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by Ray Hyland (rayhyland40@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This is a contemporary story of twenty somethings in Dublin. Although it has funny moments it probably would be best described as a drama. The language is occasionally coarse but it's necessary rather than cosmetic. Okay that's it!




Two men in their late twenties are wagging their chins
effortlessly as the enjoy the mirth and laughter of
eachother's company in a well-known Dublin speakeasy. It is
a September night in the old city and with the rain falling
endlessly outside, the best place for the two is in the cosy
      (staring into
There's a certain hierachy to
everything isn't there? I mean
this chap here is serving us. We
are in turn are serving the
economy and the government who in
turn are 'supposed' to serving the
      (lookin into his
Well I don't really know what
you're talking about but I was
provided with a lovely servicing
last night.
      (turning to him
       with enthusiasm)
Oh yeah? Do tell.
      (taking eyes from
       the glass and
       sending them
       upwards towards
       the light)
Well lets just say if there is a
hierachy for beautiful looking
women I was sitting, or should I
say lying blissfully at the top of
the food chain last night.
Well details please-


      (puffing contently
       on a cigarette)
Nah, I think I shall keep this one
for me.
      (looking doubtful)
If you don't tell it didn't
      (still smoking)
Oh it happened, I've got
Oh yes!
      (still slightly
So you come in here looking like(
bad French accent) 'Le coc of le
walk' and tell me you got a great
servicing last night and that you
now have scratches to prove it.
Fuckssake man you could've had my
sisters cat over last night or
better yet, you might have gone
down to your kitchen, grabbed a
fork and a copy of your ol' man's
forty plus!
Well all that's very well and good
my friend but I think that now not
only do I know what you were up to
yourself last night but that also
I maybe a few steps ahead of you
in the natural order of selection.


Well I don't think you're in any
postion to sprout any Darwinist
theories to me, especially when
you told me the last time you
washed those bedshe-
      (stabs out ciggy
       and yawns
Yeah yeah good man, but all I am
saying is that last night was a
good-un that's all. She's a
helluva women and as you can see
I'm a very happy man
Yes the proverbial pig in the
proverbial shit. I'm delighted for
ye. In fact when I get home I'm
gonna call Cilla Black personally
and tell her to buy a new hat. But
before I do that, are you gonna
see this one again?
      (looking away)
                                         EXIT SCENE
A black title card that fade ups hi speed into a night to
morning view of the Dublin city Skyline. The footage is
accompanied by some recognisable early morning radio show
playing over the film.
                                         FADE IN TO:
We are watching two young women in their mid twenties
sitting in the outdoor smoking area of a hospital. Only one
of them is flouting the obvious irony of a nurse smoking
whilst the other is gripping a Club Orange with moderate
interest. They are having a typical modern Irish
conversation for people of their age...that is to say its


      (holding a
Yeah I've been wanting to trade it
in for a while now ye know. I mean
I've had the other yoke for two
years now.
      (holding a soda
Yeah. How old is the other car
It's a zero three. But there's a
little bit of damage from that
thing in the shopping centre a few
months ago, remember I told you-
Oh yeah-
Yeah well there's that. I was
never really mad about the colour
either. I don't really like red ye
know like.
Mmmn. Well what are you gonna buy
next? Have you picked somethin'
Well I think I'm going for an
What's that an Opel?
Mmmmn yeah. They're a lovely car.
The garage near to Patrick's house
said it would be about eleven to
change it for the other thing.
Mmn, eleven yeah? Will Patrick be
giving you something toward it?


Well he hasn't said anything but
it's the birthday soon so I'd say
he will. And daddy said he'd give
me half of it as well so-
Ah that's grand.
So did you book your holiday(voice
begins to fade off)
Just as you're thinking the conversation between the two
nurses cannot get anymore gripping we see another nurse of a
simular age(maybe a little bit younger) approaching the
building. Even Gillian seems a little distracted by this
admittedly striking looking character and has heard Sharon's
last question.
      (trying to get
Hello? Anybody there? Gill?
      (slowly turning
       back to Sharon)
Mmnn?? Oh sorry....
The slightly younger(slightly prettier?)nurse glides past
the sorry looking smoking lounge offering the two sitting
nurses(and in Gillian's case staring) a friendly smile and
greeting.This is our first glimpse of Alice.
      (walking past
      (with Sharon in


As Alice makes her way towards the entrance Gillian
scrutinizing eyes follow her until she nearly falls off the
      (turning to
Who's that now?
      (still a little
Hmmm? Oh I think she's from
Drogheda. She's one of the new
Oh yeah. She seems nice.
Yeah....did you see the shoes she
was wearing though?(Puffs on her
almost dead fag, a look of
superiority etched on her face)
We are now slightly inside the staff entrance of the
building where Alice is arriving into. As she passes we
follow behind her as she goes through her routine of
clocking in,hanging up her coat in the cloakroom, changing
her shoes and fixing her hair in the mirror. A few moments
later, now with folder in hand she is standing at the top of
the A & E waiting area. It's not especially busy but as we
see it's only seven o'clock in the morning so it's still
                                         EXIT SCENE
Anytime after seven in the morning is a bad time to be
travelling on Dublin's motorways. This morning is no
different. We see the pace of the traffic is snail like at
We join one of the commuters on the motorway. His progress
is as slow as anybody else. We see that his vehicle is a
respectable BMW, a little old but still stylish. He is


listening to a bit of dance music. It doesn't go with the
car but it confirms his age to be around twenty three or
four. from what he is wearing it looks like he's in the
construction industry. As he arches his neck trying to see
what's going on in front of him one can only imagine when he
will reach his destination.
                                         EXIT SCENE
We rejoin Justin and it appears that he is in recovery mode
from the night before. Unshaven and with deep blackholes for
eyes he looks like he got about five minutes sleep last
night. The coffee therefore is obviously black and the
doughnut though probably useless is a nice touch. He pays
for his goods and heads out into the hazy September morning.
Just as Justin starts wrestling with the lid of his coffee
his mobile starts emitting a jazzy tone. To his annoyance
Justin has to set down his coffee on a nearby bin and digs
quickly into his pocket and answers it.
Yeah hello?
      (voice over, not
Yeah Justin hi. Can you hear me?
      (one finger in the
Eh barely...sorry who is this?
      (gradually raising
       her voice)
It's Sheena.
      (still struggling)
Nah sorry I still can't-


      (much louder)
Oh Sheena! Hey how are ya?!
      (down to a
       reasonable volume)
I'm good, how are you?
      (smiling broadly)
Oh great, great, its good to hear
from you. But why so early in the
morning, are we on Kiwi time?
No no. Actually... I was just
wondering if you're going to this
funeral today?
      (smile diminishing
Eh whose funeral?
Oh god you don't know yet? Oh this
is shitty.
      (looking worried)
Come on Sheena, don't keep me in
suspenders here...who are you
talking about?
      (almost apologetic)
Oh god, I thought you'd know, I
mean you were pretty close.
      (going white)
Well I don't but newspapers,
Sheena you're worrying me a bit.
Who are you talking about?
It's Hughie.


Yes Hughie.
      (still bewildered)
Em I don't know who-
Oh come on Hughie, you remember
from the acting workshop??
      (really frustrated)
Christ Justin !
      (still thinking)
Wait a second.....(nodding to
himself) yeah yes yes! Hughie the
old fella, the postman. Oh shit
that's ...really sad-
Yeah..shit I thought you'd know
about it.
No no I never heard anything, I
mean like I said I don't get the
papers and nobody else-
Yeah well there you go. I'm sorry
to be the one who tells you...so
there you go...will you be able to
make the service this morning?
      (still confused)
Eh shit I don't know Sheena, I
mean I have to work you know, I'm
opening up this morning-


...yeah I understand-
Well look where is it on?
No like if you have work, you have
to work-
      (more determined)
No no no, I'll try and figure
somethin' out...so where and when?
Okay, well it's out in St.Jude's
church in a place called Raheny,
you know it?
Raheny? Yeah yeah I know it
yeah..what time?
It's starting at ten thirty...can
you make it?
Em half ten, well its what(
checking his watch) half eight
now...em..okay I will try to
figure it out, it should be okay-
That's good, I'm glad...I'm glad I
caught you because you two got on
well you know-
      (more relaxed)
Yeah yeah he was a good
skin...it's a bit of a surprise
now...man................so how
are you anyway?


Yeah I'm alright you know...just
this is a bit of a shock bu that's
Yeah yeah that's it...mmn-
      (more hurried)
Well there you go...I'm gonna have
to go now-
Yeah of course, go on, I'll talk
to you in a while sure.
Okay so I will see you there-
-Yeah of course, no prob, I'll see
Okay bye-
      (hanging up)
Yeah okay bye
Justin hangs up and slowly takes a sip of his coffee. He is
clearly thinking of a way to make it to this funeral. The
phone still gripped tightly in his hand he's obviously
contemplating who he is gonna ask for a favour. He begins to
search his phone for an answer to his new found problem..
      (making an call &
       waiting for an
Come on, come on the fuck.....yeah
Med? It's Justin, listen I've got
a favour to ask...
                                         EXIT SCENE
We are overlooking an apparently almost complete site. The
site is stacked with townhouses and semi detached erections,
soon to be filled with the hope and dreams of some middle


class families. Amidst the construction and the mud filled
paths that pass for the incomplete roads we see the same BMW
we saw earlier on the M50. It appears that the traveller has
finally reached his destination. Enter Jeff. The car ploughs
through the mud collecting dirt and muck on either fairing
of his motor. The uneven terrain is probably doing no
favours to his shock absorbers either but judging by his
speed Jeff is too much of a hurry to worry about that.
Jeff is maneuvering the car as best he can through the muddy
roadway, the stereo still beating out the dance music, if a
little less loud now. He finally brings the motor to a halt
behind a couple of jeeps, obviously belonging to some of the
other workers
We see Jeff getting out of his car promptly, and notice that
he has wisely parked the car in one of the drier areas so to
avoid any unwanted mud on his very nice tanned boots. He
also has some padded trousers on and a GAA polo shirt, of a
local club side rather than an Inter county one. He goes to
his boot and after a few moments comes out with a fairly big
toolkit and saftey helmet. He shuts the boot and heads
towards the workers area nearby, a metal cabin suspended by
metal stancheons. The usual livery can be seen. Warnings
about safety passes, helmets etc. We see Jeff walking up the
steps to join his comrades, presumably to have an early
morning cuppa before getting down to work.
The canteen is brightly lit by the large window allowing the
morning sun in. Inside there are three or four men sitting
around a table, a couple reading redtops, another two
playing with their phones. They phone fiddlers are about the
same age as Jeff. The guys with the rags are a little older.
Jeff arrives in momentarily.
      (a little weary)
Good morning all.


