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by Amy and Alex (amy.mov@btinternet.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***
short, school project

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


It is a cold winters day, and Marissa and her 4 teenage
friends are sitting on the floor in her living room chatting
,but noone is interested. Then there is a call from the
Marissa? We're going now!! Are you
going to come and give us a kiss
goodbye? We'll be gone for the
entire weekend!
Marissa Groans gets up and heads for the hall.. there is the
sound of kissing goodbyes and Marissa enters back into the
Ok then M see you when we get
                       JERRY (ADDIE)
      (Together Loudly)
Love You!! And Behave!
We then hear them leaving and Katie Moaning also...
      (To herself)
Huh sooo unfair! How come I have
to go with them ...why does
Marissa get to stay here?!!
Marissa calls out to her..
Cause I'm older!!
Katie stomps out of the house and slams the door.
Phew I'm glad they're gone.. I
thought they were never going to


      (to everyone)
So.. what are we gonna do?
Everyone looks around for inspiration, then Marissa comes up
with a fantastic idea.
Yes! I have an idea..who wants to
play spin the bottle?
They all cheer as they think this is a good idea.
Ok... I 'll go get a bottle.
Marissa leaves the room and the others talk amongst
Marissa comes back in smirking with a used bottle in her
Got it! It's one of my dads
beers..but i had to drink it first
Everyone Laughs
      (to everyone)
Who's going first?
I will!!
Sasha spins the bottle and is dared to kiss Simon but
Ok... it's my turn now!!
Simon spins the bottle and gives a dare to everyone...
Ok. I dare you all to go into the


Everyone gasps.
Are you serious? We cant do that!
Why not? Sounds like fun! Come on
They all decide they will and set off out to the woods.
They arrive at the woods. Everyone is a bit aprehensive,
even Simon. But they enter anyway.
      (looking around
So erm.. how long do we have to
stay in here anyway?
Oh..lets think...an hour?
      (shouting and
       jumping about)
NO SIMON! Can we just go now ?
      (looking curious)
What on earth are you doing Sasha?
      (still jumping
I REALLY need a wee!!!
Everybody laughs except Sasha who is still jumping about
looking pained.
      (to sasha)
I have a solution.. why dont you
just go over there?
He points in the direction of the futher wood.


Grrr....fine ..thats how desperate
i am!
Sasha stomps off in the direction Simon had pointed.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
      (with relief)
Ahhh...thats better.
Sasha starts to walk back in the direction of the gang, but
suddenly a hand goes over her mouth, eyes widen, muffled
scream, then she falls to the ground and we see the wound.
                                         CAMERA FALLS TO
                                         JUMP CUT BACK TO
Simon is walking back to the group from the same direction
as Sasha, as he had too decided to go to the loo.
Simon wipes hands on back of jeans.
Sasha not back yet?
NO! What the hell is taking her so
Hey! I know ..for pissing us off
and taking so long why dont we
prank her!
Huh? What do you mean?
We walk off, leaving her here,
she'll be totally scared!


They all nod and agree that that's a good idea! And walk
futher into the wood, laughing and giggling but trying to be
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Everyone is huddled around talking to each other when Simon
suggests a game of Hide and Seek.
      (shouting over
Everyone stops talking and looks at Simon.
Thank you. As we are all bored out
of our brains waiting for damn
Sasha, why dont we have a game of
hide and seek?
Everyone cheers.
Yer! Thats a great idea! But i'm
kinda worried about Sasha.
Yer...where the hell is she?
Lets not worry about it. She's
Yeah guys, she probably got so
scared she just decided to go back
to the house....you know what a
wuss she is!
Everyone decides that Sasha has gone back to the house.
Ok? Right i'll be searching
first.GO! 1....2....3.....4....


They all run off in different directions into the woods.
They get split up into groups :Marissa and Carol, Simon and
Naomi is hiding in a bush and Simon jumps in to find her.
BOO! Hahaha i found you!
      (to simon)
Shit, Ok you found me, where's
everyone else?
Dunno? You have to help me find
them now!
Naomi walks off in a differnt direction to Simon, and doesnt
notice until later.
      (Calling out)
Simon? Where the hell have you
gone now? SIMON!!!
She spins around looking in every direction to see where he
                                         CAMERA CIRCLES NAOMI
Ok guys, i know what the games is,
you can come out
      (Muffled scream)
                                         CAMERA FALLS TO
                                         PAN OUT
We see Naomi's body on the ground in a pool of her blood.


This game is stupid...how old are
we anyways? Where the hell are
Naomi and Simon? I know they're
together cause i heard Simon say
he'd found her.
Yer I know I heard it too. Well
lets keep going this way cause I
think it's the way they went.
Marissa and Carol walk off in the same direction that Naomi
had gone in toward the woods.
Simon...where are you?
Naomi? Are you here?
Ok i dont like this now...
Me either...
They start running back to the woods but stop abruptly when
they come across Naomi's dead body.
FUCKING HELL is this a joke cause
it isnt very funny.
They realise its not a joke.
                       MARISSA (Carol)
      (Together Very
       Loud High pitched
They both start to run back in the direction out of the
woods towards the house.


      (to herself and
Shit shit shit shit shit
They run into Simon stagering back in the opposite direction
with blood everywhere. Carol puts two and two together.
      (High pitched
Carol leaves Marissa and runs off out of the woods as fast
as she can.
Marissa stares at Simon for a while as if not believing what
she is seeing. Then turns and runs after Carol.
WAIT!!! What is that what you
think? What the hell?
He staggers after them shouting.
It wasnt me, i found her! I was
trying to help.
He stops running and turns around, kicking the dirt and
looks annoyed.
      (to himself)
                                         JUMP CUT
Carol and Marissa run into the house, out of breath and
      (screaming at
Quick! We've got to lock


They run around the house shutting and bolting everything
except the front door. They sit by the front door holding a
frying pan and a baseball bat.
Maybe he's run away? Maybe he
wasnt after us.
Maybe....I dont know. Jesus what
the hell is this?
They stare at each other.
Should we look?
      (breathing in
They both stand up quietly and slowly open the door. Someone
is there. All we see is his shadow.
They both run away. Marissa goes and hides in the shadows of
the garage.
Carol runs upstairs to hide.
We see Marissa in the shadows, and hear the door creak and
oh my god.
Marissa puts her hand over her mouth.
The killer finds her and grabs her buy her hair. She looks


Marissa falls to the ground dead.
Carol whips her head around after hearing Marissa Scream.
The killer is behind her. She is stabbed in the stomach.
No....wait...what? I dont under-
                                         CAMERA FOLLOWING
Then she is stabbed again and dies. We follow the camera
walking back to the woods.
We see Simons dead body at the killers feet.
                                         FADE OUT ON SIMONS


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From Joe Dixon Date 3/20/2008 ***
I don't like to mean. Every horror is a great horror, because sadly the genre is dying. Ummm 2 questions though. Who is the killer or is that supposed to be the missing unkown. 2. Why at first is everyone paranoid to go in but quickly all want to play hide and seek?

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