in local news today, the
Governor issued a statement to the
public concerning our roadways...
SANDRA, a dishtowel in her hand, approaches the living room,
her focus on the news report.

As the news subject changes, SILVIANO stands, stretching.
SANDRA stares at him, in disbelief.
We should try and go out to dinner
this week. Maybe get a babysitter.
Sure. Great.
Something wrong?
Silvy- if I ask you something,
will you be honest with me?
I'm always honest with you baby.
What is it?
Are you one of them?
One of who?


One of them- the, the cocaine
What? The Cocaine Warriors?
Sandra, honestly, its a made up
name, there are no such people.
It's been all over the news for
weeks. I'm just worried about you,
about us...
I know. Believe me, I know. But
there's nothing to be worried
about. Everything is being blown
out of proportion.
I just don't want to receive a
phone call one day that you died
protecting a drug.
I'll never die that way.
So how about that date?
SANDRA laughs, nodding. SILVIANO leaves her side, dipping
into the kitchen. SANDRA looks back to the television, and
then looks to her husband- she knows.
SILVIANO drives through the streets of Miami- he listens to
music, observes people, maintains focus on the road ahead of

He drives by a large federal building in time to see lines
upon lines of people- all CUBAN, all new to the country. He
stops at a light, watching.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
The Cubans came not long after
Eddie. A double whammy if you


A WOMAN looks over at SILVIANO, tired and worn. He turns his
head, pulling away.
NATALIA, silently sitting in her living room, watches the
news coverage of the CUBAN CRIME WAVE.
SILVIANO enters through the front door.
Nat, you home?
      (from the LIVING
Where the fuck else would I be?

SILVIANO enters.
Good morning to you too...
Have you seen this shit?
Yeah, what's going on exactly?
Castro just shipped us his scum of
the Earth.
English. Please.
He claimed he was sending a select
group to be with their families.
Instead he cleaned out his
prisons, sending them along too.
Its going to fuck with our


They just got here. Don't get your
panties in a bunch.
It will, I guarantee it. One of
them is going to try their hand at
it, once they figure out the money
they'll bring in.
And to think I thought our Cuban
problem was over.
Just wait it out. The last thing
you need to do is stress over
something that doesn't exist.
You're probably right.

See, that's why I keep you around.
And why is that?
Because you're level headed- and
I'm not.
NATALIA stands, leaving the room.

SILVIANO watches the news coverage of the Cubans arriving in
CESAR and DOMINICA VARGAS- both in their 30's, genuinely
attractive- sit together at a kitchen table, enjoying an
evening meal.

Two CHILDREN play in the adjoining room.

The home itself is common, rather spacious.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
I hate to say it, but Natalia was
right. The Cubans tried to take


The doorbell rings. CESAR excuses himself from the table. He
answers the door.

A young MAN of about 20 stands at the door, a large package
in his hand.
      (in Spanish)
Is this the package? From Cuba?
The MAN nods. CESAR exchanges MONEY for the package. The MAN
disappears, CESAR shuts the door behind him.
CESAR moves back to the kitchen, opening the PACKAGE. Inside
are blocks of COCAINE and a bag of MARIJUANA. He closes the
package and sets it aside.

In the corner are similar boxes- all shapes, all sizes.

CESAR returns to the dinner table, exchanging a smile with
A group of MEN, all young, handsome and well built, unload a
truck outside of a warehouse. Boxes and packages of all
shapes and sizes exchange hands, finding their place inside.
Inside, another group of MEN distribute the packages into
piles. Another group of MEN open the boxes.

DRUGS are everywhere- ready for packaging and distribution.
The club is alive- MEN and WOMEN are dancing everywhere,
some are sitting at tables, most are drinking and using

CESAR and DOMINICA- both dressed in haute' clothing- sit at
a table, surrounded by FRIENDS.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Cesar and Dominica Vargas were
behind most of it. They had been
living in the states for about
three years and had been selling
bits and pieces. But when their
relatives and friends came to join
them in the states, they finally
had the help they needed.


NATALIA arrives. SEAN and MIGUEL stand with her.