                       BUILDER 1
      (looking at his
Good afternoon!...Traffic bad
again this morning?
Ah stop, it's mad. Any tea is
We can tell from Jeff's accent that he is not a Dub, maybe
from Carlow or Laois. We also see that there is the usual
staples of a builders canteen. The bag of half used sugar,
browning on top from people using wet spoons. The numerous
plastic bottles of milk and of course the kettle, in this
case a model that wouldn't look out of place in a Sean
O'Casey play.
      (also reading a
       paper, talking to
Did you watch the game last night?
      (working on his
What, soccer? ah fuck that Paddy!
      (still looking at
       paper, smiling)
Oh of course I forgot, you
farmhands aren't into professional
      (sipping gently)
That's it Paddy, we leave it to
the joyriders up here in Dublin.
Paddy(a Dub) and the others laugh. The 'farmer' can clearly
hold his own in the ribbing stakes.
                                         EXIT SCENE
We see Justin has obviously gone back home and tidied
himself up a bit. The stubble has disappeared and the
tracksuit top and jeans have been replaced with more
suitable funeral wear. He looks up at the station clock and


sees that its nine forty-five. He looks at his watch as well
just to be sure Irish Rail aint telling lies. His anxious
wait seems to be at an end as the squeal of metal can be
heard nearby. Soon enough there is an Intercity pulling up.
As it wrenches past gently Justin can see that there won't
be much chance of a seat.
                                         EXIT SCENE
Alice is watching on as a young Asian doctor is
administering some advice about drug abuse to a young
gentleman. The gentleman seems pretty sedate but Alice has
seen enough heads like this to be wary enough of getting too
                       DOCTOR 1
Now then Ken, I'm afraid we won't
be able to help you any more. This
injection is only a sedative, the
pain will return in about twelve
or fifteen hours. Do you
Ken's silence is a sign of how whacked out of it he is. A
few moments later some porters arrive and help him into a
wheelchair. As they are placing him in the doctor has some
final words.
                       DOCTOR 1
Ken we will no longer be able to
offer you any help if you refuse
to make any attempt to clean
yourself out. Do you understand?
Ken's gaze is still fixed on the ground, either he can't
hear the doctor or he simply doesn't care. As they wheel
them off you can see that the Doctor is still young enough
and possibly innocent enough to sympathise with these types
of patient. He looks at Alice with defeat in his eyes.
                       DOCTOR 1
      (speaking to Alice)
Oh Alice(sighing) tut tut...oh
well....I think we should take a
quick coffee break.
I agree!


The staff restaurant is a well appointed and spacious area
and the only refuge( the smoking lounge brings on further
depression) for the staff against the pressure of their
labours. The young doctor we saw moments ago with Alice is
coming through with his tray. His choice of foods is an A-Z
of 'how to eaty healthy'. Bran flakes, fruit cocktail, oj
and brown bread. In the background we see Alice leafing
through a novel but we cannot see the title on the cover.
The young doctor pays for his grub and as he passes Alice
they acknowledge each-other with a smile. It is clear that
Doctor's and nurses do not socialise too much but that there
is a professional relationship that involves slightly forced
smiles and pleasantries. Alice's quality time with her
literature is shortlived as she is joined by someone else.
Enter Andy. He is dressed in a dark uniform, the kind worn
by hospital porters. He is a reasonably handsome man, but a
little scruffy and maybe a little thin.
      (sitting down
       opposite Alice)
      (less than
Oh..hi Andy, how are you?
       with sugar
Grand yeah, and you?
      (still trying to
Fine yeah, all good!
      (settling a little
So how is the studying going? Are
you all set for the exams?


      (giving up on her
Eh yeah it's goin okay I suppose.
What about you, are you up to
No..well..yeah..the band is
beginning to get some notice now.
We have a new bass player, he's
really good-
      (expertly faking
Oh yeah? Wow-
      (trying to be
       relaxed, arching
       his back into the
Yeah it's great. He just moved
back from London, he was a session
musician over there, worked with
some big names
      (shaking her head
Wow, that's great-
Yeah so, we're rehearsin four
times a week, maybe more when we
can get the chance. We're hoping
to get some gigs in town maybe
after Christmas...
      (almost impressed)
Well..that's great...so you're
gonna be famous?!
      (beginning to
Well I don't know..it's just good
to be doin' somethin ye know?
Yeah..that's it-


      (sitting back up
       from his chair,
       back straight)
Yeah yeah...you know you should
come and watch us play sometime-
      (despite herself)
Yeah you'd love it, have a few
drinks after maybe-
      (checking his
Yeah I know, I know(smiling) well
look, if and when you have more
time, I'll ask you again. If you
can, you can, if not...that's
cool(broader smile)
      (slightly relieved)
Yeah(smiling)that sounds good!
Andy affords himself a few more moments of silent gazing at
Alice before deciding not to overstay his welcome
      (getting up)
Okay well, it was good
talking..I'll let you get back to
your book..( reaching to look at
it) what is it...One Flew Over The
Cuckoo's Nest..very good-
Yeah I've just started it-
      (standing up)
Yeah its a good un. Just so long
as you treat your patients better
than( nodding to paperback) they


Oh..of course!
      (walking away)
Yeah, well I have to head
off...good luck in your exams if I
don't see ya!
      (watching him)
yeah thanks...I'll see ya
soon..take care..
As Andy walks away Alice finds herself watching him all the
way out the door before returning to her book. It is obvious
to anybody looking on that there is some back story here,
just what exactly that is, is well, anybody's guess.
                                         EXIT SCENE
We are witness to the last journey of an old man. It is
reasonably well attended and there is an air of good humour
around. Smiles are on the faces of some of the mourners,
unlike so many funerals around the country. The man who
passed away a few days previously was a popular man and
although he came from a small family, with his sister the
only surviving member there are about thirty people here to
honour him. These people include old acquaintances from
around the city and some members of his theatre group. One
of the these people is the first man Scene 1. We know him
now as Justin, the man who provided with the servicing! We
pick up the action as the clay is getting thrown onto the
pine casket. Meanwhile Justin is talking quietly to an older
mourner a little bit away from the plot.
                       MOURNER 1
Do you know what age he was?
I think I heard seventy three, not
                       MOURNER 1
Janie, he didn't look that old did
he? I mean he stil had a good head
of hair on him.


Mmnn, I suppose.
                       MOURNER 1
Sad though isn't it?
      (half asleep)
What is ?
                       MOURNER 1
      (pointing with his
       head towards the
You know...this.
Just as Justin is about to maybe lose his pateince with this
man stating the obvious, he catches sight of a pretty raven
haired young lady. He s squinting to get a better sight and
once he confirms it he holds his stare until she eventually
looks back at him and acknowledges him. This is Sheena, the
New Zealander he was talking on the phone with earlier. She
nods to him and gradually steps away from the crowd
seemingly heading in his direction.
We see two ambulance drivers ringing in a gurney. They are
moving quickly and its obvious that the invalid they are
carrying is in great distress. A couple of moments later we
see a familiar face. It is Paddy from the building site. He
is holding onto the edgeof the stretcher trying to comfort
the man on it.A few moments later we realise that it's Jeff.
                       AMBULANCE DRIVER 1
      (talking to the
       busy thoroughfare)
Coming through there folks, thank
      (trying to relax
Don't worry Jeff son, we'll have
ye sorted in a jiffy
      (very emotional)
Aaaah! It's fuckin' killin' me!!


      (patting his legs)
I know son! We'll have you fixed
up soon, just try to relax.
That fuckin' gobshite Paddy! I
warned him! I'm gonna sue him!
Okay okay, we can talk about all
that later, just try to relax
The gurney powers over the shiny floor and out of sight as
we can still hear Jeff's cries in the distance. We are still
none the wiser as to his injuries but we know he is in major
pain. As the gurney is almost out of shot, we tilt up and
see he is on his way to surgery.
We return to the cemetary and see that Sheena is just about
beside Justin now. He allows himself a long look and is
happy with what he sees.
      (calling out
Hey Justin how are you?
Yeah good thanks..and you?
The other mourner slips away from Justin, almost
instinctively knowing where he isnt required.
Oh fine, fine. I only heard about
this last night.
Yeah you were saying on the phone


Oh yeah right! Its good that you
could come, there are a few from
the group here arent there?
      (looking around)
Yeah..he'd be happy with
that(looking at somebody)I see
David made it.
      (lookin back
       toward David)
Yeah, it was him who told me. He
gave me a lift over here too.
That's good.
Yeah...so how have you been? Are
you doing any writing or acting or
Whatever! Yeah I've been a little
lazy lately. Just drinking a lot
and letting the angst build up you
      (laughing gently)
Angst?! I didnt think you'd have
much of that!
      (a tad flirty)
Ah there's lots of things you dont
know about me!
The mystery man.
      (smiling back)
Thats me! So are you able to go
for a drink after this?


Well I'm not sure, I'm in work
later ths afternoon and I think
David is giving me a lift into
Almost on cue David arrives at the two of them. He is
dressed well, looking quite comfortable in his suit, a
little more so than Justin who obviously only wears his
      (speaking a little
Did I hear someone call(to Justin)
Hey there!
      (looking at David)
David,you remember Justin don't
Of course, Justin(offering his
hand)how are you?
      (accepting the
Grand thanks David, and you?
Ah can't complain. Keeping busy
anyway. What about you? (Looking
towards plot)This was a bit of a
shock wasnt it?
Well not really Dave, he was sick
for a good few months before you
Yeah, it's for the best so. He got
a good turn out though...d'you
remember that time when we were
rehearsing the chalk circle...


Oh yeah, he couldn't remember the
Adjutant's lines-
      (laughing now)
Yes, thats it, the
Adjutant(laughing) ah good
times....so Justin, are you
working at the moment?
      (a bit unsure)
Well I'm working away but not
doing any eh...acting or
whatever...just still in the
record shop there in Temple Bar.
Ah very good, you'll be manager
there soon! Here(looking towards
Sheena) was herself telling you?
Oh David!
Oh come on! He'll be
delighted..Justin you are looking
at the new head of ladies hair
      (very confused)
      (matter of factly)
It's just a shampoo advert. I did
an audition a few weeks ago, and I
got a call back yesterday they
wanna do some more screen tests
      (smiling broadly)
It's great isn't it?


      (looking happy)
Yeah it's great news, well done
Well I haven't got it yet so I
dont wanna get my hopes up.
      (with conviction)
It's in the bag.
      (in agreement)
Yeah they'd be mad not to hire
you.(smiling towards her)
David sees the look and doesnt like it too much. But he
tactfully decides to change the subject.
So is there a gathering somewhere
after this?
      (pulling his eyes
       off Sheena)
Eh I think somebody said The Black
Swan in Aungier Street. You able
to make it?
      (Looking towards
Yeah I think we can come in for an
hour anyway. Have an orange juice.
I've to back in the office at some
stage today.
Good stuff. Well( looking over to
the mourners who are dispersing)
it looks like we're finished up
      (looking over her
Yeah looks like it
alright.(Looking back toward
Justin) Do you need a lift back


                       SHEENA (cont'd)
into town or anything?
      (seeing the look
       of disinterest in
Eh no no, I still have few people
to meet here first. But I'll see
you in there yeah?
Okay then! Bye.
Justin watches as Sheena and David head towards the exit. He
observes that there is no holding hands and there is a good
gap of two feet betwen them. Hope springs eternal!!
                                         EXIT SCENE
We return to the hospital and we see that it was Jeff's
right hand that was injured. It is now getting bandaged up
by a nurse. Jeff has mellowed out thanks to the painkillers
but perhaps too it's the calming influence of the attendant,
      (with the bandages)
Lift your arm up a little(
smiling) thanks..
      (observing the
How long do you think the stitches
will be in there?
Well..usually it's about four
weeks but you got it on the side
of the hand so you have to be
extra careful with it.
Four weeks...(sighing)damn it.


