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Looks Like We Made It (First Draft - Draft A)
by Lawrence W. Jones III (gtas@live.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review: *1/2

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A car comes in front of the school. ERICKA, a 13-year-old
8th grader, exits her car.
                       ERICKA'S MOTHER
Bye sweetie! Have a nice day at
ERICKA shuts the door. The car drives away. She enters the
school gates. She walks over to her friends SHARRON, TAYLOR,
                       ALL FRIENDS
Hi Ericka.
They go back to their conversation.
Jack is so modest!
Yeah, that is funny.
It wasn't supposed to be funny.
Face it Ericka, you like Jack!
No! I don't!
You do! Shut up and face the
You guys, I'm not-.
GARRET, a tough, skinny boy approaches Ericka, tapping her
shoulder. She reacts pushing him down. She turns and sees
Ops! I'm sorry. I thought you were
someone else.


It's OK. My name's Garret and I'm
new here at the school.
                       ALL FRIENDS
Hi Garret!
      (To Self)
Man, these guys are weird.
      (To group)
I was going to ask, where's the
room 133?
It's over there.
Ericka points to the door she stands next to. Garret groans.
Garret hits Ericka at her head.
Ow! What the hell was that for?
abusing me!
Who's abusing who?
Ericka and Garret look at each other intensely. Soon enough,
the bell rings for first block.
                       PRINCIPAL BLACKMAN
The bell rang you two go to class.
Ericka and Garret enter the classroom.
Ericka sits at her desk. Garret stands in the front of the
                       MR. RODGEN
All right class, this is our new
student Garret... Garret Fulovit!
(Pronounced "full-of-it")


He, he! His last name's Fulovit!
You have that last name because,
when you were born, your parents
gave you that last name!
The class laughs.
                       MR. RODGEN
That's funny. Now, go sit next to
Mr. Rodgen pushes Garret to go to the desk. Garret walks
over to the seat next to Ericka that is empty and sits in
      (In despise)
She hits Garret.
Do you guys like each other?
Hell no.
I am surprised, cheating on Jack.
Me and Jack are not even dating!
ERICKA hits GARRET for his response. GARRET hit her back.
Soon they were hitting each other.
                       MR. RODGEN
Hey you two! Stop hitting on each
They're hitting on each other!


You guys are hitting on each other
because when you first meet, you
liked each other!
The class laughs.
                       MR. RODGEN
That never gets old.
Ericka and Garret look at each other smiling.
Garret and Ericka race to the lunch line. Garret hits her.
Ericka pushes him into a tree.

At the field during P.E., Ericka and Garret hit one another,
pushing, slapping, etc.

It's after school. Ericka rushes to her car as Garret
frantically chases after her, pushing people out the way.
The enters her car and her mother drives away. Garret runs
after the car but the car outruns him.
Her mother is driving the car. Ericka relaxes. The radio
                       ERICKA'S MOTHER
Oh, who's that?
It's just Garret.
She turns off the radio.
                       ERICKA'S MOTHER
What ever happened to Jack? I
thought you liked him.
He kept harassing me, Mom.
                       ERICKA'S MOTHER
                                         FADE TO:


Ericka exits her car.
                       ERICKA'S MOTHER
Bye sweetie! Have a nice day at
Ericka walks into the school. She reaches her friends.
Aren't you going to say hello to
your boyfriend?
JACK, a small, nerd-like kid, makes is lips ready for a
Shut up Sharron! I still have to
deal with Garret.
Ericka gets hit in the head with a football.
                       ERICKA (CONT'D)
Garret runs to her and pulls out a dollar bill from his
This should clear your troubles.
Ericka looks at the ripped and torn dollar bill and takes
Be more considerate next time
instead of this five dollar bribe.
Jack snatches the dollar bill from Ericka.
Ericka will not accept this..!
This..! Bribe of yours.
I can speak for myself Jack.
I got this.
Jack tears up the dollar and throws the shreds at Jack.


                       JACK (CONT'D)
I am going to tell Mr. Blackman!
(Pronounced "black-mon")
No don't.
Jack walks over to PRINCIPAL BLACKMAN, a bald
African-American man.
Mr. Blackman sits at his desk. Ericka and Garret sit in the
chairs in front of his desk.
                       PRINCIPAL BLACKMAN
So, do you know why you two are
here today?
Principal Blackman.
(Pronounced "black-man")
                       PRINCIPAL BLACKMAN
(Pronounced "blackmon")
Yes. It was an accident. I was in
the way.
                       PRINCIPAL BLACKMAN
An accident! You were near a
classroom. They shouldn't have
been playing football in that area
anyways! So, I'll let you two off
with a warning. Now go to class!
Ericka and Garret exit the office.
Why did you do that?
I guess that's my way of telling
you I love you.


Me too. Me too.
They draw their lips to each other and kiss. Jack watches at
a distance.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
SUPERIMPOSE: "One week later"
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Ericka exits her car. The car leaves. Ericka walks to her
friends. Ericka and Garret hold one another. The friends
look puzzled.
You actually don't like Jack?
I tell you that everyday! Now you
believe me!
You know, when Jack finds out-.
Jack's sniffles are heard.
Shut up! Get away from me. From
now on, we are casual
I-. I-.
Don't say you love me.
Jack runs away. The friends look troubled at Jack and back
at Ericka and Garret.
It looks like we made it! I am
finally happy.
They draw their lips together and kiss.


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From Justin D. Miller Date 3/22/2008 ***
I loved it. Its hard to read and I didn't care about the characters or know anything about them, but thats why I loved it. A perfect skit comedy. I think you should rework it a little and shoot it for youtube. Good luck. Keep up the good work.

From Cameron Date 3/16/2008 **
I loved the story line but I thought some things did not make sence like how they hit echother. I thought some of it was random but you should make it longer. It will make a good romance and it should be rated PG-13.

From Bradley Ferguson Date 3/11/2008 *
Those teachers need to get control of their school.

From Kyle Squyres Date 3/11/2008 *
Sorry, but this is kinda pointless. There is no tension or build up. There are several typos in the script, i.e. "Jack tears up the dollar and throws the shreds at Jack" Build up the characters more. Why do we care if Ericka gets with Garret or not? Good luck, it's a decent start to a love story.

From Zach Shevich Date 3/9/2008 0 stars
None of the dialog sounds realistic. My suggestion is to read it aloud (or better yet have someone read it aloud to you) and listen to whether or not you think an actual person would say it. Additionally, the jokes (for the most part) are completely unfunny. The closest to a funny joke is the "Black-man" "Black-mon" thing which is an overused type of joke. The storyline is stupid and unbelievable. There's nothing to suggest these two would fall for one another, and the whole relationship thing with Jack is unexplained and nonsensical. A lot of work is needed...

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