CESAR and DOMINICA whisper something to one another- NATALIA
stares in their direction. She walks forward, SEAN puts an
arm out- stopping her from moving quickly.
They're nothing to worry about.
Competition is always something to
worry about.
NATALIA shoots a glance at the CESAR and DOMINICA- who both
stare in response.

NATALIA, SEAN, and MIGUEL disappear into the VIP section.
DOMINICA leans in closer to CESAR, whispering.
Who is that?
Natalia Ruiz.
That's her?
Flesh and blood.
Huh. Not much to look at.
DOMINICA takes a drink from her glass, and resumes her
conversation with another FRIEND.
NATALIA sips on a drink, impatiently staring at SEAN. MIGUEL
sits in silence beside her.
... and then, pop!
Yeah, you know, pop.


Sean, do yourself a favor and shut
the fuck up. We're not 'popping'
anyone, do you understand?
You're the one who said we need to
be worried about them.
Just because I give you reason to
worry about something doesn't give
you the go-ahead to pull the
trigger. Chill the fuck out.
So what do you want us to do?
The last thing any of us need is a
jail record. Miami PD barely knows
we exist. Just keep a low key and
figure out their operations. We'll
do away with them soon... without
all the 'popping.'
NATALIA takes a sip of her drink, leans back in her chair,
and observes the crowd. The focus remains on her.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
So we kept an eye on things. That
was the easy part.
The backyard and the surrounding areas are filled with
PEOPLE- laughing, drinking, eating.

                       NATALIA (O.S.)
I'd like for you to meet my son-
Diego, this is Silviano and his
wife Sandra, very good friends of
mine... if you need anything, he's
the man to see.
NATALIA stands before SILVIANO and SANDRA, DIEGO RUIZ on her
arm- a young man of 16. He is similar to her, with a dark
complexion and keen smile.


      (shaking DIEGO'S
Nat talks about you all the time,
      (looking at her
All good things, all good.
Welcome to Miami sweetheart,
you'll love it here.
I already do, living on the beach
isn't so bad.
Better than Medellin I'm sure.
You know it?
Born and raised.
You'll have to swap stories.
NATALIA leads DIEGO throughout the party, introducing him to
everyone. SILVIANO watches from a distance, enjoying a
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
As if it wasn't stressful enough,
Natalia drug her kid up from
Columbia and threw him into the
mix. Diego seemed like a good kid,
but with her for a mother and
Armando as his father, something
had to be in his blood.
                       SANDRA (O.S.)
      (fading in)
Silvy, Silvy, SILVIANO.
Yeah, yeah, sorry, what is it?


I'll be inside with the girls, do
you need anything?
No. Go on, enjoy yourself.
SANDRA kisses SILVIANO's cheek and disappears inside of the
house. SILVIANO stands there for a moment before
disappearing into the crowd.
MIGUEL, SEAN and ESTEBAN stand together inside of the living
room, each of them carrying a drink.
Nothing. Nada. They're careful,
you know.
Too careful. They did their
So what does she want us to do? We
all know they're in the middle of
it, they're killing us out there.
SILVIANO enters.
Who's killing who?
The fucking Cubans.
What about them?
Did you get anything this week?
No, same shit as before. The
warehouse, South Beach...
See what I mean? We can't just sit
on our thumbs and wait for them to
launch their shit first. We have
to do something.


We can't just go out and start a
war, Sean.
Look, be reasonable. Their shit
isn't better than ours. It's
cheaper, but its just that- cheap.
SILVIANO takes a drink and sets down his glass on a nearby
He's right. It's real cheap.
Just take it easy. We'll have our
                                         FADE TO BLACK
A BLACK CAR drives down a stretch of road in the center of
the city. Its a late hour.

In the distance, a van is approaching. Slow at first, its
speed quickening.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
The Cubans took their time, most
of the year in fact, but they
eventually fucked up.
As the van nears the BLACK CAR, a MAN stretches outside of
the passenger window, an automatic WEAPON in hand.. The van
swerves, pulling alongside the BLACK CAR.

The MAN opens fire.