Well you will be off work for a
week or two. Get to watch Oprah
and put your feet up.
Yeah but we have a ...my team back
home, they have a big final at the
end of the month.
      (looking at his
Oh...(squinting) Carrickglen?
Where's that, Wicklow?
Close, it's Carlow.
Okay...Well you might make
it(pulling hand over gently) you
see you caught one of the
tendons...they can take a while to
heal...Any further in and-
-I'd be screwed.
Yeah...so I wouldn't want to make
any promises.
Yeah no prob. I don't want to be
gettin you in trouble(smiling)
      (smiling back)
So how did it happen? It says on
the sheet that you were using a
That's it.
Dangerous puzzles!
Haw haw! Yeah I never heard that
one before...I was working on some


                       JEFF (cont'd)
panelling for the wall, one of the
other young fellas comes over and
taps me on the shoulder, I just
got distracted and-
Man...thats nasty.
Yeah he should've known better but
it was my fault too, I should've
watched what I was doin' turned
the bloody thing off.
Yeah....ah well, spilt milk.
Yeah. Spilt milk is right.(
looking at her)
                                         EXIT SCENE
Justin is sitting at the bar,talking on his phone. There's a
lovely fresh pint of Guinness sitting in front of him. and
behind there's a small crowd of mourners from ol' Hughie's
funeral mass arriving. This will be the 'Adjutant's final
send off and judging by the tone of Justin's phone call, he
wants to make it special.
      (on the phone)
Yeah, ye know it's an emotional
day...well how d'you define
'close'? I just, I'm just holdin'
it together here...it's a
shock...yeah...yeah...well I
should be okay for tomorrow..yeah
I know you're goin' to the
match...yeah no
probs...okay...sure what can you
do...okay good luck thanks.
Justin blows out his cheeks, mightily relieved that call has
ended. He has apparently bought himself the rest of the day
off. He affords himself a wee grin as he turns around to
face the oncoming mourners. One of them Charlie, catches his
eye as he comes hurriedley through the door.


Charlie, Charles!
Charlie acknowkledges Justin's greeting and begins to come
over toward him. Judging by his appearance and gait he might
be long for this world himself. He is only about the same
age as Justin but looks like he had a rough night about the
previous two weeks. He carries a broad grin however and
indeed a braoder waistline.
Howya Justin!
How are you?
Ah grand, grand. Jaysus it's sad
now all this isnt it?
Yeah man(looking around) but you
know he was sick for a while
so...its probably a bit of a
True yeah(confirming his own
thought) Yeah thats true.
So, what about you then?!what have
you beeb up to, you gettin' any
Ah well I'm working alright but
not in the industry. Just doing
some sales stuff at the mo.
Oh right,very good. So, what are
you selling?
Well it's just doing advertisement
space now, it's comission based so
the more I sell the better...


      (feigning expertly)
Right, that sounds interesting.
Yeah yeah its pretty good, a
living you know. So..what are you
Oh..well I'm still in-
In the shop?
Ah well,that's a living too I
suppose.So you're not doin'
anythin with the actin' then no?
      (totally honest)
Not even doing anything about
doing it man.
Yeah...its hard to keep going.
Hard yeah.
      (changing the
Fuck it man...how's the womenfolk
treating ye?


      (sipping his drink)
Ah well I was seeing this one girl
from Belfast but....
Charlie is still speaking but as Sheena enters into bar it
appears Justin is more preoccupied with how the womenfolk
will soon be treating him. She is looking as well as she did
at the funeral earlier, her hair a little more tidy than the
morning. Justin watches on quite contented until he sees
that she is holding the door open and then...much to the
chagrin of Justin David arrives in behind her. Soon he tunes
back into conversation with Charlie.
      (fading back in)
...but thats women for you. Any
developments with you on that
      (turning back
       toward Charlie)
Ah I dont know Charlie, I dont
We are with Jeff once again, and this time he is looking
rather more sedate.his is sitting down in a chair in what
appears to be a waiting area of he hospital. His hand has
been bandaged up and apart from that the only trace of his
misadventure is the markings of his blood still visable on
his polo shirt. Looking up at the ceiling its obvious that
he relishing some shut eye. As he brings his head back down
he emits a exhalation through his puffed cheeks before
having a look at either end of the hallway. As he looks down
to his left his gaze is held by Alice, who is oblivious to
his attentions. As he continues to look in her direction his
view is only spolied when some people arrive in front of him
and she disappears momentarily. When his view returns to
normal of course she has gone. He is sad but of course she
is still close, right beside him in fact.
You still here?


      (turning around)
Oh...hi..yeah yeah, I'm just
waiting on my lift.
Good, we don't want any fakers in
here, just genuinely sick people.
Ah for fuckssake!
Oh I'm only teasing you!!
      (sounding slightly
Yeah well remind me to stick a
live blade in your hand next time
I see you!
      (being more
Okay okay sorry...well those
stitches will disintegrate
themselves and there's the
medication too. But it'll take
longer if you don't keep yourself
healthy...that means no alcohol
      (offering army
Yes sir!
      (walking away)
Well I have to work so bye!
Okay bye, thanks again..
                                         EXIT SCENE
Jeff watches her as she walks away. He is smiling to himself
for a moment when he realises that he might have forgotten
something. Suddenly he grits his teeth and stares at the


Charlie and Justin are still at the bar, Justin is kind of
distracted by Sheena in the background as she mingles with
some other of the fifteen or so morners in attendance. He
keeps up with Charlie's limited topics of conversatin though
with an ear keenly pricked in that direction.
      (fading in)
...well I just kept my mouth shut,
but sure thats mothers for ye.
How's your parents doin?
Eh I dont think you've ever met my
parents Charlie.
Well yeah I know but...it's just
somethin' to say isn't it?
Yeah...well they're grand Charlie
thanks for askin!
It looks like Charlie and Justin may have ran out of
conversation topics. Justin sees that Sheena has met his
gaze and she is coming over toward him. She taps him on the
shoulder gently.
Hi there!
Hey! How are you?
Not too bad, got a little bit lost
on the way, that's probably why
you got here before us.
      (looking over
       toward David)
Oh...so David's navigational
skills leave somethin to be
desired do they?


      (getting his joke)
Shut up! What are you guys
drinking? Oh Guinness, thats a bit
heavy for me.
Oh, you still drinking Bacardi?
Yeah but as much now, I usually
drink wine more than anything else
      (turning back
       toward Charlie)
Oooh! Sorry( acknowledging
Charlie)Sheena you remember
Charlie don't ye?
Mmmn..oh yes I remember, you were
a soldier weren't you?
      (offering his hand)
And you the young mother, its good
to see ye!
Oh likewise sir(shaking his
hand)Good firm handshake there!
Ah yeah all in the wrist!
Justin almost chokes back his Guinness and realises its time
for Charlie to get out of the pilots chair. He strikes up
some conversation with Sheena, anything to take her mind off
Charlie's wrist.
      (to Sheena)
So eh where are you living now?
Yeah I'm still living up in
Rathmines, but I'm in a new place
now, what about you guys?


Well I'm in Inchicore and Charlie
Ah I'm still out in Howth,the sea
air and all that!
There you go 'the sea air' and
indeed his ma doin' his
washing..so what's your place in
Rathmines like?
Well its bigger than the last
place but its still small. Plus
Rathmines is expensive but its
Yeah! Put up some pictures and
Once again just like at the graveyard Justin is interrupted
by the unwelcome David. This time however Justin doesn't see
him coming...like a snake he creeps up behind him.
      (observing Charlie
       and Justin)
So you're in for the day then are
ye? Its a great life!
Ah good man Dave, well you know if
you can't honour the dead with(
holding his glass) a few drinks-
True ,true.
      (looking over at
What are ye having Dave?
      (nodding over to
Ah Charlie how are ya! No I can't
have anything now thanks, have the


                       DAVID (cont'd)
car with me.
Ah sure have a mineral or an OJ or
Well...okay thanks Charlie I'll
have an Orange Juice thanks.
Ah good man( To barman) An Oj
there please and ( to Sheena)
Oh eh...I cant really drink
either, I have to work this
afternoon too.
You dont want a seven up or
Na I'm good thanks! So ( turning
to Justin) So where did you say
you were working?
Oh I'm in a record shop up in
Temple Bar, a friend of mine owns
it. Its okay!
      (taking glass from
Thanks Charlie! ( turning back
toward Justin) Yeah I'd say you'd
be busy up there.
      (not really
       enjoying David's
       placating manner)
Yeah kept going alright.
All four seem stuck for something to say. The small talk
breaks off for a moment and the guys take big gulps from
their drinks, Justin perhaps in some competition with David
and his bitter OJ. He obviously wants to talk to Sheena but


not whilst David is standing there. She is looking back at
him occasionally and maybe she fancies a chat too! But here
is neither the time or place. Justin returns to the
'quality' conversation with Charlie when David begins his
own private chat with Sheena.
      (stuck for
       something to say)
Who d'you think'll win the hurling
on Sunday Charlie?
Ah I don't know...
Charlie trails off again in Justin's ears, Justin tries once
again to utilise his super hearing skills and listen to both
Charlie and the other two, David and Sheena. They are
whispering gently but Justin ets the impression they will
soon leave,. He manages to placate Charlie by constantly
staring at him and Charlie seems quite happy with this.
      (his voice fading
       back in)
...so I don't know really..maybe
Cork, maybe Kilkenny, I just don't
      (seeing that
       Charlie is really
Ah well don't worry about it
David has necked the last of his OJ and his overcoat is
draped over his forearm. He looks set to leave.
Unfortunately Sheena looks like she's joining him.
      (addressing Justin
       and Charlie)
Well lads it was good seeing you
again...a shame it had to be at a
funeral. Can I buy ye a drink
before I go?
      (with Charlie in
Ah no David, you're fine thanks.


You're sure? Well okay then, next
time then!( turning toward Sheena)
Okay, well d'you need a lift
Yeah I just have to go to the
bathroom first. Shall I meet you
at the car?
Eh yeah okay then. I'll see you
out there. (offering hands with
Charlie) Charlie good to see you
again, ( more hesitant with
Justin) Justin, always a
      (shaking the hand)
Good man David, take care.
David leaves the pub solo, fixing his well maintained hair
as he goes by a mirror. Justin turns toward the bar again,
thoroughly riled up by the presence of David. Just as he is
about to maybe tell Charlie what he really thinks, Sheena
arrives back.
      (back to bar)
Ok well..
You're off too,( jokingly) well I
hope you washed your hands!
      (taken aback)
Eh of course I did!
Fuck man of course she did! ( to
Sheena)sorry about that!
No worries! Yeah well I guess I'll
see you guys...oh actually my
friends and me will be around
Grafton St tomorrow night if
you're interested?


