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by Kyle Squyres (kylesquyres13@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review: ***
A short movie about some clever boys and their attempt to skip school.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


MRS. BALDWIN is organizing folders at her desk in the
cramped office. ERIC, a handsome highschool senior, walks
in with a pitiful look on his face. He slumps across the
counter that is seperating them.
Mrs. Baldwin, I'm really sick
today. Can you please call my dad
to see if I can go home?
                       MRS. BALDWIN
      (not looking up
       from her work)
Again? This is the third time
this week. Why do you even bother
coming in at all?
I'm making a real effort to
concentrate on my schoolwork, Mrs.
Baldwin. I'm not making a choice
to be sick. If I had a choice I
would always be healthy.
As she glances up, then returns to her folders:
                       MRS. BALDWIN
Who do you want me to call? Your
dad again?Should I really bother
him at work again? He seemed
pretty annoyed yesterday.
Yeah, call him anyway. He'll get
over it.
As she moves to the filing cabinet:
                       MRS. BALDWIN
I should just have his number
memorized. I've never seen a
healthier boy be as sick as you,
She pulls his file from th ecabinet and sets it down in
front of her, then resumes sitting.
CU of Eric's dad's work number, 555-1298.


                                         DISSOLVE TO:
CU of the payphone, showing its number, 555-1298. PHONE
RINGS as we slowly ZOOM OUT. On the fifth RING, the hand of
BUD, 18 and dressed like a street punk, answers the phone.
MS of Bud at the pay phone.
      (sounding mature)
Theodore Lawless, How may I hump
                       MRS. BALDWIN (O.S.)
...Hi Mr. Lawless, this is
Marjorie Baldwin, at Morro Bay
High School again. Eric is in
here sick again...
Well, send him home again, dammit!
I'm a busy man. Will you make
sure he brings his books with him
this time? At least he can keep
up with his work that way. Now,
is there anything Important you
would like to discuss or may I be
on my way?
                       MRS. BALDWIN (O.S.)
No, that should do it, I...
Bud hangs up the phone, sets his backpack down and unzips
it. The Door next to the payphone gets kicked open. Out
walks Eric, smiling broadly and walking confidently. Bud
pulls out a 40 oz. beer from his backpack.
Did you at least remember your
homework this time?
Eric unzips his backpack and pulls out an identical beer.
Yeah, I wouldn't want to fall


                       BUD & ERIC
Let's go study.


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From Kelsey Date 5/12/2008 *1/2
Well written, but it could be much longer and a bit better. I couldn't really see the point or the moral or the message. Why don't the boys get caught or something? That'd teach a message.

From Josh A. Echevarria Date 3/27/2008 ****
Yea there is basically no point but who cares. Its's well written. The dialogue is realistic and the idea is amusing. And even though there are about 2 pages you clearly got across the type of people each character was. Very nice.

From Jordan Date 3/18/2008 **1/2
wow tough crowd. I liked it. I thought it was a good start to an edgey, tongue-in-cheek teen movie. Now I'm new to writing so i wouldnt take my criticism to heart (what the hell do I know!) if I wrote this script I would most likely play up on how "nice" and model student Eric is pretending to be, you know like Ryan Phillipe in cruel intentions. make him annoyingly sweet when talking to Mrs Baldwin but cheekly edgey when with bud. p.s Buds character seems the one to be loved by everyone because of his humour, he seems to disregard what people think..you know? do you know what i mean? i know what i mean but i can't seem to put it on words.

From Richmond Ofori Date 3/11/2008 ****
Basically, scripts my country are not this good. Actually they are not any good. With the dreams I'm trying to build in the movie industry in my country, I'll say this is one of my challenging and dream scripts. Everyone will enjoy it as a movie. This movie should be really rated "U" for all to watch. I'll say congratulations to the writter. And I wish I could get in contact with em personally.

From Fish Stark Date 3/9/2008 ***1/2
Normally I hate shorts becuase they can't get a story across, but yours got one that was very amusing across in a very short time. Last bit was funny, the rest wasn't, which is why I give you 3.5...however, as Cameron said, it was well-written, the dialogue was good, and you even showed me some characters in two pages. Keep up the good work.

From Cameron Date 3/3/2008 *1/2
It was horrible it had no point. If you added on a little more I would have liked it but, I did'nt. You could have left out the swears and it would have been a PG movie. It was written well though. I will give it 1.5 stars.

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