Losing control, the DRIVER of the BLACK CAR crashes into a
nearby building. The DRIVER of the van speeds off into the
distance, quickly turning a corner and disappearing into the

Smoke hurls out from underneath the hood of the BLACK CAR.
Bullet holes are everywhere, along with shattered glass and
fluids. Inside are two bodies- the driver, and BENITO CRUZ.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
The Vargas' made the mistake of
putting a hit out on Benito Cruz.
He was a wealthy man out of New


                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
York that funded a lot of
Natalia's outside projects. I
think he was Natalia's cousin too,
or some shit like that.

After that, all bets were off.
Natalia declared war.
The doors open. SILVIANO and ESTEBAN enter, guns drawn. Both
MEN open fire, sending bullets flying.

CUSTOMERS hit the floor, screaming. The BARTENDER falls to
the floor, injured.

Two CUBAN MEN step out from the office. Both are riddled
with gun shots.

SILVIANO departs after both MEN fall dead to the ground.
ESTEBAN fires a single shot into the ceiling, following
SILVIANO out of the bar.

CUSTOMERS stand and look around, shocked.
A MAN is dead, covered in blood. His body is laid out on the
floor. One of his feet is missing.
SEAN walks through the nightclub, a bag in his hand.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
I'm sure you know, but the war
between us and the Cubans wasn't
pretty. Natalia sent us after
NATALIA sits at a table. She is accompanied by MIGUEL and

SEAN approaches the table, handing her the bag.

Inside- the MAN's foot.


                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
... not to mention she also
decided to become a connoisseur of
mangled body parts. I started that
sick trend years before, but the
further she sunk in, the worse it
NATALIA, nodding in approval, invites SEAN to sit at the
table. SILVIANO stares at the BAG, knowing.
SILVIANO enters the warehouse. JOEY oversees a group of
WORKERS inside. BOBBY is preparing the plane for another

SILVIANO walks across the warehouse slowly. JOEY notices him
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
But business went on as usual, and
was better than ever...
      (from a distance)
Well look at who it is. I never
see your fucking mug anymore.
JOEY and SILVIANO greet one another. SILVIANO looks at a
nearby table- covered in cocaine and packaging supplies.
You know how hard it is for me to
get out of the city.
Yeah, I know.

So what's going on, how are your
They're great. Really good.
You Ok?
Yeah, yeah, you know, just
everything lately. Its been rough.


You know, I've got some years on
you Silviano. I've been around
awhile, and seen almost everything
that there is...
You are an old fuck.
All kidding aside... YOU chose
this business.
I know.
Sometimes you have to say, what
the fuck. Just suck it up, and go
with it. That's what I do. I mean
shit, look around, I'm covered in
dirt and coke all day, and I never
complain. Not once have I whined
about this. Why? Because I chose
to be here.
Doesn't make it any easier.
No, true, but the money does.
Money makes everything easier.
Remember that.
JOEY winks. He reaches under the table, pulling out an
envelope, handing it to SILVIANO.
                       JOEY (cont'd)
I'm assuming that this is what you
came for. Tell Nat its everything
she asked for.
You got it.
JOEY walks away. SILVIANO stands there for a moment,
pondering, before turning and leaving the warehouse.

JOEY turns moments later, watching him walk away.


SUPER: 1981
NATALIA sits on a sofa, drinking a cup of COFFEE. SILVIANO
sits across from her, SEAN sits nearby. The room is silent,
its atmosphere awkward.

NATALIA leans forward, pressing her coffee cup down into a
coaster. She leans back, taking everything in before
speaking, enjoying the taste of the coffee.
No matter what we do, they're
catching up to us.
About 15 bodies and lost weight
later- you'd think they would get
the hint.
Its time for more desperate
We should have done this from the
                       EDDIE (O.S.)
Done what?
EDDIE steps into the living room, taking a seat beside
NATALIA. SEAN and SILVIANO exchange glances.
                       EDDIE (cont'd)
Should have done what from the
This doesn't concern you.
He's been invited.
What, by you? Are you out of your
fucking mind?
Excuse me?


With all due respect Natalia,
Silviano has a point.
Look, if I'm causing any
No. Stay.
If he stays, count me out. I'm not
incriminating myself in front of
Incriminating yourself? He's a
part of this, whether you like it
or not.