Yeah definitely! Could do that,
what do you reckon Charlie?
Well I dont I can. I think I've
plans with friends but I'll get in
touch with Justin here..
      (looking back at
Well I think you have one anyway.
Excellent! Okay well I think its
Keogh's around ten but I'll call
you anyway-
Okay sounds good!
Right then, okay well I will see
you soon. Bye! Seeya Charlie!
See ya Sheena!
Yeah bye!...(smiling to himself,
then turning around to Charlie,
then mimmicking him badly) Did you
wash your hands?
What? Just been funny!
                                         EXIT SCENE
We rejoin Alice in the changing room. She seems to have
finished her shift for the day. She is putting her coat and
changing her shoes quickly. She then moves over to the
clocking machine, does that and leaves the changing area. We


follow out towards the reception area, where she is stopped
by the on-duty receptionist.
Alice!(helping a visitor)just down
the corridor and then first
left.(turning to Alice) Sorry
Alice em, oh yeah somebody left a
message for you(ruffling through
her messy desk) where is it..oh
yeah here we are.
The receptionist places a big box of Cadbury's Roses on top
of the desk.
A man left them in there about
half an hour ago. He told me to
say thank you. There's a note
there on the side.
What did he look like?(picking up
the box)
Well he was tall, fairly strong
Alice reads the note whilst the receptionist continues with
her photofit description. Meanwhile Alice has the note in
her hand.

It reads

JEFF 0879716173

Alice is a little taken aback. The receptionist notices that
she isn't smiling either.
Is it some creep then?
      (miles away)
What?! No no its grand, just
wasn't expecting that.(Alice still
has the note in her hands,and is
walking away)


      (pointing her pen
       to the chocolates)
Are you not taking your present
with you then?
Oh yeah shit.....I forgot! Okay
thanks I'll see ya tomorrow.
Alice picks up her gift cautiously and makes her way out,
the receptionist watches on curiously.
                                         CUT TO:
It's around five in the afternoon and whilst the heat has
gone out of the sunshine it's still a nice day. Alice
decides after a few minutes waiting for the Luas tram she
will take a walk instead. We follow her a few minutes as she
heads downtown taking in the sights of the Friday afternoon
rush. We are accompanied by a nice soundtrack and soon the
time is passing into early evening. We then see the daylight
sky fade into night and soon we back in familiar territory.
                                         CUT TO:
Justin is STILL HERE! Paying tribute to a man he didn't even
know was dead when he awoke up this morning. Still not to
worry,Charlie is there too but whilst he is at the dregs of
a pint Justin has a half in front of him and another one in
front of that. They have been joined by the same older
mourner Justin was talking to at the graveyard. The
gentleman is in wizened form as he talks with the two young
                       MOURNER 1
Well lads I'll tell ya, he did it
his way, and ye can't ask anymore
out of life then that.
      (trying to get the
Yeah thats it(to barman) Sorry,
could I get a Jameson there?


Charlie has finished his pint and his grabbing his coat from
the back of his stool.
      (standing up)
I'm gonna head off Justin. I'm
full up now.
Ah Charles, Charles you'll stay
for one more sure?
No no, I'm gone, sure we've been
here all day for jaysus sake!
Well it is a funeral.
Ah yeah I know but I'm not used to
drinking for seven or eight hours,
I'll be dead in the morning!
Well Hughie'd be proud of ye won't
he?(turning to the older man)
                       MOURNER 1
Ah yeah!
Grand I can go home with a clear
conscience so!
Indeed'n you can....so will you
make it out for Sheena's thing
tomorrow night then?
Ah I don't think so..I have plans
like. Anyway I dont wanna be
cramping your style, three's
Three's company?(..and then
finally getting it) Ah Charlie, ye


The pair laugh a little loud for comfort, causing some of
the heads in the bar to turn. The other mourners are long
gone but it's still probably inappropriate. Sensing this
Justin decides to calm down, go outside and have a smoke.
Right I'm heading out for a fag.
Yeah I'm off too, I'll walk out
with ye.
                                         CUT TO:
Justin is a bit shaky on his legs as he come out for his
cigarette. He is saying his farewells to Charlie as the
unlit fag hangs from his mouth.
Well Charlie it's a pity we
couldn't have met in better
Yeah, indeed it is, but it was
good catchin' up with ye all the
Yeah, yeah I had a good
day..(uneasy silence) so..(offers
his hand)
(shaking hand) Yeah so that's it.
Yep so...oh shite wait I don't
think I have your mobile number.
No you don't, hold on a sec-
Charlie gets his phone out of his trouser pocket but Justin
is still patting himself all over, looking totally confused.
Jaysus where's my bleedin-


Ah don't worry about it-
Na man, shit I must have left it
inside( looking across the street)
Sure I can get it off Sheena sure-
Justin is not listening to Charlie at all but instead is
trying to figure out the shape across the street. Suddenly
he remembers.
      (shouting across
       the street)
Hey Joe!!Joe!!
Despite the traffic sweeping past Justin's voice carries
over and Joe looks across to acknowledge him. For a second
he looks like he's gonna maintain his current path but then
he decides to come over aand say hello properly.
      (waving across)
Jaysus man...haven't seen his
fella in years.
We leave the scene looking at Justin, a big grin etched on
his face. Could it be that Charlie might be making way for a
new drinking partner?
                                         CUT TO:
Alice is curled up on the couch , the television on in the
corner. She is half watching the news and half watching the
unopened box of sweets on the coffee table. After a few
moments she sits up and takes Jeff's note off the table. She
looks at it,biting her lower lip softly.
                                         CUT TO:
We are back outside the bar with Justin and co. Joe is
walking toward them.


What are you doing out here man!
      (offering a
Ah I was at a funeral earlier
today(shaking Joe's hand) good to
see ye man....(introducing
Charlie) This is Charlie here.
How's it goin?
      (turning back to
So who's funeral was it?
Oh it was a guy we used to do
acting with. He was old though.
That's sad though..did you say
acting there?
Ah yeah, quite the thespians we
      (getting Justin's
I'm gonna shoot off Justin.
      (turning to
(apologizing)Jesus sorry Charlie
right....ah wait I don't have your
Ah don't worry about it sure I'll
drop into the shop someday.


Yeah, yeah that's what you'll
do...excellent! I'll sort you out
some good stuff too!
Yeah sounds good man!Right
well(turning to Joe) Well Joe it's
nice meeting you.
Yeah you too.
      (walking off)
Take care lads!
As Charlie walks off he leaves Justin and Joe together
outside the pub.
Have you been at it all day then?
Hmm? Oh yeah, drinkin? Yeah been
out here since noon anyway...you
gonna come in for one?
Well I supposed to meet someone
but(looking at his watch) ah sure
I'll be alright for one.
That's the spirit, come on in the
We follow the men back into the bar where the evening rush
has long gone.
                                         CUT TO:
      (heading toward
       the bar)
So what is it..three four years?


Ah longer than that man.
What year was it I saw you in
Oh jesus yeah! Oh that was the day
of the Ireland Saudi Arabia game
in the World cup so thats six
years anyway.
      (shaking his head)
Jesus six years man( reaching the
bar) Anyway what are you having?
Oh yeah nice one, I'll have a
      (beckoning the
       barman again)
Yo...you still here!(smiling) A
Heineken there please....(looking
down at the bar)shit there's me
      (taking off his
So what did you say, you were
acting?When did you start that?
      (checking his
One sec man-
Justin sees that he has received a text. He opens it up and
soon the audience can see it.


Hey you, I hope you had a
good night last night, what
r u doin now, Alice xx
Justin reads it a few times before putting the phone back
down with a smile.


Sorry wha? Oh yeah well(looking up
at Joe)I reckon I was probably
doin it before i saws you last, we
did a few plays and things but
nothing big..
Well I remember in school you'd be
scribbling away scripts but I
didnt think you'd keep it up, fair
play man.
Well to be honest I haven't been
doing anything lately, probably
the last thing was a pilot show up
north a couple of years ago,
nothing came of that so I just
haven't really bothered since..
Yeah I've heard it's a tough
business alright-
      (a litle wistful)
Yeah...ah fuck it-
Yeah!....(looking round)this place
is kicking isn't it?
      (a little bit
Well sorry man, I did suggest
Lillies or Q Bar but the rest of
the funeral congregation weren't
havin it.
      (slightly sleepy)
Eh don't know man, I'm open to
      (drinking his pint
Right...well i reckon we should
leave this place for a start.


Yeah I suppose it's a bit
stale...did you not have to meet
someone though?
Yeah its just a mate, he's djing
later in town, I can hook up with
him in a while its alright.
Grand, so where to?
      (pointing at
       Justin's drinks)
Ye not gonna finish them first no?
Justin thunders the whiskey down his neck and then follows
it up with almost a full pint. It's an impressive but
worrying sight and you get the feeling Justin might regret
the show of maschismo later.
      (putting down the
Right let's go!
Joe smiles at the maniac in front of him and soon we are
outside taking a look at the cool September evening, seeing
the night livening up nicely. We see short skirts and
couples, young men excited and other people just trying to
get home after a hard weeks work. The hands of the
Christchurch clock cut through the hours in a few seconds
abnd before we know it, it's nearly midnight. We rejoin Joe
and Justin in a bar called Rogue. But before that we pull
out from a close up of a bunch half drunk glasses on the bar
in front of them.
                                         CUT TO:
      (having a swig of
       his pint)
Right I'm off to the jax.
Justin looks in contemplative mood, his pint almost
untouched as well some half finished cocktails.


      (looking into his
Ye know sometimes I wonder what
life would be like without
      (standing up
Well..you wouldn't have to because
you probably wouldn't have been
Ha Ha! Well my parents were
married long before I was born
but...ah fuck it!
      (trying to keep a
       straight face)
What the fuck are ye talking about
Well just d'ya think like that we
make too little outta life or that
we enjoy it too much?
You know( pointing at the glasses
and the bar) all this! Do you
think that we're too indulgent?
      (humouring him)
Yeah maybe. But philophising after
an all day bender(shaking his
head) it's a shame if you didn't
get your money's worth.Anyway(
walking away) I have to rinse the
Justin seems satisfied with his recent musings. He even
cracks a smile to himsf. Thus he is in a world all his own
when a stranger approaches him. This man we will soon know
as Collie


      (Standing beside
Shit man, I don't believe it!
Justin turns around but by the look on his face has no idea
who he is looking at.
Sorry I-
      (slightly put out)
Ah man you don't remember?
Fuckssake I thought you'd remember
I'm sorry..you're face is kinda
familiar but-
      (slaps him hard on
       the back)
It's Collie ya prick! From school!
Justin thinks hard, probably trying to remember a virtual
map of his classroom from those dark days. Eventually
something comes to him.
Patterson?! Right yeah, yeah sorry
man I've had a few there already-
      (Looking at the
I can see that ye drunken bastard,
what's the story wit ye?!
Not much,not much, how bout you
Grand yeah, just working away in a
recruitment agency here in town.
It's good like.