He can be trusted.
I don't know that. I sure as hell
don't fucking know him!
You know I have a low tolerance
for disrespect...
I don't trust him, no offense
Eddie, Edward, whatever the fuck
your name is... but I don't know
you, and I'm not having this
conversation in front of you.
Eddie, can you excuse us?
Yeah. of course.
EDDIE stands, leaving the room. NATALIA watches him, and
then turns her attention to SILVIANO. She becomes enraged,
throwing the coffee cup across the room. It shatters against
a wall.


How DARE you go against what I
have to say! Do you remember who I
The Natalia I know wouldn't trust
some white guy in a suit and tie
with her business structure.
That's who I know.
If I were you, I'd drop it. I'll
have you killed just as quickly as
anyone else.
SILVIANO stands from his seat, throwing his hands in the
Then do it Natalia, fucking shoot
me, fucking shoot me RIGHT HERE!
SILVIANO pounds his hands on his chest.
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
ahead and FUCKING KILL ME!
The room remains silent. NATALIA stands close to SILVIANO,
also silent.

After a few moments, NATALIA clears her throat.
Get out of my sight...
SILVIANO turns his back to NATALIA and SEAN, leaving the
living room. He smashes his hand into a nearby plant,
sending it to the floor.

He slams the door behind him.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
I just didn't trust the guy and
she never understood why.

Anyway, the job was done without
me... Sean took care of it. He was
a big boy, I didn't need to hold
his hand.


CESAR and DOMINICA go about their daily routine- CESAR takes
a shower, DOMINICA prepares breakfast. Two TEENAGERS sit in
the LIVING ROOM- watching television, talking amongst

Shots ring out. DOMINICA falls to the ground, dead, the food
still crackling in its oils. The two TEENAGERS stand in

More shots are fired. The TEENAGERS also fall to the ground,

SEAN and a MAN enter, guns in hand.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
That crazy fuck took a random guy
and murdered the Vargas' in the
middle of broad daylight. That one
had some balls, let me tell you...
SEAN storms through the house, firing shots into random
rooms, approaching the bathroom. CESAR exits the shower in
nothing but a towel.

He quickly comes into the hallway. SEAN fires three shots,
all of them exploding into CESAR, who immediately falls,

SEAN and the MAN turn and leave the home. All of the home's
occupants are dead.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Natalia thought that she was clean
and clear after that. She had just
elimited the competition.
RICKY sits boldly at a table, a plate of food in front of
him, a glass of water to the side. He enjoys a bite of food,
concentrating on the UNKNOWN PERSON seated before him.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
... and Natalia finally found a
way to corrupt the entire Miami
police department.
RICKY swallows.


... in exchange for protection and
other amenities, that I'm sure,
we, as a force, could offer.
                       NATALIA (O.S.)
I'm flattered, really, but what
does this have to do with me?
On the opposite side of the table sits NATALIA. She is
alone. MIGUEL sits at a different table.
You pay us, we repay you. In a
RICKY drinks from his water glass before continuing.
                       RICKY (cont'd)
Let me rephrase this. You pay us
in goods- money, coke- and we
offer you protection. We won't
bother you, some of the guys might
even make you some extra money on
the streets- but the key is
payment. And lots of it.
The payment will forever remain
negotiable. I'm not drawing up
contracts- for anyone. Even my own
Negotiable. On my terms.
You don't understand what I'm
saying here sweetheart... we say
what goes and when.
No, no, no.

Ricky, Mr. Blakemore is it?
Please, Ricky is fine.


OK, Ricky. Here's how it works.
I'm Natalia Ruiz. I work for the
big guys down in Columbia, the
ones that could make you
disappear, in pieces, without a
trace. I run this city, I am the
queen of this business. No one
orders me around- because, Ricky,
despite the fact that you are an
officer of the law, I'm more than
willing to remove your penis and
shove it down your throat, that
is, before dropping your deceased
body on your wife's doorstep.
RICKY stops moving, sitting silently.
                       NATALIA (cont'd)
Do I make myself clear?
Yes, yes ma'am.
Good. My offer is this.
MIGUEL stands, passing NATALIA a piece of paper. She looks
it over before folding it once, passing it to RICKY across
the table.

RICKY looks over the piece of paper and nods, letting out a
low whistle.
This is going to be a beautiful
Yes it is.
NATALIA raises her wine glass, toasting with RICKY, a smirk
stretched across her face.
NATALIA sits at a table, alone, staring blankly into the
club. She watches everything and everyone around her. Her
train of thought is elsewhere- she is obviously infected by
a drug.


                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Your people left us alone after
that. It was nice, being able to
slice people to pieces and sell
dope without worrying about a jail

But everything was starting to
fall apart, and it started with
Natalia and Teresa...
NATALIA is interrupted by a beautiful young waitress-
Mrs. Ruiz. Mrs. Ruiz.
Yeah, yes, I'm sorry.
Would you care for another drink?
Yes, that would be great.
What were you having?
Mojito. Bring me a water too.
Of course.
NATALIA watches JUANITA disappear into crowded club. She
sits back, her thoughts wandering.

JUANITA returns a short time later, drinks in hand.
Anything else?
Yes, actually. Your phone number.
My phone number?
You're a beautiful girl. I'd love
to have your phone number.


JUANITA hesitates, but is obviously flattered. She reaches
for a pen and writes it down on a napkin, handing it to

NATALIA eyes the number and puts the napkin between her
breasts. She winks at JUANITA.
Thank you.
                                         CUT TO:
JUANITA lays on NATALIA'S bed, completely naked, her body
drizzled in drops of sweat.

NATALIA leans over her, gently kissing her neck, breasts and
stomach, moving lower and lower.

JUANITA reacts accordingly, calling out in pleasure, her
body reacting to NATALIA'S touch.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
For the first time in their decade
long relationship, Natalia
betrayed Teresa with another
Luxuriously furnished and comfortable, TERESA'S home sits in
the heart of Miami- surrounded by sky scrapers and city

NATALIA stands in the center of her living room, rage
seeping through her face. TERESA stands before her,
heartbroken and angry. Both have obviously been fighting.

TERESA slaps NATALIA hard across the face and storms out of
the room. NATALIA watches her, almost emotionless.

A gun shot can be heard in the background.

NATALIA, horrified, runs to the rear bedroom. She discovers
TERESA surrounded by a pool of blood, a hand gun next to her
lifeless body.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
She had enough. She ended it,
right then and there. Some thought
that Natalia did it, but I never
did. She loved her, that much was


                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
MIGUEL sits in his living room, a newspaper in his hand. He
flips through the paper, page by page, his attention
secluded from the activity in the house.

MIGUEL'S WIFE stands nearby, talking on the telephone. Two
GIRLS sit quietly at the kitchen table- reading, coloring. A
BOY of about two years sits silently in a high chair,
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Shit really hit the fan after
Teresa died. Natalia lost
everything, she didn't give a fuck
anymore. Everyone became distant-
it was like working for the
fucking CIA. No one was a friend.
The sound of screeching tires breaks the otherwise silent
home. MIGUEL'S WIFE looks out the window, seeing a black
Camero in the driveway. Part of the car is in the yard, the
other part on the sidewalk.

MIGUEL stands, seeing the car. He becomes angry, throws down
his reading glasses, and storms out of the house.
DIEGO, laughing, somewhat drunk, emerges from the Camero, a
heavy smirk on his face. He slams the door shut and opens
his arms wide.

MIGUEL stands on the steps of his home, watching DIEGO
Diego, isn't it a little early to
be drinking son? Go on, go home,
sober up.
Man, what are you talking about, I
am sober, see. I can walk a
straight line.
Putting one foot in front of the other, DIEGO attempts to
walk a straight line. He fails miserably.


Yeah, yeah, I see that- look
Diego, maybe I should give you a
ride home.
Miguel, if mom knew, she'd kill
me, you know? I can't just go
home, I thought you'd be cool with
MIGUEL comes down off of the steps. He approaches DIEGO, who
is now standing in the driveway.
Back in the day, maybe, but not
now. I have little kids in the
house, and a wife. I can't deal
with your drunken teenage ways.
Now come on, I'll give you a ride.
You know what, Miguel, FUCK YOU.
Ok, fuck me. If that's your
attitude... find your own ride
I have a ride, right fucking
DIEGO gestures to his car. MIGUEL shakes his head in
Then go on, go home.
DIEGO spits on MIGUEL. MIGUEL remains calm, removing the
spit from his face with the sleeve of his shirt. He shakes
his head and turns his back to DIEGO, approaching the house.
                       DIEGO (cont'd)
I'm going to tell my mother
You know what...