Oh yeah? Good for you.
      (slapping his back
Man it's good seeing ye, who are
ye here wit?
Hmm? Oh just some chap...from
school as well actually.
Ah a bit of a reunion wha? So it's
not Daragh by any chance?
No why? Daragh Sheehan you mean? I
never really palled with him man.
No? Ah I just thought you and him
were close ye know.
Justin sees where Collie is going with this and he doesn't
like it. We let the camera tilt down from his face to his
hand, which is at his side, clenched tightly.
Na man, we weren't close.
      (still grinning)
My mistake then....Jaysus is there
anyone working in dis bleedin bar!
                                         CUT TO:
Joe is coming up the stairs, fixing his zip as we follow him
out to the bar.
                                         CUT TO:


From Joe's point of view we can see commotion at the top of
the bar. It takes him a second to realise but he spots that
Justin is in the middle of it all. Soon we join the thick of
the action with Justin been held back by a large framed
Doorman. The other Doorman is busy with Collie but Justin's
mediator is having to work a little harder, it must be said.
The doormen are leading the men outside as swiftly as
possible as the medium filled bar watches on in dismay.
                       DOORMAN 1
      (pulling Justin
Come on the fuck get outta of it!
I'll call the guards no problem
Yeah call an ambulance for this
fucker while you're at it!Callin
me a fag, come on, come on,cunt!
Collie looks on, his lip fattened and bloodied by a strike,
presumably from Justin. In the background Joe has grabbed
his coat and takes up Justin's too. He is trying to get
outside to get to Justin but there still some traffic
between them.
                                         CUT TO:
The situation is simmering now rather than boiling. The
Doorman no longer has his arms around Justin but still has
his hand on his chest. Collie is on the opposite side in a
simular situation with the other doorman.
                       DOORMAN 1
Now move away from the premises
right now! I don't care where you
go just get out of here!
      (eyes locked on
Okay( quite loud) okay I'm
goin...(to Collie) I'll see you
again prick! (To Doorman) Can I
get my coat then?


                       DOORMAN 1
You're not goin-
Just as the doorman starts to speak Joe arrives outside,
Justin's coat in his hand.
It's okay, it's okay I have it
here man( handing jacket to
Where the fuck where you man?
                       DOORMAN 1
      (getting antsy)
If you're his friend get him outta
here now, I'm running out of
patience with him.
      (To Doorman)
Yeah no problem, come on Justin
man lets get outta here.
      (feeling drunk)
Ah fuck him man. (To Doorman) Yeah
that's it,I'm off,
right....(walking away)...fuck
      (catching up with
Wait up, what the fuck happened
Wha? Ah shit man I don't know,
some prick from school
Collie...Collie Patterson.
The pair turn off Dame St onto Eustace Street, a smaller
darker street. Justin continues to walk quickly as Joe looks
for an explanation.
                                         CUT TO:


      (still befuddled)
Patterson...Collie Patterson? Na I
don't remember him.
      (still walking)
He's a fuckin scrot..should've
knocked him out
Well I can't place him, what did
he say?
Justin stops dead, nearly looking as annoyed at Joe as he
did with Collie a few minutes ago.
Look Joe, I'm well pissed off now
okay! This Patterson fucker, if
you don't remember him , he was
two classes below-
Justin's profile analysis is cut short as Collie returns out
of nowhere and strikes him hard on the head. He follows up
with a few more shots as the camera fades to black.
We fade up on a telling image of Justin. He is in bad
condition from the night before. Some burst blood vessels
from the alcohol consumption and a plaster just above his
right eye. We join him in the shop, he is there on his own
sitting on a short stool behind the counter. His head lying
on the counter on it side. The place is empty save for one
would-be customer. The customer resplendant in army fatigued
coat and trucker hat has yet to disrupt the peace of Justin
but the occasinal glance he is throwing over his way
suggests an interruption isn't far off. Justin manages to
summon up the energy to change the c.d behind. He puts on
some David Bowie to replace the Beta Band that has just come
to an end. After changing the c.d he resumes his position.
After seeing on the nearby Beatles clock reads 3.30pm, he
takes his phone from his pocket. He presses some buttons and
gets his message folder.
                                         CUT TO:


We are back in the same hospital smoking area as at the
start of the movie. This time Gillian, the smoker is on her
own, presumably Sharon(the club orange girl)has a day off.
But there's cigarettes to be smoked and Gilian is there to
smoke them. It's a pretty cold day and Gillian has huddled
herself as best she can to shield herself from the
conditions. Soon she is joined by a surprise visitor, Alice.
      (greeting Gillian)
Oh hiya...(looking around)Do you
Gillian points to the bench.
Oh okay..you sure?
Yeah..I could do with the
company..So how are you?
      (sitting, hands
       still in pockets)
Ah grand, just wanted some fresh
      (holding up ciggy)
Well you came to the right place.
Right....(watches Gillian taking a
drag) Can I actually borrow...one?
Yeah if you want(hands her the
packet and the lighter)I didn't
know you smoked.
      (lighting one)
Well I don't usually but sometimes
its nice....(turns to introduce


                       ALICE (cont'd)
herself) I'm Alice by the way.
Gillian!....So you having a
stressful day?
Ah no it's okay-
Ah it must be a man so!
Okay,okay...well whatever it is,
just remember they rarely think
with their heads!
      (breaking into a
That's so true!
Have you been seeing him long?
No not at all really, we only just
met recently.
Well he's probably just in that
strange man place where they're
afraid of losing their
independence, it'll pass.
I don't know if we're at that
stage yet but you might be on the
right track.
Well three older brothers you
learn a few things.


Yeah, I have a brother too
but...he's living abroad for
years. I only really see him at
Really? I like to get down and see
my family whenever I can, Dublin
can wear you out after a while.
Thats true-(her phone beeps) Oh!
Thats probably him now sure.
      (standing up)
Right so...I will leave you to it,
have to get back.
      (looking up at
Oh okay well thanks for the
cigarette and...everything!
      (walking away)
No bother!I'll see ya later..
      (back looking at
       her phone)
Alice takes a look at her message again. It reads


Hey Alice, I'm really sorry
didnt get back to u yester-
day,was at a funeral all day,
kinda lost track of time,so
really sorry:(Anyway i hope
u r okay, what r u doin
tonight xx


Alice looks up from the phone and smiles.
                                         CUT TO:
So Justin is still melancoly, but the day will soon be over.
Hopefully the next few hours will pass without incident and
he can get some 'hair of the dog' into his distressed liver.
But alas THD (trucker hat dude) is still lurking around.
D'you have any Prefab sprout?
Hmmm, no we haven't had them for a
few weeks, sorry.
What about ABC?
No....it's just really what we
have out there at the moment.
Nothing out the back no?
      (standing up and
       presenting the
       small staff area)
This is the back!!Is there
anything else you were lookin'
for, we have some Communards
Na, I think I'll just go to HMV,
they'd have a better selection and
they'd be more helpful.
Well this is a second hand store.
So we can't really decide what
comes in at whatever times.


You've got a lovely attitude don't
ye! Just sitting there talking
back to your customers like that.
Listen friend, you asked me if we
had something. We don't have it,
maybe it'll come in again, maybe
not. If you want to try HMV,
Virgin,Amazon,Aunty Rita's bleedin
charity shop thats fine. That's
your business, now is there
anything else?
I don't like you, not one little
bit. So don't be surprised if you
get a brick through that window of
yours.(starts to leave)
      (standing up)
I don't have to listen to that
shite...go on get the fuck out
before I call the police.
The man leaves the shop but not before he stops right
outside and stands outside the window for a moment, pointing
right at Justin. If Justin wasn't so worked up and possibly
still full of Dutch courage he'd be frightened, instead his
hand is suddenly making a V sign at Trucker hat Dude. THD
looks like he's gonna come back in but thinks better of it.
Seconds later he's gone. Justin's rage gradually melts into
a satisfied smile but as he sits back down he holds the back
of his head. The excitement has done nothing for his
A young lady is walking up the front garden path of a
semi-detached house.This is Danielle. She knocks on the
front door and soon there is a silhouette behind the frosted
glass. The door opens and the silhouette becomes the human
form of Alice. She already has her coat on and with more
make up than we've seen previously we can assume she's going


      (closing the door
       behind her)
How are you, you look nice.
Cheers chicken, not too bad
yourself. I hope he's worth it.
      (walking out the
       front gate)
Ha ha! So shall we get a taxi or
I don't mind, you're the boss.
Well it's still early, lets get
the bus.
      (turning around)
So you don't want to get a bus,
thought you said you didn't
Well I don't but-
Fine we'll get a taxi! Come on!
We watch as Alice and her buddy head toward wherever a taxi
maybe. We then cut to the warmer confines of a bar...where
else!! Soon we're back in Brogan's and although their seats
are different from Thursday night everything else is
sameame. Med and Justin talking shit. Justin is dressed down
from yesterday,preferring a t-shirt and jeans. Med has his
beloved retro QPR shirt, a jersey dating back to a time when
they were a respected top flight side.


                                         CUT TO:
So when did you get back?
      (sipping his pint)
I arrived in Dublin an hour ago.
Loftus Road isn't too far from the
airport so it's an easy run.
Jaysus and the match was over at
what, five?
Yeah. I was gonna leave early too,
there were two nil down with
twenty minutes to play. But then
they got one back and then the
fuckers got an equaliser three
minutes into injury time!
Good stuff.
Yeah, its pretty pathetic when you
have to gt that excited about a
draw with jaysus Colchester but
there y'go.
And would you not stay the night
there no?
Why are you offering to open the
shop tomorrow?! Na sure the flight
was there and I'm going to a gig
tonight too-
Oh yeah? Who's playin?
The Smythes
Justin sniggers into his beer.


What you laughin' at ye bollix!
Fuckin' tribute bands Med.
So what, ye snob! Besides they've
got a new Morrissey, I want to see
what they're like.Anyway thats my
plan, what are you doing?
Well I'm supposed to meet this
girl tonight.
      (half interested)
Yeah I met her at the funeral
yesterday, she's from New Zealand.
New Zealand? Cool. Did you know
her before yesterday?
Yeah I met her a few years back
when I was doing the actin'.
Oh yeah and you didn't manage to
get it together the last time
because of professional courtesy?!
Not really. I liked her alright
and I thought she liked me too
      (sipping his pint)
Oooh! You're gonna show her the
error of her ways?
Ah man I don't know, I mean
there's this other prince, they're
still close, her and him, but I
don't know if they're close close.


Well thats what you have to do
find out. After that you can get
down to bid'ness!
Yeah but...aah!
Well I'm kinda double booked
What d'ya mean?
Well this Alice girl text me
yesterday and then I texted her
back today.
Who the fuck is-
Man it was that girl I was with on
Wednesday night.
Oh yeah, thats the one who gave ye
the lovely servicing!
Yep that's her.
Ah welll...did you shag this Alice
What difference does that make?


Well none I suppose...(thinking to
himself)no actually it makes a lot
of difference. Did you?
No if you must know! I didn't
but..it was a really nice night.
Really? Only to hear you say it
the other night it was Last Tango
in Paris!
No it was, it was great. I really
like her but...it's just this
Sheena girl-
Sheena. The Kiwi?
So basically you're hedging your
No! I'm just-
Yes you are! You're seeing if you
can have your cake and eat it.
Jaysus it's two cakes ya want!
      (giving in)
Okay fine so I want them both, how
You'll end up with nothin' you
know that.
Ah I always end up with nothing,
big deal.


Well why are you even
      (thinking coyly)
I don't know...I'm just curious!
For fuckssake!!
We see Alice and Danielle exit the taxi right outside the
pub. It's not even ten o'clock yet but th place is getting
busy. A small queue has formed outside. Meanwhile the two
girls are passing the time with some choice cutlets of
It's cold enough isn't it? Won't
be wearing the summer clothes for
much longer.
Hmmm? Yeah...yeah you're right.
Alice what planet are you on? Look
what did he say in the text?
Nothin...just that if I was in
town tonight I should send him a
text,that's all.
The mystery man!
      (semi serious)
Shut up!
                                         CUT TO:


Med and Justin have left the confines of Brogan's and are
walking up George's Street, in the direction of Hogan's.
They are still discussing Justin's best course of action for
Look just see where this Alice
girl is tonight, tell her you're
gonna try and get up to her ASAP
but that your buddy is having
trouble with his girlfriend and
you're trying to be a good mate
bla bla. Women love all that
relationship stress shite!
If you say so, and if things are
going south with the New
      (talking over him)
If things are going south just
head up to the other girl. But you
can't wait all night, can't be
going to meet this Alice chick at
fuckin two in the morning, that's
rippin' the piss!
Well what time d'you reckon?
Med has just reached the door of Hogan's and looks like he's
happy to see the back of Justin for tonight.
Man if you can't decide that for
yourself-( walks into the bar)
                                         CUT TO:
The girls are in the packed bar. As Danielle attempts to
order drinks, Alice is a little bit back behind her, tapping
away on her mobile.