MIGUEL loses his temper and turns to DIEGO, pushing him off
of the yard, causing him to fall into the body of his car.
MIGUEL steps into him, their faces inches apart.
                       MIGUEL (cont'd)
Fuck you and fuck your mother.
MIGUEL turns, going inside. DIEGO stares in disbelief before
climbing back into the car, pulling away from the house.
NATALIA and DIEGO sit together in the bedroom, DIEGO frantic
as he tells his version of the story.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Diego ran to his mommy and made up
some story about Miguel abusing
him, making him look like a fool,
some shit like that. All of it was
bullshit- I would have done the
same thing as Miguel, I got news
for her. Regardless, she wanted
blood. She ordered a hit on
A WHITE VAN drives through the streets of MIAMI.

The WHITE VAN comes to a stop at a stop sign. It sits,

SEAN sits in the driver's seat, SILVIANO beside him.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
He was my mentor, he protected my
ass through a lot- but I had a
family of my own to protect, and I
had to follow orders.
This is rediculous...
I wish this was one of those
things we could blow off, you
know, tell Natalia we missed or
some shit.


Me too.
So do we got a plan for this mess?
We just have to wait. He'll come
around this corner eventually, he
usually does when he leaves the
He probably knows. He's not
He knows. Why do you think he's
disappeared... fuck, if I were
him, I would have left the
Natalia is one scary bitch.
No shit.
      (pointing to an
       approaching car)
Look, is that it? Looks like it.
I'm not sure. Wait until they get
A BLUE CAR approaches in the distance. Slow at first,
speeding up as it approaches the stop sign. The car comes to
a stop.

In the driver's seat is MIGUEL.

SEAN puts the van into gear. MIGUEL turns the corner, SEAN
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
Just stay with him and leave the
rest up to me.


SEAN nods and follows MIGUEL as he turns another corner. He
speeds up- he is aware that he is being followed.

SEAN remains behind him- his speed changing with MIGUEL'S.
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
Pull up beside him.
SILVIANO rolls down the window and leans outside as SEAN
pulls into the adjacent lane. MIGUEL continues to speed up.
Both MIGUEL and SILVIANO catch glimpses of one another.

SILVIANO removes the safety from a nearby gun and puts it
outside of the window, opening fire on the car.

Both cars continue to speed- now speeding past red lights,
stop signs, and narrowly missing other cars and PEDESTRIANS.
Their race continues through the streets of MIAMI.

SEAN begins to lose control after he is struck by an
oncoming car. The van stops suddenly. SILVIANO fires two
more shots and MIGUEL disappears around the corner.

SILVIANO throws the gun onto the floor and smashes his hands
against the dashboard.
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
What the FUCK Sean, learn how to
drive, Jesus fucking Christ!
You know I'm not the greatest
driver, you should have done it, I
would have at least hit the
Just go, GO!
SEAN speeds off, moving into the flow of traffic.
A CATHOLIC CHURCH stands tall in the background, its
overpowering height standing tall against the otherwise
small neighborhood.

MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN stand all around, watching, waiting.

POLICE OFFICERS and PARAMEDICS investigate the scene,
discussing things amongst themselves.


The area itself is surrounded in yellow tape- a white sheet
covers the body of a young CHILD.

RYAN approaches the scene. He is smoking a cigarette, a look
of surprise and disguist across his face. He storms through
the SPECTATORS and underneath the yellow tape, flashing his
badge as he approaches RICKY and another POLICE OFFICER.
What the fuck is going on here? I
just got the call.
PD got a phone call about an hour
ago from a distraught man who said
the body of his son would be at
this church. He didn't say what
happened, just that he didn't do
it and because there is a warrant
out for him, he didn't want to
chance an arrest.
And how old is the boy?
Two years, tops.
RYAN grabs a pair of examination gloves and approaches the
crime scene. He kneels down near the body, glancing at
Is there anything that I should
know before removing this sheet?
Its gruesome.
RYAN pulls up the sheet, revealing MIGUEL'S youngest SON. He
looks over the body, examining him carefully, using the
sheet to hide the brutality.