      (struggling to bar)
Christ, it's mayhem!( turning to
Alice) You want a breezer?
      (looking up from
       phone, smiling)
Hmmm? Yeah thanks!
                                         CUT TO:
The famous old thoroughfare is picking up, with plenty of
revellers heading north and south. Justin is due south,
until he hears his mobile beep.He stops in his tracks to
read it

Hey you! Me & my frend hav
jst arrvd @ Flannerys in
Camden St,u know it?Neway
we wil b here, let us know
when ur comin!!Alice x

Justin has a studious and then a slightly happy look on his
face before returning the phone to his pocket and continuing
his walk.
                                         CUT TO:
Keogh's, whilst not the boozehound's magnet that Flannery's
might be, is quite busy. We are looking from inside the bar
towards the door and soon enough Justin comes through the
entrance. We see him, eagle-eyed and dry lipped looking for
Sheena and her cohorts. Soon enough he spots her at the far
end of the bar, surrounded by a bevvy of fellow lovely young
ladies and better yet..no sign of David! She looks different
from the day previous, but in no bad way. Justin approaches
cooly, trying not to catch her eye until the last possible
      (coming up right
       behind her)
Ok so what are we talking about?!


Sheena turns around slowly, seemingly angry with the
interruption. Her expression changes quickly when she sees
Justin's face grinning back at her.
Oh hi!(giving him a hug) I didn't
think you were coming!
Yeah sorry bout that, got a little
bit delayed wit a friend-
Aw that's okay! So come
on(grabbing his hand) I wanna
introduce you to some people!
      (quite happy)
      (looking back at
Hey what happened to your head?
      (feeling the
What this? Oh I banged it....in
the eh kitchen...last
We go to a longer shot of the bar, and see Justin getting to
know some of Sheena's buddies. They are ALL female except
for one guy who we haven't seen before. Still no David in
                                         CUT TO:
We are back in the chaotic Flannery's, a place festooned in
the colour and chorus of GAA folk. It's quite a sight and
Alice and Danielle seem ever so slightly out of place. Still
they sway in unison to the packed crowd, maintaining their
balance admirably.


      (quite loud)
So did he definitely say he was
      (playing with a
He gave me the old 'I'll try my
best line'. Apparently his friend
is having some trouble with his
girlfriend so he told me he'd try
and come here when he's finished.
      (non believing)
I see!
      (smiling wryly)
Danielle makes a point of taking a full 360 degree look
around the bar.
Eh what are you doin?
I'm just seein' if there's anyone
else here we can set you up with!
Okay, sorry!
A brief silence in the conversation.
Sure it makes no difference if he
comes or not, it won't change
So if he comes here tonight, you
won't be goin' home together?


      (half singing)
I don't believe you!
Alice looks back at her but says nothing. She is clearly
                                         CUT TO:
Justin has relegated himself to bottles of beer tonight and
returns from the bar with a nice cold Carlsberg in his hand.
He sees that some of the women including Sheena have
isolated themselves from Chris, the only man in the party.
Justin decides to do the decent thing and start a
      (nodding towards
       the girls)
You feelin' a bit left out?
      (with thick Aussie
Yeah! Aw its no worries, I only
arrived in Dublin yesterday so I
ain't too worried bout doin'
anything hectic.You're Justin
Aye that be me!
Cool. So how d'ya know Shenners!
Oh well I met her in acting class
a few years back, fell a bit outta
touch since but then we had to go
to a funeral there yesterday, we
Fair dues, so you're accent isn't
too bad, I mean sometimes I cant
understand the Irish accent but


                       CHRIS (cont'd)
you're fine.
I was just sayin-
Ah man I'm only fuckin' with ye!
Chris takes the ribbing well as Sheena approaches
them,Justin throws her a smile and she returns it nicely.
So you havin' a good time?
Oh yeah just myself and(nodding to
Chris)Chris here discussing
accents and what not. It's a good
place this, havent been here in
Yeah I think I was here last
summer with David but not since
Justin manages to hold his grimace and turn it into one of
those 'i didn't know that'type nods as she mentions the 'D'
word. Quickly he follows up.
And will Mr O'Keefe be joining us
for tonight's festivities.
No!..Why should he?
I have no idea I'm...just a guy
with a plaster on his head.
The stupidity of Justin's provides ample coolant on the
taboo subject.

We cut away from Keogh's and go back to Flannery's where


Danielle and Alice have just managed to score some seats.
Alice is just putting her jacket down when Danielle jumps
straight back into the topic of conversation, her boyfriend.
                                         CUT TO:
      (siting down)
Jesus I thought we were never
gonna get seats, its black in
Yeah its busy alri-
So what was I saying? Oh yeah he's
ripping the piss Alice-
Alice has a look on her face that suggests she cannot
remember the topic of conversation.
      (seeing her
Brian! I mean he goes down to Cork
last weekend for a match, didn't
even ask even I wanted to go-
      (looking around)
You don't even like football!
That's not the point...and stop
defending him!
      (looking around
       the bar)
Yeah you're right I'm sorry.
Yeah well there you go, and I was
asking him could he take time...
But Alice is tuned out of radio Danielle and is watching
live and interrupted coverage of a familiar face that has
just arrived. She breaks a smile as the camera turns to see
the reason behind her sudden happiness. We soon see that


Jeff has arrived. We cut back to Alice who eventually draws
herself back into Danielle's chatter.
      (fading back in)
...I mean I think that's fair
don't you?
      (looking at
Danielle contents herself with the positive feedback and
continues her chatter. Alice ponders to herself. Will Justin
ever text her or is that even going to matter in a short

We cut back to Keogh's where Justin doesn't seem like he's
in the mood to go any place else right now.
                                         CUT TO:
Sheena have separated themselves slightly from the rest of
the herd. That is to say Sheena's buddies have strategcally
moved away from them. Justin is fine self deprecating mood
and he is playing that ticket when we go back to the action.
So you're working away in this
record shop then are you?
Yeah!? Whats wrong with that?
Na nothin',itsa pretty cool job I
suppose, it's better than working
in an office or whatever.
Yeah you know it's money.
So you've given up on your acting


      (self mockingly)
Well it never really started did
it? Two local plays and extra work
for a tv show nobody watched!
So you're quitting?
Well I still have my dreams ye
know, it might happen yet!
That's good.
Yeah you know I still buy Empire
every month aaaand Sight and
Sound...when I can afford it! So
you could say I'm still very much
involved in the industry.
Sheena smile is a mile and a half wide if it's an inch.
She's obviously missed Justin's humour.
Ok well I have to go to the
bathroom so don't go running off
to Hollywood without saying bye
Wouldn't dream of it!
Justin is barely able to take his eyes off Sheena's well
shaped ass as she walks off. Immediately though he snaps
himself back into life and takes his phone from his jeans.

Back in Flannery's the two girls are still in the same seats
as when we left them. Alice looks shifty. She needs to break
the monotony any way she can.
                                         CUT TO:
These aren't great seats Danielle,
d'ya think we should move down


I don't think we'll get anywhere
else to be honest, why where did
you wanna go?
      (pointing towards
       the back)
Wanna try there?
Maybe we just stall it here for
another little while?
Alice is really frustrated at this stage but decides to hold
it in. Instead she comes to a happy compromise.
      (standing up)
Okay well, I have to go to the
toilet d'you just wanna stay here,
mind the seats?
Well how long will you be?
I don't know, the queue might be
You've been lookin down that
direction for twenty
minutes...whose down there?
well you know that guy from the
hospital yesterday...he's here.
      (getting up from
       her seat)
Fuck off! Where?
Sit down ya sap!! You can't see
him from here, I just saw him walk
in a while ago, I think he might


                       ALICE (cont'd)
be down there.
Okay soooo?
Well I think I am gonna go lookin'
for him.
Well how long will you be lookin?
I dunno! Ten minutes?
Ten minutes! Chrissake Alice itsa
Saturday night! I can't sit here
on my own for ten minutes!
Oh come on pleease! If I'm not
back in ten, just send me a text
look(showing her the
phone)Okay??(puts on sad frowny
Okay. Ten minutes ( Alice is
already walking as she adds her
last remark) I'm timing ya!
We watch Alice walk off toward the back and the camera
lingers on a thoughtful looking Danielle for a moment.

We are made aware of the switch back to Justin and Sheena's
pub by the obvious change of volume in the background.
Whearas Flannery's is like a huge ceili Keogh's is always
much more restrained. We rejoin the action with Justin
parked at the bar, elbows down on the wood as Sheena is
there once again, one elbow on the side. Its picturesque!
                                         CUT TO:


So you haven't built up enough
angst yet?
Well it's not just that, like, but
what the hell could I write about!
I'm not interesting!
Aw come on everybody is a little
bit interesting, that's just
another excuse.(shaking her
head)You lazy Irish!
      (quite serious)
It's not cos im Irish that I'm
Okay fair enough but if you put it
off too long you'll never do it.
And then you'll regret
Okay well since you put it that
way....(looking at her) I wouldn't
want any more regrets.
      (looking back at
No that wouldn't be good.
No, it wouldn't.
                                         CUT TO:
Alice is making her way through the crowd but its a tough
chore getting past the mass of bodies there. She is looking
around all the time but still no sign of that face. She
checks her jeans and takes out phone. With a quick look she
sees that she has one message from Justin. She doesn't look


at it straight away but instead goes out to the beer garden.
The camera follows her out there where the body count is
just as high as indoors. After some frantic head twisting
she eventually spots Jeff in the furthest away corner,
chatting to his friend.
                                         CUT TO:
She lets herself have a smile and takes the phone from her
pocket once again. This time she reads it.


Hey Alice!Look I'm sorry I
can't make it tonight but
my mate and I are still out
and he just wants to be boring
and not go anywhere loud,I'm
really sorry, I'll talk 2 u
soon, Bye :)
She reads it quickly but her face betrays no emotion.
Instead she pockets the phone and heads over towards Jeff.

We cut to Jeff's POV as he talks to his friend. He is
already breaking one of Alice's rules by drinking alcohol.
His poison of choice is a pint of beer. He also has a
cigarette in his hand which would hardly be recommended by
any nurse.
Like I mean its a shite shift. I
know the overtime is good but
Thursday night is when everyone
goes out ye know?
Ah that's why I couldn't be a
garda Tom, fuckin hours'd kill ye!
Ah stop...sure what can you do(
drinking the end of his pint) Here
is it my round?
      (looking at his
       3/4 full pint)
Yeah but I'm alright Tom, I have
to take it easy.


Sure if I get it yill drink it in
anyway( walking off)
Jeff smiles at the logic of his friend. He is staring into
space when Alice steps up beside him waking him from his
You shouldn't be drinking!
      (looks down
Well how's it goin.
Grand yeah, just wanted to say
thanks for the gift.
I was thinkin' you didn't like
No I do well...it was just a
Well you didn't text me, I was
thinking that you thought I was a
loony or somethin'
A loony??!!!
      (smiling but
What?! It's a word okaaay??
      (still laughing)
Okay okay, well(more serious)
anyway thank you. I should've text
you but I...had reasons.


Oh yeah? And would this 'reason'
have a name by any chance?
Maybe, maybe not!
                                         CUT TO:
Danielle cuts a lonely figure as she waits inside, her phone
in hand. She constantly looks toward the back of the
bar,contemplating her next move.
                                         CUT BACK TO:
The two seem to have hit it off quite well.We leave the
scene for now to return shortly.
                                         CUT TO:
It's nearing the bewitching hour and unlike Flannery's,
Keogh's still maintains some remblance of 'decency' by
closing at an appropriate hour. It is indeed closing time at
this stage and the place is emptying out slowly but surely.
Justin is back talking with Chris as Sheena returns from her
Chinese parliament with the girls.
      (coming towards
Okay so, we are thinking of going
to a club, what d'ya reckon?
Eh yeah sounds good, where d'ya
have in mind?
Well I want to go to Flannery's


      (lightning quick)
Ah no, no no. It's full of
Culchie's and all they play is the
Proclaimers. What bout em...
Okay well I'll ask them(walks
towards girls)
During that brief exchange Chris was obviously listening.
His next comment is eerily accurate.
      (coming up behind
Jeez for a second there I thought
you might have another girl
waiting for ye up in that
Flannery's place!
What?! Oh no I wish!Jaysus!
Yeah man no worries(yawning)Man
I'm tired, think that jetlag's
catchin me up..
Yeah? Long aul flight alright, you
gonna go back to bed?
      (stretching out)
Naw fuck it, I'll be alright. Us
Kiwi's are well tough!
      (through his teeth)
Yeah I noticed!
                                         CUT TO:
Jeff is walking through the manic crowd, with a Bacardi
breezer in hand, presumably for Alice. We then Alice and
Tomas chatting away, as Jeff makes his way toward them.


      (to Alice,
       referring to
So he started talking shite about
his job yet?
No not yet,(smiling at Tomas) I
actually have a lot of respect for
the Gardai.
      (taking a sip of
       his beer)
There's always one-
The wity banter is suddenly cut short by the arrival of
Danielle who obviously has been waiting for Alice longer
than ten minutes.
Hi Alice.(to Jeff)Sorry(turning to
Jeff)Can I have a word with you?
Uh-oh! Okay(moving away from Jeff
slightly) I know what you're goin'
to say and you're right, I'm
really sorry-
Alice like I have been there on my
own for over twenty minutes, you
said you'd send a text, did you
just do that so I'd take a hint
and go home??
No no, look,(nodding towards Jeff)
This is the guy I was tellin' you
about...from the hospital...let me
introduce him you.
No...I'm gonna go home.


No look I'm sorry, look I'm not
mad at you anymore(smiling) I
Ah Danielle!
Na, I'm a bit tired to be honest,
look why don't you hang out here
it's no problem.
But we're supposed to out
together...I feel like shit now.
Well don't! Look you told me you
were gonna meet 'somebody' tonight
so I expecting it, what difference
does it make who it is?
      (slightly offended)
Ah come on!
No listen it's no problem, go have
a nice time!
      (looking at
Look let me introduce you first?
Alice leads Danielle back to the two gentleman. She makes
the introductions first to Tomas and then quite proudly, she
presents Jeff.
How do you do?
Grand yeah, so you're Jeff?
Fraid so!


      (beckoning him
Look after her yeah? Or else I
will track you down okay?
      (trying to keep a
       straight face)
Don't worry I'll be a gentleman.
We leave the scene with a long shot of Danielle saying her
goodbyes to Alice.
                                         CUT TO:
Chris and the other three girls are slightly ahead of Sheena
and Justin who are sticking closely to each other. The group
isn't in any hurry judging by their pace. We go to a shot of
Sheena and Justin walking together.
So apart from yesterday we don't
really see much of eachother. It's
just awkward when you've been
close to somebody and it doesn't
work out. So(looking across to
Justin)how come you didn't have
plans with some young lady
Hmm!? Oh well I don't know Sheena,
I guess I'm not really into that
relationship thing, I've had a few
bad experiences so that's put me
Well I'd like to meet the girl
that messed your head up but I
don't think you should be let off
that easily!
Yeah you're right.
      (changing the
Ah come on, lets catch up with the


                       SHEENA (cont'd)
others.(shouting ahead) Hey wait
We leave that interesing conversation as the group make
their way to the next destination.
                                         CUT TO:
Tomas and Jeff are chatting away again as Alice has
disappeared from the scene. The two men are discussing what
is usually discussed in these situations.
So what's the story here then?
With what? Oh I don't know, we'll
see what happens sure.
Well I'm gonna make myself scarce
fairly soon I'd say.
You don't have to man, sure stay a
Na I'm gonna head over to Coppers
for an hour, see if it's any use.
Alice is approaching the two men.
Well if that's what you want-
      (looking at Alice
Yah I reckon it is alright...I
wouldn't want to be a third wheel
either(patting him on the back)
Jeff sees that Alice saw the last gesture from Tomas and
makes sure he doesn't give anything away.
So what are you two talking about?


Ah nothin' just the usual
shite..you want a drink?
Actually I think its my turn, what
are you having?
Eh sure I'll have a beer thanks
      (holding up his
I'm tipping on after this Alice
thanks very much!
You're goin? Okay well just a pint
so-(Alice leaves again)
      (wagtching her
       walk off)
Jaysus she's a great arse lad I'll
tell ye that.
C'mon man!
Ah I'm just saying she does. She
seems like a nice girl too, you
should look after her.
      (looking on
       towards Alice)
We leave the beer garden again. Jeff is obviously
contemplating his next move as Alice goes to replenish the
alcohol supplies.
                                         CUT TO:


The Kiwi's are cutting it up on the dance floor, even Chris
is getting in on the act. Justin looks on from the bar,
smiling. Perhaps he saving his energy. Sheena is dancing
with a glass in hand and beckons him across but he simply
smiles and raises his own glass to her.
                                         CUT TO:
Tomas appears to have left and now there's only Jeff and
Alice left. Maybe thats the way both of them want it.
      (sipping his pint)
Ahhh, that's the first time I've
been drinking in about a month.
      (faux old matron)
Well Jeffrey, you really oughtn't
to be drinking alcohol at all in
your condition.
Oh yeah? Gonna punish me are ya?
It's a pretty unoriginal response but it's enough for Jeff
to move himself in towards Alice. She accepts his kiss on
the lips and they are together for a good few moments before
breaking off the kiss.
You can't get fired for doin' that
can you?
I don't know, I haven't kissed a
patient before.
And I haven't kissed a
nurse...it's very nice by the way!
Well thank you(taking a sip from
her drink, which is nearly empty)
Mmmn, almost none left.


      (taking a long sip
       from his drink)
Mine's almost finished
too,(smiling) you want another?
      (shaking her head)
      (smiling widely)
Me neither.......I just wanna got
to the toilet, will you be okay
there for a minute?Okay(leans over
and kisses her quickly on the
Jeff disappears towards the toilet as Alice smiles and
composes herself after the passionate embrace.She looks
locked in thought for a moment before taking out her phone
from her pocket. She looks at it, and after opening up the
received messages folder she picks out Justin's last
message. She replies quickly..

                                         CUT TO:
We cut back to Justin reading the message he has just got
from Alice. He reads it and nods to himself. He puts the
phone back in his pocket and remains in his position at the
bar, chilling out whilst the others burn off a few more
calories on the dance floor. Just then a bouncer comes over
towards Sheena and reprimands her for having a glass on the
dance floor. She decides to rejoin Justin at the bar.
      (coming towards
Fuckin security!...(getting her
Well young lady you ought to know
better..you'll do yourself a
mischief out there with that


Shut up!...So Mr.Justin mystery
man I was wondering....
      (looking towards
Oh yeah? What were you wondering
I was wondering if you were gonna
kiss me tonight?
I was thinking about it!
And have you reached a decision?
Justin realises that all the flirting has come to this
moment. Setting his glass down he gently puts his fingers
through her soft hair and lightly draws himself towards her.
It's a nice kiss but perhaps a little animated. We go to a
quick shot of Chris and a couple of the girls as they look
on from the dance floor.Eventually Justin and Sheena
breakaway both with smiles on their faces.
Well that only took four years!
Was is worth the wait?
Of course!
Sheena smiles back but looks a little shaky.
Are you okay?
Sheena for the first time appears as though she has overdone
it slightly. She is holding her head as Justin watches on
quite concerned.


Do you want a drink of water or
Hmm? Oh no, well yeah thanks but I
need to sit dow-
Sheena seemingly faints, almost falling to the ground before
Justin catches her.
Woah, woah! Okay, come on( lifting
her back onto her feet) I think we
might have to go outside.
Oh come on Justin, quit bossin' me
Justin takes away from the bar and starts to lead her away
from the bar, trying to pry his way through the sea of
Where are we goin?
      (supporting her)
I think we should maybe go outside
and get some fresh air, whatcha
      (laughing again)
I'm okay, I'm okay, just need to
sit down, look(spots a free seat)
just over there.
You sure?
Yep!( Sheena places herself
steadily on the couch)Okay Mr.
Justin can you get me a glass of
water please?


You sure you're okay, I mean if
you want to leave-
You just haven't earned yet baby!
C'mon just the water please(kisses
him on the lips)Pleeeeease!
      (moving away)
Oky I'll be back in a sec, don't
talk to any strangers(smiling)
Justin makes his way up to the bar. Our parting shot is of
Sheena watching him, her mind probably concentrating on not
falling asleep or getting sick.
                                         CUT TO:
We see that Jeff and Alice are in the back seat. When we
join them they are discussing tv programmes of the 90's.
But how can yu not like The Fast
Show?! The shows like that
nowadays aren't a patch on it.
Sorry but I just don't like it, I
mean maybe it was good at the time
and maybe I just didn't get it but
it was on UK Gold the other day I
just thought its very dated.
No its okay, you just don't have
any taste!


As Alice antagonizes Jeff into tickling her in the backseat
up in the front seat an impatient and possibly jealous
driver sits.
Whereabouts in Drimnagh did you
      (laughing as she
       fights off Jeff)
Stop!(to taxi driver)Sorry
eh...Sperrin Road please!(To
      (still holding her
Are you sure you don't wanna come
back to mine?
No! Clonee is miles
away!(smiling)How will I get
      (snuggling up real
Ah come on, I'll drive you back in
the morning,promise! Okay?
Alice looks up at the sky for inspiration and then after a
few seconds she lets her eyes meet Jeff's. She can't resist
the offer and nods gently.
      (to Driver)
Yo buddy lets push this rig
towards Clonee yeah?
Yeah man we wanna go to Clonee
instead alright?
Clonee? That's gonna cost ye.