RYAN stands and removes the gloves, tossing them aside. He
walks back over to the sidelines and throws up- his vomit
cascading across the sidewalk. RICKY cringes.
I told you it was gruesome.


RYAN pulls himself together in time to see the BOY being put
inside of an ambulance. The doors shut.
The sun has set. RYAN sits in his chair, dumbfounded. He
wipes his hand across his face.

SILVIANO sits silently, the pain of that day fresh in his
mind, etched across his face. His eyes drift to RYAN, tears
now forming.
So that's what happened.
If I had known there was a child
in that car, I never would have
opened fire.
RYAN stands, pacing around the room. His heart breaks as he
relives the child's death. He wipes his face again, sighing.
                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
Look, Mr. Davis, I'm going to hell
for a lot of things. I've murdered
more than 30 people. I've tortured
about half of that- but I'm going
to burn for eternity for killing
that child.
It was an accident.
His face haunts me everyday.
Outside of the church is a VIGIL for the boy. MOURNERS stand
nearby- some weeping, some holding candles, others silently

AMAZING GRACE plays in the background.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Up until that point, it didn't
matter what we did to one another.
The people of Miami could care a
less if another one of us died. It
was when that innocent child died


                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
that everyone finally realized how
out of hand shit had gotten. The
world began to crack down on
A WOMAN, dressed in business attire, carries a copy of TIME
MAGAZINE- across the front page is an article titled
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Time Magazine wrote an article on
us that same year. It outlined
everything that the city had
become over the past four years.
It was more truth than most could
bare- but the truth hurts. Miami
really was Paradise Lost.
SUPER: 1982
NATALIA sits in the outdoor seating of a restaurant. She
sits alone, a pair of SUNGLASSES hiding her eyes. The menu
sits in front of her.

SILVIANO arrives. A WAITER leads him to the table. He greets
NATALIA, taking a seat.
Good Morning.
Is everything alright?
An old friend is causing us some
Its about Miguel.
What about him?


The piece of shit made a run for
it. He's back in Columbia. He's
running his mouth.
I don't know if I would act any
He knew what he was getting
himself into.
Come on Natalia, get real. His two
year old was an innocent kid, he
deserved a full life.
Don't try and guilt me. You're the
one that pulled the trigger.
And I regret it- I probably will
for the rest of my life.
Regret is a part of life. Just
move past it like the rest of us
Speaking of regrets, how the fuck
is Eddie doing? I thought you said
he was going to grace us with his
presence last night.
He's taking care of some
arrangements for me.
I see.
Don't start.
What? There's no changing your
mind. I'm sure he'll eventually
burn you without my help.


This really isn't the reason I
called you here sweetheart.
Ok- spill.
There's a new group of cowboys up
North pushing weight. Esteban did
some surveillance and they have a
pretty profitable business.
They're selling our product for
less- its just as good. Our own
customers are making the switch.
The WAITER arrives with drinks. NATALIA waits for him to
leave before continuing.
                       NATALIA (cont'd)
I want to squash it now. The last
thing I need is another Cesar and
Dominica Vargas.
Give me an address and I'm there.
NATALIA reaches into her purse, pulling out a small piece of
paper. She slides it across the table to SILVIANO.
Now I don't know about you, but
I'm starved...
SILVIANO and ESTEBAN walk together up a long, narrow
sidewalk. The sound of rhythmic music can be heard in the
street as they approach a small convenience store.

Both MEN have weapons hidden underneath their clothing.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
That would be the last job I would
ever take for Natalia Ruiz.
SILVIANO and ESTEBAN reach the convenience store. They step


SILVIANO opens fire, striking the CASHIER a number of times.
His body collapses.

A WOMAN and her CHILD cower together in the corner of the
store. Both go unseen by SILVIANO and ESTEBAN.

Lead by ESTEBAN, both MEN burst through the back doors of
the convenience store, opening fire on a table of MEN- all
playing poker, surrounded by thousands of dollars in cash
and drugs.

Money and drugs go flying, falling to the floor.