Yeah man it no problem, I got
So it's definitely Clonee this
Yeah man thanks.(Smiling at Alice)
See that now we're sorted!
The tickling match resumes between Alice and Jeff,but only
after he sneaks another nice kiss from her.
                                         CUT TO:
Justin has just got his change from the barman and is
heading back toward Sheena with the promised glass of water
and his bottle of beer. The crowd is decreasing as it gets
later and this means he is able to get back to where he left
Sheena . However when he gets there she isn't there. He
deposits the water on the empty table and goes looking for
Sheena. He scours the whole area but she is nowhere to be
seen. Nor are her friends. He takes a long sip of his beer
and after that decides to head for the exit.
                                         CUT TO:
Justin arrives out into the street, still putting on his
coat. He takes a look either end of the street but can see
her or any of her party. Visibly frustrated, he takes out
his phone from his pocket and starts walking toward George's
Street. We follow him occasionally going to a close up shot
of his phone screen where we can see he is trying to call
Sheena. The result is the same a few times however. After a
few rings it just goes to message minder. He is just about
on George's Street now and it's looking like he might hit
                                         CUT TO:


Now on George's Street, Justin hasn't given up on her yet
and is still trying to get through. Eventually the ring
lasts a little longer and somebody answers the phone. It
isn't Sheena but her friend Linda.
Yeah it's Justin, who's this?
Oh Justin mate!Hold on a second( a
long pause) Yeah sorry Justin, how
are you?
Fuckin worried! Where's Sheena?
She just left!
Oh well she's with me now, just
wait a second-
Another pause, a little shorter than last time but no less
annoying to Justin.
Yeah Justin mate, Sheena can't
really talk now, she's kinda
gettin real sick.
Well where are ya? I'll come and
find you.
      (unsure again)
Well we're outside a place called
Mercantile but-
Grand I'm on my way-
No Justin wait! Hold on....I think
Sheena wants to talk with you,


                       LINDA (cont'd)
just wait a sec..
Inevitably another pause, Justin is menawhile turning purple
with fury.
      (sounding rough)
Yeah hi Justin,it's me.
Are you okay?Where did you go?
Aw that place was just real warm,
I got light headed I reckon.
Well okay, you're on Dame Street
Yeah but...I don't wantcha to see
me in this state-
Wait a sec-
Na Justin serious I..I I gotta
go...(hands phone to Linda again)
What the f-
Yeah hi again Justin. Yeah mate
she's gettin sick again.
In the background Sheena can be heard.
      (totally wrecked)
Tell 'im I'll call 'im tomara!
Did you get that!?


Well yeah bu-
Okay there's a taxi comin' mate we
gotta go, okay bye!
Justin is left speechless as the phone goes dead. As he
tries to assess the direction the night has taken all he can
do is shake his head,mouth still agap. Eventually he summons
a comment to himself.
I could've got her a taxi,
Justin begins to walk a lonely path up George's Street.
Heading toward Aungier Street he looks resigned to his fate.
Walking slowly he looks around, the city's heartbeat slowing
after another Saturday of mayhem. Finding an empty coke can
on the ground he starts kicking it along and thus the
picture is complete. His only hope now is to get home
without anybody he knows seeing him in his disconsolate
state. But then he sees two familiar faces straight ahead.
No such luck. As Lucy and Gemma come closer he contemplates
crossing the street but something makes him stay. It has to
be said that both girls are pretty so maybe Justin fancies
one last throw of the dice.
      (slighty worried)
Hey Lucy!
Seconds later Justin is smothered in the arms and chest of
both Lucy and Gemma. Like some characters from a Leonard
Cohen song the bohemian dressed beauties have already made
him feel better.
      (still very happy)
Well how the hell are ya?
Oh I'm all the better for seeing
you guys. You're looking great!
Oh well we're feelingood Justin-o!


Yessiry bob! We've been up in The
Village knocking back the
cocktails and now we're goin' to a
Yeah Justin-o! You should come to
the party with us!
Ah I don't know, was just gonna
head home-
Fuck home! Its not two(looking at
her watch)oh wait, it's not even
three yet!
Ah I'm kinda tired guys.
Ah Justin come on,come on!!
No no-
Yes yes yes!
No I'm not- Ah fuck it yeah I'll
The two girls jump for joy as Justin changes his mind.
Okay so now all we need is a taxi!
Where is this 'partae' on?
Eh Clontarf.


Yeah come on don't worry!
The trio start walking toward Dame St. Justin stands in the
middle as the two lovely young ladies put their arms around
him. They look like a proper bunch of lushes but at least
they're happy. As the walk on we hear Lucy with one more
Hey Justin what happened to your
                                         CUT TO:
Jeff is fiddling around with a remote control as a slightly
groggy Alice returns into the sitting room.
You're out of vodka!(sitting down
beside him) You lied to me Mr.
Jeffreyson?Jeffreyson?(puts down
the remote)Come here you!( the
tickling match ensues again)I'm
gonna git ya!Oooh yeh!Ooh-
The fun and games has to stop though because Jeff hurts his
      (yelps out)
Oh shit! Ooww oww.
Whats up ye big baby?(notices his
hand) Oh shit sorry, are you okay?
Before he can answer Alice his hand on a pillow as she opens
up the bandage to survey the damage. He looks on admiringly.


      (looking carefully)
Hmmmn. Well the stitches are still
okay but maybe we shouldn't play
Well what can we do if we can't
play anymore?
      (Closing the
Well...I don't know!
The pair embrace on the deep backed couch. In the background
Nelly Furtado is still muted(thank god) as the pair on the
luscsious sofa slouch to the rhythm of their own beat.
                                         CUT TO:
We see a taxi pulling off from outside a huge georgian
house. Standing there is Justin with the two ladies.
Jesus the size of this place.
Yeah Danny was gonna buy the whole
thing but then he decided he's
just take the flat in the
      (understanding the
Yeah well he's probably right.
It'd take forever to clean.
The trio start walking up the pebbled driveway.
Is this cool me turning up with no
Yeah no worries, there's loadsa
beer, really I'm not even


Well okay.
The small group disappear down the stairs toward the
basement, we can the muted bass of a stereo already.
                                         CUT TO:
The party is in full swing with all variuos kinds of mayhem.
There is about three or fours slabs of beer in one corner
and one of the guys is using this as a temporary seat. The
whiskey sits proudly on the coffee table amongst numerous
ashtrays, filled with dead roaches and cigarette butts. Also
on the table a stainless steel soup boat with no soup but
rather an obvious looking white powder. The couch is at
breaking point with four lads buried in the ancient
furniture. Another man sits in a battered armchair strumming
a guitar softly. He is however been completely outdone by
Creedence Clearwater Revival on the stereo. There are women
coming and going into the scene, so it aint a complete
sausage fest. it looks like Justin made the right choice in
coming and when he arrives into the sitting room the
greeting he recieves confirms this. Immediately a man in a
Nike tank top is over to say howya! Gemma and Lucy stand
back happily from the scene.
Jaysus man, fuckin great to see ya
We found him wandering the streets
of Dublin alone. We just couldn't
leave him behind!
      (improvising a
Well Justin man always a
      (coming over)
..never a chore!


Where the fuck have you been,
haven't seen ye in months.
Ah just hanging out in the town no
change really.
      (looking at his
Whats with the plaster?
Yeah you should see the other
Oh yeah! Where is he?
Celebrating.....(nodding to the
coffee table)You look like your
well stocked up.
Ah fuckin' ridiculous man we all
took yesterday off. Fuckin' six of
us started at two o'clock Friday,
we're still at it.
Fuckssake! And is Kelly here?
Kelly? Man he went to bed about
four o'clock this afternoon, he
drank three bottles of wine today.
Speaking of which do you want a
drink a somethin'
Well I wouldn't beer man but i
don't wanna move himself there in
the corner.
Na no, come on into the kitchen
there, we've loadsa cool ones in
the fridge. And if that's empty
check the bathroom.Sorry(looking


                       DANNY (cont'd)
up at the others in the room) You
know all the lads dontcha?
Ah yeah, more or less, Howya
lads(shaking hands with some of
the crew on the sofa)
The two lads make their way into the adjoining kitchen.
The bathroom?
Yeah we have the bath full of ice
water in there. Its got a load of
cans and bottles in it as
well.(opening the fridge)Here
      (taking a can from
       the fridge)
Thanks dude! Jesus this weekend
must be costing you somethin'.
Well I have a funny story about
that but it'll have to wait.
I-(his phone starts ringing)Sorry
No worries g'on ahead.
As Danny slips off to try and find a quiet place to hear his
caller, Justin sees that the kitchen has a few people
hanging around. He doesn't recognise any faces except one at
the sink. Enter Glynner.
      (walking towards
       the sink)
Shit man I thought that was you,
how's things?(handshake and pat on
the back)
      (shaking hands)
Good good man, long time and all
that(smiling)what you been up to?


Ah you know(holds up can)same as
usual, nothing much changes.
No everything seems the same
alright, maybe smaller.
Smaller..yeah. So when did you get
Eh yesterday morning, I'm tired
and cold but I just don't want to
go to bed yet!
Yeah you're coming from South
America, jesus you must be
freezing hanging out in this
kitchen. Where did you finish up?
What country? Oh I was in Chile
there for the last month or so.
Flew out from Santiago Thursday.
It's a hard life.
Only when you have to come home it
is. But yeah Chile is good stuff
man. The countryside and all, very
nice place.
Yeah it was a great time. I met
this German girl in Buenos Aires,
that was about five months ago.
She was there on a stage playing
her guitar and singing a song in
perfect Spanish...well..fucki'
better than mine anyway. Yeah I
got talkin' to her anyway and well
whether she was just humouring me
or thought I was alright i don't
know but we've been together


                       GLYNNER (cont'd)
since. She's a great girl.
Wedding bells?
Maybe man,maybe. But fuck I came
so close to messing it up that
night. I was chattin away to her
in Spanish first, then we switched
to English because I was well
drunk. I stopped drinking because
I knew if I didn't she'd just head
off with some other schmuck. So
there I was with the Lemon Tea
chillin with oul Sarah from
Fuckin sweet, and you went to
Venezeula too?
Man Venez, Paraguay, Uruguay,
Bolivia. We hired cars and went
all over. Then last month we were
in Chile and finally ran out of
cash. So we got work on this farm.
The chap couldn't pay us that much
but he let use his motorbike so we
were bating around these mountains
on roads made of dirt and clay.
You would've loved it man.
Jesus! And you got a great tan
too. How did you afford it ya
Well that SSIA came in handy. I
spent it all but I don't regret
it. I'm gonna head off again after
Christmas, fuckin Asia or
somethin'.So I'll tap up the oul
Credit Union for that!
      (shaking his head)
Well what can I say(gives him
cheers with his can) Here's to


                                         CUT TO:
Jeff is leading Alice upstairs. We see its as well
maintained as the sitting room.
You've a nice house. Does your ma
come over and clean it!
No smart arse! I just like to keep
it clean. The other lad I live
with is grand too, doesn't leave
any shit lying around.
Oh yeah where is he?
He works in the same station as
Tomas so he's probably on nights
this week or overtime or
You planned that well then didn't
Jeff leads her into the bedroom.
                                         CUT TO:
Yes I suppose I did!(He pulls
Alice in closely and kisses her
sweetly on the lips)
Mmn that was nice!(Looking around
his room) Wow even your room is
tidy, well for a bloke.
Ah I just like to be able to find
stuff when I need it. You okay do
you need anything?