SILVIANO searches through the back room. He kicks in a door
to a small office, revealing a WOMAN and two small CHILDREN
hiding inside. He pauses, lowering his weapon.

ESTEBAN opens fire from behind, striking the WOMAN several
times. She dies in a pool of blood.

SILVIANO grabs ESTEBAN and throws him against the door. Both
of the CHILDREN are screaming, crying.
What the fuck are you doing, man?
Natalia said everyone, including
the kids.
I'm not shooting no kids.
I'm just following orders Silvy.
Just leave the kids. Let me deal
with Natalia.
Hey, hey, its your fucking
ESTEBAN leaves the back room. SILVIANO sighs, looking at the
two CHILDREN one final time before leaving.
SILVIANO and ESTEBAN drive through the streets of MIAMI.
SILVIANO gazes at the buildings, the neighborhoods, the


                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
I knew it was time to get out.
SILVIANO and MARCO sit silently in a movie theatre. Both MEN
are eating popcorn, drinking sodas. They are surrounded by
MEN and WOMEN- their attentions on the MOVIE.

SCARFACE is being shown on the big screen.

FOCUS on an older, wiser SILVIANO, deep in both thought and
SUPER: 1983
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
I got a lot of shit for those
kids. But in a way, Natalia
understood. If she had been there
though, the kids would have been
laid to rest right with their

I took the rest of the year off,
but business didn't slow down. One
kill after another, the drug
business began to slow down-
nothing was the same. Never would

The summer of '83 Marco and I went
to see Scarface. It was amusing,
watching these actors trying to do
what we really did. None of it was
true- but the shit was amusing. I
actually laughed at a couple of
parts when most people were

But that movie summed it all up.
The minute it was released, I
finally realized that the world
was onto us. It wasn't a secret

As the credits rolled, I knew it
was the end for us too. I knew
everything was going to fall
apart. And it did...


Leaning over a small coffee table, SEAN inhales a large
amount of COCAINE. He laughs, leans back into the sofa, and
lets the drug work its way through his system.

A beautiful WOMAN does the same- stroking SEAN's leg as she
inhales the drug, enjoying the sensation it brings.

Moments later, the door opens. Three MASKED MEN open fire,
shooting and killing both SEAN and the WOMAN.

They leave just as quickly as they enter.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
Sean's bad attitude pissed off one
of the Cuban crews and they put a
hit out on him that year. It
wasn't too hard to find him- he
had become such a coke head that
he barely left his house...
MEN of all ages stand along a wall, their hands stretched
behind them. Some are in handcuffs, others are being

WOMEN stand by, some being searched, others observing.

POLICE OFFICERS search the entire club- collecting drugs,
evidence, and weapons.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
About a month later, someone
finally decided to crack down on
Rojo. That night was the biggest
drug bust in the history of Miami-
you know, you were there.
RYAN speaks with a POLICE OFFICER, watching as RICKY
collects evidence.
TONY, riddled in gun shots, lies in a pool of blood in the
center of his home. His eyes, even in death, remain open,
full of fear.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
I also heard that the Cartel
cleaned house down in Columbia
that same night. With Miami
falling apart, Tony proved to be
useless... so they did what was


                       SILVIANO (cont'd)
RYAN sits at his desk, looking through paperwork, examining
evidence. He sits back in his chair, reaching for the
telephone, making a phone call.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
... and you guys finally caught
onto the corruption in your own
neck of the woods. If I remember
right, it was the biggest scandal
this department ever had.
FEDERAL AGENTS search through desks, files, everything,
pulling out paperwork, retrieving what they need. POLICE
OFFICERS are escorted out of the building, some in
handcuffs, some with pure force.

RYAN enters. He looks around, observing his surroundings. He
is astounded as he watches RICKY being led away by FEDERAL
AGENTS- they exchange a final glance of hatred.
A FEDERAL AGENT, accompanied by RYAN, sit together at a
desk. EDDIE, clearly shaken, sits on the opposite side,
drinking coffee, pleading his case.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
And what do you know, Eddie Bucco
turned out to be a rat.
EDDIE rests his elbows on the desk. He places his head into
his hands.
                       SILVIANO (V.O.)
So was the end of an era...

A series of quick cut shots involving the fate of the<